Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 9, 2017, #122


Dane Wigington

Industrialized / militarized civilization can only be rationally described as an ongoing train wreck of total insanity. The unfolding disaster is now accelerating exponentially. The beyond blatant behavior of those who wield power should be fueling unbridled anger and outrage in populations, but so far the majority of the masses (especially in first world nations) are completely complacent and content with their material world. Toxic vaccinations, GMO foods, fluoridated water, contaminated air, and plenty of power structure propaganda, all have taken their toll. Perhaps the greatest weapon the power brokers wield is weather and biological warfare. Both have long since been fully deployed, and even now the vast majority are completely asleep at the wheel. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Once the foundations of the current paradigm completely collapse (a time which draws near), the paradigm we formerly knew will overturn in the blink of eye. Though the rest of the story is not yet written, how much of it may yet depend on what each of us does for the greater good before collapse occurs? How much could we collectively affect the equation for the better if we all efficiently engaged in the battle to sound the alarm? None are helpless, all are needed at the front lines of the fight to wake the masses. If we are to have any chance of turning the tide, the effort will take all of us.

This week's outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



138 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 9, 2017, #122

  1. It would seem that the majority of 1st world citizens remain fixated and addicted to unlimited consumption of natural resources. Even if all geoengineering activities were to cease tomorrow, continuing escalations in world energy consumption will follow the second law of thermodynamics until we are all quite dead.

    Merry Christmas… World energy consumption – Wikipedia

  2. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    I was in Clearwater FL, from Friday December 8, to Monday December 11. On Friday the temperatures were in the low to mid 80's, thunderstorms with heavy rainshowers began around 10pm. I drove 55 miles further south to Sarasota FL for a meeting on Saturday morning, temperatures were in the low to mid 50's all day with on and off rain. Sunday morning the Low temperature in Clearwater FL was 41. Temperatures were in the low to mid 30's in the northern part of Florida with light snow in the Panhandle along the Gulf Coast. The temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico are still mostly in the 70's. I saw a precipitation map, where the precipitation trail extended all the way from Central America, to the Northeastern U.S. Climate Engineering intensly being conducted pulling the moisture in to Chemical Ice Nucleate the precipitation into snow, from Mexico to the Panhandle (Northwest) Florida. The Jet Stream configuration appeared to be giant W. I never have seen such a large deviation!

  3. laura hall says:

    Wow, Dane this show hit very hard. I thank you for all that you have done. I don't understand how we as a race can be so blinded. I try to explain only to be thought of as wacked or paranoid. I won't give in or give up. There has to be an effective medium that can penetrate the masses. Rap music? Can we somehow put a challenge out to the music industry for some top ten hits that spell this out.

    • Scott Free says:

      That is a great idea, however the problem with the music industry as it pertains to rap specifically is that the same people who control the privatized prisons tell the record company executives to tell their "artists" that there needs to be more talk of drugs and guns and crime, etc.  So the whole cycle will just continue to perpetuate itself.  I'm not sure how much rap you listen to, in if or not you stay up on what is coming out but rap now is complete garbage. That is coming from a knowledgeable fan of rap and hip hop. All rap is now is literally just glorification of drinking lean, taking Xanax, smoking so much marijuana that you can't function.  Trap-music has overtaken the entire genre and it's pretty disturbing.

  4. Matt Sarlo says:

    Absolutely bizarre weather here in Loveland Colorado. Used to be that the average highs were below fifty degrees Fahrenheit from November to end of February or so. With the exception of ice nucleation cool downs we are in the middle fifties to mid sixties every day almost.  

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      The powers to be are making it harder to comment.My feeling this week is they must really hate California,with all the tornados,hurricanes,blizzards and heat they have torchered us with,they can't guide some rain to the wildfires?Come on Harp,do something worthwhile and help these people.

    • Sherrie says:

      Same here in SW South Dakota.

      We have a fire burning now, extremely dry.

  5. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Over 30,000 Visitors since the 10th ! Leaps & Bounds, Dane!

  6. Tzu PER fly says:

    by a source we rested, my friends and me to  listen. to eternity . a moment in suspension .worship to me , a clearing in the trees , with the birds and bees, and my dog arrow by my side T m OROW is not far away was that winny or a nei. a hare was their tuning in  ark i called the crow and he came to eat dead meat,. no rain or snow kinday. For a moment a golden arch, between the oak and chestnut, angled down on my c r o w n. so perfect and so bright all the tiny elements suspended in the light.



  7. 'a' simplehorseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Good things come in threes. They do! Today  when I went to town I met up with another frequenter to the market booth I tended this summer season. News of the day, from this person, was, "the world banks said they weren't going to fund anymore fracking projects after 2019". I thought to myself, "great, I'll believe it when I see it", By then it might be to late. Oh ya, and Arnold and moonchild, will be attending the new paris summit regarding "climate change". "Isn't that great?" I had to hold my tongue, it's a small town here. Besides this person always has a great observation to offer in regards to the Geo engineering we have happening over our heads every day here in this region. Secondly, I was scrolling through numbers that have called my phone recently(land line). My answering machine is down. I noticed that 4 days ago my neighbor down the valley called. I called them back and learned that their pellet stove was not working and had not for quite some time. They are very old and very poor people and so very kind. Thursday, the stove doctor is doing an overhaul for the total sum of lunch. Hey, I'm old and single, that stuff counts(grin). Thirdly, my internet was down, "again", when I got home today. I called the office and they had the correct answer. My tower was down and the crew was there fixing it. At 10 minutes to 5, and hour after dark, the internet came back up. It was a grey cold day(20F) out there today and those folks got it fixed. I can see the tower across the valley from me, it was cold. So I called the office back and said who I was and where I was and there was trepidation on the other end of the line. Guess it's been quite a day answering calls from the subscribers connected to that tower. I told the young lady that the tower was back up and to do me a favor. "Tell them boys I understand what it took to be out there and I'm grateful". And just a brief FYI, the tower that has been losing power is a small low powered repeater tower. So low that it relies on line of sight for service.


  8. Joseph L says:

    Dane Wigington, ~Voices of Inspiration & Courage

    Geoengineering, Methane Eruptions, and Imploding Arctic Ice

    Climate engineering/intervention programs are NOT about the common good in any way, shape, or form. Rather, such hubris is about power and control, period. The planet is now reacting and responding to the damage done, the signs are ominous.

  9. horsegirl says:

    My lungs seem to have been cauterized around 4 am this morning.  Briefly stepping outside with a powerful police flashlight for unrelated reasons, even with a wide angle beam a phenomenally dense nanoparticulate field was visible.  Almost looking solid like concrete..  I've never seen it that thick.  They seem to nucleate around 4 am or so.  if I put the dogs out at say 3 am, it's radically warmer then.  I quickly went out and back in, then I began coughing it all up for about an hour.  Maybe three minutes' exposure caused such harm to my lungs that 12 hours later they're still feeling singed and painful.

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    All:  New report on the Arctic out today saying the permafrost is melting faster than thought.  Also saying the ice is melting faster than in last 1,500 years. Also that warm there is the new normal.

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    All: Yesterday was news that 'our' defense department produced an accounting of their spending.  For the first time EVER!!!  This would seem huge, a group forced them.  Have not seen it yet!  Heads up! Can't wait!!  Right now yesterday is a blur in my frozen mind.  Will try to track it down.  I've been wanting this forever, so have others.

    • Dennie says:

      … and like everything else "They" do, the accounting report's sure to be fake…

    • Dog says:


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie!  Sheesh!, glass half empty person you!  I am compulsively honest.  "They" say it is pathological!!!!  Every body lies!  One way or another.  I do not for a second expect that this report will reflect reality!  But, it Does make a beginning!  This is a first, and as if recognized as a reasonable thing to do, for the first time!  There are people keeping track.  Even track of how much they say they can't account for.  Trillions. Always.  Could/will be tricks of sorts, but just the fact that it is considered reasonable and necessary now means something.  I wanna know what, exactly.  Sure, we are all gonna die in a few years and Earth is past tense and too little too late….or, not.  This country now has far more poor people than Ever!  A lot of people are wondering where the heck all the money is going and why life and promise seem to be evaporating.  More people than in my almost 71 years lifetime question our military, are feeling shame in being American–way, way more of us than them, unlike the 60s.  There really is a people's revolt on high simmer.  Much of it may not be up 'our' alley here but that doesn't mean it doesn't count and I think we can use it.  We can use any surge in people power, right to know, etc.  By doing this, the military sets themselves up to be questioned, to prove whatever.  There may well be continuing legal ramifications.  A compulsory future accounting as well.  Makes a start anyway, and I am curious!  Let the games begin!

    • Hawkeye says:

      Rachel, you are sweet but Dennie is right! I agree that any probe into the financial accounting of this country is a needed thing, but it has already been stated several times over the last few years that a few trillion bucks spent by this corruption government is UNACCOUNTED for ….,.. "Missing" was what they said. Well not missing, we know, but rather deleted from their record keeping….aka cooked books.

      You will see, same answer will be for this probe you speak of. Prepare yourself for a possible letdown in this matter.

