Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 13, 2021, #288


Dane Wigington

Headlines of political theater and record cold weather in the US have taken center stage. Is that in fact exactly the objective of the controllers? The increasing desperation of the power structure is manifesting in countless forms, the CV-19 scenario and the continued escalation of the climate engineering operations are two core examples. Bill Gates has issued new warnings about what is coming for us all. How does Mr. Gates always know? Why does he so often look so gleeful when he issues such warnings? Will the majority of the US population continue to ignore the wider horizon? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Blocking precipitation:

How obvious could it be? This radar image was taken at about 10 am PDT, on February 14th. RF / Microwave transmissions are completely eliminating any precipitation over much of the region east and north of Redding, California (RF transmission signature are also visible in precipitation south of Eureka). Featureless / rainless skies are full of climate engineering aerosols which facilitate the RF / microwave manipulation of precipitation (note symmetrical straight line borders where no precipitation is present). All meteorologists know geoengineering is occurring, but have yet to show an ounce of courage by acknowledging the toxic climate engineering assault. The planet is being decimated, every breath we take is contaminated with nanoparticle climate engineering fallout. Click image to enlarge

Below is another recent RF / microwave transmission GW capture. Again, the impact to incoming West Coast precipitation is extreme and blatant.

The RF / microwave transmissions "scatter" condensation nuclei that have been seeded into cloud moisture by the climate engineers. Thus, atmospheric moisture cannot form large enough droplets to precipitate. This, in turn, serves the agendas of the geoengineers. Extremely extensive (often featureless) grey skies can be expanded to cover huge swaths of the country further inland. The migrating moisture can (and generally is) later seeded with larger condensation nuclei which can then augment precipitation. Endothermic reacting elements (artificial / chemical ice nucleating) are being used by the geoengineers. This creates a cold dense layer of air that sinks to ground level and lowers surface temperatures (temporarily and toxically). The chemical ice nucleating elements precipitate out to the surface in various forms depending on conditions and the temperatures of the atmospheric moisture in question. "Ice storms" are increasingly common as temperatures continue to rise overall. The weather makers are thus, engineering winter weather. FYI section on the subject: Engineering Winter

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is unfolding on numerous fronts, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Geoengineering Watch has conducted our first ever high altitude particulate testing. Film footage of the flight and lab testing processes are featured in “The Dimming”, a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a new 12+ minute insight segment on the upcoming film.

53 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 13, 2021, #288

  1. Jonathan says:

    I understand that some people may be hesitant to share materials with other people due to concerns about viruses and so forth. I understand that. Do what you are comfortable with. On the way home this afternoon, I drove past a very small convenience store and gas station. There was a covered area to the side of the gas station with some picnic tables. I was listening to this broadcast that I drove by, and then I realized that I needed to turn around and go back to that little gas station and leave some GW reading materials on the picnic table.

    Everywhere there are opportunities to share information.

    I will also throw out another idea, which some people may and some people may not agree with. This is fine. I believe that it is possible that there are other forces at work in this universe, weather in this Dimension or some other dimension/s. That whole idea becomes very subjective and very personal in terms of one's belief systems. I'm not here to push a a particular viewpoint, just want to throw out a suggestion that we should all do everything that we can to work with Dane in this endeavor. Someone shared with me and idea about 32 years ago in a card, that we should act as if everything depends upon us and pray as if everything depends upon God. Perhaps we should do everything that we can do, and perhaps, if there is any justice in this universe, perhaps one day we will have some help from sources unlooked-for. Be encouraged, and never give up! Look the storm in the eye.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Dane, you mentioned in your broadcast that you have been told before that you cannot change anything, so you might as well enjoy your life. I agree with your response to such a suggestion. The Creator, by whatever name one wants to use, put fire in my veins for a reason.

    Everyone, look the storm in the eye and stand up and be counted.

  3. annelia williams says:

    interesting..that many commenting on a site reporting "rare" snow storm in Jerusalem,and questioning global warming and feel the planet is cooling….and on goes the deception..yet the weather terrorists,have mentioned solar mangement to cool the planet…connecting the dots seems to be a lost art of the masses….

  4. cjl says:

    Hi Dane, I ran across this weather predication excuse article on


    As Texans struggle to get food & water, record-breaking freeze is so cold it’s confusing weather satellites

    "..Meanwhile, the GOES-East satellite, which uses infrared sensors to measure cloud cover and plot the structure of clouds above the continental US, has been tricked by the sudden cold snap. The cold was so severe that weather satellites began mistaking the ground for cloud cover, which is typically far colder than the ground level surface temperatures."

    Thank you for all that you're doing to keep us informed !


  5. Joseph says:


    Engineered Weather, Exposing The Lies

    Dane I have duckduck go as my search engine and I put engineering the weather and you come up #2 .

    This is a great link  —


  6. Michael says:

    Hi Dane 

    Thank you for everything you've done for us. I think you'll find if you dig deep into The Royal Society you'll find out why the entire scientific community are unwilling to acknowledge the Climate Engineering. 

    "The Royal Society is the oldest and most respected scientific society in the world. Royal Society founders were the first scientists and the last of the sorcerers. 10 The founders of modern science were all occultists practicing magic, alchemy, and astrology . 11 According to Freemasonry records, The Royal Society was organized to be a society or club to cultivate the science."

  7. Raymond says:

    I have been reporting on the "Twilight Zone" nightmare of freaky weather here in Texas for the past few months and wondered if it couldn't possibly get even more insane.

    Well it has indeed! I just endured over 40 hours without electricity, during the coldest February deep freeze in over 100 years! The temperature inside my house reached 29 degrees last night and that was even with a steadily stoked fireplace!

    Statewide blackouts showed just how flawed our Nation's Electrical Grid system has become and how severely vulnerable it is to catastrophic failure. A Texas Deregulated Power Market is being blamed and supposedly that allowed companies to skimp on maintenance and upgrades.

