Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 16, 2016


Dane Wigington

The paradigm shift is well underway and advancing rapidly, how this shift fully unfolds is yet to be determined. Can we still make a difference in the equation? Yes, if we collectively focus on the fight, it is our combined efforts that could yet alter the overall outcome. Total economic collapse is inevitable and likely now very near. I have done my best to make clear many times in the past, financial collapse must follow biosphere collapse. More bad news from the seas, fish populations are crashing and fisheries are being shut down. The global die-off is exploding


Massive fish die-off on the California Coast

Unprecedented emergency financial meetings are taking place that include the attendance of the president of the United States. The endless money printing from central banks has only delayed the implosion that is coming. Ultimately this delay will only make the final impact much more catastrophic as the final remaining resources of the planet are ground up to keep the wheels of industrialized/militarized society moving. The latest installment of GeoengineeringWatch Global Alert News is below.

With the horizon darkening rapidly, how do we maintain the motivation to keep marching in the battle for the greater good? What examples has history given us of those who have shown profound strength and courage in the face of unimaginably impossible odds? We have the well known examples of men like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, and women like Helen Keller, but there are other less known examples that I have found uplifting in times of angst. I have always diligently searched for the inspirational accounts of those who refused to yield in spite of the seemingly insurmountable challenges. Challenges that most truly determine what life is about, and why we are here.  A Native American Olympic runner named Billy Mills ran for his people, not for himself. In one of the longest and most grueling events in the Olympic games, Mills made history in what is considered the greatest Olympic upset of all time. The movie "Running Brave" is the full account of Native American Billy Mills. Another incredibly inspirational account of total commitment to the greater good is portrayed by the film "In Pursuit Of Honor". Faced with an unimaginably defining moment in their lives, 5 US Calvary soldiers unite in an impossible effort to save 400 horses from being machine-gunned by the US military. We would all do well to consider what so many others have faced before us. The sacrifices and relentless tenacity that some have shown in the fight for the greater good. Now, at this moment in history, we all face the most profound challenges ever confronted by the human race and life on Earth. Challenges that have been self inflicted by those in our society who crave total power and control, and the "order followers" that carry out (or cooperate with) the insanity for a paycheck and a pension. Of all the converging catastrophes that are closing in on us, the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare assault is the most dire. "To thine own self be true", "We are the ones we have been waiting for". If we stand together, we can expose climate engineering. If we can expose it, we can stop it. Never give up, never yield to the collective insanity, make your voice heard while there is yet time.

The constant effort to sound the alarm on the climate engineering insanity continues, the latest billboard has gone up in Punta Gorda, FL, on US HWY 17, about 1.5 miles north of I-75, and visible going North towards Arcadia. My most sincere thanks to Maciej Kocialkowski for making this billboard happen. To read more about this billboard and to see more photos, click here.


106 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 16, 2016

  1. Dee says:

    What do you mean? JBeiber.

    What do you mean the Snowbirds are coming back to Canada after their nice relaxing vacation in Florida.

    Time to make more money and spray you down. Send that cold air from Canada to the USA and stream it to all the southern states.

    Create those devastating tornadoes and whatever they please.

    Don't you get it or did it just Fly over your Head?



  2. Pinky says:

    I have a friend that has been so sick that can't get out of bed for 4 days in a row. Their partner was the same a week before that. That is only two people. There are so many of them with this ChemCough and ChemFlu around that I can't count them all. Lung infections everywhere. People on rounds of antibiotics. It's like a pandemic.

    If Prince had this same Flu and they say he died from complications from it it, you can bet that there will be a rush of people to get a Flu Shot.

    Now I have heard about about staged deaths and have seen articles and videos on information pertaining to this. On one account I watched a Video on David Bowie and the guy explained it very convincingly without a doubt that this was the case. He said a lot of Actors and Singers when they want to finish their career that some of them stage their death to stay out of the limelight, not to mention these people probably have huge life insurance policy's.

    Don't get me wrong and say that is disgraceful to say about a person that is Dead. I am only quoting this information from what I have researched. It's almost like researching the Covert Geoengineering Project which is be kept secret in many ways. Just look at MSM. Most broadcasters won't even touch the subject.

    Anyhow it is always worth investigating things for yourself and make your own decisions.

    I will say again if these Singers and Actors are in fact dead, I wish that they are in a good place now and Peace be with them.

    Enjoy your day.  

  3. Anonymous says:

    I will say this once more……………
    Coma Toast People………
    That is what is is and what will be……..
    Truly a very unfortunate situation on hand here……
    I am very ambivalent about the whole thing…..
    I would really hope that Praying Helps……
    I only believe in one God…….
    That is within Myself…..
    So God help us……..
    Everyone here Pray to your God and Hope that it will change this situation in a 180……
    Back to Normal….
    What ever is Normal….

  4. Brandy says:

    When a Polar Bear has to swim for 9 days straight because of the massive ice melt you know darn well that there is something extremely wrong. Before you know it you will only be able to see them in a Zoo. Well that is what happens when people mess with the Climate.

    People who think that they know how to Scientifically Nucleate the weather to suit their own needs, are not thinking about the consequences that happen from their actions. If they are aware of this then it means that they don't care. Spare nothing in order to fulfill their own needs.

  5. Dane, thank you for highlighing Billy Mills. It is no surprise to me that you have an understanding of the Lakota People, and it did not amaze me at all when I heard you tell Sean of SGT Report this morning that "the Sacred Web of Life is threatened". You are the one white man in this world that does not amaze me anymore…from a white woman with similar understandings.

  6. Dane is right. No other fight comes first.  I have tried to expose who they are historically, but we have no further time for that. Now what matters is the most urgent action human kind has ever taken, together. There is no question that the evil doers of our world are about to cause the largest economic apaocalyse humanity has ever known, and lauch World War III, so this will make our fight all the harder. We must press on. Stand for our Mother Earth and for the Sacred Web of Life NOW !

  7. James says:

    Flooding in Texas. Rationing food in Japan. It just does not stop.

    Bubble is going to burst.

  8. rayross says:

    "How long can you hold your breath?"
    Dane –  You could learn and teach everyone in your sphere how to protect their health through proper breathing.  The method greatly reduces the intake of toxins in the air.

  9. Linda says:

    How about the ridiculous map of the U$A yesterday on the Weather Channel?  A sea of red heat all around a blue spot where they dumped the storm over the Rockies. That water was meant to fall over the Sierra and they did an outstanding job of keeping it from falling with their treatments.  I don't watch the WC but Dane mentioned about it's weather theater and that is what I saw, when I turned in. Fascinating in the worst possible way.

  10. Eccentric??? Or a brilliant author and researcher who has done his homework? The cards have been on the table for quite some time…

    New World War: Home Page

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Paul, I did read his home/opening page.  Not sure if I want to read more!  Yesterday, the 18th, I seemed okay, as okay as it gets for me.  But I saw the skies last evening.  Today, they are whited out and I can't seem to do anything of consequence and keep wanting to sleep.  And, I'm having double vision-WTH?  Huge effort to read anything.  Do anything.  I'm gonna guess you've read all this guy has written?  Worth it?  I don't trust much of anything anymore.  When I Can focus, I'll read more of Mark.  He certainly looks eccentric.  Have yet to find out if he is brilliant.

      On this New World War site home page, he mentions indirect harm via state or other agencies under guises.  California fits that bill in terms of our drought.  It turns out that there is an old boys network of water districting in the extreme which in one instance favored the growing of water intensive hay: 1.3 million acres of hay and grasses for animal feed, accounting for 7 million acre-feet of water, about 70% of total urban consumption yet yielding only 3% of total agriculture revenue.  One quarter of that is not used locally, but rather exported to foreign buyers!  In a drought!  So, functionally, we exported 1.5 million acre-feet of water!  Had hay been eliminated, the cost of importing hay from other parts of this country would not have cost much, would have left enough water for urban areas while still making an agriculture profit.  We have a byzantine system of 1,286 water districts of which 935 are independent-in some cases private business interests have been able to functionally purchase districts, most formed in the early years of the state.  And so again, the devil is in the details.  Yet these same details carry over to this year, despite rains and we have had Rains, regardless of what the map says.  Given these examples, I cannot begin to imagine the hurdles Dane's lawyers have to jump and "just so".  No details missed for that devil to take advantage.  My God but laws and their implementations are horrifically complex.  Not quite as "simple" as you make it sound.  Paper versus reality or something that passes for reality.

      Not to exhaust you, but given your health issues due to EMFs, ELFs, etc., the smart meter near where I sit here and against my will-and yes, I more or less do have to ask permission to live!-as a test of sorts I planted  two major plants right there.  A Bird of Paradise smack in front of, once tiny, and a Rhododendron to the left of that a bit.  The Bird of Paradise has grown huge with many blooms, many and in deep shade yet.  This year, Rhoda had her best year ever and one big branch of hers just stretches to the smart meter as if it wants to go there.  I'd thought this was a test of sorts way back when.  Would You expect harm to plants as well as people?  You would know, I'm guessing…..

