Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 20, 2018, #128


Dane Wigington

Countless forms of environmental contamination are taking their toll on the health and cognitive function of populations. But is this actually the primary factor behind the perplexing and willful blindness of the masses? As the ancient saying goes, "Nero fiddled while Rome burned”, overall human nature has not changed. The flow of dire headlines is coming in from every direction, in the coming weeks and months this trend will accelerate rapidly. As the planet’s once abundant resources rapidly run out, and ecosystems implode, what are military industrial societies doing? The same thing they have done since their inception, consuming all they can while manufacturing yet more weapons. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Programmed political bias continues to be fueled by power structure orchestrated theater, when will the majority of populations see through the smoke and mirrors? The great unraveling of all we have known is not somewhere on the horizon, it is already unfolding. True solace exists in fully facing the gathering storm, it exists in doing ones part for the greater good, no matter what comes.

This week's outreach booth is at the Marin Center/Exhibit Hall, San Rafael, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


125 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 20, 2018, #128

  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Snow in the Panhandle of Florida has occurred three times this Winter Season so far. I have never seen a snow line extend into the Gulf Of Mexico offshore. In Jacksonville FL we had a Low Temperature of 25 degrees, which was long lasting, 12 hours at or below the freezing mark. These named Winter Storms are engineered using moisture from the Gulf Of Mexico, even though the Gulf's water Temperatures are in the 50's and 60's. The moisture is chemically ice nucleated to form a shallow dense layer of cold air at the surface, creating ice storms and snowstorms which move east, then move north along the east coast. In several cases after the passage of the Winter Storm with assoicated Low Pressure, a High Pressure Center is locked in place bringing a secondary shot of cold air, which reinforces the below normal temperatures for as long as one week. 

  2. Carol says:

    Hi Dane,

    Please know your efforts are not lost on many of us who are doing what we can in our communities to raise awareness.  I am always so appreciative with people who will engage me in conversations that enhance their knowledge of geo-engineering when I am out and casually look up and state "they are at it again I see".   There is an animated conversation that follows but I just know deep down they saw it as in interesting conversation that they will put out of their head as it is so dire or perhaps, simply too unbelievable.  I recently supported a boy scout fund raiser to raise awareness of geo-engineering and the father who gave "the talk" in an almost disheartened manner; I could see immediately that he truly appreciated our conversation as he said that he had not come across too many folks familiar with, never mind cognizant of  all the impacts with this atrocity.  Really, I just want you to know that you are having an impact on many who are humbly speaking out as opportunities permit. …(emails have been sent to local papers, mp's and when political candidates do the door to door, this is the only area I ask them about – I tell them point blank that whoever puts this on their platform will be the one to get my support)

    • Carol says:

      PS: Part of my work includes receiving death notifications from funeral homes and vital statistics; A growing trend I have noticed since November is the significant increase in the deaths of Canadians who are dying before the age of 65 (in truth, I could say between 60 and 65). I have not filed the documentation yet as I am thinking of trying to figure out how to track this and determine if my perception is statistically significant; as well, I don't get the cause of death.

  3. Lee Eyerman says:

    Currently weather is so up and down,people are sick and can't move here in Ohio.In last 48 hours we have had 50 degrees,rain,wind,snow,ice and thunder.Not to  mention lightning,fake sleet,and a wind chill of 20.The human body cannot adjust,thus our immunity is going down and the fake flu they sprayed can attack us.We who are 60 or older have a chance.We grew up on good food and had the right vaccinations.Anyone under 20 is screwed and that's part of the genocide,younger on up.All of you young people who want a cause to protest,forget stupid politics and question why you won't live to 50.

    • BaneB says:

      Lee Eyerman:  And I would add whilst we developed in the womb, Teflon had not been invented.  Nor Roundup.  Nor ubiquitous microwave transmitters.  Nor nano-aerosols and nano-bots.  I could go on for a week about the crap invented since WW 2 that has turned mothers' milk into a toxic slurp.  And brains into autistic zombies.  Or the polluted blood and brains of young people subjected to non-stop artificial molecular compounds that alter DNA and mental functions.  I was in the womb during the first dusting of atomic clouds floating from Nevada to over the east coast.  I made it through that wicked health-altering gauntlet (so far so good).  Relatively speaking my generation was free of most man-made artificial compounds during the embryonic stage of development.  The babies born today are polluted at conception.  The controllers and their high priests of science simply up the dosage "safe" for human tolerance whenever it suits their profit-motivated requirements.

  4. L says:

    Here is an item to be aware of entitled "If Humans gave up geoengineering after 50 years, it could be far worse than if we had done nothing at all."

    This headline should indeed shock and outrage people. After all, it is admitting to the fact that geoengineering has been going on for decades (though still not the true length of over 70 years) without our knowledge or consent, that it has made things worse but now they "must" continue to protect wildlife! No words can describe my disdain for these paid liars. 

  5. Colleen Cran says:

    Where did the sunshine go?  V


    • BaneB says:

      Colleen Cran:  We all are wondering the same thing.  Of course we also know the whys and wherefores, the causes.  Here in Northern California when the sun is not buried behind gray non-raining clouds for weeks on end the blue sky is no longer blue, but hazed over with jet induced streaks and globs, and a general nasty looking milky haze blocking the pure unfiltered sunshine.  Just as certain is it that the local park belongs to the commons, so too does the earth's atmosphere, unsullied, unmolested, and free of poisons belong to WE THE PEOPLE.  I wonder why my Congressional Representative, Jared Huffman, who is an Environmental Lawyer, has sold us out with his silence.

    • Terri Johnson says:


      I am in central CA.  We too have the strange, murky, haze. This is the coldest winter we have had. Not much rain, but many below freezing nights.  This is NOT common for this time of year for the agricultural sector of California. And the flu virus is still with us.  'They' predicted the virus from October through May.  I remember growing up in So. Cal. when we got sick it was maybe every five YEARS!, Not every five MONTHS.  I see no end in sight for justification for what 'they' have done to our EARTH.

  6. Tom Keith says:

    n his 1931 book The Scientific Outlook, Lord Bertrand Arthur Russell, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950, discussed manipulating the weather. “It may be that God made the world,” Russell proclaimed, “that is no reason why we should not make it over.”

    Charles Galton Darwin, a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, who was also the grandson of Charles Darwin, talked about gaining direct control over the climate in his 1952 book, The Next Million Years.

    Psychopaths. Doing S**t that you and I wouldn't do.

  7. Andrew from scotland says:

    Not geoengineering, but an informative rant from Joe Neubarth:

  8. Lumaaqahü says:

    V.S.F. …Thank You for another great tip (FLORA SIL SILICA). Has anybody heard of MMS-Miracle Mineral Solution? A friend sent me: a YT      "The Mind-Blowing Story of a Simple Cure for 97% of Disease". The before and after photos of the cures are amazing!

    • PYM says:

      I use MMS for a few years now, both on myself and some of my more adventurous charges in serious cases of Lyme disease. It is indeed a very strong, safe, and cheap way of fighting ailments, and if used according to the current protocols, the risks of Herxheimer reactions are negligible. However, while it probably cures 97% of diseases, it does not cure 97% of the patients: there is often a lot of work to be done, terrain-wise, to get to a complete healing. In this day and age, even miracles take time and effort. But the bad rep you can find on most of the Internet, I can testify it is totally unwarranted.

  9. Dennie says:

    Can somebody direct me where I can go to see real time, as in up-to-the minute or even "right now" satellite pics of Planet Earth?  I wanna know when my area (northern California coastal) is going to get a break from this latest round of ice-nucleated gray-brown Death Spray… FYI:  Posting a "Don't breathe" admonition isn't a helpful thing to say, either, not when every breath is a struggle for people like me right now.  Unless you are experiencing this ice-nucleated lung-burning Hell, actually, DON'T say that here– IT IS NOT FUNNY.

    • Dennie says:

      I found the map.  It is NOT pretty right now, and won't be for a while, apparently:

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  I can relate.  Especially with ongoing sinus issues and sneezing fits.  Furthermore, the ringing in my head just does not cease.  There are days of lesser or greater microwave squeaks, screeches, and warbles.  Last night I was listening to somewhere in my brain the sound of birds.  Really, I wish I knew a signet expert who could translate the messages passing through me on the way from Washington DC to Guam.  A forty yeah old guy told me the other day he hears high pitch sounds in his head non-stop.  

