Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 24, 2016


Dane Wigington

The clock of our collective futures continues to tick toward midnight. How much of the population has any real idea about what is unfolding at blinding speed? The record high stock market ponzi scheme house of cards has kept the masses pacified and willfully blind to corporate layoffs, environmental implosion, and countless other issues. Private banker printed fiat money is still ruling the day, but twilight is now upon us. Why are British and US soldiers fighting alongside terrorists in Aleppo? The public relations person in charge of climate engineering disinformation, Dr. David Keith, has come up with a new idea about what should be sprayed into our atmosphere by geoengineering jet aircraft. Keith now says we should use calcium carbonate. Dr. Keith, what happened to your promotion of spraying 20,000,000 tons of aluminum into the atmosphere annually? Whether actively or passively, so many circles in the science community have completely betrayed populations and the planet. The same is true with the circles of the medical industrial complex. What will it take for the medical community to acknowledge the dangers of vaccines, fluoridated water, and many other issues? The Dakota water protectors get hit with yet another snowstorm while temperatures at the North Pole skyrocket to almost 60 degrees above normal, for the second year in a row. What is the shadow government doing while the unraveling of the biosphere and society progresses? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Some feel no motivation to fight for the greater good unless they are given a guarantee of success, but we would do well to remember there are no such certainties in life.  We would do well to also remember that life is, at best, a seasonal occupation, and the season is short. Why are we here? If it is not to do our part for the greater good, then why?

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  1. Seeing Clearly says:

    Here is a video made by someone who doesn't even believe autism is a disease to begin with (autistic pride ,anti-cure you may ask) it attempts to debunk vaxxed I couldn't even watch the whole video it's really annoying but my point is how can you have an opinion on vaccines causing autism when you don't even believe autism is a disease not only that but he says he is trying to save lives from real diseases (infectious diseases) does he really look like someone who would care about saving liver or is he acutely trying to save autism I will leave that for you to think about ( we know vaccines have side effects he doesn't maybe but here at Geoengineering we know they do because we have logical reasoning we have studies we seen the inserts online in my case we know they admit vaccines cause brain damage and that is what autism is autism is a fancy or different name for brain damaged children but autistic children are smarter at math like the kid in 60 minutes you know why he appears smarter because he is probably brain damaged  if you get a TBI or savant syndrome and you could never play the piano and he next day you can do it like nothing it's because of brain damage  (savant syndrome) it's when the electrical signals of the brain and the brain has to be rewired and change its currents and activity to accommodate the damage causing you to appear smarter when overall you actually got dumber but they try to sell Us savant syndrome a syndrome caused by brain damage as why autism is so beautiful it's like superpowers it's all a deception savant syndrome is not a syndrome you want to have it's a brain disorder where some people can't forget things that are not relevant to remember or can remember lots of numbers that they don't need to remember because the brain cells are trying to stabilize and reach an equilibrium now that the brain is damaged I don't want you to think for a moment that savant syndrome is a good thing overall and so when people sell us that nothing bad can happen with vaccinations and that being autistic is better than the normal functioning people which our society has made war with (the war on normal) which is the war on morality we need to correct these people these people are cancer they are very bad people verifiable fact many vaccine pride people are also believers that we need to protect the public from "fake news " what I would say is we need a public that is capable of proper discernment. What's the chances of a child having something wrong with them weather falsely diagnosed or Mia diagnosed as mentally ill when the root cause is another whatever you believe is the case the chances of having a diagnosis of mental illness alone (ADHD ,autism,OCD etc) 1 in 5 a chronic illness of any kind mental or not related to the mind 1 in 2  and those that don't get diagnosed are not necessarily healthy at there full potential if there is such thing as a limit to our potentiality  there is something I want you to get out of this is that we cannot tolerate such deception and insanity and abuse and lies and people who base there beliefs off of pride and what feels good to them we are living in very dangerous times the population is very divided and mislead and confused we face so many complex problems that are hard to understand due to how complex they are thinking take energy and people are often too lazy to think peace.



  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    I gave a set of the Informational Flyers to a coworker, who told me he and his family raise Honey Bee's. I told him to research Bee's Aluminium, to find out the potential cause to the Bee decline. He told me his neighbor also raises Honey Bee's, who lost 50% of his bees unexpectedly! 

  3. kathleen says:

    Here's wishing and hoping (yeah, and pigs WILL fly) for 2017 to be a better more enlightening year for us all.

    Please, everyone experiencing dis-ease or dis-comfort of any sort, read all the posts in Dane's Health section and take the advice as a starting point to your own research. Here are three more ways to help
    you proceed in your health education that can take as little as five minutes/day:

    1. Search "herbs that help with [name your ailment]" and change the "herbs" to "foods" for a secondary search. Then search some more, perhaps starting with,, or or all three and more. You are then on your way to help discern fact from fiction as well as learning how YOUR body is unique, or not. Obviously, if you are under a doctor's care or take prescription meds, you must ask permission to even breathe differently. OMG. You may find that certain foods preclude the need for certain expensive meds, but may cause problems if ingested WHILE you take those meds. Likewise, an oncologist may be able to excise a tumor, but hasn't a clue how you avoid developing one in the first place. Nothing on this site or in any post is to be considered "medical" advice. Healthy hints, certainly. Look into the history of the AMA and you'll see why. And you thought conspiracies were a "theory"? LOL 

    2. Examine your diet for any of the following (most or all of which can trigger or exacerbate ailments) and eliminate or cut down on them: fluoridated water; HFCS (comes in hundreds of disguised names); sugar (unless it says "100% organic cane sugar" or organic coconut sugar or date sugar); gluten (in far more than just wheat, sigh); dairy products; GMO "foods"; artificial colors; "natural" flavors; processed "foods"; salt ("table salt" is bleached and devoid of 99% of minerals found in Celtic, Himalayan, or other unprocessed salts); products labeled with more than five ingredients or any you can't pronounce or clearly identify; animal flesh, particularly if packaged and containing nitrates/nitrites (salami, "luncheon" meats, etc.); large fish (tuna, swordfish, etc.); seafood grown in "farms" (they're often fed GMOs); deep-fried foods; well-done/char-broiled animal flesh (carcinogenic); most vegetable oils (especially canola, which is GMO); roasted and salted nuts; carbonated sweetened beverages; and food choices that increase your intake of pesticides and herbicides which can be remedied by choosing organic when you buy these:

    Note the caveat on corn, papaya, and summer squash on the Clean Fifteen

    3. Choose a new way of thinking about what you eat. Add colorful foods that grow locally and are in season, aiming for a rainbow over each day or week, and eat some leafy greens at every chance. Grow
    whatever you can, and start with sprouts. Sprout or at least soak all or most of your nuts and seeds before cooking, if you choose to cook them. Include fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, bitter greens like arugula and dandelion, healing tubers like ginger, turmeric, and horseradish (horseradish will clear your sinuses!); every herb you love (rosemary, basil, oregano, cilantro, parsley, dill, mint, etc.) and some new ones you may not know of (lemon balm, marjoram, etc.); spices like cayenne, cinnamon, etc.; and seeds like mustard, cumin, etc. Check your local ethnic markets for SO many more ideas! Virtually all populations that do not eat the SAD (Standard American Diet) are healthier than we are in the U.S.

    None of these steps are difficult, and they can be made in small increments. You don't have to abandon anything overnight, in fact, if you eat typically (the SAD, aka Sick And Damn near Dead), you may feel worse if you ditch that cup of sugar hidden in foods you're eating every day, so any drastic change is best monitored by your health provider. Keep in mind, few MDs are taught jack about nutrition, so don't expect ANY help there. In fact, expect them to tell you "nutrition makes no difference." OMG again. BTDT. They were wrong, once again.

    The larger point here is that we are being systematically poisoned at every level — sky, water, food, information — but there are steps we can take to help mitigate the effects we feel by simply feeding our bodies nutrient-rich foods, and shunning the corporate shilled crap. When we take this sort of personal action, we feel better and are more able to help in the fight against geoengineering, the largest endeavor, and perhaps last fight of all our lives on our beautiful planet. Stand with us as we face the odds, but always take care of yourselves first. That is not selfish; get over it, and get on with self-healing and towards informing others of the travesty being done (with OUR $ and in OUR names) to the environment and its living beings and rivers and so on,, so we can allow all life to flourish in peace. It MUST be done! 

    And never forget Dane's words "… life is, at best, a seasonal occupation, and the season is short. Why are we here? If it is not to do our part for the greater good, then why?

    Namaste Dane and all you wonderful readers, posters, activists, learners, educators, healers, thinkers, caretakers…you keep me sane.

    • virginia says:

      Kathleen: Hi.  Very nicely done.  Concise, but very informative and I learned quite a few tidbits I had not heard of before your post.  Being from an Italian background and having grandparents who where immigrants in late 1800's, most of your advice was 'natural way of living' for these smart old ones.  Thanks for your efforts to keep us healthy.