      In any case, I hope you are doing okay, healing even, or is that too much to even hope for?  At least you are still posting.  This is now the 20th!  My brains feel back? and much to do-hey, I live in hope, and fail too!  But I do keep trying, I am stubborn.  You are too and that bodes well.  Best wishes, R 

  11. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    People need to stop being so complacent, about significant things that really matter. The data & facts are evident, about our fragile environment, these complacent people should starting caring immediately, and take the time to do their own investigations. Complacency & Tunnel Vision describe distaster, no one pays attention or keeps up with what is going on, then the violent panic switch is turned on, when an emergency and or hazard is occurring, when they could of been prevented, by people being on top of things on a regular basis.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      David, too true.  But, life does have a way of spinning one round. Next thing you know a chunk of time has passed.  And there are oh so many things to pay attention to!  Worse, most people have little understanding of the delicate web in which we live.  Some get the bits of it that affect them, but most take much for granted.  Many I know work all the time and have many family responsibilities.  Americans are known for getting too little sleep and too little down time.  Some people help with one aspect and then feel they've done their bit.  Some feel nothing they do will matter anyway.  Even if one is very conscientious, it takes a great deal of time to stay on top of things on a regular basis, especially if ill as many of us are.  Still, people do need prodding!  And preparation.

  12. BaneB says:

    When someone states they are going to build a weapon, describe the weapon, and provide the purpose for the weapon, one might say 'yeah,?sure, too fantastic, and I'll believe it when I see it.'

     The US Air Force stated in an official document back in the mid 1990s their goal was to control the weather by 2025.  Here we are in 2016.  The weather is obviously being manipulated to control it.  The weather weapon is a reality.  They are doing what they said they would do.

     One need look no further as to the controlling entity of the terrorism.  To achieve this stated goal other agencies and contributing universities and corporations are involved.  The list of affiliations is likely far more numerous than my surface perusal but surely the EPA, NASA, NOAA, Pentagon departments, contract corporations, some members of Congress, and corporate weather forecasters know this is going on.  The diabolical nature of this achievement cannot be overstated.

     I cannot say enough good about 1pacificredwood, and his daily meteorological analysis.  Today's startling expose features the artificial manipulation of the west coast, the Midwest, and the east coast weather.  It is such a screwed up mess the controllers have created.  Once the program is set in place it requires evermore manipulation just to maintain the juggle.  Frankly, my impression is the manipulators are close to losing control.  Indeed, the awful weather bashing Texas is IMO an example of this.  Once control is attempted on such a scale, those involved are required to forever play their game because to stop will bring about a natural retribution with global weather trying to find its original equilibrium.  ' He who rides the tiger dares not to dismount.'

     The Air Force is the leadership in this mess.  They have been installing state of the art powerful phased array microwave transmitters up and down California's coast over the past 7 years or so.  They have the secured bases with the runways and personnel to operate a 'covert' weather control program.  While other entities and aircraft are undoubtedly involved, one need look no further than to that which stated the program we observe.  That is the eye of the storm.

    • marc says:

      BaneB, yes, I find it nothing short of incredible the number of agencies and institutions who have and are contributing to the geoengineering effort in one form or another, all allegedly for what? Weather ownership? Really? What kind of psychotic f**khead thinks this is somehow ok and a worthy goal? 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB and mark too, hello.  To my mind, the airforce is the workhorse of this government agenda.  This agenda, besides being a wish list, is the brainchild of mad scientists.  Scientists are basically guns for hire.  They advertise via printed papers in journals, which, if lucky gains one work.  Peer review didn't used to exist.  But seemed like a good idea at first with so many competing ideas.  But then, at one point they became unknown persons and perhaps not peers at all, more like referees.  Another way for scientists to get hired is pre-printing for free via a thing called, which is free and used to be an open forum in which other scientists could see daily who was doing what-which could be of help to one's own work, and one could get feedback on one's own work. And, perhaps hired, funded to do more of one's own.  But our government handed this over to Cornell university and they began blacklisting not only authors of various studies, but even their ability to post, to preprint-which effectively leaves them in the dark, not to mention unemployed..  Respected scientists have, to their surprise, found themselves blacklisted with no redress.  None.  Cornell works hand in glove with the government and by these methods make certain no one else competes with the data they are told to put "out there".  This makes it virtually impossible for real criticism of current science efforts as we know them.  Impossible to get a fair peer review, much less from one's peers.  Impossible to even pre-print one's ideas and get feedback or get anywhere at all.  HUGE mistake to put this all in the hands of Cornell and Cornell only.

      So, I posit it goes like this.  The government has an agenda for whatever reasons.  It then seeks out scientists who will support their agenda, shape it and give it teeth.  Then, the industrial complex funds the science for that agenda.  And good freakin' luck trying to go against it! or  even posting an argument no matter how reasonable to the contrary.  Like engineers, the scientists bend the truth to get paid and to make it work.  As it stands now, Cornell has the monopoly on science and that is just wrong.  There would be much more known and argued if not for them.  Something needs to be done with Cornell.  Talk about too big to fail!

      The EPA did not always exist and has been a sham since it came into being for obvious reasons as in the above.  Same for NOAA.  An illusion of protection.  To control us, not to control harm, but us!  And the military gets whatever it wants.  As does industry, especially bad industry.  the rest can whistle Dixie.  They have us waxed into a very tight corner indeed!  And again, we are the 20th least free nation.  

  13. Kathy Burns says:

    Weathermaker update from KOMO  and so we advance further into the engineered climate abyss. This sad reality unfolding at the speed of light makes a easier case in presenting the facts to the unaware. No time left to hesitate.


    Monday, 4:50 a.m.

    Just another July day across Western Washington! No, not really – but it's going to feel like summer across much of the area as highs reach the low 80s today.

    • Dennie says:

      It felt just like July in the San Francisco Bay Area today– WHY do we need heat in the 80s on April 17th?  Don't the Military F*CKS notice?? DON'T THOSE TOY SOLDIERS CARE– ???  I'd like an actual RESPONSE from one of you military f**ks, and not someone coming here posing like they are.

  14. Eyes Open says:

    Dane mentioned repeatedly in his videos about the Commercials on TV advertising drugs for respiratory issues. This is very true.

    Prince just had to make an emergency landing with his private jet.

    Apparently he has been having problems with the Flu for about a month just like a large number of others that have it also.

    Is this the so called Chemtrail Flu?

    When you look up in the sky and see those white trails from the aircraft dispersal, that spread out to a milky haze and make it misty and foggy like then one can only assume the answer is:


  15. Eyes Open says:

    I'm surprised that no one mentioned the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador. 

    I'm not sure but what I understand Haarp, Gwen, Cell Towers, NEXRAD and what ever else may be the cause.

    Talking about the Trees Dying and Foliage Dying. One comment pointed out about fight for shortage of food. 

    The pieces of the puzzle are coming together quickly to those that know. 

    Other people that are out there playing Golf and what not and cannot see the haze from the Slow Kill Program might as well stay in a Daze.

    People can't figure out why everyone is getting this so called Persistant Flu. 

    Persistent Contrails and Persistent Contrails go hand and hand, just like Fungas and Cancer. 

    Just have to look at the trees with all the Fungus. We are deeply in trouble.

    Just go to Disney Land with the rest of the Flock and pretend nothing is wrong.

    Yes those planes are flying lower and slower. 

    It makes me wonder why most do not question WTF is going on especially when you point it out to them.

    They will when the Fighting begins. 

    • Dennie says:

       A long-time friend and colleague has been dodging me and canceling any social meetings almost every time we've made one, even a simple short one, for the past two years– some friend, huh?  Today she wrote another terse, annoyed/harried-sounding note-let in answer to my proposal to meet for a bowl of soup, in which she said she didn't like "negativity…" and that her life is every bit as hard as mine.  Well, after all, she's married– to a former military "brat," who once hijacked a phone call I made to her one evening and then hogged the whole thing because he really just wanted to argue about the existence of chem trails and who would be doing this– no wonder she said what she said about her life being hard, with a husband like that, she's in for a very tough life.  So we won't be meeting tomorrow for my birthday.  It's tough to say goodbye but if someone's really that uncomfortable discussing current events and other trivial topics like reality, I have to wonder.  With friends like this you might as well not have any friends. 

  16. JoyFounder says:

    I am a regular contributor of reviews on a popular travel website.  Today while double checking some reviews I had written I came across a review I wrote in September 2015 about the Albuquerque Tramway ride up Sandia Crest to Sandia Peak.  The good news: they PUBLISHED it!  I honestly didn't think they would post it.  Thought I'd share it with all of you.  While re-reading it I fought back the tears.  GeoEngineering makes me physically, emotionally AND spiritually grieve for our world.  As Dane so eloquently states it is THE most important issue to our survival.

    "GeoEngineering Destroys A Once Spectacular Experience"

    '20 years ago I would have rated this attraction a 10! We lived in Albuquerque 22 years ago and would make time every chance we could to ride this Tramway. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Each season was more beautiful and breathtaking than the other.
    So of course our first opportunity this visit to wonderful Albuquerque (September 2015) was to beeline it to our beloved Tramway. The employees were still fun and friendly, our guide up Sandia Crest was funny and informative.
    But this visit was different. My heart broke looking out over Albuquerque as we climbed higher and higher. Much to my disgust and horror as far as my eyes could see was GeoEngineering, white milky heavy metals (aluminum, barium) deposited by military aircraft covering the once breathtaking Land of Enchantment. No more big, blue sky country but instead artificial cloud cover, white blankets of garbage covering Albuquerque and beyond. I can't recommend the ride because what one sees is not real sky, it's depressing and makes me very angry. Seeing Albuquerque this year was like seeing your high school heartthrob-crush star quarterback at a 40 year reunion, bald and bedraggled from life. The honeymoon's over Albuquerque. It was great while it lasted!

    I guess if a person doesn't know any better and sees Albuquerque for the first time it won't be as disheartening. But you'll never know how beautiful it really could have been.