    • Terri Johnson says:

      I can also relate to the high frequency which is bombarding my ears. It is also bothering my cognitive function.  Sometimes is sounds like 'singing swallows' (birds) in my ears.  I was logging the intensity, and I gave up as it was almost constant.  At night, there is a very low droning sound which begins anywhere between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. There is no source outside. It is not the hum of parked semi-trailers with refrigeration units.  I checked that out years ago and even the police could not find the source of the noise.  That, and the towers with the weather controlling devices, which they say are cell phone towers…NOT! Those devices are now all over our city for whatever reason 'they' have in mind.  If anyone has any input as to the high frequency noises please post.

  10. Flyeater says:

    I’m not sure what to take from this article. Seems to me they are conditioning the masses.



    • Hawkeye says:

      Yes flyeater they are! This a.m. on Drudge Report is a link titled, "Creating clouds to stop global warming could wreak havoc" (on animals and plants is what the news report continues with). 

      Dane, I think they wrote this article directly aimed at your site! Please search it I am unable to post the link. USAToday wrote it. It is all about "IF" they " were" spraying the sky aka geoengineering, AND "IF" they saw it was out of control, they can't just stop it abruptly or animals and plants would die off too quickly. 

      LOL, OMG!! 

      Just like so many of their meds, got to ween off the stuff you can't just stop. 

      This is a very telling newsreport!  Conditioning here too flyeater. It also tells a person like me and all in here that they are admitting geoengineering IS wreaking havoc and they may want to stop it but think they can not do it now because it is too far gone in all arenas. Could be a big heads up! Isn't it amazing how they know what will happen if they stop something that supposedly isn't even occurring! Boy these humans are just so smart…..( sarcasm of course)!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

      This is a good piece of evidence to have for the sheeple. 

      Keep up your tenacity Dane! You are getting to them and your voice is reaching very near critical mass or this dam fake news would not be on Drudge at all!

      Best to ya!



    • Can Kicker says:

      No Kidding, Flyeater.  Read the misinformation piece published in USA Today by someone named Doyle Rice dated January 22.  The piece portrays geoengineering as hypothetical and what would happen if it were to be started and stopped.  They truly believe we are all morons..  

    • Can Kicker says:

      No kidding, Flyeater.  Check out the Jan. 22 article in USA Today by some tool named Doyle Rice on the effects of the sudden cessation of geoengineering after having been hypothetically launched.  They truly believe we are all morons.

    • Dennie says:

      Hawkeye:  Will you please provide the link to the drudgereport article on "creating clouds" you saw today?  I went there and could not find it.  

      There are plenty of articles that have come out with exactly the same topic from exactly the same angle, that is, selling it to us that blasting the planet with toxic metal sprays "in the future," as if somehow we're too stoopid to tell that this has been going on a long time already now, is going to "save" the planet from the runaway warming scenario.  Especially after a week with maybe about 10 hours' sleep total due to the toxic ice nucleated sprays that are burning my entire respiratory apparatus keeping me from sleep, I'm afraid to say that it is too late for Planet Earth.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dennie, here is the link:

      I recently read this from a previous post and had the  exact same take on the article as stated above by Hawkeye — right you are!  Such BS to profess that it might or could happen and then IF it WAS done, it could never be stopped or else all (plants and animals) would be doomed.  The twisted truth and disinformation here is astounding!

    • Hawkeye says:

      Dennie, The link Blue Sue attached to her post is the correct link to drudge report for that news report but not the direct link to the article. With her link that news article is in the middle column third from the bottom, "geoengineering could wreak havoc…." is the title.  Otherwise try googling USAToday news, the date I wrote it 1/23/18. For some reason the story has no date on it..?? When link is open the title of it reads, Creating clouds to stop global warming could wreak havoc.

      Sorry my devise tablet doesn't work well enough to post the direct link. 

    • BaneB says:

      Hawkeye:  These arrogant bright bulbs knew at the developmental stage of the planning for utilizing jet induced aerosols what the consequences would be.  It is not like they suddenly realized the blunder.  Indeed, to these mini-minds of science they really do not care.  It's known as short-term thinking for a paycheck and pension.  A unilateral decision was made by the ruling elite.  They realized the paradigm was (and is) creating global warming due to many anthropogenic factors.  Rather than having begun to change the matrix of the causes, a direct threat to profits, the preferred route was the easy toxic quick "fix" simply by utilizing jet aircraft to blur out of existence the sunshine. Of this you well know.  Which is to say the notion that the ruling global elite are going to lead us out of their insane wilderness is a fairy tale.  It's not in their short-term interest.  And these yearly taxpayer funded junkets to Paris and assorted fun cities is nothing but a smokescreen of presence.  The Wizard of Oz might as well be attending.

  11. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    ZERO HEDGE: US Coast Guard Adds Cruise Missiles To Ice-Breakers As Battle For The Arctic Begins by Tyler Durden / Mon, 01/22/2018  
    The United States Coast Guard is preparing to equip icebreaker vessels operating in the Arctic region with high-tech cruise missiles for the first time as Washington escalates geopolitical tensions with Russia. Coast Guard Commandant Paul Zukunft confirmed last week that the Coast Guard’s newest fleet of heavy icebreakers would be designed to carry cruise missiles, the Washington Times reported.
    In recent times, the Coast Guard has suggested that it would adopt heavy weapon systems for its vessels operating in the Arctic, but with the latest announcement from Zukunft, he has now confirmed the weapons race between Washington and Moscow has begun in the fight for the Arctic.
    “If you look at what Russia is doing, there’s almost a mini arms buildup going on in the Arctic,” USCG Vice Adm. Fred Midgette told CBS in December. Russia operates at least 40 icebreakers with six heavy icebreakers, CBS News reported in December. Former Navy Capt. Jerry Hendrix, a senior associate at the Washington-based Center for a New American Security, said, “this is not just about [new] icebreakers; this is part of a broader competition just below the surface.” Opponents believe the Coast Guard is trying to take advantage of the rising  tensions between Washington and Moscow so that it can arm its icebreakers with unnecessary amounts of expensive high-tech weaponry. Zukunft has denied these claims, arguing that natural resources underneath the water are a national security threat if waterways open up allowing other countries to tap into cheap energy.


    • David says:

      Wow blow away by all of the episode but wait you said research in Antarctica eastern iceshelf is collapsing much faster than anticipated raising oceans by 170 ft Good bye most of humanity…central California would be filled up … good by Great Plains and all coastal zones worldwide. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, David, in regard to the total potential sea level rise, it will of course take time to unfold, but it is likely already baked into the equation. 

  12. Joseph L says:

    “Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” Carl Sagan.

  13. Edward Truth says:

    The Deep State is spraying Arizona skies every day!

    • Barbara says:

      Arizona is relentlessly spraying…24/7 has been for months now.  Dogs are sick, horses are acting odd. I've had headaches, eye issues, skin issues, etc.  Now the earthquake in Alaska, will be interested to see what actually caused that.


  14. Lumaaqahü says:

    Oh a Son of San Quentin! wow, your powerful Ken O'Keefe video really shocked my day…ALL should realise this. Then I followed up with Paul Von Harnish link to New World War- The Groups Facillitating the Revolution. What an excellent, concise expose of these psychopaths who are controlling the order followers. And this linked to my current book read: The New Dark Ages Conspiracy -Britains Plot to Destroy Civilization  by  Carol White. Both of these sources shine a light on these evil conspirators who are hiding in the shadows and name names. Here are a few quotes:

    "These are individuals whose self-identity is located not in their human soul, but in their place as members of a group of self-perpetuating feudal dynasties. The human spirit is crushed early in these people. Barely can they comprehend that the dark ages they are plotting will destroy them as well."

    Described by that evil genius H.G. Wells: "There's your typical aristocrat. Spoiled children all of them. Kindly, good-tempered, and at bottom utterly selfish, pampered children".

    From 1902 to 1908 these wealthy elites met at monthly dinners where they discussed their future world conquests. This was The Coefficient Club which later formed The British Round Table. "These were the circles who argued out the policies for World War I and World War II and today are planning out World War III."                                                    "Despite their differences, all were agreed on the necessity for British (by which they all understood the British oligarchy) world supremacy.          To do this, the United States must be captured as Britain's dumb giant, to fight its wars, pay its bills, and strongarm Britain's anti-American System policies on the rest of the world."