      Happy and healthy 2017 to you and yours.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Kathleen.

      Thank you.

  4. matt sarlo says:

    To the people saying god this and god that, just what do vague disjointed narratives called religion have to do with the struggle to stop the destruction of our planet? If religion was under the direct guidance of a benevolent all powerful being would not all major monotheistic religions be fighting against these programs with the immense influence and power they have?

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Matt, I understand your confusion. Is this how you think it should really work. Someone does something un-just & "God" should fix it? If of course as you state there is a God.!  Some of us Christians believe that our Work on this Planet is to Love, to Inform, &  to always Give of  Ourselves to those in need. To stand up for what is Right. And even give Our Lives to Causes of Moral Rights. I know no Greater Cause than that of Climate Engineering.  Our Challenge is to always hold to these standards. No matter the Bribe. This will not interest us no matter the size of the reward offered !  I know this to be true of myself. Bribes I know others would have jumped at.  I Refused. It Can be done.  I see it as a Test from God. Do we take the Bate? Or do we stand stead fast to Our Father & Please Him?  Because the Majority follow Ignorance & Spend their Lives in Anger that God did not Fix the World that WE were left in Charge of,   is, Well.  Easy to Blame Him instead of Satan. Is it not?  He is the one in charge of this Mess we find ourselves in.  And do not fret, God will return to show his Dis Approval to what Mankind has done to his Creation, Along with all those Preachers & Leaders of the Church. They will be the First to go.!  You would Gain Greatly From The Series "A Lamp in The Dark" By: Adullum Films. This covers many questions you may have & Why it is the way it is right now.  By the way… I say God Bless, because it is Powerful !  I say it with all my Heart & Soul.   I Hope you look for the answers you seek Matt,    They are always out there, if only you ask.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, Matt:  At the risk of my over-posting (my last for the week, I promise), I must applause your statement.  It is always a mystery to me, that if "God" is merciful, benevolent, omnipotent why in blue blazes did he design mankind (supposedly "in his image") and the world to be so malevolent? Surely a merciful and kind God would not allow little childrens' heads to be blown off in wars, or allow the suffering of untold billions throughout history.  It matters not which religion one adheres to…..their gods, our gods, your gods – so many and so useless for the betterment of mankind.   If this offends any, apologies. A great speech that best describes mankind is the final speech given by the actor Roddy McDowell in his role in Planet of the Apes. Sorry I cannot quote it verbatim, but it is spot on. 

  5. Joe Ceonnia says:

    PEDRO,  YOUR ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!  ONCE THEY HAVE DESTROYED THE OZONE IT'S GAME OVER AND THEN WE WILL NEED THEM. OUR FREEDOM WILL BE THEIRS, GAME OVER AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY'RE AFTER. WE MUST STOP THEM AT ALL COSTS. These MFer's should all be in prison, I just would like to know where are OATH TAKERS ARE??? The ones who swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. We need the good men and women of our great Military to step to the plate. Where the F#$% are they ?????

    • Patty Cloonan says:

      Joe, It is believed by some that the military is responsible for geoengineering.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Patty Cloonan.

      Yes, they are the center of the problem. People forget that in WW2 and in the Vietnam war, napalm was used to burn civilians, children included. Napalm is liquid fire.

      Hello Joe C..

      The Ozone is a rare gas, it's not very difficult to the MFs to destroy this Precious Gift from Nature. They have the means now.

      The destruction is deliberate, with the Ozone layer intact, GW would to be a much slower and progressive reality ( maybe for more two centuries, since the 80's ) which could give US time to make the transition from the oil centered economy, to other models which could work in favor of the Humanity and the Biosphere.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      We must be Free Again!

  6. Seeing Clearly says:

    To those who have children or to who it may concern ( climate engineering increase the destabilization of our energy balance and body function with the reduced sunlight and toxic materials and what's the cure to that in the worlds view. It's giving you a psychiatric disorder and calling it genetic and I want to stress the people who are behind ending the stigma against mental disorders and it's medication are the same people who diagnose them can you connect the dots the intentions for early detection is not to help the children that they may yet have hope of reversing there diagnosis but rather early drug intake makes your body adapt to the crap so you won't be able to get off of it as easy anymore of there is something I want you to take out of this is you need to get mad and stop tolerating all this abuse we should stigmatize mental illness not the people who have it but rather the disease. We have propaganda being funded by the state of California to set up anti mental illness stigma ands kids can go to during there break to further te already severe mental illness pride. We live in a dark age peace .

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Seeing Clearly.

      It is very important to bring to the knowledge of all the issue you're showing in your post, Thank You. Everything is connected.

      Every common person with a superficial investigation ( like me ) can find out easily that the big pharma industry ( the industry, its owners and their robotic ""military"" guards ) is ( without doubts ) the Nº1 ENEMY of Mankind.

      And about control of the mind;

      Hello Dane.

      It is known that lithium is present in many psychotropic drugs.

      And "they" are spraying lithium on US by the tons..

      Maybe this can explain why People are taking so long to awake.

      In the video they talk also about radiation.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Control of the Mind.

      Psychology of control | State of Mind – Top Documentary

      ( Top Documentary Channel ).

  7. horsegirl says:

    Hi Dane,

    Can you publish an update on Standing Rock?  Lots of chatter out there but you have good connections.  Thanks in advance.

    Also my husband has requested more info on Gates' appointment.  We can't find anything solid online.  Think the search engines are mauling information silly.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Horsegirl, I don’t have any new information from the protest site, but will update as soon as I have any new information.

  8. Marc says:

    How nice of the losers to give a handful of their snot-nosed, ass-kissing pilots a few days off for Christmas. For several days before Christmas and on Christmas day we enjoyed spectacular skies here in southern Arizona, cumulus clouds galore, bluer skies than usual, a couple of incredible rainstorms, etc. And NOT ONE VISIBLE TRAIL FOR ABOUT 5 DAYS. As always, I knew that the treachery would resume right after Christmas. And hello??? What do you think I woke up to today? Monday morning, day after Christmas, in my first glance across the skies I counted no fewer than 25 trails, mostly, but not all, going roughly east to west or vice-versa. These brown-nosing f**kwipes, who, some of them, just finished celebrating their own dumb-ass Christmases, are too stupid to realize they're not gonna be able to feed at my trough of sorrow and disgust anymore. I'm done furnishing sustenance for their gleeful rampage across the heavens. 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Yes Marc, the spraying was stomach-churning. There were some trails to the north, but most of them were along interstate 10, south of me. One got a little too close to my house, Delta DL185, Orlando to LAX. I'm tracking this scheduled flight this morning to see if it's spraying today, and take pictures either way.

  9. Brandon Wark says:

    I've been in South America for the past two weeks and I haven't seen any spraying at all. I think that showing people how this isn't happening everywhere helps to dispel the myth that it's a Contrail caused by normal airplanes. Clear skies down here!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Brandon, though I don’t doubt that you may be experiencing a window in SA without spraying, however, we have constant reports coming in from South America where there is heavy climate engineering spraying going on.

  10. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Carol… On Trunp. I Hoped Trump would be a Benifit to the U.S.A. & for the rest of the World, & the lesser of two Evil's!   Why is he considering or has brought on board Bill Gates? This man is known for his investments & thoughts in Eugenics, GMO"s, The Weather Corp. & Vaccine's.  All The Killer's! And others I am sure. Why would Trump even consider this person? There are many upset about this choice of his. They Hope he will change his mind.   And it is note worthy that Trump flashes the 666 sign during his speeches, along with the Illuminatti symbol while his hands are held in front of his crotch. There is far more to this man then meets the eye. But he does this for all to see. He is not hiding his True disires.    

  11. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Dennie, David Keith looks like Crap! I assure you, He is feeling the results of His Madness!

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.: I'd say that Keith still is not actually feeling the results of his madness though he is certainly showing all the symptoms.  That's what most people want, anyway– most eedjots on this planet don't care if the underlying cause of their problems are addressed, they simply just do not want to feel anything.  And Keith is on record with words to this effect, that geoengineering won't address the underlying cause of global warming but it'll cool things down (mask the problem) until we can get all the kiddies to stop burning hydrocarbons.  Well, Oh-KAAAAY, Doctor Keeeeeith,

  12. BaneB says:

    How accurate are automobile temperature guages for measuring outside temperatures? The other evening upon exiting a home i notice the ground was freezing up, and frost was on the automobile. Arriving back at my abode for the night, the lawn grass was frozen. I asked my ride for the temperature. Her display showed 41 degrees Fahrenheit.  Am I missing something?

