Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 1, 2017


Dane Wigington

These are indeed strange days on planet Earth. The human race is spiraling toward the paradigm shift of critical resource depletion, climate disintegration, mass starvation, and global conflict. Not only is there no attempt by global powers to slow down the unraveling, every imaginable effort is being made by the power structure to accelerate the looting, pillaging, and plundering of our dying planet. As our species approach the cliff, we are collectively hitting the accelerator, not the brakes. Could there be any silver lining to the increasingly catastrophic events that are battering populations around the globe? Could the rapid acceleration of such events finally trigger the forced wake-up of the masses before all is lost? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The ongoing fight for the greater good is arduous, and in many ways, never ending, but it is not in vain. The journey is the destination, if each of us resolves ourselves to forging forward on this path with focus and determination, who can say what profound good we may yet accomplish. Face to the wind, we must never give up.

This week's outreach booth is at the Washington State Fair Events Center, Puyallup, Washington, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


231 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 1, 2017

  1. Seeing Clearly says:

    What is an Opioid?

    Opioids are pain relieving medications, such as codeine, morphine and oxycodone.  They are also commonly known by their brand names, for example, Vicodin and OxyContin.

    They are: 

    • Most often used for new, acute pain, such as after surgery, an accident, or a fall

    • Come in many forms, including tablets, capsules or liquid

    Opioid medications are to be used with caution and always under a medical provider’s close supervision because these medications have many serious side effects such as reducing or stopping your breathing. Continued use can lead to physical and/or psychological dependence. People who use opioids, even for as little as a few weeks, may experience withdrawal symptoms when the drug is discontinued or not taken consistently.  Some examples of withdrawal symptoms include increased pain, sweating, feelings of anxiety and diarrhea.


    Opioid medications can:

    • Cause your breathing to slow or stop, which can lead to death

    • Cause dizziness and increase your risk for falling

    • Lead to hormonal changes and reduced testosterone levels

    Every year there are, on average, 44 deaths in Sonoma County due to accidental drug overdose.

    Annually on average, there are 476 emergency department visits for accidental drug overdose among Sonoma County residents. 

    As many as 1 in 4 people who are taking a prescription opioid long term obtained from their primary care provider struggle with physical and/or psychological dependence.

    If You Are Taking Opioids

    • Take pain medication as prescribed by your health care provider and don’t increase the dose without first consulting your provider.

    • Don’t drink alcohol, take sleep aides or other medicines or drugs that make you sleepy.

    • Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery while taking opioids.

    • Never share with other people, and store them in a secure/locked place to keep away from youth and children.

    • Make sure to dispose of leftover and unused medication by returning to a designated safe medicine disposal site. For more information visit:

    • If you think you are experiencing physical and/or psychological dependence to opioids, call (707) 565-7450 for substance use disorder treatment assessment and referral.

    • Talk to your health care provider about whether there is a need for you to be prescribed a medication to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose like Naloxone.


    Alternative Treatment Options

    Chronic pain can greatly impact quality of life. Safe and effective pain management is the main goal. 

    Talk to your health care provider about the safest ways to manage your pain, especially treatments that don’t involve prescription opioids. Some of these options may actually work better and have fewer risks and side effects.   

    Treatment options may include:

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    • Interventional therapies (injections) by a pain specialist

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    Source: (

    • mary says:

      FDA approved and legally prescibed opioid narcotic are HEROIN produced in a laboratory–antidepressents can and do cause suicidal/homicidal tendencies etc.!


  2. Mario says:

    Heavy system coming through Northern California.  Thursday night has seen heavy down pours at times in my area near Folsom Lake.  Lots of waves of yellow (heavy precip.) which seem to flash out in certain areas.  Heavy transmitter manipulation, especially from the Oroville site.  National Weather Service is CENSORING radar — the loops have an error message that reads: DATA TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.  I'm also noticing them using a method of creating rectangular or box shaped zones of high pressure that flash out very quickly and direct / manipulate the precipitation.  They've been using this extensively on the manufactured weather in the South and Mid-West and East Coast.  The entire southeast has been awash in heavy microwave energy in recent weeks and months, but tonight it looks like they built a wall of microwave energy from Texas to Canada, straight up in the middle of this godforsaken country.  We're going head first down the rabbit hole, whether we like it or not.    

  3. Seeing Clearly says:

    The propaganda website tells us having autism and disabilities (brain damage included) is normal and natural human diversity. This website has also been heavily colluding with the ASAN a big pharma autism embracement page and the insanity does not stop there(

    I am not saying there might not be a good thing on the website, not that I have seen any, remember to turn away from your dichotomous thinking, but when this website is telling us disability is a good thing you can already make the inference that the site is trash.

  4. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    The U.S. is spending tons of money on the disposal of Cole Fly Ash, while at the same time purchasing and importing it from other countries! Wow is this contradicting or what! The total waste of our Tax dollars is so obscured. Then to hear Dane talking about the new 5G network that is harming us and the environment. What next? 

  5. Donna-AZ says:


    I would like to give a Big Thank You to the Gem Faire exhibition organization for helping to bring awareness, and exposing the poison being dumped on us nearly every day. Also, I love the wrap on the back of the semi-trailer.


  6. Ed Bee says:

    Insane snow and wind in Wisconsin today. 70's in a few days on the menu. Weather whiplash is no fun.

    • MAP says:

      Yes, Weather Whiplash is killing us. Literally. Down here in Indiana, the trees of Conifer Species (Pines, Spruces, Evergreens) are sufferring greatly and these trees are dead and dying. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of this tree species that look so sickly across Central Indiana. Well, Geoengineers, a job well done for your Pay-Masters. You are killing the trees and you are killing the masses.

  7. barbzi says:

    Climate change impacting ‘most’ species on Earth, even down to their genome

    But it still feels unnerving to discover that this is no longer about just polar bears; it’s not only coral reefs and sea turtles or pikas and penguins; it about practically everything – including us.

    "If global warming continues, species that cannot change or move quickly enough may go globally extinct," the study’s author, John Wiens with the University of Arizona, said.

    And Scheffers expects more "ecosystem shifts," as scientists describe them, in the future. Cloud forests are at risk of becoming high altitude grasslands, coral reefs of becoming algal-dominated ecosystems, and Arctic sea ice – open ocean.

    NO mention of STOP geoengineering… Just …governments and large organisation can invest and commit to reducing carbon emissions and protecting natural ecosystems that increase resilience to climate change not only for nature but for people as well," Scheffers said.

    A number of companies have already produced technologies that do just that: they pull carbon out of the atmosphere. But to date, lack of money and support have delayed rolling out such devices en masse.

    • BaneB says:

      Barbzi:  As we all know, the monies go to produce the murder weapons for infinite warfare.  Indeed, infinite warfare upon civilians is being conducted in our name using our credit card.  The looting thieves have bankrupted this nation.  And part of the fake money is used to create weather warfare.  Just ask those experiencing drought in Somalia, AND who are being destroyed through increased attacks upon those sad people.  

  8. Gary D says:

    There are boiling cauldrons of methane lakes in permafrost zones. Latest estimates say 10% of permafrost is melted so this nightmare scenario has only just begun. The shallow arctic ocean shelves are an extension of methane reservoirs and they are releasing methane at an exponential rate. There are several hundred methane cauldron plumes a kilometer in diameter and more tens of kilometers across in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf according to Natalia Shakhova with the U of Alaska Fairbanks. This reservoir alone contains about 1000 GTs [gigatons] of methane. There are 5 GTs in the atmosphere now, contributing about 100 ppm of CO2 equivelant. This means the 404 ppm carbon currently there should actually be accurately described as really a net amount of 500 ppm carbon. Humans have not lived on the planet with a carbon equivelant atmosphere of 800 ppm, more or less. Ms Shakhova has said that even a release of 1%  from the ESAS would place organic life forms in dire straits. It looks like the Sword of Democles will drop at any time.

  9. Ron Marr says:

    A young man step up to me the other day and thank me for the movie 'Vaxxed', I had run into he and his wife pushing a carriage months ago, and had ask them about their baby's vaccinations. I offered them the video(Vaxxed). He thanked me and said he had canceled their baby's vaccinations until she was older and the baby due in June would not be vaccinated.  I then point to the sky and said, do you see the garbage in the sky; and point to the signs on my car doors and ask him to read them. (they were Dane's business cards blown up to 12" by 24") . He said he would pass the word to everyone. That made my day.  Once we turn into talking heads in a virtual fake reality, we are doomed.  We become disassociated and separated from humanity; where an order follower will than order us to kill ourselves.  But, only, slowly and methodically… through geo-engineering…tsunamis, like fukashima…oil pipe lines and spills…GMO's…vaccines; destroying all life, along with the earth.  But, again, as soon as we stop pretending to be something…we can return to being; reclaiming our genius, that education tries to destroy, engage our imagination, that society wants to conform, and believe in our immortality, which, is stolen by religion and fear of death. We can no longer use their tools; education, conformity, chaos and fear.  We must reject all choices to be something;  for they are distractions of mind control…that…like cattle, enables them to run us in circular formations; peacefully and calmly…into the slaughter house. 

  10. Martha says:

    I carry the full color glossy flyers posted on this site with me so I'm ready whenever an opportune moment to inform presents itself. I get them from a print shop and keep them in my handbag. A small stack fits well in a 6.5" x 9.5" envelope if folded in half.

    The other day I stopped by a vitamin store that I seldom patronize. As I was looking for what I needed I heard a customer talking with the clerk by the register about the "crazy weather" in the Eastern U.S. such as temps in the 60s, then snow later in the day.  That was my cue. I grabbed the product I needed and walked over. Just as I got there they were taking turns asking "Why?!" "Why is this happening?!!" "How perfect!" I thought as I smiled, pulled out two flyers, gave one to each and said, "This is why." 

    The male customer's eyes lit up and said, "Oh, chemtrails, that's right!" The clerk said, she didn''t need a flyer. I asked her if she'd been to this website. She said she had. She seemed to have an almost "know it all" and sort of "yeah, yeah, yeah" attitude, but I wasn't sure. The customer was very interested and entered into a conversations w/me. He wanted some flyers to give to people so I gave him my little stack.

    As my purchase was being rung up, I told her about the legal team and pending lawsuit. That often seems to add credibility for those who need it. She seemed slightly more interested but not so much. I don't understand some people but I'd already had a win which felt really good. I don't even like that store and think I was probably drawn there just to talk with and give flyers to that customer. Who knows?

    Having flyers ready for such opportune moments and being willing to jump in helps me to stay out of a place of black despair regarding this hideous insanity. Whenever we hear people complaining about the weather, which is very common these days, that's our chance. It's a good antidote to feeling helpless and hopeless.

    Reading Dane's posts and your comments helps me feel that I'm not so alone. We're so much stronger together. Hang in everyone.

    • kathleen says:

      Kudos, Martha! You did GOOD! Sometimes our travels seem random, but I'm finding similar serendipitous situations in which to inform others and hand out a business card or flyer. It's important to realize that at least we're getting some people to think, look up, ask questions, and visit this site.

      Dane, here are some common questions and my answers. Would you please critique and give me better answers?

      Q: Why are they doing this?

      A. First, they've been denying it, but sometimes they claim it's to reflect the heating of the planet. Second, they're now (according to a Harvard study) saying they might BEGIN it, but they've been doing it for decades and have patents dating back to the 50's.

      Q: What are they spraying?

      A: Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and coal fly ash.

      Q: Is it harmful to us?

      A. Yes! The nanoparticulates are too small to be filtered out, and we breathe them, and they land on our water sources, soil, and plants. This is one reason wildfires go out of control so quickly — the trees and brush have been doused with chemicals that ignite like fire-starter.

      Q: What can we do?

      A: Go to and start reading and listening, then share the info with others.

      Q: Is it just our government doing this?

      A: No, it's global.

      These are markedly lame answers, meant for casual and brief exchanges, but I need more and better ones, and a list of other common questions/answers. In your free time (yeah, right), could you ferret out the most frequent questions and provide us with optimal (but short) answers? 

      Likewise, can you (or me — I'm a willing volunteer — or someone) gather up a list of all sorts of herbs and healthy foods and supplements that might be of use to ward off or remediate some of the ill effects these chemicals cause? I'll start with this very abbreviated list, and perhaps others can add to it, including the "why" and links for further study:

      aloe vera, ashwagandha, B-12 and other B-Vitamins, bitter greens, Chlorella, cilantro, daikon, dandelion greens, Echinacea, elderberries, fresh or frozen fruit, fermented foods, galangal, garlic, ginger, Helichrysum, hemp seeds, hummus, hydrogen peroxide (35%), iodine (Lugol's), Jerusalem artichokes (aka sunchokes), kale, kimchi, lavender oil, lemons, lentils….you get the idea

      Thank you for your heroic efforts, Dane and everyone!

  11. Dennis says:

    I will go and stand/protest outside SunCoke's facility in Middletown Ohio. SunCoke is one of the largest coal/coke fly ash processing facilities in the US. The base material is trained in from all over the country, processed and shipped out from this location.

    I have heard for years from very caring people "but what can we do"? Well here is something you CAN do. Stand with me and draw attention to this facility.

    Dane has my personal phone number and email contact and has said if you want to contact me do it through and he will connect you with me.

    I will stand, alone or with an army. I have lost most everything because of my activism, it's funny even saying that because I am certainly NO activist, but I will never stop telling the truth.

    BTW folks geoengineering is no longer conspiracy. Look up largest ever geoengineering tests taking place RIGHT NOW from Harvard. 

    Stand and LIVE on your feet or die on your knees!!!! 

  12. Joseph L says:


    Chris Hedges

    Nation of Walking Dead

    The United States consumes 80 percent of opioids used worldwide, and more than 33,000 died in this country in 2015 from opioid overdoses. There are 300 million prescriptions written and $24 billion spent annually in the U.S. for painkillers. Americans supplement this mostly legal addiction with over $100 billion a year in illicit marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. And nearly 14 million U.S. adults, one in every 13, regularly abuse alcohol.

    But these monetary figures are far less than what we spend on gambling. Americans in 2013 lost $119 billion gambling, with an additional $70 billion—or $300 for every adult in the country—spent on lottery tickets.


    Real Interesting article  a little long but worth the read.

  13. AllyL says:

    I've been using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide here in the UK for around 7 years now and no longer get anything like the head colds, sore throats and general bugs that I used to come down with. I no longer suffer from heartburn either which is a bonus.

      Most of my friends and neighbours are contracting colds and similar ailments or know someone who has and I have not been affected. During the Winter months, I was aware that my body temperature was raised for a couple of days on occasion but nothing further developed. 

