Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 12, 2017


Dane Wigington

Biosphere implosion and the power structure push toward global conflict, these themes will continue to be the greatest and most immediate existential challenges we collectively face. Though the majority of first world societies are still desperately clinging to their programmed denial of reality, does this mean the effort to wake the masses should be abandoned? Giving up in the fight for the greater good is never an option. Constantly improving our efforts to efficiently and effectively pass on credible data to others is the only way forward. Keeping a consistent and factually verifiable message when communicating dire truths to those around us is essential, credibility is key. What can each of us do to help turn the tide at this late hour? The August 12th installment of Global Alert News is below.

Though the battle to awaken populations to all that is unfolding can often seem futile, we must remember that rapidly changing circumstances will soon make mass denial impossible to maintain. The seeds of credible data we collectively sow will soon enough find fertile ground, let's make every day count.

This week's GEM FAIRE outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Center, Sacramento, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


The Geoengineering Watch booth below was set up by Mike Torrence ("a simple horseman") at the Tonasket farmer's market in Washington State. Our deepest gratitude to Mike and to all dedicated activists and individuals that are doing their best to help sound the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue.


A Spanish translation of the new fact and photo summary booklet has now been made available in Argentina, South America, thanks to the relentless efforts of Ludovico Doebbeling and Pablo Alonso. Our most sincere appreciation goes out to our friends and allies in Argentina.

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 Click the image below to view and / or order the original (English) version of the new Fact and Photo Summary Booklet

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124 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 12, 2017

  1. JAN FRANCIS says:

    The question I always get…. Who is funding this? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jan, in regard to your question on funding, it is important consider and remember that the private bankers who run the “Federal Researve” can and do create an endless amount of funds from thin air for whatever they want. FYI example article attached.

      Though such missing money is claimed to be “tax payor dollars”, it is simply part of the funding I mentioned above.

  2. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The only World War we should be fighting is how to salvage the planet! Nuclear detonations should never happen period. Instead of fighting person against person, group against group or country against country, we all should be coming together to reverse the harm inflicted on the one and only planet Earth.

  3. CL says:

    This week you mentioned conversations with a pilot concerning air temperature increasing with altitude. Helicopters seem to be crashing every few days. Could anomalous pockets of chemically nucleated air cause pilots to miscalculate air density and the corresponding available lift? Extreme heat endangers planes by decreasing lift. Could it also be a contributing factor in these helicopter crashes?

  4. Seeing Clearly says:


    Hello all, I have a theory on how the radio frequency HAARP transmitters or technology of similar concept, work to limit or completely abolish cloud cover therefore manipulating rainfall. This theory is based on how thermodynamics apply to meteorology. 

    • As partials of air rise, they experience lower pressure and so they expand. 

    • The expanding air is believed to cool down 10℃ for every one kilometer rise in altitude. 

    • Air continues to rise and expand as long as it has a higher temperature than its surroundings. 

    • When it gets cooler than the surroundings it sinks 

    sᴏᴜʀᴄᴇ ꜰᴏʀ ʙᴜʟʟᴇᴛ ᴘᴏɪɴᴛs: PowerPoint lecture

    To illustrate, instead of heating the cloud cover, they create a layer love hot air it doesn't have to be very thick in this layer prevents lift because the moist air has to be warmer than its surroundings in order for convection to occur. Another possibility or method could be, they create high pressure and high pressure pushes down rising air, preventing convection to illustrate water boils at 100℃ in Earthly conditions, however if you were to put water in a vacuum of extreme low pressure or compress it in high pressure you can dictate at what temperature at boils and this same principal also applies to meteorology. 

    The ratio between energy and pressure is what determines boiling point, it is also what determines convection same fundamental principles that play. 

    So to summarize, they can either create a blockade layer of warm air, or they raise the atmospheric pressure directly to prevent convection.


    California Offshore Clearing 2012 & California Offshore Clearing 2015

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  5. Nina says:

    More wildfires here in Portugal. 3000 firefighters battling blazes in central Portugal today. The drought and heat set to continue. Even on the west coast the air feels so dry now. We rarely get the cooling sea mists anymore, just these strange looking white skies that contain no moisture. The wild animals and birds are drastically reduced in number. So terribly sad..

  6. Ron Marr says:

    Dane, do you have the Spanish copy information where we can get copies?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, the spanish translations of the 20 page fact and photo summary is only being printed in South America, I do not believe any international shipping is being carried out. If this changes, we will make not of it in the spanish section on the home page of

  7. Seeing Clearly says:


    "The three primary ways that clouds dissipate is by (1) the temperature increasing, (2) the cloud mixing with drier air, or (3) the air sinking within the cloud. When the temperature increases, the air has a higher capacity to evaporate liquid water."

    source "How do Clouds Dissipate?"

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Seeing Clearly, sprayed desiccant particulets into the atmosphere (the primary aspect of solar radiation management) are also a factor to consider in the equation. There are additional implications from the increasing atmospheric RF / microwave transmissions.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Thank you for your input, I concur.

  8. Dennie says:

    We got positively BLITZED today in Northern California– Situation White-Out, jets busy flying back and forth, laying trails intersecting at sharp angles, the crap starts falling and within an hour of seeing it, I can taste it and feel it– more cold, gritty fine-powdered stuff.  

    Here's Joachim Hagopian, former West Point graduate and military career officer, who now has an MFCC and works with troubled adolescents:  Hagopian talks about how the twisted web of the military-industrial-corporate System is driven by abused children who grow up to be abusers.  He mentions the destruction of the planet and the magnetosphere, and the weird weather.  "We got mad maniacs and they're in charge here" and "It seems like they're so recklessly bent on destroying the Earth."  He goes on about the underground "luxury" cities filled with all the loot the Globalists have hoarded.  Won't it be funny when "their" underground world is turned upside down, and WE inherit the Earth?

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Dennie, for this link. JOachim's story is almost identical to a new friend of mine. If the military cannot get control over you, they will destroy you. How many others are there with the same unthinkable devastatingly horrible stories. What could be worse than having the US military intent on your total destruction and willing to lie, exaggerate, manufacture evidence, and threaten their own lawyers with a similar fate unless they convict you in what amounts to a fake fixed judicial system. This is tyranny at the highest levels. This empire is corrupt beyond our wildest imagination, masked and inundated in insanely irrational propaganda.

    • horsegirl says:

      Right on Dennie.  Susan, only recently when my dad's "lost" medical files turned up at the VA did I comprehend the thread of lifelong circumstances of insane adversity (included an astonishing amount of theft/destruction of my paintings and other artwork).  I will pay for his military experience as long as the pedophocracy rule.  Does this ever cut to the quick.  They look at military progeny as their chattel.

    • Dennie says:

      Hagopian's keeping busy sweeping up the broken pieces even as he exposes the twisted structures of The System's Psyche and how that plays out in Reality, in institutions that promote and perpetuate the insanity.  But The System WILL NOT CHANGE unless and UNTIL WE CHANGE THE WAY WE RAISE OUR CHILDREN.  We ALL need to really "get" that, then get to work working on the kids, NOW.  

      This is why I want to try to start a progressive environmental education, awareness and action curriculum as part of every child's regular pre-school and public school education.  Kids would learn simple ideas first, like "Take good care of your things," such as your shoes and clothes, then "Take good care of your pets," then learn about wild animals, then "Take good care of these animals," and then about habitat, etc., learning increasingly more about how to be good to everyone and everything, and what happens when you have conflict (it's unavoidable at some point).  I want to start with a Good Steward program and get it going at our church's Sunday School or as part of a Vacation Bible School summer program.  Kids could be outside doing projects in the community to increase public awareness and take action to clean the environment, not only actively but proactively, encouraging others to do so by example, and as ambassadors to other kids in other schools as well.

      "They" continue to show increasing signs of desperation, with increasing frequency– "Anything BUT the Truth!!!" is "their" motto.  Paul Ryan's holding a "Town Hall" meeting in Wisconsin and all the questions he's going to answer will be pre-screened–  Now, just what kind of town hall is that?  Sounds more like the courthouse, with a kangaroo in charge!!  It's becoming more and more obvious with each passing day what liars and monsters are running the "show."

  9. Dog says:

    Here is a possible Ray of Hope, regarding fossil fuel emissions reduction, anyway, from the global marketplace itself!: 

    As the markets shift to renewable energy, the internal combustion engine will soon become obsolete – if the Geoengineering juggernaut can be halted in time, along with this important development and some sane political actions taken, there is hope…

    Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Just like what happened to Kodak when digital cameras appeared — the end will be swift and brutal.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dog.

      I Hope you're RIGHT.

      Near my region, all Platanus Trees are without the bark, because of the UV radiation, the side of the trunk that is more exposed to the Sun is the most affected. What we can see is the exposed trunk, with a white sub layer of thin skin ( bark )  that is underneath the brownish bark.

      Almost all species of Trees are in a terrible shape, the Pine Trees, Oak Trees and Palm Trees, as well as some species of Fruit Trees will be extinct in a very near future. And the fires are also contributing to this phenomena. Although new Trees are always germinating, they start to have problems with very young age, with 3, 4 or 5 years, or less.

      Palm Trees are extremely sensitive to the aluminum. Also the Pine Trees, especially the wild species. After, the "specialists" come and say that's the beetles that kill the Trees, which are infested because they are already dying from the metal particles we inhale.

