Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 7, 2021, #313


Dane Wigington

Is the climate chaos apocalypse finally here? Record blazes are scorching regions in the US West and other parts of the world. The unprecedented smoke plumes are supplying the climate engineers with a constant source of atmospheric particulates which are utilized to augment and enhance climate intervention operations. The same scenario is playing out in numerous other parts of the world. Near my Northern California home, wildfires are raging on 3 horizons. Where there are no record blazes, deadly deluges are occurring. The climate engineers are completely disrupting and derailing the global hydrological cycle. How many agendas being carried out with the covert climate engineering operations? What other covert mechanisms of control are power structures utilizing in the attempt to insure their total dominance? That blank is not hard to fill in. It is imperative to consider and remember that the global controllers have long since stated their objective of reducing populations due to the planet's failing life support systems. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

51 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 7, 2021, #313

  1. CCR says:

    We are not without HOPE.  God is our HOPE.  Thank you for solidifying something I have suspected for awhile.  I think it is past time to Circle the Wagons and pray.  God controls the weather and we should ask him to have mercy on us and HEAL our Land.  2 Chron 7:14   God will not be mocked and his people need to wake up and pray for HIS intervention  

  2. Armen says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    About those two – surely  there will be a wake up call for them at some stage. Maybe not in this life that we will ever know about

    In my own life experience I have seen karma play out beautifully, 'humans reap what they  sew', never a truer word spoken .

    To me its like leaving it in the lap of the gods.

    Evil has always existed, way too big to try to sort out for ourselves, or even comprehend. 

    I have had many near misses in this life and I can only say – some angel was looking after me

    I  try to stay alert for my intuition to give me hints, avoid the news or end up yelling, probably not good for me, invading my space, keeping all glued and terrified, pretty sick really not at all helpful. Weather simply nuts.never had a mist that has droplets falling onto my head. Etc Etc

    Maybe I contributed with useful info

    Best wishes



  3. penny waters says:

    dear earth angel

    mate, this is our convention

    we all know we are not permanent (put my hands together for that)

    but i know we share something more – metaphysical, ethereal – stuff like that!!! words are, so often, such inadequate expressions of feelings

    the magic that cannot be damaged or harnessed or bought or painted or filmed – but felt……with every energetic spark of life force that drives us on

    bless our time here

  4. Armen says:

    Yes Jeanette – I also wonder – what induced  them to become so sick and twisted, genes  ? damage as babies and children probably in early developmental periods.

    I read of experiments by doctors – well that a joke late 1800 s, children of single mothers, street workers, deceased mothers etc.abanded,  were placed in isolation hospital wards, bottle fed , nappies changed but never shown love and affection , or spoken to, etc, in order to see if they survived. Possibly the place was also not heated well as it was in the UK.

    This inhumane experiment on the helpless babies studied by the up and coming new educated types of medical doctors……ended in horrible outcomes, death and wasting away from lack of human contact and love.

    I dont recall how long this experiment went on, but I was shocked and saddened to read of it. Horrifying behaviour by so called medical types. Both males and females involved  in this horrible time of experiments. Did they lack a conscience?

    No way a child in this environment , if it survived .would become a happy normal function part of society.  eg if you beat a dog, or other animal – they will not become safe to be around – same for humans.


    • Dennie says:

      Medical establishment = Child abusers.  

      The Germans lost but the N.A.Z.I.s won.  They were here all along and they now feel comfortable enough with their domination to take off their philosophical masks and show us all of their bare-faced nastiness.

  5. Tammy Kass says:

    Thanks Dane for this website and the information!  Otherwise I would still be wondering what the heck is going on!  They are bombarding us here in New Orleans with rain!  Day after day after day!  we have rain yes, but NEVER this much!!  And are they putting viruses and such in chemtrails besides the poisons!?  I trust God for protection!  I have discovered I must pray over my plants too!  They WILL have their day before God very soon!!!

  6. RandylJ says:

    Thank You Dane for KOKO and Raymond and ALL for what feels like ‘Final Days’ notes and a continuous roundup of #1 Info!  

    All those EMP, Apocalyptic writers need to check into THIS WEBSITE to get the TOTAL View of what’s happening and what’s coming!

    My central NC region is similar to many others. I’ve noticed that there’s very little Real, Actual Moisture in any of the Engineered Thunderstorms. Large older trees continue to lose clumps of leaves on branches- not yet brown or withered. The decreased Insect population is what no one around here seems to notice. I’ve only seen a few houseflies All Summer! A few bees on clover grass. No large ant mounds – maybe because I’m in a small town (downtown) area, but pin-size ants that leave lasting stings. Local birds seem ‘ok’ but haven’t seen any of the larger migrating birds for several seasons, even out in the country areas.

    I’m already mourning a huge oak tree just uphill from my place, that unfortunately grew tall enough to almost threaten the town’s huge water tower -(skirted in 5G on top with a huge fenced area below of various utility subs and equipment.) My 82-year-old neighbor thinks the tree should be cut down because it might damage the tower or an apartment maintenance building, if it keeps growing. It’s been here longer than anyone or anything and provides a large area of shade. It’s a reminder that ‘older’ isn’t necessarily wiser! I hope young people will stand up Now against Any further destruction to natural resources. We are truly running out of time!

