Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 16, 2017, #123


Dane Wigington

The battle to control the flow of information is being advanced by an increasingly desperate power structure. Will the population stand silently by? What factors are fueling public complacency and apathy even when facing existential threats? The US continues to topple democracy in other nations, the latest is in Honduras. A mainstream publication states “A Geoengineered Future Is Downright Scary”. Earth continues to spiral into an abrupt climate shift, how many trees would we have to plant to make a difference? Is it too late for any such effort? What excuse are official agencies giving for not reporting the true gravity of environmental and climate implosion? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

With each passing day, many more are waking up to what is unfolding around us, many more are waking up to the climate engineering atrocities. The flames of awakening must be stoked, sharing credible data from a credible source is an essential step in the all important battle to reach a critical mass of awareness. We must all make every day count.  

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Event Center, San Diego, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


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  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The battle to control the flow of information on the internet, to hide the truth from getting out to the masses is obviously the goal of the power structure. They classify people trying to spread the truth, as alarmists & extremists, when they are the ones committing the extreme crimes on the planet & people!

  2. Dennie says:

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory prognostication re our scheduled future climate here in California:
    “The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains”, a book by Robert Lustig, M.D., of the University of California San Francisco medical school:

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Jeez Hawkeye!!  Guess it is true that no good deed goes unpunished!  So very sorry for all your losses, I mean such major losses!!  Wow.  So much sympathy for you but hey, maybe time you changed up your profession!  You should be some environmental person, some watch dog person, surely this makes one hell of a recommendation!  Seriously!

    Cards face up (horseman) I see your fluoride, Hawkeye, and raise you a pathogen, taking top place here I hope. (no offense).  Today, out of Chicago via Reuters: Government lifts ban on enhanced pathogens!  The ban was placed in 2014 over concerns following a series of safety breaches at Federal laboratories involving handling of anthrax and avian flu.  There are concerns that while this may prove useful, it could be used for bioterrorism or biowarfare.  One Dr. Sam Stanley, president of Stony Brook University and chairman of National Sciences Advisory Board for Bio Security says: " I believe nature is the ultimate bioterrorist and we need to do all we can to stay one step ahead."  Gee, sound familiar?  These geniuses said that they are taking normal pathogens and engineering them to be deadly in order to see how nature does that.  Uh huh.  Again, all too familiar.  So, they are actually breeding killer pathogens, and apparently mishandling them such that they were stopped, but Trump and Company to the rescue!  So, got a go ahead with this project!  It just never ends does it?!!  I mean never.

    Anyone remember back when Haiti got wiped out?  But their 'other half', the Dominican Republic fared well but for a weirdish bit about monkeys loose from a lab, scrambling to find them.  That got my interest as I know too much about monkey experiments.  Of course no follow through info.  When Puerto Rico got hit–by the way, this new tax plan horror raised taxes on any businesses who want to work from Puerto Rico!–but when hit by hurricane, a sister island, small, was scrambling to find its monkeys!  And no follow through on that.  Anytime one hears monkeys loose and scrambling to find, it is a heads up.  All reminds me of Lyme's escape from its wee island.  And oh dear.  Just gotta monkey around with nature.  AIDS was said to originate in rhesus monkeys in Africa…. 

  4. Jamnjer says:

    You know what gets me anymore is that there are NO clouds until  planes fly over and leave all their "Vapor Trails". Ever notice that??

    There is NO Natural weather anymore. Period !


    I guess no-one else looks up to notice that !!??!!

  5. Hawkeye says:

    @BaneB, a simplehorseman et al:

    I am writing this as a new reply so it will be on top for you guys and anyone else who pops in to see it first, so it can not be missed.

    Responding to your supportive replies to my post below answering Rachel's question on fluoride in tap water.

    First, thank you much for the pat on the back it made me smile and I needed it! Yes it is a true real time story and yes "the awesome power of one" absolutely does still work wonders. We who come here all need to keep reminding each other of this relevant fact to keep our strength up. So good, glad I found Rachel's post which enabled me to tell about that power we all do still have. But, remember the sacrifice that also  most always follows an act of this kind and do not let the repercussions of the sacrifice ever hold back that power we all have. Instead feel the good of that sacrifice due to cause  an effect. In my case I saved not only 10,000 people from poisoned tap water but also countless numbers of wildlife and food crops and pets who have no voices, from also being poisoned. That is the awesome good feeling that carries you through the repercussions of the act. 

    My community is a rural island, small population, so kind of clicky. Most are phoney environmentalists like my competition who hold the majority for business and info on this island. I knew the risks and feeling them still today, five years long! I have been banished ever since I wrote that real estate disclosure. They even wrote nasty things about me afterwards in letters to the editor in our local newspaper! I got them again for that using real estate ethics code violations against a fellow professional to the public, so of course their discourse towards me has grown even larger. 

    I am having the damm-dest time trying to earn a living now. Lost my home to foreclosure, all my assets are gone, most of what were my belongings also gone, lost my husband, my family turned on me too. I am and have been homeless and broke for near three years now. Just bartering my way through this insane world to keep a roof over my head and my cat! Thanks to God and a few dear friends I am still standing not too bad but it is a hard struggle and I cry every night from the heartbreak of betrayal from loved ones and co workers and clients! 

    BUT, I am not drinking or bathing in poison!!!!! Neither is my cat, their dogs, the wildlife, etc etc!!!!! That is worth it for me, so I welcome my sacrifice knowing the greater good I put in place, me, one little girl, wow good feeling folks! Do it!!!! I know Heaven is also celebrating my victory and the tide will turn for me eventually. Never forget that ever! 

    Thanks also to God for Dane here and all you wonderful people that are also helping in the good fight!!! I mean it to all of you from my heart! 

    I feel strengthened knowing I gave you hope and smiles! Thank you for doing the same for me!

    God Bless us and keep us well!


    • Daniel- Calgary AB says:

      Hawkeye: Thank you for sharing your personal story. I find myself in very similar circumstances including having to shed some tears fairly regularly just to get the negativity out of my system. You are very inspiring to me and so I want you to know this. Your integrity is as solid as bedrock. Your Love is your Strength. and WE WILL PERSEVERE! Keep standing in your strength! There are more people waking up to this weather nightmare everyday and I know you and all the good people reading this have everything to do with that. I will keep going until we have put an end to this insanity. 

    • Dennie says:

      Wow!  Where is this island?  Someone needs to do a huge expose, like in Mother Jones or Rolling Stone.  

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Dear Hawkeye,

      Bless your heart, your spirit and your strength! Each of us must remember the awesome power of ONE.  The good we can do matters exponentially more than doing nothing! 

      May you and your cat remain secure as the Winter Solstice brings a celestial change.  None of us here is guaranteed a result for anything we do, but that's not our currency.  Our economy is built of much sterner stuff.  We are a connected part of the Universe.


  6. Donna-AZ says:

    While at my new dentist yesterday, with hand in mouth, I choked on a little saliva, and the dentist and assistant said, "it was so refreshing to see someone without a dry mouth." First opportunity I had, I asked if either had heard of Climate Engineering? Doc said "Yes, and we haven't had rain in 4 months."  Assistant said "No." I said what is being sprayed are desiccants, stopping our rain, drying up everything, including us, and out came the business cards. I left them with plenty to share.

    Keep at it everyone, time is short.

    • Dennie says:

      My mouth is always dry since "they" started spraying heavily in 2010.  It's gotten worse now that it's winter and the omtherfcuking ORDER-FOLLOWING FATHER-WARRIORS wanna get rid of our rain, A$$HOLES!!!  JUST WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH OUR RAIN, YOU OMTHREFCUKERS??   EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU, FROM HIGHEST TO LOWLIEST WHO'S PARTICIPATED IN THE MURDERING OF OUR MOTHER EARTH 

  7. trish says:











  8. Blue Sue says:

    I was doing some research to see what I could find out about those mysterious blue-colored particulates mentioned above, when I got into reading about one of the terribly toxic ingredient in SAI geoengineering: Strontium. 

    Words and names can be so interesting, e.g. evil is live spelled backwards; love and evolve contain the same letters, 

    The fellow who discovered Strontium was an Irish physician named Adair (add air) Crawford. Nowadays they are adding Strontium to the air!

    Below some illuminating excerpts about this dangerous metal:

    Strontium is a silvery-white, shiny metal. When exposed to air, it combines with oxygen to form a thin film of strontium oxide (SrO). The film gives the metal a yellowish color.

    Strontium is so active it must be stored under kerosene or mineral oil. In this way, the metal does not come into contact with air. In a finely divided or powdered form, strontium catches fire spontaneously and bums vigorously. Strontium is active enough to combine even with hydrogen and nitrogen when heated. The compounds formed are strontium hydride (SrH 2 ) and strontium nitride (Sr 3 N 2 ). Strontium also reacts with cold water and with acids to release hydrogen gas.

    Occurance in Nature

    Strontium is a relatively abundant element in the Earth's crust. It ranks about 15th among the elements found in the Earth. That makes it about as abundant as fluorine and its alkaline earth partner, barium.

     Important world sources of strontium are Mexico, Spain, Turkey, and Iran. A small amount of strontium is also obtained from mines in California and Texas.

    One radioactive isotope of strontium, strontium-90, is of special interest. It is a toxic substance which, at one time, was the cause of great concern because of its connection to atomic bomb testing. 

    Strontium-90 has medical applications. A recent advance is to use the isotope for the control of pain. People who have cancer of the bone often experience terrible pain. At one time, the only treatment was medication. But those drugs often had unpleasant side-effects, such as nausea, dizziness, or depression.

    Poison from the sky: strontium-90

    Strontium-90 is a radioactive isotope produced during the explosion of atomic weapons, such as an atomic bomb. In the 1950s and 1960s, the United States, the then-Soviet Union, China, and a few other nations tested atomic bombs in the atmosphere. Whenever one of these bombs exploded, some strontium-90 was thrown high into the atmosphere. After a short time, the strontium-90 settled to the ground where it was absorbed by growing plants. When cattle, sheep, and other domestic animals ate the plants, they also took strontium-90 into their bodies.

    So any strontium that enters an animal's body is also used to build bones and teeth. The bad news is that strontium-90 is radioactive. It gives off radiation that kills or damages living cells. It can also cause those cells to begin growing out of control. Out-of-control cells lead to cancer. Strontium-90 in bones and teeth is a built-in time bomb. As long as it remains in the body, it has the potential for causing cancer in people and animals.

