Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 19, 2017


Dane Wigington

How many people on all sides of political fences are caught up in the latest mass distraction campaign being waged by the power structure? The Virginia protests have been used to completely blot out any coverage of the converging global catastrophes that are closing in from countless directions. “Apocalypse” shelters are selling at a record pace, how much longer will their owners survive as compared to the rest of us? Record heat, record hail, record lake temperatures, record fires, record crop loss, record fish die-off, is there anything positive to pass on? Yes, unfolding conditions are becoming so severe that populations will soon enough be forced to wake up and face reality, like it or not, hopefully before the completely out of control military industrial complex kicks off WWlll. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

How many are mentally prepared to face what is unfolding? Alarm overload is causing many to completely turn away from facing any unpleasant and uncomfortable news, this trend must change. Those in industrialized societies must find the courage to face what is, and not to dwell in the illusion of what they wish would be. How many will choose to stand and make their voices heard while it still matters?

Another large printing of the Spanish translation 20 page Fact and Photo Summary Booklets is shown below.  The booklets will be distributed in Argentina, South America, thanks to the relentless efforts of Ludovico Doebbeling and Pablo Alonso. Our most sincere appreciation goes out to our friends and allies in Argentina. Spanish Booklets

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147 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 19, 2017

  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    What benefit do these underground Apocalypse Bunkers provide! Only one year of life, how ridiculous is that! When all of us can enjoy a safe, happy and healthy life, by living in our prestine Earthly environment. As far as these vaccinations, why vaccinate humans to prevent them from harmful bacterias, viruses etc that they are not even going to be exposed to. Vaccinations from Hepatitis that lower sperm counts, sounds like population control. All these unnessary activities and lies from the government, medical and pharmaceutical industries are just obsured and should not be enforced.

  2. helot says:

    Eastern Iowa – still almost zero aerosol trails. Saw one short contrail and the next day a single trail ‘dashed white line like on a highway’ and that’s it. Very few aircraft and lots of blue sky as of late, and no white outs.

    It’s odd how people in Ohio, Kansas City and Missouri are still seeing many trails while there are almost none here. For years, everyday at Sunrise, they would fly in from the West, they’ve not been around for some time now.

    • Alexandra says:

      THAST BECAUSE   they are ALL  IN TEXAS  RIGHT NOW  DROWNING  THE POPULATION ,  WHEN THEY HAVE  DEVISTATED  TEXAS  AND  THE  REST OF THE MID WEST  WHERE THEY ARE WORKING  RIGHT NOW –  THEY WILL BE  BACK ,  as  far as  North Carolina ,  we  havnt  seen  but   1  or   2   blue skies  in MONTHS ,  they are keeoing  us  under   a chemical glaze  of t and  it  has   rained ( DELUGES )  EVERY SINGLE  NIGHT   FOR  THE LAST  3 MONTHS .   as  the trees  and  plants    are  ALL  BEING  OBLITERATED  BY THE  TOXIC  CHEMICALS –  YOUR  NEXT  IOWA ,  WINTER  IS COMING   AND  YOU  WILL BE  BURIED  UNDER  TOXIC  SNOW  AS  THE JETS  TURN IN YOUR DIRECTION . 

  3. p.teal says:

    When I made my comments, below, about the lunacy of living in a bunker, I hadn't yet read the discussion, even further below, about doing just that.  It's probably too late for apologizing (since we've moved on to a new page and all), but regardless, my apologies.  I wasn't referring to ordinary people; it was the trillionaire psychopaths who think they can destroy the planet and then retire to their luxury bunkers or rocket off into space, who were the focus of those remarks.  (We hates them, preciousss: the Musks, the Gateses, nasssty bankerses and their foots-soldiers!)

    Anyone who wants to hide from the fallout of those psychopathic brutes has my full sympathy.  For my own part, though, I'd rather die with the planet than prolong the agony underground… which would feel too much like burying myself alive.

  4. Frank - PHL says:

    Somewhere in an oval office:

    Trump: What's going on with N Korea these days?

    General: Like we told you, sir, we are droughting them out. He will be at our mercy.

    Trump: How're you doing that?

    General: We have control over the weather, remember?

    Trump: Oh, yeah…. Listen, I've got a golf game tomorrow. D'ya think you could make some nice weather for that?

    General: Already on it, sir.

  5. Bryan says:

    Exxon Mobil knew about climate change internally  for decades, yet publicly muddied its own conclusions to continue business as usual, destroying our once thriving planet in the process. Look for the stories this week.

    It makes the tobacco companies look like the opening act to a full bill of crimes against humanity (and the entire web of life).

    As Dane has alluded, the time is rapidly approaching when the public will come after the elites with pitchforks. It can't get here soon enough.

    I was never asked if my family's future and the future of all sentient life was worth the convenience of burning petroleum fuels that profited the few and penalized the vast majority. Greedy lunatics have been running the asylum under the cover of darkness for far longer than most of us realize or can conceive.

    The plight we're in didn't just happen. Many knew all along and did nothing, choosing to pillage and plunder in the short term at the expense of a viable planet. That, my friends, is true evil!

    When I imagine who knew what and for how long, an unspeakable, heartbreaking crime becomes almost incomprehensible. Power and money corrupt. But we're talking hearts of darkness here.

  6. izzy says:

    This isn’t exactly comic relief, but it says volumes about where our collective head it still at.

    Good grief.

    • Dennie says:

      The total solar eclipse is a once-in-one-hundred-years event.  There was great coverage of it for three hours on NPR yesterday, complete with anecdotes about how people used to think about eclipses and on-the-scenes reporting on how people still react to eclipses.  There's no doubt these are stunning photos, they show the WONDER of our Earth within a much larger astronomical context, and there is nothing comic about them– let's call them instead, "cosmic" relief– at the very least, this is getting people to LOOK UP, actually.  

    • izzy says:

      Dennie, I think you may have missed the point. I was referring to the featured shot of a plane dragging large aerosol trails directly over the eclipsed sun.

  7. renate says:

    Evening of Aug. 21 ,2017 Mission BC.Between 10:45 to 11:45 pm there was perfume smell in the air outside. One would think it was a neighbour washing clothes. However walking around the house to see who was awake (have neighbours on all four sides) all neighbours lights were off, all were sleeping, most have small children. Remembering what a Vietnam veteran said about agent orange smelling like perfume, struck my mind. Later on after going bed I was awoken from really bad cramps below the knees, both legs, more so on the right. It was really painful to walk, I got into a panic mode for survival it was that bad. I do have blue small blood vessels around my ankles that demonstrates blockage, so that would be a weakness. If I had a blockage in the heart valves I believe I would be a dead duck. I only mention this to be aware of the SMELL of perfume and what happens after to your body, there is a connection. Have something ready to use in case. Take care.

    (yes, I can hear the jets flying at night)

    • bob says:

      I've noticed "dryer sheet perfume" odor over the last half-year, but can trace it to certain houses up to a block away – I've never been able to detect anyone's dryer odor at all  unless I was right next to it.  There's no regulation on chemicals like that in the US, and a large percentage of people do get sick from them.  Everything has to be poisonous.

    • renate says:

      Yes, Bob, I believe anything that has a bar-code and a fragrance is deadly. Think "toilet paper"… fabreze, yikes

    • Rachel Robson says:

      renate, Hi and what do you mean by have something ready to use?  Like what?!!  And thanks for this as this is the first I ever heard of agent orange smelling like perfume–and I had many friends In Viet Nam!  Never heard this before, including one friend who became a doctor and after serving as a grunt in Viet Nam, 17 years later received papers from the Army telling him his exposure-he described to me slogging through the stuff-to agent orange was extreme and would result in-at which point they mentioned all sorts of consequences and when to expect them, he said sure enough, exactly that happened and he was suffering, and fed up with our VA and looking to move to another country!  No perfume comments.  I am stunned.  And I am stunned by your experience and trying to process what the heck that means?!!  What Did you do for yourself to get out of that panic mode?  I get severe cramps called contracture spasms.  These have even broken bones in me.  Docs recognize this but do not explain the why of it.  I've had so many injuries and so I tend to associate it with that, but?  When one happens I can't even speak to relate what is going on if around others.  I just do deep breathing, like meditating, and ride it out.  They do go away thank goodness.  Or whatever!  Tangently, I was driving up town recently when I smelled sulfur so strongly.  Never found out what from where.  By the by, as I said, doctor friend who slogged through agent orange did not get symptoms for quite some time.  

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Oh My Renate. Thanks for informing. A Herbal Detox might be in order!

  8. MAP says:

    Ron Paul could not have given better advice (recently) to the masses of USA: "Oppose Fascism of The Right and The Left." These factions are 2 sides of the same authoritarian coin, my friends (paraphrased).

  9. I'm just here to ask a question.  I live in Florida.  I am 55.  I am finding that people older than me are gone.  I mean they cannot articulate and they have no life or energy.  I feel like I can only speak with people that are younger than me.  Everyone older if frighteningly old long before their time.  I think this has a lot to do with the geoengineering and how society in the US is collapsing.  It is as if they have given up.  Anyone else encountering this?  Help!

    • wyatt earp says:

      Yes, you are seeing the new normal. At 47, I have lost my short term memory and my energy is gone. My parents are frighteningly old. My uncle has alzhiemers, People are catching on to what is making them feel so shitty, unfortunately, they are calling it "chemtrail flu". I suppose Millennials think it's normal to be sick every other week. 

    • Joseph L says:

      It all depends on who you  know — I know a female right now in her 70s who has more energy than most 20 year olds. Alot has to do with  your diet exercise etc. Your stress level  is important and so many other issues these days. There is hope — I see alot of young people in there 20s that are totally overweight.  Fast food resturants are everywhere and are doing very well. If they wait for me they will all be out of business. GMOS , GEOENGINEERINGING, FLOURIDE IN YOUR WATER ALL NEEDS TO STOP AND FORCED VACCINATIONS ETC.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Infinite Wisdom, by the by, really hard to respond to a handle like that!  But you've come to the right place!  There are many of us older ones and older than I am, here and speaking out and just brilliant!  So, to me that begs the question of Florida.  As in what all is going on in Florida.  I have neighbors three doors down who are in their mid 90s and the husband just published a book!  The wife, with her walker, goes blocks and blocks to the store every day almost.  Which is to say they are in far better shape than I am.  But my problems are due to injuries in the main and an autoimmune disease I was born with and genetically confirmed, MCTD.  I used to have a steel trap memory but no more.  However I do work on memory stuff, mind stuff and on the whole am way sharper than most I know.  I've never even been to Florida.  Florida does seem to have special circumstances.  Many, even.  I guess I'm saying that there is the geoengineering factor, but also many others.  Something Dane says all the time, this, that And the other.  Take note of all the 'others'.  You are young!  So, you can help these zombies by attempting to figure out what all is going on where you live.  I mean like a serious inventory.  From pesticides to water to all sorts, including medications.  Be a reporter!  Figure out the mystery of those living dead!  Despite what some say here, most I know are sharp, not sharp enough to grasp geoengineering, but high functioning peoples.  Aggravating, grrrr.

    • Chopper says:

      Infinite Wisdom…your Florida comment caught my eye. I've got 10 years on you; wish it wasn't the case. In Florida I have see many changes in the last 20 years, none for the better. We have taken over the moniker "Planet" from CA. Actually FL is now the Police State. Your comment is true for the majority of the  people I meet or know. I don't attribute this all to public education, but it's definitely factored in. Lots of chem trailing over central FL for years. Some days none and others it's crisscrossing the entire sky. The Mosaic aquifer fiasco, raw sewage dumped into the Gulf, air pollution and almost all  food GMO and chemically grown….what's not to like. On a happy note, the weather is wonderful for nearly two months every year. (my humor). It reminds me of an old VH1 commercial with a father talking to his son saying, "I Am sorry, we've used up all the fun.  Florida has a new motto…WELCOME TO FLORIDA, COME FOR VACATION, LEAVE ON PROBATION, RETURN FOR VIOLATION.

    • Dennie says:

      You've got a lot of people retiring to Florida.  Then you have all the sunshine and, along with it, UV radiation– little wonder people there are aging prematurely.  

  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Geesh, my head is still spinning from Saturdays broadcast(I always listen twice). Good job Dane for laying it out there and delivering real honest reality. I couldn't think of anything to write for a comment. All I can think about is finding more platforms to get the word out about Geo engineering. One just has to say enough already, I'm outa here. "I've got to do something!". One can't 'not' act at this time. Well, ya, ya could, but you'd be dragging the rest of us down with you.

