Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 16, 2016


Dane Wigington

Environmental collapse and economic collapse are both advancing, the dominos are falling and the momentum will increase rapidly from here on out. The human race has backed itself into a corner and the power structure is rapidly preparing for what is to come. "We have no democracy in the US", this is the latest conclusion from a Princeton study (a conclusion that all of us should have already come to long ago). From the disintegrating climate to dying bumble bees, the full truth is still not being told by the so called "experts" that are all too willing to lie for a paycheck and a pension right up until the last moment. The global geoengineering/weather warfare/biological warfare assault continues to be ignored and denied by those who are tasked with protecting the public welfare.  


Geoengineered skies in North Ridgeville, Ohio (12/6/15). Photo credit: Dustin Webb

Some of the long-standing disinformation and confusion surrounding the true state of the climate is crumbling as the data from the front lines paints an undeniably clear picture.  Though the weather-makers are engineering cool-downs everywhere they can, record high temperatures are continuing to increase exponentially around the globe. Record heat and record drought in South Africa, scorching temperatures in Australia,  record warm December in the US, record global temperatures in 2014, new record breaking global temperatures in 2015, and even hotter temperatures predicted for 2016. The "global cooling" false narrative that has been pushed by the power structure and the geoengineers (in order to confuse and divide the population) is rapidly breaking down. About the "coming ice age" disinformation, new studies confirm the inertia behind the current planetary meltdown is so immense that the next cyclical ice age (which would have occurred without anthropogenic activity) is at least 100,000 years away. Global geoengineering can create short term toxic cool-downs (which have helped to mask the climate implosion) at the overall cost of an even worse warming. The constant atmospheric aerosol spraying is also fueling record droughts in many locations around the globe. Those that want to see inarguable front line film footage of the disappearing cryosphere should view "Chasing Ice". From countless directions the all out assault on the planet by the human race is taking its toll, what can we do to change course while there is yet time to make a difference?

The army of the awakened is growing rapidly, those who still sleep will soon be forced to open their eyes. It is imperative for each of us to continue sowing seeds of credible information to all the individuals, groups, and organizations that we can manage to reach, the paradigm of propaganda and lies must be broken.

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  1. Pinky says:

    Dr. William Mount  Flu Vaccines are killing the Elderly You Tube


    You don't want to miss this one.

    Just like Vaxxed

  2. O.P. says:

    Hi Carol. I'm O.P. (Honest Person). I agree with you on the aspirin thing. For all people out there that have not heard of Alternative Cancer treatments. Google "Baking Soda" kills cancer. 

    Apparently so does food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. You have to mix it with water though, because it is too strong on it's own. 

    I'm only going by the videos I watched on You Tube. 

    Research it yourself and then decide. 

    Big snow storm to hit Niagara and surrounding area today. Maybe some people should keep them Aspirin handy if they have any heart issues. 

    Thanks for sharing that information Carol.

  3. Carol says:

    Chew 2 Aspirin. When you think you are having a heart attack. Probably right. You need everything you can get when the spraying is non stop.

    I see that there are not too many posts here.

    Chew them Aspirin's, because you will need them.

    I use them too. After the spraying going on you have to take something to avoid a heart attack ,

    Just listen to the Siren's and then look at the Obituaries.

  4. C.J. says:

    When all the Doctor's and Lawyers start falling down along with their children, it will be way too late for them. They all know this is happening.

    They pretend that it isn't because of their Fat Paychecks. 

    They will.come to the Conclusion that this was Not in their better interest!

    Watch and see.

  5. No Name says:

    I have a friend that works at a hospital as a maintenance person. He works all around the premise's doing what ever his job acquires him to do.

    He told me one day about this site and said have a look at it and see what you think. That was several years ago and I finally decided to check it out after his recent story he told me.

     This is what he said. He has been watching the Air Ambulance that lands and takes off from this Hospital. He says that they usually have a hose connected to the Helicopter that he always thought was for removing the Lavatory waste from the Helicopter. He said that either the people on board go the washroom on a regular basis because this hose is connected for a good period of time. Then he said that on some days the Helicopter takes off and lands on the Pad many times. He said that was suspicious after noticing on some occasions there were not even stretchers coming in or going out, which he assumed that there would be to transfer patients back or forth to their next location. He also questioned where all the deemed liquid hazardous waste went to. He never saw too many trucks removing it from the premise, although there were some, but not enough to remove the amount accumulated. He told me that there must be more to it and wasn't sure. From all that he was telling me I decided to check out this site and others alike and came up with my own conclusion. Something Stinks where this person works. I didn't give any names in order to protect the identity of the person including myself. 

  6. Janet says:

    This is an interesting observation. During the day I notice the Jets or Drones fly from east to west spraying their Chemtrails. Also I see the little planes flying all over the place trying to block the sun.

    But at night time I see herds of Low flying planes all over the place constantly flying overhead. There are a big number of them. I have counted 6 of them at one time. It is quite obvious they are not just joy riding up there.

    I don't suspect they are passenger planes or Jets either. I have a congested head and my ears seemed to be plugged up.

    I wonder why?

  7. Howdy All: Seems like a fair number of comments from metaphysical phenomona to potential metals poisoning. It's worse than you think. It's the cummulative effects that count. >
    Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation
    Electromagn Biol Med, Early Online: 1–16
    2015 Informa Healthcare USA, Inc. DOI: 10.3109/15368378.2015.1043557
    Received 10 January 2015
    Accepted 12 April 2015
    Published online 7 July 2015
    ["This review aims to cover experimental data on oxidative effects of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in living cells. Analysis of the currently available peer-reviewed scientific literature reveals molecular effects induced by low-intensity RFR in living cells; this includes significant activation of key pathways generating reactive oxygen species (ROS), activation of peroxidation, oxidative damage of DNA and changes in the activity of antioxidant enzymes. It indicates that among 100 currently available peer-reviewed studies dealing with oxidative effects of low-intensity RFR, in general, 93 confirmed that RFR induces oxidative effects in biological systems. A wide pathogenic potential of the induced ROS and their involvement in cell signaling pathways explains a range of biological/health effects of low-intensity RFR, which include both cancer and non-cancer pathologies. In conclusion, our analysis demonstrates that low-intensity RFR is an expressive oxidative agent for living cells with a high pathogenic potential and that the oxidative stress induced by RFR exposure should be recognized as one of the primary mechanisms of the biological activity of this kind of radiation."]
    ["The analysis of modern data on biological effects of low intensity RFR leads to a firm conclusion that this physical agent is a powerful oxidative stressor for living cell. The oxidative efficiency of RFR can be mediated via changes in activities of key ROS-generating systems, including mitochondria and non-phagocytic NADH oxidases, via direct effects on water molecules, and via induction of conformation changes in biologically important macromolecules. In turn, a broad biological potential of ROS and other free radicals, including both their mutagenic effects and their signaling regulatory potential, makes RFR a potentially hazardous factor for human health. We suggest minimizing the intensity and time of RFR exposures, and taking a precautionary approach towards wireless technologies in everyday human life."]
    Complete text:

  8. 1 says:

    Hey TERI:

    I totally agree with you. Here in Ontario Canada there are numerous fires that displace people from their homes and land. Also they don't have a plausible explanation why they occurred. Two barns filled with very high profile race horses burnt down with no explanation why it happened.

    We have the OLG here which is a gaming lottery. The horse races made money on betting. The government did not like that because their slice of the pie wasn't big enough. Just like the legalization of Marijuana. Government wants the Big Slice of pie to rake in the Big Bucks.

    2+2= A Bunch of Dead High Profile racing horses. The Craziness does not stop there. It runs Rampant all Over. Follow the Cash Trail every time. 

  9. Teri says:

    Part of the reason for these spraying campaigns and destruction of natural weather might be because the feds want to transfer these lands to foreign interests. Destroy the value of the property and make it cheap for outsiders to buy up. 

    the blm is making deals with foreign companies to strip mine american land. seizing ranches in and around blm land and selling it off to foreigners. 

    makes sense to me why they are killing off american's. destroying farmers and ranchers. destroying crops with man made weather. for the purpose of devaluing and ultimately seizing property. I have a friend in Idaho who says some people are having their lands taken due to being ''burned '' by the fires. Those people are not allowed back on their former property. it is taken from them. Wonder who set those fires since it is proving out who is profiting from them…the feds. 


  10. Thank you, Dane,
    for the huge amount of work you put into this site, and spreading the truth about the weather manipulation/
    and out-of control experimentation on our only home
    planet. Awareness IS growing, I know.
    It is a spiritual and physical battle, every day.
    I am a musician, and just posted a new music
    video. It is an update of the
    Animals 60s classic “Sky Pilot”, in which the central
    character was an army padre, caught up in the horror
    of the Vietnam War. My new version has a pilot, who
    slowly realizes that he is part of a global atmospheric
    tragedy…have a look! Here’s the url:

  11. Jimmy says:

    Go outside for a smoke really early in the morning before the sun comes up. I mean when it gets lighter out because there isn't any sun. Tilt your noggin upwards towards the sky. You will note that there is a constant flow of planes or jets going from east to west. Sometimes you will see one right after another. One sprays something and the other follows to spray something else. This is most likely to disguise the trail that use to be totally obvious a while back. They are getting sneaky.

    Also please note the number of children today that have some sort of disorder. I am hearing this from so many parents it is ridiculous and most can't figure out why. On top of that all the Vaccinations that are being pumped into their little bodies. Then they always seem to be sick.

    Its not to hard to gather information on this subject because it is all over the Internet.

    Will people wake up to the fact that we are all being taken advantage of to fulfill the Big Profit companies that benefit from all this.

