Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 5, 2017


Dane Wigington

The signs of desperation from the dying US empire are everywhere. The empire is, at this point, more desperate than ever before. Sanctions are now implemented against any country that does not bow down to “US interests”, but how much longer will the global community tolerate such tyrannical behavior? Will Rex Tillerson further fuel global discontent by re-writing the State Department's mission and dropping the “promoting democracy” part from it? Are the Trump administration and Russia collaborating together behind the scenes about doubling down on geoengineering? How much longer can the web of life stand up against the completely out of control military industrial complex and the global climate engineering assault they are waging? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

We are in the twilight hours of the reality we have all formerly known, daunting challenges are now very near for us all. The current window of time is the most critical in the battle to sound the alarm for the greater good, we must all do our part.

This week's outreach booth is at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


214 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 5, 2017

  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The aerosol layers produced from Solar Radiation Management, are never reported in the Sky Condition column on weather observation charts. These artificial layers are usually in the sky from 20,000 to 25,000 feet above ground level (AGL). GeoEngineering is a form of sky obscuration, as is smoke, fog etc. When I was in the Navy, I reported and recorded any obscuration to the celestial dome (sky). Nowadays, Weather Observers are covering/masking the true condition of the sky, by not reporting those GeoEngineered layers!

  2. marc says:

    Call me a dumb-bunny, but I'm a little perplexed by something. If we acknowledge that there appears to be a power structure salivating at the prospect of a "-blue-ocean-event" in the Arctic (for all the obvious reasons), then WHY exactly would they even bother to ramp up geoengineering in the Arctic???? Does anyone honestly think they (power structure a-holes) give a rat's ass about preserving some kind of artificial "equilibrium" in the global weather? If the alleged spraying/ice-nucleating occurring in the Arctic is nothing more than a means to psy-op the American public with artificial cool-downs, that is one thing. But should we really accept this conclusion??? Is the power structure's need to flummox the American public greater than their desire to open shipping lanes and oil-drilling operations in the Arctic?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, the scenarios we face are much more complex than you have described. All available data makes clear that climate engineering has been utilized for countless purposes, weather warfare, trying to slow the melting of the polar regions (while making the overall climate disintagration far worse in the process), trying to mask the true severity of climate disintagratioin from the population for as long as possible (by confusing and dividing public opinion on the true state of the climate with constant engineered chemical cool-downs which temporarily lower surface temperatures), there is still much more to the equation. I would suggest taking the time to veiw some of the power point presentations located on the home page of , there is much more detail given in these presentations. 

    • marc says:

      Thank you, Dane, for your response. But I reiterate my main question and perhaps there is no clear answer: Why ice-nucleate the hell out of the Arctic when there are corporate monsters waiting to devour the region? I understand very well the complexities of this whole issue, including the concept of "buying time". While I do not hold a candle to your grasp of the totality of what's going on, I think my question was a worthy one, even taking into account all the tangential cards the power structure might want to play in this complicated poker game. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      I will try to add more clarity to my answer, Marc. As you stated, there are, of course, countless disaster capitalists who’s sole purpuse is to produce a profit from any unfolding calamity. This fact however does not in any way negate even bigger picture agendas being carried by those that are truly at the top of the power structure pyramid. Forgive the shorter response that I am giving, Marc, I am already so buried with tasks in this battle that I cannot begin to keep pace (though I will of course continue to try). I have tried to supply more detailed information in the many presentations available at, I hope you will continue to investigate and consider the complexity of the many agendas being carried out by those behind the curtain.

  3. BaneB says:

    Central Mendocino update:  Very smokey here.  Eyes watery and burning.  Distant views totally whited out.  The smoke will increase the daytime temperature.  And breathing these mixed bag of pollutants makes for health issues and labored breathing.  Maybe, like last year, the weather controllers will allow Northern California to have early rains. But, given these creatures are not normal beings but the high priest of the religion of science, their schedule is anyone's guess.

    • Hello Bane, I have also noticed the smoke from the fires I even see smoke haze outside right now in Sonoma county CA.

      I have this quirky feeling  that this upcoming season is going to be dry, however, we just have to wait and see you usually never know what is going to happen in detail.

      One thing we can't say for sure is that weather manipulation is done through the knowledge of Geodynamics, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, Geometry and other fundamental principles of science I recommend we all make an effort to learn in order to gain a better understanding of what is happening and unfolding and to be rich in knowledge and have a sharp sword  of knowledge in the battle of exposing and halting climate engineering.

      California Offshore Clearing 2015 > very obvious rectangular cut  geometrically speaking in the cloud cover.

      If you think what you should be able to see is an illusion from an abstract cloud cover, run this image through filters that contrast making the bright in the image brighter and the dark in the image darker and your could verify the geometric design that cannot naturally happen.

  4. Frank - PHL says:

    We talk about the "elites" all the time. We know what it means. We mean the largely invisible super rich and powerful that pull the strings that make the evil, invisible things happen in our society,

    I want to talk about another class of elites – the plain, old visible professionals we call doctors, lawyers, climate scientists, etc. I call for not a disrespecting of the class, but a derespecting of them, meaning a realization that they are ordinary people in situations of power that they do not really have the wisdom to hold.

  5. rose says:

    Here in Gulf coast Florida High temperatures being underreported

    I know what 90 feels like compared to 100. During the hottest part of the day the 24 hr local weather and news reports 7 to 10 degrees difference. Ive been recording it the last 2 weeks because its been so hot here and knew what they were reporting was way off. For example 8/9  at 4:42 pm My thermometer said 100 and local weather channel  reporting  91. I know there  can be some variation on temperature depending on where thermometer is put but i know its been LOTS hotter than they are saying. Later on when temperature goes down to say 88 they report closer to the temperature i have.But in late afternoon when temp climbs to 99 or 100 they say 91. Anyone else notice this? And with the heat index it feels like 105 and above. 

         They were  spraying black trails 3 or 4 weeks ago. I haven't seen  the white trails for awhile like i have for the past 6 or 7 years that i've been aware of what they were doing. We have had lots of cloud cover. So i wonder if they spray at night? Or up above the clouds or in the clouds.. We have had a few days here and there with sun. The other day the sky looked like it should,  blue and natural looking, white fluffy clouds. Today very cloudy and clouds looked  fake. Looked like they were filled with something and color didn't look normal. Maybe they were filled with smoke or whatever they spray.

  6. Andy says:

    Jest stream postitioned "more south than normal" –

    Oh, really…? Crazy weather continues in Europe after "lucifer" heatwave brought temperatures over 40°C throughout much of the south. 

  7. Joseph L says:

    It's Official: 2016 … Planet's Hottest Year on Record


    I hope you add this into your show for tommorrow,  — Of course no mention of  geoengineering.

    More than 450 scientists from more than 60 countries contributed to NOAA's State of the Climate report, which confirms that 2016 was the hottest year on record. The report also details several other record-breaking events in 2016: greenhouse gases hit their highest recorded concentration in nearly one million years; 12 percent of the earth endured severe drought; alpine glaciers retreated for the 37th year in a row by an average of about 3 feet (1 meter); and global sea levels hit a record high.


  8. BaneB says:

    My mind is being diverted from the Geoengineering crisis to WAR.  The Empire desperately needs a diversion to refocus wayward attention by many who are waking up to the myriad of cons drowning in so much corruption that one is hard pressed to comprehend the width, breadth, and depth of the proverbial swamp that waits to be drained.  Don't hold your breath!  This Creature From The Black Lagoon will fight til death, gladly taking us all out with it.  A war with NK is something the nation should desperately avoid.  It could well become the trigger to a much larger cataclysm of unthinkable proportions.  The stakes are very very high. Both Russia and China… Vladavostok is six miles from NK's border; and China shares a1,200 mile border with NK.  President's Trump's phrase about 'fire and fury like the world has never seen' is truly a bizarre piece of utterance.  It has a surreal quality and as such ought to cause pause by the more sober minded to put the brakes on the hysteria coming out of Washington and the MSM.  In this day and age warfare ought to be unthinkable.  Hubris, arrogance, and the Wolfowitz Doctrine could bring about that where we dare not tread.

  9. The power structure is losing in my academic corner.  Onstage threats of hacking, curtailed movement, and forced compliance with spurious laws (such as bring-your-gun-to-campus days) were preempted by more immediate concerns of aerotoxic syndrome during international travel. (Yes, I introduced that one.)

    There comes a time when a savy group of people wakes up and realizes "this game is rigged and we've been duped." That time is now.

    • And the very same "berate/intimidate-the-faculty-while-distracting-from-real-issues" campaign, which I recently experienced, occurs in the excellent book Walking the Color Line by Mark Perry.

  10. Frank - PHL says:

    As of right now (2 pm EST) it looks like Dane was right again. China is saying it will back up North Korea if we strike first. WWIII might be closer than you think.

    • BaneB says:

       Frank -PHL:  Dissemination.  Recall the bizarre US program known as Atoms For Peace?  Granted, the underlying reason for this was to gain and maintain control over the inexorable spread of atomic secrets and technology.  Peaceful power plants.  Of course the other reason was there was a great big bucket of money to be earned building the nuke plants for other nations.  The IAEA was the global inspector to make sure no one cheated and diverted spent fuel into nuclear weapons.  India and Pakistan, mortal enemies, have nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems.  Where is the hysteria about those two nations possessing "the bomb."  I do not see protestations about that.  And one would believe Israel, another nuclear power with delivery capabilities including submarines, would have public hysteria over Pakistan's weaponry.  The US made no threats against any of the three.  And seems quite comfortable with the nuclear status quo.  But North Korea is unique?  Why?  Is this an excuse to put US troops and missiles south of Vladovostok?  Because there was no peace treaty signed after the Korean War?    Okay, sign one.  NK has the bomb.  Reality check!  The posturing is not warfare.  Shout, scream, threaten.  But, the history of warfare is full of unintended consequences.  And we know who the victims are……you, me, the civilian populations.  We pay dearly for idiotic decisions that lead to war.  The last 100 plus years is piled high with the burned corpses of us and our children.  We ARE the front lines!  JUST SAY NO!  

  11. Christina says:


    Here's weather whiplash, Italy had heatwave now it's snowing.  Madness!


  12. Nina says:

    Portugal is ablaze again with dozens of wildfires. Over 2000 firefighters involved. The smell of the smoke really strong here last night. Really frightening.

    • rose says:

      Nina i really feel for you and  all the people suffering due to the fires and smoke. I have a friend in Washington state about 2 hrs SW of Seattle, she had been outside and her throat was affected, i could here it in her voice. She said it had been very hot there and lots of . She said Seattle hadn't seen rain for 53 days. Not normal at all. Leaves on trees already turning red and grass all brown. She said the orca whales were dying off because of lack of food.

    • rose says:

      I left out of my comment and " lots of smoke" she said. Everyone is miserable she added.  Sorry but it's 3 am and im tired.

  13. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet, and some I have,

    Today was Farmers Market #14, 8 more to go. The market was busy today. It was 90 smokey degrees. Yet again, our booth was very hard to not pay attention to. Thank you Dane, Ben and Steve. I had 7 banners hung up and one reader board. The front table was full of printed articles, 20 page pamphlets and flyers. The horseman was on his game today. The battle was well fought. Ignorance is on the run. Any momentum lost in my absence when I went to Redding has been made up and then some, just as I predicted. I am grateful it only took a week to regain ground in this fight. And it is a fight, make no mistake about it. I take great pride in recognizing when someone walks up to our booth in search of answers. They recognize what they see on the banner pictures but do not understand the wording accompanying them. I have all the time in the world to teach them about what they have seen and try my best to help them realize what they will see in our skies in the future. It is good to know that the best warriors in this battle are good teachers. Patient, kind and giving.

    There were several notable visitors today. One was a local gal about my age. She was curious and had great questions. I sent her off with a flyer and a few printed out articles from She did the rounds of the market and then I noticed her sitting at a picnic table reading the articles. She sat there for quite a while. Time enough for me to choose a few more articles to hand to her while she was sitting down and learning. I thanked her for taking the time to read them. She stated that she did not realize she was so "ignorant" to what was happening all around us. A gentleman tourist stopped by. He lives over on the west side of the cascades. His company recovers methane from the cattle/dairy industry and puts the residuals safely back into the system. Boy was he surprised when I handed him several printed out articles regarding methane mitigation. I also informed him of the massive methane releases happening globally. I'm sure he will be checking out and learning from this site. I may look like a hillbilly, but I can talk engineering with the best of them. The last two visitors of note completely made all my efforts worth the time and expense I go to to get the word out. Jerry and Marion live over the ridge from me. What delightful and aware people. Marion was so pleased to see the booth and what I was doing for the greater good that she promised to come back and spend some time with me talking about what is happening in our current times with geoengineering and microwave manipulation. I hit several different topics of concern to all of us here and they were already kind of in the know. It was good to be able to send them off with a DVD, a 20 page pamphlet and several printed out articles. I can't wait to speak with them again. It's nice to know I am not alone in this little corner of the world. Lastly, a young man stopped by because he saw the booth last week and did a little checking on the net and had some very valid questions. He, like myself, is a carpenter and builder. Folks like us pay attention to what's up in the sky. He is building his own small home for his family not far from me. I know 3 of his close neighbors. I hope he makes it through the winter here. It did me good to learn of a young person that is willing to have an open mind and learn. By the way, this young man has two little kids that are not vaccinated. I damn near gave him a hug. I did tell him I was proud of his choice to protect his children.

  14.  You have skin cancer vaccines (

     I am not implying that the vaccine is dangerous or that it doesn't work, what I am trying to point out is that we wouldn't need to have a vaccine for skin cancer have we not damaged the ozone layer and the atmosphere so again now we have to rely on the beast aka the corrupt provider for our security and protection at a potential fee.

    Skin cancer is not something we get unless we are exposed to something toxic like the UV radiation and possibly X-Rays.

    We wouldn't need geoengineering to suppress hurricanes have we not triggered global warming, we wouldn't need GMOs have we not contaminated the soil.

    There are lots of examples of masking the problem not fixing it.

    • Dennie says:

      I wonder when "they" will come out with a vaccine that "cures" 1. Greed; 2. Stupidity; 3. Heartlessness; 4. psychopathic personality traits, such as terminal narcissism (Peter Pan syndrome, we remain entitled children the rest of our lives, NO responsibilities whatsoever to anything or anyone–!!!) and lack of empathy, as in "it never occurred to me to think I might walk ten steps in your shoes.."

    • Frank - PHL says:

      Everything is so screwed up. Why do hospitals have radioactive crap that generates radioactive waste that we don't know what to do with? Oh yeah, to treat people with disease. Let me repeat – we use radioactive poison to treat disease.

      I heard like 30,000 good people died last year because of the opioid epidemic. Most epidemics go on because we don't know the cause. Hey, wake up, medical establishment, stop making your pain pills, you jerks. We are better off with the pain.

      I just had a (rare for me) urinary tract infection (UTI). These are serious and can lead to kidney damage, etc. You have to deal with it. I called a doctor to see what it would cost to get antibiotics from such a genius as him. It was $159. Three days ago I consumed 2 bulbs of garlic. That's a lot. Next day I ate one, then one more today and all my symptoms are GONE. Why do we listen to these airholes? And then they will tell you the germs are getting antibiotic resistant. Hey, wake up!. I cured myself with Garlic for $2. I don't want to see you, Doctor. I want to scream it in the street, but this will have to do.

  15. Rachel Robson says:

    Oh my All, Today I read a news article about millions of acres of US farm land crops dying, virtually dead and cannot be saved, salvaged.  This honor goes to Monsanto and BASF whatever the hell that one is, I do suspect Bayer, but don't know yet.  This due to their joint, brand new product version of dicamba.  A pesticide.  This new version has something called Xtendi attached to it, also attached to it was a legal, binding refusal by Monsanto to test it first!!!, yet the EPA gave it a pass.  What they did not want tested is referred to as volatility, by which they mean its ability to drift far afield.  And it did, of course.  And there went everything, not every single thing but a Huge amount.  This testing refusal was abnormal.  The EPA passing untested was abnormal.  This entire thought process to my way of thinking is massively abnormal.  Of course Monsanto thrives on abnormal, their dreams are our nightmares!