      Without Trees, we must say farewell to reality.


    • Dog says:

      it's time for some positive vibes and action!!

      How long are we going to continue to allow ourselves to be lied into wars and destruction, the centuries of manipulation? We all now have unprecedented potential power, through current technology and communications, to forge a new social reality, one without the scourge of endless division and violence – IF we take advantage of its possibilities while we still can.

      The fossil fuel industry will doubtless make every effort to hold on to their markets and power, as it always has, willing to taking us all down with them in their blind greed (Look up some of Rex Tillerson's recent statements about the future of global energy consumption, and their long-term plans for its continuation, which are in direct contradiction to what the article I posted here says)….also, the great book, Crossing The Rubicon, by Michael Ruppert, addresses this and many other pertinent issues as well.

      "Consulting history, one may reasonably state that the problems of mankind have not been solved by the use of brute force. World War I produced a world-chilling snowball of war karma that swelled into World War II. Only the warmth of brotherhood can melt the present colossal snowball of war karma which may otherwise grow into World War III… Use of jungle logic instead of human reason in settling disputes will restore the earth to a jungle. If brothers not in life, then brothers in violent death.
      War and crime never pay. The billions of dollars that went up in the smoke of explosive nothingness would have been sufficient to have made a new world, one almost free from disease and completely free from poverty
      . Not an earth of fear, chaos, famine, pestilence, the danse macabre, but one broad land of peace, of prosperity, and of widening knowledge.

      Paramhansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi, 1946



    • Dennie says:

      Germany says it should not be producing anything but emissions-free vehicles by 2030:  California would like to pledge to go 100% emissions-free by then, too:  Toyota Motor Corporation announced they would essentially no longer be producing gasoline-combustion-powered vehicles by 2050– Can't help but wonder what they'll all be burning instead?  Natural gas, nuclear or coal to boil the water to make their hydrogen cell-powered vehicles?  Splitting atoms by nuclear reaction, or burning coal, to be converted into electricity and downloaded over the grid, to charge the batteries in your "emissions-free" electric vehicles? 

  10. Karyl Maier says:

    Even in Minnesota, on August 14th, the trees are starting to shed their leaves.  It is like fall is starting already.  It's usally very hot this time of year.

  11. Earth Angel says:

    We ALL have a right to be mad at the crimes being perpetrated against ourselves and every single life form on this magnificent planet- and SHOULD be ANGRY when we know about them.. It's called Righteous Indignation, and we should be FURIOUS at the blatent lies, deceptions and outright FRAUDS played out on ALL OF US for decades and centuries. It's time to RISE and SHINE the light of TRUTH to as many people as we can. Let's hope it is in time to make some small difference in the final outcome. As Dane often says, Doing nothing to wake others up is not an option once you know what is taking place. Another great broadcast Dane, and a great idea to approach some local radio stations to pick up Global Alert News if they have an open time space to fill. It will likely bring they're ratings up. ; )

    • Earth Angel says:

      Oh, Also Kudos to our Amigo's in South America for their fine work in translating Dane's work into Spanish, and those doing the same for other languages. Awesome!!!   : )

  12. SD says:

    Big dip in Jetstream brought MUCH COOLER temps here to SoCal Monday, 8/14. Believed to be ENGINEERED.

    Barometric pressure here up/down on daily basis.  Believed to be artificially induced by Weather Engineers, causes Marine Layer Clouds to roll in overnight, help with cool down.

    Last Wed @ 130PM experienced yet another "roof rattle" event. Pressure wave similar to Sonic Boom impacts roof, causes windows to rattle, structure shakes. NOT an EQ or bonafide Sonic Boom. Believed to be caused by heating of upper atmosphere, again induced by WX Engineering ops.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Hello All, in regards to SD's observations. I also observed a big clearing while reviewing weather maps.
      I also noticed that big marine layer (low altitude cloud cover) which also contributes to the cooling of the ocean.
      I also noticed what appears to be an installation of high pressure (hot, dry, descending, compressed, dense air) or a big upper level opening or clearing of the sky and is what may be causing that diving down of the jet stream that you are talking about. 
      In regards to that suspected boom I think that might be the results of a HAARP like installation causing the heating of the atmosphere, I would not he surprised If you are correct, however, I don't think that would be the case, because I have seen aggressive high pressure HAARP attack around and above my area before and there are no booms that l have heard. 
      In parliamentary law for there to he booms in the sky, there would have to be an area that they are concentrated energy, causing rapid expansion due to the forced focused energy in that single area and that is something I would imagine happens when they try to blow up a thunderstorm or a powerful concentration, however clearing mildly unstable air mass that later can develop into a thunderstorm, however, is not a thunderstorm yet, unless large energy amounts are concentrated on one focused area, I don't see how it can result in a boom or shock wave when it is at low power over a large period of time, over a wide radius no bs should happen. It is however a very effective way of securing an area is deprived of moisture.

      Thank you SD and all who contribute to this discussion.

    • Dale K says:

      I had a conversation Sunday with a woman from Portland, OR, who was visiting San Francisco for the weekend. She remarked how she was enjoying the cool weather here, as Portland had hit a high temperature of 100 degrees F last week.

  13. Joseph L says:

    It's Official: 2016 … Planet's Hottest Year on Record


    No mention of Geoengineering or Climate Engineering in this article.  These so called environmental sites need to come on board w these terms too.

    More than 450 scientists from more than 60 countries contributed to NOAA's State of the Climate report, which confirms that 2016 was the hottest year on record. The report also details several other record-breaking events in 2016: greenhouse gases hit their highest recorded concentration in nearly one million years; 12 percent of the earth endured severe drought; alpine glaciers retreated for the 37th year in a row by an average of about 3 feet (1 meter); and global sea levels hit a record high.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      And the MFs say that the "engineering" of the Climate, is for cooling down the Planet!!

      They will FALL!

    • Hello Pedro, You are absolutely right about weather manipulation not being about cooling the planet, that is a blatant lie, there is no benevolence in geoengineering even weather manipulation purposes. The weather maps and data archives as well as what we can experience ourselves prove that global warming is real and rationally speaking man-made beyond and thought.

      Even if it is for cooling the planet, it would be a counterfeit, insane way of colliding or the planet that cannot work it will make matters worse on many fronts.

      Geoengineering and weather manipulation is more about confusion and divisions and pacification than it is to solve a real problem, it is most likely how the elite secures their future until they pass away.

  14. BaneB says:

    Is it my imagination?  Or not?  Looked at Intellicast weather satellite image a few minutes ago.  It's 6 a.m. here in Northern California.  The jet stream flows from west to east way out in the Pacific just below Alaska.  As it flows eastward it curves downward just off Oregon and Northern California.  It flows east through Northern California, into Idaho and does a sharp upward left turn into Canada ( is that where are the wild fires), and proceeds straight up north.  Then incredibly, the jet stream makes another sharp left and goes directly west over Alaska. Opposite of what would be expected. This seems very weird to me.  

    Mendocino County for the past week has been experiencing the return of the cirrus Frankenstein "clouds."  You know, the long extended wispy bizarre freaks that have the appearance of aerosol induced artificiality.  After more than eight weeks of virtually no clouds, natural or man made, our weather schedulers have begun a new season of weather contrivance.  There have been some beautiful natural looking huge cumulus cells in late afternoon, rain and lightning over the Yolla Bollys.  Some wildfires.  


    • Dale K says:

      Anyone have any luck watching any of the Perseid meteor shower this past weekend? I stepped outside after 11pm each night and couldn't spot a single one. The marine layer obscured my view of the stars, which were faintly visible through the haze. I couldn't even make out where Polaris was (which, of course, is unusual). The only planetary object that was clearly visible was the moon.

    • BaneB says:

      Dale K:  Don't know where you are located.  But I was just out at 4:30 a.m. because my dog wanted out.  There is a partial moon shining.  The stars are mostly obscured.  This is the usual nowadays due to aerosols becoming the greater norm in our atmosphere.  There is some smoke mixed in from fires. In looking out over the distant views, the atmosphere is not the gray streaky layered look of smoke but is utterly socked in with a very thick milky white haze. Mountains 40 miles away are virtually gone from view.  We should have had some rain from the low pressure system that came into Northern California yesterday and before.  The jet stream dipped way down into this region.  The GOES satellite rainbow loop showed a system moving through but no precip occurred.  The IR image showed no rain.  But once the system crossed into Nevada, it rained there.  This is the usual modus operandi of the weather warfare terrorists, to keep rain out of California.  And yes, the aerosols were being dispersed yesterday along with obvious signs of RF fake cloud manipulation.  Temps today here in central Mendocino County, 55 this early hour, and 88F.  By Friday its back up to 100.

    • Dale K says:

      BaneB:: I'm in Mill Valley on a street with very few street lights, although some artificial lighting does penetrate my line of sight. I vividly recall a previous meteor shower event that took place, oh, 14 or 15 years ago, and I had no problem seeing flashes of light above my head coming from different directions. Struck out completely this time around.

