Geoengineering Exposé Mass Press Release To 30,000 Media & Agency Contacts


Dane Wigington

If we are to have any chance of prevailing in the battle to expose and halt the ongoing global climate intervention assault, every available method of spreading credible data must be utilized. Geoengineering Watch, Minnesota Natural Health Coalition, and the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering have just funded a press release that will reach an estimated 30,000 media, agency, organization, and industry sources. Introducing credible and verifiable climate engineering information on the widest possible scale is essential in the battle to reach a critical mass of geoengineering awareness. 

Below is the full press release that has gone out to an estimated 30,000 sources.

Organizations Warn Covert Geoengineering Programs Fuel Unprecedented Firestorms

The extremely destructive and deadly firestorms in California were not simply an act of nature or a result of global warming. Extensive and compelling evidence implicates “climate intervention” programs (also known as "geoengineering") as a major factor in the firestorm catastrophes.

Legal action was recently filed against the U.S. Department of Commerce by the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering (LASG). The Department of Commerce is the overseeing agency for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who is refusing to respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on climate engineering. The LASG group is a part of an anti-geoengineering collaborative effort organized by Minnesota Natural Health Coalition and 

Geoengineering is the science term that applies to processes of climate intervention on a global scale. Climate engineering programs are completely disrupting natural weather and climate cycles all over the world, destroying the ozone layer, and decreasing the overall hydrological cycle (which, in turn, fuels record drought and firestorms).

The stated purpose of geoengineering and solar radiation management (SRM) operations is to slow down or temporarily mitigate an unfolding runaway greenhouse scenario on Earth (potentially triggering “Venus Syndrome”).

Climate engineering also creates a phenomenon known as "global dimming.”  Solar obscuration (blocking the sun) is a primary stated objective of geoengineering / SRM programs. Though "official sources" claim global dimming is simply from aircraft "condensation" trails, this narrative is a cover-up for the ongoing climate engineering operations. 335se

Photo credit: Martin van Agteren

A  primary process of climate engineering operations involves jet aircraft spraying of atmospheric aerosol particulates. These elements are then manipulated with powerful ground based radio frequency / microwave transmissions. Available evidence makes clear  governments around the globe are cooperating on climate engineering operations due to the cross-border ramifications of geoengineering (the massive military of the U.S. is unarguably the largest participant).

Evidence to confirm the reality of geoengineering includes a 750 page senate document, historical presidential reports, U.S. military documents, film footage, and an extensive list of climate engineering patents. The initial focus of climate intervention programs appears to have been concentrated over the polar regionsHowever, ongoing geoengineering programs have long since been become global in their scope and scale.

Known consequences of ongoing climate engineering programs are many, and are increasing rapidly. Despite verifiable, immense destruction being inflicted on the biosphere and the entire web of life by climate engineering, all official agencies and sources still deny this reality.

In some mainstream publications, geoengineering has recently been referred to as being "our only hope.” After some 70 years of covert climate engineering/solar radiation management operations, all available data makes clear – global geoengineering programs are making an already dire climate scenario far worse (not better).  Further, heavy metal particulates utilized in climate engineering operations have effectively contaminated the entire biosphere. 223s1

Photo credit: Zenonas Mockus

Toxic heavy metal fallout from ongoing aerosol operations has been confirmed by lab tests from the U.S., and other locations around the globe. Environmental protection agencies have not disclosed this verifiable contamination, which is inflicting catastrophic damage on the atmosphere, the environment, and human health. A major percentage of these airborne particulates is made up of aluminum and barium, this creates an incendiary dust that coats foliage and structures (also contributing to the ferocity of firestorms).

In an apparent attempt to hide this unfolding reality from the public for as long as possible, a federal "gag order" has been placed on all National Weather Service and NOAA employees.

Additional legal filings / FOIAs are being prepared by the LASG team of attorneys. LASG attorneys intend to fully expose the covert and illegal global climate engineering programs which have been carried out for decades without public knowledge or consent. A public outcry against geoengineering operations is desperately needed to bring the operations to a halt.

The short video below highlights numerous verifiable factors implicating ongoing climate intervention operations as a major causal component in skyrocketing occurrences of unprecedented, deadly firestorms.           

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89 Responses to Geoengineering Exposé Mass Press Release To 30,000 Media & Agency Contacts

  1. A Concerned Citizen says:

    Dane, thank you for your courage and bravery, for your detailed and deeply researched education offered on your website, and for so much more. To organize legal action and to break through the media blackout, are keys. People need to be empowered. Education will help people to wake up, but then what do they do ? Lie down in depression. Proactivity and things we all can do to help, are keys to change. Identifying and rebutting ideas/thoughts in peoples' heads, are another key. Thank you for all you are doing Dane. Blessings.

    • Mika says:

      Hi Dane

      Your above article is now more the ever a reminder in regards to the current Australian bush fires or wildfires as you call them in the US, and the extreme heat we are currently experiencing all over Australia.

      The coast of NSW has been sprayed multiple times on an almost daily bases during the 2019 spring season (Sep – Dec 2019), creating extra drought conditions with very little rain, putting all crop and cattle farmers under enormous stress, not to mention the on flowing effect this is going to have on the overall local food supply for 2020.

      It is amazing how many people are totally ignorant of being been sprayed on, and when you point out the planes going overhead, people would shake their heads, and most would comment with, "our (Australian) government would never allow this to happen to us".

      Firefighters are also commenting on the erratic behavior and the extreme heat that some fires are producing (no doubt an effect of the high content of aluminum that has been sprayed over the many years that the the trees have obsorbed), and many veterans say that in their many years of firefighting they have never seen anything like it.

      It appears that many fires are also been manipulated by HAARP exposure, off course this is another taboo subject nobody in the mainstream media is allowed to talk about it.

      I spoke recently to an ex-weatherman who confirmed that they are aware of the effects of geoengineering, but were not allowed to talk about it, and even though he is semi retired and no longer works for the channel, he was still a bit hesitant to discuss the matter at great length, one question he did bring up was, WHO is paying for all the spraying?

      The following article  ""Shocking" metallic sludge contaminating Sydney dams that supply drinking water"  that was shown on ABC News on 1 Dec 2019 reports of the high content of minerals such as Aluminum and Barium found in the Sydney water catchment areas.

      Records obtained under the Freedom of Information laws show the dams have exceeded acceptable limits more than 90 times in the past three years.


      Please keep up the great work you are doing Dane, it would be great to see you coming to Australia one day.

      Thank you



  2. Hello Dane and all who "know" the seriousness of the situation:

    This type of massive exposure before the public is most appreciated. Due to homelessness and serious health issues, I've been effectively "neutralized". I've been unable to comment effectively or participate on this site for over a year…

    For those of you who still have your health and homes: My deepest and most sincere gratitude for you courage and tenacity in this fight for survival. May all who come here continue to honor yourselves and loved ones…

    • Lisette says:

      This is a global thing.  Traveling around the world and see it everywhere…dying trees, incredibly dry grass and plants, metallic white skies every day, people coughing every day, people getting sick all the time, dark clouds and rain when it should be sunny, massive cell towers everywhere, people aging quickly….it is everywhere and most people are completely unaware.  So sad.

    • A Concerned Citizen says:

      Paul Vanharnish, god bless you! So very sorry to read about your homelessness, and how touching to read your heart level fully intact, despite all deep hardship. Check out the Foundation Center Library's website, see the Foundation Grants to Individuals Online (starting a business, going to school, arts and science projects, more).