    It's appropriately called a Black Swan Blackout. In Texas’s Black-Swan Blackout, Everything Went Wrong at Once (

    "As the hours ticked by and millions more were plunged into frozen darkness, a more sober reality emerged. The greatest forced blackout in U.S. history, as this event has almost certainly become, was the result of a systemic and multifaceted failure."

    And if that wasn't enough! Remember when I wrote about "Thunder Snow" last week? Well, the Texas Twilight Zone Climate Change matrix of freaky weather, which has pried open Pandora's Box, Has now released the World's First ever, Blizzard…Snownado!

    Texas Blizzard Has Now Produced a 'Snownado' (  here is the video- 

    Here is a direct partial quote from Ryan Phillips, who published this report: "… is this a thing that happens normally? And third, what the hell is going on in Texas?"

    Evidently Ryan, yes this will likely be the new (norm) here in Texas and I'm totally not surprised or shocked at all. Because I saw this sort of thing coming, ever since the Geoengineering Pandora's Box was opened by the Controllers.

    Now if I can just find a way to keep the frostbite from attacking my toes and a Snownado from yanking the roof of my house into the sky, when the next Blizzard hits on Thursday… and I lose power AGAIN!   Yep, you heard it. Two Blizzards for the price of one and remember folks. This is supposed to be Texas.

    • Rachel Carnley says:

      I am here in Crosby Texas, suburb of Houston. 2 full days without electricity. This page has confirmed my suspicions. Geoengineered. What do we do from here? How do we get self sustainable?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Raymond, Our thoughts and prayers for strength and warmth are with you. I feel bad even complaining about conditions here- they pale with what so many others are enduring right now. I have relatives in the Houston area who are struggling with the current winter sh*t stink sent compliments of the weather terrorists. I have been trying to tell them for a couple of years about climate engineering.. maybe now they will believe me. I hope enough people in Texas wake up to what is being done to them and raise the roof complaining until our brain dead, brainwashed, compromised, worthless politicians at every level begin to rattle some cages about this. Don't they get they are being royally screwed too?! Remember: When the people fear the government there is tyranny but when the government fears the people there is freedom! Keep safe and keep the faith dear friend. Praying for you all. This too shall pass, though I'm certain not soon enough!

    • Raymond says:

      Thank you Earth Angel for the prayers and "warm" thoughts. For the first time in my life, I honestly thought that I might freeze to death… and of all places, in Texas! The cover for my firewood got blown away and heavy rains soaked every log, before the temps began to plunge. No mater what I did, I couldn't get any of the wet logs to burn and I became frantic. I had loaned my generators out to a wonderful couple in their 80s, who had no fireplace and I also gave them all of my gasoline (60 gallons). Because I thought I would be fine with my wood, if we lost power. (didn't know it got soaked)

      When the inside temperature dropped below 20 degrees (outside temp was 18 below zero and winds in excess of 30mph… so the windchill was ungodly for Texas). I abandoned the house and took my puppies and cat with me to the truck. Where we stayed toasty warm until I only had about two gallons of fuel left in the tank. I just knew we were going to die, because the roads had about 5 inches of solid ice on them and even using my 4-wheel drive option, would only leave us stranded somewhere in a ditch!

      My neighbors told me they were going to their cabins in East Texas, since they had oil heaters, dual fireplaces and tons of wood there. Plus they stocked them with plenty of MREs and water. Because they had a gut feeling that the power grids would fail. So I knew that trying to go to my neighbors for help would also be futile.

      Well, one neighbor decided to stay behind (and only dropped his wife, children and dogs off at the cabin) to make sure their home didn't get vandalized. He had also moved several dead trees into his barn (a week earlier) and was cutting them up for firewood, to keep his two huge fireplaces going steady. When he saw my truck running and me huddled inside of it. He knew something was wrong and brought over firewood with his tractor.

      I thanked him and blessed him for literally saving my life and once I got his wood to become red hot coals. I was finally able to sizzle the moisture from my wet wood and keep a fire burning in my fireplace. The rest of the house only warmed up to 29 degrees, so I along with my pets, camped out right in front of the now "life saving" fireplace.

      I actually burned a ton of old small furniture, trying to get my wet firewood logs to burn. But they wouldn't produce enough heat or large enough red hot chunks, to boil the moisture out. I needed big dry logs and that's what my neighbor gave me. Thank God.

      I spent 10 hours the next day chopping and cutting on my neighbor's dead trees in his barn (accepting his invitation to do so, when he dropped off wood the night before) and we both had plenty to get us through these last three record cold days and nights.

      Power finally came on after 40.5 hours without electricity, but rolling blackouts continue and it still goes out for hours at a time. I had several month's supply of MREs and water (that I melted on the fireplace mantle). So those two survival items were never an issue. Plus I had tons of puppy, cat food and bird seed. So, when hundreds of thousands of birds decided to seek refuge on my land. I was able to keep them fed and hydrated as well.

      All in all, it was an absolute miracle that my pets, the enormous population of birds and I… all survived the longest five days of my entire life! God was certainly looking out for us and my faith has now since become unbreakable. God bless everyone here and you too Dane, for giving us a place to share our life experiences with each other. Experiences that would have possibly never even happened, if the insanity of geoengineering wasn't wreaking total havoc on this world.

      Just so everyone knows… neighbors here live several hundred yards away from each other and we all own several acres of land each. Wouldn't move back to city life again, even if my life depended on it! This is God's Country and miracles abound here, as I am now living proof of that.

  8. Earth Angel says:

    I am really getting exasperated with the artificial ice nucleiated cold. Lately it has been averaging in the mid forties with lows about 10-12 degrees cooler at night.(I know you folks to the north and west are enduring much worse) Last night our weather script readers informed us that a hard freeze was to arrive around 3:00 am with temps of 25 degrees or so. It is now 12 hours later at 3:51 pm and since I first checked our thermometer at about 9:00 am the gauge has not moved 1 degree up or down. It has remained EXACTLY the same temp at 26 degrees here all day despite a few weak peeks of sunshine at times. I was also surprised to find the metal spring hook latches on the chicken pens frozen shut such that I couldn't even get one of them open at all, despite swearing and cursing! One of my horse gate latches was also stuck shut which was a surprise. Having done the same thing here for 30 yrs or so, I don't remember having this problem before. It HAS been 25 degrees here and even colder in years past but I always remember being able to open latches and gates. After all we are in the heart of the deep south here- not the upper peninsula of the Great Lakes! Usually our temperature will at least move up a couple/ few degrees with the coming of the daylight hours. We are sick of this bone chilling cold, the weather whiplash and NONSTOP LIES coming from the weather and media presstitutes and politicians. An antidote of truth and a little backbone shown by these cowards would go a long way.