  13. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Pedro, I hope your Christmas Holiday was a good one for you and your family, along with all of the GeoEngineeringWatch Family, But your earlier post, I would like to say David Keith should be thrown in prison no matter what he changes in his formula – Because these acts are already laws on the books preventing spraying the public without their knowledge nor consent,  any substance being sprayed without formal consent of the public is a crime, not just of the laws, but a crime against mankind, He's breaking laws left and right and he knows it!! Him and other are BLATANTLY Breaking the laws of all mankind not just the laws on the books. That's what's so puzzling to layers that know the law on this subject, it is how they get away with this so boldly in-your-face type of law breaking??? That's what's so hard for people in the know to swallow !!! These people should be in jail, but everyone knows that there is two types of laws in most civilize countries, one for the poor and another for the rich, just like these Bankers who blatantly rob the public – like the folks at Wells Fargo, and they get a slap on the wrist, if you walk in a bank with a note demanding a dollar, you would be doing Five years for robbery plan and simple you would think, right?  Wrong! And everyone is aware of this too…just like whats going on right now??? Doesn't make sense to normal people does it ??

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Joe Ceonnia.

      I agree with you, of course.

      And we can say more; We all know that climate engineering is a FRAUD, they are only camouflaging GW in the more densely populated areas, and using the weather as a weapon wherever they want. We know that this immense FRAUD is the destruction of the Ozone layer, and we know they are achieving this with the HARRP F antennas and with the spraying also ( without the OZONE we will stay in dependence of some kind of spraying, for the coming years and decades, BIG business ). We know that the secondary purposes connected with this FRAUD are all about warfare, not with the concern of doing something positive to Humanity or for the Ecosystems. We all know that the deep goal is to make impossible the production of Food ( not the gmos shit ) for a large Global population in the Earth. In my country the production of fruit ( for some fruits ) have decreased 50 % already, and the prices of fruit and vegetables are rising. Farmers still do not connect the dots, and say it's because of fungi.. Trees are becoming weak and BEES are vanishing. We all know that the F aluminum is killing All Insects and Plankton. Insects and Plankton are the base of the Food Chain, also with Trees and Plants. And the Plankton will die anyway with the acidification and warming of the Oceans.

      We all know that climate engineering is accelerating exponentially GLOBAL WARMING.

      We know the TRUTH about the nuclear "science" and the way this MADNESS is conducted.

      We know the TRUTH about war, and the banking system.

      We all know they are KILLING all the TREES with the F sprays. We all know who are the Fckrs that want to depopulate the Planet. We know Who is the boss of the F global masonic cult. We all know that these neo-fascists MFs are satanic and pedophiles. We all know that the headquarters of this giant criminal organization is the u n . We all know that the banking system works in a parasitic way to steal money from the People. And We all know who has invented the paradigm of the oil centered economy; the owners of the 7 "sisters".

      And We know that the paradigm of economy could be centered in Hemp Agriculture and solar / wind energy, and in other Biological, harmless and endless sources.

      And we know very well what these MFs can do with their F  h a r r p oon antennas.

      Health and Justice for All.

      We must be Free again.

  14. J c says:

    Hello everyone, and Dane

    I have followed every release for the past year and a half when i came across this site. I came across it by doing research when i realized something was wrong with the weather

    News from southeast alaska where i live and have lived for 14 years

    Last year was the warmest winter iv ever saw, anyone ever saw. I was out fishing in a t shirt in december and in january on a clear day. It should have been diffrent. 20 degrees. Of cpurse this is a maritime climate like seattle but it used to get cold here, lots of snow. And of cpurse ketchikan is 600 miles north of seattle too so its gonna be colder. But it wasnt just rain the last 4 winters.   But this winter is diffrent.. Dryesst october on record which is our wetest month usually. And now our winter so far has been really cold like a good old fashioned winter. I havnt seen bare dirt in 4 weeks, its covered in ice and snow. We had 8 inches, then a cold spell dropping to 15 degrees which is well below averahe for ketchikan and craig area. Now 4-6 inches tonight. Dane why do u think this is? I havnt noticed much from planes. Last year the sky was covered. I hope of course like all of us that the weather cycles and its not co2 and geoengineering. But, co2 is at 405 ppm. Its been the coldest winter so far here iv seen in almost 10 years. There must be a terrible reason but i hope not. I want to know what u all think. Also ice on the bay thicker than iv seen- which is an ocean bay in the inside passahe. 7 inches thick

    • J c says:

      I mean the last 4 winters was pretty much just rain. Even in january- no snow but maybe an inch at 2000 feet. This winter is a 360 degree turn. Its a cold winter like the old days. What is the reason u all think? Jet stream changing maybe. Cause the arctic is crazy warm. But not south of juneau all the way to orlando! Crazy

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello J c, here is the reason FYI

    • Dane Wigington says:

      J c, it is important to consider two more factors in your equation, the overall global temperature scenario, and engineered chemical cooldowns utilizing available atmospheric moisture. FYI

  15. stephan says:

    Christmas Greetings to Dane, his family, all at GeoWatch, and all of you wonderful commenters here.

  16. Dennie says:

    Spraying the planet with calcium carbonate will upset the balance between calcium and phosphorus and a lot of other minerals that need to be balanced within the body, in the soil and in the water. 

  17. Debra Evans says:

    A Bonus!?  I cracked up laughing . That man 'has' lost his mind . Probably lost it a very long time ago. The ozone layer was fine before! Well..Oh Dane, that's right..leaves should not be hanging on the trees when they die. I see that every where. Yet, the bark is dying.  This past week we got 'snow'..then rain..then cloudy then blue sky this morning. Now the sky is turning white.  Every time we hav a 'blue' sky during the day, by sunset it's turning white..All of the time..the sun 'never' sets in a blue sky. Ok..we all know. But, I'm sitting here watching a blue sky turn white, all by itself. No clouds. It was sunny day.  

    • carol says:

      Their deception is getting more and more transparent when we see the anomalies in almost everything including the flora that is over seeding trying to cling to life. We have a maple in the yard that has more seed pods than leaves that are still hanging in the tree. Tops of the pine trees same thing. Get so heavy with cones the tops break off, tree becomes diseased and then they die. We used to have to really search for a standing dead tree for firewood but now there are dead trees everywhere. I pray Trump will see what is going on and put an immediate halt to this insanity.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, for the record, Trump and crew at minimum have known of climate engineering for over a year. I regularly communicate with a retired USAF Major General that had a meeting (specifically addressing geoengineering) with Trump’s people in his home. I am sorry to say that so far Trump seems to be supporting the very special interests that are actually behind climate enigneering. Perhaps there is more to the equation, but I would not count on it. We must all do everything we can to press on with the all imporatant task of reaching a critical mass of awareness. 

  18. Dennie says:

    …hmmmm…. "foreign disinformation and manipulation," eh??? 

    Well, how 'bout the kind grown much much CLOSER to home, actually–????

  19. Adam Coleman says:

    I have spent innumerable hours researching the BP/Halliburton/TransOcean disaster on 4.19.10 and have many thoughts on it but the coorexit is in fact more than x52 worse because I feel it has an ocean of calculated oil in a giant under surface lake just waiting for the gulfstream to carry it across the globe when Dr. Keith and his Mad Scientist fellows decide to dispurse the now toxic oil across the planet. It's waiting in my humble but the other thing about that tragedy is how too few people noticed that that heavy fuel fwd structural steel fire TORCHED for 38 hours before it slowly melted into the Gulf. Anybody who saw what happened to the structural steel on 911 who still buys the "official theory" should know that Physics Itself did NOT call in sick in the Gulf of Mexico but was unavailable to come to work on 911. Look at the evidence. Do NOT take my word for anything cause I can't even convince my closest friends and family we ALL live in the Matrix. Why? Because they like the safety of their Bubble's AND do not appreciate it when I approach with something sharp on my belt. Anybody ELSE BIG AWAKE have that problem?

    • Lamargo Petersen says:

      I get the exact reaction! Just today my son told me "don't be silly that's the storm on it's way south from the north." Right! Clouds form in straight lines everyday, sure, whatever. BTW I don't care except I would like my family to give just a little acknowledgement that I might be somewhat intelligent. He/they will have to say yup guess you were right after all.