    I stopped taking every other vitamin and supplement when I started oxygen therapy and have no regrets whatsoever.

  14. AllyL says:

    Hi Dane, I don't know if this has been covered before but what difference has the recent change in Administration made to the legal case being made against the Geoengineering ? Are most of those who were served notice of impending prosecution still in their posts or have they, perhaps conveniently moved on ?  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Allyl, I gave an update on our legal efforts during this weeks radio show, more updates to come, stay tuned.

  15. Pia says:

    This is a fantastic recording of first one, then two then three chemtrail planes spewing in flight, birds eye view

    • joe strauss says:

      Dane …and PIA, April 4, 17 posting by PIA says

       Aviation koziatek/videos


      I am confirming  what is on the Aviation video..assuming it is a

      real video from a following above (another aircraft)


      Over San Francisco, Ca March 17, I saw 3 parallels chem trails,

      just as in this posted video.


      I see that it is a single engine military aircraft  alongside a twin

      jet engine commercial type aircraft.


      This , if genuine is just as I saw the spacing of those 3 parallel lines

      of Chemical trails.


      So i  have concluded those SOB's are mixing with 3 different

      chemical compositions, as 3 lines would be caught by the Civilians

      on ground as, what… 3 uneven lines?


      Any one see what I see…  Joe


  16. South Mike says:

    Heavy spray day here in the south today 4/4/2017. I'm not sure how there can be so much air traffic (read normal) in one area in such a short period of time (been watching for about 2 hours). The last 2-3 days I would only see/hear a few aircraft as I'm outside most of the day, but today is insane like no other. "X" patterns and "V" patterns positioned strategically around the sun as it makes its way through the sky and of course the horizon to horizon lines as they come one right after the other. Very disheartening.

    • BaneB says:

      South Mike:  You describe the tactics of weather warfare and control.  The same blitz of aircraft happened here north of San Francisco yesterday.  I see this behavior very often here in Mendocino County, Ca.  Quiet for days, and then in just a few hours or less these sky terrorists turn a blue sky into a white fluorescent mess.  Good luck.

    • JF says:

      Resumed spraying here in Southern CA. Rain is forecast this Saturday, but seems like they always spray heavy the days before a storm and the rain doesn't arrive.

    • Dennie says:

      Spray is DISGUSTING today in No. CA.  Tryin' to get it a-fixin' to rain.

  17. Robert Martin says:

    Hello Dane and all,

    I would just like to share some information with all of you about the Bin Laden family.  The following excerpt is from Michael C. Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

    Chapter 9:  Business with the Bin Ladens:  The Real Saudi Arabia

    The Saudi Binladin Group (SBG)

    "Perhaps the most comprehensive breakdown of the bin Laden family's operations was compiled by former French intelligence consultant Jean-Charles Brisard as a project commissioned by the French intelligence community entitled The Economic Network of the bin Laden Family.  Much of that work was reproduced in Forbidden Truth.

    With its headquarters in Jeddah, the parent company of SBG, Saudi Investment Company (SICO) operates four subsidiaries: SICO Curacao (Dutch Antilles), the Tropiville Corporation NV (Dutch Antilles), Falken Ltd, (Cayman Islands), and Islay Holdings (Isle d'Islay).  Falken and Tropiville together own Russell Wood Holdings Ltd. (London) and Russell Wood Ltd. (London).  An additional six subsidiaries, controlled by either Russell Wood or Islay Holdings, all with innocuous-sounding names starting with "Falcon," "Globe," "Turkey Rock," or "Saffron," are all located in Britain.  In addition, one subsidiary, Falcon Properties Ltd., in conjunction with Saudi investor Ghaith Pharoan, owns the Attock Oil Company, also located in England.

    Founded in 1931 at the same time as the nation of Saudi Arabia, the bin Laden family business is the largest construction company in the Middle East.  But this easy observation leads to a tangled web of financial and political machinations.  The holding companies are located on Caribbean islands frequently associated with money laundering.  Obviously a great many financial and corporate entities can be concealed within tightly controlled holding companies.  What else is known about the operations of this empire?

    The Saudi Binladin Group owns orbiting satellites and has contracts with the US Department of Defense (DoD).  Iridium Satellite, LLC is a privately held, bin Laden Group company which owns a series of 73 low-orbit stationary satellites designed to provide satellite phone coverage across the surface of the Earth.  Originally developed by Motorola, Iridium LLC was bankrupt in 1999 when the bin Laden group purchased it and renamed it Iridium Satellite, LLC.  The company is based in Leesburg, VA, not far from the CIA and the National Reconnaissance Office.  Since the bankruptcy takeover, the company has garnered a $72 million DoD contract and a $300,000 NSF grant to "gauge the magnetic characteristics of the energy fields caused by solar storms."

    Apparently, 600 Iridium Satellite phones were en route to Florida on September 11 and were redirected to NYC to help with the tragedy.  After September 11, there was some talk of using Iridium Satellite LLC's "low Earth orbiting satellites to provide real-time cockpit voice and flight data monitoring of commercial aircraft, replacing the on-board 'black boxes.'"

    SBG's construction arm was involved in the building of the US military bases in Saudi Arabia, including the Khobar towers, destroyed by a terrorist bomb in June 1996 killing 19 US servicemen.  SBG also had business ventures with US oil companies such as Unocal and Enron.  In addition they built large portions of the holy sites at Mecca for the Saudi government as a result of a special relationship they have enjoyed with the royal family since the founding of the kingdom.

    As the exclusive contractor for the holy sites in Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem (until 1967), SBG and the bin Laden family enjoyed virtually competition-free access to government contracts.  The company even served as a tutor for the members of the royal family on matters of business and international finance.  Even more significant, in an Islamic culture strictly opposed to the collection of interest, "the SBG is the only private Saudi institution able to issue bonds.  In 2001 it had 35,000 employees with estimated revenues of $3 – 5 billion.  In the 1980's it represented the likes of Porsche and Audi and developed Saudi partnerships with GE, Nortel, and Schweppes.  All of these companies pretend to this day that SBG and Osama bin Laden are totally divorced."

    As for its banking relationships, SBG is known to favor the Saudi Commercial Bank, Deutsche Bank's London office, and Citigroup.  It also has extensive financial relationships with Goldman Sachs and the Fremont Group, a San Francisco investment firm whose directorate includes former Secretary of State George P. Shultz.  His connections to the SBG reach from the banking side to the construction side; Shultz is the former CEO of the Bechtel Group, a heavy construction firm with major interests in pipeline construction throughout the Middle East.  Just after the US occupation of Iraq in April 2003, Bechtel was awarded a contract worth up to $680 million to assist in the rebuilding of Iraqi infrastructure.

    In 2001, the Wall Street Journal succinctly captured the importance of SBG in the operations of the Empire: "If there were ever any company closely connected to the US and its presence in Saudi Arabia, it's the Saudi Binladin Group," says Charles Freeman, president of the Middle East Policy Council,  a Washington nonprofit concern that receives tens of thousands of dollars a year from the bin Laden family.

    SBG also makes sizeable investments in foreign corporations, including many in the US.  FTW (From the Wilderness) was the first, just after the attacks of 9/11, to bring public attention to the fact that the bin Ladens had a multimillion-dollar stake in the Carlyle Group, a privately held US Company."

    More to come…

    • Dennie says:

      @ Robert Martin:  I have given away three copies of Crossing the Rubicon.  The fourth I had to ask back, the borrower never read it, he said it was "too hard" to read– awww, pooor baby! (the guy is over 65 years old!!!).  Well, I READ RUBICON THREE TIMES!!! So THERE

      You hear MORE political commentators using that particular phrase, "crossing the Rubicon," since MCR wrote that book, to describe any number of situations we're faced with these days.  Apparently The Powers That Shouldn't Be have had no problem with crossing a multiple number of Rubicons, including environmental lines in the sand, and now at last there is no turning back. 

      Tonight we find ourselves breathing in their sick efforts to turn this whole thing around– why don't they all just buy a ticket from Sir Richard Branson and blast outta here?  Maybe then we'd at last begin to see something resembling peace break out here, actually,

    • Earth Angel says:

      WOW!! Thank you for sharing with us this jaw dropping information… the plot thickens, eh? Unbelievable how the connections to the cast of the same sickening characters keep continuing over and over again.. Just surreal.

    • EyepilotX!!! says:

      If I were still teaching I'd have "Crossing the Rubicon", "Dark Alliance" by Gary Webb and "People's History of The United States" as required reading…Of course the administration would NEVER allow this and it wouldn't matter anyway because by the time I'd get the students they would be thoroughly indoctrinated into a culture of illiteracy and hatred of reading because (among many things) Common Core and it's testing fascists Don't want an aware critical population… oh well! Cold rain a and more artificially nucleated cold on the way in Chicago,

  18. renate says:

    Hi everybody. Check this out U.S. Code § 330b – Duties of Secretary,  (3) to the public if necessary to protect their health and safety.   What a joke.

  19. BaneB says:

    A county wide call in radio show was on this evening. It was open mike.  Any topic.  Someone phoned in to talk about "chemtrails."  He was saying so many trails were being sprayed off the Mendocino coast that his sunset was obscured.  He proceeded to give his opinion that these are not contrails.  The next caller proceeded to denigrate such a concept.  It was more than I could bare. I phoned in, nervous as could be.  It is not my forte to talk in public or on the radio.  But, I backed up the guy over in Ft. Bragg and proceeded to lay it out about Geoengineering.  It was not the perfect rant but it certainly had to have planted a few seeds of interest among the listening audience.  Today was a very heavy spray day here.  I took my little dog to the vet.  Everywhere the jets were out debasing the atmosphere.  Some were doing half circles.  The coastal area to the west was really being hit hard.  These weather control terrorists literally whited out the sky.  Yet, few seem to notice.  I took out my phone camera in front of Safeway in Willits and made a big sweep of the sky, and a photographer's stance, to take some pics and get noticed.  Look up, was my body language.  It is getting to where one has to stand on one's head nowadays and gasp for air before anyone notices a thing. Maybe the parking lot security camera  caught it.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      BaneB, I'm right there with you my friend. Venturing out into the public spectrum is one scary venture for sure. Myself, I have no doubt that you presented yourself and your(our) message in such a way that it will reverberate in the minds of all those that actually listened. Stage fright can be a good thing and easily detectable to those that are listening for it and it's honesty. I do not listen to radio or TV. Like I keep saying, "it's going to take us all, each in our own special ways, to get us out of this pickle we're in". Thank you BaneB for your efforts in media broadcast. Good Job!!

    • Donna-AZ says:

      BaneB, thank you for being brave and setting them straight. Seeds planted, check. That contrail lie really has a hold on people. Most, probably don't spend enough time outdoors looking up to actually see the trails being turned on and off, which is all the time here in AZ.

    • Dennie says:

      "It is getting to where one has to stand on one's head nowadays and gasp for air before anyone notices a thing."  HOW TRUE!!!  I didn't sleep a WINK on Saturday night because the spraying caused severe nasal irritation and discharge, I was constantly blowing my nose between 8 p.m. and around 6:00 a.m. the next morning.  It was terrible yesterday afternoon and I was TERRIFIED for my LIFE once again.  And it's TERRIBLE up in the sky and down here AGAIN TODAY.



    • Mario says:

      Atta boy, BaneB!  It's not easy calling in and being on the spot like that.  I was nervous when I called Coast To Coast.  We all have a lot of pent-up frustrations, anger, and bewilderment lingering in us . . . it feels good to exercise the demons via thoughtful, rational explanation. 

      I did the same thing with my camera in a parking lot the other day, right in front of a crew of about 40 PG&E workers.  I lingered and took several shots of aerosol trails, making sure to wave at the PG&E crew and point at the trails.  They know what's up . . . the power companies are heavily involved.

    • Dennie says:

      @ BaneB:  I called an advice nurse at Kaiser very early Saturday morning when I couldn't breathe and had spent nearly an entire night blowing my nose.  She actually had a conversation with me about the chemicals being sprayed on us that are making soooooo many people sick, admitted it's going on ("Oh, yeah") and agreed that people need to come out of denial about it and get something done to stop the spraying.  Too many people are being sickened by this!!!!!!!!

    • Rosalie says:

      That's great that you did that, BaneB.  The potential to reach and enlighten many.  

    • Dale K says:

      While the U.S. military was certainly involved with cloud seeding and other weather modification experiments back in the 1960s, the media at that time did not promote the notion that 'global warming' due to excessive carbon dioxide emissions was primarily responsible for a prolonged drought. In Aug. 1965, I accompanied my family on an East Coast vacation and distinctly remember having to ask for a glass of water at New York City diners.

      The five-year drought has parched streams like Loyalsock Creek (left) in Pennsylvania, but the fishing is good in isolated pools and the hunting forecast is excellent—if rain comes
      Robert Cantwell | Sports Illustrated Vault
      Aug 9, 1965

      On November 16, 1964, Neversink Reservoir was bone dry. Two weeks later Pepacton Reservoir was all but dry—down to 3% of its capacity. Last November the reservoir system as a whole was down to 25% of capacity.

      That had happened before, but winter snows and spring rains usually could be depended on to bring the levels back. In the first seven months of 1965, however, precipitation in New York state came to only 13 inches, compared to an average of about 24 inches for a 25-year period. So by this summer it was not surprising that a blimp bearing the ominous sign SAVE WATER was cruising over the otherwise cloudless skies above New York; that the city restaurants did not serve water unless patrons specifically asked for it; that fountains were turned off or, if they spouted at all, were accompanied by apologetic signs stating that the water did not come from the city reservoirs.

  20. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hello Everyone.  Found a short little video that really goes into very good explanation of how the HARRP system is used.  Thanks Dane. 

  21. Duane says:

    Hi to all,

    Just when I thought the evil doers were showing some compassion for my area, I was sadly brought back to reality tonight during my Monday night Fire Department training. While outside training I watched overhead as several commercial aircraft spewed their poison on us, verified by Flight Radar 24. This was after dark. I immediately started a conversation with my fellow fire fighters, all of which were oblivious to the issue. 

    As I write this post I start to ask myself if there is a connection to the spraying of heavy metals and the poor condition of my sixteen year old Maltese Terrier, whom I have to make the heart wrenching decision to put down in the next couple of days due to her deteriorating condition. I know that no one, human or animal, lasts forever, but this little dog was full of life and healthy up until about seven months ago. She then started having seizures after running up a flight of stairs now her breathing is labored all the time and she is showing signs of shutting down completely.

    I, myself, have issues with an irritated throat and fatigue not sure if it is due to the spraying but I learned early in life that 2+2=4.  