      Regarding the publicity being much appreciated, applause and echo! Thank you indeed Dane Wiggington.
      I wanted to suggest a few ways that we readers can all help to beat the media blackout:
      A) The most obvious, blog, write short paragraphs or longer articles that are well referenced and hyperlinked with only the most highly credible sources. Being mild and understated is important, to recruit those on board who would otherwise shake their heads and naysay.

      B) Post to your local city blog (and prepare for being mud slung, that's why it is all the more important to cite highly credible sources and to be mild and understated, even while referencing the truth. Ask questions instead of making firm statements if there is something that still needs to be confirmed. "Evidence indicates the possibility that…" may work better than saying something is firmly true, with the newcomers minds). To educate may be to stimulate thought and questioning, rather than to state facts. If people are educated in ways that get them to research and think for themselves, and to ask questions, the result may be far better than to make strong statements. "Getting in someone's face" is the best way to turn them off. To ask questions, and encourage curiousity for others to do more of the same, is one of the best keys.

      C) Talk to higher ups at underground movie theaters, ask for film footage to be shown

      D) Write letters to the *Local!* news media, not the mainstream biggies who are paid  off. Instead, the local papers may be more independently funded, and may be more friendly. If they do not print your letter, remind them that their job is to  represent cross sectors of public opinion.
      E) T shirts, mugs, bumperstickers, print on them and sell them to those who are inclined in a friendly way. Geoengineering blogs may be a good first avenue to appeal to.

      F) If only businesses were friendly, grocery bag printings would be a good way to go

      G) The bee colony collapse disorder is a good way to grab public attention. What happens to the bees as nanoparticles of aluminum etc are all being sprayed?

      H) was very successful with house meetings. Why can't geoengineering-concerned citizens do the same?

      I ) Make sure you identify and rebut the common thought, that the government would never do this to us. People have a hard time believing certain things are possible. In fact, unfortunately, government bowing to industry is the oldest playbook that exists. Politicians simply don't "make it" anywhere if they do not accept funding along the way, this is how they become compromised. We have to remind people and that humans are capable of light and dark alike, is as ancient as the history of humankind, itself. The very fact that it is hard to believe certain things, makes it difficult for the newbie to digest even the most well cited, well documented material that exists. They will deny the reality at all costs,  because it is too painful for them to take it in. For those people, to try to force an agenda through, may only cause them to go even deeper inside their shell. A turtle retreats into its shell to protect itself. Similarly, people will go into their figurative "Shell" to hide from emotional pain. Add more pain, you get even more of the same dynamic, it will not work to keep talking to them. Some people may not be ready to come on board, but others may wake up. We have to just keep going and appeal to those who seem to be ready.For those who are not ready, it may even be counter-productive to try to appeal to them. Just do what works. It will, eventually ,become the 100th Monkey.


  3. Dennie says:

    a video of an interview with a retired fire fighter who lives in Lake County: ;He was interviewed by someone, we know not whom, who asks some pretty leading questions about directed energy weapons and fires that move faster and burn hotter than anything he's seen in his past years fighting fires (gee, I wonder why…?).  I listened to the interview, and here's what I got out of it:

    I'm absolutely NOT surprised that the decorated fire captain and the interviewer says NOT ONE WORD about the ongoing geoengineering sprays that contain aluminum.  Normal fires are "about 1100 degrees."  We learn that plastics release a lot more heat when they burn.  Now, what happens when you get sprayed with aluminum everywhere, repeatedly, on a near-daily basis, for years? The interview turns towards directed energy weapons.  We hear that the only "blue lights" the retired fire fighter actually saw were photos of blue beams of light taken by phone cams and posted on the internet, and he says this at 12:57, that he did not see any of these himself.  I saw the videos but without an expert in photography who could examine these videos, we can't really say how the flashes of blue light appear in them– just guessing but couldn't these possibly be light beams from helicopters or other aircraft flying over the fires?  If they're supposed to vaporize or incinerate everything they touch, why didn't anything happen when one of them is caught flashing to the ground?  

    The retired fire fighter mentions aluminum burning through engine blocks and seems to understand how hot that gets but he apparently doesn't at all "get it" that the crap that we're being sprayed with contains aluminum– how come NOT?   PLEASE CONNECT THE DOTS, PEOPLE!!!!  Have we not heard by now about thermite?  It contains aluminum, an incendiary that causes everything it touches to burn at extremely high temps.  We have contractors who went on record during one of the segments on KQED's Forum reporting that porcelain and concrete WILL crack and break apart when exposed to such heat.  The incendiary nature of alumina oxide makes the fires move faster as well.  There is nothing "magic" or "supernatural" about that, just ordinary laws of physics. 

    We hear the opinions of just two other fire fighters regarding the nature of the fires and their speculative cause as related by the interviewed former firefighter, who says he's never seen anything like these fires– OF COURSE NOT, because we are now being BLASTED with alumina oxide and fires are now NOTHING like they were, IN ANYONE'S LONG EXPERIENCE fighting fires– duh!  But never mind, people are going to see only what they WANT to see– never what actually IS, even if it hits them right in the face, so if anyone really wants to believe that a fleet of aliens flew over the area and set all of those fires with laser beams, then of course they did–!!!!

    As for the stories behind the money-and-power players in the area, they are always the same, in every city and every country around the world.  The circles they operate in just get bigger, the bigger the players themselves get.

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.:  I was informed by the party who forwarded the above link to the videotaped interview with the retired Lake County, CA fire fighter that both the interviewer and the interviewee know about the sprays and, I'm guessing, also, what's in them, and what that can do– not a word of acknowledgement by either interviewer or interviewee regarding the incendiary nature of aluminum and the known fact that it's being sprayed everywhere– Now, shouldn't this disturb you?  Because I find that the omission of these facts from this piece of "journalism" looking to discover why these fires are so fast, hot and destructive, meaning no mention of the absolutely known facts that we are being blasted with incendiary material on a daily basis, is tantamount to lying, and putting this on the internet, serving it up as "fact" based on the "decorated" status of the interviewee, when it's really nothing more than wild speculation as to what could possibly cause these fires to burn so very hot and so very fast (blue space laser beams) is irresponsible, to say the least, and constitutes de facto (if not actual) disinformation at worst.  

      People who post here frequently wonder at the evil on this planet, and how it has come to "rule" us.  Hitler said that the bigger the lie you tell, the more that people will believe it.  I have come to believe that getting sucked into hysterical, base-less speculation with no actual facts, when in fact we DO know what causes these fires to burn hotter and move faster, is definitely a part of what is fueling the evil, so LISTEN FOR ACTUAL FACTS:  Get out a piece of paper, listen very closely to hear what facts are being offered to back up a premise and then list them when you're surfing the net looking at hysterical, far-out, wild "space alien" explanations for things that have REAL causes.  And DO NOT PARTICIPATE in theories that mostly get you to think, and talk, about "Satanic," "Luciferian," and other supernatural "horrors" as The Cause of Evil, when in fact the worst horrors causing our problems are senseless, greedy or frightened people doing the bidding of the MIC on faculties at universities around the world, or at home, playing games and "participating" in the evil, fueling it by not acknowledging it or speaking out against it, or by just not doing anything that helps anyone or any cause, at all.  

      Evil is getting helped along the way by allowing one's self to become unbalanced by hysterical theories when we actually know the answers to what's causing the new phenomena in fire behavior.  And the real worst effect of "directed energy" weaponry is the fact that falling for the deep-cover propaganda that DE is somehow The Real Cause of the fires is actually just directing YOUR energy away from looking at the facts that toxic geoengineering sprays are mainly responsible for the fires' "new" never-before-seen behavior.  And why you'd want to say anything otherwise is really a subject for the analyst's couch.  

