Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 26, 2017


Dane Wigington

The collusion between criminal governments and the every imaginable industry is beyond full comprehension, when will populations connect the dots? Is Hurricane Harvey the latest manipulated act of weather terrorism by the climate engineers? Is 5G extreme radio frequency exposure going to be the next level of population lockdown measure for the power structure? How do citizens of the US empire’s distant outposts really feel about the iron hand that rules them? Where is Mr. Trump taking us from here? Is the POTUS anything more than a prop in the shadow government orchestrated facade? Underlying it all is the state of the biosphere, how long can the collapse continue before we hit the wall at full velocity? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Our individual philosophies dictate what we do or don’t do for the greater good. Will we go "silently into the night”? Or will we gather our collective resolve and refuse to yield to the “fading of the light”?

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


The ongoing Geoengineering Watch booth by Mike Torrence ("a simple horseman") at the Tonasket farmer's market in Washington State. The photo shown below was taken on 8/24/2017. Our deepest gratitude to Mike and to all dedicated activists and individuals that are doing their best to help sound the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue.


Another Geoengineering Watch informational booth was set up at the Pagosa Springs farmers market in Colorado, 8/19/2017, posted below. Our most sincere thanks to Eva for her help with sounding the alarm.


157 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 26, 2017

  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Manipulating the Climate & Weather, by producing Tidal Waves, injecting pathogens into clouds for biological warfare, Dr. Ken Caldiera is beyond insane to produce things like these!!!!

  2. Kaisa says:

    Hi Dane!

    Thank you for your work! I just watched your latest presentations and glad I found your information! I've dedicated my life to a conscious journey which I started in 2011 and I'm astounded by the information you provide. I've watched lots of documentaries in fmtv but this geoengineering information provides like a missing piece of a puzzle that explains a lot of what's going on. Before I even watched your videos I knew there's something weird about the path of Harvey.

    I might not have all the right words at the moment but I urge everyone also to tap into Eckhart Tolle's (OR Osho, Sadghuru, Deepak Chopra, Dalai Lama ect.) work ( for something like 30min. Broadcasting these (geoengineering) news and this very important information – that everybody needs to hear – might benefit from listening a meditation and/or a talk from Eckhart. Namaste.

    Thank you again for your work!

  3. Dennie says:

    I found this in my e-mail today, from  

    An excessively hot Gulf of Mexico and higher sea levels caused by climate change played a key role in the scale and ongoing destruction by Hurricane Harvey.

    But the EPA, the federal agency most responsible for climate science, is lashing out at climate scientists trying to educate the public about the connections between Harvey and a hotter planet. Trump's climate denial is becoming climate censorship.

    Denying climate change puts people in harm’s way. Rising sea levels and stronger storms are real — and unless we take steps to keep fossil fuels in the ground and plan for a changing world, more people will lose their homes or their lives.

    Climate scientists are doing their job. Tell Congress to do theirs and condemn Trump's climate denial and draw the links between climate change and Hurricane Harvey.

    Millions of people in South Asia, Yemen, Niger, and beyond are being affected by flooding this week, in addition to Harvey’s overwhelming rains. This is not a coincidence, this is science. July 2017 was the hottest month ever measured on earth, raising the temperature of the Gulf of Mexico, and making Harvey wetter and stronger.

    The media is beginning to pick up on the story too: the editor of the Houston Chronicle called Harvey a turning point in the climate debate, economist Jeff Sachs called on climate deniers in the Texas government to resign, and pressure is building.

    Our leaders need to speak out for the truth — not punish others for telling it. With the Executive Branch controlled by climate deniers, it's more important than ever that Congress speak up. Send a message to your Members of Congress telling them to connect the dots and condemn Trump's climate denial.

    The flood waters are still rising. This will be a long recovery. But protecting communities requires telling the truth about the threat.


    So, "They" can't hide this any longer.  But won't mention what and how geoengineering and H.A.A.R.P. are factors in part of the military weaponization of the weather, or hurricane suppression technology and the patents that prove that's going on, beyond any doubt of any type whatsoever.

  4. Patti says:

    We have to stop asking why but know what they are doing. 

  5. Donna-AZ says:

    Thank you Eva for your efforts, and many thanks to the group that organizes the Pagosa Springs Farmers Market.  I hope they consider having you back.



  6. helot says:

    Yesterdays white-out was one of the shortest ever, it gave way to clear blue trail-free skies and everybody I encountered were happy and giddy as jay birds, quite the contrast with the last few days.
    When I saw the clear blue skies I thought to myself, they’re going to bring that hurricane back to shore, and sure enough, this mornings headline said it’s headed to Louisiana. Coincidence, perhaps.
    The Upper Mississippi River valley receives the air mass from Gulf Coast hurricanes, you can feel it, and at times, even smell the ocean air.

    With the exception of a small section of thin clouds flowing East to West, the skyline this morning is clear and blue, the aircraft which appeared on the horizon at daybreak like clockwork for years are still awol.

  7. Susan Ferguson says:

    The milky haze here on the Olympic Peninsula has practically whited out the entire mountain range. Or should I say the Lithium haze… heartbreaking.

  8. Frank - PHL says:

    Dane, I am another one thanking you for all your work. Your days must be as endless and unreal as what these new victims' will be.

    It is even more difficult for all of us to see a disaster like this – the unimaginable pain and suffering – knowing what we know. We want to scream at our TV sets like the audience at a horror movie that knows the shark is in the water and wants to help, but can't. The trouble is that this time it is all real, and the pain of not being able to scream out and help is real, and only we know how sick this whole thing is.

  9. Ramona Medicks says:

    TITEL:  Hundreds sickened after mysterious toxic cloud engulfs British beach.

    i just found this in the south china morning post, about an incident in great Britain.  and to m

    e it looks as if some aerosol spraying might have gone wrong. does anybody know more about it?


    • EASTBOURNE says:

      Thanks, I live near.  About two years ago David Keith spoke in London and Oxford saying that his idea was to spray sulphuric acid, H2SO4,  over the oceans from 2020 for 50 years.  Was 'the haze' a test?

  10. marc says:

    Saw a video last night on YT…a very recent talk by a certain author who shall remain nameless. I have read an entire book by this author and it spells out in excruciating detail much of the science deployed by the diabolical worms in charge. And make no mistake, it is diabolical on orders of magnitude so far beyond the ability of the average person to grasp, it is no wonder the vast majority are content to blissfully continue as if it's not going on. It's just too vast and too evil for regular human beings to be capable of actually pulling off. Really? A very casual glance at the history of 20th century wars is more than enough to cement in one's mind the far, far extent to which scientific advancements coupled with psychopathic intent prove beyond a shred of a doubt what "regular" human beings are capable of. And that's not even the half of it. I guarantee you that further disclosures in the coming months and years will illuminate a picture of heartless, scientific evil so huge and so far-reaching (exo-planetary as well) that by then it will be too late for any of us to respond. It is ALREADY too late. When 5G goes live, if it isn't already in certain areas, we are sitting ducks at the utter mercy of some psycho-f**khead with a laptop or the equivalent. Cooked from the inside out. Gee, I wonder what THAT might feel like. Think this fear is unfounded? Think I'm just a conspiracy-theorist running amok inside my own head with a little help from the internet??? The capabilities of this system of mega-powered towers are well beyond the concern of the average moron on the street who remains unaware, smug in his/her certitude that everything's fine, and it's all ok because it means we'll get better cellphone reception and speed, and we can't imagine anything better because by golly, we love our cellphones and FB and texting and twitter and so forth…

       We've all been duped. We're all being duped, lied to, mis-informed and disinformed every minute of every day, by the very agencies we once so naively placed our trust in. I am absolutely fed up with the bullshit, the unapologetic smearing of demonstrable lies right in our faces. NASA's role in this could not be more huge. Fuck NASA and everything it appears to be. It's a facade, a red-herring, AND deeply complicit in the crimes against humanity associated with geoengineering and duping the public. Not singling out NASA, the whole entirety of government has been deeply compromised, infiltrated, reconfigured. As a species we have done this to ourselves.

       The aforementioned talk featured at one point a video clip I had seen previously elsewhere. It is of a glowing orb, size unknown, traveling in a relative straight line path over a major metropolitan city. It suddenly "explodes" into a "mist"  which begins to disperse. Hello?? For those of us, myself included, who have long suspected dispersements of bio-agents are occurring via ways other than conventional jet spraying, this video may represent the tip of a technological iceberg we can scarcely fathom. (Let's not forget low-tech spiking of municipal water supplies with fluoride and God knows what else) I personally have no doubt whatsoever that we are being poisoned, drugged, mind-controlled on a scale that would exceed the darkest themes of some of the best horror movies. With this in mind, how the hell are we supposed to proceed? It really and truly looks like the bad guys are gonna win this round. 

      And on a final note, I am personally of the opinion that there is really only one of two things that might be able to occur on an order of magnitude large enough to make a difference at this point. Number one is "divine intervention". Not even sure what that might mean or even look like. Number two is……well, I'll leave that up to your imagination. Have a nice day.

    • John says:

      Marc that was a very thought provoking post for sure!  Yes human nature has fallen and as such we are certainly capable of doing evil but humans can also invite the diabolic into their lives (just think about the Hollywood celebs) or open gateways to the demons inadvertently through their own actions.  Either way, these demons can act in a supernatural way doing all sorts of diabolical things and this is what I believe is happening to us and around the planet.  For me, I am convinced that the further the individual turns away from God, the senses become dulled, the heart hardened and if God is out of the equation then everything becomes permissible and as the individual goes, so society goes. Just look at the moral and social decay of society now compared with just 50 years ago (helped enormously of course by the Franklin School cultural Marxist principles which were designed to bring about this very decay.)

      We have heaped ruin upon ourselves by turning away from God who actually gave us the commandments for an ordered and healthy society so, unless we turn back collectively we can only expect God's wrath to punish us (as a loving Parent would do with a disobedient child to put it back on the right path.) We are living in the days of Lot and sadly,most people cannot even recognize the signs of the times and if no change is forthcoming from us, then we can only expect to suffer the punishment.  From what Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 told the seers, that suffering is going to be immense  and worldwide. We can't say we were not warned. 

    • Marc and John, you both put the planetary danger into sharp focus, as does Dane in every weekly broadcast. Thank you all! It is indeed pathetic how the Catholic church hierarcy has suppressed the prophetic messages delivered at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

      And it is beyond interesting that we are now rapidly approaching the 100th anniversary of the final Fatima appearance, that of Oct.13, 1917.

      And that there was a specific warning that if this world did not repent and mend its ways by the time the following century had passed, there would be upheaval, wars and disasters on a scale never seen before.

      Well, guess what…that deadline is right around the corner.

      It is going to be quite an autumn on this poor, abused planet, I have a feeling. God help us all to speak the truth in this world of lies.