    I was sitting here this evening watching videos of folks that have sold out and are on the road in a wagon, a horse drawn wagon. I'm about two shakes from doing it myself. (Hm, a "Sheep Wagon"… Kinda has underlying meaning don't it?). This song I am submitting was on one of the videos. I thought it appropriate to share it with you, ALL. I'm no music man, but I like the way this song is written and played out. The beat sets it off.

    • Martha says:

      Great song and very appropriate! I'm totally with you regarding how "one can't 'not' act at this time. Seriously. The mess in the sky here has been so blatant and the sun so burning hot I just don't get how it can go unnoticed and how those who do notice can not care. I just don't get it. I've consciously avoided as many toxins as possible for over 40 years now which include mental toxins such as TV – which may have something to do with it. Most of the people I know who are actively aware do the much of the same. Maybe that allows us to think for ourselves and use reasoning skills that others have lost. Many thanks to all who are getting the word out.

    • Steve Thomson says:

      Horseman, thank you for the great song link, I had never heard Goose Creek before, it really resonates with the truth. And thank you, Dane, for the valiant work you have been doing all these years! It is not in vain, I am as certain of that as I know I breathe the same atmosphere we all do here on this once-beautiful Earth. I have just uploaded a new original musical/spoken word video, I hope that my friends and fellow campaigners here will have a look, and pass it on. Sometimes you have to laugh, or you're gonna break down and cry, so I cooked up a semi-humorous little 2-minute thing called "Nano-Particulate Filtration Apparatus" If you think it might cheer somebody up, or be a good introduction to the topic for a newby, please spread it around. God bless and protect Dane, and all you watchers of the skies!

      Video url:

  11. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    A Friend in Lloyd Minister Alberta saw some of the Solar Eclipse while at work. I was happy to hear that some did witness this Celestial Event in Our Province. Ofcourse he didn't care about seeing it. I would have Loved to. Still have a canopy over Our heads in Our area.  Maybe We will see some Stars tonight !  I Hope they run out of toxins to spray us.    Well, We can Dream.     I found out today that Canada has more cases of M.S. than anywhere else on the Planet.  I Bet you Dr. Russell Blaylock could tell them Why!  How can we not be with the amount sprayed on Us each day.!   It's a Mad, Mad World!

    • Bob in Connecticut says:

      Hi,Gail we also did not get to see the eclipse. They started spraying early about 5:30am, I had the feeling that they were going to do that I took my daughter and my granddaughter to the beach to see the eclipse even made some viewing boxes and on our way I mentioned to my daughter that they were spraying and probably going to screw up our viewing I even pointed out a semicircle created by one of those doomsday aircraft I've seen a few of them in our area before but they completely obliterated the sky. For me it was very disheartening. I tried to tell all my children about what they're doing it just seems that so many of them I mean anybody 35 years old or younger are just so involved in their daily existence that they either refuse or or are too busy to worry about it. They actually think I'm kind of crazy. I don't know if anybody else has noticed it, but all the weather forecasters that I see on TV have actually been using the little Cloud icons in their forecast everyday in this area anyway 4 at least a year since last August they always say that there's going to be clouds. I guess mostly because they know that at some point the spraying will start. I could go on and on with the the little pieces that fit together when a thinking person actually pays attention to what's going on . I point these things out to family and friends, first you get this interested look and then very shortly their eyes glaze over. When talking to my children about it it's hard to tell them without me feeling like I am setting up a doomsday feeling in their heart. Obviously our government does not care, I have contacted a couple of our congressman and what I get in response is thank you for your interest in global warming we are doing our best to keep it from getting any worse. All I can do is laugh at them and explain to them that they're not fooling me or any of my family. I've even said to them Senator Chris Murphy is the worst one I've said to them nice try senator but you're not fooling me and thanks so much for ignoring the fact that I can see right through you. How can you fight against something that everybody involved in denies and is complicit in misinformation tactics. It's very disgusting to me that these people giving the weather forecasts know what's going on and refuse to actually speak up about it. If it was me I would not care about losing my job or being disgraced in my profession, I would come on TV one day like that guy did in that movie network, and I would explain everything that's going on, they would have to cut me right off. Here is our problem though this is a global phenomenon if you pay attention and go on YouTube or this site even you can see that around the world,completely global ,countries are doing this to their environment, even the TV movies ,Hollywood movies, commercials on TV all are showing skyline's with the supposed contrails, it's all about subliminal messaging, when I was talking about paying attention and looking at YouTube and this website ,I was talking about personal videos from people around the world as proof that this is a global phenomenon. I believe that the only way for this to stop on the North American continent anyway is for the United States Canada to pull out of the United Nations. and I believe that's the only way that this will stop .I think that President Trump is aware of what's going on but just at this point does not know how to handle the situation, the poor guy maybe as dumbfounded as we are as to how to get this to stop. It makes me laugh and shake my head when I hear people talk about how the ice is melting and that this and that's going on ,when I believe that it's just part of the Earth's normal progression from hot to cold we have had two ice ages at least already and a few warm ups it's just part of the global natural occurrence, and these people in power for some reason to think that they are gods, and have the audacity to think that they can control every little thing. I'm sorry for going on and on but we have to vent somewhere. For my  childrens sake and my grandchildrens sake I hope somebody finds a way to get this to stop. God bless Dane and everybody on this site for trying to do something about this and bring this to light. Thank you to all

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, certainly many who are trying to share the truth understand the difficulties you face. In regard to Mr. Trump, it is important to understand that his administration has already made clear that they fully support the climate engineering insanity, FYI

      Another important and inarguable fact that must be researched, considered, and remembered, there is absolutely nothing natural about the changes that are occuring on our planet at this time, nothing. Even if we pretended that there were no other sources of damage to the planet other than climate engineering (which of course is not the case), climate engineering alone renders the current changes as unnatural. Now when we include all the other forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet and the climate, severity of what we collectively face becomes clear. We must examine the entire horizon, all the facts, if we are to come to credible conclusions. It is not about what we believe, but rather, it is about what the front line facts dictate. FYI

      Thank you, Bob, (and all dedicated activists and individuals) for your efforts to help sound the alarm.

  12. Maddy says:

    Dane, Thank you for all you do in getting out the message about the harm of geoengineering.  You say here in the east is not as bad but I see spraying all the time and seldom see blue skies and almost never white puffy clouds.

    I notice that Agenda 21 is not being talked about as part and parcel of what is going on.  They created the drought in CA and the west is where Agenda 21 is being heavily rolled out.  I think geoengineering and HAARP are just two of many parts of a plan to depopulate and destroy earth as we have known it.  So are mandatory vaccinations, GMO in our food, privitization of everything (including prisons), the police state where police look like army personnel complete with helmets, black military vehicles, loss of our privacy, A huge national debt and threat of finanial collapse, global war, the threat of nuclear war, drones over our skies, and on & on.  No wonder people don't want to talk about anything and try to escape by watching the ball games & other TV.  I tried to talk to someone the other day about what is going on in the middle east and all the thousands killed over there and got just odd looks.  Americans have been dumbed down by MSM but I believe they are also completely OVERWHELMED by all this going on at the same time.  I am an old bugger and grew up in a completely different America.  I try to talk to anyone I can about geoengineering and point them to your site.  My best friend is involved in a tree program here and she was talking about how all the trees are dying and how sad it is but when I tried to talk about the spraying she just said that was "conspirary" and that the trees dying is due to CO2 and global warming. 

    Well, I am just going on and what I really wanted to say is that I believe that all of this is connected to Agenda 21 and people know nothing about this.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Maddy, yes, many agendas are in process, but we must remember and consider that all such agendas increasingly become mute points as the biosphere implosion unfolds. For over 70 years the climate engineers have completely derailed Earth’s natural systems, but they are now losing whatever control they may have though they had. Man’s war against nature is ultimately a war against himself. If we remain on the current course, the global power structure will soon enough go down with the ship (along with the rest of us). If we fully expose climate engineering before the shadow government is ready for that to happen, we can yet alter the outcome. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Maddy, I enjoy getting responses like your best friend gave you. When it comes to trees, CO2 would make them as green as one could wish for. If it were global warming it would be raining more "everywhere". Then add that since Geo Engineering is preventing O2 from getting to the upper stratosphere, then turned into O3(ozone), we have an ozone depletion problem and are getting UV levels accordingly 'and that' is what is affecting your friends little tree campaign. Elaborate lightly with pertinent facts and let simmer………….

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Words full of Wisdom Mr Dane Wigington. Well said.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @'a' simple horseman, Wow.  Excellent comeback and succinct recipe for enlightenment!

  13. TNGeoWatch says:

    During total eclipse today in Tennessee – Huge Tanker sprayed right below the eclipsed sun.  What a bunch of arrogant turds.

  14. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Neocons are pushing the USA and the rest of the world towards a dangerous crisis / THE SAKER / Aug.18, 2017
    … threatening the US society is an extremely rapid delegitimization of the entire US political system and, especially, of the Federal government.  … the reality is that the US society is rapidly transforming itself in a three-tired one: on top, a small number of obscenely rich people, under them, a certain amount of qualified professionals who service the filthy rich. … A large segment of the US population now survives only because of Walmart and the Dollar Store.  Once that fails, food stamps are the last option.  That, or jail, of course.  … Combine all this and you get a potentially extremely explosive situation.  No wonder that when so many Americans heard Hillary’s comment about the “basket of deplorables” they took that as declaration of war.  And how do the Neocons plan to deal with all this? By cracking down on free speech and dissent, of course!  What else? Their only response – repression of course! YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter – they are all cracking down on “bad” speech which includes pretty much any topic a garden variety self-described ‘liberal’ frowns upon. … they get … their accounts simply closed.  … What makes the gradual collapse of the AngloZionist Empire so uniquely dangerous is that it is by far the biggest and most powerful empire in world history.  … a crash (political, economic or military) could happen at any moment.  And that is very, very scary. The USA has anywhere between 700 to 1000 military bases worldwide, the entire international financial system is deeply enmeshed with the US economy, the US Dollar is still the only real reserve currency, United States Treasury securities are held by all the key international players (including Russia and China), SWIFT is politically controlled by the USA, the US is the only country in the world that can print as much money as it wants and, last but not least, the US has a huge nuclear arsenal.  As a result, a US collapse would threaten everybody. … the real question now is this: can the rest of the planet prevent a catastrophic collapse of the AngloZionist Empire? … There is a reason why the Neocons thrive in times of crisis: it allows them to hide behind the mayhem, especially when they are the ones who triggered the mayhem in the first place.  This means that as long as the Neocons are anywhere near in power they will never, ever, allow peace to suddenly break out, lest the spotlight be suddenly shined directly upon them.  Chaos, wars, crises – this is their natural habitat.  Think of it as the by-product of their existence.  Eventually, of course, they will be stopped and they will be defeated, like all their predecessors in history.  But I shudder when I think of the price mankind will have to pay this time around.

  15. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Well, Did Anyone get to see the Eclipse? We sure didn't! Socked in Canopy above us. Have been working on it all morning, they have. IHATE THEM> IHATE THEM!

    • TNGeoWatch says:

      yes 100% visibility here in TN – no spraing until exactly 1 minute before eclispe totality – then pretty large trails since.  Crazy.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Nope and ditto!  Ditto hate as well X a million!  and then some.  Of course my neighbor behind me drove to the sweet spot in Oregon for it, then to rush back to drive to Burning Man.  Which, even the name of it is so far past ironic and never was something Nevada, the land there, needed.  Gee.  Think of all the driving, all the flying so many do and did for the eclipse and the consequences to the environment over that!  Not that anyone cares!  But for we few.  It seems.  Nature lovers may put the final nail in coffin as they do not see what is happening, but will drive 1,000 miles to draw/paint a flower and never once notice the sky they paint, but can say been there, done that.  And, belong to Sierra Club!  Our socked in fog actually looked like real fog but for it's been SO long since I've seen real fog, I am not sure!  If they on purpose offed the eclipse for us here…grrrrrrrrrrrr.  Yours?  Real or fake?  Smoke?

    • Larry S. says:

      No ! They sprayed here in North Kansas City & ruined the show . Rained most of the day .