  20. Susan Ferguson says:

    “…the US Ministry of Truth is officially born.”
    Obama Quietly Signs The "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" Into Law
    by Tyler Durden / ZeroHedge / Dec 24, 2016
    Late on Friday, with the US population embracing the upcoming holidays and oblivious of most news emerging from the administration, Obama quietly signed into law the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which authorizes $611 billion for the military in 2017. … buried deep inside the provisions of the Defense Authortization Act. … "a bill to implement the U.S.’ very own de facto Ministry of Truth had been quietly introduced in Congress. As with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 marks a further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information. … seeks a “whole-government approach without the bureaucratic restrictions” to counter “foreign disinformation and manipulation,” which they believe threaten the world’s “security and stability.” …  The bipartisan Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act is organized around two main priorities to help achieve the goal of combating the constantly evolving threat of foreign disinformation from our enemies: The first priority is developing a whole-of-government strategy for countering THE foreign propaganda and disinformation being wages against us and our allies by our enemies. The bill would increase the authority, resources, and mandate of the Global Engagement Center to include state actors like Russia and China as well as non-state actors. The Center will be led by the State Department, but with the active senior level participation of the Department of Defense, USAID, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the Intelligence Community, and other relevant agencies. The Center will develop, integrate, and synchronize whole-of-government initiatives to expose and counter foreign disinformation operations by our enemies and proactively advance fact-based narratives that support U.S. allies and interests.  Second, the legislation seeks to leverage expertise from outside government to create more adaptive and responsive U.S. strategy options. The legislation establishes a fund to help train local journalists and provide grants and contracts to NGOs, civil society organizations, think tanks, private sector companies, media organizations, and other experts outside the U.S. government with experience in identifying and analyzing the latest trends in foreign government disinformation techniques. … It will also empower a decentralized network of private sector experts and integrate their expertise into the strategy-making process.  And so, with the likes of Washington Post having already primed the general public to equate "Russian Propaganda" with "fake news" (despite admitting after the fact their own report was essentially "fake"), while the US media has indoctrinated the public to assume that any information which is not in compliance with the official government narrative, or dares to criticize the establishment, is also "fake news" and thus falls under the "Russian propaganda" umbrella, the scene is now set for the US government to legally crack down on every media outlet that the government deems to be "foreign propaganda."
    Just like that, the US Ministry of Truth is officially born.


    • Dennie says:

      Proving without a shadow of a doubt that "fake news" is The New "conspiracy theory." 

      How long before everybody begins to see that The Powers That Never Should Have Been are completely out of control?  Ditto for ammunition.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Susan, How does this administration get away with these criminal acts and laws? He's a Law Major with a Law Degree, does this mean he can interpret the laws on the books any way he likes? I very happy to know your on the side of the WATCH! Please keep us informed! I appreciate your posts, I do have one question?? Do you get any threatening emails telling you to stop; STOP letting everyone know the truths… Because you hear some many disheartening things about whistleblower's?  And your information is so telling I love it!!! Keep going; I so proud of you… How come non of these policical news sources talk about these sneaky  "Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act" Into Law?? How do these things get by? Without one political news outlets speaking about this?? I know I'm sounding repetitive but I'M SO DISCUSSED ! We need just one mainstream media outlet to say something. I must say there is a lot of folks still asleep!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Hi Joe Ceonnia — Thank you for your kinds words. As for "threatening emails", no I never receive such. For many years now, I have known that I have "friends in high places" – and this does not refer to any in material corporal power. I am protected from within. I have no fear. They can do nothing to me. I know this in my Heart. If we lose this our planet, we will lose all. Our lives are only of value now to expose the evil and force them to stop the insanity. Dane is our North Star.

  21. Al C says:

    Merry Christmas Dane and to all the Geoengineering family!

    Let's all continue to press on and keep the pedal to the metal to stop this poisoning of beautiful Mother Earth and Humanity.

  22. virginia says:

    All of us who access this informative website should realize that Dane is one of a very, very few who is giving us information and data, not only in the scientific circle, but in socio-economic-political as well.  Facts that affect our lives now and in the future are openly discussed by him and others who comment here.  It is with deep appreciation that I express my best wishes to Dane and his family. May 2017 bring some sanity, some peace of mind, some hope for the world.  It will not survive on its present course, I'm afraid.

    On another note:  I wish to express my very deepest and sincerest condolences to the people of Russia for their horrific loss of those aboard the plane crash of yesterday.  There were so many talented and self-sacrificing people on the plane, including a renowned doctor who has given so much medical assistance to the people of Syria.  Russia has lost much because of her military and financial support to the survival of one of the oldest countries in the world…Syria.

    Sadly, I feel there will be more 'accidents' and 'natural disasters' in store for those countries who voted yea on the UN Resolution condemning Israel for its continuing theft of Palestinian land and its oppression of Palestinians.  New Zealand…be alert. And, for once, Obama, for whatever reason, by giving an abstention on the vote did the right thing.  Israel has already threatened those who would deny it the right to a Greater or Eretz Israel.  Until the Palestine-Israel juggernaut is settled legally and according to international (and moral) law, there will be no peace in the world.  The importance of that remains one of 'those topics we don't openly discuss in the USA or internationally'.  There is an agenda that was laid many years ago, and the destruction of our climate, our seas, our food and air is all a part of it.  We will all be attacking windmills until the resolution of Palestine. 

    Bless everyone.

    • Dennie says:

      The U.S. is obviously in a "proxy," if not now, actual war with Russia– what a stoopid, stoooopid move.  Everybody should jam the phone lines and flood their Congressperson's inbox with e-mails expressing their dismay and objections to this latest chapter in an ever-increasingly insane saga of "Power and Might–" UGH!!!!

    • virginia says:

      For those of you who might find my comment offensive or perhaps interesting, I strongly suggest that you refer to the following article on VeteransToday by Gordon  Duff entitled Did Israel down a russian jet over UNSC smackdown?

      The USA might be on Israel's/Netanyahu's list. They have done it before and are ready for a reprise. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Hello All.

      Hello Mr Dane W.

      Life is a seasonal occupation which last already for 650.000.000 years ( for macroscopic life ), and 300.000 years for our Species ( 2.000.000 years if we start counting from the beginning of Homo Erectus ). Our personal EXISTENCE is an infinite collection of uninterrupted success moments ( from our ancestors ) that last since the Dawn of the Ages. Some may not know, but 74.000 years ago a volcanic eruption ( Super Volcano Toba – Indonesia ), almost dictated the END for All Humans. Several other Species of Humans of the Anthropoid kind ( I believe that Humanity is something bigger than the Anthropoid Humanity ), were to be extinct in consequence of this Geological event. 150.000 years ago in All Human populations of All the African and Eurasian territories ( Homo-Erectus started their journey from the African continent to the Arabian Peninsula, a little more than 1.000.000 years ago ), was common to Humans achieving ages of 80 years old or more. In All these HUGE continental areas. There are archeological evidences that prove this. These Humans were sophisticated Persons, we can't fool ourselves thinking they were stupid creatures from the stone age. 800.000 years ago Homo-Erectus cooked food already using clay pots using boiling Water. When Wolves have a fractured bone, they eat large quantities of a specific flower to heal the fracture. Bears and Chimps do it equally for the same reasons or other. About this the list is endless.

      Our History is an incredible tale of Adventure, Courage and a Spiritual Journey towards the True Knowledge ( the connection with God « » Nature ), and this Spiritual Journey have started being distorted with the wicked souls that became obsessed with the occultism-magic, some 3.000 years ago, in the Egyptian empire. All the evil comes from those times.

      Now these dark forces want an end to this EXISTENCE so great and so ancient, that has as driving Force the Force of LOVE, a Force which we should know much better, because now this our Great History of EXISTENCE depends on that.

      Through our descendants we are Immortal.

      No other GREATER GOOD by which is worth fighting for can be as Great as this one; the History of Mankind.

      This time vs the MFs.

      Good Luck to Us All.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane.

      I've a question to you Sr.

      I DO NOT believe this will happen, but if they change the juice and start spraying – only – calcium carbonate, this is not a very big victory for Us The People? ( I'm not saying that keep spraying is good ).

      But if "mr" keith is reflecting about the hole full of shit where he is sinking All Humanity, I have one little advice for him:



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pedro, yes, you are correct, any type of spraying in the atmosphere is harmful. There is no benevolant form of climate engineering.

    • Dennie says:

      If "they" change the formula to consist of calcium carbonate we're still not hearing about the barium salts that are used to suck up water vapor and the other crap, such as defoliants and the pseudomonas bacteria for ice nucleation that's going into the chem stews– and what's with spraying using e-coli?  The military will still be using metal shards to create the kind of ionized atmosphere they need in order to work their weather warfare magic pushing the jet stream around and for their over-the-horizon communications. 

  23. LS says:

    Oh the Christmas morning X's across the early morning sky. Pilots of the poison – today is a good day to die. I'd take a photo but I don't want them to get credit. Yes, horsegirl the EMF's are wreaking havoc on our brains. Besides ear ringing the sound of pop rocks in the sinuses is really disconcerting. We have radio announcements saying "don't leave the kitchen when you are cooking. Watch all food on the stove, don't walk away"  It is everyone that is being affected. I see it even in the youth of my family. I couldn't get through the snow to a service last night and it is just as well. Whatever the reason the so called spiritual leaders won't acknowledge the truth of what is happening, people are just about running away from them. You cannot follow one who does not lead.