  11. Barb Eaton says:

    FYI – Talk about nucleated cool down??  I'm at work in Manchester NH, it is 63* at 11:49 am August 29 – TOTALLY white sky and the ground is so cold I'm sitting at my desk in jeans & 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt and I am freezing. I actually have goosebumps!!   I heard too that they are going to send the "remnants" of Harvey up here for rain on Sunday.  How can Harvey have anything left???

    • BaneB says:

      Barb Eaton:  Your region is cool because my region (Northern California) is HOT.  And I do mean hot.  The seven day forecast is  95 100 106 106 108 104 104 Farenheit.  Mind you I reside in a temperate rain forest.  But this IS California.  We expect the summer months to be dry.  But not this dry.  Nor this hot consistently so since mid- June. The weather terrorists hav a dome of hot air stagnating over this state.  It's been heated up higher than a oven at this time to maintain no chance of Harvey bringing us much needed rain in Southern California.  Harvey is being pushed east.  And, yes, these weather control psychopaths are quite capable of enhancing the moisture content and send your region a rain bomb.  After all, the moisture kept from this part of the nation is excess to be dumped elsewhere.  Feed it to Harvey.

  12. Nelson Martins says:

    Undeniable Proof from Germany. This was published 5 years ago. This S@#T has got to stop!

  13. Robert Horney says:

    My thanks to you Dane for all the hard work you do for all of us. Run for president and you will mak great things happen despite the opposition you would face. Its time for a realist to be in charge in fact that would be a great party name ….the Realist Party…….Good luck to you in your run for office oh and  make sure no one has any eugenics leaning in your cabinet. 

  14. C.J. says:

    Talking about Minister's and 501 tax status.

    One has to realize that like school, they have to preach what the Law governs them to do. Get out of line and not follow the Steeple Sheeple.

    You are condemned and shut down.

    If one goes around and pay's real close attention and investigates, then one with their eye's wide open might discover some peculiar things.

    Like tower's that are in Church areas, right on the property in fact,  that have a fenced in area below the tower with a huge transformer and big wires leading to the top of the Steeple or a huge box with a cross concealing the very truth of the Apparatus.

    Just like the fake palm tree's and evergreen trees that harness this EMF equipment.

    All by design.

    Fry your Brain and kill everything.

    Spray the crap out of the sky and then send out the EMF.

    How does one deny the truth.

    The truth is this.

    The real Evil is Ignorance.

    Seems that the Majority stand by it. 



    • Martha says:

      I feel every ones concern. The insanity starts when we as human beings  forget who we are and WHO provides all of the elements and resources we use . The Divine Mother and Heavenly Father   gives us water , air , sunshine , herbs , medicine , food ,and so many other riches. We take and take and don't pay . Plus we ask for more .  We pay our utility bills to the power companies, but not to nature from where it all comes  Nature ( the Divine ) is part of us and we are part of nature and we are designed fto Reciprocate to nature for all we receive. Like any loving relationship it is give and take, and based on Love . I have learned what can really benefit nature and balance things out, is if each of us individually begins to spend time in gratitude and passing appreciation for nature and all we use each day , at least 30 minutes , look up from the computer or phone, talk to the Divine and deep in your heart connect and say with all sincerity and with the love of your heart that you love the creator   and you want to give back for what you use and receive. This small but extremely powerful  action done in the heart will change the whole equation and the sicko's will lose and we just might save our asses when nature receives the medicine it needs from us! Our Hearts and our love. 

  15. LS says:

    It so hard to put into words what it is like out in the wilderness areas. Danes described the effects on wildlife of the loss the the hardy manzinita. Add the other berry bushes to that. The Currents, Huckleberry, Thimbleberry, Gooseberry bushes, etc are decimated either by dryness that has them burnt to a crisp or from hail and unnatural downpours or both.  What is left for the bears to eat? I am not seeing it. The last 2-3 weeks has really done everything in. I wonder what would constitute a wildlife emergency if not this??? This is hard to witness.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

      Here in coastal Georgia we should be surrounded with Palmetto bugs (big roaches) and butterflies, moths, etc..   Mosquito control is in overdrive because of Zika scares and West Nile and mostly terror of hurting tourism.    I understand away from Savannah in the country things are more normal.   But Savannah is getting weird…the zillions of squirrels that entertain us in the giant trees are strangely absent.  Same for birds. It's hard to get information.   Mosquito control makes life possible for people here, but now, in 2017, it has gone way overboard.     What good are old houses and cobblestones without the birds?    Who decides these things?

  16. Wesley Worthen says:

    Dane, thank you for your newscasts.  I would say that I enjoy them, but I am more livid than ever regarding some of your news.  When I confronted my ministers regarding, they laughed at me, even when not once mentioning "chemtrails."  After watching your video "Hacking the Planet" I totally believe they are afraid to lose their 501 tax status.

    • Wesley W says:

      I must correct my statement.  I meant to say just "ministers."  "My ministers" makes it seem like I feel they are over me, which some may find offense with, and I don't agree with.  We should all be ministers to one another and serve all.  My apologies for that mis-typed portion of my post. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      No offense intended to you directly Wesley, But if a "minister" or "pastor" or "priest" laughed at me over the blatant geoengineering going on over every one of ours heads, That would be the last time I show up for their services and "throw something in the plate". It absolutely baffles my mind that folks don't connect those two important dots. I just don't get it. The one and only thing that will have any impact what so ever to those that enslave us is to "stop participating in their game". If you think you're trapped, I call bullshit. Get rid of any and all debt you have and then get back to me….

    • Dennie says:

      @Wesley Worthen:  Yes, the ministers ARE afraid of losing their tax-exempt status.  We have an assistant rector who addressed this in a sermon back in July.  He addressed the fact that the Church has been silenced, afraid to stand up and speak out for fear of losing their 501-c3 status, their paycheck and their pension.  They have effectively silenced themselves for fear of losing the money, essentially, for the love of money.  It's impossible to live in the modern world without the goddamned money.  When we were filing out of church at the end of the service and I tried to initiate a further discussion with him on this topic, he literally turned away from me and started talking with the next person in the receiving line :-(.

    • Andy says:

      In a recent post Dane used a very eloquent phrase: "alarm overload". In light of the potential loss of monetary privileges and perceived future financial security, these ministers of The Word have lost their way. There are no wealthy folks in the graveyard, which is where everything is heading should we remain on this current course. One cannot take wealth and affluence beyond the veil of death, the Egyptians tried that and it didn't work out for them. They seem like so many people to have the "fight or flight" response fully activated – the real problem is that the "flight" component appears to be fully dominant. They seem to believe that the ordained status quo which has been inculcated in their minds will inevitably save them and their parishioners, that God will intervene, that it is all part of the "Grand Plan". If they were truly servants of a higher power they would not just blindly accept the actions of humanity as being inevitable, we are after all endowed with reason and free-will. The "alarm overload" is prevalent throughout society – rich and poor, educated and ignorant. Whilst the masses revel in the technological ingenuity of mankind, and the activities of Hollywood take centre stage, the so-called "leaders" of humanity bask in their self appointed hubris. The amount of people whom I personally speak to about this most dire of predicaments who then respond by shrugging their shoulders or outright laughing it off is utterly beyond my comprehension… the evidence is overwhelming, the hour is getting very late. I do not see myself as a guru or an extraordinarily educated individual, nor as an arbiter of truth. I am just an ordinary old bloke who has my (albeit slightly rheumy) eyes open. As such it is my duty, whether that be ordained from on high or merely common sense, to continue to speak out about this madness. Perhaps some of the word-seeds fall on fertile ground. Regards to everyone who strives to enlighten the world, wherever and whoever you are, we must prevail… there is no other option but extinction, and I cannot believe any benevolent deity would wish Its creation extinguished by a singularly arrogant semi-evolved simian. Peace.

    • BaneB says:

      Wesley, Dennie:  From observing several past presidential elections, going back to at least President Reagan, the religious institutions had no qualms preaching politics from their bully pulpits.  And President Baby Bush was so grateful that he (and Congress) opened up the national treasury, doling out billions of taxpayer dollars to "religious" institutions for "charitable" endeavors.  It goes on today, and some are now in the business (contracts) of bringing into the nation immigrants by the trainload from the Middle East and Africa.  I bet if these fake religionists on Saturday or Sunday exalted the "need for" Geoengineering our atmosphere their tax status would be secure.  And when was the last time a congregation heard any mumbles from the tax advantaged hypocrites about the infinite wars-for-obscene-profits in the Middle East where civilians are collateral damaged cannon fodder…courtesy of the 911 con job?

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.:  Sometimes people in positions of public view will have a totally inappropriate "false" emotional response when confronted with uncomfortable truths, and laugh, inappropriately, because they mistakenly believe that Every Waking Second needs to be "hap-hap-HAPP-EEEEEEEE!!!" WHEEEEE!!!!!"  

      WE CAN'T GIVE UP!!!!  



    • Sterlingmichaels says:

      As a retired minister, Theologian and former veteran of military intelligence I would like to share with you the fact that much of organized religion and the upper echelons of their governing bodies of many churches, not all but most, are part of the New World Order and that is why I left the entire world of religion Lock Stock & Barrel

      I could no longer participate in the hypocrisy after years of investigating and asking many questions to ministers and theologians of all religions and all faiths. The actual people in each Church and synagogue Etc are truly good and honest people but those who actually control the organization are something else.

      Jesus and many other spiritual leaders always said did the greater power lies within each and everyone of us and I say that it is up to each and everyone of us to determine what we truly believe what our direction is and what is best for us and make it a sacred pact within ourselves and keep it to ourselves and Surround ourselves with people who feel likewise. I have no desire to convert anyone to anything other than their true selves and discover the greatness within themselves for themselves and by themselves. I wish you all well

  17. Ron Marr says:

    As I pushed my cart in a food store, I entered an aisle, retrieved what I wanted and continued, only to be stopped by two people with carts going in opposite directions while they both looked down at their phones. I had entered a state of non-existence and remained quiet to enjoy the phenomenon….If we continue to lend our consciousness to technology we will become isolated objects with no opinions and imagination. They will continue to steal our illusions of life to be replaced by their virtual reality and we will no longer leave any trace of our existence. Someone called it the perfect crime. Where their is no criminal, no victim and no crime scene. We have to move away from technology and dematerialize…retreat to the perimeter of the void and allow our voices to be heard…recapture our genius, imagination and immortality…so we may stop our own destruction. As history points out to us, an empire doesn't leave its host until it has destroyed it…and today THEY still hide behind the Vatican…while dangling the pope as a benevolent soul and promoting the inquisition that is now called the NEW WORLD ORDER; (nwo).  Dane, points out it will take all of us…to stop geo engineering. There is no excuse to be too busy to help and there is nothing too be…CONSCIOUSNESS IS OUR ONLY SALVATION….THEY cannot survive in consciousness.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Ron Marr, thank you for this brilliant insightful observation: " They will continue to steal our illusions of life to be replaced by their virtual reality and we will no longer leave any trace of our existence." And I agree with you: CONSCIOUSNESS IS OUR ONLY SALVATION. I say this often, however in a slightly modified way, but the essential meaning is the same: A higher Consciousness is our only Refuge. Or as the Master would say, "The meek shall inherit the Earth."

