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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 15, 2017


Dane Wigington

Even the most ardent deniers of unpleasant realities are having difficulty maintaining their delusion and willful blindness. Anyone that summons the courage to honestly and objectively examine the wider horizon cannot avoid concluding that the current paradigm will not continue for much longer. The fossil fuel industry is being supplemented by over 5 trillion annually, the military industrial juggernaut of destruction continues to bomb and contaminate what is yet left of ocean life in the Eastern Pacific, while the US military prepares to invade Syria. Rising seas are causing increasing difficulties for coastal cities as record numbers of icebergs from the imploding Arctic are clogging some northern shipping lanes. As has been stated so many times on my previous broadcasts, biosphere implosion will fuel power structure desperation toward WWIIl. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

This broadcast was taped 5 days ahead of schedule due to my out of state attendance at an important awareness event. Some recent breaking events not covered in this broadcast will be woven together in my next program. All of us are needed at the front-line of the battle to sound the alarm, every day counts.

This week's GeoengineeringWatch.org outreach booth is at the Lane County Events Center, Eugene, Oregon, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A geoengineeringwatch.org booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.





Photos of this week's Geoengineering Watch booth at the Gem Faire event which I attended.

117 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 15, 2017

  1. Michael Papa says:

     Mr. Wigington, I believe 100% what you are trying to do and I know the personal sacrifice that you were making in doing this. I believe that the way you are trying to do this will take too long.  I am in my late 60s and in my 20s I store a nationwide boycott I'm meeting Milk because those industries were raising prices exorbitantly. The newspapers and radios were not bought and sold at that time and they backed the people with front page   News about the boycott. The boycott was supposed to take place for about a week and within three days the meat and milk industry lowered their prices substantially. 70% of all products bought in the world Come from people not companies. We do have the power to make the  changes but doing it personally personally will take too long. There are established organization's throughout the world that look to protect Wells the environment or many other worthwhile causes. They are too small and the lobbyist against them are too big.  If you could align a number of these organizations together with their already dedicated individuals getting turns to each organization for the things that they want to protect you would have large groups of people fighting together for a single purpose which is change  i'm taking back power for the people. I know these organizations have many conflicting views but if they could be aligned in a significant number it would be much easier than trying to put together a 7 .4 billion people .  Money is the key. Stop the flow of money on an individual product and you will get that companies attention. Get the companies attention and you get the government attention.  I believe boycotting through these organizations is the quickest way to make significant changes in the world. I did not say it would be easy but it is a faster and more efficient way to make the changes that can save us all.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michael, though I am not against boycotts, it is important to remember that the central bankers can print as much money as they want so long as the dollar remains the global reserve currency. In reality, the military industrial complex does not need our money, they can have an endless supply of their own making.

  2. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Our problem as a country is that we want to believe anyone that speaks the truth, Step out from the norm, when Trump ran for President, he mixed a lot of half truth in with some promises to right the mistakes of other administrations, The Bush Admin., and the Obama Admin., however he turned out to be a true politician! He lied, Straight Face while we cry.

    We fall for this every time – Obama did the same thing, he called out the banksters, the elites, the medical system and the fight against poverty. And to stop all wars, everywhere, He won the Nobel Peace Prize, then did what all politicians do, he lied, He hired Goldman Sachs as this country's Money Adviser, He droned the shit out of innocent poor people around the world, his medical plan had only one good quality, existing conditions, however the cost in year 3 was so high I couldn't afford the coverage any longer. We lost more jobs, and gained more very low paying jobs, wiped out every blue collar job that remained, he gave the CAR Industry a major bail out again, and they moved two major factory's to foreign soil, and BUSH was worse, and Clinton gave us NAFTA, and Monica Lewinsky, The American public have been falling for these lies every election. The guy I liked was Bernie Sanders, and then he turned around and back Hillary Clinton, WTF is wrong with that picture. When will there be a real human being running for President, all we get to choose from are characters and life time politicians, by the way get all their Medical Coverage for free, and the very best coverage at that, We must demand more then a two party system, That's the only way to stop this corrupt merry-go-round of lies. Someone who will tell us they will stop the madness of wars, money only for the Military Industrial Complex, never no money for the people, just for the banksters. When will we get an option to choose a candidate that actually talk about the crimes of GeoEngineering and SRM and that it will be stopped.  We our a country of political liars. There are plenty of good people here in America, but normal sane human beings don't want their families subjected to the media's lies, and then they would have to be attacked and attacks on their character. Which would be propaganda from the the media's right wing and the neo-con left, either way we must stop the two party system at all costs. I hope we can get this done before I die. Believe you me, I'm trying to wake people up on a lot of fronts.

    Have a great day my fellow Watchers.

    • Dave UK says:

      Hi Joe from dumbed-down England.  We have the same nightmare scenario here.  Our government have just called a snap general election – and it's all about taxes etc.  They use anything to deflect us from the truth. It's hard to swallow that so many organizations are complicit in the cover-up of geo-engineering. From the BBC weathermen to the general news media, it is truly staggering.  I often feel like im in the movie 'the invasion of the body snatchers' where we try so desperately to warn others of the outrage of what is being done to them – only to be treated like 'mentally-ill idiots.'  I disagree with Dane,on this site, due to knowing you cannot tell or enlighten another human beings so easily , you can only wait for them to be enlightened themselves.  Im so sorry, but i feel we are out of time.  It can only take extreme actions now to have any chance to save this planets eco-systems.  But the ruling elites have a clever strategy – they are on the verge of disclosure (and a possibly legal status for what they are doing) due to openly now talking about the subject, please refer to theses two disturbing recent U.S government  articles from this year..it is quite shocking how blatant they are becoming. i feel this move is because the awareness of what they have done and are continuing to do is now getting more recognized.  But the Bill Gates involvement is beyond description. He is a anti-human criminal of the worst kind, and has hundreds of SRM / geo-engineering patents pending. Amazing how a few multi-billionaires seem to call all the shots in this world.  The skies of England the last few days have completely covered out the sun  – and the days and nights are so cold in springtime – we are now having to put all our heating on to stay warm.  They control the seasons more than the average sheeple knows.  Tragic – is the only word that comes to mind.  We need a worldwide revolution, not a left or right revolution, but a true patriotic revolution to fight for a world that is being systematically murdered.  How that can start – i don't know.  But here are the links to the articles that are shocking due to the blatant way they are not hiding anything anymore…   http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/04/fight-global-warming-senate-calls-study-making-earth-reflect-more-light
      Best wishes to you Joe fro Authoritarian England

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, though I do agree with many of your points, for the record, I have never once said it would be easy to wake the sleeping masses, not once have I made such a statement. What I have said over and over is this, it is our responsibility to try to wake them, to shatter the denial, with every ounce of strength and energy we can muster. 

  3. Silla says:

    Dane, you really called it re the overworked power grids w all the outages yesterday (coincidence??) – thanks for your dedication and hard work.


  4. Rick L. says:

    After watching these chemtrails being sprayed almost every day for years now, here in the Bay Area (central california), no one talks about it and when I mention it to people they seem dumbstruck on what I'm talking about. How so many people can be so oblivious of their surroundings astounds me.

    • Elena Starr says:

      I agree.  It is so hard to have conversations about this when most people just think I am focusing on the negative.  I am all about being positive but not stupid.  Climate engineering is a true and real nightmare.

    • Dave UK says:

      Hi Rick. I know exactly how you feel brother. I've tried to explain to people what is going down, and most just are not interested, or they look at me as though I'm mentally ill.  But, how DO you explain to people they are basically being murdered by the nano-particles they cannot see – but are breathing into their lungs every second of the day. Although as I just said in a reply to Paul Vonharnish – you can see them in certain conditions. Direct sunlight can show up what is swirling around inside everyone's homes.  Sadly, most would dismiss it as dust etc, but if they only took the time to pay better attention, they would get the shock of their lives.  But, most of the sheeple (sadly a derogatory term – but I have to use it) can't handle a shift in their reality.  To suddenly become aware of something that shatters the illusion of your own 'reality' is not something most folk want to digest.  The vicious elites know this only to be too true about human nature, that's why they can go about their dark business blatantly in front of our eyes and above our heads.  It's like I often mention in my comments here, i think we have almost run out of time.  There just isn't enough time for everybody to become 'aware'.of the looming catastrophe. The only chance i feel we have is for a carefully coordinated set of tactics or events etc – as previously mentioned in previous comments. I cannot see any other way.  I totally respect what Dane is doing and has continued to do for the cause, he is a true hero in my and many others eyes, but i feel we are not getting through to people. They still think it is a 'conspiracy theory' as opposed to a bona fide reality.  It is this scenario that is the most frustrating and of course – heartbreaking.    
      Best wishes to You Rick from Dumbed-down England.

  5. Seeing Clearly says:

    Just in, More CNN propaganda suggesting autism as something to be accepting about as in we are supposed to look at autism in a positive way not a realistic way because suggesting anything bad about autism is too offensive for autistic people. (http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/14/health/autism-what-to-know-partner/index.html)

    we do need a cure , the world can't even distinguish between up and down welcome to 2017.


  6. A beautifully crafted comment by Dave UK.  Bravo Dave!!!

     Seems our military has been experimenting a bit much with this quaint chemical nasty: 

    Excerpted from: 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate – Wikipedia 

    "BZ is a glycolate anticholinergic compound related to atropine, scopolamine, hyoscyamine, and other deliriants. Dispersal would be as an aerosolized solid (primarily for inhalation) or as agent dissolved in one or more solvents for ingestion or percutaneous absorption.

    Acting as a competitive non-selective blocker at postsynaptic and post junctional muscarinic receptor sites in smooth muscle, exocrine glands, and the brain, BZ decreases the effective concentration of acetylcholine seen by receptors at these sites. Thus, BZ causes PNS effects that in general are the opposite of those seen in nerve agent poisoning. CNS effects include stupor, confusion, and confabulation with concrete and panoramic illusions and hallucinations, and with regression to primitive, involuntary behaviors such as floccillation and disrobing. 