    Anyways, I think the only way we are going to change public opinion is if we hit the streets with info. I also learned an important business lesson years ago that went like this: Meet 15 people Belly to Belly each day and you will achieve your business goals, in this case you will achieve your goal of saving this great planet. 

    Don't give up fighting for the greater good , we are going to be victorious.

    • Dear Duane You have my utmost sympathy concerning your dog.and your own health.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Duane,  I too sympathize for your dog's condition.  My soul mate of a husky lived nearly twice her expected lifetime and died here on my porch and in distress.  I could not share it with anyone, it felt so very private.  A close friend always had a number of dogs at the same time, but one was the oldest and her favorite.  When his life was ending, to my surprise, her vet was willing to come to the house to put him down, in her arms, at home.  She asked me to be there and I was.  Must say, it was a much better circumstance than my 'natural' way.  Her's was lying in her lap on the sofa, calm and loved and not in the vet's office which all dogs hate!  Just a suggestion.  It hurts no matter what, but does help to share.  As for belly to belly, I got to experience that with a Triple A guy yesterday from whom I needed a jump for an old car and street sweeping here to avoid a pricey ticket.  I forget why I mentioned geo-engineering to him, what started it, and I looked at the sky which to my surprise really looked blue, felt confused for a minute, then a trail sprayed.  A line and I pointed that out, then another, and boy did he chime in.  Said that when he goes to LA, he sees the most unbelievable skies, but here as well.  Gave him this site.  Belly to belly so to speak!

    • Duane says:

      Thank you Robert.

    • MoonFlake says:

      Duane, my heart goes out to you and your dog. It's a gut wrenching decision you are faced with. Dogs are more than "companions", they are our real best friends, displaying the true meaning of unconditional love. All made more difficult because your health is in jeopardy too. Yet you are still in the fight for saving lives and humanity. Amazing. Thank you.

    • horsegirl says:

      Duane, our sympathies for you and your dog.

      Today we buried Alphie, the third Siamese Tabby male to die of a UTI at about one year of age since last May.  After ten horrible days of excruciating suffering it was time.  I learned with the first death that a cat can sob just like we do, my last sight of Schmoozie last May for my birthday.  May the innocent ones' suffering be required of those wreaking these satanic schemes upon all life.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Duane:  Yes, your throat irritation is definitely a symptom of the crap you're being forced to breathe. 

      The fatigue is symptomatic of barium poisoning.  So is a fast heart rate and reddened skin.

      Everyone needs to FEEL THEIR FEELINGS and fvcking COME OUT OF THE ONGOING DENIAL that says you should always ignore how you actually FEEL. 

      how do we think we got into the position we're in now, in the first place??  UGH!!!!!!  Come on, people– WHEN do we actually L-E-A-R-N !??????

    • Dennie says:

      That is terrible about the dogs and cats.  So truly grievous.

    • Rosalie says:

      Oh, that is so tough for you, Duane. My heart goes out to you about the condition of your dog.  I always notice a change in my dog on heavy spray days.  I'm turning more to natural foods and even using certain essential oils for him, to boost his immunity, and less on the manufactured dog food.  My  dog suffers with ear problems that once again, seem to coincide with the intense frequencies and ramped up toxic spray days.

  22. Chad says:

    Snowing at 41 degrees in Idaho. Nothing on weather apps. Planes flying and spraying all day. What a joke.

  23. Seeing Clearly says:

    The spiritually wicked and deceived also referred sometimes as mentally I'll acutely believe or claim to believe that we should not have the right to be Informed if our food is GMO or not (

    • BaneB says:

      Seeing clearly:  Nope, Cannot be allowed to know which foods are GMO fake.  But, pizza outlets must post calorie counts for every mix and match combo or other foods served. Who is going to read that? The last I heard the breakout is 17 pages long.  Does anyone think a pizza establishment is for losing weight?  Further, most pizzas are phone in orders and deliveries.  I bring this up as an example of government overreach.  Yet, "our" government won't buck Monsanto!  And the FDA has just approved three types of GMO potatoes, in the Russet variety.

    • Dog says:

      @ BaneB:

      "Something's Rotten in Idaho" – DEVO, "Red Eye Express"

      Also note Chad's post above – 41 Degrees and SNOWING in Idaho…


    • Seeing Clearly says:

      It's like getting really mad and exasperating over you coming late to dinner or work (something that doesn't physically  hurt or kill anyone) however, then those same people that get on top of you for the above are ok with your drinking and driving and drinking a dozen cans of soda and street racing they dismiss it as a mildly bad choice and turn the other cheek. It's ok for kids to get brain damage from vaccines and get cancer from GMO's, but it's not ok to bang your kid in the head and make him eat dirt (both cause similar injury to the child) but the vaccines damaging our children and youth is more if not completely socially acceptable than banging people in the head even though they both  cause brain damage.


      and yes there is wishful thinking from some people who don't want to accept the risks of vaccination las especially in younger children and the harm pill drugs like ADHD pills do they dismiss it as safe because saying otherwise is offensive to them the whole idea of disability embracements is because too many disabled people are offended by the fact that they have a problem so what do they do they adopt a new perspective a deceiving and damaging one in the long run at least because it makes them feel better personally and when I say damaging in the long run I mean disability pride is having a catastrophic effect on the progress towards prevention and cure for disabilities just look at the statistics we have more disability today than ever before and part of why I predict this issue is not going to get better is because of the ideology and wishful thinking and inspirational porn that somehow disability is beautiful and people accept it as who they are (an identity)and that disability makes you successful and special and you can never do anything wrong if you have a disability and on and on I can go I think reading this my burn out some brain cells but seriously this is a big issue in todays time and in relation to climate engineering, if Geoengineering causes more disease and people gain a tolerance for it then why stop Geoengineering if bad health is just a part of the health diversity spectrum this is one reason why I see this movement as toxic and I put so much focus and effort in exposing it because to me at least it's unethical.


  24. Seeing Clearly says:

    There goes mentally I'll California again with another assault against our adolescent children ( sorry, did I say mentally ill, I mean spiritually ill mental I'll is too good of a term to say.

    California, please don't be part of the cancer and quit working for the corrupt establishment.

    How many of you know that school children are too young to be "learning this stuff" if you support this how can you look at yourself in the mirror. 

    • Mario says:

      Seeing Clearly: California is a failed state and the education system is a JOKE.  California is run by professional lying politicians, big tech (with no morals), big industry, and every other type of rancid stooge you can think of.  We can't get a decent history lesson about the war in Iraq, or 9/11 . . . but we sure are gonna teach your kids about someone else's sexuality.  That's how we roll in this state.  We're more corrupt than Texas.  And that's saying something.  No offense, Lone Star buddies. 

  25. Mario says:

    True Quotes about the new clouds (taken from The Guardian):

    "These rare wave-like asperitas clouds – photographed here in Great Harrowden, in the East Midlands – have long been seen by cloud enthusiasts but never formally classified, until now."

    "A newly classified Stratocumulus volutus, or roll cloud, with Cumulonimbus capillatus incus paecipitatio in the background, Wakulla County, Florida, US. The cloud atlas was last revised in 1987 and is used by cloud enthusiasts and meteorologists to help predict the weather."

    "Aircraft condensation trails or contrails, (Cirrus homogenitus), Wokingham, England, UK, another of the new classifications in the atlas."

    "A fallstreak hole or hole-punch cloud (cavum) within a thin and extensive layer of cloud (Altocumulus stratiformis translucidus). In addition, in the top part of the picture is the variety perlucidus, due to the gaps between the cloud elements. The full classification for the cloud is therefore Altocumulus stratiformis perlucidus translucidus cavum."

    "Stratocumulus cumulogenitus homogenitus. Rising thermals from the Prunéřov, Tušimice and Počerady power plants in the Czech Republic, have generated Cumulus congestus homogenitus clouds which have spread out to form Stratocumulus at a height of about 2500m. As the Stratocumulus has formed by the spreading of Cumulus, the mother-cloud term cumulogenitus applies. The name homogenitus applies as the clouds formed as a consequence of human activity."

    "A magnificant halo display is formed by the refraction and reflection of sunlight through diamond dust at an altitude of 1100m on Mount Keilberg in the Ore mountains on the German/Czech border. Such complex displays are usually observed only in polar regions although, as in this case, they may occasionally occur in mountains when there are ice crystals in the air."


    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Hah hah:-)). Do you think the nutcases are trying to sell us something?  Gosh, I wonder which is my favorite?  It's surprising at least two of these Frankenstein creations are not named Keith and Caldeira.  This hard sell must have been concocted on Madison Avenue.  Bury us in the Latin pronunciations.  As a genuine 'enthusiast, my cloud preferences are the original unsullied ten that have been around since the dawn of time…..the same clouds that naturally function in a natural blue sky unmolested by jets spraying aerosols combined with microwave manipulation.  

    • Dennie says:

      Even when you sock it to 'em with articles about such venerable institutions of "higher" learning as Harvard, trumpeting plans to blast the atmosphere with streaks of god-knows-what, people will say this isn't going on.  For GOD'S SAKE, LOOK UP!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Here's what the lying bastards have to say in that article:

      The first two "small-scale" dispersals will consist of water and calcium carbonate—two naturally occurring aerosols that regulate Earth's radiation balance. The idea is to mimic a volcanic eruption, which has been shown in previous studies to have some offsetting effects to atmospheric temperature. Scientist plan to have this first step completed by 2022.

      If the first stage is successful, a limestone compound would then be used, which scientists believe will act as a shield against incoming solar radiation and not deplete the ozone layer.

      So the cat's out of the bag– they know that we know what they've been blasting us with is causing serious imbalances… and somehow soft-pedaling the spraying to the public by saying that calcium carbonate is a "naturally occurring aerosol" is NOT the truth!!!  Folks, look:  CALCIUM CARBONATE DOES NOT EXIST IN AEROSOL FORM NATURALLY ON EARTH.

  26. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, Today is achievement day! This afternoon I walked into my local farmers market board of directors meeting and was unanimously accepted. I was allowed to hold the forum for about 15 minutes. I left the meeting with all wanting to speak more and was invited to the next meeting on the 27th of this month. Oh(grin), and I was advised that I probably should sell "something" at the market to cover my cost of 8 bucks a week and 10 dollar annual market membership. My reply was this, "If it costs me 8 bucks a week to save our planet, so be it, it will be money well spent". Smiles abounded. I will be on the main street side of the market. One of my banners will be faced towards the street and easily be seen by the traffic that passes by. 2.5 ft by 7 ft is easy to see and read. I can't tell you all how relieved I am to have passed through the last hurdle in my being accepted into a public arena. Especially after spending half my savings on banners(285 bucks). I am just a simple horseman, I live a very quiet life. I could not sit back and do nothing while our planet is in total melt down. I risk everything going public with my personality. This is a very small community, word gets around about everything. So, we'll just be smart lil foxes and stand for verifiable truth and be kind to all I cross paths with. When I was a young man, I was told I was not smart enough to be a teacher. Hmph, after all these years, I have found that a "good" teacher only needs to be "correct", kind, factual and informative. Not emotional yet passionate. And that's what I am to all I converse with.

    This "fight" is moving forward and gaining momentum. By the way, I was invited to participate in the mothers day parade. How cool is that? That will make 5 parades this summer and 22 weeks of farmers market. Several weeks ago a song by Neil Fox, "I should have done something" was posted here. Well, allow me to add to that. "Woulda, coulda, shoulda, don't add up to one "did". I am not an activist. I am a teacher. I asked the great creator to spare me so I may teach people things they need to know after the shit hits the fan. That was 20 years ago. Now my wish is coming to light. There has been many times in my life where I was literally face to face with "do or die" and here I am writing these words. I love all of my friends I haven't met yet. It is for them I stand strong and move forward, "for the good of the many". Where there's a will, there's a way, "Find It!" Again I write, "I am seriously not good with "game over". We are all one. War is over if you want it. "Stop participating in the power structure!!"

    'a' simple horseman

    • Joseph L. says:

      Wow your story is great.   I hope it is an inspiration for others who see it to do something about this critical issue and pass on credible info on 


    • Donna-AZ says:

      'a' simple horseman, that is some wonderful news. If I still lived in WA I would visit your booth. Although, if I still lived in WA, I might not have the awareness I have today. Best wishes to you. Donna

    • Rachel Robson says:

      'a'simple horseman, Oh my but you put a smile on my face.  I am so pleased with all you've done which is quickly adding up to a lot!  You are an inspiration!  So happy for you, and for your lucky 'neighbors'!

    • Martha says:

      Thank you for taking action and sharing it here. Please let us know how it goes.Unfortunately, the farmer's market here only allows food and homemade crafts, no scathing truth allowed.

    • Dog says:

      CONGRATS!! Action begets action, words beget words.

      Everyone please check out Neal Fox's great video referred to here, it is terrific and Ultra-Relevant!

    • Dog says:

      As the BS Machine dribbles out information about the "upcoming experiment in Geoengineering" in the coming months, I would suggest going back to the people you had tried to convince and were disbelievers, and point out that you had ALREADY told them about this "Upcoming Experiment in Geoengineering". This should cause them to have a second look at your "Fake News" – that should gain some traction in spreading the truth…

    • Blue Sue says:

      'a' simplehorseman, 

      Your post is heartening, and I am happy to hear about your successful inroads toward enlightening your local community about this most dire issue.

      Your positive comments/replies to other's posts on this site reveal wisdom and a kind heart.  I applaud your gumption, teaching, and creative activism. Whatcha got planned for the Mother's Day Parade?

      Blue Sue


  27. Seeing Clearly says:

    Our health problems are going undetected, we have people who have a health problem and its interfering with their life what do they do they go to the doctor the doctor asks them if they are depressed, they are referred to a psychiatrist get labeled with a mental illness and are stigmatized aside of being sick and are put on drugs there whole life until they die. (thinking it was just treatment)

    Treating a disease is making it better eventually leading to its complete eradication

    suppressing the disease is the dependency on a foreign substance or therapy to make yourself just healthy enough to be alive


  28. MoonFlake says:

    It's that time of year in Central Texas….time for butterflies and bees. At my place about 45% of butterflies were deformed last year. About 30% of bees couldn't fly. So far this year we have small numbers and smaller yet insects. The bees walk around like drunkards and butterflies look miniature. Fig tree leaves are 50% the size they were last year at this time. Nature was confused about sprouting due to the crazy freeze and thaw episodes we had this year…from 20's and 30's to 70's and 80's within 1-2 weeks time. This pattern was more often than not for 2-3 months. And of course, the never ending chemtrailing. While the morning weather satellite shows clear skies, the view out the window shows a dirty brown/grey/sometimes orangy-yellow overcast sky. (I often wonder if the weather folks ever go outside?) It usually clears after about 4 hours. But taking a walk now makes me feel like a deep breath is impossible. Friends are experiencing horrible allergies this spring…to the point of feeling so bad they stay in bed 3-4 days! It's mind boggling that there are thousands of people ranging from the military to the weather forecasters to medical providers and others who are complicit in either their denial or knowledge of the facts. I keep speaking the truth. It's the only thing I know to do. When others comment about the situations I talked about above, I point out the connections between "geoengineering" and what's going on. And how much worse it is this year compared to last. Sometimes I ask what they think has changed…and that can stimulate a discussion. Who knows, maybe they'll finally catch on. For humanity's sake I hope so. Ya'll are all warriors and I have faith truth will prevail in the end. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      MoonFlake, Wow, great perceptions. Sadly they are not happy and giddy. Thank you just the same, "we" need to know what is happening at the grass roots level. Good job of reporting!