    And just when I thought there might be slight good news on the food front.  That owing to Donald offing some hopes of TTP, which actually pleased me.  Does not please people who raise pigs and other meats which are sold to other countries and according to those farmers, without those foreign sales, they cannot possibly make ends meet.  So, like an idiot I thought, well good, why should we feel forever that it is up to us to supply, bolster the raising of pigs or cattle or hideous chicken farms.  Turns out Mexico was a huge buyer of 'our' pork.  It did then hit me that prices would go up.  But combine the I was glad it died TTP with this dicamba debacle, and we are likely screwed faster than I thought.

     I've been fighting them for so many decades.  It is more than their monstrous foods, it is their methods and privilege I cannot abide.  They act like the mob, the old mob that for all practical purposes died but for Monsanto grabbing that template.  These idiots did to our soils and foods what geoengineering did to our skies.  AND they both joined forces!!!!  And, not a damn thing one can do about it.

  16. Andy says:

    I thought it was too good to be true…..but for the lst 6-8 weeks in North Scotland hardly any chemtrails…..short ones, occassional 'broken' ones…..but most aircraft leaving no trail whatsoever, not even a contrail……the today (well, started last night about 9pm)……chemtrails being left behind almost all commercial traffic, today more then ever….part of me thought some kind of divine intervention had occurred prior to this seeing as we had 2 months of ardly any chems polluting the sky as any attempt to 'trail' was just dispersing into nothing in the blue skies we had…..seems the project for here is back on track……and yesterday evening when the sky ws a deep mid blue just after sunset we had a similar event where a Germania Airlines flight went over (cheap German flights heading to Iceland) left a broken trail similar to the recent video of the pilot switching on/off on/off as seen here… it was signalling to us …..oh if only TOW missiles were allowed for public use

    • Neill says:

      Hi Andy,

      Yes, I too noticed much the same over the UK recently though, I believe they had changed their modus operandi for a while choosing instead to spray heavily over the Atlantic and move it inland.  The usual format is back with a vengeance now with total white-out with accompanying falling aerosol mist and cold temperatures more akin to winter!  Insane.

      Some of you might be interested in looking at this leaked weather modification document.

    • BaneB says:

      Neill:  Is this document a translation?  The reading of this leaves me wondering about the use of the English language.  The flow is disjointed.  

  17. Teri says:


    this will affect how we get the word out on geoengineering. google is planning more censorship. their intent is to MAKE people BETTER. and only approved establishment science can be seen and talked about. but only bits and pieces they want the slave race to see as well i am sure. goes right along with the continuous dumbing down of the population. not too tough to do with the internet of things in place. everything down the memory hole. erased. much like geoengineering and its denial changing to now being mainstream and ''necessary''. so too is the news of its affects. those can be erased and censored. this is the elimination of knowledge and free speech and only ''approved'' knowledge and speech is allowed. Google intends to be at the forefront of the censorship. They intend to lead the way to destroying knowledge that isn't government or science approved. 

    • Dennie says:

      The nature of information is that it spreads… the internet, folks, is just the LATEST way to spread information, NOT the "only" way to spread information.  THE CAT IS OUTTA THE BAG in regard to the reality of geoengineering programs– only a moron could not see these going on right over their heads.  YOU CANNOT "MAKE" a WILLFULLY BLIND person change their "perception," any more than you can get a tiger to stop being striped– and you'll be a much happier camper once you "get" that– 

  18. Randall says:

    rain in Arctic 

    rain in Antarctica

    brushfire in greenland

    paul beckwith stating mixing of jet streams of northern and southern hemispheres

    vaccines mandated most schools

    wildlife crashing ( insects birds mammals fish, etc. ) 

    government abuse of monies

    corrupt politicians 

    still nobody marches


    • On that point, there is too much fatigue and oppression, too many gag orders, too much risk for your income aka your lifeline and the most significant one… too little desire to march for the greater good.

    • herb says:

      Pce my brother


    • Retribution says:

      If anyone can tell me if ever David Keith is next in the UK, where and when, I'll make one helluva statement for you to see…..likewise if anyone knows where and when Tony Blair will be at any given point in time, then ditto on that

  19. in the blink of an eye, yes, but it also sometimes seems that this cataclysmic sinking of the Titanic is happening at a snail's pace … which makes it easy to lapse into apathy … picking myself back up to face the wind and behave honorably

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Environmental collapse is going to help usher in the beast system, also known as corruption.

      When our water gets polluted, we will have to go to the beast to get our water when we can no longer grow our own food we will have to go to the beast to get our food, we are already having to go to the beast to keep us healthy enough to survive aka going to the doctor.

      1 in 5 (20%) have a deemed mental disorder and 1in 2 have a chronic illness detected and that is aside of other alarming statistics such as the cancer statistics to name one.

      The beast is your lifeline you either comply or he will cut you off and you would perish.

      Replace the word beast with government and you should know what I am talking about.


      • August 8, 2017 at 10:35 am

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Color me stupid, but I don't get it. You traveled by yourself, all the way across the country and back. Did you not expect the need for some decompression time after your journey to Redding? Nice to know that you once again have your face to the wind. I doubt that you slipped into apathy. You seem to be to sharp for that notion. Mary, my friend I have now met and even given a hug to, please, don't sell yourself short. Maybe, just maybe… the feelings you hold to your own thoughts will bring you to greater aspirations. "It could happen"(grin). When I met you, I felt a great presence. You have great energy Mary Hollowell. It came through, please, take my word for it. What you think matters, to me. Who you are is something I am proud to know. "Honorable".

      Hope that helps,

      Mike Torrence,

      'a' simple horseman

  20. Michel B says:

    Politically speaking, 'Progressive' means the bad guys are achieving their goals of control and destruction. It is an Orwellian use of the word that should cause alarm in the aware just as it causes glee in those perverting it.

  21. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "The Ponderosa Report", (fifth attempt),

    This report is dedicated to BaneB, truly a friend I haven't met 'yet'. BaneB wrote of digging a "bolt hole". Sorry I didn't think of it myself. I'm sure that "some day" that notion will save my life. Like BaneB, the next time 'they' try to burn me out, I'm not going anywhere. Smart land management and a few survival facilities. "Kiln dried forest" is what really got my attention, my blood flowing. What an accurate term. It exactly describes what I see happening to my Ponderosa. This year I have witnessed the tops of fruit trees on irrigated land flashing out brown. I've never seen that before. The natural habitat that I live in is seriously kiln dried. Again, good term considering the UV index these days. Not just the Ponderosa here in my area, but all Ponderosa across Washington state. The other pines down south of me are in the same state, "slow death". 40 some hours on a bus, you see these things. Time and time again, I search for something to keep me going, moving forward. My trees will all be dead in 3 or less years. My small natural yard is being taken out by voles. There was a time when there was enough to go around. Now days the pickin's are slim. Nature will continue to find balance, though it's not pretty. Hundreds of Ponderosa dying a slow death, and that's just on my property. The forest service land beside me is no different.

    And BaneB, get an oxygen tank and a mask. It's not much expense and it will keep you alive in that bolt hole. I'm going to see if my neighbor will come up with his backhoe and dig me one. The next time the fires come, I'm going to turn the Mustangs loose and 'I' am not going anywhere. Like you BaneB, I live on the top of a knoll jutting out from a mountain side, "a ridge". And also, I'm not the six million dollar man, so I also can not out run a 60 MPH wind driven fire.

    "All that is left is to stand up and fight for the greater good"…….

    • Dennie says:

      In Norse and Germanic epic poetry there is a foretelling of the "twilight of the gods," when their power wanes and they disappear.  Richard Wagner wrote a series of operas based on the legends of the Norse gods, the famous "Ring Cycle" (coming to S.F. War Memorial Opera House in 2018, don't miss it), including the last four operas, titled "Twilight of the Gods."  In it, there is a very famous "fire music" scene, in which Valhalla catches fire and is entirely burnt, a whole paradigm wiped out by fire (complete with finger-busting nasty violin part, often found on audition lists–!!)  So I guess I'll be fiddling while Rome burns.  Looks like we're due for another massive destruction-by-fire event, the magnitude of which we've never seen, or could have possibly imagined…

    • BaneB says:

      'a' simple horseman:  Thank you for your suggestion.  And for the 'shout out':-).   The lines here are looking sicker by the year.  Many have died.  Yes, living on top of a dying forest is taking a big risk.  We had three days of super cells billowing up east of here over the Yolla Bollys.  And fires from lightning strikes.  Two days each there were three rain drops at the edge of these cells that made it party over to my area.  These cell were hit with RF microwave and collapsed into puddles of "cotton candy."  I did hear jets but the grunge glare has been so intense that it's nearly impossible to see through it. Flight Aware showed no aircraft over this area.  Thus they are probably military or other covert planes checking on those cumulus monsters.  Anyway, back to the bolt hole, I still need soil on top.  I am behind with so many other chores begging for my attention.  You have caused me to remember to check out the water backpack equipment to knock down spot fires.  

  22. Propaganda article from my local media

    SB277 is unconstitutional and invasive, no religious or skepticism exemptions really???

    In the case of my child can get yours sick so I have to risk injuring mine I pick mine over yours and it should be my right to do so.

    Why won't you stop eating your hot cheetos and MC Donald's and then you won't get as sick as often and severely.

  23. horsegirl says:

    Here I am, an artist tearing the proverbial hair out.  Been webcam surfing all over.  Decided to check in back with former stomping grounds of the Arizona/Mexico border.  Bisbee, anybody ever been there?  Remember the colors (one side venture is custom notecards – I have photos to prove it)?  The light?  Check out this picture:  no color.  NO COLOR like before, almost none at all:

    Bisbee is about an hour's walk from the border.  This is what we figure is a nanoparticulate durveillance blanket which is part of the border wall boondoggle.  How many here have also lost color?  Which is to mention nothing of what has perished of all living prospect.  Stupid for grief here, lost for words.

    • horsegirl says:

      Webcam tour epilogue:  had a heck of a time finding webcams of Redding.  A surfeit of webcams no longer working, moved to fruitless locations, etc.  Finally found transportation webcams of highways, camera pointed groundward with not a splinter of sky visible. 

  24. I know Dane Wigington has been on Alex Jones to try to further spread the good message, I salute him for that it is honorable, however, if any of you still support Alex Jones or Donald Trump or his opposition even you are not honorable.

    Trump, Hillary, Obama doesn't matter Prison for all, don't you think?

    And Infowars needs to shut up and stop calling CNN fake news because you know what they actually make CNN look pretty good in other words they are both fake news.

    The way Alex Jones speaks is So uncivilized and unprofessional and he lies a lot and has an eat-right agenda he buys into the left right paradigm.

    Want real news best news is global alert news and Ring of Fire and a few others out there.

    What is happening to this country is disgraceful possibly a new low.

    Trump the narcissistic lawless is a dangerous baboon.

  25. Dennie says:

    Everyone:  Marin County is getting an electronic billboard…:  Another spot for "Stop Toxic Climate Engineering" notices?  What say?

    • Frank - PHL says:

      Yeah, and maybe some new words, like;

      Believe what you see…. Geoengineering is real,,, Stop it

      You know the sky is an epic fail ,,,,, Stop Geoengineering

      The sky is killing you………. Stop Geoengineering

      Only you can prevent poison from the sky ;;; Stop Geoengineering

      You can stop the poison skies … Stop Geoengineering

      Why is the sky so screwed up? ,,, Stop Geoengineering

    • herb says:

      stop geoengineering > hey I know what would cool the planet,,, nuclear winter. Think I threw up in my mouth..

  26. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Returning home to the USA after seven years of living in New Zealand, I chose the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State where I had lived during the 1980s. My experience here has changed my naive perception of the military as protection, instead what I found was the fact that the military cares not for the people or for their own soldiers and pilots! The level of arrogance and right to do as they please, regardless of the consequences, is evident here in this once beautiful ocean of cedars, which has been turned over to an electronic warfare zone, EW. I did testify to my local congressman, and a few days later found masses of some kind of chemical sulfide dumped all up and down my driveway, probably delivered by helicopter at night. We are collateral damage and frankly they don't care about the consequences to our health or their pilots from the radiation emitted from their "programmable preemptive pods" that appear to be something like baby HAARPs, or the other interferometer transmitters placed in our once pristine forests. Nothing will stop the Navy ever! Short of total collapse. I am watching my trees, praying they don't begin to die. My hands are trembling too often as the now smoked filled air here is inundated with radiation and metalized.

    • horsegirl says:

      I am choking on tears reading your testimony.  Which resonates to a painful degree.  We have no doubt of your every word.  The filth, the pedophocracy, the shimming pile of excrement they are who do this to earth and her inhabitants.  We finally had to move, got so sick we really thought we were at death's door.  Not perfect by any means where we now reside, but radically superior to the cesspool of southern Arizona.  I don't know if you're at the point we were, of having to forsake an area we previously found anomalously beautiful and pristine.  Prayers for you always, and for the wisdom to know what to do.  So sorry for your frightful loss.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Susan Ferguson:  I clearly remember reading when you posted the almost unbelievable and true story of the snarkster fighter pilots who snarked and dissed the older folks who objected to their order-following poison-dumping government-approved aerial and other frolics, targeted specifically to the complaining parties' coordinates– Stoopid military "order followers," dumb-ass human trash desperate for ANY kind of money– Hell, these walking blobs of protoplasmic toxic waste'd probably drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aide as long as their "superiors" ordered that they "had" to– the little white (and other color) dumbshits–  In which case they would receive every last thing they deserve.

    • MAP says:

      As Usual Susan, you are spot on with your observation of this dire situation. We are just collateral damage for The System as some call our reality. Over the past 100 years, Western Society was basically bought off by This System. Only a tiny amount of people are likely to dissent. What's the saying? Do not bite the hand that feeds you. And the hand that feeds every one is The System.

      And as usual, I will call This System what I believe it to be: Modern Day Fascism. Hitler and his evil machinations have nothing on the evil being unleashed to Mother Earth and The Masses as we trudge along in our Modern Day Concentration Camp. No need for round ups and camps, just deliver it straight to the people in their own environments.

      I heard an interview the other day and the guest stated something like the following: Fascists destroy their hosts, Fascists perpetrate Fraud against their allies, Fascists rely on War, and Fascists permit Extreme Fraud. That about sums up the situation.

    • Kathy says:

      It is a white out in all of Washington state. I believe this is far more than smoke. In fact a smoke screen for yet another horrific unannounced test over us. The temps have been lower than originally predicted. Largest SRM over a population yet it seems. Wish I had proof beyond my own 2 eyes and physical symptoms. Cant stay outside longer. Than 5 minutes. Heart beats rapid and chest is tight glands etc and each passing day seems to be a heavier white out than day before. Something is lining up with this "smoke " story. How many wildfires have we been thru and I cant remember a single one that socks in an ENTIRE STATE. 

    • Kathy says:

      Correction in bottom statement.. something ISNT lining up with this smoke story.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Susan, So sorry you are living with these malicious stooges wreaking havoc all around you at such a fever pitch. Prayers go out to you and all the other people, innocent animals and plant life suffering around you. I don't know how the ignorant neanderathals doing these evil deeds can live with themselves. Brain dead and without a conscience I guess. Thank you for all the valuable information you share and all your courageous other efforts. Keep strong in spite of it all, I know its hard sometimes.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh gee Susan I so feel for you and have done since you moved there!  I had been following this already for sometime and knew what was coming.  I did try telling people, here too.  Guess it seemed a tangent at the time, but I know the navy.  I was proud of you standing up to them.  I was also a bit surprised they did not go whole hog in the beginning.  I thought they would.  The navy seems to give itself permission.  Sucks. By the by, my own hands now shake.  Surprised me.  It is very mild yet constant.  A tremble I mainly notice when holding a spoon or some such.  I was putting it down to age, or, my various nerve damage issues.  But, I do wonder.  You are so sweet, you did so much work for this site and are admired by all here, clever girl.  I'd say move, but where?  Will all go deaf?  They Had to take such a perfect place to wreck.  These people seem to be the most rotten core of our military.  Everything they touch dies.  The harms they've done to our coasts are immeasurable.  And will last hundreds of thousands of years.  And they don't care, so what the hell are they protecting?!!! 

