Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 29, 2017


Dane Wigington

On countless fronts the rate of change currently unfolding in our biosphere is beyond true comprehension. So few understand (or even want to understand) the severity and immediacy of the growing challenges that we must collectively face if we are to survive much longer on this planet. More and more data is surfacing about the dangers of atmospheric particulate pollution and radiation exposure. At the same time the current administration is doing its best to completely dismantle every imaginable environmental and human health protection law. Donald Trump has become the new and most frightening face yet of the military industrial / fossil fuel industry complex, though ultimately he is only a puppet in the power structure play. Those currently in control are now more dangerous than ever before, how close are we to the trigger being pulled on WWlll? Will Korea be the scapegoat for the US military's unleashing of a nuclear holocaust on planet Earth? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The vast majority of industrialized  societies are so totally disconnected from the natural world that very few even notice the rapidly dying ecosystems around them. Material distractions have blinded the majority to the fact that without a functional habitat, without a living web of life on our planet, we will all die. Who will stand by and let this happen? Who will stand against the insanity in a valiant and critical effort to sound the alarm and alter our current course?

A new billboard has gone up on HWY 99, in Fresno, California. Our most sincere gratitude to Cynthia Sobel for spearheading this effort. Click here if you wish to help support this Fresno, California, billboard. 556

This week's outreach booth is at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


Earth Day in Redding, California, on April 22nd (shown below), was very productive. My most sincere gratitude to Lori Brideford and the other dedicated activists that were responsible for putting up and manning the Earth Day booth.


136 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 29, 2017

  1. max benser says:

    David Keith and Bill Gate, ( two Worlds-Psychopaths please to Jail, so

    long is not to late, for Planet Earth and People too!!!

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Side Effects from Vaccines that were given to Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, are causing the recipients to have major heart conditions! Of course the hidden dangerous of the side effects, were extremely underreported, or completely covered up. The crimes continue to harm and even kill, innocent humans. 

  3. Colleen Cran says:

    The VAXXED bus will be in Redding on June 10. So if people in Redding want to tell their vaccine injury stories they can email Bella Tommey – to set up a time. People with a vaccine injury story have the opportunity to sign the bus. Parents with vaccine free children are welcome also.

  4. sue says:

    Today is May 2. I saw a jet in the sky with a very large plume trailing behind it. It was quite thick so it wasn't a contrail. This, however disappeared rather quickly – not as quick as a contrail, but much quicker than previous geoengineering trails. I have noticed these new type of disappearing trails starting this year. The other day I read about new rules regarding experimentation. The gov't no longer needs informed consent for unusual experiments. This to me means they could be putting 'whatever' in these jets to experiment on the public. If anyone has any info on these 'new' disappearing trails I would like to know more. Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sue, yes, the highly toxic atmospheric spraying is likely always in a state of flux. This being said, it is important to consider that many have mistakenly concluded that the short bright spray trails are just generally just condensation trails. In most cases, this is not correct. Check the attached link for more details. FYI

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello sue,  I know what you mean.  I saw one yesterday.  It was quite warm and the sky all blue.  As I marveled at that, I saw one plane going straight up and up and up with a huge wide spray trail.  No way was it high enough, at least initially, to be a condensation trail.  And it was much wider than a line, even a thick line.  When I checked a bit later, nothing, zip nada that I could see from here.  It did seem puzzling.

      Two weeks ago last Friday, the sky appeared clear, but was purple, I kid you not.  I'd say lavender and did then, but really a deep shade of lavender that seemed more purple.  Whole sky looked like that.  Then, while I was being amazed, a trail appeared, then another and soon the whole sky began approaching blue, as if watered down.  I mean really, you'd think people, even people who don't get the trails, don't understand, would at least be alarmed and amazed at a lavender/purple sky!!!!  The next week a guy from the Sierra Cub called to solicit me as a member.  I said no and why, asking him if he knew about weather modification and geoengineering.  He said he did know some.  I told him that the Sierra Club's refusal to speak out on this issue made it impossible for me to support them in anyway.  Then I mentioned the lavender sky and he hung up on me!  For some time now I've been able to discern a lavender-ish hue to the sky and wondered what that meant. But for the whole entire sky to be an intense dark lavender is another thing.

      What do you mean by they no longer have to ask for permission, informed consent?  When did they Ever, and who said that?!  It is go time?  It has been very odd to see some full on blue skies lately.  And HOT!  Cry uncle?

    • Doug J says:

      I see the same thing in UT (Great Salt Lake Valley and in areas of eastern/southern UT I visit) Sue. I also notice trails end and restart from time-to-time, not sure what that is about, I suspect it is an attempt to throw people off the criminal's tracks. Best to you Sue.

  5. paul fowler says:  with what I have found in these pages , it really makes me wonder why aluminum has been allowed in pure form any where . 

  6. Mary Hollowell says:

    – Faculty help with promoting awareness of climate engineering. Hurray.  May the momentum grow in academia.

  7. ron hall says:

    Besides the MSM continual drone of zombie-trance-infotainment, denial, apathy, and fear; apparently "Thinking is too hard." It's simply just too damn hard to make the effort. And, efforts must be made or we will soon all perish together.

    • Teri says:

      insane people. they couldn't care less about the consequences. those bombs explode upwards as well as outward. burning more holes in our ozone. the radiation floats all around the globe. it doesn't stay contained to just one area. it gets in the air, the water. the ozone. it destroys more then just the few peasants/ citizens they choose to incinerate. it will cause birth defects, wipe out wildlife and plants. destroy soil. the victims unseen will be far greater then the few citizen slaves chosen to be sacrificed. 

        that they are even thinking of releasing such a horrible thing shows the level of their diseased minds. those willing to carry out this horror are far worse then the masters they choose to obey. 

    • Dennie says:

      I went into the credit union (regional, not-for-profit and not traded on the stock market, all monies go back into the community) this morning and remarked how hot it already was outside.  Boy did that start a conversation.  I made the remark to check out to find out what is really going on with your climate. 

      What really frightens me are the prognostications, by the First Nations and other indigenous peoples, of massive environmental destruction this planet would undergo.  I was literally in tears this morning as I drove along in my infernal combustion contraption, adding to the mess… Now, JUST WHAT OTHER CHOICE, REALLY, HAVE WE BEEN GIVEN by The DECIDERS— ????  Not that I enjoy adding to it, mind you, but it's important to recall the comment made by Rachel Robson (Hi Rachel!) that even if all industrial activity stopped cold right now we would still have another 40 years of increasing global warming to endure…

  8. MAP says:

    I just learned of an interesting fact/feature regarding Afghanistan. It has one of the largest deposits of Lithium. Look it up. Now there is another reason that US Troops were never removed from Afghanistan. There are many reasons for sure. Gotta keep the Lithium stockpiles full for Geoengineering "activities".

    • Dennie says:

      Yup.  That's a Known Fact and has been for quite some time.  First, it was the Russians fighting for control of the area (translated: RESOURCES).  The U.S. propaganda about the Russians getting mired down over there was that Afghanistan was Russia's Vietnam.  Then "Guess Who" got involved and went in?  Yep– the good ol' U.S. of A.  The U.S. took control of the heroin trade once it got the Taliban out of the way.  Their main "bad" feature was to stop the opium trade, and we can't have that, now.  So there was a record crop and record profits made in opium the following year after Uncle Sam stepped in. 

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    I think it is important to comment here on how your weather is affecting you and the life around you, plant or animal or bugs. Myself, I get a great deal of mileage out of all of you folk's comments regarding the "current conditions world wide". Your sharing your observations help me reach into peoples thoughts. Maybe some of you can relate to my plea here.

    And on that note, today here on the north Okanogan, was a completely grayed out anomalous sky right from sunrise. It rained for a little while this afternoon and then the wind did "another" 180 and the skies are now clearing. The evidence of chemical cool down was very evident today. Trees are not coming back to life this spring after their long winters sleep. The bugs are scarce, the birds are struggling. I know the rest of my wild life is also. (Yes, "my" wild life. I take ownership of it here in my region). Stewards of our planet, isn't that what the good book says? What if instead of going to church, you religious folks went and spread a bunch of manure(fertilizer) around your favorite trees and bushes? Which would "God" prefer? Oh, and don't forget to water them… "All summer"…..

    "Don't have access to manure?". You haven't tried to find any, other than the manure that inundates our lives. Find it, it's usually free!, and the plants and trees that you love will be very happy you spent time on them and their existence.

    • Dennie says:

      @ 'a' simple horseman:  There are people who go to church who pray for the healing of the world and a change in the hearts of the people in the world to be good stewards of God's Creation, who also go out and shovel manure and anything else they can find to green their environments.  I am one of them.  Not all of us are religious extremists, and I get plenty a-hoppin' M-A-D at God (well, He's a Big Guy, who says He couldn't "take it?")  We use water here in this neck of the woods as long as 1.) we actually get rain, and 2.) it is not either a.) being rationed, like last year, or b.) costing so much money that it is difficult to afford, which is what is going to happen this year.

      The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California is hosting an EcoJustice weekend conference on May 19 and 20 at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.  While it's not "everything," (and what exactly is, hmmm??) but it is a start:  My fear:  "Too little, too late."

  10. marc says:

    This strange form of mental retardation we see as the Republican obsession with undoing the ACA and replacing it with lies, lies and more lies, is political sleight-of-hand that is throwing real human lives into grave danger. Can this even be comprehended? At a time in human civilization when heartless psychopathy has completely consumed the elites who lord it over all the rest of us, we see in all too graphic detail the rise of respiratory diseases, cancers, neuro-degenerative disorders and so on, LIKELY THE DIRECT RESULT OF, OR AT THE VERY LEAST EXACERBATED BY, MASSIVE SPRAYING OF DEADLY TOXIC PARTICULATES FOR MANY YEARS ON END. Why in God's name are the Republican cowpies so fixated on destroying or diminishing healthcare to so many millions of American citizens? Because of a phony-ass campaign promise based on a VENDETTA against Obama's most popular Democratic victory? (ACA) Bullshit!!! Something else is going on. Just when the American people need healthcare assistance more than at any previous time in history, the jackoffs in the white house and in congress are hell-bent on pulling the rug out from under our feet and grabbing the nearest hammers to drive the remaining nails in our coffins. Why? We have to ask ourselves why! Vendetta against Obama? Really? As if all the many millions on Obamacare are ALL DEMOCRATS? Bullpuckey!! Orchestrated depopulation? I think we're getting warmer. Hasten the deaths of the older, sicker geezers (and many younger as well) to relieve the burdens on Medicare, Social Security, Disability? Downside: eliminating the geezer class takes a big bite out of Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Health doesn't it? Somebody has to win while somebody else loses. Again, WHY are these complete phonies (Trump/Ryan) so f**king hellbent on repealing Obamacare? Relocating money back to the top 1%ers?  Or……….is it really nothing more complicated than sheer narcissistic vindictiveness?