     Churchill was "much surprised" at his first meeting with Hugh Cecil and the other distinguished men of Oxford and Cambridge when they self-righteously supported slavery as an institution. "Nevertheless, Churchill at once enrolled in the small band …. Here he was trained to accept the complete amorality demanded of Britain's most elite ruling circles."

    This book and Paul's link are both sources that name names. So the next time you read or hear about the "Illuminati, the controllers, the conspirators, the elites" then you can realise who is at the end of the Devil's strings. One major player that was left out of the Internet article seems to me to be Israel. Most American Christians have been indoctrinated with the Biblical teaching that we must stand by and support Israel. But have you ever researched who founded Israel?…. OMG!… It's the same people we have been discussing! And how it was founded? ….through murder, mayhem and pure terrorism. So, pardon me, but my heretical question is: Is modern day Israel  Satan's counterfeit creation of the Holy Land?

    Robin de Ruiter in his shocking expose:  –WORLDWIDE EVIL AND MISERY -The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines writes:                "….the same powerful circles financed the Zionist Organization and the rise of Nazism, and provided Hitler with the resources he needed. The Illuminati were behind the weakening and ultimate destruction of Europe and the foundation of the state of Israel."                                             "Jesus describes the signs of this "end of time" and calls for prayer and vigilance. It's of great importance to recognise Satan's work and be alert."

    So now the next time you look up in the sky and ponder WHO would drop depleted uranium bombs on innocent civilians and WHO would spray poisons over our bodies and Earth….. Now you know….. 

    Put on the spiritual armour of God. Stand fast. Stand together.

                             No one leaves this battlefield now.

  15. simone says:

    INFORMATIVE NEWS~ AFTER THE GOV. SHUTDOWN WE HAVE NO GEO-CLOUDS in our SKY in Nevada – JUST "CLEAR"  BLUE-GREY AIR ..EVERYWHERE… YOU SEE,  NO  GOV. PAY   NO CLOUDS of any sorts!! because we have no naturally formed clouds in our skies any longer.  Hope the SHUTDOWN WILL LAST LONGER THAN PLANNED. Cheers! I LEFT THS message on many websites, especially those Unrelated to a geoengineering, with the link to  Please do not forget to DONATE to Dane's website – this is our only place/space  where we have our Freedom and Knowledge to SHARE right now :)) THANK YOU wonderful awakened ones!

    • simone says:

      OH,  SO SORRY –  THEY CAME BACK THIS AFTERNOON!! Not too many  stinky  jets, but  they were creating very "artistic" fluffy rounds  in our Las Vegas bluish sky…   WE MUST STOP THIS HELLISH MONSTROSITY NOW!!!  Please share with Dane's video links everywhere, on all related and even UNRELATED websites as your comments!!!  Cheers!

    • David says:

      I was thinking same here in San Diego haha Amazing

  16. Jeff says:

    My sinuses are wrecked from this shit! They continue to pound Alabama and the rest of the country.

    They will answer for their sins!

    • simone says:

      Please get a few supplements, eat a lot of CILANTRO HERB (fresh and dry), SELENIUM, Organic C,  D3, Vegetal SILICA.. 

      EAT ONLY ORGANIC FOOD. PLEASE AVOID: Foods such as baking powder, self rising flour, conventional salt, please use pink salt instead, baby formula, coffee creamers, baked goods and processed foods, coloring and caking agents

      Drugs, such as antacids, analgesics, anti-diarrheals, and others; additives such as magnesium stearate

      Vaccines—Hepatitis A and B, Hib, DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), pneumococcal vaccine, Gardasil (HPV), and others

      Cosmetics and personal care products such as antiperspirants, deodorants (including salt crystals, made of alum), lotions, sunscreens, and shampoos

      Aluminum products, including foil, cans, juice pouches, tins, and water bottles


      Be WELL!! Cheers 🙂


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Jeff — You need to use Olive Leaf Spray (for your nose) – and 10 ppm Colloidal Silver nose drops. Alternate these several times a day. Very helpful.

    • BaneB says:

      Jeff:  Same here!  Nonstop runny nose.  Dry nose, runny again. Watery eyes.  And sneezing fits that leaves one exhausted.  So much toxic grunge in the air.  

  17. Dog says:

    RE: The "Official Explanation" of the Hawaii "Attack False Alarm":

    "Somebody Pushed the WRONG BUTTON."


    There are many dangerous implications to this situation.


    • Minra says:

      There is a lot more than a mistake here.  The cabal tried to start world war 3 first in Hawaii and then 3 days later in Japan.  See more at 

    • eve roissy says:

      Yes, I do feel that I am not thinking clearly – and I am only in my 40's!!  I've heard that this helps, and think that it does a bit.  What do you think about it, Dane??

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      eve roissy — Get some FLORA SIL plant based SILICA and take it 3x a day. This will help get the aluminum out of your brain. Don't go outside and breath this stuff. When you do go out, wear a hat & glasses, protect your head/scalp and eyes. Never watch brain-deadening TV. Get rid of your cell phone. Read. Exercise your cognitive skills. I am 72 and fighting this every minute of every day!

    • Hawkeye says:

      More conditioning Dog!!

      An accident or a drill? You decide. 

      Has the thought crossed anyone's mind that a nuke winter is last ditch effort to stop the warming? I worry about this and praying I don't need to worry about it. 

  18. Joseph L says:

    NYC and Long Island was sprayed heavy today w aerosols from  geoengineering. Government shut down but we still have lots of money for this program. I wonder how many billions this cost per year?  The republicans are crying how we are disabling the military from functioning and meanwhile they have lots of funds for  saturating the skies w all kinds of heavy aerosols.

    • Debra Evans says:

      Hi Joseph.  Well, GA had a beautiful, blue sky, summer like weather, yesterday! ha  After 20 deg's  and freezing temp's last week..what ever! We all know how and why.. Yesterday, here in GA, where I am anyway, no sign of spraying but, the forecast for yesterday, for today, 73 per cent chance of rain.  They sprayed all night long!!  To give us this 'rain' that we now have.  I went outside..and asked myself, (lol)  where are the rain clouds!?  Where are they?!!  Why, does it 'always' have to be a complete gray cover? I remember clouds, passing over,  rain clouds..Years ago we would have rain clouds and blue spaces and rain fell from the clouds. If it was windy the clouds blew away and the rain was gone. Now, it won't rain until the 'whole sky is just a gray over cast'..period. They have to spray, spray and spray to make it rain with a complete cover of gray.  And I'm having a bad day!! lol.. angry..these days come and, I'm angry.  Oh yes, Dane..scheduled! 


    • Terri Johnson says:

      There are no 'normal' looking clouds anymore. I even have a photo of a cloud formation, from three years ago, which looks like a wolf's head. The cloud formations don't even fit the scientific descriptions which we were taught 'back in the day' in elementary school; which were normal, natural, God-wrought clouds in the purest sense of the word. Yes, and there used to be a true wind pattern to the movement of the clouds.  Either west to east. or south to north, or vise versa, depending upon what season it was. One can watch the clouds now where the movement can change every fifteen minutes, or not at all.  I have seen the same, puffy, cloud formations stay in the exact same position for two or three hours, which is not even normal, with no wind movement.

  19. horsegirl says:

    I am a painter.  Since early childhood have been in the business of depicting scenes through what is known as illusionism – art work appearing to convey a scene.  In other words visual special effects are my forte.  And here is what I see:  rich blue skies over central New Mexico interspersed with both black and white airborne particle masses the naive might mistake for natural clouds.  Together the small white blobs against broad aerosolized black dispersion give the illusion of light and shadow defining cloud mass.  To the willfully ignorant a compelling deception.  I am here as a practiced observer to denounce this illusion.  And I wonder if chemical ice nucleation patents list black particulate – a relevant question on a day when several inches of snow fell over a couple of hours during temps in the 40's. This cloud illusion looks genuinely photogenic, if you don't mind the lost natural pearlescence of natural clouds, you might call the effect pretty.  It is getting much more difficult for especially young people – who have grown up with heretical geoengineered heavens above them – to discern reality. These deceivers are beneath contempt for using their skills to bewitch us.

