Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 25, 2017


Dane Wigington

The forced contamination and degradation of populations and the planet continues from countless sources. The military/medical/industrial complex is showing signs of desperation on every front. The shadow government that controls our country will stop at nothing to defend its lifeblood, the petrodollar and the flow of oil. The pharmaceutical industry is helping to fuel the national opiate addiction epidemic that has already killed more Americans than the Vietnam War. Weather whiplash is evolving into full blown climate disintegration. Record heat to chemically ice nucleated snowstorms in a days time is now a regular occurrence. Below is an example from Northern California recorded on 2/24/2017.

This animation clearly reveals waves of far above freezing moisture from the Pacific "changing over to snow" (a newly coined term from The Weather Channel) even at very low elevations as jet air craft disperse chemical ice nucleating elements above the migrating rain cells.

Texas hits 107 degrees in February (shattering all former former February records for the entire US). Globally, 20,000,000 people are predicted to perish in the next 6 months due to starvation. The latest issue of Global Alert News is below.

What will it take for the masses to realize that we all sink or swim together? A committed collective effort to sound the alarm is the great imperative.

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


180 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 25, 2017

  1. Sam says:

    This all looks like the plan-to eliminate the baby boomers-afterall the pensions seem to be stolen or nonexistent with the activity of the rich and their banksters collapsing one bank after another -the money never disappears only from our view/our pockets.Maranatha na

  2. Mags says:

    Eastern Oregon is being sprayed with Mustard Gas since 2016, once the aerial spraying has overtaken the sky, about 2 hours later a heavy odor of Onions can be smelled for up to 4 hours. If you get caught outside after the spraying a burning or itching sensation is felt upon your skin, your eyes itch your have a runny nose or breathing difficulties. I've had several nose bleeds right after they spray, and my face turns red like with a sun burn, it is difficult to breath at times during the spaying, most of the time now I wear a mask when I venture outside to feed my animals. It is sad, several of us have filed air pollution complaint reports, but nothing has come of reporting this to the different agencies. Its almost if they know this is being done on purpose. Umatilla Oregon use to store Mustard Gas in the Umatilla Depots, ut of course we have been told that all of that has been cleared up. I just wanted to tell someone in case your live in Eastern Oregon and have experienced the same and could not make no heads no tails out of it. This is what the CDC and US government says about Mustard Gas. 

    Sulfur mustard sometimes smells like garlic, onions, or mustard and sometimes has no odor. It can be a vapor (the gaseous form of a liquid), an oily-textured liquid, or a solid.

    If sulfur mustard is released into the air as a vapor, people can be exposed through skin contact, eye contact, or breathing. Sulfur mustard vapor can be carried long distances by wind.

    If sulfur mustard is released into water, people can be exposed by drinking the contaminated water or getting it on their skin.

    People can be exposed to liquid sulfur mustard by eating it or getting it on their skin.

    Sulfur mustard can last from 1 to 2 days in the environment under average weather conditions and from weeks to months under very cold conditions.

    Sulfur mustard breaks down slowly in the body, so repeated exposure may have a cumulative effect (that is, it can build up in the body).


  3. Lee Eyerman says:

    Well folks the manufactured weather got me and my area last night.First we get tornado winds at 2am, then the siren goes off at 4am with a real tornado.My property made it through the second bad storm of the night.I felt relieved was going to work when out of nowhere 100 mph winds with rain for nearly 5 minutes.Everything trashed,,nobody has a clue when we get power again.Now during the day we are getting sustained 40mph winds with gusts up to 70mph.Reminds me of the fake September inland hurricane of 2008 when the wind blew80mph for 10 hours and no one had power for a week.God bless all of you,we really are up against evil.

    • BaneB says:

      Lee Eyerman:  which state and/or locale?  It helps to know that, dates and time of day and/or night.  It's probable someone has captured a screen shot(s) of the NEXRAD weather machines creating the storm and the level of intensity.

  4. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Think about this, how can any animal, plant or any living organism be classified as ORGANIC. We all go to the grocery stores, where products are labeled CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Everything in the entire biosphere is now contaminated by the global climate engineering that is occurring! This should be another topic to be mentioned to those people in denial!

  5. Darkansas says:

    I agree with what Dane says. Noticed in Arkansas th other day a ton of spraying in the southwest sky and then the next day that is the direction the storm from and wind came from. Seen a lot of obvious evidence like this over the years. Everything is a month early here.

    Ever seen on a radar where a huge storm blob just pops up and disappears. I've wondered about that because I've seen it happen here associated with a lot of spraying.

    I think Facebook has banned my IP address because I keep making accounts and spreading this info all over and they do not like it.

    • Dennie says:

      .. and we have Mark Sucker-berg on the record saying not long ago that he's "committed" to stopping ALL disease, within the next 25 years–HAHAHAAAAHHH!!!  Whadda kid, huh?  Never mind he has ZERO idea what's causing a lot of our illness on the planet– might as well've said he's going to stamp out mortality itself, starting with.. himself, of course!  Oligarchs are hungry ghosts.  They can't get ever get enough; no matter HOW much they devour, they ALWAYS WANT MORE!!!!!!!!

  6. BaneB says:

    I came across this site while doing a general search on microwaves and its contribution to global warming, if any.  The title is BACKGROUND OF THE HAARP PROJECT, prepared by Rosalie Bertell, Phd, GNSH.  Not only are the ionospheric heaters contributing to what has become 'climate change,' but the paper proceeds to demonstrate that the several thousand terrestrial nukes detonated, and the handful of atmospheric explosions in the ionosphere, add to the increase in temperatures.  These upper atmospheric detonations ripped huge holes in the earth's magnetic field and destroyed enormous quantities of ozone.  This has increased warming by allowing UV heating of the earth and the oceans.  If that is not enough to understand that the inmates escaped the asylum, toss into the warm radioactive glow what rockets have done and DO to the ozone.  Hair spray as a culprit had to have been a bit of strawman.  These madmen knew they were, AND ARE, savaging the environment!  And they are well aware that burned rocket fuel is destroying more ozone with every launch.  These same psychopaths of science curiosity are punching holes in the atmosphere and through the earth's magnetic field.  And if you have ever watched those many utube satellite videos of the interlinked NEXRAD weather machine firing off its microwave "pinwheels" and "rays of God" (Raytheon), the image is of 160 microwave ovens spilling out the heat and blanketing the entire lower 48 in a microwave fog.  Add in the cell towers, GWEN, and God only knows what else….oh yeah, let's not forget the heat generated by nuclear power plants and coal burning facilities.  How about several billion automobile exhaust pipes? All the while we are fed lies, the most visual the heavy blanket of heat-trapping fake aerosol created "clouds" being sold to us as classic contrails! Yes, we ARE the Anthropocene Age.  It could well be labeled the Dumbopocene.

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  Yeah, I think I wrote in something recently about the ban on products sold in pressurized aerosol cans, like hairspray, spray-on, deodorant, etc..  Oh, and cow flatulence of course– a MAJOR cause of methane production on Planet Earth– NEVER MIND SPACE STATION BLAST-OFFS, MILITARY DOINGS AND OTHER JET EMISSIONS, ESPECIALLY THE KIND WHERE THEY'RE SPRAYING NANOPARTICULATE METALS!!!!!!

    • Beth says:

      Is all weather now days controlled. What would weather be if not engineered?

  7. BaneB says:

    Sea: "Magic."  Another term that describes her high tech wizardry is 'Mystery Babylon and all her SORCERIES…'  

  8. Rutheford_County_NC says:

    Thanks to Dane's recommendation, I got my family to watch Vaxxed the other night.

    You should check it out, it's available on Amazon Prime (shocked me).  MMR Vaccine is directly linked to autism — PERIOD.

    No doubt the aluminum and other assorted goodies in the artificial clouds is harmful.

    Even living in a rural area, drinking water from a deep well (no fluoride or chlorine), and eating healthy foods, it seems we cannot totally escape the health consequences.  So many adults I know have the 'flu' or a 'cold' or 'sinus infection' or 'allergies' right now.

    Flowers and trees are blooming about 3 weeks ahead of schedule here, and the mainstream narrative is "this has happened before, nothing to see here, move along".

    Never mind the string of record high temps (+25F over normals) and the radically see-sawing temperatures associated with geoengineering.

    They're painting the sky with an intensity I've never seen before. And the weather is showing a pattern that  is becoming  more obvious: warm ups accompanied by massive spraying, followed by high winds and rapid cool down and/or precipitation. Then warm ups, then massive spraying followed by high winds and cooldown… repeat ad infinitum.

    My gut feeling is that the climate is disintegrating. The rate of disintegration is increasing exponentially, and thus the geoengineers are having to work overtime to hide it.

    And most people are working overtime at ignoring it all, finding comfort in Facebook and mainstream news media. The general take on the warm winter temps I hear is "I don;t like winter, this is great".

    My response: "have you thought about what the lack of a winter might do to plant and animal life?". ..  LIke fruit trees that require a certain number of below freezing days, or freezing temps that kill off large numbers of insects pests?  How different plants and animals can migrate into an area unadapted to them, and thus vulnerable, due to warming temperatures?

    The knock on effects of warm winters are going to be devastating IMO.

    It seems that most Americans inhabit a fake world.

    They reside most of the time in climate-controlled spaces, under artificial lighting, eating fake foods, consuming fake news and low brow entertainment. While the world burns. They can't be bothered to notice or acknowledge it. It's much more fun to pretend all is well and party on.

    As a 49 year old, things look pretty bleak to me.

    Will we even be here by 2040? 2030?

  9. El says:

    Some products to look into for those of you who have health issues.

    BioAge – algae


    Super Sulfur

    Bentonite Clay


  10. sea says:

    Anonymous- love the "scratch their behinds"…great laugh out of that one- can see a LOT of people  I know in that action! Actually they wont wait for it to magically disappear it will- that's magic! and that is the world Americans live in…a sense of magic.Haha

  11. Mario says:

    Santa Ana Mountains transmitter is in between Pleasant's Peak and Sierra Peak, along the ridge about halfway in between.

    • Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

      Does everyone know that there is a PEOPLES CLIMATE MARCH  in Washignton, DC on April 29, 2017.


      Check it out.  Sister Gladys Marhefka

  12. Mario says:

    I believe that Idaho transmitter NNW of Pocatello is on Ferry Butte in between Pingree and Blackfoot, north of Fort Hall.  Its a fairly odd configuration.  The radome is set off – just north of the peak.

  13. Seeing Clearly says:

    Well said (

    No To Drugs I Would Like To Take The Time To Honor andThank CCHR For Helping Pass legislation Prohibiting The Forcing Of Drugs On Children and The Right Not To Be "Diagnosed" with a mental disorder if your in school without you and or your parents signing a consent form saying you agree to be labeled with a disorder and you agree to take drugs personally I would never allow and sign such a thing for myself or my children if I could help it.

  14. Randall says:

    Ahhhh, a brother like me. Strong words buddy and I feel the same as you. It's time to wake the flock up! Is right. 

    Im 60 brother and always lived in lake country northern wis. 

    From what I have seen in the last 10 years has shocked me. 

    People who live disconnected from nature do not know how bad it is. 

    I have seen web traffic for ten years. All the info is out there. In a projected graph of info related to action, I see a crash before real change. 

    I believe action is now or never. Not even one more year delay. 

    Either shit or get off the pot mode. Live or die. 

    Quick planning, March, all out attack on ignorance. 

    We have enough people already if they would crawl out of the rabbit holes and fight. 

    Thanks for the inspiration bro. 

  15. Gary Pennington says:

    Woke up at 6:30 am this morning, and could see frost outside, so I checked both of my outdoor thermometers. Front of the house read 38*F, back of the house read 37*F. Went on Intellicast website, for local forecast in my area, West Sebastopol, Sonoma County. It said that the current temp was 38*F. I went out to feed the horses, and noticed my birdbaths had a layer of ice on them. The latch to the corral was iced over, frozen, and stuck. At 37*F! Ice nucleation every day here of late. Enough already!