  4. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    I was in the Clear Water & Saint Petersburg, Florida region from Friday October 27 to Sunday October 29. When I arrived the temperatures were in the Mid 80's, within 36 hours, the temperatures dropped to the low to mid 50's, yet somehow these temperatures significantly dropped with a tropical system to the South. Apparently moisture was being pulled in from the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico to Chemical Ice Nucleate the air mass with a Cold Front (Jet Stream) dip over Florida. The Cold Front was a dry front, with no precipitation over Northern Florida! The tropical system was manipulated to bring precipitation over Central and Southern Florida.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Exactly correct David. I am in SW FL and had that same experience from our first cold front of the season. Just prior, with a tropical depression building under us, our temps went from near 90 to 50's and some inland areas were in the 40's. These cold fronts here are coming most times about twice a week when the norm used to be about three or four per winter. I just sigh thinking how will I bear another winter of this fake shit again and for 7 years now since I woke up! Its really wearing on me! 

      Due to the arrival of man made winter in SW FL occurring in the same week as the latest terrorist attack inNYC, it prompted me to read one of the many news links about it so I could see the pics included which will reveal what, if any, fall season colors look like in NYC on Oct. 31, 2017.

      Did you all notice? I bet you did!! I saw no fall colors on any trees whatsoever! NONE! They were still green with a few that were completely bare of leaves, so nothing in between. Matches exactly to all Danes descriptions of trees not turning on their own and being manipulated by mad scientists to drop leaves to fool the public of the fake cold weather season approaching. 

      I cannot understand why no one questions this sight seen in plain view?!  I cannot understand how no one notices the photoshopped photo's of that terror scene either! I guess that's why I am called Hawkeye and others are as blind as bats….????!!!!


  5. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, This is fantastic and so well put, surely this will get traction, as with all who are Now believing the world is in deep danger and thinking what could we possibly do about it, becoming desperate for an answer, offing geoengineering would be that answer!  But it cannot erase the harms already done and I believe that some of those harms must have already done something So dire as to up the anti.  I keep thinking of that science blog from 2006 that I stumbled into where a bunch were discussing the news that the ionosphere is collapsing!  In 2006!!!!

    Recently, I watched a grumpy old military dude, highly ranked, asking how many know a Gold Star family?  Bemoaning lack of military in public like one used to see.  He said that 'only' one percent of our population is in the military and that most of those are lifers, doing repeat joining forever locked in and out of sight, out of mind.  He was close to urging a draft!  Regardless, these lifers are not about to quit, no matter how rational our pleas.  I've known a few.  What they go through, no one else understands and they'd rather be with each other than in civilization.  Well, that is daunting!  But, I do see more and more people with influence questioning our military and objectives, not to mention how much money they take.  Rather than pleading with soldiers, I think we need to focus on the funding, greatly reducing military funding and their black check to do what they want.  I seriously believe we have a better chance at doing that!  We are not really talking about order followers as much as bloody brothers knee deep in all sorts of crime.

    By the way, several days ago, Maddow mentioned a poll of Americans after 9/11.  50% blamed Bush!!!

    Another by the by.  Why the heck does No one care that 'we' sold Port Arthur to the Saudis?!!!!  Lock, stock and barrel!  Am I the only one pissed?  Thus an end run around Russian sanctions, fuel against Iran, and much needed money for Saudi Arabia.

    Question:  For the second or third time, I've seen a plane flying leaving a fat trail that goes with the plane!  Continuing to trail for at least 5 or more  times the length of the plane, yet the trail moves with the plane, nothing showing up behind it.  What the heck is that about? 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dane, I meant, of course to say blank check!  Not black!!  Sigh.  As in what passed Congress right after 9/11.

      Also, regardless of what one thinks of Russia and sanctions, actions, the sell of Port Arthur is shocking.  It is as if All of America is for sale!  Even what has been called our crown jewel: Port Arthur.  Which is an insult of sorts compared to our most treasured and iconic lands.  And so bodes ill.

  6. barbara says:

    Dane i am humbled by your  phenominal efforts  and those who have  worked so  long on bringing this ex[posure , so much  spraying over the UK ,it is rare to see any normal cloud  or weather really, just plasma i  think i do not do enough ,  it is hard to face this sort of reallity  and not be overwhelmed, but i would rather know  this reality than the illussion so many are still living .my respect for you all is prrofound  . i hope i will live to see and know  geoengineering has been  exposed and stopped  worldwide and that my grandchildren have a  world  that they can help to heal  with the hope of a future . i will continue with my humble efforts to share information . my most sincere  gratitude  and love to all in this fight  for life .

  7. JR says:

    Hello to all from Southwest, New Mexico. I haven't posted in some time but that doesn't mean i forgot  the caring people here for a better earth. Surely the people who serve their master (Satan) have sold their soul for the temporary things of this life. They want fire and brimstone on us, they have their reward in Hell with much of it there forever it is written. The rain clouds coming in from the west are decimated as always by the SAG/SRM aircraft sprayers and the super winds come with them. Who are really the terrorists here in this picture? The accuser-Devil is always pointing its finger at other things or people to cover its ass in lies! These punks are like the asses braying in the wind of scripture where they feel they have gotten away with something. People nose's are running & or bleeding here, most attribute it to allergies?! Can't wake up the masses. As for me I'm still struggling with wreck from some months back for those who know me here. I'm alive though, Thanks be to God. God's job is to rebuke the Evil One & those who don't line up with Him & His order. On Judgment Day to come one day, the wheat will separated from the Chaff! God Bless All concerned with right and wrong on SAG/SRM and the other agenda (works) to go with it here on this site. Also peoples elsewhere in this world against such evil works. The Love of Money $$$ is the Root of All Evil, Money is good but not my God. Thanks…. 

  8. Jane in CT says:

    Super job. Wish like heck we were not at this point but I refuse to live in denial although mentally that would be easier. Saturday morning in CT and sky full of trails at 7 am. Last Sunday we had near 5 inches of rain, hurricane force winds, downed trees and power lines. We had been consistently sprayed the previous weeks. After that storm it was like the stuff was washed away and I smelled clean air the way it used to be. Five days later and they are back just covering a beautiful blue sky.

    • Karen says:

      We moved up to Maine about a year ago and it is heartbreaking so see how much they have been spraying, especially in the last several weeks.  I grew up in CT so I'm familiar with what fall is supposed to be like up here.  This is anything but normal: wildly fluctuating temperatures, drab fall colors, and hurricane-like storms.  Of course, they're back to spraying like crazy today- whole sky is covered. 

    • Shepard says:

      Karen, yes – can confirm the wild temperature fluctuations here in Maine.  Much damage from the recent storm.  It was three years ago exactly in 2014 that we received six inches of the "heavy-wet snow" before the leaves fell off the trees, killing many of them from the tremendous weight.

      The trees have already been injured by an altered environment – more and more appear to be rotting, falling down and dying each windstorm … combined with summer wildfires and droughts throughout the rest of the world, doesn't look good.

      Jane, I commend you for refusing to live in denial, even though I agree that mindset "would be easier."  Continue to be aware of and pay attention to what is happening.  Thanks for sharing.

    • Karen says:

      Shepard~ thanks for your response.  Glad to know I'm not the only one "looking up" here in ME.   Is there any local community organization happening over this issue?  

    • Marguerite Christie says:

      I live in CT and every single sunny day where the sky is actually blue, the jets come out and start spraying.  The next day is always the same – some piddly little rain and cloudy.  This has to be stopped but I am not sure what the next step should be.