    Local auto shop said they aren't doing many smogs because everyone is being handed a new car or truck- no money down, name your payment. Best news today is half our intelligence agents are retiring or resigning. Forget draining a swamp…. this is shoveling out the sh## in the barn. I want every lawbreaking government employees to shake in their shoes and worry for their continued freedom outside of a prison. This has to happen. Painful  labor still produces a beautiful baby. I will hold that hope today and still cook, sing and act happy for my family. Thanks to all here who are awake and aware and doing their best to change the world everyday. 

    • Dennie says:

      In the Roman Catholic service, when they pray for the people and the world I have distinctly heard said to pray for all to realize that we suffer the same fate as the creation around us as long as we fail to realize that we are not ABOVE Creation, but rather a PART of it-!!!!  And HOW MANY MORE thousands of years will that take–?????

  24. Mark says:

    Hi,  Dane,    you know the Truth because of you we know the Truth that a fantastic gift Thank you,    im sufering chronic sinusitus that turned into fibromyalgia as well,  i hate chemtrails geoengineering, david kieth is pure slime,      

  25. Cherie says:

    Dane, been here a few times, but follow as I have time!  This segment was so on point to what I've been feeling and sitting back listening to in conversations as well as fb naivety!  Why do people not see that all these divisions of religion and color or politics are only diversions from the puppet master behind the curtain in control and manipulating the strings of operation Pinocchio!  

    I saw the strangest thing happen a few days ago here in TN. The forecast was suppose to be sunny but instead we had a lingering fog from the sky to ground that looked like powder and trees dusted whiter as the day went on. Cedar limbs were laying down with the weight. It was past off by media as a frozen fog event. I'm 60!  Never seen it. Especially above freezing temps. Went out to feed my little pond fish and touched some and it melted like freezer frost in my fingers like a fine powder!  None on the grass. I had clear frozen flakes bigger than a half dollar on the side windows of my car, the south side. My car has always froze up on the north side. This white fog was blowing in from the south!  It didn't come from ground up and would blow in dense to thin. 

    I've commented on here before about complications I've had breathing outside & my medical bkg. I am still a smoker, much lighter use than younger days!  But I began choking up and had to come in!  Once again, 3 days later, weird sore throat, choking to breath in and deep hacking cough!  A  couple days prior to all this, something hit me in the back of my head and neck and wanted to scream. Grabbed my head, sat and prayed!  Then felt like I was being used as a dart board and eyes water and pain like nothing I've felt.  I know this is all more than the medical field was allowed to be trained on so how do go explain to them?  Antibiotics is no cure for Satans insane followers!  

    I also saw last week, we were in Nashville, it was cloudy, strange clouds I might say. But infront of a break of clouds came a higher level like a sheer screen being pulled over the sky. It was almost like a smoky colored thin layer of glass swiftly closing in. Stranger that's strange!

    My last child is getting married Thurs and I just want to be there happy and healthy as I can!  The insane thunderstorm asthma phenomenon keeps rolling in my head and fear is not what I practice.  This is God our Creators world and if all His people will pray He will heal their land. This isn't an American thing, a Trump, Obama, or Hillary, Eastern, western, north or south thing. This is a world thing! They are the blind and I fear that so many good people will not know the truth right before their very eyes, just as the Pharisee's did to Jesus. 

    I want my children to know what's happening but I'm afraid it's already to late for them. They don't even believe me!  Everything we put in our mouths for nourishment or breath is laced with something that does not belong in our bodies. 

    May God bless us all! May God heal us all and may He heal our lands and hearts!

    I'm doing what I can to wake up this sleepy small town and my husband too  HA!!  Can no one see the arrows that fly by day over their very heads?  Or how bad their face hurts in 40 degree weather?  I get no hits when I share the truth but let me share something dumb publicly and people I don't know cast a vote in!  If I could fill this field full of people when the were manipulating the sky while they were going about their pleasurable ways, would they listen?  

    • Chad says:

      GOD bless you Cherie and others. Same bullcrap here in Idaho. Just spent 2 hours digging phony, manmade so called snow which amounted to no more than slippery chemical substance. Not an inch in some spots and 4 foot drifts in others. Bullshit! Cant even make a snowball, yet alone a snowman. Anyway, same bs frzen fog that covered everything, i say everything with ice crystals. Blew everyones phones up. I dont care if they dont like it. People must know the TRUTH. I WILL FORCE IT DOWN THEIR THROATS , IM PISSED AND CARE TOO MUCH TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT LIARS, CHEATS,AND THIEVES AND FLAT SCARED INSANE DENIERS BELIEVE. IF IT OFFENDS THEM, IT F   ING SHOULD!! ITS THE TRUTH! GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN JESUS CHRISTS NAME!!! THATS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT. THE BIRTH OF CHRIST THE LORD JESUS. DONT FORGET WHO YOU ARE, WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT AND BE A PROTECTOR OF THE LAND. PART OF THE CURE, NOT THE CANCER!!!!! AMEN A D MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! FROM CHAD HABERMAN MAN, MYTH, AND LEGEND!!! CHEMICAL ICE NUCLEATION

    • Dennie says:

      Cherie:  The idiotic Big-Harma-educated physicians have totally failed the section on toxicology and poisoning, actually.  They will never think to get the average patient being sickened by the massive, very obvious spray programs tested for heavy metals and other toxins we know are going into the formulas– how about defoliants?  Those are obvious liver toxins!!  Then again, we are not privy to what's actually being put in the nasty chem-stews we're being sprayed with on any given day.  I've had the experience of something seizing me by the back of the neck, like I'm paralyzed at the base of the cervical vertebrae, then a weird headache, including behind my eyes, accompanied by nausea and even vertigo, when the spraying's really bad– drives me abso-effing-lutely NUTS that I don't hear nearly enough from people even here just how bad the crap raining down on us all makes them actually FEEL, but then again, most people are seriously trained to DENY what and how they feel, so as NOT TO FEEL much of ANYTHING at all– and the laws of karma dictate that there will be no help either from, and actually, for, those who lack feeling. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Cherie, God's Said…His People Will Perish For A Lack Of Knowledge!    And it is stated; A Tenth is The Lords!   Which ofcourse means… Most will not listen & 90% Will Not Follow Him in the End Times. We sure are nearing that!

  26. horsegirl says:

    We hold hands at dawn.  At peace with each other, but no "Merry Christmas" exchanged after what this hideous engineered storm has done to us.  Three says ago the husband I awaited for nearly 50 years was the first to say he didn't feel like himself.  He's lived in his mind all these decades and no longer recognized his own thoughts.  It was like being some voyeur observing our own minds from a distant television monitor.  Like our heads were balloons high on a string.  I have spent three days coughing up styrofoam lung, a chemical expectoration event I probably would not survive had I not learned of the efficacy of GSE during toxic atmospheric events in Mexico years before.  We are just above the northern extreme of the Sea of Cortez, which functions as the bellows by which storms are forced northward across the US southwest.  Thursday the sky was volatile, more of a splashing than rain, fitful, forceful, and with floods.  My brother-in-law had to pass by in transit due to swollen arroyos, as we imagined so many other families were separated by weather – just what they want.  Be sure we don't gather to connect dots, or debrief in person about the appointment of Caligula.   Thursday's march through what "Decima" dumped had first the reaction of paralyzing mind, memory, imagination and vocabulary.  Then came the emotional sttorm.  I cried for hours over something which seemed huge, which I later realized I had simply misunderstood.  A catastrophic emotional breakdown, emotion in inverse propertion to what little reason was left to me after exposure to the toxins and the Luciferian waveforms involved in pushing their potions northwards.  Friday was sunny, friendly, with numerous people remarking how incapacitated they felt.  People satirizing their abilities to master technology for example.  Just about everyone I met found reason to wonder at their own mentality.  Yesterday was hideous.  We could not figure out from which direction the "wind" emanated, a spastic upper atmosphere oscillation taking all day to produce rain.  As noted in a previous post, there was that terrifying prelude to the vicious winds.  When a force literally stopped our ears and felt like it had gripped our heads.  Incapacitating us both.  We briefly had the reasoning vigor of small children.  Simple words vanished from our vocabularies.  Our ears throbbed with pressure. Last night storm exigencies took me outside into the toxic spray.  Returning to bed I awoke from suffocation nightmares for yet another expectoration epic (cytokine storm) using GSE.

     If I didn't have my husband, a trusted witness to verify the same, I don't know what would become of me.  I would lose all credibility with myself.  I spent decades single and alone at holidays.  I know the isolation and the sorrow of unwanted solitude.  I can only imagine the devastating effects on single people during this siege.  How many people will suffer the mentaly disabling effect of the nucleation hex, believe it is the onset of Alzheimers, rush out for the prurient pharmaceutical embrace of death?  As my veteran husband quips, you go to the doctor for a conscription.  The allopathic death march.  