    Meanwhile, the Engineered Climate Flight Crews are constant and busy over us. I continue to suffer coughing and sinus, along with my little Maltese, from taking our daily outdoor walks. I alternate between mask wearing on the heavier ‘spray days’ and trying to breathe air ‘as is’ on other days, because it’s unhealthy to constantly wear a mask! I have a feeling these issues will appear to be as ‘mote’ in the near future.

    Despite a myriad of beliefs, (from the Rapture to 5D Ascension, and more,etc), WE CAN still make a Positive difference Right Now if we can keep others aware of the ongoing Climate Engineering! It Must be Halted ASAP!

    KOKO – Keep on keeping on –  Just like Dane!!!

  7. Raymond says:

    I can't stress enough that Everyone should pay very close attention to the words coming out of Dane's mouth in his weekly broadcasts, after I retire within the next week or so. Because I have noticed that he is vitally focused on "only" those headlines and subjects now, which directly relate to the fast approaching "cataclysm" (a large-scale and violent event in the natural world). 

    Just as the wildlife has begun to act very strangely around the world, in this last year or so. So has Dane been pointing out, just how strange this world is beginning to become… and at breakneck speed too!

    All of the predictions and computer modeling of possible outcomes have recently been shattered, or rendered completely obsolete. Just as I know for certain that the UN "Climate Emergency" report and their childish forecasts, modeling, diagrams and charts are also totally meaningless. Because they are only trying to create a sense of false hope to pacify the world, with the "But All Is Not Lost" Bullshit phrase.

    They are still being told to buy some time for the Oil and Gas Empire to rape, pillage and plunder Mother Earth, to the very end of our existence. With statements of time is slowly running out for us to act, before we start to see drastic changes by 2040 to 2050, or a possible point of no return by the end of this century.

    Got news for all of you Gutless, Brown Nosing and Tail Tucking scientists, in the Governmental Bought and Paid For Cesspool of Academia Assholes! Your pensions and paychecks are now just bribe money, for placing planet Earth and Humanity ON DEATH ROW!

    All of the wildlife on Earth, everyone here at Geoengineering Watch and all of you Extorted Cowards… know for a fact, that we have less than Ten Years to STOP GLOBAL CLIMATE WARFARE!

    Grow a Spine and show your children how much you really love them and care for them. By not building a stash of Blood Money, to provide for their last five to ten years on Earth. But rather… Expose Geoengineering as the single most factor in creating our coming cataclysm to begin with and help us to start the healing process.

    Provide real hope for your children to live a full life and not false hope, for a dying planet while holding the cure just out of reach. How can any one of you even sleep at night? Or watch your sweet little innocent children, sleeping all snug and tight, with their arms around their favorite teddy bear? And not get a deep and troubling sick gut feeling, knowing that you are condemning them to a brutal and agonizing death in just a few short years time? How can you live with yourselves, knowing that by supporting such insanity, you are allowing THEM to Murder Your Most Beloved and Precious Babies?!

    THEY are not holding a gun to your head, to make you Lie for THEM! But you are letting THEM place a loaded gun to your children's head, with a timer that pulls the trigger ever sooner and sooner. With each passing lie that you tell the world. I am speaking to the Meteorological Community and the Politicians of this world as well. You can stop this Madness…TODAY!

    • Craig Johnson says:

      "Imagine if a critical mass of the population summoned the courage to face the gathering insanity head on, what a formidable force that would be. If all those that are participating in the insanity, either actively or passively summoned the courage to stand down from the immoral dictates, the course of our common destines would be altered. Those in power are not gods, are not invincible and we the 99.9% are absolutely not helpless, unless we choose to be so. The sand in the hourglass is running down by the day. This battle cannot be fought without an army of the awakened reaching a critical mass of awareness. This the first and most critical leap we can make in the right direction".– Dane Wigington

    • Dennie says:

      They won't.  Most are loving their "bread and circus" too much for anything like that and the rest of the time they're scared shitless of Big Brother, who is threatening to lock them up because they might be "more susceptible" to catching COVID.

  8. penny waters says:

    dear hopi – sees and speaks the truth and has done so for so long

    'continue to contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste'

    we have days of searing heat then, huge amounts of thundery showers (from the water sucked out of the trees – from the ground as it dries) and soon we will have the searing heat back again that will fry us and then people will go – cor – tis hot – must wear the sun cream

    and everyone is cutting everything down – still – uncovering everything and themselves so the sun can burn us all up

    so damn stupid – the soil has to be covered in at least one covering – many many layers of plants help each other

    the thundery showers (furious and violent – dumping great amounts all at once

    and when it is furious out there all the plants protect me and themselves

    and the good news – hedgehogs have been spotted by my neighbour on their lawn

    do get a bit pissed sometimes – hahahaha – creatures come and feast in my garden but go out in the sunshine on their lawn

    i can't see them easily here cos tis so overgrown, but maybe if we meet in the garden on a disappearing path (this year everything has grown so much – more co2?) – that would be a treat

    don't lose heart my friends, tis a hard and painful time we live in – do we know too much??

    tis good to know you all are out there 

    thank you


    • Earth Angel says:

      Back at ya penny! Love to hear your wisdom, reports, and musings. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someday we could have a convention where we ALL would meet and celebrate our successful efforts and the regeneration of Mother Earth's myriad creatures and life support systems. I shall hold that hope- be it here on the physical plane or perhaps yet another. I too am grateful for the many friends here I haven't personally yet met but feel I already know. Blessings out to every one of you all;  and especially to Dane and his family.  : )

    • Armen says:

      Hi Penny,

      I enjoy your plant wisdom and lots of history of life in UK.  I printed a reply to you on Raymond's comments.Hoping you would see it.