  29. marc says:

    So….just WHO is duping WHO?? This dumb-ass big baby phony called Donald Trump….has he been unwittingly duped and awarded the presidency? Have the vast, overwhelming majority of the American people been duped by a clever deep state apparatus that pulls ALL the strings in service of an immense agenda of unparalleled intricacy? I particularly like Dane's summation of MSM's characterizations of any alt-news outside their immediate grip as "fake news". What better way to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of an already floundering public as regards their perception of what is real and true. Yes, we're truly living in an insane asylum BUT…….if town hall meetings are an indication of ANYTHING, there appear to be extraordinary numbers of people, not just "democrats", who are palpably pissed! A tsunami of realization is slowly but surely washing over the landscape. A realization that we've all been HAD. That nothing is actually the way they are trying so desperately to make it seem. And this will extend to the coming nuclear detonation of awareness regarding the truth of GEOENGINEERING. As the biblical quote the warden kept hung up on his office wall in the movie, The Shawshank Redemption, "His judgment cometh, and that right soon." Indeed…..we can only hope…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      hey marc, does BuzzFeed count?  MSNBC used a lead from them and had on the person who broke it.  We can use all these newly aware and caring/pissed people.  In fact, your post reminds me that the AAA dude that 'saved' me yesterday, our conversation began with idiot Trump, from which I lept to geoengineering and now he is on board!  So……

    • Dog says:

      Hi Marc, as I have suggested in another post, as the BS Machine dribbles out info on the "Upcoming Geoengineering Experiments", it's a good idea to go back to people that you have tried to convince, and were rejected by (the articles about the upcoming 2018 Harvard Experiment, led by our good buddy D. Keith that will take place in Tucson, that have been published in The Guardian and elsewhere, is a great place to start – ESPECIALLY in Tucson itself), and remind them that you have ALREADY told them about this.

      Remind them that this will be happening right above our heads/skies, and to also pay attention to the media memes and placations that will be disseminated before, during, and after this event takes place.

      Paul Revere in Reverse!!

  30. Carol says:

    Hello Dane .. Guess   what !!! EcoWatch has put Geoengeering on there website I couldn't believe  when I saw it please look !! at see what u think ??? Talking about Bill Gates how much he has put in ?

    • Joseph L says:

      World's Largest Geoengineering Study Triggers Major Controversy

      In an effort to cool the atmosphere, Harvard University will inject aerosols 12 miles into the atmosphere, leading the charge on the largest geoengineering study to ever take place.

      Yes ecowatch posted this that everyone who comes to this site knows about already.  The big question is when are they going to come clean and post   .  Everyone that comes in here knows the real story that geoengineering has been going on for over 70 years.   I wish all the environmental groups would discuss geoengineering in the present sense.  They all want to put their head in the sand like it is not happening. 

    • Dennie says:

      Yup, here it is: 

      The first two "small-scale" dispersals will consist of water and calcium carbonate—two naturally occurring aerosols that regulate Earth's radiation balance. The idea is to mimic a volcanic eruption, which has been shown in previous studies to have some offsetting effects to atmospheric temperature. Scientist plan to have this first step completed by 2022.

      If the first stage is successful, a limestone compound would then be used, which scientists believe will act as a shield against incoming solar radiation and not deplete the ozone layer.

      [source article]:

  31. MS P says:


    Thank you for a  giant dose of reality. If anyone here does not feel a  crying tear, after listening to what you have to say? They do not have a living pulse!

    Be well & be strong. Save planet EARTH!

    Much Love & Many Thanks!

  32. marc says:

    Was up right at sunrise today. Not a cloud in the sky over Tucson, AZ. BUT…. the visual appearance of the sun itself has, in the last handful of years, become increasingly weirder than f**k. At sunrise we are of course looking at the sun through the maximum influence of whatever may be in the atmosphere because of the obliquity. Today I could barely even see the disc of the sun due to the massively bright halo of particulates surrounding it. And this halo effect is now gigantic. Yep, even at midday the sun has long since lost the appearance it once had when I was younger. "It just don't look right." In fact, it feels like we're all living on an entirely different planet now.

      What's the end-game for these f**kers?? What's the end-game for pussies (forgive me for the slang term) like Keith and Caldeira?? Countless millions of tons of coal fly-ash, aluminum, barium, and God only knows what else…….What's the end-game? To totally and permanently WHITE OUT THE F**KING SKY from pole to pole??? What's their end-game here??? Where does this rationale lead to?? Where CAN it lead to, except a treacherous and species-eradicating cloak of poisonous bullcrap from hell encircling and obscuring the entire planet…..TO SAVE WHAT??? To save their supreme and exquisite ability to call the shots on life or death, secure in the knowledge that a cushy, well-stocked underground lattice-work of glorious habitation awaits them, an escape hatch available only to the CHOSEN ONES???? Again I ask, what's the linear mentality behind solar geoengineering?? It can only lead to one scenario, and it is already proving itself in this regard. And for all the mountain-ranges of pseudo-science invoked to justify this gargantuan undertaking, how can so many so-called "scientists" not see the fundamentally profound errors in their judgment? Errors which are literally translating into death and disease and a vast wasting-away of our once preciously exquisite biosphere.

    • marc says:

      I will answer one of my own questions…."how can so many so-called "scientists" not see the fundamentally profound errors in their judgment?" SRM,SAI, whatever, is not intended to "save us". It never was. In my post I pose many "rhetorical" questions, to spark thought on the matter. However, I long ago refined my thinking to finally and fully accept the truly malevolent agendas which are at the core of these geoengineering programs. 

    • Dennie says:

      In the S.F. Bay Area yesterday we were treated to whited-out skies and falling crap that looked like fog.  Today the skies were smudged out gray and the air had a real texture, like it crunched.  Soooo many people are coughing, sick with asthma, "allergies" and "killer colds."  Never mind simple intolerance of poison and the massive irritation the metal nanoparticulate are causing, not to mention the lack of curiosity to discover the actual truth of the situation.  The symptoms I have do not feel like real colds or flu, but I'm even sicker than if it were "just" those illnesses.

  33. Dave says:

    To all, please check out George Webbs daily 10 to 15 min videos from the last couple of months, it will prove what we all suspect and know, just how deeply corrupt our government is and how far they have gone to compromise and essentialy own other countries, their greed knows no measure, sickening!. God bless all, your caring, concern, respect, and love for creation continues to give me hope that this remnant can yet make a difference.

  34. Robert M Stiles says:

    Yesterday (April 2 ) in Southern Utah my gereral tools UVA/B set a new record (for me) of 22,48. This followed a small storm and no aerial spraying. The past few weeks had readings in blue sky of low 20's. After some spraying the readings were in the 17's (read through the yuck). Perhaps one purpose for the spraying is to reduce UV exposure. For this "benefit" we get increased dimencia. Today it is raining so no UV just polluted rain water.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Robert, your instrument readings are critical in this "fight". Thank you for presenting them. They have already become part of my educational conversations.

  35. Seeing Clearly says:

    Gotta give your teenager an ache vaccine OMG don't refuse you guys are beauty killers you guys don't care about your child's beautiful face you guys should be detained, how dare you refuse a "little needle" that will take away your ache which is not a dangerous thing to have and nobody dies from, how dare you don't poison yourself for some beauty.


    Fun fact, there are Alternative safe, natural ways to get rid of acne. No that's just junk science get your dam vaccine now.

  36. jintampa says:

    I posted last week's article about Trump administration ramping up the aerial ops on facebook and a longtime friend deemed that article to be "fake news!" How sad.

  37. Today I met Blue Sue.

    It was almost to good to be true.

    If you ever get to meet her, I'm sure you will love her too.

    I aint no Laura Marangelli, so this was the best I could do.

    Thank you Sue!

    Love, Steven

  38. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, "Update" on the "Ponderosa report". 49th parallel 3090 ft ele. North central Washington.

    I've written before about how the Ponderosa looked "bleached". The sap is running now. (A bit to soon). I figure if the sap is running, the needles should be perking up, right? There not. I counted 12 trees today that just up and fell over with the high winds we've had here this last 2 days. (Just in time for fire season. winds have been calm all winter). (Look up Okanogan complex fire 2015, I was in the middle of it all, thought I'd never see my cabin again). The Larch Fir aren't doing as badly but they are suffering. The Tamarack are doing the best of the three prevalent species here. Though they are few and far between because they are great fire wood and they are superior lumber, but mostly they need a good start to get growing. That start hasn't presented its self in quite a few years now. My cabin is made from Tamarack lumber and poles beneath it(from a local supplier). It will be here long after I am gone. I don't mind commercial forests per say. I just don't like the way they are managed in our times. Martin Luther King said he has a dream. Well I do too, it has a lot to do with trees. We all should have a dream and the courage to go get it done. And lastly, I'll tell what drives this horseman the hardest. "The notion of game over". I am seriously not good with that. The more things get looted on this planet for the sake of greedy profit, the more I turn up my game. "For the good of the many". I won't live long enough to see the fruits of my efforts. "I know" that they will be counted, I'm sure.

    • susan says:

      Ah! The ponderosa pine! Such a beautiful tree. a simple horseman, isn't it a wonderful thing to not be in a metropolis? I lived through the Cedar Fire (there for the grace of God and thank-you for that Father) at that time it was the largest fire in California's history. 

      Dane, when I first learned about you the trees on your property were suffering and that was about hmmm 2,3 maybe 4 years ago. Did they survive?

      My trees and I know every single one pert near, are hanging in there.

      And the Bees of which where their hive is located I do not know but they continue to grow in number coming to my edge of the deck for cane sugar water and of which there must be about 500 now ,up from the original 10 which arrived about 4 years ago when I was relieved and delighted to see them for I feared for their survival.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, your area would certainly be the exception ot the rule. Globally we have already lost over 3.4 Trillion trees since the dawn of civilization most in the last 40 years. This is 55% of all the trees that were on the planet before the explosion of civilization. Bees are also dying all over the globe at an ever accelerating rate. Again, the conditions you describe would be an exception to the rest of the world.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dane and Susan, May I propose this thought. The bees in Susan's area are a symptom. Not just an exception. I know damn good and well that those bees at Susan's house would not be there if there were not needed sustenance for them that could not be acquired elsewhere. Same thing here at my own place in a completely different climate. Bees would much rather have a wild smorgasbord than a sucky little sugar bottle. It is simply a matter of survival on their part. Bees are no different than we are as a species. There are many "parallels". Can folks handle that notion? Hope so, it's real. And now it's staring you in the face!! 

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  You are doing better so far this 'spring' than my area.  There are few honey bees.  And there is not one nor other insects on the blossoms of my badly battered fruit trees.  I stood three times yesterday by various flowering plums and observed what use to be teeming with an audible buzz.  Nada!  This could improve into the season.  Hope so.  The firs here are huge.  But young or old, these are in big trouble.  I watch the progression of death move from north to south.  It's really sad knowing  the Eco system is "slowly" unraveling.  My observations of the phenomena began about 20 years ago….before the 'drought.'  And where I am this elevation drought has not been a big player.  We have gotten the average rainfall amounts. This year of course is way way over the average.  More rain and snow scheduled for the upcoming six days beginning tomorrow.

  39. Joseph L says:

    Dane great work by you. I hand out lots of your Look Up flyers today. You are not a one trick pony since you really cover so many topics which I greatly appreciate since I  myself research so many other things that effect this great planet that we live on.   Here is economists Michael Hudson– this is cutting edge 1st 15 minutes really good stuff.

    We’re living in a time of economic babble, where politicians and economists throw out words like “reform,” “privatize,” and “austerity” to prop up corrupt capitalist opportunists. So says our guest this week, economist Michael Hudson, author of J is for Junk Economics.

    • Joseph L says:

      Last 3 minute of link about this-

      And Laura’s F-Word on why Donald Trump’s new budget isn’t about cuts — it’s about conversions. The budget wants to convert public dollars into private funding for military research and spending, for the only government apparatus that never gets audited.

    • Dennie says:

      W A R  P I G S,  W A R  P I G S!!


  40. judy thomas says:

    Spring Hill, FL Sat and Sun 4 1 2017 and 4 2 2017

    unbelievable chem-trails, just unbelievable and one of my dumb bunny neighbors tells me they are vapor trails, but we don't have that many planes going overhead simultaneously,  they were pointed out to me in 1994, william thomas' site, i get really depressed about it all at times, what do you guys do???

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Judy, about your question, the only solace I know is to remain fully engaged in the fight to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity. To wake every day in a renewed attempt to put a hole in the armor of the power structure and the collective insanity. We will yet expose them, lets all keep effectivey and effeciently sounding the alarm.

    • Dennie says:

      I always ask them, "at what altitude does condensation occur?"  They NEVER know the answer to that (60k ft.)  Then I give them the news that most up-to-date jet aircraft is powered by the high bypass turbofan engine which produces virtually no condensation (and btw, water vapor is a green house gas, I always say, so older jet engines weren't helping in the fight against global warming).  I also point out that when someone stoops to name calling as a tactic of "argumentation," it's just NAME CALLING, not actual FACTS.  Then I tell them about the +700 page Congressional Committee report from 1978 on federal activities in weather modification (!).  Now if that doesn't blow your mind, what WILL??? Lastly I direct them to go to and start reading.  I rarely get even a sound of protestation.  As for an argument, I haven't had one yet.  Not since I have found these tools.  "To speak with fools you must have tools."

    • Blue Sue says:

      "To speak with fools, you must have tools." I like that one Dennie. 