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Thanks to everyone for your heartfelt replies. I went out today in the car and looking back at the hill I live on, I could barely make out my own house. And YES! I agree that there is more than soot in this smoke. This event, probably not completely natural, is perfect for their ongoing electromagnetics "metallization" (an actual scientific term now) of the atmosphere. The smoke is also masking whatever they are spraying… I long to see the stars once more…

    • Dennie says:

      Remembering your personal story of your communication with these methorfcukers, it is VERY CLEAR to me that we have TOO MANY PARENTS FAILING AT REARING THEIR KIDS NOT TO BE PSYCHOPATHS.  Most especially the MOTHERS of our FAILED "leaders," the GENERALS and the ADMIRALS.  WE NEED TO DO A BETTER JOB OF RASING THESE LOST BOYS.  

      Here's a message to you military order-barkers and your stooopid order followers:  WENDY IS  TIRED OF PLAYING "MOMMY" TO YOU LITTLE SICK PUPPIES.  GROW THE .

  27. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all, Last Sunday's Earthweek had an article particularly alarming to me and maybe useful to Andrew from Scotland: "Altered Currents: Researchers caution that the melt of Arctic sea ice could cause the primary Atlantic Ocean circulation to weaken by 30 to 50 percent, or even collapse.  Scientists calculated that over several decades of shrinking Arctic sea ice coverage, a weakened Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation could significantly reduce the amount of heat carried by the currents from the tropics to high latitudes.  Other studies have revealed that such a trend could significantly chill the climate of Northern Europe."  Well, that Chills me!!

  28. barbzi says:

    Grow a cover crop, apply compost, reduce tilling (reduce carbon dioxide) :
    These and other soil management practices convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into carbon stored in the soil, as highlighted in a study by soil experts from Colorado State and other universities. If these practices were widely applied, they could store the equivalent of an additional 200 million tons of carbon dioxide per year in U.S. soils. That’s the equivalent of taking nearly 42 million passenger cars off the road (or about 1 out of every 6 in the U.S.). This extra carbon in the soil has the additional benefit of making it more fertile.

    • Close says:

      Babzi, You are right on about sinking carbon. For more information research permaculture. Geoff Lawton, Bill Mollison, and Mark Shepard all have resources outlining restorative agricultural techniques using perennial edibles. Contemporary agricultural science is years behind permaculture.  

    • Michel B says:

      It is a great idea, Barbzi. How history is replete with great ideas that somehow fail to materialise. They are blocked by any means by the enemy. They will illegally make things illegal, they will lie, pervert justice, reduce good argument by incessant inane criticism, make disappear, buy out and kill in order to stop real world solutions from being allowed. Can't let a customer get away….

    • Rachel Robson says:

      barbzi, This is how I manage our soil here.  But for the woman in apt. behind me whose idea of cleaning up the yard is like cleaning a kitchen. Sweeps up every leaf, pulls every weed, digs up every useful sapling, like say figs!!, leaving bare ground.  Looks hellish to me!  I try to explain. However Colorado State can go suck it!  Around nuclear waste there, they spread it over a large amount of land, as if compost!  Looked good so housing sprung up around it and now all those people are getting sick, cancers and such.  So much for Their skills!

  29. Bryan says:

    Need a good laugh? Are you sitting down?

    I wish my phone could post links here – you'll have to google if you don't believe me or want verifiable info.

    But…Hillary Clinton is now determined to become a "spiritual leader." Say what?

    Luckily she'll have a head start by charging $4-8k/per person at an upcoming speaking engagement in Texas with her husband, Bill. Maybe they think God is short of cash.

    The only "spirit" that witch knows is Baphomet. Investigate pizzagate, the Clinton Foundation and how she knew early about Fukishima radiation dangers yet kept the knowledge between herself and staff. Or just read some of the leaked emails.

    Politics and religion are historical paths to power. I guess if you fail at one, try try again.

  30. Darlene says:

    While i am angry and frustrated at the fact that this has been going on for so long without our being aware, I am also aware that because it has been going on for so long  i believe that no matter how much we protest, this barrage of chemical attacks from above and below will not stop anytime soon as they are too far into these programmes and we cannot stop it….i tell everybody and i get no response or i see that now that you pointed it out but are not willing to complain about it…the whole world has to go after this together or it will not go anywhere which is what i see happening.  There are too many problems with our lives that this is just one more…all we can do is make people aware and take care of your health to fight the toxic soup so good luck is all i can say

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Darlene, as impossible as the challenges we face seem to be, empires always collapse form the inside, this must be remembered and considered. It is up to each amd every one of us to keep chipping away at the foundation, this is the only way forward. FYI

  31. marc says:

    I don't know about the rest of the country but I just drove 1500 miles across the Southwest to the Midwest and did not sight one single solitary trail, or any kind of evidence indicating overt spraying. 12 hours a day of nothing but highway gazing/sky gazing….for 3 straight days.Though the fact does remain that heavy saturation of particulates clearly reveals itself at the horizons. But other than that, I find it curious as hell considering we have all come to expect blatant "f**k you"-style spraying in our skies for years on end. What explains this?? What is happening? Where are all the pilots who've sold their souls to the devil for a paycheck and a pension??? And most importantly: Why are we seeing this apparent change?? Or…… this nothing more than a localized (or regional) phenomenon, while other parts of the country continue to be hammered?? I would be interested in feedback as regards other peoples' observations.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, unfortunately the aerosol operations are bring ramped up overall, not scaled back. The polar regions are a priority for the climate engineers for the moment, but the operations are absolutely ongoing, One more important point, the blatent horizon to horizon trails are only one form of dispersion as I know you are aware, other applications are much more covert (though still absolutely occurring).

    • Donna-AZ says:

      marc, I heard rain at midnight and uncovered my rain barrels. We didn't get much and around 7am I did see trails above the clouds through an opening. I too, haven't seen that much spraying, but I sure can feel the RF.

  32. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet and some I have,

    Again, random thoughts:

    I've tried to write another "Ponderosa Report" four times now. I just can't do it. The words I would have to write are unbearable. Damn it! All I wanted to do in my old age was grow trees, lots of them. I even have the acreage for it. The fires that rolled through here 18 and 20 years ago left behind an awesome growth of Ponderosa. I was going to care for my share of it. (Ponderosa seeds germinate only after a fire has run over the top of them).

    Two full days of 2 mile or so visibility now. Over a week now of 2 to 5 mile visibility. My how it messes up our subconscious functions. It looks like fog or thin low clouds, but the heat of it is contradictory to what our minds tells us it 'should be'. Side note here, "wild fires" use to cause rain, thunderstorms. Any of you due north of me in BC seen 'any' rain? (That's a rhetorical question).

    Tanya posted a video from storm clouds gathering. The last 6 minutes is a segment entitled, "ask the right questions". I highly recommend any and all here that read these words to watch it and pay attention. And then do something!   "Questions", funny how they can teach and alter the navigation of life. No such thing as a dumb question. This is what once again needs to be taught to our young ones.

    The Farmers market, Folks, it's fun watching people try to "sneak by". Many try so hard to not make eye contact. I've been dealing with critters for almost 4 decades now. I am an amateur study in human behavior for the same time length. Many take a week or three to warm up to what they see when passing the booth. Point is, if you're consistent and confident(not over powering) in what you have to say, you will be recognized. We can't ask for anything else. The rest is up to the individual you made contact with. It's kind of like being a middle school teacher. (I know some of you get that).

    There was a time when I made a good living from helping people that had "problem horses". Mind you, it always came down to how the human interacted with the horse. Never the fault of the horse. Now days, I rarely hear of a problem horse. The revolving point is how the aerosols are affecting all life. The people get more passive, the horse becomes more passive. The parallel of nature here is they will meet in the middle. Both to incapacitated to make a real decision. The same holds true for the deer. I've never seen more dead deer on the side of the road. And I know their numbers are way down from previous decades. The deer look like crap, don't know how else to put it. Their diet is seriously lacking necessary nutrients. Yet again they are another barometer.

    I've been offered a booth, for free, at the "barter faire". Look it up if you don't know what it is. What it is, is right across the valley from me. 10,000 people show up from all over the western states and participate. Anyone that would like to help run the booth is welcome to come and camp out here and enjoy making a difference. Tent or RV doesn't matter. Just show up and make a difference in the battle for the greater good. I need some assistance at the Barter Faire.

    Love to you "all",

    'a' simple horseman

    • horsegirl says:

      We just took what we'd hoped would be a healing walk here in an area of dense Ponerosa.  I couldn't stop mulling over your point about the mutual passivity of rider/horse.  This spectre pins me to the wall.  Want to run out of this colony like I'd caught on fire.  Webcam hopping reveals that air looks nurkier in the US than many places in Latin America.  Especially that sick place we left where it appears a surveillance nano-fog makes up part of the renewed border wall project (see this webcam during daylight hours):  How does that compare to your scene?  I utterly hate the impact on visibility, for it impairs my healing vision.  Now resigned to making my own daylight by walking around with a 500 umens LED police flashlight anytime I'm indoors.  Sick fogging world.  Wish we were anywhere nearby.  Would love to assist your middle school "edjamacation" project.  More academic they are, the more resolutely brainwashed.  We have almost no friends to speak of.  Many have abandoned us for the usual reasons mentioned among the commentariat.  Most of our "friends" are business contacts who see money from us somehow.  So sad life has become.  You're welcome to come see our ponderosa vicinity while it lives.  Seems healthy.  A smell of perfumed sap headier than champagne when it rains.  We have geo-scum alright but this area is nothing compared to the cesspool featured in the link posted here.

    • Tanya says:

      Keep up the great work a simple horse man. And thank you for your previous comments directed at me. I also feel comforted knowing that you and the aware individuals that comment here are out there.

      I continue to be shocked by how quickly the trees are deteriorating in my area. I began documenting what I saw taking place over my head about 5 years ago by taking videos and pictures posting them wherever I could. I had shifted to taking pictures of trees that are dying. It's so sad and depressing. But I've decided now to try to photograph as many healthy trees or at least healthy looking trees that I can find to document how they're supposed to look for future generations.


  33. Ed Bee says:

    6 weeks into summer and it feels more like fall in Wisconsin. The trees are starting to turn brown in spots and the morning air is cool. Lots of trees have fallen over dead. Driving through the farmland, I see very few birds when there used to be thousands. I have almost no bugs hit the windshield. In the past, it was almost like the sound of rain there were so many. And when I turn the porch light on at night, there are no swarms of gnats and moths around it. It sounds quieter outside in a scary sort of way. Yet no one, not even one person I know, comments on these changes. The only thing I hear from them is what a "gorgeous" and "perfect" summer we're having.

  34. Kaza Dum says:

    Weird thing about the recent cool weather, obvious geoengineering, its starts off cold during the day but by 8:PM it warms up and resembles a  sauna, its like their cooling sprays degenerate/deteriorate over the day and leaves the evening warmer than the day. Odd. I witnessed this phenemenon for the last 5 days where we have had temps int he 50 in 60's to be followed by eveining temps in 70's.

  35. Frank - PHL says:

    I was driving today when I heard this on the local news – New Immunization Requirements for all Pennsylvania Students – they will keep kids out of school if they don't take their dose of poison.


  36. Rachel Robson says:

    For everyone here in California: SB.649.  "Want Antennas right outside of your bedroom windows?"  "California Bill SB.649 will lease utility poles and lamp poles to wireless companies at cut rates for new ultra-high frequency cellular antennas while taking away local government control of our living environment. !!!!  State legislators should protect citizens interests NOT the wireless industry's reckless and ill considered growth ambitions."

    These include 5G towers!!  The California Senate has already passed this!  Now up to the assembly which their appropriations committee has been through 5 rounds already, the 6th and final one comes after the recess ending the 21st of August.  Berkeley knows though I only just found out and I am livid.  A huge problem is many other areas of California who are not aware at all.  Call your representative in the assembly NOW, and keep it up with emails and calls.  I let Skinner's people know I'd never vote for her again and tell all the same.  Not that I voted for her in the first place, but.

    Our future rights regarding this will be taken away, and so very hard to get back.  Newspapers oppose, AARP opposes.  The head of the California Brain Tumor Association knows and is fighting it.  Given my neighborhood, I just know it is going to go on my street pole whose bight blue led light already screws with my health, not to mention cell towers and 5G ones!  One of the reasons for all this supposedly, is driver-less cars.  Give me a freakin horse!

    Please, please take action against this!  No time to lose!  Thanks!


    • Gretchen Thomas says:

      CA state "official" Ms. Shirlee Zone of the Sonoma County Water Agency testifies that more "weather prediction technology" is the answer to water security and drought preparedness…

      This should be watched in its entirety to fully grasp how natural resources are exploited by the corporatocracy with the blessing of our so-called "government."

    • Gretchen Thomas says:

      Correction: Ms. Shirlee Zane

    • Kaza Dum says:

      A famous plagiarizer once said something clever, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Democracy is another name for tyranny, it doesnt work, writing your corrupt congressmen does nothing. Try something different

    • Bryan says:

      I'm on it.

      These MFers waste no time. 

      I usually laugh when people spin far-out notions (a la David Icke) that the elite are descended from lizards.

      When I hear things like this, I start to believe. 

      Oh! Watched a 15-minute excerpt from Dane's hard-hitting speech at the gathering in Redding. Confirmed what I thought and why i wanted so badly to be there: for the first time I heard Dane go deeper into the dark corners of depopulation and Agenda 21. 

      My wife needed so badly to hear that, to spend time among the tribe and see we're passionate, concerned human beings and not some conspiracy "wackos." But of course that's what really scares her…the loss of plausible deniability and the dawning awareness that it's indeed happening right here, right now!

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, keep up the pressure on the elected representatives.  We in Marin County did not hear about the "5-G dish on every building" crap that I know of. So, what happens when YOUR driverless car hits MY driverless car?  Can we BOTH sue the crap outta Google and live in Larry Page's house, happily ever after we sue it out from under him–??

    • Bryan says:

      Google "Ben Hueso corrupt" to discover all you need to know about a key sponsor of the bill.

      This stinks. And it's fast-tracked. Remember, this is not just about the seemingly unstoppable rollout of 5g, but about the powerful override of all local input on concerns for its own safety. 

      The state has final say on where the towers and transmitters go!

    • keijo says:

      This was in Helsinki, Finland, August 9th 2017


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      5G coming sooner than we thought! Ratzoids. Thank you, Rachel.

    • Michel B says:

      Yes Bryan, they need to hurry and try to kill us off before we wake up and become aware and we are waking up quickly. You see, there are only a tiny number of them and we outnumber them like a bear to a flea. When we awaken, there will be Peoples' Courts everywhere and they will rue the day they set upon their plans.

  37. Tanya says:

    Here are links to articles posted last week on Greenmed Info. The founder, Sayer Ji is amazing and relentless  in his pursuit of truth. I found the information here disturbing beyond belief.I was aware that our food supply is contaminated but here again is more evidence that chemical companies and the money behind them are wreckless and ruthless.

    And Storm Clouds Gathering latest release, interestingly about tribalism.


    • Dennie says:

      @ Tanya: is indeed amazing and it's founder, Sayer Ji, is relentless.  May God protect all who tell the Truth!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Tanya, Good Job my friend I haven't met yet!! I like storm clouds gathering. Always good info and better ways to perceive and think. It is good to know you are out there Tanya. I like the way you think. See you on the other side of the paradigm shift.