  15. Rosalie says:

    Massive, ominous black clouds swiftly moved through the sky late last night.  Part of the engineered cool down, of course.  The weather schedulers seem to like to mess up plans for visitors to the Maritimes for almost every weekend for months now.  Polar opposite to Western Canada. The rain came down in buckets this past weekend.   Wish we could bring that water to all those forest fires igniting out West.  I feel sorry for vendors trying to carve out a living at weekend markets and festivals. I see so many logging trucks on the roads. Finally making inroads in reaching people.  You are amazingly strong through all this, Dane.  Thank you for that.  

  16. Susan Ferguson says:

    Here on the Olympic Peninsula WA State the temperature at 8pm is 57 F degrees. I have had a sweater on all day, a chilly wind blowing as I took the garbage to the road, and just now turned the heat back on. New clouds in the sky, short thick wisps that disperse quickly, others look more like small explosions of cottony- milk with unnatural strands coming off them. The smoke cleared, but the milky haze remains, goes no where, seems permanent now. Even the setting Sun looked weird, too big, magnified, not normal. Everything is off, jarring, out of harmony with the eternal Cosmogonic principles. 

    • Blue Sue says:

      Susan, I share your (unnatural) weather induced malaise. Similarly dismal and distressing weather up here in Alaska; in fact the greyest, coolest, wettest, cloudiest summer we've had here in 40 some years. It's only mid-August and the leaves on the birch are turning color — this shouldn't be happening for another month, and the edges of all the birch leaves are brown and crisp already.  It rained last night (again!) and many yellow leaves are scattered across my yard.  This morning at 8 o'clock it was 50 degrees F — and it HAS BEEN almost 20 degrees too cool all summer with only a few exceptional days that reached into the 70s.  We have averaged about 5 days out of evey month since June where we've got some sun.  Damn depressing! Thank God for the beauty and light of flowers and children that keep me going. 

  17. Yar Swerc says:

    grasp the incredibly powerful key to how the government/media/corporate cabal maintains control of public opinion with such a simple and obvious (when you see it) foundation upon which to build their campaign of disinformation.
    In it's most compact form:
    The greatest power the status quo wields is the POWER OF OMISSION.
    They offer enough half truths to create a semblance of credibility. The goal being not to actually inform the populace, but to create the illusion that they have been informed.  
    (i.e. NPR) For many this is enough. The voids in their narrative that may occur to the somewhat more curious are answered by their creative powers of spin, whereupon they assign labels and judgements to those who might further question their narrative.
    For those of us who refuse to succumb at this point are these labels and judgements applied. Kook. Weirdo. Nut case. Conspiracy theorist. Tin foil hatter. etc.
    But the root, and foundation, upon which all this is built, is the hidden power of the initial omission. Without the withholding of the full truth at the outset, the subsequent deviations from the truth could find no traction.

    • BaneB says:

      Yar Swerc:  The power of omission.  You describe MSM precisely for why people feel unempowered.  MSM will present a disturbing line of information.  And that's it.  The purpose is to create agitation and division.  And to create a national consensus for government aggression here at home and abroad.  There is nothing about how to correct a situation.  Except bomb some nation into oblivion.  Yet, they claim a neutrality when confronted saying they only report the news.  Of course the entire line up of "news" items are designed in a tandem manner of a mix to have maximum national psychological impact upon the millions of viewers.  It's not the one story line.  It's the entire presentation.  Thank goodness they have Charlottesville vs. NK.  Regarding Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer, we are treated to fake "white supremacist leaders" who have backgrounds that belie their media enhanced fake ideology.  Pied Pipers straight out of the INTEL manual for REAL spooks.  Reminds me of the 1970s in Marin County when Military intelligence were dressed in civies (Bermuda shorts) attending local music events, and systematically photographing the entire audiences.  Not to mention assorted agent provocateurs. 

  18. Frances says:

    SE Qld. Australia.  Not even Spring here, yet, mid-to high 20's Celsius temps.  Clouds have the micro-wave, odd ripple effect in them.


    • Michel B says:

      Hi Frances, it is going to get over 30 deg C this week in good ol' Brisbane. I see weather modification in our skies every single day. Even when there are no overt signs, the sky is the wrong colour, the sun is blocked and the weather amok. I should reitierate: I see overt signs all of the time. Notice how it barely rains anymore. It may when predicted, but then it is only a drizzle, barely worth mentioning.

  19. Susan says:

    Here in Montana the wildfires are leaving a haze hanging in the air. 

    However upon closer inspection I looked up and saw a C-trail higher up in the air. I think their purpose is two-fold, ie., both eliminating the populace and hiding something from view. 

    The air though being hazy, does not smell a lot like smoke (or as much as it should) with the amount of "smoke" coming from the surrounding fires. Are they putting something else in the "mix"? 

    Additionally, when it is windy, it is not clearing the air like normal. The haze hangs heavy making it darker (earlier) at night time.

  20. marc says:

    I have commented recently on my observations of the sky across 1500 miles of interstate between the southwest and midwest US last week: virtually no visible sprayed trails, none, nada, zip, zilch. Last fall when I made the same drive in reverse direction, the spraying was everywhere, every day. Lines of total disgrace criss-crossing the heavens to the point where, as is my habit, I could be heard cussing out the worthless pansies flying these planes with language unfit to print here. What has changed and why? Are other types of dispersions taking place? Undoubtedly. Vast dispersions are occurring over the oceans, as we all know. But no sooner had I arrived in St. Louis than I began to see obvious, in your face, unapologetic, "f**k-you"-style trails of alleged solar radiation management. The ludicrousness of calling these trails a form of "management" drives me up a f**king wall. In any case, every day I have spent in Missouri, including today, has exhibited blatant, open spraying. And STILL no one (at least in my family) give's a rat's asshat. They simply do not care. Doesn't matter how much I flap my gums about it (and I promise you, I do). They actually don't give a shit. Last evening I was out in the country west of St. Louis and saw a very long persistent trail suddenly do something I have never seen: One second it was there, less than ten seconds later the whole trail, end to end, disappeared. I had never seen a long trail do this. And right after this suddenly three jets converged above me and flew, criss-crossing eachother's trails, to create a small crisp, isosceles triangle right above us, plain as f**king day. I was back out in the country again today in the Ozarks and spent a good while on a river acting stupid. I didn't stand out at all, because apparently everyone else down there is also stupid, if the Trump lawn signs and Confederate flags are any indication. At one point a motorboat came blasting up the river within tens of feet of many young children playing in the water. He was going fast enough to keep his Confederate flag unfurled off the ass end of his boat. And all the while, while this river activity was going on, gigantic crosses were appearing in the sky above us all. And I sure as hell ain't talkin' about the "Christian" kind. I'm talking about aerosol dispersions of barium, strontium, aluminum, coal ash, and God-Himself only knows what else. At one point a kid yelled to his mom, "Look, the airplane made a cloud!" Mom didn't say anything.

    • MAP says:

      In Indiana, they took a few days off from the blatant spraying last week after the artificial cool down had begun. But have no fear they were back at it within a few days. This evening after Church-Service, I walked outside to parking lot to see line after line after line of aerosol dispersions in the sky. I was disgusted. 

      As for most of those people who do not care, it will take events such as getting very sick or not finding food at the local grocery to force them to care.

  21. Sean says:

    Something I've been puzzling over is why they maintain this ridge so incredibly persistently over Western North America. I understand that they need this ridge in order to both attempt to attempt to keep the Arctic cool as well as create ice nucleated cool downs in the highly populated east coast areas to fool the population

    . But why don't they more intermittently let the ridge break down and drop rain over the West Coast. Would letting a bunch of rain drop every few weeks on the West Coast really interfere with their plans to attempt keep the arctic from complete meltdown? Causing these brutal droughts in normally wet areas like here in BC have just caused unbelievably forest fires that are going to drop a ton of dark soot in the Arctic anyways. The whole thing only makes sense if they actually want the west coast biosphere to die off completely, or if they feel like they can't let the ridge break down even intermittently because they feel it will spell the end of the Arctic ice almost immediately. 

    Any idea what is actually going on in their minds Dane? It doesn't all entirely make sense to me at this point. It's really difficult to figure out the rational of those who are insane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, about your question, it is important to remember and consider that the ongoing climate engineering insanity is not about the greater good. It is important to remember and consider that there are many agendas being carried out at once, all agendas that are ultimately about  power and control. Many regions (like the North American West Coast) are not only climate engineering sacrifice zones, but also targets of weather warfare being carried out by those in power.

  22. j@x says:

    Amazed to see evidence of aerosol spraying in the skies of other countries. I share and look at photos of people around the world and have been noticing the markers in so many places. Goes to show we're not the only ones and how many governments are using this tactic. World wide madness courtesy the apprentice sorcerers.

    I have had to let the wild grasses grow unfettered in my back lot.. I was not seeing a single bug until now. this is crazy!!

    • Ines says:

      Last Friday I have noticed in Sydney a lot of Chemtrails as well,i never seen it so badly bevor.The next Days very unusual Clouds appeared on the sky.Its real frightening what is going on,all over the world.