  41. Dog says:

    THE CONVERSATION (Writ in Blood)

    A One-Act Play, c. 2016 Shortly Before the Election

    R.            Hello, Henry, how’s the Program doing today?

    K.            So Far, So Far!

    R.            I sure wish that this whole thing wouldn’t have to take so long to be effective…

    K.            Well, you know that we have all learned to be patient, it’s a big planet, relatively speaking – the latest thing here is the “Anger Vote” ruse, and it’s working splendidly, which is good news – Trump has been particularly effective for us, Hillary we can always count on, and Sanders is a Patsy at best – in any case we control that game…

    R.            Indeed…always have.  Divide & Conquer always wins! Create the Mess, Repair It!

    K.            And, along with the Global Roach-Spraying  Program which is ramping up daily, we should start to see some significant movement soon.

    R.            Keep up the pressure on those damn Constitutionalists – I can’t WAIT to get my hands on that Snowden bastard…

    K.            Of course, Sir –

    R.            Our people are doing a really good job –  too bad that the lower-level scum of them will share the same fate as the unwashed masses…

    K.            Well, you know how THAT goes (Laughter) –

    R.            Don’t forget to take your Anti-Bio injection! I need you to stay alive!

    K.            Of course, Sir. We need to ward off The Sickness – those poor suckers in the rest of the world won’t know what hit them until it’s too late for them!

    R.            You know that you just can’t be a nice guy, and win…

    K.            Well, we’re working on it, Sir…

    R.            As our old friend Winston once said, “Mastery Itself is The Prize”

    K.            Too true, too true!

    R.            Well, good night, Henry. Soon we will have total control of the planet, and we can sleep easier.

    K.            Good night, Sir. Here’s Hoping –

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dog, (god spelled backwards), I understand the valor of your message. I have always been one for "live stage", "theater". Your creative composition has not fallen on deaf ears. It will take us all to over come this evil that has reared it's unyielding head. Each in our own special way. Be confident in your part folks!

  42. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: It does appear that a serious attempt to “normalize” acceptance of geoengineering is being pushed, along with this absurd ‘naming’ of these obscene cloud formations generated by radio-frequency/microwave emitters into the metal particulates sprayed into the atmosphere (see NASA Worldview). Note this is from 2012.
    US geoengineers to spray sun-reflecting chemicals
    July 17, 2012

    While the experiment may not harm the climate, environmental groups say that the global environmental risks of solar geoengineering have been amply identified through modelling and the study of the impacts of sulphuric dust emitted by volcanoes. "Impacts include the potential for further damage to the ozone layer, and disruption of rainfall, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions – potentially threatening the food supplies of billions of people… It will do nothing to decrease levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere or halt ocean acidification. And solar geoengineering is likely to increase the risk of climate-related international conflict – given that the modeling to date shows it poses greater risks to the global south."

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Link to:
      The Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research (FICER), which is Bill Gates multimillion dollar fund. Grants for research are provided to Harvard University from gifts made by Mr. Bill Gates from his personal funds. It funds climate modeling to understand possible environmental consequences of solar radiation management.
      Q. What is the source and size of the fund? Who administers the fund?
      A. Since its inception in 2007, FICER has given out grants to 13 research projects and various scientific meetings totaling $8.5 million. Internationally known climate scientists Dr. David Keith of Harvard University, formerly of the University of Calgary, and Dr. Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution for Science select projects that receive support from the fund. While Mr. Gates provides input from time to time on the fund, Drs. Keith and Caldera make final decisions on projects.

    • Dennie says:

      We've been seeing the prognostications re widespread weather modification become a reality for years now.  Most Uhmerukunz don't read, let alone have heard of, The Guardian. 

  43. Duane says:

    Just came back from a walk with my wife and the dog. I spotted two aircraft traveling towards on another so I logged on to Flight Radar 24. One plane was at forty thousand feet and the other on at thirty nine thousand and both were international flights. The amazing thing was that neither of them were leaving any trails what so ever, just as clear as could be. My guess is they may have already emptied their loads over another area or they are not participating in Climate Engineering. Unfortunately, I think my first guess would be more accurate. Coming to you from Saint John N.B. ,Canada.

    Thank you, Dane, for another excellent report.

    • Hi there Duane! Good to see another Down East Canadian on this forum. I am in Prince Edward Island, out near North Cape. We had an amazingly SAG-free winter here, but today they are back at it BIGTIME. They have turned a lovely blue sky yesterday…. into an utterly degraded, greasy, horizon-to-horizon smear job today. At least 20 nano-crap particulate trails laid down over a couple of hours. I got off my butt, dug out the SAG-flyers and started handing them out. Met one young guy who was VERY interested, and I pray he will plant more seeds with the copies I gave him. It kills me how all the major airlines are complicit in this, as verified by up the good work, brother, we shall yet overcome!

  44. Tim says:

    Dane  I am sick in bed. I cannot breathe. I have coughed so much that my ribs are killing me. Any remedies for this cough? They finally got me.

    What are you doing to keep it out of your lungs? I feel nuclear weapons will be used in the next few months.

    Also because billions were in gold in Building 7 on 9/11 in a safe. They stold billions. This message got lost in the chaos.  Watch videos 9/10 talking about missing money. Interesting that it magically disappeared because a couch caught fire and brought down a massive steel building. 

    We are doomed. If there is a human left in 10 years,I will be shocked. Maybe a few billionaires in a bunker somewhere but that isn't really life, is it? We are doomed. I say it again. 

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Tim — Below are Dane's health tips. Most importantly, boost your immune system. Stop eating all sugar, alcohol, toxic foods, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, no drugs, etc. Get some nutritional supplements like coloidal silver, colostrum (Synertek), Vegetal Silica (removes metals), large doses of Vit. C, probiotics perhaps in Kefir, olive leaf spray, Hemp oil, etc. Change your diet and body to alkaline. Get plenty of sleep. Don't give in, fight. We are in a fight for our lives and the planet. – Susan

      Climate Engineering Contamination, Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t

    • horsegirl says:

      Hello, Tim, your testimony is anguishing.  Sorry for repeating myself to those who have read this before, but what I've used to breathe again is one drop of Nutribiotic GSE per oz of water in a spray mister.  I have many times broken up what could have been a fatal cytokine storm this way.   Expel all the air you can, breathe in deep.  Inhale the spray as deeply as possible..  You may have to do this for quite awhile to begin to expectorate deep in your lungs.  When gunk starts moving up don't panic, be sure you expel all you can.  Spray GSE in the back of your throat any time you feel that cough tickle.  Prayers are with you all.

    • Dennie says:

      Tim:  I had very severe nasal irritation and congestion last night from 8 p.m. until around 6 a.m. today.  I finally took Lohan Kuo tea, some mai wei di huang wan and some sangju tea.  The sinuses and my face cooled off.  It's still powdery and hard to breathe, everyone is getting all dried out.  The Point of the spraying is to DRY the planet, seeing as water vapor is a green house gas "they" can control.  Never mind "their" cockamamie lopsided "plan" isn't working, it's BACK-FIRING!!!  And someone should tell that King of Geoengineering, Mad Doctor David Keith, just that, in those words.

    • kathleen says:

      I hope you are feeling better by now, Tim. Aside from all the sage advice previously given you, have you tried a mix of honey and cinnamon? Or, to soothe your throat, gargling with warm salt water (do NOT use table salt)? Sleep will also help. As may fasting (water — add some lemon juice or vinegar, and cayenne) or juice fasting (mostly green juices — add some apple if you need it sweeter). If you don't object, bone broth can also be helpful (add some lemon to chicken broth).

      Strong flavored plants like garlic and ginger may help in general healing and overall wellbeing. Other plants to consider are bitter greens, like cilantro, arugula, parsley, and dandelion which help remove junk from our bodies.

      I had a horrific coughing bout some months ago, much like what you describe. I did little but sleep and take Vitamin C, and to this day don't have a clue what instigated it. But my guess is, no surprise, geoengineering. Perhaps we all need to keep diaries of weather, activity, eating, etc., so we can be aware of what might be coming at us next.

      Given that my diet is rather pristine and very health-oriented, I was freaked out by my coughing (yes, it hurt my ribs) and so debilitated. I DID feel your pain! And it sucks the big one, as you well know.

      Try EVERYTHING, and more, particularly probiotics such as those found in fermented foods — sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, kefir, tempeh, etc.

      Obviously, if you can get to your primary physician, you might get some relief, but beware: that is likely to hide the symptom rather than cure the cause!

      Here's wishing you well, my friend. And once you're back up to par, stock up on healthy stuff in case this sort of horror comes again. (Buy Manuka honey and save for emergencies. Otherwise, local "organic" honey is quite acceptable, mostly. But try to wean off sweeteners that aren't whole, seasonal fruits.)

      Further, and this is a stretch, pictures of the sky prior to the onset of such problems might be accepted as evidence in a lawsuit. Sigh.

    • BaneB says:

      Long before my recent bout with near-death cold/flu, I have been having sinus and nose irritation.  It matters not the season because it's all the time.  My suspicion is that nano-particulates from the incessant Geoengineering assault is the cause.  And the area today is under major attack.  Complete whiteout.  Jets coming and going.  Loop d loops, too.  And here comes more weather with six days of ascheduled chance of rain and maybe some snow.

  45. Ed Bee says:

    Day after day of gray, gloomy skies. No one says anything. Day after day of halloween-card trees falling over dead. No one says anything. Friend after friend complaining of lingering sickness and tiredness, but not willing to question why. Case after case of dementia and autism but none want to investigate the reasons. It is very hard to continue trying to awaken our media-brainwashed brothers and sisters. How much good we could accomplish if we all worked together to find solutions to our problems. Those behind the mass deceptions will ultimately pay with their very souls.

    • Sue says:

      Ed, I feel as if we know the same people, friends feeling sick all the time but refuse to do anything but ask the same doctor that will give the same meds. for the same age of people. Make sure they get their flu shots and any other vacinies they might get talked into.  Same blood pressure pills, same cholesterol pills, same pills or shots because they are diabetic, and on and on…….Can't talk about geoengineering or climate change as its too depressing.  Don't want to know about how the FDA and CDC are big liars, because they have friends that work there and they would never lie!  Just total brain-fog for them. And it looks like we all will pay the price for failing to get through to them.   Take care and don;t give up. and know you have friends that face these same kinds of people.  Sue

    • Dennie says:

      Sue:  I did finally call an advice nurse at Kaiser here in San Rafael, CA early this morning because I could not breathe.  She kept saying something about "sinus infection" and I nearly yelled back at her that it's not an infection, it's an IRRITATION and inflammation as a result of being forced to breathe the crap that anyone with eyes to see can see we are being sprayed with– well, she said she totally agrees, and that most people have their heads up some place cozy, essentially.  So The News IS getting out there and more people ARE coming out of denial about this huuuuuge problem.

  46. Albeto Fontanez says:


    it looks like the powers that run the world want to get rid of humans depopulation program is taking place kind of like the movie 2012 but I may be wrong but by looking at the skys more often, I wonder why there's so much heavy spraying when theres a strom or system coming. please can some one answer.


  47. Dirty Bubble says:

    Dane, great report. You talk about the elephant in the room – this week it was the methane. Right on schedule makes it scary, but I'm beyond scared. It makes me think about how you say they are holding on till the last possible moment. I think it will be at their discretion, like they all go home for the weekend and never come back. They go to their little hole in a mountain somewhere and all the news anchors do that post-crisis babble until they realize nobody gives a shit about the health insurance vote or what the Russians are doing. because the Costcos are getting cleaned out by the newly panicked and they're starting to play old movies on CNN and FOX before they just pull the plug – to not spread the panic. Sound possible?

  48. Christine says:

    The official fraud related to WEATHER MODIFICATIONS STARTS WITH THE NEW ATLAS OF CLOUD FORMATION, 'just' released, quote:
    The World Meteorological Organization, has released a new, digitized version of its "International Cloud Atlas," according to:
    Why would laws of physics change suddenly in 2017 when 5G is on the horizon and wi-fi-zation of the plasma in the air contributes to EVER SEEN BEFORE NEW 'CLOUDS'=ARTIFICIALLY DRIVEN SCALAR WAVES AFFECTING OUR LIFE, OUR ENVIRONMENT, OUR FUTURE!!!! Please read

    and check out all Eastlunds patents Dane has put here on his pages.

    Many of the clouds look identical to the ones Eastlund 'predicted' after applying his HAARP transmitter on our atmosphere!. That's called deliberate planning of a genocide decades in advance. Very similar to GMO technologies, wiping out the rest of our biosphere…


  49. barbzi says:

    It has been said that we humans are like frogs in boiling water. Throw a frog into a pot of water that is already boiling and the frog will sense the emergency nature of the dangerous situation and attempt to jump out. Put the frog in cold water and very slowly bring the pot to a boil and the frog won't notice the dangerous situation until it is too late……LOOK UP! WAKE UP! SPEAK UP!

    Thank you Dane for a powerful hour of TRUTH

    • MAP says:

      Thank you barbzi. There is much Truth in this Boiling Frogs theory. Others mention something called Piecemeal Social Engineering whereby The Power Brokers – In Charge do not rush their New World Order onto the masses suddenly; But very slowly, piece by piece. Just the past 100 years have seen this piecemeal campaign yield outstanding results for The Powers That Shouldn't Be.  Peace to All and God Bless…..

    • Barbzi, God bless you, and ALL the stalwart truth-warriors here on Geoengineeringwatch, Dane most of all! It kills me (perhaps literally some day, but…. way back in the year 2000, when I was first becoming more aware of the SAG/SRM, I was moved to write a 14-minute mini-rock-opera called….yes, that's right…Boil The Frog! Kind of a no-brainer, I suppose. Anyway, it's ancient history now, God-knows-how-many megatons of toxic nano-particles later. Gotta unleash the truth, shout it out loud! You can find a video I did for Boil The Frog on my Youtube channel, fishersofmenvideo, if you are curious. LOOK UP! WAKE UP! FIND OUT! SPEAK OUT!

  50. anne kelley says:

    I emailed concerns to my senator who responded with the comment that there is loads of evidence from the major contributors of these geo engineering projects who all swear these trails are only water vapor- contrails..My senator is Duncan Hunter and none of these people want to know the truth..really- why are they so stupid . It is all a cover up and I hope we can keep making people aware of this because all the government leaders are in denial, My daughter and Iare continually telling people about the pollution in the skies..we must keep pushing for our cleaner healthier planet. Thanks to all who are trying too!

    • BaneB says:

      Anne Kelley:  Send the "ignoramous" a few pages of THE Senate document from 1978.  That massive 750 page expo'se says it all about the plans and their program to screw over our atmosphere.  Attached is a link with the pertinent information.  Ask Congressman Hunter if he has ever seen this document.


    • kathleen says:

      Dear Anne,

      Duncan Hunter and his father before him, also named Duncan Hunter, is a scam artist at best and an ignoramus as well. My Rep (Susan Davis) is only marginally better, so both equate to pond scum, however it's measured. I guess once you get a salary for life, excellent health care for life that the general populace does not get, and heaps of other perks, you feel above the fray. 