    I remember you single people this morning.  Wondering if you, like us, wonder at your own minds through this toxic nucleation event.  Which is why my gift to you this morning in the perverse year 2016 is to console anyone else who feels they have gone over the brink.  it wasn't us.  it was the warlocks and their fornications with the atmosphere.  Their chemicals, their foul spells, their arrogant pride in pseudoscientific technology.  My vocabulary even now revisits me, but with blackened eyes and a limp.

    • Dennie says:

      The Warlocks' potions have been particularly thick and nasty this winter.  Whenever there's a "precipitation event" they load the skies with toxic metal nanoparticulate sprays and in just a few hours we're all of us breathing the crap.  It stings and it burns and it chafes on the lips and the tongue, in the eyes and ears.  It's infinitesimally small so it goes into the small spaces like pores and gum lines, and gets inside the ears.  It tastes like salty metallic crap and has a gritty and slimy feel on the tongue.  It dries you out so it's hard to enunciate language, hard to sing, hard to do anything except cough and drink water to stave off the sore throat from all the dryness and itching.  It's such an assault 24/7/365 that it's hard to get even so much as one good night's sleep now with the toxic metal nanocrap raining down through the air into the house all night long.  Where's David Keith in all this?  Now just why can't HE feel the shit he sprays all over this planet that's surely raining down on his head, too??

    • Diane Friday says:

      @horsegirl: I cannot express what reading your words meant to me, other than to say they were tragically beautiful. And I'm so sorry that you and your husband went through something like that. I've been having the same or similar psychological and emotional meltdowns quite often lately, and that feeling of losing yourself, as well as the out of control emotions, is devastating. 

      It is indeed getting worse every day. I won't even say "seems to be getting worse", because every one of my senses tell me it IS getting worse. All of it. There's no doubt that these psychopathic megalomaniacs have ramped up their death from above agenda in every way: more planes in the air; obviously "new and improved" chemical/metal/pharmaceutical cocktails; marked increase in intensity of HAARP/rf/microwave; and, most notably these last few months, extreme increase in either the amount or potency or both of the chemical ice nucleation. Indeed, 40 degrees now feels like 30 degrees or lower. It hurts and burns the skin. I've spent my whole life here in the northeast. I've experienced quite a few brutal winters with temps in the 20s, teens, even down to 0. Having learned on this site that geoengineering may have been going on back in the 70s and earlier, maybe a few of those brutal winters were not entirely care of Mother Nature. However, the cold didn't feel like this cold. Nothing like this cold. If the temps were very low and there were high winds, it was always painful. But until this year, just the past two weeks in particular, I never experienced cold that felt as though it was turning my facial bones to glass that might shatter if exposure were to continue. Whatever they're using now (I say that only because there will never be an official admission that they're using anything), it is far worse than the engineered cold during the winters of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. And I didn't think it could be worse than that. 

      I first noticed at least five years ago that the cold didn't feel like natural cold. I came home from shopping one afternoon and told my partner that the cold felt fake – like a walk-in freezer or an overly air conditioned room. We couldn't figure out how that could be done without the use of compressors and something like freon. Now we know. But what they're using and the frequency of the "bombing runs" has to have increased, because not only does it feel so much worse, but it's making us very sick. We've not yet experienced the extreme pain in the back of the head and neck, but we've had sudden onset of neck pain and headaches that don't respond to either Tylenol or Aleve, and the generic Sudafed I take on a daily basis – at least three a day – is becoming increasingly ineffective. Speaking of Sudafed, I  figured out some time ago why it went behind the counter, and it had nothing to do with making methamphetamine. What better way to check the effectiveness of your death from above campaign than to monitor the use of a sinus medication? I'd wager this is why there's been some talk of putting anti-diarrheal medications behind the counter as well. We've had no end of upper and lower GI symptoms of late, including bloating after eating just about anything, diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, spasms, and chronic lack of appetite. I have to reassure my partner on almost a daily basis that her symptoms are the same as so many of us are having, and those symptoms are from the relentless poisoning, not cancer. My partner is quite cancer phobic, always was, and with us both getting sicker every day, it's not hard to see why. 

      Love and light to you and to all. 

  27. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Merry Christmas Dane & Family.               Merry Christmas Geo Engineering Watch behind the scenes Workers, Including the Lawyers, In the U.S.A. & in Canada, & the Plaintiff's, Thank You for working so hard for Our Planet daily & to all your Families, Merry Christmas.   To my Great Friends that Care so much about Our Planet from this site,   A Very Merry Christmas to All of You.       May We All Be Blessed With The Strength & Power To End This Madness This New Year.    God Bless Us & Guide Us. 

  28. jonathan goodman says:

    I live in southern Ecuador, where we see geoengineering aerosols sprayed almost every day. In fact as I understand it Uruguay is the only South American country where it's not being carried out with the goverment's blessing.

    It's imperative that you translate your material into Spanish in order to inform S. American populations!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, I sent you an email with all the spanish translations we have so far. Thank you so much for your help with sounding the alarm,

  29. Ed Bee says:

    Merry Christmas to you Dane. I continuously pray for your and your family's safety. And, of course, I pray for a great awakening among our people as to the atrocities being inflicted on us. I encourage anyone reading this to not give up hope, but to keep up the fight, being comforted by the fact that though we may act alone, we are backed up by the many here whose strength we share.

  30. nobodiesfool says:

    I am not being allowed to share the mass animal deaths on fb. The post button is hidden, when attempt to move down the page, it gets thrown out. Three times.

    • Dennie says:

      LIARS!!!!  Quite frankly, Sucker-Berg should be strung up by the balls– if he only had an actual pair. 

  31. nobodiesfool says:

    I am meeting many females who are experiencing incessant menses, two and three times a month, regardless of whether thy are on any form of "birth control" or not. Has anyone else been noting this? I believe the friggin' out of control microwave is doing this.  We need to figure how to offset this, quickly. Please, everyone, help. I am researching whether maca helps.

  32. Dennie says:

    Here's how the generals get made, how that affects them and what they then think they get to do to the rest of the world, the fallout, on you and me, from these abused children/child abuser-military idiots:

  33. dear Dane,

    when I was much younger I was a member of an anti-nuclear marching band. I remember going down to Greenham Common near Newbury, UK to join a protest that ringed the air-base with protestors against the stationing there of the B52 Bombers that could carry cruise missiles.


    Where are these chemtrail-spraying planes flying from? Could someone not publish a list of bases round the world, so that we might organise a similar protest?

    People will respond if they are given practical tasks and practical leadership…look at Standing Rock!

    I think you are really fantastic and let's give everyone an opportunity to join with you and to walk their talk, xxxfanny 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Frances, about your question, the climate engineering operations are being conducted from countless locations all over the world. We have reports from locations near dozens of USAF bases that confirm military bases are being used, fleets of jet tankers are seen coming and going daily. Commercial carrier aircraft are also being used (though available data indecates commercial carrier personnel are not actively involved in the programs). FYI

    • Teri says:

      in our neck of the woods we get bombers that spray us. the nearest base is in kansas so it must be from there..where do those bombers fly from. whatever they spray is thick and red colored and very very nasty. it burns the lungs. burns my skin and eyes. i can always tell them because they are so loud and the trail so thick. i have a few pictures of them but mostly they are hard to see. only enhancement of pics shows them up clearly. they look invisible to the eye. have seen big tanker bombers spraying as well. one i took a picture of had an army emblem on the bottom of the wing. 

      all branches of the military are happy to assist in the mass extermination of all life but what a surprise that is. they exist to kill and those who joined up did so for the pleasure of killing without punishment. they must really enjoy doing their ''job''…these order followers. i just hope one day they see the light but i doubt it. they are drunk on their power. they enjoy inflicting pain and misery others. the delight in the blood being spilled. 

       the do indeed have a choice. they could say no and take the consequences therein but most of them don't have that kind of courage. cowards by nature in my opinion. they enjoy their power and their safety in numbers. no one holds them accountable. 

      the airline pilots are the same. they cannot NOT see the damage they are doing but they are willing to do it anyway. the sky is completely red and various shades of brown and black at their height and yet they continue doing their ''job'' destroying the planet and every living thing on it. selfish and self centered. they worry only about their own life and livelihood and care nothing for those below them.  one day they will get what they deserve. that is my hope. 

       i have seen a number of fedex planes and ups spraying us. they are clearly marked and huge clouds come out of the back of those planes. i don't see how they can claim ignorance. i take as many pictures as i can. it is about all i can do. record the crimes. pass out flyers and educate who is can be educated. 


    … Look how the ' power structure ' is attempting to establish 'geoengineering' as something that is 'normal' and necessary. There is NOTHING NORMAL about geoengineering and spraying toxic chemicals into the air we all breath. STOP GEOENGINEERING NOW !