  9. V, Susan Ferguson says:

    [The mRNA …] Call It What It Is: TERRORISM
    The Market Ticker

    Terrorism (n): The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological. (Department of Defense Dictionary)
    It's interesting to contemplate that the "strict" meaning of the word "violence" does not include releasing or potentiating the effects of infectious or poisonous agents, yet such is clearly terrorism.  It therefore follows that causing death by infectious or poisonous agents by either intentionally ignoring known means to stop said death when undertaken for political or ideological purposes fits the definition.
    Back in February, March and April of 2020 when Covid-19 first started knocking people over in the US in size we had good reason to believe a significant number of existing off-patent, inexpensive drugs and other therapies might work to blunt the pandemic's impact.  We did not know which ones would work but we had reason to believe any or all of the following might along with several more.  I wrote on them at the time, and the record stands in the published works of many, myself included.
    Exactly zero funding, studies and other efforts were set up in those months by the CDC, NIH, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Mayo and dozens of others to run down the efficacy of any of those compounds.  Several entities performed fairly low-level screening against mechanisms of action and developed lists of potential therapeutics.  None of these compounds or strategies had a profit motive associated with them since they were all off-patent and cheap.  This should have immediately led to large-scale trial registration for every one of these compounds since all were already known, approved drugs with a well-studied risk profile and the obvious thing to do with a new infectious agent was to investigate them all to see which, if any, might work.  Instead of investigating these drugs and other agents all of the agencies in question started recommending and working on vaccines, "social distancing" and then masks, the latter of which had 40 years of science demonstrating worthlessness as source control against viruses with the possible exception of N95s that are both expensive and impractical for the general public to use.
    Never mind that now we're seeing actual scientific studies documenting harms of mask use specifically with regard to children.  Those forced to wear masks as adults for occupational reasons can be expected to have similar problems.  Given that children almost never get seriously ill and die from Covid for them to bear any burden as a consequence of this disease is an outrage…

    … … I am not afraid of this virus because I have read and understood the evolving science since the start of this mess and have acquired beginning in March the agents necessary to prevent, with a 95% certainty, the harms it may cause.  Over time I've discarded a few of those potential treatments as they were either found to be ineffective or replaced with more-effective ones.  I have ensured I am not Vitamin-D deficient since that has zero risk to my person and costs pennies.  As a result despite being 57 years of age and thus at allegedly "higher risk" it is clear on the science that this virus is no more dangerous to me than the common cold and I have exactly zero concern about contracting it.  I have lived my unmasked life for the last year and will continue to; you may take your "mandates" intended to scare me and shove them straight up your ___.
    I no longer give a ___ about terrorists using bombs, knives, guns, trucks, airplanes or even a nuclear weapon and never will again since our nation has decided that its perfectly ok for terrorists in our government and health care institutions to kill thousands of Americans every day on purpose for a year straight and will not punish those who are doing it or force them to stop.  Every terrorist who has attacked an American interest in this history of this nation combined has not come close to the body count of the ghouls who together are responsible for nearly half a million dead American souls.

    • C B says:

      I am quite sure you were referring (earlier in your comment) to, among possible others, HCQ and more than likely the marvelous, life-saving Zelenko Protocol of HCQ, zinc and azithromycin. Around May of 2020 I started dredging up as much about Dr. Zelenko's protocol as could be tracked on google, and other "alt-sites" of which I am a subscriber to many. I quickly learned hat his protocol had gone global, and was being routinely administered in Brazil, Israel, India, Europe and elsewhere, with phenomenal success. I found numerous interviews with Dr. Zelenko, and learned that quercetin can be substituted for HCQ along with zinc to create a strong prophylaxis for front-line workers, or just the general public. VIRTUALLY NONE OF THE SUCCESSES OF THIS PROTOCOL WERE REPORTED ON IN AMERICAN MSM. Which of course ties back in with Big Pharma's powerful influence in crushing wider knowledge of these inexpensive and effective treatments. In June Dr. Bartlett in Texas discovered the astounding efficacy of inhaler-budesonide in treating patients with classic covid symptoms, and most got well so fast they were sent back home within a couple of days. Now we have Ivermectin, and probably other treatments coming through, including of course, vitamins D3, C, NAC, etc. 

         The demonization of Trump and his remarks about HCQ grew so out of proportion in Media, I found it quite revealing of an obvious agenda. I shared some articles about HCQ on FB back around June -August and was viciously attacked by several so-called FB friends. One person even accused me of contributing to her sister's death from covid by spreading misinformation. Meanwhile, the truly tragic part is that her sister could likely have been saved by the Zelenko Protocol. Even as she lambasted me, many countries around the world, including the marvelous work of Didier Raoult in France, were having great success.

         The collective fury exhibited over the Zelenko Protocol last summer and fall seems to have softened but quite frankly i'm not really up-to-date on that right now. Everybody's attention has been (purposely) turned toward their crap-ass, diabolical vaccines, rendering public opinion a mixture of phony-hope, extreme distrust, "vaccine-hesitancy" and complete confusion, especially as allegedly "new" mutant strains are popping up all over the goddamn world. 

         Great comment, V. Susan Ferguson!!! I'm with you 100%.

    • Denise Hoffman says:

      I love your post Ms. Ferguson!  They are now spraying chemtrails hot and heavy here in Florida.  It's cold and foreboding.  I thought it was as horrible as it could get when they shut down the country for the China virus.  Was I ever wrong.