    The threat posed by strontium-90 is one reason that nations agreed to begin testing nuclear weapons underground. It also helped world leaders realize that they needed to stop the testing of nuclear weapons entirely. It led to some degree to the agreements signed in the 1980s among the United States, Soviet Union, and other nations to give up atomic bomb testing entirely.

    Injecting strontium-90 into a person's body is now an alternative to the use of drugs. The strontium-90 deposits in the bones, just as the calcium does. Within bones, the isotope stops pain signals being sent to the brain.

    There are other medical applications for radioactive strontium isotopes. Strontium-90 is used to treat a variety of eye disorders. And strontium-85 and strontium-87m are used to study the condition of bones in a person's body.

    Strontium-90 is used for a number of other industrial applications, all based on the same principle. For instance, strontium-90 is used to measure the density of silk and tobacco products.

    Strontium-90 has medical applications. A recent advance is to use the isotope for the control of pain. People who have cancer of the bone often experience terrible pain. At one time, the only treatment was medication. But those drugs often had unpleasant side-effects, such as nausea, dizziness, or depression.

    • Dennie says:

      …re strontium, let's guess: They're putting the strontium in the mix so we won't feel any pain once we all get cancer from the radiation coming at us from all the decaying nuclear reactors that are too expensive or just plain impossible to decommission or otherwise contain.

  9. Joseph L says:

    Interesting Link.  I wish all these sites would mention Geoengineering too has part of one of the biggest environmental problems for the whole  PLANET. 
    Pesticides Linked to Declining Bee Populations Also Threaten Birds and Small Mammals
    Though the scientific community is sounding the alarm about the die-off (at least in the case of the bees), they are even now completely in denial or oblivious to the highly toxic climate engineering and its effects on terrestrial life forms. I spoke to one of the head people at the National Bee Association and very carefully tried to inform her on the issue of global climate engineering and its likely connection to the bee die-off. She did not want to hear any data, and made it clear she had absolutely no intention of investigating. This was fall of 2013, the die off continues, and I have never heard a word back from this person. If the bees are succumbing to farm chemicals, why are they just as dead a thousand miles into the wilderness? If the die-off is from the cold winter in the US East (completely engineered winter storms), why are the bees just as dead in the west where record high temperatures have been the norm for too long to remember? So much of academia does not want to know the truth, but rather wishes to stay in comfort zones of total denial

    • MAP says:

      The members of academia also want to continue receiving excessive paychecks/pensions and desire to maintain living in their McMansions. Sellouts. 

    • Dennie says:

      Joseph L.:  I tried to get this very information to a local mover/shaker in the Marin County beekeeping community.  They just do not want to hear about it.  They don't want to hear that “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” – The Sign of Four

  10. Donna-AZ says:

    From my rearview mirror; Lips are moving, Hands are pointing, what a great time to have a banner on the back of your car (stuck in Christmas traffic).  

  11. Jeff says:

    The signs at the State Line of Alabama use to say: Welcome to, Alabama the Beautiful. Now it just says Welcome to Alabama. Kind of odd?

    It should say Alabama, they sprayed and microwaved. Truth!


  12. Jeff says:

    I had 7 inches of fake man made snow. I tried melting it with a lighter. When I did hardly any water was in it. Yesterday they sprayed to create rain, once the rained stopped they sprayed and microwaved the clouds away. The sun popped out a hour or so. Then at 4pm here comes the MF spray. You could see lines going from each big cloud connecting them. They were back microwaving clouds moving them around to block the sun. Very odd formations! They used HAARP and blew a huge hole in the clouds. Looked like other worldly shit. Then they sprayed and brought the clouds back in. Raining here today and tomorrow T storms are coming. I am telling the truth. They really did what I have explained here. Sorry for the two post, stupid iphone.

  13. Jeff says:

    What is going on is really just plain stupid now. Alabama has become the new test weather warfare site. What is happening in Central Alabama is a joke. Last week 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Jeff, you are not alone.  Here in Bay Area, CA, we get mega sprayed every day in every way for oh so many years.  The other day we had an almost blue sky until I looked to the north.  Huge cloud that looked as if someone blew it up!  Fragments blown every which way from inside out.  New to me.  I think.  Not that this helps!  But for company! 

  14. Frank says:

    When I saw that train crash and heard the story yesterday I thought IDIOCRACY. The spraying, the GMO, the flouride have left us collectively as morons. Who could not tell that running trains at 80 mph down those tracks would not end in disaster? The ignored geoengineering is not some accident – it is the result of millions of destroyed minds.

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      I've driven under that train trestle 100's of times. I've seen trains going over it too. Never where those trains going anywhere close to 80mph. That train hit a 30mph corner sloping down hill at high speed and the train went into a "crack the whip" motion. Pretty simple physics.

      Quite the coinkydink that "they" were having planned exercises for just such an incident in the area at the time of the train wreck.

    • Concerned says:

      I thinI think the same thing has happened to the people running the show. They don't realize their mental capacities have been compromised. It is truly frightening. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Frank, It is said, virgin run on new tracks with new system slated to come our way!  It was supposed to work.  Obviously did not.  Seems as if no hand brakes were use, automatic came on too late.  Oh, and someone was being trained to drive for the first time.  Mercy!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      oops, forgot to add it was supposed to be going that fast, hence slated for us too.  Some new kind of rail for much faster travel.  It was not speeding but going speed intended given restructure.  China?

    • Dennie says:

      Concerned:  The "people" running The Show are a few cards short of a full deck to begin with.  Playing "their" game is like trying to play cards while missing the suit of hearts.

  15. Dennie says:

    California to experience more droughts, wild fires in the future:  Here is the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's prognostication re our scheduled future climate here in California:  Anybody here wanna write these brilliant "scientists" a little note to let them know that we in fact do know what's going on, and we know that they know too because they are the ones who cooked up with these programs and have declared themselves The Deciders of our scheduled weather, and have been for quite some time, too?

    And this is NOT helping:  The Hacking of the American Mind: The Science Behind the Corporate Takeover of Our Bodies and Brains, a book by Robert Lustig, M.D., of the University of California San Francisco medical school:

  16. Lee Eyerman says:

    What I can't comprehend is in a world where a stranger sees you spanking your kid and posts it,the same person doesn't even realize he is being sprayed with chemicals.I have photographed trails,called newspapers,complained to our governor,and shown people I was standing with the actual spraying going on.They simply say"Isn't that interesting?".Don't they realize it's their health,their kids health,the pollution of our air and water?I am firmly convinced a lot of people don't care whether they live or die and many just worry when the doctor gives them their next fix.Put down your phones and get in touch with life again.We grew up in the60's and no one focused their whole life on health care and pain pills.Back then you only saw a doctor if you were bleeding or broke something.The worst thing that could ever happen here is socialist medicine.Vaccines would be required and we would all be lobotomized.Come on youth of America,have a cause.Many of you are worried about climate change,look up they are creating it.

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: NASA Worldview / Dec.18, 2017 (link below) showing massive aerosol spray efforts in Southern California. Insuring the desiccants in the sprays will continue to dry out the air, making the fires more likely, and perhaps ruining crops in the San Joaquin Valley.

    WIKI: San Joaquin Valley
    By some estimates, federal restrictions on shallow well irrigation systems threaten the productivity of the San Joaquin Valley, which produces the majority of the 12.8% of the United States' agricultural production (as measured by dollar value) that comes from California.  Grapes—table, raisin, and to a lesser extent wine—are perhaps the valley's highest-profile product, but equally (if not more) important are cotton, nuts (especially almonds and pistachios), citrus, and vegetables. Though it has been called "The food basket of the World", the San Joaquin Valley has not been nationally recognized for the diversity of its produce. Walnuts, oranges, peaches, garlic, tangerines, tomatoes, kiwis, hay, alfalfa and numerous other crops have been harvested with great success. …
    In spite of its agricultural productivity, the San Joaquin Valley has the state's highest rate of food insecurity.
    California has long been one of the nation's most important oil-producing states, and the San Joaquin Valley has long since eclipsed the Los Angeles Basin as the state's primary oil production region. Scattered oil wells on small oil fields are found throughout the region, and several enormous extraction facilities – most notably near Lost Hills and Taft, including the enormous Midway-Sunset Oil Field, the third-largest oil field in the United States – are veritable forests of pumps.

    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  Making 'war' upon California weakens the entire nation.  Discombobulated weather terrorism begins here in California and is hop-skipped and jump upon everything east of California in various forms of weather mayhem.  

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      A Good list there Susan of Growers that could be Emailed & Written to by the Public to Wake them up, to the Weather Creators deeds. Ive even sent  information to Wineries & Large Ranchs & Produce Growers in the U.S. We need to Piss Off Groups! All over North America & Around the World. Ive sent many letters abroad. They need to see that the World is Damn Mad about these many Toxic Programs that are going on, Everywhere.             Sounds like Jane Fonda has some work to do in Californa with the size of the Oil Industry there.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Let's not forget the tons and tons of pesticides used to grow these crops!  As well as the poisoned waters in that whole system.  My daughter quit growing owing to the water.  Their own house water is iffy to say the least.  Everyone there it seems, including schools uses round up routinely.  And yes, lots of hungry people and huge homeless populations.  GMO crops as well.

  18. trish says:

    trish from nj

    just went out– sunset- never seen so many skydumpers as i did today-

    went to 2 banks- outside about 10 minutes —came in and checked my face- black specks and blue curly fibers on me-

    one big blue in my eye–i guess they figure more people are outside because of christmas shopping and mailing- so– more skykilling-

    one word of advice– i respect all of the preppers- but- if you have food- and other people don't- and things get bad- they will kill you for it- and if you think you are safe following what the fake news is telling you about where the dangerous sites are– don't bother- the last 3 hurricanes, they forecasted one place, then steered the hurricanes to another–worry less about saving your body and more about saving your soul–

    do you really want to live on the earth that will be left? and with the bunker hunkerers who are part of the plan of destroying the earth and its people? i sure don't– i'm preparing, but preparing for heaven-


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: trish in NJ, excellent report! And … me too!


