Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 23, 2016


Dane Wigington

Has "science" been an overall benefit to the human race? Or has complete corruption of the science community already helped to push us past the point of no return? As 2016 continues to unfold, the manifestations of human activity are turning into a tidal wave of global decimation and destruction. From Florida, to Vietnam, to South America, the massive sea life die-offs continue to escalate. 


Thousands of dead squid wash ashore in Chile

Volcanic and seismic activity are also spiraling upward. Some may consider such events completely natural, but is that truly the case? The equation is much more complicated. With the planet now warming at blinding speed due to anthropogenic activity, thermal expansion has become a factor relating to geologic and seismic events. Ice is melting so fast over land masses like Greenland and Antarctica that "glacial rebound" must also be considered. Finally (and perhaps most importantly) what part may the military/industrial complex controlled global ionosphere heaters be playing in the increasingly catastrophic geological activity?  


The HAARP ionosphere heater facility in Alaska is only one of many in the global network of ionosphere installations 

Earth's atmosphere has long since been completely saturated with electrically conductive heavy metal nano-particles from the constant geoengineering jet spraying dispersions. The constant microwaving of the atmosphere by the ionosphere heater installations can only add to the overall runaway warming and destruction of our biosphere. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The critical fight for the greater good is in desperate need of objective and assertive activists, not just passive observers. What part will you play in this all important battle? Make your voice heard while it can still make a difference.

115 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 23, 2016

  1. Andria says:

    Giant Tsunami. If you dig real deep then you will find out. What you will find out is that the Whole Golden Coast has some Seismic Activity going on. Now when consider what happened in Katrina! That will be baby play. Kicking down the Doors. U know exactly what I mean. 

    Look at your American 100 dollar bill and fold it.

    Same thing as the bill that folded over with the twin towers

    They always alert you, to the ones that are Paying Attention!!!!

    I don't know how I can get this across, but the Navy is very capable underwater to create such a thing,

    I have no idea whether it will be implemented, but you just refresh your memory about what Dane had mentioned s out the seismograph chart was shut down at Yellowstone Park.

    Something Big is about to Happen

    Or Not

    Maybe these guys are starting to Shiver in their Boots.

  2. davidgodfrey says:

    Hello I've just found this site, geoengineeringwatch, and I was up late reading it last night, too late.
    I want to try to say something useful.
    Seems Jesse Venturas words, the great culling is beginning, were correct. We are now being killed with chemicals, errant life forms, morgellons.
    I read and see that off the coast of south california there is a haarp that is keeping california in drought. I wonder how stable that is – they pump energy in to keep it alive but is that pumped-up equilibrium perhaps unstable?
    Up to now I've only been reading the finance news. My first hero was Peter Schiff. Then I found Zero Hedge which was difficult to understand at that time. Now I read Dr. Jim at Goldenjackass. Since everything hangs together and since everything is the same thing, I dont understand yet why the dollar still exists, the Chinese having set RMB to Gold on the 19th, and the dollar now backed by nothing at all – except threats – and probably not convertible now to RMB. So we now have no money and I imagine we have a very short fuse and they are in a hurry with the culling.
    I pray a lot but I still cough some, recently when eating chocolate. Chocolate made me cough. I dont understand that.
    I bet the filament dumps are the worst – lots of errant dna with enzymes ?
    I do understand that this is a very important site.
    With love

  3. I can't stress this enough. There is some rel peculiar things happening.

    So go to You Tube and watch Truth Unveiled. Look at the video with the Ship Sinking. 

    Then go to You Tube and keep updated with William Mount.

    Stay on this site and keep up with the oncoming collapse.

    People that are wandering around in a Delusional State of mind can't see the Forest for the Trees

    It is quite clear

    When you see the Baltic index dropping as much as it has and talk of JP Morgan on its way into Bankruptcy it is telling you to be very wary of the upcoming events that are happening Right Now. 

  4. Jamie says:

    Back a year or so, there was a shortened comment time, during the holidays, I think, concerning the Navy's  'Shock & Awe'. Buried in this document the use of DU to use on sea life was mentioned. Location was both East & West Costal waters as well as, I think, the Gulf of Mexico. I was in shock and awe when I read some of this document.

  5. Sean says:

    Hey Dane, thanks for your tireless work in working to expose this issue.
    In regards to arctic sea ice, I know you stated on a recent program that mathematically the ice is almost certain to go to effectively zero either this summer or next. Do you have a link to scientific data predicting that? I don't disagree that it seems very possible but was just wondering if you were drawing from a specific report.
    I frequent the arctic sea ice forum which appears to be a collection of well educated amateurs as well as perhaps some from the scientific community. They are extremely concerned about the ice this year and feel there is at least some probability we will exceed the record low minimum of 2012. The preconditioning of the ice is certainly set up for a big melt out as a high pressure system has been stationed over the beaufort sea region of the arctic for some time now, allowing ample sunlight to beam down on the fractured ice at a time when solar insolation is increasing as we head towards to equinox.
    My question is, if the geoengineers indeed managed to cause the "recovery" of the sea ice in 2013 after the 2012 record low by engineering a cloudy arctic summer as well as chemical ice nucleation, why does it seem that they are not attempting the same this year? In fact it seems that conditions are currently extremely conducive to ice loss.
    I'm not suggesting that they should be doing this, like you I know these geoengineering processes are all highly damaging. I just don't understand why they are choosing not to this year. What has changed in their minds? I would have thought the arctic would be their number one priority.
    I'm also a bit concerned that if the record el nino backs off and we see slightly lower global temperatures next year, which seems possible unless i am miss something, we may see people go back to sleep. Sadly it seems like the only way to truly wake people up would be non stop global temperature records year in and year out. What do you think in regards to 2017? If we see la nina conditions are we likely to have the temperatures recede somewhat or do you feel like too many feedback loops have now kicked in and we'll see another record in 2017 no matter what?
    I know you're busy but hopefully you can find time to comment on a few of these issues. Thanks for all you do.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean,all of your questions are valid and relevant. About the potential for an imminent ice free Arctic by the end of the melt season in 2016 or 2017, this is what the math dictates if we remain on the current trajectory. Many sources have come to the same conclusion including the US Navy, FYI
      About the 2013 “recovery” of Arctic ice, it of course came at a high price to the planet’s overall condition. It is important to remember that though the climate engineers can and are creating massive short term highly toxic chemically nucleated cooling events, these events come at the cost of an even worse overall warming impact. Thus they are only chasing a ball downhill so to speak. When the jet stream is manipulated to push a blast of cold air into the lower 48, they have stolen the air from the Arctic. There is always a cost, always consequences. About the diminishment of the el nino, it will make little difference overall, the inertia behind the planetary meltdown is immense, climate engineering is making an already horrific scenario far worse overall, not better. Another FYI link on this subject

  6. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Dane stated this week, that Building # 7 in the N.Y. World Trade Center attack, fell at free fall speed. I have the DVD "9/11 Mysteries", that a friend gave to me in 2004. It is an Unofficial story, which actually tells the truth, as to what actually happened! The DVD's shows clips of what the major news (ABC, CBS, Fox etc.)reporter's showed & did not show over the air, compared to the true audio & visual data and facts contained in the 9/11 Mysteries DVD. Mayor Rudy Giuliani said to Emergency personnel: Get all of your men out of building 7, it will be coming down in a few minutes! Now, how did he know that, it was obviously planned. I wonder if any of you that visit this website, who live in California, know about the Metcalf Sniper Attack on  PG&E Metcalf Transmission Substation near San Jose, CA. On April 16, 2013. At 12:58 AM, a group of gunmen cut the AT&T fiber -optic telecommunications cables, then fired upon 17 transformers. Reports state it was a sophisticated professional job with military style weapons, the attacks duration was approximately one hour.  The Electrical Substation had endured $15 million in damage, to this day there has been no traces to any suspects. Could this have been a failed False Flag Event!

    • SortingHat says:

      Sorry but whenever anybody mentiones Building 7 issues it seems to stump many online commentors but instead of admitting their error they silently slink away.


      Building 7 I believe is the key behind the mysteries of 9/11 and other cover ups.

    • Dennie says:

      Nine years later, still on YouTube:


      Uploaded on Feb 26, 2007

      "An astounding video uncovered from the archives today shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of more 9/11. The incredible footage shows BBC reporter Jane Standley talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head. How did the BBC know that it was going to collapse? And why did they report the collapse when it is clearly standing in the background?"