    Physostigmine, which increases the concentration of acetylcholine in synapses and in neuromuscular and neuroglandular junctions, is a specific antidote.

    Production of BZ is controlled under schedule 2 of the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1997"


    It is interesting to read the entire topic, as this chemical agent never disappeared from military arsenals. See references regarding Syria… Post-Gulf War usage, and earlier non-combatant (collateral usages). Of course, validated references have been completely scubbed from the article.

    Disrobing the military beasts in our “societies” would be a good place to start a functional survival process…

    • Dave UK says:

      Hi Paul. Thanks for your comment. Very interesting comments about BZ. I have just been very disturbed by what i have just seen in my own home – concerning particles in the air we breath. I just walked past a room that i don't go into very often, although i did today, because i can access a small patio outside of my home. As i walked past i noticed the room was kind ofd smoggy or cloudy (for no reason). It was as though someone had been smoking in there. So it grabbed my attention and i investigated further – helped by the intense direct sunlight coming through a particular window.  I could not believe what i saw next. The room was full of a kind of reflective smog – that you could only be aware of if the direct sunlight was upon it (in a certain way). I checked out the room, and you couldn't see this in normal lighting condtions. Perturbed i carried on observing what i didn't really want to believe that was true. The outside had come inside, and the chemical crap they are spraying was in the house in a thick swirling and sparkling kind of death soup.  I decided to try and vacuum 'clean' the air to see how it would affect it. This proved to me that we are indeed having no choice but to breath in this death. It truly seems as though their is no-where to hide.  I was dumbstruck that the room was full of it.  As i said earlier – i only noticed how bad it was because the sunlight showed it all up.  At first i thought it was just house dust etc. Uh-uh – how wrong i was.  This assault upon every living thing on the planet – is beyond the pale.  It is why i believe only radical (most probably violent) action is the only way forwards. When you know you are being slowly killed, why waste time trying to illuminate those who either don't care or can never be aware of the incredible and dark scenario that we all face. Amazing how they can so blatantly kill or control through the atmosphere that we breath. We have to think about shock tactics.  i.e putting our politicians and the media in the position of having to be forced to show our concerns. I can't say too much here – obviously, but it's not that hard to see what i am advocating. We are truly facing something so dark it is almost beyond description.  I am reminded by what Pontius Pilot (played by David Bowie) said to Jesus (played by William Defoe) in the movie 'The Last Temptation of Christ'.  He turns to Christ and says 'look, you need to understand, we don't care whether your revolution uses LOVE or , we just don't want anything to change, we want everything to stay the same.'  My point is – if we just continue to just speak about it – nothing will change. My greatest fear and concern is that there are not enough of us ready to 'push the envelope'. Understandable . I mean where do we begin.  All i know – is that it may have to take a sacrifice of sorts.  I am a very ill man at the moment, and i believe what i am being forced to intake into my lungs – INSIDE my home as well as outside,- obviously isn't helping my cause!  So i am in a place of deep thought and contemplation at the moment.  I have no family left, only my mother, my partner died of cancer aged 45 (eight years ago)  and recently just lost my brilliant beautiful friend (Collie/ terrier cross) of 17 yrs.  It makes me so angry we can't even touch these heinous mad bastards that have condemned our earth to death.  What is hard for ALL of us to contemplate is that this world is their home too, they breath what we breath. If they truly think they can come up from their shelters in years to come to live again upon the earth, my god, they are so deluded.  But that IS the point.  They are insane, they just don't know it.  Hey, there you go – Dave's got some more off his chest lol.  All the best to you brother, take care Paul. All the best to all of us.

      Until next time, ta-ta from authoritarian England.

  7. Lee Eyerman says:

    2 questions.Number 1.April22 is earth day.Will someone in this group please look up and at least acknowledge the crap they are spraying on us? Number2.Is the nutty bastard running North Korea being sprayed and does the climate agenda supersede global conflict?

    • Dave UK says:

      Dear Lee – I think you'll find that's three questions mate. Firstly I think everyone has already acknowledged the 'crap' they are spraying on us. You only have to  read some of the comments to get that info. As to North Korea – the chemical geo-engineering affects everyone..i.e. there is  nowhere to hide. A dying eco-system doesn't recognize boundaries.  As to your third question – war is war, chemical or nuclear – it doesn't really matter, it will all bring about the same result…i.e. the death of this planet's ecosystems. This is what everyone who comments here are desperately concerned about.  Best wishes to you Lee.

  8. Dave UK says:

    I watched Mulholland Drive only a couple of days ago – again. I think you might be interested (as may others) in a very clever piece of observation about Lynch's work and the state of reality in our world. It's a bit long and deep, but it hits a nerve.  Here it is…The Philosopher Baudrillard writes of the three historical orders of appearance, where images and signs change their relationships to reality in western culture. He calls these the 1st, 2nd and 3rd order simulacrums.
    The 1st order simulacra took place between the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution. This was the counterfeit period, where signs reflected and then perverted a basic reality, art essentially imitating life. The 2nd order simulacra took place during the Industrial age. This was a period of mass reproduction. Signs were mass-produced and began to signify themselves as symbols of money and power. They marked the absence of a basic reality and gradually began to bear less relation to their origins. The 3rd order simulacra is our current phase. Signs now bear no relationship to any reality. Reality has disintegrated, signs now having no meaning whatsoever due to a liquidation of referentials.
    Films like "The Truman Show", "Dark City" and "The Matrix" remain locked at the level of the first order of simulacra, naively believing that there exists a "real world" behind the simulation. In contrast, films like "Existenz", "Eyes Wide Shut", "A History of Violence" and "Mulholland Drive" are acutely aware that we no longer live in the age of spectacle. Spectacle subjected us to images, now we ourselves become participatory images.
    Most view "Mulholland Drive" as being cleanly divided into two halves: the first half being a young actress's fantasy, the second half being the dark reality of both Hollywood and herself. But look closely and "Mulholland Drive's" fantasy is always positioned on the same level as its reality. What Lynch is intuitively recognizing is that reality is already hyper-real, always somebody else's dreams and desires. There is now no meaningful distinction between the two; between The City of Dreams and our desires, fantasy and cyberspace states.
    In this regard, "Mulholland Drive" shares much with Kubrick's "Eyes Wide shut", both films being fairly accurate depictions of Lacanian Desire (ie Desire=Lack=Real, and it is only in the dream that we come close to a real awakening), the difference being that Kubrick uses the "logic" of "interrupted dreams" (constant interruptions, telephone calls, narrative short-circuiting etc), whilst "Mulholland Drive" is entirely constructed in the "language of dreams". Lynch's film is a free-floating anxiety dream, with constant temporal collapses and radically changing identities, whilst Kubrick's is more architectural and formal.
    Both films also utilize fractured narratives, fantasy logic and generate an extreme sense of mystery, confusion and horror (ironically, in attentive viewers), which provokes an investigative impulse, their audiences forced to apply a rational or analytic approach for purposes of coherently re-integrating the puzzling narratives, whether in order to re-assert control over the anxiety that the films provoke, or worse, to finally safely dismiss it all as exclusively a "dream".
    But the comparisons don't end there. Both films also have a sequence which serves to "demystify" the audience and dreamer. In Kubrick's film, Sydney Pollack, over a pool table, attempts to bring Tom Cruise "up to date" with reality, telling him that it was "all a performance" and "staged just for him". Likewise, The Real of Lynch's film is not Naomi Watt's supposedly waking world, but the shadowy "movie house" of Club Silencio. It is in Club Silencio that Lynch has a magician demonstrate that his "singers" are all lip syncing to a "pre recorded soundtrack", a "performance deliberately staged" for their audience. The representation is always accepted as real, even when the audience has been demystified.
    And there is another "Mulholland" theme that has significant resonance with "Eyes": the forever elusive patriarchal powers in a capitalist society. A line repeated throughout the film by powerful people is "THIS IS THE GIRL!", its significance changing with each utterance. Like Kubrick, Lynch paints a deeply disturbing portrait of women in the hands of and at the mercy of, unscrupulous patriarchy (as well as its also dis-empowering effects on men).
    So both directors position their stories – Kubrick's part-dream-fable of repressed marital infidelity and Lynch's dream-fable of doomed lesbian love – within a representation of society as a closed hierarchical, authoritarian system in which the ultimate source of power remains forever hidden behind a series of ominous representatives.
    But it is Club Silencio that makes "Mulholland Drive" interesting. Writing of the Club, Kpunk says "There is nothing less misleading in cinema's history of illusion than Lynch's scene in Club Silencio. What we are seeing and hearing – the film itself – is a recording and nothing but. On the most banal level, this is the Real which the magic of cinema must conceal. Yet the scene haunts for reasons other than this. It challenges us to recognize that our own lives, the roles we perform (as people, as actors), are themselves recordings, scripted by forces outside the self and whose "substance" turns out to be itself nothing more than a mass of influences."
    In the end, "Mulholland Drive" is not only a story about a few characters' lost sense of Self but about the fractured identity of Hollywood. Memories of Hollywood (and our culturally overloaded postmodern world) are stored in a massive array of film footage, newspapers, images, memories, books, revivals, reconstructions and remakes. The language of "Mulholland Drive" thrives on this meta-language. This postmodern pastiche of signs and references turns the film itself into a simulated narrative of sorts. We are able to immerse ourselves in the film precisely because of our brains, the simulacrum existing in our minds as much as it does in Hollywood, the place were such minds meet and melt. And the only escape from the tyranny of eternal performance – from the white noise of sights and sounds – comes in fulfilment of "Mulholland Drive's" final utterance: Silencio .
    Deep huh!  Reality has truly disintegrated. Trump, Syria, false flags, the Chemical war against the Earth, et etc prove that insanity is rife and lunatics have took over the asylum.  On the subject of films Dennie, i keep showing folks the scene from Stephen King's 'The Dead Zone'.  Its when Christopher Walken (playing the psychic) grabs onto Martin Sheen's hand – and see's the future (when Sheen's character (Greg Stilson) becomes the president of the United States.  He sees the nukes flying and the WW3 nightmare begin. I say this because if you watch the movie – the character of Stilson should remind people of someone (especialy when he tells people how he alone isa the one to change things i.e. man of the people.  I think it's amazing how much the Martin Sheen character reminds me of Donald Trump, so much so..i find it quite freaky.  
    Best wishes my friend – from authoritarian England     

  9. Dave UK says:

    Thank you Sea. Thanks for the link to the Crosby Stills and Nash lyrics. Today is the worst sky i have ever seen in England. The whole blue sky was completely covered in chemical death. I cannot sit outside tonight due to the smell. My already bad lungs aren't happy either. Feel very down today due to having it reconfirmed that they indeed are killing us. I refuse to die this way. I feel like taking a politician hostage to draw attention to what is happening to us all. But the people i talk to – to explain what the planes are doing in the sky – just look at me like im psychotic and one step from the asylum. I feel that we could be in a losing battle here, although i guess there is always hope. Cannot see how we can change things though, unless through radical actions. Feel so sorry for Judy Gilmore, all her fruit trees dying etc. It truly is a terrible situation we are all in – at this moment in the world's history. To think the world has been in existence for millions of years – and mankind has murdered it in less than one hundred years – is truly astonishing. 