  9. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Wow!  What a Fantastic, Well Worded,  Press Release.  It's Dynamite!    It took my Breath Away to read it.   You Nailed it!  The Link's & Documents attached cover all questions that may be asked. No Confusion in the Wording.  Thank You To All.  I Pray the Information reaches Millions!   So Happy to read the reply's from  fellow Canadian's.   God help us, We are coming together.        So Proud of All of You.   Truth Is Always, The Strongest Argument!  –  Sophodes  –

  10. Nina Kethevan says:

    I am desperately looking for people in NYC with whom to connect to so we can set up a meeting and invite elected officials, councilmen, women, senators–whoever will come.

    Does anyone know of someone I can contact to begin the process. It is not enough to email–a meetup with real people for awareness is crucial.


    • Cindy says:

      Try Kevin Canada he's on Facebook

    • David Giles says:

      I live in the northern Colorado Rockies and I have seen no chem trails for the past four days I'm just curious if that's anomaly I've always said when that stops I know we're winning

      David yeah

  11. Pedro says:


    Great step to expose the Light of Truth. Thank you.

    And when they play with the electromagnetic transmitters, creating winds with the direction they want, winds that come blowing fast and saturated with FLAMMABLE nano particles which have a ignition point of 100ºC,  a lot of damage can be created with this kind of tool. A lot of people can stay hurt. Only the transmission itself, depending of the potency, has the potential of creating great harm. They are training for the big moment, incineration time.

    In this great video, I didn't saw English subtitles. That's important to all the ones that aren't fluent in the language. Thank you once more.

    About the Trees; the aluminum is desiccant, is creating infection caused by fungi to all Trees and to many species of Animals, the nano particles are causing breathing problems to the Trees, choking all Trees very slowly ( and all Animals too ), this happens because the Trees are our salvation. And because of that all Trees are their main target.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      It is important to underline that is not only the potency of the transmissions, but also the specific type of the electromagnetic waves that are emitted. Even without great potency levels, some frequencies are very harmful. Other frequencies, depending of the potency, can be highly dangerous, as many here know.

  12. david says:

    Surprising study released by Trump admin concluding man made climate change is real.  Whats odd is that it was released since it contradicts the stance of the administration.

  13. Kim Starr says:

    I live in Kansas by a small downtown airport because of this I am always watching the sky. Because large aircraft fly according to the curve of the earth we dont have much large air traffic. one day I photographed 19 chemtrails. They stayed there most of the day. Most people dont believe in something until they have seen it. Its real.

  14. Dennie says:

    I am hearing on "The Grapevine" that DE (directed energy) weaponry is responsible for the massive wildfires in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and other areas.  I'm hearing that decorated firefighters are on record saying this on video and audio– WHERE ARE THESE VIDEOS!!!???  I'm even hearing that "EVIL" people such as Darius Anderson is behind the fires, that he and a group of people like him want to see Agenda 2030 implemented, so– BURN DOWN THE TOWN AND EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN IT, IN A WHOLE REGION??  WHEN IT'S BEEN MAKING A LOT OF MONEY FOR THEM??? REEEEEALLY–??? THIS IS UNFATHOMABLE.  HOW FUCKING STOOOPID WOULD THAT BE?  T


    BECAUSE I NEED PROOF.  Because very frankly, I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE WHO FLY OFF THE HANDLE AND REPEAT RUMORS, naming the craziest explanations for disasters FIRST, not to say that man-caused crazy stuff like geoengineering didn't have a hand in this– IT DID, and that hand was very, very large!!!!!  Like near-hurricane force winds of 50 and 60 mph. from geoengineered weather (man-made) could not knock down scores of geoengineering-weakened and dead trees, taking out electrical lines, sparking fires?  

    Okay, "Conspiracy Theorists" of the Truest Stripe, YOU JUST GO AHEAD– BELIEVE the craziest explanations FIRST, NEVER MIND OCCAM'S RAZOR (And look THAT term up for YOURSELF– hmmmpf!!!!). For example, Sonoma County Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire (TRANSLATED:  Deep-Cover C.I.A. Disinformation Agent Extraordinaire, or else just plain WINGNUT) Deborah Tavares (WHO PRESENTS NO ACTUAL FACTS, DAMMIT!!!!!– DIDN'T YOU SEEEE THAT????) posts a back-and-forth e-mail exchange of banter between a California Public Utilities board member and a PG&E employee about some type of alleged microwave "space energy" downloading-unit project that "harvests" energy from solar flares (!!!-?REEALLY???) that's been moved from a Mojave desert location to… Sebastopol… REEEALLY?  Okay, kids, if that is true, then the burden of proof is on YOU to SHOW US PHOTOGRAPHS OF THIS FACILITY, and minutes of meetings approving it's construction, for God's sake.  CAN'T PEOPLE HERE THINK LOGICALLY– WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CHOOSE NOT TO–??

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, I completely agree with your statements. Personally, I think the power structure is having a good laugh at the crazy rumors they started and how they have spread over the entire conspiracy establishment. I'm with you Dennie, "show me the proof" in one form or another. Ole Dammegard says that the power structure wants us to react with emotion instead of critical thinking. You show me the pictures of the neighborhoods they burned down and I'll tell you why they burned so hot. No one considers what kind of modern crap those homes and businesses were made of 'and' how hot those products burn, especially if given a blast furnace wind. Pretty simple about the trees that didn't burn, "they were watered regularly". That's the way trees used to be able to react to a wild fire, they were watered regularly by nature. Trees survived. "

    • Dennie says:

      Trees did indeed burn.  There are pictures of them standing blackened and charred on homeowner's burnt properties– very likely won't come back, all dead.  

      There was one couple that survived by ducking all night long in their neighbor's swimming pool.  You can see video stories of them showing the pool and explaining that it got reeeeaally hot when a large conifer tree next to the pool ignited.  It BURNED.  They went under water then because the heat was so intense from the flamingi tree, it melted the wife's cell phone.  You can see burned street trees in the aerial photos of the burned neighborhoods.  It was not densely forested in that area, but that doesn't mean that trees didn't burn.


      I don't believe that anyone believes, feels or thinks that ANY part of these horrible fires are "funny" or humorous, for even one second, because THEY WEREN'T.  PEOPLE KNOW it could happen to anyone, YES.  THEY.  DO.  EVEN THE RICH PEOPLE who apparently most everyone loves to hate LOST EVERYTHING.  The former mayor of San Francisco, Frank Jordan, lost all.  Charles Schultz's house burned to the ground, NOTHING left, and he'd been a very rich man.  His widow lost EVERYTHING, including original art works of the Peanuts drawings he was so famous for.  No one's laughing. Because EVEN KAMIKAZE SUICIDAL A$$HOLES DIE OF SMOKE INHALATION– IT IS THE FIRST AND MOST LIKELY THING THAT HAPPENS IN A FIRE THAT WILL CAUSE YOU TO DIE.  You can't breathe when your lungs are filled with smoke.  I suffered over 2 weeks of severe nasal congestion from all the smoke that drifted down here over 40 miles south from the fires.  My left ear filled with fluid.  I am lucky I can hear.  My house is a mere 80 feet away from about 2 acres of 100-foot-tall eucalyptus trees that will go up like torches if any kind of fire breaks out here, God forbid!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.:  The "Guinea Pigs" for the mass-hysteria/conspiracy theory rumors were Beatles fans back in 1966.  I lifted this comment from a YouTube video of an episode of the Mike Douglas show devoted to debunking the rumor that Paul died in a car crash and that there were special "clues" to "prove" that he died and was replaced by a double:

      "The Paul is Dead theory is fodder for fools who like to think they're capable of picking up bits of crazy info and piecing it all together and arriving at something that other people can't perceive. But the truth about them is that they are not interested in the truth, and just turn a blind eye to the mountain of evidence that makes a complete mockery of their ridiculous claim."