    • BaneB says:

      j@x:  Yes, to regain the birds and the bees and assorted wildlife and insects, to reboot the diverse redundancy of benefits from a natural environment, becoming wild away from manicures and artificiality, whether voluntary or naturally forced, this is the demand of the now and of our future.  You are ahead of the curve.  Stand back and watch the coming stampede.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Dane, In the 8 of August we had a very strange cold wind during all day, not a cool breeze, a COLD wind, with clear skies with no "clouds". In that same day, we had a WARM night. After, in the 9 th of August we had a very warm day with warm wind, the same for day 10. We are having also for the last 4 or 5 days many fires which are burning in several regions of this "country", which have sold his sovereignty to the EU. During all these last days we have had always some degree of spraying conducted by the planes, which have left in the sky the aerosols with more granular appearance which turn the days to be even warmer. Last Friday we had incredible quantities of aerosol being sprayed into the air by the MFs of the world disorder, and the outcome of that was not what usually happen; a change in the "weather", with a consequent cooling of the temperatures, but instead the last days were even warmer and stuffy, with a heavy air to breathe. We are having still some spraying every day, and the consequence of this, since last Friday, was the creation of the usual very dense and dirty mist that covers all the landscape in the region, every hill and Mountain, mixed with the smoke of the fires. Contributing for the increasing potential ignition of the fires.

      We are having wind since the last day 8, and yesterday we had a night with zero wind. All of this have happen ( since 8 of August ) after several weeks of bright clear skies, with almost zero wind, almost no "clouds", and with a significant decrease of the density of the MIST that covers the landscape. In these last days, we have had temperatures of more than 34, 35ºC before mid-day. Humidity levels are very low and all Trees are in great stress. The routs of the planes contemplate always the Pine Tree Forests and Agricultural regions. Today the quantity of lines in the sky have increased, and the aerosols is forming the symmetrical patterns consequence of the stimulus produced by the electromagnetic antennas.

      People still don't understand, that without humidity and with very warm temperatures, and without heavy pollution, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a dense mist covering all landscape.

      Thank you for your Work.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All, about last Friday, 11 of August I forgot to mention one detail; As I've said, incredible quantities of the damn aerosols were sprayed into the air, since the early morning, and in the middle of the afternoon the covering of "clouds" that was formed as the result of the heavy spraying and consequent absorption of the atmospheric humidity by the particles, was very opaque and with the exact color of aluminum.

      And in the end of the day, before evening, and as if by an act of magic, an enormous black cloud which was carrying no rain appeared, some kms North of my region. The color of this "cloud" was exactly like the color of the metal, lead.

      In the day after we had a day without significant nebulosity, despite of the spraying ( which was much lesser than the previously day ), in Friday there was no rain to register, the same for the following days.

      It's "interesting" to notice that, after days when opaque "clouds" with metallic colors resulting from the intense spraying, can be seen in the sky, my capacity of concentration decrease always considerably.

      Thank you.

  23. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL,

    Here is a pretty good map of the western states wild fires. I watched the number of fires grow quickly in the last week or so. Two years ago I was evacuated for almost 3 weeks. The fires stopped just 1 mile up the hill from my Cabin. This year we here in my and many regions are sitting ducks if a fire breaks out. We have had abundant forest floor growth early spring and summer and now that growth has not seen any rain for over 2 months. It's popcorn dry. It's also tourist season here and all it will take is for one dumb ass to make a mistake. I'd give a lot for this fire season to stop and the rains come back. But of coarse that's up to the weather schedulers.

    • Sean says:

      Check out Canada on the Nasa wordview images today. The smoke plumes are absolutely unreal. 

    • Eric Boughton says:

      agreed, live in MT and Glacier NP had over 600K visitors in just June.  Remarkable that they don't cause more fires….I do  believe in that they dry lightning strikes are somewhat caused by Geoengineering… Tesla could cause lightning so why not?  It's sad.  I heard that they want a corridor burned from Canada down to Yellowstone to give the grizzly room to roam….haha.  Of course we are invaded by the Tiger Mussel and that hoax as well.  May just as well kick the Montanan's out and make the whole state a Peace Park for the U.N.


    • Earth Angel says:

      I keep you always in prayer 'simple horseman' for your safety and that of your precious horses and other critters. So grateful for your dedicated continued efforts in this fight for life against death. Everyone's efforts ARE making a difference. Thanks to you ALL for persevering in the face of this insanity, especially you Dane!

  24. Bluv says:

    . Great work Dane, and as far as any anger people perceive in your voice when you deliver your weekly address, I think you are quite restrained for that matter. Wet and cool weather here in Portland, Or. I witnessed some long and wide deployments yesterday and now cool weather. Truth wins in the end!

  25. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 178th email, titled 'Pollinators vs Rabbit's Tail':

    1. The average weekly loss of Arctic sea ice volume (JAXA/Wipneus) for last week, and calculated each day, indicated that there will not be a 'Blue Ocean Event' this year.  

    On 10th Aug, the sea ice volume was 4,951 km3 and the sea ice area was @ 4,900,000 km2, so the average sea ice thickness was 1 meter…measurements show that there is very little sea ice thicker than 3 meters. There is still about 4 weeks until the end of the official melt season.

    2. Kirk Brent: 'It's not the growing of the crops that we need to worry about but the pollination of the crops. Most if not all of the pollinators will die off in the next 5 years. No pollinators, no food…

    Even in the best case scenario, we might have 30 years at most. But we are not following the best case scenario. We are following the worst case scenario and that leaves us 10 years at most. 

    The worse case scenario follows the corrected math and the pattern of changes in our atmosphere. Between February 2015 and February 2016, the world warmed up by 0.56 degrees Celsius. If that was to become a new rate then we would see an extra 5 degree rise in 10 years. However as the world warms new feedback loops emerge which speeds up Global Warming, so it is very likely we will see more than 5C rise. It could very well be a 12C rise in just 10 years. There is no way in Hell you will survive a summer in that sort of temperature rise. And there is no way in hell you will be able to grow food either. You see it's not just about growing crops but you also need to pollinate them and all of the pollinators will be dead by then. So the worse case scenario leaves us all with less than 10 years to live.' 

    Joe Neubarth: "…If methane is credited with a 200 GWP and there is approximately two ppm of methane in the sky, then the total CO2 equivalent is up near 800 when the effects of Methane and CO2 (420 ppm) are combined. That is part of the reason why I expect to see far more rapid warming in the coming months".

    Oh great, another faster than expected feedback loop: 

    More calls for help for the 20 million facing starvation: 

    3Notes to Self (week 31 of 104). Whilst having a plentiful harvest from my garden, polytunnel and greenhouse, I still have a pollination problem – probably due to the heat. Must get a rabbit tail for the pollination method my parents used.  

    Watch 'The Lie we Live' again:


  26. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, thank you as always.  Is it true that the jet streams have merged? And did they not do something very similar a year or more ago?  What I am wondering, given what I posted before regarding an Altered Currents report of a major slowing, perhaps total stopping of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation-said to significantly reduce the amount of heat carried by the currents from the tropics to high latitudes, I am wondering if all that is going on and what consequences, and if anything similar on west coast?  To me, such things imply that 'their' systems are broken.  We have what? 5" atmospheric rivers in our upper atmosphere, 5 in northern hemisphere and 5 in southern, each hemisphere's sky rivers rotating in opposite directions.  So it begins to seem as if all this 'messing' around really could break the whole system, then what?  I mean would this not be a problem for the weather makers?

    Last week's Earthweek in the paper had a bit saying: "Studies find that it is now almost impossible to limit global warming to less tha 3.6 degrees F by the end of the century."  Goes on to say: "A study also found that a 2 degree warming this century is now "baked in."

    So, also I am wondering how radiation affects all this, nuclear radiation.  And the weather as well as weather modification efforts?  I'm wondering if radiation sinks or if it can go high and stay high?  We did not know that there was a jet stream until WW2 when bombing, 'our' guys noticed that each target was consistently off by a certain amount.  However the Japanese already knew and were using it sending bombs in baskets hanging from balloons.  And they landed here!  How did the Japanese know?  Since you always mention that things are not linear-love that-rather exponential and synergistic, I am wondering about the affects of radiation on weather modification substances.  Really, there is no one else I can ask!!  How sad is that?!!!   Fortunate to have you of course, but sad that one can't ask such of a scientist who specializes in weather! And, or radiation!  Seems pertinent to me!

  27. Barb Eaton says:

    Things are happening very fast now. When we arrived at our camp in a cove in Maine Friday, our worst fears were realized.  There was a young (not newborn) seal dead in front of our camp. We called the mammal rescue that usually picks them up for necropsy, but they said their freezers were full and hopefully it would wash out again with the tide.  How sad is this?  We are visited by 1 or 2 seals only during the summer months, they don't come in this far.  There is ONE seagull on the shore with ONE baby screeching for food.  Even up to last year we had dozens of them.  We've been shocked this year walking on the beach that there are barely any shells from clams, mussels, oysters, snails….before this year you couldn't walk at all without stepping on shell after shell.  No food, no seabirds. If we're still on this earth next summer we can only imagine what we'll find.  Even the neighbor that digs the red worms to sell to the fishermen went from a  5 gallon bucket to a little 1 gallon bucket and he can't even fill that now. You can't see it by looking out into the cove or the channel, but the ocean is dying here too and quickly.

    • marc says:

      Barb Eaton, your observations are poignant and deeply heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing, however dark the implications are. And they are VERY dark, indeed. At the rate we seem to be going, and factoring in loss of arable land, collapse of fisheries, and extinction of pollinators, one cannot help but see that the end of our species is immanent. Any fool who imagines otherwise is living in a dreamworld.