      Sorry I wish it wasn't such a Debbie downer answer here!

      Now regarding the ice situation you also posted about, if you haven't already seen Chasing Ice go look for it and watch it. Excellent documentary about melting, deflating and black ice in the poles. Great info except even as the film shows the severity and high speed meltdown still they fib saying in a hundred or 300 years time left! Lol, demented world we live in it is!!!! Well, Greenland is down nearly half of its normal ice amounts. Yes, it is now disappearing at an extremely accelerated runaway rate! 

      I live in SWFL and we have many homes here on salt water canals leading out to the Gulf of Mexico. I have been watching the sea levels rise in the tides of these backyard canals for a noticeable two years now. It is real and melting ice at the poles sure looks to be the culprit. Many of my asleep neighbors have noticed this rise in canal levels too snd I hear them saying it outside often. They call out, what is going on!? Look honey, the canal is right up to the top and no storms and it is not even high tide!? They say it so puzzled because they are brainwashed to believe global warming and all it is , is a "hoax". So their feable minds don't yet understand why tides are so high.

      I have tried posting this many times on other sites who write it isn't happening, but of course and as you also said, my posts are never posted after " moderation". Well that monkey business won't last much longer because nature will and is showing the truth. They can say geoengineering spray trails are condensation but how or what do you say to rising sea levels? 

      We are not going to all die. The good book tells us so. Don't worry, our Savior has a plan to get us out of here and "I think" it is very soon. Hoping!!!

      Best to you my friend!


    • MAP says:

      Regarding the audit/accounting of US federal government departments and talk of "missing trillions of $", that's only half of the story of malfeasance. How about the printing (digitally that is) of quadrillions of dollars, euros, yen, etcetera by the Central Banks around the world over the past 30 years? And all that fiat money served as welfare for the top 1/10 of one percent. Then the government has the cajones to means test the poorest of the poor while they send social security retirement checks to millionaires. Thomas Jefferson had right view of central banks. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hawkeye, Gee, I had to go back farther than I thought!  Time zooms.  Of course I do not expect to believe a word the military says.  Does anyone remember the scandal, was it 2001? in which it was discovered that the military was charging 5$ per nail, 500$ per toilet seat, etc?  Pork barrel tricks.  I just want to see, and get a precedent set.  But then I wanted to see the JFK papers too until Trump got his dirty paws on it, no doubt doing the mob a favor scrubbing this and that.

      By the way, I saw Chasing Ice when it first came out in April, 2013.  I watched it many times since, to show others and just for the stunning beauty/trauma of it.  But if you figure on time filming, then time putting it altogether, goes back a precious ways by now and much has happened!  I think it is high time for Chasing Ice 2 !

  12. Bella_Fantasia says:

    50 F in Anchorage, Alaska Monday, 12/11 with a HAARP winds that shook and rattled the house and threatened to uproot our giant fir trees that have very shallow roots.  Strong winds here have been exceedingly rare over the last 30+ years and probably longer.  The shallow root systems tell us that.

    When will we get the farmers on our side? That killer monsanto has them in a lethal business model bind, while it's weather corporation will try to collect all the farmers' data, while there seems to be a scheme to sell them crop insurance as a part of the deal.  Now it is bribing the farmers to use the latest iteration of Round Up, XtendiMax, which is dicamba.  It's killing crops that aren't genetically tolerant, but if my read is correct it might be killing some of the GMO crops as well.  Of course monsanto blames the farmers for not using the product right.  And is it surprising when we learn that dicamba is. . . . . . . Agent Orange?

    Native Alaskans always had deep reverence for the animals they hunted.  They thanked them and celebrated them for willingly (it is believed) giving their lives to the people to feed their families.  I'm feeling surrounded and sometimes overwhelmed by the quietness of the animals dying all around us. But this one polar bear is one I wished I'd be sacrificed for, in order that it might live on.  I WARN everyone of the extreme sadness this individual animal brings with its complete dignity. 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Sorry about the 404, Try Youtube.  I see now that people are trying to say he has cancer or something, but it's possible he swam extraordinarily far with no ice to rest upon.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella, I've been posting about dicamba and Monsanto's Huge midwest soy screw up, enraging farmers who emphasize they are Not stupid as Monsanto wants to blame the farmers, many of whom have college degrees and insist Monsanto is to blame.  But this is the very first I've heard that the stuff is agent orange?!!  Really?  Wow.  They are having on hell of a time, in other countries too, killing the monster weeds that Monsanto's stuff produced, brought into being, escaping…..GRRR!

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Bella_Fantasia, Your report brings sadness to my soul, literally. 50F in your region this time of year is insanity to our Mother Earth. I think forward to the up coming Iditarod. The first weekend in March each year. That 1100 miles of trail is a distant portrayal of what it once was. Now days it's down right dangerous to travel that coarse at a winning speed. I wonder if a dog "cart" wouldn't be the better choice to get to Nome. Bella, my friend I haven't met yet, how can it be that my region is 30F colder than your own? We both know the answer and we both know it's not right. "Alaska" used to be such a romantic notion. Now days, it's just another pivotal point of Geo Engineered climate modification. "A sacrifice zone". Tell it to the wild life that once was sooooo abundant in your land……

    • 'a' simplehorseman says:

      Bella_Fantasia, I felt the need to reply to this topic separately. I saw that video of that Polar bear about 20 minutes before I saw you posted it here. Maybe it was the power of the conscious collective, I don't know. That Polar bear was a fish out of water, for sure. The world it grew up in is gone. All it was taught is no longer applicable. If I remember right, someone here recently wrote that Chief Seattle said, "what happens to the beast happens to mankind". Forgive me if I didn't get that completely right. The notion is the same no matter which way you slice it. Point is, all that Polar bear was taught is no longer applicable and so it will be with all of us in the short few years to come. You are right, that Polar bear still bore his dignity. An example I will not let down until my last breath, literally. Anyone can speak it or boast about "it", talk to me after you have lived "it". If that Polar bear had been allowed to know "the rest of the story", what do you think that big awesome bear would have to say about it? People always ask, "what can I do about it?". Well for Pete's sake, how about thinking about a starved to death, dignified, Polar bear. Damn… that video was seriously hard to watch once, let alone twice.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Dear Rachel Robson,

      Not remembering exactly where I first learned about dicamba being Agent Orange, here's a link for you:

      It's certain that the farmers are not stupid, but when will they decide they've had enough?  They are having their crops and soil destroyed, whether they use the monsanto garbage or not.  We need their outrage! 

      In the early 80's I knew a man from Missouri who had a few acres of corn.  He asked me if he should put chemicals on the corn, which the government was offering.  I know nothing of farming but had just learned that it takes 100 years to create one inch of new topsoil, so I told him that and told him to say NO.  He did it anyway and was pleased to make $300 profit. I wonder if he remembers.

      Please try to stay well.  Please stay warm.  (I'd written you about the Dyson bladeless fan which sounds quite amazing with blowing warm and cool and can't burn the house down.  Can be bought on  They'll send it after the first payment.  I hope you can manage it.)

      For me, also, the depression lurks nearby.  I guess it's just a matter of making friends with it : )

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      'a' simplehorseman, you're thoughtful messages are always appreciated.  Perhaps after the initial grief of watching the polar bear facing such a harsh death so gracefully, maybe we can gain some more strength.  I'm not quite there yet, however.

      When I first saw the video, Saturday I think, I immediately wrote Alaska Senators Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan and Rep. Don Young (all R's) because they bribed Murkowski to take the tax deal by opening the ANWAR reserve to drilling oil and gas.  I dared them to watch it!  The area for drilling is on the coast, affecting the polar bears, and it is the nursery for the great Porcupine caribou herd.  Also, there are indigenous peoples there and Murkowski wouldn't even have her job but for the write in campaign primarily led by the native peoples of Alaska.

      I was angry then, but now I'm so sad.  Still, let us take strength from this one bear's dignity.   

  13. Neal Kretchmar says:

    Dane, when is Governor Brown going to make the connection? Has he been muzzled?

  14. Wanda Warkentin says:

    Here are a couple of events that might be an opening to confront gatekeepers on the issue of geoengineering.  Tomorrow Tuesday, December 12, at 10 am on Yourcall on KALW, they will be discussing and having a call-in half way through the show about the young people who are suing the government about climate change.  This show has never allowed me to get on the show when I wanted to bring up the issue of geoengineering in relation to climate change.  If a number of people called we might be able to shame them for their lack of coverage.  The number is 866-798-8255.

    On Wednesday December 13, Dr. David Kammen will be reporting from the Bonn Climate Conference sponsored by the League of Women Voters (another infiltrated and controlled group who prevent  people from hearing the truth) This event is part of the LWV "Evironmental Concerns" series and will take place in the Parlor Room at the Northbrae Community Church, 941 The Alameda, in Berkeley CA.  Ladies from the  League of Women Voters have tried to obstruct my actions when I have demonstrated very peacefully about geoengineering.  I'm sure it has to do with incredible fear that it might be true, but people need to know what the are up to.

    • Dennie says:

      Would that be Daniel Kammen, professor of energy at U.C. Berkeley:  (any relation of Miriam/Shira Kammen?)