  10. C B says:

    The definition of the French phrase, "fait accompli" seems to apply here: "a thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them no option but to accept it."

       Indeed, has this not been their exact strategy all along? Furthermore, it could be argued that geoengineering, as it has been portrayed in popular media, is nothing but a grotesque form of GASLIGHTING, for they have pummeled us all with thousands of articles about whether or not geoengineering could one day save us all, even as the repulsive agenda is on full display right over the heads of the entire world.

        Dane has incessantly admonished us to see how all these dots connect at some point, how all these seemingly disparate agendas all intersect sooner or later. It was a couple of years ago when I began to see that these weather modification displays might not be only about controlling the weather, but that there just might be a tangential agenda folded into it that in some ways may actually eclipse "weather modification" in it's importance to these diabolical monsters behind all this. And that is the simple fact that we as humans are becoming increasingly saturated beyond the blood-brain barrier with metal nanoparticulates. This renders us "receivers", programmable, capable of being directed and/or influenced (even mapped) by a carrier wave such as 4 or 5g technology. (6G?) Not being the sharpest tool in the shed on such matters, I am out of my league with such speculations, but there exist cohesive movements online and around the world that have recognized the connection between 5G, covid, (or any number of programmable diseases) and atmospheric spraying. This is nothing new. But I am now completely convinced that simple weather control is only one, perhaps secondary, agenda in play here. 

       I hope I have not "rattled the cage" with these comments. But I honestly believe that one of the end-games here is to render us all (humans) as controllable as the weather. If this has even a shred of truth to it…..may God help us all………

  11. No One Special says:

    gut feeling here boys and girls- better learn to garden and have all supplies in place ASAP, including non hybrid, open pollinated seeds- not 5 yrs from now———— this year

    betta' also have non perishible food pet food and water set aside and the mean to keep it safe

    food may be used as a weapon against the good lawabiding folk of this planet

  12. No One Special says:

    2-11-21 CDC states  1,170 deaths reported  to VAERS (vaccine adverse effects reporting system) but states there was "no link" to the vaccine… whew! what a relief… no link… now I can sleep easier….

    look up potassium chloride, KCl… a component of the ______ ___19 vax…. guess what that's usually used for? to stop the heart during lethal injections for death row inmates. i'm sure it's only there for our good, so no worries

    (BTW only about 10% of vax adverse effects ever get reported to VAERS typically)



  13. Dennie says:

    I think Dani is saying that Gates is a psychopath and he does what he does simply for the money.  Even when expressed in Polish, reading this statement with my nearly non-existent knowledge of Serbo-Croatian, this fact comes across loud and clear.  

    • Who Knows? says:

      Yes, he is a psychopath. His vaccination programs in third world countries, like India, have left many young people crippled or sterilized in many cases dead. India kicked him out of the country and is in the process of suing his tail off right now. There are videos out there of him and the person who claims to be his wife talking about new strains of the virus and new pathogens that are going to be coming out, and look closely at their body language. Oftentimes they are smiling with Glee at such an announcement. The movie series, The Hunger Games, fairly clearly describes the type of world he wants to be in charge of.

  14. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Ya know, something just dawned on me… It's not easy being an anti Geoengineering activist. Ha, 4 years of having my own awareness booth at my own expense and it just now dawns on me. I've been here with you ALL for the last 9 or 10 years. I've connected so many bigger picture dots that anymore it's like I have a certain clairvoyance on just about any aspect of what each of us are faced with on a daily basis and how it's connected to biosphere collapse. "Thanks a lot, Dane"(grin). I get hit with all kinds of remarks at my booth. It's nice knowing that I have fielded them all in the respect they deserved. And yes, I meant to write it that way. I once had a man storm up to the booth after looking at the banners I display and he said, "I'm an engineer and 'I've' never heard of Geo engineering". He was way bigger than I am and there was an in your face tone in his voice. I very confidently replied, "Engineer of what?!" and then not letting go of the eye contact I had established. Turns out he was a power grid engineer that got enlightened that afternoon. I had a high rise structural engineer come by the booth and am happy that we were both on the same page about 911. I even got him to join the Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. He had turned down the offer when the count was below a thousand. You should have seen his eyes light up when I informed that there were over 3,000 on board. I've had folks try and speed talk over the top of me. I quickly realize what is happening and shut my mouth and let them blow themselves out… and then I ask them if they speed talk over the top of "everyone" they disagree with? Forgive me, but it's kind of fun embarrassing them. I've had people come to the booth that worked for one black opp or another and tell me a story. A local resident here has actually inspected "thousands" of installations of the retro fitted nozzles on jet aircraft. The people I enjoy the most are the ones that have a conversation with me one week and come back in latter weeks and ask 'questions'! I do not hide how much I appreciate their questions. I haven't had my head burried in research for all these years to not have an answer for someone, just sayin(smile). I think what frustrates me most when confronting the effects of Geo engineering, is knowing that one can not reach a certain thresh hold and say, "that's it, I've had enough and then go kick some ass". Our equation is way bigger than that. There isn't just one or two bad guys out there. So in that I try to keep in mind that I must 'not' think about any "thresh hold". I just have to wake up breathing each day and keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep doing what I'm doing. Lastly and just for fun, I'll share a little scheme I have in the back of my mind. By time this seasons farmers market opens up, there's going to be a whole lot of folks that are fed up with the mask shit and many of them in my region know that this last election wasn't honest and they have had enough and then there will be those that have had as hard of a winter as I have had. It's been brutal folks. There have been times I have thought of moving. Always though, I come to my senses and realize I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment in time. All by grace… Literally…….

    Love and strength my friends,   'a' simple horseman, thank you for reading my thoughts. Keep your nose to the wind and keep an eye behind you.