    As long as you rely on the "almighty dollar" to survive and the source of income and is coming from a job in the private sector and even in the public sector, unless you are self employed you can literally legally be fired for any reason including no reason as described in the link

    What this means is you do not have rights if your employer doesn't like your political beliefs or your lifestyle or even possibly your skin color you can be fired.

    California claims to be very progressive and where does it stand on this issue? Silent and complacent.

    What this at will employment stuff all means is they can literally bully you and push you around one example, some of you I included don't like GMOs, but because many believe food eugenics is progressive you can't say anything bad about it because you can be fired.

    You can be fired for supporting a political candidate or speaking against him. You can be fired or not employed for your religion basically for any reason, because the labor code allows at will employment.

    I am totally ok with you being dismissed because you are not qualified or because you did something bad however for literally any reason are you kidding me.

    I refuse to be a slave to anyone, this is not the American dream, your employer should not decide what you believe in and what you do and who you support.

    The economic system vastly corrupted that it has become a system of oppression and enslavement.

    So, if in America, we are anti-worker rights, judging from our at-will employment policy, would it be rational if we didn't have the crisis to participate in this system of oppression and insanity if we didn't want to? We shouldn't be in a situation where we have to give ourselves up for enslavement just to make a living.

    If you don't comply with society the same society that labels us conspiracy theorist that stigmatized and taken out of context term or they label us bigots and all these other labels.

    I understand that companies desire a specific reputation and if you believe in something they oppose it may hurt their reputation for employing you, for example if you identify as conservative and work for a liberal company or organization, however the problem is that in many cases, people don't go to work because they want to or even become they feel they are giving back to society in a good way the real reason they go to work is because they need money to survive.

    And unfortunately or not, exposing wrongdoing, such as corruption in government and corporations and what not, is not something that typically makes money so if you still even then make an effort to do this kind of work it means you are honorable.

    This at will employment phenomenon is part of the reason people are afraid of speaking out, I was listening to a teacher and she said she got fired from her job with others because she was protesting a war.

    Perhaps there is a reason or agenda, why privatized utilities also known as the do it yourself way of operating is being suppressed.

    They don't want us to get our water from a well in our back yard, they don't want us to harvest and generate our own electricity they don't want us to grow our own food or have an electric car that you can charge in a station at your home from your own electricity and some indications show that they don't even want us owning land and living in a normal house they want us in a unit on a stack & pack (a sky scraper building).

    Geoengineering is a major factor in fueling this monopoly and forcing the population into submission.


    • July 23, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    • Dennie says:

      @SeeingClearly:  I just got an e-mail with a petition from notifying us that the Trump administration has banned everyone from using the term "climate change:"   I find this pretty laughable since nearly everyone else has been using this term for over a decade, now with increasingly rapid frequency as the weather becomes more and more remarkable ;-). 

  39. Andy says:

    Yesterday (07 August) it rained here in Southwest England. "Typical" British summertime weather. Then, about 17:20 the sky to the east cleared somewhat and a rainbow formed. This rainbow (or whatever it was) was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was entirely one colour. No other colours apparent – just an arch of orange/red. I failed miserably to take any pictures of this phenomenon, my camera had a funny five minutes. Which was annoying. What could this have been…? What would cause a full arch of bright orange/red to form shortly after rain…? It really caught my attention, being absolutely nothing whatsoever like any ordinary rainbow I have ever witnessed.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Andy, too right, too wrong.  The first I've ever heard of this, though I've seen the light do many weird things.

    • Scots Andy says:

      Yesh, they had it on the 'News' here….calling it a Pink Rainbow….how nice of them

  40. Martha says:

    Here in the "U.S.sacrifice zone," in the deadly, blistering, geoengineered, seemingly endless "heat wave" my a/c broke. We've been under an "air quality alert" for days now which will continue at  least until August 12 and likely beyond. Smoke from raging forest and brush fires coupled with the ever present (whether they can be seen or not) aerosol dispersions threaten the well-being of all who breathe. No wonder most people here are coughing. The a/c repair guy had a very bad cough. I gave him a flyer and although he seemed skeptical he said he'd check out this site when he got home tonight.

    Gary, if you see this please know that you'll find the truth here. You won't find it on the TV, the weather channel or in the papers. Honest. Please join us.

  41. bart says:

    They spray the Coal Fly Ash all over almost everyday, and people can see it yet at the same time they deny it is being sprayed. It is very, very strange.

    • Michel B says:

      Yes, the willful denial is a short lived attempt to psychologically cover up in their own minds what they really know to be true. It is short lived because it is a state of cognitive dissonance and the conflict between holding two opposing thoughts grows too great. Capitulation to the truth is inevitable, even if it is in the form of a crisis.

  42. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To all my friends I haven't met yet and some I have,

    Random thoughts….

    Authority is taken, not given. This is a factor of our world as it is in these current times. This notion is also the crux of what a true patriot knows in his or hers mind. What lies in the soul of the authority taker is what will prevail. Welcome to how the house of cards 'will' fall. Please notice how this plays in with the fact that we will not solve our or any societal problems with the same coarse that got us into this predicament. My dear friends, 'please', notice the parallels nature has provided all of us. Do we really need regulators or do we just need to be good to each other? Since when was simple not the best choice?

    • Pedro says:


      The MFs are preparing something very big for the Iberian Peninsula. And a lot of People is already trying to warn everybody!

      Check this out, Please;

      Thank You!

    • Dennie says:

      @ simple horseman:  It's amazing how many people cannot do "simple."  They have a hard time being good to each other because children learn what they live… and then they grow up.  I recommend picking up a copy of Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance and reading it cover-to-cover.  It's an entertaining, fast read and is a must-read if you want to understand what happened in the last election in the U.S. 

  43. Mario says:

    Spent last weekend with my family at Gold Lake in the Sierra Buttes (Plumas county, CA).  I kayaked the lake several times.  For those who have been there, you know that you have a 360 degree panorama of trees.  It was shocking to see the entire lake shore and surrounding area is littered with dead trees.  The water felt like a heated pool.  This lake is above 6,000 feet and it felt like a warm tub.  SAG/SRM all over the sky.  "Cumulus Nimbus" (<– big air quotes on that one) being blown apart by micro energy.  I sat with my little brother on a rock watching the sunset.  I told him to watch those puffy clouds that just popped up.  I told him that within a short amount of time those popcorny clouds will turn into a hazy smear . . . took about 10 minutes, and voila.  He was speechless.  I've seen a lot of comments about the lack of visible long trails overhead.  I just want to remind people that a similar pattern happened in the summer of 2016.  Early July – Late August, there was a noticeable difference in overhead spraying.  But when they want to induce "Fall" . . . they will be back.   

  44. BC says:

    Here in central British Columbia the fires continue to burn. Huge swaths of dead and dying forest are exploding before the heat. The forest is extremely dry with little to no rain since winter. As I posted 4 weeks ago after the fires broke out I questioned whether they would burn us off the map or drown us out. We now have the answer. They will burn us out. Hot rainless skies with no moisture forecast. The damp western flow off the pacific is being intentionally spun into a huge low  south of Alaska which they are spraying into and it appears intentionally drying out. Why? For what purpose have these sick minds determined to do such things? The jet stream appears to have been diverted way into northern Canada and is being hijacked by a massive low spinning over the Arctic ocean which they are spraying into for I'm guessing a cool down of the Arctic region. So the west coast of Canada and the USA is being sacrificed for the time.The smoke where we are deep off grid is getting unbearable.  We are surrounded by fires but fortunately there is no wind presently. The tree die off is accelerating. They have lost the battle to save them. The pine have two to three years at most. I've witnessed trees that appeared relatively healthy 12 months ago now completely dead. The growing sickness in the rest is heart wrenching. The cloudless hot brassy skies for a few months this summer is all it took to kill them. The Poplar and Willows leaves are scorched and yellow and are only two months since budding. The stress spells their doom. In the midst of days in the high 20s C and low 30s C there follows nights of frost or near freezing. Go figure! Even the wild grasses standing in damp hay fields are parched and yellowed. The UV index must be off the chart!  At what point shortly do we have massive crop failures? Their arrogant brag of owning the weather by 2025 has turned into a frantic game of Wack-A-Molely. Most places scorched and others flooded. Flying around the world with their piss can technology trying to extinguish the raging infernos of Climate implosion. No amount of determination, unfettered spending, and science on their part can hold back the mounting tide that is about to sweep away all life on the earth. Is there some way? Maybe stop cold turkey and all humanity get down on their knees and pray to the true God of Heaven because it's looking more and more likely it's going to take something miraculous and supernatural for any life to survive beyond the next handful of years.

    • BaneB says:

      BC:  Your "kiln dried" forest is not unlike the situation here in Mendocino County, California.  DRY!  And plenty of dead trees and dead hanging branches to create a major conflagration should the conditions arise from a super cell and lightning.  Add the wind and this place of mine could be my funeral pyre.  I dug a bolt hole five and one half feet deep.  And had a roof placed over it made of metal.  Now I have to put soil over the top.  My energy level is not vigorous but it's got to be done the next few weeks.  At the top of a pointy ridge, there is no way I can outrun a 60 MPH wall of flames.  We are all being impacted by the weather warfare terrorists one way or another.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, I am so impressed that you dug yourself a bolt hole!  Well done you and hop to it with that soil cover!  We've got the rest of August and then September to get through.  I can't get over how impressed I am at your excellent survival skills.  Wishing you the vigor to finish this!

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  It's really wild up there.  You're looking at Yolla Bolly Wilderness when you look northeast.  Eel River headwaters area.  There were terribel fires up there a few years back, wonder how the folks down in Lake County are doing after that one that took out Harbin Springs and parts of Middletown?  All these Coast Ranges are a lot more wild and rugged than most think.

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Thank you for your good wishes.  One final batch of visitors/company next week and then, God willing, my vigor will see the 2-3 feet of soil mounded up on top.  Cooler weather would go a long way too.

      Dennie: Yes, very wild.  Lots of wilderness.  Those huge fired you mentioned of two years ago, I watched from this ridge.  The fires were maybe 30 miles away or more.  One was 60,000 acres. With binoculars the drama was brought home.  So many upright dead fir trees everywhere bursting into flames like torches.  Millions of dead trees everywhere.  My ridge is west and my place is a bit cooler being in a rain shadow.  No matter, it's a conflagration waiting to happen.  I know people here who lost property in Lake County.  Those who have never travel off the beaten path come to visit and are very surprised at how rugged is this unpopulated area.  They like it but would not care to live here.  Which is why I like it here.  Quiet and still with some intact wildlife.

  45. Ronnie says:

    We can post on our local meteorologists' facebook pages or email them Dane's info

  46. Donna-AZ says:

    Dane, thanks for this weeks excellent program.

    Please let us know when the 2 sided flyers will be available for purchase. And the new bumper sticker that comes with 20 page booklets is nice, will it be available too? Thanks

    Also, VAXXED can be seen for free on amazon with Prime.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Donna, the 20 page color booklets are available now on the home page, flyer packages soon, stand by. Thanks for your help with sounding the alarm, and my thanks to all activists and individuals that are doing the same.

  47. Ron Marr says:

    Late July/early August, Maple leaves are falling from the tree…has the cool weather tricked it into fall or is it just sick…as I ponder through itchy watery eyes and a runny nose….The last time I saw my doctor, it was after our meeting, where we discussed how healthy I am. As I checked out at the desk, the doctor came running up to me to explain she had forgotten to tell me that I should have a Pneumonia vaccine. My only reply was to drop my head. She replied she understood my issue with vaccines and we would discuss it in our next visit. I then said, since we had discussed it in the past, I asked would she test my hair, urine or blood for aluminum. She said she would look into it. Later that day she called me at home to inform me that my blood was being tested for aluminum and that she would be in touch. I have not heard from her since and she doesn't return my call…anymore. It all seems related…even the friend that has to inform other friends in a conversation that, Ron, is a conspiracy theorist. I understand the dogma of a fake reality where even the enemy is fake. Even when armed with the facts they turn to you for explanation. Facts seem to disturb the comfort of their participation… rather they be  doctor, lawyer, teacher or a desk Jockey in the cubical answering the phone. They don't want to know or change a life time of mind control. They believe they are them more than consciousness…where they could be genius with imagination…and come together to form the human spirit…the most powerful force on earth. RIP, Mr. Marrs.

    • MAP says:

      @ Ron: When I read your post about your situation with  physician and vaccine suggestion, I decided that I need to share my recent experience about vaccine. At my last visit, one physician suggested that I have many vaccinations to receive. I declared that I would not benefit from this type of therapy.

      Now I must say that this physician has provided me outstanding care over the years outside of vaccine therapy. But I tried to point out to her that people who are very very ill like me should not receive vaccines as it is too much of a risk. By the way, I received this advice of abstaining from such therapy from a physician in another state where I lived for a few years. So kudos to him for at least acknowledging that some people are not eligible for vaccines. Now I know that no one should be receiving these toxic injections.The physician who recently tried to get my updates on vaccines administered was disappointed but left it at that. Over my dead body was the thought that came to mind. I suffer from mild autism which probably originated from the myriad of vaccinations received in 1970s and 1980s.

      In addition, I  have a short story about the great grandmother of a good friend of mine. Now this lady was born into some of the worst of circumstances. My friends Gr. Grandmother was born into slavery in Alabama in 1861. Against all odds, she would live 104 years and die in 1965. Talk about a life. She married a Native American man (full blood Cherokee) and she and their children would end up adopting many customs of native americans. She would also have around 25 grand children born between 1910 and 1960. 

      All children and grand children of this lady were born at home with assistance of midwife, even the last grand son born in 1960. So they were all spared the toxic injections that are now administered to newborns within hours of birth. Needless to say, not one child or grand child suffered from autism spectrum disorders. Those issues would not arrive until her great grand children were born. One of those Great grand sons of hers was born a very happy baby full of life, happy and learning as babies do. Then, immediately after one of the vaccinations, he would begin a new dark chapter of severe autism (not sure of the official name but he can not speak and can not take care of himself).

      Think about this great lady. Born into slavery. Living simply as people used to do. Eating foods off the land which were "Mineral-Rich". Adopting many customs from her Indian husband.  Living a very balanced life with no intrusion from forced injections on her children and grand children. 

      Anyway, it has been on my mind for awhile now to tell the story of this great lady. What a life. Imagine living from 1861 to 1965. And living simply and very very slow. That's it for now. Everyone Take Care.

    • Dennie says:

      It takes more than a day or two to get your blood test results back from the lab when testing for metals.  Mine took about ten days.  They have to ship the blood out where it's tested by another lab that does that kind of testing, such as Quest labs.  I'm always snarky with my docs and will NOT subject myself to their experimental-vaccines-for-profit schtick that they don't even understand they're being used as pawns in a game of patients-as-cash-cows.  Such "smart" people, physicians–?? eh, I don't think so.  Just "indoctrinated" (translated:  BRAIN WASHED!!!).  

    • Dale K says:

      Did you hear that Vaxxed producer Polly Toomey 'joins' Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in being banned from Australia in the wake of her speaking tour?

      Breaking: interview with Vaxxed producer who was banned from Australia
      Jon Rappoport | Aug 9, 2017

  48. Carolyn says:

    Hello everyone the weather here in Vermont is a complete wash out the farmers are disparate because of the non stop rain and fresh flooding. All the crops for food here are socked not enough fresh food and vegetables and fruits at the farmers market. Talk to local farmers they are afraid they will have not enough food for themselves or their animals!!! The fields are flooded and the crops are so wet !!!!some organic farmers say Monsanto has won because of the weather warfare against the farmers who stood against Monsanto here in Vermont. About the vaccines I am seeing the effects every day here with those children who have been vaccinated the boys especially are addicted to violent video games they don't have relationships with their parents and with other they don't eat this state has been devastated by opioid addiction and the vaccines its leaving a trail of lost children and families and now weather warfare Dan is there anyway you can put me in touch with the Vaxxed team I would really like to share my findings with them as an educator with thirty years of experience


  49. Christina says:

    I don't know if you can view this from USA?  It's about Sillicon Valley.  A  BBC programme in the U.K.