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wanda, Are you going?  I am tempted….

    • Dennie says:

      Daniel Kammen's speaking from 7-9 p.m. at the Northbrae Community Church on The Alameda near Marin Avenue in north Berkeley.  Wish I could go but will be down the street teaching right up to 7… Anyway, it looks like he's all for renewable energy and is on the leading edge (founder of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab at U.C. Berkeley), really pushing that envelope (NOTE:  This is NOT to say he's "perfect–!!").  Here's the info and a sign-up website for the event:

    • Dennie says:

      There is a holiday pot-luck before the event tomorrow.  I'm hoping someone will speak up during a question-and-answer period about the ongoing and highly visible spraying of our skies with how and what that is contributing to the global warming, including the very credible research, from the Berkeley labs, too, about how this is shredding the ozone layer and adding to the off-the-charts ultraviolet and other radiation getting here now– Goodness– Let's face reality, people!!!!!

    • Wanda Warkentin says:

      HI Dennie.  I was wondering the same thing.

      Hi everyone:

      Did anyone call Your Call this morning?  I called and when I told her my comment about geoengineering the girl put me on hold because she said she had many other calls to answer.  There was only one caller who got on the show.  I never got on and was cut off  A few years ago I used to be able to get on this show and comment about various topics. 


  15. Troy says:

    There are only 450 North Atlantic right whales left and 17 died in 2017. Of 17 dead right whales found this year, six were killed by blunt-force trauma, which NOAA believes was caused by collisions with vessels. Nothing ever mentioned about Geoengineering!


  16. Irish12 says:

    Free streaming of "Injecting Aluminum" ends at 12PM, NOON, Thursday, December 14 2017.

    Very informative, sad, and worth listening, watching, and sharing now.  Learned so much more about aluminum's damaging effects in humans and other animals…



  17. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Thank you for this broadcast.  I love your explanation of the seas heating, I can use that.  In my dreams I guess as no one I know wants to hear Any of this!  I sorta don't blame them.  So many I know are doing beautiful, fun, generous things, out doors yet–like say the night time boat parade on the Bay, small sail boats all lit up on calm waters, or, say the mushroom faire and such, so that I only sound like doom and gloom to them.  I am no longer a good time!  C'est la vie!

    Is this Lyndon Johnson just seconds of, in the beginning of the broadcast?  Where and what year?  I don't know anyone who does not know that there was a third tower, but for the life of me, why should that stand out as the main thing to point to?  When you figure 16 years ago, so many were so young, and what one hears all the time is the "Twin Towers".  Bothers me that no one mentions the Pentagon and those anomalies which really stand out to me!!  Not to mention the plane that went down with so many in a field.  Many people here are from NY, and I know many who knew people who died, even at the Pentagon.  To them, even discussing this is like sacred ground.  Also occurs to me how many are now too young to remember relatively normal skies.  For me, with 9/11, so very many things stand out, so many-I knew immediately it was an inside job.  Just prior, all the talk of terrorists which was relatively new at that time, and saying we had no idea who.  Within 24 hours of 9/11 they had their names, photos of, and place of origin.  Classic Reichstag Fire!

    Dane, is it too late?  Seems as if.  I feel as if in the position of telling people, I am saying hurry up and get hip before you die.  I think fear is behind the denials, both fear and helplessness.  No one wants to live like that.  The military is not going to do an about face.  I agree with Andrew that we have very little time left.  I think I am depressed, having a hard time pulling out of that.  I sometimes wonder if my friends who are out there enjoying life have the right idea.  Some of those friends are not from here and don't know from normal here.  But the fires.  There always were fires and I thought that if I had money I'd Never buy property in California!  Either burning, or sliding, rain and fire always.  Now, the sheer numbers of peoples is staggering.  And, all over this country and the world.  Such that these disasters take so many, who for some reason felt safe?  Which is a bit of a metaphor if you ask me!  Not unlike geoengineering really, an illusion of safe that could all burn in a second.  No where to run, no where to hide.

    Yesterday I did catch the secretary general of the UN saying: "The very last thing we can afford to lose is hope."  That would be uplifting but for coming from the UN!  I think I've learned too much…..

    • Kazadum9 says:

      So they like to have their stupid little boat parade when the entire ecosystem is failing…and cant be bothered with the truth…f*ck em. The sh*t house is coming down, cant say you didnt warn them.

    • Sandra Marie Beebe says:


      I love listening to your weekly video's.. so informative and so real..  it just brings tears to my eyes at how sensitive and how dedicated you are to this truth..  I put the word out daily to my family and friends.. we are all in a fight for life…  Thank you and God Bless you for all you do!!  I have shared with my 80 yr old neighbor to listen to you.. he does not believe…  Happy Holidays to you !

  18. MS P says:


    8 PM Curfew.

    Ventura California (Thomas fire)

    Not on the news /media. Also the Ventura County Fire Dept. has placed orders, not to show houses burning of what areas have really burned, so people do not know if they still have a house standing? The news says 600. Add a few zeros. That would be more accurate.

    EVAC to Ventura Faigrounds (Camp FEMA).

    All this is going on there.

    I am from Ventura-I have escaped.

    • Dennie says:

      MARTIAL LAWS are there to keep looters out of the neighborhoods.  They essentially had this in Santa Rosa but everyone, even the crooks, were so speechless over the terrible occurrence that there were, as I understood it, very few to no problems reported.  The guards were letting neighbors go past checkpoints to check on their property– So many homes burnt to the ground– Horrible, horrible, terrible, terrible!  

      Today in the San Francisco Bay Area we could see the smoke from the Ventura County fires floating off the coast of Marin County.  Virginia Susan Ferguson reported getting a lot of smoke up there in the Olympic Peninsula– now what kind of weird winds would blow all that smoke from Southern CA UP, to the northern part of the state and as far as the Pacific Northwest?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello MS P.

      You can share the link about agenda 21, the page which has the text that talks about the depopulation plan?


  19. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Very helpful  deeper explanation -to further describe the mechanics of pressure domes, jet stream steering and that ELEVATION is no longer the official marker for snowfall. Chemical ice nucleation just dumps whenever power structure decides. Nature has been deleted from the equation. Not required. Re the legal team finally getting some scrappy ? redacted documents seems like more stalling of course. Drag it out while more harm done. CA fires now escalating / spreading> hearing of double the quake  seismic meter recordings. We are so under attack here in CA. Gov. Brown so very  transparent  on this awful horror. Like we can be  well assured of the continued pummeling ,  & get used to this  new normal. It is lawless. War will not be declared-it just shape shifts as nature / climate change. Fake carbon tax to reduce warming. They do massive harm- bill all of us.  Full spectrum dominance continues  with enslaved zoo animal friends,  now on the  African menu ! So.  America has been skidding for a long while ( even pets consumed)  & USA is so insulated from this nauseating report of just how far gone  the climate criminals crush away. Those of us connected here grasp the  dire severity Dane, and we know each day we have you and the grid, we can forge ahead with our last breathe. No one will ever look at us on final chapter if things go dark/off grid to say we didn't take action. That's all we do , forfeit , sacrifice, and am firmly aligned with those here.


  20. lawrence LB says:

    Report from Long Beach Calif.

    Dec. 2 saturday heavy SRM

    3rd  light

    4 th monday heavy SRM

    5th-6th -7th light or none

    8th heavy in orange county and LA SRM

    9th heavy SRM

    10th sunday heavy SRM
    Thank you all the other writers from southern calif. you encourage me. Yes no rain. I remember days of flooding. One sales man I know was floating in his car in the low flooded part of long beach for hours. I have seen the LA river completely full to the brim.

    Thank you writers from around the world. 

    I tell people that the ozone layer is 10%, the heat from the sun they feel is 200 nanometer UVC which goes into the skin and resonates with the DNA and destroys the skin DNA. I tell them at tops we have 10 years. The Canadian coast line is dead!, No salmon this year. Fukashima is not getting better. Radiation in USA is equal to Japan. Bob Nichoels tracks the radiation counts for USA. Kelp accualates radiation by 1,000s. Not supprised  at it is dying around the world. Still it is sad. How can a insect survive the , radiation, UVC, poisons, aluminum?  US vets suicide at 22 a day, US farmers suicide is more. In India 275,000 farmers  reportedly  quit or suicided over 20 years ( you can check this ). In China most farmers are over 50 years old. 

    Yes it is as bad as Dane says. Been following Dane and others for 3 1/4 years. 

    Still,  Merry Christmas. ' Friends I have not met'

    • MS P says:

      Exactly the same SRM pattern  (dates) up on top of the I-5 Grapevine.  As in Long Beach. With very strange new flight patterns.  Sunday major high desert sandstorm. The worst I have ever experienced.

      Then later on that same afternoon….

      That very frightening 30,000 foot tall downdraft cloud pushing down into LA/ Ventura county basin on Sunday, coming straight out of the hidden Military installation. Tehachapi mountains in Kern CO. I saw that the day before the Thomas Fire started. I never have seen anything like it! I was very frightened.

      While the winds howl tremendously in the lower LA basin. There is little to no wind here. It also is coming from a different direction. Normally blows from the West. Now light & from the N E/East.