    • horsegirl says:

      So many amens to choose from in both of your comments , Dave.  But only yesterday while taking a horror drive through a spray we call the new blue death did I come to the conclusion that I truly believe we need to arrest every state and federal legislator.  Every single one.  They've demured long enough.  Even if not directly involved or receiving payola, we need to hold them accountable for their silence and dissimulation.  I mean every last one.  Citizen's arrest, whatever it be.  I realize they are not the upper strata of the chain of command.  They are puppets.  But they are the most visible widgets to the public.  Most would never understand the arrest of Bill Gates or Ted Turner, lamentably.  So let the blow fall on those playing the pantomime of representing public interest.

    • Nancy Thompson says:




  10. Judy Gilmore says:

    Dane, you know that many, many of us understand and feel the pain you feel and are doing what we can to awaken others. Your great efforts ARE creating dividends. It's slow, yes, but it is happening. We're going to see this through to success. I, for one, have had hope restored because of the dedication I see in you. 
    Let me me give an update on my location. 
    I live in Houston, TX and these last two years have been HORRIBLE!  We're getting fogged continually. I've even seen aerosol rainbows in the sky on dry days. My fruit trees are dying, my vegetables have failed to produce and some of my plants have actually been stunted and stopped growing!  The sun is so hot, even when in the 70's, that I have to sit in the shade just to enjoy the outdoors. We've had repeated major floods in the spring of the last two years, and this winter we had a crazy 12-hour freeze on each of two consecutive days. It's extremely rare  to have so many free hours of freeze on one day, much last two. And these freezes were book-ended by warm temperatures, before and after. Just recently we had about two weeks free of visible spraying and a few days were quite beautiful. Everyone's spirits were lifted.  Well, the spraying began again in earnest this past Thursday and the smeared skies are back. On a related note, we have 15 acres of wooded property in Somerville, Texas, about 95 miles NW of Houston. This spraying  has been even worse there. Many of our oak  trees have died in recent years and the ones that remain are in poor condition and lack vitality.
    The craziness on this planet is surreal at this time. Short of all out global war, I don't know how it could be worse. Yet, I have great hope that this insanity is peeking at this time and will soon dissipate. The evidence is not yet visible, but as is true so often in the bleakest  of times, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. 
    With heartfelt gratitude for the warrior work you do!  I thank you so very, very much.
    Judy Gilmore

    • MAP says:

      Thanks for the update from Houston. I lived there 2010-2016. On October 19, 2016, I witnessed one of the worst "warfare in the skies" from GeoEngineering that I have ever seen since becoming aware of this issue. The planes dispersing aerosols were flying very low and the amount was incomprehensible. The images still remain with me in my long term memory. Very sickening indeed to our bodies and minds.

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello Dane,  I so hope you were able to get the rest you needed.  And I am so impressed with the work Gem Fair does!  I hope your trip there was fruitful!

    It was Not Fareed Zakaria who made the 'presidential' remark.  I watched that happen and I believe it was Don Lemon, one of the constant talking heads on CNN, and he got a lot of drubbing for saying that.  Fareed is far more restrained and diplomatic and very much dislikes Trump, as well as war.  Turns out that that the bombing of Syria, and the 'mother of all bombs', both were the military's doing to whom the horrible one gave free rein.  Back when, they wanted Obama to bomb Syria but he wouldn't, the military chomping at the bit.  You know how said horrible one likes to undo Obama anything, so sounded good to him.  The MOAB cost the military a lot and, like a medication? was due to expire.  They were just dying to use it, so given free rein, they did.

  12. Dave UK says:

    Hi from authoritarian England.  Bless you Dane. You are a hero  mate. in fact – everyone here…you are all heroes.  The media in England has most definitely been gagged –  esp. bbc. I truly feel i am living in the twilight zone. Cannot fathom what is happening in the English skies. what i've seen today is truly disturbing – every cloud was man made. The fact that nobody seems interested is even more disturbing. its like being trapped in a David Lynch movie. To be honest its beginning to get to me. I so need to read all of your thoughts folks – because i feel a little isolated here with my knowledge of the madness that is all around me. Bless you all. I think 'radical' action (against politicians) is the only way we can make the news touch the subject of the chemical war against the earth. Something has to be done to wake up the sheep! 

    • sea says:

      Hello Dave UK- it is a lonely feeling in this world of insanity until you are able to see the stability and clear thinking that Dane has worked diligently to afford us all that post and respond on this site.

      It is challenging here in the US, I am in Ca near San Francisco and it is downright depressing many days but I am thankful for my comrades here that I know will understand my feelings of frustration , anger and hopelessness- BUT we MUST go on, Dane is our beacon and we cannot give up!

      Keep on the tide will turn, "the darkest hour is right before the dawn"

      Please read the lyrics to Stephen Stills song from the 70s as it helps me understand we are at our darkest hour.



    • Dennie says:

      Yep, David Lynch all right.  Life on Earth now is not unlike watching Mulholland Drive in slow motion, alternately on speed, then stoned, while listening to The Eagles' Hotel California, 24/7/365.  Described as a "panorama of decomposition and ruin," here's a great explication (can't call it a "review," as Mulholland Drive is much too complex and convoluted a film) from Esquire, 2015:  http://www.esquire.co.uk/culture/film/news/a7676/mulholland-drive-explained/  The Naomi Watts character has been described so:  "I'm not sure if anything in the horror genre is as disconcerting as what we see of Naomi Watts once she has become Diane Selwyn.  It is not just an actress without makeup– it's a spirit afflicted by plague."

    • L says:

      Hi DaveUK. I am in the UK too and it has been getting to me a good while now looking at nothing but amorphous, manmade clouds being whacked with EMF frequencies, clouds that look more like vile plegmy spittle than nature's intended beauty. I literally feel every day as if there is no future and so doing anything feels like moving through glue in some kind of living hell that we weren't designed- or meant as integral parts to Mother Nature- to live in..I absolutely agree with you: properly organised radical action from people such as us is what is needed as the masses are for the most part, like drugged up sheeple who cannot, will not and seem incapable of seeing what is going on right over their heads. 

  13. Terri says:

    I read today our blessed military wants war games with bombs & missiles, big time war games, in national refuges.  Why?  Sadly, more destruction of our oceans and ocean life is coming.  They will authorize this devastation in Washington.  I feel so sad watching our world slowly being killed  just as we are.  Who will the elite rule over once everything is dead?   I pray they go after each other to fill their need for killing.

     Thank you Dane.  Your my " sanity touchstone " in this upside down backwards world of chaos.  Northern AZ drenched in spray, we're headed for 100 degrees already this year down in Phoenix, going to be literally hell here this summer.

  14. MS P says:

    A couple of old quotes, that seem to fit modern times……


    “The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public  debt should be reduced, and the assistance to foreign lands should be  curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work,  instead of living on public assistance.”                      — Cicero, 55 BC



    The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd.  The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has  ever been.
     Albert Einstein

    • MS P says:

      A more modern quote…

      "Throwing Stones"

      Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free
      Dizzy with eternity
      Paint it with a skin of sky, brush in some clouds and sea
      Call it home for you and me
      A peaceful place, or so it looks from space
      A closer look reveals the human race
      Full of hope, full of grace, is the human face
      But afraid we may lay our home to waste

      There's a fear down here we can't forget
      Hasn't got a name just yet
      Always awake, always around
      Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
      Ashes, ashes, all fall down

      Now watch as the ball revolves and the night-time falls (note 1)
      And again the hunt begins and again the blood wind calls (note 2)
      By and by, again, the morning sun will rise
      But the darkness never goes from some men's eyes
      (Well I know)
      It strolls the sidewalk and it rolls the streets
      Staking turf, dividing up meat
      Nightmare spook, piece of heat
      It's you and me, you and me

      Click flash blade in ghetto night
      Rudy's looking for a fight
      Rat cat alley, roll them bones
      Need that cash to feed that Jones
      And the politicians throwing stones
      Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
      Ashes, ashes, all fall down

      Commissars and pinstripe bosses roll the dice
      Anyway they fall, guess who gets to pay the price? (note 3)
      Money green, or proletarian gray (note 4)
      Selling guns instead of food today (note 5)
      So the kids they dance and shake their bones
      And the politicians throwing stones
      Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
      Ashes, ashes, all fall down

      Heartless powers try to tell us what to think
      If the spirit's sleeping then the flesh is ink
      History's page will be neatly carved in stone
      The future's here, we are it, we are on our own
      On our own, on our own, we are on our own

      If the game is lost, then we're all the same
      No one left to place or take the blame
      We will leave this place an empty stone
      Or that shining ball of blue we call our home

      So the kids, they dance, they shake their bones
      And the politicians throwing stones
      Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
      Ashes, ashes, all fall down

      Shipping powders back and forth
      Singing black goes south and white comes north (note 6)
      And the whole world full of petty wars
      Singing I got mine and you got yours
      While the current fashions set the pace
      Lose your step, fall out of grace
      The radical, he rant and rage
      Singing someone got to turn the page
      And the rich man in his summer home
      Singing just leave well enough alone
      But his pants are down, his cover's blown
      And the politicians throwing stones
      So the kids, they dance, they shake their bones
      'Cause it's all too clear we're on our own
      Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
      Ashes, ashes, all fall down

      _Grateful Dead

  15. Irene Parousis says:

    Tomorrow will be twelve years since my pillar in life, my mother, passed away.  I had more or less resigned from this life after her passing and lost all motivation, until I discovered Geoengineering.  As much as I couldn't fight another battle in this lifetime, I had no choice.  Dane, you are the pillar my mother was for me as I don't think I could make it this far without your support.  I'm not sure how this battle will end, but I know we were made for these times and I have faith.  Please get some rest. 