      This old computer is hard to deal with as I am forever trying to  correct its snail pace as my fingers fly over the keyboard. I spent years of 'living'  in the old history novels of life in England, wishing one day to move over there.for a while. Fantasy no doubt, true life  was very difficult, then of course all the so well produced TV series made me feel I was reliving life there.  Maybe a life once lived there, left its imprint, who knows.

      The (many) latest TV series that are just creepy and dark unfortunately trash, have been so disappointing.  As if real crime is not bad enough without it inducing more insanity that normal people are try to cope with.




  9. Sunlight Germany says:

    Being trapped in a flood of madness is the correct expression, as Dane said 3 weeks ago. Yes, that's how I feel too. What do they want to tell us in Glasgow? Sorry for the planet, we have offset ourselves with the computer simulations? No, that will not happen. We still have a way to save the planet… Strength and peace for ALL here

  10. Stan Sylvester says:

    Australian golfing great Greg Norman recently asked Joe Biden to send unused Pfizer vaccines to his native Australia. A golfing millionaire,, Greg can live here in the U.S. as long as he wants. Sadly, he said that he misses Australia and wants to move back. The problem is the lockdowns. According to Greg, , the key to taking care of that is to get more vaccines to  his fellow Australians.   

    Greg allegedly had Covid in 12/20.  I was not able to find any info saying whether Greg has had the vaccine or not. Is  golfing great Greg Norman genuinely concerned about his fellow Australians and just sadly misinformed? Or ,is he  working for the dark side? 

  11. Raymond says:


    Zeke Hausfather is Director of Climate and Energy at The Breakthrough Institute of Berkeley!

    Energy? US and Saudi… Oil and Gas Coalition? OPEC?

    No conflict of interest there, right?

  12. Raymond says:


    I can't leave yet, without expressing my final thoughts on the insanity of the circus clowns in Academia.

    The UN Climate Report: All Is Not Well—but All Is Not Lost (

    They are claiming:

    "…the planet would hit the 1.5 milestone at around the year 2040, says Zeke Hausfather, a climate scientist and the director of climate and energy at the Breakthrough Institute, who wasn’t involved in the report. “Similarly, we're passing 2 degrees somewhere between the early 2040s and early 2050s as a most likely estimate in the higher-emission scenarios…"

    Read the entire report if you enjoy a good fantasy novel.

    We passed 3 degrees C years ago and all of these shameless scientists "without any backbone" know that! They never even once mention the Real Doomsday Gas methane! Which again, makes their climate models look like a Fuckin' Joke.

    I learned just last week that the United States and Saudi Arabia, both sent representatives from their highest level of governmental agencies, to have closed door meetings with the United Nations' IPCC Board of Chairmen. In order to get them to "Water Down" this report, before it was made public today.

    Like Dane said: "The Foxes are running the Hen House" and there will be a Roasted Chicken Barbeque by 2030 at the latest.

    BTW- Zeke Hausfather is a scientist at UC Berkeley and receives Federal Grants for his work! No surprise there folks. Matter of fact, I believe that he was a member of the US-Saudi lead delegation to the UN.

    • Paul Davis says:

      IPCC Report- just saw Democracy Now and their focus on this report….. Even though they have watered it down greatly, and yes, no mention of Methane, very dire..  Very misleading on their timelines and providing hope to people…   We all must prepare for the collapse of our society; best to accept it and  prepare for it… not if, but when….  For once you  accept the current unfolding collapse, you will prepare your self for it, and you will some time to prepare…

    • Armen says:

      Yeah – Raymond totally get it – like we are in a really shit movie expecting to wake up and life is normal again……..while typing too fast lost a lot of words – hope they dont come out somewhere in this edition making no sense at all.

      What has happened to a sense of honesty, reality, courage to be heard.  Stick ones head out too far and lose it I guess.

      Read four heads of African States refused the cure, now gone to another invisible world sadly. well better off really in another sense.

      Old computer and no one with a heart to fix it. Without paying them a fortune.

      How are you going to cope with a quiet life.lots of alcohol, surely you will be bored. Apart from the natural environment of course.  I am so fed up with this great Saviour, Hopeless future looms large.

      Thinking I just might go along and ask for 6 of the wonder stuff just to get out of this shit existence.

      The news of what is occurring in Afghanistan is heart breaking, Used, and left to be wiped out.

      The original races here – all desperate to get the cure. Educated – really????

      Endless crap with no  actual facts reported. Just a couple of old timers talking up for senses to awaken, arguments etc.TV

      I just want to SCREAM – tell the truth.

      Off spring, rellies no where near – wanted a quiet natural environment to grow stuff and be close to nature……… no idea what lay before me. Droughts, fire, endless rain, freezing one day – sunburnt the next, and we all play nice, pretending all is normal. Being a natural hermit suits me anyway.  

      Locked down locked out.probably good we cannot see the future.

      So we all on here dig deep for courage, endurance and inner guidance.

      I appreciate all comments relayed on here – where is everyone, many more ought to be here.