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Perhaps if you video recorded this kind of occurrence, it would be a good awareness tool for waking others to this. People believe machines more than they do one another these days. Scientific materialism.

  16. SilentSister says:

    This is an interesting read/ presentation. Thanks to all for your awareness, embracing the truth of science gone mad.

    • sea says:

      Thank you Silent Sister this is very informative link.

      The more info we have  helps…. but keeps breaking my heart- we must continue on , we cannot let the criminals involved in the aerosol spraying get away with their crimes.

      Everyday I am grateful I was never one of the evil and sinister people that had a govt job or a scientist that fell pray to valuing the pay check over LIFE.But they must feel a comfort about killing the planet and humankind otherwise their consciousness would not allow it to prevail.

      I am not sad for these people that have chosen this- their ignorance will play out when they go down with the rest of nature and humanity.They think they can hide in their "mole holes" with all their "comforts" and yet human beings must have human contact, nature and sunlight to stay alive and thrive.

      Kind of like the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz… "I'm melting…." we will watch those evil people that cannot tell the truth succumb.

      Keep on , keepin on – DW is our person of perseverance, we cannot stop!


    • Dennie says:

      @SilentSister:  How do we ALL of us reach Ms. Xiaohong Liu and convince her and her Merry Band of Mad Scientists that they are 1. WAAAAY off track; 2. not so "smart," (proving that every last Asian is NO "smarter" than the rest of us, and maybe not as bright, and certainly not as perceptive, prudent or wise, but certainly no less motivated by their main cultural contribution, m-o-n-e-y…); 3. dragging an entire planet down the road to it, and all of life on it, into complete and total demise?

    • Dennie says:

      LOL– I just scrolled through all the diagrams and charts with their gee-gaws and ho-hums and whirligig equationss showing just how these Mad Scientists are going to fix this mess that THEY have created– beyond insane!!!!!  Hey, Kiddies:  Why not just STOP, QUIT, and let this planet heal itself????

  17. MS P says:


    Written by Brent Richard Mydland, John Barlow • Released 1989

    We don't own this place, though we act as if we did,
    It's a loan from the children of our children's kids.
    The actual owners haven't even been born yet.

    Bur we never tend the garden and rarely we pay the rent,
    Some of it is broken and the rest of it is bent
    Put it all on plastic and I wonder where we'll be when the bills hit.

    We can run,
    But we can't hide from it.
    Of all possible worlds,
    We only got one:
    We gotta ride on it.
    Whatever we've done,
    We'll never get far from what we leave behind,
    Baby, we can run, run, run, but we can't hide.
    Oh no, we can't hide.

    I'm dumpin' my trash in your back yard
    Makin' certain you don't notice really isn't so hard
    You're so busy with your guns and all of your excuses to use them.

    Well, it's oil for the rich and babies for the poor,
    We got everyone believin' that more is more,
    If a reckoning comes, maybe we will know what to do then.

    All these complications seem to leave no choice,
    I heard the tongues of billion speak with just one voice,
    Saying, "just leave all the rest to me,
    I need it worse than you, you see."
    And then I heard,
    The sound of one child crying.

    Today I went walking in the amber wind,
    There's a hole in the sky where the light pours in
    I remembered the days when I wasn't afraid of the sunshine.

    But now it beats down on the asphalt land
    Like a hammering blow from god's left hand
    What little still grows cringes in the shade like a bad vine.


    • Laura says:

      So poignant.  Brought me to tears


    • Mario says:

      I hold this song to close to my heart.  I am a deadhead and have been my whole life.  This song is one of the most powerful songs they ever produced.  Straight from the soul.  It speaks DIRECTLY to what is happening all around us.  And it'll make ya cry.  Give it a listen, and share it with someone. 

    • sea says:

      MS P- very powerful and sad… thank you for passing along

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      That song is haunting. It reminds me of what my generation failed to teach our young ones. Lord knows I tried…….

  18. marc says:

    Anonymous, good rant. I'm with you.

  19. MS P says:

    Dane, your mention about the billion dying trees in Colorado. Made me think of something to mention. Colorado has the highest radiation levels, daily, in the USA. According to the Radiation Network site.

    On a side note. after reading about the Sea Of Cortez. I got this AH HA feeling. Now thinking that it is  so very possible; that all the radiation numbers on the map, are much lower than they are in reality. 

    (The map seems to be down right now) 

  20. Rosalie says:

    In Toronto, it's another week of stealing the sun from the people.  As I looked at the weather forecast from the mass media machine, some things came to mind. How about a downloadable guide/booklet with a name like:

    Idiot's Guide To Geoengineering

    Geoengineering for Dummies

    Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a compact, downloadable guide with links to verifiable geoengineering facts from, that could easily be handed out to the public?

    The paid liar meteorologist in Toronto, who was once respected for his expertise in plants, now wears a different hat. He lays out the week's forecast, only giving the very basic weather info for this week: rain, rain and more rain. 

    The power structure is desperately trying to fool the masses, pouring on the chemical bath, day after day, forcing the weather cool down 

    Having my adult children living in this horror show in Toronto, obviously, I'm very troubled.

    So, back to this short-form guide, loaded with questions, geoengineered images beside it, and possible reasons for the unusual things we see and feel.

    Here are some examples I have come up with:

    1) If rain is in the forecast with wildly swinging temperatures, what could be happening? Answer: xxx

    2) If the sky is filled with coloured lines, what does this mean?

    Answer xxx

    3) If your throat feels like you swallowed razor blades? Answer xxx

    4) What are those wavy clouds? Answer xxx

    5) What are those pillow-like cloud clusters?  Answer xxx

    6) How come I rarely see the sun anymore? Answer xxx

    7) What is that sticky stuff on my windshield? Answer xxx

    8) Why don't I see bugs on my windshield like I used to? Answer xxx

    9) How come it was 80 F yesterday and now it's 40 F today? Answer xxx

    10) Why is that cell tower loaded with all those weird things? Answer xxx

    11) Why do I feel like I'm being microwaved? Answer xxx

    12) Why does my head feel like it's in a vice-grip today? Answer xxx

    13) Why is the bark on the trees burned? Answer xxx

    14) That sun feels so hot on my face, but the weatherman says UV levels are safe today? Answer xxx

    15) Why do I have a metal taste in my mouth? Answer xxx

    16) How can I remove all this bad stuff from my body? Answer xxx

    17) The snow feels so harsh it hurts my body? Answer xxx

    18) The snow falling doesn't look  like the snowflakes I remember not that long ago? Answer xxx 

    19) I have winter tires on my car, but I'm slipping and sliding all over the roads like I've never experienced. Answer xxx

    20) Why are there so many mushrooms growing everywhere? Answer xxx

     This is what I've come up with, so far.  I'm sure many of you awake, quick witted, fine writers on here, with Dane in command, can come up with some amazing Q&As. 



    • Patti says:

      Rosalie, great idea for the book and great questions.

    • MS P says:

      Classic! Great spin on our  terrible reality & issues,. about presenting the truth! Perhaps you are on to something. Run with it!

      Mushrooms? I just photographed mushrooms, growing out of a sand dune on the beach in Ventura CA. No joke, growing out of salty beach sand, for no apparent reason.Never seen this before In all my life & all the travels, that I have done..Maybe I should take a spore sample, to learn more?  I have been photographing these dunes for many years. I study local plant life, sea life, & birds. Never seen mushrooms crop up in beach sand before. Dane I can send you the photos, if you wish to see this?

       Mushroom Photo  is now named► What is wrong with this picture?


    • Earth Angel says:

      Love the idea. Love the titles! Geoengineering for Dummies- How many would that encompass?!..Wonderful Rosalie!   : )

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Rosalie, I look forward to your production of the format you described. Please, send me a copy when you are finished. Looks to me like you have a good start. Go for it!!!

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Excellent Rosalie! Now, to actually get folks to read it….maybe if the ministers of congregations would read these as their sermon! Many years ago in Mt. Shasta, I composed a similar Reality Questionnaire, with questions such as Do you know where your water comes from? Do you know your bioregion? How many activities do you perform outdoors daily? How many indoors? and many more. I never showed it to anyone, as I was already widely resented for always being the one to "spoil the party". Their so called party bored me, and still does. How lovely to be connected here to so many coutageous and intelligent folks.

    • Dennie says:

      Geoengineering– for Dummies– YES, someone enterprising really SHOULD do a takeoff on the series, self-publish and get out of debt, maybe even be able to make some decent money so as no longer to have to worry about bill paying so much of the time :-).

  21. Jenny says:

    If anybody has mold/mildew issues or high humidity in their home, try DampRid.  There is a "hanging" kind you can hang in your bathrooms and closets–I keep one in each of them.  For some reason, nowadays the humidity is always very high where I live.  Granted, I live fairly close to water, but I don't remember it always being so high on weather reports.  But (unfortunately) I only started paying particular attention to the humidity on weather reports after we were told it was indeed black mold in our apartment.  

  22. We are being poisoned, but I don't think "Slowly" is the the right word. Moderately might fit better at this point.

  23. Joe Ceonnia says:

    I feel blessed that I had some time on this planet when people cared, 17 to 70 in a snap of of finger, Live it long and live it fast, get in kid 'cause it don't last, I remember that from a song and how true these words are. I feel the pain of these posts that I read… But I realized that the people I'm trying to reach, PROBABLY NEVER SEEN A NORMAL SKY?? Think about it, if you 30 years old or younger, you've never seen a normal sky? And that the real problem with reaching the younger folks, there minds can't comprehend what we are trying to alert them to, Their faces are in that phone, and their posting what they had for breakfast to all their friends. The mainstream media is all fluff pieces. There is no real news like there used to be when I grew up, Like 20/20 was a hard hitting come to Jesus truth session.  They (corporations) bought every news outlet, so they control the message. So can we blame the younger generations for not taking this as seriously as we would like??

    Believe me when I say, I tried and tried, I wrote congressman, senators, local official's, and no one will even respond, and the one that did, said ina letter that it is contrails… WTF is happening? Everyone on my block over 60 is dead or dying, and no one seems to say WTF is happening, except me and my big mouth screeming at the sky, GOD please help us from these psychopaths – I don't understand these greedy bastards, unless they have the formula that makes them immune to these nano-chemicals or are they just happy killing their entire family lineage – which I don't think so!! So, What is the game, how do you play if you don't know the end game. They're killing the entire web of life, nothing and I mean nothing will survive. I know they have frozen seeds of all varieties, however if there is no one alive, and I mean alive in a human sense, because our DNA is being altered by the nano- particulates, and they are aware of that fact, what is the end game??? Can anyone inlighten me, before I leave this earth. God keep you, bless you and you stay forever young.  As Nick Lowe wrote; "What So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding !    

  24. Mario says:

    Excellent broadcast, Dane!  I'm looking forward to Coast To Coast AM on Wed. 3-1-17.  I have been continuing to study the Nexrad system and watching the various radar loops available.  I've gone back and looked more at the Otterwalks page.  I have a question about radar wiping.  I am wondering if you or others at GeoEngineeringWatch have had any experience with data being wiped from the NWS radar system?  Otterwalks has presented some compelling evidence that data is in fact being wiped, therefore destroying some of the best first hand evidence we have of these microwave transmitter activities, especially during complex experiments and maneuvers with these ionospheric heaters.  My other question is whether or not there is someone archiving the current radar data, especially during this manufactured winter onslaught in California?

