Geoengineering Impacts On Gulf Stream Slowdown


Climate Engineering has been increasingly disrupting and derailing Earth's natural systems for over six decades. The scope and scale of the ongoing geoengineering planetary assault is now on a level that defies true comprehension. Climate engineering is creating and fueling radically increasing climate forcing scenarios which are impacting ever aspect of the biosphere's life support processes. To give some perspective to this statement, Atlantic basin hurricanes have been actively suppressed and/or steered away from US coastlines for a decade. Has anyone stopped to wonder why there have been no major hurricane landfalls in the US for over ten years in spite of record warm oceans? Even though there was a record shattering year of US hurricane activity in 2005, and no major landfalls since? Record cyclones are occurring in the Western Pacific, how can the US be exempt from such activity? This is the degree of power the weathermakers have over the climate system. Though there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to the planet, climate engineering is the most impactful of all. Major and dire changes are now unfolding on our planet. The thermohaline circulation is slowing down in the North Atlantic, this comes with dire implications. Is this an objective for the geoengineers? Or simply one more disastrous unintended consequence from the geoengineering juggernaut of total insanity? The author of the article below unfortunately is not willing to address the issue of climate engineering. This being said, the data he covers is real and very relevant. The walls continue to close in, make your voice heard in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering.
Dane Wigington

Signs Of Gulf Stream Slowdown — Sea Level More Than A Foot Higher Off US East Coast

Source: Robert Scribbler

It’s the stuff that climate disaster movies are made of. But the events are all too real — happening now and not part of some dramatized script played out on the silver screen.

Signs abound that global ocean circulation is being profoundly altered by human-forced climate change. A pool of cold water has developed in the North Atlantic. England is getting slammed by anomalous winter-type rains and gales in August. And sea surface heights off the US East Coast are more than 30 centimeters (one foot) above the 1979 to 2015 average.

Click image for animation

Sea level anomalies 30 cm off US east coast

Global sea surface height anomalies off the US East Coast are more than a foot (30 cm) above the 1979 to 2015 average. A clear sign that the Gulf Stream is slowing down, perhaps by as much as 15-30 percent. Complete shut down of the Gulf Stream, though unlikely without extremely large melt outflows from Greenland, would result in a very dangerous 1 meter sea level rise. An impact that is primarily driven by ocean current change. Sea level rise by thermal expansion and glacial melt would, necessarily, pile on top of this bulge of backed up waters. Image source: NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

World Ocean Heartbeat Fading

This past March, after observations of rising sea levels off the US East Coast, extreme positive sea surface temperature anomalies in the same region, and a critical slowing down of North Atlantic over-turning recorded throughout the 20th Century, Professor Stefan Rahmstorf published this earth-shattering paper in the scientific journal Nature.

The paper meticulously recorded a slow-down of bottom water formation in a region of the Atlantic Ocean south of Greenland. The period studied included all of the 20th Century and the first one and one half decades of the 21st Century. Rahmstorf concluded that Greenland ice sheet melt — starting around 1900 and spiking after 1975 — was having a profound impact. Cold, fresh water issuing out from Greenland was cutting off the flow of heavier, salty water transported northward by the Gulf Stream. It was preventing larger portions of that water from sinking. And it was slowing down the Gulf Stream together with a host of other ocean circulation driving currents.

A system vital to both the life and health of the world ocean and global weather stability was entering an arrest. In other words, the world ocean heartbeat was fading.

The Gulf Stream Train Wreck

Since the publication of Rahmstorf’s paper, evidence of a bottom water formation interruption and a subsequent Gulf Stream train wreck continued to pile up. Sea surface temperatures off the US East Coast, during summer time spiked to as high as 85 Fahrenheit (29.3 C) off the coasts of New York and New Jersey. And regions off Nantucket hit as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 C). That’s between 7-10 F (4-6 C) hotter than average for an already typically warm Gulf Stream.

Ocean Heat map

Left frame image shows Gulf Stream waters spiking to 29.3 C or 85 F off New York and New Jersey. Temperatures in the range of 7-10 F [4-6 C] above average. Right frame image shows cool pool development in the typical bottom water formation zone between Greenland, England and Newfoundland. Combined with the ocean current overlay, which shows widespread meandering, this hot south, cold north ocean surface dipole is an indication that the Gulf Stream is slowing down and that bottom water formation is weakening. Image source: Earth Nullschool.

Further north, the opposite is happening. In the region east of the Grand Banks where the Gulf Stream currents typically flow strongly, there’s only a weak, meandering, confluence. The Gulf Stream appears to have hit a barrier. It has bottled up off the Northeastern US Coast. And it appears reluctant or unable to flow past mid-ocean.