    • BaneB says:

      Ron Mar:  Brilliant!  You are absolutely correct about virtual reality.  By definition.  You just held up a virtual mirror:-). Fight fire with fire.  It's not only Luciferian but also his Dracularian cousin in the drag of Machiavelli.  "Be as wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove."

    • Earth Angel says:

      I couldn't agree with you more. I have never owned a 'smart phone', do not currently own a mobile phone and am horrified at the rapid pace we are being pushed into the idea of 'self driving' cars. For this reason I will not buy a new car, and prefer older used appliances as well. (remember obama's 'cash for clunkers' program?) How many sheeple fell for that one? I think people who place cell phones in the hands of small children do them a grave disservice. They are losing their imaginations and ability to think critically, becoming brainwashed by the machines and also the pure GARBAGE being churned out by hollywood, the current music industry in general, and the media. I don't know where we are going with all this, but a sharp reversal is needed to put humanity back on course if at all possible. I for one can't stand technology (for the most part) and wonder how the hell did we get here from there? I'm glad I'm approaching the latter part of middle age and have lived out much of my life. I do not wish to see where the current technological insanity takes us. It does not look good from my vantage point- but I still keep hope for some reversal of it. Knowing good folks like you are out there sure does help.. that and some Divine intervention would be nice.

    • Randy says:

      Thanks Ron for writing it out so clearly, that all that take the time to read will have the true meaning and understanding of what's happening to most all of us on Planet Earth! There is NO excuse for not making time to protect what supports LIFE on Earth!! It will not get done by someone else, it just won't!! All that support Dane's mission and the fact based information he has provided us must truly do the Right thing to make our voices heard Now. And there's a whole lot us of Dane followers that must start making a difference today! Lets make a difference and stop sitting on the side lines hoping, praying someone else will. Thanks again Ron and Thank You Dane for never giving up on this fight to Stop/Save what's important for Planet/Life and the future of all that comes after us.

    • Ashleigh says:

      Earth Angel and Ron Marr I completely agree with you two. You cant go down the street, pass a bus stop, seeing people in line at the store or in a library people ALWAYS on their phones. It makes me cringe when I see children on phones. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Earth Angel, There is a much more important reason children should Not use cell phones and that goes with most teens as well if you can manage that one.  They are very dangerous devices that can cause you great harm, bodily harm and to adults too but children!  A developing body?!!  NOOO!  And by the by, one's receipt is printed on BPA paper!  As in try not to touch it, do not put in paper recycle, do not burn!

  18. Black Cat Italy says:

    Thanks to Dane for news which doesn't get coverage from elsewhere.

    Here in Central Italy the extreme temperatures continue. The Meteo weather forecast consistently under reporting the daytime temperatures by 10 or more degrees C.  We have had enough – the temperature here today (on a thermometer in the shade) is 112F. It was 110F yesterday and looking back through the written journal we write every day we have had these extreme temperatures since the 10th of May (started out at 90F and one day it worked its way up to maximum on the thermometer of 115F).  

    There has not been ANY rain for months and if it wasn't for pumping up some water from the river we would not have a garden at all.  The only animals that seem to be surviving are the wild boar which are a constant nuisance destroying what ever is left of the crops. The nights are silent – 8 years ago we used to hear owls, birds and foxes. The early mornings are silent too which unnerves me.  

    The wildfires are burning all over Italy but in a lot of cases are not reported! We have had the Canadair planes flying over our area for 2 weeks collecting water from the lake to dowse the fires. I searched three times on the internet for up to date information on the fires and there is practically nothing!.  Italy is apparently second only to Portugal in the amount of fires and land affected yet all we see reported are the fires of France, Portugal and Croatia.  There has been about 321 fires just THIS summer and I believe about 70,000 hectares affected this year.  All we hear about is the fire on Vesuvius because it is close to Rome. Their are also reports of 15 part-time fire fighters starting fires to get bonuses! One report said they blamed the fires on aliens!! What an insane world we live in.  

    The heat iis forecast to remain into September but they say it is because there is an increase of 3 deg C in the temperature! coupled with high winds.  They are liars and suppressing the true information.

    Then we note that in the UK a gas cloud descended onto a crowded beach in Sussex yesterday. It appeared to be like a chlorine gas cloud affecting people's eyes – over 100 people were treated at local hospitals yet NO ONE seems to have looked for the source of this or analysed it.  It made me think after Dane's comment about what Ken Caldiera said.  Or, could it be another experiment on the masses?

    • sue albina says:

      Dear Black Cat Italy,

      Your voice echo's Rachel Carson's prescient book Silent Spring — perhaps you've read it.  She saw the future, but few heeded her warnings.

      Yes, the lack of birdsong in the morning is unnerving — so is the smell of the air after it rains.  Everything smells dank, sour, unwell here in Alaska where we are experiencing the other end of the non-stop weather warfare agenda.  It's been abnormally cool, wet and dreary.  The lovely long daylight hours of our northern summer days have been lost to geoengineering's toxic sunlight shield.  

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Hey Blue Sue,  Glad to see you are still in this fight, without fear, trepidation, timidity or anonymity. I agree with your observations from Alaska.

      Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • Nina says:

      Black Cat Italy, hello from Portugal! Here too I notice the silence. When we moved here 9 years ago there was an amazing amount of wild-life. Rabbits,foxes,tree-frogs,toads, insects and birds. We had plenty of rain in winter. Now on the rare occasion it does it burns holes in the leaves of the plants and trees in my garden! The animals and birds mostly gone now. Hardly anyone even notices. Breaks my heart.

  19. barbzi says:

    Mysterious 'chemical haze' envelops UK coast, affecting at least 150 people

    Maybe a geoengineering event?      

  20. penny waters says:

    dear dane and all the rest of you wise ones

    this morning got up to news of a 'mystery' chemical haze that hit the south coast of britain today, especially at birling gap – affected hundreds of people – all went to hospital with breathing and lung problems. 

    knew what it was straight away!!! geoengineering come close!!!

    have just emailed bbc south east but won't hold my breath (if this wasn't so dire that would be a pun, but my manic laughter got strangled half way up my throat) that they will take it seriously.

    i have told them what i think it is – a white-out that we are all familiar with – i mean the wise people on this site – saw a picture – tis a holiday weekend and the sun is burning  – everyone out with the families 

    i despair – but then we have never been encouraged to be thinkers by whoever is in charge – they always think that they are cleverer – not that they have been honoured to look after so many people – and they are just like the rest of us.

    over-inflation, arrogance, ignorance and ego will have us all.

    everyone i know is knackered – tis too much – it goes from either so humid to dry, dry – full of thickness – particulates!

    am lucky cos the trees in the garden haven't shown damage yet – i expect it will come – we seem to be behind you in america – maybe because we are an island surrounded by sea.

    went to chelmsford market the other day – no-one aware – chelmsford has become bloated – there are housing estates being put up everywhere in essex and all the big wigs are enjoying what they think is fame and fortune. it has been designated a city! bizarre!

    little do they know how it will turn so soon – once the front domino goes it will all fall away – pack of cards

    i reiterate what shakespeare's puck said in mid summer nights dream 'what fools these mortals be'

    humans are living in a dream

    and i thought i had found a dream here living with the creatures

    one of my close friends said to me yesterday when we commenting on the lack of insects ' once the insects are gone, so are we' 

    i never knew he had it in him. maybe the understanding for most people is that they know they live as slaves to the rich and powerful so just keep their heads down and carry on – like in war time when the people here didn't know whether they would wake up the next day

    but then the grim reaper sits on our shoulders always, does it not?

    love your friends and families with an open love

    and with all my love to you


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Penny.

      And the responsible ones tried to say that was from traffic pollution that come from Germany and France, but in Germany and France, no one got sick from this pollution "produced in their own territories by their own cars"…  People are EASY to deceive.


  21. maria heibel says:

    Very interesting this report. A Brief to the Senate Foreign. Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Oceans and the Environment, Jan., 1976 Hearings on Weather Modification.  1976 NATO-COORDINATED WEATHER MODIFICATION AIMED AT EUROPE? Thanks for your great great work.

  22. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 180th email, titled 'I wish I had…"

    1. The average weekly loss of Arctic sea ice volume (JAXA/Wipneus) for last week, and calculated each day, indicated that 30th Aug as the earliest date for a 'Blue Ocean Event'. 

    Obviously this will not now happen – on the 27th the volume was 6063 km3 and on 20th it lost 1071 km3, though since then it has apparently gained ice each day. Sea ice area continues its daily decline.

    On 25th Aug, the global methane readings peaked at 2575 ppb on the am shift.

    The Permian Mass Extinction took about 60,000 years to unfold and all life today evolved from the 5% that managed to adapt, migrate and survive. This Sixth Great Extinction has taken about 300 years so far and will likely terminate in about 9 years. 58% of earth's wildlife died between 1970 and 2012.  

    Four Chris Eldridge memes – we have just had the 56th anniversary of the start of US use of Agent Orange in Vietnam (early Aug 1961) 

    Russia's ambassador to Sudan has mysteriously died. This is at least the 4th senior Kremlin envoy to die in strange circumstances since December. I wonder when the US envoys will start being suicided – and how the US will retaliate.

    3Notes to Self (week 33 of 104).  Most people use a diary or wall planner to organise their lives. I think I will also put up Malcolm Light et al's "Planetary Genocide – Ecocide Between 2023 and 2031" chart on the fridge (though he now writes 2023 – 2026). 

    I could be run over by a bus tomorrow, but the chart will also encourage me to make the best of every day, maybe encourage discussion, and motivate me not to come to the end my life with too many "I wish I had…" moments (with hopefully not too many "I wish I hadn't…" moments!). 

  23. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I'm so tired of Alberta where the public is so Blind. Where Clouds each day are normal, to a Cloudy Blurry mind.    We no longer have the Rainbows. We no longer have the Arch. Stars at night are seldom. Now a Canopy, or just dark.     All Our Trees are Dying. All the Animals too.   If We don't come together, they'll be nothing left for You.   The Birds no longer Singing, a Song of Happiness. We've killed the Bees & Bugs.  We will just,  Manufacture some!        None of Us are Soldiers. We've been forced into this fight, for all that Dane is doing, it is now, Our Moral Right.  To Stand Up for Our Countries. To Stand Up for the right. To breathe Fresh Air each day, Is Our God Given Right!      Our Forests they are Dying. Our Oceans they are too. The Dolphin's in the Oceans. The Creatures, Old & New.      I Wish the World would See, what all of Us Can Do. Thousands now of Species no longer walk with You.  We now have HAARP & Towers sprouting from the ground.         When will We All Wake Up?    When will We all See?   Nothing now is normal, in Our Land Of Free.     If We fail to Stand Up for Our Planet Now.  Nothing else will matter, Nothing on the ground.       Cry out for Our Children, for they are Trusting You, To stand Up for the Children, before Your time is through.        Stars that use to twinkle. Bright up in the Sky.  If We are to have a Hope. Please swallow all Your Pride.       The Animals, they will dwindle, The Birds no longer Fly. For Man has Killed the lot of them. With Toxin's in the Sky.       Today We sit in Silence. Nothing left to do. Free ride on Our Grand Children. This is nothing new.     For this is how they treat Us, like Chattel in the streets. While spraying Us with this & that & tell Us it's all Good!        Will the Masses awaken to what they really do? 70 Years & conunting with countless Deadly Plumes.    