      Let's see……..spray the American people until they're sick, disabled and/or dying (money goes to the top in the form of healthcare costs), then take away their healthcare subsidies (again, money goes back to the top) so they die faster. (relieving the burdens on government social safety-net programs). I am simplifying here but this is sure what it looks like. I am undoubtedly overlooking something here but I'll be damned if I know what it is.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hold on marc- the (Un) Affordable Care Act (as those of us carrying our own independent health care policies call it and many others as well) has caused tens of thousands of what were once formerly AFFORDABLE health care premiums to TRIPLE for individuals and families. I can personally attest to this. I've carried my own health insurance for at least 15 yrs. I had a policy with a high deductible for  a catastrophic health emergency which kept my premium around $117. per mo. As soon as O-care was installed the premium went up to around $130. per mo. The next time the contract rolled around for renewal ("You can keep your policy and your costs will go down"..famous last words..) my EXACT same policy was going to cost me- wait for it- over $400. per mo.!! So of course I had to drop it. I had frankly NEVER used the policy, or ANY of them over the years for that matter, ALWAYS paying for my health care maintenance OUT OF MY OWN POCKET in addition to financing THOUSANDS of dollars for others and making insurance company executives and their salespeople richer. My cousin's policy zoomed to over $800. per month and this is the reason she is still working until her Medicare kicks in in another year or so. Having vowed they would 'find me dead in a ditch somewhere" before I would EVER sign up for and support Obamacare I searched and found other Health Sharing alternatives such as Medishare, Liberty Health Share, and Liberty On Call. Obamacare is a disaster contrived by the Soros & Pelosi liberals & company designed to continue to break the backs and the banks of the already struggling middle classes. It sucks- there is NO WAY to put lipstick on that pig. Health care should remain between the medical provider and the client/patient. We MUST get the middlemen out- especially if it is the government. I'm not sure what the Trump regime has in mind but the boondogle of O-care needs to go.

    • MAP says:

      First of all, the 2-party system is a joke on the people of USA. There is but One Party with 2 wings. Republicraps and Democraps. What we see is a sideshow while the "Masters of Power Structure" set about their business of destruction.

      Secondly, are you familiar with how Obamacare works? For millions it is an albatross around their necks when they must pay high monthly premiums and then spend $5K or $10k before ever receiving any benefit. So the Dems created a pathetic bill back in 2010. They had 60 votes in the Senate at the time and could have just passed a Medicare-for-All bill.

      The reason why all of the actions of Congress are suspect no matter which party has temporary control is that those representatives do not hold any real power. The people with power are the International Bankers who run The Fed and most of the Central Banks. The Congressional Fools and Senators do the bidding of their Masters. Period. We lost Our Republic a long time ago. There is no democracy or just barely the veneer of Republic/Democracy on top of what became a Corporate-Fascist State many years ago. Did you ever  ask yourself the following: why didnt Pres Obama remove all troops from Afghanistan during his 8 years term? Simple reason: the Bankers wanted to keep our military there. The bankers will get their way no matter what.

      In hindsight, I truly believe that the Masters setup our last "Selection" of president. Reasons were many but one of those was to infuriate those on the left after they had been told for months by media that their candidate could not lose. The bankers get their "Kicks" at watching the masses fight and argue with each other instead of fighting the Power Structure.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Well Marc, you said it! "a phoney ass campaign promise" ,(PACP) (re: the ACA). It is my opinion that you need not pay attention to any of the many PACP's including the ACA removal because none of them will happen. Its all just part of the distraction for the masses. "Remove and replace", countless times, has been going on since the creation of the ACA and the pubs can't get it done, so why now would that happen? Think all that is bad? Here in FL the pubs want to make people pay to get medicaid! Lol, yea. We have no welfare assisstance available, and only a two month 200$ a month food stamp program, no jobs, a propped up phoney real estate and tourism market and no ACA subsides either for any healthcare, now pay for medicaid! 

      There will be no wall, no remove n replace of ACA, no tax cuts, its all hog wash brother! Better to look away then get irritated by the fixed arena. As Dane said above, this prez at this time is THE most dangerous to us all. 

      Now, real time info from SW FL for you all……

      Something down here changed because for about five weeks now I have only seen three days with spraying chem trails. Never have I seen such a lack of since I woke up to it in 2011. BUT, we still have everything else, the haze milky air, the wacko streaks and fluorescent clouds, the cool down shots, the mid day shade white outs, false temps reported, extreme heat for spring, etc., etc., so what is up with this? Did they switch to p.m. spraying hours ya think? I know they do it at night sometimes, the new and full moons put a spot light on them. 

      Our tides are rising noticeably now too.Started noticing this in June 2016 when high tide alone, no storms, put all the docks on the canal under water! No kidding, sea levels are way up! Winters we typically have lower tides but this winter even that was a lot higher then usual winter tides are. Summers we go under now. Only on high tides then back down but its getting noticed by my neighbors. One neighbor I have heard her on the phone outside several times tell her caller "my dock is under water", she says: this is strange, my dock never went under water before, its only high tide. Oh yes, listening to these nice but clueless people tell each other stuff like this gives me such hope some days. But I am in an internal struggle with myself lately over all this subject matter and the people hope tends to fade rather quickly to no hope to save this world anymore, and that sucks! Like today I told off that guy is fake news and he will not post my comments ever because I told him of this high tide sinking here in FL and in response to his recent article saying sea level rise is a lie and the poles are not melting but growing. I told him that " ice growth" is from the geoengineering and fake man made ice not natural growth, then I always end my comments with this web site address too! So boycott that ahole please! He is spin talk.

      When I first woke up to this sky disgrace it hit me so hard that for two years I would not spend time outdoors and kept all my windows closed year round. You can't live like that, it is crazy! But so is being outside! Lol…. 

      Peace be with us all.


    • ron hall says:

      marc:  The existential accelerating horror in which we seem lost, notwithstanding, there is something human–something healing about your words. The word "psychopath" is now our mortal enemy and you included that in your writing.  Done!  You nailed the essence and still feel that burn while shaking your fist at the sky. I don't seem to have the energy to write like you…76…WTF…I am really glad you are still with us, so to speak.                                                                                If you are still in Arizona, with geo -engineering and the psychopaths' decision regarding heat blasts, I can already see grim headlines about Phoenix. That city may be cooked this year.There is no escaping that which we inhale–but with temps hitting 120+…nasty.  My daughter lives in Las Vegas and I'm starting to fret.

    • marc says:

      Earth Angel, I hear you, my friend. If you reread my post I was NOT singing the praises of Obamacare but instead railing against the pitiful rampage of Republican lies, not to mention the very real danger that whatever they try to replace ACA with will actually be much, much worse for the common people, just when we need it the most due to an increasingly poisoned world. There is a vendetta against this ACA that borders on pathological. In my own case my former premiums were in the 380 dollar/month range. After my insane bureaucratic nightmare with the Marketplace folks to try to buy a plan for myself and my daughter, and after many months of bullshit dealing with red tape regarding my daughter's status, we finally arrived at a plan that was around 190/month. But hello?? The bastard insurance companies started hiking up my premiums every year until it was very near same as before but with higher deductible and inferior coverage. When I moved to Arizona I had to change provider and my subsidy is over 850 dollars/month against a 980 premium. Wtf??? I pay 120 bucks here for a superior plan with a lower deductible, and both me and my daughter are on it. Conclusion: experiences with ACA are all over the map but bottom line, I'm still convinced many millions are better off with it than without it. The mad rush now to REPEAL by the repubs, without having done their homework to assemble a good alternative, especially when they had literally YEARS to work on it, is fishy as f**k, not to mention boneheaded, amateurish, mean-spirited, stupid and shockingly incompetent.

    • Dennie says:

      Rep. Jared Huffman, D-2 CA, wrote in his newsletter assuring his constituents that he was not going to vote to repeal the ACA and leave 20+ million people without health care.  He also said that there is much to be done to make ACA work better.  The Affordable Care Act should have more properly been named "The Somewhat More Affordable Health Insurance Act, For Some Americans."  The fact is that the key feature in balancing the whole thing is to increase rates for the somewhat wealthier taxpayers to subsidize the poorer ones.  Huffman pointed out that one problem is, it's very hard to find consensus across the party lines.

      Could they fix it?  If there was enough actual Will to fix it.  And we do NOT "need" another overbloated + $20bn HANDOUT to the MILITARY A$$HOLES as part of their budget they "must" have to destroy the planet more completely– MOTHERFCKUERZ!!!!!– a better use of all that money would be using it to pay for your health insurance, after all, we're going to really need it considering the massive environmental destruction the little assholes-in-camouflage get to wreak here 24/7/365. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, thank you.  Despite other remarks here, my family and I are poor.  My son in law made frequent appearances in the ER.  That is pricey for whomever!  And no more as he finally has a doc for the first time in his life!  Also, my oldest grandson is covered by the ACA and thank the deities for that as it has just been discovered that he has a Chiari malformation.  Oh God.  This is a very big deal and rare.  Most likely genetic but maybe not.  Myself, I get to have some tests and some care and medications, but not great care by any means.  For instance, ever since doing my neck in-2006-I've had more issues, one of is a fluid filled syrinx in my spinal sac at T 7.  This is a very big deal.  Very.  Yet the docs I had shined it on, probably due to expense, maybe due to me and my allergies such as to antibiotics which makes intervention iffy.  But, I could lose everything's function below T 7!!!!  I wish I could sue these people who have been no help at all.  And with attitude yet!  Now, on my own, I find out the source of much of my symptoms.  And it is as scary as it gets.  Must say, I seriously doubt I'd accept inventions.