    • Chad says:

      GOD bless you Cherie and others. Same bullcrap here in Idaho. Just spent 2 hours digging phony, manmade so called snow which amounted to no more than slippery chemical substance. Not an inch in some spots and 4 foot drifts in others. Bullshit! Cant even make a snowball, yet alone a snowman. Anyway, same bs frzen fog that covered everything, i say everything with ice crystals. Blew everyones phones up. I dont care if they dont like it. People must know the TRUTH. I WILL FORCE IT DOWN THEIR THROATS , IM PISSED AND CARE TOO MUCH TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT LIARS, CHEATS,AND THIEVES AND FLAT SCARED INSANE DENIERS BELIEVE. IF IT OFFENDS THEM, IT F   ING SHOULD!! ITS THE TRUTH! GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN JESUS CHRISTS NAME!!! THATS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT. DONT FORGET WHO YOU ARE, WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT AND BE A PROTECTOR OF THE LAND. PART OF THE CURE, NOT THE CANCER!!!!! AMEN A D MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! CHEMICAL ICE NUCLEATION. Look up PM 2.5. Look up PM 10. Those arent even nano particulates. Those way bigger. My weather app shows it. Two days ago was at 70 . Said great day for outdoor activities, those sensitive who cough or shortness of breath, take it easy. F ing liars!!! This bullshit will end soon . He who seeks the TRUTH, SHALL FIND IT. GOD BLESS AND AMEN!!!

  35. People of planet earth … Please understand that the people that paid off by the ' power structure ', ..continue to 'brainwash' the general public. You must sort out the lies from the facts, and do your own research !

  36. michael whelan says:

    So True Dane.Thank you for all you do. What is the point of this life but to live it in honesty and integrity and to protect other people and all life on this planet. The sick people inflicting this on all life must held accountable.I know that day is near.

  37. Catherine D says:

    Sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you Dane, for your tireless and undaunted efforts in exposing and halting the unimaginable atrocities being unleashed upon all life in our world. I never miss an episode of your weekly news, nor your articles. They are truly sanity savers! Trying to awaken the sleepers is an upward battle upon the steepest mountain comprised of disinfo and falsehoods, but I believe that we are slowly inching our way to enlightenment. Best wishes of renewed stamina and courage to all here who have chosen to face reality and concentrate their efforts on fighting for the common good and preservation of our blessed Earth. Much love to everyone.   Catherine

  38. Henrietta says:

    Dane, thank you so very much for what you have been doing for the last fifteen years. The number of people becoming aware of this dire issue is growing by the day.

    By chance I happened to be on your site, through a link someone made on another site.  I was taken by the intelligence and eloquency of the comments. Thank you all, who are writing here and who are putting their heart and soul and energy in exposing all this insanity. Dane and you all, you keep me afloat in these insane times. Thank you so much!

    P.S.: I must admit that I learnt about this subject only in the fall of last year. Yes, I noticed the blotting out of the sky before that time, but who on earth could imagine that such evil illegal activities would be at the root of this phenomenon. Since then I have shared information with people in my town, most of whom either did not have a clue or heard vaguely about this topic. The majority listened, some even asked to get more flyers to pass on to family members, friends and colleagues.

    Dane, I was wondering whether it would be possible to show the number of visitors also on the LASG-site, I have been passing out thousands of copies of your article (together with a flyer) on the filing of the legal notice and I would like to know whether maybe some of these people have visited this site.  Thank you!

    Henrietta (Germany)


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Henrietta, thank you for your suggestion, we will try to get a counter up on the LASG web site also. Thank you for joining us in this most critical battle.

  39. horsegirl says:

    A horrifying experience.  The day started out blue, calm, beautiful.  Eventually the fiends whipped the ionosphere into a frenzy and the omnidirectional suction event the naive might cal wind started up.  Just before they got going, we both experience THAT feeling:  like some electromagnetic forceps grasped our craniums and cerebral cortex.  You feel extreme pressure in the head, especially the ears.  It even can be somewhat deafening.  An anomaly in this usually silent, forlorn desert.  The pressure intensified.  I was signing cards.  Suddenly I was unable to concentrate.  My ears rang with a sound like a razor  Twice I left a letter out of the third word of the same sentence on two cards in a row.  I grew confused.  Hesitated as I wrote.    Did I want to write the name of the town, or my first initial?   We simultaneously experience the very same effect.  Total inability to concentrate, even for a few seconds. I stopped doing the job at hand.  Maybe ten minutes later the pressure inside the head/ears diminished and concentration returned.On another such recent occasion – and I hesitate to even tell this one on myself – I meant to trim my left hand fingernails.  For 43 years I've played guitar.  For nine years have done fingerstyle guitar for which reason I grow out my right hand fingernails.  As the pressure increased in my ears, I began cutting… my right hand fingernails instead.  Only after clipping themall  off did I recoil in horror.  It has been over nine years since cutting the right hand fingernails short the way I do the left. It always starts with that horrific ear pressure.  And if my husband did not experience the identical effect I would be so far left of insane I could never come back. 

    We have no idea what's inside these electronic devices.  Nor do the Asian child slaves who assemble our laptops and I-things.  Something being done to the atmosphere exercises a horrible control over mental function.  Something terribly debilitating indeed.

    • Glo says:

      Hi horsegirl, I understand what you are saying as I can hear the sound changes and feel the pressure changes daily. Even times at night it wakes me up and I automatically know "they" are messing with us again. Makes one wonder who cave them permission to poison the earth and it's children and makes one wonder when the Earth will say, "enough already"!

    • BenBarzman says:

      Thank you horsegirl for putting it so well, i couldnt have said it better myself, i too feel this strange "energy" and i swear to gosh  i hear it too and im starting to believe nobody else can. I  feel the pressure in my head and my thoughts become difficult to gather, i find myself forgetting words and math that i could do very fast in my head is difficult now, im to young to be going senile (31). I hear a constant steady tone ultra high pitch that "beeps", nobody else can apparently, when it is really loud, i feel that other people are effected by it, bad moods, unable to think/speak as usual. Have you noticed that everybody today is just in a not so good mood? I have done some research on ultra-sound/ ultra-low frequency EMF and all that bad stuff,  i think we are bombarded by this stuff now like never before.

      Glo, YES!!! i feel it to at night, it "shocks" me awake every night, it kind of feels like a knock to my head, sometimes i will hear a very brief loud sound . Everyone i know except one good friend and my mother claims they dont feel anything, but they admit to being unable to sleep, most of them are turning to sleeps aids/drugs/alcohol, no body is sleeping good anymore. I believe we all feel it, some of us more than others, but it effects us all the same.

  40. paul fowler says:

    Fine examples of fake news and a few more crazy facts , important to watch it all before you judge. 

    You tube : "The Ebola Deception ; Vaccine Agenda fully exposed – Final edition [ full documentary]

  41. paul fowler says:

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all the good people around the world that care.

    Special thanks to Mr. Dane Wigington , you are hope . If we all did a fraction of what you have done this madness would be over already .

  42. Susan Ferguson says:

    “This could trigger huge abrupt methane eruptions leading to mass destruction and extinction.”
    ARCTIC NEWS: Accelerating Warming of the Arctic Ocean
    December 23, 2016
    Warming is accelerating in the Arctic. On December 22, 2016, the Arctic was on average 3.33°C or 5.99°F warmer than it was in 1979-2000. Within the Arctic, the Arctic Ocean is warming most rapidly.  While the Arctic as a whole was as much as 3.34°C or 6.01°F warmer than in 1979-2000 on December 22, 2016, temperatures over much of the Arctic Ocean were at the top end of the scale that day, i.e. as much as 30°C or 54°F warmer than in 1979-2000. Over the entire year 2016, warming was most profound over the Arctic Ocean, which was more than 2.5°C or 4.5°F warmer than 1981-2010 for the 365-day period from Dec. 22, 2015, to Dec. 20, 2016. These high temperatures over the Arctic Ocean reflect warming water of the Atlantic Ocean, as illustrated by the image below, showing ocean warming, with temperatures rising particularly rapidly on the Northern Hemisphere. Warmer water of the Atlantic Ocean is pushed by the Coriolis force toward the Arctic Ocean. The huge amounts of energy entering the oceans translate not only into higher temperatures of the water and of the air over the water, but also into higher waves and stronger winds. As the image below shows, sea surface temperatures near Svalbard (green circle) were as high as 13.1°C or 55.7°F  on December 20, 2016, 11.7°C or 21°F warmer than in 1981-2011. … The Arctic Ocean is warming due to the inflow of warm water from the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is also warming due to feedbacks such as warmer air temperatures that speed up demise of snow and ice and that cause soot from wildfires to settle on the snow and ice, resulting in further albedo changes.  Further feedbacks are increased levels of water vapor in the atmosphere, stronger winds and warmer river water running into the Arctic Ocean. As the water of the Arctic Ocean keeps warming, the danger increases that methane hydrates at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean will destabilize. This could trigger huge abrupt methane eruptions leading to mass destruction and extinction.