  24. Dennie says:

    The crap we're now being sprayed with feels finer, powderier, drier and less metallic, not really the usual salty metal mix– coal fly ash?  It's been reeeally whited-out for the past few weeks.  No one's noticed.

  25. marc says:

    Even though I confess I don't understand how the weather derivative/reinsurance markets actually work, the enclosed link substantiates that certain world markets are very much closely tied to weather catastrophes in the context of profits. In fact, after reading through this article, my conviction that this whole f**king world has become nothing but a gaming board for the geoengineers, stockbrokers and derivatives traders could not be stronger. I know it sounds completely head-banging insane, but this is truly what it has come to. In fact, is it not yet obvious the extent to which the MIC has historically rendered the entire world a gaming board for their nefarious gain??  It is some consolation (though not much) that this grand scheme is certain to ultimately fail upon the demise of living habitat for humans. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the motherf**kers behind all this already have their "put options" in place in advance of the approaching collapse of world civilization. Such may be the addiction to profiteering that, like a cocaine, meth or heroin addict, he or she will pursue the "high" virtually right up to the point of complete, irreversible self-destruction.

    • Dennie says:

      Everything is monetized.  Relationships, like everything else, are transactional.  This is the result of creating overly complex societies.

    • Nelson Martins says:

      Warren Buffet, Insurance Mogul(Billionaire Thief) a few (3-4) years back was interviewed. And when asked about what his future investments would be. He simply replied, THE WEATHER. That should help you a bit to understand. They know, They're doing it, They're profiting from it and we suffer from it.

    • Dog says:

      Hey Marc and all,

      The idea of weather manipulation for profit is an evil almost beyond comprehension – but naturally, the speculation/money markets are going to make their predictions and adjustments – before, while, and after these events occur, whether (weather) manmade or not. This is very obvious from reading the article posted.

      Yet there are some very interesting things about this particular article:

      1. The speculators are demonstrating in this article that they are viewing the storm, and treating the weather (and other disasters evidently), unapologetically, as a GAME, with themselves as the PLAYERS, and even call themselves PLAYERS in the article; reducing a human catastrophe to a Monopoly board for the manipulation of profiting schemes;

      2. The article discusses, among other things, "turning reinsurance pricing" – I saw elsewhere that, since the majority of homeowners in the disaster area might have had homeowners insurance, but had not bought Flood Insurance, WHICH IS A SEPARATE "PRODUCT", and that the aggregate losses from this storm will be so financially catastrophic, that the situation may well require a U.S. taxpayer bailout of the INSURANCE COMPANIES (we've seen this before, folks…no prob, just print more money…)

      3. There is discussion in the article of the investment and profit "pros and cons" of a major catastrophe, versus a series of small ones, but that "…as of 8/24, the storm was heading for a more densely populated region of the Gulf Coast around Houston, Texas, which of course increases the chances of a meaningful industry loss occurring if the storm CAN intensify significantly". "CAN intensify?? instead of just saying, "IF the storm intensifies"?? Strange choice of words here…is that what they desire?? Who would want the storm to intensify??

      4. The storm is currently sandwiched between two high-pressure zones to the east and west, causing it to remain stationary or revisit the Gulf Coast again. This was forecasted – IS THIS A NORMAL WEATHER PATTERN? A storm of that magnitude "parked" over a particular area for days on end?

      5. This disaster might be the most costly ever, with 50 inches of rain falling on completely saturated ground over a wide area of SE Texas, including the 4th largest city in the US, with all of its homes, businesses, and infrastructure – this will certainly affect large swaths of the US economy, and perhaps the world economy in general – oil prices will likely rise, and also, the environmental effects of flooding in that heavily industrialized area might be horrific;

      6. The Disaster Capitalists will no doubt swoop in to rearrange the board like they did in New Orleans, whether (weather) this disaster was man-made or not;

      7. AND – Worst of all, any discussion in the media or Congress about the possible climate change drivers of this weather system, and what we might be able to do about it, will be cast as "insensitive" because we must focus on the immediate disaster at this time, and not its root causes.


    • BaneB says:

      Nelson:  The weather equals water.  Or not.  Those entities that have been and are still grabbing up local, national, and global aquifers and water rights have a big stake in the hydrological cycles.  

  26. starman says:

    Dear fellow souls there are many ways that the human race can be made extinct. Fukashima comes to mind. When (2) maybe (3) MOX reactors melted thru the containment vessel they continued, reaching an underground water source that flowed directly into the Pacific Ocean.Mostof the Pacific is dying. A gram fo plutonium is enough to kill every human being on the face of the planet.Tahs one of the elements in MOX reactors.Sorry for the bad news. Don't quit the fight       

  27. GretchenThomas says:

    It is better to know than to not know the lies of omission…

    Total Gamma Radiation 2017 YTD USA

    Individual gamma radiation queries can be built at the EPA RadNet Query Builder.

    The home page of EPA RadNet claims that fixed monitor results reflect normal background radiation… there is nothing normal about the fixed monitor readings listed and the amount of gamma radiation we are being exposed to… according to this handheld radiation detector manufacturer, normal background gamma radiation is 5-20 Counts Per Minute (CPM,)

    I just searched the fixed radiation monitor closest to me in Toledo, OH the last recorded reading for today was at 8:00 am EST, they shut it off because it is now 7:45 pm EST, last recorded total gamma radiation at fixed monitor #508 is 2,701 CPM.

    There are no safe levels of exposure to ionizing radiation, contrary to the "official" narrative from the industry and agencies and anyone else paid to bamboozle us.

    • marc says:

      Leuren Moret has an excellent website and she has a vast background in nuclear energy and related fields. I saw a video some time back (year ago?) wherein she convincingly demonstrates we are all being bathed in ionizing radiation to the extent that if it were made fully public there would be mass panic. It is much, much worse than any of us know. Truly a potential extinction event in and of itself. 

    • marc says:

      I believe there are couple of videos with Leuren Moret and Alfred Webre on YT that are excellent re: radiation exposure/Fukushima, etc.

  28. lorenzo says:

    Some of you are aware of the new Scifi movie coming out Oct. 20 titled "Geostorm" I will just quote the description I read. "In the future, the world has figured out how how to control the climate and natural disasters. When things go awry, the planet is plagued by a Geostorm and only one man can stop it"  I plan to stand outside the theater with geoengineering watch flyers as the people exit the theater.I will let them know that the future has been here on weather manipulation for several decades. I think if other activists follow in their cities where it is shown, we can get many new followers for our cause

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lorenzo, great plan you have for helping to sound the alarm, thank you for sharing it with us. On that note, the GeoengineeringWatch color glossy flyer is being completely redone and completely updated, stay tuned. My thanks to you and all dedicated activist who are doing all they can to help move the fight forward.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, I thought about doing exactly this, standing outside the theater where An Inconvenient Sequel is being shown.  What about it, folks?

    • carlos runningwolf mendoza says:

      now your thinking……….


      Chiricahua wormsprings band of apaches Chih'ene Nde

    • Kathy says:

      Awesome idea! We will put on our Geoengineering shirts and do the same . Thanks for sharing!!

    • sea says:

      Lorenzo that is a great suggestion! I will aim to do the same.

    • jintampa says:

      Hi Dane, how much will you be selling these updated flyers for? How can I order some?



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jintampa, the flyer package amount will remain the same, our only goal is to get as many credible materials as possible into circulation, time is not on our side. Thank you for your willingness to help us sound the alarm.

    • Joseph L says:

      GReat Idea about giving out  flyers on geoengineering  to people at ,movie theatres after they have seen the sci fi movie Geostorm.

      Below is the link  to that movie–It says who control the weather controls the world.  We are already there and have been for a long time.    

      Geostorm Trailer—-

      Weather as a Force Multiplier:

      Owning the Weather in 2025


  29. Robert West says:

    I am getting very worried because nobody is listening to us and it is getting very, very late. Time is Not on our side. We killing the very Air we breathe, the Ground we walk on, the Earth we pump oil from, and the Ocean that sustains all life. Everyone – "Let's March and Bring the Government to Their Knees"

    • penny waters says:

      dear robert west

      we can only do what we can my friend – we cannot make the human race do what we want.

      worry is painful and wears you out – become the 'observer, like they teach you with meditation – observe

      let me quote something i think i have done before by a clever old chinese geezer

      'do you think you can control the universe and improve it?

      i do not believe it can be done.

      the universe is sacred (me – and we are part of it – we don't run it)

      you cannot improve it.

      if you try to change it, you will ruin it.                                                     if you try to hold it, you will lose it.

      so sometimes things are ahead and sometimes they are behind; sometimes breathing is hard, sometimes it comes easily;                   sometimes there is strength and sometimes weakness,                   sometimes one is up and sometimes down.

      therefore the wise man avoids extremes, excesses and complacency'

      hope it comes out how i have written it – tis a magic machine – this here thing – but so magic cos i can be in contact with so many wonderful people around the world who feel as i feel, to be alive is a joy.

      life is bitter sweet my friend

      love from a fellow worrier



  30. Ed Bee says:

    Do you think Texas is being punished, as so many other places are, for not wanting to give in to the New World Order agenda? I have seen articles about them wanting to secede from the United States and have a Constitutional government. And after such a long hurricane hiatus, it seems odd the weather reporters could so accurately predict every move the storm would make. Here in Wisconsin, we had several almost engineered cloud-free days just prior to this event, probably to send all resources to the Texas area to prepare the way for its arrival.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ed, the scenario that is unfolding in Texas is related to many agendas and objectives. I will post on this situation in the coming days, stay tuned.

    • Dennie says:

      "Don't mess with Texas" takes on a whole new meaning when seen through the filter of military weather manipulation shenanigans and Big Oil.  The talk about Hurricane Katrina was that the Army Corps of Engineers was out there in the storm blowing up the levees– qui bono?  Big Oil, perhaps.  With sea level rise, and massive storms dropping tons of water, The Plan was to create a massive port for transporting oil in Louisiana.  Didn't work out the way They wanted it to.  Imagine a fighter jet that goes faster than the speed of sound, powered by photovoltaic panels and batteries– hmmm…….

    • carlos runningwolf mendoza says:

      yes  it's war…


      Chi'hene nde

    • Kim Lopez says:

      I live in San Antonio and I took several pictures yesterday, 8/27/17  in the morning through 5:30pm.  I was able to capture a few showing HAARP was in use.  I got a better picture at 5:34pm when the skies were more clear.  This morning I saw there had been spraying last night or early morning as well.  I read one report that 18 counties have been affected which equals 7 million. No doubt the economic impact is going to be tremendous as well.   I wonder if 7 million people affected by one storm is going to be enough for the masses to finally wake up to Geoengineering or, will it take yet millions more?