    A couple more locales of some of the transmitters that have been heavily active in the last few months: Northwest of Battle Mountain, NV near Sheep Creek Range (there is actually an icon on GoogleEarth that says "radar" – its kind of out in the middle of nowhere).  Also — Bovine Mountains in Box Elder Creek County, northwest Utah.  I have witnessed large beams of energy, possibly from this site, going east half way across Nevada, at the same time Virginia Peak seems to be beaming long bursts of energy west across Nevada.  I have also seen loops where the Battle Mountain transmitter beams directly south, while Virginia Peak beaks east at the same time.  There is a lot of complex experiments they are doing over wide areas of land with scalar technology.  I have heard others talk about heterodyning, or the mixing of two or more frequencies to produce a new and different frequency.  I wonder if that is why these radial beams are meant to cross and interact with beams from other nearby stations. 

    Thanks for all you do, Dane. 

    • Mario says:

      You can also add another transmitter just north of Promontory Point right in the middle of the Great Salt Lake of Utah. That transmitter is working on some precipitation in the area of Ogden and Salt Lake City 2-27-17 12:10am PST

  25. gene maynard says:

    Re-Thinking some Things; Ratcheting Down Expectations

    Could it be that Donald Trump is the re-incarnation of Adolf Hitler as some say? As Trump labors to put forth an image of one who recognizes the MSM as purveyors of false news, as he bans CNN from news conferences and declares all the mainstream to be enemies of the people, as he has been declared by some to have destroyed these purveyors of lies, doing all the right things to gain the kudos of the public…some of the Alt-news media is being destroyed and others crippled. Can he stop this illegal action? Does he want to?

    For some time I’ve been saying Donald Trump’s rise to power could only be attributed to God. I still believe God is using Trump to allow one more respite in which to repent. However, that being true it doesn’t by any means negate the possibility that Trump’s overall mission is one of treachery and deceit.

    Could it be that many of the presidents that have gone before were simply laying the groundwork for Trump’s administration? Could it be that Trump is the latest in a long line of Manchurian candidates that came to power to fulfill specific missions then moved out the way for the next one? He is certainly in the line of kings.

    Through the Nixon/Ford/Carter years, patriotism in America took a nose dive, but Reagan re-energized pride in America. This was absolutely necessary when 911 happened in order for the country to enter into endless wars. Enter Sr., Clinton, Jr., and Obama; they pushed too fast…people started to wake up.

    Could the ½ hour of silence in Revelation 8 be a two-edged sword? Rather than turning the people to God it has lulled the nation back to sleep. In the nation’s eyes we are in safe hands and the threat is over; President Trump can now handle all the threats. Rather than 200 million civilian militia men with guns threatening to rise up and cause all kinds of trouble…we now have 200 million Rip Van Winkles who manage to awake long enough to elect the man but are now self satisfied.

    Could all of the hatred directed towards President Trump be the work of George Soros and his dozens of organizations that have used mind controlled useful idiots to drum up this fake hatred to galvanize Trump’s supporters?

    No doubt the FBI, the CIA, and the military have adopted not a few of the Nazi regimes tactics, honed them for their own and are using them in America seemingly with the blessings of the Executive Office.. Rather than de-militarizing the nations police forces Trump seems to be building on this. He is making huge cuts in the State Department; but is that for show in this massively bloated, useless department as it is run; a department that provided thousands of useful idiots to act as a pseudo force against Trump for distraction. A department that now provides leaks and the illusion of harassment, as 10,000 employees threaten one employee for placing a picture of Trump on her desk.

    I could go on with what is being asked of us…to swallow the un-swallowable. Like the dozens of corporations that were so eager to leave America but now return at Trumps beacon call.

    I’m just saying, in my reassessing many things just don’t add up. I’m beginning to feel we are being played. If we are being played we are in grave danger. Far greater danger than one day before the election; as great as the danger was then at least the country was trying to wake up…now I’m afraid the ruse has had its intended effect and put the people back to sleep.



    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      You must ask yourself, does the President really have the power or is he just the prop, or the poppet, either way I'm not sure who is more corrupt the congressmen or the senators, everything has been stolen from beneath us all … our freedoms have been sold to the corporations, are jobs have been sold to foreign countries, we make nothing but war around the world while they have us arguing about what President Trump just said, which makes absolutely makes no difference in your day to day life, it's all distractions to what is really going in the dark state. The evil doers are busy while the rest of the public is being distracted by Corrupt News Networks like CNN, with news pieces are on which movie star said what? or What Trump did before breakfast, all distraction and  keeping people from being unified for one purpose, keep everyone away from what really is going on in the China Sea, and the build up along the Russian Boarders. These frightening things are no were near the news. They keep one group hating another group and everyone falls for this nonsense. There is no real news, none!  Mainstream media has been dead for quite sometime now, the only ones who are not aware of this fact, are the folks who work at these scripted networks called news outlets. You can go to each one of these so called networks and there all reading the same script, it's sad. Life is short, and I'm going to stop, and start living again and ignore all this bullshit for awhile. All our politicians are so corrupt, the system is so broken, all the kings men couldn't put all these pieces back together again, our forefathers warned us, Eisenhower warned us, Kennedy warned us, Dr. King warned us, and then all the whistle blowers warned us, and still, everyone is distracted by the noise of nothing news, I'm afraid it's too late. Let me say it like this, so you'll understand and maybe get it, remember when you were in school, some kids would get it, and learn, and some would just be a distraction, and never get close to understanding the problem, now times that by a thousand. This analogy a five year old can understand. I think. The thing I don't understand, if you destroy the entire web of life, what and who benefits??? There will be nothing and no one for them to profit from. Is it vanity? They can't live forever, so no one shall live?? Is that it??? 

    • MS P says:

      Gene I agree, it's shady at best. A distraction? Maybe? We have some very dark history when it comes to US presidents & banks. Just look up the Bush family history, & their ties with Hitler.

      Prescott Bush was one of 7 directors of Union Banking Corp. A NY investment bank owned by a bank controlled by the Thyssen Family. 

      Fritz Thyssen helped Hitler to rise, gain his powers. When Fritz Thyssen died, the Bush family got  all his money, that was  stored in USA banks. 

      Also our great 9-11 president Bush. Dug up Geronimo's grave, & stole his skull. As part of the Skull & Bones club activities.


    • Ted broer says:


      this is is interesting ties in with your article.

      why is trumps son in law the presidential advisor in a business relationship with soros.

      more obfuscation?

    • Dennie says:

      It's amazing how humans put words in God's mouth all the time while not actually quieting down to listen to what God Himself might have to say, but then again, who's really hearing from The Big "Man?"

  26. MS P says:

    Something else, that I have also noticed. Besides my insides drying out, when it is extra cold in So CA. No more condensation leaves my breath anymore.  Come to think of it. It's been a few years. I was out in the cold this AM. Snow/ or ? hail. It was cold. No condensation. I really think we are being dried from the insides out down here in SO CA.

    Maybe it's time to pay attention to the dew point factor, & outside temps?  To try to learn more?

    • Dennie says:

      MS P:  The sprays we're being treated to, besides making it colder via chemical reaction, also have components that are desiccants.  Most people should be noticing that they're feeling dried out:  Burning eyes, dry mouth, more thirst, dry nose.  If people aren't actually feeling this it's mostly because most of us are very very carefully trained to D-E-N-Y what we're really feeling. 

    • TP says:

      For about a year I have had a completely dried out tongue and mouth during the night, every night, without exception no matter how much water I drink.

       It all started after being in the garden while there was lots of plane activity above in heavy cloud cover. The next day my heart was racing to 118 beats a minute. Dried out lips as if burnt during the night and no saliva.  Barium is incredibly drying (about 400 times it's own weight) so maybe it is that causing it from the spraying of the skies.  My eyes are now also dry in the morning and the right eye has a kind of film which floats over my vision.  I am drinking about 3 pints of water per day so I should not be in a dehydrated state.  What do they plan for us next – Bill Gates and his biological terrorism to kill millions (easily done from the air).

    • Dennie says:

      TP:  You're perfectly describing what I've been afflicted with Every.  Single. Day., since 2010 when the spraying ramped up exponentially starting in May that year: Dry mouth, dry tongue, dry nose, difficulty swallowing, gets worse especially when you're outside on heavy spray days (that's nearly all the time now); racing heart (TAKE YOUR POTASSIUM SUPPLEMENTS, drink lots of orange juice and eat lots of guacamole, potatoes and spinach), burning eyes, thirsty all the time.  I drink two 54 oz. containers of water with a lemon or lime slice in it, every single day.  That, plus two cups of coffee, sometimes a 32 oz. ice tea and maybe a decaf capuccino a few times a week in the early evening. 

      I have to keep my Double Gulp "water tank" cup with me all the time.  It is on my night stand, it is next to me in the car, it is on the table in my Berkeley, CA teaching studio and it is here, right now, on the desk in my office at home in San Rafael.  It's not unusual for the powdery stuff to make it difficult to swallow!!  Besides coughing when it's really thick, and sneezing, I have GI symptoms all the time:  Gas, stuck digestion (when they give us the spring/summer/fall mix it's not unusual for me to have to get myself over to the ER in order to be given I.V. fluids… once, I had a C.A.T. scan for this, for fear of obstructed bowel… the docs diagnose this as "gastritis..").  If a big storm's coming in it's not unheard of for something being in the mix that makes me instantly nauseated and I'll vomit for half a day.  IMAGINE THAT– Are we having F-U-N, yet???  I'm sure they're adding viruses such as rotavirus or Norovirus or some kind of sickening bacteria in order to help with the ice nucleation process– Let's find Ms. Xiaohong Liu up at Pacific Northwest Labs, wait outside her front door at her house and demand an answer!!!!  The crazed MAD "scientists" need to account for their CRIMES!!!

  27. William says:

    Please know, I am not offended by anything you say.  In fact, if you were in front of me now I would embrace you. Why? Because you are right. You are not alone in your feelings. I am angry beyond words. We are gifted a life by God.  It is inconceivable to me why anyone would want to take the life of another, let alone billions of lives.

    Soon, I will lose my mother. Two and a half years ago she was thriving.  Now, her memory is gone and her recognition of me is fleeting.  Beyond the satanic cult of governments, this is the origin of my anger. 

    Please know, you are not alone, nor am I.  Your anger will not defeat you, it will call your best friend each day..the truth.

    Thank you for your honesty.  I wish you and yours peace.


  28. Joseph L says:


  29. Al C says:

    I was bringing in my trash barrels yesterday and saw were there was freshly melted snow and there was exactly what you mentioned.

    It looked just like fiberglass…………….WTF!!

    It was all over the place and it had a webby net like appearance.

  30. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Dane, I am extatic to learn that you will be on Coast to Coast AM on Wed. March 1st. Prayers do come true! I Will stay up tp listen. It has been way ttoo long since George has had you on again. You need to reach this amount of open minds again, which you will find  listening to Coast.  I Pray George will have you on Monthly.            I ofcourse would prefer Weekly until this madness ends.

    • Dan G. says:

      Ya more radio so somebody that does utube can re-air at day break

      i am having much difficulty getting on this forum  . The masses are disconnected to any reality and like it 

  31. wife & i says:

    I agree, they are using the facilities (HA^RP etc) to at least not letting any big catastrophe from going to waste!

    Another oddity, what's going on this season w/the (so called) cold's & flu's? Why is it (at night) helicopters fly in a grid formation a few 100' off the ground at slow (even) speed?! Could it be something else? We all have reason for paranoia because of the Fact's! Scripture tells us of the end times perilous times, whether they are of man/devil or God (no middle man) who knows?  One thing's for sure, we have been warned!




  32. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Good rant Mr, in fact so good I have sent it to my email contacts.

    I pass on comments from here very often. Simply because there are sooo many good ones that need to shared. Thank you ALL for helping me "teach" people to think for themselves.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      The only thing new in ALLLL those pictures is the bodies inside of the armored uniforms. Once again, the military protecting corporate interests. It is no surprise that opiate addiction is on a dramatic rise.