  7. Dan G. says:

    Thanks Dane .

    it is crazy my fam and friends . When I dropped down in to the LA basin its fried no spring this year my wife she won't come with me 

  8. jill says:

    Here in Central California, they spray almost every night, and everyday, with rare exceptions.

  9. Ed Bee says:

    Will it take some catastrophic event to wake people up? All around me I see more oak and other trees falling over and rotted out than I've ever seen in my life. When I say something, most just say it's oak blight. When I bring up the subject of dying pine trees, they tell me it's pine beetles. When I point out the criss-crossing lines in the sky, it's water vapor. I'm almost looking forward to the next environmental disaster just so we can move forward in the battle.

  10. John Walter says:

    Spraying around central Ohio

  11. DrDignity says:

    Dear Everyone, I'm in New York City caring for a loved one & awoke early this morning to azure, crisp skies.  By 1 pm, the planes began spraying above in the same patterns I see in California at home.  Nobody looked up.  Thanks for the wonderful broadcast, Dane.  DrDignity

  12. Yamakawa says:

    Sorry! I forgot to write about Hominy and Nixtamalization!

    Your traditions had the knowledge of vitalizing and neutralizing the food through the cooking process!

    • Yamakawa says:

      Being healthy and vitalized as possible is very important, to be a good activist. So I will post what wise persons in Japan are doing right now.

      Fukushima is an ongoing guinea pig experiment, like the nukes bombed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We Japanese are providing the aftermath data, now that 4 years have passed after the Fukushima incident.

      There are differences of health between persons(victims), after the nukes on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. There were a few very healthy ones, even though stroke with strong radiation.
      Those people were known, but not widely known, because they would interfere with the anti-nuclear movement. And the reason of their healthiness is not clearly explainable in conservative-science.

      Those people ate brown rice (probably with Japanese pickles), some drank sake(Japanese rice wine), ate miso(soybean paste) soup. All those food are fermented, had living enzymes and living microorganisms vitalizing the food as "living food", the etheric aspect still being vitalized at the moment of eating. Years ago, soul food were living food, which had “souls” in it.

      Some Japanese rushed to those diets after the Fukushima incident. But modern food bought in super markets are dead in etheric sense, soulless, so those food won't work nowadays.
      Most sakes(rice wine) are pasteurized and sterilized before bottling. So sticking to the understanding only to the physical nutrition aspect is powerless. 

      You may see the similarity in fermented food in US stores, say the bottled beer which most are not brewed in wood barrels anymore. Same goes with cheese, yogurt, and pickles, etc.

      Wise persons in Japan cook themselves, and make pickles and miso(fermented soybean paste) by their own. They provide raw food by themselves, so they don't have to care much about toxic preservatives. Some are making (unrefined) rice wine by themselves too! (I made one too, and honey mead) 

      You can make delicious fizzy drinks easily by adding a little bit of lactic acid bacteria and yeast to juices with sugar. You can get them from yogurts and dry yeast. You can vitalize those cheap “dead” 100% concentrate juice like Minute Maid to a tasty fizzy soul juice!!!

    • Bruce says:

      The transformative powers of fermented foods is presented by Sandor Katz in "The Art of Fermentation."  Sally Fallon and Mary Enig explain many diet misconceptions with modern food in their book, 'Nourshing Traditions."  Taking the time to ferment and can foods at home is a giant step towards a healthy diet.


    • Dennie says:

      Dear Yamakawa: 

      The traditional Japanese diet is one of the healthiest on the planet.  Thank goodness we in California have benefited from being neighbors.  I am praying several times daily for Japan, that the Japanese men will start to "get" what the women of Japan want, which is a complete absence of nuclear ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, as reported by nuclear engineer and whistleblower Arnie Gundersen of Faire Winds Energy Education in his appearance on Pacifica Radio's KPFA show dated March 30, 2016: 

      Japan has a beautiful culture that I have admired and respected since introduced to it via visits to Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden on birthday outings since childhood, and the world has enjoyed the efforts of Japan's highly-skilled and trained Classical musicians, and that genius of early childhood education, Shinichi Suzuki.  We are ALL Japanese now.

    • Yamakawa says:

      Thanks Bruce! I’ve read Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz. Both books are translated to Japanese books. We have many English books translated to Japanese!

      I understand not all people could get good food or have the time to cook. It is difficult to get good organic vegetables. So the burning salt method does help. There are writings in Japanese using the method on meat and fishes too, reporting good results, 

      I am using the method daily on regular vegetables from supermarkets, sprinkled with pesticides and at times at year 2011, probably with radioactive sprinkles. Just washing well by water only removes the constituents. (By the way, I am regularly using tap water which were probably strongly polluted at that time too). The strong alkali of the salt neutralizes the unbalance of the polluted food.

      You can put the salt it in a hot bath tub too. I think you can feel the water feel a little bit sticky and soft. I usually mix the salt with lukewarm water and do “nostril gargling”, when I get an itchy nose and eyes by the pollens(probably polluted) outside. I sometimes drink hot water with the salt too! It tastes different with the same salt without burning and after the burning.

      Here, you may be able to sense the common ground also seen in your native American culture. It is a way of purification and vitalizing the life force. You can see the burning salt method as vitalizing the “salt in clinical depression” from industrialized salt manufacturing. A fermentation on the chemical aspect!

      >>ways in which salt was produced. It was made from the ashes of plants

      Historic Importance of Salt


    • Yamakawa says:

      Thanks Dennie!

      I was in California and Oklahoma, total 5 years in the US as a kid in the 80s. I went to the local US elementary schools, that's why I can use some English! 

      So I kind of absorbed the good American spirit then. Now that I have got a little bit older, I know the darkside as well LOL!  Well, we Japanese have a lot of that dark side also.

      I'm incarnated as a Japanese now, so maybe biased in that team, but being a good Earthling is my utmost priority!!!

    • Yamakawa says:

      Thanks Dennie! I listened to your link, Arnie’s report. Yes, I am aware that the nuke pollution is ongoing. I live in Tokyo region, so it is rather near Fukushima.

      Yes, traditional Japanese diet is healthy indeed, but THE Japanese Diet is rotten LOL! Why would they invite the 2020 Olympic Games to Tokyo, right? Well the superficial Japanese opinion leaders blame the US government, who are the puppeteer of the Jap government, but they, US gov. are mere frontmen to the shadow NWO government anyway. Voting system is manipulated, same as the US, so just doing the protesting has low chance of success, in my view.

      This is why I am trying to share some useful methods, a proposal for a positive self defense as an empowerment, fully tested and evaluated as effective, in this Fukushima nuke pollution guinea pig experiment. 

      Anyway, the readers of this site may already know, but I will post what is already known about the quake in Kumamoto. Artificial earthquakes are already known as a weapon. The Japanese Self Defense Forces (JDF) are just pawns to the US forces. But US troops are also  pawns to the shadow NWO. See, knowing all these things won’t be any help to make positive progress, at best, just a reference.

      The address to the Kumamoto Prefecture 
      Ground Self-Defense Force Vice-Camp Takayubaru.
      coincides with the earthquake's epicenter

      JDF garrison page, 8th airforce division, helicopters
      L/L:  32.832518, 130.852813 

      Japan Meteorological Agency's report 2
      Earthquake occured on April 14, 21:37
      Epicenter was  32.7N, 130.8E

      after that: about April 20, I’m not checking realtime now.
      U.S. Ospreys fly in relief as multiquake-hit Kumamoto rocks to new M5.8 aftershock

      Kyushu Quakes Allow Unpopular Osprey Aircraft To Go On Show


      VMM-265 provides operational airlift support for the Japanese government relief efforts

      Ospreys Aid in Kumamoto Earthquake Relief U.S. Pacific Fleet

      US Marine Corps, Kumamoto earthquake support

      @ yikes!

  13. Ray says:

    Hello Dane – and all,

    Dane, you know my efforts over the last few years, and I continue to research many issues – but I couldn't take it any longer – I watched the Weather Channel interview a JPL Scientist, talking about El Nino.  I sent them this:

     Why is there no mention of Solar Radiation Management or GeoEngineering?
    I listened to the interview with the JPL Scientist – and absolutelty no mention of any "man made weather controls" we are currently using.
    El Nino does play a part of the weather here in the central valley in California – but it has been the weather modification, or upper atmosphere aerosol applications of nano aluminum, strontium, titanium, and barium that have done the most damage over the last 4 years.
    Why no mention of how this Geoengineering is slowly killing everyone?  Why no mention of these metal particulates in the 'air quality' at the bottom of the screen?
    Do you think I can't look up at the sky – and tell the difference between a man made cloud – and a real one?  Get real.  As an amature astronomer I haven't had one good night without this man made Haze limiting my astro photo capabilities – I can measure it in magnitudes.
    Is there anyone there at the weather channel that speaks the truth? End.

