Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 6, 2018, #126


Dane Wigington

The now total desperation of the weather makers and the power structure is glaringly evident on countless fronts. The all out winter weather warfare assault on the Eastern US is taking its toll while the criminal climate engineering cover-up crew at the Weather channel does their best to hide the tracks of the geoengineers. Breaking data from the front lines of the biosphere are beyond bleak, but the corporate media is tasked with hiding such dire data. The US military continues to aid and assist the terrorists, including ISIS. When will the western powers play the global conflict card as their last option to retain their grip on power? The January 6th installment of Global Alert News is below.

The sand in the hourglass continues to run out. Can populations be awakened in time to make a difference? In so many ways the answer to that question depends on what we collectively do, or don’t. Sharing credible data is critical, make your voice heard.

Increasing numbers of dedicated anti-climate engineering activists are effectively and efficiently moving the fight forward by their assertive actions. Our deepest gratitude to Larry and Kathy Burns for placing a full foldout ad in a Washington State newspaper, the "Federal Way Mirror", that was circulated to 29,000 residents on December 29th, 2017.


This week's outreach booth is at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



145 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 6, 2018, #126

  1. Bob says:

    Cape Town South Africa is in the midst of a water crisis and authorities claim that the city will run out of water in the next few weeks. Yet the weather has been much cooler than usual during the last few months, EXCEPT when there are clear signs of geoengineering going on. Every time the forecast indicates good rainfall for the area, they ramp up up the geoengineering efforts and then all forecasts are changed and little or no rains falls (like the last few days).

    You can get a glimpse of the clouds on a regular basis via the Cape Town webcam:

    They call it Day Zero and anyone following efforts in California and other parts of the world will notice the same patterns of how it’s covered in the news.

    South Africa does have a history of geoengineering with various programmes supported by state owned entities.

    • Jeanette says:

      Where I live in Northern California they spray when it is supposed to rain and we watch it go from 100%rain forcast to zero all the time. They are taking the incoming storms and causing them to be fast tracked east wher they are having horrible weather. They lie-they are creating disasters not averting them -IN MY OPINION!

  2. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Rick, in response to your question about SRM Solar Radiation Management (Climate Engineering/GeoEngineering). I am a former Navy Aerographers Mate, the Navy's Classification Title for Meteorologist/Weather Forecaster. If you go on to the NOAA website for the weather reporting station closest to where you live, you can look at the hourly weather observations sky condition column. Most weather reporting stations  can be identified by a four letter call sign identifyer, like Orlando, Florida which is KMCO. The weather observer will document the observed cloud layers, types, heights of the clouds and the amount of cloud layer coverage, which is measured in 10ths. There are Low Clouds, Mid Clouds and High Clouds. Example a 25,000 feet High scattered cloud layer that is present, will be recorded as 250SCT which is if Natural, a Cirrus type Cloud layer. Cloud coverage will either be Scattered SCT 1/10th to 5/10ths of the sky being covered, Broken BKN 6/10ths to 9/10ths of the sky being covered and Overcast OVC 10/10ths 100% of the sky being covered. I always notice this High layer of artificial clouds (sprayed particulates) when the GeoEngineers are spraying particulates for Solar Radiation Management. The cloud layer will usually appear at Sunrise, to obviously block out the Sun. High cloud layers should not always occur daily! Hopefully this information will help you and others with research.

  3. dren says:

    Hi just watched Dane's interview with Lionel I see he hit most of these topics. Some of the military stuff is probably not relevant to geoengineering specifically. Great interview, it's incredible and shocking that people think geoengineering is a solution…keep up the good work and thanks

  4. tzuper fly says:

    Working like a bitch in mental health unit in uk informing top pychs heeding warning trying to protect q and country doing all i can may god be with u getting all young nurses up to speed trump bucking up whole world x

  5. rick says:

    ive been watching the skies at night .they have been clear and beautiful with stars until the early hours of the morning. then the military spraying on the masses begins. can someone tell me what is the reason for letting the skies to be clear at night ? also how long can this continue there has to be an end to this at some time . 

    • Colleen Cran says:

      I was north of Los Angeles on New Years Eve, sitting outside with family enjoying a campfire. Listening to some fireworks, watching the bright full moon and some planes doing major spraying, leaving big trails that slowly moved from the west to the east. Happy 2018.


  6. Ron Marr says:

    Pedro says, "But the "guys" who are destroying Earth, those are not humans,  you can be sure of that."