  28. helot says:

    Andy from North Scotland said on August 10 pretty much what it’s like here –

    for the lst 6-8 weeks in Eastern Iowa hardly any chemtrails…..short ones, occassional ‘broken’ ones…..but most aircraft leaving no trail whatsoever, not even a contrail… [with the exception of one or two batches of flights] any attempt to ‘trail’ was just dispersing into nothing in the blue skies we had…

    Not since about 2012 have there been gaps like this in air traffic with many days of all blue sky and no trails. There are some trails, here and there, but the full out Armada has been entirely absent, kind of like the lack spiders around here this year, there are hardly any in the garden or in the corners of my drafty old house like in all previous years.

  29. Pete says:

    I have just emailed local councilors in my area with a view to get Jeremy Corbyn involved. Dane, not sure what you know about the Labour leader, but I am certain if you could get through to him yourself or via other contacts he will listen and talk. This year is the first time I voted in our general election as I believe in this man. I am very aware of the political circus and they really don't have any power but I think this man is brave enough to create a wave throughout the UK. He was systematically targeted in an attempt to be destroyed by our media and now they're listening. The only politician I've ever seen get a standing ovation at a music festival must have something about him. I suspect he would already know but could be worth a go. I'll work on it too.

  30. Pete says:

    Thanks for nice replies to my earlier post.

    They're at it this morning up above in the sky here in Southampton UK. Looks like it would have been a nice sunny day – won't be for long! I have very much noticed how hazy it looks in the morning when there is little cloud, you can see the particles in the air. I used to think that was just my eyes playing tricks. In the early hours at times I hear the strange noise which I presume to be the ionospheric heaters at work. I have noticed erratic bird behavior so often. Actually sometimes I hardly hear the birds anymore and haven't seen a bee for a while!

    I've only just started. Luckily for me I work for a company who'll be able to make a huge impact.Maybe there is such a thing as fate! I've had to go about things in the right way to get to the right people and will continue to do so. Outside work to people I know well I go into greater detail earlier and pester them no end so they can't ignore. And that's working to the extent where it is now acknowledged and not ignored or denied. Very hard to find someone willing to do anything themselves though. Which does worry me no end but at least they know and surely will talk to others and so on. Still I found one person who is just as serious as me and looking into things that I would not have thought of. I think many others will follow soon.

    There is a very good channel on youtube where recent extreme weather events are recorded all over the world. Another tool to wake people when they can actually see live evidence all over the world over a period of a few days.

    Understanding Climate Change

    Continue the fight people.

    • Una says:

      Hi Pete,

      Same thing here in Ireland!  We woke up to a lovely sunny day (first in weeks I might add) although by 7.30am massive spraying had already been well underway. By 11.30am dark grey, rolling coal-fly ash low clouds mixed with chemical white out clouds filled the skies. It was so outrageous and so blatantly engineered, I cannot fathom how on earth people do not see this, how is that even possible??  Now I see that one of the Sunday papers is reporting that the summer is over (what summer would that be I wonder, we never got one to begin with!)  The paper goes on to report,and  ..listen up people …'STORMS LINED UP IN THE ATLANTIC WILL BE STEERED TOWARDS IRELAND OVER THE COMING DAYS!!!!'  

      Doesn't get anymore obvious than this does it?


    • blu says:

      The UK are beginning to wake up. I've woken a few. Others see but can't believe…. I'm in Lancashire. See this crap in the sky every day. Its soul destroying that a few mega rich people have decided our future. I hate what they are doing to the earth.

  31. Andy says:

    This may just be coincidental, but I noticed a distinct lack of sky vandalism over the past couple of days. I say coincidental as the Earth has just passed through the Perseid meteor cloud. 

    I have no idea if there is a link here, but I see it is "business as usual" today – about 6:30am several jets flew overhead in the *classic* Tic-Tac-Toe pattern, leaving horrible fat trails behind them. An hour later and the haze is near universal. So no clear blue skies today 🙁

    "Clear blue skies"… a fleeting glimpse every now and then amidst the near perpetual villainy. Yesterday here in the SW of England we had almost what could be called a reasonably "normal" sky. Today it is the depressingly regular skytrash. 

    I am grateful beyond words for having found this website. All the contributors, despite the tales of unending woe, give me impetus to carry on confronting folks about this insanity. I say "confronting", I quickly found out that confrontation rarely works and merely switches people off entirely. Yet it is hard to maintain a reasonable and relaxed tone when the situation is so immediately dire. All kudos to Dane et al for leading the way, thankyou all for your unwavering dedication.

  32. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Shame on Me. Did I Forget to Mention the DIRE STATE of Our Only Ozone that these programs have caused.   Sadly too many Environmental Crisises to mention. I Know I've missed many others. Each day brings more Crimes against Humanity & against Nature as a Whole in this World gone Mad!.  

  33. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    So let me get this straight…."They Think", it's a "Good Thing" to spray toxic agents into the Atmosphere to create a "coverage" in front of the Big Bad Sun that has been Worshiped by Man since the beginning of time. They spray agents to make it Rain, Snow, Hail, Create Wind Storms, Droughts, Hurricanes, Tsunami's, Flooding, Thunder Storms, Dry Lightening, Mud Slides, all helping to Destroy Crops of all kinds around the World. Also, Car Accidents, Plane Crashes, Boats Sinking & Drownings due to these Manmade Weather events.  And with these substances, create Trees that are now flamable at the slightest spark. And with all the already dead trees lying on the ground as kindling to keep these fires going & burning thousands of acres to the ground at a time, all around the World at once. Increasing the Forest Fires by Hundreds of times. And now in Greenland, Forest Fires.  Oh My!  Polluting every Water source. Not to mention the Health implications to every breathing creature, including Man. And now loosing 200 – 300 species of Animal, Plant & Insects each day.  So they can gamble & trade on the Stock Market with Our Family's Lives, Our  Livelyhoods, Our Security & Safety in Our Homes, Our Health & Our Hope of a Future.    What Could Be The Downside???    These outcomes are either what they want to happen through these many scheme's , or they just don't care what they've caused & what they are causing every moment of every day.  We are Truly dealing with Insanity!       No matter what you believe, it doesn't change the Facts!   – Al Kersha –

    • Victoria Langford says:

      The Elite will go the way of  Oppenheimer who developed the Atomic Bomb and said, "now I am the destroyer of worlds," but then his creation destroyed him. 

    • barbzi says:

      Gail….and all in the name of science.

      As Martin Bunzl, a Rutgers philosopher and climate change expert, points out, these facts alone present an enormous, perhaps insurmountable ethical problem for geoengineering. In medicine, he writes, “You can test a vaccine on one person, putting that person at risk, without putting everyone else at risk.” But with geoengineering, “You can’t build a scale model of the atmosphere or tent off part of the atmosphere. As such you are stuck going directly from a model to full scale planetary-wide implementation.” In short, you could not conduct meaningful tests of these technologies without enlisting billions of people as guinea pigs—for years. Which is why science historian James Fleming calls geoengineering schemes “untested and untestable, and dangerous beyond belief.”

    • Robin Rich says:

      Well said Al Kersha!


  34. Looked at the wild-fire on the west side of Canada perhaps British Columbia, it is big and quick frankly it is hard not to get sad.

    Watched images from the NASA Worldview Map and from the insiders the people on the ground who post public snapchats of the smoke and blaze from their backyards and while driving their car.

    It is smoky we had really bad days in Northwest California such as Sonoma County recently, however, it is probably at least 10 times worse up in Canada maybe even worse than that.

    The smoke is dense and big and persistent around that area.

    • sean slavin says:

      Hi Seeing Clearly,

      Unfortunately that wasn't smoke that we saw here in Sonoma Co. I did look like smoke but was actually the aerosols being dumped out over the coast drifting in. Unbelievable isn't it?

  35. Roy says:

    I have a pile of the Fact & Photo Summary brochure to distribute at upcoming meetings in Buffalo where very few acknowledge geoengineering.  Discussions with UB professors, Micheal Mann recently and others seen as environmentally aware is deny deny deny… always defensive & acting stupid about the subject.

    The audacity and proposed shirking of responsibility in the fine print on p.10 of the brochure is outrageous.
    …to promote cooperation 
    … there is a need to assess more fully the social and economic implications of weather modification experimentation.
    …attempts should give attention to the social implications 
    … Federal government be empowered to 
    a.) delay or halt all activities … in conflict with climate modification programs
    b.) immunize [all] from State and local government interference 
    c.) indemnify [all]  .. against liability to the public for damages to the public

    Such cowardly demented thinking.  Immunize! Indemnify!


    In March of 2003 it was the "shock and awe" campaign.  I complained about the anticipated civilian collateral toll to my veteran coworkers, one who memorably responded: "Roy, it's either kill or be killed".
    Now, pathetically announced this August 9 on the 72nd Nagasaki massacre anniversary it is the "fire & fury" campaign.  Sick-minded people all over the place with 2000 of the 16000 nukes button-ready.

    Manhattan project wastes were liberally spread in this region also with millions of gallons of liquid waste being pumped into shallow wells.
    A correction to a terrific previous post about WNY last week is that it was j. robert oppenheimer that quoted the Hindu god:  "Now I am become death … The destroyer of worlds" after the bombings.
    His associate edward teller also in the manhattan project said "Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction".