      I gave up writing to my so-called representatives, etc. as all I get is an automated reply, if that. Calling their office is equally unfulfilling. Showing up, well, I leave that to others. But perhaps suing them might work? Oh, wait, only the wealthy can afford attorneys. 

      I feel your pain and frustration, but I think one solution is to make those "s/elected" people feel a worse pain: they lose their cushy job. Unfortunately, that's not on the menu any time soon or as long as gerrymandering is firmly in place.

      Kudos to you and your daughter for all you do to inform the masses. It's not a fun path, but one never knows when a seed you drop may flourish in the future. 

      Hugs to you and yours; you are beacons of light!

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I referenced this exact same report today to a neighbor who was wondering if what I'm saying could in fact be real– a Congressional Committee report, from 1978?  You'da thunk these folks wouldn't believe the Constitution is "real," from their incredulousness at the AGE of something from as long ago as NINETEEN SEVENTY-EIGHT– lord, older than Adam– can't be real, huh?  E-mailing the link to the report to your elected representative to Congress for them to read is really rubbing their noses in their own business, which they should really know, BUT… we need to send them "reminders," ugh!!!

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  You don't suppose studying "environmental consequences" might include the impact on human health?  Maybe they will weigh the supposed "benefits" of destroying our atmosphere, deciding it's okay if everyone has asthma, or lung cancer, Alzheimer's, and a average life expectancy of 45 years of age just so long as it's business as usual.  But, either these nut jobs are wholly in on the joke or are utterly stupid, because we know the very potential proposals that Keith, Caldiera, and Gates are "studying" are already being carried out.  The program to destroy our health has been going on for several decades.  And it's increasing in the intensity.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @BaneB, I so do not want to read this huge document again, but I swear somewhere in it is an analysis of the use of sliver iodide to make rain, which is supposedly still used, mostly in the west for snow pack and drinking water.  I recall that they discovered a link between silver iodide and retardation.  You wouldn't recall, would you?  I really don't feel up for searching it again!

  51. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane.

    Try to bring Mark Passio to the community, he will be important to the anti GE movement and for raising People's consciousness regarding the reality we are living. An interview with you would be a important mark in the fight for the Truth.

    For the ones that do not know his work:

  52. Abigail says:

    As always, thank you Dane, for your relentless effort to make this Criminal Offense to our atmosphere, and earth known to as many people as possible. We MUST PRESS ON!

    Things are happening, even though we may not see or hear about them. Global Skywatch / Orbis Vitae, and are all information being used to get the word out. Our planet is in a fast spiraling downward turn of events, UNLESS the Geoengengineering is stopped.

    Keep this information in circulation, please.  May God forgive America, and help us get back to His ways, and Word.

    Perhaps copy and past the article and pass it on. This is a worldwide issue, that must be STOPPED!

  53. herb says:

    Heres a little video I made a few weeks ago,I quess I shouldnt of been shocked.    part 1  part 2.  their short.  Pce  all   

    • BaneB says:

      Herb:  Thanks for the two videos.  Yes, is it not incredible what has been done to our atmosphere!  You are in big sky country.  Undoubtedly you see horizon to horizon aerosol trails and observe these things morphing into large sky covering monstrosities.  Probably most people in your area see this and are questioning?

  54. Tenderflower says:

    Here in the Upper Peninsula we have had many people sick with lingering coughs that for some reason the medical personnel say is 'normal'.  What is normal about hacking coughs that are so bad that muscles are getting strained and senior citizens who have it are pale from lack of oxygen?  

    We get sprayed often in spite of our rural area, I think it has to do with getting water from the Great lakes for whatever storm it is that they are trying to generate. 

    Many trees are stressed and with last winter's crazy winds there are a lot of broken dead trees in the forests.  I can only imagine how long the forest can handle the metallic nanoparticles and various chemicals being dumped on it.

    The good news is the birds are returning, although we only have 1/3 of the amount of red-winged blackbirds, starlings, and grackals that left last Fall.  I am hoping more are on their way north, or it isn't looking good for them.  We no longer have grosbeaks, finches or any other songbirds at our bird feeder area, it looks like they've been killed off by God knows what over the winter, I am hoping a few survived.


  55. Gretchen says:

    Anyone who reads this comment, I highly recommend Global Alert News for March 4, 2017 in which Dane brilliantly connects so many  dots about the: who, what, where, when, and why of climate engineering. The massive deception to hide the truth NEVER ends, the paid actors which aid and abet the continuance of this engineered reality in which we live: the media, "government," military, academia, science circles, "agencies" and industries conspire to perpetuate this deception. Our perception of reality has been  intentionally engineered by the psychopaths that control everything to create and maintain artificial authority over the human species, and the beautiful planet on which we live is methodically being poisoned because that surely must be the environment in which evil flourishes. These psychopaths have sold their souls to the devil, how else could they act with such malice and indifference to the decimation of all life on Earth? It's The Truman Show on steroids, EVERYTHING is engineered and weaponized to facilitate the evil machinations of the insane and their order followers. Knowledge is the most empowering tool we possess, and what the controllers have been suppressing for centuries to create and maintain the artificial authority they pretend to have over the human race; let me repeat that, they are pretending to have the authority they claim. It's all fraud, and fraud vitiates everything it touches. Armed with the truth, we are united and strong, there are way more of us than there are of them.

    • marc says:

      Gretchen, I am reminded of a few lines from a well-known Irish ballad, The Parting Glass: "And all the harm I e're have done, Alas it was to none but me." Indeed, if we gaze upon humanity in it's entirety, in a broader sense we are doing this to ourselves. While I don't fully subscribe to this poetic notion, the fact remains that two or three hundred psychopaths with all the money on earth cannot do the damage that is occurring all by themselves. There are legions of order followers apparently too stupid or too comfortable wallowing in their gravy train of black money to do anything differently. Many, many thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of human beings are necessary to sustain the vast infrastructure that feeds the geoengineering machine. 

  56. Concerned One says:

    Thank you for all you do, Dane.  I am hoping people will open up their eyes to the damages being done to the environment, the world, the planet, space and everywhere else careless mankind has been when profits matter most over life. Peace.  

  57. Captn.Jack says:

    Get this! Here in NW FL the Gov. is constructing a huge solar power area at an enormous cost to taxpayers.This solar gathering field covers acres and acres of land.Why,when they are trying their best to lower the sunshine with the chemtrails that are constantly in our skies?  Also, I read that Harvard is going to try to reduce our sunshine even more by releasing different chemicals even higher in the atmosphere. doesn't make sense.

    • Dennie says:

      Well, Haaahvahd has already started this past few days out in California.  The white streaks were longer and higher than ever.  People are struggling to breathe.  I have this terrible irritation caused by the nanoparticulates that are getting into my sinuses– don't these @ssholes at Haaahvahd, Keith et al, EVER feel the sh!t they feel compelled to spray on everyone ELSE??  WHAT IS IT WITH THESE GUYS–????

    • Mark says:

      Weird. Florida 4 power companies just spent 11 million dollars to keep roof top solar power out of the state about 2  years ago.  I googled it.  

    • BaneB says:

      Captn.Jack:  A supreme irony.  One area preaches solar power whilst the aerosol jets blot out the sunshine.  Do you think they will notice the electrical power output will be diminished on most days by 10, 20, 30%? Would the governor ever look up and realize Florida, like the rest of Babylon, is being terrorized by weather control psychopaths whose sick personalities would just love to turn day into night?

    • Dennie says:

      Now WHY in HELL does Harvard University GET TO DECIDE OUR WEATHER–??? DOESN'T THIS MAKE YOU MADDER THAN HELL?  A UNIVERSITY gets to decide our weather– since when???

    • BaneB says:

      Dennis:  Yes those high brow snoots think they own us.  And their science departments believe they own the universe.  I guess if Baby Bush (Yale) can be a "decider", surely the creeps at Harvard can decide our weather and screw everything up just like George did.

    • Dennie says:

      I wonder if Yale is still an Episcopal-affiliated school.. probably not any more, but if it is, I'm writing a letter to the Bishop.  And I'm telling him exactly WHY, along with the information about their scientist buddies over hangin' in the Haaahhvad Yaahd.

  58. kathleen says:

    And this, most devastating truth, on "April Fool's Day" 🙁  Thanks for keeping it real, Dane, however painful.

    We are the fools of all days and all months if we don't grasp WTF is going on. Have you ever lived near or been to an airport? Do planes take off in all directions and criss-cross as the photos of the emissions indicate in the countless pictures Dane has provided? NO THEY DON'T! How did you (not talkin' to the folks who post here) get so brain-addled? Too many FruitLoops, BigMacs, sodas, or junk pushed by bigAgri? Or too many vaccines administered before your immune system was fully activated? What about ingesting tons of animal flesh that was given countless antibiotics, fed GMO crops and species-inappropriate at that? Fluoride in your water? You betcha. that's part of your problem, and adding to the world's problem: extinction. Of all life on this planet. 

    Nevermind the uber-wealthy who think they can escape into DUMBs, or fly to another planet. Regardless of your so-called god, if you do harm, you will pay for travesties over and over until you become worthy. Religion that causes wars of beliefs, economic policies that cause oppression of the weak, and aggression that encourages stealing — all work together to kill for profit. All are signs of sickness. 

    Dane and friends, I promise to keep spreading enlightenment in whatever small ways I can, and I thank you all for doing what you are able in that endeavor. This is the most freakazoid path imaginable, but the most important one. Don't be scared if you are doing good! 

    Much love, healing vibes, and whatever you need…(and it's OK to cry)

    • I allow me to draw attention to these fragments, which I have promised to broadcast to the world's population.

      Hopefully they can be helpful.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      kathleen, Thank you kindly for your words. They run deep in many souls that will read them, mine included. Your "dry" questions are ones that need to be repeated. Over and over…. Until "they" get it right….

    • Dennie says:

      I wish THEY would start paying.  Herr Henry Kissinger is The One who said you can always [destabilize a country if you] start a religious war, and when the people are looking the other way– well, you know the rest of the story. 

      How much longer will we on this planet insist on going along with Kissinger and Brzezinski's script?  WHO WINS, Herr Kissinger?? When you and Brzezinski finally kick off, will you two be holding hands on the way to Hell together, or did you evil twins decide it would be much more convenient if you brought Hell to Earth?

  59. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To Dane and ALL.

    Dane, excellent broadcast this morning. Week after week putting the truth out there and standing strong in this fight for our home, "thank you", my friend I haven't met yet.

    It's been quite a week here in the awakened world, indeed. My 3 banners for the farmers market and parades came in Thursday. It was the third compliment from the creator on that afternoon for handling what ugliness that happened earlier in a proper fashion. And in that third fold of gratitude laid something I can pass on to 3 others. (It's a great universe). The print shop ordered 3 "extra" of one of the banners. 2.5ft x 7ft. Would I be interested in having them for 50% off? Well hell ya I'd be interested in that! I'm sure I can find a home for all three large banners. So! For 29 dollars plus shipping(I ain't rich) you can have one of the "extra" 2.5 by 7 foot banners. It's half of what I paid for the three that I got. Ask Dane for my email and send me one. Any comments are appreciated, but an email will get you a banner for a good price. "Pay it forward"…. Please implement that banner!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      To all my friends I haven't met yet. With Dane's assistance, all 3 banners have been spoken for. I am sooo happy that I was able to help in a small way in this fight for our home. I have great faith that the 3 folks that are getting those banners will put them to good use, "regularly".

      "It's going to literally take us all in our own ways to over come and survive. One notch at a time, that's how big things crumble".

  60. Amy says:

    I was just wondering Dane, why don't you sell t-shirts? Maybe in return for a minimum donation, if that sounds better? I'd wear one every day of the week so you'd have to have several different to choose from, of course. I'm only kidding.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Amy, girl, you have a really good idea there. So let me know where I can order one from your website or posting on CL or Ebay. I think Dane has bigger fish to fry than selling T-shirts. We all can contribute in more ways than you can imagine. Amy, how much you charging for your(our) T-shirts? I'll buy 4. Where will the proceeds go?

    • karen potthast says:

      Tshirts with a v neck saying Look Up with chem trail picture and car stickers might get some message out



    • Rachel Robson says:

      Amy, Hello.  I finally noticed in a catalog I get, I think it is called: What Ever Works, sells T-shirts, long sleeve and otherwise, upon which you can have writing limited to a certain number of characters, two lines.  The price is 22$ for long sleeved and I'm going to get one-thinking of what to say-no pictures though. 

  61. renate says:

    I say get them while it's still illegal.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      renate, I had to think about this statement for a minute. It took a second(or three) for the light bulb to go on.

      Hmph, Bold and simple, I like it… "And you're right!!"

    • Dennie says:

      How about a T-shirt with a facsimile of the cover page of the 1978 Congressional Report on Federal Activities in Weather Modification?  That oughtta knock their socks off.  Public information, too–

    • renate says:

      Hi 'a' simple horseman. I have an older computer with windows 7 and the cut and paste doesn't work sometimes, so the rest of the story kind of disappeared, sorry. If geoEngineering is covered in a story it is always something off in the future. Part of what is happening, and the reason for Panic Mode in making these programs legal, is the Elite’s desire to avoid action against them under International Law and some Federal laws. To that end MS Media is again being their attack dog telling us everything is being looked into, (move along nothing to see here) while behind the curtain the “Boys from Harvard” are continuing to spend money from Bill Gates to keep GeoEngineering Up in the Sky and out of Court.

  62. Whataboutme! says:

    People are very much asleep and I have watched these chemtrails for along time. I live in SW FL and sometimes I feel like I am back in th L.A. basin. I moved here in 1982, live on a houseboat on Lake Okeechobee and I use to marvel on how pristine deep blue the skies use to be. I let every one I meet know about this and their eyes glaze over, really. The real deal is you do not like the trails, I am now more concerned about Fukushima and the silence with this global killer and itt is not going away or going to be resolved a Monster is loose.

    Jesus is my glue and he knows what to do!

    May we all prevail, God bless.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Whataboutme, Thank you for the observations and thank you for the lead in on the following comment….

      "Jesus is coming, And boy is he pissed!"

      There was a time when I grinned widely when I saw that bumper sticker on the back of a rig. The bumper sticker "question authority" was one that always got my nod.

      Where'd they go? Ain't seen neither in years…….