      Penny, I love you nature spirit, wish I knew as much as you do about plants..always wanted to visit UK, but you have filled me in on lots of info.  my ex from there passed away, and we did not make it to UK, but all ancestors are from there, so it is in my blood line. A cousin told me my female rellie was the first woman to be able to do morse code from her post office job in the war.

      My UK great grand father bought his young wife out to this land, worked on the railways to begin with   – ended up building houses, becoming quite prosperous. Hard work and determination. Lived to old age as people back then did. They were  battlers who persevered..

      My mother separated from her marriage and  and ended up with a part  native American man after the war, after his wife died, so I had two new siblings. It was unfortunate in that he had severe ptsd and loved alcohol way too much – but was a kind man  when sober.If only folk knew how to help damaged returned soldiers.  Such tragic situations humans are expected to endure.

      Thats life – never know whats around the corner.

      Love and peace to all.

      Praying for safety and protection for Dane and family.





    • Raymond says:


      I don't drink, but I bought a gallon bottle of EXTRA Special Reserve Crown Royal 25 years ago… just for the hell of it. Because they only made 50,000 gallons that one year only and it's made with five of the best bourbons on the planet. I'm (was) a Collector of unique items and just the empty bottle alone, would probably fetch a few thousand on Ebay! (I recently sold many "One of a Kind" items, since they will be totally worthless in a few years… when humanity hits the Brick Wall!)

      To be honest, I never get bored when I am in the presence of Raw Nature. It's humans that bore me to death these days, with their constant "me, myself and I" Vanity, Apathy and Vulgarity.

      99.9999999999999999% of all humans I make contact with any more, are so LOST in their Own Little Fantasy World. They don't realize that the REAL World will soon disappear in the blink of an eye… and even if they were made to believe in such truths. They would just KOKO as RandylJ so modestly put it. 

      They seem to have the exact same attitude and just say:  "Oh well. There's nothing I can do about it. So hey! Why don't we all just party and get as numb as possible. That way, when the world does come to an end. We won't even know it or feel it!"

      And every Super Power Military plans to go out in a Supercalifragilistic bang that will take billions with them. Shortening the odds even more, of at least a micro cell of humanity, surviving the coming Global Melt Down Cataclysm. 

      It's like as if the Money Printers are so spoiled and immature. They are of the mindset:   "If we can't own, control and rule over every living thing on planet Earth. Then we will just make it implode upon itself and be done with it all for good."

      They are the Mad Men holding the entire world Hostage with a Doomsday Bomb. And some of us know where they have hidden the "Defuse Switch". But the rest of humanity is too scared, or too stoned on the Mad Men's drug of deception and lies, to help us reach that switch!

      That's my frustration summed up the best way I know how… and when those final days are bearing down on us. That's when I plan to break the seal, on my "So Long World" bottle of rare Crown Royal.

      Just look at the record crash of gold and silver spot prices, over the last two weeks… which no one is reporting on whatsoever. That alone, tells the whole story of exactly how much time humanity has left.


    • Armen says:

      Hi Raymond, 

      just cant help myself – this was so hilarious – your sounding off re the garbage  of actual state of our earth 'health' and how well we are doing brings to mind the most ridiculous  episode of how amazingly the Great Barrier Reef is doing.

      Called Love or some such idiocy showing how  the corals were sporing and making baby corals for the future.

      Beautiful to watch on camera – however, there was no indication as to the amount of filming coverage re the extent of reef filmed –

      I reckon from the faces and actions of those involved some  of them were quite pissed during the show. Smiles from ear to ear, on and on about LOVE of mating coral reef babies.

      And recently someone  jetted overseas to somewhere to get the reef, reinstated or something, being alive and flourishing well I think was the aim, world heritage or something.  I just catch bits in between doing something else. so it does not count as legit, just fleeting impressions.

      Compared to other reports from people trying to  make their living from the tourist trade around the reef, prior to the covid dramas people describing the toxic water  run off killing off the corals, it was quite comical to witness this continuous  healthy reef life episode. If they had been acting in a sober way – could have been interesting.

      That presenter has moved on to other things now. therefore not a regular face on TV.


      Thanks for your diligence, fact collecting , impressions, long experience of watching the world in all its shades of grey to black and beyond.  Hugs,, restore you life force, enjoy the peace of nature and that bottle of grog  if necessary.

      You will be missed I reckon by lots on here.

      May peace rest your soul, you have well and truely earned it.

  13. Armen says:

    Exactly.      So many swear words come to mind. Leave it up to the payment that is coming for such creatures of the underworld or whoever doles out justice.

    Our lives are short here on earth but our souls are eternal in the realm of the angels.

    Life seems long if you pack lots into it but full of learning experiences. Bodies fall away however souls are for ever.

    People relay times of shock and utter bliss during near death experiences – and reluctantly know they have to  return to finish off karma. Many stories of such things, all conjecture till it becomes personal.

    Very interesting and totally real in my opinion.

    We soldier on folks, wading through the never ending crap – who knows how it will turn out . Prayers and protection for all the battle weary humans , for all living creatures and Mother earth herself.

    Dane, you are amazing for your dedication, research and commitment.  Wishing you and your family a safe passage for the road ahead.

  14. David Meisel says:

    Dane, every word is truth. Sad days ahead. They're blending CHEMTRAILS into cloud cover on East Coast. Sporadic rain next few days. I remember summer storms,  that was a natural time. God bless. Stay brave.