    MAP, I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time.  You may want to look up a product called EMF Detox by Dr. King or Detoxifying EMF by Liddell Homeopathic. 

    Marc, I will miss your comments, but I know you need a break and wish you PEACE PRESENCE. 

    To the rest of my brothers and sisters here, thank you for being my new family.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Irene, our efforts are a collective, all of us working together, that is what matters and what can yet make a difference. You are a key part of those efforts, Irene, the attached link is only one example of the force you have brought to this critical battle. All of us that are truly dedicated to this cause march together. Your exceptional encounter with David Suzuki is attached, an important exchange that all should see. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/david-suzuki-confronted-on-climate-engineering-issue/

    • MS P says:

      To Irene, Stay strong.  I too fill the same kind of void, by fighting the good fight & spreading the word about geoengineering. 

  16. Joseph L says:


    As in 2015, the Navy's plans threaten an area of the Gulf that couldn’t be more biologically sensitive or rich in wildlife.  Their training area includes a State of Alaska Marine Protected Area, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Protected Area, and both the Gulf of Alaska Seamount Protected and Slope Habitat Conservation areas.

    Nevertheless, the Navy is requesting permits to use live ordnance including bombs, missiles, and torpedoes, along with active and passive sonar in "realistic" war-training exercises that could release as much as 352,000 pounds of "expended materials" into those waters including, according to the Navy’s own Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), missiles, bombs, and torpedoes.


  17. MAP says:

    I know it is getting very rough for everyone who comments here. I can only imagine the stress that Dane is under constantly; the weight of the burden on his shoulders is big. I send my prayers for Peace to All connected with this site, Dane and all visitors. 

    I have never mentioned my own precarious situation here. I suffer from 2 chronic and debilitating illnesses. These illnesses will lead to an early death. All of the toxicity from GeoEngineering and related things such as  RF/Microwave are not helping my situation at all. Actually all of the toxicity is making my precarious health just that much worse. 

    Only becoming aware of GeoEngineering a year ago, now everything is making sense as to why certain health issues have worsened in past 5 years. In 2014 and 2015, I took "sun" many times; not then knowing about increased UV radiation. Well something occurred those years that never had before. I broke out with large rashes from the sun exposure. Now I know the reason behind those outbreaks. And as each year has passed during last 10 years, the fatigue has become epic. And my ability to obtain a good nights sleep has become very impaired. And the more issues that I have with "sleeping", the more problems I have with mobility and maintaining my balance while walking. 

    Anyway, now everything makes sense at least. Thank you Dane for your execution of continually running this site no matter what. And doing very much work to awake the masses. Dane, you were the first person to awaken me to the human activity of pollution bringing a end to life sustaining systems on Earth: GeoEngineering and all the rapacious activities. So thank you for getting me to face facts. 

    One last thing. I want to share a recent conversation that took place between 2 family members. I have mentioned before that there are over 50 trees of conifer species here where I currently stay. Perhaps 60. If I were not so ill, I could take photos and produce a small documentary. Alas, I find it difficult to gather enough energy for the most basic tasks. But the trees on this property are in serious decline. 

    Last week, family member A says to member B that most all of the pine trees that were planted ( in 1980) next to a crop field are either dead or dying. My grandparents planted those trees, approximately 35, all at same time, in one section of property. Anyway, family member B responds back: oh well those trees are 30 years old and that's what happens, they die. 

    So very sad. If they only knew about Weather Whiplash and fake cool downs via Chemical Ice Nucleation. The Denial that goes on in this world is very extreme. I have shared what little I know about GeoEngineering with family members; they all could not care less. And since I am so very ill, they think that it's my illness that's the problem. Nevertheless, as one walks about this property you see trees in severe crisis and dead. Besides the 35 I mentioned, there are other Pine trees and Spruce trees that are much older than 1980 and they are displaying the following: half of tree sides have lost all of their needles,browned out on at least half of tree, just look sickly or dead. And everybody here just walks around as if nothing is wrong. 

    Thats my documentary as best as I can present it. If I ever get energy back, I will take a few photos and post them. 

    May God bless all who visit this site. 

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      MAP — Do try SYNERTEK COLOSTRUM. This product has helped me and many people I personally know move toward sustainable health. Also I recommend Vegetal SILICA to get rid of the metals. Unfortunately there is no known way to get LITHIUM toxicity out of us. God Bless! Read Dane's health suggestions here:


    • ron hall says:

      MAP:  It took great energy and courage for you to even type your words. Given what level of torment in which you exist day by day, you made a heroic move. Your words touched me and I'm sure others who visit this site regularly felt your anguish.. I am an agnostic — human life in the middle of eternity is a mystery.  No one asked for this. You have my sincere best wishes. Perhaps you will comment more often.  Thank you.

    • Catherine D says:

      My heart goes out to you, MAP. Hearing of your struggles and the pain that you feel, makes one realize how fortunate one is to still have their health.My own troubles seem small compared to what you are suffering. Recognizing the truth and having the integrity and honor to stand beside it and doing your best to impart it to others, is of the utmost importance in life. I hope that you are able to find solace in knowing that you are doing that. Stay strong in your realizations, my friend and remember that your inner strength is your victory. It is the essence of what you are inside as a being of spirit. We are all brothers and sisters here, united together in the common goal of ending these heious atrocities directed against all life. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you positive energy, healing and much love.♡♡


    • Dennie says:

      Paul Craig Roberts says it really well, but I have to add that it's not limited to just the ones in government who are moronic:  http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/04/15/a-government-of-morons/

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi MAP, about your sleep, if you haven't already, try this it might help, and it's free. Turn the power off to your bedroom at the breaker. Remove any cordless phones, cell phones and any WiFi source from your bedroom. Check to see if a smart meter was installed without you knowing.  If there is a meter (any meter) on the other side of the wall where your bed is, move your bed.   We hired someone to measure RF/EMF in our home, and those were his suggestions to get a better nights sleep. He also suggested turning off the range, washer, dryer, water heater at the breaker and unplugging everything possible after using, (microwave, toaster, radio, etc.) Doing this might help you feel better, and, it will help lower your electric bill. We have placed a switch in the oulets to plug things into like the teevee, so we can cut the power without unplugging it all the time. We use a battery lantern in both bedrooms and have been doing this for a couple of years, now it feels normal.  Hope you get better, Donna

    • MS P says:

      Take care MAP,

      I use goldenseal root to knock out the  toxic impurities. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      MAP, You have my deepest sympathies.  I too have a number of debilitating, chronic diseases, the main one of which is genetic and until 'recently' and still, not well understood, yet it has interfered with my entire life.  I try to offset being a burden on society by helping in anyway I can.  But, at age 70, that is getting harder to do.  For me, humor, anywhere I can find it, helps, and music too.  And I take drugs for it, even though I worry now about that!  For two years now I've had hives all over me that itch like crazy and it is getting worse as if that were possible and no one knows why.  All sorts of things are conspiring to make me lose my mind!

      However, as clueless as your family members are, there is a grain of truth in what they said as trees, various ones do have various life spans, as with all plants.  Lately, my computer server had serious problems and for some time now I've been unable to use the computer and I do not have a smart phone, but daughter does.  So, we looked up the life span of an Italian Stone Pine as one abutting this property is now fully dead.  Turns out, it lived out its expected lifespan.  My geoengineering answer for this tree my daughter doubted and she understands geoengineering!  So she explained that she sees many healthy ones around town.  And we looked it up.  I'd hoped to come up with a list for various trees.  I will still do that when I can.  Perhaps you can tell, ask your relatives to look your trees up?  Maybe that would convince them that something else is up.  Myself, I wonder about the crop field you mention and what poisons may have been on that which may have hastened your trees demise.  As Dane so often says, it is this, that, And the other!

      @Susan, I keep trying to find out about Sovereign Silver which I received when ordering the spray you'd mentioned.  It seemed to harm me.  I am not at all sure I got the right thing and have very little money or mobility.  I've not gotten an answer, but may have missed something?  Can you help straighten this out for me?  Thanks in advance!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Susan, I'd ordered Collidal Silver, and Amazon sent this Sovereign one.  Just to clarify.  Burned my nose and throat too, very much.

  18. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Here's a harsh dose of reality. This video is not for the faint of heart. Viewer discretion advised. There's also a good rant at the end. If I'm not mistaken, there is a Marine Corp uniform hanging on the wall behind the gentleman. I hope all of you folks will pass this video out to your people.


    Here's is a video that I posted 2 weeks ago(in case you missed it). Listen to these people. Look into their eyes. "Feel them". If only the citizens of our own country were so strong and brave, "men 'and' women". I don't think our citizenry here in the states could measure up to these people. Someone we all know wrote to me and said this should be a must see video for all americans.


    "Can your heart and soul reach around the world?"

    War is over, If you want it.

    • Dennie says:

      This is yet MORE of Zbigniew Brzezinski's "Grand Chessboard" "plan" to take over the world's resources, "balkanizing" the Middle East and Central Asian countries by U.S. instigated and U.S. backed terrorism in order to control (translated:  SUCK) all the oil and all the water, which is next, especially in places like India and Tibet– but only so long as all the snow that's left there doesn't melt due to their own goddamned global heating programs from flying all their goddamned jets, in order to control every last resource on Earth.  Ya know, "they" are sooooo fvcking stoooopid, "they" cannot even see how what they are doing with their own weaponry is sabotaging what they've set out to do.  "We want all the water, so we'll drought every last molecule of air on the planet and dry it all out!!!!"  This is yet ANOTHER example of moronic "government" and "policy" that Paul Craig Roberts railed against.