    And I know they have gag orders, and a script to read – paid liars every one.  It just infuriates me.  I don't expect an honest reply.  Yes, I know – futile – but it does give me more energy to continue this fight – of our Lives.  I am fighting with every resource I can find.

    Thanks Dane!  You know Samuel Clemens lived not far from me – I have always cherrished his wisdom – and the Frogs in Angels Camp.  There are a few people I would like to take to "Jackass Hill".


  14. Pinky says:

    For the people that are not convinced that something is definitely wrong then maybe if Dane can't convince you then here is something that just might.

    If you have Netflix then watch this show.

    "Prescription Thugs"

    If you choose to watch it and are still in Denial, then keep convincing yourself that everything is just fine and you have nothing to worry about.


    I do understand that way of thinking though, because some people don't want to except the Truth.

    That is OK also if you live in a Imaginary World.

  15. Enclosed please find my latest videos against geoengineering.

    The photos were taken in Bavaria, Germany and Ukraine in March/April 2016.

    (English translations are provided in the videos and descriptions.)

    My private global alert news, so to speak…

    • CJ says:

      Karl, thank you for your video and being awake in the Allgau!! Very sad since the Allgau had such pure alpine air before… I notice a severe increase in spraying Oct.2015. I'm an American working in Norway and I will return to the Allgau next week. Not looking forward to having to stay inside on certain days. Yes, it is here on the West Coast of Norway as well…the Norwegians are in complete denial in the fjord area and get hostile if you try to discuss it! My tools- staying inside(after spraying; get sick, if I  take an exercise walk),lots of B Vitamins, Vit.D, Spirulina & Alpha Lipoic Acid- for chelating heavy metals. And Dane, God Bless You, SIr for your tireless work!
      We are all together in this & no one is alone. Keep fighting the good fight, dear ones! CJ 

  16. Warm May Expected To Lead Into a Hot Summer Ahead For Much Of The Nation
    April 22, 2016
    Temperatures in May and through the summer months ahead will be warmer than average across a large part of the western and northern United States according to an outlook released Friday by The Weather Company. In May, areas from the West Coast through the Pacific Northwest and eastward to the northern Plains are expected to see temperatures above average. The best chance for significantly above-average temperatures in May will be across the Pacific Northwest, according to Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist at The Weather Company's Energy Division.

  17. Malinda says:

     If you live in Seattle—-HOLD YOUR BREATH  You are being sprayed with Genetically Modified bacteria.

  18. Margaret says:

    Dane, I agree with a lot you you say.  I've written to members of Congress and posted information; however, when I heard you defending Pete Santilli, I said, "No."  Admittedly, perspectives can vary, but when a news reporter becomes part of the news before he is arrested there is a problem.  Because I couldn't believe what was happening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, I watched Pete Santilli videos on YouTube and read and watched everything available on OREGONLIVE.  Pete was not an impartial news reporter.  He was there as an active supporter fueling the fire of an illegal, armed occupation of a wildlife refuge.  

  19. Ron Marr says:

    Here in Rhode Island they are spraying relentlessly. The other day they were making X's in the sky. I watched a jet turn upward to complete the X. They completely grayed the sky before it rained. It is almost like a mocking of Rhode Island's legislation against geo-engineering. Last spring I observed a black ops helocopter fly right over my head as I stood outside in the pasture. This fall an army helocopter was flying in circles around a near by field before practicing a landing and take off. a few hours later a  army helocopter returned to fly low over the neighborhood with it's loud clacking of its copter blade. These events are somewhat ominous. Like someone is planning a party we are not invited to. It is now totally out of hand. We can no longer believe in peaceful marches or demonstrations. They are not listening.We must remember those that want to harm others, humiliate and torture prisoners are cowards in their heart. They are the ones full of fear. We fear not! We now know the enemy. They are the cowards that smile in their heinous deception of mankind. Larry Silverstein who owned the twin towers and building 7 is still walking around smiling at everyone. He made a lot of money.

  20. Troy Earth Axis has Shifted says:


    I notice more sun light in my son's room yesterday and began doing some researching and found this article as well as others noting that the earth axis has shifted. After reading several articles I'm not surprised to find that it is due to man interference with the climate.

  21. mike says:

    Hello,                                      April,24 2016

    Great show again Dane. Well i went for a walk yesterday about 7pm and the planes were out spraying and i witnessed something amazing and horrific at the same time. I noticed there were 3 dark shaded beams in the sky that were clear but visible. I looked over at the chemclouds and they were spreading out rapidly. I just watched them microwave the sky. Never seen that before. The clouds were spread evenly and in a wavey formation. And some of the chem clouds just spread out flat and colorful. How does anyone not notice this? I tried to get photos but my phone wouldn't pick up the dark shaded lines in the sky. But i did get a shot of the wavey chemclouds. Well it's another spray day here in southern Ontario, have a great day everyone. 

    • bija says:

      Star Messenger, I ever more often see these "vapor trails" In our skies, especially on what appear to be low or no spray days. The skies become very silvery and opalescent as this spreads. Lately, I fear this vapor more than the obvious trails, assuming they have no purpose other than to poison us with biological agents certain to weaken and poison all living entities. Of course, no one thinks anything of this, yet nearly everyone I know has been or is really sick. Several young children I know have been rushed to emergency facilities unable to breathe, then given steroids! Still, most want to believe this is 'normal'!

  22. Pinky says:

    This is how crazy it is. Check out this.
    Google: Australian MP Fracking You Tube
    or Gas Explodes in Australian River You Tube
    I agree with the post about the Western World are all Elites.
    Also I watch a lot of William Mount. I did notice the post on the Cat Video
    My dog got sick from eating the grass. Everyone that does any of this are Zombifying themselves including everything on the Planet.
    I hope them Lawsuits encourage more to Wake TF Up.

  23. carol says:

    Another great report Dane. Thanks for your support and encouragement to keep on fighting the good fight. When we see what is really going on around us we feel helpless and somewhat threatened and need a person like you to renew our conviction to this cause. People like Pete Santilli,and many others including yourself, are becoming few and far between by design. The dots are finally connecting and people are slowly seeing the bigger picture like never before. The power structure knows they are being exposed for what they are and, I think, they would rather the world be destroyed than be held responsible for the damage they have already done. This is why we ALL need to pull together and end these insane policies and attempt to save ourselves and our planet before there is nothing left to salvage. Thanks to all the god folks who have taken the time to listen to Danes weekly report. I feel like I am in the company of some really wonderful people when I read all of your insightful comments and observations.

    • Star Messenger says:

      Today, as I left my house to run some errands, I looked up and stood in wonder at the beautiful, clear-blue, sky and said to myself:  This is the way skies should look without  any chemtrails polluting our air..  But, just then, I noticed a jet plane leaving a "vapor trail".  Then, I saw another, and another, etc.  All tolled, I saw four "vapor trails" in the space of a minute or two.  I guess they had a late start today because, it was around 2:00 PM. and the sky had not been touched by the those chemtrail-spewing jet planes.   Now at home, three hours later, as I look out my window I see a "milky" sky.  No real clouds, just a white haze covering the entire sky.  Then I thought, we are going to be breathing that crap in a couple of hours.

      I can't but wonder why our government is doing this?  Don't they know that sparying millions of tons of aluminum and barium into the atmosphere just to combat global warming can't continue forever? 

      But, it isn't just aluminum and barium that they are spraying.  The CIA and NASA are experimenting with a wide host of pollutants in their "off budget"  and "black budget" projects.  (Your tax dollars at work.)  Below there is a link that will show the many and varied substances they are forcing us to breath. Be prepared because, you might gag when you see what these pyschopaths are doing to us.

  24. Jonathan Leitch says:

    When I worked at the Pam Am Games last year, one of the supervisors had a X tattoo on his wrist..when I asked what that meant he said it was a group that doesn't allow poisonous materials to be consumed; aka. alcohol, nicotine, drugs, etc. I said that includes  genetically modified foods..Oh no.. GMF is safe, I studied it.  Do you remember when Doctor Oz was trying to be ousted  from teaching by a group that wanted to eliminate food labels claiming his info was 50% of the time untrue?  He responded by outing these so called scientists saying that WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO  KNOW WHAT IS IN OUR FOOD? My question..even with labels where do they state if the food is genetically modified? How do I know the produce is from a Monsanto seed? If we are to have nutrition labels then do we not have the right to know if it is GMF?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Jonathan, I believe the answer is if the label states Certified Organic.  I get confused too as there are classification of degrees of organic.  For instance a young seedling from who knows where can be organically grown into a food and so can say organically grown.  But to be certified, the ground the food is growing in has to have been maintained in an organic fashion for 7 years past.  Also, organic seed used and organic methods of growing.  Theoretically, that would eliminate- virtually by definition- GMOs.  However, the wind will blow.  And pollen travels.