  15. G Chapman says:

    In no particular order… Deep Shield possesses, or possessed, absolutely no empathy. This the number one personality trait of psychopaths.

    The students are starting to come back into town. I will be going back soon once they're all there to do more distributions of geoengineering materials. The University here is setting up check-in tables in front of the dormitories when the students come in to check in and move in. The parents are cordoned off and cannot join their children. So-called healthcare workers are at the tables offering vaccines. The students are being asked if they have been vaccinated. If not they are encouraged to get vaccinated. If they refuse, then they are warned that they will be tested regularly and if they miss a test, their electronic ID cards and so forth will be turned off.

    For anybody who has sincerely held religious beliefs observances and practices, who may be thinking about applying for a faith-based exemption from certain medical procedures, or who may want to have such documentation on hand in case there is ever a knock at the door, I would recommend looking up current case law- Fallon vs Mercy Catholic Medical Center and Africa vs the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    This can be done, but in order for a faith-based exemption to hold water legally it has to be based upon a true religion, and these two examples of current case law clearly delineate what the court system has upheld. So if you are thinking about, for example, typing up a statement of faith to explain the religious background for your religious objection to certain procedures, you can only discuss your religion and not other factors. And your religious Faith must meet the criteria in this current case law, or it will not have any legal standing in Court. For example, let us say that a certain institution is going to require certain procedures. The institution says that they will allow religious exemptions in some cases. The application is filled out and attached to supporting documentation. The institution's legal team will review said application. The legal team _already knows_ what the case law is and requires. They will be looking for people who claim anything _outside_  the very specific legal requirements for a religion. If your statement of faith has anything besides things that are specifically related to the specific requirements of current case law it will be rejected, and even worse, if you were to challenge this in court, it will not win. Mr. Fallon and Mr. Africa both claimed specific things and went to court to try to get them. Both of them made claims that they had religious beliefs that would otherwise have been violated had they not gotten what they wanted. In both cases, the court system found that what they claimed were religious beliefs did not constitute a true religion, even though they were sincerely held beliefs.

    Both men LOST.

    The court has very specifically defined what legally qualifies as a religion. If you stay within the legal parameters and do not touch _anything else_ outside those specific three guidelines in this case law, according to the formal legal advice I have received, then you have a strong case that you are religious objections to whatever it may be are based upon a true religion and shall be likely to hold up legally in court.


    • GC says:

      And also, if you do type up a statement of beliefs for this purpose, get it notarized. That makes it an official legal document. You will be better off if the date of the notarization precedes the date of any mandate in your area or state. There is no guarantee that these things will work if and when people start going door-to-door to people's houses.

      But it certainly will not work if a man ate his passenger state for example and then you go afterwards to type up a statement of faith and have it notarized after the date of the mandate.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      What about the fact that ANY forced medical procedure is against the Nuremberg Code and International Law??? That ALONE should be sufficient!

    • GC says:

      NO… the Nuremberg code arguments not going to work for us. For the regular folks I guess it's either going to be medical or religious reasons for an exemption. And if you go with the religious reason you cannot go into any other areas of politics or economics diet or any other kind of belief system save for your religion only. This is why I tell people to read the case so they will know what they're talking about here.

      Yes, there are groups of attorneys that are working on that type of angle. But for us that's not a good idea. If you try to make a religious statement of faith for a religious exemption based on the Nuremberg code you will lose.

  16. Humans are Free says:

    I read a book back in the 90's called The Last Waltz of the Tyrants by Ramtha of all people and it struck a chord so deep in me that I never forgot it.  It outlined the exact scenario this article describes but on a global scale; people would starve in cities, the sun would scorch everything.  This article brought that book front and center once again…..There was an article in the MSM this week mentioning that many trees are losing their leaves already, leaves are brown/burnt and out on a walk yesterday I witnessed this first hand.  The trees look like they were sprayed with a poison, many of their leaves are frown and curled up.  The Walmart family is the largest land owner in British Columbia and they have been buying all the large ranches in BC and Northern Alberta for years now.  I got this first hand from a man that owns property, a small ranch in northern BC.  People need to start if they don't know yet, to learn basic gardening skills and how to forage for edible plants in the forests.  May God be with you ALL.

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Right on, Earth Angel. Did they not know the word 'dog' is God spelled backwards?  🙂

  18. Raymond says:

    The new owners of my home here in Texas, will take possession of it in two weeks now and are fully aware of the escalating UV-C levels and chose my house for it's solar shielding of the windows and 5G shielding, of two huge EF-5 rated tornado bunkers.

    But are saddened (just like Me) by the fact that every single veggie, herb and fruit in my garden. Plus all the fruit on my trees and berry bushes, including the grapes… all withered and turned black in June. Way before they became ripe and everything was already severely stunted to begin with.

    There was abundant rain and I used layers of cammo netting that I used to block 30% of the sun in the beginning. Then gradually moved up to between 65 to 85% and it still wasn't enough to protect everything from the extreme UV radiation.

    I even experimented with above ground plants that were 100% shaded from the sun and used grow lights at night. But because the sunlight is so scattered by chemicals and heavy metals in the atmosphere now. The severe UV radiation is bombarding everything on the surface of the planet, from a hundred different angles. Which is clearly evident when I turned the UV-C probe of my meter, away from the direct sun's rays and it still registered higher than I expected. 