    • Dennie says:

      Just take a look at a map of this part of the world and figure out why "we" want to take down Syria. .

    • Ron Marr says:

      'a' simple horseman, thank you for the dose of reality. If we don't think it is us they are killing, we will be shocked when it arrives in America. They fear humans and are killing us as fast as they can…their murder is wrapped in the illusion of humanity, language, race and borders. The young will always be the heroes. They can't help it…we can only pray… they are not misguided and used for nefarious lies. Today in America, the heroes are buried in indoctrination. But…we, in our hearts are no different than our brothers and sisters in Syria. It is there inside us, too..Once we awaken…that 'will' to survive, that runs through all life, even the insect, desperately trying to climb from the rising waters in your sink, will strike with the energy of a hurricane.   We are all the same. We are one.

  19. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for this weeks edition of Global Alert News. Thank you for extending yourself to exhaustion to "get the message out". I listened to the broadcast twice. (It helps me remember more).

    Frankly, lol, I think you should produce more editions while under such mental and physical "exhaustion" as you put it. Your delivery was extremely tangible, thought provoking and had a very personable appeal. It was a level of your support many of us don't get to see to often. Again, thank you my friend I haven't met yet.

  20. Frank Murphy says:

    Dane, you are a great man. I am so glad I stumbled onto your site a year ago. I wanted to know what was going on with the lines in the sky. Anybody and everybody could do the same.

    I never miss a Saturday update. I keep pushing the refresh button till it's there.Thanks for all your hard work and perseverance. When the children ask how did this happen we can say there was one man who knew and fought for an answer.

  21. Mike says:


    What a heart-rending interview that was and it was difficult not to feel the pain coming through in your voice. 

    What a wonderful example of a human being you are to all of humanity and how through your heroic efforts you are shinning a light on the evil and cowardly deeds of so many 'so-called' leaders of our collective countries.  Be assured that we are all fully behind you and recognize the many sacrifices you have and are currently making in this battle to save earth and it's inhabitants.  By your example you are leading and teaching us all. May God bless all of your efforts.

  22. Catherine D says:

    Dane, I hear your heartbreak, anguish and pain and share it with you. As one who loves and respects all of nature I feel its devastation. On my long walks on the back roads of So. Oregon, I hear it crying out "why" and it hurts so much to have no answer other than because of the insanity and greed of so much of mankind. I've lost my family and friends who refuse to discuss, or even acknowledge the atrocities being committed against our planet. These same people also refuse to see our govt's responsibility in the heinous crimes committed in the ME, Ukraine and the many other places in the world, as well as against its own citizens. I've washed my hands of them, as I'm better off being alone than associating with those who refuse to face reality. You are completely correct that there is only one way to live life and that is by facing the truth and doing one's best to contribute to the common good of all. As long as I'm alive, I'll continue to speak out for that, regardless of adversity.

       I don't comment often, but I'm always here reading, listening and passing on as much credible info/data on social media and any other way I can think of. Utmost thanks and appreciation to you Dane and everyone here, for all you've given and are giving towards ending this deadly assault against all life. I'm proud to stand beside you on the side of honor and integrity. Much love to you all. :))♡♡


    • Dennie says:

      Yes, we are "there," the end stage of capitalism, as Hedges reminds, exactly as Marx predicted… as if somehow Communism or any other mainly-intellect-based "isms" and ideologies that do not take into account or respect the PHYSICAL REALITY of our home planet's ecosystem and all of the life forms here would somehow work better–?  No.  NOT WHEN WE HAVE EMBRACED A LIFESTYLE THAT REQUIRES CONSUMING ALL THE NATURAL RESOURCES, WHICH IS THE CAUSE OF THE END OF THIS SYSTEM. get the Corporate-Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical off this planet and leave Earth to the Indians and other indigenous peoples who know how to live life here in peace and harmony, at last.

  23. marc says:


      Chris Hedges says it all here. Nothing to add, nothing to say. I'm gonna keep my pie-hole shut for a good while to come. Good luck, friends.

    • Concerned says:

      Thanks for sharing. 

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Your words, observations, and completely honest straight up opinions will be missed marc.  I am sure that others here concur with that statement.  Take care friend.

    • Ron Marr says:

      Thank you for posting this, Chris Hedges, speech, Marc. They have run us through these moments of angst many times. They have created all of our wars the same, a puppet and a victim, to make profit. This includes the Revolutionary war and Civil war. This war, WW3 will be Nazi America against the Allies.  Nuclear weapons will be used to depopulate the planet. The Nazis' will be defeated again…for the NWO. The Vultures of commerce will sit up in high places to await the outcome. They, too, are only puppets…for them. They will add another fake reality to their history, in which, we may return to. There is never a future. There cannot be a future until we awaken and create it. We must reclaim our planet in some past life time or this one…now. Chris is right…they can only mimmick us in their fake reality. And we must stop participating, because our power starts from below and surges up, where they will learn to fear us and our innate love we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth. God Bless.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc and ALL my other friends I haven't met yet,

      First, marc, thank you for sharing that link. That speech by Mr Hedges was the best I have heard since the days of MLK. I watched Trumppets inoguration speech and lost interest in the first 3 minutes and turned it off. Believe me, I know what horse shit smells like and I know what it sounds like coming out. I'm not wired for political understanding, but I know enough to negotiate properly so as to "stop participating" in the key foundations that support the evils that enslave us. A big thank you to Chris Hedges for outlining many of my own thoughts, beliefs and convictions and stating them in a context that I can pass on to others. I am grateful to be able to listen to him. Mass awareness is our only way out of this mess we've gotten ourselves in. Mr Hedges has outline how to achieve it in this speech.

      "Truths weave together tightly and will withstand stress and pressure. Half truths and lies fall apart at the slightest bit of examination and disintegrate when under stress and pressure".

    • Dennie says:

      I see the handwriting on the wall.  It's been here for a very long time.  We are so fortunate that we have this great place to meet and let know what's happening in a group of like-minded people who listen, respond and act, all over this planet.  You do what you can.  Take the long view.  All of this sick paradigm is just not gonna change overnight, any more than the fall of any other empire.  Burning out your motor from spinning your wheels in overdrive while trying to get everyone else around you to move to change is a very real danger.
      Here are excerpts from Chris Hedges' speech that one William Robinson on the video commentary found to be exceptionally salient:
      "… it is an avalanche of absurdities. And this mendacity would be easier to repulse if the problem was solely embodied in Trump. But even in the face of rising despotism, the Democratic party and the liberal class refuses to denounce the corporate forces that eviscerated our democracy, impoverished the country, and created Trump…"
      "To recover our mental balance, we must respond to Trump as victims of trauma respond to abuse. We must build communities where we can find understanding and solidarity. We must allow ourselves to mourn. We must name the psychosis that afflicts us. We must carry out acts of civil disobedience and steadfast defiance to re empower others and ourselves. We must fend off the madness and engage in dialog based on truth, literacy, empathy, and reality. We must invest more time in activities such as finding solace in nature, or focusing on music, theater, literature, art, even worship– activities that hold the capacity for renewal and transcendence. This is the only way we will remain psychologically whole. Building an outer shell or attempting to hide will exacerbate our psychological distress and depression."
      I would heartily agree.

    • ron hall says:

      marc: I feel like I'm repeating myself when I thank you and remind you that you speak, essentially, for all of us. You inner essence comes from your writing. Your absence will be felt. Perhaps, you will return every now and then.  Thanks.

    • Dog says:

      "It is the Spirit that gives life; the flesh is useless"  – John 6:63

      "That which is, can never cease to be; that which is not will not exist. To see this truth of both is theirs who part essence from accident, substance from shadow.

      "Indestructible, Learn thou! the Life is, spreading life throughout all; It cannot anywhere, by any means, be anywise diminished, stayed, or changed.

      "Birthless and deathless and changeless remaineth the spirit forever; Death hath not touched it at all, dead though the house of it seems!" – Bhagavad Gita, Sir Edward Arnold's Translation, 1885


      Terrific lecture by Mr. Hedges, as always.

      Our own efforts, our compassion, our vision for a better future for all of us, individually and for humanity, reflects our essence, our choices,and how we view and live our lives. Our Spirits. Our Choices.

      If the triumph of this power play/ploy is what is in store, I choose not to accept it. Do they care? My choice may not prevail. All the more reason to act while there is still time. How can I do anything about it? Am I not dealing with "Reality"?

      Whether this life is all is a "One-Shot Deal" where there is no future existence of a person when they pass on, or if there is any continuity of any sort after life/death, all that we have are the choices that we make, now.

      The same goes for the people who are evidently advancing this creeping monstrosity.

      This is our choice, all of us. The statements in the video regarding, "When we resist, we are Victorious" oddly applies to both sides.

      When people choose non-violence, and they crush us with their weapons of death and deceit, who wins? We all die anyway (unless they have some magic potion that we don't know about)… in any case, Spirit is Reality, and death is an Illusion, according to the Scriptures quoted above, and also in all religious traditions worldwide.


      Check out that person that you knew, that used to wander around just like you, walk and talk just like you, loved or hated you, etc., that is suddenly wheeled into the church in a box, and is now "Inert"..a box that we put into the ground because they are no longer :Real"……..

      Beliefs. Choices. Actions.

      Unless and until we learn to accept and work and live with one another, our path is one of mutual destruction, which is antithetical to coexistence in our world as we understand it from a physical perspective. The choice is ours.



  24. Seeing Clearly says:

    A deceiving propaganda page says GMO's are confirmed safe (https://factsaboutgmos.org/) they say GMO's have been around for a long time 20 years, that's not very long and yet in the last 10 years of not longer we have already witnessed the epidemic of chronic illnesses rise faster than the diseases that are shrinking. GMO's allow for corruption, for example, aluminum and pesticide resistant crops, nutritionless vegetables and fruits that don't decompose to extend shelf life which cannot be digested as a result. GMO's are also very dangerous to our sense of reality we will not be able to accurately depict how polluted our soil and ground and rain is when we can still grow crops and I believe if this is not stopped we may have a situation where people will be genetically modifying themselves to live in a planet that will otherwise not support life or humans and this is depravity I have a problem with this. 