As a result, a broad zone between England, the Southeastern Coast of Greenland and Newfoundland lack the warm, salty inflow of a strong Gulf Stream. Sea surface temperatures range from 2-7 F (1 to 4 C) below average. The northward progress of heat from the Gulf Stream is tapering off. And this cut off of heat flow from Equator to mid latitudes shows more and more as the development of an anomalous cool pool continues throughout.

Taking in the entire North Atlantic, what we see is a weather-destabilizing hot-cold dipole. The warm waters are backed up off the US East Coast. This is evidenced by both the very warm sea surface temperatures and by an extreme increase in sea surface heights by 1 foot over a broad region. And to the north, we have the climate change signature cool pool.

Anomalous Storms Strike England During Summer

This Gulf Stream train wreck and related cool pool development has already done a bit of a number on UK weather this summer. A series of gales and heavy rainstorms have slammed into the UK Coast — bringing heavy seas and torrential rains. One months worth of rainfall fell over parts of the UK during the past week alone. And with more storms on the way it appears that August of 2015 may be the wettest ever recorded.

It’s a changed climate state that Dr. James Hansen warned of in a recent paper. One that means more powerful storms for the North Atlantic as the Greenland Ice Sheet spews out greater and greater volumes of water and ice. Ever since 2012, we’ve seen a tendency for these kinds of anomalously powerful storms. And more rough weather is certainly on the way.


During the winter of 2013 and 2014, storms reshaped the coastlines of the British Isles. But this was just the start. For the North Atlantic is now in the process of firing up an age of storms. Image source: AGU.

The Fall forecast is calling for the strong gales that we’ve already seen to continue to intensify through at least October and November. Strong storms that will draw energy by the high differences in sea surface temperatures in the North Atlantic, but also, possibly, from an El Nino-amplified storm track causing powerful troughs to begin to dig in off the US East Coast. A situation that could set up a kind of trans-Atlantic storm firing line.

The long term forecast, however, is even worse. With Greenland just beginning to shed more and more of its ice, the cool pool off England will tend to intensify even as the hot pool off the US East Coast and within the Gulf of Mexico heightens. A screaming, storm-generating temperature differential that such melt will worsen as the decades wear on and if human fossil fuel burning continues to add more heat fuel to this already developing dangerous situation.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center
Rahmstorf– AMOC is Slowing Down
World Ocean Heartbeat is Fading
Earth Nullschool
Even Chances August Will Be Wettest on Record for The UK
Warning From Scientists — Halt Fossil Fuel Burning or Age of Storms, Rapid Sea Level Rise is Coming
North Atlantic Ramping up to “Storms of My Grandchildren?”
Fall Forecast: Storms Target UK, France

Source: Robert Scribbler

19 Responses to Geoengineering Impacts On Gulf Stream Slowdown

  1. David says:

    Think it's been around awhile but highly suggest the YouTube video 'Mystery of Water'.  Very interesting.  Shows how nature interacts with water and how nature and water affect each other.  Experiments under microscope of how water reacted to music and to moods/intent.  How water reacted to nuclear radiation.  Puts things into perspective that every part of the planet is being affected along with the inhabitants with focus on water since the Earth and humans are mostly water.  Power of intent matters.  Don't despair although so much bad intent is clearly causing/increasing the damages.

  2. Dennie Mehocich says:

    In the S.F. Bay Area it's just unbelievable here today– very hot, very still, TOTALLY whited-out– somethin's GOTTA GIVE!  So what would that be… ZERO water, anywhere; +100 degree temps, all over the planet, every day; no food because nothing can grow in toxic heavy-metals-infested soils, with toxic heavy-metals contaminated water, (when there is water); no more forests, they're in process of burning up entirely– what's next after that?  Since crops won't grow or they just burn up, no food, empty grocery shelves, mass starvation– that is what's been planned for us, while THEY scurry down, like the rats that "they" are, to live in so-called peace and comfort in underground DUMBS. 

    I don't see ANY hope right now.  The Powers That Be just seem to keep getting more and more "powerful," but their ONLY powers, I see, are lying, shilling, trolling, poisoning, abusing, maiming and mass murder– some real "powers" there, huh?  Yes, it's always darkest just before the dawn, but who can possibly see the sun when the atmosphere is saturated with toxic metal nanoparticulates and any viewing of it obliterated? 

  3. James says:

    Heavy Spraying this Am over  Amador County, Electra Rd , Jackson , California .

    I  would think by now , old MoonBeam would be getting a ton of heat over the Daily Poison we are all being forced to take in .

    My lungs can't take much more of this crap .