    • Rambo says:

      Unquestionably this event is totally controlled!  Their implementing high pressures systems around it to keep it in Texas and of course it's because of the "political leanings" of that state!  The weather is totally created, controlled and manipulated for money, period.  If you knew ahead of time the extent at which this event would happen, you could make millions by shorting stocks among a multitude of other ways.  Welcome to the Matrix, where your reality is what they decide it is.

    • BaneB says:

      Ed Bee:  Texas is a bit "uppity."  It thinks of itself as a republic, the lone star.  They are perennially discussing secession from the Washington bunglers.  But, what really ticked off the bankers was the decision by the state legislators to remove state owned gold bullion worth billions of dollars from New York storage and control.  The state built a "Ft. Knox" in Texas.  I hope it's all nice and dry after the Harvey deluge.

  31. C.J. says:

    Just look up>>>> By Googling

    {Chemtrails Dead Trees IMAGES.}

    Have a close examination of that.

  32. Benjie says:

    Hi Dane and everyone!

    As the general population has been successfully mind controlled, it's very hard to get them interested in what is happening to all life, and mother earth.

    I have had some luck, showing people the jets injecting the aerosols, explaining, the cooldowns, ice neucliation, reasons for it, the weather whiplash, and the feed back loops.

    Of course if you can introduce Dane's website, and get them to check it, that will lead them to the truth.

  33. renate (BC) says:

    Everyone eats. Check this video on "Nanotechnology particles in our food"

    I don't have a microwave oven so can't do the experiment. If the videos are correct going through airport scanners, having any kind of x-rays, any kind of metals in your mouth would be a problem. We'll be seeing ourselves in the dark pretty soon if not already. The 5G well take care of that, so much for the hide-and-go-seek. And for a holy-what-the-heck-moment what about the springs in our mattresses, are you having involuntary muscle tremors, I did twice. Got an air-mattress that has a slow leak ! (they all leak) anyway no more muscle tremors. Now I get muscle cramps in the lower legs and that hurts. Investigating what I eat, smells in the air, trying to put it all together; it isn't easy. Have to remember to take magnesium.

    Sharing our thoughts and thanks to all that share their comments; it helps, keeps us sane and thanks Dane for the site. Who knew what a nightmare life we're now living and the evil that surrounds us is worst then what we could ever imagine. Right now GMO Revealed is playing. They got us right down to our RNA and DNA through food, vaccinations, medicines, water, the air we breath. We have our work cut out for us for sure. Lets get cracking.

  34. marc says:

    Among the countless things Dane discussed in this incredible show, he once again reiterated his disdain and rejection of the "chemtrails" term. Most who visit here are onboard with this stance. However, we are all aware of the vast seeding of the term into social media, MSM, popular consciousness, etc, in an effort by the AIC (assholes in charge) to discredit the very phenomenon and the science that the term is pointing to. I include the following link because it illustrates how this term corrupts and manipulates public opinion on a relatively high level of visibility:

      I hope I will be forgiven for linking in this article but I feel it's important to understand what we are up against when it comes to MSM and the dominant cultural paradigm.

  35. SilentSister says:

    Hello all! My whole life, I've felt a " disturbance in the force"- the Mateix, if you will. The military plans were flawless- billions of people on a planet going about their lives- working in a system designed for one thing- to control a planet, and eventually, a star system. I was so naive to believe in the goodness of humanity. Every one of us is a liar, a murderer, and thief on some level. Covert ops? Secrecy? What we have today is a culmination of generation after generation of lies and sneakiness. All of this is about communications, energy and power. I was depressed half my life, because my heart – my intuition told me something was terribly wrong. Thanks to this same technology- here we are- trying to convince the world that we have all been PROGRAMMED to obey the system- and we do it because we want our stuff too. The world has gone mad. I don't know what more to do, except use this technology to speak truth- whether your programming will accept it or not. First rule of computing- garbage in, garbage out. Humanity- rather humanoids-we are the computers. Garbage in- garbage out. I thank you all for seeking truth, and following your own intuition and observations. I'm afraid we've gone off the rails- but I will not go down silently! Stand together, for the good of life. We are all a part of this experiment- examine yourselves to find what you stand for. 

    This has been going on for a really long time – in the name of war and ownership. There is no ownership in love. Only mutual benefit. There is no love in military covert operations. Thank you for doing the good work!

    • Terri says:

      Well said.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I've never felt like I belonged on this Planet. I've always thought our Human behaviors were cruel to so many. Man or Beast. Not enough Love!

    • penny waters says:

      dear silentsister

      me too mate. think all human have a feeling of rightness inside them – some are able to let it out and others not. we live in very strange times.

      if we lived many years ago in a village with everyone who knew everyone, with our environment clean and suppling us with food and sparkling water maybe we would feel different. 

      i feel like nowadays we are all disconnected, from kith and kin, from our food, who makes our clothes – the things that keep us warm and dry.

      who builds our houses – not the men in our tribes – or we don't pack up our belongings and move on to our regular winter grounds to get set up for the cold and wet.

      we are so dosconnected from what i would consider a normal life interacting with the environment to supply us with our needs. we no longer have a feel for the coming season – or watch the plants grow to supply us with food

      we are in disconnect and it fills me with pain that we have come to this point in time where, as chief sealth, dwamish chief, stated 'continue to contaminate your bed, and you will suffocate in your own waste'

      and read the comment above that i wrote to robert west about we cannot change the universe, we have grown up in a time so disconnected from real life 

      wise people have watched as we, humans, have moved continually around to world, destroying humans as we go – as savages, as the enemy.

      the biggest enemy, i think, lies within each of us. and we struggle with it always – the dark side of our nature – but there is a light side.

      i try to stay in the light side especially because of being attacked most of my life for being – different – so i know how pain feels – pain is part of life my friend

      want to run some wise words past you –  old native proverb to help us who are alive in a world of humans.

      three things are needed in order to defeat any adversary:                   to be glad when he is right, to be sad when he is wrong, and never to behave foolishly towards him.

      four things are needed to save the world from humanity:                   accept the ignorance of others, and spare them your own.             give to them of your substance, and expect no part of theirs.

      it is so hard to be alive as a human

      take heart wise one

      much love 


  36. Ashleigh says:

    Thank you Dane to you and your family. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You always bring tears to my eyes, you are an absolutely beautiful soul. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are my hero, my light. Thank you Dane. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ashleigh, thank you for your message of support, I do not take it for granted. I feel the same gratitude you expressed toward all activists and individuals who are willing to face the gathering storm, and to make their voices heard in this epic battle for the greater good. We are all needed, all nessesary, all a part of the collective consciousness. Thank you for marching with us, Ashleigh.

    • SilentSister says:

      I second this!!:)

  37. Christina says:

    And so the destruction continues, while the sheep sleep.  I have spoken to many people about the destruction of our skies, even when I am out walking with my dog in the fields in the UK.  They look up then look away.  I try but I think so many people are completely blind to their beloved environment.  Detached.  Ho hum.


    • rebecca hart says:

      I am in total agreement with you about sleeping sheep. I have even seen several friends of mine post photos of roll clouds and admire their beauty, when they're nothing more than chemically made. In a nice way, I try to point out that they are not natural clouds, but I don't think they listen or perhaps, don't believe me.

    • Pete says:

      Hi Christina, I have been trying and trying over last weeks. I saw progress but for every step forward I now seem to be taking several back. I'm in UK too and fighting a disheartening battle with family and friends in particular right now – I am losing my temper with them! They acknowledge it looks odd when in operation, but will not look any further. And some say it just looks like normal clouds to me and if you're right, we can't do anything or tell me if you're wrong how a stupid would you feel – really!!! So I explain and explain but talk to brick walls! So many just will not ever snap out of their denial, ignorance and laziness to even watch a video, even after reading the intro letter I can't get them to go any further even when it has got their attention! At work too, running into more and more unbeliveable arrogance. Even been threatened now that if continue talking about this I may well be fired as they don't like activisum! How deep the control goes!. My response would be, so be it, and in coming years you will remember this in despair and wished you done something too! Why is it that so few of us are capable of seeing and wanting to know the truth! But after my anger I can realise why they are that way, been distracted and manipulated for so long that they're absolutely disconnected from reality. Wish I could bottle whatever it is that makes the likes of us more willing, awake & able and give it to them! I have informed many over the last month and so far only 1 person is taking it really seriously and taking action that I am aware of.

      It's so frustrating, in fact demoralising but we must hang in there. Some how, think I know what it's going to take for the sheep to awaken and even then I bet many will still believe the lies that will come out through those in power via the media! I have been looking at so many other agenda's too and it is scary, but I stay away from taliking about those subjects – what will they do in resposnse to a more awakened public! 

      In truth this whole awareness initative may well be to no prevail but we owe it to nature to try and never stop trying to awaken those who just don't want to know – no matter how much it tears at our soul. One thing I've always said long before I discovered this, is I would rather die with my integrity in place than give in do the injustce of this socitey and people's primitive way of thinking. One thing for sure without Dane and people like us the world would be an even worse place.

    • Rambo says:

      Most people say, "What can I do about it"?  I always say that, "Your complacency is your consent"!  We truly are living in perilous times.  People are so completely brainwashed on so many levels that it seems like the world has gone mad.  I consider myself an expert on 'The Matrix' and the lies of the Elites that have created the fake reality in which we live.  I can honestly say, with the highest confidence, that there is absolutely no chance to come back from this, it's only going to get worse, and we'd all better prepare both physically, mentally and most of all spiritually!  I've spent 30 years trying to wake people up and even those people who seen events unfold as I said they would still cannot bring themselves to admit that they've been SCAMMED, top to bottom.  "Pride cometh before the fall"….Get prepared because the Elites are about to bring the pain!!


  38. Nelson Martins says:

    Thank you Dane, for mentioning in this weekend's broadcast the Geoengineering and its effects in Western Europe. Portugal and Spain are drying up and burning. I know. I live in Portugal. Everyday I look up at the sky, and see a toxic mess. People here are too busy playing with their F@#kin smartphones to look around. Its HELL. Very similar to what is happening in California. The Jet Stream is manipulated in so many directions. All "Western Democratic" (Zionist Central Bank Controlled) Governments are guilty. Period. Tyranny at its finest. Total Control of the Weather, Is Total Control of the World. Stop praying  for a miracle and start fighting for our lives, and our children's lives. Thank you again, Dane.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      It's the masonic "family" that controls everything, now the meaning of the word; "democracy", is CORRUPTION!

  39. David A. says:

    Indianapolis here day after day from east to west, Criss crossing the sky. I try to let my friends and family know, but I'm blown off as wacko. Last week I had a low grade fever, no other symptoms other then head heavy, sinus's hurt, stiff  body, this happens to me two months ago? Chem-trail flu? very very dry air here….very cool for Aug, it feels like Oct already! I'm convinced they are spraying and it is affecting me.