      Sound familiar?  That's because, just a few years before, C.I.A. had come out with that memorandum regarding "conspiracy theories."  If you believed the damnable rumor about Paul's death, YOU were a victim– Why?  Better take a look at your propensity to fall for the biggest most whopping lies.  Hitler had something to say on that subject– tell a huge lie and people will believe it.  Do we get it NOW?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Dennie! for trying to rein in the kids with truth!  I get 'a' simple horseman's remark about trees because in some initial footage it did seem odd to see every thing incinerated yet some trees standing, some even seeming half burned.  Caught my eye too, but did not lead me to insanity!  And yes for watering but there might be other factors as well.  As for your nearby eucalyptus trees, in '73 around this time of year, someone decided that all our eucalyptus trees in Berkeley hills had to go, too much of a fire danger.  Next thing I knew, everyone and their brother suddenly were tree cutters and the iconic, if not native, smell of Berkeley and the hills, disappeared, everyone sure they could make money from eucalyptus firewood.  But, no.  Turns out it makes lousy firewood, and, was all a huge mistake as 'they' discovered eucalyptus trees survive fires, don't know about Now though, given sky fallout.  But, these trees have disaster readiness built in, they shut down, they survive.  Which to me at least serves as a caution to over reaction, theories not based in facts, or even basic knowledge.

      The Friday after the fires, I had to go uptown here in Berkeley, I only had a painter's mask, the air was dark brown! and there was little visibility.  That air HURT–eyes, nose, throat.  I'm only now beginning to get my voice back.  One whiff and it was super clear to me all the things that burned, including bodies, but resins, plastics, synthetics of all sorts, everything of all sorts!  Yikes!  And I am allergic to all sorts to boot. Mine are not virgin lungs.  I've smoked various stuff my whole life nearly and I thought my lungs could handle anything.  I was wrong!  I coughed for weeks and still.  Had huge, red swollen eyes that itched for weeks.  Sharp, knife like pains shooting in chest, upper chest.  I am still stunned by the degree this affected me that far away.  And the yard is full of leaves and such to rake and so I think of what fell with/on them.  I was even grateful for the wee bit of artificial rain we got as that really did clear the air a great deal, rather, brought to ground.  As you know, you are, quite right to put the actual devastation first and all that is lost!  I am forever telling the kids that time takes time.  In this day and age, people want answers Now!  A decent investigation takes time!  But people latch on to whatever crazy thing that they come across, somehow finding That more reassuring?  To whom?  Only their own fevered imaginations, which frankly, seem just lame idiocracy!

      For me, there were some aspects almost as compelling as the geo-engineered sky fall fueling the incineration.  Such as extremely dense housing.  But to me, the main point was the heat and the aluminum and so I kinda lost it, quit being gentle with my 'I can't go there' friends and made sure all knew what fueled this, whether or not they wanted to hear it.  Most did not take it well.  Felt as if I were riding on someone else's diaster.  No.  We all own this, one way or another.  Knowledge or denial. No more considerate Rachel.  I am pissed.  And at our military for fueling these things and the corporations and government reps backing them-to whom I am giving an earful, I am equally pissed at all the idiots, much like in the presidential elections, propagating crazy crap, buying into it, belying their own sick/twisted interests–which gives me the creeps!  Ick!  

    • penny waters says:

      'believe nothing of what you read and only half of what you see' – who said that?

      being my age (68) – i have been about a bit – and was encouraged to use my loaf (loaf of bread – head – cockney rhyming slang) – i have noticed that people often feel a need to blame others for the state of the the human world

      i have met many people – many confused and many infused (hahahaha) and have come to the conclusion that the more one is protected by money and social connection then the more unrealistic one is


      many people who have not been protected by either money or social connection seem unable to connect the dots and therefore follow, believe the latest fashionable whatever it is and whatever subject

      both are sad groups

      the problem for me, as i connect the dots that i see, that there appears to be no real sane construct within any kind of human society and the only comfort i can find is within the joy i find engaging with other creatures in nature, and other humans who understand where i am coming from

      my sense of madness is the fact that, as a human, i am aware of and observe the wonder of the creation of nature as a human

      that seems to be all i am capable of these days

      i have attempted, all my life, to make sense of being alive but can find no real sense to it at all

      i admire people who try to make the human world a better place, as i too have tried, tis really the only comfort one can have in what appears to be such a cruel existence

      thank you all you sensitives who see the nonsense  committed by humans out of fear and ego – the need to control others because of their own lack of control of themselves

      love the fact that most religion has become ritual and that real religion is gnostic – that is – to know thyself

      to understand one's own character and then decide what to keep and what to disregard

      that is sanity in an insane world where  there appear to be no real answers

      hope that all the threatened volcanos go off and we can begin to cope with a real pollution of our skies and not this human disaster of geoengineering

      they say the ozone hole is small – have you seen the pictures – tis obviously a layer that is not ozone but the particulate filth that is sprayed into the skies by the criminals who know not the ways of the earth and the universe

      thank you for being out there sensitive people, i feel not so alone in a world of continuing madness

      much love to you all


  15. James says:



    On the 24th of October I was on my way down hwy 99 South of

    Merced , Ca . 

    The Billboard to Stop  Geoengineering and  Stop our  Toxic Skies  was in full force  for all South Bound traffic to  see  .

    What  a blessing it was to  see this  Billboard in Plain  English  Print .

    I wonder  what our State Legislators who frequent 99 to and from Sacramento to there home districts in the south think about Our  Bold Statement of the Facts .

    Thank You Geoengineering  team for this  big  win in our fight to Stop  S.R.M .

  16. Ashleigh says:

    Dane! You wonderful man! This just made my morning! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do! Truly you are the most incredible man! 

  17. Abigail says:


    Thank you so much, Dane. This is the most informative news regarding the hope for our governing officials to STOP DESTROYING PLANET EARTH. Sharing with Russ Tanner, GlobalSkywatch. The OZONE layer is NEEDED. Don't they know this? I GUESS NOT! Let's keep this going, people, on behalf of our future, children, and grandchildren. Your labor of love and work is not in vain, Dane. God bless you and your family. Two thumbs up for all you do.  PRESS ONWARD! Much thanks to your children for helping. They are truly appreciated. Let them know we are so proud of what they are doing, please.  ONWARD!

  18. Linda says:

    Got one of those auto glass window markers for the van…wrote Look Up ! backwards on the top of the windshield, and on the rear window…

  19. Johanna Ryffel says:

    Love and Blessings to you , Dane ~ thank you for the all the work you are doing : I have a glimmer of Hope with this Press Release going out . I want to get a group together here [ southern Quebec ] . we are being sprayed ongoing ….people laugh at me when I point it out ….such utter denial ….again Thank you Dane <3 , Johanna 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Johanna, thank you for not giving up in this all important battle. About waking those around you, passing on credible and compelling data is exponentially more effective than trying to verbally pass in information. I am attaching our free downloadable informational flyer link, perhaps you can get some printed locally. Thanks again for your help with sounding the alarm. FYI

    • Susan Wright says:


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Susan, we are doing our best to contact and inform as many as we can, but we are few. It will take all of us working together to carry this fight forward, it will take all of us working together to sound the alarm succesfully. We need all the help we can get.