  20. simone says:

    I have never been crazy about Einstein’s wisdom  but he has expressed one very wise thought: “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

  21. son of san quentin says:

    An ode to the order followers. The order followers were first initiated in the genocide of the original landlords, the Native Indians. Once the red man had been effectively exterminated, the order followers continued on to murder and enslave Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, happily creating the USSR and the “iron curtain” as an overseas gulag, concentration camp and sweatshop. With the red man gone and the enslavement of Europe, the order followers moved on to carpet bomb Europe, not once but twice for good measure. The yankee, canuck and allied forces were kind enough to air drop cute little toy dolls for the children of Europe to play with during the slaughter. The problem was that if a child was unfortunate enough to come across one of these toy dolls and actually pick it up, the child ceased to exist, if he or she was lucky. If unlucky, the incendiary device (toy doll) would explode and simply decapitate and torture the child in the name of freedom and democracy.


    With the red man gone, Europe enslaved and still burning in hell from Allied bombs, the order followers trekked on to Korea, thoroughly destroying that nation and enslaving its people. The kicker though is the poor slaves still stuck there are now overdue for another ass kicking, maybe a nuclear cleansing this time. The evil gall of purely satanic psychotic greed even transgresses the violence of imperial rape, plunder and pillage. The dumb gung-ho sob order followers missed god's booty stashed in the north during the first invasion, and after the initial rape of a nation, they are ready to come back and reenact a sequel – that's just fuckin' sick.


    Then came the wonder and beauty of gassing Vietnam with agent orange, all in the name of rubber that was stolen from the Vietnamese and sold to us as tires for our nice automobiles. Now that they are all warmed up and satisfied with their good works, the order followers are presently raping Afghanistan, while protecting the majestic opium poppy for future abuse on the streets of America, just prior to its ritualistic sacrifice of being gutted of its minerals and resources like a stuck pig.


    Now we reach the finale with possible global nuclear cleansing and sanitization, as the middle east is pepper sprayed and ground into a cancerous, mutant pulp with democratic and freedom-loving depleted uranium. If they are capable of such atrocities overseas at the expense of the American worker and taxpayer, just imagine what they have in store for us here at home, my god!


    In conclusion, Dane nailed it big time, “KARMA,” aka destiny. What goes around, comes around. Please view the following video by ex-marine Ken O'Keefe, the one true godly warrior and defender of America and his fellow man, next to only the noble and righteous marine Smedley Butler who long ago warned the American people that war is an illegitimate business, a racket. After viewing O'Keefe's video ask yourself, “Is that what I wish or desire for my children?” Act, conduct and govern yourselves accordingly, our children's lives are on the line.



    PS: What is done with inbred rabid mad dogs? The sons of bitches are put down and the danger immediately ceases to exist. What is done to inbred vicious pit bulls? In Canada, they are “euthanized” and forbidden to breed, with the ultimate goal of complete genetic eradication of such dangerous and unstable mutts. If one mauls or rips a child to shreds, the dog is not psychoanalyzed or found insane, to be exhibited to the world as a treasure worthy of protection, for example, the revered and late Charles Manson or “Son of Man.” Furthermore, when one finds a worm or maggot burrowing in a beautiful, delicious piece of “organic” fruit, one does not excuse the poor tiny creature for his/her innocent indiscretion. One either discards the piece of fruit as defective, or at a minimum, deems the worm to be a “parasite” and removes it from the fruit. Such truths are right before our eyes.

    • Pedro says:

      We can't forget about the Black Man.

      The African Continent was the region of the World where more People were killed, counting for the last almost 500 years until today. Through slavery, war and also geoengineering.

    • Dog says:

      I happened to be eating when I started to watch this Ken O'Keefe video.

      I cannot describe the effect on me when the images of children subjected to depleted uranium came up.  I will never forget it. 

    • Hello son of san quentin: All too true. Thank you for your honesty.

      The financial operatives behind the curtain are well known, and they pay the wages of sin to whomever is foolish or hungry enough to feed on the dead…  Names such as Rothschild, Schiff, Warburg, Rockefeller, Chamberlain, etc. are not exactly news anymore. Perhaps this video will put your observations into perspective for other readers. > Please pardon the quality of the narrator's voice, and pay close attention to items and names such as Lord Randolph Churchill, Arthur Chamberlain, Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich, the De Beers mining operations at Kimberly South Africa, bank de Rothschild Freres interests in Russian oil fields in 1886. The list of influence is quite impressive…

       The house of Rothschild the Money's prophets

      Some of these links may have been pulled, but here goes: >

      Foreign ownership of U.S. corporations – SourceWatch

      New World War: The Groups Facilitating the Revolution

    • Oooops!!! Scrubbed link in previous post. Try this one: >

      The house of Rothschild – the Moneys prophets – YouTube

      Published on Feb 23, 2012

    • Pedro says:

      Great Ken O'Keefe. The video shows terrible info, thank you for sharing the Truth.

      Ken O'Keefe says also very interesting words about the …"talmudic satanic pedo bankster cult".

  22. Dave says:

    I know it's not the most christian of thoughts, but the verse where Paul wrote (and I paraphrase) that it is righteous thing for the Lord to afflict those who are afflicting you (the 1st century church being persecuted by the jews before the destruction of Jeruselem), could still be applied to those who are planning, profiting, executing, and decieving, the public about this madness, would come to pass, and help stop these crimes. 

  23. Heidi says:

    Thanks, Dane as always.  Thank you for your research, compassion and strength, and for sharing it freely with us.

    I recently found a quote from Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was executed by the Nazis for participating in the German resistance movement; the quote is from his letters and papers from prison.  I think it has meaning and validity as long as there are humans.

    "We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds; we have been drenched by many storms; we have learnt the arts of equivocation and pretence; experience has made us suspicious of others and kept us from being truthful and open; intolerable conflicts have worn us down and even made us cynical.  Are we still of any use?  What we shall need is not geniuses, or cynics, or misanthropes, or clever tacticians, but plain, honest, and straightforward men.  Will our inward power of resistance be strong enough, and our honesty with ourselves remorseless enough, for us to find our way back to simplicity and straightforwardness?" 

  24. Maria R says:

    Thank you Dennie…I work out side at night so I am in the weather, but I will try all that you advised 

  25. Desolation: Look up the definition…


    Beyond Standing Rock: Environmental Justice Suffered Setbacks in 2017 | InsideClimate News


    "What can we do???" Enforce the LAWS your forefathers created on your behalf.

    18 U.S. Code § 962 – Arming vessel against friendly nation

    "Whoever, within the United States, furnishes, fits out, arms, or attempts to furnish, fit out or arm, any vessel, with intent that such vessel shall be employed in the service of any foreign prince, or state, or of any colony, district, or people, to cruise, or commit hostilities against the subjects, citizens, or property of any foreign prince or state, or of any colony, district, or people with whom the United States is at peace; or

    Whoever issues or delivers a commission within the United States for any vessel, to the intent that she may be so employed—

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    Every such vessel, her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with all materials, arms, ammunition, and stores which may have been procured for the building and equipment thereof, shall be forfeited, one half to the use of the informer and the other half to the use of the United States."

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 746; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

    Complete text:


    Our current Commander in Thief is (already) guilty of multiple acts of treason against the American people, as well as being an Accessory after the fact.


    10 U.S. Code § 878 – Art. 78. Accessory after the fact

    “Any person subject to this chapter who, knowing that an offense punishable by this chapter has been committed, receives, comforts, or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial, or punishment shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

    (Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 65.)”


    Complete text:

    • simone says:

      MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!

    • Hawkeye says:

      Paul, I completely agree with you but the law of this land does not work, is not enforced, is ignored by the deep state, and anyone near them who tries to use THE LAW –  aka our US Constitution, they for some reason disappear or change their opinions. Hmmmm

      It is even worse then that simple explanation. I.e., trumpets border wall. The people of this land are asking for that. Think about that a minute……if we go with the current indoctrination info…… America has gone abroad to REMOVE walls in foreign countries TO promote peace and democracy. So now America will build a wall to keep refugees who are homeless and suffering from entering our freedom and opportunity land!???? (See? Use their fake history against them). Anytime I have said this on any other site but this one, I get deleted! 