    I ramble, terrific program Dane …. keep printing those brochures

    • BaneB says:

      Roy:  It's interesting that the Manhattan Project was never in Manhattan, but was in Chicago, as I understand it.  As a play on words, Atan or Aton/Attan was a 'Sun God' worshipped I believe by the Egyptians.  The origin/original meaning of the indigenous word Manhattan is a bit obscure.  One could also change the noun 'project' to a verb to 'project' as in a future tense.   Perhaps a warning from 1945 to a future generation that what goes around comes around.  Without sounding like a proselytizer, of which I am not, and certainly not one to wallow about in sack cloth and ashes, it's difficult to ignore Revelation 17 and 18 as anything other than a literal signpost of ghost chickens coming home to roost.  We're it not so, but given the incredible nature of current events converging from every cynic's watchtower, domestic and international, what is one to think.  Still, I remain optimistic.  Don't ask me why:-). You mentioned Edward Teller, the Star Wars guru during Reagan's Administration. They say he is a father of the H-Bomb.  He is also a daddy to the concept and programs to spray aerosols from jet aircraft over our planet to have a cheap fix for what psychopaths such as this high priest of science have done to destroy our world.  Baal is Oppenheimer, Moloch is Teller, the former having at least some conscience, whilst the latter seemed quite content with his insanity.

    • John Schmitz says:

      Roy, I live in Ransomville N.Y. 

        It's good to know that citizens like us see what is going on.

       As I live by a lot of farms and grow food myself. I see the changes in soil here. We have to add a lot of lime because of the PH change.

       The rain that I have collected and looked through a microscope was full of fiberious material. Also lots of movement of some type of germs..

        So much Aluminum in the rain is ruining crops. Monsanto is creating a Aluminum resistant seed. What does that tell us?. H.A.A.R.P. is energizing our atmosphere heating things up. Aerosol crimes is a great movie to get people started on research . Clifford Carnicom . If I spelt his name right.  Keep the good fight going. 

       Look at the GMO food . Also Flouride in the water..Along with Geoengineering, it's a very bad mix.. It seems that something Evil has been going on for some time. 

    • Dennie says:


      Teller = Moloch; Oppenheimer = Baal; Cohen = (?)  

      Where does Einstein fit in here?  Lucifer?  My understanding is that a lot of his work paved the road for the Bombs from Beyond Hell.  

      NO ONE could possibly have imagined the kind of HELL these monsters' "creations" have brought to Earth.  Yes, the very "cream" of this "tribe" has certainly been ONE type of "light" unto the nations.


    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  How else could Armageddon be prophecized?  A genuine dichotomy, a dilemma for all the tribes of the earth.  I am convinced there Is a force or forces greater than we have yet to acknowledge, except through the medium of faith.  We shall find out soon enough.


    • Characteristics of waves  

    • Reflection of waves

    • Sound and light

    • Sound

    • Vibration of waves

    • Characteristics of waves

    • Waves

    • Magnets and electricity

    • Reflection and lenses

    • Heat transfer

    • Temperature heat and thermal expansion

    • Nuclear energy

    The PowerPoints linked in this post are lectures that were put together by science teachers which made their links public and I found the information contained to be essential in order to gain a better understanding the basic fundamental principles of science that are necessary in understanding weather manipulation.

    Weather manipulation involves the tampering of earths life support systems such as the biosphere and this is done through the knowledge of knowing how the environment works and then knowing how to tamper with it.

    Applying the knowledge of the fundamental principals of science when investigating and researching weather manipulation, geoengineering and other fields as well, is very important.

    We must have a sharp sword in the battle of exposing and halting geoengineering and weather manipulation.


    • August 5, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    • July 4, 2017 at 11:17 am

    • July 13, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    • July 16, 2017 at 10:13 am

  37. Dennis Roucek says:

    OK Dane, you win……

    If you want me to continue to alert people to what's going on in the atmosphere above their heads without using the term "ChemTrails", then please give me another name to identify the spraying by.

    They look up and see planes leaving trails that eventually cover most of the sky. It's something they can SEE for themselves, not some theory (to them) that I am telling them about.

    So when I get their attention and they as me "Well if it's not plane exhaust, then what is it?", what would you have me identify it as?

    Thanks for all you are doing to help save our earthly home – and our lives…..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennis, thank you for your efforts to help wake the masses. Yes, the “chemtrails” is simple and straight forward, but it is a major detriment to the credibility of our cause, thus, it greatly hampers desperately needed progress in the battle. We can use many other terms that, though not as simple, generate credibility and thus traction in the fight. “Solar radiation management particulate trails”, “climate engineering atmospheric aerosol dispersion”, “geoengineering particulate trail”, “stratospheric aerosol injection trail”, etc, etc. The following point is critical to remember (and to bring to the attention of those you are attempting to introduce the issue to), if particulates were not being dispersed (via jet sprayed payload dispersion or jet fuel addative), there would be no visible trails behind commercial jets or militatry tankers except in the most extreme conditions . FYI link attached,

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Dennis, search that term yourself and see where it takes you. Debunk this, and debunk that, and that is the problem. People get confused in what to believe. No confusion with the science terms. I like to use climate engineering, and let those know that our weather is being engineered. I have on hand at all times a video that clearly shows the aerosols being turned on and off so people can see that it is not exhaust. 

      Good luck, Donna

  38. Gretchen Thomas says:

    Cool down in the east continues, it is a bittersweet experience for this weather warrior, knowing what I know. NOAA Climate Prediction Center 6-10 day outlook dated Aug. 12, 2017 for Aug. 18-22, above average rainfall "predicted" in the same areas of the eastern half of the country that have been inundated with precipitation and flooding all year, while the western half of the country bakes. If nothing else, the weather schedulers are consistent… or insane. Doing things the same way and expecting a different outcome.



  39. Dennie says:

    Well, the really depressing news isn't really news– we who are paying attention can certainly feel the searing heat announcing the destruction of our ozone layer and see the big changes heralding  the death of the oceans and nature.  The A$$holes-In-Charge couldn't give a flying fcuk– they're muuuuch too busy clawing and fighting each other and killing everything and everyone that gets in the way of their desperate, last mad grab for the oil, the uranium and the CONTROL over women, children and nature– These HEARTLESS MTOHER FCUKERS won't move to change a THING.

  40. Deb Buckler says:

    We haven't seen a trail across the sky in a long time here on the Central coast of California. BUT, our skies have been a horrible, murky silverish color for months. We have so many fires here, it looks like there's a fire nearby all the time, even though there are no fires here right now. The sky is crazy "smokey" haze that's hard to breathe. This area has always had sweet fresh air and crystal blue skies but now it's like a bad smog day in Los Angeles. Folks around here don't even seem to notice, and when it's brought to their attention, they simply guess that there "must be a fire somewhere".  We see the planes trolling the sky at night, all night long, and I'm guessing they are spraying at night and they may also have a new transparent formula. You can feel it on your skin if you go out in the blazing sun for even a moment. They warn folks here that you will burn if you stay in the sun longer then 9 minutes. 9 Minutes?!  What planet is this, any how?!

  41. Roger Truth says:

    I do not see blue skies anymore in Central Valley, California anymore. I can't sit outside like I use in the sun. I feel I burn as if I'm in a Microwave oven these days.

    I urge people to raise money to put billboard ADs along the Freeways/highways of your nation or State. Wake up people asap! Plant seeds! Let's stop these people who illegally do this to make sick people against our consent!

    Can't we sue them based on concent? At Nuremberg, Nazi scientists were convicted for conducting medical experiments against people's consent in Daushau, Auchowitz, etc. A Trail must be conducted against the government and scientists!

  42. Joseph L says:

    Dane thank you every week for having the courage to tell us the truth. We all have been lied to from the day we were all born. There are way too many dots to connect these days.

    All we have are endless wars–    that steal our money and are not for the greater good.  


    There is also the financial toll. The latest numbers are almost a year old, but the best estimates of the monetary cost of all these years of systematic butchery, when combined with the expense of simultaneous war in Afghanistan, reach into the trillions of dollars. There are the trillions we've already spent, and the trillions we will continue to spend as we accrue interest on the unpaid loans that financed the war to begin with. After sending millions of soldiers, sailors, Marines and air force servicemembers to war, many on multiple occasions, the VA will be dealing with an astonishing and expensive human workload for many decades to come.

    Twenty-seven years. Hundreds of thousands of deaths, at least. Trillions of dollars squandered? Hardly. This was not an accident. It was, and continues to be, a spectacular payday.

    Every bullet fired, every bomb dropped, every missile launched, every gallon of fuel burned, every HumVee destroyed by an IED, every helicopter shot down, every boot on the ground, every private military contractor's paycheck, every MRE, every Kevlar vest, every pill, every helmet, every uniform, every body bag, every coffin and every American flag draped over it throughout all those many long years of war represents money taken from you and given to a small group of people you'll never meet. They hide much of that money offshore so it won't be taxed, and use the rest to buy politicians who tell you the country is broke, we're about austerity now, so no more school lunches for your kids and no more Medicaid for your mother.



    WAR is a racket. It always has been.

    It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.