  20. Prairie Explorer says:

    I have a question for you, Dane, or anybody else that has noticed a possible correlation:

    Does what they are spraying make people excessively thirsty?  I have noticed on days that they are spraying, I get much thirstier than usual, and no matter how much I drink, I can't get enough water, and my "output" drops drastically as well, despite drinking a huge volume of water, which is the only thing I drink.  I have one other family member that has noticed the same thing with themselves.  It doesn't matter if I am inside the house or a building, with the air or heat turned on, or outside, either.  This pattern has been going on for a few years now.  I have tried searching on other websites and forums on this topic, and could only find it mentioned on one site, where it was just a bullet point on a compiled list of symptom increases that people have noticed in connection with the spraying.

    Dane – I figured I would ask you, since you are a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on geoengineering.  And again, if anyone else could chime in, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you in advance to any and all who reply.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Prairie Explorer, the geoengineering / SRM particles are desiccants. These particles reduce atmospheric RH (relative humidity), and thus dry out everything else. The particles are also highly inflamitory, irritating our respiratory systems. Lets all keep sounding the alarm, every day counts.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Thank you for the informantion and all of the work that you do, Dane.  I have been and will continue trying to inform people as much as I can.

  21. Rhonda says:


    Your perseverance in the fight to end Geoengineering is inspiring. Thank you for all the time and dedication you have put forth.  More and more people are waking up and recognizing the truth.


  22. Jason says:


    • Dennie says:

      "Controlling" the weather means "they" (eye roll here) can make it be completely OUT of control, not unlike those whom "they" see whenever "they" look in the mirror…

    • Dale K says:

      The mainstream press wants the public to believe that the weather problems are all our fault for our use of energy, when the actual reason is being suppressed.

      Blockbuster Assessment: Humans Likely Responsible For Virtually All Global Warming Since 1950s
      Bob Henson | Weather Underground
      Nov 3, 2017

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dale, yes, the total omission of the geoengineering issue is criminal. This being said, we mus always remember and consider that the disintagrating climate is not a simple “this or that” equation. All forms of human activity that effect the biosphere are a part of the problem. Climate engineering is at the top of the list, and should remain our primary focus, but we must not ignore all the other forms of human damage to the planet and climate system.

  23. brian girard says:

    Every one of us needs to contact everyone of these agencies by phone, by email, send letters, tex, fax, social media messages to the UNITED NATIONS, our local MAYORS OFFICE, our state GOVERNORS OFFICES, our state SENATORS OFFICES, every branch of THE MILITARY OFFICES and MILITARY BASES in our states of cities, N.A.S.A, let the local AIRPORTS that these planes are flying out of know that CHEMICAL and BIO-WARFARE  is going on out of these ports, all of us need to each go to our city hall and discuss or have meetings on what is going on and bring data to prove and the WE DO NOT CONCENT to what is going on, we need to contact THE STATE DEPT and tell them we know whats going on and we want it stopped now. I know this all may sound like it does no good but thats not the point because the reason why all this is going on is because silence is concent and we need to not be silent anymore, if we each contact, call, email, write letters ,fax, go in person and do all the things I listed above to all the agencies above they will know that we know what is going on and that we do not concent and that its making us sick and killing the planet and we are going to never stop untill they stop. Please   give this all a try because it will make a difference and people start up a YOUTUBE channel and start making videos and showing the chem-trails going on and start making some real noise about it everywhere you go, pass flyers out, wear t-shirts that you can make that say LOOK UP or stop CHEMICAL WARFARE /WEATHER WARFARE . But we need to start getting in contact with the above listed agencies, all of them.

    • Kazadum says:

      United Nation are one of the main players in implementing this global atrocity. You will find no redress in any office whose funding directly or indirectly comes from the Federal Reserve system. The whole system is against us. There is no justice other than what you can make yourself.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello brian gerard, Gotta ask, are you new to here?!  We've done all that.  That is rather The point!!  Many, many of us have not been silent. Myself to the degree that my family, who all know and agree, think I am obsessed.  They are right, I am!  For good reason!  And drop the fatal chemtrail word.  Again and again I find that explaining why not chemtrail, and how airplanes work lo' these nearly 40 years now is key.  As well as Dane's example of air clouds out your mouth on a cold cold day, but not seeing the trail of that all down the block from whence you came!  That gets them!  Explain how more that 30 years ago, close now to 40, all plane engines, commercial and military but for fighter jets, changed over to high by-pass turbo fan engines which are far more efficient, fuel wise and corresponded with air prices coming down.  Back when.  That these cannot make a contrail except for a tiny puff now and then in special circumstances.  And for that matter, even prior, contrails did not happen often.  Again with special circumstances.  Have you not seen all the you tube channels on this?  Rosalind Peterson spoke about this at the UN in 2011!  Do take advantage of all the info here!  Good luck to your efforts!

    • yerright says:

      WW2 never ended they just took the NAZI's in and carried on with the program of extermination. You can not win a war against stupid. We are all dead. Our children will be sterilized by the vaccines from the gates foundation and the human race is over.. This place we call earth is the Auschwitz extension. The new SS is your government. Have you noticed the blond hair and blue eyes of your leaders. Don't be fooled by anything else. Fight back with every ounce of your being. Believe nothing and trust nothing. They are coming for you and your children. The same as they have done for the last  80 plus years. all pharma drugs issued by your Doctor are pathway drugs that end life prematurely. Stop taking them and you will get better, your life will get better and you can join the fight and turn your f-ing TV off

  24. Linda says:


    Thank you doesn't seem to be enough for the fight that you have taken on. For the first time in awhile I have hope in my heart. It is 12:30 am here in Pennsylvania and I had to go outside, the moon is very bright and the skies are full of chemtrails with the sight of airplanes spraying right in front of me…How dare them! We will win this fight.

    • Yuri Gorby says:

      Moonlight illuminated moire patterns here in the capitol district of New York State last night…..where weather modification was invented!  Thanks alot,  Bernard Vonnegut and Irving Langmuir.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yup Yuri, but ya gotta admit, that was back when science was fun!  And free, and do it yourself.  Don't forget Vincent Shaffer!  The handyman who came up with so much of this he received a degree in honor for his work!  But then, at GE, the military intervened and Nothing has been the same since.  For science, and for the rest of us and Earth. 

  25. Kate Magdalena Willens says:

    Thank you so much for doing this Dane.  It's what needed to be done, and you did it.  THANK YOU!!!  May it bring the results we need.  

  26. Carol says:

    Hello Dane.  Daily Mail paper front page news reported !!! The air we breath is so toxic … ?? What was to blame diesel !! I rang them up and said why don't you put the truth what's  really making the  air we breath so toxic quote Geoengineering weather modification not a word (silence) u could tell they know by the reply I got …. We know diesel doesn't help either I said so frustrating , how do these people sleep at night I rang the environment people up I got right on me soap box this guy knew about it so I gave him your website to look more deeply in to it …. Dane I so despair sometimes everyday they spray where I live not seen any blue sky for weeks now UK … We live near student halls and been handing leaflets to students . some seem interested but that's all u can do is try to educate them with information …. Love what you are doing Dane .

    • Yuri Gorby says:

      Educated the young is am important contribution!  Please don't despair.  There are many of us waking up, with deep appreciation for early risers like Dane who continues to ring the morning bell.