    Do some research instead of watching TV.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yummy, look at those nice dark clouds looming over your head. Breath easy.

    Russia news channel just blew the lid off 9/11.

    Not a wonder why the Elite want to cut back the Mass.

    More and more figuring this out.

    Enjoy that toxic air, snow and rain.

    Have a nice Spray.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Is there any way you can post on here a link to any broadcast that Russia TV put out regarding "blowing the lid off 911? We all need to spread those broadcasts. Thanks

    • Dennie says:

      We don't need to go to Russian television broadcasts to find out who and what was behind the events on 9/11/01.  Pick up a copy of Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil by Michael C. Ruppert, former LAPD detective and poli-sci grad magna cum laude of UCLA.  It's about America, by an American, and for Americans.  I'm certain that many Russians would agree.  It's got over 1000 footnotes to back up all that's in that book, if only people will actually READ it.  But as one poor criticizing friend, who always questions what I say about what's going on says, "It's just so HARD to read it.." 

  13. Laura Hefner says:

    Hi everyone , a couple of days ago, this site's info regarding more science / environmental magazines mentioning 'Geoengineering'  & possible ( conspiracy ) theories . Hurricane sandy was discussed as being engineered under Obama's watch – I want it to be very clear that the Cheney (Bush) administration Most definitely engineered & orchestrated Hurricane Katrina ! Insane what those we elect (or not) get away with !!  Because of Dane , this site & All of us these crimes against Humanity / All , are being brought out into the light , so please keep moving forward , it Has and it Does Matter !!! Thankyou

  14. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, I mentioned to someone that you said the ocean somewhere was literally scalding.  They said that that is around 110- 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and asked where.  Where?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, I used the term “scalding” metaphorically, but this being said, ocean temperatures are shattering heat records and the temps continue to skyrocket.

    • Dennie says:

      One scenario extrapolating the warming far into the future, could have been one of Sam Carana's, did in fact make a prediction of oceans becoming so hot that they boil.  We'll be gone before then.  The Powers That Shouldn't Be aren't going to stop the poisoning of Earth as long as they benefit financially.  Beginning wo wonder what it would taste like to have to eat money, literally?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I can Guarantee that the "New Leaf" Airlines from Hamilton Ontario. Canada have Cheapy Cheapy flights for one reason. Because they are trying to Jump on the Gravy train. The Spray gravy train. I really hope that people figure out what is really up their Sleeve. 

    Cheap flights mean more Spray on you and everyone that is in the Flight Path of these Whako's.

    I hope that they don't get the go ahead with the Flights. As them like every other Airport are in on the Aerosol Spray Program.

    I watched a plane coming in for a landing in Toronto. There were streams of Aerosol coming from the wing Tips about 4 feet in on each side. This Sht that was coming out was not from the Turbines.

  16. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Yet another round of truth on this broadcast. The reality of the shipping is everywhere.  Retail collapse, food prices through the roof, glocal economic crisis, it is just a matter of when now.  Tell those who will listen and move on from those that will not.  Create close groups be prepared for the rug to be pulled out form under us any day.

  17. Wayne says:

    Continuing global economic weakness

  18. DAVOS Boss Warns Refugee Crisis A Precursor to Something Much Bigger: As the crash in commodities prices spreads economic woe across the developing world, Europe could face a wave of migration that will eclipse today’s refugee crisis, says Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. “Look how many countries in Africa, for example, depend on the income from oil exports,” Schwab said in an interview ahead of the WEF’s 46th annual meeting, in the Swiss resort of Davos. “Now imagine 1 billion inhabitants, imagine they all move north.”
    Whereas much of the discussion about commodities has focused on the economic and market impact, Schwab said he’s concerned that it will also spur “a substantial social breakdown.”

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Boy Susan it sounds as if so many just can't wait for more strife.  For instance, oil exports from Africa.  I mean we have done the most irresponsible drilling and mess making efforts for oh so many decades to exploit oil from Africa via Chevron and Shell.  Even way way back when in the Congo.  Really gets to me sometimes how people do not hook this stuff up.  I've said before but given the LA methane it is worth saying again, that deep in the Congo, Shell/Chevron were drilling oh so very many decades ago, causing a town to appear around the works which including a huge fountain of methane roaring into the skies, 24/7 and for decades, such that all persons under 30-and this from National Geo very many decades ago-all had to shout to be heard.  When played out, as usual for these US companies, they did nothing to clean up.  And this has been true along the west coast of Africa too-promises made as to sharing revenue, building schools, etc.  But no.  Abandoned and the waters ruined. No fish.  So, oil pirates, Africans, young men, work to steal the low grade stuff amidst methane flames from hell, risking their lives to make a few bucks.  If not for this, they would be fishing.  Now all this talk of Yemen.  While few seem to realize that Saudi Arabia, everyone so rich, hired Yemen peoples for maids and menial labor.  And abused them, notoriously abused them.  The Yemenis were shocked as the Saudi bloodline makes Them holier than thou.  Rebellion began in the form of future terroists.  Then, again, Yemenis recruited for menial work on oil rigs in Africa.  After a while, "suddenly" Muslims with an axe to grind in the Congo and other places.  This country never seems to get it.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Now it is happening in our own country, we get to see what hell we've wrought on others.  Not to mention the debt Africa has been placed in via the World Bank.  A debt that can never be paid, designed that way.  There is an excellent film on this debt issue called "Bamaka".  In Mali.

      Point is, what, who rather, exactly loses out on this one in Africa?  Poor Africa has been set up to lose forever.  And now, our military is all over the place, bases all over, kept secret for a long time.  Lily pads they call it.  Kinda like pop up enterprises, small foot print, but all over and stocked and ready to morph huge.  Doubt this big exodus you mention. Can envision mass genocide!

  19. Richest 1% own more than the rest of us: Oxfam
    The richest one percent of the world's population now own more than the rest of us combined, aid group Oxfam said Monday, on the eve of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. Video provided by AFP Newslook [video here]:

    • What's Eroding the Middle Class?  Jan 17, 2016 / Charles Hugh Smith
      This erosion of a self-employed, independent middle class was an important pre-condition for the collapse of Rome and the French Revolution.  … when the middle class—the layers of the economy between the Power Elites and landless laborers/state dependents—erodes away, the nation/empire is destabilized and descends into crisis. A society without a functioning middle layer of economic and social activity is not stable, though repression can mask this for a time.  …societies that lose the cohesion needed for concerted, collective action collapse, either by failing to meet an external threat or from internal conflicts.
      Economies constructed of a supremely wealthy elite, a thin layer of independent artisans and small farmers, and a great mass of laborers with no assets has no shared sense of identity or purpose; those at the bottom have little in common with those at the top, and the thin middle that is scraping by has little affinity with either the elite above or the poverty-stricken below. This erosion of a self-employed, independent middle class was an important pre-condition for the collapse of Rome and the French Revolution.    …the middle class in the U.S. is eroding…

    • Dennie says:

      Just 62 people own over half the world's wealth.  How'd that happen?  HOW DID WE LET THAT HAPPEN, dammit???!!!

  20. Greg Price says:

    I was watching another concerned citizen talking about Fukushima radiation release and he made, what I thought was an valid point. He states our Military is now a voluntary program, so in essence, they are paid Mercenaries, not drafted individuals. He does not grant them the same indulgence or "respect" that most people do now-a-days does. They need to be aware that what they do is voluntary and they need to be held to a higher standard, or be called to accountability.
    I love our Brothers and Sisters in the military, and as you say, they need to wake up.
    Additionally, as more of us research Geoengineering we find evidence of an array of maleficent  products not mentioned in the patents. For example: hexagonal nanoparticles which appear to have micro-filaments spontaneously erupt when exposed to water based liquids and respond to electromagnetic fields. has also been doing research since 1999 and documenting vast amounts of aerosol dispersed material and their behavior.
    Based on my research (which is small in comparison to alot of people) in my opinion, not only has the Gov. and private industry been involved in this experiment on the environment, but we have also been targeted in this experiment without our knowledge and permission. And they need to be held accountable, despite the fact that they hide under the false guise of "National Security".
    At the rate they are proceeding and the consequences that are being produced, the Government won't have a "Nation" to keep secure.

  21. Alan says:

    This has probably been posted here before but, it's food for thought for people who might be looking at this site for the first time:

    "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

    Mark Twain

  22. Debra Tanner says:


    They have been spraying in my neighborhood since last February. I live in the Sunshine State and the Sun rarely ever shines anymore. the color of the Sun has also changed. the military seeds the clouds on Wednesday nights and the next day there's always rain . I've been taking pictures every day since last February and all I can say is they have stolen our Sun Shine and given us poison air !