    • Roy says:

      it's the the military industrial congressional complex as drafted originally  

    • Bija says:

      So much of the takeover  of our country has been to expand and protect the illegal and illicit drug trade. Since Vietnam and on into Iran-Contra and Afghanistan the American people have been sold a bill of goods and also sold down the river to protect the interests of the power elite and the dark state. Oil is not the only resource these psychopaths will kill for.  $$$ is the name of the game and we have been duped and deceived into paying for our own indentured servitude while the likes of the Rothchilds/Rockefellers and their witless underlings hoard the wealth, exterminate us and laugh at us while doing it. Egos aside, they have become stupid and careless and smug, leaving in their wake a trail of clues, evidence, and even confessions. They believe that they are invincible gods on planet earth and expose their evil agenda evey step of the way.  

      Their come-uppance is long past due. That is why it is our job to expose these disgusting creatures – the true deplorables – and reclaim our human dignity. Their Achilles heel is that they underestimate our fortitude and creativity, qualities they do not possess. The deck has been stacked against humanity but the 'poppy dust' isn't working so well any longer. With the internet, the playing field has evened out. Thanks to many selfless trailblazers, all the info and resources are at our fingertips and we had better be vigilant about how the 'fakesters' are working to steal this freedom in a hurry. They can only win if we do nothing. 

      Those at the very pinnacle of this insanity are nothing like us. They are neither elites nor illuminati. They are scum with dark hearts and no souls whose game is death. We will never understand them or the purpose behind what they do. Let's focus instead on upping our own game in whatever way we can. The hour is late, the terrain is rough, sometimes our courage fails us. But the only other program available to us is Work, Buy, Consume, Die! In the end we all die – its how we choose to spend the time before that that really matters. Especially now.

    • Dennie says:

      The production of opium in Afghanistan grew exponentially when the U.S. went in there and kicked out the Taliban.  The black market sales of drugs by the C.I.A. and their minions that push the drugs in the 'hoods is what fills their Black Ops coffers ;-).

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      MS P,  The Dark State or what ever you want to call the cia, have been controlling the drug trade since before Oliver North got busted with the Iran/Contra's Dope!! Quite frankly he was a scapegoat for a government drug operations, and Oliver has written several books about the drug running among other illegal operations that we seem to be ok with, since no ever goes to prison on the top of THAT food chain. Mean while all the kids in America are hooked on Opiates of one kind or another, mostly heroin, which to my knowledge comes from Afghanistan. People like to blame these kids, when it's our own government that brings in the dope. Does anyone think an operation of this size and scope can happen without the help of the greatest intelligence machine man has ever bankrupt an entire nation for? This has been long time documented… It's a shame but it's absolutely true. Just one more way for them to kill us off, mostly kill our children off. It's an epidemic, from the richest neighborhoods to the poorest. Opium has no boundaries. 

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, possibly the British's greatest contribution to cloak & dagger psychological operations was the brilliant idea of getting large sectors of a population hooked on drugs.  Only in Uhmerukuh, they added a "counter-intel" component that appeared to "fight" a "war on drugs," while actually operating as a cover to escalate the number of the addicted.  The more the number of addicted, the merrier.  These drug-pushing Black Ops C.I.A. rogue government thugs were crying about the "drug problem," all right, all the way to the bank.

  33. gene maynard says:

    A World Bent on Self Destruction

    We refer to the world as being separate from men, but men are the world and the world goes the way of men. When men draw a line in the sand and dig their heels in, stubborness veils the only true deliverance; both sides are wrong and in the end all men pay a terrible price.

    The truth is; Freedom is Free. The problem is; prideful men insist on paying a price for it!

    We live in a world that is unlike anything we could have imagined even ten short years ago. The truth is, even then the world had flip-flopped one-hundred eighty degrees but most of us were so busy living we simply didn’t notice. Many are now seeing that something has changed, others are waking up, and many are still in unbelief.

    Today the world is divided in a way that has never been seen in history. If for instance in America, you still see yourself as; a Republican, Democrat, or Independent…you need to re-access the national and the international political landscape. Today there is the Right/Left paradigm and Democrats and Republicans are no longer loyal to established brands. Today, all parties identify as either right or left; Liberals are the new Conservatives and Conservatives are the new Radicals. Old political identifications are now found on both sides; the gorge in the middle is wide and widening.

    Those who study the political sciences say there is no precedence for what we are seeing in America today, even going back to the national division seen during the Civil War.

    In today’s world, tolerance has no patience with what it views as fascism…even though the absolute intolerance displayed is the hall mark of fascism. The normal tried and true steps of listening, and dialogue, are given to the wind while rage has become the instant first response to any disagreement, with violence being the close second.

    The New Testament prophesied of this time when God said; 2Ti 3:1-5 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    The right accuses the left of being intolerant of anything they disagree with; the left accuses the right of fascism which is the very root of intolerance.

    What will the end be when dialogue is no longer an option? We are very close to finding out. When the possibility of dialogue is completely shut out, what purpose can the role of mediator possible have? Could it be that we have diminished the role of a mediator by seeing this role as being between men? Even the role of arbiter, which carries absolute authority among men, is still dependent on men recognizing that authority. Can man’s role as mediator ever be the permanent answer to human divides?

  34. Julie Phelps says: This is the Canadian government site which shows viruses reported all over Canada obviously this is the tip of and ice-burg as most people would have just go to their doctor or suffer at home. It does show huge levels of Respitory illness which is not flu. 

  35. MS P says:

     Hello Dane & All,

    2-26 So CA Whiplash weather. 

    Yesterday started out warm. Extra warm. Uncomfortable feeling like a bug in a jar, with no air to breathe..  We had the cloud layer, come up out of the east. perfect east to west.  A long  wide swath of clouds. There were lines in them. Not the usual spraying lines. The lines had  formed from the cloud mass. Some wispy action too. The temps were not that high either. Then eventually the cloud mass was micro waved.  Ripple effect.  From that hot greenhouse feeling, it got very cold. The kind of cold that goes to the bone. I call it the "feels like outer space" cold. Later that afternoon, it got warm again. We had full cloud cover. Gray in color. It rained overnight.  This AM. The hills are snow covered. Or more so to me. It looks like hail. Lots of it. All at low elevations. If I was to go skiing today. I'd guess it would be more ice/hail  like, than snow like. 

    On a side note. Every year for the past 5 years, it has snowed in So CA,  on the last weekend in February. Every year like clockwork. We get snow in the So CA area. Just stating the obvious. 


     I think they do something the night before? Prior to such events. I notice my lungs & throat just dry out. It hurts. I can feel my throat, lungs, &  even my  windpipes  so very dry, Severe dehydration. like I have never known. That feeling lasts  a few days too.  Consuming lots of water, does not help. In fact I drink more water these days, than I have all my life.( Still thirsty.) ACV in the water does help a bit. My only remedy. We are being dried, from the insides out. 


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      MS P, in regards to your last paragraph. From the snow to drinking more water same equation here only a far different parallel. I truck my water in so I am well aware of the rates of consumption. My Mustangs drink almost twice as much as they did only 2 years ago. My Dog is no different and me, I should drink more water but at least I drink more than I used to. Side note: The Mustangs will not eat the snow anymore like they did 3 or more years ago. Not even when thirsty and the water tank is froze over.

      "We are being dried from the insides out". Of coarse, we are no different than out plant species. 'Our' nutrient uptake systems are being affected also. Parallels in nature, sometimes they're not so great.

    • MS P says:

      A Simple horseman. I agree fully with you. Thank you for your reply. I must add to something  to what you had said before.

      My animals are also acting out, in regards. Here is another strange observation for me to share with you,,& all here.

      I buy bottled water, that comes from a underground spring.  From the Sierra mountains. It has a great flavor, direct from the bottle.  

      So sometimes at night I do not finish all of my water cup. I fall asleep, or  just let it sit out for a while. That cup of water changes taste! Turns out to be a really bad flavor.  Nasty! While sitting inside my house, with windows closed.  

      My animals also do notice the same. I have most with glass water bottles, where no air/particles get into the water. A couple elder animals have open water dishes. To be kind, & help them in their old age. The ones with open water dishes, are always ready for me to freshen up their water. Thank you for the AH HA moments. They too need closed water bottles.  

      On a side note I learned about how great Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar  (ACV) is for animals. 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. From a horsewoman.

      My friend a true  horsewoman, had  taught me this.

      The planet dying was more than she could take. She said stuff about how the trees were dying. Got so much resistance & was told to shut up & she was crazy. Way too much. I miss her so. (RIP) 

       I give my animals ACV, thanks to my friend. They really like it too. 

    • marc says:

      MS P…check out "Megahydrate". I take it daily, for supreme hydration at the cellular level and for it's anti-oxidant efficacy re: free radicals in the system. Also, check out "Magnesium Mallate" for best chelation of aluminum, and shilajit, with benefits too numerous to list here. The way I figure, we've got to at least TRY to do some research into how to detox from the shit coming at us from all sides. In the current environment, with cocktails of death raining down upon us every minute, I'm gonna do what I feel MAY help. Blessings….. 

    • SD says:

      Good observations – especially about "clockwork".  Weather really is on a predictable SCHEDULE now.  Rain here in SoCal every weekend for two months?

      So I'm in bed early this AM (0300) listening to radio, then BUMP, a sharp jolt to foot of bed.  Earthquake?  No report on radio next 30 min/ fall asleep.  Check USGS website today and sure enough – M2.6 shallow EQ ENE Brea, CA.  I used to experience EQs in bed as a PLEASANT gentle rocking.  Feeling more sharp jolts lately. UNNATURAL  Suspect induced seismicity.

      Cold, moist air mass moved ashore overnight.  Most rain appears SCHEDULED for San Diego County/ North Baja.  Lots of agriculture those areas/ need water.

      Weather Controllers successful in refill Lake Cachuma.  Major rain a week ago scored direct hit Santa Barbara area.  Also noted heavy rainfall Catalina Island same time.  Last severe drought areas in CA.

    • MS P says:

      I am in the so called " last severe drought areas." The  2 major lakes Catchuma & Casitas are only up by 40%. On a side note there is no mention of the aquifer, that was down by over 70 feet 5 years ago. These are the real  places that really need to replenish the water. Surface water means little, compared to what is below the ground.

      The south eastern part of USA is not so good. Just like Eastern Brazil.

    • Wanda in NC says:

      Ms P & A simple horseman, reading your posts put some puzzle pieces together for me. Lately my dogs water dish is not getting empty. A couple of years ago I was filling it every day. Bone dry, and it's a large dish. Not only the dogs, but other animals I have, goats, rabbits, chickens and cats. I pour out water everyday and put in fresh. I had wondered about why the water dishes weren't being emptied, and we have well water. Strange and scary times we live in. God Bless you all!

    • Colleen Cran says:

      For the first time ever I heard a weather guy in Washington state use the term weather whiplash. 


    • Chad says:

      First of all all weather should fome from west to east or northwest to southeast or south. But never from the east to west, thats not how it works unless manipulated by rf microwaving frequencies, period. Think about that.

  36. Gretchen says:

    Hey Reid and Colton, Grandma Elva has been informed by me about geoengineering and acknowledges she will be part of the solution. 

    To all my fellow weather warriors out there, now is the time to steel our resolve to expose the insanity of climate engineering everywhere, and to everyone we cross paths with. Giving up now won't change anything; and a great momentum in this battle has been achieved, thanks to all who care enough to speak up and out in reaction to the evil machinations of the psychopaths that control everything.

    A geoengineering sign I put in my front yard three years ago caught the attention of a substitute mail carrier (weather  warrior in disguise,) prompting  a climate engineering conversation with a like-minded individual. I gave her some informational materials I have on hand (thanks, Dane) and a sign for her yard. Every effort we make has an effect, creating a ripple of awareness sometimes subtle and beyond perception, and other times a virtual sonic boom.  Doing to do the right thing is all we can do. Let's do this!