      GOV Moonbeam Brown also cut the CA state fire budget in 1/2 this year.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Look closely at this NASA Worldview screenshot and you will see that they are electri-frying, zapping the smoke itself with their transmitters (like HAARP) generated radiation. You can detect radio-frequency/microwave ripples in the smoke. Endless manipulation of the now 'metalized' atmosphere. The sky is a weapon. Unholy.

  22. tzuper fly says:

    if the health system functioned effectively the president would be in an institution

  23. tzuper fly says:

    when covenants are broken . there is only one judge . we shall have to wait for the verdict. 

  24. Joseph L says:


    The FCC plans to repeal net neutrality this week — and it could ruin the internet

    That's all great news for the telecommunications giants – but not so good for the rest of us.

  25. tzuper fly says:

    carbon credits are gauraunteed it is still possible to die from greed  .sentinal beings feel things whatever on earth has happened to you 

  26. tzuper fly says:

    psychadelic signatures in the sky . have you ever wondered why . any questions please apply 

  27. tzuper fly says:

    Andrew in scotland is it only you and me. did all the rest have carbs for tea loaded up with achol sugar and fat. fell asleep at the wheel forgot the real feel. electricity substations are a must be assured there will be thrust. ashes to ashes and dust to dust . natural laws of physics no longer apply . goodbye . bang  its the big o dear x

  28. Dennie says:

    Apathetic, docile and subservient doesn't describe ME– There's a much simpler answer as to why sooooo many people behave worse than a bunch of demented animals.  I've been subject to the same chemicals as all those people, for 60 years now– wtf?  

    I'm very leery of blaming environmental toxins as the main cause of society's brainless, heartless, rapaciously consumptive behavior that demands our country has a military that is charged to go out and bully the rest of the planet out of their resources, just to continue our American way of "life."  We have massive SOCIAL programming starting with public education that includes the fear of not getting the so-called "goodies" of so-called "advanced" civilization, if you dare stick your head up and complain about The System you're feeding off of.

    The recent statement by the Isra-Hell-i Military Mohtrefcuker-Suck-face about Isra-Hell's capability to destroy all European capitals in a "mother of all" holocausts, in an insane attempt to "avenge" the (we were told was mainly Jewish) Holocaust nearly 70 years ago, and being able to take down the entire planet before THEY go is insanely arrogant and shows the true colors of the Israelis' hand:  "

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: You can imagine the consequences of the majority of now confused people actually waking up and finding out that this "new normal" has been created by artificially manipulating the jet stream with the transmitters/ionospheric heaters like HAARP — and why the monsters controlling geoengineering are willing to do anything to keep this secret. Some fire victims are already suing over Smart Meters.

    Carpinteria, California (CNN) Gov. Jerry Brown has a sobering message for Southern Californians after a week of raging wildfires: This is your new normal.
    A half dozen fires have collectively scorched nearly 200,000 acres since last week and destroyed 792 structures, according to officials. As 4,000 firefighters battled the largest one, the Thomas Fire, the governor surveyed the damage in Ventura County on Saturday.     
    "This is kind of the new normal," he said, adding that extreme fire activity will happen on a regular basis for decades. With climate change, some scientists are saying that Southern California is literally burning up," he said. "So we have to have the resources to combat the fires and we also have to invest in managing the vegetation and forests … in a place that's getting hotter."


    • Joseph L says:

      I wonder how much Climate Engineering has added to the fires in California.    California populations have expanded out w more urban  sprawl in the last 30 years, It means more homes built next to forest.  Anyway, that jet stream does not let any rain to come naturally to calif which is big part of the problem. Dane you always say there is no natural weather anywhere these days.  

    • Joseph L says:

      California Is Running Out of Inmates to Fight Its Fires

      For a dollar an hour and credit toward early parole, more than 1,700 convicted felons fought on the front lines of the destructive wildfires that raged across Northern California this October.

      California inmates receive between 8 and 95 cents an hour. By contrast, fire-camp inmates can receive much higher pay: one dollar an hour when they’re actively fighting fires, and two dollars a day when they aren’t.

    • MS P says:

      GOV Jerry Brown cut the Fire fighting budget in 1/2 this year. It's HIS New Normal to collect funds from the FEDs.

    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  The man is a dolt at best, and a fraud because he has been informed more than a few times about Geoengineering and the impact it is having on California weather.  I pay an extra $150 (last five years)  imposed "fee" on my property because I reside in a wooded region.  His comment on the imposition was "we must all pay our fair share."  Of course this was an end run around county property tax collection.  Further the program is operated by a private consulting company and the monies do not go into fighting fire but for grants.  800,000 of us now pay this.  Yet, one can see the fires are ubiquitous and impact cities and towns not located in actual forests.  

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The smoke from the SoCAL fires is being directed northeast to inundate the Pacific Northwest. This is being reported in the news as: "…the most amazing thing has happened.  Smoke from unusually late wildfires over southern California  have reached our region, producing reduced visibility and degraded air quality.  Really stunning."  My Olympic Peninsula is covered in stagnant smoke, the mountains shrouded in a brown-grey haze. I wonder what they plan to use these smoke particulates for. Here is a NASA Worldview screenshot:

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Also look at the smoke over West Africa and off the coast there; India and along the southern Himalayas; and China (on 10th);  plus add the 'Fire and Thermal Anomalies' layer to see other hot spots! 

    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  NASA:  "never a straight answer."  And this agency, which can't even keep the color of Mars 'natural and true,' wants to terra-form that planet while being complicit in the Geoengineered destruction (terror-forming) of our  earth.

  31. Sherri says:

    What these evil beings are doing is beyond anything but wickedness.  This assault is non-stop 24/7 – i just looked out my living room window in Temple City, CA and can see many jets spraying this poison in the skies above and it sickens me.  I see and hear black choppers all day long as well…the air is so dry, they have not allowed one drop of rain this autumn/winter season and anyone who thinks everything is fine and normal is either deranged or completely ignorant…they have been dumbing us down for years with toxic chemicals in our air, food and water and stupid "smart" phones and other devices…they are sick demented psychopaths with their own agenda to murder all life on earth and i believe this is part of the NWO and trans-humanism movement. There are many people who are on the enemy's payroll and are doing his evil works against God here and destroying his good works that it took 6 days to make – most people are not even concerned and just don;t seem to care because they are so materialistic they only seem to want to newest i-phone, BMW or care about celebrities and sports – it is insane, they are going with their carnal nature instead of their spiritual nature and therefore surrendered to the devil himself and are very fine with it…it gives them what they want and they seem to have no care in the world…but even their party will end one day and sooner than they think because they are so deceived they do not understand or care that the enemy has lied to them so he can work thru them to help carry out his evil agenda…fools and lost souls who will be permanently separated from God by their own free will and actions.  But they are causing the entire globe to suffer while they live the good lives for the short period of time we have left…so sick and evil it is nearly beyond comprehension and so selfish as well.  To sit back and watch this unfold 24/7 is very hard to do but i refuse to give up hope and faith that Mighty God can intervene and make this all stop thru his Mighty Angels and Warriors such as Dane and all of us here!  Let's keep walking and standing in faith and be the warriors we know we are and that God called us to be to fight this battle against the wicked one!

    • kazadum9 says:

      Sherri you just said a novel in that paragraph, wow. I think your insight here is truly deep. You have seen the heart of the matter. How few really see the heart of it all, the war against good and evil.

    • Dennie says:

      Sherri et al:   We see in the Bible that very often God works THROUGH us, using our hands to do his Will for Good, by instructing our hands.  

      Anyone who's waiting for God to come down here with a long white beard and wearing a flowing white robe will be waiting a long, long, loooooooong time to see anything like this to happen (unless "they" try to fool the superstitious with their "Operation Blue Book" hologram foolery that will appear as "The Last Judgment:  The Movie," and will be shown on a cloud formation, man-made, of course, near YOU!).  That is a very literal interpretation of reality best reserved under the title of Adult Fairy Tales.  Meanwhile, we have been given Free Will for a good reason and we'd better hurry up on the double time to get going on doing His good works here.  I've lived a long time and I see that any other explanation of our "salvation," especially regarding not having to move our feet when we pray, because, after all, "it's all taken care of, Jesus died for you– keep watching tee vee," is just another type of dodging our responsibilities.  The time that this kind of shirking of our responsibility is long past.  It is probably too late for Planet Earth.  

    • Dennie says:

      Humphrey Bogart never said "Play it again, Sam."  

      Those words spoken as written above never are heard in the classic anti-German World War II propaganda movie, Casablanca.  If you actually watched the movie you know that Bogart says simply, "Play it, Sam."  THAT'S ALLL.

      St. Paul instructs that it is the LOVE of money, NOT MONEY ITSELF, which is INERT until WE DIRECT IT, that is the root of all evil.  So, kiddies, it's about HOW YOU USE YOUR MONEY, either for Good or for Evil, that is The Lesson to be Learned here.  Free Will is necessarily a B-I-G part of that, and underneath that we should find character training.  We're not doing nearly enough of that with our kids.  Just let them grow up by electronic "baby sitter," their parents' cell phones, waste-of-time-and-intellect video games that train them to be good little order-following drone operators sent to kill kids whose daddies wear turbans and whose moms wear burkas, and the omnipresent, omnipotent tee vee, establishing sound-bite "relationships" by Instagram and Twitter– UGHH!!!!  