  27. Lori Bridgeford says:

    We hear CLIMATE as a STRESS Multiplier . Have  paired fire diaster of Spain/ Portugal &  the Calif "wildfires"  is obvious from long standing Geo-E /drought programs. Thanks Dane for the continued global family inclusion without being Globalist, let's say. Many near Dane (his helper / security pals , have been affected. Who knows when & where next controlled event will occur ?  NOTHING normal of any of these fires.  Moving populations.  Can happen ANYWHERE at this point. G5 , cell, tesla, scalar, drone, etc Geo- E Spraying above the fires would not surprise me. Anyone can see this has all the hallmarks of 9111- something  targeted & weaponized ?  ALL to dust & thin grey ash. Obvious attack to me. CA is a sacrificial state called sanctuary.   Fire survivor from Santa Rosa  (Sonoma Co.)  & award winning  cartoonist  Brian Fies,  shares his "A Fire Story"   35 slides . VERY  real – adult ,  and deep truth.



    • Dennie says:

      "A flaming front swept over the creek and swept over the hills like a napalm tsunami."  — Brian Fies, cartoonist (and scientist) who lost his home and everything in it to the Tubbs (Wine Country) fire.

      When you have IDIOT DECIDERS who "make" IDIOT ORDER-FOLLOWERS (as if they have NO CHOICE but to follow insane orders) blanket the planet with mountains of incendiary alumina oxide, what the HELL ELSE should we expect– YES, A NAPALM TSUNAMI.  

      "Man-made climate modification as a Stress Multiplier."  Someone oughta send that to every goddamned colonel, Lt. Colonel, General and Admiral in the U.S.– those A$$HOLES.  ANYTHING for a paycheck and a pension.  

      Now look up Col. John Downey (you can read what William Pepper has to say about him). THIS is the @sshole who coordinated the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Frankly, we need bounty hunters who will hunt down and take out EVERY LAST ONE of these mtoherfcukers and ALL of their families, too.  Can't afford to let those "monster" genes get passed on any longer–!!!!!!  WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH ALL OF THE CRAZY WOMEN WHO BREED WITH THESE PSYCHOPATHIC MOTEHRFCUKRES???


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Lori, Well, it has certainly affected my stress along with a million other things gone wrong lately, disastrously so!  Some say they saw tankers spraying above the fire.  Crossed my mind to wonder if they were trying to ice nucleate, create instant cold at ground, if true.  I yet hesitate to lay blame in whole.  However, Gov. Brown Had Just! passed the Disclose Act, clean money.  The East Coast has a major prejudice against California.  Last holdout against Monsanto, sanctuary, democrats, truth in food labeling, and no 5G and the other for our utility poles–Brown offed that effort!  Plus, we seem to care about our wild places, free speech, human rights of all sorts.  Guess that makes us a drag on exploiters trying, literally? to level the playing field.  I do expect the only real weapon in this was aluminum, as well as lame infrastructure and over population so crowded.  Gee. I remember when it was not!

    • Patricia Kimbrell says:

      Hi Lori, I couldn't agree more with ALL of your shared thoughts. Nothing is beyond these monsters and we all know that they have MANY tricks up their sleeves, many of which we cannot even imagine and are unknown to the general population. Thank you~

    • Pedro says:


      Great post.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Lori.

      I've seen here in "my" mountains and in these last two years, for at least 5 or 6 times, airplanes changing their routes to make the spraying of the aerosols over big fires ( in two different occasions I've seen more than one plane doing that ). Only when we have too much smoke in the air because of the fires it's not possible to see, but sometimes is possible to hear the planes passing near.

  28. michael says:

    Thank you Dane. Maybe there still is hope.

  29. Judy Watts says:

    Thank you, Dane.  Deeply inspired and grateful for your determination to expose the truth, we are following your lead. Here in communities around the Georgian Triangle, north of Toronto, we are sponsoring two more Global Geoengineering Awakening Forums in November. Whether it takes an ongoing river of letters to every elected government official, fact filled news feeds, or marches to prove to our grandchildren we didn't abandon them without hope, the movement is growing.  We will never stop until we have ensured the majority of Canadians are informed and demanding to know, "Who told them they could drop that stuff on us?"  And the next obvious question? "How do we identify THEM?"  So…Dane, we're with you all the way!  

    • Johanna Ryffel says:

      Dear Judy Watts , do you know of any group in the Montreal region ? we MUST get organized Canada wide ! Especially also inform our elected Officials ! could you please let me know how to go about this ? I feel its our sacred Duty to STOP this malignant , unconscionable daily assault on all LIFE ~ CREATION ~! God bless you ~ Johanna 

  30. barbzi says:

    SHORT summary of USA patents using less than 50 of 150 patents. 1891-2013
    Make rain, artificial clouds, fog, mists…Smoke Clouds From Moving Aircraft…..Airplane Spray Equipment…. Aerial Discharge Device….Process For Controlling Weather…..Disseminating Apparatus For Airplanes…..Cloud Seeding Carbon Dioxide ….Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding ….. Ice-Nucleating Crystals…..Heating Device For Aerosol Containers ……  Producing Precipitation From The Atmosphere….. Irradiation Of Planet Surface Areas…..Treatment of Atmosphere by Intermittent Dispensing of Materials…..Combustible Compositions For Generating Aerosols, Particularly Suitable For Cloud Modification And Weather Control And Aerosolization ……Weather Modification Utilizing Microencapsulated Material….Oxide of Silver For Weather Modification……Generating Lead Based Smoke…..Chaff Dispensing System….Barium Release System to Create Ion Clouds In The Upper Atmosphere……Generating Ice Nuclei Smoke Particles…..Generating Super Heated Vapors……Freezing Nucleant…..Hail Producing Clouds…..Powder contrail generation….. Countermeasure system for laser radiation….. dissemination of biologically active chemicals…..triggering a substantial change in earth characteristics and measuring earth changes…..controlling and/or improving high-latitude and other communications or radio wave surveillance…..production of seeding materials…..material capable of reflecting ultraviolet rays….modification of atmospheric precipitation……Atmosphere modification satellite…..method of aerial spraying of liquids….modification of climatic conditions……producing cumulus clouds….. altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere…..suppressing formation of contrails….dissolving fog……Nuclear-sized explosions without radiation…..method for ejecting matter from an aircraft…..absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin…..Tropical cyclone disruption…..Methods for fine particle formation…..Weather modification by artificial satellite …..generated highly reactive chemical species….. modifying supercooled clouds…..Synthetically spun silk nanofibers….. production of nanofibers…..RFID environmental manipulation…..

    • Dennie says:

      Here's a list of operative words that I see "they" are doing:

      Controlling; Discharging; Dissemination; Dispensing; Disruption; Dissolving; Ejecting matter; Heating; Modifying; Producing; Superheating; Suppressing; Triggering.

      Hey, you Order-Followers out there:  You have kids, actually?  Want them to live to have grandkids?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Rivers and Lakes are drying fast everywhere in the Globe, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Southern Europe;

      climate manipulation conducted by the psychopath "engineers" must STOP.

  31. Bob Shroyer says:

    Thanks Dane. We appreciate the consistent pressure you bring to bear on the Govt to cease their insane geoengineering program which is literally killing the planet. We are in the fight with you every day in various forms of information sharing concerning this crisis.

    Thank you once again Dane!

  32. GregOverton says:


    Excellent short video with all the important facts.  Bravo!  I have stayed close to the work but I have not posted for quite some time, letting others express their thoughts.  Critical mass is more of a possibility with all the work being done by so many that post and your relentless efforts.  Thanks for all that you do!  Greg O.

  33. john michael vanOs says:

    great good work Dane Thank YOU no fear LOVE Always John

  34. Adam says:



    More of this and thank you.

