Geoengineering, It Is Real


By David Mispilkin

I have been noticing unnatural things happening in my local sky and am aware that everyone around me is ignoring what is happening right above them.

I first noticed that some days will be perfectly clear and then other days will be filled with planes leaving trails of smoke that then create wide “cloudy like trails” that do not go away.  I asked myself how come these lines, trails, cloudy trails can’t be seen every day. Is it that planes just don’t fly on certain days? No this can’t be because planes fly specific routes each and everyday without fail. The only times they are rerouted is when weather related problems arise.

So why am I seeing clear skies for several days and followed by a couple days with major trails that spread out in various grids and angles. These trails mostly block the sun and are always easy to see.


Local chemtrails exposed in Foxboro, MA

The T.V. media and other outlets will have you understand these are “Contrails” and perhaps you will do a little digging online and find “GEO ENGINEERING” come up and be lead to believe it is a legit program that is saving our planet. This could not be farther from the truth.

I ask those of you in the Foxboro, MA. (Patriots country) to take note of your skies and get a little educated on what Chemtrails are.  After you do some research it becomes clear as to what is happening right over our heads.  A great place to start would be Dane Wigington’s He has done years of research and is a hero in that he keeps moving forward even with the media’s lock on the American people.

I feel people are so addicted to television that it is clear that T.V. is the key activation. If you shut off T.V. you start to figure things out faster. What is happening in our skies is sinister and deserves more exposure than it gets currently. If someone can tell me what these lines are doing and why on some days planes do not fly at all, then I am all ears. I am not pushing this onto anyone as I am just expressing concern. ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, runaway flu outbreaks, sleeplessness, headaches etc. are accepted as atypical and normal. These are clues telling us to start  looking for real answers instead of waiting for the cause to be broadcasted by the so-called media. We will never learn the truth unless we help find the truth. It will take each and every person do to do his or her part at exposing truth.

We cannot wait anymore because chemtrails have been happening for many years and these so-called diseases will just be getting worse. Listen to this interview with Dane Wigington, Leader in the fight against Geo Engineering.

David M.
North Attleboro, MA.

2 Responses to Geoengineering, It Is Real

  1. bija says:

    David…thank you for this article. I have family in RI who like to insist this isn't going on or that it's just not that bad. I have been East several times over the past few years and have experienced toxic skies every time. I appreciate your approach to wake people up and intend to pass along your article to those who no longer want to hear it from me. No matter where in the country, in fact the world, we live, we are all in this together and must wake others in whatever way we can!

    • David . says:

      Your welcome. The biggest trap all of us fall into is being afraid of what others will think. We cannot do this anymore and getting the word out is more important than ever before. Steer your friends and family to do some research on the media. "Predictive programming in the media" in a Google search will yield some mind blowing stuff that wakes people up a lot faster than just trying awaken people from Chemtrails. When they see first hand how everything is being programmed into emotional brain they will be caught off guard and will listen to you more and more. Don't ever stop as there are thousands of people waking up but are not being stirred to help. Double down all your efforts as earth needs our help. 

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