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      When it is Clearly shown to us all, that the World is amiss. And the state of Poverty around the World . How can one not prepare for their Families Trish. I think the need to have food storage is evident. If God wants more from You when the SHTF. Well…  I Know,  I dont want to be spending my time searching for food.  And not if the the Preper kills the theif (Non Preper) first.  Many of us live in the Country & do need to have food storage. Farmers & Ranchers.         I know they will be met with a gun there.  And who wants to be wounded & not be able to seek Medical attention.  The theives better know where to find a Doc!  Now you will be Hungry & Injured.  And I want to be able to feed a starving child with any food I may have. They never asked for this. And, We Know whats coming. Until God calls me home, I will fight the Good Fight. And be prepared to do so in Jesus name !   Is it forgotten that he had many Warriors.  Proud, Strong & Confident.  And they Spoke Loud!   They Had Courage!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      trish, hello, and you had to mention blue!  Which caught my eye so to speak as when out yesterday, blue specks on my windshield.  There were lots of dots on my windshield, odd ones as there was no rain, no sprinkle of any sort, and they did not look like water spots or any other normal thing.  Little white polka dots in the main, but some were blue, real blue, not an artifact of light, one was not at all round, the rest were, more or less.  A striking blue at that.  Defied explanation!  Had me curious all day.  Nothing curly.  Wonder what in their arsenal makes blue?  Oh, and shiny too.  Hope you had no eyeball complications afterwards!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Trish.

      Do not forget that the World needs People like you.

      The "guys" of the bunkers do not belong to our people, I assure you that.

      I do not know about your age, but in my way of seeing things, it is better to build a mind set ready for confrontation than a mind set ready for surrender. A global surrender is what the MFs want. From me, they will have stones in their heads, the World is too valuable, that makes the fight worthy. Furthermore, these thugs are killing "my" Birds.

      I wish for you the best Christmas possible, taking into account everything else.

  19. Miles Williams says:

    I have been trying to educate my friends and car clubs I belong to about the intensifying Geo Engineering going on over Alberta's skies. Some of them just laugh at me and call me a conspiracy theorist. I have sent links to your website to try to wake them up and don't know if they even take the time to listen to a full video. One of the people in my sports car club is a pilot (young) and all he said is it is a lie, pilots wouldn't do that. What he learned in ground school was that these clouds were normal and I told him I am an aviation buff and have never seen these clouds until the last 35 years. He walked away from me. All I can do is hope he looks it up for himself.

    I am most concerned about my Grand Children and what little future they have in store for them.

    • Daniel- Calgary AB says:

      Hi Miles, I know how it feels. I just finished having a frustrating conversation with my brother and he introduced me to a new word “catastrophism”. As in “you are peddling catastrophism”. He will not check out Dane’s site. I’m pretty sure he’s afraid to “know”. If he ignores it then he can go on with his life. I don’t have children of my own but two of my brothers do and my niece and one of my nephews have children of their own now and that is why I will not give up this fight for their future and all life on our planet. 

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      I came across an article about debunking the "chemtrails conspiracy" on a well-known international news website.  I tried to explain the history of geoengineering, what is going on today, as well as a link to, and asked people to keep an open mind, and take a little bit of time to do their own research and look over the extensive list of government documents and patents.  The only response I got was from one person calling me a "nut" and telling me that "I'm not going to do your homework for you!  There are patents for walking through walls, but it doesn't mean that anything ever becomes of them!"

      It always irks me when I am trying to inform / teach people about geoengineering, and they bark back at me, "I'm not going to do your homework for you!"  I have had that happen on multiple occasions.  When you were in school, for example, and the teacher was teaching something, and then gave the classroom homework, did the kids shout back, "NO, Teacher!  I'm NOT going to do YOUR homework for you!!"

      It frustrates me, but I will keep pressing on.  Hopefully, there were some "silent" people, those that didn't comment but actually read the information I provided, that will become informed and pass it on, thus informing even more people.

    • Jeff says:

      Same here. My friends dont believe it. I have made them sit with me while the spray is on going and the sky is whited out. They just look at me like o well? I truly think some think it's just clouds rollin in. I think some are blinded and do not see no matter what! I didnt ask for this, but back in Jan 2017 the week after Trump went into office. Lines and x's was all over Central Alabama. 

  20. LS says:

    Monday morning…… just saw the train cars hanging off the tracks over I-5 in Washington. First thought… human tragedy. Second thought….(photo could be WWI)  that 150 year old broken infrastructure is what we are left with after THEY have spent all our taxes "owning the weather" and building bunkers for those who were not meant to survive because they are psychologically defective. We need to get angry/active as everywhere we look our country has been hijacked from within. Saying yes to one thing ie; Geoengineering, means we are saying no to many other things. Thanks Dane and all who face the truth and act.

    face the truth.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      LS, I'm assuming you mean saying yes to anti geoengineering, right? Yesterday I saw a breakdown of US bridges that are so old and failing.  One heck of a lot of bridges, some, most, that carry massive amounts of traffic everyday.  Our military is claiming they are underfunded!  And out of stuff they need!  Hard to believe.  Everyone is crying poor, including me of course, but for me that is always the case.  Except there are a lot of people in my position.  Supposedly 1/5 of Californians are very poor. This too cruel joke of a government has not funded health for children! Nation wide, including Native Health care too, as well as med-i-cal and the CHIP program for kids.  I find that very upsetting.  The future looks so bleak!  So very many need help.  And, other countries seem broke as well.  A collapse scenario.  Crops are failing.  Everything is failing and apparently we live in a dictatorship now with no pity, crying poor, whilst securing their personal fortunes and exempting their own taxes.  No wonder the rich fear the poor, so few of them, so many of us.  Massive, sustained protests do work.  We need to do that.  I mean in person, in their faces and spaces.  

    • BaneB says:

      LS:  And let's add into the plundering of our nation the trillions of dollars fed into a foreign policy blunder that has no end in sight.  Genocidal mass murder of civilians now at about 2,000,000 and counting.  This began with 9-11, a known con job.

    • MAP says:

      The Power Structure made plans to Demoralize and Destabilize the USA a long time ago. Crumbling infrastructure was an integral part of demoralizing the lowly masses of people. The military and its contractors have received most of the trillions that they desired. Many government and corporate retirees have received outrageous pensions. And I do mean totally outrageous. Meanwhile money will “not be printed up” to pay for necessities like infrastructure. Our rulers for past 100 years have more in common with the Mafia than with “representatives” who give a damn. 

  21. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Just when you think nothing can surprise you, there comes along some real news that takes reality to a whole new level. 

    Since the US dropped the nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for me this country has had no moral leg stand upon.  But it's worse than that, much worse. 

    From Michel Chossudovsky's article:

    "According to a secret document dated September 15, 1945, “the Pentagon had envisaged blowing up the Soviet Union  with a coordinated nuclear attack directed against major urban areas.

    "All major cities of the Soviet Union were included in the list of 66 “strategic” targets. The tables below categorize each city in terms of area in square miles and the corresponding number of atomic bombs required to annihilate and kill the inhabitants of selected urban areas."

    But there's more. . . . . what started out as a plan to nuke 66 Soviet cities in 1945 became a plan in 1956 to nuke 1200 cities in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

    There are no words. . . . . . .

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Another 404!  The would-be 'owners' of the Internet are messing with me again.  Try this link (along with me):

    • BaneB says:

      Bella_Fantasia:  Yeah, this is the mentality of psychopaths.  Absolutely cold-blooded.  We civilians are their pawns and their fodder.  There is a tomb for the unknown soldier.  Does anyone know where OUR memorial is located?  Russia is aware of this kind of preemptive threat.  No doubt this is somewhere reciprocal in their own nuthouse.  Their BIG fear is a preemptive strike by the US.  Putin has stated Russia will never again allow a war to be fought on their soil.  Yet there is NATO right up to the border with personnel, tanks, and missiles in threatening positions.  So, very dicey will the situation become should "Babylon" attack North Korea.  Hysteria, miscalculation, and the first domino falls……

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella, have you read Dr. Bertell's work, her book published in  2,000? She was considered the world's foremost expert in nuclear everything, a recipient of a Right Livelihood reward, and a nun.  Documented nuclear everything and traveled the world collecting first had accounts often from first nations peoples.  She died a few years ago.  In the nuke heyday, she describes how the US wanted to use a nuke to blast a tunnel through a mountain.  They changed their minds though.  However, Russia used one to create a dam, in Kazakstan.  That radioactive residue persists of course and Kazakstan has since had tons of deformed babies and peoples trying to flea.  I saw a documentary on a doctor there at a clinic where all these hideously deformed babies were left, screaming and crying in ungodly pain.  He couldn't stand it and tried to get a passport thing going to identify people from that area, so as to prevent them from leaving to have more babies, as if they thought leaving there would help when the exposure was their own.  He got a lot of blow back from his efforts.  I've not heard a word since about it.  If you coulda seen these wee babies.  Heartbreaking!  Devastating.  Minus brains, or most  of, hideously deformed, dying, suffering tremendously.  Brave doctor, a local and a real doc, informed and pissed.  Bertell also wrote another book: Living With a Radioactive Earth.  I may never be able to even get far in that book since every single sentence breaks my heart and I cry.  That woman does not waste one word, nor does she embellish.  Just straight up truth.  But Planet Earth, Latest Weapon of War is worth its weight in gold or something more precious.  It is like a textbook in terms of worth, and using for a reference.  She explains our atmospheres so well and with diagrams.  What a woman!  A been there done that wonder.  When first at this site, saw her on sidebar, got books. So grateful to Dane for that as otherwise I might never have known this most remarkable human and her work.

  22. Blue Sue says:

    Just incase you care to contribute to the cause by volunteering at Dane's vitally important Geoengineering Awareness/Information booth at the Gem Faire event coming to your area, here are at least 30 opportunities to help serve the greater good!

    Santa Rosa, CA: Jan 5, 6, 7

    Del Mar, CA Jan 12,13,14

    San Rafael, CA Jan 19, 20, 21

    Hillsboro, OR Jan 26, 27, 28

    Roseville, CA Feb 16, 17, 18

    Santa Barbara, CA Feb 16, 17, 18

    Costa Mesa CA Feb 23, 24, 25

    Del Mar, CA Mar 2, 3, 4

    Pleasanton, CA Mar 9,10,11



    • Dale K says:

      At what times and locations are the Gem Faires going to take place next month in San Rafael and Roseville? The San Rafael location is within close proximity to me, while I may be able to convince a friend in Sacramento to participate in the Roseville event.

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Dale K and any others that will step up to the plate,

      Here is the link to the Gem Faire web site. It contains all the info you need to get there and get started informing people.

  23. Audra from Edmonton says:

    Hi to Gail from Yellowhead, Rachel from Edmonton, Daniel from Calgary. And Clare from Edmonton area (who is also on Facebook) and wrote on this site a few weeks ago as well. Great to see others from this area following Dane and writing their thoughts here. I, too, have been following Dane and this website for quite some time. I record the "weather" in my day timer and stare at the "frankenskies". I and am in disbelief that nobody notices. Nobody looks up, or cares. And friends whom I've pointed this disgusting agenda out to via e-mail, or in person, disappear without comment and seem to no longer have any interest in communicating with me.