      Hence a rather hysterically funny scene last year at my place when my daughter brought me something from her garden-in San Joaquin Valley- she was afraid to show me, thought I'd freak out. Her face was contorted in disgust as she revealed corn smut, shocked to see my face light up.  Indeed pollen had traveled, many Mexican growers in the area, this a fungus highly prized for its sweetness, valuable too!  She'd thrown the lot of it away, just bringing me this one bit, convinced it was a GMO nightmare in her organic garden.  

      The topper is that we both have the same poster of corn varieties prized by natives all over the Americas.  Mine hangs in a frame on my bedroom door, living room side and that door is open all the time as it is the biggest room, two street windows, window seats, plants, TV, closet, etc, so we walk by it many times a day and right at eye level is a pic of exactly what she brought-then it hit her that she could have seen this at home, or here, a zillion times.  More proof that it is not only Looking Up that is lacking!  And hopefully smut had naught to do with GMOs!  But, aluminum and fungus?  Hmmmm.

  25. MoonFlake says:

    I don't understand why the people who are behind the chemtrailing think they are immune to the effects of these chemicals. Could it be because they are sociopaths? 

    • Veritas says:

          No they have methods and technology to mitigate and avoid the damages to some extent ( Oral/Intravenous Chelation, air and water purification, supplements, and tech that is probably at least 50 years advanced compared to what the public have ), they are not suicidal. They are however insane and genocidal. They cannot enjoy their fortunes and slaves if they are dead afterall. Mr. Wigington has many detox methods on this site and links. Dr. Russel Blaylock is a neurosurgeon who specializes in restoring cognitive ability, check him out.

  26. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, misting of the sky is less noticeable this morning but can be distinctly seen if one looks for it. As we go into what should be cooler weather, we are experiencing an extended summer. Predictions on the Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM) site continually state low percentage chances of rainfall, yet the wording for the weather 'prescription' (not 'prediction') chooses to state "Possible shower" for each day of the coming week.

    Firstly, it barely rains like it used to and there is no accompanying storm like there used to be. Secondly, if the percentage chance of rain is low, why state "Possible showers"? Wouldn't it make more sense to state what is the greater percentage likelihood, which is "It will most likely not rain"?

    But of course they know Hope Springs Eternal and if they just keep saying "It might rain", then people remain a bit more upbeat. But I do believe the variance between what they say and what happens will become too great for be swallowed for too much longer.

    I believe we are in a middle ground where the BOM (and other weather bureau around the world) can be completely wrong and this will not cause people to really get upset. Everyone at the moment has come to accept, through social engineering, that the Weather Bureau is just somehow very unreliable, despite the fact that natural weather science should be very advanced. Though, others are waking up and the numbers of the aware are growing.

  27. Felix says:

    Is there a place to check on the Lawsuit Update ?
    The media should all be jailed for not reporting on this ongoing problem.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Felix, we will soon have a link icon up on the home page of GeoengineeringWatch that is exclusively for the legal effort posts and updates. The link will also contain photos and mission statements from most of our attorneys, stay tuned.

  28. GREAT GOOD Work Dane. Thank YOU. YOUR Website The MOST VALUABLE On The Planet. Please Keep Doin What Ya Doin Dane LOVE Always John xxxxxxxxx
    Timestamp 31:00 QANTAS I am having a meeting with Australia's Last Defence Minister On Tuesday Kevin Andrews MP. A Good family man. watch and wait 

  29. TNGeowatch says:

    Sea level rise. Read the stats in this article!
    We are well under way on coastal sea level rise!

    • TNGeowatch —Thank you. What is even more shocking are the massive chemtrails in the sky above the man putting his foot in the water. Toxic chemical spraying us and "Sea levels are rising. America's coasts feel it already. Unusually high tides and record flooding are just the rehearsal"

  30. keith crawford says:

    Thanks for another great report Dane. I am living in Costa Rica. You can easily see the chem trails here, but so far nothing like I see in photos here and videos on u tube. But it is consistent and it does seem to be affecting our rainfall here. At least 3 years now  the rainfall seems much less than we had a few years ago.  Thanks again Dane.

  31. renate says:

    From Dr. William Mount. “pictures someone sent me taken at the 60th AIRWING at TRAVIS AFB showing off their new spray equipment.
    Dane, more evidence inside the beast.

  32. John arndt says:

    On a different note,
    Does anyone think the death of Prince is from the flu???
    Robert Williams "suicide".
    Ted Nugent "shut up and play your guitar". [Still alive].
    Death of medical alternative medicine  professionals Etc. Etc.
    I dated the Sister of the Pentagon's New Paper.
    In 2015 I asked her to ask him some questions about chemtrails etc.
    [I was just becoming aware of this insanity].
    She did.
    He was dead from a "heart attack" the next week at 46 years old.
    Perfectly healthy.
    Prince and Robin Williams were both out spoken about these issues.
    Dane, I pray for all of us who understand, to constantly be protected by the Devine powers to build awareness to the public.

    • John arndt says:

      Sorry folks,

      I meant I asked her in 2005.

      I have been aware of this since then and have done as much as any one person can do to let the truth be known.

  33. “The correct use of your own free will.”

    Well said, Dane. Thank you. God Bless you for your tireless efforts.

  34. Irene Parousis says:

    You said it perfectly, Dane, we must all look in the mirror.  When I first learned about Geoengineering, my instinct was that the Earth needs my undivided attention and I felt responsible for my carbon footprint.  Just like when we get sick and slow down, I did the same for the planet. Next I was guided to withdraw from the system as much as I could. People blame the "Elite" but fail to realize that, to someone living in impoverished societies, everyone in the Western world are the Elite.  I have a friend who teaches adults from the Middle Eastern countries and tries to convince them not to become like North America, but she continues to live in an oversized home, over consuming and over polluting. A long time ago I watched a documentary where it was mentioned that, if everyone in the world lived like North America, by now we would need five planets.  I wonder if we would ever become conscious of how big our carbon foot print is if all these disasters didn't happen, including the Geoengineering programs, even now many aware about all this still haven't taken responsibility for their contribution to the planets destruction.  It doesn't matter who initiated all the dark programs, what matters is what are we each doing to clean up our own acts. 

  35. Marc says:

    Absolutely fantastic Global Alert Show, Dane. Indeed, when did it become uncool to be considered a patriot? Might the whole Tea Party thing have been a fabulously well orchestrated psy-op to cast aspersions in the general direction of anyone who would dare to consider the current regime phony and who might call for a complete redefinition of our political and government system? A psy-op designed to portray dissenters as buffoons and idiots when in fact, our system of government is, in point of fact, a facade hiding a monstrous web of unethical and even evil shadow government activity that goes well beyond the comprehension of most all US citizens. Makes me wanna throw up, I swear.

  36. Weather Channel meteorologist killed in parking garage crash
    January 27, 2016,
    ATLANTA — A meteorologist for The Weather Channel died by suicide when crashing his car through an Atlanta parking garage wall and plowing into an adjacent hotel, injuring a worker, authorities said.
    Senior digital meteorologist Nicholas Wiltgen, 39, was pronounced dead Sunday evening after the crash at Midtown Atlanta’s Colony Square Mall, officials said. Mark Guilbeau, senior investigator with the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, said Wiltgen’s death was a suicide.