    010:00  HRS  8-28-2015

  4. Melody Meachum says:

    Does Hollywood announce years in advance what's in store for the US and the rest of the world? Think…Day After Tommorrow (2004)

    "Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) is a paleoclimatologist who presents his findings on global warming at a United Nations conference in New Delhi. Terry Rapson (Ian Holm) of the Hedland Climate Research Centre in Scotland, who is keeping track of the world's ocean currents. Terry tells Jack that the melting of the polar ice caps has poured fresh water into the oceans and diluted the salt level, which has caused the temperature of the ocean currents to drop 13 degrees. Jack believed that the events would not happen for a hundred or a thousand years, but he, Frank, Jason, and NASA's meteorologist Janet Tokada (Tamlyn Tomita) build a forecast model with his, Rapson's, and Tokada's data. All over Earth, the climate system changes for the worst. Tokyo is hit by softball size hail; it begins to snow in New Delhi; and Los Angeles is destroyed by a group of huge F5 tornadoes that hit all at the same time. The U.S. President (Perry King), authorizes the FAA to suspend air traffic over the United States due to severe turbulence. As three RAF helicopters fly to evacuate the British Royal Family from their castle in Scotland, they enter the eye of a very massive hurricane-like superstorm blizzard, that causes a temperature drop of -150 °F that freezes their fuel lines and rotors, causing them to crash down and quickly freeze to death. Meanwhile, Jack's son, Sam, (Jake Gyllenhaal) is in New York City for an academic competition with his friends Brian and Laura (Arjay Smith and Emmy Rossum), where they also befriend a student named J.D. During the competition, the weather becomes massively violent with intense winds and flooding rains. Sam calls his father, making a promise to be on the next train home. Unfortunately, the storm worsens, forcing subways and Grand Central Station to close. As the storm worsens in Manhattan, a storm surge almost 40 feet (about half the height of the Statue of Liberty) impacts the island, causing major flooding. Sam and his friends are able to seek refuge in the New York Public Library."

    More times than I care to count Hollywood has produced sci-fi flicks that seem so completely outlandish and over-the-top to possibly be true, only to realize years later that this could be their "tool" to announce to the world well in advance what the dark powers have in store. One doesn't need to go to the movies, as we're bombarded with enough film trailers to quickly get the gist of what the theme is all about. And IMHO, there haven't been exceptional movies produced in a very long time!

    This is war we are dealing with…we all recognize it. War was declared on us long ago, except that "the weapons" the warmongers use against us don't manifest themselves as guns and rockets, but as weather and biological warfare as well scalar weaponry.

    "OR Sprayed With Lithium"

    An anonymous information that the Willamette Valley in Oregon is being experimentally sprayed with lithium. Watch the animation from Sunday, August 23, 2015…

    “The chemtrails clearly are laid and sent along their way northward. The ‘haze’ is all chem crap laid during the night. Notice especially the lower Rogue Valley – it is SWAMPED with trails. So just as predicted, the coast – especially the central coast – and the Valley are going to have an experiment dumped on them all day today. Feeling like death dug up yet? More muscle pain like gout, swollen joints, wooziness & lightheaded, blood pressure doing strange things, diarrhea and no appetite, and on and on. Below is the FOG radar image of the entire coast ‘attacking’ the entire NW coast up through Vancouver.”

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      You bet, Melody.  This "influence" was all a plan of the earlier Oxford University social-engineering club to which folks like Orwell and Isaiah Berlin belonged.  The idea was to announce to us "our future," based on these Brilliant Thinkers' warped visions of reality coming out of their idealism.  Once we got used to the fiction, why, reality wouldn't be too far behind, the sugar-coating making is all the easier to swallow wholesale.  Here's what they're up to at Oxford now:  Lots of peace and respect and understanding all around, but not one mention of actual resources, or the fights over them, that is causing so much of the conflict.  It's pretty hard to feel much respectful when you have nothing.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      Melody gets to the bone with *This is war*. I believe in non-violence, but am not a pacifist. Violence used in defense is a completely natural response. It is either fight or flight and there is nowhere to run to.

  5. JR says:

    Hey Stephan, way to go. I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico yesterday 8-27-15 with a lot of SAG in sky killing off multitudes of rain clouds as God made it. It could have been a beautiful sky but it was demolished with lines in the sky running in all different directions. I spoke with 2 people from up there in city, 1 believed what I pointed out, the other was really hesitant. For well over 200 miles of road as I was coming home on I-25 they were up there destroying what they could. We had much cloud cover here in Southwest, N.M. getting home but they as well were destroyed. Our skies this morning 8-28-15 with blacked out sackcloth looking things. These aerosol crimes is on the level to a rape or worse by the perpetrators on us the victims. It's forced fed and we are stripped of any rights. In our elected officials we have no backup. If only people here in this country would wake up, look up and take interest trying to understand this battle we're in! That in itself would be a great accomplishment. 