    • Black Cat Italy says:

      We are not able to play this video in Italy. It says only in UK due to iPlayer.

      Dane mentioned in the headlines about the Indian farmers suicides. I saw a report in 2015 showing that the India cotton farmers are facing a genocide that has resulted in the death of at least 300,000 between 1995-2013. (14,462 per year from 1995-2000) and 16,743 per year (2001-2011). This epidemic of suicide began in the cotton belt, in Maharashtra, where 53,818 farmers have taken their lives.  84% of the farmer suicides have been attributed to Monsanto's Bt Cotton. India's laws do not permit patents on seeds and in agriculture. But that hasn't deterred Monsanto collecting close to 900 million US dollars from small farmers in India pushing them into terrible debt. This is about the same amount of money Monsanto spent  in purchasing The Climate Corporation weather data company in a bid to control climate data access in the future!

      Illegal royalty collections have been collected from the farmers pushing them to take their own lives. They also destroyed local seed alternatives including a local hybrid seed supply, through licensing arrangements and acquisitions.  They were not allowed to use saved seed from previous crops. Bt Cotton has also found its way into edible vegetable oil in India. Dr Vandana Shiva states that "the ruthlessness is central to the crisis Indian farmers are facing. Farmers leveraged their land holdings to buy Bt Cotton seeds and the chemicals it demanded, but the golden promise of higher yield and lower input costs failed to deliver. They were left with no option but to take their own lives. Monsanto's open field trials of Bt cotton in 1998 were blatantly illegal and an act of biological warfare against India through genetic pollution" Monsanto also knows that Bt Cotton is dependent on irrigation. Despite this, they pushed its Bt Cotton into regions that depend solely on rainfall, as opposed to irrigation. They blatantly set up these poor farmers.

      Words fail me for what they are capable of.

    • Dennie says:

      BBC iPlayer's not available to us folks in California due to "rights issues…" whose rights?

      I was born and live in Marin County, just north of San Francisco.  That's 50 miles north of Palo Alto, home of Stanford University, training grounds for the folks who run Silicon Valley.  As far as I know, Sili Valley was a major spot for the aerospace industry (Lockheed) and many tech businesses were started with DoD money.  There's a lot of DARPA money floating around and I've seen the driverless cars being road tested, with bunches of engineers inside, laptop charts in hand, not on driver's wheel, in Mountain View.  It's no secret that Brin and Page land their jets at the Moffet Field Naval Air Station in Mountain View– Google's campus is right next door.  Down the road (CA State Route 82, a.k.a. "El Camino Real") in Sunnyvale you have Yahoo, and across the street from that, going south, in Cupertino, you've got Apple.  Steve Jobs attended Homestead High School.  I have students who go to school there.

  50. Andy says:

    God, but can be so hard to communicate with folks at times. I'm not intending to portray myself as an expert meteorologist but I have a fair comprehension of atmospheric dynamics. Not being funny but even a moron can see that things are dreadful out of synch. So when I speak with relatively intelligent people regarding the patently obvious "fake weather" and they steadfastly refuse to even contemplate it, it can be soooo depressing. WAKE THE FLOCK UP!! Sorry, don't mean to shout at the choir so to speak. Every day here in Southwest England I photograph the sky. Every day I see what can only be described as impoosible variations. Wild temperature swings. Tic-Tac-Toe sky one day, unbroken blue the next. Where did all the contrails go…? (sarc). Some folks do listen, do see, do think. But what an uphill struggle.

    I thank the people here at geoengineeringwatch, both Dane and contributors. You keep me going.

    • Henrietta says:

      Dear Andy, dear all,

      I AGREE. You really do not need to be a meteorologist to comprehend that something very, very serious is going on in the skies above you, as soon as someone points out Geoengineering to you.

      The FORMS (streaky / feathery/ formless /) and  COLORS (green/violet/red/, ugly yellow, ash black),  and COMBINATIONS of the clouds are so unbelievably fake, they take your breath away! 

      Yesterday after a long time we could have had a really blue summer sky, were it not for these very bright white, little clouds that were floating across the sky. They appeared out of nowhere, grew within a few seconds into these very bright white clouds, sometimes to split into two / three parts, yet eventually they all vanished leaving a white haze behind. Put on your sunglasses and watch them! They look innocent but they are not!

      Thank YOU ALL for the great comments and suggestions and links!

      Thanks you Dane and the whole team of G.WATCH.ORG for your GREAT SITE!

      This site helps me to keep afloat in these insane times and spread the word!  

      Henrietta (SW Germany)


    • Gretchen Thomas says:

      Can anyone remember the last time you saw a rainbow?

  51. Joseph L says:

    Dane great show as you do every week.

    Gary Null's review of

    Gore's new movie Inconvenient truth the sequel.  Here it is starting at the 20 minute mark – 48 minute mark. This is worth listening to since Gary exposes alot of what is wrong w Al Gore. It is not all bad but alot is.

    I personally haven't seen the movie but I see it is advertised all over the place– Like msnbc and he is being interviewed on main stream talk shows like Bill Maher , cnn etc    This movie is half truths.  Climate engineering has to be part of the equation.  Methane now is  a big problem w animal agriculture.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joseph, thank you for posting the Gary Null review. In regard to the methane problem, yes, there are many sources, but by far the greatest methane threat comes in the form of the rapidly thawing methane tundra and seabed deposits. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joseph L, Hello.  I have neighbors who are ethical vegans.  They believe our main methane problems are cows, cow farts.  To which I say, has anyone calculated the amount of human farts from 8 billion-almost-people?  Such silliness.  I mean I do have issues with cows, hate that some countries like Brazil have burned down forest to graze cattle.  But, as Dane says, there is a much bigger methane issue.  Which, there is even more as many oil rigs let methane just blow for decades.  And gas lines everywhere leak the stuff.

      I've seen some of the same stuff you have on TV with Gore.  Must say he makes a powerful front man for the issue, even if he doesn't know or can't tell the whole truth.  With all this supposed climate denying going on, seems to me every little bit helps and many will see this.  I don't want nor need to see it but it does seem others need a clue.  Wish they would take that clue from me and then Dane, but…..  

  52. Adam Coleman says:

    I have been listening to this report for about 3 years or more now and have missed absolutely zero reports I need you to know that there is a bigger problem with the war profiteering politicriminals and there cohorts in big war or the War Machine and exactly how that goes. in late 2011 60 Minutes did a piece about the STOCK Act which is an acronym for stop trading on Congressional knowledge and several congressluts and senatewhores have been trying to pass it for several years but after the 60 Minutes piece, it went through with unanimous approval and Obama with John Boner and Nancy Pelosi behind him and mass ProPaganDUH machine public exposure, he signed it into law on April 4th 2012. What happened in 2015 was a 1.1 trillion dollar federal budget of which over half went to the war machine that is when I began my research and what I found out should make every American citizen who pays taxes sick to their stomach! This op-ed I wrote in July of 2015 was in the first week number one for the next two weeks in the top 10 read articles and fur another two months or so it was number two in the top 50 and it is called why the FED gov can't say no to war. I hope you will share it and I hope it it goes viral it hasn't gone yet but I keep hoping because that isn't the Congress and Senate whose kids go to war to fight these battles and die and worse or come home to commit suicide it's ours and it's treason it's War profiteering and it's despicable. Go…can't paste it here but it's at called "why the fedgov can't say no to war. PLEASE SHARE WIDELY

    • Bryan says:

      The story of Pat Tillman taught me all I need to know about the true values of our military elite. Makes me sick to my stomach, the courage, intelligence and sense of the greater good with which Pat served… and how tragically his life ended.

      Just watch the higher ups under congressional "scrutiny" respond to when they received the infamous P4 memo and when they learned of Tillman's death. Why was his uniform, helmet and journal destroyed in violation of code? Why was he awarded the Silver Star when brass knew within hours (if not before) that this was a fratricide at best, potentially a murder – and yet no real criminal investigation was ever conducted?

      Dane gives constant reminder of how there are many brave men and women serving our country. For me, Tillman has become my own personal 9-11 wake-up, his story as suspicious as the free-fall collapse of Building 7.

      Amazing how the Taliban ended the poppy trade, yet opiods suddenly became an epidemic once western forces seized control. Connect the dots, people. Smedly Butler warned us that war is a racquet. For all the times I wondered why we would go to Vietnam, "follow the money" has led straight down the rabbit hole – again.

      I wish to God it weren't so. But then you hear, as Dane said, that DEMOCRACY and HUMAN RIGHTS have been stripped from American foreign policy. It always was about global empire, wasn't it? Buy only now, as the curtain closes, have its knuckles been laid bare.

      I join Dane in proclaiming, not in my name! I'll stand with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, along with anyone else who'll join, lifting our voices for the downtrodden Yemenis and all like them whose countries are being ravaged so we can preserve our inalienable rights to drive SUVs as Mr. Cheney proclaimed.

      How many Americans are willing to accept what lurks beneath the patriotic veneer we are sold? How many proclaim to follow Jesus, lamenting the cruelty of ancient Rome, failing or unwilling to comprehend that WE are the new Rome?

      "World's police" once had an entirely different connotation to me. Yet I always wondered why we weren't doing more in Africa, or within countries that had even more trouble yet fewer natural resources.

      It's like the puzzles I used to enjoy as a little kid. Solve a clue and you unlock a piece of the larger picture. Only this game isn't so fun anymore. The picture ends up as a mirror with me remaining a child for too long.

      They say wisdom is hard, growing up difficult. But I never imagined it could be as Shakespearean as this!

      What a tangled web we weave.

    • Bryan says:

      I of course was referring to Afghanistan regarding Pat Tillman and the opioid epidemic. He understood immediately after he was diverted into Iraq that our Shock and Awe campaign was illegal. 

      Vietnam has been a mystery to me since childhood. It's only since reading about Tillman that I could place Michael Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon in context.

      Toss in a little Iran Contra Affair and stir for a heady mix of foreign policy "objectives." 

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Adam, thank you for your comments

      These are the true hero's, the guys that need and should be saluted…Winter Soldier, Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans against the War. Guys with true grit and real convictions and the guts to stand up against the USA INC. WAR MACHINE & blind, murderous PATRIOTISM

      "About Face 2017 National Convention: Veterans Organizing at the Intersections of Militarism held in Stony Point , NY, August 31, 2017"

      @ Bryan, appreciate your great comments too. RIP Pat Tillman. Something to think about..beneath the layer of "Rome/New Rome" is the real layer, the hidden layer, the layer that controls everything…ISREAL.

  53. EyepilotX!!! says:

    Enjoying the October level weather here in Chicago, corruption center near the vast inland sea in Crook county, I used to love watching Tom Skilling and the weather… It's just the "Ring of Fire" pattern don't you know… Intense heat in the west causes a high pressure "capped heat dome" over the (sacrifice zone) west and that zany Jet Stream buckles to bring down that "arctic" air! A few years ago it was the  "Polar Vortex"  in winter. Now almost all Summers trend cool with icky humid days, maybe a truncated "heatwave" that gets overplayed and ends abruptly as yet another cold front comes down. I would enjoy the cooler air, however I know how fake this is! I know how everything is totally freaked up! I can't watch news orv weather anymore because I start raging at the TeeVee, and  wife gets mad at me! I have a lot of ideas about what the agenda is and feel helpless in what I can do. No one cares much about anything but "Endless Summerfest" and raging parties 4G/5G selfies, "beta-kitten" popstars and sports goons. Food tastes terrible these days and keeps you hungry. I read the comments on here and wish there was a way to come together without hate or hierarchies of coolness. Well peace to all. Why must war and hate rule our world. I don't want war. I don't hate the Russia or the China. I don't want to hate. I just want to do my best… I guess that's pretty stuid in this crazy culture of hyper-mega-insanity! 

    • MAP says:

      Yes we are noticing the artificial (Ice Chem Nuked event) cool down in indiana as well. It is so damn fake. And it really is not that difficult to see how it is not natural. Years ago, a real cold front would push through the area and then dry weather would usually follow for a few days. NOT now. 2nd  and 3rd day after cold front arrives, we have spotty showers here and there. Not to even mention that August should be one of the hottest months of the year here.

      Friends and friends of friends are getting sick. I have had terrible nose bleeds lately.

    • Dennie says:

      @MAP:  The crap "they" sprayed over N. California the past few days was so thick and noxious yesterday.  The window'd been kept open a few hours before I turned in and though I closed it, the crap takes time to settle… then I started feeling really nauseous after I went to bed– you can't help but breathe it– every breath you take– UGH!  I had the emesis unit next to me most of the wee hours of this morning.  Finally settled down around 3:30 a.m.  Better luck tonight, I gotta get up early tomorrow!!!

  54. ron hall says:

    Speaking of "secret" phenomena flying in skies what is this thing/airplane doing circling Seattle constantly? The entire West coast is an apparent experiment zone with either a direct or indirect concern(zero caring) about human existence.  NW Washington, however appears to be the most intense military zone! Madness now 100% out of control. Check out this airplane. Anybody in Seattle seen it? You just know these creatures are working with the climate engineers.


    • 'a' simple horserman says:

      I watched one of those twin prop jobs fly low and slow down the valley yesterday mid morning. I'm 400 ft ele above the valley floor and it was level with my eye sight. It returned flying in the opposite direction. I noted how quiet the plane was. It was interesting how slow it was flying. I sure hope they're not scouting for where to have the next wildfire. A few months ago an airfarce twin high bypass engine jet did the same maneuver. It too was notably quiet and flew slow.

  55. BaneB says:

    Had to take a overnight trip to Ukiah (Long Valley, California (Mendocino County).  Today returning on Highway 101, two of the most massive storm cells I have ever observed were forming over the Yolla Bolly Range to the east.  These things were huge!!  They were welling up into cumulus mobsters.  Sure enough, you guessed it, the RF microwave warriors began heating up the centers.  Both began to collapse into flat fuzzy carricature and the tops fanned out into "steam."  Meanwhile all around the lower parameters smaller columned cumulus cells would pop up as if to make a valiant effort to do their intended purpose… cool down the over heated Northern California atmosphere.  This spectacle was a great example of the visual proof about just how effective are the weather warfare efforts by psychopaths who experiment on our region, and play God until such time they deem propitious to play Thor and light their "match."  In the midst of watching the assaults upon the two massive natural wonders, one thought stood out in my mind…… I had a "vision" these weather meddler's are losing control, overwhelmed, and they are frantic to best the beast they placed inside their pressure cooker, and it's getting away from their ability to hold down their enormous decades long blunder.  An odd thought and it felt presient.

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  I haven't been to Ukiah in a long, long time and miss it dearly, used to go and play in the nice little orchestra up at Mendo Jr. College, until I got sidelined by the goddamnable Big Pharma-caused fluoroquinolone tendinitis– at least now I'm making some real strides in coming back to playing professionally again; at first I had weekly, then every-other-week treatments, now it's down to once every 2.5-3 weeks– that's progress, thank God….. anyhow, I've been feeling for the past year or so that the uncontrolled weather control experiment ruled by the clandestine weather warriors has entirely gotten away from "them;" with everyone doing it, it is bound to spin out of control. So, if MY country (tribe) weather warfares YOUR country (tribe), who the f**k actually "wins?"  DON'T WE BOTH ACTUALLY LOSE???

      These Cosmic A$$HOLES know how to win the battles, all right, but they are waaaaay losing the actual war, because it is NOT the one they think they're "fighting…"  ;-).  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, I've felt this that you suggest for quite some time now.  It does seem apparent.  See my post near top here regarding ocean currents gone wrong.