  37. Nigel says:

    The other day I watched this speech by this MIT professor. Even though its Titled to be about a horrible herbicide we are all to familiar with, in the video, about 10-12 minutes in she makes the Chemtrail Connection. And how there is a synergistic effect with Aluminum and Glyphosphate and how the rates of autism will skyrocket even more to where half the kids born by 2015 will be autistic. I highly recommend watching it. Furthermore it would be great if perhaps Dane could get her on one of his podcasts. .

  38. Glo says:

    Sounds like it is a sad day in the world…..just listened to the GEo news and I feel like whats the use to try and do something and now I can see why no one wants to get involved as it is pretty proven that we are going down no matter what and so is Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. I think I will write a letter to Trump and ask him to please save us from our own slow death destruction and push the button and get it all over with. Tell the idiots to go ahead and nuke us as they pretty much already have with all that they have done so far. Do you people see the intent the controllers have put into controlling us to THEIR own deaths as they will totally all go down with us!!!! WARNING…do not say anything against what I just said until you have read and THOUGHT about it….

  39. Chad in W Central Florida says:

    Hey Dane,  Been reading the comments on here and Maddie from Indiana found yellowish dots of goo on her windshield.

    I've found the same "goo or globs" on some brand new white metal flashing that I had laying in the yard for a few hours.

    We had some weird creepy low lying grey fog stuff floating  overhead…the radar at the time of course showed clear skies.

    It had to come from the sky…no trees around(sap dripping?).

    It was liquidish..kinda like thick paint..I smeared it with my finger. I had to wipe it all off before I installed it.

    I dont know what creeps me out more..the stuff they're spraying or the people who don't give a dam. Any ideas on what it is from your research? Keep up the great research your doing. Btw I can't believe Trump hasn't been confronted or asked about all this crap in our skies..are there any more brave reopters or journalists out there? 


    • MAP says:

      The "masters" of GeoEngineering are about 3 pay grades above US President. As for Mainstream Media and its "reporters"; they are a part of the problem as they are mostly corporate employees. Fascism is where Governments and Corporations Merge into one "force". I think we reached that point 50+ years ago.

  40. Donna-AZ says:

    Very Powerful Global Alert News Dane, Unforgetable.  Thank you.

    I spend countless hours trying to come up with ways to bring awareness, and, if I had a fairly large, flat piece of property that still had snow, I would get a 3-5 gallon sprayer and write (using something dark and non-toxic, like grape juice) STOP SPRAYING US, or STOP CLIMATE ENGINEERING. It might be a short lived message, but it could be a very BIG ONE. 


  41. Jessica from NJ says:

    During the Inaugural of Trump for a 2 week period, I was informed by staff that every patient who went to the hospital in Hoboken went into cardiac arrest, except 1. All the patients had low potassium levels. All the patients reported they had mild allergies before coming to the hospital. Similarly episodes took place in Jersey City NJ and in parts of Queens in NYC. I still have chest pains as does a 19 year old neighbor . Just today another neighbor mysteriously died from a sudden heart attack. It's obvious they tried to poison us with radioactive coal fly ash and barium.  If you live in the NY/NJ area, please contact me so we can try to organize a local group. Also, for those interested in organizing in order to try to fight back, check out on Facebook: Chemtrails Fightback. We will be hosting our next national phone conference Feb. 26, 2017 at 7:30pm EST. Check website for details.

    • El says:

      Be really careful when you go to the hospital.  I had to have emergency surgery and they gave me a pneumococcal vaccine without my knowing and without my permission BEFORE surgery and  I ended up having respiratory distress during my surgery.  So when I came to I had a tube down my throat and my hands tied to the railings so I wouldn't pull it out.  I kept choking too.  I had to put up with that for 10 hours until the doctor came around and said they could remove it.  So yeah – they're doing all they can to speed up our deaths.

    • Hello Jessica,  I'm glad you're doing this kind of work.  Congratulations!  I don't get into New Jersey very much, but I do from time to time.  More importantly, being from that area, I know a lot of people.  I'm happy to inform my friends about the work you're doing.  Thanks.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christina, unfortunately, the wildlife die-off is far more dire and immediate than the Guardian article indecated,

  42. Carol says:

    Hello Dane . U.K. Have seen this ?? BBC NEWS article 2002 September13  by Mike Thompson !! 1960 millions of people were exposed to clouds of radioactive xenon gas .. The gas was sprayed from the top of an incinerator stack at the Oxfordshire facility . Over four lunchtimes in July 1961 ,men in white suits released large clouds of gas over English towns and villages to help estimate what effect a biological warfare attack would have on Britain .. Secret document now revealed !!! LAB RATS THAT'TS WHAT WE ARE sprayed like bugs insane .. Expose   that's what we have got to keep doing ?. LOVE YOU DANE …

    • Julie Phelps says:

      Yes there is a huge list of human experiments which do not make sense if it were for testing against possible germ warfare attacks why test and poison your own people? 

      "Porton Down" military base is the most secure in England while serving in the Air Force the monthly forces new letter always called for volunteers for extra pay to go there. The base is where the human experiments have been carried out since the First World War. It came to light they tested every biological weapon on people there while cliaming they were testing cures for the common cold. I was warned by my Senior Officers not to ever volunteer to go there as it is a one way ticket. In fact we all agreed they would have to shoot us rather than even be ordered there! Since then documents were released which showed spraying of high levels of aluminum on the local population once many people became ill they said it was a accidental spillage into the water supply. 

      Where I grew up there was a very near nuclear meltdown at Windscale in the 1950s it released huge amounts of radiation yet only milk was destroyed and even at the nuclear plant everyone had to go back to work the next day consequently high levels of cancer have been reported ever since. A recent study showed that with a 100 miles traces of radioactive material has been found within teeth. The was at the time a new ban and d notice put on the incident but us be fairly local we used to joke as kids saying "Move to Windscale and glow in the dark". Seaweed even on our local shores were found to be 1000 time normals levels of radiation. The governments action was to change the name of the nuclear plant because of the jokes to Sellarfield Reprocessing plant, well that cleared up all the radiation changing the name! Now we see even more spraying from your account and I am sure it is right. My son has a rare chromosomal abnormality deletion 18p- (XY) (11.1) a 1:50 million condition. I was told it was due to exposure to some envirnmental contaminate unknown. I am suspiscious as the Forces lost my medical records before I left. I do what I can to expose the truth. 

  43. Carol says:

    Hello Dane . (( Weather bomb ))  Storm Doris in UK  !!! that's what they have called it  .. but for  the people that are awake  in UK Know what's caused it –  scary  – heavy spraying days before and after I never remember this sorts of weather as kid ???? And the smell when u go outside heavy dirty sulphur … Nothing is happening in uk to get this stop I give out leaflets all the time  frustrated feel down and what to do next people think u are nuts they look at you as if you from another planet I love what you do Dane,  BLESS YOU ..

    • Gertrude says:

      Got seriously ill. Extremely dry mouth,with heavy metallic taste in my mouth. When taking my dog for a last before the night walk, the sky is totally clear again. Next morning again totally murky grey,which must mean they have been spraying heavily in the night. Reading more people making similar comments about similar complaints i wonder whether there is a correlation with chemtrails. Most likely many people will take these to be symptoms of diabetes and go to the doctor to be pumped full of not working medication. I do take the herbs and avoid rising bloodsugar foods in my diet. 

    • Julie Phelps says:

      Stay strong Carol 🙂 I know a lot of people are down and I do think it due to the toxins they are spraying. Know you are right and give yourself a break from handing out leaflets if necessary. It is those who are sensitive, kind and very intelligent who have worked this out and to come against such negative resistance is hard on us. Look after yourself and family first and we can only do what we can. Many people are simply not open to thinking outside the system totally conditioned they simply cannot gasp our reality. Some know and simply cannot cope with the current situation. I know when I left England in 2011 it was fine no spraying and it started here in Canada within 6 month later with light spraying at first then by 2012 it had increased until this past 2 year it has been every single day. 

    • James says:

      Hi Carol,

      I also live in the UK and can confirm exactly what you have stated in relation to the absolute weather warfare insanity we are constantly exposed to here, the latest in a long line of (anything but natural) "storms."   I have contacted just about every MP in the country and to a man and woman, not ONE has replied or indeed has the courage or integrity to speak out about what we know is taking place in the skies above our heads.  They have long since sold out and quite frankly, I think going down that route is a dead-end as they are wedded to their  addiction of power and money (which in their perverse reality, is more important to them that the millions of lives they are tasked with protecting.)   Our only hope now is waking up more of the population – no mean feat in our current situation and personally, I  continue to try to do just that by distributing  thousands of leaflets and speak to anyone who has a pulse, about what is going on.  It's a huge battle and a very lonely one at times, but one that needs to be fought nonetheless.  Keep going Carol, you've got friends! 


    • MAP says:

      Just a reminder about nutritional supplements. A gentleman commented here a few weeks ago (paraphrased): use any trick in the book, any methods possible to attempt to stay healthy and push back against the "toxic rain", et al…..

      As for me:  Calcium, Magnesium Malate, 2 types of Potassium, High dose of Vitamin D3, Vitamins C and E, Selenium, Chelated Zinc, etcetera. Do some research: not all forms and brands work as well as others. Find the ones that your body will absorb the easiest. Eat organic food as much as possible; Boycott glyphosate. Thanks and God Bless….

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, Gertrude, you're perfectly describing the effects of being sprayed with toxic nanoparticulate metals.  I've been dealing with those and other symptoms for seven years now, wondering if we'll ever see an end to this in my lifetime– I just want my planet back!!!  I also worry about developing diabetes because research shows that heavy metal poisoning by aluminum, if I remember correctly, is a cause. 

  44. david says:

    I have tried everything – nobody wants to believe what they are doing , I have been ignored , shunned , unfriended , etc. I try to tell my son and he says he didn't notice the jets because he is too busy..    But doesn't want to talk about it —  I send out e mails , posts on face book and i get no reply from anybody . or the replies i get are from a few family members that don't care because they can't do anything about it and they are too old any way. I have about given up trying to get people i thought where intelligent enough to realize that something is wrong .   we hit 80 degrees here 2 days ago 2/23/17 – 

    I don't get it ?   When you see the jets spraying the trails of white chemicals over your head and you don't care ????

    I guess there are only a hand full of us that know the truth and I understand that disaster is looming – or better said maybe that we believe the truth of what is happening . I have basically given up trying to tell anybody about this , they either agree with me to shut me up and change the subject or walk away , etc.  I really have tried but – no use. good luck to all of us and i hope some how we can pull out of this .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, all that have been in this battle for any length of time know well what you feel, all share your angst. This being said, don’t underestimate the good you have already done with the seeds of awareness you have sown. When one plants a garden, the results are often not visible for a considerable time, we must keep this in mind. I hope you will continue to march with us in this most critical battle.

    • Chad says:

      I feel your pain david . In same boat. Ive given up on humanity except people like you and me, and we arent really enough to truly make a difference except on a spiritual level. Ive concurred its too late, most are zombies via mind control. Truly a flabbergasting phenomenon! I give it all to God, and pray in Jesus name and give love, peace, joy to all even my enemies. We truly are in biblical End times. 20 inches of snow in idaho in two days since wednesday. Just know the Truth is unfolding, thats why WW3 next, like Dane said they cant contain the Truth of Lies. Gods wrath is here, the dirty laundry is being washed. Ayeee, unafraid in Idaho.God bless and take care. 

    • Chad says:


    • Kelly says:

      Please don't give up!! I just learned about this about 6 months ago and I have shared your news. People might act as if they don't care… my friends included. BUT at least we've got them looking up! More and more people are learning about it and the more that do, the more powerful we become! Please, please don't give up! You are one of the strongest leaders we have! 