    Visited September 2015


    • Ed Bee says:

      My cousin lived up on those mountains above Albuquerque and I have been on the tramway lots of times. It was truly spectacular. I always planned to move to the state of New Mexico with its incredible blue skies and culture and eagerly expected each new monthly copy of New Mexico magazine. I was heartbroken, too, when that dream faded after receiving copy after copy with photos of chemtrailed and dreary skies, with hazily obscured mountain views. My subscription has now run out, as has my hope of ever enjoying the beauty of the Southwest as it was again.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joy, WOW.  I'm impressed.  Both by how well expressed, and that it got published!  Just excellent!  Kudos!

  17. Thunderhead says:

    Dane, long time follower here. I've given out many DVD copies of What/Why In The World Are they Spraying as have my friends. Regarding the motive for geoengineering, I as do my friends think it's purpose is a weapon and the tree and species die-offs are intentional. What we believe happening is population and cultural landscape engineering under the guise of geoengineering.

    Just so you know the tree die-off in New York, Connecticut and the remaining New England states is massive. Fallen and dying trees are being cut back from many major highways. Likewise, fallen and dying trees are being cleared from homeowners properties everywhere. Dead and dying trees are especially noticeable in slow moving and shallow waters including reservoirs.

    Regarding motives, if you look at it from the perspective they want species die-offs via air-borne spraying the perps are well on their way to succeeding, which make me believe this is indeed a goal. The only real question here is if WE are included in that goal or do the perps merely wish to control who gets food that government will provide in this disaster-capitalism scenario? Or, does government want us to fight each other over food?

    Keep up the great work, Dane and crew.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Thunderhead”, thank you for marching with us in this battle. There is much more to the equation, starting with methane release in the Arctic (being made far worse overall by the climate engineering insanity). FYI link attached, this presentation is long, but the most complete.

    • Thunderhead says:

      In the below video it is illustrated that the 'solution' is intentionally worse than the problem which is bad enough. Better to poison us. Pointed out is that Corexit is 10x more toxic than the spilled oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Just like the oil spill, looks like "global warming" due to C02 (official story) is being used as an excuse to cleanse the planet of humans via aerosol dispersals known as Solar Radiation Management. Funny how 'Professor' David Keith says on TV (Stephen Colbert) and in his book that he wants to spray sulfur and yet in the California pro-geoengineering conference he discusses spraying millions of tons of highly toxic aluminum. 

      Beware Beltane – BP, Population Reduction and the End of an Age

      By the way, we should watch out for April 19th and the 20th.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thunderhead, Hi.  Myself, I'm impressed that that Keith person and the IPCC came up with the phrase Climate Change.  My God but that has worked well.  When people see screwed up skies and bizarre weather, they think Climate Change, not geoengineering.  One carpet to sweep it all under and then? David Keith to the rescue with weather modification?!  Bastard for hire, gun for hire.  Funny how he looks as tricky as he is.  I think that these modelers did not think this ALL the way through, which is very human, we all do that.  But who of us would dare play games with our environment, our skies, the rivers in our skies?  Who in their right mind would fight Climate Change with fleets of aircraft flying round the clock?  It makes no sense at all.  Who would put even more crap in the skies?  Again, makes no sense.  The science is about as bright as this whited out sky.

  18. Ashleigh says:

    I can feel your energy Dane, you are an amazingly beautiful soul. Thank you so much for everything you do, always sending you love and good energy.  I love the song at the end too:)

  19. mike says:


    Well we had a fantastic couple days here in southern Ontario. Saturday they were spraying but not leaving any trail. I know they were spraying because there were 7 i counted all spread out and were going back and fourth all day long. I have pics and vids. Today they were spraying and leaving huge trails. There were 4 i counted 2 heavy tankers(HUGE trails) and 2 mid i guess, there was a thin line behind 2. Anyway there is a mist to the air, has anyone noticed this? I know what it is of course but most don't. And does anyone else see the low flying plane ether 20 mins before spraying or during? It goes real slow at low altitude. My thoughts are this a weather data collection plane and supervisor? They collect weather data and direct the planes where to spray and check the pilots work? And does anyone else notice that there spraying at lower altitudes? Just wondering if anyone else is noticing these things? Have a great night.  

    • Von Droid says:


      im just over the border in Buffalo.  Good points.  Yes, the air is absolutely loaded with particulate matter and aerosols that give the sky and hazy look even though it's fairly blue and without the persistent trails.  Saturday and most of Sunday there were few persistent trails being laid, with the majority of trails dissipating quickly behind the jets.  the question then becomes, do the jets have both aerosol dispersal systems AND chemicals in the fuel for the geoengineering program?  Given what we know about the high bypass jet engine and common sense – seeing other planes at same altitude emitting nothing – it has to be concluded that the short bright trails are not water vapor contrails as it might appear.  The massive, persistent trails are definitely aerosol dispersal systems, though.  I've been paying attention when I fly and they definitely steer the weather with these chemtrail patches because they sure as hell aren't spraying the persistent ones everywhere all the time.  I flew through the chemtrail cloud system they created for "winter storm Jonas" – how stupid it is we have to now call a snowstorm a winter storm – and the sky was microwaved all up and down the northeast coast as it usually is (consult nada worldview daily to see this, the entire northeast is usually zapped) and then the massive lingering plumes began appearing in the Virginias.  It was an isolated patch and the air traffic was out of control around it.  

      As to the low flying planes, it really could be anyone so you would have to do a little research on and  In the states, we do have low flying surveillance planes and helicopters manned by the fbi and DHS and both are surely outfitted with cell-site simulator technology.  I've covered these issues on my blog which can be found by clicking my username.

      if anything, it seems these programs mostly take place in the 30-45k altitude range, haven't seen Much below 30.  

      Lastly, I just wanted to not a feeling I've had lately.  I'm surrounded by people who are totally incapable of recognizing any truth like what the hell is going on in the sky?  I'm talking across the board denial.  And the thing is, I've tried convincing friends of mine, people I respect, and they still don't even have the balls to either research it or look into it or believe it.  And trust me they aren't doing anything better with their time.  I mean I even asked one of my friends if he was compelled by anything I was talking about as I showed him photos and analysis of weather data and he just flat out said no.  And I've probably chewed his ear off about this stuff since July, but he's still content to not even verify the existence of this sky anomaly.  He knows every sports star in the book and watches a couple hours of tv daily I would imagine but isn't compelled by this.  Mind you, these people are also helplessly naive about 9/11.  It goes hand in hand I guess.  

      Regardless, we need an audience that isn't composed of the helpless public.  We need to address people that have authority, power, money, position, whatever it may be.  We need all the help we can get and the public looks at everything like an entertainment spectacle and few people are exhibiting the courage it takes to stand up for a unifying goal.  So much propaganda and low level political bickering, right vs left, I'm sick of it.

      maybe it's just my neurotic feeling of not doing enough.  Hats off the the geo legal team, the people in Rhode Island legislature, others who testified at the epa hearing, and countless others.  I'm going to see what more I can do locally, like organize film screenings of dane's films.  Thanks, take care all.

  20. Ed Bee says:

    Everyone here in Wisconsin has been thrilled with the weather the past few days. The forecasters called for clear skies, then sunny, then mostly sunny. But every day we had the same bluish-white skies with lots of criss-crossing white lines being dispersed by planes. Today is warm, everybody is enjoying the outdoors, and there is an air quality alert for ozone. No one seems concerned or wonders why we should have such a thing out in the country. And the white so-called "fog" is present every day. I asked my best friend, an avid golfer and outdoors lover the other day to look up and tell me what he could see overhead. He said "nothing". I pointed out the white sky and crossed lines. He then responded, "so what?" I just don't get how even highly intelligent people, as I know he is, can not comprehend or question what is going on. I was outside for a couple hours that day and had a bloody nose that evening. I feel really drained most of the time these days. I eat mostly good food and supplement, but the constant assault on my body, I feel, is taking its toll. Thanks to all of you who contribute to this site for sharing your feelings and tips during this unprecedented war against humanity.

    • JoyFounder says:

      The constant trails are taking their toll on me and my family physically as well.  I can feel them before I see their evidence in the skies.  My body swollen with Inflamation is becoming chronic.  I want to go outside and walk but I stay indoors with the air purifiers on.  My husband and I were just talking about the fact that we can no longer sit outside in our patio like we used to years ago.  I always looked forward to breakfast outside and watch the activity at our bird feeders & bird baths.  Now I watch from the kitchen window.  As soon as I spend any amount of time outside I manifest flu like symptoms.  If it weren't for acupuncture I would be sick all the time. 

      My intelligent friends think I'm crazy when I talk about the trails.  They can't believe people would be sinister enough to GeoEngineer.  They trust their government and FOX news.  They don't realize that there is global warming, just not from cow flatulence or humans breathing.  Our earth heating up is from man, just not us.  They think the only form of global warming is what Al Gore talks about > there can't possibly be another method of heating the earth they exclaim.

      Everyone's body responds differently to each therapy.  Some see results from exercise, chelation, some supplement, etc.  I have always tried to take lots of high quality supplements but what really gave me an edge was acupuncture along with Chinese herbs.  I have a very weak immune system in good conditions and with GeoEngineering I was losing the battle always getting sick and bed ridden.  Acupuncture has changed all that.  I still deal with chronic inflamation BUT when I start getting flu symptoms I have learned which herbs work against the toxins from the trails.  It has saved me > I still can't go outside a lot but I am well enough now to meet daily commitments and function somewhat normally, not spending days in bed with sinus infections.  I still battle fatigue but manage to get through the day now without naps.  I'm never 100% but through trial and error I have learned what my body responds to.  It's a constant battle I wish we didn't have to deal with.  Life would be so different without these monsters destroying God's creation.