  37. Beyond the Empire of Chaos: Building Ecology into the Economy. Life Capital Value, Base and Measure / By Prof. John McMurtry /Global Research, April 18, 2016   [excerpts]
    * Ecological and social science research increasingly demonstrate that ‘globalization’ is not what it seems. It does not produce more prosperity and reduce poverty for the world, but just the opposite. Ever more powerful transnational corporate money sequences multiply through organic, social and ecological life hosts looting and polluting them.  
    What Has Gone Wrong at the Most Basic Level
    … As money becoming more money for transnational private possessors has become the ruling value system of the planet, the moral disorder is not examined or represented as it behaves. Rather it is auto-venerated in stock epithets of ‘freedom’, ‘prosperity’, and ‘new wealth’. In reality, a triad mechanism of media indoctrination, transnational treaty commands and armed force have imposed the system step by step. The global money-sequence system operates in accordance with three internal laws not discussed. It selects for more priced commodities without life standards, multiplies money demand to the richest, and – mot deeply – depredates life capital across social and ecological life support systems.
    That this system cumulatively entails eco-genocidal effects is taboo to raise within official society. Most people have no idea of the inner logic of the reigning assumptions. Orthodox theory is instead devoted to perfecting the models of money-sequence ‘value adding’ with arcane mathematics leading devices for the rich to slip between the cracks of the law. Wall Street has in this mode modeled control of the buyable water and land in the world for future profit to its ‘investors’ with anything else that can be bought and sold to spike private money sequences.
    While every plane of existence from which more money-value can be extracted is in the cross-hairs, no effectively binding protection for life capital bases has been allowed since the mildly successful Ozone Layer Protocol of 1988. The planet is systemically converted into private money sequences to the top depriving and destroying organic, economic and natural life support systems. The crowning irony is ‘austerity programs’ for society to keep the meta program going. At the same time, corporate-rights treaties are backed by severe punishments of taxpayers for any profit-reducing deviation by democratic laws – for example, to reduce neuro-toxins in the air, or stop toxic dumps, proscribe dolphin meat, or prohibit slave labour products. All is enforceable by financial and armed embargo in the last resort, and corporate state politicians are pervasively lobbied with electoral financing and post-office wealth to serve the new world order.  … No step is possible without the guarantee and force of corporate states. “My administration”, said President Obama to his Wall Street audience on April 3 2009, “is the only thing between you and the pitchforks”.  Governments’ servant economists and stacked committees, double-standard tax policies, escalating subsidies, armed force protections, privatization of public knowledge, and foreign wars are further dimensions of this transnational corporate system at work.
    …The academic world has been taken over by corporate self-maximization in less visible ways. University administrations have become corporate fund managers accountable to no academic standards in their multiplied spending on their own offices, salaries, and corporate-ladder culture. …
    At the same time, commercial publishers have bought up once-independent scholarly journals across the academic world, multiplied their prices to libraries, and imposed corporate procedures of refereeing with corporate forms ruling out critical autonomy of evaluation. Throughout, the externally profiting transnational corporations exploit university scholars’ need to be published with no payment for their services. In fact, the publishing corporations pay nothing for the entire life-capital infrastructure of advancing learning and disseminating knowledge, an extremely costly affair for advanced facilities and world-level expertise. … Throughout research for new commodities for the global corporate market becomes the dominant objective of funding sciences themselves.
    Every step of these systemic degradations and front-line dispossessions dismantles the life capital evolution of public learning and higher research leading the species’ evolution.
    …Thus the global money-sequence system continues to seek ‘growth’ that cumulatively despoils life capital and support systems without a connecting concept of the problem and solution across domains. … It is always what ultimately matters to human and fellow life – that without which life capacities are destroyed over time. … of the environmental integrity of our life-host – in short, the true goods of life which are now everywhere at risk without a life-value ground and compass to guide choice and action.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan yet again!  This dovetails well with what I was saying regarding what has become of science and why.  And so much more.  It is horrifying to realize the extent of corporate "ownership" to the detriment of not only science, but every single thing and person on Earth.  Actually, horrifying.  I was aware, but this report nails it!

  38. Why Is the Progressive Left Helping the Elite Elect Hillary?
    Paul Craig Roberts  / April 21, 2o16
    Have you noticed that it is not only the presstitute media and the two establishment political parties that are beating up on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump but also the progressive left? Sometimes the messages overlap so much that the progressive left sounds like the One Percent. … This is astounding. Here we are faced with the corrupt media and the corrupt party establishments determined to put in the Oval Office a tried and proven agent of the One Percent, and the progressive left is beating up on the only two alternatives!
    I doubt that Sanders or Trump would be able to achieve much for the American people except to reduce the flow of official lies that the presstitutes turn into truths by constant repetition. The Oligarchy is too strong. It was more than a half century ago that President Eisenhower warned us of the threat to American democracy from the military-security complex. That complex is much stronger today, and, in addition, we have Wall Street and the mega-banks that control the US Treasury and Federal Reserve, the Israel Lobby that has the US Congress wrapped around its little finger, the extractive industries (energy, mining, timber) that prevails over the environment and preservation, and agribusiness that poisons our food, exterminates honey bees and butterflies and produces chemical fertilizer runoff into waters that result in massive fish kills from algea. None of these powerful interests will permit the welfare of the American people to get in the way of their agendas and profits.
    Nevertheless, the election of Sanders or Trump is important, because it demonstrates that American citizens are emerging from The Matrix and have no confidence in the two corrupt political parties that betrayed them. The message would go out to the world as well that the American people have no confidence in the Washington Establishment. These messages are very important and can only have beneficial effects.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, yes!  I don't know if it was clear to you or any, but the long thing I wrote, and what Eisenhower said about the unholy alliance between science and universities and government was part of that farewell speech in which people only seem to quote the military industrial threat, but he added the university science threat as well.  So, he knew what was going on and he did warn us. 

      The studies and numbers showing so much done in science, or what passes for it, at universities showing more than heavy democratic influence is surprising to me.  But then I think of how ramped up sky crap is since Obama, I think of the lands he has sold to foreign mining interests, public, taxpayer paid for lands and I am stunned.  As Dane says and I've said forever, two sides of the same coin.  The translated name for black man in Lakota is black white man.  Floyd Westerman was a famous native Dakota, singer/musician and actor.  In one of his early songs there's a few lines: "You wonder why the redman won't be like you.  You should wonder why the black man wants to be.  You came to this land because you wanted freedom, but that you have forgotten, now that you are free."  Obviously nothing about our elections are free.

      They will do everything they can to keep Hillary.  I will not vote for her.  So I plan to write in Bernie's name if it comes to that.  And if all did that? Win or lose it would indeed be a shot heard round the world, Billary or not.

      Besides tracking planes, should we not be concentrating also at least on the universities putting out drivel and seeking grants for these insane ideas?  Should not science be a more open and competitive forum? The fees for the big and "good" universities just keep going up-right along with actual rape of students too I might add.  Like muddy backwaters of injustice and hubris breeding malcontents hatching big boy ideas that actually get funded by Big Money and the military lending pizazz to these freaks, their rock star moments, like Neil Tyson.  Cornell.  The blatant worship of science needs to take a step back.  We need to identify the key universities.  What comes to mind besides Cornell-and Cornell really counts-UCB, Livermore, Standford, Utah State, for starters.

      I suggest implementing a people's science review of sorts in which scientists who do not approve of destroying our skies and lands and peoples get to debate with the IPCC their "proposed" "ideas" for weather modification.  There is not just one cat in the room.  Scientists who might redirect our governmental funding toward cleaning up-as if possible!-the mess we've already made before the moniker of Climate Change gets worse.  Because it will and a great deal is in danger.  I suggest that at some of these forums even the public gets to ask some questions without being blown off.  I suggest this stuff be televised, bring it into living rooms.  They think we'd be bored and not understand, but many of us do and at the least can learn.  Why must it all be so secretive?  That is not democratic in a democratic nation which this is theoretically regardless of who is in office, who controls the senate-we the people deserve a voice as much as a vote, beyond a vote.  Sure, some would change the channel.  You and I would not, nor so many others.  We could submit questions, it could be live.  These are the modelers.  The "order takers" would not have their orders without them.  These are our tax dollars.  Can't tell me this would not be entertainment!  And something much more like a free market.  Free up locked up science!

  39. Rachel Robson says:

    On November 17, 1944, U.S. President FDR wrote to Vannevar Bush, Director of the Office of Scientific research and Development, asking for recommendations concerning post WW2 support for science.  On July 25th, 1945, Vannevar Bush responded, transmitting the report Science, the Endless Frontier which was to become the blueprint for peacetime U.S. Government support for science.  That document provided the inspiration and justification for the 1951 establishment of the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) by the U.S. Congress.

    In Eisenhower's 1961 Farewell Address he not only warned about the military/industrial complex, he gave a warning about of the adverse influence of Federal funding on science which in part reads:

    "….a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity….The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project  allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded."  (Eisenhower)

    "Cornell University is a microcosm of American universities.  A research report entitled 'Political Bias in the Administrations and Faculties of 32 Elite Colleges and Universities' found that the overall ratio of Democrats to Republicans at the 32 schools was more than 10 to 1."  Now, the point here is not that things would have gone better if Republicans held such sway, they would not.  Rather the lack of balance and who is at the helm and government influence in the first place.  Myself, I would have never suspected this, but the evidence wraps it up with a bow.  As in, look what has happened in geoengineering since Obama has been in office?  "Overwhelming Democratic dominance of universities has weakened geoscience integrity to the point of willingly and unquestioningly serving the malevolent political agenda…."  "And the NSF has compounded the problem by bringing in individuals from grant-recipient institutions….helping to forge an unholy alliance between the taker and the giver of taxpayer provided grant-monies—the university-government complex."