    All of that is so alarming, because in just one year's time I went from about a 50% veggie, herb and fruit harvest, to NOTHING (0%) and the rain and cooler temps were more so this year, than it was last year.

    So if that experience is an indicator or forecast of the very near future, for all life on planet earth. Then we will be extremely lucky, if humanity survives at all… beyond the year 2030!

    BTW- I also had to pollinate everything using small paint brushes, because there wasn't a single bee, butterfly, hummingbird or other pollination insect this year. I had about 100 hornet nests last year and not even ONE this year. That's a pretty drastic jump towards overall extinction, in just 12 month's time!

    • Rochel says:

      Maybe your plants were infected with a fungus.  

    • Brent Papon says:

      Even less, but at least we have a clue. It is absolutely heart breakin. I don't know ONE person that gives a shit. The only thing scarier then climate collapse is the fact that very few care. We're out there , but we represent less than a percent.

      Fuckin sucks.

      Take care and I love you unconditionally.

      I'm also deeply and truly sorry

    • Raymond says:

      Thank you Brent,

      My love goes right back at ya' and try to stay safe my friend.

      It is indeed so heartbreaking, because I know that all of us are in anguish over being totally helpless to resuscitate Nature, or do anything at all to cure her of the terminal cancer we have become.

      Gary reminds us of the Hopi Prophecies that I memorized when I was a Professional Guide, working for Ancient Expeditions in Sedona, AZ. While giving tours of 12th century Sinaguan and Anasazi cliff dwellings in the Red Rock cliffs and canyons.

      They foretold of a White Race that would appear as a mighty and powerful force, who promised to make the world better for all living things. But was later revealed to be a lie and a curse to our Mother, the Earth. They envisioned how our magic (technology) would create "Long White Spider Webs in the Sky" (climate engineering plane trails) and those webs would be a sign of this world's impending end times. After which, a new fifth world emerges from the ashes made by an unforgiving Sun. They speak of three new worlds that we haven't experienced yet and a final world known as Taiowa. Where the Spider Woman guides us to our emergence, from under the ground one last time and we enter upon a wondrous world of amazing Utopia.

      I knew that their prophecies of the fourth world would come true some day. Just not in our lifetime.


  19. Earth Angel says:

    d.a.r.p.a.  MUST be defunded post haste. It would be a HUGE step in the right direction helping planet Earth's inhabitants survive. The satanic money system MUST end now. The money changers in the temple were thrown out for good reason.

  20. Gary Morrow says:

    Hopi prophecy and wisdom as told by Grandfather Red Crow.

    Time evolves and comes to a place where it renews again. There is first a Purification time and then there is Renewal time. We are getting very close to this time now..We were told that we would see America come and go. And in a sense America is dying from within. Because if without the instructions of how to live on Earth, everything is coming to a time where prophecy and Man's inability to live on Earth in a spiritual way will come to a crossroad of great problems. It is the Hopi belief that if you are not spiritually connected to the Earth and understand the spiritual reality of how to live on Earth, it is likely that you will not make it. Everything is spiritual. Everything has a spirit. Everything was brought to you by the Creator. The one Creator. Some people call him God. Some call him Buddha. Some call him Allah. Some call him other names. We call him Tunkashila. Grandfather.We are only here for a few winters, then we go to the Spirit world. The Spirit world is more real than most of us believe. The Spirit world is Everything. Most of our body is water. And in order to stay healthy, you must drink good water. When the Europeans first came here, we could drink out of any river. If the Europeans had lived the Indian way we could still drink out of the rivers. Because water is sacred. The air is Sacred. The tree breathes what we exhale. When the tree exhales, we need what the tree exhales, so we have a common destiny with the tree. We are all from the Earth. And when the Earth, the water, the atmosphere is corrupted, then it will create its own reaction. Mother is reacting. In the Hopi prophecy they say the storms and floods will become greater. To me it is not a negative thing to know that there will be great changes. It is not negative. It is evolution, it is time. Nothing stays the same. You should learn how to plant something, that is the first connection. You should treat all things as Spirit. Realize that we are all one family.


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF:  Thank you, Gary Morrow. Your post is so beautiful. I love the 'breathing' of trees.  Our Mother is weeping.

      Hopi Indian’s Warnings to the World
       March 29, 2005
      by: Brenda Norrell / Indian Country Today
      This is an excerpt of an article that can be read in full here:
      *Warning of the impending apocalypse, they urged all people of good hearts to join them
      * material greed and ignoring spiritual truth results in climate     change, and, ultimately, the destruction of the world
      * Ancient cultures are being annihilated… many have given up or manipulated their original spiritual teachings
      * we are at the very end of our trail
      * Many have no respect for the Great Spirit or for our precious Mother Earth, who gives us all life
      * signs that nature is no longer in balance
      * we must look upon each other as brothers and sisters – There is no more time for divisions among people
      * newspapers only publish what the government wants printed
      * mankind is in the final days of the prophecy
      * humans poison their own food, water and air with pollution
      * humans will burn ourselves to death with ashes
      *Even animals and birds are warning us with strange changes in their behavior, such as the beaching of whales. Why do animals act like they know about the Earth's problems and most humans act like they know nothing?
      *If we humans do not wake up to the warnings, the great purification will come to destroy this world just as the previous worlds were destroyed.
      Evehema and Banyacya died within three weeks of one another in early 1999. Evehema died at the age of 108 on Jan. 15, 1999. Banyacya, born in 1910, died on Feb. 6, 1999.
      Their voices live on.