      God bless.

  21. Mary says:

    Check out this video "How Geoengineering works" at the end of this Slate article!

    It concludes there is no other choice but to proceed with geoengineering if we are to meet the requirements of the Paris summit. I wonder who was behind it?

  22. DrDignity says:

    Hello Everyone! Thanks for your radio hour, Dane, as  I look very forward to them. We have had a two day respite from the overhead desecration of our azure skies above Palm Springs.  While getting a coffee last week during an abnormally terrifying spray day, I noticed ash colored bits on my black coffee lid.  For a few moments there was a flurry of small bits where I was sitting.  Nobody noticed! The Desert Sun's forecast page now includes the word "Hazy" to describe our frequent grey skies.  Why not just say "goengineered hazy?"

    • SD says:

      Yes, little spray activity over SoCal past two days, mostly due to air show @ March AFB. Chemtrail jockeys either hiding in hangers or participating in some low level fly overs for the crowd.

      Meanwhile, in CO another major engineered blizzard . . . in April . . . SCHEDULED to move NORTH? tomorrow.  Unbelievable.

    • JF says:

      They were spraying early today (April 19) after a few days off. Was great to see blue skies, even if only a few days. Yeah was nice and clear for the air show at March AFB (I went, it was great).

      One thing i have noticed is that even on days in were the temp is in the 70's and 80's, the sun seems a lot hotter then it used to be. Seems so to me anyway.

      Has anyone else noticed this?

  23. Eyes Open says:

    It will be like Africa there soon. Hot and No Water. 

    Save the water that comes out of your AirConditioner's. 

    Believe Me You.


     Comments from my friend in Japan:

    Yes, I see chemtrails some times, and they are still spraying around many regions in Japan. (the chemtrail photos in various regions are uploaded in Japaneses websites):
    In my nearby area, I've never found chemtrail powder around. Right now, we see pollen powder around, so it may be possible that the thin chemtrail powder and the pollens are mixed. Many people are wearing masks now, because many are allergic,and becoming newly allergic to pollens. But those pollens may be polluted by chemtrails, or simply air pollution, or by radioactive pollution from Fukushima. So far, I am not allergic, but I do feel uncomfortable when I go outside because I get the dusty feel in my eyes and the nostrils.

    I don't think average Japanese talk about chemtrails, because I think it's not on TV broadcast or major newspapers or magazines. They don't know or care about them. My father, mother and younger sister probably don't know about it. I think I talked to them about it before, but they're not interested. … To the people accessing spiritual or conspiracy related websites, or books, it is common sense. Well, in Tokyo region, probably, chemtrail is not so much a problem. If people want to be attentive to air pollution, their focus goes first to radioactive pollution from Fukushima.

    ●radio active pollution

    Thank you for ENENews site link. We are globally exporting the pollution via sea water, which is unseeable but fatal. Japanese are really accumulating bad karma… I know several persons who have the simple technology, and even demonstrated sucessfully going to the hazardous place in Fukushima to neutralize the pollution. They even measured hard core scientific data as proof.Some are very cheap, easy to use, requires less training to execute. I have met some of them in person. We have the methods already in hand. The problem is not in the technologies, but in the people (and the mind within).

    Well, it seems we might still have to experience heavy wakeup signals. The earthquake EQ now still continuing in  Kyushuu region is those kind of signal, it seems. We are still not determined yet to fully deactivate the nuclear power plants in Japan. Let's see how public opinion will change in a few days….. It's the shepherd-herding mind structure, that's the root problem, so providing good shepherds or educating the sheeps,it seems not enough to overcome those sorts of problem. We have to change that king-slave mind structure…

  25. Marc says:

    I woke up today and thought "Can this really be happening?" Can a gargantuan, well-coordinated global network of jets equipped with high-tech pressurized tanks of poison really be systematically releasing their death-dealing blows to our beautiful planet? What kind of mind thought this up? As I sit here in my overstuffed chair with my innocent cat on my lap reflecting on all of this, I could never in ten thousand years conceive of such an idea as this. Is what we are seeing simply science run amok? What gets me is that somewhere along the chain of command there is a consciousness behind this program. An actual cadre of conscious human beings who are knowingly and quite intentionally following through on their plans. Make no mistake about it. This consciousness, whatever the fuck it is, KNOWS and MONITORS the effects in the environment and in human and animal populations. They absolutely KNOW their agenda is murdering life on Earth. And yet, they carry on with relentless precision and unwavering intent. It is clear they will not be deterred from accomplishing their goals, whatever they may be. This is an impossible situation. 

      I gazed skyward yesterday to find a cloudless sky sprinkled here and there with the maddeningly slow advance of perhaps 6, 7, or 8 jets all defecating white lines across the heavens and pointed in all directions, as if to say to us ground-based morons: "F**k You, we're gonna do whatever the f**k we want to up here, so go f**k yourself and hug a tree if it makes you feel better." Even if all these sorties are remotely controlled without human pilots, it doesn't matter. There still exists a consciousness somewhere who sits at the controls of these vile machines. I often wonder just exactly WHAT is being told to the "order followers" who are part and parcel of this monstrous undertaking. How is the act of spraying deadly toxic poisonous materials over densely populated regions being framed? Is it being defined as an absolute though imperfect necessity to save all of mankind? Or am I naive to think that multitudes of order followers are even given any explanation whatsoever? We're not talking abject idiots here. Those who are carrying out every facet of this program, including those who command the devastating HAARP arrays all over the planet, are not idiots. Is it really plausible that they are following such heinous orders from their superior officers without even the slightest glimmer of original, common-sensical thought that maybe, just maybe, what they are doing can't possibly be good for the health and well-being of billions? Are these guys (and gals) sheer automatons? Cyborgs, even? 

      I ask again, can this really be happening? The answer, of course, is yes. But I swear on a stack of bibles I'll never, ever comprehend how the allegiance of so many has been secured in the effort to spread so much suffering and mayhem and disease and destruction. What might this say about we as a species? May God help us all.

    • Dennie says:

      It doesn't matter at all how the actual spraying is done, or by whom– drone operators would be doing the exact same Evil-Spirited Order-Following at the bidding of The Decider-Order Crafters just as surely as pilots at in-board controls.  Anything else anyone anywhere wants to say on the subject is simply wasting time and energy, which, when done deliberately is also a definition of dis-information as an aspect psychological operations, wielding b.s. stalling distraction tactics as a weapon in, actually, psychological warfare efforts. 

      WHO IS DOING THIS and WHERE DO WE FIND THEM (HOW do we reach them?) were my thoughts as I watched the sky turn from blue to a mish-mashed haze of silvers, grays, browns, oranges and pinks heading west near sunset yesterday.  Then came nightfall, and with it, CHEM FALL– that's when what got sprayed up there during the day falls after it gets to a certain cooler temp at night.  That's when the crap descends to earth and the air quality is always worse, even in your house, sometimes most especially in the house, at night.  The stuff they sprayed right over the S.F. Bay Area yesterday was mostly clear– uh-oh, ice nucleation!  I slept fitfully and started feeling really bad, burbling stomach, gun pains, feeling hot and cold, nausea, dry mouth and a stiff-ish neck, like paralyzed, and racing heart– I thought for sure the somewhat past-prime-time milk I drank around 10 was the problem, so around 3:30 this morning when I drove myself towards the ER at the San Rafael Kaiser facility, I realized it was CHEMICAL POISONING.  It was COLDER than hell– I started feeling much better with the heat on in the car.  Fearing that they'd just call the men in the white coats, claiming (yet again) that I am "delusional along Axis 1" (never mind it takes 8 hours of testing to come up with a definitive diagnosis), and fearing the $250 ER visit Obama-Care (translated: BONE to the insurance companies) co-pay, I went back home to check my own temp– 96.6– I was actually freezing; I'D BEEN ICE-NUCLEATED, yet again!!!  God help me, there is NO ONE around when this happens and they'd just sleep right on through if they figured out what's going on with me– like they even cared.

      There's one guy around my age at church who I mentioned this to today– turns out he knows exactly what I'm talking about and I can use terms like SAG and SRM and weaponized weather warfare and not get stared at while backing away from me like I'm some kind of new and really dangerous threat to society– what a relief, at last, a little of God's Grace!  Now, if I can only find all the places where my house continues to leak, letting air crap inside, and PLUG THEM UP, maybe I can come back in here again full-time with confidence in feeling comfortable or enough so, so as not have to think about trying to find a place that doesn't leak and have to sell my house to get there.  We all need to pray, as a habit, whenever you're not thinking of something else.  Please pray for my house.  I am praying for everyone who comes here.

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Marc, compared to the numbers they are controlling/affecting, it is a small number required to carry out these programs. For sure subsidiary and supporting industries bolster the numbers of those required to get things going, but they have had 70 years or so to work on things and work they have.

      Unlike the rest of us, they really plan well and carry out those plans. They get off their arses and get things done. They don't dilly dally or quibble, they have clear goals, the plans to get the goals achieved and always procure the means to do so. They stick to a timetable and a checkpoint system and are constantly reviewing what they do and what they yet want to do. There is a whole planet to control and that won't happen by dreaming about it.

      Yep, they are serious. All the while, the rest of us are barely anything like that except perhaps in the small details of our lives. Our awareness is buried under a minutiae of daily duties, work and trivialities. Of course it needn't be. If most just turned the TV off for a short while, did some homework and developed some critical acumen, then the nature of the general populations' consciousness would greatly change.