    People are inventing species that can live off our trash that we should not be leaving in the first place.

    It's not that we humans are becoming more advanced because now we can turn ourselves into robots and swim in radioactive lakes and live forever, it's that we failed to be able to clean up after our mess and live healthy lifestyles. It reminds me of the disability community suggesting we build more ramps for wheelchairs instead of figuring out how to make more people be able to walk or walk again. They love playing the card of diversity, tolerance and progress to justify the unjustifiable for example, if you are anti GMO your called anti-progress I was called that at least another example, if you want to cure people you're a bigot and your intolerant and your anti-diversity it's like robbing a bank and telling the authorities that we all have diverse ways to make a living and he should not arrest us because we need tolerance. I am aware that tolerance and diversity and acceptance has its place where it could do good however it's constantly used out of context to justify and get away with evil stuff and wrongful beliefs because there is an absolute truth at least that's what I believe as it makes the most sense.

  25. Michel B says:

    Well spoken, Dane. That was no rant. No rant would be adequate in expressing the extreme emotions that this situation conjures. This requires a TIRADE! This requires the righteous anger of the people, as you have previously put it. This needs the people to move to action and actually stop the planes from dumping, to stop the RF towers transmitting and the war drums beating.

    How much war can we take?! Those in power see everyone as the enemy. World citizens are also under attack as those in actual war zones. One is just more obvious than the other.

    We are going to have to start listing the actual people carrying this out. But not just the order followers, but the order givers too. There will be no possibility for Political Correctness when this list is compiled.

  26. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Dane discusses how the military, especially the Navy contaminates and poisons our oceans. I felt every bad everytime I had to dump large garbage bags full of rubbish, off the back of the Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger CV-61. I was ordered to do this for over 3 years. The very first time I did the dump I was very hesitant to do so! 


  27. Dennie says:

    Here's a copy of a letter I received yesterday from 350.org re the "People's Climate March" that's scheduled for April 29th:

    Dear Friends,

    Here on Capitol Hill the halls of power have been shaken by the resistance to Donald Trump’s terrifying agenda.

    And on April 29th these halls will shake again when the Peoples Climate March thunders through the streets in Washington DC. Over 100,000 people are saying they’ll attend in Washington and over 250 sister marches are planned across the country.

    We’ll need that energy because that same week Senator Bernie Sanders and I are launching the most ambitious piece of climate legislation Congress has ever seen — legislation that will completely phase out fossil fuels and transition our country to 100% clean renewable energy by 2050.

    This bill won’t go anywhere without you. This march is how we build momentum for 100% renewable energy for all and push back on Trump’s fossil fuel agenda. Congress won’t do their part until you do yours.

    Will you join us to take part in this historic moment?

    I wrote this legislation with my colleague Senator Bernie Sanders to help answer the call from millions of people like you who are demanding bold solutions to address the climate crisis. This legislation isn’t designed to solve the crisis on its own, but to put forward a clear way to end the primary driver of global warming: our addiction to fossil fuels.

    But it’s your voice, not ours, which will be the deciding factor in whether this vision becomes reality. If our colleagues in Congress see hundreds of thousands of people uniting around this vision, they’ll be much more likely to adopt it themselves.

    Sign up here to come to Washington, D.C. and help us launch this new vision for our country.

    When the people lead, politicians follow. Together, we can make the goal of phasing out fossil fuels by 2050 this generation’s moon shot: an inspiring vision that brings our nation together, instead of pulling us apart.

    I hope you’ll join me, Bernie Sanders, and hundreds of thousands of people in Washington this April 29th to shake the halls of power again, and begin the journey to 100% clean energy for all.


    Senator Jeff Merkley


    The Deal is that EVERYONE's getting on board with being off fossil fuels by 2050.  Toyota said back in 2014 that they would be making almost no gasoline powered engines by that time.  Problem is, what do we do with all the older cars that will still be around and need gasoline in order to run?  Convert to biodiesel?  I think you'd need a diesel engine to do that.

  28. Mike looking up says:

    Dane, God bless you on this Easter Sunday…… Ive learned much from you and other patriots. I have heard you say the power comes from the central banks, I agree. The question is this. If all Ive read is true and I believe it is, our true enemy comes from the money lenders. The Synagogue of Satan, a book written by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock explains it well. Stay strong sir, were behind you.

  29. Joseph L says:

    Wow do not ever apology for the rant. It is all good . I hope more new people come into the fight for the GREATER GOOD.  SO many dots to connect — Gmos , vaccinations, fracking, nuclear power, military medical industrial complex, geoengineering, CLIMATE ENGINEERING, SRM ALL needs to stop immediately.   I am sure  I left out some stuff— fluoride and chlorine in your water— Good idea to have a shower filter and water filter etc. 

  30. antonio says:

    Thank You Dane for sounding the alarm throughout the years.

    Trying to wake up friends by sending them to geoengineeringwatch.org

    and by pointing out the smoke trails whenever I see them.

    Have traveled to Ireland twice, Scotland, New York City & Upstate NY between December 2016 and April 2017, and I see the same patterns are being executed as the ones seen in my native state of California.

    The spraying is getting more intense, may peace be with us as we raise 

    hell! Does the Standard (American Flag) Need to Be Inverted yet?

  31. Tenderflower says:

    Thank you, Dane, for talking about the "cement like" chemsnow,  it is still in the deep woods here across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I wonder how many animals got their legs broken or injured when trying to walk on the stuff over the winter.  

    I was at an appointment last week when I mentioned geo-engineering to the secretary, she genuinely seemed surprised and asked plainly, "Why would they do that?"   I started laughing- the laugh of a crazy person I'm sure she thought- but I was actually laughing because I could not believe that there are still people who don't have a clue about what's going on or why it's happening.

    I told her- (after I regained my composure) "It's for two reasons off the top- the first is a smokescreen- to 'cool' the planet which it is not doing, but the real reason has to do with the military complex and how it communicates with it's submarines."  I told her there is a lot more going on concerning this issue but I left it at that since she was obviously already overloaded, and I gave her your website address and told her to start reading there.  She seemed interested and said she'd look into it, though I would be very surprised if she does since 99% of the world doesn't seem to care.

    I have to admit I am developing a sarcastic attitude towards those that choose to hide from the truth.   C'mon,  every single day there are streaks in the sky all over the world and above us.  And our weather is so out of whack now that only a fool would think this is 'normal'.  And the trees?  How can you not see that there is something seriously wrong when so many trees are dying or dead?

    Still, that being said, thank you Dane for all of your tireless efforts and I hope that you get some rest before the next podcast.  Meanwhile I will try to be less intolerant of the masses that have their heads in the sand.  Everyone needs to wake up before it's too late!

    • Dennie says:

      At this late late date it should be apparent that not everyone's going to wake up, and what would they do even if they did?  If it's about making changes happen, here's reality:  It does not take Every. Single. Last. Person. Alive. On. Earth to affect great change– we already know that, or should, by now.  There ARE examples of this– go look for them.

    • Michel B says:

      Tenderflower, I understand the frustration of trying to pass on info to incredulous ears, but we have to remember that at one point we did not know either. I was fortunate in that I had already started to learn about the real history of the world, especially the last two centuries, and so I was open to the awful discovery of Geoengineering. And even then I had an extended emotional reaction to that knowledge.

  32. Ed M. says:

    Went to an Easter Sunrise Church Service on the Beach, N. Myrtle Beach, SC, 6:30 AM.

    Disrespectfully, numerous Jets Spraying all over the Grand Strand area at sunrise.  Disgraceful!.  Can't even begin to communicate how angry I was during our community Easter Sunday Church Service.  Pure Evil and upsetting!.  Of all days, the Military Industrial Complex/United Nations can't take one day off on a very Special Sunday?  I apologize for my post on Easter Sunday.  I for one, very angry!   May God Bless our wonderful Citizens of America!    


    • Dennie says:

      Naaaaahhh, "they" no longer take Sundays off… all hands on deck working overtime now to save the planet, you know ;-).

    • Tim B says:

      Ed, it was the same here in Alabama, they always seem to start before the sunrises and go till 11 or so then come back in the mid afternoon.


  33. paul fowler says:

      Presidents Trump's "Secretary of Commerce " Wilbur Ross jr. worked for 24 years at "NM Rothschild & sons " , his specialty was bankruptcy.

    President Trumps  son in-law Jared Krushner and now senior advisor to the president,  is a "Harvard" grad and a life long Democrat (?) . His father Charles Krushner was convicted of tax evasion and witness tampering . The father and son team own many properties and now are making a deal with a Chinese investment firm to buy one of them , to avoid any conflict of interest with Jared's new position . The property in question is of coarse 666 , 5th avenue , across from the Rockefeller Centre. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I saw this on the net. "Things make ya go, hmm"……

      Like Jacque Fresco said, "this shits gotta stop!"

  34. I actually talked with two people today about the spraying without berating them. My information seemed well received by both. I gave each of them a flyer. I guess I will do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next until I am dead. Until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity. Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

  35. Shirley says:

    Thanks Dane. I tune in occasionally otherwise I feel I would become too distressed. Man generally is a moron and the biggest ones of all are running our countries. Is there any hope at all? Is there anything positive happening anywhere?  I talk about SRM – geoengineering all the time, put up yr flyers in parks etc  hoping someone will wake up. 

    Remember to take care of yourself, 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Shirley, thank you for your perseverance in this all important battle. About your questions of retaining hope, and anything positive happening, we must consider this, as the saying goes, sometimes it must get worse before it can get better. The masses will be forced to wake as the former paradigm collapses. In that window of time, there may be a chance for humanity to chance direction. There may be a chance for us to salvage what is yet left of our once thriving planet. This possibility is worth fighting for, it is worth dedicating ourselves to. And, we must also consider this, no matter what comes, solace exists in refusing to yield to the gathering storm. Our will belongs to each of us alone, it cannot be taken, it can only be given up. This, we must never do. My gratitude to you, Shirley, for your ongoing efforts, and the same thanks to all other activists and individuals that continue to march forward in this fight.