    The above is what I've summarized from Herndon's "Dark Side of Science".  Regardless of what one thinks of Herndon, he does know the machinations of science inside out.  He himself has experienced more than his fair share of prejudice since 1979.  He has devoted an extreme amount of time and effort, both intellectual and physical to understand better what in fact is going on, especially the evils of this malevolent agenda.  This is from the back of his book and concerns the state of science in general now and for some time and there is more.  But I will spare you.  Suffice to say that science has been hijacked, locked up and spun round.  According to his mega investigations:  More "than 35 years ago, thanks to NSF policies, there has developed a geoscience 'Mafia'; the forces that have so successfully perverted university and government science have been honed and perfected for a long time and are truly pervasive."

    So, this is what we are up against.  Other than remarks like: Bastards!, I'm not fond of name calling.  "Order takers" offends me some as so very many people including myself in the past, have had "simple" jobs in which we/I had to take an order.  For a meal when I was a waitress, or a custom ring when I worked in a small jewelry store, to people everywhere whose job and pride in doing involves the ability to fulfill an order well and on time.  So it irks me somewhat to throw around the term "order takers", or even to call these scientists money takers, grant takers, takers period, But!  Obviously when government pays science to give them the answers they want, there's got to be better words to describe the immense harm that has come of it.  Worse even, the inability to get out of this flawed paradigm.  As much as we need to have the military on our side at least in part, maybe even moreso we need scientists who are not cowed and tethered to a demented government agenda.  We need open and honest referees to sort the grain from the chaff.  We need fair options of redress, and contesting erroneous thinking that errs on the side of a massive blank check.  We need our universities to support true open, freely contested science, not just those who can write a wowie zowie grant proposal that floats someone's boat.  By now, the world has been cowed by not only science's control and know- it- all attitude, but by their massive failures, past, present and future.  How do we address That?!  Especially when it is backed and bought by the government and its massive military.

  40. Kevin Love says:

    Dennis posted some lyrics above to a Roger Waters song.  Check out these prophetic lyrics by Neil Peart of Rush in the awesome song Natural Science.  I display only the lines that hit the mark:

    A simple kind mirror
    To reflect upon our own
    All the busy little creatures
    Chasing out their destinies
    Living in their pools
    They soon forget about the sea… 
    Wheels within wheels 
    In a spiral array 
    A pattern so grand 
    And complex 
    Time after time 
    We lose sight of the way 
    Our causes can't see 
    Their effects
    The mess and the magic
    Triumphant and tragic
    A mechanized world, out of hand 
    Computerized clinic
    For superior cynics
    Who dance to a synthetic band 
    In their own image
    Their world is fashioned,
    No wonder they don't understand 
    Wheels within wheels 
    In a spiral array 
    A pattern so grand 
    And complex 
    Time after time 
    We lose sight of the way 
    Our causes can't see 
    Their effects 
    Science, like Nature
    Must also be tamed
    With a view towards its preservation
    Given the same
    State of integrity
    It will surely serve us well 
    The most endangered species,
    The honest man
    Will still survive annihilation…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Kevin Love, Well, that is beautiful!  Thank you for sharing it!

    • Rutherford County NC says:

      Great Tune. For those interested, that's from the Rush album Permanent Waves.


      One line he left out that resonates with me (and I'm a long time Rush fan)


      Art as expression, not as market campaign…



  41. Marc says:

    Flew to Tucson via Denver yesterday. No sooner did I find a cafe at the Denver airport with a window view, I noticed spraying out near the front range. I watched as another b*tt-brained loser completed the last leg of an isosceles triangle in the sky. Then again as I emerged from the Tucson airport I was immediately slapped upside the head with several long, long trails running horizon to horizon over the Tucson valley. Doopdedoopdedoop…..nobody seems to give a shit……lalalalalaaaa…..

      I went shopping at the local Tucson food co-op… of ultra hipsters and millenials and an occasional fried 68 year old hippie looking for all the world as if he'd spent the last 40 years in the blazing sun, face as weathered as Geronimo's grandfather, who I saw with my own eyes in the 70's at the Arizona Pioneer's Home. I began chatting with one of the aforementioned hipsters who checked me out at the cash register who had literally never heard the term geoengineering. What? Really? This dude seemed hip and cool and might have even had a man-bun. Good looking feller. But hello? Just because you seem cool and all that apparently doesn't translate into diddly-squat when it comes to any kind of awareness of geoengineering or weather modification. The sonsofbitches are chemtrailing the f**k out of Tucson skies today. Yesterday, too. I went to lunch with a couple of old friends today and when we emerged from the restaurant we had a sweeping view of a tic-tac-toe board of bullshit right in our chorizo-stuffed faces. I ranted a wee bit and cursed but was ribbed, albeit goodnaturedly, by my friends who can't fully understand the depth of my concern and despair and anger. They see what's going on but just brush it off as something completely and utterly beyond one's control. While that may be somewhat true, I'm opting to do what I can to keep spreading awareness, and supporting the cause any way I can. There is no justification for NOT doing so.

  42. Denise says:

    Dane, wasn't it Tesla that said that with this power he could cut the earth in half??  HAARP is our answer to free energy, but they don't want to use it that way.  Thanks for bringing everything up, and not just the engineering of our skies.  To many people are not in the know.  When you try to explain it to them, they laugh at you. 

    • Dennie says:

      H.A.A.R.P., as I understand it, has very grave consequences for Earth's atmosphere as it punches holes in the ionosphere– do you really want Ultraviolet B and C radiation, then gamma and x-rays coming in here?  Do you enjoy the feeling of high ultraviolet radiation?  Have you not noticed, or do you just not flippin' care?? 

      And what kind of people think they're entitled to getting something for nothing?

      Check out Nick Begich's "Angels Don't Play This Harp," or anything that Dr. Sr. Rosalie Bertell had to say about H.A.A.R.P. 

      Nicola Tesla did say he knew how to split the planet in two.



  43. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Get out of the cities and suburbs NOW! 

    Stockpile rice, beans, dried foods!

    Secure a waters supply!


    Prepare first!    Activism Second!


    • Ryan says:

      In response to leave the city and prepare then become active in the cause is the wrong path !!!!!!!!  One will waste valuable time to find out it is very hard to live off the land …………………. Stand your ground and prepare where you live…… Thanks Dane for the wisdom , honesty, bravery to enlighten the masses.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Fine, Stay in the city! Who said anything about living off the land? When the sh*t hits the fan I will be prepared and able to survive longer to continue the fight for YOUR children's future. Thank You! 

  44. jennifer says:

    Dane,there are truly none so blind as those who choose not to see. How can people not see that more and more sealife (along with birds and many more species) are dying? Our world is truly scary right now and the prognosis is anything but encouraging.Our mother Earth is crying out for help and so many refuse to listen to her cries. I try to keep my spirits up but I am very scared inside. I see so many who go on with their lives without even a thought for the war that is being waged against Earth and against us. So many I have tried to enlighten just refuse to even listen once you try to get then to see the truth of this horrible situation humanity is currently, a situation that gets worse and worse with each passing day. With each poison filled breath I inhale the realization that of our imminent demise is absolutely heartbreaking to me. I am sorry if I bring anyone down but the evil of these bastards is really getting to me. How can so many refuse to see that at this rate there will be no future for their children or any of us for that matter.

  45. Judith says:

    The  first part of April they must have added some new component to the chemtrail mix.  My husband and I are having terrible skin issues which are still going on. Rashes, itching, hurting.  Nothing seems to help.  Our doctor said she is seeing a lot of rashes now, and also sinusitis. I have heard of more people having ear problems as well. I am suspecting fungus in much of this.  Raw garlic and plain old baking soda are two good remedies against fungus.

  46. Armand says:

    Without credible elections forget about addressing geoengineering

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Armand, yes, the elections are not legitimate, that is why it is up to us to bring this critical issue to light, we must all make every day count in the battle to sound the alarm. FYI link on how to help.