    • No One U Know says:

      just curious, why the symbols around the letter A in your name here?

      thanks for all you do. it is an inspiration to many

    • C B says:

      I appreciate all the activism and hard work you are doing to get out there and spread the word about this diabolical agenda. You are one incredible dude, I must say. Personally, I don't have what it takes anymore to fight this fight with people face-to-face. I am old, suffer from chronic illness, and quite frankly, have great difficulty anymore listening to people try to refute the reality of geoengineering WHILE HAVING DONE ZERO RESEARCH OF ANY KIND ON THE MATTER. I just cannot tolerate the arrogance, the hubris, the unbelievable blind ignorance of those who see the heavens criss-crossed with filthy lines and buy the explanation they are spoon-fed by YouTube, Google, social media, MSM, and virtually everywhere else. Should they be blamed for their ignorance amidst such an onslaught of lies??? 

         Keep up the good work, my brother…..

  15. Joseph says:


    7.3 earthquake hit this region on Saturday.   I wonder how much more damage it did to that region. 


    Fukushima: How the ocean became a dumping ground for radioactive waste

       Fukushima nuclear melt down was on 03-11-2011

    The nuclear disaster at Fukushima sent an unprecedented amount of radiation into the Pacific. But, before then, atomic bomb tests and radioactive waste were contaminating the sea — the effects are still being felt today.

    But the ocean wasn't just being used as a training ground for nuclear war. Until the early 1990s, it was also a gigantic dump for radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. 

    From 1946 to 1993, more than 200,000 tons of waste, some of it highly radioactive, was dumped in the world's oceans, mainly in metal drums, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Several nuclear submarines, including nuclear ammunition, were also sunk during this time.

    • Frustrated says:

      they don't even know where the reactor cores ARE from the ones that melted down, because they melted straight down into the earth, and even robots sent in to find out died within seconds

      question- why don't the "world leaders" put all politics aside and come together AS ONE for a change, to unify and pool all their resources towards containing this ELE, while also shutting down all the other nuclear reactors in existence, permanently?

      Oh, silly me… i must have stupidly glossed over the fact that that's not in their playbook

  16. f reps says:

    Mr. "Nobody" is  On The Money ; but the numbers  he provides are incomprehensible  to Normal People.  Just like the absolutely Moronic ; and  U S Govt. proudly announced ; Mind numbing estimates of a Three TRILLION dollar deficit for Fiscal 2021.  Weimar on Steroids ?.  Hell No…….Absolute Chaos is in store for Humanity…along with the chaos coming to our Dying Planet.  Thank the Psychopaths who have NO  "National "Identity but  "religiously" follow an  "International" Instruction book from Satan.  Who else? ;  I ask you.

    • No One U Know says:

      It was an epidemiological study released after many many years of research by a whole team of epidemiologists. I think the range they came up with of innocent civilians Massacred and killed by our troops and the things we set into motion was somewhere between 1.5 and 3.5 million souls, and I think they came up with a number of approximately 2.4 million as the most likely and most accurate estimate number of innocent civilians George W bush and his group killed. And that's just in Iraq

  17. Raymond says:

    Over the next four days it will be dangerously cold and the humidity is not expected to drop below 70%, on any one of of those given days (or nights). Even when it's forecasted to dip below zero it will be around 78 to 89% relative humidity. With snow through tonight and again on Wednesday. But when the sun is expected to shine on Tuesday, it will only reach 18 degrees with 92% humidity!


    Since the Polar Vortex hit, it has yet to drop below 68% humidity and that my friends is completely Insane. Because the humidity always dropped to between 10% and 25%, when major arctic fronts pushed through this part of Texas… before geoengineering started creating artificial winter cool downs!

    Especially on bitter cold sunny days, where it used to never go above 15% humidity.

    I completely understand that moisture from the Gulf of Mexico influences weather patterns here and that's why we have brutal Spring storms, or sweltering temperature-humidity heat index values, pushing 160 degrees in late Summer. But when very cold dry air arrives from the north in winter (which is becoming extremely rare these days), it always expels the warm humid air away and into Mexico.

    Never ushering in air with even higher humidity than normal, as their is no longer a source of humid air in the equation!

    As a lifelong amateur meteorologist, I can only find one rational explanation for the anomalous humid arctic air conundrum.

    Evidently the geoengineering climate controllers have become masters at locating and tapping into atmospheric rivers, before seeding them with chemical ice nucleation particulates. Just as they have done over the past few months in the Pacific northwest and California, to create heavy snow or flooding rain.

    Mix in a few stratospheric microwave cooked roller coasters of displaced polar vortexes in Winter, and the end result is record setting snow and ice storms around the globe. Masterfully tricking the world's population into believing that the scientists who are trying to raise awareness, of an inevitable runaway Venus syndrome in our near future. Are all simply crying "Wolf!" and should never again be taken seriously.

    Place a ton of dry ice on a boiling hot pressure cooker… and Climate Change simply becomes a mute subject, devoured by a conspiracy theory black hole.

    But in real life… if you were ignorant enough to actually dump a large cooler of dry ice onto a super hot pressure cooker. You're likely to cause an explosive reaction that will blow up in your face!

    Which is exactly what all of us who know and understand the facts behind catastrophically harmful geoengineering operations, are hoping will happen to the Controllers… once the truth is finally exposed for all to see and accept..

    • No One Special says:


      Thank you for all you do. Can you please explain for my benefit, and that of others here, why it is that colder air should be drier? I wonder too, does the increase in humidity make the weather seem even colder than it is?

      Thank you

  18. Roy says:

    Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future- a new report from a team of international scientists

    THEIR RECAP: We report three major and confronting environmental issues that have received little attention and require urgent action. First, we review the evidence that future environmental conditions will be far more dangerous than currently believed. The scale of the threats to the biosphere and all its lifeforms—including humanity—is in fact so great that it is difficult to grasp for even well-informed experts. Second, we ask what political or economic system, or leadership, is prepared to handle the predicted disasters, or even capable of such action. Third, this dire situation places an extraordinary responsibility on scientists to speak out candidly and accurately when engaging with government, business, and the public. We especially draw attention to the lack of appreciation of the enormous challenges to creating a sustainable future. The added stresses to human health, wealth, and well-being will perversely diminish our political capacity to mitigate the erosion of ecosystem services on which society depends. The science underlying these issues is strong, but awareness is weak. Without fully appreciating and broadcasting the scale of the problems and the enormity of the solutions required, society will fail to achieve even modest sustainability goals. 