      I do understand, though it took awhile, that the ACA has been hard on some people and circumstances like small businesses, and other premiums.  But, the middle class is mostly done in and most are poor like we are.  So this has helped many.  And many hated it being called Obama Care.  And keep in mind that he was not pleased with this, wanted to make it better, was obstructed.  Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Obama, but this was for very many, One good thing.  And good for Big Pharma no doubt.

      MAP is right.  This two party system is a joke.  It is dichotomous thinking writ large.  Democrats are not what we think.  Neither party is.  They are two sides of the same coin and until we do something about That, I doubt anything will change.  I am encouraged by one gigantic march and protest after another.  But the two party thing serves as carrot and whip. It is a way of fooling us, controlling us, making us think we are participating.  This is Not a democracy.  If we really want one, we are gonna have to fight for it.  There are more of us than them.  Myself, I like the direction Bernnie was going.  I want quality health care for everyone, quality education for everyone, and a clean and sustainable environment.  I want truth or something like it.  And I want our Bully Puppet and our military to go to hell, NOW!  

    • MAP says:

      Have we not learned anything from points made on Dane's broadcasts about issues with Medical-Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex? The real answers to maintaining health are not with health insurance and participation with most medical professionals. Oh yes, you can find a few medical professionals who care about their patients  and do the right thing to help patients along. But the majority of the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex exists to keep you sick and taking their "pharmaceutical products" or vaccine shots that you dont need. Its a scam and a scheme.

      That Complex will not admit that food that is GMO, that has pesticides on it and very little nutrition in it due to mineral depletion in the soils; that these types of food lead to sickness. Much more important than any "health insurance" is actually maintaining our health through diet restrictions, eating organic, and taking supplements that are actually absorbed into our bodies. The toxic world we live in makes it all that much more difficult.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh marc, I so feel you!  And you are right, something is very wrong.  We are the only nation in the major countries of the 'free' world that does not provide health care for all and for free.  While most of this seems a sick game, punishing this group or that, I too think something else is going on.  Like, they know what they have done to us and so know the sheer range and numbers of people and illnesses coming at them like a train.  They would rather not pay the consequences of their actions!

      My Lakota brother in law is in a 'home' in SD owing to brain damage from a fall.  He has a steel plate in his head, and seizures, one of lasted 7 hours.  He once had a score of 184 on an IQ test!  He can't stand up or walk.  This place is part of a hospital complex in SD.  They take very good care of him, so good it kinda blows my mind.  But he hates not having freedom.  It is as if he is in prison, to him.  And they will only release him to skilled nursing care.  I got to thinking how can they give such good care to him and his inmates?  Then it hit me.  These are like people farms.   And pills all the time, not to mention vaccines.  Nothing the patients can do about, no opting out.  Sitting ducks for big pharma.  And a cash cow for the state.

      @Earth Angel, Your situation with coverage does suck.  While myself and my family are grateful for ACA, stories like yours helped me see the other side of this.  My son in law's father had a very successful small business and I heard that version too.  And yes, all your paying in while not even using should count for something.  Kinda reminds me of the banking crisis and everyday people loosing their life savings.  Some similarities there.  Huge mistake for all to call this Obama care.  I believe he had you and others in mind in his efforts and was blocked because these political lifers aim down the road, so they made sure there were issues so that they would get a chance to off as many people as possible.  They just don't care about the hoi polloi.  The non elite.  And they do see the tsunami of illnesses coming from their evil deeds.  I hope something changes in your favor.  You know, without offing me!

      @Hawkeye, Hi and I have been hearing and reading about the rising waters in Florida.  I can't help but wonder what that will do to Trump's property.  Hmmm.  Probably a tax write off for him.  Like you, I too became aware in 2011, and I too have noticed lack of spraying just lately.  And by that I mean for about a week!  Usually, we are sprayed to the max, all sorts of extremely dramatic stuff.  Today, noticing a full, blue sky with no weirdnesses at all, it almost scared me!  It really did.  Then I saw a plane leaving a trail and actually felt relieved for a second!  I kept watching and while it did not disappear as fast as a condensation trail would, and the plane not that high, it did disappear, breaking into bits that appeared to drip a tad, then gone.  What's up indeed!?!  80 degrees in the shade.  I am loving the heat!  Are you on a boat?  Live on?

      @MAP, hello and was your last comment aimed at me?  If so, yes, I have learned about vaccines and all the crap in all pills and lack of oversight and regulation.  So that every time I take one of my necessary to keep living pills, I worry big time.  I've had hives all over all the time for two years now.  I am suspecting the pills, but not willing to die.  And by the way, I thought Everyone knew about GMOs by now!  But, maybe not.  Best throw in hydrogenated anything, and all the rest.  I am fortunate to live where just about everybody knows and the stores supply the most excellent GMO free, organic everything!  I spent more than 20 years railing about GMOs for multiple reasons not the least of which involved the seed as I am an organic grower.  But do keep in mind that not all illnesses are related to foods and poisons.  Some are genetic, born with as are half of mine, and as is grandson's.  Some issues really do require serious doctors.  Hopefully I can live, survive, without surgery for my syrinx, but then again, today my left leg is numb, as are both of my hands and part of my face.  However, grandson must have surgery, no two ways about it and it involves his brain.  Which did not fall out of his skull because he ate a GMO product!!

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all!  Last Saturday, instead of getting to listen to Dane's broadcast, my daughter and I had to take Old Blue/Old Iron to the scrap yard, Pick and Pull.  And that was one scary ass trip and long, and we had to make it twice yet as forgot pink slip!  I thought daughter had all together but no and she said she had no idea where.  I thought maybe in my big black file cabinet which I've not used in years, I mean basically since before I found this site in 2011 thus yielding paper mess piles from hell as I do so very much research.  Low and behold it was indeed in that file in a folder saying "car".  So, proof that there was a time I was organized!  It was 80 degrees or more and maybe the first day I've seen in I don't know how long with no, zip nada, spray trails anywhere!  The entire sky was blue but for diluted around the edges.  Amazing.  The sun really burned.  On the way back home, daughter pointed out one of those tree towers!  Holy!!!  It was to the east of freeway and a bit uphill, a bit of distance from freeway and very nearly actually looked like a tree and Huge, but for the top which looked odd in that the "branches" went straight up then, kinda like a fort, all the way round and just huge.  For the life of me, I have a lot of trouble remembering stuff about all the different towers electrifying whatever.  Can someone clue me in about this huge fake tree one off the freeway?  What is it called, what does it do?  I need to get this through my thick head.  Help please!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Rachel, the answers to your questions are complex, the attached link will provide some input. FYI

  12. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Thank you yet again.  By the way, as a crippled kid, on Halloween I collected for Unicef instead of candy.  Quite a few years ago, my brother in law, one of, sent us a list of such companies including Goodwill, and Unicef that are in fact corrupt and so not worthy of donations.  I was surprised to read his information.

    Question: Where did you get those vaccine mortality reports?  First, you mention Unicef, but second you mention the 400%.  I am not used to percents like 400% and assume international.  But, be it 40% or 400%, both are nearly half of all!!!  You'd think people would catch on really fast.  I need this report.  I am surrounded by doctors and nurses I know, as well as some who work for Kaiser in neo natal health.  No one, no one, will accept my efforts to educate about vaccines, much less watch any of the videos.  This report would go a long way with these die hards, or so I hope.  I need this.  Where can I find it?  Thanks in advance!

  13. paul fowler says:

    I first heard this here on , confirmed by an article found on Forbes website . This is so sad , so infuriating so deplorable of man kind , I am ashamed to have been apart of this .


  14. Susan Ferguson: Yes. It is Lithium poisoning. Thank you for your many well-founded contributions to this site.

    • MAP says:

      Thank you Susan F. for the information on Lithium side effects and U.S. Patent related to nano-particulates/lithium. Since 2011-2012 timeframe, I have been suffering from 6-7 of the side effects listed.

      Now I have a couple of questions. In 2012, I began to experience stiffness in my legs. Every time that I sit down or lay down, stiffness now builds up in my legs. Is this most likely more related to barium poisoning than lithium poisoning?

      Lastly, does anyone know how i can make a homemade water beverage with electrolytes? I would like to cut off another relationship with the Corporatocracy and their earth-destroying products.

    • Teri says:

      MAP. i too have those muscle aches. i found that a small glass of salt water helps. the poison they are spraying on us strips us of body salts from what i read once. i tried it and it does help. a few shakes of the salt shaker in a small juice glass and i am good to go. that is what i do. vitamin c helps my chemtrail headaches. though as i am not a doctor i am not allowed to have an opinion or to give one. so it isn't a recommendation. just a casual conversation between 


    1.The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.
    2.The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.
    3.The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study, that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.
    4.The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
    5.No experiment should be conducted, where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
    6.The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.
    7.Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.
    8.The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.
    9.During the course of the experiment, the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end, if he has reached the physical or mental state, where continuation of the experiment seemed to him to be impossible.
    10.During the course of the experiment, the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgement required of him, that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, the Idiots-In-Charge are totally in violation of the Nuremberg Code and should be locked up for the rest of time somewhere where they can't mix with the more-feelings people who have no interest in their "Over-Lords' " unfeeling, unthinking programming.  We certainly don't have the liberty to leave The Experiment, and it's looking a helluva lot like the High Priests-In-Charge are under some kind of compulsive "order" and either don't want to, or won't, stop it, either. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Paul, I'm curious, can our local sheriffs operate under the jurisdiction of the Nuremburg code and it's ways of accountability? Or more importantly, can they if they individually choose to?

  16. Adam Coleman says:

    I drove 17.5 hours from Denver on Fried Day afternoon to Cincinnati and it rained HEAVY from St. Louis all the way in. When the cloud cover finally broke, I looked outside and sure enough, from WPAFB, the traitors in the cockpit were right back up there spraying poison on US ALL AGAIN. PIX X 4K I'd be happy to share on your site but can't get them to send on this Android. Now that the provobial elephant is now IN THE ELEVATOR….SHEEPLE  may look up from their eyefonz and will FINALLY BE ABLE TO SEEE WHAT WE HAVE TRIED TO SHOW THEM THAT THEY'RE BREATHING

    • Dennie says:

      @Adam Coleman:  Everything sounds about the way it's been here since some time in December until now (it's over 80 out here in the S.F. Bay Area right now) out on the West Coast, except the part about the actual location of the traitors– I'm laying money down that they're actually located on some military base in a little room with computer programs that are telling them how to program the remote-controlled flights of the spray jets for any given region. 