  43. Maria R says:

    Hello all from Dalton Ga…I woke 5 of my coworkers up this past 2 weeks   I ordered Dane's book and DVD and I have loaned it to each of them which by the way Dane Thank you for all that you do…….I have also just bought the DVD movie Vaxxed and I plan on hosting a movie night with my daughter n law who is pregnant with my 4th grandchild and some of her friends,,,Well here in Dalton the weather has been insane for August   Swings from hot to down right chilly and when it rains it pours…..I was wondering if anybody else on here have headaches? For me the last  5 years I have been plagued with them and my husband has severe nose bleeds…..I figured it was part of getting older but after my AWAKENING I wonder if this because of the crap we breathe everyday…..

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Maria R, check to see if a smart meter has been placed on your residence without your knowledge. The other person in this house got nose bleeds, and never had them before. They also give you headaches.

    • MAP says:

      I have many issues with nose bleeds from all of the chemicals and metals and dessicants and God-knows-what-else in these dispersions. 

  44. Dale Emde says:

    Dear Dane, you may have tried this already but we have a Pres who does things in very unusual ways. Have you tried to call him?  This has been impossible in the past.  You're an excellent speaker, so choose the most impressive points to convince him of the dangers.  He listens, he replies.  That's what you need.  I'm 92  and leaving so it won't affect me.  Trump has many enemies within his so called  staffs.  Dale Emde

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dale, about Trump, he and his administration have known about the climate engineering assault since at least January of 2016. I have been communicating with a number of high ranking former US military officers, including two former USAF Major Generals. One of them met directly with the Trump and Carson staff in January of 2016 to fully brief them on the geoengineering issue, and passed on all of’s materials. The trump administration is ramping up the climate engineering atrocities, not bringing them to a halt. Trump, like Obama, Bush, Clinton (and the rest) are only power structure puppets. If we want to alter the current reality, we must first face it head on. FYI link attached,

  45. Irish12 says:


    Excellent efforts of intelligent, diligent, work & worry, are exemplified by you and this website!! You are a hero in the eyes of many!!! Thank you, for all your energy and efforts to bring sanity to people and to restore the beauty and health of our planet.  Please don't ever quit, voluntarily.

    However, I would like to make a crucial point about all the knowledgeable, dedicated, wonderful, people trying to "wake up" the masses… For myself, it is my own personal opinion, that the majority of the population cannot be reached now – for many understandable reasons (too cumbersome & distracting to list now.)  Yet, your knowledge, resources, and expert presentations  – with links to proven data & solid research materials, are most effective – and should mainly be directed toward people working with academic communities, agencies, governments, non-profits, corporations, etc.  Do not feel so frustrated that you have received no obvious response from the majority of the disenfranchised, beaten, broke, caring, good, but not well-educated, over-worked, dispirited, population. The small percentage of well-connected insiders are the most significant group of people to reach if this situation is to be improved and/or reversed – to save the health of all life on this planet. Sending blessings with appreciation, Kate K.  

    P.S. Remember, you only need a small (but growing) number of dedicated, informed, well-placed, courageous, individuals, like yourself, to make a genuine difference in reversing the destructive course of present day, unhealthy, deadly, policies and activities.


  46. Pete says:

    I can't imagine how Dane must feel with his endless commitment, energy and time he puts into this. A truly remarkable man; an example to us all. I have only been at it for a few weeks and I am drained! I listen to Dane every night now before I go to bed to keep reminding me I have to do something, it is my duty, it is all of our duty. It eats away at my conscience constantly like it should us all when we know the truth. Then I see the planes in the morning some days when it's not completely overcast here in the UK (is that even natural anymore!), I’ve nearly had accidents whilst cycling to work as I can't take my eyes off them, looking through the office window seeing so many planes all leaving trails all day – blatant! Yet I had no idea until only a month ago! I’m ashamed of myself for that. All this fuels my determination to expose this in any way I can.

    I want to give you all my advice on how to tackle people at work on this who are totally unaware. You have to assess who you're talking to, start planting some seeds about known recent weather events and some latest political issues but no matter what we know to be the truth you've got to remember they don't! Unless somebody you know well enough, hold back from your view where possible at first. If you bombard them with info you will lose them – only a rare few will want to know more immediately. When you're happy to discuss do not mention spraying, or conspiracy or even the health issues or anything that could make them doubt you. Find a way to ease into a conversation about climate, maybe make a joke about what we've done up there (people always like to talk about the weather – it's always been a main topic in British conversation) then subtlety get onto geoengineering as weather modification which has been going on for years only, stick to basic info on climate, global warming, species loss and anything to do with the environment, tell them there is plenty of evidence on this. Do not go into any other areas – do that and they will start to think you're crazy. For people to accept the truth they have to want to investigate and observe themselves (only then can you direct them to any other info). Give them website address and spell it out or offer to send the link (always do a separate link or attachment of the intro letter). I’ve seen a few people read that now and say WOW or OMG. Then I offer to direct them to further info as & when they have questions. Make suggestions about looking out for dis-info and to re-iterate what Dane says always use the best scientific terms you can .If the response is aggressive or patronizing, don't waste your energy or time arguing; move on but say well I suggest you look at this website and do some research. If they choose to live in that bubble of denial then shame on them (they'll learn the hard way).

    In short, be as smart and as patient as you can be. Keep racking your brain out on what can I do better.

    Honestly I want to shout it from the roof tops and throttle the ignorant but know that would not work out very well so am forcing myself to be smart and not let my passion get the better of me. Another thing to realize is we’re all symptoms of this system that has led to this mess. No one can really help what they initially believe. Even the people responsible who were born into their world of power and wealth would believe in their warped mind they are doing the right thing. It’s the system itself that has always been the problem.

    By being patient and going through turmoil inside which I’ve hidden well I have informed quite a few people at work successfully over the past few weeks including someone technically brilliant who has some influential contacts, who has researched and is now on board too. Together we have approached someone very high up in our company who we believe will come to the same rational conclusion. Then things will get interesting. Then I will make it my mission to inform everyone I possibly can throughout the company and then the whole industry. I’m building other contacts and seeking help from those who can add more value than me.

    Build knowledge, be careful, be patient, be strong, find help, encourage others, When you've got them on board you’ll start to see progress and feel better yourself. Never stop, never give up and we might just rescue this planet from the hands of the psychopaths who have done this.

    Keep listening to Dane and all those other wonderful people who are talking about this, keep telling yourself, I must do this.

    Let's destroy what ‘they’ stand for. Let’s be what nature intended us to be. Only together and united can we do this. The irony of the word United in UK & USA – if only!

    I’ve been talking about the insanity of our so called economic system for years now (it’s actually an anti-economy) having come across the Zeitgeist Movement (some useful info on here which may help to understand how people can think the way they do and will lead to all sorts of other info). Now I know to expose geoengineering is where the fight really does begin.

    Wise up & Rise up for all Life on our Pale Blue Dot

    • Florence Roessler says:

      At at the age of 90 I would give anything to be an activist in this cause! I have been studying the sky for some years and was made to see that things are not normal in our skyways.  More investigation came about when I realized other people were noticing the same thing. Your explanation of how to approach people for awareness makes perfect sense as I have already been classed as an alarmist! So thank you for putting it so succincly as I will be more subtle in trying to spread the word. I have the effect of geoengineering right on my property in burned oak trees. What can I do other than to talk to the people I know. One way I got it out was asking certain people if they ever wondered about the crisscrossing of the trails in the sky – then they had to think about it. I don't think the world has ever been in such a catastrophe other than natural volcanic action and earthquakes through the centuries.   

    • Deb Buckler says:

      Beautiful post, Pete. My sentiments exactly.

    • EndtheFed says:

      Hi Pete,

      That's a nice little tome you've produced there.  You ought to consider creating your own blog/website, it's a great way to contribute (.blogspot domains are free on blogger, a self-hosted website can be $10/mo. or less).  If you can write like that once a week or more, you're set.  

      Dane's stamina is indeed inspiring, I also look forward to this weekly broadcast to keep me going in addition to being informed.  We must each learn to do the same kind of thing ourselves in our own way.  Dane even sent me an email once, just to see how I was holding up.  Couldn't believe it.  With all he's doing, somehow this guy took the time to just say how's it going.   

      It's one thing to not have been aware of this until a month ago, but take pride in the fact you're motivated to do something.  I'm amazed at how many I come across who know full well what is going on, but don't seem to think it's anything serious, and insist on using terms like "chemtrails", not understanding how this aids in the de-bunking disinfo.  In a way, these people are even more difficult to get through to than the oblviious masses.  

      Many resources exist right here on geoengwatch to take action with, many are relatively inexpensive.  Create bumper stickers with the website design at your local printshop, print glossy flyers and business cards through a printshop or  You can also get car magnets, yard signs, and banners made at little cost.  

      My favorite idea that I've begun to do involves sidewalk chalk.  At the dollar store, I found a 52-piece tote of chalk.  One dollar.  I'm writing "", "", and "look up" on sidewalks and walls everywhere.  Anyone can do this.  

      Let the frustration fuel your efforts, stay strong, and don't let the Luciferian powers that be despair you.  That's when they win. 