    My question: … the never-ending, urgent, timeless question. How much do we want our young children to understand about the horrors of the world?




    • Somebody says:

      As for your question about the children, if they truly understood everything with no thing held back, they would be better prepared to understand what's coming, although it might rob them of joy in the short-term. But then I would have to ask, a part of what Foundation was that Joy built in the first place? The same kind Santa Claus is built upon?

  19. Jim S says:

    So many distractions, where is one to start? I regularly read the weekly column of Pastor Chuck Baldwin. Earlier this year one of his columns titled "A Lie Pitched from Hell" contained a CDC Document concerning the "RT PCR Diagnostic Panel" originally published in July of 2020. It stated that there were no "Isolates" of the Covid 19   virus available. That was contained on page 39   under "Performance Characteristics". Upon re-examining that report, I found that it was updated on 12-1-2020. No longer did "Performance Characteristics" show on page 39 but it did appear on page 42. It was still maintained that there were no isolated samples of the virus as of 12-1-2020.It goes on to describe a simulation process.


    The alleged Covid 19 Virus is not among the isolated viruses that the CDC has a sample of. If the CDC has no samples of a World Wide Pandemic, who does? Given that viruses have been isolated and vaccines have been developed on this basis, what are the Covid 19 vaccinations based on? Prominent Doctors and Scientist, ie,    Experts have stated on the record that these are not vaccines at all. They properly identify themas a "Gene Therapy Procedure". Of course, those experts will never be on any MSM productions to advise the masses as to the true state of affairs. Then you have yearly Influenza infections practically extinct. Hmmm. Connect the dots folks!

    CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel – Instructions for Use (

    • Dennie says:

      "The alleged Covid 19 Virus is not among the isolated viruses that the CDC has a sample of. If the CDC has no samples of a World Wide Pandemic, who does?"

      I'd wager you can probably find some isolate samples of Sars-CoV-2 somewhere in the back of Bill Gates' refrigerator…

    • No One U Know says:

      Chuck is awesome… he's one of the few pastors who is NOT 501 c3, so he can tell it like it is.

      The 501 c3 issue is why I believe 99.9% of American pastors are not screaming from the rooftops against the rising wave of tyranny (medical or otherwise) taking place…. they simply can't without losing their tax-exempt status, and the funny thing is, they ALREADY WERE TAX EXEMPT WITHOUT REGISTERING FOR 501 c3.

  20. Andrew Shaw says:

    Hello Dane,

    I have lived on Lake Huron in Northern Michigan for 15 years. My beach is a light color and was walkable in bare feet all summer until 2019 when for approximately 5 days of the summer the sand was so hot it would burn your feet. Last summer at least 10 days had sand hot enough to scald your feet. We'll see what this summer brings.I suspect we are  experiencing  exponential ozone layer decay.I wonder if they'll simply stop spraying and see if the weather can settle back to pregeonenginnering behavior. My guess is they won't.

    • Nobody says:

      In the southeast even in the winter time on sunny day you have to cover your skin. It literally will burn your arms and face. You should see all of the trees out here every summer where the tops of the trees are scorched out like they've been hit with fire.

    • penny waters says:

      take care of your eyes!!!

  21. f reps says:

    Dane's dire outlook for Humanity's fate ; as a result of the ongoing Geoengineering  activities is based on  Hard Facts.   The American  Public's unthinking  response to the abuse visited upon our Country  is similar to the behavior of a terribly abused wife at the hands of a Cruel Husband.    The " Gulf of Tonkin" Alarm { yet to be explained} resulted in the deaths of close to sixty thousand young Americans ; but we murmured our approval.    Iraq's recent  "Weapons of Mass Destruction"  {none ever discovered } resulted in   hundreds of thousands of murdered innocents in the Middle East ; as well as  ten thousand American youth killed; along with the maiming of tens of thousands more.  Not even a peep from the Pulpits.     The  " New Enemy" is Covid 19.   And just like  faithful dogs ; we line up to be injected with  some poison which will destroy our bodies ; as we continue to " gratefully" Lick the hands of the ones who are actually killing us .  We are no different  than  those dogs in primitive cultures  who looked  lovingly in their Masters eyes ; as their bodies  were being savagely torn apart for food.       How Sad. 

    • Nobody says:


      Correction my friend. I see yours ago a stay was released to which scientists who study birth and death rates and so forth release their findings of their studies over many years approximately 15 years, and the country of Iraq. Because of many factors the exact death number could not be obtained but only estimated. They estimated it was between 1 and 3 billion human beings that died because of George W bush and his war-mongering in Iraq, and I believe that the number that came up with that was the most likely number of actual civilian casualties from what USA, the good guys, did to Iraq, was about 2.4 million Souls. These are not military, these are civilian casualties of our military.

      In the southeast even in the winter time on sunny day you have to cover your skin. It literally will burn your arms and face. You should see all of the trees out here every summer where the tops of the trees are scorched out like they've been hit with fire.

    • Dennie says:

      @Nobody:  Yes.

    • Nobody says:

      so sorry for the mistakes… it was roughly 1-3 Million people killed in Iraq starting in 2003, and epidemiologists estimated the most accurate number was around 2.4 Million souls


      interesting too one of the first places we (the good guys, cough cough) sacked was the Baghdad museum, especially and basement where the good stuff was kept

  22. Raymond says:

    The other night it was 17 degrees and the humidity was at 89%! With no forecast of frozen precipitation. How is that humanly possible?

    With extreme bitter cold, you always get super low relative humidity! But with Geoengineering, you evidently get exceptions to those rules.

    Monday night is forecasted to be -14 degrees and a wind chill of -23 degrees! But just seven days later on the following Monday, the forecast says it will be 80 degrees, with a heat index value of 88 degrees!

    That's a difference of how it will feel to the human body, of 111 degrees!… in just a very short time, between those insane numbers.