    One fellow whom I used to hike a lot with about 16 years ago (just lost his partner to cancer), sent pictures from interior B.C. to prove to me that they still get a lot of  beautiful, clear blue sky and sunshine there…Back when we hiked in the very early 2000's, locally, and into the Rocky Mountains I recall day after day of never ending deep blue sky and glorious weather. Breathing was easier…

    We  just had several rare, very pale blue sky days, along with extreme winds gusting to 60 km. and higher. Winds like we never used to get in Edmonton, especially during "winter months", seem to have become the new norm now. When I moved here from Saskatchewan in 1976, there rarely was any wind!

    I spend hours weekly reading all the comments on this site. I've also noticed that Alex Jones never mentions anything since Dane's outstanding interview with him…?? Thank you to everyone and Dane for all you do, and motivating us onward. There are so many good people coming together on this site. Wonderful to see! A good Christmas to all, and God bless!

    • Daniel- Calgary AB says:

      Hi Audra from Edmonton. Seeing people from all over western Canada posting on this site gives me a lot of hope. It’s definitely wonderful to see and I’m sure we are making a difference with our efforts. My goal for the new year is to get together with other like minded people around here and do some creative awareness spreading. Wishing you a merry Christmas. Love is Strength! Stand Strong!

  24. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Many thanks Blue Sue for your generous help in San Diego…a true angel.  I would have liked to be there but seem to have mild symptoms of pneumonia, along w/ a few friends.  Many became sick after the Santa Ana's, the fires, and the heavy metals from the "trails."  And many people have terrible itching on the body from mixture of all this stuff.  

    Thanks to Dane and all of you….w/ blessings continually.  The sharing of the info is so important.  Prayers for the good health of all you good souls.  

    • Blue Sue says:

      Linda Lee from Sirius B, I appreciate your kind words, but if I'm an angel then so are you and everyone else here. Do you live here in So. Cal? It would have been lovely to meet you this trip, but perhaps the next time I come down. The winds are blowing here in Sun City too.  I hope you recover quickly from your pneumonia and fell well again.  May your guardian angel shine a healing light for you. 

  25. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Where we live in Anchorage, Alaska, internet service costs more per month than the monthly winter heating bill.  Loss of net neutrality scares the cr*p out of me, because my research and activism are reliant on non-mainstream sites primarily.  Not only that, the monopoly provider here just was vacuumed up by Verizon (where that cretin/tool Ajit Pai was a lawyer). For those of us who don't even qualify as 'middle class' loss of net neutrality is financially scary, but above all, the real issues are loss of free thought, loss of free speech, and loss of the ability to connect with other like-minded people to share ideas and strategize.  Maintaining housing and food is challenging enough.  For me, there is a very real threat of being locked out.  The anxiety is palpable.

    • Dennie says:

      Frankly, it would be GREAT if someone like Snowdon hacked the system and got the home addresses of these criminals and posted it ALL OVER THE INTERNET.  We could stand under their windows and up and down their undoubtedly gated driveways and make THEIR lives as miserable as ours.  A$$HOLES.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Right with you Bella on the anxiety meter!  I've done one ton of work for so called progressives and against so many different evils.  My bill is high too, more than I can afford really, but it is my world.  I do tons of research and go all over the place, not to specific sites so much, but for this one, but everywhere.  From the beginning Dane said don't believe me, do the research yourself, so I did, and do!  Much of what I do is related to that, but oh so much other stuff as well.  For me, just having a functional computer was a miracle and set me free to do what I love best and that is learning!  So much I want to learn all the time.  I've always been like that, but this makes that possible.  Soon, I will be 71.  I used to consider myself a master of wasting time, but ever since I hit 70 I feel as if time is very precious and I have No patience at all!  So, I want speed too, computer speed.  I have issues with my server, Comcast, and that has made my 'work' hellish for some long time now, as if already slowed.  Thousands of emails to delete.  But, did gain me some freebies and discounts.  I'm told that for now, the main thrust of this is Comcast and Verizon.  Comcast is promising to keep things as they were.  Uh huh.  The overall idea is to create levels of ease depending on higher payments!  GRRR. As if they think they need to make More money and how to do that, and bingo.  No one seems to want to take the net away, per se, rather regulate it like tiers, fast lanes and slow ones.  I want speed of light fast!  Of course!  There are so many of us poor now, so many.  It would be harder to organize and protest if they slow us or off us.  But, we used to do it in the old days!  As much as Trump would like to off a free press and freedom to protest, freedom of speech, etc., I doubt they will go There soon with the net.  But no doubt that is in the minds of many.   Really Bella, in this past week, so many stresses from all this evil, so much evil, so many heartless peoples in government.  So many embarrassing people, repulsive, backwards idiots so removed from reality yet in charge of our lives!  I felt as if I might have a breakdown.  I mean in this one year, so many horrors, and the Thomas fire not out yet! Now the third biggest here ever.  And WTF?  What other two top this?!  I could ask the computer!  All the hurricanes, the suffering, Puerto Rico, the shootings–hey, more people died from gunshots in this country last year than in the whole world combined!  But this tax thing is pure evil and not even necessary, no Real deadline for this but for the 1% wanting it, given a Trump card to pull.  Will kill off the poor, like say me, you?  I just can't stand it anymore!  As if being beaten up all year long.  Too much!  Not to mention geoengineering!!!!

      But then, I got an advent card, small, from my good friend in Switzerland.  It is gorgeous, sparkly, and so fun, such great images. My eyes have trouble finding the numbers so I spend time seeking them.  I swear no kid, no one! Ever had as much fun with an advent card as I!  Put a huge smile on my face.  Last year I bought my two most favorite Christmas movies: A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim, and Dr. Zhivago. I've seen both a million times, can't wait to see again!  Last year I was too depressed over Trump's win to watch them.  I don't have to go anywhere now for days and days.  Have a tree daughter brought, nothing on it yet, nothing looks like Christmas…yet!  And it is so very cold that my house plants are dying!  Can't cook, no oven.  Have some presents to wrap but not many at all.  In other words, I'm giving myself a break from reality.  I feel utterly defeated.  Gonna reboot.  Recharge.  Snuggle up in my daybed/bed with heating pad and drink teh best hot chocolate with marshmallows and think happy thoughts!  If I can think of One….and tea-bag my organic spearmint for wee gifts.  Ahhhh.  F'n Rebloodicans  be damned!  Gonna burn some sage and banish evil!  And come back stronger.

  26. Chad says:

    Chemical ice nucleation here in idaho. 6 inches of snow yesterday. A day after the man made little white ball flakes. They Will  mix together and make really ,really slippery hard manmade ice, which they have today.Lol.  What a nightmare and bad joke. Anyhow east of Idaho you will face bad weather in next few days guaranteed!  As far as the drought stuff, the dessicants are sucking up all moisture. Even drinking water isnt helping me. Take care, God bless all in this crucial fight in Jesus's  name i pray for all. 

    • Dennie says:

      I wake up about three times to drink water every night since the ramped-up spraying got back on steroids for the winter.  You just have to keep drinking, this crapdusting is drying EVERYTHING out.  I do not understand the "people" who are NOT thirsty from all of this massive spraying of desiccant toxic metals.  And I wonder just what the HELL kind of long-term effect this crap is having on my kidneys.

  27. Chloe says:

    Hello fellow albertan. S it would be a good idea to get together. There is sum strange stuff going on here. its hard to get it through to people im a full fledge crazy person put the word out and get looked at like im the stupid there a way to get our contacts shared. Thankyu dane your a hell of a crusader leader sending love to all fighting the fight.

    • Daniel- Calgary AB says:

      Hi Chloe, I too think it would be idea so I’ll put this out there. I no longer own a car (which is crazy if you live in Calgary) so my mobility is restricted in that way but I live in Bowness so I have decent public transit to get around on. If one of us suggests a location and time to meet (on this comment thread) ie; library on wed.@1pm or something like that then maybe those of us who want to can show up and meet face to face. Perhaps even begin to figure out more creative ways to get the word out.  Just a thought. 

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Chloe, …and just cuz I play poker with all cards facing up, my comment to you just broke a streak of submitting a contribution without typos. Sometimes I proof read when it's to late, "all in good will", right?

      By the way, playing poker with all cards facing up, really messes up a lot of peoples game. Think about that for a while and then "do it".

  28. Prairie Explorer says:

    Dane –

    Thank you for covering the issue of fluoridation in water on this broadcast!

    If anyone is interested, I came across this website ( a couple of months ago and have been working my way through it.  It deals with the history of fluoride, it's discovery, where it comes from, the history of fluoridation of water, and the damage it causes.  I haven't been able to read everything, but each section has 25-50+ citations, there are numerous links at the bottom of the page, and he also links to numerous patents regarding fluoridation, from both Germany and the United States, as well as defluoridation (  Even though it is a German website, everything is in English, and the researcher writes extensively about fluoridation in Germany and the United States.

    This page, in specific, details Alcoa's connection to aluminum and fluoride:

    I hope this information helps!

    • GretchenThomas says:









    • Rachel Robson says:

      Prairie Explorer,  Thank you!  Helps me!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gretchen, if you research the history of the EPA and follow the money, it becomes obvious that it was a sham in the first place.  Here and there they did enough real-ish stuff to 'pass', then some years ago got caught. However, many of the local chapters take it seriously and are more responsible.  The real issue is in DC.  The ex head of the EPA, the only one for more than 26 years rarely showed up.  He gave out the impression he was a sort of spy, said he was gone doing 'government' work.  He was relatively frugal, home with wife and kids, many modest vacations.  Finally he retired given a big party.  A year later, whomever was cutting his paycheck finally noticed that he'd been collecting it for more than a year after retiring!!  That is how not there he was!  How routine a paycheck for nothing was.  Suddenly, Gina was the head as if always, or, they had different areas.  I forget his name.  Someone should write a book about this.  It leads to so much else, and seems typical sort of, of what happens in DC. 

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      You’re welcome, Rachel, glad I could help. 🙂

  29. Rodster says:

    Dane, is there a link to the Lyndon Johnson quote? That needs to be spread around. I never knew he made that statement. I have a good friend who's now borderline skeptical about Geoengineering and I bring it up a lot. That's good ammo against the deniers.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rodster, in regard to your question about the LBJ speach, an example link is attached. FYI

    • Tom Keith says:

      Might want to mention JFK's contribution, also (You Tube, JFK speech on weather modification)

  30. Donna-AZ says:

    CA releases cellphone guidelines to avoid harmful radiation, then says they are not dangerous, WOW.