  56. horsegirl says:

    Author and "conspiracy researcher" Jim Marrs, whose health recently radically deteriorated, died on August 2 at 73.  A day after we heard his last interview ever on Veritas Radio ( about his new book titled  The Illuminati:  the secret society that hijacked the world.  A heart attack while undergoing dialysis.  Plausible deniability, again.  RIP Jim, excellent work.The Illuminati: The Secret Society That Hijacked The World

    • Dennie says:

      Wow– figures.

    • Earth Angel says:

      God bless Jim Marrs- and all the work he has done for the truth movement. I am so sad to learn of his death, but thank you horsegirl for this information. A great loss for us but he is no doubt in a much better place than we are currently.

  57. Andy says:

    Crazy weather across Europe

    Risk of frost in Scotland, temperatures down to 2°C. Whilst parts of Southern Europe roast at 43°C… 

    *Explanation* – "unusual"Jetstream position.

    Dozens of fires across the southern part of the continent. The geoengineering madness really is worldwide.

    • Brice Bias says:

      I live in MN in the United States and we have been experiencing "below average" temperatures for the month of August. Late July it was in the upper 80s… now a week later we are hovering around 75 with overcast most of the time. Very strange how they can move the jet stream for their own purposes. Central US is cool and wet, the West is hot and dry.

  58. Tom Keith says:

    I too, found it curious that not many people commented this week. Perhaps folks have been hit hard with so much bad information that they've "thrown in the towel".Kind of like when a doctor sends you home with a cancer diagnosis and tells you there's nothing more he can do. I ,for one, will never give up trying to awake the masses, although the mindforking has been ramped up and is more effective it seems.

     I follow this site every week because of so many good links and advice from those that are woke up. Kudos to those who post.

    Take care all


  59. Greg says:

    I like to follow up in the comments! I wish many were not so long to! How about the alarming vids on how they can literally fry the entire north America populations by the ultra powerful microwave (cell) towers at will now? Were talking weaponry on par with nucs now! If 'God" allows it, I don't blame him. It got this far after all. =(

    • Gretchen Thomas says:

      Silent weapons for quiet wars.

    • BaneB says:

      Greg:  Death Towers.  That is the term I saw utilized and so I went into the WWW and did research.  Really, what the hell are thee huge towers with multiple cables each able to carry 300,000 watts of juice?  This is way beyond cell phone requirements as I understand it.  Granted my understanding is limited.  The high tech babble is becoming ever more impossible for the average person to comprehend.  It's so far removed from 'reality' that people just assume these are cell towers.  And trust authority, unquestioned.  But they are for purposes that "smell" sinister.  And popping up like mushrooms.  

    • rose says:

      God will bring  to ruin those ruining the earth. Rev11:18

  60. JimmyC says:

    The criminals behind the screen have built their organization during decades while we all were asleep.  They have grown to a powerful organization while we are slowly waking up.  And that waking up goes way too slow.  No way that the criminals can win when we are all waking up and expose them.  The message is simple: spread the emails, spread the word, speak to friends.  Even better when you work together and write the administration with questions.  Participate in protests.  Follow alternative news and switch the TV off (or throw it out of the window).  The time of action is now.  And if not for yourself: do it for our children and for mankind.

  61. marc says:

      I had occasion to play for a "4-H" club event in Southern Arizona yesterday. This was a fundraising event to equip an open air pavilion at a rodeo fairgrounds with acoustic improvements relating to the county's effort to stage musical and other kinds of public events there. The local 4-H club administrators were all present and I had to admit (as of yesterday) that I knew little of what 4-H clubs are actually about. I went to their website this morning and browsed around for awhile. Interesting…..but in many ways also creepy. The above link is just one of the astounding links available on their site pertaining to issues of livestock health, animal vaccination protocols, etc. So….as we can see from the above link, the USDA actually has an anti-rabies program that involves dropping vaccination pellets from airplanes across vast regions. They, of course, are quick to add that the dissemination of said pellets is also accomplished by motor vehicle, etc. This link even publishes the schedule, state by state, of when and where these vax-droppings will occur and the program commences just about NOW into September. 

       All I can say is "REALLY???"  Do they mean to tell us that rabies is such a wild concern that the entire Eastern seaboard will undergo a massive vax-pellet assault?? Additionally, they are also quick to reassure the public that these pellets are totally "safe" for cats and dogs, even should they consume multiple pellets in the wild. It should be no stretch of my, or anyone's, imagination to contemplate the possibility that these aerial vaccinations are occurring elsewhere, not just up and down the Eastern seaboard. The South? Midwest? California?? You can bet your bippy that whatever pharmaceutical entity has made this deal with the USDA to disseminate enough vax material to cover vast swaths of the US, that this entity is working overtime to acquire the contract to do same over other vast regions of the country, if they haven't already done so, which they likely have. 

      My main point here should be obvious. If there exist corporate/government relationships that prescribe vaccinating vast regions of critters in this manner, gee, do you think the idea to do the same to human populations has NEVER occurred to the bastard f**kwipes at the heart of this practice??? Does anyone really truly think dropping pharmaceuticals by airplane, embedded within aerosols, has never crossed their minds??? What about the famously published reports of NASA aerosolizing lithium, and God knows what else, to deploy for research purposes? Aerosolization of vaccines can be readily googled online. I truly fear, as I have for several years now, that only an abject idiot would scoff at the very real likelihood that the motherf**kers behind all this aerial spraying are, for a fee, piggy-backing pharmaceutical bio-weapons into their weather modification agendas. In a deep-state symbiosis of diabolical proportions we are all sitting ducks and guinea pigs in a grand scheme that is so far outside the bounds of believability for the average doofus that it is no wonder so many of our peers and friends and acquaintances cannot go there. Either that or the influence of the aforementioned bio-weapons is greater for some and less for others. However we also cannot overlook anyone's individual situation, as regards their use of, or need for, one pharmaceutical or another, or their relative level of compromise due to diet, flouridation, MF/EMF exposure, etc. 

      It is a complicated picture and getting worse by the day. It's a miracle any of us are still alive given the assaults coming from every direction, through every breath, every meal, every glass of water we drink. I speak for myself in this regard: yes, I am getting up in years but I FEEL the multiplying effects of all these factors as never before. I FEEL different than I think I should. I FEEL the poisoning, the frequency assaults. I FEEL the blandness and lack of vitality in much of our food, though I go to great lengths to buy organic, am largely vegetarian, etc. Local farmer's market produce is a superior option, but, as Dane has also mentioned more than once, there is no "organic" anymore. Nope, not with fleets of jets spraying their payloads across the landscape from "sea to shining sea".

    • Dan G says:

      Ya organic is laughed at up here in the great North West we're all GMO corn fed  . Of course nothing is organic

    • Dennie says:

      @marc:  The aerial vaccination program is something Bill Gates wanted, though he didn't want to drop, he wanted to spray shit all over us that would penetrate our skin on contact– CRAZY-A$$ mtoherfcuker!!!


  62. Bluesky says:

    Say Goodbye to the pristine Olympic National Park and surrounding forests!

    From Save the Olympic Peninsula (

    We want to let you know that a decision was made to authorize issuance of a Special Use Permit that would allow the U.S. Navy to conduct ground-to-air training using mobile electronic transmitters from eleven designated roadside locations on the Pacific Ranger District of the Olympic National Forest for a period of up to five years.

    That means 8-16 hours a day of Growlers Jets (loudest jets on the planet) flying over the park, forest and our communities.


    On July 31, 2017, the Forest Service signed a special use permit allowing the Navy to begin electronic warfare training with mobile-emitter trucks in Olympic National Forest.

    Here are two of the many dismayed reactions to this announcement:

    “National Parks Conservation Association is disappointed that the Forest Service has chosen to listen to Navy jets rather than the public, and is subjecting Olympic National Park visitors and wildlife to increased overhead aircraft noise. Noisy fighter jets, aptly known as ‘Growlers’, flying over Olympic National Park will degrade one of our countries quietest places – Olympic National Park – as well as surrounding communities and public lands.

    “The Navy has alternative locations for these training missions which do not involve flying over Olympic National Park. While the Navy has other options, there is only one Olympic National Park, one of the most natural sounding places left in the contiguous United States, and the most visited national park in the Northwest. The Olympics should sound like a national park, not a Navy air base.

    “We will carefully review the Forest Service decision and continue to urge the Navy to use other locations to meet its training needs.”

    –Rob Smith, Northwest Regional Direction

    "Despite enormous public outcry against this and an absolute onslaught of letter writing, phone calls, meetings, hearings, etc., etc., the USDA has decided to turn over one of our greatest National treasures to the Navy and allow for the testing of electromagnetic weaponry on the innocent animals, birds, wildlife and other natural habitat in the bio gem that is the Olympic National Forest in Washington State.

    "This will be a 5 year testing period the likes of which no area in the US has ever experienced. It is an excruciating death sentence for the creatures of the forest let alone what might "accidentally" happen to any human inhabitants living near this area.

    "This type of weaponry is able to melt eyeballs, disintegrate human flesh and of course other living beings, not to mention cause cancer, genetic damage, and harm the general well being of animals that use the magnetic fields of the earth to navigate for their food and getting around.

    "If anyone is able to file an injunction or sue to stop this now would be the time.

    –The Peoples Initiative Foundation

    Say Goodbye to

    • BaneB says:

      Bluesky:  Thank you for these letters.  The fix was already in between two colluding government entities.  The public hearings were merely a perfunctory requirement.  The entire operation is about death.  Not life. The Park ought to be about preserving animal life and providing sane natural environments for humans seeking sanctuary for what is increasingly a civilization gone postal.  I feel for you who are having to experience the total disrespect of your region, the people and wildlife.  WHERE are your Congressional representative??

    • Tngeowatch says:

      Wow this is terrible 

    • EyepilotX!!! says:

      I am so glad they are protecting us from the evil that is the Russia… Such utter BS. I am getting sickerSadder by the day!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bluesky,  Gee, thanks, I guess!  I mean it but…well first I Was gonna say this is not new.  But then I read everything you posted.  The water issue!  I swear again that every single time I think it cannot get worse, it does.  Dane refers to Eisenhower's "military, industrial" speech, but in his draft of speech, he wrote "military/industrial/congressional".  Which seems to be the only hope here.  Recently, massive protests had an effect on congress peoples who want to be re-elected.  Still, the freaking navy rules and has for a long long time.  I've been following them since they snuck their war game plans in the sequester of end of 2013.  Every step of the way they tricked everyone And then enlarged their scope.  About a year later the Olympic Peninsula and this group and others and I was active about it, thought I knew it all, until this Bluesky!  Gee.  I remember back then the people had the gowlers tested for hearing issues and it was found to be incredibly extreme and these flying all day long most days of the year.  The various groups wanted attention for the sound issue and its effect on critters, wildlife including bugs, butterflies, everything and birds too.  The navy then said they had not considered that!  A Lakota friend lives near the bottom of Puget with her Skokomish husband on 7 beautiful acres with a natural eagle rookerie. Last year a navy water to land boat pulled up on their land charging as if to war, scaring the bejesus outta the children and everyone and every thing.  Used to be amazing what the navy would tell you themselves.  I would not have been as on top of it if not for Rosalind Peterson.  The harms they are doing in the ocean are deadly.  With permission by TPTB.  I keep saying everywhere that our military is out of control.  Heck, I wrote to Obama back when and asked why our military is attacking the homeland.  Heck the navy does stuff for geoengineering the skies as well.  They seem to have a free pass to destroy everything.  Wow, Bluesky, again thanks, I think.  Gotta go explode right now!     

    • Dennie says:


    • Michel B says:

      re Dennie,  The military is very interested in self-preservation. They are getting paid to have fun. It is more fun to be at sea on a large ship, or soaring through the skies in a fast plane or running through some fields playing 'shoot 'em up!'. That is much more fun than some grind of a job, mowing the lawn and doing 9 – 5. And don't forget the power trip and the retirement plans. God forbid you suggest they consider some humility in their lives!

  63. nobodies fool says:

    It is most unlikely that we can convince most of our "fellow citizens"  of the dangers of microwave. They love their microwave cookers, "so quick and easy", and underneath them sits the electro-magnetic cooking stove and oven, "so easy to clean!" So, for those who fed them these, it is all so easy. Right? "A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest." 

    • Hello, In regards to the perils of a microwave oven, as long as the radiation doesn't escape the oven, which to be honest, I don't know if it does it should be safe assuming the radiation doesn't escape the microwave oven.

      How dangerous are microwave I don't know and quite frankly, we shouldn't need to find out because we should be exposing ourselves to them in the first place.

      It is chilling to imagine what electromagnetic radiation might affect the body as it passes through our DNA and all.

      Proceeding on, I agree we need to stop cherry picking the details we like and look at the whole picture sound color quality and everything.

      We need to stop trading, safety for convenience and privacy for security.

      If you have ᴡɪ-ғɪ or something that emits radiation it is important to turn the emitter off when not in use.

      If you can a faraday cage, especially for the most vulnerable when possible like when sleeping would be beneficial, although I would do lots of research before using one.


  64. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thanks for yet another Great Global Alert News Dane. I Pray the World Wakes up to the dire need to Act Now by speaking out to End these programs.        Respectable Men & Women content with Good & Easy Living are missing some of the most important things in Life. Unless you give yourself to some Great Cause, You haven't  even begun to Live.    -William P Merrill-

  65. Nina says:

    Southern Europe is in the grip of a Heatwave they are calling "Lucifer". Who thinks up these names? Is someone enjoying doing this to us?!! At least here on the west coast of Portugal we have a cooling breeze. Have not seen any planes for weeks now (we usually have massive spraying here). The sun feels much stronger than it used too and the forests are tinder-dry. Worried we will have wildfires again.

    • Hello Nina, In regards to the theatrical names, I think an honest name would be heat wave global warming or heat wave methane or something more realistic to get people's attention where it needs to be and start thinking about the problems we are facing.

      Facts not fantasy or theater.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      the name is lucifer, because the MFs that are behind the Climate destruction, which is nothing more than a plan to depopulate, under the pretext of controlling the Energy we receive from our great "enemy" – the SUN, are worshipers of lucifer. It's the gang of the masonic family that controls the World.

  66. Jeffrey E Fish says:

    I understand and believe everything that is happening with regard to this site and have great respect for Dane. As an arboricultural scientist I deal with the negative aspects created by climate interference and see it's signature in the form of tree die off daily. With that being said, I must continue to live my life and not be driven insane by all this. There is still love among the masses and beauty to behold in what's left of our natural world. While we all deal with these horrors, try to find enough good so as not to be driven over the edge. Believe me, I have been known to ponder the futility of existence at this point.

    • SilentSister says:

      Thank you! I feel the same. I come here when I need to believe that not all humans have lost their hearts, minds, and souls. I feel like you stated here.. 

  67. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 177th email titled 'Food Chain Reaction'

    1. The average weekly loss of Arctic sea ice volume (JAXA/Wipneus) for last week, and calculated each day, indicated 28 Aug as the earliest date for zero Arctic sea ice.  The reason I give the "earliest date" is to highlight how precarious our situation is, and how little the general public know about it. 

    I have no doubt that without the covert and massively intensive and toxic endothermic atmospheric spraying we would already have an Arctic without any sea ice. To borrow one of Guy McPherson's expressions, we may yet  " a bullet" this year, but remember, when they are cooling the Arctic they are not cooling elsewhere.

    There again, maybe sea ice free will happen this year:

    An excellent Kevin Hester interview


    For most of last week, and despite an incredible amount of endothermic atmospheric spraying (clearly visible on satellite images – for those with eyes to see), both the east and west coasts of Greenland at and above the 70º latitude (i.e. about 600 miles north of northern Scotland or the same length of UK again) were often at the same temp or hotter that Scotland. There are/have been wildfires just south of Disco Bay on the west coast of Greenland.

    The wildfires continue to burn all over Siberia, particularly near Yakutsk – "the coldest city on earth".