      How can the law possibly be if " we the sheeple" do not recognize what the law defines? So many other examples of this kind of insanity exist. Another one is, fake news. People, "we the sheople", cheerlead the liar in chief to discredit and remove freedom of the press. I understand what the fake news is and who it is, but, this is America dammit! Freedom of the press has some flaws yes, still to follow this leader to silence his chosen news outlets is fascism. And we the united states of amnesia ask for that which is a direct contradiction to the Constitution the sheople claim they want to protect. 

      It is so f-ing irritating to me to see so many ignorant aholes doing this and no one stands for the law! 

      You get what you have earned…..deserve. Yes, I see that. So all we individually can do is not join that ignorance and so stay out of that earning. I think only on a local neighborhood level may be the only path our law can still be applied but not without some kind of game playing still. Use their fake news against them is that game. Find it, it IS there!!!

      We need the real fake news as much as the said fake news because truth exists in the real fake news too, can't have a lie without a truth first, and that is where you aim at your target! 

    • Hello Hawkeye: Thanks for the ping-back. Sometimes I feel like I'm Barking at Airplanes… > Album by Kim Carnes

      Most civilians have no clue about law, nor do thy seem to care. DC is crammed with judges and lawyers, but apparently know one knows why they exist… >

      United States Court of Federal Claims – Wikipedia

  26. Joseph L says:

    People have been marching all around the world for woman's rights the last few days.  Now just imagine if all these same people were march against Climate Engineering and Geoengineering too.

        Alot of people have been sick lately, Here are a few personal suggestions that might help you get well or prevent you from getting sick.

    Oil of Oregano, Collodial Silver,  Organic Apple cider Vingear   When looking these up and if you purchase it from a company make sure that you are getting the real deal and not some watered down fake product.

    • Dennie says:

      @Joseph L:  Went out for a walk late this afternoon before it's supposed to "rain" (our rain out here in CA is getting geo-engineered away, stolen, as usual, by our "brothers and sisters" in the United States Air Force and the U.S. Navy), very cold and nasty out there, lots of texture to the air, which feels powdery and stinging.  Two neighbors were down on the field with their dogs.  One told me that he and his girlfriend were both sick with coughing last week.  We were talking about how most believe they have "the flu," because they don't feel good.  Well, he has a clue because I tell him about the plans and the programs and give names to reports such as "Owning the Weather in 2025," from Air Force 2025, and the 700+ page Congressional report on Federal Activities in Weather Modification from May, 1978, and name names, like Edward Teller and his protege, Ken Caldeira, and the Federation of American Scientists.  Most understand what the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories are all about and that they work hand in hand with the University of California, Berkeley, where Teller was retained to do his dirty work for the MIC. 

      There are reams and reams and reams of evidence that proves this all is happening but people have to want to know, then actually go looking for it.  Anyhow, standing down on the field, I get another nosebleed, rather a gusher.  The bleeds will stop once the level of particulates drops.

  27. Joe ceonnia says:

    The East Coast especially the Philadelphia region has been sprayed very heavily Sunday morning January 21st even though Philadelphia is playing a championship game they usually keep it low-key, but there is an all-out assault on this region. I haven't seen this heavy in a while, but I have seen 27 aircraft at high altitude spraying Non-Stop!

    • Jane says:

      CT was sprayed very heavily the day before – Saturday.  I assumed they were going to try and stop the forecasted 50 degree weather. Had a chance to get some sun on me before it was dimmed and it was hot.  Same as it gets in the summer when it breaks through spraying.

      I am now observing the following spray patterns:

      Spraying happens very early 4 am – 6 am so sun is dimmed in east while rising.  The first thing I hear in the morning now are the planes overhead.

      Spraying is only around the sun so rest of the sky remains blue allowing people to think that its a beautiful day.  Sometimes there is a line straight down middle of sky delineating the two parts – geoengineered over the sun part and blue sky with no sun other part.

      Spraying around 3:30 prior to sun set now seems to be very popular.  I don't understand this timeframe.  Why spray when sun is going down?

      Unfortunately this new schedule means never seeing a true sunrise or sunset anymore.

  28. L says:

    Is there anybody on this forum from the UK (especially Norfolk) interested in working towards coordinated action to raise awareness and particularly perhaps to reach key public figures?

    If so, please let me know here and we will work out from there how to make more personal contact. 

  29. Lumaaqahü says:

    Hello Danny Mandryk! That's the spirit brother…never give up! Remember- we are not this corruptible flesh and blood. We are pure spirit consciousness made in the image of our creator. Protect yourself with steadfast prayer for the spiritual warfare we are now entering and "Put on the whole armour of God…" Ephesians 6:12-18.

    During my world travels I realised many humbling episodes when I encountered great souls who were homeless and destitute and trapped in crushed and limbless bodies but the power and love of God was revealed in their eyes-the windows of their souls. No worries brother- WE SHALL OVERCOME!

    • Danny Mandryk says:

      Thank you Lumaaqahü. I am grateful for your words of encouragement. This chapter in my life is challenging yet it’s the only time I felt my true purpose, which is protecting life in all ways possible. I will keep persevering as I know you and all who read this will too. Love and Strength to you and all of us. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Danny,   Great penultimate sentence.

      "…my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has preserved me from feeling isolated" (Doesn't matter who wrote it!)

  30. Lumaaqahü says:

    Thank you Dane for yer another passionate and important broadcast. Yes I agree about this latest flu epidemic…that it's intentional. Everyone here on my island seems to be affected. Isn't it interesting that it coincides with the 100 year anniversary  of the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed 50,000,000? The satanists love these 100 year anniversaries like the Pentagon's huge missle launch that coincided to the day of the false flag sinking of the Lusitania that started WW1.

  31. Dennie says:

    We're killing these kids, we're breaking the army."  The Rattlesnakes continue to self-distruct.  Overextending special forces, pushing the military to it's limits and working them to death by consecutive tours of duty is a good way to bring the whole game to it's crashing-down end.  "Delay, deny, and hope you die."  It's a death wish for sure.


  32. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Is there no wonder why a Lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court Of Canada by an Albertan …. I have written down 365 days of weather here in Alberta & the amount of cloud coverage is staggering! As Dane has said; we no longer have Sunny Days. I sure know that is a True Statement of Alberta’s last year. For 142 days we had full Cloudy Skies – 135 days we had A Canopy (No definition)- 22 half days (6 hours of Sunlight without Clouds in the way of the Sun) – 21 days of 4 hours of Sunlight. – 20 days -2 hours of Sunlight – 20 days of 1 hour of Sunlight – And 5 days of Sunshine with jets seen spraying & no visible clouds. So another year of not seeing a Sunny day in Alberta. I will never consider a day to be Sunny if I can SEE Jets spraying a substance behind them! There is no wonder why our Trees are in the state they are in. Why our Animals are in such dire need & dying. And why Our Waterways are dying & loosing life within at such a rapid pace. Our Province is Dying. needs to be recognised by Albertans with an Open & Honest state of mind. Our Forests Are Dying!!!How can we have so many cloudy or socked in days without the public questioning the reality of Our Weather? This Is Willfull Blindness!

    • Hello Gail Yellowhead County Alberta: There are proposed actions, and then again, there are actions that fall… Regardless of the location – Canadian, North American, Armenian; Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian –  the Corporate Fascist state must be eliminated from this Earth forever…




      New York

      “According to Section 1101 of the New York State Business Corporation Law, the attorney general "may bring an action for the dissolution of a corporation upon one or more of the following grounds… (2) That the corporation has exceeded the authority conferred upon it by law, or has violated any provision of law whereby it has forfeited its charter, or carried on, conducted, or transacted its business in a persistently fraudulent or illegal manner, or by the abuse of its powers contrary to the public policy of the state has become liable to be dissolved." That state's constitution, in article XIV, section 4, defines "the public policy of the state": "The public policy of the state shall be to conserve and protect its natural resources and scenic beauty and encourage the development and improvement of its agricultural lands for the production of food and other agricultural products."