      So, The Powers That Be (TPTB) and The Rest Of Us (TROU) are vastly different in the way we live. Yes, we think we live properly, looking after our own backyards, caring for our families, friends and neighbours and just enjoying life in that humble way. But they (them) think their way is the best, though they know it is not the right way. Hence they do it as secretly as possible. They know their way is wrong but they just don't care.

      I really think one horrible truth is that if they were stopped they wouldn't particularly care about that either. They would feel some disappointment, but would then chortingly start to scheme on something else. You see, they suffer inexplicable boredom. Even the things they like to do only bring a very short lived thrill. They hope that the grandest plans of controlling a whole planet will provide some type of fulfillment. This is their motivation. It is that simple. But it won't work out like that. They might achieve it and then still feel that profound emptiness and ensuing boredom. They are not conscious of this at all of course.

      I see this all in the sociopaths that I have on the fringe of my life. They are all typically deep as a puddle. They are driven by only base motivations – money, sex and power. They have badly affected plenty of lives and show absolutely no remorse. They are typically narcissistic, poor communicators and display no conscience. But they fit into our general society as business men, university staff, government department employees, tradesmen, have partners and families and are to be numbered amongst my former friends. Some are related to me.

      Are they 'cyborgs' as you ask? In a way, yes, but just by being crippled in their amygdalae.

    • Margaret says:

      "But I swear on a stack of bibles I'll never, ever comprehend how the allegiance of so many has been secured in the effort to spread so much suffering and mayhem and disease and destruction. What might this say about we as a species?"  Like you, there are other aware people who are frustrated.  There are a couple of answers to your specific statement about allegiance of so many — through lies, fear, and lack of knowledge.  What does this say about humans as a species?  Lies, fear, and lack of knowledge have been present through know recorded human history; however, truth, love, and wisdom have also been present.  This moment in time is a critical point in history for all life forms on Earth.  Hopefully, wisdom will prevail, and those actually making the climate engineering decision will be smart enough to realize the method being used is not only not working but making global warming worse.  

    • maciej kocialkowski says:

      Hello Marc, I like (if it is even appropriate to say "like" in this context) the way you think. And I just want to let you know, you're not alone. I suffer psychologically on the ongoing basis, just thinking how far things have gone of the track, with vast majority not even knowing, and worse, not wanting to know. I wish I had some words of cancelation, but I don't. Your final conclusion is also that of mine: The population who does not care about their own home planet and their own health, are they even worth saving?  

    • ron says:

      Marc: Great piece by you! 

      I have been studying Psychopathy and its characteristics.  It is estimated that there is one real Psychopath for every 100 to 200 humans—-mostly male, btw.  Therein lies a good part of the answer to what has now reached a key threshold of world chaos and biosphere destruction pushed by  secret elite madness! One of the key dynamics of a true psychopath is they cannot empathize or feel kindness.  They have been around for millennia. Rome was loaded with them.  Our mad Military/Hydrocarbon/neocon- shaded government is swarming with them! They like secrecy, lying constantly, and power. They do not care about the rest of us!  This is CRUCIAL to understand.   They absolutely want CHAOS as government policy and are obsessed with the US/Israel running the new world order. At least 5-6 billion of us must die or be turned into serfs.

      So Dane's point: Do we fold or do we do what we can in earnest, no matter the odds??

    • Sir Chasm says:

      Hope it's not too late for this to help anyone: spraying in western WA, biological materials.

      Marc, and everyone else, see if you can wrap your minds around the possibility of this much evil:  top Japanese officials linked to cults with an Armageddon plan – written by a guy who was heavily involved himself for years – and how it relates to Fukushima (and now Kyushu).

  26. Linda says:

    Yes, in this week where we name a day to think and act for the earth…"Earth Day",  we need to own the fact that "We are the ones we've been waiting for"  It seems so heady and narcissistic, but here we are and we must do something everyday to advance the knowledge of the assault on the planet and every living thing on the planet. What could be more important? Do not turn away. Act. 

    Print some material and hand it out this week at any Earth Day event, at the office or at an intersection where you can quickly reach people. 21 million people have accessed this site and together we can make a difference! "Look Up" and "Speak Up". ……….ACT!!!!   

    • Dennie says:

      Waiting for your real, true self to manifest, the you that is intact and not in a state of denial, means it takes time to outgrow that baby-ish narcissism, roll up your sleeves and get going on the hard work only real adults can do. 

      What I hear:

      "I have finally come out of my denials and avoidance of my responsibility and I am ready to own what I have been pushing away from myself and do differently now."  That's the task of every individual in pursuit of their potential.  We don't measure growth that way here, though.  Reading all the cultural signposts, most, it seems, just could not care less about personal growth and go with the flow that says staying "young," including immature, is somehow more prized–?

    • Dawnski says:

      My 18 year old son today working in his Bee Conservation pollinator garden for his senior project, " Look Mom. A Quad  Four trails from that one plane. That's new". . .train up a child to Look UP. We shake our heads on a daily basis. I just might wear a geoengineeringwatch T-shirt to his graduation ceremony!!!

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Dawnski, I have two Geowatch T-shirts. I wear one of them everyday at work. They are wearing thin, but the message is still clear. I say do it! You might as well carry a stack of flyers too. Never Give Up!!!

  27. D Mabie says:

    Question,is organic labeling a farse because of all the toxic spraying?

    • D Mabie — "is organic labeling a farce because of all the toxic spraying?"  Yes, in a way – and no, because I still notice a big difference. Say if I eat non-organic asparagus, my body reacts to the poison chemical pesticides. I feel weakened. With organic asparagus, I'm fine. The same is experienced with any meat that may have hormones, antibiotics, factory-farmed suffering, you name it. So I am still going to eat 'organic' because at least it may not have GMO, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc. – even though it may be saturated with the aluminum, barium, sulfides, strontium, nano-stuff, etc. I am breathing everyday. It's the best I can do. And I feel the difference.

  28. Bram says:

    I have read 2 books written by Andrew Wakefield: Callous Disregard and Waging War on the autistic child. He is a man of absolute integrity.

    Most people are blindly following the vaccine-dogma. I once believed this dogma until I began educating myself. Once you fully know the truth about vaccines you will never freely let yourself or your children be vaccinated. It's as simple as that.

    The people with these destructive agendas could not go very far, if we humans were all educated and self-aware. We really need to delve into our own psyche and come face to face with our own (hidden) destructiveness. And trust in our God that we can be forgiven, without condoning our evil.

    When we collectively start doing this most needed selfsearch I'm convinced we can create a beautiful world to live in. Imagine….

    Thanks for your site Dane!

  29. Eyes Open says:

    I meant most people are Dead that come into contact with Corexit at the BP oil spill.

    I was just outside watching the Sun come up in the east. It is so easy to see the jets spewing out the chemtrail trying to block the sun. I don't see how people can't see this. 

    Its so obvious and it happens everyday.

    What do people think?

    That the jets are just taking people to their vacation destination or its just routine training for the Air Force. Then the little planes will start flying back and forth. The spouses of who fly these little planes must be pretty dumb to what is going on. If not then they are aware of it and don't care if they are being poisoned.

    If that's the case they probably say to their spouse pilot:

    Oh I don't care Honey just buy me that new Car and Diamond Ring I want. You only live once right.

    I guess that's how these Phyco's think.


  30. Eyes Open says:

    I remember trying to tell people about the BP oil spill and how it was deliberate, from the research information that I came across. I tried to tell people about the corexit that was being used and how it would affect everything in that are in the area. 

    No one listened and when I told them about Chemtrails they did not listen.

    I told them about 9/11 and they did not listen.

    Most of them still are not listening.

    I know 2 people that go to Florida for 3 months during the winter months.

    I told the girl and she said that she didn't believe in Chemtrails.

    The guy said the sky looked normal to him and said I was full of shit.

    I don't know what it looks like in Florida, but surely someone there will clue these non believers to the fact of the program.

    Maybe not though.

    Some people stand defiant even when they find the truth because they don't want to lose Face.

    Those signs that are posted on the Highway should catch the eyes of some. The fish die offs are something. 

    I read that most of the people that worked on the BP oil spill are read from working with the corexit.

    The Culling of the Herd is moving faster everyday.

    Who's next on the chopping block?

  31. leo derosia says:

    There was a lot of toxic spraying er condensation trails crisscrossing and going up and down over central nh yesterday.

  32. Wayne says:

    Wow….. it has been at least a year since the sky in Southern California has looked normal, very windy, but true blue sky and very few jets, this evening I could actually breathe and I counted only five jets in four hours versus a jet every five minutes, the night sky was absolutely spectacular, my energy level was high and I felt normal again, what a feeling.

    Folks this needs to stop , please contribute to the legal fund, unfortunately words and links to endless articles about collapse of planet earth won’t accomplish a thing accept anxiety, depression and confusion, dollars are the  only solution, welcome to the United States.