      It makes zero sense to me that The Powers That Never Should Have Been would hire actual humans to do the spraying– they're much too expensive and it would be much too risky– think about it– you'd have to dole out "a pay check and a pension," for sure, plus medical coverage, which is going to go through the roof due to their constant exposure at close range to what you and I are being treated to  24/7/365 now, AND, because we're dealing with humans, they talk… Now, if you were an employer, wouldn't you want to do away with liabilities like that?  Just get the drones wired for remote flight– yes, they can fly big old jets remotely–!!!!!!—, put the kiddies in the control room after swearing them to secrecy upon pain of death, then let 'er rip. 

    • TNGeoWatch says:

      Was an amazing storm system.  Torrential rains over hundreds and thousands of miles all at the same time.

      Saturday AM was insane.  I suspect this was a heat release of some kind.  They got to get rid of the heat and moisture somehow now over our area. 

      Night time lows around here in TN now are consistently underreported by 6-8 degree's.  It was raining and 66/67 this morning they had 58 on the weather reports.  

      It's comical now – total BS the weather makers are.

    • Contrarian says:

      Dennie:  Recall the large jet that flew from California to Denver?  Observing the squiggly meanderings prior to heading towards Colorado causes me to think its was remotely flown.  It left a huge aerosol circle over Denver.  Then it flew to a military base in Oklahome or some area.  My memory says the Navy was involved it this bizarre op.

  17. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: MAP & others who are wondering about the Lithium content in the recent “milky haze” — Personally I am convinced the “milky haze” is also heavily comprised of Lithium. The 2016 US PATENT (below) is particularly interesting, with multiple implications for those who can combine the increase in UVs and transfer these technologies in the Patent to geoengineering the planet. “The most common manifestation of lithium toxicity is altered mental status.”
    US PATENT: Methods of charging solid state plasmonic electrochromic smart window devices /  US 20160246153 A1  / 2016 / Abstract: Methods of charging an electrochromic device includes post assembly charging using a sacrificial redox agent, lithium diffusion into an electrode from a lithium layer or salt bridge charging, or pre assembly charging using proton photoinjection into an electrode.
    An embodiment of the invention provides improved charging processes for electrochromic devices, such as devices containing nanostructured material electrodes capable of selectively modulating radiation in near-infrared (NIR) and visible spectral regions.

    No Antidote for Lithium Overdose or Allergic Reaction.
    Here are all the Side Effects:
    First and foremost – Lethargy. You feel heavy and drugged;
    • Thirst. You can become quickly dehydrated especially if overheated. You crave salt;
    • Stomach Distress including both diarrhea and constipation;
    • Sudden Weight Gain;
    • Muscle/Joint Pain;
    • Twitching of hands and head, sometimes of the whole body;
    • Loss of Appetite. You can’t taste your food;
    • Slurred Speech and Blurred Vision;
    Confusion/ Hallucinations;
    • ‘Imitation’ Goiter.   Looks like thyroid malfunction but isn’t;
    • Impotence;
    • Endocrine Disruption Causing Severe Menses/Periods. Stomach swells up as if you’re pregnant;
    • Kidney Pain as the renal glands become dysfunctional;
    • Acne/ Severe Skin Rashes and Sun Burn;
    • Hair Loss.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Susan, I read that lithium is the world's lightest metal. I remember reading about and seeing radar images of lithium being in the geoengineering experiment over northern CA, and over OR in 2015. I wonder if there is any in the powdered dirt from off the roof of my house? We get the "milky haze" all the time, sometimes with the bug spray (the trails), and sometimes without. The next time those controlling our rain, allow it, I will test for lithium, and I'll send some "roof dirt" to be tested also. Thanks for your post.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Horrible.. NO antidote?! I have experienced some of those symptoms for years now, including dry mouth with bitter taste almost constantly- which of course induces thirst; and pain in muscles and joints daily despite being physically fit and active. Also some thinning of hair and slight weight gain. Have noticed some mental acuity lost- harder to keep organized & focused since May 2012 when a low level dump of chemicals took place over us. I worry for my animals (wild ones too) and how this is affecting them negatively. We know the military and their contractors have admittedly launched test rockets containing lithium over populated areas. I remember one activist recorded a phone call with one of them a few years ago. This criminal madness must be put to a stop RIGHT NOW. Thank you for this post SF. You are always giving us good information.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, we need people who can test that haze using a spectrometer and tell us what all's in it, for God's sake! I remember Rosalind Peterson saying or writing that lithium's used to track upper level wind patterns.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Susan, thanks for the heads up, kind of(grin). I have 1/3 of the items on that symptom list. Sore muscles and joints, confusion(not hallucinating yet), loss of appetite is a big one for me. I still weigh the same as I did when I graduated high school. Weight loss is a constant battle for me. I'm no cook for sure and sure do miss being cooked for. I have always worked hard to come home to a good meal. But now, it's just me and the more time wears on the harder it gets.

      Dennie, I have it in writing from a retired Alaska airlines pilot quoting just what you presented, "lithium to track upper level wind patterns". The part that gets to me is he hasn't put it together that, that stuff comes down on all living things and there environments. I'd bet a weeks pay that if I could get him up into the wilds where he once rode horses in Alaska, he'd jump right smack dab into the middle of the ship that carries all of us awakened ones here on this sight. "Kansas" don't look right anymore Dorothy". "Where'd my red slippers go?

  18. Joseph L says:


    George Carlin "The American Dream" Best 3 Minutes of His Career

    Great Video

    • Si says:

      The hard facts. George nails it so beautifully.. But I say if we can't have what we want then they can't have what they want. We here on this issue draw the line and stand our ground. The buck stops here! Empower yourself, You have everything to gain.

    • Dennie says:

      Uh-maze-ing— everybody apparently wants what they want– And nobody wants what they actually need… like, clean air, water and soil.. OH NOOOOO!!!!  "WEEE want conveniences that use up resources and make everybody SICK!!!!!!!!!!!"  That's the REAL "American Dream," that's what the Sheep have bought into– UGHHH!

    • Jintampa says:

      Thanks for posting this clip, 3 minutes of the bottom bottom line. I saw Carlin in person and he was a very intelligent man, I wonder what he would say about our current state of affairs? 

  19. Diane Friday says:

    The death tolls are getting higher with each round of these severe storms. I often wondered why these miserable, sadistic pieces of filth bothered with using these horrific storms (going with the depopulation agenda), when they must have a myriad of ways to wipe us out that would be quicker and cleaner. But then it's all part of the ongoing experiment, isn't it? Gathering data 24/7/365 on what works best, where, and on which segments of the population. My opinion is and has been that they're also looking closely at how people react to disasters such as these. I suppose one would have to go to all of the affected areas to get an accurate assessment of how people are reacting, but I'm sure they have technically  sophisticated information-gathering methods all their own. 

    Based on the changes I'm aware of in myself, my partner, and just about everyone we know, I'm guessing people aren't reacting the way they would have 20 years ago. Everyone seems to be getting more and more lethargic, everyone is tired all the time, most are developing a flat affect. The word that might best describe it, though, is resigned. Almost like the Eloi in H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine", with the major exception being that we're not leading happy, carefree lives, being nicely clothed, well fed, and sheltered, until it's our turn to become food for the Morlocks. No, in this real life version, we have to stay on our toes, daren't miss a beat, and it's clear we're going to be bled dry, financially and otherwise, until it's our turn to become food for the Morlocks. However, just in case those of us who know what's going on – and there are indeed more every day – should decide to resist and rise up, they're making us sicker every day and keeping us sedated, literally. I too feel certain there has been a huge increase in the aerial disbursement of lithium, and the chemical ice nucleation never stops. I'm guessing western Kansas got an especially good dose in order to facilitate that rare late-season blizzard today. Of course, the transmitters going off  in or near the states affected by these storms had nothing to do with their path and intensity. 

    The $64,000 question is, were these storms allowed to happen, or made to happen, to be used as an example of the dire need for the future "proposed" geoengineering programs? If so, we all know that when the public is indoctrinated slowly and correctly, especially after so many children lost their lives this time around, they'll have people eating out of their filthy, murderous hands. I'm afraid it won't be possible to get enough of the population to wake up to the ugly reality of what's going on in time to turn the tide. Having read some of the comments attached to another article about these storms, and I don't mean the usual troll comments, I wonder will there be enough time? The majority will remain steadfast in their denial until they're told it's being done and being done for their own good – you know, to save the planet, because there's simply no other option – at which point they'll probably embrace the whole thing. And it makes me sick beyond words. 

    Peace out.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Diane Friday, "great comment!".

      I always appreciate honest perspective from any given source. Why shouldn't I?, It's "our" only way back to where we will find what we all are seeking. Look folks, if we don't have a vision of where we need to go, regardless of the extent of our awareness, we have no direction.

      Give it some thought.

    • Si says:

      If you feel helpless and you can't seem to get the energy to do anything else you can pray and keep a positive attitude. Remember you are divine spirit and that you have more power than you think.


  20. Lee Eyerman says:

    Well weather event of a lifetime number3 here in Ohio Valley this week.Non stop 12 hour thunderstorm on Friday from 9pm to 9am Saturday morning.Some areas got in excess of 15 inches of rain even though the fake media acted like it was only about 4 inches.Al Roker calls it the Maya Express,I call it the ahole Harp Express.We can not survive this summer,I really believe people in droves will die if the day in chemical spraying continues.For your information the other 2 lifetime weather events were the 2008 fake hurricane,no clouds and 100 mph winds,and the blizzard of 1977 but that event might have been mother nature and not a bunch of maggots.

  21. ron hall says:

    Dane:   Have you seen this article? WTF do we have here?- a bunch of clueless TED techie nerds, who obviously never look up.  This a Loony Tunes cartoon in a Minor Key! It would be comical, but it winds up being another sad refrain from "educated" people.                         Thanks for your endless work!