  23. Marc says:

    Alright, I confess I did sit down for about 20 minutes to watch the Seahawks game yesterday. A commercial break came on and I was astounded to see a trailer for a new upcoming TV series, I believe it was entitled "Lucifer". Uh, hello? And the hook catch phrase? "He gives BAD a GOOD name." Are you motherf**kers kidding me? I mean, really, just who the fuck does "Hollywood" think is their audience for this abominable crap? And another thing. An SUV commercial came on that was filmed/set in a vast snowy landscape with snow-plastered big mountains in the distance. I mean, I don't know how much digital "enhancement" there was embedded in the production of this vast landscape, but it was a truly incomprehensibly vast scene of endless snow. Really?? If real, where did they have to frikkin' go to film such a scene? And the point of it all should not be lost on any of US who come to this site. Just more PSY-OP BULLSHIT FROM THE CABAL to keep reinforcing the illusion that even in a world beset with dangerous warming, maybe it's not really that bad after all. I mean, look, honey, look at all that beautiful snow!! Makes me want to go skiing, and build a snowman with my kids, and make snow ice-cream. Remember snow Ice-cream? When I was a little kid we actually used to make and eat snow ice-cream with Hershey's cocoa added. You couldn't pay me enough money to put that shit in my mouth now. How times have changed.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, I remember snow ice cream from my childhood.  There has been a good amount of snow (and rain) since December 25.  Last week it snowed and I thought about snow ice cream.  But, it quickly occurred to me that the snow is even more toxic than rain.  One blog stated snow contains more Fukishima radiation, snow being an effective atmospheric scrubber. One can imagine what else is being "scrubbed."  My 40 gallon house water barrels froze solid.  My water for wash up and dishes came from packed buckets of snow placed by the woodstove.  There is no way of getting away from the radiation and the geoengineered brew, no matter.  Homes are required to have built in smoke detectors.  Why not Geiger counters?  Or a methane sniffer?  Radon detector?  Stop the world!  I want to get off!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Uh?  Snow ice cream?  Seems I missed that experience.  But we did have an old fashioned ice cream maker, you know, the kind with an inside part for the actual ice cream, and the outside of that part which one packed with ice–or, snow.  It was fun to do it with snow.  But we were not eating snow.  You guys were?!

      Marc, I can easily forgive the Seahawks experience.  Myself, I hate foot ball and always have-too much like the lions and Christians, just way too violent for me.  I never watch, I never go.  But my brother in law in a home owing to a major head injury, loves it, and the Seahawks, his favorite.  Someone talking about the team here-the mayor of Oakland, was saying something about how it is part of our identity, "our" team.  Not mine.  But lots do love it and far be it from me to take one bit of pleasure from people under pressure.  Which all are-out here anyway.

       I learned a lot about T, O. Wilson, the world's expert on ants and termites.  Some think he went a wee bit too far, as towards the end of his career, he decided that humans are a lot like ants, very much so, in fact.  Ants build cities underground, and on one huge one he poured cement over to lift it up and study it, embarrassed that in so doing he offed a lot of his beloved ants.  But it was amazing.  For all the world it looked like New York City, like a big metropolis.  He drew oh so many comparisons.  When the soldier ants come back to the nest, they do a waggle thing, not unlike bees to communicate info.  Looks exactly like what one sees people do at football games.  So, in a documentary, they show T,O. Wilson at a football game, just beaming, watching so very many humans doing something very similar for their teams.  It was funny!  Now if only we could take that team spirit large and make it us humans against these inhuman assaults, anti human assaults, anti Earth assaults.  Apparently, a lot of people need the feeling of being on some team, part of a group of like minded, kinda like all of us here.  Apparently a lot of people need this for some kind of encouragement, identity, sense of accomplishment, even if it is a game.  An us, as opposed to a me.  And just as apparently, we are not as evolved as we thought, or were taught.  So, for a few hours, my brother in law along with a few other guys in the home, actually called Sunset Manor (come here to die manor?) felt a bond, felt part of something that distracted them from their pain and loneliness feeling bonded with others they don't know but for the Seahawks reminding him of when he lived in the north west and had a life.  So, I get it, I think.

      The other day we got 3 inches of rain!!!!  Tons of snow at Tahoe, so your commercial could have been filmed there or somewhere else, or fake.  But there is snow and so cold here that the pond in the street I am expecting to ice over!  Snow and very cold in South Dakota too.

      Is my memory shot?  Wasn't Lucifer an angel, God's favorite?  Fell out of grace.  And Bane, decades ago they began pushing everyone to have their basements checked for radon as apparently it is quite common.  And gee, what a lot of work you have to do and I admit, I'd hate to eat or drink today's snow too!  Beam me up Scottie!  It was bad enough to have to fear the sun I miss so much this winter because of Lupus.  Now I fear my yard, the gardens, the foods I grow in them or that grow anywhere, and I fear the rain, the ground, air– all the things I used to love.  But am glad I am backed by a team, an anti geoengineering team!  Waggle waggle.

    • George says:

      I just watched an interview w/ Leo DiCaprio by Charlie Rose. LD said that the film crew of The Revenant" had to relocate from Calgary to South America because they were shocked to find no snow at all in Canada.  

  24. I would like to suggest that we find the bases that these planes travel to and from. I live in Las Vegas and there are a number military along their various routes.These bases could be picketed with protest signs against the spraying our skies these poisons.Then once the rock is overturned and responsible parties are exposed a class action suit should be considered. 

    • George says:

      That is an idea that I have had for a while now. I live in the Philly region but have not a clue about where the all-white (unmarked) medium sized jets fly in and out of. When I see them (and I see them almost daily) they are always at an altitude that makes it impossible to even see if there are serial numbers on them. I thought about calling the FAA to report unmarked planes, just to test them.

  25. Ultra-Rich ‘Philanthrocapitalist’ Class Undermining Global Democracy, Study Says
    Jan 17, 2016 / By Sarah Lazare / Common Dreams
    From Warren Buffett to Bill Gates, it is no secret that the ultra-rich philanthropist class has an over-sized influence in shaping global politics and policies. And a study (pdf) just out from the Global Policy Forum, an international watchdog group, makes the case that powerful philanthropic foundations—under the control of wealthy individuals—are actively undermining governments and inappropriately setting the agenda for international bodies like the United Nations.
    The top 27 largest foundations together possess assets of over $360 billion … they are expanding their influence over the global south. And in so doing, they are undermining democracy and local sovereignty. … Some among them, like former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have been criticized for abusing their power and influence in pursuit of questionable policies.
    “…the increase in philanthropic giving is just the other side of the coin of growing inequality between rich and poor.”  …  “…philanthropy is largely about letting billionaires feel better about themselves, a form of ‘conscience laundering’ that simultaneously functions to ‘keep the existing system of inequality in place…’ by shaping the culture. …  The risks of “philanthrocapitalism” are manifold, the researchers argue, including: “fragmentation and weakening of global governance”; “unstable financing”; and “lack of monitoring and accountability mechanisms.”

  26. Tracey says:

    The skies have been a blanket of white for lack of a better description this winter. So much so, that people are talking about it. One of the really nice things about winter in Northern BC is the blue skies and sun – it's a rarity now. I have a question about the haze that's been covering the skies for the last month. It rolls over us and looks as though there is a forest fire burning in the area. I checked, there are no fires. Is the haze because of the spraying or could it be from the SoCal gas leak?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tracey, the aerosols from the ongoing geoengineering insanity drift and can appear like smoke from a distant horizon. Smoke is also a particulate, thus the appearance can be similar.

    • Tracey says:

      Thank you, Dane for your response and for all of your work. Will help share your information.

  27. Judy says:

    I just learned that there are two January hurricanes–one in the north altlantic and one in the pacific (called Alex and  Palla hope I have  name right).  This seems so strange to me.  I wonder if geoengineering is a factor. In my 69 years on this earth I have never experienced a hurricane in January on the east coast where I grew up.

    Here in Vermont where I reside now,  we have had a scant amount of what they are calling snow but what appears to me  to be  icy and not like snow  I am used to especially in  January/February.   I saw spraying the day/night before we got this 3" of ?snow.  Christmas eve day was so warm that my  grandkids were outside with short sleeve shirts.  Thanks Dane for all your  hard work.  People  I talk  to are  in denial not about the "weird weather" but about the spraying.  I  can't  understand it because once you see  one  of these criss cross patterns in the sky, how  can you doubt that it is unatural.  It is how  I got my sister to wake up.  I wonder  if the youth just think this  is  normal.  I  send people I talk to to this  site.  I intend  to print out those pictures of real clouds and  geoengineering  skys and just distribute them in public libraries, dr.  offices, etc.anonomously (need to get a printer) people I  meet  on  street say "what wierd weather and  I  say check out geoengineering"

    Anyway, I'm  curious  what you think  about these  hurricanes,  not  only  in  January  but two  at the same time??

    • Jenny says:

      I live in MA and one thing I did notice this year was that after the first of our two relatively small snowfalls that we've had so far this season,  it took a long time for the snow to melt even though there were a lot of days with highs above freezing after it.  There were also a lot of days with that "fog", so maybe the air was too saturated for it to melt?  Of course, we still have the piles…those never go away 'til spring.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jenny, the chemically nucleated “snow” has very different characteristics as compated to naturally nucleated snow. The attached link should help fill in a few blanks on the issue.

    • droughtsurvivor says:

      There is still ice on the ground in Lubbock, Texas from two weeks ago even though the temps have been well above freezing and our family said "Well, that's not natural!"  Yeah, they may be finally waking up.

  28. BUTCH MURPHY says:


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Butch, thank you for your support in this battle. I am originally from  Upland California.

  29. Blake Raymond says:

    One of the most effective ways to raise awareness where it matters is to place quality flyers on peoples offices at your local government centers, sheriff's offices, local news stations, radio stations and anywhere else where there is a lot of vehicles. Yes, you can get fines, but it's worth it.. This revolution will be from the bottom up. Make it so!

    • Nicole says:

      Yes and speaking of which Blake, we used to go to church every Sunday but now we put flyers on windshields every Sunday while people are inside praying. 