    • Tom Keith says:

      Do you really think that God is going too come down and save us ? As he's looking down and contemplating( if you believe in such a thing), he says ' why should I save them?. They don't respect themselves, they don't respect each other, and they don't respect Mother Earth"

      WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Not some kind off fairy tail.



    • Dennie says:

      No, I think we're all mostly on the same page here with regard to a "miraculous" save, the way WE want it to look.  It's taking too many too long to come to that sad conclusion:  If we want to see Earth saved, we will have to move save it from the ones among us who would destroy it.

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Dennie, why cant you listen to someone…ever. They dont have the same interpretation of the bible that you do, get over it. You sound like every other hukster who think they have cornered the market on God. What have you done? Honestly? Do you know what needs to be done, I do, I dont think you do though. Let me give you a hint, it doesnt involve posters of any kind, or letters or any of that kind of stuff. There is only one way to stop what is happening and no one has got the nerve to do it, so let her believe in a returning God because that might be the only hope we have because this world is filled with cowards and blowhards.

    • Tom Keith says:

      kazadum9, how do you know your interpretation is correct?

      We're supposed to believe a book written by some"king" is true or even valid? What about the book of Enoch, or the Sumerian texts? Conveniently left out of the bible. Keep on believing some magician is going to save you as you're escorted into a FEMA camp, then get back to me.  T K

  32. SD says:

    Winds died down a little here in southern CA Saturday, tanker fleet back in full SRM mode, even night flights noted. Red sunset last night unbelievable.

    Los Angeles area has seen an increase in air pollution levels past few years.  Air Quality regulators say higher temps and more INVERSION LAYERS the cause. This corroborates Dane's recent comments about artificially cooled air near ground level, with increasingly WARM air @ 5,000 feet (classic inversion).


  33. Jeffrey Fish says:

    The flock of sheep that is channeled, one by one, through a "dip trough", has no idea of why it is being led through this immersion in a toxic treatment to kill off certain pests and disease pathogens. We are awake enough to know that something serious is taking place but the real truth…..we will never know. We will continue to speculate and understand some of the consequences like those discussed here but our handlers are so far outside of what you could imagine that it would test your sanity to know the real truth of this agenda and who/what is behind it.  

  34. Roma says:

    In New Zealand at the beginning of December, our first summer month, it suddenly turned hot, as if somebody had flicked a switch.  Around 80F every day since and no sign of any letup coming.  This is weather we would normally be having (although not always) in February.  Everyone is saying how hot it is and how the weather has changed, and they look concerned, even a bit scared, and agree its global warming.  Maybe reality is finally hitting home.  Lots of spraying going on.  My sister said there was a ridge of high pressure sitting over us and that although there was cooler weather coming across from Australia the ridge was so strong that the cooler air veered off around it (?)  Where I live in Nelson NZ I can't recall it being so hot at this time of year and the nights are hot too whereas before it would cool off.  Now is the time to hand out flyers which I will do.  I listen to Dane's show every week and each week is more grim.  Thank you Dane for your efforts and your strength to do this.  I can sense the heartbreak.

  35. Frank says:

    The other thing I forgot to mention is that everytime this happens the air is dry my mouth is dry drinking more water they're drying the air the humidity is very low I just looked at Yahoo Weather Map and noticed that the clouds from the north the clouds from the South have moved away from the Los Angeles area they have been dissipated leaving a big clear sky never in my life have we had winds for a whole week it is pretty obvious on what they are doing

  36. sea says:

    Marc- Thought I would check on you…Have not seen posts from you as of late.Hope you are ok.Always appreciate your descriptive speculations.Eloquent posts. Like when Bane B was missing…concerned you are doing alright.


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I too was wondering about you Marc. I look forward to your colourfull posts, updates & observations. I Pray your Health is okay, & you're,  just busy.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I too would like to read more contributions from "marc".

      "Fiddle sticks on a fiddler"(grin). Where you at?

  37. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    So we have wiped out 60% of our Wildlife in 40 years.  Now I wonder how long it will take to eat, the rest of them. Starving people in Africa are eating, Giraffe's. Elephants & Monkeys? Like we never saw that one coming!  When your Crops, Groves, & Plantation's are being wiped out … I guess an Elephant will Suffice to feed your Family.  After all, other Countries are consuming their Dogs, Cats, & Birds. Due to Starvation.    We have "No Clue" about Living this way each day.   But it's Coming!    Yes, Coming to a neighborhood near you!   Can you imagine a Starving Man or Women chasing down your Pet to Kill it, so they can feed their Families?     Not a pleasant thought,  is it?   Our Crops of all types that once thrived in Alberta, are being destroyed by the fallout from all these toxic elements & the distructive weather systems they create. SRM programs that block the Sun each day.  Animals, Birds, Fish & Insects are Starving.  And as we hear from Dane's reports, this is happening all over North America & in all Countries of the World.  Yes, we just need to go Shopping.  The World is just Peachy!    A Lie can run around the World 6 times, while the Truth is still trying to put on it's Pants!   –  Mark Twain  –          

  38. Dog says:

    There is such variance between what I see in the sky with my own eyes, and the narrative that this is not happening –

    They say that there are zero, none, no programs currently active.

    They say that the plainly visible trails that everyone sees in the skies, worldwide – those trails that are being emitted from jet aircraft, that linger and expand in the sky over many miles, and obscure the sun, are only condensation ice crystals; that the patterns that we all are only flight-grid patterns between various locations; and also that they have not noticed any appreciable change in the way the sky looks now, relative to how it looked in the 1980's.Well –


    Well – "The mind is like a parachute – it only functions properly when it is open". I adhere to this maxim.


    I live in a large city with a fairly busy airport, which is also in a location that allows a panoramic view of the skies above (i.e, no tall buildings or trees that obscure a person's view of the sky from the ground), and also has mountainous terrain that one can access, and see even more of the sky.


    Almost every day here, I see planes ejecting what you say are condensation trails, totally anomalous patterns and directions of "condensation trails" that have no discernible flight-pattern directions between any cities or towns. I have also seen, TODAY, as well as many other times, planes ejecting "condensation trails" in a VERTICAL trajectory, that are adding to the already spreading white haze that obscures our once-blue sky. To what airport are these planes flying??


    My mind is open, and so are my eyes. And so is my heart.  And something is REALLY WRONG HERE. I know what I am seeing with my own eyes as NOT what the sky used to be like in the 1950's. 60's, and 70's. I was alive then, and neither myself nor anyone else whom I have pointed these things out to remember these things, either. I am totally serious here.


    We have new "clouds" now – clouds within clouds, clouds under clouds, weird shaped clouds, and also, holes that you can see the sky through in the middle of cloud cover – where are the natural weather systems that are creating these new phenomena?


    Why is the U.S. Department of Commerce refusing to release any documents that have been requested by the legal team, as required under the Freedom Of Information Act?


    It appears that we are being LIED TO, BIG TIME.

    • Roma says:

      From NZ – yes all sorts of new clouds which never existed before – when I was at school (a long time ago!) there were only four types.  My favourite new cloud is "cirrus aviaticus" – clouds formed by planes – !!!wtf???.  Saw recently a huge white X in the sky with an identical black X just to the right of it – wonder what they would call that?

    • TNGeowatch says:

      Well said. I'm not old enough to go back into the 70's. But I can remember the 80's quite clearly. And things aren't the same even then to now. 



    • MS P says:

      Well Said, I fully agree.

      I anyone wants to see what CA skies once looked like in the 50's-60's? Just watch an old Western TV show or Movie.


    • BaneB says:

      ROMA:  'X' is not only a letter, but a symbol, too.  It is the "symbol" which is of importance.  One sees this on labels indicating POISON.  One sees this on cancellations.  I read that years ago that Lenin, in control of the former Tzarist Russia, was given a note about a large segment of a recalcitrant population and what to do.  He sent the note back with a large X across it.  Those people were all liquidated (murdered).  An 'X' is about as clear a warning as there is.  Having these showing up in our sky is a harbinger.  It matters not the construct in time or space but rather the viewers observation.  It's a heads up!!

  39. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Wow… Dane, your broadcast this week was pretty hard to take. I appreciate that you dig deep and give it straight. I've never understood boundaries so there I've never understood politics. Seems somewhat gratifying that after all those years of enduring the "imposed", Many of my thoughts were spot on. We all have our own part to play in the dismantling of the system that has enslaved us and threatened the very existence of our planet as we know it. I wasn't going to chime in on anything in this last broadcast simply because I'm not qualified. That was until Dane hit once again on how it once was to walk out into the "woods" off the trail, and be one with your surroundings and rejoice in what you behold. Now days, when one reaches out into those off the path places, all you see is more devastation. The dreams of recovering a local habitat and helping it flourish. Noble and unselfish endeavors indeed. And now… The uncharted territory our planet is in is taking it's toll. I see it every day as I travel through my own region. I grew up on USFS ranger stations. As my father climbed the bureaucratic ladder we moved to bigger cities. The contrast of each move was more than a young one should endure. When I was 20 I got bit by a "sled dog bug". I spent 20 years on either a light weight dog cart or on the back of a sled. Distance and exploration were the goal. Sled dogs were good with those notions. Then I started riding horses and spent 15 years in the saddle. I approached horses in a sled dog manner. No steering wheel, brakes don't mean squat, "all communication". I've had more adventure than one person has a right to. Though I would like to have dove in a kelp forest full of life. I'll be that was pretty cool. Like the kelp forest, my forest, Dane's forest and countless others are dying at an alarming rate.