  21. John Patrick says:

    Do good to others.  Don't let your love grow cold.  Love others as yourself.  Those who are doing the devils work will soon regret their choice to follow evil.  There end will be in the lake of fire.  For how long depends on the pain and evil they have caused!  I know one thing,they will reap double.

  22. Brent K Papon says:

    Please check out Max Blumenthal. One of th the smartest and  funniest.

    Also for you kids . It turns out empathy and curiousity are linked.

    Paz y libertad



  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    John Whitehead's Commentary
    A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning
    By John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead
    August 02, 2021

    “The things we were worried would happen are happening.”—Angus Johnston, professor at the City University of New York

    Imagine it: a national classification system that not only categorizes you according to your health status but also allows the government to sort you in a hundred other ways: by gender, orientation, wealth, medical condition, religious beliefs, political viewpoint, legal status, etc.
    This is the slippery slope upon which we are embarking, one that begins with vaccine passports and ends with a national system of segregation.
    It has already begun.
    With every passing day, more and more private businesses and government agencies on both the state and federal level are requiring proof of a COVID-19 vaccination in order for individuals to work, travel, shop, attend school, and generally participate in the life of the country.
    No matter what one’s views may be regarding the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is an unnerving proposition for a country that claims to prize the rights of the individual and whose Bill of Rights was written in such a way as to favor the rights of the minority.
    By allowing government agents to establish a litmus test for individuals to be able to engage in commerce, movement and any other right that corresponds to life in a supposedly free society, it lays the groundwork for a “show me your papers” society in which you are required to identify yourself at any time to any government worker who demands it for any reason.

    Such tactics can quickly escalate into a power-grab that empowers government agents to force anyone and everyone to prove they are in compliance with every statute and regulation on the books. Mind you, there are thousands of statutes and regulations on the books.

    Indeed, in this era of over-criminalization, it is estimated that the average American unknowingly breaks at least three laws a day.

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    US Scientists Discover Massive Dead Zone on the Bottom of Gulf of MexicoSputnik International

    According to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), dead zones are underwater areas where levels of oxygen are so low that no marine life can survive there. They occur naturally, but researchers are concerned that more and more of these biological deserts are developing due to human activity.
    US scientists have discovered a massive dead zone, NOAA said in a press release. Per the agency, the average dead zone covers around 5,400 miles, but the one discovered on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico "is approximately 6,334 square miles, or equivalent to more than four million acres of habitat".
    "The distribution of the low dissolved oxygen was unusual this summer. The low oxygen conditions were very close to shore with many observations showing an almost complete lack of oxygen", said Nancy Rabalais, a professor at Louisiana State University who led the study.

  25. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    In blistering drought, California farmers rip up precious almond trees
    Crushed by a devastating drought and new water restrictions, Daniel Hartwig had no choice but to pull thousands of precious, fragrant almond trees from his California farm.

    "It breaks your heart," he sighed as he surveyed the once vibrant landscape before him—curled, yellowed leaves covering the shrunken husks that would have been this year's crop of almonds, had the water arrived.
    Their exposed roots are already starting to turn powdery with rot, and the temperature of almost 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) on this summer morning speeds their decomposition.
    Moving among them are huge machines that will turn Hartwig's "beautiful prime almond trees" into large piles of woodchips.
    After several years of very low rainfall and a particularly dry winter, California authorities turned off the tap to agricultural producers. In April, after a series of calculations, the farm had to face the hard facts.
    "There is not enough water on the market" to keep the almond trees alive, Hartwig said. "It's surely painful to make those changes."
    And for good reason: The California almond market is worth nearly $6 billion a year.

    'Bad Guys'
    California produces 80 percent of the almonds consumed worldwide, a market that has doubled in 15 years driven by demand for substitutes for animal products, such as almond milk.
    Woolf Farms almonds travel as far as India or Australia. But is that era now over?
    "There is a perception that farmers are here to waste water," said Hartwig, his hands tucked into his jean pockets. "It makes us sound like we are the bad guys."

    • penny waters says:

      "farmers" are one of the biggest destroyers of environments – apart from "builders"

      england was covered by 'tenant' farmers up to the early 1900's (someone had to keep the upper classes and their servants in food, clothes and luxuries – industrialisation had already happened) until mechanisation of transport – the government did a job for the upper class land owners by deciding who was an 'efficient farmer' and who wasn't – went around – checking their wells etc – poking noses in where they were not needed!!

      they said it was for the good of the country – we needed mechanisation cos people were starving – in reality crops rotted in fields because people didn't have the money to buy food and the transport system was confused

      the countryside was destroyed – 98% of hedgerows were ripped up – along with all the creatures that lived in them and the alienation of huge numbers of people from their life in the green reality

      we are all responsible and i have to say that what that farmer did sounds a bit vengeful – he must have known about the water problems – or maybe not? – the essex farmer i worled for didn't seem to 'know' about the environment – was on a parish council (local government – neighbourhoods) – met farmers and many people who come from the country and was shocked at their lack of 'knowledge'

      and yet the upper classes have huge amounts of land and yet seem to have little sensitivity to it

      think they have 'tamed' it – like their peasants – hahahaha – little do they know – nod to the wise

  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VAERS Latest Data Include 2 New Reports of Teen Deaths Following COVID Vaccine, as Total Reports of Deaths Exceed 12,000

    Childrens Health Defense

    VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 545,338 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 12,366 deaths and 70,105 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 30, 2021.