  30. Phil Caprino says:

    I agree with William who shares he wants to protest at the state level.
    I think we need to go bigger as I had stated.Like what we did in the 60's if you are old enough to remember. We better try and get solutions or we are toast. I live in Los Angeles and this great El Nino has us 2 inches of rain below normal. The storms out in the central pacific have been huge but they block, disorganize and move them. If they had let it rip we could have 20 inches of rain by now. This El Nino peeked early. Why would the cabal do this? Well they do not think like us so one can guess but not really know. We just need to know that it is happening and it needs to stop. We need to try and organize ourselves ans align ourselves with other groups , 911 Truthers, Fukushima, the illegal wars, Federal Reserve,all these concerns should be discussed as they are all one in the same perpertrated  by the same criminal cabal. Then we can get more mass. Just writing in these comment sections and listening to the radio show might make us feel good but it will not change a grunion if we do not get bust an act.. They are ready spray us in our face and do not care if you do not like it . We got to get our hands real dirty or we are finished.

    • SD says:

      All of the meteorologists out there who hyped this El Nino season should be fired.  Especially Bill Patzert up at JPL. They all made their inept forecasts WITHOUT REGARD to Geoengineering's influence on the Hydrological Cycle.

      The stakes are high for California's water supply/agriculture/dying forests etc.  They blew it and should be held ACCOUNTABLE.

    • Nicole says:

      The more aggressive action you are referring to comes up now and again, and I always have the same response, violence begets violence. It cannot be, and will not be the solution. Look around you and see where that has gotten us through history.

      My advice: Watch the film Ghandi 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Phil, Hello and we in Bay Area may be getting your rain.  One heck of a lot.  I should not complain but gee.  Too much at once?  My weatherman I listen to on morning news for that reason, says this is Not El Nino, that El Nino isn't due until February!  Holy….

  31. Steve says:

    Hi, I'm writing from England (UK) and the chemtrail activity within the UK has been very heavy since at least 2004-2005. Today the whole Norfolk coastline has been sprayed with hundreds of flyovers that have literally turned a crisp winter day's blue sky – white. Weather patterns within the UK have been crazy for years – with continuous south-westerly gales in the winter months, rather than traditional north-easterly winds.
    The east and south-east of the UK (including London) are continually sprayed almost on a daily basis and any day devoid of the chemtrail tankers are becoming rare. Crazy when you think how many people are involved in this trash – including air-traffic controllers. Also, the tankers appear to spray at ever lower altitudes, especially along the costal regions. They also spray in all weather conditions within the UK – including low-level cloud – cloud disperses and the chemtrail muck is seen in the blue patches of sky.
    These lunatics should be rounded up and forced to breathe in what they spray!

    Many Thanks 

    • G. Day says:

       I was walking in Bacton / Walcott  today (17th) and counted 7 spraying simultaneously at one time. Sickening, but important not to be fearful or intimidated,

    • BaneB says:

      I wonder if they spray over Balmoral Castle?  Prince Charles would certainly not like toxic metals contaminating his organic gardens at Sandringham.  He seems to be very keen on the environment.  Send him some flyers.  Or phone him up for a chat.  Pester the hell out of em.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, not a bad idea.  I've always liked Charles.  I can recognize an abused child when I see one.  He's done some amazing things with his gardening, recycling and cleaning of water, innovative stuff.  Course, he is mega hampered by Royal protocol, but I'll bet he does know what is going on, and I bet he is pissed.

  32. Steve Yakoban says:

    WAIT – I had to mow the lawn on January 3rd – IN NJ!!!
    Are you saying that's not normal?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Why yes Steve, Recently driving around northern Georgia and looking at some of the fields I laughingly thought..if it keeps up like this the farmers will be getting a January HAY CUTTING!.. HA!  Never saw anything like it before; thick green grass growing all over the place.

  33. Jimmy Hill says:

    I relocated from Brea, California to Weiser Idaho in October, 2015.  I just drove back to Brea this week for family business.  All I saw was spray all the way down the 84 fwy to the 15 fwy south through Utah and then through Vegas.  1100 miles of crap filled sky's.    Where can I live spray free?  Listen to the Rejacks song Spray the Sky.  I have called the FAA in the past.  Three days later I got a call from the FBI.  Why?

    Jimmy Hill


    The Rejacks

    • darrell neff says:

      its 40 degrees and snowing at the Jersey shore 

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      The ongoing GeoEngineering/Climate Manipulation programs are indeed, causing the natural cycles to be controlled, influenced & diverted. Here is one example I would like to briefly explain. GeoEngineering creates toxic artificial particulate sky cover, as it traps heat on the Earth's surface and within the atmosphere (troposphere). Think of humans when we are cold, we use sheets & blankets to cover ourselves, which makes us feel warmer from the blanket trapping and retaining the heat emmited from our bodies. The aerosolized layers from GeoEngineering, are disrupting the natural diurnal (daily/night) radiative/radiational cooling of the Earth, therefore not allowing Night time temperatures to drop to their actual natural average minimums. The Earth is now experiencing, along with Record High Temperatures, Record High LOW temperatures. Example: a cities average Low temperature is 72 degrees for a certain night, depending on the time of year of course. If this city is experiencing night time minimum temperatures of 78, 77, 80 & 82 , the 82 degree minimum for that specific night, would be classified, as a record Low Temperature, for that time period. The 82 degree minimum temperature would be a 10 degree departure from normal on that date. With these SAG/SRM layers, radiational cooling is not taking place with it's natural process. Radiational Cooling is caused by the emission of infrared radiation from the Earth's surface, varying from one type of surface topography to another (land, oceans, mountains, deserts, forests etc). Cloudless nights (No SAG/SRM) typically allows greater radiational cooling to take place, which helps lower temperatures naturally. The Media is not mentioning all the U.S nor the Global Record High minimum temperatures that are occurring.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      David, Excellent explanation!

  34. Kopkitsum says:

    If you look at You Tubes or other vids from the other side you can see traces of "chemtrails"..(China, Russia) . Makes you wonder how big the MONSTER really is?

    • Stuart McDermott, England. says:

      The monster is global and always has been. It's the age old story of trying to get enough people to wake up in time, before the monster resets everything all over again.

    • Dennie says:

      The Monster is always seeded by money– U.S. Foreign "policy" goes ahead of the chem trails. 

  35. janie reyna says:

    Dane I live in Denver.  OMG…I see the array pattern that comes out of boulder and I see one that comes from the south, probably Buckley Air Force base.  The group doing this is genious.  They know how to blend the artificial and real weather, and the sheeple aren't noticing.  I saw a video from lake huron the ice melt was forming circles…I thought it was weird but I remember seeing a patch of snow on my deck and it was breaking up into circles of various sizes.  weird.  these are the effects of all the pollutants falling on to our land and water.  It is sad Dane.  I guess people who don't want to wake up to this are in for a HUGE suprise.

    …..I ask myself…If the last life left on earth was a tree, what would it say about what man has done?

  36. The latest reports on the L.A. Methane leak…not good…
    New thermal imaging from Earthworks.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan this does sound grim indeed.  Can you imagine LA evacuated?  Will it come to that?  Will the Oscars go on and what will they say-I bet they will say alot, though hard to imagine how to joke about this.  I do wonder how many surprises like this one we have waiting-all over this country.  My guess would be lots.  Perhaps this is one reason for all these military exercises as panic and exodus may occur.

      Susan, oddly or not, when I was 28 and my daughter 1 and a half, I drove 18,000 miles all over the western half of this country and at one point really liked the area outside of Helena, Montana.  I had very little money.  There seemed no where to camp when suddenly I saw a big Smiley face sign: Happy Valley camp ground.  Normally, not fond of smiley faces but needed that then.  All seemed to be RV campers and a few wood cabins.  The guy said I could camp, I wanted far away, and he showed me the furthest place by a creek and so I set up.  Quite pleasant too.  Woke in the morning seeing elderly people-yikes, my age now or older?-all over the place.  The story was, and I've since seen it on TV yet, that there were deep mine caves from when long before the place was mined for uranium.  It was said that as a by product, the caves gave off radon.  All these old people from all over the states and beyond came here every year for a radon treatment!  For arthritis!  It consisted of going down into one of these empty mines, made comfortable with chairs and lighting and magazines to read.  The idea was to spend about an hour or more a day, not much more, every day for a couple of weeks.  These old folks swore by it that it made their pain go away, lasting relief for quite sometime.  I wouldn't do it but they insisted and finally I went down, taking my baby!  By down, I mean walking down a big opening to where the sitting area was.  I looked around, then came back up, kinda spooked me but the folks were so kind and encouraging.  Yikes!  At that time, I had no idea what radon was.

    • Nicole says:

      I refuse to believe they can't figure this damn thing out. They can store that stuff, in tanks somehow they can store it they don't have to burn it. It was used for fuel for CA for how many decades and that whole area is nothing but storage for it. So get some damn gas trucks back them up there and start filling them. Better than doing nothing.

  37. Roger Gibbons says:

    Question for all …….if the sky's have been darken by 30% …and they keep whitening the sky's why go solar power ….by the time they ever finish spraying the darkening will become more intense with less sunlight to Be used for solar power …….hmmmmm ……… has anyone thought of these facts.

    We must not start awakening more and more people to this crime..

    Look up

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Roger Gibbons, Hi and but of course.  This is after all why Dane began going down this road.  And it occurs to me this may be why the cost of solar is coming down so much.  One of my many plants is a Hellebore, otherwise known as a Christmas Rose.  We've been getting tons of rain and while this plant is somewhat drought hardy, it does best with water. Yet not a bloom, not one.  Usually I count on this one plant in front garden to be blooming at least by now if not a month ago.  On the other hand, owing to rain, and massive chemtrails, it has been dark.  So, in addition, my hens are not laying eggs for the first time ever-all of them. No light.  To make eggs, they require a certain amount of light.  So your question begs the obvious.  With a typo? at the end?  As you say we must not!? alert others.  You said awakening, most do, I've decided I don't like that because it is offensive to people and to win them toward an open mind, I find it best to say alert people, or pass on awareness.  surely you did not mean to say not to?