  47. One reason that I have been reading actual text books on plasma physics because I know plasma physics is the source of the technology used in magnetic confinement fusion – and Ionospheric Heaters, HAARP, the rf/microwave emitters/transmitters which utilize the aerosol sprayed slow-death ‘chemtrails’ that are poisoning us and our planet. Reading Anthony L. Peratt’s classic textbook ‘Physics of the Plasma Universe’ I came across this concept of Marklund Convection. Peratt states that radial convection of the charged particles is possible as “both the electrons and ions drift with the velocity, so that the plasma as a whole moves radially inward. This mechanism provides a very efficient convection process for the accumulation of matter from plasma.”
    Exciting and heating plasma wave particles allows for the creation of plasma gun arc discharges, rf/mircrowave frequency emitters, Ionospheric heaters, etc., technology that can 'frack' Earth's magnetosphere. Quantum Physics was primarily mere theory, Extraordinary in terms of its metaphysical, even spiritual implications. Remember Nick Herbert and his wonderful book Quantum Reality. But if you can’t make fuel or a weapon out of it, then the Navy and the Department of Energy would have no interest. Follow the money.

    Marklund convection (after Göran Marklund) is a natural plasma convection process that takes place in filamentary currents, that may cause chemical separation. It may occur within a plasma with an associated electric field, that causes convection of ions and electrons inward towards a central twisting filamentary axis. A temperature gradient within the plasma will also cause chemical separation based on different ionization potentials.
    The mechanism provides an efficient means to accumulate matter within a plasma. In a partially ionized plasma, electromagnetic forces act on the non-ionized material indirectly through the viscosity between the ionized and non-ionized material.
    One minute video:
    Alfvén writes that:
    ".. elements with the lowest ionization potential are brought closest to the axis, and form concentric hollow cylinders whose radii increase with ionization potential [..] The drift of ionized matter from the surroundings into the rope means that the rope acts as an ion pump, which evacuates the surroundings . Regions with extremely low densities can be produced in this way ."
    Marklund clarifies:
    In my paper in Nature the plasma convects radially inwards, with the normal E x B/B2 velocity, towards the center of a cylindrical flux tube. During this convection inwards, the different chemical constituents of the plasma, each having its specific ionization potential, enter into a progressively cooler region. The plasma constituents will recombine and become neutral, and thus no longer under the influence of the electromagnetic forcing. The ionization potentials will thus determine where the different species will be deposited, or stopped in their motion."

  48. Carolyn says:

    dear Dane,

    thank you as usual I am a tired fighter for the truth who has been put on so many notices to stop telling the children I teach the new science books are wrong. People are know calling me crazy English women. I got bitten by mosquitoes while pulling endless weeds which grows like trees everywhere weeds grow stronger than plants and flowers. Mosquito bits are not responding to holistic creams like they used to plus after a period the bits reapers. As for vaccines I see every day the affects every day from physical, emotional,spiritual and intellectuality and teachers in California are made to have so many vaccines that make you exhausted and sick, for me I refuse to be vaccinated. The cell phone was invented to distract us from what is going on around us no one looks up no one cares. As for the news media they where brought out year ago, they did not cover all the demonstrations in Washington D.C. Which started last week against corruption in politics NPR had half a page on the first day. Children and anyone under thirty are becoming dead and disinterested in the friend and fellow activist flew to D.C. to post his reports on Facebook his posts are no longer up on Facebook!!!! All of Europe is angry because they now know what has happened and they know time is running out, there where a lot off normal Americans moving to Europe for a better quality of life in retirement and giving up being American citizens especially in Ireland who by the way were paying the IMF back all the money they had loaned, but all off a sudden with six months a debt left to pay back to the IMF three things have happened 1) the last election no one is in power because there was no clear winner so Ireland is set to miss a debt payment? This is what happened in Greece before that country went into collapse. 2) the Irish government all off a sudden changed the immigration rules on American retires, you have to be supper wealthy to live in Ireland and people who can live comfortably or just get by have to leave and return to American. 3) Airb
    && b has been allowed to take over big cities in Ireland and England and has created major homeless population because rents are unaffordable to normal Irish people now people are living in tents or sleeping in doorways just like here. One last thing Prince was a big activist's he took on the greedy music industry, law enforcement because he supported Black lives Matter and food industry, in an interview he gave in 2009 he said the heavy metals from the plans made people more violent and he never votes because the system is corrupt. I am so grateful to you Dane and all off you for sharing it makes me stronger

  49. mark says:

    I point out the crossed chemtrails  to my friends and tell them it is "the Mark of the Beast".

  50. Duane Brown says:

    Another excellent show, Dane. I was flipping through channels last night and came across a movie called "Toxic Skies". I began watching it, and to my surprise, the story revolves around aerial spraying of biological agents and causes people on the ground to become sick. This is a Hollywood production and I am not sure why they would produce a movie that parallels reality in a profound way. You can find it on UTube. This movie was made in 2008, and you have to ask yourself, is this another one of their sick warnings to the masses?
    My Area of New Brunswick Canada just underwent a weeks worth of intense spraying by passenger jets. Completely sickening.

  51. Tina says:

    "Prince" tried for quite some time to bring awareness to chemtrails, very good interview with Tavis Smiley. Also, IMO 99% of science corrupt.

    • Deb Buckler says:

      I wasn't a fan of Prince and honestly knew very little about him until he died. It appears this amazing man (hard to believe he was 57 years old!!!) gifted the world with not only his music, but also one more gift to be given only with his death. He gave the gift of awareness. Like many people who did not know much about him but that seemingly the entire world held in high esteem, I decided to look into him and learn a little about him and get myself up to speed with "everyone else". Imagine my surprise and joy when I learned he was trying to make people aware of chemtrails!  But the beauty of this is that others, just like me, who maybe didn't know about chemtrails, will now learn about them. Prince was a devout Jehova's Wittness. You can bet that every JW world wide knew about Prince and probably his views on chemtrails as well. If they didn't, they will now. I personally believe this man was murdered. He was 'too big' to be that vocal. The WORLD knows "Prince".  Prince had the ability of reaching millions and millions of people and all it would take would be a few concerts of him explaining a few things and OMG. That would be an awful lot of people asking all the wrong questions. And as he got older, he probably would become more and more of a threat. God rest this brave soul. He may be gone from this earth, but he is not "finished".

    • stephan says:

      hey Tina – Merle Haggart also passed recently of "respiratory problems" – here's one for you, Dane and crew, and all that post here

  52. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Heavy spraying over Phoenix the past few days — so far clear today. The Solar Radiation Management (SRM) which is another term they are using to get us to believe that what they are doing is good — just dimming the sun so the temperatures cool. Unbelievable! Mankind messing with nature will lead to disaster. A super volcano eruption just could set off another "year without a summer" (1816).

  53. adam coleman says:

    In the late, great Matthew Simmons and the destruction of the Deep Water Horizon, Greg Palast does an expose' on BP's connection with the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989 in Prince William Sound but on the Gulf of Mexico connection to WTC-7…Deep Water Horizon WAS a fuel force fed fire and it took THAT structural steel rig almost two days to melt into the sea. Think about THAT and compare it to 911 fires melting THREE TOWERS. Ignorance is in abundance and physics called in sick on 911 and didn't return to work until 530pm when all the heavy lifting it was needed for was over

  54. Dawnski says:

    My cry to the Lord at Night of Worship. April 22, 2016. Sabbath. Passover. Earth Day. . 

  55. Greg O. says:

    Dane, thanks again for an exceptional broadcast!  I am so in awe of your commitment and perseverance in these most critical and dire issues.  Onward we march in pursuit of the exposure of the atrocities that are inflicted on all forms of life and our life-supporting planet.  Then, we might have a chance to turn this around.  If we can expose these crimes, then the real hard work begins,  which does not necessarily guarantee our survival.  Whatever the outcome, I am committed to this cause and am eternally grateful for the spirit that you present each and every hour of every day!! 

  56. Steve Parsons says:

    Thank you Dane … for your presentation.  As before, … the link to your program has been distributed on a large scale…

  57. paul schmidt says:

    They have been spraying the skys all over southern Utah…camping in remote area of Grand Staircase Escalate…watching the full moon rise will as several Chemtrails criss cross the night sky & block out the stars is a crime…poisoning everything!!

    • matt sarlo says:

      Same thing here in northern Colorado, they are spraying at night as well in the day. This is such a huge crime but I am treated like a nut job by most people when I show them what is going on above us. I have a family member who is freaked out about the ziki virus but doesn't believe what I have proven that they're doing to our air.