  33. Rachel Robson says:

    I just saw the weirdest thing.  Sitting here, eating my evening soup, the cement-faintly green-apartment building that ate the sun-Japanese-its "non conforming wall close by out my window, suddenly yellow-well, like brush strokes of paint and wide as a brush.  In an uneven way but even a bit on the white frame of the window there and still the same yellow, a light but strong yellow and flat, looking as if laying flat on the surface.  Like people do when they are testing potential paint for a house.  I thought what? when? why? who?-it was really confusing.  Then I realized the part on the window frame was the same color on the East side of frame itself-east—we are talking sunset here.  So I look west and the sun looks like a runny yellow egg-deep golden yellow-setting, then I noticed that the house across the street had a yellow sort of design like the yellow I was seeing exactly but totally facing east.  Further more it was protected by two overhanging eves.  WTF?  So I look East from bathroom window and sure enough, there is a big yellow cloud.  With some "normal" sky hacking around it.  Disappeared off apartment wall first by bits, then minutes later off house across street by degrees.  Now that yellow cloud-Big-is a smaller bright punk pink one surrounded with mauve.  WTH? I mean what is this that is brighter than the sun?  We normally get afternoon glow that photographers and painters love.  The most magical evenings, a warm golden glow.  Not sporadic mustard yellow paint like stuff of a different origin FROM THE EAST! At about 7:30 PM!  What can this be?  To leave this then fade, but not from the sun?  I am gobsmacked.  Please, someone, explain!  Oh cripes! I was so amazed I forgot to photograph it!  Damn!

    • Rachel Robson — Sulphur? A cloud of intense sulphides?

      Zinc Sulfide and Barium Sulfate in my driveway!
      Barium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfide, Zinc Selenide – color chart:

      Wiki Sulphides: Metal derivatives
      Aqueous solutions of transition metals cations react with sulfide sources (H2S, NaHS, Na2S) to precipitate solid sulfides. Such inorganic sulfides typically have very low solubility in water, and many are related to minerals with the same composition (see below). One famous example is the bright yellow species CdS or "cadmium yellow". The black tarnish formed on sterling silver is Ag2S. Such species are sometimes referred to as salts. In fact, the bonding in transition metal sulfides is highly covalent, which gives rise to their semiconductor properties, which in turn is related to the deep colors. Several have practical applications as pigments, in solar cells, and as catalysts. Aspergillus niger plays a role in the solubilization of heavy metal sulfides.
      Corrosion induced by sulfide
      Dissolved free sulfides (H2S, HS− and S2−) are very aggressive species for the corrosion of many metals such as steel, stainless steel, and copper. Sulfides present in aqueous solution are responsible for stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of steel, and is also known as sulfide stress cracking.


  34. Irene Parousis says:

    Although they sprayed all day long yesterday today was relatively clear, but when I went out I could barely breath because the atmosphere is so dry, this is really scary.  All the people who sacrificed their lives for humanity to awaken and now nature itself, will they really wake up or was all this in vain?  I want to believe not.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, it's miserable here in San Rafael, CA– temps in the mid-70s on April 17, pushing 80.  Hot and humid and still tonight, I'm sure we're on the "warm side" of the weather front that just went through bringing rain, but not really enough to give everything a drink. 

      I don't know how anyone's going to survive this, if we truly are facing a run-away global warming of the Venus Syndrome type.  Between the increasing hot weather and the failure of the economic system, I am extremely frightened.  We have news that the IMF met to announce that we'll be seeing a drop in economic growth but what else could possibly happen?  How about a stable state economy where people actually have enough, and enough does not mean three times more than you, unless you are three times in number than me.  As it is, with such a drop in private student enrollment I do not know how I'm going to be able to meet my financial obligations next month, or even this month.  I'm studying for a real estate sales license but who is going to be able to buy in such an overpriced area in the future, and what are they going to get?  Answer is, probably plenty, but inventory's low.  There are quite a few Chinese coming into CA with large cash positions, and their bubble's bursting now too.  We're all "built out" in Marin County, unless we do the "stack 'n' pack" thing along freeway corridors and rail lines that Ass'n of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) wants to come in and impose on us all, in order for our counties to receive federal funds (blackmail).  Then there is the matter of fact about water in California– will we have only as much as The Deciders tell the Order Followers to give us?  WHO ARE THE PEOPLE IN CONTROL OF OUR EASTERN PACIFIC WEATHER?  NORAD?  CENTCOM?  I hold these individuals as well as the mad scientists who've cooked up the spraying programs to be the ones directly accountable.  We need hackers who will name names and expose the fothermuckers by name and location for all to see– after all, cockroaches and rats rarely like to see the light of day.

    • Irene Parousis — There is no doubt in my mind that planet earth is in for a very bad time. Many will die, maybe most. It may be comparable to the the 14th Century, which Barbara Tuchman wrote about in her 1987 book 'A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century.' From the amazon review: “In this sweeping historical narrative, Barbara Tuchman writes of the cataclysmic 14th century, when the energies of medieval Europe were devoted to fighting internecine wars and warding off the plague. Some medieval thinkers viewed these disasters as divine punishment for mortal wrongs… Tuchman looks into such events as the Hundred Years War, the collapse of the medieval church, and the rise of various heresies, pogroms, and other events that caused medieval Europeans to wonder what they had done to deserve such horrors.”
      We will see plagues from epidemic malnutrition, starvation, wars, massive migrations of desperate hopeless people, and a heartless savagery unimaginable to our recent civilized era. Earth goes through these catastrophic periodic cycles – and I have believed for a long time now that that this is the end of one such cycle of time. What is coming will force each of us to confront the demons within and to make the choice between Love and decency or a brutal survival. It is a time of Trial. Those who have unshakable Faith, a deep connection to God – in whatever manner they resonate with – will live to see a new dawn, one way or another. This is only the beginning of the great cleansing. Just as the gardener must clear out the field for the next planting, so we are looking into the mirror of time and the consequences of our choices. Our destructive, rather sick, selfish and adolescent western culture has contaminated the planet – entraining, indoctrinating the thoughts of innocents with an obsession for domination, power and greed. We as a culture have abused technology, and behaved, acted with an unconscious selfish often ruthless superiority. I say this as well for myself!  Now is the time to purify, to cultivate unconditional Love, personal fortitude, and individual Faith in the Divine forces that weave all of Life together, to realize our Interconnection beyond Time, and in humility, find respect for one another. No matter what comes, we are facing the Abyss – in a World that remains without End.

    • Dennie says:

      We had a really weird sunset last night– sky was just loaded with toxic crap from all-day spraying, much of it the dreaded invisible stuff.  I was sick with chemical poisoning last night.  Outside there was a smell, and taste, of burned plastic– the shit that they blew into the sky yesterday afternoon we were all breathing by 10 p.m. or so and it smelled like burning plastic outside around 1 a.m.  It tasted like burnt plastic around 3 a.m. THEY GOTTA BE STOPPED- Damn!

  35. Tombola says:

    Thank you for your cutting edge, reality radio show outlining what we really needed to know 40 years ago. We went to the Murray River region 3 hours north of Melbourne to enjoy some golf and time out last week and the spraying above us was the worst i have ever seen anywhere in Australia. Planes were flying above our heads in circles. 
    Every one around us looked up in amazement. I tried to point out that the trails could not be vapour at such low altitude and someone said that the plane was in a holding pattern and dumping fuel. I laughed at the comment. How can people deny what they see with there own eyes.
    Funny that in last week's show you mentioned Sam Popovski, he is actually a family friend and i am trying to catch up with him as he is always busy to have a chat.
    All the best.

  36. Rachel Robson says:

    BaneB, Hi.  Our weather guy said a possibility of rain next week but nothing big.  Odd how we in Berkeley went wind chill freezing to Hot so fast.  Roaring winds that scared my daughter and she's been around here 40 years.  One of our beloved hens died yesterday.  No apparent reason.

    This morning by surprise to me, on my Comcast short video news feed there was a guy from the weather service apparently standing on tundra saying how hot it is up in Alaska and north, how hot the seas, and the ice all gone.  Then, he gestured to the snow and earth patches of ground and said: the methane is right there.  end of clip

    So?  they are telling us? 

    • BaneB says:

      They report on the symptoms but not the causes.  Except to say its climate change.  There is nothing about the who, what, why, and how.  Nothing that would empower the masses to demand a cessation of the geoengineering programs contributing to the meltdown.  Jets were doing loops over my area yesterday.  For all I know they went as far as the East Bay, turned around and headed north out over the eastern Pacific.  Most of the jets used the latest version of 'stealth.'  The aerosol trails are comprised of two parallel tracks that do not mix together and form the monstrous sky consuming mix.  Rather they disappear relatively quickly leaving no visibly discernible grunge to identify their crime.  Its a recent tactic and suggests another type of aerosol ingredient is being dumped on us.  My ears (such as my diminished hearing is) are attuned to the sound of a jet, any jet that passes over here.  Automatically I look up because I realize these sky-terrorists are a threat to my health and survival.  I see the program for what it is, when they spray and how they operate their flight paths.  As you are aware most city people are numb to the many sounds affronting them and automatically tune it out.  Jet noise is generally ignored.  

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, that's what we saw here, jets streaking south out in the west and jets streaking north further inland.  Most likely the same ones you saw.  Ukiah is only 100 miles north of San Rafael, a hop, skip and a jump for something that moves 200+ mph.

  37. Dave says:

    Beautiful blue skies in my part of Michigan today with just a fraction of the usual SRM daily spraying. Just had to spend a good portion of the day enjoying gazing up to the way skies used to be, what a blessing and how refreshing, how long it will last, who knows. Haven't yet listened to the weekly Global Alert News, but wanted to second Susans eloquent description of Dane’s relentless efforts get the truth to the people. We can only honor his work by pledging to carry on daily to inform and become better informed about this evil.God bless as we take seriously the scripture "the people are destroyed for lack of knowledge".