      Washington State

      "Every corporation, whether foreign or domestic, which shall violate any provision of RCW 9A.28.040 [criminal conspiracy], shall forfeit every right and franchise to do business in this state. The attorney general shall begin and conduct all actions and proceedings necessary to enforce the provisions of this subsection." [22]

      Forty nine state corporation codes outline grounds for charter revocation. Professor David Millon has observed that "state general incorporation laws routinely include provisions reserving the right of amendment and announcing their potentially retroactive force… state legislatures define the content of these property rights. By redefining them, the legislatures are simply exercising a prerogative that has always been theirs… The manner in which shareholder property rights are defined is a manifestation of the states' general power to specify the content of property rights in order to promote justice or utility. So-called private property rights always exist in order to give expression to public values; the survival of a given property law regime depends ultimately on its social utility." [23] “

      Complete page and text:

    • Dog says:

      Gail, Paul, and All,

      In the U.S., the courts are our last bastion; the Executive Branch and Congress have proven themselves to be utterly corrupted. That's why is is so very important to pay attention to your local elections and those whom we can elect to judgeships.  The appointed judges are by and large useless in our fight, and it's getting worse. Money is subsuming everything.

      A good book to read on the subject of the current Privatization of the United States of America (and of the World, in fact), is Democracy In Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America, by Nancy MacLean (2017).

      And, although her focus is on the history of that particular "Right-Wing" plan to enable "Liberty" for the billionaire class, while denying "Equality" to the rest of us, and the Koch Bros. and their allies' driving and funding of this plan, we should never forget that many of the so-called "Left" in the Democratic party are equally complicit, and appear to be getting more so by the day.

      The recent extension of the Surveillance FISA Court Section 701 Clause, without the added safeguards for privacy that were suggested in an amendment to that bill, and to which the the amendment was defeated, while the 701 extension bill itself was passed with the support of many Democrats, plainly illustrates this.

      "Republicans stand for raw, unbridled evil and greed and ignorance smothered in balloons and ribbons, and Democrats stand for, 'I wish I could be more like the Republicans'" – FRANK ZAPPA

  33. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Great Program Dane. I Like the direction of them. You are hitting Hard on what is needed to be heard by the Public listening in for the first time & ofcourse, repeat listeners. They need to Hear the state we are in. I am so glad you stand your ground & not give into hurting anyone’s feelings! We are far past that & need Strong Words Spoken,to rattle the Brains of the UnInformed of the World. Thank You for always being true to yourself & Our cause & telling it like it is!

  34. Maria R says:

    Hello all,here in Dalton Ga for the past few weeks it's been a wild ride weather wise Mostly freezing cold then 2 days of what should be …….normal…….lol…… Then freezing cold again and now 65+ ……The supposed flu is everywhere but with no symptoms I never heard of like nosebleeds,sores in your nose( blisters) headaches….mild upper respiratory issues ..but that's it!! anyone else noticing this ??

    • Dennie says:

      Maria:  Those symptoms you listed are exactly what I'm going through and it is not influenza virus– it is chem trail flu!  Here you go:

      * Nosebleeds are caused by the desiccant sprays that dry out the nasal passages, irritating the tissues and laying the way for lesions (sores) as the skin breaks from the dryness

      * Headaches are being caused by the desiccant sprays that dry out the mouth and nose, causing dehydration, in turn causing headache. Avoid alcohol as much as possible and drink water with mint, lemon or lime in it, and other soothing, hydrating liquids you like, such as coconut milk.  Pomegranate juice is something that's been helping.  Broths, soups and stews are great.

      * Upper respiratory issues for me include severe nasal congestion and copious mucus production; the irritating metal shards in the sprays cause sneezing, cough and bronchitis, with inability to go outside, rest or sleep when spraying is heavy, which it is here every day now since last Monday.  It is possible to pick up an infection more easily when under this kind of stress and no way to rest when every breath is a struggle.  The sprays also cause GI upset including nausea, vomiting and gas pains that mimic a gall bladder attack.  If there is something really toxic in the sprays it can cause a nasty diarrhoea.

    • Amy says:

      I haves been experiencing cold like symptoms since Christmas, sudden sneezing, headaches body aches, especially in my feet when I wake up like they are pooled with blood. My boyfriend works outside all day and he has been having nosebleeds, runny nose and this morning he had the same type of pain in his feet when he got up. Now Im having nosebleeds and I believe that it is directly related to our air quality. There is an article from the United Nations explaining how air pollution will be responsible for an increase in deaths around the globe. They stated air pollution is a major contributor to heart attacks and strokes as well. 

  35. Danny Mandryk says:

    Thank you Dane for another very informative and thoughtful broadcast. Your strong message to those who feel that the men and women in uniform should not be blamed for our current state of affairs is right on target. I have made the argument for a long time that despots, dictators, regimes, and corrupt governments through out history could never carry out their genocides without thousands of order followers willing to do the actual carrying out of such plans. 

    As for myself, This last week was particularly challenging on many fronts. I can feel my health slipping even though I’m doing all I can to stay on top of any issues I am having. I’ve also noticed myself becoming  agitated more and more over the most trivial things. It’s beginning to look pretty bleak as far as keeping a roof over my head and so I find myself questioning my worth at this point. I will keep doing my best to wake people up to this nightmare we are in and I know I’m making a difference. I refuse to give up. We WILL win this battle! Love and Strength to ALL!   -Danny 

    • Yeti says:

      Something that has helped me with nasal dryness and irritation is ASAP Silver Sol Gel, applied into nose as needed.  It stays put better than the liquid form.  Also run a warm steam humidifier.

  36. barbzi says:

    Aluminum powder ignites in slow motion…..series of videos.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      barbzi, thanks for that video. I sent 1 cup of dirt from the roof of our house to a lab, Aluminum -16,300 mg/kg. Very high. Anyone with a flat roof / not getting rain, might want to sweep that aluminum up. 1 lightning strike, or "other" and poof. I swept up about 10 lbs. before we had our roof coated. There are no factories where we live, no sand storms and we're not on a flight path, unless of course, we are expecting rain, then planes come from all directions spraying us to stop it.

    • Dennie says:

      @Donna-AZ:  All that nanoparticulate aluminum crap sprayed on us 24/7-365, dumped all over the dry ground and trees, spread all over the roofs of the houses, then extremely high gusty autumn winds meeting drought-weakened trees, taking out power lines and sparking fires in areas we know are funnels for air coming in from the ocean and exiting towards the ocean when it's hot and dry inland, and we have a recipe for massive fast-moving wildfires.  Then you have professional firefighters, who we have heard are in the know about the incendiary stuff being sprayed on us, wondering on YouTube video interviews just what could be making the wildfires behave so unbelievably out of control.  If these guys actually DO know about the sprays and what's in them, why are they not talking?  

    • Dog says:

      Very important – did anyone in the immediate vicinity of the California fires witness a similar phenomenon as they spread?

  37. Dale K says:

    Suzanne Humphries MD and Polly Tommey appear in the Facebook video (WARNING: Graphic Language) referrenced in Erin Elizabeth's post.

    Famous Holistic Doctor Receives Very Graphic Death Threat, Authorities Seem Uninterested, We Share a Stage Next Week
    Erin Elizabeth | Health Nut News
    Jan 20, 2018

    • Dennie says:

      @Dale K:  I hesitated to post this but I think it's very important to expose the people who are making death threats to whistleblowers, too.  It could be a hoax meant to scare her or it could be a serious threat that will be made good.  I listened to the reading of the death threat e-mailed to Suzanne Humphries, originating from an anonymous dark server in Germany.  The text of the threat is extremely disturbing.  The psychopath who sent it goes on and on and on and on about how much he has wanted to "get" her, calls her a "bitch" (and more) repeatedly, the words meant to sound like punches to her face (we women are always and nothing to these cretins but "bitches an' hoes," noises I often hear the gas bubbles at the edge of consciousness make as they repeatedly burst in reference to us– why are you so-called "people" even here any more?), and he (in my mind, undoubtedly the author is a HE) goes on and on and on and on in great detail exactly how he is going to kill her, and "all the other bitches, too," (Polly Tommey appears on the video with Dr. Humphries) with a huge hand gun (yeah, we get the inference), then we are treated to a half-dozen or so extremely detailed violent fantasies, any of which he obviously would take very great pleasure in committing.  

      What is it with this extreme hatred, ill will and taking of pleasure in the process of taking of an innocent person's life in extreme violence, for the great crime of telling the truth and exposing criminal behavior?  