  35. Rhonda says:

    Thanks be to God!! How can we support these agencies? When will this be released?  I am so thankful for the unrelenting work and research that you, along with these other agencies, are doing on behalf of 
    EVERYONE of us. There is ALWAYS hope!

  36. Susan Ferguson says:

    They made it snow here, just now! This is unheard of. My driveway is a mess of gooey snow, so abnormal, unnatural in the PNW. We never have snow in November. This is the Olympic Peninsula WA. Snow this time of year? It is so hard not to be angry. Every morning we wake up to one more aspect of this genocidal global-op nightmare. God only knows what is in that snow. We are breathing aluminum, coal fly ash, barium, lithium, strontium and more. Surely the 'order folllowers' will wake up soon. Thank God for you, Dane, and your endless courage and tenacity. Thank God. The demons have been unleashed…and most don't even know…

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Susan,  I share your angst and ire over this criminal insanity that creates such abnormal weather as snow where you live and 45 degree days and thick (fake) and toxic FOG where I live (South Central Alaska).  We have had strangely warm and totally fogged in weather for the past three days. This morning the temp had dropped to 30 and the sky was a clear blue until the spraying started.  Four hours later complete white out and another couple of hours later and the "clouds" were back on the ground making visibility barely possible inside of 200 yards — THICK ICK!  makes me so damn mad!

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Here in Chicago, it should be getting really cold by now, but it's not.  Our highs are in the low to high 40s and we were supposed to hit almost 70 this coming Sunday, but now they are "forecasting" 61.  The entire weekly forecast changes multiple times a day.  The skies clear up overnight, but just before dawn, I go outside and can see them starting to spray, and then by the time the sun comes up, it is cloudy.  While driving around here, we still have a ton of trees and plants that are still perfectly green.  They should either be almost completely changing color by now, or have to leaves on them at all.  A couple of days now, I went outside around 1:00 AM, and although it looks like it is foggy, when you step out into it, it is like misting machine is turned on, like one of those cool-down misting machines at an outdoor festival or amusement park in the summer.  At this rate, I am predicting we have a good chance of seeing green leaves on the trees in December.  A lot of the trees I've seen are losing their leaves from the top down.  The fall colors are not that bright, either.  Some leaves turn a very weak yellow color and fall off the trees very quickly, while a lot of them are just turning brown and falling off.  On a lot of them, also, instead of turning color completely, it is a patchy mix of weak colors and when those leaves fall off, half of the tree stays green for another week or two.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Blue Sue and Susan Ferguson.  The gloppy snows have been a feature of the new Alaskan reality for at least eight years.  The gloppy fogs we've recently been treated to in Southcentral Alaska (in between the totally creepy and unnatural gale force winds) have made us ACTUALLY sick.  The fog seems more toxic than the rain is.  Nearly all the birds and other little animals are missing.  I'm reminded of how the fog in 1800's London (back when there was all the coal-fired pollution) would actually roll in and kill people dead in their tracks.  Today they have the nerve to call it 'clean' coal.

      The only new coal plant under construction in the US is at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  They could have built a gas fired plant more cheaply, and they should have built a geo-thermal plant or a heat pump facility.  The new coal plant that never opened at the site of the Usibelli Coal Mine probably will get the green light now.  Who cares if the soot lands on and blackens the Denali Mountain?  You'd think Alaskans would care more for their environment, but they cheer the abolition of 'job killing' regulations; otherwise, too may couldn't care less as long as the steam roller of business rolls on.

  37. Kathy says:

    You can take this Press release to every news station in your area, Alternative news, Radio, etc. I have already submitted 3 Press releases in my area and will continue.  Go to News sites, contact the editor or find form for Press release. I plan to do this in as many cities in my state that I can reach.

    Submit a Press Release

    Contact us via mail or phone:
    Federal Way Mirror…for example

    Also follow up with phone call and/or walk in with flyer. Dane laid big groundwork, lets help him complete it!

    I have contacted Alternative news sites and they do respond one way or the other.  I will keep at it until I get it out there.

    • EndtheFed says:


      That's a great idea.  We all must bear the responsibility to carry the torch forward in our own way in our own area by utilizing the data and tools provided by  

  38. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Excellent work, Dane! And a very effective informative video. Today I took samples as I cleaned up more horrific evidence of the “dust” particles being sprayed on us. The stuff seems to be static charged and accumulates more around electronic devices, in this case my bedside telephone. There are arrays of grey puffs [like a tumble weed?] that appear to be magnetically connected and tend to stand erect. Then tiny white particles settle beneath the grey stuff. Obscene, really. I took photos. I’m going to have these sample tested. No wonder I cannot really ever get well.

    * Particulates are the deadliest form of air pollution due to their ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and blood streams unfiltered, causing permanent DNA mutations, heart attacks, and premature death. In 2013, a study involving 312,944 people in nine European countries revealed that there was no safe level of particulates and that for every increase of 10 μg/m3 in PM10, the lung cancer rate rose 22%. The smaller PM2.5 were particularly deadly, with a 36% increase in lung cancer per 10 μg/m3 as it can penetrate deeper into the lungs.
    HEALTH EFFECTS: Size, shape and solubility matter
    The size of the particle is a main determinant of where in the respiratory tract the particle will come to rest when inhaled. Larger particles are generally filtered in the nose and throat via cilia and mucus, but particulate matter smaller than about 10 micrometers, can settle in the bronchi and lungs and cause health problems. The 10 micrometer size does not represent a strict boundary between respirable and non-respirable particles, but has been agreed upon for monitoring of airborne particulate matter by most regulatory agencies. Because of their small size, particles on the order of 10 micrometers or less (PM10) can penetrate the deepest part of the lungs such as the bronchioles or alveoli. Penetration of particles is not wholly dependent on their size; shape and chemical composition also play a part.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Symptoms associated with mild poisoning include lethargy, drowsiness, coarse hand tremor, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Moderate toxicity is associated with confusion, dysarthria, nystagmus, ataxia, myoclonic twitches, and ECG changes.
      Severe toxicity, which can be life-threatening, is associated with grossly impaired consciousness, increased deep tendon reflexes, seizures, syncope, renal insufficiency, coma, and death. The most common manifestation of lithium toxicity is altered mental status. Lithium poisoning frequently results in electrocardiogram (ECG) changes including transient ST segment depression and inverted T-waves in the lateral precordial leads. Occasional patients develop sinus node dysfunction and syncope. Lithium toxicity may also cause GI symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, and epigastric pain. Care must be taken to distinguish GI symptoms from cardiac symptoms, especially in patients who also present with an abnormal ECG. Lithium can occasionally cause peripheral neuropathy or myopathy.

    • Erik says:

      Good article but they don't mention climate engineering or geoengineering and all its aluminum fallout. The elephant in the room.

    • penny waters says:

      not sure about how effective this is but as far as i understand it milk makes for mucus in the lungs – could it be protective towards the particulate matter from geoengineering

      and milk that is raw, is live food – without the heating that pasturisation involves, which kills the inherent bacteria that have the ability to help digest the milk!!

      all food is meant to be live

      most industrialised food is dead – hybridised for travelling and storage –  not for taste or nutrient value – grown under plastic – grown in soil that is an artifice without life – often in countries that bear no relation to the original environment of the plant – stored before its ripe – artificially ripened – packaged in sweaty plastic  – sits in a sweaty shop alongside industrialised workers who aren't awake

      what have we become – us humans – so clever yet so stupid!!!

  39. Clearcreek says:

    Dane, This is the first time in quite some that there might be a Bright spot on the Horizon. Hopefully with the Release of this Information People will start to awake Up. Thanks for all you do My Friend. Aaron

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