    • Laura says:

      Here's the way that I look at it:    VERY few people believe this when first told.  Almost none.  But you activated an invisible trigger…so that the second time they hear about it from somewhere, something begins to shift.  Begins…but probably doesn't totally shift..yet.  But what happens is that, what seems like suddenly..but isn't because of YOU….YOU being that first/second/third..(..however many it takes)…exposure are every bit as important as the person he/she finally BELIEVES.   So realize that it's a delayed result that you probably don't get to witness…but are a crucial part of.  Keep spreading awareness.  If you/me look closely at our own beliefs, they often manifested after various exposures from various sources.  Don't stop.



    • kathleen says:

      Don't give up, David, especially not on yourself (Hey, wasn't there a Biblical namesake who overcame a Goliath?) And for the sorry record, I've been attempting to inform all sorts of friends, family, and acquaintances for decades yet with little apparent effect about air pollution, water pollution, pesticides, the dangers of nuclear waste, and dozens of other travesties, the most recent being geoengineering. Most of those people I shared this information with are no longer "friends" or are, in fact, seriously ailing or, well, dead. But I'm alive and well (not counting utter despair). So, if nothing, our most important tactic must be this: first, keep OURselves well.

      Take your health seriously, and fend off the rebukes you get from sharing your messages of attempted enlightenment like water off a duck's back. To scramble a metaphorical reach(!), each drop off that duck's back makes a ripple in the pond, and the ripples eventually reach other ripples or the shore, key word being eventually.

      Here's some of what I do to relieve my angst, stay healthy, and strengthen my inner self::

      1. Eat the healthiest food I can afford: raw, fresh, local, seasonal, colorful, plant-based. Choose any order that works for you, but try to do them all as often as possible and learn to grow sprouts!

      2. Augment my foods with various supplements (check Dane's Health category for his excellent recommendations), but find what works best for YOU. BTW, you can't OD on Vitamin C, and most of us are deficient in Magnesium and Vitamin D-3. Further, if our foods aren't grown in mineral-rich soil, we are also lacking in countless minerals.

      3. Read and listen to everything related to health, and THEN make my own decisions. Carefully scrutinize the sources cited and their funding. (I recommend a few MDs to start with: Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman.) Our bodies were designed to be self-healing if we eat our species-appropriate diet.

      Once you have maximum health (so to speak), you are better able to cope with not only whatever is coming down from our skies, but also with those who appear to be braindead (due to whatever has been coming down from the skies and poisoning the water, land, and crops), and you will also be better able to let them find their own way rather than trying to "rescue" them against their will. 

      You have friends here, and there are countless others who don't post comments yet also support you and identify with your path. The crazy beauty of this realm is that sometimes the smallest effort will make a difference down the road — like dropping a business card into a counterside tip jar (along with a tip, or not). Pre-wrap in a dollar bill and it won't even be obvious!

      Hang in there, David. There's a VERY SPECIAL reason you were born at this time, and part of it is to do what you can, however much or little that is meant to be. You might be that final important butterfly wings' motion that makes ALL the difference, ultimately. Peace, brother. You are not alone. We are all in these "interesting times" together, and surely some greater force is keeping tally of your good works. 

    • matt sarlo says:

      I understand how you feel David. Despite presenting concrete evidence to people, especially my family, many people treat me as if I was selling a crack pot medical cure. Our society has done a great job at being brainwashed. I guess feeling secure regardless of what the truth is, is what most people prefer. It blows my mind because any idiot can tell the weather is completely unatural now. People my age(I am 54) and older should all be screaming like I do about the crimes committed against our biosphere. Instead most people who should know better would rather stick their heads in sand and pretend all is well. Even better are people like my 82year old dad who does not care about climate change because he will be gone before it effects him. This attitude explains to a great extent why we are in this mess. Our society rewards selfishness and the denial of hardcore facts that might make some people wake up. Don't stop trying to spread the truth David. At least we care about the planet and its life.

    • SuperLuminal Man says:


    • rick savage says:

      i talk to people daily about all the truths that need to be told to help save us from ourselves. we are living in fascism . they do not want to hear the truth because of the years of brainwashing and the truth is frightening. they think im a tin foil hat . did they not do this to bruno , davinci, capernicas and tesla . this has been going on for centuries . the flat earthers etc. i cant even talk to my family they believe in work pay your house off then reire and enjoy . very powerful . i know i can see also and many others do also . 

    • Julie Phelps says:

      David I understand what you mean I have tried telling people straight but now I use a drip feed of hints until I am slowly convincing people about what is going on. The problem I have is I am sensitive to, so the negative responses it is hard on me. It is like we are on a parallel universe and it can be quite an odd and lonely feeling working out these FACTS and just seeing so many who just look at their cell phones etc. I am beginning to think that they may have mind controlling substances they are spraying as well. I know lithium has been sprayed in some areas and that is very toxic but is also used as an anti-psychotic medication and has a calming effect but quite often you see those treated with reduced cognitive function this if sprayed wide spread would make people simply not care. As Dane said you are planting the seeds reality and if one person understands they can spread to another and so on. 

    • Dennie says:

      LISTEN UP, PEOPLE, you are NOT going to change the "minds" of the clones that have no mind, you'll just create MORE problems and that is what we do not want.  Find people who are open to discussing. 

      DO NOT ARGUE.  THAT IS THE FIRST RULE we are taught in Suzuki teacher training– parents shouldn't be arguing with their kids about practicing, and grown-ups shouldn't have to argue with distracted kiddies about reality.  Take a tip from my teacher manual, and DO NOT WASTE ANY MORE ENERGY OR TIME on ANYONE who does not give you the impression that they won't be open to listening to any of this. 

      EVERY LAST ONE OF US DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AWAKE in order to effect REAL change.  WE KNOW THAT ALREADY.  This is factual.  Go look it up

    • Josie says:

      I know the feeling, by husband thinks I'm crazy. Nobody in my family want's to hear it, except my son. My husband and I have nasty arguments about Climate change, Chem trails, Haarp and He calls me dumb. People don't know the difference between jet vapor that dissipates quickly and chem-trails that spread and linger for hours. It's frustrating and very depressing. This is criminal and I hope whoever Trump put in the EPA position does something about this. The pilots flying these planes need to be arrested too. They are bound to know they are spraying poison…matter of fact, everyone needs to bombard the EPA office website and phone line. Plus Twitt President Trump…

  45. Lee Eyerman says:

    It snowed fake snow in Ohio today.The round white pellets reminded me of ICE melting crap you throw on a driveway.When it hit my warm car windshield it wouldn't melt.Harp is back up and running and with all the political uncertainty facing their future,God only knows how far they will go to make us sick.Demons are in deep in this world right now and they go by the name of New World Order.Dont let them win.Fight for your freedom.Our climate is our health.Dont get caught up in DNC-Trump arguing.Thats the real fake news while we are breathing this lousy air.Why no chemtrail protests?When your demonstrating,look up.Thats your Greenpeace bastards spraying you.

    • BaneB says:

      Lee Eyerman:  Regarding those "snowflakes," that bizarre stuff you describe fell around here the other day.  This has the appearance of those very small pellets of styrofoam, rounded and uniform, certainly not a snowflake nor sleet.  Also this early morning in MendocinoCounty, California the sky is "clear" with a temp in my inland region at below freezing.  Took the dog out to do her business, and used a very bright powerful focusing tactical flashlight.  It can be adjusted from a very wide conical beam into a very narrow intense very bright beam.  NEVER have I observed a filthier nano-saturated atmosphere as this!   I am sitting here in shock.  The atmosphere ought to be clean after the recent set of powerful rain and snow storms.  The stars are shining, yes, mostly the majors.  I blew the fog of my breath into the shaft of gray light.  The comparison of that natural water vapor to the unnatural ubiquitous nano-grunge says it all about our geoengineered non-breathable atmosphere.

    • Dennie says:

      I'm blowing steam indoors, actually– you can see it at night, and it's like 65 in my house.  Last  night, looking around outdoors with a flashlight, there was a fine white haze in the beam of light, everywhere you looked.  And guess what folks– YOU'RE BREATHING THIS SH!T. 

      Have a nice day!

  46. ron hall says:

    Hard reality looming on OUR horizon! This , apparently, is coming to a neighborhood near you! Praying will not stop this–Jesus was a man of action.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Ron and ALL, I don't know about you, but that video scares the you know what out of me. Knowing that what is depicted in the video is going to happen right in our front yard soon enough puts a new dimension to living every day life in a sane manner. I live in a region that has a huge percentage of folks receiving gov't "hand outs". Things are going to get real ugly around here when those hand outs stop. I will not move to a city to continue receiving any hand outs that in the future I may be entitled to. I'd rather slowly starve to death on the side of my mountain.

    • Dennie says:

      Does everyone here understand that an awful lot of what's driving the insanity in South America has been the work of U.S. C.I.A. involvement in their affairs, nicely called U.S. "foreign policy?"

  47. Barb E says:

    Mother Earth, Old Man Winter and Mother Nature are all in the ICU fighting for their lives…..

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Barb E, thanks for the cynical smile on my face right now. Yes, sadly our home, old man winter and mother nature 'are' in the "ICU". Anybody besides me not see, know and think that all three would be better off being treating by a "natural medicine practitioner" with in home care?

  48. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, Sunday 26-2, The sky is filled with SRM and the state newspaper, the Sunday Mail, has football as the front page news today. I see so many people looking down at their iPhone as they walk down the sidewalks, in the corridors of work and in the lunch rooms. This programming is astounding to witness. It's scale and scope is so enormous and it has happened so easily.

    Normal communication has disintegrated. The abilities of listening, reasoning, deduction and maintaining linear pathways of thought that lead to logical conclusions despite personal wishes are in free fall. It is a parochialism whereby people are 'educated' away from themselves. Where is the 'stand alone' individual today? Who is willing to exercise their own discretion, mental acumen, inquisitiveness, puzzlement, inquiry and open discussion? Who can stand above the so-called 'normalities'?

    Of course the answer is that we can all possibly do this. The fact is though that most of us do not. The herd has been kept asleep en masse, but as the saying goes, we wake up individually. This is the frustrating part for us, but we have to remember that we woke up at a certain point too. This makes our mission and duty all the more urgent and critical. We need to reach as many others as possible in the most expedient way.

    • Julie Phelps says:

      How true Michel but obviously people here are awake and aware of what is going on so together at least we can feel less alone in our battle for truth and justice in this world. It might only take one little spark to trigger a global backlash and although at the moment it is a smoldering ember it could catch so quickly.

  49. Seeing Clearly says:

    Frequency Video- Relevant To Climate Engineering Procedures (

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      If frequencies scatter that white stuff around what makes us think clouds are immune especially knowing that we have snapshots of weather manipulation from NASA and other sources.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Seeing Clearly, thank you the excellent teaching tool. I noticed at 4129 hz(at exactly the 2:00 mark) lines appeared horzontally. At 4671 hz the pattern resembled what I see in the clouds when they are being broken up by "microwaves". I wish people could connect dots like the "dot" in this video. I'm sure "most" will only see pretty patterns 'or' not even take the time to "investigate"(click on it) this video and many like it.

    • MS P says:

      Great  Hz video experiment. I also found this to be interesting.

      The way the water goes up & leaves the ground, makes me think of the CA drought. 

      Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #2


      How to freeze water with sound.


  50. Maddie says:

    I live in central Indiana.  Yesterday we had scattered showers early followed by thunderstorms late in the day.  I went out when the early rain was tapering off to cover a wood pile and almost gagged.  The stench was like dead fish and sulfur mixed.  Went in the house and rinsed my arms off.  Yuck.  Smell went away when the rain stopped and dried up for a bit.  When the drops dried on the car windshield, they were a yellowish tan color.  Wiped some off and put vinegar on it, but did not foam, so it wasn't an acid.  