    • Pedro says:

      Great speech Dane.

      Thank you for mentioning Iberian Peninsula.

      I know that renewable energies are the only option, the Sun is an infinite source of energy. But for that, geoengineering must STOP. With the global end of the spraying operations, the Trees will also recover. First the aerosol spraying must stop in the stratosphere. The Ozone layer needs to recover.  Let's not forget that the most powerful driving force in Nature is Love.

      Thank you.

  31. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, I really appreciated your explanation of fluoride.  It makes perfect sense to me.  Reminds me of my take on coal fly ash and a million other things.  It is as if they think if they spread this stuff around, it is dealt with, diluted, gone.  I wonder if anyone has tried to quantify all of that, all those things.  I forget which documentary now, but there was one bit in Colorado near a nuclear facility where they took radioactive debris and just raked it into the soil over a large area.  Eventually, it looked a bit like a park and housing sprung up around it.  People had No idea. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dane, I forgot to ask, what does this do to plants?  Fluoride and plants?  Myself, I drink bottled water, good water, as well as a purifier on faucet.  But my yard plants get 'tap' water, so?

    • Hawkeye says:

      Rachel, the only thing that will remove most of the fluorides out of tap water is a reverse osmosis system. No faucet purifier removes fluoride. I learned this and more when I joined my local community activists fight against a plot to add fluoride to our public water system in 2012. 

      Our water co. was seriously in the red financially and applied for government stimulus monies back then. So, in order to qualify they had to first reconstruct the bridge that links us to the mainland. Once they followed orders on that financed endeavor they were eligible for MORE stimulus money. There was a list of projects to chose from and you only get the stimulus if you pick from the gov list of qualifying projects. Guess what one was? Add fluoride to the public water system and the gov will finance the entire revamping of the water companies plant to update it to be able to deliver the poison. 

      Did you guys know this? It is worth 25k a year if the water co adds the fluoride and then you can keep on receiving for years! Isn't that interesting!!?? Well in the end we won that fight, no fluoride was what residents voted for, but it was so narrow. 60 votes more for no fluoride is what the majority was. And the water co was so pissed off about it the president said, f-u people we are doing it anyway I don't care what the votes were! Here's where it got fun. 

      The prez is a fellow Realtor, my competition. I called him on this and reminded him we supposedly live in paradise and rely heavily on tourism for all things including selling homes. Now for several months during the fight to stop this, the water co was putting full page color ads in our local weekly paper telling everyone to vote yes, fluoride is so good for our teeth blah blah. So I told him to reconsider his stance or I would write in our global MLS listing system a disclosure stating this decision to add fluoride because I told him we are in the business of disclosing oertinant facts to all buyers and they need to know this BS before they purchase any real estate. He got so mad and told me I can't do that. I said yes I can, no disclosure, what you want, is illegal, so yes I can disclose it and will do it as a buyer beware. I said why you so nsd at me for wanting it disclosed? For months you wrote how great it is, so let's tell everyone then!!! Lol…

      He hung up on me, I wrote the global disclosure on a Friday. All weekend calls threatening me, then calls to my broker and Realtor board to reprimand me. I stood my ground, the board sided with me and by Tuesday they announced a change of heart and canceled the project! Lol, loved it!!! Got ya! 

      Anyway, just wanted it known our gov pays big money to poison the water on purpose! It was part of Obama's stimulus legislation! 

    • BaneB says:

      Hawkeye:  Great story.  Congratulations!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Hawkeye, That is a seriously great story. Many can learn from it, including myself. Thank you for sharing it. And to think, you are only the power of "one". Well done my friend I haven't met yet.

  32. Roy says:

    A good article & talk at A German Doctor addresses   nano aluminum effects


  33. Blue Sue says:

    "He who controls the weather will control the world!" Old Lyndon sounds like a maniacal and twisted Thor wannabe. Never liked that man; he wreaked of evil.  

    Got to stoke some flames of awakening today in San Diego. This morning my friend and I arrived at the the Gem Faire and (wo)manned the ideally-located Geoengineering Awareness and Information booth from 10 til 5.  It was a great day for sharing vital credible information (thanks to you Dane and countless generous contributors to this site) with many Gem Faire attendees of all ages and stripes.  Several of numerous interesting encounters come to mind: a middle-aged man who became aware of geoengineering only about 4 months ago was really connecting the dots through his passionate "hyper" surge of recent research and had lots to share about the coming consequences of 5G and the AI smart control grid. Another visitor to our booth was quite the contrast: a 25-year-old "physicist" who said he went to college while "serving in the military" (he enlisted at 17 with his parent's blessings) — hmm — very much a denier of everything he pointed to calling it (the glossy flyer held in his hand) disinformation!  We had quite a lively discussion about high bypass turbo fan jet engines, heavy metal nanoparticulate dispersions and toxic fallout contributing to Alzheimer's and Autism.  I begged him to do a little research from your website and come back and talk to me tomorrow.  We also met a lovely young couple from Switzerland who were very interested in whatever information we could provide, and along with the free Gem Faire carry-bag, glossy flyer, and photo summary, we gave them a DVD and a copy of Dane's book. They were thrilled!  They said the spraying was awful in Europe where they live and most people they know are still totally unaware.  We will be back at the booth starting at 10 in the morning for the final day of the Gem Faire.  I hope we won't run out of bags and free materials available and supplied at the booth as yesterday was a very busy day!  So happy to be able to do this!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Blue Sue, on behalf of and GEM FAIRE, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to help us with the GeoengineeringWatch informational booth. This battle is a team effort, only with all of us working together do we have any chance of fully exposing and halting the insanity in our skies. My deepest gratitude to you, and to all activists and individuals who are doing their best in this all important battle for the greater good.

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Blue Sue, my friend, that I have not met "yet",

      I woke up this morning and refreshed this page and there was your contribution. I am beaming with pride and it's all for you! I am proud that you could tend the booth for more hours than you had originally planned. Folks, Blue Sue drove an hour and a half south to be at the Gem Faire. She is visiting "socal" from Alaska and still could fit this important event into her schedule. Dane is right in that it will take us all, each in our own ways to stop the madness of Geo engineering. So haul your butts on down to the Scottish right center and get in the game! Where are you "socal"? Show up and make your voice herd in this most important battle before it's to late.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Would be a good intro for an answering machine. "Please leave us a message after listening to LBJ"

      Thanks for working the Gem Faire Blue Sue. I hope to, one day.


    • Kathy says:

      Bluesue your awesome for taking time out of your trip to hit the front lines of battle. Isnt it oddly rewarding? So many are ever so grateful to not only get materials in their hands including silent epidemic high demand but just the sheer fact that "someone" is actually THERE AT THE BOOTH to answer all those questions.

      As you now know…its so worth it  and I thank you for helping Steve out too, . I know he really needs help so this is a big relief for him to know his booth is being 100% utilized for the cause.

      How is it that someone visiting from Alaska is the only one to man this booth in San Diego? Hope to hear that LOCALS show up tomorrow. You will not be sorry.

    • Blue Sue says:

      It felt really good to work at the geoengineering booth yesterday and today, and yes Kathy, it was "oddly rewarding". I don't know exactly how many people received the free materials, but it was a lot — we used up every single Gem Faire bag and stacks of glossy flyers and photo summary booklets.  We (my friend Linda's a native San Diegoan) gave out the free DVDs to lots of folks who seemed receptive and/or expressed interest and curiosity about the issue.  

      It was so easy to help, so please don't be shy about doing this if you can.  Everything we needed was ready and available at the well-stocked booth, and James brought more boxes when supplies ran low. It was a pleasure to meet Steve (the Gem Faire coordinator) and James (who kindly bought  lunch for us).  

      Clearly, Gem Faire draws people from all over and was a great venue for spreading awareness.  I enjoyed our many positive exchanges concerning awareness, observations, experiences and information that went both ways.  One kind young fella just had to share about the "Shungite" (available at the Gem Faire) he wore on his neck, wrist, and had taped to his cell-phone; which he believed to be a helpful stone for mitigating harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Seems that many here in so. Cal are aware of the defiled skies filled with CTs.  Every time I heard that word used, I tactfully explained the unproductive effects of that term and gave them new vocabulary words (just like I do as a schoolteacher). Like fellow Alaskan, Nick Begich (author of Angels Don't Play this HAARP) says, "Words can really inhibit the communication of what your message is."  Dane knows this.  Words matter. And we do need to remember to be sensitive to the opposition.  I was surprised that the young "physicist" skeptic I met yesterday didn't return to continue our conversation.  Hopefully, he was busy doing some intensive research. 

      Late in the afternoon, a chiropractor with a practice in Oceanside asked if he could take a stack of glossy flyers because he wanted to have them available at his office.  Wish there were more doctors around like this one!    

      Dane thank you for making it so easy to help out.  I could feel "a" simple horseman's, Steve Chamberlain's, and Bella_Fantasia's good supportive energy contributing to the cause from afar.  Kindred spirits are always close no matter how great the miles. 

  34. Dennie says:

    This crapdusting we're getting is making me feel like screaming!  The stuff's really fine now so it gets into your eyelashes and you wake up with crusty, running eyes because it's drying you out overnight.  I keep waking up several times each night just to drink, drink, drink water!  And they've really been blitzing us with it so it's just nasty-heavy, 24/7.  People are complaining about the "pilots" of all these planes but I would bet my property and everything I own on my premise that the planes are UNMANNED and everything, from remote flight to spray patterns, IS REMOTELY CONTROLLED by a bunch of kiddo drone operators somewhere near Fallon, NV, or Beale AFB.  If someone out there has the app, can we start tracking where the crapdusters are taking off from and landing– that possible?

     About the 10,000 new workers at YouTube:  About two years ago it was in the news that Google said it wanted to add 10,000 new workers to it's Mt. View, CA campus, but the town council said NO.  Guess Google figured out how to add the 10,000, and now we've figured out what those sudden 10,000 new workers are doing for Google (it owns YouTube).

  35. Joseph L says:

    Powerful  Show


    The "" site should be a tool that can be used by all to help educate the ignorant that we are all being poisoned day in and day out. If all worked together in the crusade to help bring this issue to light, waves would ripple around the globe. People of ALL political strips would realize just how expendable they are to those in power. There would be a coming together of ALL in this most dire common cause. In very real fight for life. It is now or never.