    • bob says:

      They sprayed like crazy during it in Ohio – didn't look any darker than a usual white-out.  The shiny particles were so thick and everyone was outside …

  16. marc says:

    And another observation: right at peak total eclipse (I'm in total pathway) a jet began a gigantic banking right turn while laying a massive trail, creating a monstrous semi-circle which was just "underneath" the total eclipse from my vantage point near New Haven, Mo. One rarely sees SRM jets doing anything but flying in essentially straight lines. This one was clearly "f**king" with us by laying a huge semi-circle just when he knew all eyes would be on the sky at that moment. My message to him: go straight to hell you f**king traitorous motherf**ker.

    • wyatt earp says:

      One did the exact move over us out here in Oregon, at about 20% 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, What do you mean about one rarely sees SRM jets doing anything but flying in essentially straight lines? ….I see them and or/military spraying here all the time in various mind blowing ways that you'd think a city full of smart people would be shocked by and calling to find out what the hell?!  And, I post it.  Like the day there was a full, big, circle! over Berkeley!  Or, when friends from Hawaii were here the other month, one monsterously thick one seemingly going from ground, straight up and up and up so very high, so fat, appearing so near to us that my none believing friends believed!  In fact they saw it before I did and asked me if this was a chemtrail.  Oh God Yes! I replied, myself   stunned as I could not have ordered up a better visual.  Then explained about the "chemtrail" word which they seem to prefer–conditioning and all that.  Marc, the amazing crap in our skies, I guess now, would stun you.  Very little of it is straight line stuff, more like blow your mind stuff. Huge Xs, loopdeloop stuff, and tic tac toe grids too. A lot of these people who model this crap do it here or nearby, I mean we are the techno/ University hub of all this.  Are they just showing off?  Seems to get zero attention.  That wall of, called the ridiculously resilient ridge-solid like a blue grey wall, so tall, did not go away and was around for years.  Sure, we get some straight line stuff, rather a lot I guess, but wowie zowie stuff as well and all the time.  And STill people Will not listen or question!!   Just dumbfounding!  Truly, at wits end.

    • marc says:

      Rachel Robson, I meant exactly what I said. Like you, I have been watching the spraying activity in the skies for YEARS!!! You took me TOO literally. Yes, the vast, overwhelming SRM that "I" see is straight line stuff: X's in the sky ARE straight line stuff, tic-tac-toe grids ARE straight line stuff. I have witnessed "straight lines" being sprayed across the entire southwest, all up and down California, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kansas, Colorado. Only rarely do "I" see arcs, circles, or the like. This is the truth of my experience and I have seen thousands of jets in action. Undoubtedly, other forms of deployment are occurring. Possibly incendiary or "explosive" aerial dispersions, oceanic dispersions from ships, etc. These bastards are clever and will not stop until their last breath.

  17. Moderncalamity says:

    I guess we are not dying fast enough with the geoengineering? This is to be released during the eclipse!  As reported by AOL:

    "NASA and Montana State University are ready to send loads of bacteria into the stratosphere. But don't worry; it's all for science.


    Teams across the U.S. will release about 100 balloons during the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse. They'll float around 85,000 feet in the air, and each balloon will have cameras for video and photos, as well as a tracker.

    Some of those balloons will also carry samples of a highly resistant bacteria. NASA scientists want to see how it reacts to Mars-like conditions."

    This is nothing beyond insanity.  Those responsible for this need to refuse orders now!  Where are the normal people?

    Thank you Dane for all that you do.  Is the owrld listening?

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Oh My God!    Modern Calamity, That is Insane News. These People & I use the term loosely. Need to be Strung Up!

    • BaneB says:

      Modern Calamity:  Incredible!  Insane!  This is just as likely a multilayered purposed experiment.  What NASA publicly states might or not be taken at face value.  This also could be a test to observe how easy it would be to poison via disease the human population.  While these nuts destroy our planet they want to terra-form Mars?  

    • r k says:


      Thanks for sharing this, proves it's not my imagination. Yesterday I got crazy nasal mucous discharge after going outside around the time of the eclipse. I knew it had to be some type of pathogen they'd sprayed during the eclipse and did several things to combat it which fortunately seem to be effective. I live in nyc.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      For all, I began to respond before viewing this article and so glad I did view it.  They did not say resistant bacteria, for one thing.  They said resilient!  Actually, this is very interesting and not to be dismissed I think, but then, I am Way into science.  Personally, though I am against sending things, people too, into space because, in the main, the harm done from rocket thrusts to the ozone, this was indeed an extremely rare opportunity to do something good, seemingly misunderstood.  The original idea was to have students take photos of the eclipse from way above with balloons, which is a pretty cool and harmless effort.  When NASA heard about it, knowing the atmospheric conditions, sorta like Mars, it presented an actually intelligent idea and opportunity utilizing 37 of these 100 balloons-huge ones.  Since so many do want to go into space and have as well as even landing stuff on planets-which I think is crazy but the fact is that is has and is done, are we infecting those planets with something from earth?  High time they thought of that and wish early earth explorers had taken that into consideration!  Not doing so wiped out one heck of a lot of Natives, so kudos to them for 'caring'.  Based on a landing craft itself built here and dust on it from around the area, they found this one extremely resilient bacteria which means that landing craft and perhaps others before it, may have carried this hearty thing to another planet or the moon.  Thus, infecting already.  The temperatures at that hight and the blocking of some UV stuff, especially UVC made it similar to conditions on Mars-hello Mars rover and wanting to colonize Mars.  These were Not free floating bacteria and we at least know the name of it.  A common thing apparently.  Each of these 37 in different locations along the path of totality-necessary for the experiment-had a metal bar to which bits of these bacteria were affixed,  with GPS, and so collected afterwards to see if they survived this trip or were altered in anyway.  Upshot, don't freak out!  This was actually a very cool thought and experiment and indeed one that could get students-effort in large part by students for the eclipse part, but may encourage many towards science and for once anyway, science was being smart.  So, not insane, actually given what all we've trashed in space, thoughtful for a change!  So, calm down!  On the other hand, NASA kinda refers to prior experiments somewhat in this vein… don't throw your freak out away, just save it for something more worthy!  

  18. marc says:

    Sitting out here in the country west of St. Louis on my friend's porch watching jet after jet piss out white trails. The very last one I observed 5 minutes ago had several interruptions along the length of the trail, the last stretch looking like the painted "dashes" along the center of the county highway out front. WTF?? But nobody notices or cares. And all this spraying happening within hours of a nationwide solar eclipse. I guess these port-a-potties-for-brains pilots have their orders and aren't gonna let an insignificant thing like a solar eclipse put a damper on their pathetic game. 

       On a different front, let me tell you what scares the f**k out of me. Last May we had a news cycle wherein MSM blitzed us with speculations about North Korea's possible capability to detonate a nuclear EMP weapon over North America via their alleged two known satellites, both of which allegedly make passes over the US many times a day. This dreadful scenario was drilled into the US public mind repeatedly for the better part of May. Thanks to Adam Coleman who posted here a link to a FEMA site called eis/Earth EX etc, there is coming up a "drill" on August 23rd by this agency to allegedly run through the protocols which are in place in the event of a catastrophic, cascading collapse of our electrical grid due to natural event or attack. HELLO FOLKS. Seems to me the stage is being set for a false-flag event that will make 9/11 look like a f**king cakewalk. Furthermore the Earth EX site calls such a scenario a "black sky event". And this "drill" goes live TWO DAYS AFTER THE SOLAR ECLIPSE, AS IN WEDNESDAY, 23RD. So…..while Donald Dump and gang demonize North Korea with the gleeful help of MSM, with endless portrayals and speculations about the real capabilities of North Korea's nuclear program, North Korea itself has been made to "appear" to be hurling wild threats in our direction, in a classic David and Goliath mock-up. Really? Should we be connecting any dots here? Are there any actual dots to connect?? Am I, or anyone else, an idiot for establishing a danger here of a US government/military false-flag event on a scale beyond comprehension??

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, oh marc, recently you posted something else calling Charlotte's Ville?-sp?- a false flag along with alot of other stuff and the thing is, if Everything is a false flag, then Nothing is.  I do like your "Donald Dump"!  But even Kim Jong Un said that he's playing a waiting game, not wanting to join in on juvenile name calling and empty threats.

      A "dark sky" event, dark as in not lit up by Earth's citizens, blazing away, is in fact a very real possibility and not just because of N. Korea, a CME could do it, or any number of scenarios.  I saw this coming as we were all forced toward digital everything.  Such a bad idea.  Worse, it could shut down things like pumps, like the cooling of nuclear reactors, or dams, or money, communications, all that.  I tried to bring all that up here via what I learned from Stuxnet and Space Wars.  The only false flag aspect I can see is if the government shut down part of us or a lot of us for fun and profit to scare the wits outta everyone.  Way too easy to do too.  To my way of thinking a false flag is a Reichstag fire.  They are not little skirmishes, don't happen by the dozen.  9/11 really was one.  Pure theater but for all those who really did die and horribly and still from it, to scare the wits outta people so they will let the government and military do what ever they want in exchange, in theory only, for our safety.  Advice is to hold steady and ride it out.

    • Frank - PHL says:

      These days I get nervous when a quiet day goes by. I hear you.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  Healthy paranoia!  I had read some months ago the NKs have a satellite that flies directly over the US.  But the info did not state what the satellite purpose is.  Spying?  Likely.  A EMP device?  Maybe. I find it very odd the number of US warships crashing into ships at sea.  I am guessing they use satellite GPS.  Is some entity hacking these computerized warships?  An Achilles Heel?

    • MAP says:

      My gut feeling is that something big as in False Flag is coming. Mother Nature has been ripped to shreds from a million different factors. Economy is fake and phony and collapsing no matter what nonsense is spoken by Banksters/Mainstream Media prostitutes. The Power Structure is now likely to hurl a False Flag of epic proportions upon the masses.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Frank, True, I too get nervous when anything looks normal!  How sick is that?!

      @BaneB,  Sorry that some of my responses today are a bit garbled, my net provider is messing around.  But had to answer this.  The US used to have the only satellites in near space orbiting us. We have or had 6.  One or more of which is dedicated to directing shipping, all shipping around the globe.  But now space is getting downright crowded with the things, and China excels and has one that is clearly spying on info on one or more of ours.  These are too many shipping accidents in a very pertinent area in a small amount of time.  I think it is fair to say our GPS has been hacked for affect.

      @MAP The 'false flag' you feel in your gut is Trump himself.  Add to that a Trojan horse, i.e. Trump.  Bring him in the castle gates and all hell spills out.  While he serves as distraction, so much harm is being done, like his appointment of Zinke to the interior and Zinke now determining how much of which national natural Treasures, protected areas, to cut back, literally, for mining.  And that is but one example.  So, what comes next now that the whole world is so disgusted by him as well as most in America along with the whole world degrading the US as a major power?  That's where the boom falls in that false flag–in the disappearance of our rights, even to free speech, to protest even as hate spreads like wildfire here. He will have to resign soon, but, egads! Pence is actually worse if superficially more presentable.  And that is where that rubber hits the road and hard!  Kiss freedom, especially for women, goodbye!  Heck, kiss net neutrality goodbye, and oh so many other things.  Hard to say there is something worse than Trump, but there is and it is not at all entertaining.    

  19. Ron Marr says:

    I am not sure what's more daunting, geo engineering or the pretenders. She said she was a former Hippie and believes herself to be open minded. I ran into she and her husband yesterday. He was so distracted that he couldn't listen to her…he had left his i phone on his sail boat…she flash me the bumper sticker from Dane's materials I had given them. She proceeded to tell about her brother who was a former hippie and had given her, her first hit of acid. He (her brother) has an I.Q. of 145 and a former army intelligence soldier, he is now in geo engineering and living in Seattle and doesn't believe geo engineering is happening. She then said to me, "Anybody can make a video…are their other people involved?", of course, did you meet Dane…did you watch the video?, I haven't had time, was her reply. I said, "I can't be apart of this and retreated. This is happening around me often. They can't comprehend beyond a fake reality and I refuse to baby sit them. We must remember that, even if our silhouette ends up a grease spot on a wall, side walk or they come for us in person, we must NEVER let them think they are right…someone said.

  20. Andy says:

    "Alarm overload".