      Dr. Humphries reported the threat to the local police, who, she reported, weren't in the least disturbed by the threat.  She also took it to the F.B.I. but they don't have a way to speak directly with anyone in the case of death threats received so she had to file a complaint by e-mail… The punishment for making this kind of direct threat is 10 years in prison.  Specific threats were also made against Polly's two vaccine-injured children…

      No one whom Dr. Humphries talked with in law enforcement seems the least bit perturbed by the horrific threat.  Where is justice?  What happens now?

    • Dog says:

      "Video Unavailable, can't be embedded".

    • Pedro says:

      Many Thanks to Dr Suzanne Humphries.

      Thank you for your Courage and Absolute Integrity.

      the cowardice of the criminals who want to reign in the world through fear will never win.  »» they will lose and Fall.

      I have one proposal to 5000 of the persons who follow this site, in order to gave the due support to Dr Suzanne Humphries and also to Dane:

      My proposal is that a group of 5,000 create accounts on Facebook (yes, the face is a huge database of surveillance, I know), without the real names, without the real photos, using new phone numbers and new cheap phones only for this finality, or email accounts without the real names and using for the creation of that accounts those phone numbers which can not be used for nothing besides this finality.

      Do you agree??

      I never had Face account in my life but several weeks ago I've opened one and I've posted about 30 videos about geoengineering and the issue of the vaxxines, and cancer. I asked for "friendship" to almost everyone. My criteria was to ask friendship to all the persons who give info about their age and were over 18, and also to people who do NOT show themselves in the company of small children. And also I was not asking friendship to persons who were showing violence elements or explicit sex in their pictures.

      You believe if you want; I've reached to more or less 3000 persons in three weeks, sending videos, emails in the messenger and making the publications. Some stayed very interested in the info given.

      Of course after some time, the Fkrs of the Face closed my account, because my name wasn't real, they've said. I've repeated everything, and I was able to reach to more 3000 ( more or less ), in three weeks or so.

      The Fkrs closed the account again.

      Now I will open another and I will do it again, and again.

      Make the math, 5000 multiplying for 3000 in three or four weeks is 15,000,000. Even if only 15 or 20% stay very interested of knowing more about the issues of climate engineering, the several different kinds of injustice you all are living in the US, war, cancer, and the terrible issue of the VAXXINATIONS, I think the work would be Worthy. I'm asking for one, or one hour and half each day.

      It's an easy job, no one needs to smash big rocks with a sledgehammer.

      Thank you.

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Second death threat sent to Dr. Suzanne Humphries (We Are Vaxxed FB) on Tuesday night  January 23.


    • Dale K says:

      Dr. Humphries and the Tommey family have now received a second even more graphic and repulsive death threat

  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Hello Michael Rogers. You say — “…here the clouds tend to be moving rapidly North by North East into the San Joaquin Valley a major farming area.”  I have been watching this on NASA Worldview for a few days as the San Joaquin Valley fills up with a thick milky-haze of these toxic chemicals. It is my conclusion that the intention is to inundate the “food basket to the world” with aluminum, barium, lithium, etc. so that only GMO seeds created by Monsanto with grow.  They are essentially forever altering the once rich soils there, to make the Valley sterile to traditional natural seeds and conducive to their genetically modified nightmare franken-seeds. Have a look at the recent daily accumulations of toxic ‘fog’ inundating the San Joaquin Valley:

    • Dennie says:

      VSF: "They" are spewing their toxic sh!t everywhere else all over the planet, including Willamette Valley, Salinas, Coachella, etc.  Wherever the jets go so goes the poison.  

      I have found a very good formula by Health Concerns that moistens the lungs and reduces inflammation and symptoms of "chem trail flu," such as bronchitis, laryngitis, sore throat, runny or stopped nose, sinus and ear blockages.  It is called Lily Bulb Formula.  You can buy it off the shelf at places that carry Health Concerns formulas.  $20/90 pressed powder tabs.  Check it out.  Am feeling much better tonight, hoping I can get some sleep from now on, and praying the "ramped up" spraying will just ramp right back down.  WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!!!!!

  39. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Dane this is a great Global Alert News show. Thank you! The in depth report on aluminum is particularly crucial to us all.

    The Polar Vortex splits into two / Saturday, 20 January 2018
    The Polar Vortex has split into two, with one part centering over Bering Strait (left) and the other part centering over Fram Strait/Greenland (right), while the Polar Vortex is reaching speeds over the Arctic as high as 416 km/h or 259 mph (green circle).
    The image shows the situation on January 18, 2018, 15:00 UTC. Created by Sam Carana for with image.

  40. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: The recent ‘virtual reality’ internet obsession with Q-anon is in my considered opinion a psy-op — yet another 'Hope' fantasy. Whatever comes from the Trump “cleaning the swamp” – including the release of the FISA memos – will inevitably lead to the acceptance by the American public of a military dictatorship. Whether military law is a result of WWIII or the intentional plan to destroy all trust in elections and agencies FBI, CIA, etc., we shall see. They will create new more efficient surveillance ops like Homeland Security. Trump is not a return to the Constitution, but in fact the way to finally destroy both the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The Trump “swamp” propaganda is another psyop of false hope – just like the Obama “Hope” psyop. I wish this were not so, but the Truth matters to me. Trump is totally committed to geoengineering and big oil… the death of our planet.  

    From Lionel Nation
    #ReleaseTheMemo Explained: #DeepState Treachery That Will Blow Your Mind and Hasten the #Revolution
    “Sean Hannity has not done anything so far. … for how long now? Nothing happens. Nothing! Nothing! And to make matters worse — I don’t know why. [meaning Lionel] And by the way, this is no criticism of Sean, believe me, God bless him! But nothing’s happening. Trump’s not doing anything. Why? Why? … ”

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Trump and Obama are both tools of the shadow government that is the true ruler of this planet. Washington is just another show for the public to be fixated on. It's all a ruse and the true agenda is being carried out and brought to fruition.

    • Dennie says:

      VSF:  Great catch.  We hear from The Hopeful that Trump is going to go after the criminals, never mind that his own team is at least as bad. 

  41. Star Messenger says:


    Since, as you say, we are surrounded by insanity, how can any of the earth-ending scientific projects be stopped or even slowed?

    On today's podcast (1-20-2018) you revealed in great detail how aluminum is creeping into every area of our lives.  Finding aluminum in our food is something that I've noticed in some baked goods.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that one of the ingredients in the baked goods I was thinking of buying had aluminum in it.  It seems that "they" can't leave aluminum alone and use it only in things we don't consume.  It's becoming as ubiquitous as high fructose corn syrup.  Maybe their plan is to kill us with diabetes but at the same time numb our brains with aluminum so we don't worry about it as we are dying.  Just sayin'. 

    • Lucille Munro says:

      lol.  I think you're right about that,

      It's so sad, I have to laugh (lol).


    • Blue Sue says:

      Like Dane mentions, sodium aluminum phosphate is an ingredient in Krusteaz "Gluten Free" buttermilk pancake mix (and hidden in so many other prepackaged foodstuffs e.g., baking powder), so simply make your pancakes from scratch using 1 c. unbleached flour, 1 and 1/2 c. buttermilk, half stick of melted butter, 1 egg and a 1/4 tsp. of aluminum-free baking powder, 1/4 tsp. baking soda, pinch of salt. Add water to thin if necessary — simple! 

    • Dennie says:

      Blue Sue:  Get out the plates, I'm takin' the first Alaska Airlines flight out of Santa Rosa tomorrow for breakfast at your house!

    • Debra Evans says:

      Star, exactly.. Deb  


  42. DawnSki says:

    Weather whiplash in NC. Snowstorm & temps in the teens all day Wed., shut schools down for 3 days. Even though it was mostly melted by Friday. Back up in the 60's today. 

  43. Matthew Clayton says:

    The Alzheimer's Association is funded by the aluminum industry. IQs are dropping precipitously. Just listen to the first 15 minutes of this broadcast, discussing the medical ramifications. What truly good man or woman would stand by and do nothing about this? Pediatricians get 400.00 a head for each child given the full schedule of vaccinations. You wouldn't drink Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde and MSG. Why do people line up to have these toxins injected into themselves and their children in the form of vaccines and flu shots? You don't have to believe me. Look it up. Do some research. Wake up.  This is the message I paste along with the broadcast this week. On Facebook, if you type in a name, in the private message category, if they have a Facebook page, you can send a message. Neil Degrasse Tyson, Paul Beckwith, Musicians like Stevie Nicks, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Weather and News people, etc. If they have a page, they will get the message. I share this broadcast with scores of people every week, and have for 3 years. Pick someone to share this with on Facebook. It matters not if you are friends. I wanted to share this way of spreading the word. Thankyou.