    • MAP says:

      I agree. Sometimes the pathetic rain that falls is some type of toxic-putrid mix. I always cover my body if i must go outside while raining, especially my head. Absorbing their toxic rain into body is not a good thing.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Maddie, Good Observations!! I like your test you performed. I'll remember it and use it at the next opportunity.

      A helpful tip for all: Myself, I rarely go outside for any length of time when the sky is precipitating. I also do not work outside on those days. I keep my cabin between 75 and 80 degrees and the window in the loft open just a bit. This reduces the humidity and I think the less moisture in the air the less it is able to hold any foreign content. Seems to be working with the ice nucleation stuff going on around here. Everyone I know of around here has had "aerosol" flu this winter. A week ago we got hammered with chemical ice nucleation and people were missing from work left and right. I live in a very small town and these things get noticed. Always I point out the obvious(weather and folks sick) in conversation and provide myself the chance to ask "I wonder what was in that weather we had?" and then I pause with a puzzled look. I can see in their eyes that they are asking the same, admitted or not. It's all in the delivery folks…

    • Dennie says:

      Ah, yes, Dr. "Lucifer" David Keith, has visited you with his sulfurous compounds, in an insane attempt to "heal" (translated:  KILL) this planet.

  51. Joseph L says:

    Wow what a powerful show you just presented.  There are so many dots to connect and the dots keep getting  worse.  The masses need to do you know what and get off of their a–s and wake up.  I hope that everyone that listens to your show gets inspiration to share credible data w other people from the resources that you make available.  There really is no time to wait has  we are living right now in the 6TH  GREAT MASS EXTINCTION.


    George Carlin on War and American Politics–  This is really  a great video.

  52. Pat says:

    I try to spread the word as much as possible, I keep sending this website location to the site in a message to President Trump as the accurate info on climate change. I have been watching chemtrails for years and it's frustrating to know what's being sprayed on me day after day, poison!

  53. izzy says:

    “Hypocrisy” seems to be the underlying operating principle in those various industries and institutions cited in your report. Historically, it has always been with us. Lately, it encompasses almost everything – and at least for now, it looks like the dark side is out in front. And as long as conspiracies such as 9/11 are being discussed, perhaps another possibility can be thrown into the mix for consideration. We are either a failed species that doesn’t really deserve to continue, or some outside agency has a controlling hand in our planetary drama of apparent self-destruction, for reasons that have nothing to do with human well-being. But it may be perfect for their intentions. Wasn’t it Ronald Reagan who suggested that it might take an alien adversary to unite humanity? 


  54. jdrew says:

    HAARP was supposedly reactivated earlier this month. 75 degrees in NYC one day, blizzard the next. There are no coincidences, and very little natural weather on Earth.

  55. Chad says:

    Gods wrath has come.

  56. Yar Swerc says:

    The breadth of your vision is exceeded only by your Love of our planet and all of us. God bless you and your mission, Dane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Yar, we march together in this battle, all of us that are commited to the greater good.

  57. joe strauss says:

    To those watching the geoengineering…   I have since 1996, been following the spraying, Northern California.   Well, past year found Dane's website.   I say he and his associates have been the ones exposing the chemical and HAARP, all other facets of the geongineeering. There are definitely the negative ones wanting to make money out of misery. Pharmacutical corps, Monsanto and the Yes, US military are all involved. I note: since 1996, the geoengineering has intensified…   The exposure to friends, etc will be difficult, as with the cold temperatures reported, Illness that the the doctors do not know caused by mycoplasms, etc are not taught in the Medical schools.   All will blamed on the winter extremes this year. Not so  !  

  58. Tom Keith says:

    With radiation levels increasing across the US from Fukushima, and the barium and strontium raining down on us, I'm wondering if the "flu" we're  encountering here in the Midwest is the result some kind of radiation poisoning.I've thrown everything at this bug and still can't shake it. (Coming to a city near you soon ! )

    • Julie Phelps says:

      Yes same here in Southern Canada me and my husband have been ill since 26th Jan and I have a persistent cough weakness etc, While shopping I notice about a quarter of people  are coughing and everyone looks pale and sick. I would say it is unlikely you can escape it by bugging out unless you live in a big city then perhaps if you can it would be a good time to leave. Big Cities are not the place to be right now! I know this virus or illness is not the flu, whether it iis  toxins like you said or a man made virus I don't know? Ideally I would pay for a test but I am not in the position to do that right now.

    • Gretchen says:

      EPA Radnet Fixed Air Monitor in Toledo, OH near real-time deadly, ionizing gamma radiation readings February 26, 2017 over 1400 Counts Per Minute(CPM.) A count is one radioactive decay as measured by the instrument. Normal background gamma radiation  is 5-20 CPM.


    • Gretchen says:

      I forgot to add, total gamma radiation is over 2,500 CPM in Toledo, OH. This monitor appears to stopped monitoring every hour at 8:22 am.

  59. antonio says:

    Dane it hurts to hear you proclaim the truth because I see how many ways I and some people I know are often hypnotized by the" fakestream" media, with its obsessions over getting "likes & clicks" over inuendo & endless gossip with no microphone for the larger implications of headlined dire events like animal and human die offs– its not acceptable to begin seeing these events as 'normal' ..It seems like the massive "Manhattan Project" you've mentioned going on right over our heads is accelerating in California big time. I thought it was a reach to link the recent CA drought with massive land-sell offs and water rights being sold left and right, but now i see after enormous brand new nut tree plantings along the hwy 80 & hwy 5 in Norcal over the last 18 mos, somebody made a bet during the drought somehow knowing of the upcoming engineered rainstorm campaign that we see now. does anyone know if the CARB has an official position on the obvious spraying in terms of simple air pollution ? … on a positive note, I am encountering more and more young adults between 19-25 through my job as a cab driver, who are aware of geoengineering through their military parents…i drive in the travis afb area and try to strike up conversations about whats going on in the sky — its not so difficult when they are laying their toxins right in front of us week upon week…thank you for your die hard perserverance

  60. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Aug.7th 1994 in Oakville Washington. Population of 665 at the time.  At 3AM a Gelatinous substance started falling from the Sky & continued to happen 6 times over a 3 week period, covering 20 square miles. The small town became very sick with, blurred vision, nausea, vertigo, sweating, vomitting & some had a hard time breathing. Dozens of Pets & small Animals died. Many were sick for 7 weeks!  When the substance was tested, it was found to have contained 2 species of Bacteria. White Blood Cells. An Alive matter they stated! Biological! The town's people reported seeing a significant amount of Black Jets flying slowly over them during this period of 3 weeks. They assume they were a part of a Biological experiment. I think they were Right! You can watch this for yourself on Unsolved Mysteries – The UFO Files –  Volume 4  – 58:28 into shows. Titled: "The Blob"!  Also an interesting one on a so called cloud formation called a donut on a rope by the military, on the show just before this one.  My God, We are all Lab Rats & have been for decades!

    • Gregor says:

      The same thing happened in Ellensburg WA in the spring of 94.  My wife and three children were home sick for weeks and my wife went completely and permanently deaf in one ear. We also lost six young calves within a couple days after the bluish goo fell from the sky and hung on everything. Our doctor never identified what my family had come down with other than stating that it was some type of virus he had not seen before. Weeks before this happened the doctor told my wife that the medical profession had put out a questionaire  for doctors to notify them if they had patients with the symptoms my family, livestock and many others in our area were suffering from. Strange days, signs of the times we are living in.


    • MS P says:

      1994  (Los Angeles area) we had some of the same  weird stuff happen too. Massive firestorms & a earthquake was a distraction. Here in So CA, it was called "Valley Fever" . Same story- different longitude, & latitude.

  61. Jeff says:

    What about the cancer industry killing people with chemo & radiation.  How much longer will they poison people for profit.  You can't poison yourself into a state of health.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      It was over 30 years ago when my Mom stated that Chemo would be considered to be the most Barbaric "treatment" in modern times. If only the public would research the ingredients. I guess asking if you're ready for a Mustard Gas injection would'nt go over as well.  Yet those that have tried to inform the public of their success with B17, as in Apricot Pits, are jailed. Find their stories on YouTube. You'll be shocked. We must not say, we have a Cure for Cancer!  Ty Bollinger wrote a Best seller: Cancer Step Out of the Box.      He also wrote Monumental Myths of  the Modern Medical Mafia & Mainstream Media & the Multitude of Lying Liars that Manufactured Them, Covering Cancer, Vaccines, Geo Engineering & a couple of dozen more Hidden Facts, kept from the Public.    Knowledge Is Power!!!.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Sorry,  Ty Bollinger's book is called… Cancer, Step Outside the Box.

    • MAP says:

      Chemotherapy and radiation "treatments" bring about death quicker. Very sad that masses have been trained to trust the so-called experts.

    • MS P says:

      There will never be a cure for cancer from a DR. Too much money in treatment. It's horrific! To loose people to this. It's a steep price tag to buy some more time. 


      Roy L Rife had a cure. AMA did a number on him too. he is now just famous for his microscope invention. He had invented a device that used a  frequency to kill cancer. Harmless, painless, & cures. 

      He used Frequency to kill cancer. said everything lives & dies @ a certain frequency (Hz).

  62. Melanie Moran says:

    Hello All, 

    Dane thank you for your weekly updates, and for all that you are doing.

    For anyone interested in commenting on weather blogs, here are some links.

    Let's all do our best to wake folks up, every day counts.   


  63. BC says:

    About a month ago during a cold spell, -20c I was doing heavy manual labour, chainsawing & hand hauling logs to clear a trail through this remote forest location of our in central western British Columbia. The air had that unnatural feeling to it that I've come to associate with ice nucleation. I was remarking to my teenage boy that fact that the snow that was dusting down was also so unnatural in it's configuration. Within about 15 minutes I became extremely fatigued & started trembling & gasping for air. My heart started racing & the heartbeat rose rapidly. This scared me as it came upon me out of no where & I'm a very hard worker & have always thought myself in pretty good shape for my age. In fact I went out during the next few days & had the same reoccurrence trying to do the same activity & always had to quit in short order & would be wasted for the rest of the day. I finally went to see a doctor a couple of weeks ago who ordered a battery of tests which I'm yet to take as I'm so far from civilization. In the meantime I've gone back to work, this time falling, bucking & stacking cords of firewood. The weather has warmed some & there is still effects of what I call ice nucleation but not with what I believe to be the same intensity. The amazing thing is I have been working all day harder then before with little adverse bodily effects that I was suffering with before. Why? I have been pondering this phenomena until this morning & wondering if there is something in ice nucleation that would cause this effect. So I went back to Dane's links above & from there went into toxicity reports on barium etc. Low & behold barium's side effects are exactly what I was suffering with. Exactly to the letter! So rather then say this was the cause ( I still could have something else wrong with me that comes & goes) I thought I would ask the question of other good folks & patriots whether this is possible? That the levels of the chemical agents are sufficient during an all out ice nucleating event to cause these sorts of bodily reactions? Anyone else out there want to chime in with similar stories? Dane is it possible?

    Thanks all.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello BC, about your question, the short anser is yes. While in the forest with a crew of 7 others (doing habitat restoration), during a chemical ice nucleated cool-down, 6 of us developed symptoms and nose bleeds in a 15 minute period.