    Yes, I definitely know about that. So many supposedly intelligent folks I speak to about this ongoing madness just steadfastly refuse to even contemplate it. They are content to carry on watching the latest episodes of mind-numbing tv banality. Or if they do pay any attention it is only to reply that "the powers that be must know what they are doing, after all they wouldn't poison themselves also, would they…?" or some other such trite nonsense. Others I speak to are of the opinion that we are done, toast, finished etc. Now I don't know if the point of no return has been passed; if it really is too late to reverse the insanity, but I do know that to give up without a fight is cowardly and selfish. Selfish to the generations yet to be who will bear the results of our inactions. And the countless species of life who never had any say in the matter. I for one will NOT shut up and lie down, I will continue to spend my time trying to reach people. Having said that, I am far from portraying myself as a heroic figure. I am just an old bloke who sees value in the notion of life being able to continue on this precious world.

    There are folks who do listen and don't just switch off. They are in the minority but that minority is increasing. I hope beyond hope that the oft-spoken "critical mass" can be achieved before extinction takes all… that something yet can realistically be accomplished to halt the lunatics. As the days pass my hope falters, I find strength to continue at places such as this site and I salute all concerned – Dane and other contributors. Thank you all.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Andy. You brought tears to my eyes. It is because of those like You here at this site that gives me the strength I need each day knowing there are such Great Men & Women Standing Up for what is Right & Our Duty to do so for all future life. Their inaction to me also is Cowardly & Selfish!

  21. Martha says:

    Your weekly broadcasts help me keep my sanity as do these posts because I know my awareness and deep concern places me in good company, at least here. I can't thank you enough.

    The following was sent to me by an aware friend. I know Clifford Carnicom has researched the involvement of polymers. Can anyone lend insight to my friend's comments below? The pictures showed just what was described – a dark, thinner trail that seemed to almost be within or overlapping a more "usual-looking" aerosol dispersion.

    "The skies have been terrible the last couple days and again this morning, kind of gives you the furrowed brow. I took a picture and want your opinion. I deal with high performance polymer coatings, I'm the main equipment tech. Anyway, I have a very good understanding of the chemistry involved with activators/hardeners, additives and plural component product.

    I have noticed this before but not very often. The dark spray dispersal with a second lighter (normal?) spray trail being placed in almost the same path. There were two of them happening as we were driving yesterday morning about 9 am. Hard to make out in the pics but in the middle lines there is a dark one, you could see the dark dirty disbursement in the natural (?) clouds from the slightly older second trail but the pics didn't show it.  

    It hadn't hit me before but my immediate reaction is that they were mixing a plural component product. The question then is; what are two specific products, what is the reaction created and what is the resulting end product???"





    • Andy says:

      "Unnaturally dry".

      Isn't that a glaringly obvious clue to the sheeple that something is VERY out of synch on our poor battered planet…? Wake the flock up.

    • Frank - PHL says:

      Great article post – thanks! Everybody should see.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Great info Andy.

      Dane and All;

      About the report of the fires that are burning here in Iberian Peninsula, I have an important extra information: Yesterday, 2 big fires were active here, near my region, they have started in the beginning of the afternoon, And near of the end of the day it was possible to see the white lines ( of the FLAMMABLE aerosols )  which were strategically left by the planes over the area where the fires were happening, and its surroundings. They are like vultures flying over carcasses ( no offense to the vultures ).

      Another thing; last Sunday, regular folks that were helping to fight a big fire, saw a yellow small aircraft circulating the area were the fire was burning, and after a big U turn made by the small plane, several more focus of fire started near the local, just after the passage of the plane. 

      This is not new in this "country". Some years ago, regular folks have seen flammable devices being dropped from the inside of a small plane. The devices were burning before touching the ground.

      Another very interesting point; last Sunday was the opening of the hunting season in this "country". And what was the decision made by the "government"??

      – They have decided ( because of the high risk of fires occurrences ), to forbid the hunters to go to the Forest and wild areas in general ( the only way of guarding the Forest, is to have many eyes in the Forest, watching.  But instead, they think that, if people watch from a close distance to what is happening, this could be a problem ). I guess to many eyes in the mountains and forests could spot something the big guys want to kept as a secret..

      ( the small aircrafts can fly whenever they please… )

      they will FALL.

  22. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    It takes two to speak the Truth. One to speak, & another to Hear!     – Henry David Thoreau –

  23. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I Believe that it is Better to tell the Truth than a Lie. I Believe it it Better to be Free than to be a Slave. And,         I Believe it is Better to Know than to be Ignorant.               – H.L. Mencken –

  24. Joseph L says:

    Swiss Trees in Danger of Dying Out as Climate Warms

    The most important tree for Switzerland’s forestry industry, the Norway spruce, is in danger of dying out in much of the country because it cannot adapt fast enough as Swiss trees swelter in the rising temperatures.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hmm, Joseph, I have Swiss friends who express sorrow at what I relate from the states as if they are far removed from such.  And here, we have a Blue Norway Spruce in the backyard.  I thought it was a gonner for awhile, but it made a comeback.  Is it adapting?  I wonder.  Today, yet again, I noticed far more dead tree stuff than even last week.  Up until recently we'd not had so much die off, so few believed that.  Course there are other factors like SO much traffic now.  Cold, 'cloud' covered summer days, mega building and so much pollution.  And, cell towers.  Which the reports I read about 5G says they heat tissues, rather the fluid in tissues including trees, says it straight up kills trees.  This has become like a new version of how many ways to skin a cat! 

  25. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    In Alberta they too spray as B.C. mentioned. Socked in all day with a massive amount of Toxic clouds. Then, as the Sun is ready to set …They allow the Sky to clear. Now I am suppose to go out & work or enjoy myself?  Too late! I am tired & weighted down mentally & physically from the Toxic Aerosol bombartment from the day. We may get a couple of hours of Stars, If We are Lucky! Then by 4AM.They start hitting us again, & by 6AM A Full Sky of Manufactured Couds. Amazing how those "Clouds" show up again in the morning like clock work! This method used ofcourse to keep the temperatures down. I'm so very tired of it all. Not one day in 1400 days have I seen without a Cloud & Jets spraying above my head. How many days, weeks, or years were before I started counting? How can there be such Ignorance?          Will We see the Eclipse?       I Wonder.          There is nothing in the World more shameful than establishing one's self on Lies & Fables – Johann Wolfgang Von goethe –    

  26. Andy says:

    I can definitely confirm this –

    Just about every dog owner I know in my local town has an issue with fleas this year due to the inordinately mild winter. Also, clothes moths are at epidemic levels, and they are a nightmare to get rid of.

    Flying ants last month (July), fleas, moths. But hardly any bees 🙁

  27. Rhonda says:

    Another powerful and dire report. Thank you Dane.

     As we absorb the metal particulates, will we not be 'perfectly poised' for the devastating affects of the EMF's when they are activated? I was terrified driving through TN, NC and SC today. The towers are going up everywhere and are going up so quickly.

    So what then, do we do?! Feels we have no way out of this. This being a global crime and the speed at which it is moving, WHO do we turn to?!

    Pray folks! Our hope is in Him alone!

    • MAP says:

      We had a blitzkrieg here today but not with extreme aerosol dispersions. The blitz came from the strongest blast of Radio Frequency/Microwaves that I have noticed over the past few years. It is still blasting right now as my ears and head are in full ringing and throbbing mode. Its definitely the strongest blast of this crap I have noticed to date in Indiana.

      I arrived home earlier and before I got out of my car, the intensity of the ringing in my ears from frequencies was like nothing ever experienced s far. Perhaps they are trying out some new equipment.

  28. Susan Ferguson says:

    NASA Worldview: California coast & smoke from fire on Aug.20, 2017



  29. bart says:

    Until the truth that Geo Engineering is by far the most damaging to the environment than anything else ever in the history of mankind is stated, not many people will care.

  30. C.J. says:

    Hello….. Hello… I am so glad you mentioned that P.Teal about the Smog. It is everywhere. Most don't see it and most don't even take a second glance. That is very unfortunate. The Top's of the tree's. It is so EVIDENT. Dead any dying. The trees and foliage are very much in Distress. I can see it as clear as Day. Our days are #'ER-ddd.  

  31. CE says:


    I have never posted here before but have been acutely aware of the overhead activity for years and I watch daily. I live SE of Portland OR. I have seen it all. Tomorrow is the TSE and my home is within the path. They kicked off their missions yesterday late morning. They have been at it steady over 24+hrs now. Loops/staggered patterns/horizon to horizon/etc….all of it. This morning dawned a bland stifled sky (no surprise) and they were laying it on heavy with a vengeance at 0700 and haven't stopped yet. No local smoke.I have never seen such a full court press as this. Local forecast for today was fully clear. Huh….imagine that.  The canopy is now a total gunmetal gray @ 15:14 PDT.  I can barely make the continuing onslaught now but they're still at it.   8 more in the last 10 minutes. It is cool outside  in diffused light. Over 150 passes since this morning and counting. Bastards! The jet is a slow SSE from here. Those fuckers are gonna white out the TSE. I am enraged. One asshole pilot effed up his path and actually flew straight thru a preceeding trail as he climbed during a shallow left turn. ooops… bet that shit tasted good thru the mask. How's that nano Al feel on the  oropharynx, ya jerk. Should've been paying attention you traitor. Not to mention the HA NP layer from off the coast from last PM, which yielded no less that 31 straight dark linear shadows aloft during the morning fun.

    I had a hunch 3 wks ago they might try to do this. Just to ruin the event. They think they're cute. 

    Sir,  How can people be so God damned blind to all of this?

    • CE says:


      Update @ 1613 PDT. The temp has fallen 8 deg F since my last post. Air is dead still and smells bad. No shadow cast from any ground object, the Sun is completely, totally obscured.

      Well,….They did it . Hope they're effin happy.

      Why I haven't had a stroke over this  is beyond me. Hundreds of thousands of folks are in place here for tomorrow . Now with broken hearts, immeasurable disappointment, and the most significant and joyously anticipated astrological event in human history is destroyed. Even NASA is set up on several acres in Madras for this. They've got to be pissed off too.  Even if the missions are immediately halted, I don't think the atmosphere could possibly clear out in time.

    • Dale K says:

      I'm in Marin County near the coast and evidence that a solar eclipse (even a partial) had occurred today were nowhere to be seen. The persistent cloud layer has blocked out the sun completely since sunrise. What is visible is a dreary blanket that covers the entire horizon.

  32. Rob Christensen says:

    A great quote from James Farmer (Civil Rights leader), serving the Nixon administration in 1970 (Earth Day).  "We all have a stake equally, because if we do not save the environment, then whatever we do in civil rights or in a war against poverty, will be of no meaning- because then we will have the equality of extinction and the brotherhood of the grave."  Heard this on NPR 'On the Media'  this Sunday afternoon.

  33. p.teal says:

    The forest fires here in the northwestern part of N. America are real enough, but it's absolutely true that they are not the sole, or even the primary, cause of our dimmed skies.  Anyone living here who claims otherwise should be asked this: Do you smell smoke every time you see haze?  Because the nose is always – always – the first thing to detect a fire (unless you have no sense of smell whatsoever).

    I can't count the number of days this summer when the air has been so particulate-laden that the hillsides a mile away were featureless smudges against a filmy, bleak sky, yet there was not a whiff of smoke in the air (can't say 'on the breeze', because on most days the air is perfectly still, which is as unnatural as the lack of sunlight, and almost certainly engineered).  I took a long hike up to the Continental Divide recently when the haze was thick as a London fog, and only in two isolated spots could I smell smoke.  I was thrilled to see an eagle, 2 hawks, a hummingbird and a butterfly or two… but when you can count the total of birds and bugs just on your 10 fingers you know something is horribly, horribly wrong.

    Another completely unnatural phenomenon:  trees and other plants dying from the top down.  I'm no botanist, but I definitely remember seeing trees lose their foliage at the bottom if at all – which makes sense, because they used to try to get all the sunlight they could.  Now I see trees everywhere with denuded upper branches, sticking out like warning signs (Danger! Danger! Killer sun on the loose!)  The upper leaves of the ground-cover plants on the south-facing sides of my home have burnt to a crispy brown (quite a sobering sight).