    • Vern Steinhoff says:

      I have asked solar companies the question of production with the spraying and they say it makes no difference.  I question that answer because we know if we stand in the sun and then under the spray cover it makes one hell of a difference in the heat generated on ones self.

    • Dennie says:

      Not surprising from a group of people who are trying to scream at you that White is Black, Black is White, Stop really means Go, Evil is good, and Good is Evil.  What else could we expect?

  38. Rosalie says:

    They're blocking Dane's Jan. 16, Global Alert News on my end. I also tried to download "Chasing Ice," with no success.  I've been getting a lot of this lately, especially for Dane's website.  Dane, your site is such a great lifeline in this sea of madness.  I'll try it again later and hope for the best.

  39. Arthur Wong says:

    Dear Dane. 
    Thank you for your info and your broadcast in the radio. As a Buddhist follower myself, the three posions of human being is always here…..IGNORANCE, HATRED and GREED. Lots to do for everyone who cares about their families and kids. WEATHER is surely now a lethal weapon and what BUSH lied to many American as Mass Destructive Weapon which not found in IRAQ. 

    Keep up the great work.  I think I need to check if here in HK have those sky white “traces”. 
    Arthur from Hong Kong.

  40. Roy says:

    This is a refresher for those of us who went into shock when George W. Bush lost the 2000 presidential election and went to the White House anyway. I think we can be forgiven, given our state of mind at the time, for not following all the details of the U.S. Supreme Court’s judicial coup d’etat– an event unprecedented in American history, with catastrophic consequences we all know by now.    From Utah One

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, the psychopaths that put BabyB into the Black House had his psychology figured out.  And nine months into that regime's silent coup BabyB got the baby.  And we saw those criminals put a fatal stake into the heart of our republic.  President Carter stated on Oprah Winfrey that Babylon (my term) is no longer a functioning democracy, but has devolved into to a oligarchy.  Think of that sad reality when you watch the orchestrated  corporate sponsored conventions of both parties.  Screaming and hollering and happy for a free junket to a carnival, they actually believe the clowns are going to represent them.  Lights, camera, action!  Oh say can you see the strings, and the hands of the marionette makers?  Hope? Change?  Don't hold your breath.

  41. tea for one says:

    Hello all. Back in spring 2015, I had my soil tested by an independent non government lab in Georgia. Thd aluminum level came back at 1198 lbs per acre. I told Dane already. Hd had good recommendations for chelators to reduce heavy metal poisoning…. Lots of clean water, zeolite, blue green algae, calcium citrate capsules and loads of vitamin C add a good start. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      tea for one, Holy Cows!! 1,198 pounds per acre?!?!  WOW.  So was this cleansing thing for you or the land?  What is your land like now?  I have wondered if there is some way to remove this from the soil.  I know it keeps coming, but must be something, just must be.  Or, someone at least working on this?  How can we chelate the soil?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel and “tea for one”, just want to again stress that unless historical soils baseline values are known, the soils tests are not a reliable source of measuring the increasing contamination from climate engineering. Aluminum is a very abundant element in the environment, though it does not exist naturally in free form. Precipitation testing is the most inarguable measure of the contamination raining down on us all.

    • Earth Angel says:

      tea for one and others FYI, I am in North Georgia. I too had samples of soil, bark, leaves, and other substances tested for Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and Titanium at a lab in South Georgia in the fall of 2012. ALL samples came back positive for ALL metals. Results as follows; Soil/Aluminum- 3750ppm; Leaves/Aluminum- 2725ppm; Treebark mixture/Aluminum- 2406ppm; Blackberry bush leaf clipping/Aluminum- 365.50ppm; Horse manure from pasture/Aluminum- 6659ppm.  Soil/Barium- 0.671ppm; Leaves/Barium- 0.880ppm; Treebark mix/Barium- 0.336ppm; Blackberry bush clipping/Barium-0.634ppm; Horse manure sample/Barium- 0.763ppm. Soil/Strontium-0.070ppm; Leaves/Strontium-0.228ppm; Treebark mix/Strontium- 0.075ppm; Blackberry bush clipping/Strontium-0.204ppm; Horse manure/Strontium- 0.220ppm. Soil/Titanium- 3.970ppm; Leaves/Titanium- 0.098ppm; Treebark/Titanium- 0.307ppm; Blackberry bush clipping/Titanium- 0.092ppm; Horse manure/Titanium- 1.290ppm.  The soil pH was 5.90 with a Buffer pH of 7.40, for those who understand these results. I am no chemist but I am told the aluminum values are very high. Obviously there was presence found of every single thing I had tested for in these samples. I had a second testing done about 3 mos. later which confirmed values of all these substances once again. Recently, in early Sept. 2015 I used the same lab to analyze similar samples of soil (and other things) from the same exact locations which were returned BDL (Below Detection Levels). Is it possible for these heavy metals to simply evaporate?! I have had no toxic metal cleanup done to the property. I find these recent results curious. Anybody know anything about this? Can this be possible? I wonder if we used the same lab? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Earth Angel, It is imperative to rely on precipitation samples as once the rain hits the ground, the tests can be argued. If the historical baseline soils ph values are known, that can provide useful information to compare with current values. The testing you have done may still be of use, but the precipitation tests are the foundation.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Tea for one….your name has reminded me of the hilarious Freddie Frinton sketch 'Dinner for one'.  A must watch in these grim times!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dane, would my bird bath bowl count?  It is under the redwood tree and so gets some dirt in it, plus some bugs and debris, but it is standing water from rain.  Last time I tried from rain, I could not find a lab.  But, did not occur to me that it could be mailed in.  Is there any left that will do this?  Is this better than having one's body tested in terms of what shows up?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, any clean glass or plastic collection container will due, but it must be free from other forms of contamination. Check under the testing section of

  42. Rick says:

    Thank you so much for your broadcast this morning and bringing light of to the facts that are going on in our emerging current world.  My wife and I wake up to do our reading, studying and listen to your broadcast this morning while we were watching the geo-engineering activity right outside our bedroom window.   We use this website as a presentation to teach our students and to get them involved as well.    I teach and train my representatives for my supplements and biosphere projects and sustainable living by sharing this valuable tool and message that you carry.

    Thank you so much for your work !!! 
    I particularly like how you describe the air  smokescreen filled air.    Thank you for your broadcast and your commercial free message and your diligent work on researching it and bringing it to us in a way that is clearly understandable. thank you again for all that you do  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Rick, Can you and yours answer the question I asked above?  As in how to chelate the soil?  A way to counter this.  I don't suppose there is a vacuum cleaner for the ground?  Must be something can be done!  Suggestions?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, heavy metal consuming microbes are the best bet for helping with the soils contamination, but if we do not stop the source of the problem, it won’t matter. Climate engineering must be exposed and halted, there is no other way forward.

  43. bija says:

    Dane, your 'rant' today was a sobering touchstone to the true depths of the INSANITY hurled at this planet and it's inhabitants from so many directions!!  Without question, you are doing a great service by being a persistent voice in this movement to wake everyone up to the crime of GeoEngineering.

    At the current pace at which these mad agendas are unfolding, all the fantasies of the GREED-MASTERS of a future with them at the helm seems ludicrous.  Only two outcomes seem possible – them dead along with the rest of us, or all of them toppled and on trial!  GeoEngineering and all evil agendas must be halted to allow for a natural (albeit precarious) recovery on Earth. 

    What could possibly be left for any psychopathic elites to rule after massive methane release, nuclear melt-down, destroyed forests, no oxygen, burning UV radiation, contaminated soil and water, depleted and dangerous food, dead oceans???  Only those who are truly MAD could expect any outcome at all from intentional and simultaneous destructive agendas.

    We must keep heart. Either way, they are already destroyed!

    • bija says:

      One more thing…they doubled down their spraying of us in S. Arizona today, using the intersecting lines and diabolical x patterns of old. SO OBVIOUS AND UNNATURAL, Lately, we are mostly hit with the short, bright lines or the suddenly appearing cotton candy stuff. As horrible as today was, it offered the perfect opportunity to point out the planes laying horizon to horizon lines, criss-crossing and curving, and turning a beautiful blue sky into a suffocatingly gray blanket of doom. Everyone I approached either knew or seemed open to hear about what the heck is going on over our heads. It felt very different from the days when most were not aware and did not want to hear. Awareness and uneasiness is definitely growing out there. I sure do hope it's in time!

    • Donna says:

      I agree Bija, in AZ on Sat., it was one of the worst days I've seen in a while. Looked like there were a hundred trails. I used a spotting scope, and from the ones I could see, there were at least 6 different carriers spraying. There was one that was a 747 cargo plane (international) that flew over head spewing massive amounts of metals. The spray looked red at first and then grey as it got closer, it must have been from the sun. It crossed through all the east and west trails and headed north. It's just sickening to watch this happen to our beautiful sky, and all life.

      Thank you Dane for all your efforts. 

  44. WILLIAM says:


    • Nnikki says:

      William, I think this is a great idea. Hoping it will start in Sacramento. As the old, trite but true saying goes, " it's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil".