  43. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Trump Team: Billionaires and Generals
    by Vijay Prashad / December 23, 2016
    Money and the military define the Cabinet of Donald Trump’s presidency. For a man who ran to help the “forgotten Americans”, there are few “forgotten” people in his team. Most of the Cabinet appointees have experiences far from the crises that wrack rural and industrial America. Amongst the billionaires are mostly people who inherited their money.  They do not have the spark of entrepreneurism that is one of the core values of American society. The ex-military men are all generals, people who have long looked at war from the control room and not from the battlefield. Their sensibility is not that of the retired warrior who worries about war. These are men of great braggadocio; for them the battlefield is not a place of great pain but one of honour. For them, battle is worthy. For the billionaires, free-market capitalism is good. Neither the world of money nor the world of the military is prepared to address the actual grievances of the population or the transformation of America’s place in the world. This is a government of fables. It is appropriate that it is led by Trump, a man made more by the world of entertainment than by the world of governance. Glitz is the order of the day. Rhetoric will stand in for policy. Drama is guaranteed.

    • Gretchen says:

      Trump's mother-of-all reality shows.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Honor comes from the courage that someone may have when enduring great pain fighting for a GREATER and COMMON GOOD.

      Only defying death we can understand the Great Value of LIFE.

      These "guys" aren't men, they are COWARDS.

    • Dennie says:

      "…it's beginning to look a lot like Hit-ler…"

  44. Seeing Clearly says:

    Corrupt people sit in seats of power. They have weapons, they have technology, they have wealth and they have a big influence and popularity. They come in sheep clothing when they know they are going to be rejected / their evil actions going to be rejected, however they are not afraid to go open when people will tolerate and allow their evil actions and if realizing that doesn't make you want to put an end to that than you should ask yourself who are you.

  45. russ says:

    Dane——–thanks doesnt even begin to say enough. Your time and hard work keep us going, you my friend are a modern day Patriot. I just want to say Merry Christmas and a better New Year.

  46. Annette Smith says:

    Calcium carbonate contains silica, and can contain other toxics like arsenic depending on the source. It is processed using chemicals. Its natural form grows molds. Lawyers for the owners of the privately-owned Swiss company that is the largest global producer of calcium carbonate threatened my organization with litigation last month if I did not remove the names of the owners from our website, and they demanded we take down two pages that have been on the internet for more than a decade.  Turned into front page news that a global powerhouse would bully a small non-profit. 

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Good for you, Annette. We were told in late sixties to give our teething babies calcium for pain. Then we learned some years later that it was full of lead. No accident.

  47. joey says:

    Go tell Trump.

  48. L says:

    Thank you, Dane, for all the hard and brave work you are doing. I sincerely hope you and your family can have some time to just enjoy being together over the holiday period. Happy Yuletide and may you all be blessed and guarded well.

    • C. Hallman says:

      Merry Christmas Dane. Thank you for your hard work and effort to stop these criminals. We are enlightened because of your efforts. This is an unmitigated outrage and I will personally continue to spread awareness to these programs. Try to have a good attitude , you and many like you are having an effect. Legally would be nice but I fear we can't sue our way out of this. David keith, Bill gates and others need to be stopped and jailed. I'm tired of watching the destruction of the natural world before my eyes day after day.

  49. Steven Davis says:

    Hello from Los Angeles, where the daily assault continues without notice. I'm afraid our president elect might be playing both sides of our issue.  Thanks Dane and all fellow activists. It only takes a moment to talk to strangers and I direct them all to this website. I share every page I can.

    Merry Christmas to everyone. We are looking ahead at quite a year to come. Stay safe and eat healthy.    Steven

    • John Doe says:

      Wow, you are awesome!
      God bless you brother!

    • rick dubov says:

      Hi Dane. I can attest to what steven has said. We have been absolutely hammered with aerosols here in Los angeles in the last few months. As regards your covering the surveillance capacities of the powers that be , this is now possible because they are employing quantum computers which have truly astronomical computing power. And even more astonishing is the SWS or sentient world simulation. It  was developed at Purdue University in 2006 and went online in 2007. It is essentially a digital mirror of the entire earth and all 7 plus billion people on earth. Each person is assigned a node and an avatar. The SWS has an actual advisory board composed of "stakeholders". They are not only employing the quantum computer but quantum computers which are artificially intelligent. It sounds too bizarre to be real, but in fact it is. Thanks so much for bringing us the data which we can pass on to others.

  50. jean ballard says:

    Thank you, Dane, for all you do. Watched and shared with all that I could. Much love and blessings for you and your family.

  51. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 145th email, titled: "Peace Profound"
    1.  It is interesting that the Sam Carana has highlighted the dangers of methane at Lake Baikal.  Last winter and spring I regularly looked at Lake Baikal (not much else to see on Worldview!), and noticed a fairly persistent circular area of open water: 
    That area will have anomalies of plus 20ºC on 29 and 30 Dec.
    There are many videos on Youtube showing people breaking ice and igniting the released methane…imagine if a 50GT burp of methane were ignited: 
    2.  Torstein Viddal's 5-16 Dec chart uses the "WUJA" measurements – which are more accurate.  Guess what, it states that if the ice loss is sustained then the first 365 days of ice free Arctic would commence in June 2019.  This calculation comes at a time when the graph line should be flattening out and the projected date should be stretching further into the future: 
    I believe the predicted date is more realistic. This coming summer, the sun, warm sea water and storm action will melt the few inches of sea ice remaining and we will see massive methane releases. It is possible that natural Arctic sea ice will form during the winter of 2018.
    The Arctic has just had another heatwave with huge areas at @ 0ºC…up to plus 35ºC anomalies.
    During 2017 and 2018 our global weather will have increasingly devastating extremes – but after that…?
    Have a look at the Barrow, Alaska methane readings for July 2016. No readings in June because of "faulty equipment" and Obama has recently stipulated that no methane recordings above 2000ppb are to be shown, so current graphs are useless for any meaningful research: 

    May Peace Profound, Light and Love enfold you, your family and friends. 

    • Blam says:

      I dont trust sam carana, I think he is on the government payroll for the agenda.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Blam, “Sam Carana” is the fictitious name given to the group of scientists that contribute to the Arctic News website. We don’t need to believe the data they present as this information can be confirmed from multiple other sources. The front line state of the climate information from Arctic News is generally on target. This being said, where the “Sam Carana” group and the Arctic News web site must be discared is when they call for immediate climate engineering to be done (as if it has not already been fully deployed for over 7 decades and doing unimagibable harm to the planet and all life). We must all learn to sort out the facts from the lies, again, this can be done by investigating front line facts, data, and film footage from other sources.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gee, Andrew,  I did not know about Lake Baikal's methane, but given its great depth, guess it was bound to happen.  Also, guess I needn't worry about eyebrow creases from gathering my brows, like a gathering storm, as apparently methane will keep my wrath warm!  I do know that far more than what people realize about methane is the sheer amount all over the place in addition to clathrates melting.  I mean the stuff is leaking everywhere, even from natural gas lines running through cities.  At least 30 years ago I read of the constant huge roaring methane next to oil rigs in the Congo from a US company, of course.  I knew but little then, even so, it upset me but I could find no answers.  Now I have answers and they are even more upsetting, of course. 

      Profound Peace, what a lovely wish which won't happen but tis pleasant to imagine.  I wish that and Light and Love enfolding you and yours, and all here–just that…..gee Andrew.  What a fix the world is in.  I can't stand that my country caused so very much of this.  England too for that matter, but USA, USA.  This Christmas seems without a shred of joy, or hope even.  Not that the collective we deserve it.  It is a cold winter here.  Very.  But on!  On!  Cookies have been made, humble gifts to deliver.  Peace, love and light-oh how I wish I could deliver that!  I will try!  Thanks for the inspiration!

  52. Jamie Lee says:

    In this time of such universal insanity and ignorance that our entire world as we know it is ending all Life as we know it, we find more meaning in life and also find those that warm our hearts with selfless courage and passionate, consistent Activism to wake up the snoring.

    Dane, and all fellow Activists spreading the alarm, hats off to you. You all are doing the work and leading the way to be the change we must see. 2017 and beyond will only get more intense, more difficult for the sleeping sheeple to deny we are in a death struggle for all life to continue.

    Thank you truth warriors, thank you.

    Onward, and may those that help guide us give us strength to continue the Great Fight.

    In profound Gratitude,
    Jamie Lee

    • nikki says:

      Thank you Jamie Lee and Dane, for your continued work in exposing and stopping these catastrophic projects.  Like you and many others, I work everyday to help expose these projects, looking out for new clues in how and why these projects occur, who is behind them, and how we can get those closest to stop supporting them.  Keep working. Keep thinking.

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