    Dane, don't feel alone, I haven't been in the saddle for almost two years now. It hurts to much to ride among the trees I had come to revere. Though I love them all, there are several around here that I had come to taking a liking to. They're dying!

    Lastly, today I went to town and happened across two very aware and frequent visitors to the market booth this summer. After some chit chat about the weather and me pointing out the anomalies from normal, my friends asked me, "don't you hate that you know what you know?" How would you all answer that one and be a part of the solution? I'll give you a hint, "love-hate" is dicatomous(why isn't spell check recognizing that one?) Foremost, the goal is to get the geoengineering stopped. Right? No left or right about it.

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Dennie says:

      Love/Hate isn't so much an example of dichotomous thinking or feeling, as these two emotions behave more like the flip sides of the same coin, both rooted in feeling ("pathos").  In psychological terms, the opposite of "love" isn't hate, but rather, it is the absence of any feeling, whatsoever.  How does that work?  Well, think about it:  You have to be able to feel something in order to hate.  That's why hate has much, much more in common with love.  And NO feeling is the opposite of both.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Great comment 'a' simple horseman, I know how you feel.

      I have managed to make the time to dog sled in northern Norway, do a fair bit of riding, a huge amount of x country skiing, and scuba dived in most parts of the world – the coral die off, between two visits about 1 year apart, first hit me about 25 years ago (in the Red Sea).

      We have much in common, I think you will like a comment in (hopefully) next week's email – if something else doesn't supersede it.  

      Oh, and in answer to your Q, it is always best to know your enemy.

    • penny waters says:

      have to say dear horseman – have a friend who said to me one day – everything that people do comes from love or fear  

      i believe that most people in charge or who have money and/or position and/or power have to do those things because they are frightened – have so much fear that they have to accumulate wealth or power or position over others to make themselves separate and superior 

      superior cos deep down they feel inferior – either that or they are plainly nuts and disturbed – well maybe that's the same.

      me – i am nuts – but i am harmless

      you sound like you have spent your life experiencing it – what it is to be alive and to play out your character

      tis like that with so many of you good folk – your character – the cut of your gib (old sailing expression) expresses itself in caring for your fellow creatures

      bless you all

      ps been in norfolk – so many of the tops of trees are dying 

      met two men who cut two big oaks down – asked them if they were going to replace them somewhere else and they looked at me with that blank look you get of absolute non-understanding 

      makes my eyes drip with pain

      what it is to be alive as a human!!!!

      love to you all 

      and especially those poor folk in california with the fires – they are ever present in my thoughts

      me – boilers broke and its heavy snow today – have a wood stove – seems a little ironic – but is keeping me alive

      and people still talk about britain and america being wealthy – they need to talk to the poor homeless folk that are beginning to line our cities streets with their ragged clothes and desperate eyes

      how long will it go on for?

      maybe – till i shut my eyes for the last time

      keep safe and as warm as you can



    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dane and ALL, please allow me to add a few key notes as to my thoughts when I wrote this comment. Sorry I got a little carried away tooting my own horn, the point was/is, I've spent the better part of my life out in the natural world. Away from city systems and farm irrigation. I am more than qualified to remark on the state of affairs in the natural environment I came to love with all that I am.

      As for my question to ALL. My mind set is this: Buddha said to choose the middle path. If you choose one side or the other, you only empower the one you do not choose. Heard that one a long time ago and it makes more sense today than ever before. I do not hate knowing what I know. I don't exactly like it either. When we choose the middle road our lives become a string of getting things done that 'need' to be done. Not what we want to be done. There is a very distinct difference between the two. I didn't want to miss out on work every Thursday for 25 weeks in a row. It just had to be done. "The word needed to get out". Frankly, I can't think of anything I "hate". I takes to much energy away from what 'needs' to be done.

      Hope that helps

  40. Blue Sue says:

    I so believe it's true that the fluoride in our water (tap or bottled), food, and perhaps even the air we breathe makes people apathetic and complacent.  Fluoride is even contained in the white ceramic type fillings that people opt for instead of the toxic silver/mercury amalgam fillings.  I learned this by researching the American Element website that V. Susan Ferguson brought to our attention.  We are assaulted on every front, and derailed by design — to disengage from seeing/caring about the devastating destruction foisted upon us by the murderous cabal intent on depopulation.  Heaven help us and may we reach a critical mass of awareness in time!

    • Dennie says:

      I think the apathy (absence of feeling) is much more rooted in the collective pscyhe, in the breakdown of a culture that teaches it's children that they are the biggest thing in their own little worlds, that everyone lives in their own individual little pink bubble, in a world that is increasingly overwhelming with it's myriad choices, too many of them representing the easy way, no character building necessary.  They don't even have the ability to pick up their clothes and wet bath linens– someone else will do that– little wonder we have massive environmental problems.  "Clean up your messes– your mother doesn't live here any more" is what they should have taped to their refrigerator doors.

  41. Blue Sue says:

    Dear Andrew, 

    Regarding the recent massive snowfall in Alaska, it's not such a strange occurrence in this part (Valdez) of the state.  Where I live in south central Alaska, we've had minimal snowfall –ridiculously low levels of snow for the past 5 years or more — dry, dry winters, except for some piddling geoengineered "rainfalls." 

    "The atmospheric river was aided by the North American Winter Dipole, which is a “fancy term to describe abnormally warm conditions in the West and cold conditions in the East,” according to the Capital Weather Gang’s own Jason Samenow. “Under such a pattern, the jet stream, the super highway for storms that divides cold and warm air, surges north in the western half of the nation, and crashes south in the eastern half.”

    Upstream of the massive ridge over the western United States, the atmospheric river bombarded coastal south central Alaska, right along the jet stream.

    No stranger to big snow dumps, Valdez and the coastal Chugach Mountain range gets a ridiculous amount of snow each winter. In fact, Valdez, sitting in a cove on the Prince William Sound, is considered the snowiest town in the United States, averaging a whopping 300 inches per year.

    Thompson Pass, located at 2,678 feet above sea level, is the snowiest reporting station in the nation, getting between 600 to 900 inches per year. Compare that to the average of 180 inches at Snowshoe, W.Va., and 460 inches at Jackson Hole, Wyo."

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Blue Sue, I just gotta ask, with That much snow, with what does one build a roof??

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Hello Blue Sue,

      I have been driving to Anchorage from Nikiski about three times a month recently. Last Monday I was shocked, well not really, that there was no snow in Cooper Landing, zero! Not only that, there was no ice on Kenai Lake, none!



    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Hi Blue Sue,

      Yes, the article does have interesting contradictions:  Title. " of the most extreme snowfall rates on record.." at Valdez. It then goes on to down play the event by saying that Valdez is no stranger to big snow dumps..and that is receives ridiculous amounts of snow each winter etc.

      My comment was really about the phrase "heavy wet snow", which I agree can occur naturally, but is also a classic for geoengineered snow. We had a similar snow dump here 7 or 8 years ago which caused much damage and definitely had a metallic/chemical smell and taste (yup, I tried it!).

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Rachel, Most of us here in Alaska built our homes with a metal roof with at least a 5/12 pitch. The snow usually slides right off, unless it is really cold, which doesn't happen much anymore.

  42. Joe Strauss says:

    A new tactic for the geoengineering in San Francisco  ?

    Today Sat/9 of Dec..Spray pattern way up . Could be

    40k  Feet  plus..

    And The sun still shines at times..Rain bow effect in

    a portion of the spray pattern.. Oil based, I say.

    Possible use of HAARP  at high altitude… ?

    Hey,  you all I have been watching all this since 1996.

    It has not stopped.. Political and Military is run AMUCK.

    It is obvious( to me) the funds are covert( ie not in Federal

    budget.)…. Joe

    • Anthony L Lana says:

       Many purposes, we need more info to know, must have dozens of specific apps. it's overwhelming at best! Would need many servers and an army of techs to gather all info, basically re-engineer what they're doing, eliminate natural variables and need unfiltered satalitte  imaging! We're to obsessed with with unimportant news and behavior. There's already checks and balances in place if we only rallied together! I'm hanging on by thread, my lungs are failing and nothing I can do!! Peace out brothers and sisters, see you on the other side! 😉

    • Dennie says:

      There's a Harvard University web page devoted to geoengineering that talks about plans to deploy high-altitude S.A.I.  Of course they don't say when they planned to start.