    • Dennie says:

      BC:  The fatigue and racing heart sounds like you had a case of acute barium poisoning.  This gets more prevalent when "they" want to give us some "weather," rain, etc.  I was definitively diagnosed with this when I ordered a metals panel test from my physician who was as surprised as Hell that I figured it out, especially considering the cause.  At the time there was a HUGE, massive ongoing weather test over the east Pacific in May/June 2010.  It was horrible, like a nightmare.  The skies were just WEIRD, with big puffy clouds like you see in winter storms, in JUNE, in the S.F. Bay Area.  There were dirty smudgy brown layers dropping crap down on us and I'd be very sick once the planes sprayed that crap– you could see it raining down from the skies.  There was sooooo much jet spraying going on for days and days and days and days before this in May, then all those weird clouds, and very weird smells in the air, a fishy smell for a few mornings; very humid air; a metallic smell that was worse in shady and low areas; a burning rubber tire smell and the one that drove me to buy a ticket to Denver to visit my cousin and write my will was when there was an insecticide smell in the air– jeeezuz, it was a regular GEOENGINEERING CIRCUS, brought to us courtesy of the United States Navy, I was informed, by Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch. 

      You need to go to or something like it and get yourself a goodly supply of potassium citrate and potassium/magnesium caps  (and be careful of magnesium– it's effects on the bowel is very well-known..).  Take about 8 of the citrate caps when you feel the racing heart coming on. Eat a diet high in potassium.  Drink lots of orange juice, eat avocados, potatoes and spinach.  People are going to need to take good mineral and vitamin supplements on a daily basis now.

    • El says:

      Has anyone ever thought of inventing a dust mask or something that also has some kind of a monitor or flashing device to show when you're being exposed to an excess of these heavy metals or chemicals?

      You could certainly get a lot more attention if you wore a dust mask that was flashing little red lights – and then you could explain why.  I know I find myself short of breath when I walk outside certain times of day – so we could all use a warning device (the cheaper the better).


      The lawsuit you're filing is a necessary thing but some other things might help if we all do them together.  Like if we all protested by not spending money all on the same day (money talks), or if you give us the names and addresses of the guilty parties (1 or 2 names per week) and we all send them letters to let them know that we think they're real Bozo's and should not be considered to be part of the human race if they knowingly continue to do what they do.  Shunning works.  Or make a hilarious video about how the elite plan to survive when the rest of us are dead and all they have is each other to kill – they will never stop competing and destroying their enemies.  If it wasn't for organ transplants most of them don't have good enough genes to live for very long so they aren't the best examples of human genetics anyway.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      BC, North Okanogan checking in here. Last winter I went out and plowed snow while it was still snowing. I plow with an antique garden tractor. I got seriously sick for over a week. I do not plow while it is snowing anymore. In fact, I let the snow "gas off" for a day before I go plow. So far so good with that this year and there's more nucleated snow than ever. I have experienced the same symptoms as you several times and the fatigue is more persistent than ever this winter, you are not alone in those regards. Skip the "medical industrial complex tests". Dennie hits "it" right on the mark with her information offered on your comment. I'd follow it.

      For what it is worth, if the "medical" people find something wrong with you and you do not take care of it as prescribed the the power structure, you can be held accountable for neglect of government property. So be careful around those people. Besides, there is a vast amount of information available out there so we can take care of ourselves. No need to let a monster corporation tell you what is right for you and your health.

    • Dennie says:

      @EI: The nano-spray particulates are now so fine that there is NO filter through which the particles cannot travel.
      The only device we have at this time that can tell you what you're trying to identify is a spectrometer, that costs into the thousands.

  64. Randall says:

    Rea- yup they make pretty sunsets now. 

    Deadly things sometimes are beautiful. Twisted reality

    • BaneB says:

      Randall:  Like moths to the flame.  And if they like the toxic sunsets, they are sure gonna love the 'fire rainbows.'  

    • Dennie says:

      Edward Teller, the "Father" of geoengineering, went on about the beauty of the fiery mushroom cloud upon witnessing the detonation of the hydrogen bomb. Twisted A$$hole.  

  65. MAP says:

    Amen brother/sister Anonymous. I like your instruction towards end of your comment. Everyone please turn off your tvs, radios; put down your smart phones, laptops. Spend some time in silence and listen to the "air traffic" overhead. 

  66. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I cannot imagine what else it will take to "Wake Up" the masses then this latest Global Alert News. I am amazed of how fast the World is imploding each week I listen. If you are un-moved by the desperation in Dane's voice or the topics he speaks on for 55 minutes…Well you're Hopeless!    And for those that do Hear…Please Kick it up a Notch!   World Famine could Kill 20 Million in the next 6 months!  But, what is 20 Million to the 666 Club that wants BILLIONS DEAD & 500,000 of them left!!! This is only the start of how many they want Gone. We have GOT to WANT to LIVE more than, They want to KILL 95% of Us. I Know that I would rather Die on my Feet, then to Live on my Knees. Cause that's what's coming for you & yours if you do'nt get off your Ass & Help!  There has got to be Something you Love enough on this Planet to Speak & Act for!  TO LIVE FOR!!! We hit 16C or 60.8F on Feb.16th This is Insane! This is a Spring temp., not a Winter's temp. in Alberta. They are blocking "Our Sun" all day with 100% cloud coverage or blocking it with a Mass of Toxic Aerosols the entire daylight hours. Then at night, "They Let" Our Sky clear so the astronomers see a few Stars, then the hit it again by 4 – 5 AM to block the Sun while rising & or the entire Sky by 6AM. This too keeps the temps. down & that is why Lethbridge hit 20C or 68F on the 16th when they allowed the Sun to Shine. So do you see why they block it? What idiot would'nt ask, What the ??? These are not Winter temperatures!  When we had + 10C temps. in Jan. Everyone got excited…An early Spring, Yeah!  It is'nt half way through Winter People.     The Poor Trees. How much more of these temperature swings can the ones left, take?  They are proud to tell us of all these temperature swings , so they can say, it is completely normal. See, it happened here & there. Everything is okay.    Mother Nature was never so cruel.   Nothing would still be Alive if this was Normal after all of these Century's.    In the name of GOD Wake Up!

  67. Dan G. says:

    It seems here in keno the grass under this CIN is still green ?

    Maybe they'll keep it white until March to hide the spring grass

    • Petra Arimont says:

      Living in Las Vegas for nearly 30 years now and I can tell you that the skies are dramatically different. We use to have beautiful sunsets,  blue skies, and approximately 285 days of sunshine. Well, not anymore! Many people are suffering from respiratory ailments. Some dying of pneumonia. I talk about it to people. Some are believers, some rather stay in the dark. Most of the believers feel hopelessly defeated by the insane Elite. We are an experiment of the air force in this Valley. Dizziness, blurred vision and shortness of breath are the norm.
      God help us!!

    • Dennie says:

      .. and "they" are probably monitoring all of these health effects, just like the good li'l NAZIs "they" all are, in the military, especially those personnel administering the drugs, er, chemicals in the air column.

  68. Seeing Clearly says:

    Mans spirituality has been so corrupted that man believes it ascertains denial and disorder and division and delusion and alternative realities and all that stuff more enduring and appealing than getting in demarcation in the narrow way which is the right way of doing things which is what many refuse to do. This may be as much of a spiritual war as a physical one I find it very ironic that people say they love you that's why they hide / censor reality from you when in reality and I would imagine biblically speaking that love is not a lollipop or a butterfly, rainbow in every case and form or circumstance, it is painful, it is endurance it is everything this world doesn't seem to be willing to do with few exceptions, people just are not willing to take the heat. I believe we need to examine our morals and values and spirituality in order to ensure higher consciousness of reality. 

    Evil or sin is mans biggest and ultimately it's only problem it faces.

    No more of this disease should be our attitude, no more Geoengineering no more of big pharma's crimes no more tolerance for this stuff who is with me.

    • Sammy says:

      With you ALL the way!!  I've talked to many about the Geoengineering and it's amazing how they look at me as if I have 3 heads on my shoulder.  Frustrating but I won't stop talking.

  69. robert christensen says:

    i live in warren mi. its been 70 last week the 22-23 feb. . 1 week is was really cold when snow melted the ground was not frozen. could stick my finger in ground. it had been freezing the past two weeks  2 weeks be for

    21 feb 2017 thanks rob

    • Mike looking up says:

      Robert, I skated Lake St. Clair in pick up hockey games my entire childhood. For the first time this year and last no ice anywhere….. Can I add, yesterdays thunderstorms around 4 PM. When in Michigan do you ever recall thunderstorms in February? I'm trying everything to wake my friends up and even with a entire week between 60 to 70 degrees plus thunderstorms none wish to even say or think something may be wrong…… 

    • ️Nance says:

      I live in Holland Michigan. Today is 20 degrees (snow) and wind. I saw a bird at the feeder which didn't fly away when I let my dog out which was odd, the seed was frozen in the little holes so I thought I'd help the little guy and when I got close I saw his eyes were crusted over. I put seed on the ground for him but I have hardly gone through seed this year, no birds, no squirrels.

      The magnitude of damage we humans have done in 70 years makes me feel nauseous. I drive around with 3 magnetic Geoengineering signs on my van, lost one in Manhattan last week in high winds I hope someone put it on their vehicle, I keep flyers in my car printed from this website, my family for the most part doesn't want to hear me, sometimes I feel like I live a schitzo life. People are worried about campaign finance etc and this gorgeous planet and all the creatures are being poisoned. Thank God for this site and Dane and all who share here

  70. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 154th email titled: 'God Botherers/Rule of 7'.

    1.  There are some "God Botherers" who think that prayer alone will solve all their/our problems – it's rather like looking in the mirror expecting to see changes without making any changes yourself.  

    From my readings of the bible, Jesus certainly put time aside to pray, thanking God and asking for guidance, but most of the time he was out there amongst the people, spreading the word and recruiting others to spread the word. When he had a bad day or visit, he just dusted himself off, shook the sand from his shoes and carried on – with amazing results.

    Also worth remembering a "Rule of 7": someone has to hear/read/see something seven times before they are likely to believe it.

    2.  At 0927hrs on 23 Feb, the air temp and dew point near here suddenly rose 3ºC in 5 mins whilst it was snowing "heavy wet snow".  Not quite as dramatic as Australia's recent 5ºC in 5 mins at midnight, but does show what could and probably will happen. The dew point on its own will quite often make these rapid fluctuations up and down.

    As Torstein Viddal writes, 'The shit has hit the fan, it just hasn't been properly distributed yet'.  Arctic sea ice has recently recorded a rapid increase in volume, despite there being no comparable anomalous decrease in surface air temp over the Arctic ocean – in fact quite the opposite.  Obviously major endothermic spraying has occurred – a chemical or biological reaction which creates ice at (at least) minus 12ºC – well below the freezing temp of salt sea water. 

    The area around Franz Josef Land continues to be a focal point for heat anomalies in the Arctic Ocean.

    3.  RT has some good reports on the "Incredibly desperate humanitarian situation in Mosul" and the repeated figure of 750,000 trapped civilians; Pope Francis's "Great world war for water"; and "White Helmets figure barred from the oscars"…actually, they are such good adult and child terrorists and actors that they maybe should get oscars! 

    4.  Notes to Self (week 8 of 104): Make sure I have enough black plastic or similar to 'blackout' our windows and doors, if appropriate. Browse second hand shops for survival/self sufficiency type books for when the electricity stops – there won't be any internet, and I may not be able to access info downloaded onto my computer – due to lack of spare electricity generation, breakdown/damage, or EMP strike. 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi Andrew, Not sure what you mean by having enough black plastic or similar to 'blackout' your windows and doors?

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Donna, no point in making yourself an easy target (at night) – when the riots, looting, chaos, hunger, marauding gangs etc happen.  Particularly in our so called "civilised" countries.  

  71. Rea Lachney says:

    Your thoughts on the purple sky video on YouTube? Charlotte N.C. for the last 3 yrs has pink to hot pink sky at night! Not every single night but far too many! I use to see it before rain the following day. But now not so. It just appears… No one seems to notice but me I suppose… 

    • Wanda in NC says:

      Rea, I live on the East Coast of NC, I see these pink skies every night from my living room window. Not 'beautiful' at all. Scarey is more like it.

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