  63. ron hall says:

    The article below will make your hair stand up or fall off!! 250 billion tons of toxic material A YEAR released into the air,water, and earthly biosphere! 250 BILLION TONS YEARLY!!?? That comes to about 35 tons a year for every human being on earth for f**k's sake! So, in the last 4 years alone, we're talking some 1 TRILLION TONS!!–140 TONS PER HUMAN! WTF!  The author notes that the "snow on the peak of Mt. Everest is so polluted, it doesn't meet drinking standards".  And sea water? "Through the rail!!", as per Dane.

    As I suspected, the author makes no reference to Climate Engineering; But he does point out the synergistic aspects of this daily non-stop WITCH'S BREW. It makes a grizzly picture for sea creatures as their body is rotting from radiation they are gulping SSRIs, opiods, and thousands of toxic soup particles.

    " When man interferes with the Tao,                                                         the sky becomes filthy,                                                                             the earth becomes depleted,                                                                   the equilibrium crumbles                                                                         creatures become silent"   Lao Tzu   circa. 550 BC



    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      ron hall, Wow! that was one of the most foundational comments I've read in quite some time. Those are absolutely astounding numbers you have presented. Especially when I haven't consumed a ton of virtually anything in ages. My father taught me to never compare yourself downward. Hmph, which way is "downwards"? Direction… Guess that's why he's a multi millionaire and full of regret… and I am happier than a pig in mud on a hot afternoon. Well fed and content…. so far…. The simple life has it's enveloping rewards…..

      ron and folks here, "Stop participating".

    • Chad says:

      Here in Idaho spraying everyday. Waking up these mind controlled idiots seems futile. Most say so, what can we do. Seems none care about themselves, kids, anything except shopping, eating, and watching tv, smartphone, computer, video games, etc. , nothing about life or preserving life and sustainability. Too far gone brainwashed by RF frequencies. Ive been having a hard time breathing. Really heavy, sticky mucous that wont come out. Almost heart attack to cough it up. Wake up at night wheezing and have spit cup by bed. People are lucky i believe in God, or things would be getting done, good, bad, or otherwise! If only enough silly fools, only as much as a pro sports game got together and marched at state capitols or government buildings, SHIT would get DONE!!!!! UNAFRAID IN IDAHO. GOD BLESS ALL GOOD, AWAKE PEOPLE, AND THE REST SHALL GET JUDGED AND GET WHAT THEY DESRVE LATER, ESPECIALLY THE EVIL BASTARDS KILLING US AND EVERYTHING. OMNICIDE. AMEN JESUS CHRIST! PLEASE COME SOON. TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      The global industry ( consumption, nuclear and the big armies of the world ) is responsible for 90% of that pollution. What is shocking is that there is sufficient technology in ALL different industrial areas that is being kept on the dark, to change the paradigm of the petroleum / agricultural / pharmaceutical / and chemical centered "economy". And why "they" do not choose better and cleaner technology for ALL the different areas of the industry?, Because these neo-fascists Fkrs are a bunch of satanic / masonic socio-psychopaths who think themselves as ""gods"", business as usual. But we are the "buyers", and the majority of Us buy without Awareness. 

    • Chad says:

      Here in Idaho, just got manmade thunder and lightning, very little rain, then quarter sized hail. What a nightmare. Clouds were low too. Now sunshine. God bless in Jesus's name. Amen.

  64. Rachel Robson says:

    To all, I forgot to mention Moby's new album: These Systems Are Failing.  A song called: Are You Lost is the World Like Me?  On You Tube.  Moby must know what is going on.  We could use him!!  Many do relate to his stuff.

  65. Joseph L says:

    Very well thought out show .  So many dots to connect and time is running out.  People need to wake up and start spreading the truth.  By truth I mean  everything that was discussed in this show that I just listened to.  Stopping Geoengineering has to be on top of the list among alot of other stuff. 

    Internet will lost alot more privacy if this bill is signed.

    Are you OK with Trump signing

    way your internet privacy?

    The repeal will turn your ISP loose to sell your most disgusting personal data to anyone it pleases without your consent. Hypothetically, your ISP can auction off your data to the highest bidder and there's nothing you can do about it.

    • BaneB says:

      Joseph L:  The faster these predatory corporations grab their personhoods, the less of a individual person we become.  We are being turned into chattel.  Owned by the fascists.  Personal data stolen.  No copyright.  No intellectual property rights.  No privacy.  The Internet of everything gone wrong.

  66. Diana says:

    I too live in So Cal. My workout consists of difficult hills walking on dirt roads. I've been doing this for 10 years. The bottoms of my shoes have a purple tinge for the first time. The birdbaths and dog water containers have had strange hues on them lately. I was going to have the rainwater tested but no more rain. 

  67. Rachel Robson says:

    I wonder lately if some if not a lot of willful blindness is not unlike abuse scenarios, such as rapes, wife beating, cruelty to children and the elderly, etc?  In many if not all situations as this, people tend to not tell people.  For one thing, it is embarrassing.  For another, it seems hard to believe and one doesn't want to argue it as it still hurts too much.  My best friend since childhood and I reconnected some years ago before she died.  To my surprise, I found out that her father was a wife beating alcoholic.  And she was surprised to learn that my home was so bad, my mother so violent that my sister and I ended up as wards of the court.  We each had no idea of the other's situation, me thinking hers was better, she thinking mine was!  Not supposed to talk about 'dirty' laundry.  In a way, one's country is like one's parents.  We are always? shocked to find out they were not perfect, or, if we knew, we kept that quiet.  It does take guts to speak out, to voice the truth when no one else does and when doing so may ruin your and your family's reputation.  How often do people cover for their abusers?

    @Dane, I had to listen to this broadcast again and again.  Methane is such a foremost issue-they all are, but this one seems poised.  I was loaned an old-2001 natural gas car when my old iron became unusable. I was told it is cleaner than gas, but is it?  I don't think so.  Can you tell me?  I guess the answer must be self evident as they all seem old.  So, as dirty or dirtier than regular gas?  Because it is methane of sorts, is it not?

    Maybe I had to listen again and again owing to feeling so sick, but I don't understand the G?5 high frequency towers.  I wish there were pictures of these things and varieties of such that are related.  Whenever I see a new tower of sorts and ask my daughter, she says a radio tower for blah blah-whomever, but I'm not so sure.  What is the stated reason for building these you mention?  All such are so harmful to all things.  From the beginning I rued the day they began forcing all to go digital with monies and everything depending on frequencies and not in a poetic way.  I easily saw the harm rather than the convenience.  And even as you mention it today, even MSNBC mentioned the other day about the emails and our own Intel sending out fake ones.  It sometimes seems to me that these people are just now discovering deep problems via the deep state.  It is so weird to watch them try to grapple with the truth.  But some are trying.  Seems like brand new territory to them, but one in which given Trump and those behind him, begins to seem okay to investigate.  News peoples are seeming desperate to be seen as relevant.  This may well lead to more, such as geoengineering, as competition for truth telling accelerates. I guess I'm sounding a bit glass half full, but Trump is inadvertently spilling the beans as he goes. 

  68. SortingHat says:

    Why do you suppose they failed to doctor the images?  Street view is accesable by anybody so you'd think they would *pretty* up the clouds or something.

  69. SortingHat says:

    Did you know you can see the chemtrail yuck on street view in many areas?  Especially in California and especially if you do the historical imagery mode.   They failed to doctor the images on street view and you can see sometimes 5 or more lines at the same time.

  70. Blam says:

    experiencing the artificial ice nucleation and cool down right now, Colorado in the foothills. Its the cool down that effects me most. I think they are using harsher stuff, maybe lithium. I can barely walk I feel so drugged, this happened a couple days ago when my house was surrounded by a cloud. So drowsy, so drugged, I can barely type. What is this shit. God! What is this shit. I did not sign up to live for you to allow this shit happen. Right now I am very pissed at God.

    • Chad says:

      Why you pissed at God? He may be allowing it, but He is not doing it! Evil forces that be are, and its got a grip on people, weak ones. God bless , take care in Jesus name. Amen.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blam, you had my attention right up to your last line. My friend I haven't met yet, I think you have things turned around with that last line.

      Just sayin, Give it some thought.

    • Dennie says:

      In all fairness, your feelings are, well, surprise– YOUR feelings–!!!! So if you're pissed at God you have something to work out with Him in your Original Cause and you've no choice except to work through your feelings.  I went through this too.  It does change but it takes a lot of emotional movement to see one emotion move into another, back and forth between rage and fear.  I don't understand why soooo many people wish to believe that emotions are THINGS and not a process, actually.  EMOTIONS ARE LIKE THE WEATHER.  EVERY DAY IS NOT THE SAME, AND NOTHING BUT CLEAR SKIES AND SUNSHINE 24/7/365 ALL THE TIME IS NOT A SIGN OF "HEALTH."

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Jesus never promised us a good life here on Earth if we wanted to be eligible to go to heaven from my understanding as of now.

    • Try being pissed off at your preacher, pastor, priest, etc.

      I have confronted at least a dozen of them and they were ALL spineless.

      God is not "allowing this shit to happen" 

      The tax exempt status of your church is.

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Steven, I think my church is coming around & pastors are beginning to speak out.  I've shared many flyers to a variety of reactions – silence to relief (at finding answer).  Celebrity Ann Lamott is coming this week; maybe she can help.

  71. Deanna says:

    I am new on this issue. Are there any activist groups in Ohio?

    • BaneB says:

      Deanna:  There are those in Ohio who post images and articles on the net. Search out "Ohio chemtrails" as a starting place.  "Geoengineered skies in Ohio."  Etc.  Chemtrail is a non-science term.  Geoengineering is the term used by the scienc community and government.

    • Clearcreek says:

      Deanna, I am from Southwest Ohio and have been trying to get some people together. You can get my E-Mail from Dane if you need Material or Anything to help with the Cause. 

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Ohio Skywatch and Geoengineered weather

  72. Yar Swerc says:

    Should anyone remain one hundred years hence, you, Dane, will be recognized as the true prophet you are.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Yar, thank you for your support in this most critical battle. Truly, I am only trying to do my part, as you are doing yours, and as so many other individuals dedicated to the greater good are doing their part. It is our combined efforts that matters, that can yet make a difference. 

  73. Uncle Fred says:

    The clarion call has sounded. The SURVIVAL of the HUMAN race is  threatened and we must do something about it NOW!!

     If Humankind is to survive and people left alive then rebuilding has to start we us all and obviously sooner rather than later. Our whole species must be transformed if we are to survive in any meaningful numbers on this Earth of ours.let alone thrive.  We must make ourselves harder ,tougher  and even faster at adapting to change as we take back our planet from those who are pulling the strings while hidden in the shadows.  We must be prepared  for change or our survival  will be limited on a desecrated world controlled by Warlord's disguised as governments whose only interest is to enslave the population to do their bidding.

     Its time to take back our world from the shadow controllers and we must use every means at our disposal to purge them  from our World otherwise you will still be reading emails from Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News as the world is taken form you.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!!

  74. Robert M Stiles says:

    In July 2015 I purchased a General Tools UVA/B detectors. For the rest of the summer (2015) I could not get a reading higher than the mid 18's. A month ago I took the detector out of storage and started taking daily readings and am now getting readings in the low twenties. The highest so far was 22.38 a couple of weeks ago. I only take readings on clear days. I am getting these readings despite daily spraying in the morning. For whatever reason it seems UV is increasing rapidly and we are only half way to summer.  Today I got 21.99 after a storm passed us yesterday with no spraying this morning.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Robert, thank you for the data. Please keep reporting those readings. Many of us here correlate this stuff into useable dialog.

  75. Rj says:

    no winter this year in n wis. Snowmobile season sucked again, and was half of most seasons.(( GOOD))

    rain in January??? Feb??? Yup our winter is a joke compared to history. 

    No birds here yet, seems missing large numbers of blac, blue jays, starlings. Not even a Robin yet. But a little early. Maple sap collectors having a bad year. 

    Constant spray planes here trying to hold back spring, dimming greatly. 

    I believe as you most that this year will decide everything, win or lose. 

    The young people better get off their butts quick and join in the most important education of their lives

  76. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Hello Mrs Diane Friday.


    It is incredible how detailed are your observations about the artificial and terrible changes / manipulations of the climate systems in your region. Amazing. 

    And believe me:

    "they" will FAIL. This LUNATIC DISORDER will have an END.

    Of course, they will drag ( that is happening already as we know, for a long time ) a LOT of living Creatures with them ( and we are among these beautiful Creatures of Nature ). Nature is imperfect ( we have plenty of proofs about that ) but merciless; if someone pushes too far, he dies. And these MFs are pushing too F FAR.

    They will die in their rat holes in the mountains. It is highly probable that in the next 2 or 3 years "they" will start fleeing to their illusionary "sanctuaries", the COWARDS.

    Only the thought of wanting to – control the weather – is the most ABERRANT and LUNATIC ""idea"" that one can have.

    These neo-fascists / masonic / satanic MFg socio-psychopaths with ZERO intellectual honesty and ZERO emotional intelligence, are one of the most irrefutable PROOFS that Nature is NOT perfect.

    Thank you Ma'am.

  77. jefe says:

    We had a meeting a couple nights ago here at my library, to discuss the latest draft Environmental Impact Report for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.  I didn't attend, it was full up, but got this contact person for comments:  I sent my own comment about the total denial by our elected and unelected government officials regarding jet chemical spraying.  I've heard nothing back.  The rest of you might make your voices heard, too.

    • Pat says:

      This is because city councils know what going on and don't get involved because it depends upon their not knowing about it if they want to receive a paycheck. I watched testimony by professional researchers and "parks' scientists at a Mount Shasta City Council meeting and all of them had an "uncaring" attitude. Signs show the powers that be, the higher ups, do what they want and no one can say anything about it.You can google on youtube. Their plans will continue until God has had enough and then they WILL reap what they sow.In the meantime I have printed a flyer's from this site, thanks to Dane for blowing the trumpet and will have copies made to distribute.