    • Dennie says:

      @David A.:  You have barium poisoning.  Go to and order potassium citrate, also potassium with magnesium.  The barium displaces the potassium in your body, and magnesium is displaced by aluminum.  Take 8 x 99 mg. caps of the potassium citrate when your symptoms start to come on. You WILL feel better.  Also, get some kind of salve or oil and put it inside your nostrils.  Here's a list of potassium-rich foods:  Avocados, bananas, dates, figs, orange juice and potatoes are all high in potassium.




  40. Maria R says:

    Good morning all from Dalton ga,, well it's another cool morning here and it's still august if you stay outside very long you can feel that crap they spray on your skin and you can smell it or should I say your nose feels like you have put bengay up in your sinuses…….Thank you Dane for all the hard work you do….

  41. Larry says:

       Here in So Cal the bastards are spraying under the cover of darkness starting around 2:30-3:00 AM and they are flying low because they are unusually loud and wake me up .All last they created a fake white out to bring the temp down and they must be spraying CO2 and ash as their latest cocktail because In the morning I can feel and smell the orderless result of CO2 exactly like a dry ice fog at a halloween party. And I have been coughing every morning with the same tickle in my lungs I get when working around fine dust or ash. I'm so tired of this on going assault and The dumbass people that refuse to believe. I thought Trump was going to stop this shit as the apparent fake photo and story a couple of months ago stated but obviously he has been ordered to stand down. We are never going to stop it but try we must. The general public is simply too ignorant .Rhe ozone layer is gone and the sun is frying everything. The will not stop because as the UN STATED the must save the planet from global melt down so it's not going to stop .  After watching the last video of the ex CIA agent and how the shadow government actually operates . We are screwed!!! The corporate and military industrial complex is running EVERYTHING! How do the people fight that?   

    • John says:

      It's staggering to me just how oblivious entire populations are, to what our 'governments' are doing to us, what is happening above our heads, what's being injected into us, what we are eating,what we are asked to believe in the media, etc etc, I could go on and on as the list of atrocities are horrifically endless.  But in the end, it all boils down to this, people today cannot recognize evil anymore and so they are incapable of seeing what is obvious to the rest of us who are 'awake.'  The words of Ken Caldeira are truly chilling, surely the words of a demon-possessed individual who is driven by a powerful intelligence that never sleeps, both he and indeed many others in positions of power just like him. That powerful intelligence can be none other than satan himself and it certainly appears he has legions of minions all too willing to fight his war on humanity.

      Here in the UK, it's cold, wet and 'white out' yet again as another summer stolen from us and yet, no one seems to question it or bother to try and understand it – appalling!   

    • JF says:


      I live here in SOCAL, haven't seen any trails for at least a month. Strange, but there seems to be a light haze in the sky if you look real carefully.

      The sun seems a lot hotter than in years past. Even on days with mild temps, the sunlight seems very intense. Somethings wrong.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello JF, yes, the spraying has been much more covert in some regions, but it has still continued at some level in almost all locations. In many cases it can be much less visible depending on atmospheric conditions and the level of the operation. Any bright trail you see behind a jet is in all likelihood a sprayed dispersion, the short bright trails that appear to dissapate are especially prevalent with the heat of summer. We have film footage of the shorter trails being turned on and off, this is not condensation. If your skies appear silvery white when looking toward sunrise or sunset, then the air is full of particulates. The horizon to horizon trails are only one aspect of the climate engineering insanity. Changing seasons and the geoengineering objectives will again reveal the more blatant spraying patterns.

    • carlos runningwolf mendoza says:

      yes you are right….


      Chi'hene  nde

    • Dennie says:

      I'm in San Rafael, CA and it's amazing to me how nearly everyone is just. NOT. Paying. ATTENTION to reality, really.  People are sooooo divorced from the natural world, living indoors, getting around in comfortable cars, their luxurious world fueled by hydrocarbons, and the hydrocarbons burned by the war machines so that they can all continue guzzling down the petroleum that continues to fuel the machines that keep it all going.  Meanwhile, outdoors, it's like an oven here most afternoons.  I looked out my back kitchen window at the leaves of the irises and they're fried after the afternoon we survived today, and we've had hotter days.  I'm about 13 miles north of the Golden Gate bridge.  Fog's rolling back in over the bay tonight and it'll cool for a few more days, then heat back up again– WHO is doing this??  I want to say it's the ionospheric heaters (H.A.A.R.P.), but I think it's also the infrared and ultraviolet radiation that is making the heat of the sun feel just like you're being burned alive now.  It's actually sharper and hotter than it was a year ago.

  42. Dennie says:

    What kind of individuals are we fighting behind the curtain?  Here's my transcription of Ken Caldeira, Ph.D., of Stanford University:

    "I worked in Lawrence Livermore National Lab and I once participated in a meeting where we all sat around in the room and thought about how could we manipulate geophysical systems to use it as a weapon.  The meeting was about weaponizing geophysical interventions.  That means, you know, could you somehow interfere in Earth functioning in a way that you could use it as a military weapon. Could you change climate, could you, what could you do in terms of manipulating the, sort of, Earth's physical systems to use as a weapon.  Well you know, some of the ideas well, were, really okay, we could, maybe we could blow up hydrogen bombs, you know, under water off shore, and make a tidal wave that would go over a city and, you know, the result was, well isn't it easier just to drop the hydrogen bombs on the city, you know, that, that, there, now you could imagine, though, say, putting pathogens in a cloud, like the cloud, you know, would go over somewhere and then would rain down on your enemy and create, you know, do chemical or germ warfare in this kind of way, and that might work against something as big as the former Soviet Union where, you know, you could be pretty sure that in a few days that cloud would rain out."

    • Earth Angel says:

      Pathologically, criminally insane, sick bastards without a shred of morals or a conscience.. that's what we're fighting. David Keith and Ken Caldiera are absolutely the poster children for it.

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Thank you Dennie for transcribing these words for the world to see what criminal insanity looks like straight from the horse's mouth. (no offense, horsegirl and "a" simple horseman.)

      Ken Caldeira PhD's web site and contact info:

      Ken Caldeira

      Department of Global Ecology

      Carnegie Institution for Science

      260 Panama St.

      Stanford, CA 94305

      (650) 704-7212

      Check out this "research" paper that pretends Secret Large-scale Atmospheric Programs (SLAPs) don't exist. Ken Caldeira is a psuedo-science paid treasonous lying ficken psychopath

      On a much lighter note, when I meet someone who has an awareness but only knows this  war crime as "chemtrails," and never heard of GeoEngineeringWatch, what a perfect opportunity to double the impact of my effort to sound the alarm by altering that person's effectiveness in exposing climate engineering; just by telling them not to use the "chemtrail" term because it leads nowhere but conspiracy theory and hoax, and handing them a glossy flyer with directions to use the science terms and facts I have empowered  another weather warrior. Winning!

  43. renate says:

    True History that was never taught…

    This is what happened to the Native peoples and this is what the Monsters have planned for you—- and had guts enough to publish, too, as Agenda 21 and now Agenda 30. After viewing this video and

    reading these "Agendas" there should be no doubt in your mind that you need an agenda of your own:

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for posting this. It is tough to learn the heart wrenching  truths we were never taught in our history classes at school.

    • carlos runningwolf mendoza says:

      we are in the know…


      chiricahua wormspring band of apaches  chi'hene nde

  44. helot says:

    After a huge absence from the skies of Eastern Iowa, longer than any since I think the year 2012, a smattering of aerosol trials were laid across the sky beginning at about 9 a.m. this morning creating a short lived white-out sky.
    After a brief respite, one-half of the Aerosol Armada returned to this area today at 4 p.m. At one point, two long aerosol trails were on either side of the Sun, shoulder-width apart, with six inch long-lasting and round, orange rainbow bits appearing in the middle of the trails on both sides. We felt pain, pressure and aggravation/irritation [which went away at about 7 p.m., funny that] the local hospital helicopter flew overhead after as long an absence as the Aerosol Armada, I wondered if there was an uptick in heart attacks and such today, especially after all the unusual and absolutely stupid automobile driving maneuvers I witnessed in this city the day before and the wrecks reported on the news today. One guy even stole a firetruck and ran it into the river. Unusual human behavior abounded! But, I digress. Perhaps. …

    The aircraft became less numerous this evening as time went by and come 7 p.m. ALL the aircraft and trails had disappeared, leaving behind wispy horsetails which ordinarily appear to fall to the ground – only this time – the horsetails all flowed exactly horizontally and flat, which seemed unusual to me on a fairly windless day with slow moving clouds. After awhile, all that remained were small cotton ball clouds that seemed a bit, ‘out of focus’ in an odd way.

    With the large absence of aircraft for these many weeks in this area and their sudden re-emergence today, I was reminded of someones hypothesis the other day about how, ‘they’ create a thin layer above the clouds to contain everything. Earlier this week I saw very high thunderstorm clouds, which, oddly, I have not seen for a very long time, I imagine they were only allowed to form in the absence of the Armada. That led me to think, did they allow a hole in the sky to be used somehow as a vacuum to draw in the hurricane down in Texas, only to close it up today, in order to push back the hurricane after they achieved their desired results or testing?
    The observations from other people of numerous grids and trails in the States surrounding me during the absence here, supports that idea. Who knows, though, what our insane overlords are up to. I can only speculate, and hope my observations were articulated well enough to help others to understand.

    Not to worry though, the local festivals are having their largest turnouts of clueless people, ever.

    • rebecca hart says:

      I flew back to St. Louis from Maryland, and was able to get a really good look at the atrocities in our skies. The plane was cruising at 36,000 ft,, so we were flying above all of the mess. It is just a toxic blanket as far as the eye can see. Sickening!

  45. Susan says:

    Watching live cam as Harvey hit Rock Port it was rather like watching movie special effects, very mechanical. Later, after the clumsily orchestrated storm was downgraded to a Cat 2 the dirty white from the, what I surmise to be frantic aerosol spraying somewhere in the Pacific Whir ,with it's plastics and countless dead carcasses of whales, and  spraying the aerosols chemical combination that acts as a catalyst from which positioned on the oil platforms ,which were "shut down" too prematurely and rather unnecessarily with consideration of the rather amateurish display of nature  manipulation that took place,sits the scalar/microwave/electromagnetic ,baby CERNS if you will,machines which in turn "boost" the chemical aerosol catalyst which created Hurricane Harvey.

    Poorly done.

    It was nothing like SANDY!

    And now, let me share with you what I witnessed in the hours which proceeded Hurricane SANDY.

    I am quite fond of live web cams of the Ocean, Niagara Falls, Cruise Ship ports and Earthcams Statue of Liberty. The night before SANDY hit, I, as I do, worked on one computer as the other had a live streaming web cam across the bay from the Statue of Liberty. It was approximately 1:00 !;30 am. An occasional container ship would pass in front of the camera but basically it was just the beauty of deep water and all her Life below. oh, and the Statue of Liberty .