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ‘Like a War Zone’: Scenes of COMBAT in Paris as police and citizens FIGHT in cafes, streets, and sidewalks over VACCINE PASSPORT


  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dr Fauci Spent $424K On Experiments Where Dogs Were Bitten To Death By Flies
    August 6, 2021
    According to documents obtained using the Freedom of Information Act, Dr Fauci spent $424,000 to commission experiments where dogs were bitten to death by flies.
    In the study healthy beagles are given an experimental drug and then intentionally infested with flies that carry a disease-causing parasite that affects humans.
    Records show that the dogs were “vocalizing in pain” during the experiments.
    At the end of the ongoing experiment, the dogs will all be killed.
    Experimenters admit this investigational drug, “has been extensively tested and confirmed…in different animal models such as mice…Mongolian gerbils…and rhesus macaques….”

    • Earth Angel says:

      Sick bastards. The creeps who do these kinds of experiments on helpless animals are not doctors or researchers- only sadistic monsters. What kind of mind thinks up this disgusting shit to do to another living creature; helpless and trusting which will be unable to resist or escape their vile cruelty? The same sick experiments they dream up should be conducted on THEM.

    • Dennie says:

      Kanatjan Alibekov, or Ken Alibek, was a Soviet Kazakh physician and virologist who wrote the 1999 book titled Biohazard.  The last chapter of the book was a warning to us all in which he wrote that the word "pandemic" would become a household daily word, and now we see, just as he warned, having been the head of the Soviet Union's bioweaponry program, that more and more countries would be doing more and more experimentation with more and more dangerous pathogens with each passing year.  Breaches did and do in fact occur.  In one chapter in the book, which also describes in detail his dealings with arrogant psychopathic (and racist) Russian military generals demanding that he make up virulent pathogens to which there would be no known cure or antidote, he describes a breach that occurred when someone at the plant forgot to turn a switch on at the end of their shift and a vat of extremely dangerous chimera pathogens overgrew.  Alibek himself had to don a hazmat suit and go into the hot room himself to clean up the mess, which had bubbled over onto the floor, a puddle of which he found himself standing in once the lights went on in the hot room.  Afterwards, the lab workers who'd been exposed to the pathogen all got an antibiotic to take right away and hoped like hell it would work since they had made a chimera pathogen.  Alibek, however, in his extreme concern for his co-workers, forgot to take the medication himself, then apparently grazed his face while exiting the hazmat suit… He had to call a friend whose wife was a physician and she came to his house at night, bringing the medicine in a Russian housewife's shopping bag.  Because his work was highly classified he could not even tell his own wife exactly what he did for a living, and told her he "just had a cold," when it was something like a bio-engineered typhus pathogen.  He described the flu-like symptoms of fever and chills.  Fortunately for him and for us the antibiotic worked… Alibek defected to the U.S. after having visited USAMRID a number of times and went to work there on some kind of genetic engineering but it wasn't working with pathogens intended to kill people, or so he wrote…

      And now it's 2021, Alibek's no doubt long retired and we know the kinds of pathogens that are cooking in university and military-funded petri dishes.  We know about GOF research.  We know that there are 400 of these bio-safety L3 and L4 "research" labs.  We know that Fort Detrick works with Ebola, Marburg and Anthrax.  We know that the University of Pittsburgh is working on a SARS-CoV-2/Anthrax pathogen chimera, so we can expect to see a strain of anthrax that is now passed just like COVID, like the common cold?  

      In the opening scene of Biohazard, Alibek describes in detail an experiment with live monkeys in a remote area of Uzbekistan reserved for Russian military experiments with dangerous pathogens.  The monkeys were all chained to the ground, then sprayed with a virulent made-in-a-bioweapons-lab pathogen.  He describes how they started crying and screaming as the pathogen descends upon them and they begin to writhe in pain and agony.  Every one of the innocent creatures died a horrific death.  Now, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE HUMAN RACE THAT WE ACTUALLY BREED/BREED WITH OTHER HUMANS THAT COOK UP THIS KIND OF SHIT AND HAVE NO PROBLEM PERPETRATING THIS KIND OF MURDER BY TORTURE ON THE INNOCENT??  I think "we" are all about to get exactly that which WE as a group actually have coming to us.

    • penny waters says:

      can anyone understand the mentality?

      so many 'academics' seem to have a coldness that is truly human at its most evil

      the ony comfort i try to keep a grip of is that we are like nature – both so wonderful but also the most dreadful 

      to cause harm knowingly is the worst 

      but to not actually realise the harm

      beyond my understanding

    • Jeanette S says:

      How about Gates and Fauci's?

    • Dennie says:

      Gates and Fauci belong on the list with their names appearing right next to Dr. Mengele.  Let's put Ken Caldera and David Keith's names on that list, too.  There are certainly more.   These are people who lack the imagination with which to put themselves in another human being's shoes and walk their mile.  NO empathy.  Psychopaths.

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