  22. kathleen says:

    Major congratulations on your book, Dane (which I just ordered)! Angels must be granting you extra time for all your endeavors. Surely I speak for everyone here who commends you for all you've done, are doing, and plan to continue to do. To that, we extend our appreciation and love to you and your family who feel your urgency xoxo

    Dear friends, I need to make you aware, if you aren't already, of the latest Food Revolution Summit. The interviews will give you important information, even if some of it is a bit contradictory — NO one person will EVER agree with you 100% of the time, and vice versa.

    Given the horrendous $#!+ being doled out to us at every level, there are few options we can choose to ameliorate them, but food is one. Check They'll probably have a replay day, or you can catch an upgraded version next year.

    And for those of us suffering from tinniitus,I've found serious relief using a topical brand rather than an oral pill, so far. I have no commercial interest (wish I did!) but it's from Pure Vitality Minerals but I bought it on Amazon. I don't know how to c/p the name without making it GIANT.

    much love to each of you, always. I saw a blue sky today for the first time in months, or at least the first time in April. SIGH. 



    Pure Vitality Minerals

  23. Gregory Kelley says:

    Sense speakin' man, Dane Wiggington, most valued brother

    I find it hard to listen to the issues Dane presents. Why? Because I know them and have lived in the knowledge of them. It hurts my heart. AND, though humanity is complicit in some ways, along the way, we have been enslaved and imprisoned for thousands of years. The Good is the ending of great cosmic cycles and a cleansing of the great way for the new cycle beginning. Truly, we can let it all go. The Bad is the undeniable presence of something that, to Prime Creator, must be a pain. Some anomaly came along that has no Love whatever, and needs to eat, to conquer, control, rule. Man, that sucked. Ugly be what Dane saying, the brain damage worked upon the people and the massive systemic damage on Gaia's body.

    Yes, WTF that has been going on is insane. Have no doubt. Sanity returns as the Goddess energies return and humanity lifts its eyes and sets illusions and lies aside. Thankfully, we are mature enough to enjoy the useful observations of Charles Darwin, as an example, without the presumption of a primordial ooze origin of our specie. All science that has supported materialism may summarily be dismissed. What regions of logics in established boxes present a truth are welcome to reconnect with Reason, the dialogue with BEing.

    I say a thousand times to all. . . Remember individual sovereignty under Prime Creator and in primary contract to Mother Gaia, whose body is our home. Declare it. With the innate power thus vested, cry out the harm to humanity and our home and command remedy. I command that my silence not be confused with consent. I command a cease and desist of all harms to life, right now, in this here. I power up my ship of Light. My sovereign command wakes and shakes the living universe, in which I am humble servant of the One. Right here in my personal and private spaces.

    One can also enlist the sheriffs to bond their oath to the people via the true organic Constitution, and safely shut down the poisoning. Might want to convene a common law grand jury to support that. Fluoride is a neurotoxin that lowers IQ and damages the third eye gland, the pineal. Its the gateway to Heaven, to Home. Might want to get after this. Face the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with a grandbaby in your arms. Listen to this baby. We all need each other. Be more like Dane.

    Thank you, brother!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gregory Kelley, "my friend I haven't met yet". Thank you for sharing your words with all of us that will take the time to read them. Wow, is what I kept saying as I read those words. (I'm not the only one that knows). To ALL my friends I haven't met yet, I hope you take the time to more understand the meanings and basis of what Gregory wrote. Especially this, "Have no doubt. Sanity returns as the Goddess energies return and humanity lifts its eyes and sets illusions and lies aside". This has been ever cycling through the history of mankind. 100's of thousands of years or more, who knows? Our challenge as the collective of mankind is to insure some how, some way, that "we" don't make this planet go "Venus syndrome". Time is quickly running out. The cycles of time will continue as they always have. "We" just may not be a species that will see it.

    • Joy says:

      Awesome!   Well said.

  24. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Bravo to "Seeing Clearly"….you make so much sense

    Thanks for the insights

  25. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Even though I post here frequently, I have never before asked the readers to watch any video. However I feel that this report is outstanding and serves to confirm that the military, especially the Navy, has no concern whatsoever for the safety and health of its own troops or the public, the citizens of this country whose taxes fund them. We are ‘collateral damage’ at best, and lab rats at worst. This is a completely documented accurate report and will shock you, as well it should. Send this to everyone you know who is involved in these programs and/or in the military. Surely this will leave no doubt that they have been spraying us for years like lab-rats, using us to ‘test’ the results of various toxic chemicals on the general population, like LITHIUM, ALUMINUM, BARIUM, STRONTIUM, and these new FUNGI-based NANO-PARTICLES that are creating a “MILKY HAZE”, a new (perhaps lithium?) pollution that we are inundated with, breathing every moment with every breath. Please do watch this video from Abby Martin. Denial is for the weak and the dead.

    • Dennie says:

      I have to say, I don't like Abby Martin but I will watch the video.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Thank you for your contribution. I have several folks that will be receiving this video. One of them works for Raytheon(ex brother in law who lost his wife, my little sister, to a military induced brain tumor).

    • MAP says:

      On days when we have sunshine but there exists still a "milky haze" that is very thin: I have been wondering what concoction is in that haze? Lithium? What?

    • marc says:

      Susan Ferguson, many thanks to you for posting this video here. In my YouTube travels last year I happened upon this video when I was investigating government chemical and biological warfare programs, including those covertly imposed upon Americans here at home. I'm every bit as disgusted, pissed off and disillusioned as I was when I first saw this report. I narrowly escaped the draft for Vietnam and filed as "conscientious objector" at the time (which was of course rejected), marched in anti-war marches with Daniel Ellsberg, etc. I knew even in 1971 that our government and especially our military commanders are a gaggle of asswipes to the core. Incredible how this rot has spanned multiple generations of military command. Patriotism? Support our troops? The best way to "support our troops" is to get them the hell OUT OF THE MILITARY, not put refrigerator magnets on our cars telling people that we "support our troops". For those who have any sons or daughters or cousins or fathers or mothers whom they love and admire for their military service, I would strongly encourage, nay, INSIST, that they watch this video which Susan has wisely posted here. I have no more words to express my outrage…….

  26. marc says:

    Interesting development. Such august (barf) climate scientists as Michael Mann, Stephen Rahmstorf and Ken Caldeira all apparently canceled their NYT subscriptions because the newspaper chose to publish an op-ed by a Bret Stephens, an alleged "climate denier". Gee, could this move by these scientists be any more transparent? My interpretation: OMG, we can't be associated with a newspaper that has broken ranks and threatens the NARRATIVE we are trying so hard to congeal in the public mind, namely, that humans have and are causing relentless warming which will soon NECESSITATE MASSIVE GEOENGINEERING PROJECTS TO SAVE ALL OF HUMANITY, AND INDEED, ALL LIFE ON EARTH, FROM THIS APOCALYPSE. Unquote. Rahmstorf, Mann, Caldeira…. three (compliant) stooges of the power structure.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, yes, there is more than enough denial to go around on all sides of the fence. Those in the global warming / environmental communities who refuse to acknowledge the blatantly obvious climate engineering atrocities are just as deep in denial as those who refuse to acknowledge the unfolding planetary meltdown (being fueled by countless anthropogenic sources including climate engineering).

    • marc says:

      Yes, Dane, well said. So unbearably true.

    • Dennie says:

      "…Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right– here I am…"

  27. Charlie says:

    So many people don't care

  28. Seeing Clearly says:

    "Tornadoes have been increasing"

    Global Warming may be the cause 

    Pharmaceutical Logic 

    Lets destroy the tornadoes by microwaving the sky and avoid having to put any burden on the fossil fuel industry and the citizens and power structure.

    Treat the symptom, not the root cause, suppress the disease.

    The right way to stop tornadoes is to stop contributing to global warming by using an energy source that is harmful to the environment for the sake of the power structures profits that depend on the fossil fuel industry.

    Geoengineering just like ADHD pills and anti-depressants are so unethical and carry a long list of side effects its our ignorance why we even contemplate to do such a procedure.

  29. Most readers of GeoEngineeringWatch realize that our cumulative environmental damage has become severe and possibly entropic… Dane's been serving notice on this for many years. Serious actions MUST be taken… Comment from the April 22nd "Earth Day" page:

    Hello horsegirl: Here are some initial points of interest:

    Chemical releases upon an uninformed public are certainly illegal acts under the American Bill of Rights. I believe it is included within Article 6 of the original Constitution, that a sheriffs solemn oath is to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States, on behalf of the citizens who have elected them to office…

    Thus: Citizens arrest is legally enforceable through the Sheriff's agency – on behalf of interested civilians. "States Militias" (under the jurisdictions of locally elected sheriffs) were designed to protect citizens from invasive actions or coercive efforts committed by non-elected protagonists.  BY LAW: This includes all Federally sanctioned efforts. 

    Our current (bogus) "Federal" courts systems are legally trumped by local jurisdictions, and such attempts to usurp authority away from "We the People" are acts of Treason, period… The sheriff's office is considered the "actionable" principal of  enforcement within the American Bill of Rights… 

    I don't know if  readers here are familiar with sheriff Richard Mack, but I suggest they spend some quality time looking at his agenda. Mr. Mack and the organizations he represents are apparently unknown assets…

    Richard Mack: The Untouchable Bill of Rights – YouTube

    • horsegirl says:

      Hello, Paul, and thanks for making my day.  I really believe we may have more resources than supposed, as you point out.  Yes, sheriffs have more power than most realize.  I don't know if you caught the various shreds of my serial post – in my anger over being poisoned – but perhaps if we 1) write specific legislators, supplying credible information – first and foremost the Air Force's manifesto "owning the weather by 2025" and the declassified report of Congress to the president which Dane found; 2) upon receiving no reply or some species of dissimlated hokum 3) then make a citizen's arrest of said legislator for public endangerment.  Email might be good for this, as there is an undeniable paper trail.  Anyway all these testimonies of non-correspondence when legislators are advised of geoengineering are making me see red.  While I realize they are nothing but lackeys and scapegoats for the power structure (as I wrote before), they are the ones who have been hired as public spokesmen, and their arrest would represent something your average uninformed citizen could understand.  I wish enough of the public were savvy enough to cry out for the arrest of Bill Gates et al, but for now putting a few legislators in handcuffs would be a nice start.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Please also look into joining forces with the group, a constitutionally knowledgeable group of people across the nation striving to bring forth the Republic America was SUPPOSED to be- not the corporately hijacked tyrannical group of criminals currently running the show. Folks, we CAN do this Peacefully, Legally and Lawfully and break the chains binding us; but we MUST GET INFORMED and LEARN to EXERCISE OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS on the PRIVATE (not public) side. Please go to the website and join in on the weekly conference calls to learn more. Sheriff Mack is a fantastic man, follow his lead and get involved if you can. I would like to see him join us at We only need a few more states before gaining a national platform for a new Republic! (the one we were supposed to have) We can address our climate engineering grievances through this legal platform as well as what the current legal team is doing on the Public side. Please join in, YOU can help us make this happen soon. Check it out!!