    My particular pleasure is spotting a whale come up for air, or a school of dolphins , or say, a shark in shallow waters whilst gazing at a Pompano Beach webcam . But this night it was the dark vast waters of the Gateway to America. oh, and the Statue of Liberty. I was working and out of the corner of my eye on the webcam screen I saw much water level movement going on, yet without light. What was it? Really big birds? Pelicans? Pretty sure all marine vehicles require lights at night. 

    They were jet skiers. Jet skiers with no lights on. And they were good. Rather like parachutists which work in formation. They had purpose. They weren't randomly zigzagging around and hotdogging. They were  going to different points 2 at a time and one went underwater with a light which shone through  like the color of green tourmaline. They did, whatever. Then they all gathered  together  and a non descriptive ship passed in front and I no longer could see them.

    The next day on a live news feed as SANDY was about to make landfall, behind the reporter ,in the Bay ,near the Statue of Liberty there was a guy on a jet ski! Great turbulence in the water ,a massive hurricane taking place and this guy going at an incredible speed and with great mastery of his vessel , comes to a stop, stands up with his arm extended holding a large impliment with a long telescoping antena  and is operating said aparatis with great skill. Then the reporter makes a flippant remark "Crazy guy" and that was all .  But I don't think he was 'crazy' I think he was there for a very specific reason. (this newsfeed can probably be found on the internet)

    So. What say ye?

    Could there be a connection to what I witnessed on the webcam a mere 7 to 8 hours earlier.Might explosives or triggers of some sort have been placed underwater and the jet skier was activating them to heighten the impact of Hurricane SANDY?   

    • Dennie says:

      That is really suspicious behavior.  I wouldn't doubt that those jet skiers were special ops or SEALs out doing the dirtiest of the Dirty Works of the military motherfcukers.

    • James gantz says:

      Possibly, maybe the strategic placement of oxygen bottles f

    • BaneB says:

      SF:  I also enjoy webcams.  One of my favorites is the KPU webcams of Ketchikan, Alaska.  Six images, they refresh every two minutes.  Not live streaming but no matter.  The sky is still there and those folks are being sprayed, too.  Not as rigorously,  but yep it's going on in Southeast,  Alaska.  Susan, those jet skier spooks could just as easily have been Israeli.  They too operate in NYC with immunity as 911 history has proven.  

    • Tanya says:

      I remember watching a weather report  where the reporter  said , "Steering Sandy"

    • carlos runningwolf mendoza says:

      Hard to say…

    • BaneB says:

      Tanya:  Few people realize there was a hurricane heading for the trip-state region including NYC just a few days before 911.  The drift was northwest.  But a "miracle" occurred and like magic the storm did a hard 90 degree to the east and then with continued sorcery it made another 90 and headed north and off into the northern Atlantic.  There are a number of videos on YouTube showing this, radar, regional forecasters. etc.  It would have rained on the parade of their 911 plans.  

  46. Captn.Jack says:

    Just wondering,did our guys move Harvey a bit to the east in order to sacrifice Rock Port to save all the refineries in Corpus Christy?

  47. Kevin Myers says:

    Dane, Im still amazed this hurricane happened! After 10 yrs of no hurricanes?? I wonder why they let this one come ashore?

    • Frances says:

      I was wondering the same here in Baja. After almost 30 years here, no direct hits of Odile's magnitude. Then, overnight, after a monumental clean-up period,construction started on 6 ocean-front hotels, one of which was finished in a year, thanks to 24hr hammering. I can no longer access the beach, thanks to that operation. Hotels must be a great money sink. Thanks for mentioning it.

  48. Dennie says:

    Some of the neighbors were talking about gang activity on the website yesterday, as our fair city was invaded by gang activity with a stabbing on Lincoln Avenue and a home invasion by a guy who drove over from Fremont…???  I wondered whether this wasn't provocateur-driven false flag "crimes," since they do abound, designed to frighten the sheeple into something that looks like house arrest…. At least one very vocal guy could not see the connection between socioeconomic well-being, poverty and crime, and how the destruction of the environment is going to cause an increase in poverty, then we have crime.  Umerukunz can't connect the dots because they aren't hurting enough to notice anything's wrong.

  49. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, excellent broadcast today. You are such a good teacher. Thank you, I pick something every time you teach and I "use it".

    To all my friends I haven't met yet,

    Random thoughts: At the market booth, I often get someone that walks up and boasts, "Oh, I know all about chemtrails!" You should see the look change on their face when I look them in the eye and calmly say, "they're not chemtrails". Boy does that ever mess them up, especially with the banners that are surrounding me. Then I go into the speal that we all have heard Dane repeat time and time again. Myself, I have repeated that speal so often I'm almost as polished about it as Dane.  A very low flying tanker jet flew over this morning. I'd say at 12 to 14 thousand ft ele. billowing a huge aerosol dispersion. I got a good picture with the zoom on my "camera"(not dumb phone). Once again, it was an Emirates jet. Always the low tankers are Emirates jets. Now add into that the fact that today we have almost no wind. Those particulates will do a virtual free fall. I had flies on my screen door at mid morning today and now have none this late afternoon when I usually have lots of them trying to get in the Cabin door. Yesterday, as I was doing my errands after work, I had several folks ask me how things went at the market the day before. Each spoke with great anticipation. Let me tell ya folks, "It's working my friends". Consistency, credibility and fortitude. People are learning and are catching on to what's happening above their heads. My efforts 'are' making an impact. Rome didn't fall in a day…..

    "Eva", I can't tell you how happy I am to see the photo of your booth posted here. GOOD JOB!!! my friend I haven't met yet. I wish you success in your efforts. Who's going to be next to organize a booth? There are several folks that comment here that I have great hopes that 'they' will put themselves in the public eye and give it all they got.

    "Build it and they will come". Why go searching for people to wake up when you can get them to come to you?

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘I had flies on my screen door at mid morning today and now have none this late afternoon when I usually have lots of them trying to get in the Cabin door.’

      That is so weird, I noticed the same thing today while I was grilling out this afternoon. There were a few flies about me as I started, but then after the Armada appeared the flies skedaddled. Usually they are all over me when I grill and trying to get in the door, but not on this ‘perfect weather day’.

      Strange stuff, indeed.

    • Eva says:

      To ‘a’ simple horseman:

      Thank you, my friend I haven’t met yet!  And thank you for your reports and photos of your booths!

      It was a tremendous experience and I was pleasantly surprised by the awareness of many visitors.  In addition to thanking me for the materials, many thanked me for being there to spread the word.

      It was interesting to watch those who did not stop to talk or ask questions.  I watched as they looked at and read each banner.  Hopefully a seed was planted!

      Much recognition needs to go to the group that organizes the Pagosa Springs farmers market.  After presenting my request for the booth to their board, they decided to support my efforts.  This speaks volumes of their concern for all of life on our planet.

      This booth was a one-time deal but it has inspired me to look for more opportunities in my area.  We have a holistic expo coming up next month and I will be there for two days.  I will be sure to get some photos and report back.

      Thank you, Dane, for providing materials and for and answering my endless questions.


  50. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you, Dane. This is an interesting US PATENT:

    Apparatus for producing EMP / US 8785840 B2
    Abstract: An apparatus which includes a plurality of sub-atmospheric vehicular devices; a substantially high power microwave transmitter located on each of the vehicular devices; and a waveguide for directing microwave energy from the high power microwave transmitter to a point in free space. The microwave energy from the microwave transmitters is directed from each of the plurality of vehicular devices to the point in free space.
    1. Field of the Invention
    The present invention pertains to an EMP weapon. More particularly, the present invention pertains to an EMP weapon that projects electromagnetic waves from different origins that converge at a single point.
    2. Description of the Prior Art
    In today's world there exists a need for military, police, or other entities to disengage or degrade certain hostile electronic equipment, cause premature detonation, or disable hostile explosive devices at a distance. Using conventional weapons or methods to accomplish these tasks may cause unwanted casualties or damage to certain equipment. Currently, there is no weapon or system that will damage electronic systems at a distance without potentially damaging other items or injuring people. Thus, there is a need to provide an electromagnetic weapon for degrading or destroying electronics or explosive devices that incorporates the listed benefits without the limitations inherent in present methods.
    The present invention provides an apparatus which generally comprises: a plurality of sub-atmospheric vehicular devices; a substantially high power microwave transmitter located on each of the vehicular devices; a waveguide for directing microwave energy from the high power microwave transmitter to a point in free space; and wherein microwave energy is directed from each of the plurality of vehicular devices to the point in free space. According to a second aspect hereof, there is provided an apparatus comprising: a sub-atmospheric vehicular device; at least a pair of substantially high power microwave transmitters located on the vehicular device; a waveguide being associated with each microwave transmitter for directing microwave energy from the high power microwave transmitter to a point in free space; and wherein microwave energy is directed from the vehicular device to the point in free space.

  51. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Yes, Dane, we're all dead people walking, in a way, but it has its own wisdom.  Death is as much a part of life as birth, so fear no longer need be a factor.  I'm sad you are unable to revel in restoring the forests, a purely good and valuable undertaking.  I'm sure it restored your soul.  We would never begrudge you any time spent to re-infuse the life force that carries us forward.

    We remind ourselves that how we live matters much more than how we die.  We are alive and life is precious, even our own.  My mourning process for all the people and creatures suffering and dying and for all the natural beauty destroyed proceeds.  Unacknowledged, my own agency is diminished greatly and my ability to contribute diluted. 

    We walk a tight rope.

  52. GretchenThomas says:

    Chemical ice nucleated cool down in OH this weekend again with high temps in the low 70s°F and low this morning was 49°F. Not a cloud in the sky, jets flying so high I can barely see them above what looks like an aerosol weather front moving in from the West, not clouds, just a massive aerosol white-out. According to 13ABC meteorologist (paid liar) Ross Ellet's computer modeling, we could get substantial, not much, or miss completely remnant rain from Hurricane Harvey… I wonder who actually decides when and where.

    • MAP says:

      We are noticing the same artificial cool down here in Indiana. 2 weeks ago, the manufactured cool down lasted about a week. Current one is probably going to last 5 days. Over last 4 1/2 weeks, we have received about 2/10ths of one inch of rain so we are experiencing a dry patch. I began using a nasal gel to prevent nose bleeds recently. More distant relatives and acquaintances are succumbing to the onslaught of toxicity and dying. 

  53. Bella_Fantasia says:

    From Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here:
    So, so you think you can tell
    Heaven from hell
    Blue skies from pain
    Can you tell a green field
    From a cold steel rail?
    A smile from a veil?
    Do you think you can tell?
    Did they get you to trade
    Your heroes for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cool breeze?
    Cold comfort for change?
    And did you exchange
    A walk on part in the war
    For a lead role in a cage?
    And aren't these words from an anonymous source thoroughly prescient?  I thought so, at least.
    "Until recently, mankind lived a satisfying control of its decisions. But it is losing more and more the control of its own fate because of the growing use of advanced technologies, which lethal consequences on the earthly and
    human ecosystems become irreversible. You are slowly but surely losing your extraordinary capacity to make life desirable. Your resilience will artificially decrease, independently of your own will. Such technologies exist
    that affect your body as well as your mind. Such plans are on their way."