  38. Emmie says:

    FYI : There is massive spraying happening today ( April 16, 2016 ) all across upstate New York in the area of Albany, N.Y.(the state capital). The sky is covered in checkerboards and it is not stopping! I cannot even see the sky just planes going back and forth nonstop! I photographed this event. All grass in my area is patchy, brown and dying. Animals are disappearing. We never have butterflies or ladybugs anymore. Bees are extremely rare. Please record this for your research! Do not know who to contact or how to hide from this toxic vapor misting on us! My car is always covered in a whitefish film not pollen as would be expected this time of year. Am very disturbed, this is now nonstop. Why???

    • Holly decker says:

      Yes , I was also in Albany yesterday and observed many chemtrails. Seems like things are really ramping up. Some trails that spread out and last and some thinner that don't spread as much. It's infuriating and I keep commenting on them and the people I'm  with think I'm crazy! 

  39. Adsm Coleman says:

    I'm afraid that the sad fact remains that as Mark Twain (I think) said, it is easier to deceive people than to convince people that they have been deceived and in telling truth to people for well over a dozen years now, I find that the most adamant of truth deniers are those who have been warned again and again about the truth but refuse even more when the evidence is all the more overwhelming. Why is that? Is it because they fear being wrong and they fear the "I told you so or I tried to tell you" fact that they were wrong? I have a friend who owned a body shop and when you deal with restructuring steel on a daily basis and have to use a cutting torch in many cases to do it, it totally baffles me that even now, he is still convinced that physics itself, picked up the fon on 911 a little after 0800 and called in sick with a hangover or some other excuse. I guess after 1730 rolled around and physics saw all the heavy lifting it should have been there to protect US ALL, it finally decided it better come in after all. I suppose the same logic would come into play with my gas grille, cookware and fireplace grate which I cannot trust anymore if I am to believe the world's greatest work of fiction on the Official 911 C(O)mission Report. 911 WAS THEE CATALYST to allow ignorance in abundance to be sofa king overwhelming and the blinded planet to continue to refuse to see what is happening right before their eyes if only their heads were not beneath the sand. Pathetic ignorance to all the Evil, Inc. agenda and as you say, "wait and see" and they will. You and I are both 53 DW and both know what is happening is almost beyond the hiding and I applaud your efforts. I too show people every day and even total strangers I show and I point when it happens to be daylight to show and some pay attention and a few do not give a rat's ass about it as long as they can make it home to watch the Pro-Pagan-DUH tube and all the BS it tells them to keep them distracted. Again, I applaud your efforts and your ability to continue, however, I feel you and I both know that to see 2022 come around with our 60th years within reach, will not happen without CRITICAL MASS waking up before another politicriminal gets the illuniNODi

  40. Rodster says:

    First time i’ve heard it snowed at 45 degrees. I had no idea that was even scientifically possible.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rodster, with chemical ice nucleation processes, it is now common to see the high temperature snows.

    • Dan G. says:

      Wish I new how to send pics . Last yr chem snow hit Murrieta Ca 1200 ft elev wiped out lots of oaks . Temps  hi 40s didn't melt for full week . People all happy snow! Snow! . It  was ominous . Ok need to get flyers I'm in good spot by Seven Feathers lots of travelers God bless all 

    • donna ford says:

      Rodster, yesterday the 16th it snowed in the mountains just north of ABQ,NM at 7:30 AM it was 45 degrees at the time…WTF

      40 years here and this is for sure NEW

  41. francis m reps says:

    All life is finite.  All entities are finite.   Friends…, nation,and even the world we live in is finite and does have a certain time period before it's existence ends.  As human beings we also have an infinite aspect to our being.  That aspect is our dedication to truth…goodness…charity, and the absolute principle that our  primary obligations to our fellow  human beings and life around us must be by actions on our part to enhance and help all that we come into contact with.  In the face of this ongoing assault on life on this planet as well as the planet itself ; we must do all we can to push back against forces that attempt to negate life itself.  The world may be temporary….but goodness and truth is immortal….Our immortality lies in being a part of fighting against entities that do harm.  When we are gone…the principle still stands.

  42. TNGeowatch says:

    The melt down is on!
    Crazy how they state without Geoengineering?
    I am trying to grasp this runaway greenhouse event. 
    My life is going to witness great change. 
    God be with us all! 

  43. Greg O. says:

    All of the moisture that skipped over CA hit here in southwest Colorado.  One to two feet of chemical snow; two to four feet west of Denver.  Three months of rain in a few days in the Midwest.  Weather modification as normal.  Every aspect of the environment, economy, and corporate politics are colliding/merging into the perfect nightmare storm.  Let's hold onto our bonnets; the cellular bi-products are hitting the whirling blades.  Thanks Dane for standing true in this mess.  We are all here and ready to rally around the crap.  Critical mass is closer to reality, as bleak as it is.

  44. TNGeowatch says:

    I really wonder if all these earthquakes a reduce to two things?
    1. Ice melt increasing the oceans causing more weight on the tectonic plates. As melt increases so will increased earthquakes. 
    2. HAARP and other frequency technologies?
    either way if an 8.0 hits in a civilized area with a nuke plant not good!

  45. Ron Marr says:

    We already know that there is enough evidence to arrest the entire Bush administration and its CFR keepers for 9/11. If they are bringing in the Saudis to blame for 9/11 it can only be a detraction away from the currency collapse; to hide blame from the nefarious bankers who have no allegiance to any nation, constitution or to humanity. They cannot implement their NWO until America is destroyed.

  46. Dane — Thank you for an inspiring and fact packed GW Alert News. For me and I believe thousands like me, the sound-waves of your voice carry the frequencies of Truth and are a welcomed refuge from the Sea of Lies. In sincere humility, I remain grateful to you for your warrior's courage and unrelenting determination. Fifteen years! God made you for this – there's no doubt in my mind about that. I am honored to be a part of your intelligent understanding and wisdom that brings Light into this sadly corrupted world. Being around you has uplifted me. I'm sure many feel the same. God Bless you and your sweet family.

  47. SortingHat says:

    I think a lock down might be a good thing in the long run since the web is so far down the garbage chute that things will have a chance to clean up.

    The web is now a giant censorship/commercial ad experience all paid by big corporations. If they feel the internet is too far gone for their monies then the lock down will happen and that might be a good thing giving the web a chance to be truly cleaned.

  48. As you may know Australia 'solved' their refugee problem by creating an island ‘camp’ in Micronesia in the Central Pacific. Again I urge you to read the book “The Camp of Saints” because when the biosphere collapses as it must, we will see desperate migrations of apocalyptic numbers and the heart of darkness as human reaction.
    Nauru: A “Processing Centre” and Detention Camp for Refugees to Australia
    By Dr. Binoy Kampmark / Global Research, April 16, 2016
     …the point is no less awful. Nauru has ceased being a country, a state of any worth. It has assumed value as only one thing: a (non)processing centre for asylum seekers and refugees Australia does not want. A camp designed for criminalising rather than exempting; for condemning rather than assessing, has become the cruellest exemplar of modern treatment and disposition to the refugee. The result of animalising humans has predictable outcomes. Disturbance and desperation is sowed. In June 2015, news emerged from the Nauru detention centre of “suicide pacts” made by various individuals. According to Natasha Blucher, a social worker engaged at the centre, “There was a single adult female… there was a group of teenage girls, there was a group of fathers, there was a group of mothers.” Along with fellow social worker, Michelle Groeneveld, reports were made about conditions of profound dehumanisation. Inmates, noted Blucher, tended to be identified by their boat IDs. In other cases, a grotesque over-familiarity was exhibited by camp guards keen for sexual quarry and congress. “They would say things like, ‘hey baby, come and sit on my knee’.” The overall strategy in this environment, argues Blucher, is one of conscious cruelty, one of not wanting to extend the hand of comfort. … Such ruptures in life are not seen as the torturous circumstances of privatised security, rapacious guards, and Australian governments keen to reduce humanity to refuse that just might turn suicidal. Suicide, attempted or otherwise, remains one of the last frontiers of human freedom.

    From 2012: Living conditions in the Australian refugee camp on the Pacific island of Nauru are "appalling," and "unacceptable," says Amnesty International. The rights group spent three days on the tiny island nation, speaking to many of the 387 asylum seekers. “The situation on Nauru is unacceptable," said Amnesty's refugee expert Dr. Graham Thom. "The unlawful and arbitrary detention of these men in such destitute conditions is cruel, inhuman and degrading." …"As soon as they saw us, scores of asylum seekers gathered at the perimeter fence, raised their arms as if manacled, and began chanting lines including ''We want freedom', 'Don't make us crazy', 'We want justice' and 'Don't kill refugees.'"

    • TNGeowatch — Thank you for this link. I have been wondering when this was going to surface.