  36. Dennie says:

    Here's a sample of a letter you can circulate and get more to sign on in support of investigating Exxon's knowledge of global heating, what they knew, when they knew it and who covered up:


    Exxon has known for decades that burning fossil fuels causes climate change. Yet instead of acting on their own research, they misled shareholders and funded climate change denial. All the while, Exxon kept drilling and selling the product that they knew was driving the world closer to disaster.

    Several states have launched investigations into Exxon's deception, and as you can imagine, Exxon is fighting back with all they've got to derail these investigations. With such powerful foes, it takes resources and strong alliances to fight back.

    California has the resources to aid in the investigations, but so far Attorney General Xavier Becerra hasn't publicly committed to join. We need to change that.

    Tell Attorney General Becerra: Join the investigation into Exxon's possible climate fraud.

    That's why I signed a petition to Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General, which says:

    "Please join the investigation into Exxon's potential climate fraud. New York and Massachusetts Attorneys General are leading the effort to uncover what Exxon knew, and California has a unique opportunity to play a leading role in this effort. "

    Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:



  37. kathleen says:

    Another bittersweet talk that somehow buoys me, thanks Dane. Saturdays are becoming church-like, if that can be considered in a good way, i.e., wise guidance and compassionate urgency.

    Speaking of bittersweet, if anyone is among the many who have sugar "issues," may I suggest one of the countless health-related "summits": http://sweetfreedomsummit.com/ which is underway but may well have a final "replay" day for speakers you missed. Alternatively, here's a link to the speakers and their sites: http://sweetfreedomsummit.com/schedule/ and you can peruse at your leisure.

    FTR, I use coconut or date sugar on the few occasions I add sugar to something. Otherwise, I get my sugar from eating seasonal whole fresh fruit, dates, or frozen berries, and sometimes dried fruits and berries.

    As for the bitter part of bittersweet, I gently urge you to try some bitter greens, like arugula and dandelion. Start by finely mincing them and mixing with other greens in a salad or adding to soups, bean dishes, casseroles, omelettes, dips, salsas, smoothies, etc. 

    Read up on the value of bitter greens:  https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-13385/3-reasons-to-eat-bitter-greens-every-day.html

    In general, eating a wide variety of health-promoting foods tends to negate sugar cravings.

    Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you wonder-full souls who have provided so many valuable thoughts, insights, links, poetic gifts, and mere ramblings — YOU are making a difference in more lives than you will ever know! Namaste.


    • kathleen says:

      P.S. Caramelized onions and slow roasted carrots and beets also render much sugar. Both carrots and beets are quite sweet on their own, roasted or not. And have you tried jicama? It's sweet, too, and you can eat it raw, like carrots. Granted, none of these are sweet like ice cream or donuts, but you can train your taste buds to love the innate sweetness in whole foods. It takes time, but doesn't mean you can't ever have a slice/scoop of decadent [name your favorite sweet]. What it DOES mean is that, once you eat foods that your body craves (nutrient-dense), you won't want sugary junk, or at least will learn WHY, and make better choices. BTDT.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I agree– this weekly sermon is one that is much-needed and more than long-overdue in the public arena.  I do not much, if at all, hear our priests and ministers discussing man-induced "climate change" and the causes of the global heating driving it.  We hear "Feed my lambs," but as I said at one recent after-coffee-hour class on Basic Christianity at our St. Paul's Episcopal church,  there will be nothing for lambs to eat when the weather's so out of balance that plants won't grow.  I reminded people that the warming is now in a negative feedback loop reality and we are going to have to be very very creative very shortly in order to survive here.  At 104 degrees F., plants can't photosynthesize and we're undergoing artificial cool-downs with the ice-nucleation toxic chemical assaults.

  38. Dennie says:

    I signed a MoveOn.org petition tonight to have Xavier Becerra investigate Exxon for it's knowledge of global warming many years prior to where we are now.  Here's what I wrote:

    According to Guy McPherson, the "methane clathrate gun has been fired…"  We are likely in for a runaway heating scenario on Planet Earth.  We read eons ago that we will survive only at the "mercy of the Angels.." That would be the Corporate Scions who run the Earth currently, and right now they need to stop running our ship into the rocks and steer it away from harm but quickly.  Because when the environment is gone, THEY WILL GO TOO.  They must work OVERTIME to STOP the burning of fossil fuels adding to the greenhouse gas burden.  And "geoengineering" by S.A.G., S.A.I. and S.R.M. are NOT options, because we do too know that the toxic metal particulates are shredding the ozone layer, creating off-the-charts UVA, UVB and now UVC radiation here, and sickening everything on this planet.  Get informed– visit geoengineeringwatch.org!!!!

  39. Gail Gay says:

    I appreciate all that you do. You are an incredible person. I have a lot of respect for you. ❤️

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gail, thank you for your message, and for your support. For the record, I have the upmost respect and regard for every single activist and individual that is standing their ground in this all important battle. We all march together, as equals, completely commited to the fight for the greater good.

  40. Ramona Medicks says:

    Dear Mr. Wigington, thank you so much for all that you do. without you i would'nt know a 10th of what i know and understand now about geoengineering, and because more and more people are asking themselves what is going on on our sky, i can always direct them to your videoclips and your website, which IS so very credible , as YOU ARE. Thank you so much YOU ARE A GREAT MAN. ( at the moment i live in Ibiza, Spain, and the spraying is very bad, so the sky is always dimm , and more and more people take notice and have questions, and get angry,….will see where that leads.)  Thank you again for the real Information  each week on youtube, as well as on your Site. Warm Regards , Ramona Medicks

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ramon, thank you for your support in this battle, and for your report from Spain. My deepest gratitude to you and every other truly committed activist that is refusing to yield to the gathering storm.

  41. Ed Bee says:

    My heart goes out to you, Dane, after hearing the weariness in your voice, the same weariness so many of us feel. I have a question for you. Have you ever been in contact with Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show (freeing America one enslaved mind at a time)? I listen to him on You Tube. He spoke two weeks ago about Geoengineering patents and how the program causes droughts and famines, etc. His April 11 show is titled "Chemtrails Exponentially Increasing" and tells about how we are being poisoned and that the program is now being run 24/7/365, causing Autism, Alzheimer's, and poisoned water. I have noticed that since the election, there aren't any clear days anymore, not even one. And cancer keeps striking more and more of my friends and neighbors.

    • Dennie says:

      Does anyone have a link to the patents that show what's in the sprays?  I know those can and do change from season to season, but what's with putting strontium in the sprays?  Don't these idiot-children cooking up the witches' brews understand that strontium is taken up by the bones and creates diseases like multiple myeloma?  My colleague at work was diagnosed with this affliction a few years back, two years after the reactors blew at Fukushima.  It used to be a death sentence and eventually it will get her, but there's medication that prolongs your life and you can live as much as 15 years now if you get this type of cancer.  It costs $30k per month, so you'll need to have your medical insurance current if you want the medication should you receive a diagnosis.  My colleague got sick about two years after the big storm that blew into Northern California about five days after the reactors melted down at Fukushima.  Radionuclides were subsequently found and measured in samples of rainwater, mushrooms, cilantro, strawberries and milk by the Department of Nuclear Energy at the University of California, Berkeley, just days after the reactors blew.  There was a measurably greater rate of infant mortality and miscarriages in Northern California in the first quarter of 2011 than in years past. 

  42. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — The astounding subsidies to the oil industry are a real eye opener shock, showing how the elite take care of, fatten themselves. Thank you for this week's program – and thank you for sharing your experiences in the sacred forest. The sound of the trees cracking and breaking under the weight of the chemical ice nucleated snow was terrible, tragic. This was no rant, in my view, this came from your heart. You continue to amaze with your tireless efforts, adamantine determination and courage. You are an inspiration, a light in this darkening world, as the biosphere and the empire move ever closer to collapse. Soon we will have little left to doubt.

  43. TNGeowatch says:

    For the past three days. Extensive spraying. Trail after trail in the sky's. 
    Pushing 90 degrees in pm today. Over all temps are consistently being underreported in Tennessee. 
    We we need to collectively gear up for WW3. The end is now. 
    Our paradigm is ending. 

    • Dennie says:

      No, TN, "Their" paradigm is ending and ours is just beginning.  Whatever that will be depends on if, and what, script we choose write.

  44. lorenzo says:

    I am in the NYC area, Queens to be exact. We are seeing more spraying than usual the past week. I was birding in a park, that was in in line with the  migratory bird path this time of year.  Bird sightings are down again this year.  We know why.  I did pick up, with my binoculars, the two types of planes that were spraying very heavy that day.  One plane, silver metallic, emitting one double spray from its tail. The other plane much larger a dullish white was shooting out double aerosols from each wing.  Crosses and X patterns all over the sky. I immediately went home and took a double dose of my heavy metal detox pills!

  45. Christine says:

    Well said Dane , thank you so much for all your dedication and hardwork.  I totally agree , but people want to be asleep.  I have had to deal with so much persecution from my talking about this issue.  I am now no longer welcome in my fiances family because I am a "conspiracy theorist".  I suggest everyone here to go to http://www.getthetea.com.  This will definately help in the process of dealing with these toxic poison.  They bave a more sinaster plan regarding this while in the process of destroying everything in their path 

  46. ron hall says:

    Paul Craig Roberts: The U.S. has a government of MORONS!


    • Dennie says:

      @ron hall:  That's a mostly terrific commentary by Paul Craig Roberts. Too bad he hadn't spoken out sooner, like during the Reagan administration when he was working in the Treasury Dept.  Likely would have been very unpopular though.

  47. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hello Everyone.  Dane, had to put this up, the EPA is doing what it does best, which is not good for anyone.


    I so look forward to the results of this experiment.  Does it end well for the develpers and crafters of it all?  Insanity.