  6. Justin says:

    Spraying over REXBURG, IDAHO .. EVERYDAY. The sky is so filled it's blinding to look at.

  7. Marc says:

    In his book, 'The Key", Whitley Strieber talked specifically about the above scenario. Now, granted, Whitley's book is premised upon a most unusual encounter that took place between him and a very mysterious individual who knocked on his hotel room door in the middle of the night and proceeded to engage him in a long conversation with astounding implications. Because of this, I have subsequently held many of the revelations in this book under suspicion. However, his "visitor" described a virtually identical scenario that would develop in the North Atlantic, ultimately bringing catastrophic storms to the northern hemisphere on a scale heretofore unimaginable, entirely as a result of a profound differential in north-south oceanic temperatures and their influence upon winds. Unfortunately perhaps for all of us, this visitor offered a very grim prognosis, indeed. A complete and total game-changer for most of humanity. 

        Perhaps the potential for this kind of scenario unfolding has been known for quite a long time. I am under no delusions about Mr. Strieber's visitor being some kind of incarnation of "God" or any of the other speculations surrounding him, given the incredible array of insights and truths he seemed to so naturally be imbued with. Nonetheless, his predictions about the the north Atlantic allegedly occurred and were recorded in 1998.

      The above article leaves me, personally, with a profound sense of impotence, as I contemplate the sheer overwhelming magnitude of what is unfolding. It truly appears that we are all passengers on a runaway train heading for the collapsed bridge, and certain doom.

    • Marc says:

      I saw a very close friend today whom I haven't seen in many, many months. We go way back to around 1990. Good buddies for 25 years. I attempted to give him a DVD (one of Dane's productions) and explained to him the general substance of it. As soon as he saw the cover he foisted it back upon me and went on and on about how we are doomed. He has known it for a long time, doesn't wanna hear anymore about it, absolutely refused to accept the DVD. No amount of gentle coercion could keep that DVD in his hands. He absolutely doesn't give a fuck that, by his own wording, "We are doomed," contending that there is NOTHING we can do about it. He was adamant! I let it drop, but I got to tell you, it left me in a state of temporary shock. Multiply this mind-set times 2 or 3 hundred million  and you have a serious cluster of hopelessness and inertia. And yet, he seems to actually enjoy the hell out of life, loves his dog and his life here immensely, has a second home near Mt. Baker in Washington that he adores, is a fiddler and all around decent guy. I love him like a brother. 

        The more people you talk to about the pickle we're in, the wider the range of attitudes you find out there. It is just so fucking amazing how clueless and utterly ignorant the majority of people are to how dire mankind's situation is, RIGHT NOW, not next week or next year. NOW!!!!!! Many commenting here are lamenting the intensified spraying, and the white-out conditions. I can report EXACTLY the same from St. Louis, Mo. Today and yesterday, completely whited out skies from hell, featureless whiteouts, utterly repulsive and depressing as fucking hell. And "Sorry, Paul Vonharnish, I'm gonna continue to bitch and curse at the skies when I see the sick fucks destroying everything that all of us hold dear." I find it invigorating and cleansing and godammit, if we had a little more outrage going for us, maybe even more might be accomplished. But, alongside of my rage, I am continuing to do what little I can to spread around awareness of this unfolding apocalypse.

  8. V says:

    15 years ago, as I was driving through rural Idaho listening to NPR, they had on a climate scientist who spoke of this very thing, He stated unequivocally that this would happen and God help us when it did. He said he hoped he would not be alive to see it as the consequences for our planet would be devastating and especially for the bread belts of the US and Europe. Follow the line of thought and we are talking mass migrations and starvation. 

    • Nicole says:

      You're so right, V. Europe is dealing with a major crisis of refugees – this year they have taken in more than 150 thousand so far, and this story points out how many of them are mistreated – or worse, illegally sent back:

      These reports are all over YouTube but mainstream news continues to call them migrants, as if they had any kind of a choice in staying where they were. Whole families including woman and children are drowning – adrift on shanty boats in the Mediterranean with no hope of rescue. 

      And the comments I am seeing on YouTube are so incredibly disgusting and inhumane. These refugees are being talked about like they are cockroaches, that should be shot on sight. It kills me, I mean it rips my heart right out, to see what people are saying. At the end of the day all we have is our humanity, and when that goes there is no point in existing at all. Unless of course you honor the devil himself.