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Pete, thank you for your contribution to the greater good. You  seem to be a good "teacher". What matters most is what happens in the streets. Not what is written here in these comment columns. Good job my friend I haven't met yet. It will take us all, each in our own way, to over come what has been inflicted upon us. "Be" a Warrior and fight for our Mother, our one and only home. We are all one, that's the big secret. "Plain and simple"…………………

    • Dennie says:

      ""You've gotta be as wise as a serpent, as harmless as a dove"  — Gerry Rafferty, 

      "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."  — Matthew 10:16, King James Version

    • Skeptikos says:

      Thats AMAZING … I feel so relieved and vindicated by your success stories and effective awakening method… Since I have Asperger's social subtleties arent my forte and largely only have managed to look insane lol… I will try something different now, for starters will pass on these new booklets in spanish

  47. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: I have been collecting a database of images from NASA Worldview since November 2016. Almost everyday there is some new, and even more bizarre cloud formed by the interferometers [HAARP-like transmitters] that are obviously now placed around the planet, transmitting massive variations of radio-frequency and microwave. While the smoke over the Olympic Peninsula WA has dispersed somewhat, the fires in BC are still spreading smoke across North America. A new-to-me location is Manitoba Canada, which according to this report from mytoba CA: “As of August 10th, there have been more than 325 fires this season. With many other fires burning across the Prairie provinces and the Northwest Territories, parts of Manitoba may experience smoky conditions this weekend. No open burning is allowed without a permit between April 1st and November 15th.”  What is anomalous are these very strange spiraling “vortex cloud” shapes, which I have never seen before. Plasma does tend to rotate in on itself when induced 'juiced' by R/F. Perhaps some of you can shed light on the electromagnetic causes for such abnormal clouds? Image link here:

    • I think this link may have a virus.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan, this you presented perplexed me yet haunted me.  I am really no good at reading these images, or even regular maps much!  But when going to sleep last night, I thought not all clouds are fake or messed with.  I mean, like the grass that keeps wanting to grow in my yard, it is not from Monsanto, no pesticides, not fake or treated.  And so I thought what would happen to those clouds or cloud fragments which are not fake?  Is it possible that if they run into some massively charged, created thing, how would they behave?  Perhaps these vortexes are that?  Possible?  Something lighter and more flexible taking a way out of such an obstacle?  Just Had to say and suggest it. 

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Mary — If NASA has placed a virus in its links, my computer would be very dead by now.

      Rachel — Thank you for expressing your ideas. These bizarre formations are certainly a mystery. 

  48. Ashleigh says:

    Thank you Dane for everything you do. The chemical cool downs, is this what is happening here on the coast in Pacifica,Daly City, Half Moon Bay? it is extremely cold, a fake cold feeling chills my bones. It also rained lightly the other day in Pacifica. And the fog it looks so dirty! Not the fog i remembered from my childhood in the 90s. Thank you again Dane, you are absolutely beautiful. 

    • MAP says:

      The artificial cool down via Chemical Ice Nucleation is now in its 8th day. How many resources are being used to make this happen? Where does the operation of Chem Ice Nucleation occur? Is it in Canada and then delivered yo Midwest USA via manufactured winds? 

  49. Mary Altmann says:

    Thank You Dane!

    You have been THEE BEST go to resource to quote regarding geoengineering. Your professional information and data make it easy clear to know what is happening and why. I look forward to the time in the future you will be reporting on clear skies and healthy rainfall.

  50. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you as always. The NASA Worldview image icon above has a striking resemblance to the famous 1893 painting by Edward Munch entitled "The Scream" or "The Cry"! I'm sure that you noticed this pain filled remarkable face in the clouds, electrified zapped with radio frequencies. It appears that the atmosphere has feelings and is reacting to the atrocities assaulting our skies and planet. Mother Earth, forgive us.

  51. WILLIAM says:


  52. Trump in Jan,29 2014 via twitter

    Snowing in Texas and Louisiana, record-setting freezing temperatures throughout the country and beyond. Global warming is an expensive hoax!

    NASA worldview of the day this twitter took place

    The headlines that were taking place that day the twitter post was published. 


    winter storm summary for january 28, 2014 to january 29, 2014 event

    January 28-29, 2014 Winter Storm – National Weather Service

    Major Ice/Snow Event, January 28-29, 2014 – National Weather Service

    Winter Storm of January 28-29, 2014 – National Weather Service

    What I am attempting to imply is the fact that it appears president Trump does not know what he's doing, he even retweeted a troll account connected to the website "" and the associated twitter account was suspended according to many sources.

    Is Trump a puppet or an idiot or both? We can speculate about what we don't know yet.

    I am not justifying previous administrations by rightfully criticizing Trump we have to stop this false dichotomous thinking 



    • Dennie says:

      Somebody should clue the Trumpster in about ice nucleation and solar radiation "management."  

      Being an idiot and a puppet are NOT mutually exclusive states of being, for presidents of countries or any other positions of public office, for that matter.  This is not a dialectical-thinking situation, just like everything else in life– but who's figured that out by now–???

    • MAP says:

      My advice to you. Check out Karen Hudes on youtube and her theory of Global Corporate Control. And check out her theory that USA has been operating in so-called interregnum for a log time. Her presentations may seem a little odd for flashy polished brain-washed masses of people but she presents nuggets of info that can be used for critical-thinking individuals to question everything about every "institution" across the world.

      If in interregnum as she describes, the idiot politicians in this country are useless actors who are being used to confuse and divide the masses.

      The theory of Global Corporate Control makes perfect sense with regards to GeoEngineering. It is that group of Global Corporate Control which brings to you GeoEnginering and every other toxic government program. Governments in the Western World are used as the "Enforcement Arm" of this Global Corporate Control. Susan Ferguson refers to this same matter, I believe, as Corpoatocracy. 

    • MAP says:

      Correction on spelling. Corporatocracy.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Nope, he'd not be able to grasp it.

      @MAP, I've been reading Ralph Nader's dense little book: Breaking Through Power: "These corporate goliaths are too big to fail.  But they know how to enact laws to make sure you are too small to stop them." "Corporate state culture–the plutocracy cum oligarchy–is given an astonishing exoneration so long as it claims that violence and mayhem are not their direct purpose but an unfortunate byproduct that couldn't be helped."…"…the institutional insanity defense.."

  53. SilentSister says:

    Thank you, once again, Dane & fellow friendly and intelligent travelers. Expecting a cool down here in Seattle. I check EOSDIS daily. Seems the "block" or " heat dome" as the local weather people are calling it, is moving on. We all know why. Trees are scorched here- in the PNW. How can a rain forest, such as the Olympics, receive no rain? I continue to communicate with people here – people whom I know are receptive and will help spread the truth. I use the obvious, and logical FACT that if science is messing with genetics, completely changing life's code as we know it, robots on Mars, and the very Star Trek communicators that we are using now – think the weather and ecological systems are not being messed with? I use this to get into the denial first- thenn reveal verifiable data. Look, our so- called leaders have been using psychological programming on us for years- and all of us fell for it! They believe that people will believe anything- but to believe that weather manipulation is not occurring is blatantly ignorant. I think it would be helpful to include direct links to data on this page somewhere- rather than send some of these individuals to this site – as awesome as it is. Because, some of the people I talk with are already turned off by " propaganda " and open this page and are overwhelmed. Just a suggestion. Keep it up folks! If nothing else, we will go down knowing full well in our hearts we are doing the right thing ethically- a word that seems to be losing its meaning. Thank you! 

    • Catherine J Frompovich says:

      Dear SilentSister:

      Here in SE Pennsylvania our summer weather pattern this year has been changed into a tropical one: either rain several times a day and/or rain almost every day!

    • SilentSister says:

      Catherine – very strange, indeed, that the masses would believe that every year that goes by now, there's weather records being broken. We have effectively turned the planet inside out! Crazy! 

      Here's an article from 2007 that reminds us just how old data is, and, if we truly listen between the lines of our leadership in this country, they reveal hints at weaponzing the weather. Earth sure went s I-fi fast! And it is NOW!  Keep doing your own research, and talk with anyone willing to listen!


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Silent Sister, I so agree with you!  And thanks for saying how you approach people with comparisons to messing with genetics, heck one could even include Monsanto who certainly is the weather's relative.  And nearly everyone where I am are highly aware of Monsanto's evils.  But I do remember having trouble back when getting people on board with that one.  I don't know why it did not occur to me to use this route you mention to whet people's whistle!  So simple, and maybe effective, I will try!  I also agree about this site, it is not for everyone and certainly not for the faint of heart.  And so much about fake news now that people are afraid to err.  Yet so many brilliant minds here, flickering.

  54. richard mann says:

    one more thing … I live in lancaster ca. and even at 7:30 in the morning the sun is very hot  and it is not just the temperature  since it is only about 80 degrees  by that time  a.m.  but it feels like a heat lamp on your skin . this year there are very few animals , including coyotes , rabbits , lizards and snakes etc.  that are usually around in abundance .

  55. Matt Sarlo says:

    Big time weather whiplash here in Loveland Colorado. Sent a letter to the FAA asking them to quit dispersing false information about modern jets leaving condensation trails that go from horizon to horizon. I wrote that if most employees at the agency do not understand that the modern bypass turbofan engine is almost incapable of producing condensation trails that they are either ignorant or willfully selling out their integrity for a pension that will not matter once the planet is dead. I also pointed out that their loved ones are breathing these toxic nanoparticles falling from the air. These toxins are part of the very misguided solar radiation management programs which are occurring all over the planet. Has been over two weeks since I sent the letter. No reply yet. 

  56. richard mann says:

    "ground hog day in the asylum " is just beautiful !!! 



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