  45. b says:

    Hi Dane,
    ALL of this dominance ( by the way dominance does NOT exist in nature, NEVER has!) by a few over the MANY has been going on and on for at least the last 6,000 YEARS. Many too many have died trying to forewarn ALL of US, so sad. Now hope ( because hope is time…) is running out, so incapable ( even though they think… they can) to control GAIA they have decided to cull the herd. Their bunkers are ready and they will experience a Living Hell ( maybe… for a few decades at best ) when most of us are gone.
    The Unknown created us humans with the freedom of choice… to either Dominate & Destroy through Deception or CARE & LOVE…     
    I chose LOVE
    Thank You DANE for your Courage & LOVE, TC
    BTW… is an ant less alive than a human? as a species we have failed to realize this very fact, payback is on the way…

  46. CL says:

    Not only is this stuff omnicidal, it actually helps melt the ice! Any chance that this study could change minds within the geoengineering "science" community?
    "The Greenland Ice Sheet is the second largest ice sheet in the world and it's melting rapidly, likely driving almost a third of global sea level rise.
    A new study shows clouds are playing a larger role in that process than scientists previously believed……
    The study, published today (Jan. 12, 2016) in Nature Communications and led by the University of Leuven in Belgium, shows that clouds are raising the temperature of the Greenland Ice Sheet by 2 to 3 degrees compared to cloudless skies and accounting for as much as 30 percent of the ice sheet melt."

  47. Cindy Blue says:

    Dane, I've listened to you for a long time. a friend of mine reports spider webs from the sky in Maurice, La.  You rock!

  48. Star Messenger says:

    As for the article, it is great, as usual.  I have been trying to get other people I know to appreciate the significance of GeoEngineering and the consequences of its' implementation.  Most people think it is nothing, and shouldn't be worried about.  Then I say: When thousands of tons of atomized aluminum, cobalt, and strontium are pumped into the Stratosphere don't you think that it will have an effect on the environment?  You know aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer disease.  That usually gets their attention.  But, to what extent we will see.

    But, eventually (when the world can't ignore it anymore) they will begin to pay more attention to the weather.  But, until then we will just have to wait…

  49. Marc says:

    Everywhere around me friends have been getting sick with mostly respiratory related afflictions: weird lingering dry coughs, phlegmatic coughs and flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath, etc. Yes, one could argue it is that time of year for this kind of stuff. But awhile ago, as I gazed out a window at work, our sky was completely manufactured, poisoned, insulted and assaulted by these murderers, as if the sky represented nothing but an opportunity to disseminate entire mountain ranges of lethal substances. This absolutely WILL STOP. Of this I am certain. Only problem is, most of us will be gone by then. If that is our destiny as a race, so be it. But if there IS a "God", or an "Intelligence" so vast that we cannot begin to understand what "it" sees and knows and understands about why so many billions of us had to die, I would like to offer a question unto this "Intelligence". And my question is simply this: "What was the point of it all?"

    • stephan says:

      Hi Marc – You're friggen bang on – matter of fact this "God" or "Intelligence" really has to be in question – Think I'll go get my first tattoo – 5 words – "this is just a test" – be well man.

    • Marc — Perhaps this will help to understand this huge hard ultimate question you have asked. I wrote it yesterday in answer to a friend.

    • Mark and concerned readers: I'm reporting from Northern Wisconsin and the North shore of Lake Superior. Respiratory issues are hitting many persons in this area. It's not the flu… If a person happens to have a jewelers loop, blow into a tissue, then closely examine the result. You'll clearly see morgellon-like fibers, along with small black mold specks. This crap is definitely being released from unmarked aircraft. They often fly at night or above chem-clouds to conceal the action.

      Nice to be here… NOT!!!

    • Marc says:

      Right on, Stephan. Indeed, I'd wager that the motherfoyers behind all this geoengineering would gladly explain, if asked, "This is only a test".

    • Marc says:

      Susan Ferguson, thanks for the link to your awesome essay. Perhaps unbeknownst to many is my own interface with Indian culture, which began when I was a pasty redhead in high school, circa 1970. My best friend's brother had just become a "Hare Krishna devotee" and we used to go chant with the monks at the temple and take prasad with them. I still have my edition of the Bhagavad Gita which I acquired from this temple. I've been hanging with my Baba and other ascended masters for 40 years now and understand on a profound level how our life experiences are the grace of the guru, in an effort to loosen our attachments to this world and to our imaginary self. Having said that, I nonetheless consider myself a spiritual warrior in a minor back-eddy of my little corner of the world, and will continue to rant and oppose the dark swineherd of the Cabal. This is one of my forms of service to humankind, and to all living beings. 

        Once upon a time a snake went to his master who told him to love everybody. So he went out into the world and was soon beset upon by youths who threw stones at him and beat him with sticks. The snake endured it all while remembering his master's injunction. Upon returning to see his master again, the master asked "What happened to you?" The snake said he was beaten by youths, and he endured it because master said to "love everybody". The master then said to him: "Yes, I did tell you to love everybody, but I didn't say not to hiss."


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, An experiment perhaps to see how free will turns out?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Paul Vonhamish–Gee Paul!  I've been asking about you, wondering where you have been?!  Long time!  How are you? And, I used to have a jeweler's loop.  Dang.  Because I've got some thing too.  First, it was like nasal congestion that would not blow and for about 7 years, turning me into breathing with my mouth open at night, not sleeping well.  Then, a couple of months ago I got the first flu I've had in more than 20 years.  Felt like flu, acted like flu, and I could blow my nose!  So the misery had that upside and it seemed it would end this endless congestion but no.  That closely followed by what is sorta like a cold, nose running and running.  I get such rotten sleep and I am so tired all the time, so very tired all the time.  And lately that is getting much worse.  I have been wanting a jeweler's loop, miss having one.  Good suggestion.

      Back when, you hugged a tree and told of ley lines via water diviners.  Lead to some very interesting info.  I'd heard references to this stuff, but did not know much at all.  Question, Given all these electromagnetic lines in nature on our Earth, how does all the electromagnetic stuff going on these days from everything, including the military, affecting these natural lines?  What does all this manmade stuff alter?  Or, does it? 

    • BaneB says:

      Consciousness, cognizance, sentient awareness, observation, understanding, love, and overcoming our defects in order to evolve.  In short, the answer from my perspective is there is only one thing that life is all about.  LIFE!  There is no reason for a material universe, IMHO, without it being observed.  It cannot exist, IMHO, solely upon its own foundation of matter.  Matter cannot exist without spirit.  Can't prove it in a laboratory Petri dish, but LIFE is eternal, infinite.  I am still not holding my breath for science to create the very first living cell.  We are fortunate  science cannot create the spirit required to annimate their forlorn attempts.  In sum, there is nothing except life.  When it goes out of our body not even nothing exists.  In fact there is no such thing as the term "exist" once the last dying ember is no more.  To me the concept of eternal life makes sense.  And interestingly those who are playing god want control.  They desire to have the universe. They want the 'fountain' of 'youth.'  NASA sent a probe out into the vastness of the universe decades ago.  It is still operating and going father out.  A plaque of copper or bronze was installed with words to the effect that 'we come in peace.'  Immediate it says we know war.  If we know war, then we are diseased.  Our dual nature has yet to be overcome.  If we do ever overcome this affliction, then we can have our projection and the universe is ours.  Poppycock perhaps…mental meanderings..and a work in progress:-)


  50. Jack Lovett says:

    Dane, what a great service you are doing trying to wake the sheep.

    As for me , I need to do more. What can be more important?

    • Tamra says:

      Today there was extreme heavy aerosol spraying in the sky over Tucson. It started early morning and just kept going. It was so heavy it was blocking out the sun. Yet,  I see most people don't see what is happening. I think something big is about to happen and this will be used for AI. Get ready S about To HLF.

  51. Dan says:

    This morning was snowing at 36 degrees. It's now raining at 28 degrees. What's wrong with this picture?

    • Bradley says:

      I am living in Hungry Horse, MT and here it is January and it was raining a couple of days ago….really! I'm very close to the Canadian border, its January and we are having highs in the mid to upper 30's lately…. This can't be right 

    • Dawnski says:

      Its snowing right now at 36* in LKN, NC. AccuWeather shows the interstate as the dividing factor between snow or rain. Interesting. We watched the X pattern emerge Friday night after 2 sunny days. On Saturday I found my heart palpitating in an unusual fashion while out on a way. I awoke this morning with the strange electromagnetic energy surging through my body head to toe.

      Thank you to my Awakened family. Today the Seahawks play the Panthers in Charlotte. I could care less, but that will be the talk of the town. If you feel so led, join me as as we pray continually in one accord, for the sheeple to wake UP and look UP. (Acts 1:14) How sad the hypocrisy of Christian celebrities like Natalie Grant, mother of 3, one of whom was hospitalized with pnemonia, in ICU at Christmas, during winter storm Goliath, while her mommy was  posting selfies at the game in Seattle, profiting off of her music "Be One" while promoting her non profit human trafficking organization, when in fact more children are exploited in that crime during the very NFL games she attends and supports, especially the Stupor Bowl. Oxymoron. Help wake her up. She blocked me around this time in 2013.

  52. Phil Caprino says:

    Great job as usual. Now to get back to informing the public. I remember well the Vietnam war protest, even the million man march some 20 years ago. The wall street protesters of 2011. Now I have not had any problem convincing people we are getting sprayed. But they are not activists, have never protested anything. We need to hit the streets.. We need to organize a march on Washington. During this election year. WE can combine topics such as Fukushima and the die-off of the oceans and forests. I would not myself have a clue how that stuff gets organized but sometimes things have life of their own and just take off and there is critical mass. We all listen to alternative radio and we can start getting the word out like that and if you can get back on coast that is a huge audience. We need critical mass like you say so the others start to pay attention. If the economy continues to worsen maybe they will just be scared and angry enough to listen. There is a global conscious shift going on and has been. The time is now to do something big.