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Joe, it's no conspiracy theory that a huge portion of the monies are derived from the poppy fields in Afghanistan to the coca fields of Peru and Columbia. The USA, via the CIA and other shadow groups are the biggest importers on the planet. 

  43. Pedro says:

    Dane, if you have time, see this video!


    • Carol Freiberg says:

      Pedro can you please translate any of this for us? I am hearing "chemtrail" in another tounge and that's all I can understand. What country?

    • Pedro says:

      Do you need subtitles to recognize aerosol spraying?, when you go to the Zoo, you ask the Tigers if they are Tigers??

      The purpose of the video is to show that America is not the World, but only a good country of our beautiful World ( but sadly with too much weaponry and false leaders ), and many and many are awakening to the problem. Also in some news network with good national coverage, they have been talking about the geoengineering problem. And when they do it, subtitles are not required.

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Pedro, do you actually think that the US is the main component in this assault from above ?? The US is just a pawn like every other developed country on this planet. We just happen to have the tech. and the quantities needed to be leading the operation. The actual directive comes from an entity that is omnipotent and remains hidden. This group is the true ruling power on this planet and many great men throughout history have spoken of it's presence. Men like Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, JFK and many others. This is coming from the cabal, the hidden rulers of all. Not the USA, who, like I said is just a pawn.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Jeffrey.

      Not a pawn, but yes the main stage. They are hidden but the tail is showing, and their associates have the power to redirect the game if they want, and to put all of them in jail.

      The big player is the US, in the West. Who pulls the strings is in the UK. Is necessary to add to the problem the illegal state of Israel and the big money deposits in Switzerland ( vatican also? ). These are the main players, along with Saudi Arabia. The main problem is the cult, these guys have sold their souls to the devil. Literally.

  44. Raymond Quiachon says:

    I strongly believe that Irma and Maria were deliberately done against Puerto Rico. Do you have any factual information confirming my suspicion? I appreciate a feed back.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Raymond Qulachon, I am not Dane but for what it is worth, I do agree with you.  I knew next to nothing about Puerto Rico before.  Do now.  I studied up as I was horrified by the whole situation and still.  I'm told the hurricane was steered and apparently past a few precious places before hitting Puerto Rico.  The way our government has treated Puerto Rico is horrifying and embarrassing, not to mention heartless, cruel and unusual.  I fear we are all Puerto Rico and this a big heads up.  If I were Puerto Rico, I'd bail from the US.

  45. Alistener says:

    I experienced 40-degree snow this week.  What was most alarming is everyone ignoring the basic fact that it's not supposed to snow at this temperature. I live in central TX so snow is rare, and it caused a lot of excitement.  Only one other person seemed to notice the temperature and was ignored by everyone excited about how much snow was accumulating.  At 40 degrees, and even hours later when it was still 35.  Searching for info on the temperature requirements for it to snow, there is a mix of what most of us learned (and experienced as kids) that it has to be 32 to snow, and newer mainstream media info "explaining" higher degree snow.  What will it take to get people to open their eyes to how unnatural the weather has become?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Alistener, (for some reason I kinda like that name), Spot on my friend I haven't met yet. I have been faced many times each winter with the same scenario you described. I'm in far north central Washington, 3,100 ele. Something I want you to watch for in the coming week or so, "how many folks will come down with a cold or something and blame it on the weather. In a way, they're right. It's what's in that weather that got to them. Going outside while it is snowing chemically nucleated snow is NOT a good idea. Make sure your home is toasty warm so as to keep the humidity down. Believe me, it works. I keep my cabin between 65 at night and 75 or more during the day. So far, so good, 4 years now. Hope that helps.

    • Alistener says:

      Thanks for the tips a simple horseman.  I think all this weather whiplash is not good for our health either in itself.  We went from the 80s to snow and back up to almost 70 today.  I can always feel when I cold front is coming in.  Will watch to see if people do get ill from this.  Just hope they don't decide to get flu shots thinking it will help!

  46. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you, Dane. Informative, heart-felt and courageous, as always. For those who might have missed this announcement:

    Raytheon wins $269M Weather Service data system support recompete / By Ross Wilkers / Sep 15, 2017
    Raytheon has won a potential 10-year, $269.4 million contract to help operate and maintain a National Weather Service system that sends data to forecasters.  NWS awarded the recompeted contract on Sept. 1 and received eight offers, according to Deltek data. The contract has a six-year base period followed by a pair of two-year options and extends a 12-year-long partnership between Raytheon and NWS for the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System program, the company said. Raytheon and NWS completed the rollout of AWIPS’ second version in late 2015.AAWIPS works to collect and analyze weather data for visualizations to forecasters in efforts to distribute weather watches and warnings throughout the U.S. The system is a suite of data processing equipment that supports at least 130 NWS forecasting offices. Solicitation documents say AWIPS’ primary components include a satellite broadcast network that supports communications and distributions of weather models and other imagery between sites. There is also a wide area network, local area network, software and Linux-based hardware.

    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  Raytheon (ray of God) is to natural weather what Monsanto is to natural food.  They plan to "transhumanized" all of us into oblivion.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan, and thank you for this.  My life has been so hectic lately that I did not look this up, even as I'd wondered as I thought Raytheon Was/IS our NWS and so a bit confused about them gaining NWS.  This clears that up!

      And, about antibiotics.  I too have not eaten fish in decades.  My daughter and family does and laughs off my warnings.  They went fishing for trout for Thanksgiving, but then the trout was in a fast river that gets stocked.  However, they will eat all sorts of fish, despite all. Myself, I'm allergic to most antibiotics.  So it freaks me out when in foods and found in medicines as apparently scrap stuff not intended and in vaccines too.  I had NO idea that farm animals were on them since 1949! for weight!  And I never noticed myself gaining weight on them, maybe because I was so sick to begin with.  Can barely believe the weight thing!  Why does/did that work?  Does not compute in my brain!

  47. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: I do understand that all our food is compromised and not organic due to the tons of toxic metals falling on our fields and gardens. I haven’t eaten fish in decades because the oceans, lakes, and streams are so polluted – we can't know what a fish has been exposed to. However, at least we can choose foods, meat & milk products that are not systematically injected with antibiotics and hormones.
    Big Ag + Big Pharma = Big Problems
    Maryn McKenna’s Big Chicken goes deep on feeding antibiotics to farm animals. / Diana Gitig – 12/3/2017
    Farm animals in the US, such as pigs, cows, and chickens, receive more than 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in the States.  These animals do not get antibiotics to cure bacterial infections that they harbor, as people do. They get antibiotics because, in 1949, a researcher at Lederle Labs discovered that adding antibiotics to chicken feed made the birds gain weight faster. (Antibiotics have the same effect on people, btw.)  By lacing animal feed with these drugs, farmers and ranchers could get their animals up to an ever-increasing slaughter weight more quickly and with the same amount of food. … As of January 2017, the FDA made giving antibiotics to farm animals for growth promoting purposes illegal, although farmers can still use them for disease prevention under a vet’s advice. So even the companies that had not yet voluntarily done away with antibiotics will now have to fall in line. But the change is no great loss for them; the growth-promoting properties of antibiotics have gone as far as they could go. Thanks to other changes in diet and living conditions, the drugs simply don’t work anymore.

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Also, the micro dosing that you receive by consuming these antibiotic laced meats, leads to a resistance to them which creates super bugs.

    • penny waters says:

      dear sue

      that's why i studied herbal medicine at university and so eat seasonal wild food that is herbal medicine

      can't lose, except the damage i see to leaves, fruit etc where the filth in the sky has burnt them

      the other problem is that most animals (not organic) are fed gm soya

      animals do not eat soya, even the human animal where the soya grows, do not eat their soya, unless it is fermented

      eat like a hunter gatherer or local agriculturalist

      do not buy food from the big shops – not good – stored too long – grown in inadequate soil

      humans are so stupid

    • MS P says:

      For 8 years I had lived on a Avocado ranch. The rancher bowed down & was a true slave to Monsanto & Dow chem. for his farm. Just like many other farms in the area. Spray, spray, spray.

      The farming community Santa Paula/ Ventura CA; is extremely obese. Most people out there have a pot belly. Funny thing, when I moved there. I too got FAT. Nothing changed in my diet. I had been very lean all my life.

      When I moved away 4 months ago. All the WT came right back off again. I did nothing to diet.

      My experience is this.


      Wanna loose WT. Eat only organic foods, do not live near a farm that sprays. I am living proof of that story & mention.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      MS P, Very interesting!  Yesterday or day before I saw something about border area and Mexicans gaining weight, unusual in scope.  Hmmm!

  48. Jan Becker says:

    While listening this morning, my husband expanded the window to enlarge the slideshow of evidence of geoengineering in our skies.  It is profoundly disturbing to see SO MANY unbelievable, "other-worldly skies," as Dane says so often.  Please, everyone, do whatever you can to get this stopped soon!