    2.  FEMA contractor predicts "social unrest" caused by global protracted food shortages starting 2020, with global food prices spiking by nearly 400%: 

    "Things get really rough after 2023 due to serious droughts and heatwaves in China, India, Russia, and Ukraine…By 2024, heat and drought hit the European Union"

    and then, unbelievably, they go on to say: "By 2027, these conditions begin to calm only because an economic slump has diminished demand, while high prices stimulate food production. A respite from weather-related disruptions allows food stocks to be re-built, and prices then come down gradually."

    Oh really? Who's schedule is that?

    I also think "…after 2023…" is a bit optimistic:

    Joe Neubarth (no reason to doubt him!): 'Abrupt Global Heating is now in Run Away mode and the only known remedy is a Nuclear Winter which Trump plans on using once the first seven billion are dead. 

    If we use a nuclear winter now, we kill seven billion people, regardless, according to projections. Food crops all around the world will die. 

    Well over 90 percent of the people on this planet do not understand that food crops die in unexpected 12 – 18 months of winter and food crops die in unexpected 12 – 18 months of extreme summer. 

    Either way, approximately Seven Billion people will die.'

    3Notes to Self (week 30 of 104). I do not agree with the covert yet highly obvious spraying. It is hiding the symptoms and not treating the ailment, and only serves the greed and ego of those in power. As with Easter Island, they too will suffer the same fate. Maybe we should call earth – Easter Planet?

    Delighted to see another young hare born and surviving in the grass near our house. Maybe next year he will be boxing on our lawn with the one born last year.. 

    Good definition: Conspiracy Theorist :- Someone who questions the statements of known liars.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Andrew.

      "By 2027, these conditions begin to calm only because an economic slump has diminished demand, while high prices stimulate food production. A respite from weather-related disruptions allows food stocks to be re-built, and prices then come down gradually."

      The MFs are opening the PLAN.

      The news about the Rivers that are drying ( in reality – dying, because Rivers are living entities ) are simply TERRIBLE.

      the corporate media, in the West ( Europe, etc.. ), are still in a deep criminal silence.

      I know it's NOT your words, but the idea that a "nuclear winter" can be the answer to the out of control Global Warming, to me is really the epitome of delusion. 1st – we never had one before, so how do we know the outcome of it?

      2nd – a global nuclear catastrophe with the blasting of thousands of nuclear weapons, will release a massive quantity of energy, heat, and incredible amounts of fine debris that will go to the upper Atmosphere, blocking the release of all this energy to the upper levels of the Atmosphere, and after, to the space. After there is the decomposition of many billions of creatures, which will release more methane, moreover there is the methane that is coming from the Arctic. All industries will stay without supervision, including the NUCLEAR industry. Fires will burn everywhere, in all major cities in the World, and in ALL the Forests that remain. I think it's not difficult to figure that an event like the one I'm talking will transform the Earth's Atmosphere in something similar with the Atmosphere of Venus in maybe less than 100 years. Well this is just my opinion. All nuclear industry must END.

      Thank you for your valuable information.



  68. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, why have they changed the name: :CLIMATE WARMING" TO CLIMATE CHANGE, Maybe the climate warming isn't warming it's the NATO states Changing the weather with these engineering,  of the climate? because I seen a statistic saying 55% of people don't believe in Climate Warming, so they change the name to climate change, what's that about? You don't hear that term any longer?? I believe that these company's like Raytheon and others company's are making the weather whiplash?? I think that's why people are confused. They don't get it because the powers keep changing the names. In India it's 110 degrees or greater every day? Meanwhile in the Northeast US it's well below normal. TRUMP fooled everyone again, it's not what people say, it's what they do…and Trump it surrounding himself with all the same liars. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, yes, the climare engineers are, of course, fueling the weather whiplash scenarios. This being said, we must remember and consider that every form of human activity that effects the energy balance of the planet is  a form of geoengineering. About what people “believe”, that has no bearing on front line facts and reality. About the term “climate change”, yes, that term was implemented in 98 to help condition the population to the engineered weather whiplash scenarios which are most connected to the massive engineereed cool-down events. I just covered the current massive engineered cool-down event that is being carried out in the US, hope you will review the attached link. About Trump, yes, we agree. FYI

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joe, I agree and I hate the name of Climate Change.  I can't help but think it is a kind of play on Mother Nature, as in, wait for it, the change of life!  Like, menopause!  Seriously.  It has all the ear marks, hot flashes, mega sweats, bad temper, suffering, and the end of giving life!

  69. Bryan says:

    Drove into Los Angeles today, first trip "down below"  in months. Kept a pretty consistent 70 and got passed by nearly everyone.

    People are driving like they've lost their minds – a deliberate simile. The air "quality" is beyond pathetic. You have to be blind not to see how wan and sick the skies look, milky blue with toilet-bowl stained smudges along every horizon.

    That's a perfect metaphor for the runaway cataclysms we're facing as a species and as a planet. I believe those in denial are beginning to suffer from mental breakdown and disfunction as the reality they are surrounded with becomes more and more dissociated from their staunch, impassive beliefs.

    It's as if the shrill insistence that EVERYTHING IS NORMAL must become louder and louder to drown out the dire situation now patently obvious to all but the willfully ignorant.

    Just flipping around TV stations to check in with the media "current" calls to mind Dane's prophetic words about living in an insane asylum. I look back on football and the Sunday newspaper as lost days of innocent youth. Now that I understand what we face and how we've been lied to, nothing will ever, can ever be the same. 

    Yet still, somehow, the beat goes on.

    I tried to imagine how all this would look if the masses suddenly awoke. I realize it's our only shot, and a longshot at best, but to me, I can't help but sense a serious conundrum and a Catch 22.

    As we awaken, we become a greater threat to the power structure. In response, won't they correspondingly ramp up the nefarious programs? I guess that's what Dane means by trying to beat them to the next intersection. Still, what choice do we have?

    Yet when I walked around today, observing, I sensed a sadness and fear that the vast majority remain clueless sheep and cattle. They needn't be, of course. But how is it possible that they proceed without noticing the sinking ship around them?

    Mile after mile, I noted hideous fake cell towers arising from all corners. When I say mile after mile, I mean that literally. The saturation density is mind-boggling. This CAN'T be for cell phones alone! Or at least that's not their whole story. Because who is paying for them? And why aren't we being asked? When I approached a crew erecting one of these death towers, I saw that the trucks were generic, the workers wary of my presence – no smiling Verizon and AT&T crew assuring me it's all under control.

    Posted WARNING signs say "These signals may exceed FCC guidelines." Ohreally. Then why hasn't there been a single story in the local paper?

    When I contacted a reporter, she recoiled at the suggestion that there may be community welfare issues at stake. "Ask the city council," she advised. "Or write a letter to the editor."

    She completely rebuffed my insistence that SOMEBODY at the paper might want to follow up on the numerous YouTube videos that expose massive radiation readings around similar towers. "You don't think there might be a story here?"

    She shrugged and said "Oh, I see. You're one of those crazy conspiracy theorists."

    And just like that she shut me down.

    I love you all. But there are moments when I sense the zombie apocalypse is poetic justice for a species run amok. You have to be a certain level of collective indifferent to destroy a whole living planet in less than a century. Yet somehow we're managing to do it, patting ourselves on the back at our intelligence as we plunge off the cliff.

    It's lunacy. But then, you already knew that.

    Together we must keep soldiering on.

    • Dennie says:

      Bryan: That really sums it all up!  Still, boy, would I l-o-v-e to line up all those bleached blonde, hair-sprayed little talking-Barbie-doll heads and BITCH SLAP them bright red, right down the line, then go back the other way and do it all again! SOMEONE needs to knock some sense into those bubble-headed bitches.  But just take a good look:  All "they" have is NAME-CALLING?  And these straw people are calling themselves "news" reporters, and journalists? HA!!!  How fcuking pathetic is that?

    • Michel B says:

      "the saturation density of the fake cell towers" makes me think they are setting up arrays like HAARP at Gaskona, but just without the fences and not out in the middle of the wilderness.

    • Laura says:

      Please keep writing….you write so well and so clearly.  Maybe to journals/magazines/newspapers/universities/symposiums/etc.  

    • Dan G says:

      Thanks for the LA report .   Zombie mode .

      Brother in Huntington Beach says life is good doesn't notice anything . You're right we've been duped well over a century. The Smokey 103° Sprague River Valley drove me to gold Beach 65° overcast didn't do anything for my desperation all new cars and boats . People completely unaware . I only stopped for fuel to get back home realizing I only contributed to the problem . How many people like me 100? a 100000? When will we March and stand up against it  . I speak to others there eyes glaze over  they say don't worry be happy keep on trucking

    • BaneB says:

      Michel B:  Interesting concept.  Turn the entire US mainland from sea to polluted sea into one gargantuan 'HAARP'.  Multi-purpose:  global weather warfare, total info awareness, full spectrum dominance, control the inmates, and cull the herd. Oh yeah, and coordinate the coming invasion of pizza and package-delivering drones.


    It is interesting and important to examine how physics applies to weather manipulation procedures.





    ғᴀᴄᴛʀs ᴀᴛ ᴘʟᴀʏ

    • Earth's topography

    • Thermal energy (ocean and land)

    • Water vapor

    • Air chemistry

    • Pressure

    • Air and water flow

    • Recent weather patterns

    And even perhaps solar influences perhaps Lunarand solar cycle such as the seasons & other.

    Geoengineering mathematically speaking is men adding or manipulating variables to change the outcome of a natural process to suit an agenda.

    The climate system as many factors to consider these factors include air pressure, cloud cover hot and cold air dry and moist air and other factors of potential relevance, perhaps such as sun the moon and their cycle and potentially other factors.

    Weather manipulation has to take into account the climate system in its entirety or focus in parts of relevance in conjunction to weather manipulation procedures.

    ғᴜɴᴅᴀᴍᴇɴᴛʟ ᴘʜʏsɪᴄs

    Radio frequencies cause vibration and vibration causes friction and causes static electricity as well as heating and other anomalies.

    If sound waves have a dramatic effect on water as shown in the video link (1)(  2), then what makes you think radio frequency transmissions won't have the same effect even though it is a similar or identical concept of fundamental physics.

    ⇨ Electromagnetic HAARP Simulation Experiment

    We truly have to rationally ask ourselves what it is that we are seeing in the following images captured below:

    0, – 1, – 2, – 3, – 4, – 5, – 6, – 7, – 8, – 9, – 10,

    There is an important step we must collectively take in the battle of exposing and halting weather manipulation and that is to obtain answers where there is speculation or a gray area and to be committed to the greater good. We often speculate that the geometric shapes and cloud cover are a result of radio-frequency transmissions or microwaves of some kind however it would be nice if we had equipment to detect these alleged or elegant radio-frequency transmissions or microwaves of some kind.

    The radiation being transmitted and focused on specific areas of the atmosphere to trigger a reaction that will distort the climate system with the intention of manipulating the weather two for fill an agenda or task of some kind.

    We know there are any agendas at play from different sectors and bodies that make up the global influence and power structure.

    Perhaps masking global warming is something that the fossil fuel industry and the branches they have would want to implement on the population to confuse the population as to the true state of the climate in order to galvanize The population into accepting what the power structure beats them because they feel like the power structure is the good guy because they are blind and deceived.

    There truly is no benevolence in weather manipulation and related programs I do concur with Dane Wigington in regards to the recently stated.

    The amplifying effect can be done blatantly to illustrate the geometric figures in cloud cover or it can be done covertly where weather manipulation may go unnoticed until you wonder why hurricanes keep hitting the same location or why one area is under perpetual drought, this is done by precisely inserting a minor disturbance in the climate system with an accumulative effect over time.

    The whole climate system as are many things are so vastly complex they would be like one big algebra equation if we translated the biosphere into math language to emphasize.

    The only perception and interpretation, we should want is reality and truth, we don't want to be deceived.

    Diversity in interpretation or perception of reality is not a good thing because reality is one not many.

    We can reason and rationalize together and test our metals to see if they lack quality aka a challenge our preconceptions.

    ᴘᴇʀᴍᴀʟɪɴᴋs ᴛᴏ ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ʀᴇʟᴀᴛᴇᴅ ᴘᴏsᴛs:

    • July 13, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    • June 18, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    • May 12, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    • October 6, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    • May 21, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    • April 13, 2017 at 3:46 pm


    • April 13, 2017 at 4:06 pm

  72. renate says:

     the WHO calls for development of virus-induced immunodepression to prolong certain virus infections. Live virus laden vaccines were developed to do just that – “induce immunodepression to prolong certain virus infections”.

    Prolonging induced virus infections has one purpose – profiteering through costly “treatment”.  There is no profit to be made by the Vatican and the Crown (the Pope) if vaccines were developed to “prevent” or “cure” viral infections.  Vaccines were developed to cause healthy people to become sterile and mortally ill. Vaccines are “for profit” manufactured bioweapons that disseminate live viruses and poisons throughout the world

    1972 WHO memos from–dead-.html&nbsp; Everybody needs to make hard copies and save them.

    The information was reported to the public on 07/11/2009 the links suddenly became unavailable in the United States

    The two memos are presented on the PDF page as searchable PDFs so that you can have them, archive them, and research them via keywords.

    The memos were clear that by 1) shutting down the immune system of the Test Subject (read: mouse, or your granny) that they could 2) load the host up with otherwise lethal infections of viruses in every cell of their bodies with NO ILL EFFECTS, then 3) turn the immune system back on resulting in severe illness or death.
    This was the clearest example that vaccines are weapons.
    Vaccines via the standard use of adjuvants and the criminally insane amount of vaccines given to children at one time ARE DEMONSTRATED IN THE STANDARD SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE TO HAVE AN IMMUNOSUPPRESANT EFFECT!  This is just what would normally happen due to the ingredients and sheer number of blood assaults: shutting down the Immune System.  This goes a long way to explaining why they say that their poison shots 'protect' you from disease.  If you are incapable of mounting a response to a pathogen, then you will not appear to be ill.  To fully understand this you must read the sections on Clemens Von Pirquet and Serum Sickness in my book ICD-999.  When we study WHO Memo #2, Virus-Associated Immunopathology: Animal models and implications for human disease, Cell-mediated immunity, autoimmune diseases, genetics and implications for clinical research; and we add possibly The Colonel's Secret Recipe of COBRA VENOM to modulate the Complement Cascade; then we see that UNLESS YOU MADE THE VACCINE YOURSELF YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT IS IN IT!


    • Dennie says:

      @renate:  Holy crap, what a RABBIT HOLE this vaccine labyrinth is! I have often thought to myself, and said to more than one person close to me (except, of course, my physician, who really should hear this) that unless you made the vaccine yourself, there is NO telling what's really in it.  People tell their kids not to get in cars with strangers and not to have unprotected sex but they think NOTHING of taking an injection that goes directly into their body and they never question what's actually going into them!!

  73. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, thank you.  I've come to believe that they will not cop to this until this cat is fully out of this bag and it may never be, playing the blame game.  I mean if this country admits it destroyed the whole world and the future, obviously everyone would want to kill us.  Them.  I'm beginning to think that is their real reason for locking the country down, for upping the military, for forbidding one word of responsibility, for their bunkers, knowing who would want them dead and how, for all their actions and reactions.  They know they screwed up HUGE.  They will say they are not the only ones and true but who started it?  USA.  Things being what they are, they don't care about the land anymore if ever.  So many chickens are coming home to roost they don't know what to do and in a panic are pulling out all the stops, yet making it worse.  If some is good, more Must be better!  And the seas will do more than rise.  Angry seas.

    All kinds of peoples and critters and bugs, viruses-all moving north.  This country has but 5% of the world, population wise.  And, as I've said again and again when asked to comment to our representatives, these corporations running this country know damn good and well what they have done to the land, the waters, to all life and so know this is coming at health care with a bullet.  People who normally would never so much as rub shoulders with us commoners are now more terrified of us.  Trump clearly has some kind of dementia.  Worse, he voices his fantasies as if truth.  This nation is in crisis and the whole world knows it.