    I'll be damned if I'll stay cooped up inside just to prolong my lifespan – especially since there is very little chance of any earthly organism now living out whatever lifespan nature might have afforded it.  But it is depressing, going out into a moribund forest and hearing not a single animal for miles, getting up above treeline to see smog-covered peaks.  Anyone who thinks that existing in a bunker is 'living' ought to have checked out long ago and spared the earth their share of carbon footprints.  That said, I can't consider everyone who disagrees with me on this, or any one issue, to be part of the problem.  I think there are good, truly concerned people who are just misinformed or who draw different conclusions than i do (Paul Beckwith springs to mind).  The biggest deterrent to forming healthy (human) communities has always been the divide-and-conquer technique; if we are to have any hope whatsoever, we will have to find a way to join forces with people who currently consider us 'part of the problem' because we don't see 100% eye-to-eye with them.  Is that going to happen?  Doubtful.  Humans seem to proudly define themselves by their differences.

    When i was young, while other kids were dreaming of becoming firefighters, mommies, teachers, etc., all i wanted was to be a horse.  As I've gotten older and wiser, that has changed.  Now i wish i had been born into any species other than human.

    • virginia says:

      PTeal:  Your command of the English language and ability to express yourself are to be commended.  Enjoyed your post.

      And without the use of one expletive.  Refreshing. Thank you.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      As a Child, I Wanted to be An Eagle! The Imagination of a Child is so very open to endless possibilities. So Sad they are disrupting & destroying young minds with these damn vaccines. Then the possibility of a Normal Future Life through the Weather Modification Programs.  It is so DAMN HARD to be an Adult.

  34. Pete says:

    Another great talk Dane. What will it take for the 'many' to wake up and care? So the insanity continues…

    At least on news here this week in UK they actually showed some footage of events in Sierra Leone and India, a little on recent wildfires but not really any reference to climate!  Although completely controlled and restricted you’d think what they do show would be enough for people to start paying a little more attention! Point – keep up to date on recent events and keep planting those seeds.

    Think I'm slowly but surely progressing with people (not fast enough for my liking though) but have made a lot more aware this week. The level of concern from most who have read intro and checked some info baffles me as to why they don’t show any passion or urgency. I’ll keep plugging away at them – got to.

    Starting to find more resistance also, what a surprise! Very noticeable at work that the more educated someone is the more that denial & ignorant bubble may come up! Then they seem more stupid than ever. We have a huge ego and value system disorder in this world without doubt! Point – if you encounter this from people who really should know better, tell them their reaction is not a very scientific approach if dismissed without investigation.

    It seems the more privileged backgrounds people come from the less idea they have of any reality of the world we live in! And the concept the world is not that fairy tale where everything is fine and will magically sort itself or that powerful people might have control, scheme and plan, escapes them completely. Really does disgust me just how blind people are! But must be patient with them if they are to awaken! Biting my tongue so hard is not easy! Then there’s those who really are receptive but too busy!

    Received a reply from Friends of the Earth the other day. What a joke! Standard denial response worded in a way that would definitely appease most people if not aware of this website or the scientific terms and despite not using the 'c' word in my email, they insisted on it, twice! So I done their job for them and went back with link after link of what they refused to look at or even reference to! Told them they need to get on board, to make this their mission and to join us; the true Friends of the Earth. Waiting replies from others, Greenpeace at least did acknowledge and have passed on to their team and yes I am now aware of their involvement so see where that leads!

    I’m going to keep on at these organizations and find more.

    Keep fighting people, it will come – we must succeed.

  35. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, is there any such thing as flashing out white?  Sometime ago, maybe a year, someone asked if others saw white spots on trees.  I didn't but then I saw a tad.  Now it is all over the redwood so close to me here where I live.  This redwood had been suffering a long time and it does have other issues like the bully of a street tree all up in its business.  My daughter pointed out that other redwoods around town looked good.  And that did seem to be true. There is one a couple of blocks away that I always check out and it has been in good shape.  Has.  Not anymore! From here where I sit I can see into 'my' redwood and it is dying hand over fist, mostly in shades of brown.  But then I noticed the white.  It looks weird and is all over and not spots of, whole leaves and branches of, needles I guess I should say.  Grey white, looks more white in the sun than grey.  Crispy too.  It did get all that rain last winter and we do water stuff in the front, so that is not the issue.  But for that science article I mentioned awhile ago about leave's cuticle losing water and this not factored into drought scenarios and CO2 capture.  Article said that even a little drought does great damage in an ongoing way.  This white was sudden, I think.  But I've not seen this before in anything, just remember the comment from someone else.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, the dying of the trees has many aspects, many factors, much more than drought, and most if not all factors related to climate engineering. If some of your redwoods still look good, you are fortunate, they are dying off at various rates in almost all locations.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I would assume it's a type of mold. I noticed I have White mold on many of my Trees today. Sadly it spreads. I have seen Black Knot on Trees all over this Province. Very destructive also. It wipes out rows of Trees at a time. It Breaks my Heart to see what all this has done to them. They allow us so little Sunlight here in Alberta. How can there not be Mold Issues. Hardware stores are well stocked with different types of mold sprays. The Elites probably have shares in these company's also!     The Basses.   Cinnamon & Mace dissolved in water works very well as a spray for mold on leaves, & in powder form, it can be sprinkled around the base also to fix the soil. Works very well on Plants, Shrubs or Trees. A Redwood scale Tree might be a wee bit of an issue. Sorry about your Redwoods. A Stunning Tree.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Gail,  I was beginning to think it was mold indeed.  I brought a bit of twig inside and studied it.  Felt it.  I concur.  Of course as Dane says, I know the trees are dying and the many factors, and this the tree which I've seen the needles stuck together after some rains, as if slimed by the rain, like some goo glomming the needles together, and shiny looking too.  Some of it seems to survive that, other parts do not and turn brown.  But this white is new.  This thing is only feet away from me.  I realized this white when looking from the street from where the tree appears healthier than it is.  Looking into to it from this window though, I see all the brown.  Everywhere.  I was surprised to see this white.  There are, or were until a minute ago, healthy looking redwoods around here.  The gigantic Italian stone pine in the back, in a neighbor's yard but so huge that for the 37 years I've lived here, blocks all east sun, hanging far into our yard.  It began dying 3 years ago.  Was quite the sight to see as it once was so very thick we had no idea of what it was like in that tree.  Do now and gone.  I don't want this redwood falling on me!  It has been struggling forever and we love this tree, not that I don't love all trees but can't imagine sitting here, looking out, and no tree.  It took me all the way until last night to realize this white, is mold.  Wow.  Like the coup de grass, huh?  Earlier this year, so much looked so healthy around here I was surprised, but this last month, as if suddenly! see the dying here everywhere.  The only upside is that this, all this and not just my this, will help in getting the geoengineering aspect believed!  I so do not want to tell my landlord this, he planted it.  Sigh.  Way back when I was not crippled yet and thought I'd never stay here, him asking where I'd prefer it and me saying: I don't care!  I won't be here!  All this time, and now this tree is like family.  My precious plum did so well this year and made a ton of golden plums, even sprang some brand new branches lower down.  Each tree takes all this differently and I make comparisons all over town.  Some appear well, most are suffering.  Even given our nearly constant spraying, big in-your-face spraying, plus all the microwaveing of, it has been hard to point this out to people in a way that they get it, given all the health going on.  A very old friend, 45 years now who lives here, part of her big family is aware, but some are not and she of all people should be.  She says to me that some dying is always going on.  Yes, but!!  This is the kind of push back I get all the time, even though these people travel and Should notice!  Same with my nieghbor behind me and on and on.  Because I am dying, they think I'm projecting!!  Heck, even my Lakota relatives don't see it!!  Stuns me.

      The eclipse looks weird already but shouldn't be starting yet.  Looks socked in with fog like stuff and thick too.  And I have to drive to an appointment today-during the elcipse!  If I survive that, there will be a better view uptown.  Wish I was camping with my grandson up north in the woods.  I'm so curious how the wild life will react!

      Thanks Gail.  I was having some trouble accepting mold as mold has ruined much around here and I know too well what comes next.  Sigh. And wow, I could have stood to have known this mold cure you speak of. Everything in this big yard is organic all the way.  The roses get mold, some of them.  The hybrids.  More instruction please on how to make this cinnamon/mace treatment!  Impossible for redwood but for aound the base, but there are other plants!  And I never heard of this before. What the heck is black knot?  We too have had little sun light.  White skies.  I appreciate your help and wanna try this cinnamon/mace.

    • Kaza Dum says:

      I think i ts indicative of the vascular system, perhaps they sprayed something, it leached into the soil and then uptake brough it to the particular spots you are seeing throught the vascular system.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Hi Rachel. I just noticed your post. It does not take a lot of Cinnamon or Mace. I just add, lets say , a half a cup in total or less, of powder to an average size spray bottle, add filtered water, shake, allow to dissolve & spray on infected areas. I apply dry around the base scratch it in & that will then in time be worked in via rain or watering. Avoid watering unless the plant or tree needs it. It has worked so well for me. I've never used a chemical in decades of growing. Nor have I ever used them at any place I've worked at to remove weeds. And I have landscaped many acreages. Small or large jobs, I find no need & have never understood the Round Up kick!  What about the insects? Get down on your knees & pull. Always remove dead leaves from around the base this holds moisture. Roses hate this especially. ( Cut up Banana peels in strips, dry & scratch in soil if you want to see Roses Bloom like a dickens!) I have removed weeds from very large beds that were over grown by up to 90% In just one season & only pulled a couple of dozen weeds the following year from that same bed. Throw those damn Worm Choppers out too!  Worms are so very necessary. —Black Knot is a fungal issue. You have to burn the cuttings & clean your pruners with each cut so as to not spread it to the unaffected areas. The spores spread to other tree species that are vulnerable. It has destroyed many a trees here. I see so many trees affected by mold issues here. White powder mildew is a bad one too. Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Out of control. I had to go to B.C. to see mushrooms in yards or in the Forest in the past. Now they grow here in wide open spaces!   It's Insane! I Hope this helps you Rachel.       I would Love to be Your neighbor.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gail, thank you so much!  Hate to be a pest but you did not mention ratio of cinnamon to mace.  You said a half cup powdered and I am assuming in total, right?  Equal parts of, or?  That would be a lot of cinnamon-a favorite thing of mine, and a lot of mace!  Can't wait to try it.  I too have never used poisons and that started for me because my father, who could make a paradise outta nothing, did use poisons and they irritated me so much.  When older, we'd fight over that.  But by age four, I was insisting on growing Indian corn and with No pesticides!  He actually let me and helped and so it began.  Have done organic gardening all my life and I am 70 now.  The one thing my landlord does is grow roses in a strip by driveway out front.  These have suffered a long long time and for many reasons.  And up to me to maintain them!  They get black spot and rust and mildew stuff.  Especially with black spot on roses, important to never let the leaves touch the ground. And it can be spread by touch.  I too clean my tools from plant to plant, ethyl alcohol, but I somehow never factored in my garden gloves, uh?   I can't care for these roses as I should as he does not do right by them and that gets in my way, as in he underplants them with things with a different bloom time, so no horticultural oil.  But lately I've been using used coffee grounds on them and wow does that work well.  Seemed to bring that fragrant rose smell back from hybrid oblivion.  I will not off all weeds though.  I do in that wee rose bed, but not in general.  Nor do I pick up All leaves in general.  I like a natural mulch.  And I eat or use some of the weeds!  Many weeds actually seek out soils deficiencies and correct them!  And this year some of the weeds drew masses of butterflies.  The birds too use some of those weeds, so I am not anti-weed, so to speak.  Rather pro-but for invasive no good ones, which is where a well mulched soil really helps.  I've tried the banana peel thing but we have too many critters around here who then dig for it.  I also save my chicken egg shells, not many these days, old girls, but I rinse them out, dry out and smash in a bag to use for calcium.  Your black knot sounds a lot like crown root gall.  Otherwise known as the plague in garden worlds.  Yikes.  Gee, Wish you were my neighbor!!!  Thanks again!!!  Many thanks!  And to Dane for allowing all this, uh?, inter-knowledge!!