    Again. How is that even humanly possible? Are the Geoengineering climate controllers going to use the same technique, of heating the stratosphere up by 100 degrees to push the polar vortex out over the Atlantic? Like they did in the Arctic originally?

    Over the next five days it will be colder here, than it has been… in over 42 years and we are expected to see two major snowstorms. Bringing us more snow than we've seen in almost 80 years!

    As everyone saw with the 133 car mass casualty pile up on a frozen highway, east of Fort Worth. We are totally unprepared for Blizzards in this part of Texas. The Panhandle and West Texas yes. But not here!

    • Dennie says:

      Yup– We get crazy-assed weather only a psychopathic weather-maker could conjure up.  And how 'bout the 85 countries that bloomed with COVID-19 back in March 2020, all within a 4-day period of time?  Well, that clearly must've been a "coincident," too.

  23. No One U Know says:

    The hospital had which I work started their vaccine campaign telling this it would be voluntary and just for those who wants it. In subsequent weeks they began ratcheting up the rhetoric and becoming more and more aggressive about pushing everybody to get this vaccine. My personal religious belief is not compatible with experimental vaccinations. I will not be anyone's guinea pig or genetic science experiment. I got an attorney who is experienced in constitutional and federal employment law and put my Hospital Administration on notice that absolutely will not take their vaccines and that I have legal and constitutional rights to freely practice my religious beliefs. I told them that I was formally invoking those constitutional rights. I made it clear that my attorney and I are ready to proceed with legal action in the event that they ever mandate this experimental vaccine under threat of suspension of hospital privileges. The CEO of my hospital system back down and put it in writing that they would not mandate the vaccine. For years I had had a religious and permanent exemption to their annual mandated flu vaccines on the basis of my religious faith. So in this case I have a track record of many years in which I have consistently maintained my constitutional right to freely express my religious faith, and I have it in writing that my hospital system has consistently Affirmed that constitutional right to freely practice my religion per the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

    I told the CEO I'm a hospital system that he and I would have no tissues as long as he continued to respect the sanctity of my body and my choice to make my own decisions about what goes into my body. The second they violate that, my attorney and I will file a formal federal complaint with the EEOC, the equal employment opportunity commission. In that event, the EEOC would attempt to mediate in agreement with Hospital. If that is unsuccessful, and Hospital were to deny me hospital privileges based upon my following my religious faith, we will go straight to Federal Court.

    It is high time that everybody practice Peaceful non-resistance yet at the same time dry clear Line in the Sand and make it clear that they will not comply and will not go along with this tyrannical system any longer. People have important legal and constitutional rights, and I need to stand up and invoke those rice and make it clear that they will not be forced to do things against their religious beliefs. It is time to throw off the Yoke of Oppression and stand up for our god-given freedoms and beliefs.

    Dr. Martin Luther King jr. The principle of peaceful non-resistance, as the Jesus and has did many other people throughout history. It is time to put these people on notice that we will not comply.

    Covid-19 has a survival rate higher then the seasonal flu. The fatality rate of covid-19 averages under 0.1%. The fatality rate how to of the Seasonal flu averages approximately 0.1%.

    Many Physicians researchers are now coming out and openly talking about the dangers of this experimental vaccine.

    I am 100% for people receiving this experimental vaccine, if they wish to do so. However, it must be voluntary and never mandatory.

    When the CEO of Pfizer goes on record saying that he will not take his own vaccine, people had better pay attention.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      EXCELLENT letter, and I'm so glad to see you standing up for your rights — we all need to. I can hardly believe we are having to fight for our very right to breathe and our own bodily autonomy! This medical tyranny has got to stop. One of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s quotes I've always liked is "People have an OBLIGATION to disobey unjust laws." We are certainly at that point right now!

    • No One U Know says:

      Bonnie, thank you for your kind reply. Thomas Jefferson once said, "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Enough with America's 'thank you for your service' culture. It's betrayal, not patriotism.

    Our service men and women are perpetually abused and misled. Perks like priority airline boarding won't fix that.

    … Our country’s military is continually misused, and no amount of pyrotechnics, flag-waving, priority airline boarding, discount nachos, bumper stickers or military flyovers can fix that. For two decades, the U.S. government has knowingly sent its service members to self-perpetuating and self-defeating wars.
    That’s not patriotism — that’s betrayal.
    … fascinating that many teachers would never expose children to graphic images of dead soldiers in classrooms, but those same students can be misled in broad daylight, at schoolhouses turned de facto recruiting stations? Consequently, American youths could unwittingly become those very dead bodies.
    Informed consent is a critical component of respect. And if our society believes that images of amputees or dead civilians — and statistics about suicide, post-traumatic stress disorder or drug abuse — are too explicit for underage audiences, perhaps its military should quit recruiting children.
    … a survey by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan "have caused mental and emotional health problems in 31% of vets — more than 800,000 of them."
    In one of the largest surveys available on post-9/11 veterans, “40% of veterans polled had considered suicide at least once after they joined  the military” and roughly 20 veterans and active-duty service members committed suicide daily in the past several years  — a truly staggering figure. That’s “more suicides each year than the total American military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq," as a New York Times editorial board member characterized it.
    Divorce, alcohol, drugs, depression, endless “zombie” medication to mitigate endless deployments — the whole nine yards. All of it ought to be raised before any American enlists, but we do not know of a single instance where a recruiter discussed the risks of military service.
    Likewise, because it is one of the most traumatic, highly personal elements of combat, recruits should recognize that America’s war on terror has resulted in the deaths, often violent, of more than 100 Sept. 11's worth of civilians from Africa to Central Asia. In the final sense, war offers only needless suffering. Ignorance to its evils is more needless still.
    Taken collectively, burdens and risks seem subtle and are more easily dismissed. Most citizens prefer to avert their eyes than view war through honest lenses of fear, apathy, ignorance and guilt. The Pentagon, incidentally, seems quite happy with this arrangement.