    And, just so everyone gets pushed off the brink, coffee plants are now reported to have two different diseases, well, one a disease, the other a bug.  Of course!  Gee, the whole world on caffeine with drawl?!  That won't be pleasant, rather I won't be!  Has anyone here seen the sheer size of junk floating in space around Earth?  Staggering.  Twinkly too.  I wonder if this has a positive, oh what am I saying, nothing positive about it.  As it turns out, there are scenarios in which all that stuff catches fire!  It is a concern!  What the hell isn't?!!  All that hell is about to break loose, is doing now, just beginning, has been, but now obvious to all.  Who don't want to know about geoengineering because it is hard to grasp, and "negative".  And totally out of individual control.  Bend to my will!!

  74. Christine says:

    Maybe there is some truth in that heat 'prediction' for other countries, exactly because of HAARP, in hands of USA…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christine, about ionosphere heater instalations like HAARP, there are many, and they are located in many countries. There is also other formes of microwave / RF transmitters. This being said, certainly there is no denying the fact that weather warfare is real, ongoing, and the USA is the biggest player of all in the climate engineering insanity.

  75. Michel B says:

    Vaccinations are for profit, but more importantly for the mass retardation of everyone's neural abilities. This is undoubted in my mind. It is to reduce psychological abilities, creating more docile and slow minded populations. That some people are severely damaged as in the case of autistic effects is a collateral damage that vaccination pushers do not care about and are willing to do so in order to maintain a general effect of reducing our brain power. The rest of us are damaged just enough to not really notice.

    The damage incurred by SRM is a factor that is desired in order to develop new ways to profit and create advantage for achieving their ends. Destroy the ability of nations to produce their own food or damage their economies with extreme weather events and you can cripple them and hold them to ransom.

    The irrational, totally arbitrary, labyrinthine and insane economy, as in derivatives trading and overall Keynesian principles (debt based currency issuance and currency expansion), SRM, False Flags, threatening of countries not yet controlled by Rothschilds Reserve Banking franchise, corporate takeover, Agenda 21, WW1, WW2 and all wars, are a subset of a larger agenda for total global control.

    Yes, the US is the largest military Empire power on the planet and is the bully boy on the block, yet the role of Israel in all of the above needs exposure as it seems the top levels of each major government department are held sway to Israel's interests. The Plans for a New American Century, 'PNAC', and the Greater Israel Project are synonymous.

    Israel exists because of the 1) Balfour Agreement, which was a Rothschild exercise, 2) reparations from various countries for the Holocaust, and 3) US financial and military support. Israel's MOSSAD was the main force behind 9-11, with complicit US interests all the way up to the President. Israel seeks allegiance from powerful entities, yet it offers no allegiance in return (look up the 'Samson Option'). All are fodder for their agenda, which is eventual control of the Middle East and the rest of the world.

    They have America (long ago), they want Russia back (under Communist control), they want the Middle East (under way), and they want China too (don't want to pay their debts to China). Much of the rest of Asia is taken over (look at their impoverishment), Europe is being transformed by the Soros et al financial backing of forced mass immigration of mostly young African men (including ISIS operatives) and other '1st World' countries have been politically and economically taken over and reduced.

    On every front the assault continues and it is so large and so blinding that most think everything is normal. No one has exercised any thinking that might entertain how our lives, individually and nationally, could be different. Paradigm paralysis is entrenched but not irreversible.

    The destruction of ecosystems is the same as the destruction of economies: it contains a perceived benefit for certain groups.

    • virginia says:

      Michel: As an addition to my post (if it is published), may I refer anyone interested, and this is one article from which both Michel's and my posts are given added credulity.  It appears on today's 8/6/ 17 on the following website:        

      It was written by Joe Vialls on 1/5/2005 regarding the Banda Aceh tremendous earthquake and tsunami that wiped out the inhabitants of that small area on 1 2/26/04.  One must read carefully every word and let it sink in that the quake and tsunami were 'manmade' by an incredible group of inhumane monsters …..and two countries were the primary culprits.  Their reasons?  Their methods?  All here.  And, if I may, please pay especial attention to the last two paragraphs.  They will tell the real story of what is happening now, what has happened in the past and, regrettably what can happen to all of us in the future.  A well written piece based on documented, scientific proof.  Michel, you probably have already read it,


  76. Frank - PHL says:

    It rained here near Phila., Pa., from 3 am to 4 am. Don't get me wrong, there were changes in intensity and pauses in there, but it rained from 3 am to 4 am, exactly. They just rub it in your face.

  77. Ashleigh says:

    Great show Dane, Thank you so much for all the information you always give. I always look forward to hearing you. You give me courage and strength and I incredibly admire you. What's being done to us is deeply heartbreaking and even more so that the majority of the masses don't care and are too blind. Especially our children to be injected with vaccines. You can just see it in the children when you are out at the store or a park or the library the incredible damage vaccines have done. When I had social media I knew of one girl who I was friends with she posted a picture of their "family flu shots" the daughter, pregnant mother, and father who all got the flu shot, the very next picture she posted was of her daughter sick with a runny nose and a ear infection, and pregnant mom commenting not knowing what caused it. And friends commenting saying "oh it's just going around". My son is not vaccinated and he is a bright happy healthy sunshine boy. As you say Dane what will it take for people to wake up. People really do just care about their I-phones, walmarts, new cars, and beer. We have to wake up not for us but for our children they all deserve it!  Thank you again Dane I love you from the bottom of my heart I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. 

  78. Gretchen Thomas says:

    I can attest to the cool-down in OH, highs in the 70s, and overnight lows in the 50s in the first week of the historically hottest month of the year. 46% humidity today and partly (sunny) but just had a brief down pour.

    The so-called Russian interference in the 2016 United States election amounts to the alleged hacking of DNC and John Podesta personal Gmail accounts and forwarding the contents to Wikileaks, and disseminating "fake news" to influence US public opinion. Both Russia and Wikileaks deny this claim.

    The "official" 25 page statement provided involved CIA, FBI, and NSA intelligence and assessment. Declassified version here ,dated Jan. 6, 2017 when the Donald was merely Puppet-Elect Trump. Are we to believe these three agencies about ANYTHING when we know  FBI veteran reveals CIA-Mafia ties, former Senator Frank Church (D-ID) chaired the United States Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities investigated abuses by FBI, CIA, NSA way back in the mid-70s.Thanks to Edward Snowden, we know the NSA is a criminal organization. The FBI is more of the same, ie: James Comey/ Hillary Clinton private server, missing emails "investigation." Former FBI top cop Comey, former FBI top cop and current special counsel overseeing the investigation of alleged Russian election "interference" Robert Mueller, and new FBI top cop Christopher Wray are associates from at least 2004. No collusion there; speaking of, anyone beside me wondering what Hill and Bill are up to these days?.

    The suggestion that former DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails seems logical since he was murdered June 18, 2017,only four days after the "hack" was reported by the Washington Post on June 14, 2017.


  79. Rodster says:

    Steven Hawking has warned mankind about the dangers of artificial intelligence. He said in the future it’s possible that robots with advanced artificial intelligence will no longer need man to exist and will hunt down and eliminate humans.

    This past week Facebook engineers had to shutdown two robots they created and programmed them to communicate and learn to barter and trade between themselves. Unfortunately it did not go according to plan as the two robots invented their own language and finalize their trade.

  80. nobodies fool says:

    And I am very sorryy but not surprised to report that this book I recommended, Blessed Unrest, also performs  Criminal Neglect in total silence on the geoengineering issue, as well as the pretense that corporate money agendas of Gates and gang have anything whatsoever to do with ecology. Everyone that is bought out is bought out, and that's all there is to them. They sleep and cuddle and plan their non-existent futures with their god, money.Flood  Gaia with all the love you can muster, children, 24-7. Nothing else will do. 

  81. nobodies fool says:

    Last month I encouraged a woman from Australia to send to your photo gallery a photo she took of a fully 90 degree angle "rainbow" in western Australia. I hope she did, have not had time to check.

  82. nobodies fool says:

    Excellent Dane, just excellent. That 55 minutes was like 15 minutes, so packed with reality. The  "set-up" of giving nations arms and then attacking them for having them reminds me of an incident in West Brookfield, Mass. in May of 1975. My mate brought a male acquaintance home, and when introducing him to myself and babies, this man greeted my 2 yr. old son by performing the old  punch-aggression routine that marks male relational  culture in a patriarchy.  Several minutes later, my son, thinking deeply from the corner, decided to return to the man his greeting. He ran up to him and mimicked the man's aggression, at which this grown man freaked out and yelled at my child FOR DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE HAD JUST DONE TO HIM. I was vocal and enraged, immediately. Hot cars? What kind of parent leaves their child in a friggin' car?  It is totally illegal to do so and can bring the CPS ( Nazi Kidnapping Corps) into immediate play. Just like when a parent might drive away with a child who is unrestrained in a car. Of course, school buses can with impunity transport scores of children without seatbelts. I find it hard to believe no one else has responded to this post yet, as it is after 4 pm on the east coast. Listen , folks, it is way past the time for politeness. What place politeness when the house you live in is on fire? Soon as I get  to where I am going, I am ordering the heck out of your materials and flooding the entire region with them. Talking to people is like trying to breathe underwater. Easy in my dreams only, up to now. I am very encouraged by Simple Horseman's reports, as years of poverty living and hitchhiking have long ago convinced me through empirical evidence that the people are awesome when given a chance to be.Not having an easy time getting my MD relatives to view Vaxxed or this site. They are so busy "saving lives"(!) and barely have time for their lovely family. I love them so much, but my entire family has long ago constructed self-serving fantasy discourses of me which relate only to  their need to protect themselves from reality. But here  I am, still chipping away, with my bleeding fingernail-less fingers. Whatever it takes. Like Skeleton Woman, I return again and again and again and again, because life is mine to give and mine to protect. The Tiger has been seriously pissed off many times before, but now the Tiger's blood is running hot and cold and explosive and the love I hold for all life is going to burn  a million times hotter than any methane explosion. In the midst of this upper middle class wealth and waste, i seethe with the truths of lifetimes. 

  83. barbzi says:

    "A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty." -Sir Winston Churchill

    What will you do?….. WOW great show Dane. Thanks for being our WATCHMAN on the wall.

    • Michel B says:

      That quote shows the ambiguity of context as Winston Churchill might not have meant something good by his cliched words. Those words could easily portray the outlook of a tyrant, as much as a benevolent leader. I believe Winston was the former.

    • Fred says:

      Churchill just used good slogans. He did not understand their meanings.

      He was a war monger, nothing better.

  84. Anthony says:

    Hey Dane – you should sign up on Minds, to try spreading the message there. I've done so under the name ThePhoenixRises; however, I feel that more people should be made aware of the situation that were in. Please visit the website:

  85. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: My view of the Olympic Peninsula WA from my house this morning was totally socked-in with smoke. Although yesterday the Canadian wildfire smoke had cleared off a bit, today it is much worse! The AirNow air quality report today states that the Seattle area has the worst air quality in the nation. On NASA Worldview over the last few days, it did appear that ionospheric heater radio-frequency & microwave manipulation was taking place — because there were “rectangular” patterns not only in the clouds off the west coast, but a right angle was also seen in the smoke itself [yesterday Aug.4]Does geoengineering manipulate and move smoke "soot" from wildfires to specific locations electromagnetically?  Why did the smoke move south & west – and not east as it would normally do? Could it be that a big interferometer transmitter was creating a low pressure area that would draw the smoke into it.  Note the very curious completely unnatural ‘rectangular hole’ in these clouds! [link below].  When did clouds form into geometric shapes? God only knows what is in this smoke, meaning what toxic chemicals, lithium, aluminum, barium, coal fly ash, strontium, fungi-based nanoparticles — and the fact that this smoke-haze can hide whatever spraying they are doing above us.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      WIKI: "Soot" is a mass of impure carbon particles resulting from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons.  It is more properly restricted to the product of the gas-phase combustion process, but is commonly extended to include the residual pyrolysed [a chemical reaction that occurs in burning of wood, etc.] fuel particles such as coal, cenospheres, charred wood, and petroleum coke that may become airborne during pyrolysis and that are more properly identified as cokes or chars. Soot causes cancer and lung disease, and is the second-biggest human cause of global warming.

      [Excerpt from: "Atmospheric Aerosols, Life Cycles & Effects on Air Quality & Climate" – 2017; WILEY-VCH, Germany]:   "The effect of gaseous emissions from biomass burning on atmospheric chemistry and climate is critically important.  Biomass burning is one of the major sources of atmospheric aerosols, mainly consisting of small smoke particles…having submicron particles … a large fraction of smoke particles can easily penetrate the respiratory system of humans. … Such forest fire particles are rapidly uplifted to high altitudes and transported over long distances, with major effect on air quality… The climate effects are mainly associated with an appreciable decrease in surface reflectance and a decrease in the single scattering albedo [reflectance] of columnar aerosols, which both appreciably contribute to cause local warming effects in the atmosphere.”  

    • renate says:

      Totally agreed with you SF. The 3rd, 4th I woke up to a reddish sun from the east, yes the sky was/is full of soot/fog smoke. But that shouldn't cause the sun to be reddish. I lived 10 years on Vancouver island in logging camps and when they did slash burning the smoke never turned the sun red, that I can remember. Old grandma use to make old newspaper logs with chemicals in them for a colorful Christmas fireplace display. Great for kids. Look at the chart, strontium= red.

      Copper chloride

      Lithium chloride

      Copper sulfate

      Calcium chloride

      Potassium chloride

      Strontium chloride

      Sodium chloride (table salt)

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, first, so sorry all this is in your neighborhood and beautiful Olympic Peninsula not to mention Canada.  Soon to become the whole world?  A number of things you mentioned got my attention.  Like geometric clouds.  I think it was more than a year ago I saw my first one over Berkeley here.  It was huge, like a rectangle but cubed, and stunned me.  Straight edges and all.  So, yes, they exist.  Here too the wind goes every which way but normal.  What I remember normal being, not that it ever actually was, but here it was more or less routine and dependable.  Like always west to east and over the hills, thus blowing away all our smog which worked for us…..yielding this 'fresh' Bay air all love.  This past Tuesday was a rare well day for me.  We'd had shockingly blue skies a number of days, no lavender in them.  I was helping a neighbor making jam, cutting up plums and took a break.  Their place is beautiful with gorgeous plants and trees, even the fence is nice and I stepped out on small patio to see a gorgeous sky backing those plants, then noticed high and to my east, white 'clouds', microwaved.  And a lot of them and big, distinct regular zig zags.  I mentioned it, no one cared nor wanted to know.  I went back to my house and garden stuff with my daughter who was at it, and told her, hoping she'd snap a pic as I do not have a smart phone, and this a pluperfect example of microwaved clouds.  Yeah, yeah Mom, I know, clouds, clouds.  She is aware but tired of hearing about it.  I said but the meaning, girl, the meaning?..grrrr.  And good bye blue sky, the next day was white, today too for that matter.  And weird.  SO humid which never happens here, I mean I moved here to get away from that oppressive humidity!  And hot too.  And just weird feeling, my chickens did not make a sound all day.  And my wellness gone.

      As for the soot.  Imagine the whole world, so much on fire and all of it blowing in the wind.  The dust from severe droughts, blowing in the wind.  They may well be trying to send this away from you, which, would that be over the ocean, or?  I'm certain our unusual cool weather here has a lot to do with how many people with big bucks have moved here, are here.  Like, special treatment?  Knowing you, I'm guessing you are protecting yourself?!  Be well Susan, best wishes!

    • Dennie says:

      The skies over the San Francisco Bay Area the last few days here are horrid, smoky brown-orange mixed up with the usual light grey-brown fly ash crap– and it's CRUNCHY– the air has a TEXTURE to it now– WOW!!!!!, New, Improved AIR!!!!!  Look what we ADDED, folks!!!!!!!

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