  36. Jeanette S says:

    Yesterday had milky air here in the SF Bay area, East Bay. We are in a heavy fire hazard warning for the East bay hills. I have ACAlert warnings. Winds from 20-60 and RH 10-20%. I think the issue is dry lightening. I traveled back and forth several times from mid West Oakland to southmost West San Leandro and the difference in temp and moisture was like night and day. Cottonmouth, hard to swallow in San Leandro and also in Oakland but they are about at the mouth of the bay. I think it was moisture what little of it there was, was coming off the ocean. Our skies were overcast, pearly metallic where the sun was. These idiots, the pilots to the order givers need the hell slapped out of them.

    • Dennie says:

      We had total white-out here yesterday in the North Bay. I went to Berkeley in the afternoon and same thing there.  Today was white-streak and blue, with high winds reminiscent of the October Wine Country fires.  I heard that many who lost their houses or had to move were writing on Facebook today about the dry windy weather kicking up their PTSD.


    • Christine says:

      Yesteradys air along the coast, south of SF was very un-normal. The milky haze you mention, was not even a fog, it was literally a kind of a dispersion of something opaque. The visible sprayings intensified first today.. In todays spraings there were the longest outliers accompanying one streak, I ever saw. Not sure, if that indicates a much wider mass distribution within the 'contrail'… 

    • BaneB says:



      i could see the weird milky glowing white "clouded" sky to the south of me towards your region.  It looked weird like some glowing radioactive white Petri dish culture all fuzzy on the edges.  Very sinister in appearance from my vantage point.  Overhead the long stringy "clouds" ran in long lines across west to east, moving very rapidly from north to south headed in your direction.  A few jets laid out aerosol trails during the day.  Mostly the stuff has been put into the atmosphere way north of me.  Windy here.  Fire warning alert in place.


    • Dennie says:

      Windy yesterday but calm here in the northern S.F. Bay Area today.  If you're standing out on the terrace at the student center on the Mendocino Junior College campus in Ukiah you can look south to the low passes in the hills that are down around Hopland, in southern Mendocino County, if you know where to look.  That's about 20 minutes north of Cloverdale, in northern Sonoma County.  The skies over those far-away ridges you see are the very ones in the northern-most North Bay Area.  Here in San Rafael we're 104 miles to the south of Ukiah.  I think the whole eastern Pacific coast of North and South America is getting blasted every day.

      I was a guest this afternoon for the Christmas Dinner at the Naturfreunde (Nature Friends International German Tourist Club) San Francisco, CA branch, located on the western-facing slopes of the hills in beautiful Mill Valley, just above Muir Beach, with magnificent views of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate and Point Mori on the San Mateo County coast to the south.  In spite of the fact that the Tyrolean-styled buildings are located under the abundant native fir trees, the air did not smell like a forest; the air, and the ground, is dry and the air smells like dust.  You could feel the heat coming off the open rolling hills to the south of the paved road leading down to the club– yikes, it's December 17th, and it should be wet and earthy-smelling in this location at this time of year!!  It's very hard to walk through these once-beautiful forested hills and see the extreme dryness and sense how dry and stressed everything is.  Nature is being MURDERED by the Military-Industrial suck-hog "masters" of the universe.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  You bring back fond memories.  I know of the German Club.  I lived in Mill Valley long ago back in the very early 70s.  Lived up on the Pipeline trail below the Swiss Club and Mt. Home Inn.  Had a cabin in the Redwoods.  I fear for the people living back in there.  Dry conditions, and few roads out, especially back in those canyons.  It's a tenderbox.

  37. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Great new intro Dane.     Well done.      Gets ones attention immediatly.      Powerful Statement from President Lyndon B Johnson that needs to be heard.  I Hope & Pray it shakes some cobwebs from the Public's brains.  A Mad, Mad  World it is, indeed.  Your Global Alert News covered a lot today.  So many Geo Engineering Links. You always seem to find them.   Disheartening as they are, & that we are still working, to wake up the Masses to save ever less, of Our Planet, with each passing day due to their laxadaisy attitudes !  So many think time is, just an endless play time, No Rush. Others will take care of it. Or the most ridiculous assumtion is that God will take care of it.  Maybe God wants to see how important you think this Planet is!  To Sin in Silence when one should Protest, Makes Cowards of Men & Women.   I don't remember it ever being said by God, to roll over & do nothing. And Shame on all the Churches for staying Silent.  I Know your Puishment Will Fit the Crime of Your, Silence.  You've earned it.  You Will Be Rewarded.  Christians, My Butt!  And every other Religion that pretends to Love Life & Children.  Selective Reading is what it is!   So Very Sad!

    • Dan says:

      Right on Gail. I find the most resistance comes from religious people. One of my coworkers is a Jehovah Witness who tells me I should just quit this nonsense and become a Witness and put my faith in the Lord. Since when is trying to save the planet nonsense. Well I informed him I just cannot do that. Isn't there a quote in the Bible that says God helps those who help themselves? 

    • BaneB says:

      No.  But it's makes perfectly good sense.  And there are several verses about not being good stewards.  To paraphrase "I shall destroy those who are destroying the earth."  Don't recall the chapter and verse.  This could refer to more than the large players who obviously are a threat to all life on earth.  This could be a warning to warfare, the Industrial Age, and rampant consumerism, and false values… to name a few destructive practices that underlie the rape of earth.  Is this an indictment for the entire civilized human paradigm of our era?   I think so.

    • Dennie says:

      From my conversations with a few members, Jehovah's Witnesses believe that God will let Earth be destroyed.  He will let the Wicked One have his way, then He will throw the wicked one into a lake of fire where he'll burn forever, and then He will renew Earth.  

      What does science say?  We have projections from scientists regarding the age of our sun (around 4.7 billion years) and how much longer it will last (about 7 billion years, though it will first get very much hotter, then become a Red Giant star). This is based on the chemistry of the gases making up the sun as they burn and this chemistry changes over time.  Eventually the hydrogen will be depleted and the sun will burn helium, losing mass until it collapses.  Earth will gone long before that happens.  It will be gone, burnt up, as the sun becomes hotter and hotter but before it turns into a Red Giant star, when Earth's mass is pulled into the red giant.

      From what I can tell as long as I've lived (and I'm no kid, but who can know what is in the mind of God?), God does not have the same sense of linear time that humans have– why would He?  Everyone desperately wants to believe that God is just some kind of a super-human being with the same emotions and very limited capability to experience  the totality of reality that humans have.  Never mind that God is omnipresent, and His consciousness is found in black holes as well as supernovas.  We cannot possibly begin to imagine what it's like actually to BE God– when asked by a simple human what He calls Himself, His answer was "I am what I am."  We cannot possibly ponder what It All means.  He has stated that He wants us to be "co-creators," meaning that He is creative, not destructive little monsters who need to grow up and get some sense, and start caring about things here other than our puny little narcissistic selves.

  38. Jonathan Leitch says:

    So I suppose Geoengineeringwatch is considered "extremist and controversial." If the Chinese perfected internet control and censorship then by golly, why not follow? Avoid using the "Cloud" for storage and backup on an independent drive.  If the crackdown begins you can be sure it will create an underground of "TRUTH." Like hapless animals poked and prodded on to the truck to their final destination, people become fodder, scared and uncertain but are calmed by the gentle touch of their "master." Dane, have you gotten any feedback regarding the mass media mailing and its effectiveness?  I would ask Gem Faire to travel to Toronto but then how would they be treated at both borders?  Even though most people just go "yeah, whatever" it never deters me from getting the message out. I hope I never have to say "I told you."


  39. Heidi says:

     Hi Dane,

    Thank you again.

    So, what can a person do other than pointing the problem out to others?  I've read the intro letter on the home page and commented on it (but my comment doesn't show up).

    How can one effectively cause change other than inform others with unbiased information?

    Thank you and bless you and everybody who's having the greater good in their minds.

  40. Epsilon says:

    The US Forest Service states each acre of mature forest supplies eight people with oxygen for a year. The biomass within the California wildfires produced oxygen as well. Human beings can't survive on low levels of breathable air. The trajectory of atmospheric oxygen continues to fall with forest cover and plankton depletion because of SRM intense activity. 

    • Dennie says:

      Planting trees should be a priority but if they won't grow due to the UV and the poison metals, what the Hell are we going to do here on Earth?  I am praying that the heartless ones will find a knothold in time-space and LEAVE.  Then maybe they'll finally leave us alone and we can heal.

  41. jefe says:

    EPIC magazine, out of Duarango CO ran an article last month about the spraying.  It showed rare courage for "telling-it-like-it-is" instead of merely vomiting abuse on "conspiracy theorists".

    • Dennie says:

      WOW!  That is eye-popping!  Someone's running an actually truthful article about the programs.  We need to bust the myth that's going around out there saying the crapdusters are up there spraying a "shield" the main purpose of which is to protect the U.S. from incoming bombs.  What a total load of BS that is.

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      jefe, Dennie, The Epic Mag article was posted here last month. Here is the link to it,

      Thank you Eva Coover for your "mag"nificent effort.

    • Eva Coover says:

      jefe – If you are in the area of E.P.I.C. Magazine’s readership, The Four Corners area, and are interested in joining forces, please get your contact information to Dane, and I will keep your apprised of our efforts in this area.  Thank you.

    • Dennie says:

      Oh yeah, that's right–Eva wrote the article. Brava, Eva!!

  42. Greg O. says:


    Thanks for your exceptional intelligent tenacity!  I'm still out here in southwest Colorado.  The cabal has doubled down on us with day and night spraying.  We have a break for a day here and there as they service the planes and give the pilots a rest from there poison runs.  I'm in the healthcare field; autoimmune symptoms are rapidly increasing due to the toxicity being 'prescribed' by the power structure.  I do what I can to educate all that I come in contact with.  Many respond with deaf ears.  Frustration is at a boiling point in me, rising and falling over the last few years in the midst of this battle.  I am now on red alert most of the time.  The insanity out there is palpable.  We better organize and come together soon to protest because we might lose our freedom to communicate on the internet.  A lot is imploding from many angles in our current paradigm.  I am still held a bit hostage by the financial system but I am ready to throw in the towel for the greater good if we can come up with a viable plan.  As you say Dane, "time is running out."  Thanks for all that you do,  Greg O.

    • Eva Coover says:

      Greg O. – I, too, am in southwest Colorado (Durango) and the aerosol spraying has been horrific.  It is beyond frustrating and completely infuriating, but we cannot give up trying to awaken the masses.  If you are interested in joining forces, please get your contact information to Dane, and I will keep your apprised of our efforts in this area.  Thank you.