  78. Brian says:

    I already believe it is too late. It makes me very sad for my family and my two young daughters who will die at the hands of the government. Once Trump did not address the chemtrails, I knew that was our last hope, he is one of them. So when all the elite crawl into the underground bases, God will judge them and they will be trapped under ground and go crazy and all die together. We will die first. What can I do. One man with almost no money. I am awake very awake, but what can I do for my family, my world………………. I am trusting in the Lord, because that is all you can do at this point. God gave us such beauty and this is what we do to it……………

  79. BaneB says:

    Is there an increase in pneumonia among your friends and neighbors?  What about you?  Had any nasty weird colds or flu lately?  The mainstream media will never connect us to one another.  They are paid to disconnect us from relevant impowering information.  Another friend has pneumonia.  I am still hacking and coughing from something that knocked me for a loop, fever gone but still messed up in my lungs and sinuses.  And then I look at the aerosol grunge up over me, knowing the crap is filtering down upon all life.  The psychopaths have been spraying off and on all morning.  And the op is excellerating, blatently so.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, Hi!  I am sorry to hear you are still coughing.  And sinus stuff.  The reason I mentioned that a temp can count, depends on how high.  I've had pneumonia many times, many kinds.  The worst ones were when my temp went over 104 and then some.  "Tip of the shoulder pain" is an indicator.  Myself, I was getting better if not all the way until my computer went nuts and I used that frustration to begin cleaning up some neglected messes around here.  The dust!!! OMG, the dust!!  Which I must have inhaled and Oh God!  The night before last I did not get a second of sleep owing to non stop coughing.  I have much more to tackle, guess I should wear a mask!!  Scared of my yard, scared of my house.  So deep asleep last night when a very loud metallic BANG!  I still don't know what.  And I don't have the energy to care!  My sinuses are affecting my ears.  Big time. But a tad better today.  Our skies appeared blue yesterday, but again was able to perceive a lavender tint in it, and to even get some others to notice that.  This morning, a plane sounding like I imagine a growler would, flew over.  SO LOUD.  So unusual for here.  It is as if the joy in life is being sucked out.  Squashed.

    • Nyira says:

      Yes, so much sickness…  influenza, pneumonia, lingering coughs, sinus issues, headaches…  quite a few students missing school for a week or more…  even those who have had their flu vaccinations.  Adults saying this is the most sick they have ever been…  this needs to be addressed.  Thank you.

    • LS says:

      Bane and All,  I 've had unrelenting night coughing and sporadic in the day for months and after a futile first attempt at seeing an MD I went to someone else yesterday and failed the breathing test using a peak flow meter. Failed – as in lost lung capacity by a substantial percentage. I live 1,000 feet below a ground cloud seeding operation so they are going to test me for Melioidosis caused by cloud seeding bactrium (thanks Rachel), and Purtusis which is going around here.  With TB always high in California you would think they'd  check for TB on everyone with a long term productive cough but not so far with me. We avoid modern medicine so for me to go to 2 doctors now, I have to be really comprised and physically whipped. I'll let you know how the tests come out. Thanks, Dane for allowing us to share this – in case it helps others. Peace to All.  BTW, we see the fibers falling from the sky spraying here too. 

    • Amy says:

      You are absolutely right about not being able to connect with other people regarding health issues. I can say that I have recently been sick with some sort of upper respiratory illness that mutated into a head cold or hay fever thing. Another family member got pneumonia and was hospitalized last month. People everywhere are coming down with stuff that hasn't been seen before and that's no surprise. I live in Reno NV and it would help knowing if there are any other people in my area posting comments on this site.

    • Dennie says:

      YES, it is REEALLY BAD today!!!! I can hardly breathe, am having massive nasal congestion and bubbling hot runny nose.  IT IS THE PARTICULATES.  "They've" changed the formula and this shit is naaaasty beyond belief!!!  I had a new student today who started having trouble breathing at the lesson.  I gave him a glass of water and he started feeling better but seriously, a lot of us are going to need inhalers.  .  I AM COMPLETELY ENRAGED THAT MOTHERFCKERS LIKE DAVID KEITH AND KEN CALDEIRA AND GUY MCPHERSON CAN JUST PLAY GOD AND THEN SAY THAT WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE ANY WAY– MOTHERFCKERS!!!!! THAT IS HOW THEY'VE TREATED THE EARTH, OUR MOTHER. 

    • BaneB says:

      THANK YOU ALL for your caring responses to my post.  I see others way up the board referring to lung and breathing problems.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @LS, Oh God, I so hope you do Not have Melioidosis!!  Please let me/us know!  As I recall, Purtusis has a tell tell sound to it-but I can't remember!  And yes, always the possibility of TB.  But, at least they can treat that now.  My father got TB on the ship to Normandy for D Day in WW2.  They, the Army hospital, removed all his lung on the left side, a first and a book was written about it.  One hard way to cure!!  I am still coughing but not like that one night of zero sleep, coughing every single second.  I so hope you get better really soon!  Can't stand to hear you suffering so very long!  It is almost as if you are family.  Please let us know how you are doing.  I know that rib pain.  I've asked before but not gotten an answer about Sovereign Silver/Collidal Silver.  The stuff burned the skin of my nose.  I feel as if it set me up for this.  I've come to view the coughing as abdominal exercises!!!!  I can't imagine failing a breathing test.  What rotten news to hear!  Get well soon LS!!!!!

  80. sara says:

    I'm sure I speak for many others in that we cannot thank you enough, Dane,  for your consistent dedication.

    …but nothing ever changes ultimately, toward extinction of the species (so far there have been five before this one)  on a planet which can take just so much abuse.

    Always, I am sure, it's been the leaders  going too far in every direction as followers follow the lead…and the blind shall lead the blind…

    We will be judged as individuals so we must not give up the fight, to make others aware. As individuals. It's all we can do.

    Thanks again, Dane!

  81. ️Nance says:

    Did anyone else read the article in the Guardian this morning written by David Keith? He talked about the supposed "trial" of geoengineering with water vapor and maybe some sulfates…there was also a link to an article that disputed the "safety" of this and it stated that this was being funded by Gates foundation. And now the spin masters will work at saying this test is just fine.

  82. JJ says:

    Folks…I have experienced 4 straight weeks of chemtrails with no let-up here in rural Ky.

    Here, planes begin around April…not this year.

    In Bowling Green, headed home, my husband and I were unable to count the striations from planes there were so many.

    For the last week, no sprays…but, only ONE day of sunshine.


    May God smite the evil bastards responsible and I don't mean the pilots–if your family was threatened, you'd obey!!


    • BaneB says:

      JJ:  Thanks for your report from your region in the glorious Homeland. The Weather Channel icon is all bright and smiley, full sunshine it forecasts for today.  Blue skies and sunshine.  That would she novel here in Mendocino County, California.  The sky is not blue.  The white grunge is all over the sky.  And the jets are back coming from every direction.  The sun is about 15 to 20% dimmed.  I heard someone say on the radio what a beautiful day we are having (weather).  Certainly the vast majority are completely clueless and suffer from a very strong delusion.  Nothing short of the Second Coming could snap the population into waking up from the self-imposed blind spot. 

    • joe strauss says:

      Those chemical trails only stop.. when the one's controlling the
      aircraft, which I know are computer controlled as they on go in a line..
      most often run out of chemicals..  I have a personal friend of 16
      years American Airlines  pilot  who notes legal civil  pilots can not
      fly that constant day in/day/ nite out.  80 hours/month for commercial;
      Note: those drones used in Middle East are computer  controlled from
      a USAF base in Nevada.. I saw the photo of  it…So  easy for USAF
      to computer control a large aircraft….
      I am in San Francisco, Ca.. I note to you all…ALL  areas of USA,
      and foreign countries are getting it.. Sometimes last month, I saw
      3 parallel lines going East to West…Of course no commercial
      airlines fly those patterns.
      So FAA lies to all about contrails..Be aware of that …   Joe

    • JJ says:

      Nice to hear it isn't only us.

      Around 2 p.m. the clouds disappeared and a nice, but cool day.

      I have begun a chart starting March 29…

      date, sunny, cloudy, chemtrail sprays.

      See how this goes for a couple of months.

      I can't use solar battery charger, solar lights (for nite lites in bath), and heaven forbid if I needed the sun oven!! 


  83. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 159th email, titled 'Sea Ice Extent, Area or Volume – You choose'

    1.  Sea ice extent and area are calculated using a grid cell system and assumes anything over 15% ice cover is considered 100% ice cover, thus:-

    a. To measure extent: Let’s say you have three 25 km x 25 km grid cells covered by 16% ice, 2% ice, and 90% ice. Two of these cells would be considered “ice covered,” or 100% ice. Add the two grid cell areas and you get an ice extent of 1,250 square km.

    b. To measure area: In the same 3 grid cell example, multiply the grid cell areas that are over the 15% threshold by the percent of sea ice in those grid cells, and add it up. You have a total area of 662 square km.

    Both extent and area charts have the blindingly obvious fault (apart from the 85% open water criteria) of taking no account of volume or depth of ice, and of course the "extent" measurement includes huge areas of open water.

    Since warm water is rapidly melting ice from below, it makes sense to closely follow sea ice volume. To even out daily, weekly and monthly variations, Torstein Viddal charts Arctic Sea Ice volume based on a daily recalculated 365 day average – the Annual Average Volume.

    The 'best fit' line on his graph for Annual Average Arctic Sea Ice Volume (PIOMAS data) since1980, shows zero Arctic Sea Ice for the whole year by 2034.  

    The 'best fit' line from 2015 shows zero ice for a whole year by 2022.

    I still do not fully understand how sea ice volume can be increasing whilst extent and area are decreasing, particularly with the massive heat waves the Arctic has had, and is currently having.  I was told that it is because wind and wave action is causing the sea ice to push up onto each other – but surely volume is volume is volume. Maybe the rain that is falling is changing to ice when it falls on ice, or the surface melt being calculated as open water, but I doubt that is the whole story – assuming the published figures are accurate. 

    We will soon have a summer blue ocean event in the Arctic, and to make matters worse the IPCC have stated that they will only consider it a "Summer Blue Ocean Event" when it has happened for 5 consecutive years. 

    As Torstein Viddal correctly points out, if the first summer blue ocean event is also the first whole year blue ocean event, then we will have to have 5 years of zero Arctic Sea Ice before IPCC call it such. 

    I doubt there will be many people alive who will be able to 'call it', and even less people who will care – they will be too busy trying to survive.

    2.  Important reads: and    

    3,000 people per day fleeing their homes in cholera and famine stricken Somalia: 

    Good interview, although both Hambone and Torstein are blind to the current and historic intensive geoengineering and tropospheric spraying by nearly all aircraft:

    Ten days past the spring equinox and India is already in the grips of a killer heat wave.

    3.  Notes to Self (week 12 of 104).  Polytunnel up, seed stock arrived, germination trials under different coloured light and 'bottom heat' continue. Hope we have one or two years to improve my variation of Larry Hall's grow bag/air root training/hydroponic system which seems very productive...wonder what method Steven Chamberlain in Alaska is using? Hope we can find some good recipes for (probably) the best survival crop – turnips plus greens…will need a change from haggis, neeps and tatties! 

    Must write my email on the cloud cover smokescreen and light frequency/colour distortions/effects.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Andrew and good luck with your growing experiments. Do please write That email soon!  It sounds as if it may answer some questions I have!  Thanks for the update.

    • Philip F Stone says:

      Thanks.  Very informative on the 15% = 100%.  What they report is so 'conservative' as to be reassuring to the masses.

      I have to suspect the ""summer blue ocean event"" might very well be purple or pink even depending on the methane stimulated algae that predominate.  Methane bubbling up will displace the oxygen enough to let the hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria to flourish in various areas and make navigation hazardous in those small areas.   Time will tell.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Summer Purple Ocean Event….I like it Philip!

      Though, if it happens this year, it will start with a Green Ocean Event: 

  84. David Smith says:


    The events that lead up to our current destruction. Additional laws that allow the corporation to be considered people. This let them corporations take over the world. MUST WATCH. Seven years ago when it was passed Keith Olbermann explained what it would mean. 

  85. bart says:

    Trump is probably being lied to about Geo Engineering and doesn’t even know what is really going on.
    I’ve noticed that many people resist all argument that Climate Engineering is happening right now when it is pointed out to them.
    This is what we are up against, complete and total denial and rejection of facts.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bart, in regard to Trumps knowledge of geoengineering, his top campaign people were fully briefed on the issue well over a year ago by a retired USAF Major General. I have direct knowledge of this meeting from this high ranking former USAF officer. I communicated with him before and after the meeting, and all materials for the meeting were supplied by Trump (like Obama, Clinton, the Bushs, etc) is a part of the problem. About those that are clinging to denial, they will not have the option to do so for much longer.

    • Philip F Stone says:

      If Trump understood anything of any briefing on Geoengineering, he may just assume that everything is under control from it and that we can go on our merry well putting yet more carbon into the atmosphere.

      I am somewhat encouraged that some people will survive since when the temp was 13 degrees warmer, there was plant and vertebrate life that made it through.  Somewhat encouraged.  Civilization is probably already doomed in the form we have today.

  86. Gretchen says:

    Connecticut police with weaponized drones sounds like NWO terrorist plot to me. The psychopaths that control everything are the real terrorists and our so-called "representatives" are order-following cowards and traitors who don't mind throwing us under the bus to save their asses…

  87. William says:

    trump is like a federal reserve note…

    created out of thin air, backed by nothing, and worthless.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      William, Hello, and thanks for the laugh!  Humor much needed!  Too funny!  And too spot on.

  88. Seeing Clearly says:

    A caring, healthy population is what we need, not a brain-damaged drug addict population complacent and pacified. Our schools are so bad now along with its students, many reasons why, but the Hollywood role models including most Bay Area rappers have their reasonable share of blame to take as they promote a drug addict gang culture like society, they are encouraging a dumbed down society. I witnessed a student who had "fuck security" sticker on his speaker in which he blasts gang culture, music he himself most likely smokes this is what our high schools and even middle schools has become. I also want to mention regular Ed sized classrooms are now what "special Ed" look like. How can this be acceptable? I know these people justify their choices by saying it's freedom, but is this why we have our freedom to behave like idiots I have a feeling that's not the case and I am all for freedom I fight for freedom but it needs its checks and balances. You possess the freedom to walk, but I have the right to keep you out of my property.

  89. Isabel zepeda says:

    Every morning  at dawn, since November with the exception of the rains,which went no lower than the 40s for maybe 10 days, it has been an average of 55 degrees, why?I live in Southern California , is this not strange ? There are no lows.

    • Christine says:

      The material sprayed in our air seems to have increasingly more deterministic properties in terms of 'guiding' the water, where one wants it to be. This not only determines temperature pattern, but also the entire ecological world, including plants, and us. Take the massive rains in CA valley, the 'food basket', for example. The flooded areas were, where many important veggies were grown, like broccoli for example. In season like this one, its prices rose to >6.0$/lb, in SF!!! That is called deliberate engineering of food starving, in my opinion! Gene expression, pollination of  fruit trees, insect live, etc. everything depends on temperature, thus steering that parameter, is a massive war weapon. The ice period in time when olive trees bloomed in southern EU (Greece, Spain, etc.) this year and destroying literally ALL CROP, will cause that at the end of 2017, we minght not see any olive oil, at all, except the one grown in USA…. Yes, Temperature and WATER steering by geoengineering is a takeover of the entire living biosphere in ones hands.


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