    • ron hall says:

      Paul and others:  Paul Craig Roberts is in his late 80s. I'm 76 and ALWAYS carry a copy of the Constitution in my old brief case which I drag around.. John Whitehead is an amazing scholar and talks straight at you. IMHO, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are ignored…even worse, Trump and his deep state buddies seem to have never studied it.  Hence, we are now living an Orwellian Police state heading for self-destruction.  I wish for hope, but I haven't seen it since the 60s.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "The Constitution", what an awesome work and guidance for a well informed population to live under and support. There's a problem here though. "We", you and I, have been monetized(funny how spell check didn't recognize that one). We are all walking talking corporations. Even the good o'l USA is now "Inc". Look at your drivers license, your SS card, your bills. They all have your name written in capitol letters. This is not a mistake of bad punctuation. All corporations are registered in capitol letters, which is subject to and adheres to "Admiralty Law"(Look it up folks). The only way the "Constitution" is going to live again is if enough of the right people once again stand up and be a force to be reckoned with. Plain and simple…..

      "Mass Awareness"…. It's the only way out of this mess.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello all,  Thought I'd chip in here with these really good remarks to say that I've been reading Ralph Nader's little book: Breaking Through Power.  He quotes Walter Debs from the 1920s saying that Americans, under the constitution, can have most anything they want, but, they don't seem to want much at all.  We really do have more power than we think. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Outstanding video.

      There is Hope, because Men with Integrity still exist in this World.

      An applause to Sheriff Richard Mack.

      That many and many follow his actions.

  30. Dennie says:

    They're all into Big Pharma because that's what Someone told them would make money when the natural resources, starting with oil, run low and it's no longer so cost-effective to extract the resources as it was back in the 70s and 80s.  Costs to extract mineral resources such as petroleum, gold (they track each other when prices go up or down), uranium, now lithium and probably soon, aluminum, have gone up sharply.

  31. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "Wild life compression". That should be a commonly used term. But, not many notice and of those that do, not many speak up. Birds are a real and formidable indicator of what is actually happening in and to our biosphere. Here's the point, "I've seen a greater variety of birds pass by or stop over on my property than I have ever seen in 17 yrs". I have a pack of Coyotes here in my neck of the woods. I am honored they have chosen to have their den 200 yards down the hil from me. If you walked there from here at my cabin, you'd swear it was 600 yards. My four legged friends are smart. They have "new ones" in the den. The coyotes are very quiet, "stealth", these days. I find them a role model if you will. They all know each other very well, they don't kill each other, and they all help each other eat well. 99% mice and voles. In my area, rabbit and young deer is the other 1%. Here's the full circle point: Geo Engineering is killing the mice and voles. There are many predatory birds here that rely on that part of the ecosystem also. It all comes down to the bug population. Geesh, "where'd it go?" I am very worried about and for the bug population. And an interjection here. It 's good point to bring up, "Where's all those bugs that we used to wash off the wind shields of our vehicles?" I have had people remark (unsolicited) this to me many times in my attempts to help people understand what is happening right above their heads.

    I watch horses, go figure, right? I watch about a hundred horses from here to town. "All" of them are showing signs of heavy metal toxification. (Funny how spell check didn't recognize that term). Many horses are "standing funny". They don't look comfortable. Even standing on 80 acres of open ground(a horses paradise). I see this in my own Mustangs. they both stretch and flex in ways that are not normal and most observably, more than they ever have since we've been together, 12 years. The most profound comment I have received this year was from a "long timer" in my region. He said, "where'd all the butterflies go?" That old timer was one of the best ears my words have ever been laid upon. It was an honor to connect a few dots for him, as he did for me also. From 3 weeks ago until about june is the gang busting growth season here in my region. This year is unlike any other I've ever witnessed. Let me tell ya folks, things in this "blue region" on weather anomaly maps ain't all that great. It's freaking out all of my wild life. Plant or animal.

    Thank you for reading my observations. I hope they help your own. Thank you all for "stepping outside of the box"

    • Josey Wales says:


      Where are you, might I ask?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Josey Wales, I am 17 miles east of Tonasket WA and 20 miles south of the Canada border. 3100 ft ele. High mountain desert country. Home of the Okanogan complex fires 2 years ago.

      Great name "Josey Wales". In the movie, Josey would not surrender his guns to the union army and became an out law that stood for real justice and defended those being wronged. Josey, maybe you are a modern day version?

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, where's Clint Eastwood when we could use HIS voice in the fight?  We've got Wm. Shattner Tweeting about the dangers of vaccines, so where's Clint?  Why don't the celebs all band together and produce a video where they're all speaking at the same time, all at once?  Surely, THEY know…!!!!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, "We've got you in this fight". I'd trust you over Clint any day. Clint himself might even agree if he were to know you. Frankly and personally, I am sick and tired of folks waiting for the "famous" to stand up and do something. "We" out number them a zillion to one!. Do the math there and seek your own priorities.

      Mass Awareness is our only way out of this mess we're in. How do we get there? Teach, teach, be patient and teach some more.

      Be confident when you repeat these words, "War if over, If you want it".

    • Dennie says:

      'a' simple horseman:  I think we know the answer re Clint and DiCaprio.  These people know.  They know that we know that they know.  Not gonna move.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      If Kylie Jenner knows, they know.

  32. Seeing Clearly says:

    We need to stop ignoring the conflict of interest of those in power elected officials and people in our health and environmental boards.

    This is just one of many cases that all to often go undetected and underreported and covered up.

    ⇨Click Here⇦

    I also want to make you aware of the propaganda that the only reason people are getting Alzheimer's more often now is because we live longer, those are the same people that say the only reason for a rise in cancer and autism is because they screen foe it better and the population has gotten bigger and lost od other unfortunately widely accepted and embraced deception or false information. 

    Who benefits from such a narrative 

    Big pharma of course.

  33. frank reps says:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.   Some readers of this website might have the imagination and industry to visit their  "local radio stations " with their laptops… Dane's latest broadcast for the station manager or owner, and see if the station has any  " dead time " where Dane's program can be broadcast as a public service.    There just may be a handful of informed and intelligent broadcasters who will help Dane get this message out to others.  A little time….a bit of energy…a laptop with Dane's website  and gumption enough to overcome one's " call resistance " to go and help wake up our fellow citizens is all that is needed .  Our country is full of local radio stations.  The one's in your neighborhood may be part of a "ground swell " if we all give it a try.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "frank", that is an excellent suggestion. thank you. I can't help but wonder, when a station manager gets this pitch for the n'th time in a row, how will he react?. One notch a time folks… and it all comes tumbling down.

  34. Carol says:

    Hello Dane. RFK was on Fox News talking about vaccines !! Miracle ??? I listen to the interview …. We what the weather modification on now ?..Dane have u approached Fox News to see if they would air  this nightmare … I wish u here in England every one I approach do not seem  interested they look at  you if you are a complete (((  NUT )) …Love what u do … Carol… 

    • Robert says:

      You're not alone in the UK Carol some of us are well aware and observe.

      keep up the good fight.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Carol, Do you mean Robert Kennedy Jr.?  He has been railing against vaccines for a Very long time.  He has a site about this that you can look up that has tons of info.

    • Dennie says:

      …hmmmm, anybody else thinking what I'm thinking could happen to RFK now, as a result of his famous family and their attempts to make the world a better place?  Look how "they" rewarded his father.  Look how "they" rewarded his uncle JFK….

  35. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Since geoengineering 'experimentation' is coming out from undercover, at least we cannot be accused of making it all up.  Now the challenge will be to counteract the egregious lies regarding the 'benefits' of geoengineering.  You cannot imagine how many petitions were presented to legitimate climate change, when in fact global broiling was the symptom.  For all those people and petitions demanding 'action' on climate change, we knew this would be coming.

    Got climate change??? Take this or else : (

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, SShhh!  Don't Even say it!  Besides RFK has been at this for decades?  A very long time.  

      By the way, driving along MLK Way, I looked for your window with geo sign and did not find it.  Where along MLK Way?

  36. ron hall says:

    This study done in 2009 states that the USA is the MOST VACCINATED COUNTRY BY FAR IN THE WORLD! Note the list and types of vaccines. The study notes the relationship of vaccines and an "epidemic" level of AUTISM in America. By 5 years of age, 36 injections will have occurred per child in USA–contrast that with Iceland or Japan and their 11 per child! So, begging the natural question, WHAT HAS BEEN DONE IN THE LAST 8 YEARS TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE?

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Mississippi has the highest childhood vaccination rates in the U.S. The also have the highest SIDS rates.


  37. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Please accept my congratulations for the "The Book" Dane.  Hopefully, it will become read as widely as the Bible.  Your multi-disciplinary expertise is the sort of critical thought that is being rejected for 'job training' as education. 

    As intellectualism is being promoted as elitist, there is no logic or evidence that ignorance will be able to understand or solve anything.  Elitist education and greed forged this present system, but we cannot expect those poor people walking miles daily to fetch water and firewood to cook should be the ones to comprehend at this point, let alone do anything.  Still evidence suggests even severely marginalized people are quite capable and want to be part of the solution.  It is just wrong for them to bear the brunt.  Only the moderately educated can shift this paradigm, at least to begin with.  It's the paradox that we must overcome.