    • penny waters says:

      where is that quote from? is it one of dane's? i live in england so am isolated from all the things you are doing across the water

    • penny waters says:

      maybe it is from your presentation.

      cannot listen to any of your presentations cos i know the things you say in my heart already – tis like the confirmation i see every day in the world

      tis like i am observing the death of humans while they still dance.

      like the old story of the ants and the cricket – the cricket plays a tune all summer and all the insects dance to its tune. then autumn begins and the ants start to put things away for winter but the cricket still plays although the ants warn it about the approaching winter. can't remember if they let the cricket stay with them – tis an aesops fable i think!

      people are talking about the 'colds', 'coughs' and 'lung problems' here  in essex and of course i mention the sky pollution, and they nod, and then a moment later they talk about their 'colds', 'coughs' and 'lung problems'

      talking heads!!

      no wonder i despair

      love is all i have

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Love Pink Floyd.

    • sue albina says:

      Bella_Fantasia, wise lady, I always appreciate your posts.  As Dane so often says, we ARE in a dire state here, and here in Alaska our northernmost state, is as you know, under constant assault with the chemically nucleated weather warfare systems perverting our natural blue skies into sunlight-blocking blankets of gray.  Our rare blue skies stolen once again today by the wicked sprayers.  I pray for the health of the children I teach.  Many have sore throats, coughs, even nose bleeds from time spent outdoors.  Such irony, the children need to be outdoors playing in nature, and now time spent outdoors has become hazardous — heaven help us!  God bless you, Dane and all of our greater soul family who post and share here in the fight for the greater good. 


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      You are too kind, Sue Albina.  If I had a car I'd have been out to see you already, and Steven meant to give me your contact information.  I'll remind him.

      If the children cannot appreciate Nature, how can they want to protect it?  And what if it makes you sick?  It worries me greatly that their lives or familiar circumstances come with an expiration date, but we cannot know when. Yet it seems irresponsible to overload them with soul crushing worries they can do nothing about.  It's a delicate balance, and you're on the front lines I understand.

      Meanwhile our Sunshine has been managed to death, and I have barely seen a bird since early summer. We're moldering.  All this rain is tropical in nature, and no one seems to notice our weather has been coming up from the South Pacific in the same pattern for over a year.  We must talk, Sue! 

  54. Jeanette S says:

    San Leandro, CA about Tues/Weds. morning 5 am. I could hear radio hum/ringin. It is not tinnitis. You can hear it if they do it before the waking up of civilization and the din. It woke me up. It was probably in conjunction with the spraying. The eclipse was through overcast skies here. Thanks to our little sociopathic friends. 

  55. Josey Wales says:

    Hi Dane.

    Passing this information on to anyone on my email list for whom I think there is even a 1% chance will listen.

    Tried to donate- the donate button does nothing (at least from here in South America)- thought you might like to know 

    • renate (BC) says:

      Yes, Josey Wales. That happen to me too. Couldn't donate, so I ordered the BOOK. 🙂 see we're listening

  56. Jeanette S says:

    Thank you Gem Faire. 

  57. Richard Mcgill says:

    Thanks for standing up and trying to awaken the sleeping masses!!!

    It’s now all in plain site a full blown de-population program.
    Thanks for standing up to Goliath!!!
    I will keep spreading your scientific exposure of the octopus of evil.
    psalms 1 and 2 address this very clearly along with a few other psalms that address the plot to kill the innocent.
    Love & God Bless you and your work!!!

  58. Irish12 says:

    With reference to the new push from the Trump administration to hasten the installation of 5G throughout America, this rapidly evolving and unfolding technology may be the most immediate danger of the moment because the installation and activation is scheduled for completion by 2021 – but likely to be complete before that date (2019-20).  Why this is so crucial is because, as the earth's catastrophic condition is being revealed to all, along with human health deterioration from many destructive programs and activities (air, food, water, vaccination) is also being discovered by people, worldwide – but, particularly, among the English speaking people of the planet (as evidenced on the web), a 5G activated system has the weapon potential to incapacitate and/or kill massive numbers of people, within range of these small transmitters and connecting towers, within seconds to minutes.  Thus, in an active, effective, weapon system such as this (though there are obviously other usages for this 5G system too), a small fraction of the elite (those not double-crossed) would be enabled to actually get to their geo-protective (for a time) underground installations and bunkers – with the majority of the public (including military, government, agency, civilian, educators, general) serving as collateral damage for the very few to escape the consequences (at least for a few years) of the people and planet that they've destroyed.

  59. Irish12 says:

    This is your most informative, up-to-date, presentation that also serves as your most inspiringly-framed message yet!  Describing your crucial message with personal perspectives and history, and with persuasive, positive, encouraging, rhetoric and appeals – along with your absolutely dedicated, accurate, scientific, research and citing of other experts and headlines, with links, and relationships that anyone, seeking more information or in doubt, can easily verify from your website (and many others still available and still to be found with search engined research activities), makes this week's presentation the most powerful of all – to date!  

    Thank you, your family, friends, and supporters, for all that you do, courageously, intelligently, and energetically, to try to save our planet – and everyone of us within.
    Kate K.

  60. Cher F says:

    Whoever I try to explain the jet spraying and HAARP and weather engineering to family member or friends, they just look at me with utter disgust and total denial.   They don't even want to discuss it.   They want to know what weird websites I'm getting my info.  
    The morning of the so-called "total eclipse," we had a lot of sprayed designs all over the morning blue sky.   The blue sky quickly turned to a gray mass.

    I have a retired air force/Vietnam jet pilot in my family that is also in complete denial.   He told me this is all normal shooting out of the planes. 
    It really makes you wonder where people's senses are these days?

    • renate says:

      Well, Dane, had to correct myself and apologize for the use of chemtrails to my son-in-law by email. The correct name would be "Weather Modification Programs", "Solar Radiation Management", "Climate Engineering". In the 60's it was called "Cloud Seeding" that was done over Woodstock.


      I returned my grandchildren after a day out on Thursday Aug 24th and noticed and pointed out a jet laying a chemtrail, son-law started an argument saying it's a contrail. He said to me that he would never check your site. By reading the comments here I know I'm not the only one going through this. Pretty sad, I have 4 grandchildren by him.

      For years now I have a sign on the back window of my car advertising One would think my family would check this site out. (welcome to the club Cher)

    • penny waters says:

      i don't actually think that most people can handle the truth – makes me think that they are the ones that have caused the problem in the first place – by denial – by letting the system take over, instead of acting within it

      tis like my mum and her alzheimers – denial by everyone around until it was unable to be denied

      and then everyone left my mum and dad to it whilst i came emotionally closer and closer until asked to move back in with them – even though i had asked if i could move back in with them some years before because i was struggling with the way the world was going

      and whenever anyone did come, my mum was treated as if she was a wheelchair – not a human struggling to come out of herself

      i watched others telling their relatives with alzheimers that they were wrong and couldn't remember things and were doing wrong things – nothing like rubbing your damn nose in it 

      oh you can't cope – lets remind you you can't cope

      was stopped by the police the other day and found out that i had forgotten to get the mot on my car –  i talked to the man like a human being living in a crazy world and he asked me where i was going – to get some concrete to underpin my house – was having to do it cos no-one would help me

      he told me he had been in the army and then became a policeman  – and when he heard of my troubles he let me off the £100 fine – told me it was discretionally

      so he was part of the system but used it according to his morals – if everyone did that we wouldn't have the situation that we now all face

      he took responsibility for his part in this life

      so even in the depth of watching 'talking heads' there are people who still think for themselves and do accordingly.

      we have a situation here, in this country where many europeans come here and undercut the working men , many polish men working in the building sector – and now poland wants to stop migration from the middle east and north africa – don't know if you hear about the 1000's of young men fleeing from areas where their environment is degraded. coming across the mediterranean and demanding a place and work and/or asylum.

      throwing their passports away – they know the lies to tell – shame they don't tell the truth that it is about their environment – their countries still have rich folk who live well whilst their people have to run away

      so poland doesn't want any migrants but wants us to take them???

      europeans can work in this country and send their money 'back home' – not putting it back into our economy – so we are becoming weaker and weaker

      tis interesting to see the economics in europe cos germany has the strongest economy (uses much slave labour) (change the word economy for war machine) with france backing thm up – and now poland, alongside other countries that are now complaining about the effect on their economies 

      go back 100yrs – look at european history – go back 78 yrs – look at european history 

      tis all being played out again – swopping physical war for economic war – how bizarre!!!

      another thing – not told in the open – that dreadful fire in west london – block of flats caught fire – 40 mattresses were found in one flat!!! – that's not something that is reported in the news – but many english people still talk to each other about what is really going on 

      shame i can't get them to look upwards – too much going on around them maybe – english people are under attack from all sides – and i mean ordinary english people. 

      irish scots and welsh are allowed to have a culture that is recognisable but if english people object to anything they are cursed and abused – has been happening since the 1960's – after the war when they felt the power of the people from fighting in the war and then coming back to the slave market – they had found their voice and power – but it was crushed again – this time by the labour party – taken over by the university trained labour politicians – usually sons of conservative landed gentry – not the original working men and the intellectuals with heart and understanding

      what can i say – how can we stop humans being so selfish and stupid 

      cannot believe that 'they' think that they can 'work' the weather – like a machine – tis like the idea that became prevalent in the so-called renaissance – that everything is machine like – that we can do what nature does and better!!!!

      the skies are always a 'white- out' the sun burns through – and i mean burns through. 

      asked a young man with ginger hair and a pale skin who was working in a car park -red faced and sweating profusely – why don't you wear a hat – he said he wasn't allowed

      the human world is quite mad

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Cher F, Give your retired AIr Force family member the information on the High Bypass Turbofan, Jet Engine. Let him look at Facts. Then see what he has to say. FYI

  61. L says:

    One method I have found for trying to drive the information home to people via a group I belong to is to post notes I make from each of these weekly broadcast installments below the newsfeed that is set up. Whilst it requires extra time and effort on my part, I do it knowing full well that many who don't listen to the installments will read the notes! It really is an uphill battle trying to overcome the resistance of people to information they do not want to hear or believe!

    • Jeanette S says:

      For this issue, and the other I am involved in, I do that as well. Everyone is busy and I think it is good to tell them what you deem newsworthy and give them a brief and let them decide if they need updating on that topic.

  62. Ruth E says:

    Woonder why all the fires only occur on public lands…$$$$ and opening these areas to logging and roads is exempt from all environmental review/  CDF is on salary, FS is on hourly, plus OT plus hazard pay. Next years budget is what they wpend on this years activities.  

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