    • BaneB says:



      One could have the impression that there is a concerted effort by the weather warfare terrorists to dry up the Colorado River Basin.  Certainly the artificially installed high pressure dome over California, particularly resilient over the southern half, and the incredible aerosol spraying in the atmosphere in that region and in yours, is preventing rainfall.  What other conclusion is there?  The satellite images show the "hand in glove"   coordination of the aerosol and microwave-induced dome to evaporate low pressure systems approaching from the eastern Pacific.  There is an observable time-line pattern obvious on these images.  

    • Greg O. says:


      Thanks for your reply!  Yes, The orchestrated effects of the California situation is continued in our zone since we are the headwaters for all points west.  Chemical ice nucleation and moving the moisture east is the current strategy of "their" plan with the spraying and microwaving.  Best wishes to you in the challenging times.  May we all meet in victory some day soon.  Greg O.

  43. Daniel- Calgary AB says:

    Thank you Dane. I have been listening to your podcasts for years now but this is the first time I’ve commented. Ever since I “woke up” to what is happening to our biosphere and ourselves, I started making some big changes in my life. I started treating my own body with more respect than I had in my first forty five years I’ve been on this beautiful planet. The very first thing I did was to cut fluoride out of my dental routine and my diet. My “brain fog” started to lessen and I was thinking clearer. When people would comment on my improved health (I stopped all fast food and processed foods as well) I would start to talk about getting fluoride out of my life and would lose their interest in the conversation. On other occasions, if people around me would mention something about the weather, I would try to explain what I know is going on with the weather but I could always see the mental barrier going up as I was pointing to obvious signs of climate engineering around us. So long story short- I haven’t worked a “job” for three years now and I would rather be dead than be on EI or welfare. I have been growing a lot of food but just as Dane says, it’s heart breaking to see plants that I’m trying care for get destroyed after an engineered weather event. I’m lucky that I built a small greenhouse otherwise I would’ve had much to show for my efforts. I’m pretty isolated (socially) because one gets a reputation of being off balance when one is not going along with the BIG LIE. Never the less I will not give up trying to help people understand the severity of the situation we’re all in right now. LOVE is STRENGTH!!! Stay strong my friends, the battle needs us all, now more than ever!

    p.s. Thank you Dane for introducing me to stoicism, it has been very helpful to my attitude towards this life. Much gratitude!

    • Dennie says:

      Daniel– CalgaryAB:  I stay as isolated as possible because I find that talking mainly about what I bought at Costco this week is pretty boring and there's so much more to life besides rampant consumerism and sports, sports, SPORTS!!!  I will talk about the geoengineering programs to anyone who mentions the weird weather.  Many are pretty interested.  Some aren't able to take it in, they think such a large-scale program that can change the actual weather isn't possible, until I tell them that we have a list of weather modification patents going back for over one hundred years, with SAI going on for the past 70 years, and a guy named David Keith saying that it would be really easy to retrofit a fleet of jets and spray the planet with 20 million tons of alumina oxide every year– what's THAT gonna do?

    • Rachel - Edmonton says:

      I 100% relate to you Daniel of Calgary, AB – you/we are not alone out there, thank goodness for the hard work of Geoengineering Watch – do you ever make your way to Edmonton?  Are there others from Alberta out there?  Nice to "band" together.

    • Daniel- Calgary AB says:

      Hi Rachel of Edmonton,

       I haven’t been up your way for a few years now. One of my brothers was living in Edmonton, but moved to Calgary in 2010. Unfortunately he and my other two brothers (both are retired military, one in Manitoba and the other in Saskatchewan) are of the feeling that I am not stable and avoid me like the plague. All three of my brothers are on multiple prescriptions for multiple ailments and are all entrenched in this insane paradigm we find ourselves in. It’s been difficult for me to find people around me who are aware of the crimes being done to our planet and who would be willing to help inform others. Everyday is a fresh opportunity to “plant seeds” in minds that are ready to let those seeds germinate into conscience awareness and hopefully they will courageously start to planting seeds as well. I posted a comment because I saw Gail from Yellowhead county posting and wanted to chime in to show she’s not the only Albertan following Dane’s work. It’s very reassuring to see others in our province who are on the same page. Thank you Rachel for the shout-out, it means a lot to me. 

         Love is Strength! Stand Strong!

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I am Thrilled to see so many posting from Alberta & Canada on this most Superior site on Weather Modification.  Daniel & Rachel,   I would be more than willing to meet with you in a location that would be a fair distance to all.   Maybe we can set something up in the New Year. I know it would make Dan Pelletier from Didsbury Happy. ( The Gentleman who filed the law suit in the Supreme Court of Canada to end this Madness)   He needs all of Our Help. And together, We can move Mountains.  It's a Christmas Miracle!!!   .

  44. horsegirl says:

    Fantastic if frightful presentation, Dane.  Can you cite the origin of the new introductory quote about controlling the atmosphere?

    At a local business in the outdoors, hubby pointed to the absurd etchings above their heads – numerous slow-moving planes spewing out another death shower – and asked the Native American worker:  "what's that?"  He replied "the government is poisoning us every night, all night."  So we brought a flyer on our subsequent visit.  Again hubby asked another worker  – also from a local tribe – what was happening over her head.  "I don't know but it's not natural."  She enthusiastically took a flyer and was last seen carefully studying it.  We live near Albuquerque, a mostly native American population encompassed by numerous "reservations."  These people tend to take this very seriously.  Historically the native tribes boast of a much stronger bond with the land and all nature than the colonial human backwash.  If there is a great awakening it will probably manifest from waking up the natives.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, horsegirl, the intro speach excerpt is from President Lyndon Johnson.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello horsegirl!  So glad you asked Dane who dat on intro.   it sounded like Lyndon Johnson to me!  And I'm old enough to remember.  Sounded and looked.  And is!  So now my question is to whom was he speaking?  Wearing some club like hat/cap with tassels?  Looking like the grand wizard of Something!

      Yesterday, horsegirl, our Berkeley skies said to be foggy, here and there almost looked like real fog I remember here quite well, but a bit later, that cement gray you mentioned and like a wall instead of like fog.  Just solid looking, ominous.  Made my eyes sting.  I could not taste nor smell it but all the while I was out, my eyes stung, and all night before sleep my vision was blurry.  And it was almost 9AM!! when I woke up!  I mean I am usually up by 5 if not sooner.  I was so stunned, and, felt ripped off. Still groggy.

      The first person I knew to scream bloody murder over 'chemtrails' is a relative of sorts and Native, Oregon coast.  Around '87.  Some are very aware and active, some not at all.  In Lakota territory, my sister in law sees nothing.  Apparently not even the drop dead gorgeous prong horned antelope herds racing over the hills surrounding her!!!  Yet her son and I are good friends and he sees it.  Knows about it.  They say the blood runs strong for 7 generations.  Besides so many hundreds of years, much damage has been done.  First Nation peoples were genocided.  Exterminated and still.  The few that survived were screwed from every direction everyway.  Every connection to the lands, the whites tried to destroy.  Even the ability to get to their lands, as many had much in total but spread out among states.  Rosebud, heck Pine Ridge was not a Native choice of place to live.  Worse, this hunting society was told they must farm.  In South Dakota yet.  All were starving. Few had any heat, not much wood to be found, much less a stove.  No running water.  Kids forced into Catholic boarding schools.  Heck, the Nez Pierce, once famous for their horses have no horses.  One Shoshone medicine man whose family I lived with for awhile, he said that 1% of the population was Native and that 1% of those were traditional.  Fool's Crow gave up–life long medicine man.  Boy did he try and he also lived a long time, giving up in the end.  He was Lakota and I knew him.  He even allowed some of, much of his medicine ways to be published finally for general lack of interest.  It is fascinating.  He works with the elements. One of my very best/closest long time friends has been an activist for Native issues her entire life full time, that IS her job, but if I bring up geoengineering she insists I stop, not interested!!!!!  Maybe now I can make inroads with her now that Peabody Coal is gone, down by Dine peoples and Hopi.  Me pressing the Hopi side, partially against the Dine, her firmly entrenched with the Dine.  See?  It devolves over time–land issues, religious issues, Native wise.  Her best friend was John Trudell who died just a couple of years ago-my God is it two now?  Native and a relative, and a spoken word master.  Read him for inspiration.  Gee, the great orators Natives have given all.  If only 'All' had had ears.  Suddenly do now!  Ony to find that the Natives that WERE, Are past tense.  Diluted and stressed to the max and that for hundreds of years, in lands not of their choosing.  In work not of their choosing, lifestyles not of their choosing.  Many wannabes and pretenders.  But, many of the young are waking up, the tide has turned, they are finding self respect.  Best approach is to be of some help.  Make friends, then bring it up.  I have seen oh so many whites approach Natives with their religion, Bibles, whatever, and the Natives were always polite because that is how old time Natives were, taking these offerings just because, not saying: But, I have my own beliefs.  So, all used to whites informing them of 'something'.  But, usually to gain an in, to gain an ear and trust, you have to give of yourself to some degree.  

    • Jeanette S says:

      It is a different demographic everywhere you go. I think in many cases it is a matter of how dumbed down, used and abused the people are. And how poor. The high cost of poverty, refers to many things including to not have the time to keep abreast of events because they are busy scrambling for their next meal. Financially break someone, personal freedom is not far behind. Here in CA, Prop 37…the people on the street, the minorities could tell me all about what they knew of gmo labeling. I talked to people in WF in San Ramon, none of them knew what it was. Too busy, I suppose.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Jeanette and all, I totally forgot to mention that rural natives are often, nearly always, minus wifi.  In fact, as at Standing Rock, to use phones which some have but not many, there is usually just a few square inches on top of some hill where one can get reception, and so you will see one person on phone with a line behind that person!  What we call an Indian phone booth!  Some members of some tribes-the Lakota were the last to be, uh, 'civilized' and quite used to hardships, not used to having a computer around, or even a phone of any sort.  Or TV and most radio.  Kind of like living in a different world still.  For the first time, and I can't believe I am saying this, it occurs to me that I should be sending flyers to them!  On the other hand, then what?  Couldn't look it up or do research. Couldn't listen to Saturday's broadcasts.  Couldn't play a DVD.  Hmmm. I could never afford to send the big book and stuff to them.  Ideas?  

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  I came across the President Johnson speech on YouTube.  He was speaking to some college/university graduating class.  He was telling it like it is.  Candid.  No doubt his audience was enraptured, enthralled by the "wonders of science", so much so that it was publicly routine, prideful in its revelation to those of us today from an era totally in lock step with Baal worship and the attendant science priesthood.  Not much of the mindset has changed except the advent of the Internet has caused every head to lower, "bowed" down to the worship of the "image" that "speaks."  Age and wise hindsight seem to go hand in glove for all the good it does.