    At the same time I was taking a course on the Rise of Civilization in 2012, geoengineering gob-smacked me.  I might have noticed sooner had I not been living outside the US in Peru for nearly three years, and it started, late apparently, in Alaska while we were gone between 2006 and 2009.  (We now know geoengineering had been ramped up over the North Pole.)  Incredible Alaska just didn't look the same, indeed it looked faded, dusty, smoggy and diminished in 2009, but the jets didn't appear overhead until 2012.

    My thoughtful professor led us to the inevitable logic of collapse scenarios for civilization, which is underway already, and the whole world is going down this time.  There's no place to hide.  We learned about posiitive, negative and causal feedback loops, which are somewhat like layers of feedback loops.  Using the knowledge of cybernetics and systems analysis, we see that schismogenesis is at work on society as well.  For example, the way the free flow of information can be blocked or misdirected affects our decision making.  Even though the causal feedback loops can create complex problems, therein lie the seeds for raising awareness and finding solutions.

    My apologies for this explanations that may seem irrelevant, but they have helped me understand the politics, the climate discussions and interconnectedness of systems of all sorts.  Sadly, Civilizational collapse is a very real possibility in the near term, without a doubt. 

    Thank you friends around the world for everything you do. You have my deepest wish for Love and Peace. Dane, this is a very powerful talk while begs sharing.  It ignites our imagination and helps us persevere.

    Changing peoples minds can change everything.

    An easy power point presentation:

    A brief 2-page explanation with graphics:

  38. Ken Sutter says:

    Here is West Michigan seems everybody started coughing a week and a half ago after two days of rain. Apparently the rain washes the chemtrails out of the air. Tickle, tickle – cough, cough.. I've got it, my secretary has it, her husband has it and at least 80% of my patients have it. Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough. 


  39. horsegirl says:

    Dane, another landmark presentation.  What stands out for us on the US/Mexico border in southeastern Arizona is the nucleation effort.  We are waking up feeling like our lungs are birthing styrofoam because this filth creeps into our respiratory system during sleep.  Moreover there is a huge production of nanoparticulate aerial structures pertaining evidently to strictly surveillance programs.  In other words we are breathing in the wretched border wall project, where to the south we see the daily cigarette-shaped item immediately above the physical wall.  When we first became aware of the spraying campaigns in 2008, a person involved in security work told us that among other aspects, the nanoparticulate material has the purpose of functioning as a communication device.  The 1996 Air Force manifesto "owning the weather by 2025" states it as follows on page 27 where the possibility of an artificial climate is contemplated:

        "Nanotechnology also offers possibilities for creating simulated weather.  A cloud, or several clouds, of microscopic computer particles, all communicating with each other and with a larger control system could provide tremendous capability.  Interconnected, atmospherically buoyant, and having navigation capability in three dimensions, such clouds could be designed to have a wide-range of properties.  They might exclusively block optical sensors or could adjust to become impermeable to other surveillance methods.  They could also provide an atmospheric electrical potential difference, which otherwise might not exist, to achieve precisely aimed and timed lightning strikes.  Even if power levels achieved were insufficient to be an effective strike weapon, the potential for psychological operations in many situations could be fantastic."

    Because we see anomalous nanoparticulate masses standing alone in otherwise blue skies, we imagine they are for surveillance.  For instance above I-10 an artificial cloud like twisted rope forms a narrow canopy the entire visible length of the highway.  We have observed similar operations above nearly all interstates in the southwest, with obscured highways likewise flanked by broad expanses of blue sky.  Just like the giant cigarettes poised above the international border, the nanoparticulate structures won't move an inch even when the wind blows in gusts of 70-80 mph as so often occurs now in this formerly idyllic, still zone.  So the question arises:  are a lot of these coverings over cities not concerned with surveillance in addition to possible weather function?  Expansive as spraying operations seem to those on the east coast, for example, the entirity of New England would fit inside the borders of the Navajo reservation.  In the southwest we see the vastness of this great colony and puzzle over the inconsistencies of these programs.

    • BaneB says:

      Horsegirl:  You have me so intrigued by your descriptions of those weird formations, either you post some pics or I will have to go see for myself. My area saw some bizarre cloud action today, too, around one o'clock.  The sky was blue and free of the usual grunge.  I glanced north and noticed two already laid aerosol trails running from west to east.  Farther north to the horizon were wispy weird clouds looking like they were being microwaved.  The entire mass, the forefront trails and the greater mass, were moving south towards my area.  When it came over here the winds began to blow.  The trails widened leaving long mare's tails, stringy filaments on the trailing edge of the east to west line.  The blue sky turned powder blue, the trails and the mass of morphed clouds caused the sky to turn milky from north to south.  It's still windy.

    • horsegirl says:

      BaneB, hello – I've been bombarding Dane with atrocities witnessed here, but I can't recall if I've sent him the latest international cigarette ads (dumb joke).  I'll send him some.  I wish we could post ix here by don't know if I can – ???

  40. Seeing Clearly says:

    This is a good one:

    For nearly every truth there is a deception, a lie , a counterfeit truth an alternative fact.

    What side are you in the truth or is counterfeit?

  41. Seeing Clearly says:

    A healthy mind is flexible enough to be able to think and learn in all ways and environments.

    Fear porn that curing such illnesses requires rewiring our brains is ludicrous, our brains constantly rewire its called learning and thinking and growing. It's rather failing to rewire enough that is more likely responsible for autism and ADHD.

    I am so ferocious that disability has become a culture a spirit a marketing scheme, political and a lot of other stuff its not meant or supposed to be.

    People don't need to be stigmatized as communist or leftist because they were drafted into the DSM spectrum by that I mean, for example black people are stigmatized as Hillary or Bernie anti-trump because of their skin color or background, can't I not be in favor of the TPP and Obama Care?

    Same thing can't I not be disabled and still desire, want and believe in a cure an ethical one?

    About the Trump thing It was just an example, I do not support Trump he doesn't do the good thing

    Combating mental illnesses is essential in making ourselves functional like we were meant to be, it's not in our DNA to develop legs that don't work or brains that can't think right but rather a disease damaging our bodies.

    I am not against diversity, I am against using diversity as an excuse to get away with what is clearly not right. 

    Did you know that the LGBT says they are born gay, but really they are self deceived because it really is a choice after all I am not here to tell you my opinion on this issue, but I will say this to me as a Christian it is very disturbing that the disability and autism pride anti-cure movement is inspired by the LGBT movement with their same goal and that is to erase morality and normal and replace it with their morality and morals so they can force people like me to surrender to them they are a cancer. 

    I am sorry to sound so doom and gloom I will be honest even if it might be a tool for those who don't want to wake up for me to say this but I find no glory in doing this other than I no longer have to feel guilty for the things I speak out against. 

    I don't want to be guilty for the autism epidemic, for global warming, political corruption,GMO's and Geoengineering and more.

  42. Dog says:

    Hope that everyone here who attended the various Climate Rallys/Marches were "On Duty" today – I have sent an urgent message to our Congressional Representative here in So. AZ, who spoke at the rally here, after talking personally with one of his aides. I hope that they follow through – our elected representatives, if they take their responsibilities seriously (and are not bought off), are/should be one of our best hopes.

    However, it's sad to say that most of them are demonstrably Bought Off, and that we are their currency…only pawns, expendable. We must continue to raise the alarm with or without them. No spraying today in Tucson……………………..was there anywhere else today where there was a rally? (Adjusting Tin-Foil Hat…)  

  43. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us! I personally share information about this topic with anyone that will listen, it's my contribution to the world! The earth is not going to play our games of self destruction but, will accommodate us by taking away from the natural world air water,and the soil that gives life will all,disappear I wonder are we not experiencing the beginning of our end? Why we as a collective of citizens are putting up with what is happening, we are at the mercy of old fools that should be taken out of administrative positions and replaced with younger more scientific minded professionals not these corrupt money , power hungry individuals bred on ignorance and hatred, stop this madness! 

  44. Bette Thatcher says:

    Thank you for your latest message.  I am very happy about the billboard in my hometown of Fresno.  I hope it wakes some of them up!

    The Gem Faire will be here in Sacramento on May 12 – 14.  I sure hope you will have yourself and your booth here at the Scottish Rite Temple!

  45. Juana says:

    This marks my 1 year anniversary of a chemtrail flu attack. One year ago I was still wondering if chemtrails were really that injurious to your health as I had read from Radchick's info  but I continued to lay on my patio for some sunrays and when I opened my eyes the skies were covered with crisscrossing chemtrails. The next day my nose began to run non-stop, followed by a hacking cough.  I thought it was bronchitis.  Into the evening hours I began gasping for air as the hacking became violent and by 4am I called my girlfriend who immediately came to get me to ER.  At that time my oxygen level was at 56% and I was put on a respirator for 10 hours straight of torture.  The doctors said it was the flu, but I had no fever so they were puzzled and kept trying every means to get a higher than normal temp.  I knew it was the chemtrail ingestion, but they insisted that because I didn't take a flu shot that it was the flu.  The lactic acid buildup in my bloodstream was blocking the oxygen intake. I was in ICU for a week and the full body hacking continued with uncontrollable coughing spasms for several more weeks. I then wanted to find out everything I could about the effects of this aerosal spraying and came to Dane W. website with his intensive research and efforts to disclose the truth about what is happening to us.  For this I am extremely grateful Dane. I now try to get the message out to as many as I can, but as so many others have posted…..nobody wants to hear it. Thanks for all of you who post what's happening in your areas.  I read them weekly and its like relating with kindred spirits who "get it". My days of relaxing in the sunrays are over which has become a source of daily despair over this intensive slow death oppression/genocide.