  48. izzy says:

    Oh boy. As the bad news just keeps piling up, and our collective march over the cliff accelerates, a strange sense of dissonance pervades daily activities now. No matter how dire it all becomes, the question still remains  – “What will it take to wake the masses?” 

    Whatever the reason, for most of my 70 years I have found myself to be in opposition to the trajectory of the popular status-quo, and always wanting things to be different ultimately leaves me on the outside looking in. I almost wish I could join in the feel-good trance, but I guess I’m just not built like that. At this late juncture, I find myself in accord with the Great Bard:

    “There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat.”

    In my opinion (and I’m just a tired old guy), the tide was in our favor during the 60s and 70s. We had a brief fling with sanity, but it didn’t last, and the intervening decades have been wasted powering ahead down the wrong road. I share Dane’s conviction we must never give up, as well as the idea that the journey and destination are the same. But that philosophy is also on a slightly esoteric level. The actual view from the ground, at this point, looks almost hopeless. It’s not unlike mourning a lost loved one. Sometimes the painful reality just cries out for acknowledgement.

    • Dog says:

      Great post Izzy! We ned words of wisdom – the brief moment of social awareness of the '60s and part of the 70's was squashed, INTENTIONALLY.

      Here's another part of the problem, below, follow the link in the article to the actual speech, it's a Tidal Wave of utter BS—————–


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      izzy, Wow, great comment! Thank you my friend I haven't met yet. Your perspective offered is one that needs to be addressed.

      "Acknowledgement", painful or not, it's what keeps us alive and gives us direction and purpose. Especially if you are always 'working' for the good of the many. The 60's and 70's went back to sleep and were assimilated into the "system". Myself, I can't believe how easy some of those 60's and 70's folks gave in. Now days they're all reliant on the system that they fought so hard to circumvent. Just sayin……

    • RJ Jamieson says:

      Izzy….I so totally concur. I see the dark hole approaching faster and faster. I am glad I am on the downside of the hill….but I feel awful for the children of our children. A revolution is needed but our kids don't have the stones.  When I attend protests, the majority are over 60…with the odd teenager or person in their 20s thrown in as a token. Dissonance at its best. :-(

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, the Boomers were all so young and idealistic back then, and then they got tired of shouting and marching, got married and wanted kids, so they went back to Haas or got their M.B.A.s down on The Farm or from Hahhh-vahd, dressed up in nice business suits, plunked down $$,$$$ for a Bee-Mer, drove back and forth to work so they could then plunk down another $$$,$$$ for a down payment for a house in the burbs and start the whole shebang all over again with their 2-point-something kids. Where does it end?

    • Louis says:

      I am totally disgusted with seeing these chemicals being sprayed everyday everywhere I travel coving our beautiful skies. This is such a crime and needs to be stopped and thee criminals proscecuted.

    • Louis says:

      I am totally disgusted with seeing these chemicals being sprayed everyday everywhere I travel coving our beautiful skies. This is such a crime and needs to be stopped and thee criminals prosecuted. I taking action to get involved to sound the alert with flyers and radio etc. Thankyou everyone for your efforts.

    • EyepilotX!!! says:

      Most excellent posting… so true! I am ashamed to admit I am part of "the most spoiled generation" growing up in the 70s and early 80s. I had no clue about most things until the early 2000s but through going to a restrictive "Catholick" school it engendered a sense of rebelliousness and the "spirit" of the 60s was still alive so I escaped a lot of programming of my peers… also being an artist and teacher I never joined the BMW business track of "success" like the most of others. I sense a big unset in the people; Drump was their last "hope"… they re starting to realize but the treadmill of debt/wage slavery and distractions keep them quiet… I remember a relief in the 80s when threats of nuclear war were being dealt with, now the neo-Kon/Neo-Libz just don't care… DOESN'T anyone get this… I am so sickened about the shit happening to Syria and the lame excuse to destroy N. Korea! SO MAD! I totally get the DEEP STATE. We live in Oceania for real!

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      With you on the 60's Izzy. But progress was made from the collective efforts of many. I can recall when Chicago and Pittsburgh were black from the smokestack emissions and all buildings were layered in soot that spewed- the skies the equivalent of the pipe to the river to take the 'nasties' away so more profit could be 'had'.

      WE forced change and the EPA ( now being gutted by Pruit) was created by the will of the people. Not the corporatists! And unless we push back, we'll be rolled for sure. The oligarchs have used their power and influence to gain a pretty strong foothold over the last 40-60 years but even they know that its a tenuous position and can collapse rapidly if the people turn against them. Things change! Keep in mind that these 'destroyers' have only risen to their current heights in the last 150 years or so and will be competing against humankind's traditions that have endured for much, much longer.

      And keep in mind and respect that others, many others, are fighting back on many fronts. Awareness of what's happening in the global skies ( and why its happening) IS gaining momentum but if people find 'that' too difficult to reconcile ( many do) try other angles to illustrate just how devious and insane the 'destroyers' have become in their quest to financial everything. They may succeed in the short term ( evidenced by what we see all around) but I'm convinced that the epoch of the 'destroyer is fast coming to an end for THEM;not everyone.

      Here's some info on what has been done to the Earth's  'seeds'- the foundation for humanity. Note: the fight will be on many fronts to protect this place for our descendants and to respect those that came before us. The Good v Evil battle has been raging for millennia and we would not have come this far unless one side fought harder. It's an imperfect world, that's for sure. But it's the only one we have!

      "Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind. SEED: The Untold Story follows passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000 year-old food legacy. In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds, farmers, scientists, lawyers, and indigenous seed keepers fight a David and Goliath battle to defend the future of our food."



  49. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Andrew, You're probably spot on!  They seemed to know what they want to know!  My country is having a moral compass dilemma, America and Normal Americans know their all on this out of control power struggle at the top. Our media has the same lies they tell on all news networks of the world of news. We (America) I hate to say we all know the lie, and we're trying to right the ship and Dane is one of many. But who to trust at the top, Clinton's, The Bush's and Obama as Dane said; We have very big problems, we just need more brave people to stand up, I see the up-rising around the world, the elites better take notice, more people are awakening.  This country has lost the compass, we need more, and we need it from everyone, tell everyone who doesn't know. They are controlling the foods, and everything we eat from every continent, and I thought that was a bad idea.  Now the air we breath, and that is pure evil, so, when do we all stand and be counted. When?? 

    • Chad says:

      April 17th through 20th  in Boise,  Idaho,  85th Western Winter Conference.  Please go crash their party. Take care and God bless. WW3 on brinks too. Its all collapsing. Soon the monetary system. Take care all.

  50. SilentSister says:

    "Groundhog Day at the Asylum". Perfect! Thank you for your time and energy spent to help wake us all up, get embracing the reality of now. We must all work on the inside, so we can come together on the outside! I found this particular broadcast very powerful. Will share! Today, my adult daughter told me people she knows are beginning to "believe" this is real. I told her 5G is going to wake everyone up who still chooses to live life on the hamster wheel. Thank you- keep up the amazing work! 

  51. judy west says:

    Even if we stopped the climate engineering, the GMO's, massive diseases, countries starving to death at our expense, and the constant threat of world wars will continue to be killing us off. So much insanity, so little time.

  52. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 161st email, titled 'And this week's "Event" was…'

    1.  There were at least 4 major military "events" this week – Trump should be called 'The Events Man".

    a. The US air strike that targeted an ISIS chemical weapon depot in Syria, killing hundreds of foreign fighters and civilians.  Now why did they do that? The US was definitely behind the supply of the chemicals to ISIS/ISIL and knew where the depot was, they also were involved in the supply of foreign terrorists and equipment…maybe they were concerned that any investigation would provide a conclusive link to prove that it was the same chemicals that were used in the earlier atrocity of killing kidnapped civilians and blaming it on Assad, or maybe the foreign fighters were becoming troublesome/wanting to go home/etc.  ISIL continues to use chemical attacks in Mosul (on civilians and Iraqi forces, and Iraqi forces continue to  find huge ISIL chemical depots in Mosul.

    b. The MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst) the was dropped on Afganistan, or was it a "beautiful" MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator)?

    c.  The US has field tested their latest B61-12 Gravity Nuclear Bomb.

    d.  North Korea is again under military threat from the US – @ 50 years ago, in living memory, the US carpet bombed and destroyed all their major towns and killed about a third of their population… 

    2.  Climate "Events" include: 

    20 million are closer to starvation within 6 months – or is it now 5 months?; 

    Indian heat wave continues; 

    March 2017 became the second hottest March for 137 years – with no El Nino and just 0.16ºC behind March 2016; 

    The Great Barrier Reef is bleaching/dying again; 

    Arctic Sea Ice Daily Volume and Extent continue at record low levels;

    There was extremely intensive chemical tropospheric spraying in the Arctic – they couldn't keep it hidden on Worldview. Now for a 'brutal' heat wave and high pressure system there next week.  

    3.  Notes to Self (week 14 of 104). The good news is that my Polytunnel is being very productive!  I know I will never be as prepared as I would like, but anything is better than nothing. Check Duct/Gaffa tape supplies. Review the excellent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fy0bT4FK9c although it will probably make little difference Trump stood down.

    "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self".  Ernest Hemingway

    • neil says:

      Andrew – your posts always make me smile despite the content… humour is an antidote, though not a cure… and supplies of duck tape are always good…

    • Dennie says:

      Cheery news for yet another Easter Sunday– Allelujia, Allelujia, Christ is risen, indeed!  We in Christendom have all been wondering for quite some time just when Kingdom would come, so now we here at last see the arctic sea ice disappearing faster than the Dodo bird, Fukushima radiation from four destroyed reactors that will bleed into Earth's ocean for centuries and the Great Barrier reef is finally dead… We have psychopathic war-pig kiddies playing with their war toys while the manufacturers send their kids off to tony private schools, laughing all the way to the bank– never mind their children will have no Earth, if they live long enough to grow up, their planet's now in a runaway-heat death spiral.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the White House is infested with something called Donald Trump… now look out for that mushroom cloud…

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