  36. horsegirl says:

    Dane, this may be your most devastating presentation yet.  We hear you seething with indignation.  This morning I awoke to my own tantrum about it all, I am so sick of the ministry of filth and all that pertains to the pedophocracy.  Regarding the scum who procure personal disaster shelters, we had a grand taste of the great satanic pudenda yesterday when we mistakenly drove through Los Alamos and their nest of reptile laboratories.  A Newtown Connecticut-style false veneer of a fake mountaintop – a city atop a city -adorns homes equipped with access to their great bunker system (  You wouldn't believe the vast showcase of churches in the most bizarre "community" you can imagine.  Do they come to church today via their bunker tunnels?  They can't think, can they – this alleged bastion of the world's top scientists who are busy dreaming up schemes to destroy the earth in the name of national security – that they can pray and absolve themselves of the blood on their hands and hide from the reasonable backlash for the evil works of their hands/minds?  That the outrages which generate worldwide contempt for this colony – the destruction of the biosphere, even – will be forgiven them?  To cower in their DUMBs unscathed as the rest of the country is someday attacked for their perfidy towards all creation?  And they are somehow entitled to blessed escape from the backlash?  Los Alamos laboratories goes many stories deep with public legend here of a tunnel to Albuquerque and another hollowed-out military arsenal of a mountain.  Word among researchers is that all the most outrageous abominations in the name of science happen in this hermetically sealed community – human cloning to name one (from the govt. horse's own mouth:  Paid liars at work minimizing the true effort, no doubt, but a taste of their arrogance and madness. 

    No, your outrage is beyond appropriate, Dane.  Kudos for your excellent work and commitment to the greater good.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      SF: Thank you, horsegirl. Your link:

      Human Cloning and Bioethics: Restoring Ethics in a Crazy World
      July 17, 2014
      Human cloning has already happened. Over the last 14 months, there have been three published successes at creating human clones in the laboratory. What did the cloners actually do, and what are the claims about human cloning? The FDA is now considering allowing a technique very similar to human cloning, to create genetically-designed human beings. Yet most are unaware of the successes at human cloning and how there continue to be attempts to normalize cloning. This lecture will discuss the timeline of human cloning and the reality vs. the fantasy of cloning science, ethics, and legislative proposals, including the "Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2012" (H.R. 2164) sponsored by Dr. Andy Harris (R-MD) and Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL).

    • Rachel Robson says:

      horsegirl and Susan, Oh dear God!  These endless attempts to perfect creation, nature itself.  Why, why, why?!!  I will Never understand!  And just how does one explain to someone that they are not natural, but cloned?!!

  37. neil says:

    Drought and deluge. The people of Sierra Leone are on the brunt end of this at the moment, but all we get on the Western mainstream media is a five-minute segment on the news, people feel sorry for them and then forget about it. As Dane (and many others) keep reiterating, this will soon be coming to all of us very soon. I fear that it is only when the cataclysms begin to directly affect Western societies will people wake up. Will it be too late? Probably. But at least there is a gradual increase in numbers of people starting to understand the dire issues. Keep fighting folk. This is a report on the horrendousness in Sierra Leone: 

    • horsegirl says:

      IMO it comes down to one mundane fact:  the railroads.  They've been heisted from the people to serve the gutting of mother's viscera vis a vis excavation projects upon the Oglala Aquifer (Bakken, proposed pipeline at Standing Rock, et al) now carrying mother's innards exclusively to Asia.  Not a teaspoon of the low-grade gas and oil is going towards putative US energy independence.  The killer detail is the trucking system now serving in the railroads' stead.  All food, water and everything else can stop overnight.  And will.  Question of when not if.  First time this colony suffers such a blow will be the last blow.  People think they can hunker down and shoot.  Until how many corpses wall the periphery?  BTW real warfare doesn't look anything like the movies.  People are crazy talking about using guns to fight gas, because the second this colony lays flat its deep state will see to it that the people remain that way.  Pedophocrats, vampires to the end.  This experiment will end with an inside job.  With the loss of trucking the nation will fold overnight.  This has been deliberate all along.

  38. Rambo says:

    Northern Idaho has been being assaulted for over a week now.  The smoke from the fires subsided and then immediately in came the chemtrailing.  I'm sure then where doing it when the smoke was there also, wouldn't surprise me.  I haven't seen a "blue" sky in weeks now.  It makes me sick to my stomach.

    This is a message to all the ORDER FOLLOWERS, the ones who fly those planes and push those buttons.  You're all traitors to the human race.  You're Judas's who sold out for 30 pieces of silver.  Don't think that you're not going to be held to account for what you're doing to us and God's planet!   Remember you TRAITORS , soon, very soon, THE BELL WILL TOLL, YES, THE BELL WILL TOLL FOR THEE..

  39. Meody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane,

    As you stated, 9 Billion tons of toxic metals (& another couple billion tons of composite gases, molds & poisons) have invaded everything. I now assume that this has spread to every square inch of the earth. And that includes us!

    So when the match stick of nuclear power is set off, how instantaneously will all of life be annihilated? It seems it  will be exponentially  fueled by everything aluminized & poisoned!!

  40. James Hall says:

    There's less bugs here in Monkton Maryland, have not seen beetles like there use to be last several years. There is a large light in my parking lot and you don't see that many bugs attracted to it during the night. Also being a car mechanic have notice less dead bugs stuck on customers wind shields.


  41. carrie from aus says:

    Report from Australia: The warmest winter weather in July for northern NSW and QLD on record. Nights are cooled down but day temperatures are now like spring, all the flowers are blooming 6-8 weeks early. One dat we hit 94 deg F, unheard of for winter!  Southern states are geo-engineered to produce cooler winter weather. Western Australia and South Australia has insane HARRP activity.  It's somewhat filtered but not hidden on radar any more. The jet stream moves from West to East thus creating the weather patterns for the Eastern States. This activity is constant. When there  is extreme activity the radar station in that area is taken off line.  This has been recorded by a number of people since 2010. Very dry in southern QLD and drought inland QLD.

    The Govt here has started a $5.5 million campaign to tell us of the wonders of vaccines as people are waking up.  Vaxxed screened and had to be cloak and dagger operation.  I believe the Vaxxed lady (sorry forgot her name) who interviews people is now banned from entering the country for 3 years? 

    Record flu season we are told, but is it chem flu? Still time to vaccinate they tell us. 

    No bunker for me, that's not how I want to survive when TSHTF. What would be the point? Good luck to all.


    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      Hey Carrie

      It's the same play as the USA where they freeze the big population centers to hide the truth about what's really happening. The GBR is dying, the ozone hole is now expanding north over the large east coast cities and as you say, the droughts all across the land are not abating.

      The big business empire is not concerned with anything beyond short term profit which are sent to the shareholders of the empire in Europe. Keeping the very real problems hidden for as long as possible so profits can be harvested is identical to the nation's history of mining ore, coal and other valuables.

      Currently, there are over 50,000 abandoned and toxic mines nationwide that WILL be up to the taxpayer citizens if they are ever addressed at all. The entire government is captured by arms of the empire and it's corporations. It is a mistake to expect anything to be done by government / empire to address these SRM issues and weather modification programs as they exist to create the profit margins only.

      ll we can do is raise the awareness amongst our circles until that voice reaches the volume required for change. Note: the empire is importing > 200,000 persons each year as it's the tried and true low cost method of increasing profit per capita ( expand capitas) and one sure way to help hobble the empire's machine is to work towards reducing the immigration. We are already in first place in that regard amongst OECD nations by a long shot. Help organize at the local level on this topic.

      Here the link to the BOM (bureau of meteorology) and the bizarro cloud shots form last week. At least the BOM recognizes that these are the results of aircraft. Note: the BOM has to be very careful about how they respond as their funding comes from the empire. We ( the people of OZ), of course, are not under the same strict requirements. It really is up to the citizens to make the stand and it won't be easy as the national press ( Murdoch owned) are expert in controlling how the people think.

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Vaxxed producer Polly Tommey was banned as she was leaving Australia. They took her phone and took photos of all of her emails to those who organized their trip to Australia. In June my sister in law and husband flew to Scotland for a 2 week tour. Some people from Australia joined the tour. All were sick with a bad upper respiratory infection. Many on the tour caught their illness, and required medical attention. My sister in law still has remnants of a cough. I wouldn't be surprised if the Australians got vaccinated for their trip (including the flu shot) especially since it was winter in Australia. Since some vaccines shed, maybe that was the cause of all the illness. Just a theory.

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      @ Colleen

      Strayan Gov't mandates vaccines or else government 'support' is terminated. Over 50% of Aus citizens receive some kind of 'support' so they have the nation in a vice grip.

      Big Pharma owns this place and the barrage of ads for medications is well beyond astonishing. See below how the Big Pharma machine reacts to doctors trying to push back on the extraordinary push to increase vaccines.

      A nation of people who have never learned to question authority that carries on from the convict days. Any 'authority' or power structure is, by default, not to be questioned. Is why the empire- banking, fossil fuels and now big pharma enjoy un-checked ability to do precisely what they want with no possible threat of being challenged.

  42. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 179th email, titled 'How Long?'.

    1. The average weekly loss of Arctic sea ice volume (JAXA/Wipneus) for last week, and calculated each day, indicated that there will not be a 'Blue Ocean Event' this year.  

    I still fail to understand the natural law where the heat in the arctic melts/reduces the sea ice area by @ 531,000 km2 in a week and yet also causes the sea ice volume to increase by 1104 km3 that same week.

    1104 km3 is 1,104,000 km2 at 1 m thick, so potentially a 1,635,000 km2 difference, or about 1/10th the size of the Arctic Ocean. 

    It is not a snow cover discrepancy – Climate Reanalyser shows very little snow deeper than 3 inches on the sea ice, with huge areas of no snow cover.

    On 17th Aug, the global methane readings at 469 mb (@ 20,000 ft) for the am chart showed 1440 – 2513 ppb and the pm chart showed 1495 – 2552 ppb. For the northern hemisphere, over a quarter of both charts were pink, indicating readings over 2000 ppb, but no indication of how much of the pink areas were near 2500 ppb. They need to update their colour charts.

    On 18th Aug, methane peaked at 2811 ppb for the pm chart at 469 mb.

    On 13th Aug, Guy McPherson posted a "Circuses, No Bread" video where he suggests that life as we know it (our set of living arrangements) will change shortly after end Sept 2017.

    On 14th Aug,  he wrote 'Almost everybody reading these words has a remaining lifespan of weeks or months, not yearsDecades? Fuhgettaboutit!'

    I presume he thinks (based primarily on the likelihood of an imminent 50+ Gt methane release) that we have 24 months at most before human 'extinction'.  I realise that about 6 weeks ago he said that he thought we would now be at near zero arctic sea ice, but he does/did not allow for the ongoing intensive toxic endothermic geoengineering in the Arctic, nor the covert toxic geoengineered global dimming – now aided by the smoke from the huge Canadian and Siberian wildfires that is over much of the Arctic and North Pole.

    It's rather like the IPCC calculations that fail to consider the heating effects of the methane releases.

    My 104 week timescale is for undeniable global chaos and the start of civilisation collapse rather than extinction, which admittedly will follow quite quickly – years not lustrums…Decades? Fuhgettaboutit! 

    2.  Some good memes and info on Chris Eldridge's facebook: 

    The title says it all: 

    True News: another informative Global News Alert:

    3Notes to Self (week 32 of 104). It is good to be alive…the hills are purple, the heather is again in flower (and the rosebay willowherb!), the scottish bluebells/harebells are nodding their delicate heads and the rowan berries are a wonderful red.  

    "…Red her cheeks as rowans are, Bright her eye as any star, Fairest o' them a' by far, Is our darling Mairi…" Lyrics from Mairi's Wedding.

    "Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve". Max Planck 1859 – 1947.


    • Sean says:

      Weird stuff going on at the poles no doubt. Looks like, at least according to so called "official sources" We're probably not going to set a record in any of the metrics this year for the Arctic ice.At the other pole, Antarctic extent is currently running pretty damn low but has been making big gains lately. The whole thing stinks of geoengineering. Sure they may keep it out of the headlines for another season or so, but at what cost? Practically the entire west coast is on fire.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Andrew.

      I think there is no mystery to solve, we are already living in the end of the "rabbit hole".

      The occult world has a hold over the real World. These possessed "persons" ( by the dark rituals conducted by the masonic secret societies ) driven by these dark souls will go forward with the plan of destruction until the end. They must be fought. They do ( once a year ) the "cremation of care". We, must do – the Celebration of Care – everyday. This Celebration must be addressed towards all Creatures of the World, both Human and Animal. They have a big advantage; the aerosols they spray on us, are also spells. If they alter the perception of the people with chemicals ( like lithium, etc.. ), is because they are altering the human capacity of response towards reality. Of course, this works together with the brainwash conducted by media, etc…  So the aerosol they throw over our heads also works like a spell, because the change of the behavior of populations is achieved. One thing we know, they are cowards. The World is a product of Nature and Natural Law, the World don't fit inside a test tube. These dark spirits do not belong to our World.