  53. Philip Stone says:

    Maybe I missed it, but I don't think the point was driven home between the new data from Greenland (with the clouds enhancing the warming) and what they are trying to do with the spraying (artificial clouds).
    It doesn't work to try and reflect the Sun, no matter what the motives (and the environmental destruction they are also causing makes all of it triply worse (the killing of the trees))

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Phillip, hi, and not just the trees.  Clouds trap heat.  But artificial ones are different kinds for different purposes some of which we don' know.  Some stuff does refract sun.  But at a cost to the ozone?  Some of it is just a way to dispose of toxic material and rationalize the cloud cover as beneficial.  Some of it is to facilitate radar.  Many schemes and experiments which is part of the problem too, even if well intended-not bloody likely-who is over- seeing this?  There are biological agents also.  No one is informing us, protecting us, or seeking consent.  So, I think the general point, without admitting on going geoenineering, is that so very many planes are flying and all the time-true that-that, that in itself is causing additional warming, more than could be expected otherwise.  It is unclear to me if "they" are dancing around geoengineering, or, say, looking to reduce civilian flights to keep geoengineering going on, or flat out rule out the amount of air traffic from all kinds, like water rationing.

  54. Kevin D Hansen says:

    It Seems to me that when this is brought to light (Geo Engineering) it will be apparent that the program is a Government / Military project, The military will claim it has to do this as "Other countrys" are doing the same and the U.S. can NOT lose this battle to control the weather…I believe that climate engineering is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb…So…only a "Treaty" an "Agreement" between nations that Climate engineering is a bad deal for EVERYBODY and should not be prusued would be the answer, I believe this to be our only saving grace against the military…Thoughts?

    • Nnikki says:

      Hi Kevin. I've been having the same thoughts for some time now. As the weather is so obviously being used as a weapon of control by many nations against each other, no single nation is about to stop on its own. The problem being how will these nations ever agree to lay down their hostilities toward each other when their leaders are so hell-bent on controlling each other through acts/threats of war? Seems to me that a worldwide awakening & protest will have to take place in order to get this atrocity stopped. So we all must continue to bring awareness in any way we can & try posting on sites that draw readers from different countries. I've posted on RT News, which may not be the best, but does seem to have a multinational audience. Have seen mention of geoengineering there. Maybe others here will have suggestions of some  sites that would be useful?

    • BaneB says:

      There is a treaty, I believe under UN sponsorship.  But it has a BIG loophole:  Nation's can experiment within the national borders on their population.  We are being attacked and decimated by our very own military-university/science complex.  They understand the toxicity and the inevitable deaths of a certain portion of the population.  The mindset and impetus is the same that conducted globally 2,000 atmospheric nuke tests.  Those too were experiments with the purpose of creating and refining the abity to mass murder entire national populations.  It is a fact that tens of millions of people around the globe have died prematurely, and miserably from the radioactive fallout.  Cancers and immune suppressing diseases everywhere, and the fallout lingers and kills forever.  The same lunatics ever anxious to become rich then proceeded to sell the world nuclear power plants.  Look no further than Fukashima(sp) to understand the folly of buying suicide from circus barkers.  So, bottom line:  We are being irradiated.  We are being sprayed.  We are being experimented upon.  And many of us are suffering the mental and physical results unto death.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Not a bad idea at all Kevin.  Like a nuclear treaty, huh?  It is definitely equivalent.  In fact, this seems to make more and more sense as I think of it.  This could maybe be done.  Not that all would cooperate or necessarily agree, but a framework could be laid, international agreements, agencies to report to, recourse for citizens.  Hmmmm!

  55. Ronald Edberg says:

    Youtube—>Dr. William Mount.
    Has some solutions for the blow out in LA, cures for cancer, and possibly neutralizing the radiation gas cloud from the Nuclear Power Plant of St. Petersburg, Russia+ other stories. It appears that most of his intelligence is correct, as is Leurn Moret, who first mentioned the:
    Possible meltdown in Zaporizhaskya Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. These two Russian power plant stories need research, but there is a news blackout.
    Ditto: the crisis in WestLake, St.Louis County, and Indian Point in New York.

  56. World Rushes to De-Dollarize Oil Trade Before US Economy Crashes and Burns / Jan. 14, 2016
    Russia, China, India and other emerging powers are pushing for a multipolar world; meanwhile the United States, a former hegemon, is unable to stop them as it is losing its political power and is “de-facto bankrupt,” William Engdahl, a political observer for New Eastern Outlook, told Radio Sputnik.
    Slowly, but surely Russia, China and other emerging economies are beginning to reduce their dependency on the US dollar. Russia plans to trade oil using rubles by undermining the current US oil price monopoly.  "That would begin de-dollarizing the world oil trade in a significant way," Engdahl told Sputnik. This move would be a dramatic blow to the economy of the United States and break the US political hegemony, Engdahl explained. "The rest of the world is beginning to realize that the United States of America, the hegemon or the sole super power, whatever you want to call it, is de-facto bankrupt," the political expert told Sputnik.

    • Marc says:

      There are real forces opposing the psychopathy and monopoly of this bloated bunch of suits. But it will be "too little, too late", I am afraid. While these developments do engender glimmers of hope, I have been wondering for some time now whether alot of what we are seeing is essentially a "scorched earth" agenda as the Cabal fully realizes it's own obsolescence. 

  57. Hi Dane — Great talk as always! Thank you. I love your Saturday "Voice of Truth"!  And speaking of Methane release…Dane: “Methane deposits starting to release in the Arctic.”
    * Mysterious plumes may be releasing toxic methane near Washington  / Oct. 2015:  The research by the University of Washington shows that, of 168 bubble plumes monitored within the past decade, a disproportionate number were seen at a critical depth for the stability of methane hydrates. 'We see an unusually high number of bubble plumes at the depth where methane hydrate would decompose if seawater has warmed,' said lead author H. Paul Johnson, a UW professor of oceanography. 'So it is not likely to be just emitted from the sediments; this appears to be coming from the decomposition of methane that has been frozen for years.’  …Of the 168 methane plumes in the new study, some 14 were located at the transition depth – more plumes per unit area than on surrounding parts of the Washington and Oregon seafloor.

    * Methane Plumes Bubbling along U.S. Northwest Coast

  58. Karen Savoie says:

    Thank you Dane for all your hard work to school the populace.  I have noticed that the majority of people don't want to learn about this.  As always God keeps a remnant who know and care about this.  I am one of the remnant and so are some of my friends.  My main concern is telling people since time is so short.  Bless you my brother.

  59. Steven Rosner says:

    Dane & Steven,

    What can we do if our doctors won't take us seriously? Mine tried to prescribe me antidepressants and ignored any physiological symptoms that I have. Try another…same crap! Now what?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steven, pass credible documentation of the geoengineering issue on to your doctor, then record his response on the record. In doing so we may one day soon be able to hold such gross negligence legally accountable.

    • Steven Rosner — This video will give you some ideas. We are all different and it seems some 'cures' work for some, while others do not. It all depends on your age, health, sensitivity, and how chronic the symptoms have become. Dane has promised to make a compilation and post them. In the meantime, perhaps begin with:

    • mary says:

      Hire an attorney….now.  Give the attorney this website.
      Threaten your Dr. with lawsuit via your attorney.  An MD is NOT allowed to discount your sympyoms.  Record yourself on your Iphone every time you have symptoms.
      I am an RN and if my MD was to try this approach to me I would be climbing up their a*s…….as I have done, when necessary.  I just had a climb up the a*s session with my MD several weeks ago… vaccinations, meds for lipid lowering etc.  I threw out data she had no response for.  I advised her that from birth, through ALL my advanced academic training I had faculty who insisted we think outside the box…..she damn near fell out of her chair when I told her that.
      Anyway, do NOT be intimidated by these @ssholes….NOT ever.  Find an MD who specializes in holistic health.  Or find a naturopath MD.
      Sc*ew this system of who*es who profess to be MD's.

    • Robert says:

      Reserach "Lithium Orotate" till your blue in the face than start taking it.

    • kathleen says:

      Hi Steven, most MDs are taught to prescribe medicine for symptoms rather than address the cause (which can often be "fixed" by a healthy diet). Needless to say, they are NOT taught anything re nutrition and the role food (and other factors, like water, pollution, etc.) plays in our health. I'm currently reading (and will need to re-read as it's so jam-packed w/info) How Not To Die by Michael Greger, M.D.; he's one of a growing handful of MDs who knows the value of eating nutrient-dense foods to fend off and even reverse everything from depression to diabetes, etc. If you can't afford to purchase it, get on a library waiting list, and visit his site

      This might sound odd, but the best thing for my health was to take it into my own hands and brush off the medical industry, at least the allopathic component. I might add that if you're depressed, it means you still have a functioning brain! But eating properly will help you recognize that, yet still maintain daily duties. Colorful fresh seasonal fruits and veggies should be a large part of your diet…try it, even if it sounds too simple to work. Best wishes to you 🙂

    • Hey Steve: Lets face it. Most "doctors" couldn't find they're own ass without a PHD to back them up. I happen to be extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields from cell phones and wi-fi. It's killing me… The "doctors" won't read the information I try to inform them with, because it contains too many syllables… They'll die, just like the rest of us…

    • Dennie says:

      I have the same frustrations with the current sick medical system that treats by poison, then poisons some more to mitigate the poisoning.  My physician, to her credit, did diagnose me with acute barium poisoning when it nearly felled me in 2010.  I went to the hospital where they did NOTHING to treat me for arrhythmia, like that kind of measurable side effect was somehow all in my head, didn't even get potassium.  Had to buy 20 new windows and 3 new doors to keep the air crap out of my house, and not even then, though it's much improved. 