      Our war mongering countries caused most of these refugee problems and now we are not willing to clean up the disaster. We treated the Katrina New Orleans matter the same way.

      It's hard to take. It's really hard to take – it's like being punched really hard in the stomach all day long. They are demolishing the atmosphere with the chemical spraying – and what is going to happen to the refugees that right now we call our neighbors, our friends – when there is no more water, no more crops, no more air. 

      We are ALL REFUGEES. We just don't know it yet. 


  9. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 69th email to my contact list, titled Vatican 1985 coin
    1.  Why did the Vatican City produce a 100 Lire coin in 1985 that shows a plane conducting atmospheric spraying over the Arctic (or world)?  It is there for a reason.
    Google it or watch
    I guess we will have to wait for the Pope's speeches in the USA at the end of Sept to maybe get an idea of what the Vatican's next move will be. 
    2.  This brings me neatly to remind you that we only 4 weeks left until our deadline of the autumn equinox.  I am not saying that a disaster or emergency will definitely happen in Oct/Nov/Dec, but it is an extremely good natural deadline to use…the next one being the spring equinox 2016 and so on.
    It does not matter what you think about all this talk of Extinction Level Events (ELEs) or disasters, what is definite is that weather extremes will get more extreme, and it is prudent to take some precautions.  By definition, in an emergency you will have less than 15 mins to react. 
    There are many good survival and preparedness websites, and you are sure to find one that suits your aspirations.  Here are some basic ideas (in brackets are suggestions that are perfectly adequate for a family or group, and can also be used in a 'bug out' situation): 
    Spare fuel for your vehicle – transport/power source/heating/lighting/shelter.
    Sufficient food store and resupply/barter options – include multi use items such as Honey, Hydrogen Peroxide, Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda (plus light weight dried/freeze dried foods) 
    Good water supply and purification method (Sawyer Point ZeroTwo or Survival Still)
    Self sufficient for basic lighting, heating, cooking (base camp Kelly Kettle).
    Live above 300ft, or have friends who do, so no direct worries about sea level rises, for when that happens -marauding bands of hungry and violent displaced people could be a problem though.  
    Good friends with wide range of skills/contacts.  
    Good sense of humour.
    You can either be knocked over by a large wave, or grab your surfboard and have the ride of your life.  It is a personal choice.
    3.  It is worth checking the satellite photos of the Arctic on a daily basis, link below.  It is accurate, but not 100%. If you zoom in and analyse over a period of days you will recognise the same segments of cloud or ice formations reappear on different days, locations, and orientations (photoshopped to hide something).  By going back and forward in date, you will eventually see genuine photos of the whole Arctic.  You will also notice that there is currently no solid ice cap, just a "sludge" of broken, fractured ice and icebergs, which will melt rapidly with high winds and waves.  You will also see the smoke from massive wild fires in Siberia and North America.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      OMG– That coin– IT IS TOTALLY SICK!!!! 

      This is the equivalent of a letter from a mass murderer telling us where, who and HOW "he" is going to kill next. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      BEWARE virus-infection traps– one of the YouTube videos that talks about the Vatican's 1985 commemorative Chem-Trail Coin mentions a YouTube channel belonging to someone calling themself "Ortega Blue," claiming that "she" was the first person to post the info about the by-now-infamous Holy Chem Coin.  Names like hers sound like the CIA's equivalent of porn stars:  "Ortega Bloooo…" yeah, planted firmly, no doubt, Behind the Green (beret) Door.. probably a spin-off of some military project moniker, such as "Project Blue Book," what a load of crap.  Anyhow, if you try to access "Ms. Blue's" website you get a warning from your anti-virus software that you need to stay away because it's loaded with viruses– ANOTHER way that the Shills and Toady-Trolls do their "business" with the public.  Personally I like the idea of Roasted Troll, served up on a SKEWER, with loads of crunchy-air sauce– Yummy!!!

  10. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Hello and grateful for what you can do/offer in the 'Peg" . I am from nearby Grand Forks area of North Dakota  (Now, in  CA since '82) and we all need to connect the dots of collapse scenario.  The betrayal , lies, corruption are fading quickly..
    We are awake and aware ! ~Lori Bridgeford,  purificationritual 

  11. Keith Whittington says:

    We were told back in the 70s that the Atlantic Conveyor would shut down if the Greenland ice sheet melted. Never thought I would live to see the day.

  12. stephan says:

     I'm participating in a "geoengineering rally to inform the public" in a week here in Winnipeg Canada. Along with me will be my sign (complete with a spraying model airplane on top), 150 flyers and most important of all the spirit of Dane and all of you who write in and understand the craziness going on. Take care all.

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