  45. Toby Dent says:

    China is planting millions of trees a year cause they know what real pollution feels like…so why don't we? As for people looking up…the streakers are getting very discreet about their chemtrails…doing it at 4am or lightly streaking during the day. I see them in the sky. Cellphones are turning people into zombies. They're all looking down.

    • chris says:

      Toby says….Cellphones are turning people into zombies. Couldn't agree more. I won't have one. As Dane asked, what's behind the complacency and apathy? I truly believe that cell phones, wifi, cordless phones, and the like are largely responsible for this kind of behavior. Microwave frequencies override the natural (very low) hertz frequencies where we are at optimal cellular health.

      You CANNOT be healthy of body or mind if you subscribe to these devices….that simple. So, yeah, he's right…totally. People are brain impaired and really don't seem to have the simple ability to think on their feet anymore, nor to reason. It is scary. Zombies.

    • jefe says:

      Cellphones can be used to track spray planes!  Flightradar24 is a free app, and there are others.


  46. Gail says:

    When Trump talks about fake news, I often wonder if he is referring to the ongoing spraying program that's not talked about?  We'll see………

  47. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 196th email titled 'Belt and Braces'.

    1. On 15th Dec, Arctic sea ice volume was estimated as 4th lowest @ 13,029km3, and annual average volume remained at record low @ 12,815km3. 

    On 10 Dec at 0900hrs, the air temp outside our house was -7ºC and yet the frost crystals on the ground were -20ºC. 

    2. In the northern hemisphere we are facing either: a). extreme heat; or b) a nuclear winter; or most likely c) extreme heat followed by a nuclear winter – Joe Neubarth writes: "The program is running and we are rushing to an abrupt end…Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) is going up to 17ºC in the next few years – this will kill @ 7 billion people…When about 6 billion people have died from global heating, they will use nuclear weapons to refreeze the Arctic..."

    The nuclear winter could easily result in everything above the 35th parallel north being covered with snow – 200ft deep in the northerly regions. That is everywhere north of Los Angeles to the Mediterranean Sea to north India and through the middle of China.  So, all the climate and war refugees heading north will turn around and head back south, along with 100s of millions of people who will be fleeing south to escape the cold.

     Either way, what next? Starvation, unless something wondrous happens. Plants/food crops can not grow in extreme heat or extreme cold/under snow.

    When will this happen? In the northern hemisphere, life as we currently know it will probably change dramatically in a minimum of 1 year and almost certainly in a maximum of 6 years – what will follow is 6 months of starvation and extreme violence, followed by about 18 months with some of the above ground survivors trying to grow their own food and others searching and attacking the underground bunkers for food. This is why the rich are building their fortified bunkers in the southern hemisphere, stocked with 30 years of food (e.g. one of the Bush family's in Paraguay). 

    3. Notes to Self (week 49 of 104)  I have recently done my annual review of 'use by' dates for my first aid and other items. I thought it timely to mention my 3 bag carry system and some of the contents, and am delighted if it helps anyone. I realise what I do/carry applies to few others – I work outdoors every day, usually alone using a wide variety of machinery, power and hand tools (chain saw, x cut saw, mower, hedge cutter, strimmer, nail gun, etc), and often at height (up ladders, on roofs, etc).

    On my key ring is a swiss army knife 'Waiter' – used multiple times each day.  On my belt is: a). swiss army knife 'Champ' – used daily and in it's pouch is a mini survival kit; b). my first aid pouch – contains bloodstop plasters and bandage, quick clot, liquid skin, wound closure strips, superglue; c). mobile phone; d). SOG power assist multitool – it is a bit heavy but saves going back to the vehicle for wire cutters. Belt weight @ 1kg. This weight can cause a sore lower back so I am a belt and (red) braces man.

    1). SNAP Bag (Situation Not As Planned). If the risk is sufficient I also carry, or have in reach, my trauma/SNAP bag (this bag is otherwise attached to my Grab Bag). It is a Condor deployment bag and includes: survival kit, swim goggles, safety sunglasses, face mask, headover, boiled sweets, multi vits, water purifier/drinking straw, tourniquet, wound seal, trauma wound dressing, temporary dental repair,  SNAP bag weight @ 1.5kg. 

    2). My Grab Bag is also my "piece" bag and includes: my lunch!, survival kit, sawyer water purify, mess tins, tea lights, thermal blanket, monoculars, secateurs, pruning saw, torch, power bars/snacks. Weight @ 5kg. Therefore my daily carry weight is @ 8kg. 

    3). Bug Out Bag (BOB). In a bug out situation, I want a my total carry weight to be @ 13kg, thus my 50ltr molle BOB has only about 5kg of clothing, shelter and food. In a bug out situation I may be travelling with other less prepared family/friends and so we can load up the BOB and its attached pouches, and share the bag carrying.

    An INCH Bag (I'm Not Coming Home) could double the carry weight. There are some good INCH carry systems available. For me, they are not really multi use items so I do not have one. Assuming car or push bike are not suitable in this situation, then I may have to rely on an adapted wheelbarrow or sack trolly…but when the time comes I think I will decide that I am too old and smelly for that kind of life and will just stay put as best I can. Besides, there is no hurrying my wife, she has a "clothes crisis" even if we are just going out for supper with friends…we always arrive late!

    The key things to have in a SNAP/survival situation are, in order of priority: knowledge, adaptability, practice, equipment, humour. 

    Give serious thought to new year resolutions.

    • Pedro says:


      In my opinion a nuclear Winter or Summer, will kill all the life on the Planet.

      If the guys in charge want to solve global warming I advice some very important steps to be taken;

      1st – Stop all the climate manipulation, and all the activities connected to that insanity.

      2nd ( and most important ) – Recover the Ozone layer.

      3rd – make the shift from the paradigm of the oil centered economy to the renewable energies starting yesterday.

      4th – Go back to traditional agriculture, producing only biological ( organic ) Food. The production of meat must be conducted in extensive farming or semi extensive, not intensive, and must be biological ( meat and derivatives ), and the killing of the animals must be made in a CO2 chamber. In this way, there is no pain, no stress, and there is no blood in the act of killing. The animal will not know what happened to him. Studies have been conducted in this field. Also the transportation of living animals must be forbidden.

      5th – Stop everything that is connected and related with nuclear science.

      6th – Stop using coal. And again the bet on the renewable energies must be global.

      7th – I'm not an engineer but I would guess that cars can produce their own electric energy from the kinetic energy they produce when moving ( from the rotation movement of the wheels ).

      8th – Talk to all Persons ( talk to the people of the Earth, in a intellectually honest speech ) as if the people of the Earth were persons ( that has never happened until today ), and explain to them that the global population numbers must go back progressively to the 6 billion again and that the population of the Earth must be stabilize under these numbers. Honest and intelligent family planning must be implemented with the consent, knowledge and understanding of every society all over the globe.

      9th – Let the Forests grow again and protect wildlife species. Stop polluting the Oceans and Rivers. sport hunting is satanism. Killing animals because of the trophy hunt or to feed the Asian pseudo-medicine market or the fur market, or the ivory market, is satanism. Whale and dolphin hunting is satanism, killing sharks because of their fins is satanism, etc. No fishing net can be bigger than a blue whale.

      10th – The establishment of a maximum roof for wealth is necessary in order to keep the World in peace, not only for individuals, but also for corporations. No corporation can be wealthier than the less richer country in the World.

       11th – Be happy.


      This is what I see for the better world I want for me, and for Humanity.

      This dream will ever become a reality?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Andrew, My God but you are funny And informative!  I suspect in a true crisis, your wife will forget about her clothes crisis issues!  I admire very much your manly, take charge, preparations.  Myself and where I live, bugging out is not doable.  I will go down with the ship I guess.  But, I would very much like a few things I do not have that could make that easier.  I have no water purifying stuff for one.  And I have always drunk more water than anyone.  I do have back up big bottles, still….I know where everything is in here, but could stand to be more organized. Heck, I no longer have even a sleeping bag.  Nor a tent.  And, I am so very weak now.  That kinda freaks me out.  But, I am creative, am used to living on the land and rough.  Do have tools.  Do have knowledge, do have humor.  Am willing to be adaptable and am.  Do not have health though!  Do have medical skills, and lots of first aid stuff.  As always, I very much appreciate your breakdown of needs and priorities.

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Andrew, indeed, I did enjoy your contribution this week. Even had to think about it for a while before I replied. You are very calculated yet adjustable. I find it interesting how our strategies differ in that, you live in a region that people will get away from and I live in a region that people will "try" to bug out to. I do have the means to put gear together and be on the road indefinitely in just a days time. Provided that I can get food after 2 months "journey". I'm not quite as calculated as you are, but the outcome will be the same when the time comes. Grace for you my fellow Scotsman. May you be upon the same soil after the "shift".

    • Blue Sue says:

      Pedro, beautiful! love your ideas #1-11.  May I add? 12. dispense with smart and cell-phones, cell-towers, smart-everything, including and especially AI. 13 Eliminate Big Agra and Big Pharma and all their poisons. 14 Dispense with all all scanners and surveillance devices.15 Do away with Homeland Security and all the alphabet agencies. 16 Eliminate the armies and war machines of the world. 17. Dance more, 18 Sing more, 19 Share more, 20 Love more. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Blu Sue. Thank you.

      Of course, in a Free World there is no place for the big pharma, for the biotech industry, and for big armies. Thank you for adding your extra points. Yes, the excessive use and misuse of the electromagnetic science and digital science is other of the big problems humanity has to solve.

      Now we have a complete 20 new commandments list of the Free World to deliver to the satanists that are destroying the Earth. But this list must be handed to them by 500 million very well informed persons or more ( from every country in the globe ), we are still short in this fight.


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Pedro, Rachel, 'a' simplehorseman, Blue Sue,

      your comments always appreciated.

  48. Richard Doiron says:

    Thank you, Dane, for the ongoing work you do on behalf of us all. Time was when mainstream media covered some aspects of geoengineering; now, sadly, if anything, the media but endeavors to mock or deny; disheartening the way that once honorable estate now does little but promote the official narrative.

  49. steve says:


    Thank GOD you are informing people of this plight. What a travesty it is.


  50. Larry Reynolds says:

    In east central Missouri, St. Louis metro and rural areas, the crapdusters have been very, very busy lately. I have not seen a normal sky here in years. Something dangerously fishy is going on. Drought like never before. Thank you for keeping the awakening in progress. 

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