      They will fall.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Pedro, yes, the toxic materials that are raining down on us do effect cognative ability, it is important to remember and consider the ingrained human trait to deny threatening realities and unpleasant truths. It has always been so, “Nero fiddles while Rome burns”, as the prover goes.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Report about the wild fires of the last weekend, here in Iberian Peninsula, more specifically in my "country" ( region of the EU );

      In Sunday we had 30 big fires destroying Forests and private properties, through all the "territory" of this small "country". From Monday until Tuesday night, it was recorded a number surpassing at large the 100 mark, for new Forest fires.

      In some small regions ( subdivisions of the Districts ), there is nothing more for burn.

      We still have fires burning, but the intensity have decreased.

      The scorching hot "weather" continues, with temperatures of more than 40ºC for some Districts. No District is under the mark of the 30ºC, in average.

      It's necessary to underline that since the end of the first week of August ( and until yesterday ) we are being bombarded with incredible quantities of the aerosols, the aerosols with the more granular appearance, which do not cause any kind of changing in the weather ( changes connected with the decrease of temperatures and increase of atmospheric humidity, like the other aerosols they use in Winter, and when is time for the season to change ). Instead, these chemicals the MFs are spraying produce an increase of the heat conditions we are experiencing. The air turns much more dry, the hot days are transformed in HOT OVENS, the UV radiation in the last weeks is incredibly strong, the Trees are under very difficult conditions and are under great stress. All the vegetation that is far from gardens ( which are watered ) or small creeks, is very dry. The Soil is very dry.

      And these specific nano particles which are being sprayed by the planes are not only contributing for the increasing of the heat, but also are contributing for the increase of the ignition possibility for more fires to happen, because as we all know, these particles are FLAMMABLE. And the Forest not only is breathing these aerosols until the core of its fabrics ( as the rest of all living things ), as also is being coated with this FLAMMABLE shit in a very large scale for the past weeks.

      they will FALL.

    • horsegirl says:

      In the same spirit by which Dane urges us not to call emissions "chemtrails" I object to this being called a cloud.  It is a weapon.  An airborne weapon – an anti-personnel weapon to be exact.  Clouds, schmouds…

  43. Debra Evans says:

    I've been in Georgia since May..It's been very bad for the past 4 days. Of course it's bad every where. I am used to New Hampshire weather though. I'm sure the spraying there is ongoing. It's more humid here. Yeh, Dr's getting paid that much by blue cross blue shield for vaccinations. Just listening to this, my stomach is getting sick. Our poor kids and babies. I was raised in the military, Army. We got vaccinated because we went overseas, but the kids these days and the babies, way more shots than we ever got!


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Debra, Hello.  Your observation here is exactly what blew my mind when I researched it as I don't normally get shots and my daughter is in her 40's.  I had a friend who worked at Kaiser who brought me when asked their, Kaiser's, shot schedule.  They want to begin shots for baby in utero!  Mom's third trimester!  A DPT no less.  We've lagged behind so much of the world in live births for so very long but now we are experiencing moms dying around birth and no one knows why?

  44. Gary Pennington says:

    Sue in Shasta County, I agree about the air quality? today. I live in West Sonoma County, only a few miles from the ocean, and today was as bad as I have seen. After the fog and overcast burned off in the late morning, the cloudless sky was a dirty, grayish-brown, and the air seemed thick. Muted sun, no smell of smoke, just filthy, unhealthy air.

    • Kat Burns says:

      In Pittsburgh also. Just how you described it! Last evening at 9:30 pm I noticed on NOAA that there was a strange front coming from the SW sea coast ranged from NY to GA. What caught my eye that is was a cross front with the NW air and continued unabated toward the North. Unusually heavy air.

  45. E. Andrade says:

    Izzy is correct.   It may be "meet your Maker" time very soon………pray, meditate and do a your life analysis now.

  46. C.J. says:

    When the Mass figures this out it will be INCREDIBLE.

    Although that is a Nay, to that one.

    Keep up the Truth.

  47. C.J. says:

    This is all fact.

    No longer a Hoax.

    Keep listening to MSM.

    Get the hard B.S. fact's.

    I'm sure that will appease everyone.

    True Fact's of Life.

    Enjoy it while you can.

    Keep looking at the tree's.

    That will show you your True Destiny.

    Thank you SF for the great info.

  48. Dennie says:

    An east Los Angeles, CA county (Atlas Survival Shelters, Montebello) business, that sells you an apocalypse survival shelter, so you can survive by burying yourself 20 feet underground in a "survival" shelter that will have enough stuff in it to survive for one year?  Wow, could just put Caterpillar back in the black– just think of all the holes that'll need to be dug– HA!!!  Here's a photo from the Atlas website clearly showing a CAT putting one of the metal-conduit shelters in the ground, in… Virginia:

    Actually, for the price, they look pretty good:  I have seen similar structures on the "tiny homes" websites, half-domed, but placed above ground.  They are sturdy and corrugated steel is durable and not too expensive.  If you have some land to put one on, you'd be able to live in your own home for a lot less money than having to apply for and make payments on a big old loan on for 30 years– the money system is also breaking down fast.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oooh Dennie, Thanks for this good idea.  22 year old grandson recently bought himself some land in Oregon and is camping on it now, in the woods, rather what was left of the woods from massive logging once.  He does want to build, but money is a limitation, plus a few other things as well.  Hmmm.  Can't wait to share this with him.

      Don't forget, SB649 will be up for the assembly Monday.  Call your CA assembly person or email or both NOW!  Thanks all–in advance.  Thing is, not unlike geoengineering, no one seems to care!  This has been insightful for me.  Most of my neighbors here own their homes, I do not.  So you'd think they would care about this, especially here on 8th street.  But, no.  Apparently not enough to make one simple call, one email.  I even gave the phone numbers.  Virtually zero work required.  Obvious goal.  But no, can't be bothered.  

    • Dennie says:

      @Rachel Robson:

      I found the story about California Senate Bill 649 here on BusinessWire, a company owned by Berkshire-Hathaway (Warren Buffet'sconglomerate).  Amazingly, it takes a dim view regarding the consequences of the massive increase in microwave radiation being proposed to blanket our neighborhoods, in the name of profit, for the "greater good" of the shareholders, presumably.  Here's an excerpt: 

      Essentially, wireless providers are securing cut-rate, rent-controlled access to publicly owned structures so they can expand their operations, at will, without regulation.

      Besides the health risks, and the illegal grab of local government planning rights, SB.649 is also in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Federal Fair Housing Act, creating access barriers for the estimated 1.2 million Californians who are already electrosensitive.

      Mark Graham of Scientists for Wired Technology says, “We are concerned that members of the California Senate may be under the influence of the telecommunications industry, similar to what may be the case with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), which, it was reported recently, suppressed—for 7 years—public health warnings about cell phone risks.”

      The Harvard University report, “Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated By The Industries It Presumably Regulates,” suggests the FCC also may be under the heavy influence of the wireless industry.

      The two co-sponsors of SB.649, Senator Ben Hueso and Assembly Member Bill Quirk, have been involved in the promotion of recent grants from AT&T, one to California State University East Bay Foundation, for $500,000, and a smaller grant of $25,000 to the Parent Institute for Quality Education.

      [source article:]—-Unconstitutional-Bill

      Regarding corrugated steel piping structures as living spaces:  Your 22-year-old grandson could save money if he is handy and can do at least some of his own construction.  He'd need to source the large steel piping, probably cheaper to purchase in OR as there is no sales tax in that state.  It's more than possible to find very good salvage construction materials on websites such as  I found 600 sq. ft. of white oak laminate, used only once as a dance floor for a charity event in Alameda County (CA), the entire lot being sold for $200.  A neighbor in San Rafael with a window and door installation business was selling an Andersen double-panel 400 series French door for only $500.  He'd installed it in 2013. It was being removed from one of his client's homes because she needed a wall with a window in order to place a sideboard against one of the walls– nothin' wrong with that door, normally priced, at Home Depot, for + $2,900– so you can get deals if you look around and can store materials until you're ready to build.  

    • Dennie says:

      @Rachel Robson:  Your grandson might also want ot consider making a  metal shipping container tiny home– even one with wheels so it could be moved– videos of these are plentiful on YouTube; probably cheap to purchase and retrofit.  One of the companies making metal container homes, RisingSCompany headquartered in TX, says that the square metal containers are stronger and more easily waterproofed than the round culvert piping, and it's easier to plan your living space with flat walls and square corners.  Check it out: 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gosh Dennie!  First, thank you for the report on SB649.  To make it worse, Ben Hueso has a nasty background, criminal even.  This is a land grab of sorts, Public property and roundly said to devalue property. Given that I live on 8th street, as in Not a chic chic area of Berkeley, near train and highway, I just know some of this will be coming here, to my block, only one block off University.  I don't own this house.  Others I know here do!  So you'd think they would care.  This hits the core of our supposed democracy in that if one does nothing, nothing will go right.  Love the stat of how many in California have this sensitivity!  I hate being, seemingly, always the only one!  However, whatever I complain about, a few years or more down the line, all do.  Such as when I first became allergic to latex, there were no other alternatives and few believed me unless they saw the results.  Or, adhesives.  Same for tags in clothes as I am allergic to polyester and just try finding stuff without polyester.  Been allergic to that one since it began.  Or say, lidocaine.  On and on.  And finally I am not the only one.  I am horrified by this bill which will hurt way more people than just me.  And it is illegal, and our senators do not care!  So, if they don't care about this flagrant giveaway of public property and our health to companies like Verizon and AT&T, renting Our property for peanuts to stuff that will kill us much faster, much less the plethora of health issues proven by the state and suppressed, I mean wow.  I appreciate you backing me up with this article which I would not have found and will forward to my assembly person today.  I've been so wound up in this, working my last nerve.  But it does make it clear how very impossible getting any one of these greedy idiots on board or forthcoming about geoengineering.  I mean, SB.649 is not a conspiracy theory–or, is it?

      Grandson is in a trailer now.  After a local ex military dude there warned him of the bears and cougars, "Sally" got scared!!  Hmmph!  As if a bear couldn't tear through a trailer!!!!  No one will listen to me about bear cans, of course.  I mean, I've lived with bears.  I knew a medicine man once who built his house out of cinder blocks with small windows high up–so he could not be burned out or shot.  Grandson is handy and knows a lot about jerry rigging things and does stuff with cars and various vehicles.  So, he may well be interested and especially if movable.  So far, water is an issue and a well has not been dug/drilled yet.  Some crazy Native relatives are currently a threat.  I really appreciate the good tips, Dennie, thank you!  By the way, laminated wood, I have questions-does that mean plastics are involved?  Seems like quite the deals you scored!  I am familiar, a bit, with Damn "fog" is wrecking My eclipse!!

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Read the book Wool by Hugh Howey. Although a book of fiction it is a story of the remaining humans on earth are forced to live underground in structures called Silos. At some point in time "they" decided to destroy the world, and in the process made the planet uninhabitable.

  49. Sue says:

    Dane- Everything you talked about is so very TRUE. I live in Shasta County and the spraying has been going on 24/7 , the aircraft are really high,you can hardly see the plane. Most days the toxic cover is so thick I can hear aircraft but can not see any of them.  Today does any body besides me see the air quality and just how thick it is . This is not smoke because if it were you could smell fire?  Right? this is as you said just to cover up what is actually going on !! I can't believe my neighbors , still say they don't see it. they smile and laugh and go about their day.  Very disappointing . I really feel I am by myself, even my family and friends who know ,don't talk about it because it too depressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?????????????????

    Thanks  for all you do, If only we had the resources as the Crazy People killing life on our planet. . ??????????????

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sue, though there was considerable smoke rolling over us on this particular day, you are correct, the blanket of filth is not just smoke. How can that be stated with certainty? The ongoing climate engineering dispersions can easily be seen and identified on satellite, all the particulates fan out and combine with the smoke. Hazy days are now the norm in Northern California (even with no fires), but how few seem to notice the loss of our once brilliant blue skies.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Sue, though what Dane said answers you, one bit remains and that is that one cannot always smell fire when there is smoke from fire.  We recently had a fire up in our hills.  From in the house I could tell something was up given how dark it became in the east.  Middle of the day.  I was surprised it was a fire.  And could not smell it.  On the other hand, our natural winds go from west to east and I was west of this.  On the other other hand, we've not had natural winds in a very long time now.