    • Hello Matthew Clayton: Good to read your posts regarding personal anti-geoengineering actions. Good on ya.

      Many of the celebrities you mention have full knowledge of the issues at hand, yet most choose to remain silent. Singer/songwriter Joanie Mitchel has been living with Morgellon disease for over a decade. Morgellon disease has been researched in depth, and is associated with a bacterium (Agrobacterium tumefaciens and Agrobacterium rhizogenes) distributed by friendly corporate ghouls at Monsanto… See: Agrobacterium rhizogenes GALLS Protein Contains Domains for ATP Binding, Nuclear Localization, and Type IV Secretion for an introduction to the known science.

      For those already suffering the effects of mercury dental amalgams and other industry induced metal poisonings:

      Chemtrails Killing Americans Exposed By Dr. Blaylock – YouTube

      Published on Nov 16, 2015

      Mr. Blaylock has exposed numerous connections between aluminized particulate release and human disease. Please refer to his web page articles and YouTube presentations for more information.

    • simone says:

      I keep sharing your crucially important info !! (google,twitter, fb, doctors and scientists I know..) THANK YOU! We so need people like you on this bleeding, hurting planet!!! Great job. Be well and very safe!

  44. Jonathan Glassel says:

    With baby bat's brains boiling in Australia, do you suppose in his attempt to make the USA cool again that Trump has stolen Australian "cool juice" and dumped it here?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Yesterday and the day before we had two days of almost Spring, today due to the incredible quantities of aerosols that were sprayed into the Atmosphere ( starting very early in the morning ), we had a cold and obscure day, as in a normal Winter day ( but without great humidity ). And the majority of people still do not connect the dots!

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Trump is just a puppet of the true government which is the unseen shadow government of globalists that rule all governments. They are not new and many historical figures spoke of this evil force. Thomas Jefferson was one of the first to speak openly about them as was Theodore Roosevelt, F.D.R., J.F.K. and many others. Look it up. This is the group responsible for all the horrors that are happening today and the Vatican is a major player in it. Look up the Vatican's "Chemtrail coin". I found two online and bought them and it is without a doubt a depiction of a jet aircraft dumping the poison behind it. It's stunning to hold one in your hand and study it realizing that it's all true.


    • Dennie says:

      … baby animals' brains boiling from the heat?  Guess "THEY" couldn't care less, those are "only" bats– who gives a crap?!!!!

      When habitat is gone, we're gone.  

      When all the animals are gone, we're gone.

      When you MURDER YOUR MOTHER, just exactly what the fcuk would it be that you think YOU DESERVE???


  45. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 201st email titled: 'The Numpty Debate'.

    1.  On 19th Jan, the 365 day average Arctic sea ice volume remained at record low @ 12,941km3. 

    There is a very high chance that we will have zero Arctic sea ice in 4 years.

    2.  The Numpty Debate:- 

    For Global Warming:  Scientists compile data from around the world 365 days per year for many decades and overwhelmingly conclude the earth is warming;  NASA detects measurable increases in greenhouse gasses at all levels of the atmosphere;  Measurable increases in sea level;  Glaciers that haven't changed in 100s of years are now melting;  Dramatic decrease in Arctic sea ice volume;  Dramatic increase in methane release around the globe but particularly from melting methane clathrates (methane trapped within the crystal structure of water, forming a solid similar to ice);  Dramatic increase in global wild fire numbers, extent and 'season'.

    The Numpties: It snowed today so global warming must be a hoax.

    3.  Notes to Self (week 54 of 104).  It's time to accept their statements that they want to profitably reduce the global population from 7 billion to 400 million, and research the 5 or so methods they would use to achieve their aim (war, disease/starvation, so called "natural" disasters, civil unrest, extinction level event). All of these come under the umbrella of global warming and geoengineering.

    They say they would use at least 3 different disease types to reduce populations.  

    The current UK flu epidemic has four strains, including Aussie (H3N2), Japanese (B-Yamagata) and an H1N1.

    With regard to the Nuclear Winter, it will be used to stop global warming once the reductions of targeted populations has been achieved.

    The Doomsday Clock needs to be brought forward to 50secs before midnight (and then reduce by 10 secs per year?).

    "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world"  Anne Frank 1929 – 1945.

    "Although I am a typical loner in daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has preserved me from feeling isolated"  Albert Einstein 1879 – 1955.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Andrew, I will repeat; I'm a great fan of your posts and info.

      But Einstein was one of the big Fkrs. zionist until the bone, how not? He was one of the main pieces of the system and invented or created the science with which the damn evil bomb was invented. But maybe you're being sarcastic. As others have said here in the site, we are living already in a world without ice in the Arctic Sea ( as you know ), but the fkrs still have ice nucleation chemicals in the warehouses for spend.

      Also I don't know how people have admiration for Tesla, the guy was psycho all the way. Because of him and others like him, the World is at the brink of mayhem.

      This was a great guy and true Scientist and almost no one know him:

    • Dennie says:

      Tesla once said that he had the knowledge to be able to split the planet in half– For God's sake, WHY???  JEEEEZUZ, what WAS this monster thinking– you call that "thought?"  Because that is clearly homicidal ideation.

    • Dennie says:

      @Andrew from Scotland:  I have to admit I had to look up the word "Numpty," something that we over here would call a "British-ism" )except it is really a "Scottishim").  Here's what one definition, apparently a citizen's "give a definition," from the Urban Dictionary had to say:  "A person who never has or never will have a f*cking clue what he is doing."  That pretty much describes all of the people who have a hand in facilitating the geoengineering of our planet. 

    • Hi Andrew from Scotland.

      Did you see this article posted in USAtoday 2018/01/22

      We all need to respond to this lie.

      Lucille Munro

      Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Hi Lucille, yes I saw it – similar to this one: 

      Things are hotting up on many fronts right now – it is going to be a decisive year.

  46. Michael Rogers says:

    Hello all! here on the west central coast it seems they're still experimenting with the cloud moving process, about a decade ago, we could see great rows of fat tubular clouds arranged like jail bars, now I often see a wider area with a much smaller pattern, picture your oven grills but covering tens or hundreds of square miles. These are orientated at a same direction: North East 320 degrees or such and now seem to have helpers consisting of smaller grids at different angles seemingly guiding the clouds in the desired direction. I've found that here the clouds tend to be moving rapidly North by North East into the San Joaquin Valley a major farming area.

    I also notice a new cloud configuration that covers from one horizon to the other and consists of individual 'dumplings'. This cloud mass rapidly moved yesterday for hours to the NNE. Of course, there are still the chem trails but very few per day as opposed to many per hour in the past.

    I still take pictures of abnormal skies if anyone is compiling them etc.

    Remember: don't breathe!

    • Dennie says:

      Mike Rodgers:  Where are the horizontal roll clouds that you're seeing?  Sounds like you're out in the San Joaquin Valley south of Modesto? Turlock? Stanislaus?  Merced?  We never saw the roll clouds but I'd love to see pics of them from out in the Valley if you've got ones posted somewhere.  We are getting hammered with heavy chem spraying here in the Bay Area, all day long, every day– it is sickening, literally.

    • penny waters says:

      dear michael rogers

      have been seeing those lines of tubular clouds for some years now – as regularly spaced as if someone had painted them in the sky

      how i wish for the chaos of natural weather – real colours – good feeling rain – sun that would make you want to soak up its warm rays – the joy of being alive in the world

      now i look to the skies with pain as i watch what stupid humans in their arrogance have come to play with

      my boiler no longer works when we get a clear sky at night – the lpg freezes – never happened before – starts working again when it warms up and there is more pressure above me

      sometimes when i go out on a clear night – might sound stupid but – it feels like there is very little between me and the rest of the universe out there

      understand much machinery is not working because the parameters that this machinery was made under no longer apply

      barometers don't work like they used to and the high pressure goes right off the scale

      being alive now is having to either be conscious and angry, or dead eyed and unconscious – are these the real walking dead

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