  46. virginia dulin says:

    My grandchilldren are 4, ,6 and 9 and they know more than theyre parents because they listen with me these programs.I listen to BP earthwatch and he  talks of a mini ice age.Im saddened that he continues to tell that to his subscribers. Dane do you think that this entire heating up of the earth is man made. people are so busy working long hours and family activities that they are not researching why things are happening. they are tired and most cant afford to feed their family,clothe them and keep a house over their heads. This is right where the govts want them. Sad but true! Im inthat boat also but my eyes have been opened.Many utube channels carrying out that mini ice age agrnda

  47. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Thank you Dane, for the great informative Global Alert. Easy to see the latest covert insidious strategy. They have been using us, the clueless population as a lab rats for 50 years and now are beyond desperate to fix what they have made even worse, that they are Orwellian-dreamland-pretending this may soon be implemented. We live in a miasma of mendacity, endless lies, propaganda, the insane toxic spewing of a dying empire.
    Relevant Climate Response Tests for Stratospheric Aerosol Injection: A Combined Ethical and Scientific Analysis / April 26, 2017 / Abstract
    In this paper, we focus on stratospheric sulfate injection as a geoengineering scheme, and provide a combined scientific and ethical analysis of climate response tests, which are a subset of outdoor tests that would seek to impose detectable and attributable changes to climate variables on global or regional scales. We assess the current state of scientific understanding on the plausibility and scalability of climate response tests. Then we delineate a minimal baseline against which to consider whether certain climate response tests would be relevant for a deployment scenario. Our analysis shows that some climate response tests, such as those attempting to detect changes in regional climate impacts, may not be deployable in time periods relevant to realistic geoengineering scenarios. This might pose significant challenges for justifying SSI deployment overall.
    We then outline some of the major ethical challenges proposed climate response tests would face to be considered properly socially licensed forms of research. We consider what levels of confidence would be required to ethically justify approving a proposed test; whether the consequences of tests are subject to similar questions of justice, compensation and informed consent as full scale deployment; and whether questions of intent and hubris are morally relevant for climate response tests. We suggest further research into laboratory-based work and modeling may help to narrow the scientific uncertainties related to climate response tests, and help inform future ethical debate. However, even if such work is pursued, the ethical issues raised by proposed climate response tests are significant and manifold.

  48. Joseph L says:

    Global Alert News is great.  I just personally came back from a People's Climate Sister March on Long Island N.Y.  The march took place on Long Beach – Long Island .  There were about a 1000 people there and speakers about Climate Change,  I distributed  about 150 of your Look Up flyers.  I hope the people at this rally do their homework.  The environmental groups that run these things do not touch this subject…  Anyway, alot of the time I feel that  I am the only one handing out flyers on Climate Engineering.  This was good today and I hope someone new from the march reads my comments and replies to  it.

  49. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 163rd email titled 'There is No Room for Fear in Love'

    1. A google trend search for 'Cold War' shows a surprising yearly heart beat that peaks around end April. 

    It is unrelated to any world "events" – are we living in a manipulated matrix of propaganda, deceit and lies? 

    Michael Fallon blusters about a pre-emptive nuclear strike – and the Russian reply?: “…the UK, which doesn’t have vast territory, will be literally wiped off from the face of the earth with a counterstrike…” 

    but there again, what are the alternatives?: 

    2. Using the 1881-1910 baseline, it has been 628 months (52+ years) since a global "cool" month. 

    If you are under 40 years old, you probably and incorrectly think there is nothing wrong with our climate:

    The spread of wildfires across Siberia (easily seen on Worldview) has prompted authorities to declare a state of emergency. 510ppm CO2 is being recorded over Siberia, methane is 2341 ppb at 565 mb (@ 14,000 ft), and Joe Neubarth writes: '…we only have a few more years left to grow crops on Planet Earth – after that, we get to eat insects, grubs, roots and each other'.

    3.  Notes to Self (week 16 of 104). This week, researchers and scientists in the Arctic are using phrases like "Jawdropping" and "Be afraid, be very afraid"

    What do they mean by that? We probably will not know for another 2 years because of the '2 year non-disclosure agreement' they have had to sign.

    "There is no room for fear in love" John, son of Zebedee (c 6 – 96)

    "If you want to be loved, be loveable"  Ovid (43 BC – 17 AD)


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Andrew, two things.  Thing one, love what Ovid said!  Thing two, the Council of 8–the surrounding countries around the Arctic just said that by 2040 to expect the Arctic to be mostly ice free in the summer.  WTH? Played down, or played up?  I mean, who will be left to observe this?  And, is that all there is?  Of course not, but not a word about "be very afraid". 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Tks Rachel,

      1. Unless something extraordinary happens, we will be ice free in the Arctic well before 2040…and as you write, 'who will be left to observe this?'

      2. The researchers say what they think they can say without losing their lives / livelihoods……….but it is going to happen anyway unless they say it and stir up the general public into action…..maybe this year's "Stir up Sunday" will be the catalyst?

  50. TNGeowatch says:
    Big storms! Epic in size. These are getting out of control here guys!

  51. Greg Davidson says:

    I'm trying to get the word out by your 'podcast by phone' for landline-only users in Alaska, but they're asking if there is going to be a long distance charge or not? I could not find any info on this site about 'podcast by phone', even when I searched. :\  

    For some strange reason I find this message comforting! like a 'mercy killing' or judgment on decadence, a poetic justice, but a 'soft-kill'. On the bright side; a call to a higher walk with the Father. Let the separation of sheep and goats, commence. 

    "They were deliberating amongst themselves as to how they could give wings to Death so that it could, in a moment, penetrate everywhere, both near and far."                                                       .                            John Amos Comenius, The Labyrinth of the World, 1623

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Greg, I appologize that I do not know the answer to your question on the PRN radio podcast. Their contact is online, I would suggest reaching them directly so you can be sure of your answer.


  52. Burnie says:

    Getting people to pay attention to what's going on over our heads is a Herculean task, and You're succeeding! Thank You for shining the light, Dane.

  53. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    So glad to see that the Sierra Club initiated the Peoples Climate March.  Hoorah!

    • Joseph L says:

      Peoples Climate March is good for a start–People need to connect more dots like endless wars– which  are the biggest polluter on the planet.    Thank you Dane for addressing that on your Global Alert  News Hour.   It would also be great if Climate Engineering would be added into the mix and  all  environmental groups would tell the truth about this dire issue.

  54. Seeing Clearly says:

    There are studies that try to convince you that ADHD causes a shrunken brain instead of a shrunken brain ADHD symptoms.

    Big Pharma deception: ⇨Click Here To See The Mess

    How can we treat the symptoms of a disease and not the cause of the symptoms? We can't at best we can only suppress the symptoms that are supposed to give the notion that something is wrong with your body.

    By the way ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity "disorder" is anyone to conceive this is a real disease I mean, sure, if your brain damaged your less likely to pay attention and control your energy, however, also there are healthy kids who have lots of energy it can be both cases use your discernment.

    Neurodiversity, some of the disability community and big pharma claim to push Neurodiversity but are rather ironic and hypocritical here is why
    They say we need to accept disorders as Neurodiversity and they say we need to take pills to "manage" our disorder.

    What? If you support Neurodiversity then why label "different healthy brains" as having a disorder and then forcing people to take drugs and then beautifulizing a disorder.

    If you support Neurodiversity you have to be able to distinguish between a diverse mind and an unhealthy mind.

    For example: you can make a dog or you can mutate a human into a dog does this make you a dog or a human with dog disorder?  

    And also black people can camouflage at night and white people in the day and short people can get through when there is a whole and tall people can climb over a wall.

    Does that make us equal or disabled and in need of a cure?

    You can't be who things or colors at the same time, which means if you can do one thing you may find yourself not being able to do the other.

    But do we call short black people diseased and have them embrace that label and stigma of being diseased? 

    You can't claim to have healthy, diverse hands if they can't grab and also why did you grow hands if they can't grab why did you grow legs if they can't walk why did you develop eye if they can't see and why did you develop a brain if you can't think or learn this is not human diversity this is an actual dysfunction and needs a cure not tolerance.

    You have a right to question your diagnosis, however, I can't be comfortable with the idea of being diagnosed sick and forcing society to embrace a perceived sickness. 

    We really should be diagnosing the disease not the symptom.

    It would be more reasonable if we diagnosed shrunken brain disorder instead of ADHD. 

    Shine light on the cause and this is not to say everyone who is hyperactive and has ADHD has smaller brains this is just an example.

    The same type of thought processes can also be applied to the issue of Geoengineering again suppress the symptoms them we don't have to cure the problem.

    Same Wicked Mentality.

    Support Neurodiversity by making healthy choices and curing and eliminating destructive illnesses and stigmatizing false labels. 

    Just because the red light might not be better than the blue light that doesn't mean the bright light is equal to the red light by that I mean darkness is not a diverse spirit in need of tolerance I am sure you don't want your kids dead for someone's diverse way of making a living.

    Shine as bright as you can regardless of the color the light may be, do as much good as you can with your life peace.

  55. matt sarlo says:

    I truly admire your efforts and determination Dane. Unfortunately I believe the western populations are for the most part ignorant imbeciles who will never get a clue.

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Hello Matt,

      Although, I feel the same way you do, I still hope we are both wrong in our assessment. The full realization of true consequences of these programs have to materialize for these people to act. It is coming.

      But to back up what you said, I'll give this example. One of my coworkers (he's 20 or so), one of typical representatives of new generation, you know, hard to catch with his feet not on the table, spending any and all available time on his hand held device, living in the cult of money, generally disinterested in everything, you get the idea. Confronted with geoengineering issue, he didn't question it, and this is what he said: "Even if government openly admitted they are spraying us, then what could we possibly do about it?" Well, there you have it. Learned helplessness. What do you say to that?

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I wholeheartedly understand that feeling, You should look at our schools, the celebrities this generation is following and the poverty and crime and drugs in our middle schools, high schools and colleges.

      The education this generation as a whole has been so bad in part because of the brain damage all these things we allowed in our lives and tolerated including vaccines, GMOs and air pollution from countless sources.

      I understand that the argument of freedom is all too often made to justify wicked things like doing drugs, polluting the environment or making songs that encourage gangs and that stuff.

      I am pro-freedom, but there has to be morality alongside.

      People like wiz Kalifa and Berner and countless more are in my personal belief, at least breaking down the spirit of society converting them to their wicked desires and ways. 

      We should all wonder where there shame is.

    • Bing says:

      I am sad to say that you are right, as other people who have left comments. I am 71 and have never seen anything like it. Very disturbing. 

    • MAP says:

      Yes, ignorant imbeciles for the most part. And much Willful Ignorance.Willful Blindness.

    • Dennie says:

      The greatest part of the "brain damage" wrought in the western (translated: American) world has been brought to you by the television, the destruction of the "common good" because everything had to be divided, conquered and privatized for profit, and secularism, wherein YOU are The Greatest Thing in your perfect little world.

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