      The People Are Dying: Evacuate the Gulf Now!
      Dave Hodges
      … Scientists at The University of Southern Mississippi and Tulane University have found oil in the post-larvae of blue crabs entering coastal marshes along the Gulf Coast signaling that oil may be entering estuarine food chains. Dr. Perry observed that "I have never seen anything like this." Larvae are at the bottom of the food chain. Lesser life forms, are consumed by life forms which are higher on the food chain and the toxic effects of the Corexit will bioaccumulate throughout the food chain. This conclusion echoed the findings of lab samples taken by scientists at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab shows oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster has made its way into the Gulf food chain as well. These particular scientists have found signs of an oil-and-dispersant mix under the shells of tiny blue crab larvae in the Gulf of Mexico which is a clear indication that the unprecedented use of dispersants in the BP oil spill has broken up the oil into toxic droplets so tiny that they have easily entered the food chain. These studies and other similar studies remain unchallenged by the authorities with regard to methodology and results. In short, the Obama administration is choosing to ignore these credible scientists by simply repeating the mantra that "all is well" in the Gulf of Mexico.
      Potential Effects on Life Span in the Gulf
      Kim Anderson's Oregon State University (OSU) researchers, from the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, began a test-retest comparative analysis for the carcinogenic contaminant polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and its biodegradable partner, OPAHs, which appears after the application of Corexit and subsequent exposure to ultraviolet rays. Stunningly, the OSU researchers found a 40 fold increase in these carcinogenic compounds in the comparative test-retest period. The OSU findings replicate the conclusions of Mace Barron et al regarding the toxicity of Corexit and its use in the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The Exxon Valdez oil spill and subsequent clean-up activities provides the only case study in the history of the United States involving significant exposure to the types of toxins discussed in this article as the result of an oil spill. Interestingly, Anderson's Oregon State University's original data went missing forcing the research team to begin again. It is clear that somebody did not want this data to reach the public.
      Findings, related to the longevity of the Exxon Valdez clean-up workers, are very disturbing as the collective lifespan statistics, for the Corexit exposed cleanup crews, revealed that the average life expectancy is a mere 51 years of age and nearly all of the Exxon Valdez clean-up workers are dead. These findings can leave little doubt that BP's use of Corexit has seriously compromised the collective life span of Gulf Coast residents. I can draw no other conclusion than to state that the events in the Gulf, to date, constitute a slow-burn genocidal event in which, depending on the age at first  exposure to the Corexit, the oil and the resulting methane concentrations, will see life spans in the impacted areas decline by as much as 25-50% with regard to longevity based upon the life-span figures from the Exxon Valdez clean-up workers. I believe that based upon the data, it is reasonable to assume that within one short generation, the life expectancy of the Gulf will rival the worst of the third world.

  49. joe says:

    Thanks for saying that Geo Engineering makes Global Warming "exponentially", and "much, much" worse. This is the main, main thing that people have to know, so that they never accept Geo Engineering.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joe. Yes, climate engineering is worsening the overall warming of the biosphere, but it is imperative to remember that there are countless forms anthropogenic damage to the planet and the climate. This being said, let’s keep our focus on exposing and halting climate engineering.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Joe, I think I know what you are saying.  People are so very linear in their thinking, binary too.  Not caught up to the multi-dimensional realities of physics as in synergy and exponentially.  Most people don't/can't hear those words, don't get it.  Instead they view everything unfolding in a linear way which gives a sense of time, more time which is false.  The more people understand the exponential and synergistic effects in our environment-what is in it all, how it all is manipulated and becomes something we could not envision, the one question would be what can we do?  Can anything be done?  The answer is yes.  Stop geoengineering!  Now!!  We can't control Anything else.  Anything.  This One thing we Can.  It is our One shot.  Our only hope.  It Costs Nothing to do.  Immediately saves tons of money.  And manpower better spent in shoring up infrastructure against the coming tides of whatever.  Stop not only the spraying, but all manipulation of our environment, our spheres.  These belong to the whole world.  Not a few militaries gone mad with competition.  It may be a cool science in its way, but it is in our way of any future at all.  Sane people don't go there.  But most think there is time.  They don't get how problems multiply.  Exponentially yet.  Some simple math examples might help.  Anyone?

  50. Saudi Arabia Threatens To Liquidate Its Treasury Holdings If Congress Probes Its Role In Sept 11 Attacks
    Zero Hedge April 16, 2016
    … whereas we do know that Saudi Arabia is the owner of the world's third largest USD reserves … their actual composition remains as a secret, because while the US discloses the explicit Treasury holdings of all other nations, Saudi Arabia's holdings, for some unknown reason, are not officially disclosed. … "As a matter of policy, the Treasury has never disclosed the holdings of Saudi Arabia, long a key ally in the volatile Middle East, and instead groups it with 14 other mostly OPEC nations including Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria,” Bloomberg goes on to note, adding that the rules are different for almost everyone else. Although Saudi Arabia's "secret" is protected by "an unusual blackout by the U.S. Treasury Department," for more than a hundred other countries, from China to the Vatican, the Treasury provides a detailed breakdown of how much U.S. debt each holds."   … In a stunning report by the NYT,  Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration and members of Congress that it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of American assets held by the kingdom if Congress passes a bill that would allow the Saudi government to be held responsible in American courts for any role in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. … Obama has remained steadfast in his support of his Wahhabi petrodollar overlords, and has been busy lobbying Congress to block the bill’s passage, according to administration officials and congressional aides from both parties, and the Saudi threats have been the subject of intense discussions in recent weeks between lawmakers and officials from the State Department and the Pentagon. The officials have warned senators of diplomatic and economic fallout from the legislation.  … the only desire Saudi Arabia has is to maintain the status quo, one where nobody looks at who pulled the strings behind Sept. 11 and in exchange for which the Saudis would continue dutifully recycling petrodollars, or if they don't get their way, they will simply proceed to launch the biggest liquidation of US Treasurys in history. Or such is their stunning threat… Which brings us to the original question: why the Saudi panic, and why immediately threaten with the "nuclear option", namely liquidating US Treasurys, if the Saudis have nothing to hide?
    The question is, of course, rhetorical.

    • BaneB says:

      Saudi Arabia is a red herring being tossed out to the gullible gulls hungry for justice.  Justice is of course a good thing.  The problem with the Saudi canard is they simply do not and did not have the moles, agents, assets, and the inside track into all aspects of our national security establishment.  Babylon has been subsumed but it was not by Saudi Arabia. To understand the incredible feat that is 9-11, one will have to seek out and study the operation that was planned and executed by another "friendly ally."  The B-Thing and Gelatin Art Group is as good a place to start as any.  This is not to suggest the Saudis did not play a role insofar as the provenance of the 19 patsies.  And they might have supplied this or that to an op to which they did or did not recognize the magnitude.  And they of course would not want any connection to 9-11 whatever or how small, nor be the fall guy for another.  But OTHERS would want those elusive 23 pages to take the focus.  It's the nature of the great game these nations and their psychopath leaders play while we pawns feed on their media disseminated BS.  And it's the same game played that allows these psychopath-aerosol terrorists to blithely believe they can play God and poison us and suicide the earth and all life therein.  Its a shell game.  Follow the pea and keep our eyes on the prize…….exposing these corrupt b#######.

    • Anna says:

      The Saudi story is a contrived rift to create confusion and a smokescreen for the end of the petrodollar (US dollar as global reserve currency) on the path to a global digital currency controlled by the same cabal that created and controls the current system.   The Saudis have always been very obedient NWO minions and continue to be so to this day participating fully in the charade, all the charades.  At the behest of their Global Masters, in 2011 the Saudi elites spearheaded the formation of the 7 member Middle East Regional Government (Gulf Cooperation Council) modeled after the EU to include harmonization of laws, cultural practices, and the creation of a common currency.  Regional govts are the next step towards ending nation states to be replaced with global governance.  All of the middle east countries, including Iran, have signed onto UN Agendas 21 and 2030 and have been building out Brzezinski's Orwellian "Technotronic Era" 24/7 biometric tracking and monitoring surveillance systems.  The GCC touts itself a Smart Region, Qatar a Smart Nation, smart meters are being installed and biometric RFID smart cards for cashless transactions are spreading from Iran to Europe to the US, city by city.  The deceptions are DEEP and heavily layered to keep us distracted while the Elites put the finishing touches on our electronic straight jackets.

  51. Michelle Bullard says:

    Where can I start? I'm thinking twice about the water I drink from the faucet, and food I eat! I'm watching chemtrails above my house every morning and the atmosphere is constantly hazy! My skin burns daily, and I break out in painful rashes, sometimes with blisters. I need to know what immediate measures to take. Thank you for your broadcast!

    • rayross says:

      You didn't say where your tap water comes from.  I live in a small city and my water comes from the local treatment plant.  It is not flouridated, so that's good.  But it does contain all the various chemical products that people use and the drugs that people swallow/eliminate, plus the purifying agents added at the treatment plant. 

      I buy Amelia Electrolyte water ($3/gal) at the supermarket for drinking and cooking.  Distilled and spring waters are much cheaper.  Or you could install a filter system at the sink, or for the whole house (very expensive).  

  52. Dennie says:

    A$$hole jets sprayed like ka-rrraay-zee in the S.F. Bay Area, CA, yesterday.  Pushed that rain right away.  I really believe they're using drones; "order follower" drone operators and pilots must surely be under threat of death.  WHAT is it going to take to get this insanity STOPPED?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cori, thank you for helping to get the word out on the coming “Fade To Black” program with Jimmy Church. Jimmy has a very large audience, I am very grateful for his commitment to help us sound the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue.

  53. BaneB says:

    Sitting here in my big window watching the aerosol terrorists spraying the blue sky into oblivion my thought was there must be rain heading for California.  Sure enough, the intellicast weather satellite shows the jet stream over California and into the southern part of the state.  And there is a big front full of moistureout in the Pacific.  But but but…there is a phased array microwave operation that has laid down a long artificially heated high that is blocking the moisture, evaporating it in conjunction with the aerosol spraying, so obvious here over me and out in the eastern Pacific.  LA and San Diego, the Central Valley, and much of this State would be receiving rain from this Pacific storm BUT for these terrorists.  The jet stream IS in place over 90% of the California land mass and this conjunction has always brought rain.  But the artificial high that 1pacificredwood exhibits in his latest update shows clearly and without a doubt, how these monsters operate their weather warfare machine.  It is blatent, and   the creeps are saying to us they don't care what we think.  I notice my flyers are being taken from the local bulletin board at the PO, the library, the grocery store, and the gas station.  Press on!

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