    • Edward Palys says:

      It really makes me wonder what the cost of all this spraying is.It is happening all over the globe, incessantly. The problem with science is based on who is controlling it. In centuries past, it used to be churches. Today it is the governments. The governments have climate change for their own agenda and will do anything to hide the truth from the people, just like they control the media and education. 

  58. Bluv says:

    My sincere gratitude for all your inspirational work Dane. The word goes out daily, I will be.vigilant to the end. 

  59. Rebecca says:

    URGENT MESSAGE, Dr. William Mount, retired high ranking military has released a video concerning the Catastrophic Leak at the Hanford Nuclear Reactor, this is incomprehensible what is happening. Go to your search and Type in William Mount and about the 4th video down on the right hand side of the page, PLEASE help this video go viral and maybe through this will go viral as well. The lying scum bags are covering the truth of this incomprehensible leak is unimaginable.  Dane a special thank you, my gratitude is beyond any words can express. Love and Peace to all. Becca 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Rebecca, thank you!  For me, this is not incomprehensible.  I've been following Handford for a very long time as nuclear and nuclear waste were previously my main focus.  It is about time more knew.  It is but one case among many world wide and as far as I'm concerned it is way past time, made too too obvious by Hanford, to address the inability to deal with nuclear waste.  Early on they gave the excuse of the tanks being too fragile to take any sort of action.  That is what they also say about our local nuclear hell sitting off the Bay Area's coast on the ocean floor.  Does anyone care?  Guess not, not until something goes BOOM.  Meantime, slow kill.  Forever. 

    • renate says:

      Tens of thousands of gallons of radioactivity leaked into Columbia river

  60. Mario Sorrentino says:

    I think the essential question to ask is the same one asked by Ellie Arroway / Jill Tarter in the movie Contact . . . "How did you survive your technological adolescence without destroying yourselves?"

  61. Dennis says:

    I am reminded of some great lyrics to a song called "Amused to Death" by Roger Waters.

    "We watched the tragedy unfold
    We did as we were told
    We bought and sold
    It was the greatest show on earth
    But then it was over
    We ohhed and aahed
    We drove our racing cars
    We ate our last few jars of caviar
    And somewhere out there in the stars
    A keen-eyed look-out
    Spied a flickering light
    Our last hurrah
    Our last hurrah

    And when they found our shadows
    Grouped 'round the tv sets
    They ran down every lead
    They repeated every test
    They checked out all the data on their lists
    And then, the alien anthropologists
    Admitted they were still perplexed
    But on eliminating every other reason
    For our sad demise
    They logged the only explanation left
    This species has amused itself to death "

    Best to all,


  62. matthew clayton says:

    Environment Colorado is having an 800,000 dollar drive to save the bees. There is no mention of geoengineering. What do you want to bet my post on their Facebook page disappears by the end of the day?

    • Dawnski says:

      If so, the blood is on their hands. Keep sounding the alarm. I don't care if cowardly churches call the cops on me. . .they can only LI E for long before Gods vengeance is unleashed.

  63. Mike croft says:

    Heading downtown Calgary Alberta to protest today, wish us luck as we try to wake up the masses

  64. Please will someone explain why here in Bocas del Toro, Panama we are seeing chem trails?  They are occasional and only one at a time.  My understanding is that many are needed to make an effect…so why only one at a time?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Heather, about the ongoing aerosol operations, all days are different, there are no absolutes. If you are seeing a a distinct bright trail behind a jet, even if shorter in length, you are seeing a spray dispersion. FYI

    • Edward Palys says:

      You're seeing chemtrails  in Panama because everybody else in the world is seeing them also. Obama is coming out of air force one with chemtrails above. That was in England. Another beautiful photo in Iceland had zig-zagging chemtrails overhead. See?

    • Dennie says:

      They suppress their physical feelings, known as symptoms, and they suppress their emotional feelings about anything they don't want to feel, instead moving in a state of denial to attack anyone who triggers them into feelings they don't want to have to feel and just keep pushing away.  Okay, we've heard you can put all those unpleasant feelings in a cute, pink little bubble and float them away but, THOSE ARE STILL YOUR FEELINGS out there, magnetized to you as part of your will, and eventually they will come back and you'll just have more to deal with then.  These heartless will-less monsters are just using others' denied will and counting on you not to notice the theft, only it's more like you just abdicated your own will and they sucked it up.

      You're dealing with very unfeeling uncaring heartless narcissists who don't care about themselves really, so why would they care about anyone else?  These are essentially very unbalanced abused people who've become the abusers.  This is The Program, this is The Way It Works: Raise children by abuse, either active or neglectful abuse.  The lack of consciousness is due to a lack of feeling, because these people think it's easier to suppress feelings, which is the underlying cause.  At root is the LACK OF FEELING. 



  65. free the others says:

    college student here. been looking up for a year now

    • free the others says:

      also will never have an iphone

    • Dawnski says:

      Wise college student. . .help sound the alarm. I appreciate you! Mama Bear of college student as of this summer. . .

    • free the others says:

      thank you, that means more than you know. Dane is right: if you want to see a perfected scene of ignoring pertinent facts/situations, visit a college campus near you. 9/10 people are buried deep in the safety of their fleeting comforts

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @free the others, Hi!  I feel the same as Dawnski, wise young person!  Hope the no iphone extends to other so called smart phones-smart for whom?!  Not for one who holds to head, carries on body, etc.  Takes guts to go your own way, to be true to yourself, especially when in the midst of the herd mentality and judgments of campus life.  Which, you know, would be a perfect place to leave flyers around.  Here is wishing you success in all you do!

      @Dennie, Gee, this is an odd thing from you, almost rambling.  Usually you nail things to the wall!  Not all physical feelings are symptoms are they?  If I see something, would that be symptomatic of vision?  Heck, I can feel good even if sick.  Likewise, not all emotional feelings are suppressed, many indulge in their feelings, swimming in a pool of them.  Drowning in them for good or bad.  I think we've all been there.  I know people, too many people, who want and do feel their feelings-to the exclusion of everything else!  We've got a whole society of ME.  But "unfeeling, uncaring, heartless narcissists who don't care about themselves"?  That is redundant And conflicting/negating-makes no sense.  But, "it's more like you abdicated your own will and they sucked it up" is spot on!  Hope you are doing okay, as okay as it gets in your world.  Are you as cold as here in Berkeley?  It was in the upper 30's this morning, it's been cold and windy for days!  I feel that!

  66. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 110th email to my contact list, titled: Think About It.

    1.  In April 2015, the global rise in temperature was 1ºC above the 1881-1910 baseline. 

    In February and March 2016, the global rise was @ 1.5ºC above that baseline. 

    That is .5ºC rise in just one year.  This was not caused by El Nino – the global warming trend was already firmly established. 

    If global warming was a steady increase, then in ten years we will see temperatures at 6.5ºC  above that baseline. 

    Global Warming is not steadily increasing, it is accelerating exponentially. It is only April, and we already know that 2016 will be the hottest year on record.

    We can expect to see massive methane releases over the next 10 years.

    These methane releases will trigger unimaginable colossal ecological collapse.  This ecological collapse is already happening, as evidenced by the daily mass 'die offs' of those we share our planet with.

    This will inevitably cause loss of food resources, massive drought, terrifying 'super storms', and huge human migrations towards the poles, leading to brutal global warfare and living Without Rule Of Law.  

    Currently, India has 100 million people exposed to floods, another 100 million exposed to massive landslides, half a billion people exposed to killing heat waves, and half-billion living on less than £2 per day.  The Indian government says that when the time comes other nations will have to accept hundreds of millions of refugees…..this is on top of all those currently heading north from the African continent, and the many countries currently suffering climate and resource wars.

    Humankind will be forced to revert to Neanderthal survival techniques, which were able to adapt and survive in the harsh environment of 28,000 to 300,000 years ago – but it will last a lot longer than that.

    To emphasise: Ecological collapse has already started and will get dramatically worse over the next ten years.


    2.  "And then we wept" because of the coral bleaching.  Sadly the tears will just keep coming and coming as these kind of events worsen.

    3.  By 2023, methane releases will be causing catastrophic global weather conditions.

    By 2031 most of our world will be uninhabitable for humans.

    (I don't think my pension plan will be of any use to me..!)

    4.  Imagine that you were not here, no longer a living person on earth.  What would you miss most?  The breeze on your face, warm sunshine, bird song, fun at the seaside, a loving touch, beautiful music, exquisite words…?

    It is all down there, on our home planet.  What intense longing we would feel.

    How little it takes to understand the privileged state of our existence on earth, and how precious our planet is to all its myriad of life forms – and how few take the time to treasure it.  

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