    • Raymond says:

      V. Susan Ferguson,

      I served in Gulf war ONE and got to know veterans of all subsequent middle eastern wars to date. There is no actual war footage of when infantry brigades, from various NATO nations launched the very first offensive into Iraq (in the very first gulf war) . We attacked heavily dug in and fortified Republican Guard units, just across the Saudi border to draw all of their forces away from Iraq's north, east and western boarders. It's called a feint and they fell for it hook line and sinker.

      That's how our air and artillery units were able to decimate Iraqi armored and artillery divisions, as we drew them out from cover and invited them to move south… to try and stop our infantry ground assaults. Those are the videos shown around the world of tanks and big guns being destroyed, as we easily picked them off with surprise attacks by planes and artillery that Iraq thought… were still in position at their other borders.

      Anyway, the point I'm making is that everyone here in America thought our forces were simply enjoying a cakewalk and that the Iraqi army was being completely obliterated, with virtually No Casualties on our side whatsoever.

      Well they never saw or heard about, how our infantry was outnumbered 50 to one and how brutally intense the firefights were, that I was a part of. The carnage was beyond imagination!

      I held my best friend in my arms as he took his last breath, all while being fired upon by hundreds of Republican Guardsmen, who used every weapon at their disposal to try and slaughter us. Before General Norman Schwarzkopf gave the orders for the secondary, surprise offensive.

      The fighting was beyond savage for what seemed like an eternity and soldiers were getting shot and dying all around me (on both sides). But we kept advancing as though it was D-Day and Normandy Beach all over again!

      Of the three dozen or so friends I had, who survived that war and returned home to America with me. Nine committed suicide! Another nine are still being treated (medically Zombified) for PTSD trauma and all of them got divorced. Another five became homeless and are now living on the streets!

      Only a handful kept their sanity and found a way to try and live, as normal a civilian life as humanly possible… like me. Same goes with the other veterans I know, who survived constant back to back deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

      All because we first went into Iraq, not to free the Kuwaiti people from an offensive by Saddam Hussein. But to force both nations into signing over control of their oil production industry to OPEC!

      And so that America could keep the Soviet Union from gaining even more allies in the middle east's Gulf Region. 

      The Army recruiters never tell you that signing on the dotted line, will likely be a one way ticket to Hell! When the political elite puppets and military industrial complex empire, next decides which country or nation is on their radar… for threatening to murder millions of their people, if they don't accept the American Dollar as their standard of all commerce and trade… or give in to extortion of allowing America to build new bases and store our arsenal of nuclear weapons there!

      You are truly spot on Susan, with your narrative of the human cost for keeping America as the biggest "Bully" Super Power on planet Earth. They accomplish this by using our children as expendable chess pieces, on a board of disillusionment that's covered in their own blood, sweat and tears.

      I personally get so tired of everyone constantly saying: "Thank you for your service and welcome home soldier."

      There is never any honor to be had, in ANY WAR ever…….. period!

      It's simply tired old, lazy men and women in politics who get bored and suddenly decide to play GOD! Just to see if they are still alive and get their juices flowing again.

      Gods they are not! Minions of Satan… of that I am certain.

      Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and retired Col. Allen Bernard West, being the only possible exceptions to the rule. As far as I'm concerned.

    • V, Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Raymond. Hopefully others will take what you have said to heart. The Empire has become evil, corrupt and rotten beyond imagination. A killing machine for the greedy elite. Sad days for those of us who love and remain faithful to the memory of 'the land of the free, the home of the brave.'

    • penny waters says:

      some years back – when homelessness wasn't so ordinary – the homeless comprised of:-

      4 out of 5 homeless were mostly youngsters thrown out of the 'system' – care/orphanages etc

      the other 1 out of the 5 was a soldier

      get the boys young – especially if from chaotic backgrounds – and fill 'em up with stories of 'courage' – an army in the making…………..

      and hell on earth……….

      being female and old i have never had to engage with war and find my courage

      but i was born at a new time in tv when the post war television  chewed it over and over, with real pictures of the horrors that humans inflict on each other

      you can even watch the world wars in colour – hmmmmmm – more human horror

      used to think it was easier for men when i was a child, and thought like a child

      often give thanks that i wasn't born a boy – don't know how you do it chaps

      but thank you to all the good men in the world and to all the good females too

      much love to you all

    • penny waters says:

      dear raymond

      so glad that you could find your way out of hell – being alive as a human takes such a balancing of the mind and heart that the conscious people, who report on this site, have to carry constantly

      although i have never been in a war, civilian or soldier, i cannot imagine

      but i have faced attempts at both my physical and psychological death and know that most people have little clue about the kind of courage and fear that have to be carried for evermore, after abuse

      dear raymond, from your contributions here i know you to be a good person, take good care and be gentle with your self

      who knows what we have to endure during our lives

      much love from a friend across the pond



  25. BBB says:

    Re. Mr. Gates:  There is a psychological term known as 'duping delight.' He could be a sufferer.  Meanwhile, we all suffer.  Yes, how did he know "covid-1984" was imminent?  He and his wife both smirk and suggest if we have not respectedvthe current so-called pandemic, not to worry.  The next one will get our attention, so these two say. 

    • Dani says:

      BG jest psychopata. Przypadek medyczny.Niestety jego finansowe zasby pozwalają mu byc bezkarnym.

    • Dennie says:

      I just have to wonder, to which pandemic is "Dr."
       Bill Gates referring? I mean, we've got at least 3 variants of SARS-CoV-2 floating around (and probably even more) that are much meaner than the first iteration– Could it be that he's hinting at the SARS-CoV-2/anthrax experiments going on at the University of PA-Pittsburgh??  That would mean he'd be giving us an extremely contagious, common-cold-type airborne version of ANTHRAX, actually.  There exists no descriptive term in any language that accurately describes the character of this wicked, evil little DEVOURING MONSTER

      And what, exactly, makes Gates believe that HE himself is above getting sick with his own pathogens?  Fact is, there was no "antidote" to this pathogen when he gave the orders to unleash it on us all– just his silly, deluded faith that there would be one soon.  It has been observed that people who live by the sword tend to die by the sword.  

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