      Over the next two years I was able to have two more serum barium tests, now they won't do these tests any more– wonder how many patients she and all the other docs have seen with barium poisoning?  The amazing thing is, she did say that she was hiking on a ridge in Mill Valley and a man stopped and pointed to the chem trails, and told her they were spraying us with heavy metals.  She said that her son talks to her about the chem trailing.  We never talked about it again after that visit.  Too bad. 

      I feel like a lab rat soooo much of the time whenever I visit the doctor, weighed, measured and checked, told I need statins for the cholesterol and BP medication if my BP goes 10 points higher than that perfect score of 120/80, like we're all somehow staying a perpetual 32-years old– HA!  And now I'm on the ACA Covered California gold plan– none of the plans pay for glasses, you have to pay out of pocket, and I have very corrected vision.  It will cost $1000 for my next pair of glasses.  I am going to go broke I'm afraid, just because I have to have "affordable health care," which it is NOT.


      Air is very powdery, drying, making everyone sneeze and cough, they call it "allergies" and I always say that everyone's "allergic" to heavy metals ground up really fine and sprayed all over them using jets– now I HATE jets, I hate just hearing them, I hate looking at them, I hate flying in them.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Hi Dennie, I've still got questions!  When you said they won't do the serum barium tests anymore, did you mean for you, or for anyone?  What did your doctor who ordered the test have to say about it being positive and what did she/they do about it?  How long before it was gone, and were your next two tests clear?  Were you admitted to the hospital?

      I too feel like a lab rat, or cattle, being weighed and measured, but I will say it's fun to see my blood pressure.  Once it and cholesterol were high but no more.  Took me one and a half years to lose the weight I gained and carried from prednisone for seven years!  I did it with foods.  My usual blood pressure now is about 100/58.  And I'm about to turn 69 and I am crippled.  It is also fun to see blood pressure go up or down depending on what doc I'm seeing!  Most, well all docs know almost nothing about auto immune diseases.  In order to get some tests, I had to make it seem as if the doc figured it out.  Long ago I found out that telling Them what you have or need is not viewed well!  So, I have to finesse it.  Which is not all that hard.  And I'm polite about it.  That helps.  Some people cannot affect their numbers with diet though, if genetic disposition.  Worth trying though, and by the way, alcohol does not help!  don't know if you drink, just know it is a factor for several friends of mine.

      As for glasses, that and dental have forever been issues for me.  There are much much cheaper glasses on line.  I am curious!  Also, again I am stunned by the difference just across our pond!  We've had one heck of a lot of rain here in Berkeley and the air is not dry or powdery.  In fact today, the rain actually smelled good.  It is pouring at the moment.  My only real complaint is no sun!  Which is beginning to feel huge.  And I heard a weird noise yesterday, a hum, constant, kinda high pitched but not real high, and concentrated.  I hunted around for it, almost an electrical sound, it was outside somewhere.  It really got to me and made me feel angry.  I even thought it would make one hell of a weapon!

      @Dane, thank you, and where on your site can I find out about the pre test chelation protocal?  I've read bits before.  What makes me nervous about that is that for one, I take medications.  I could not live without them.  You are referring to a blood test, right?  For another, my auto immune stuff includes a ton of allergies.  That always make me nervous as one never knows what my body will do.  Some of my allergies would kill me, nearly have done, according to Hospital ER.  I only weigh about 110 pounds.  Guess I need a tad of hand holding.  This has been a very rough year on me physically, and I do seem to be sick with something weird.  Which makes me feel nervous-like the rash I've had for almost a year, or how very very tired I am, how weak I am.  I am a bit scared.  But I will try what you say.  If I can afford it.  I have no money.  Very very little.  My house leaks air everywhere, I mean air gets in, big time.  Not much I can do about that.  I have to keep some windows open.  I've become a bit relaxed about inside/outside as I feel I will go down with the ship.  And I can't seem to divide the two!  And not sure I want to. I do try to be aware, but.  By the way, some plants and stuff that boosts the immune system can cause my auto immune stuff to through a fit and really hurt me. My spleen is destroyed, for instance, hence nervousness.  I am not normal!

      Also, is it not illegal to record something without permission?  Like, with a doc?  I hope to see my rheumatologist soon, she might be willing to do these tests.  She is brilliant. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, check under the “tests” section on the top toolbar of the home page. Please keep us posted on any results.

  60. Ron lech says:

    These alerts are graces please keep them up it is vital to hear them especially your detailed truths about the luciferians involved and there motives, the comments are great at least I read about those who are not blind and can see the evil above them , I am disappointed my chapel a supposed traditional catholic one cares not about looking up mother even the clergy it is on with coffee and cake and sandwiches and a lot of gossip and wait sports a must right after church in 120 seconds I timed it no thanksgiving to God time for Bellys to be filled, disgusting but a bright side there was one clergy Father Malachy always said look up. Look up and even made a talk about it he knew he stood up looking up Father Malachy Fatima conference he said the air water and food where being changed Our Blessed Mother Also warned in 1846 that nature would be changed Lassatte yes that had to be silenced also it seems all whistle blowers are silenced even ones from heaven so raise up those swords and shields and charge on in pray 

  61. Is it possible to coordinate Geoengineering through daily spraying areas?
    Today spray planes from west to east over Barcelona.
    The web records inputs and displays routes globally fumigation.
    If we are many, we are giants.

  62. James A. Brown Jr. says:

    'Chasing Ice (2012)' is a very good documentary, I've seen it several times and would recommend watching it. 

    Heres the Storyline: 'National Geographic' photographer James Balog was once a skeptic about climate change. But through his Extreme Ice Survey, he discovers undeniable evidence of our changing planet. In 'Chasing Ice,' we follow Balog across the Arctic as he deploys revolutionary time-lapse cameras designed for one purpose: to capture a multi-year record of the world's changing glaciers. Balog's hauntingly beautiful videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate. Traveling with a young team of adventurers by helicopter, canoe and dog sled across three continents, Balog risks his career and his well-being in pursuit of the biggest story in human history. As the debate polarizes America and the intensity of natural disasters ramp up around the world, 'Chasing Ice' depicts a heroic photojournalist on a mission to gather evidence and deliver hope to our carbon-powered planet."                           

  63. My concerns continue to be directed towards the downside health effects of the aerosols. Researching the majority of sources available, we observe three principle ingredients – barium, aluminum and strontium. The list is long, but of significant concern are the biological agents in these aerosols. People need to begin cataloging how they feel, both physically and mentally, in the context of what they hear in the skies above. If for instance you identify the sound of a noisy jet aircraft overhead, then 20 minutes to half an hour later you're experiencing shortness of breath, gastric pain, nasal discharge, stiff neck or any odd, unexplained symptom – make note of this in order to see if patterns emerge. Note the time of day, length in minutes between the fly-over and onset of physical manifestation. Rate the degree of severity on a scale of 1-10 and the frequency of occurrence. This will help in detecting emerging patterns that can assist your doctor in his diagnosis. You will want to refer to these important records if and when you need to consult with healthcare professionals in general. Pictures of the sky help too, especially when their timeline is stamped on the photo, and show the jet and trail clearly together – especially useful are start-stop patterns that are hard to refute as being ordinary contrail vapor trails. Your doctor or clinic can order a heavy metal blood test designed to "rule out" or rule in toxic exposure to atmospheric barium, aluminum or strontium – significant proof that is hard to debunk.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steven, thank you so much for posting this appeal for individuals to document the negative health impacts from the ongoing aerosols spraying operations. This effort may soon be of great importance to our unfolding legal proceedings.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dr. Amato, I recently had to have a urine test at my clinic and asked if I could have a heavy metal test and she said sure.  Negative.  But I don't know what they were looking for-will ask-want to ask for a blood test now, but feel nervous about that.  Until not long ago I had the best doctor I've ever had but she left.  Now I see a nurse practitioner and the whole place has changed so much.  What would be reasonable to ask for?   I live in the north western part of Berkeley, CA.

      Thank you!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, hopefully Dr. Amato will respond to your question. In the meantime, just wanted to state that you will need to do pre-test chelation protocal in order to produce accurate heavy metals testing. Please keep us posted.

    • Hello Dr. Amato: I'm copying this post from above:

      Mark and concerned readers: I'm reporting from Northern Wisconsin and the North shore of Lake Superior. Respiratory issues are hitting many persons in this area. It's not the flu… If a person happens to have a jewelers loop, blow into a tissue, then closely examine the result. You'll clearly see morgellon-like fibers, along with small black mold specks. This crap is definitely being released from unmarked aircraft. They often fly at night or above chem-clouds to conceal the action.

      Nice to be here… NOT!!!

  64. Julio says:

    Dane it is like a summer day right now in long Island and just a few hours ago it was at least 45 degrees.

  65. Kay Hawks says:

    Dane we all , most of the populace knows it is the Illuminati ,the Satanist, in power behind all governments . We have to keep spreading the word to help this Earth that they are trying to ruin and cause famines so people die and they can control us better. Keep up the fight and be blessed from our Father in Heaven in Jesus name .amen

    • Dawnski says:

      Amen Kay! They put many messages in their Stupor Bow commercials andl Half-time Satanic Worship ceremony/show. I pray continally and listen to His still small voice, while even the churches mock me. I do it in obedience, for His children and His creation. Exhausting as it may be. Eternally rewarding!

    • Candace Waugh says:

      I'm pleased you mentioned the Satanist Illuminati Kay, for a long time I could not understand why Humanity seemed hell-bent on destroying their own planet. I believe those who are bringing about the destruction of all life on Earth are evil,


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