  50. Roger G says:

    A third of the Earth burnt up, a third of the trees burnt up, and all the grass burnt.
    Hmmmmmm are we getting closer to Revelation 8:7.

    • BaneB says:

      Roger G:  The psychopaths know the script.  Revelation 17 and 18 is what they have planned for "Babylon."  Can we stop them?  Short of a mass awakening now and not later, it's unlikely the pervs can be arrested. Still, we have no choice but to FIGHT for our planet and all life upon its surface.  

  51. BC says:

    The forest fire situation here in not so beautiful BC continues. Hundreds of people and families have lost everything, homes, ranches and farms. In the next twenty four hours or so the forest loss will pass a million hectares. That's a million times approx. 2.5 acres. It surpassed the worse fire year on record two days ago and seems destined to leave the old record far behind. I've close family that has just lost their summer home on one of the lakes. We've had two choppers in here this week with law enforcement telling us to vacate our ranch. Vacate to where? A city? I'd rather take my chances here. Yesterday the wind screamed out of the west. I watched the setup that created the winds via satellite pics. They were forecasting rain. You could see intense spraying into the frontal system off the coast. And then the temperature started dropping but hardly any rain to speak of happened. It then cleared off last night and we had a killer frost. As I write the wind is starting to wind up again and so the fires take off once again. The questions I have been asking myself is "are they slowly starting to lose control"? When do they begin to lose complete control? Have they ever really had control? I commented here recently that it appears they are running around with a piss can ( that's a backpack sprayer forest fire fighters wear to mop up hot spots) trying to extinguish the unrelenting heat of climate change. Also I can't believe how many paid stooges and climate warming deniers there are on all the major blogs. If someone even hints that the earth is warming they are viciously attacked in the most caustic and foul way.Somebody with deep pockets is running really scared! The people of planet earth are bugs in search of a windshield. When it hits home hard and fast the nations will become impossible to govern. They know this. This I believe scares them most of all. Who are the masters of this grand geoengineering chess game? I mean we have a tense geopolitical system that has fractured the world strongest super powers ( apparently). Somebody therefore is bigger then all of them, more powerful, more influential.

    • BaneB says:

      BC:  Three generals in the White House.  That tells me much about the state of affairs here in Babylon.  A operation run by an unexposed entity is in play to create deliberate chaos, confusion, and WW3.  911 was the ignition. Just like the beetles attacking the dying forests, we observe the symptoms, not the cause.  Fasten your seat belt.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BC, oh my, the size of the fire, holy cows.  Are you safe?  Do you have a plan?  A bolt hole? as some here.  Course, given how hot these fires burn now, I do wonder about the bolt holes.  If swept over, might work.  But if thick on top of you?, I do wonder.  Take care.  Love the like bugs looking for a windshield!  I do agree about hard to govern, impossible even, and I do think that is a large part of our militaries rational for their war games.  For tightening up our borders too.  And yes, I do believe they have lost control already–only reason why they are floating geoengineering now.  Somewhere I read something about what happens if the jet stream gets stuck, something to the effect of half of the world gets one kind of weather, the other half not.  Wish I could remember better.

      In the book: Brothers Vonnegut, while the author does not mention military efforts currently or for the last 15 some years, she does call out its long use, long dating back to the late 40s and now: "Today's changing climate has renewed interest in weather modification.  In the West and the Great Plains, severe drought and diminished aquifers have led water utilities, hydropower producers, agriculture groups, and ski resorts to fund cloud seeding programs.  In Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, California, Utah and Nevada, rainmakers are hired to augment the snowpack.  In Texas and Kansas, cloud seeders are at work to induce rain.  In North Dakota, clouds are seeded to make them precipitate before they can produce crop-damaging hail.  California, Nevada, and Arizona contribute funds to cloud-seeding projects over the Colorado River's upper basin, in hopes of increasing their water supply."

      Then, she goes on to say: "And yet many people today believe that weather modification is a hoax: the early overselling of rainmaking somehow caused it, down the line, to be grouped in the public mind with conspiracy theories about mind-altering "chemtrails", shock-jock speculation that the government manufactures tornadoes, and paranoid fantasies about "weather wars" involving earthquakes broadcast via the stratosphere.  The reality is far less dramatic.  A rigorous five-year randomized study sponsored by the Wyoming Water Development Commission and funded by the National Science Foundation is on track to yield results showing that seeding certain clouds can be expected to increase precipitation by about 10 to 25 percent."

      This book by Ginger Strand is excellent.  She documents all possible on this from the beginning before the military took over by 1950 something, and one assumes she could not get access to all that.  Still, this very readable book makes it clear it began and is on going and as to info in above paragraph, that is more than what I first found when researching US companies  that do this.  Years ago I came up with but three.  Also, I find this of interest insofar as mentioning funded by the National Science Foundation.  Especially given their blanket denials of any such.  While this book does not tell all, it does make a start for people who like to read, people who are interested in Kurt Vonnegut whose brother birthed all this with silver iodide at GE at end of WW2.  So, it does lay a foundation of accepted truth.  For hard core deniers. Published in 2015 and who knows how long she worked on it? It is fascinating, well told, but this background of first paragraph here, is in her many comments after the main part of the book.  Not sure all read that, but have gotten some to read this and it did help.   Been wanting to post this for some time now.

  52. Christine says:

    the nano-particles dissolved everywhere will absorb heat much more thus resulting in that lower water levels, which on top of everything also concentrate more of these metals inside of the water. Those who spray, must have very precisely calculated the amount of material they apply, in order to achieve specific effects. Personally I do believe that nothing here is random or 'accidental' any more.., SORRY, for being so pessimistic.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Christine, of course not, nothing is accidental.

      They are sucking the Water from everywhere with the desiccant aerosols, and after building the grotesque "clouds", they manipulate the nebulosity fronts with the EM signal emitted by the antennas, not only for creating the ridiculous symmetric patterns with which they say they are doing the ""solar radiation management"", but also, as you know, these "guys" drive the nebulosity fronts to where ever they want, to dump rain into the Sea, for example. These "guys" are stealing our Water and Rain! We are talking about the same MFs that say they are using these programs for "controlling" global warming, but also using black carbon, the fly-coal-ash, which they release into the skies ( the black lines the planes are spraying are visible in the end of the days, when light begins to fade, sometimes on the side of other lines, bright white! ), the black carbon which is adding more fuel to the mix of substances which are speeding up the global warming problem, with a extra gift;  this carbon contains lead, and other heavy metal pollution.

      They will FALL.




    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Many thanks to Ludovico Doebbeling and Pablo Alonso!

      Thank you!!

  53. barbzi says:

    BLESSED  is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of the prophecy,  and keep the things that are written therein: for the time is at hand.
    Revelation 1 : 3

  54. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF:  Donald Trump is supporting geoengineering, as Dane affirms. Ask yourself how much Trump gets paid by the corporations that are making millions in profit off these toxic covert programs? What can we expect from a man who – as everyone in NYC knew – was born into New Jersey Mafia. It has even been alleged that Trump’s father was in fact a 'hitman' – and that Trump’s real estate deals in New York and New Jersey were essentially all about laundering money from illegal gambling, prostitution (which often involves child trafficking, both male & female)), and 'hitman' murder for disobedience to the “family” — disposing of waste. I personally saw the NYC police ("the Force") drag bodies out of the Hudson River on Riverside Drive in Manhattan! Corporations in the New Jersey/New York area have for many years depended on the Mafia to illegally dump their chemical waste on wetlands, etc. Ever driven by the oil refineries near Newark NJ?  The polarizing rubbish that is coming from Trump is carefully crafted incendiary rhetoric designed to ignite the public and fuel violence instigated by paid professional radicals. Trump’s pretense to care about our freedoms is meaningless. His real job is to divide us, to destroy what remains of our democracy, our freedoms, and usher in an era of total totalitarian regime that will be locked by technology, cell phones & microwave towers; toxic food, air & water, and vaccinations that leave us stupefied, our immune system destroyed.

    Here are some links:
    Donald Trump may back dangerous 'wall in the sky' plan to fight climate change, warns watchdog / Experts at Harvard University say it may take too long for the world to switch to renewable energy so 'solar geoengineering' should be investigated
    Ian Johnston Environment Correspondent / March 2017
    A controversial plan to create a “wall in the sky” to reflect sunlight could win support from the Trump administration because it appears to offer a way to keep burning fossil fuels while reducing global warming, campaigners have said.  A team of Harvard University scientists led by Professor David Keith plans to begin a trial of a so-called ‘geoengineering’ project next year.   

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Trump presidency 'opens door' to planet-hacking geoengineer experiments / As geoengineer advocates enter Trump administration, plans advance to spray sun-reflecting chemicals into atmosphere
      Harvard engineers who launched the world’s biggest solar geoengineering research program may get a dangerous boost from Donald Trump, environmental organizations are warning. Under the Trump administration, enthusiasm appears to be growing for the controversial technology of solar geo-engineering, which aims to spray sulphate particles into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s radiation back to space and decrease the temperature of Earth. …
      David Schnare, an architect of Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency transition, has lobbied the US government and testified to Senate in favour of federal support for geoengineering. He has called for a multi-phase plan to fund research and conduct real-world testing within 18 months, deploy massive stratospheric spraying three years after, and continue spraying for a century, a duration geoengineers believe would be necessary to dial back the planet’s temperature.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Trump Administration – A Geoengineering Administration?
      28 March 2017
      Geoengineer David Keith first made his intention to launch a geoengineering trial public back in 2012 … waiting to get a signal of public support from the US government, ideally in the form of funding. … Five years later, Keith is once again announcing his geoengineering experiment is moving forward – this time in late 2018 at World View Spaceport in Tucson, Arizona. What has changed between 2012 and 2018 that has emboldened David Keith to announce this test in Washington, DC? Answer: The USA’s new government. Although climate activists have been rightfully alarmed that the Trump administration appears to be a climate change denial administration, there are nuances that suggest that this may more accurately turn out to be a geoengineering administration. … As a prominent Trump EPA appointee, David Schnare, has pointed out many times – whether you believe in human causes for warming or just natural cycles, geoengineering provides a means to address the consequences without having to burden the fossil fuel industry or change consumption patterns. “Solar Geoengineering” is regarded by Schnare and allies as a ‘no regrets’ policy that creates an “uncomfortable middle ground” in which global warming ‘alarmists’ and ‘skeptics’ can collaborate to dial back the worst effects of climate change in a supposedly apolitical manner.

    • renate says:

      SF great research. You nailed it.

  55. Bryan says:

    This report felt the most dire yet.

    Fight for the greater good while you still can.

  56. Christine says:

    Just available for everyone to get educated:

  57. Mary Hollowell says:

    "And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock."

    – Matthew 7:25

    • BaneB says:

      Mary: That is OUR house.  That 'other' house is built upon sand(ephemeral) and it shall be washed away into the dustbin wherein are the rubbish heap of human follies.  Bye bye Babylon.

  58. Terje Wulfsberg says:


    According to consciousness studies made by the late David R. Hawkins, only about 15% of the world's population have the ability to discern appearance from essence, that is not be swayed by propaganda and false narratives. That is the BIG problem!

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes of course. Didn't you hear what the mainstream media have said? It is their duty to make people think the and believe the propaganda they spew. I would agree that about 85% of the population are zombies.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Terje Wulfsberg,  Well that is interesting and seems true.  All my life I've noticed things others don't.  It has constantly stunned me over SO many things that others don't notice, not only this blatant spraying.  Sometimes I wonder how these people manage to live and survive at all. But also, it is as if I have no filters and that too is an issue.  I see too much all the time and that distracts me.

  59. izzy says:

    “How many are truly prepared for what is unfolding?”

    In a situation like this, preparation has many facets. Protest and outrage are almost necessary reactions for those not blinded to the facts, whether willfully or otherwise. But unless one has a way to leave the planet, bunkers and stored food will only prolong the agony that is fast barreling down on us. Some sort of non-denominational spiritual and psychological preparation is also in order as we are collectively forced through the eye of the needle.

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