  49. Frank says:

    I find it amazing every time they spray it up in the skies the next day it's windy what happened on December 2nd and 3rd and then December 4th we have fires in fires everywhere all because the geoengineering people are creating a high pressure system to keep the moisture from the North and the South and creating a whole around Southern California today December 19th they're at it again spring all over the place Criss-Cross of light chemicals and it's windy and we'll have more win the rest of the week why why are they doing this and why doesn't anyone see this just say that it is condensation trails is totally ludicrous in a lie condensation would dissipate what they're doing stays up there and causing the haze these are not clouds. It's a crime on what they're doing they are criminals it should be brought to Justice

    • JF says:

      I noticed that immediately this morning, I looked outside and they were already spraying heavy. White out again over the Riverside/SoCal.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Frank and JF,  I see what you see!  Here in Sun City (Menifee) southern California where I am visiting, the skies were already defiled and streaked with white trails at 7 this morning. I went for a walk at 4:30 this afternoon and the  skies were horribly crisscrossed and darkened with think ugly banks of gray on the southern and western horizons.  The air felt heavy, dense and oppressive to breathe –no wonder being so metallic and toxic.  The population here is getting creamed with poison and most folk don't have a clue.  Taking a copy of Dane's Geoengineering: A Chronicle of Indictment to drop off at the Sun City Public Library tomorrow. 


    • JF says:

      BlueSue, I’m in Riverside, and was looking out around 7 am this morning too. There was a break in the spraying about 6, 7 weeks ago, but they have been spraying a lot these past few weeks.

    • JF says:

      I also have to add that there is no rain forecast for weeks here in SoCal. The entire West/Southwest is very dry.

    • Frank says:

      The other thing I forgot to mention is that everytime this happens the air is dry my mouth is dry drinking more water they're drying the air the humidity is very low I just looked at Yahoo Weather Map and noticed that the clouds from the north the clouds from the South have moved away from the Los Angeles area they have been dissipated leaving a big clear sky never in my life have we had winds for a whole week it is pretty obvious on what they are doing

  50. Alberto fontanez says:

    All I have to say is this the public is beginning to become aware of what is going on soon chaos will ensue be prepared for the inevitable that is all

    • BaneB says:

      Alberto:  Excellent advice.  We cannot know these things, and pretend it's "business as usual."  We stand at the abyss staring into terrorism from weather warfare and a looming nuclear holocaust.  Clearly psychopaths plan to kill us all.

    • penny waters says:


      'psychopaths plan to kill us all' – do they know they will come with us??

      there aint no escape from this unless everyone starts to look after the environment!!

    • Dennie says:

      It is a well-known fact of psychology that the homicidal are also suicidal– THEY DO NOT CARE whether they "live" or not.  So, why would they care about YOUR life??  This group of Luciferian Angels and their ugly children, the Warriors, have a death wish:  "We're going down and we're taking you with us!"

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Dennie, O they care, that is why they have invested 10's of trillions in deep under ground bunkers capable of autonomous existence, because they actually believe they are getting out of this alive.

    • Dennie says:

      "Glorious" Military only cares about it's own rage.  Anyone who says they will bury the Earth in thermonuclear bombs in order to "win" a war is psychotic.  They do NOT care whether they even so much as pause to consider THEIR experience of their own insane weapons of mass destruction and whether they can survive massive doses of ionizing radiation.

  51. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 195th email, titled 'We need a Western Spring'.

    1. On 8th Dec, Arctic sea ice volume was estimated as 3rd lowest @ 11,809km3, and annual average volume remained at record low @ 12,780km3. Chukchi Sea heatwave continues, frequently above 0ºC…I fail to understand how the area around Wrangle Island is said to have grown 2m thick sea ice. 

    Ten inches per hour, forty inches in 12 hrs, of heavy wet snow in Alaska (no doubt it has a geoengineered chemical/metallic smell and taste).

    Even with serious number manipulation, global methane is now reported as peaking between @ 2350 and 2750 ppb. The northern hemisphere is in serious trouble, but let's hide it and pretend it is not happening.

    2.  Strange isn't it: in the 3 years since Maidan, 8 million people have left Ukraine…more fled to work in the "aggressor" country (supposedly Russia) than in all the other countries combined. On average, those that fled were educated, professional people 35 – 45 years old.

    David Attenborough, with his interest and love for the natural world, has called for action on plastic to "save the future of humanity". Shouldn't it have been action on humanity to save the future of the natural world? 

    On BBC Breakfast, the producers of Blue Planet 2 said that there was still "hope"…so move along, keep subdued and don't think, don't prepare, we don't want panic or riots to upset our money making status quo. 

    Trump continues to deceive/spread false truths/lie, and foment violence in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

    In 2011, the year the methane clathrate gun was fired, pilots prophetically drew "Last Chance" in the sky above New York. On 15th Nov this year, the week in which methane peaks started to dramatically increase, two EA -18G "Growler" jet pilots phallically depicted 'We're f*d' over Okanogan County, USA ( no need to understand Salish for that one). Coincidence? Or maybe it was just rapid changes in atmospheric temp, humidity and pressure that made so called condensation trails form letters, words and images?

    Matt Rogers video – more spray pilots wanting to speak out?: 

    Another must listen to and informative Global Alert News on 9th Dec: 

    3. Notes to Self (week 48 of 104)  If we are to have a chance at surviving the coming climate disintegration, we need an immediate "Western Spring" revolution. I know it won't happen – too much fluoride and vaccine sedation. On second thoughts, it could happen if they admit to/people woke up to the intensity of the toxic global geoengineering, and to the Intergovernmental Propensity for Corruption, Criminality and War Crimes (IPCC&WC). 

    Kirk and Joe will soon start to receive their share of the vitriol thrown at Guy McPherson.

    "In order to have a global effort against global warming, world governments need to fall…Radical change cannot happen as long as we have governments resisting change." Kirk Brent.

    "Right now, there 7 hotspots forming in the oceans of the world. If they all released their heat in one year's time, global temperatures would soar to 130F (60C) and almost all plant life on the planet would die. Good luck trying to grow food…Billions of people are going to die in the next few years. How soon, I can not say. The oceans will decide when that happens." Joe Neubarth.

    The only reason some of Guy McPherson's timescales are slightly out is because he does not factor in the intensive global toxic endothermic geoengineering. That said, I do not agree with the covert toxic geoengineering.

    I do not know what our intergovernmental E-Day timings are, or what level of methane release or volcanic eruptions are required for them to initiate a global nuclear winter. This would not be about who would win a nuclear war, but about how severe a nuclear winter they could create (mass casualties being "justified to achieve the aim").

    Many people still do not think that we can join the current mass die offs and go extinct within a year – what part of human survival do they not understand – 3 mins without oxygen, 3 hrs without shelter in a harsh environment, 3 days without water, or 3 weeks without food? Assuming they are not on the receiving end of a thermobaric or nuclear missile.

    p.s. I intend to write Note 104, during 1st week Jan 2019, even if it is just "I tried to tell 'em" written on a scrappy bit of paper.

    "Do not go gentle into that good night…Rage, rage against the dying of the light…" Dylan Thomas 1914-1953.


    • Kazadum9 says:

      Andrew that was the most powerful letter you have yet written. I have read them all.

    • Pedro says:

      A "nuclear winter" means total extinction.

      74,000 years ago the eruption of the super volcano Toba almost have written the end of the History for the Human Specie. It is calculated, through evidence related to the numbers of chromosomes existing in the human DNA, that less than 5000 humans worldwide survived this natural apocalypse. And that was without the nuclear radiation!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Kazadum9, though I will probably get "hung, drawn and quartered" for it!

      Agreed Pedro – almost total extinction.  Depending on how it plays out, about half of the northern hemisphere could be under 1 – 200 ft of snow. This is why most elite bunkers are in southern hemisphere (e.g.the Bush one in Paraguay) and have 30+years of food supplies.

    • MS P says:

      United Nations created Agenda 21.

      Read it & weep.

      Part of that Agenda 21, is to Depopulate planet Earth.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Andrew, you said; "Shouldn't it have been action on humanity to save the future of the natural world?" . But the Natural World has never been a priority for the "guys" in charge, the Natural World has always been seen as a resource. That is the base of the problem. They do not care about People, do you think they could care about Nature? We are, the humans, since ever just another resource for them. Fuel to burn in order to keep the big machine working. Everything is wrong in our system. And now they made another insane conclusion; that the "fuel" ( ourselves ) is existing in excessive quantity, in a World which is already on fire. But this world where we are living today is still a consequence ( it is a reality built over the shock waves ) of the 2nd WW. And who were the guys that prepared the 2nd WW, in a time where global population was much lower than now?.. So, what to do?, we ( the insane "guys" in charge ) must rid ourselves of this excessive "fuel" to avoid an increase in that "global fire" that is no longer being supported by the natural systems ( the same Natural systems that were destroyed also to fuel the big machine ). But this insane system of consumerism was invented by these same cowards which are now preparing this global catastrophe. In short; since the beginning all the history of politics tells us that the show is only about how to control and how to offer the best sacrifices to the cult and to the symbols of the cult which are worshiped by them. Everything that exists in modern human culture is fake ( for the last 1000 years, in other cases, even more ), with a few exceptions for the old social traditions of some cultures of different geographic origins and with the exception for traditional agriculture. Is possible to correct what is wrong, but a shift from the paradigm of the oil centered economy, to the renewable energies, is mandatory to occur.


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