    This is a major understanding humans must deal with. Things were somewhat even until THEY got the bomb. Now a gun is held to our heads as THEY plunder at will. Kill humans at will. Their prototypes pretend to be football owners, businessmen, bankers, mayors, presidents and military leaders. Just recently the mayor of Chicago was calling for UN troops to quale the violence in the streets, which he has created. And of course the UN troops are the long arm of the Vatican. They that hide behind the Vatican demand 'UNconditional Surrender'. (excuse me while I belly laugh!) With their wars, vaccines, GMOs, geoengineering and nuclear weapons to guard their fake reality, one may wonder why THEY fear us so much. Why THEY want our minds and pineal glands destroyed. Well, maybe, if we are left alone with ourselves, to go within and traverse the real universe and understand our power of imagination and our illusion of life, THEY understand and fear our consciousness and abilities to see them. We must remember that we are genius, with imagination and immortality. Together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth. Our experience here is the only proof of our existence. This we must celebrate with love. On an individual bases we must go within and listen and discover what action one can take. Any action is good on an individual bases if one feels, truly, that it promotes the common good. That's what keeps you sane. I was surprised when Dane mentioned my High school, of course, I was a 'rose bud' then.

    • Kazadum9 says:

      Love is not the reason, neither is it the answer. I am so sick of blah blah love, we dont need love right now, we need anger. Love is just one of the many emotions a person feels. It is neither greater or lower than any of the others.

    • rick says:

      you shall know them by the fruits that they bare. what is being done tom this planet we live on. just imagine if an alien civilization could see what we are doing . 

    • Ron Marr says:

      What your point, Kazadum9? It doesn't have a name, but it comes with a lot of strength. Anger just makes you easier to kill. They live on that. They live with chaos and hate, too. Don't let them dangle you by the strings of a fake reality. So that you respond like them. We have the imagination and abilities to create what we want…all of us together. Your true power would be wasted in anger. Take action for the greater good and there is no wrong or right, honor, family, country. Just our lives to live.

    • Pedro says:

      Love is the most Powerful Force in Nature.

      Love is the driving force responsible for the evolution of Life on Earth.

      And Love is also a very complex and multifaceted emotion.

      Anger is not separated from Love.

      The only emotion which probably is 100% separated from Love is hate.

      I will say more, probably Love is the main and central emotion that regulate all the other secondary emotions.

      Inclusively all the chemical attack that we ( humans ) are suffering is probably ( besides all the other reasons already identified ) an attempt to destroy our capacity not only of reasoning but also to Love ourselves and others. The chemicals, the heavy metals, the electromagnetic radiation, the nuclear radiation.

      The MFs have a profound envy of our human emotional and Moral capacities, because of that they hate us.

      They do not have the capacity for Compassion, so they kill us.

      envy = to hate

      hate + psychopathy = to murder.

      But that is my human reading of reality.

      As the experts say, the impulse to murder that they have is "what is in their structure to do". Just that.

      Envy and hate are probably also notions that they can not comprehend.

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Of course THEY wouldn't do that to us, but . . . . .

    “2017 was a historic year for billion-dollar weather and climate disasters,” said Adam Smith, an economist for NOAA, on a call with reporters."

    "Extreme hurricanes and wildfires made 2017 the most costly U.S. disaster year on record"

    Extremely large bonus checks will be forthcoming. . . . . .


  8. Joshua says:


    Two things worth noting:

    First off, it was raining on Sunday evening with an air temperature of 26 degrees here in the Chicago area. Since we've had extremely cold temps for many weeks, the rain froze once it hit the ground but was clearly in liquid form as it fell.

    Second thing, last Saturday, I recorded a temperature of minus 16 degrees and our forecast for this Thursday (5 days later) is 55 degrees. 

    Thank you for all you do!

    • brenda bonini says:

      I live in Upper Michigan and i feel we are under assault, every clear day they just spray until the sun is gone and it is rare the sun shines here.

  9. Kazadum9 says:

    We havent had a winter in Colorado for the past 5 years at least. They make sure they get Xmas and New Years cold then they basically give up the rest of the winter, right now we are in the mid 60's we were in the 50's for about a week, its going to go on like this indefinitely. I miss winter. I really do.

    • Dale K says:

      First, the fires, now the floods.

      Flash-flood warning for Whittier, Thomas Fire
      By Travis Schlepp |
      Jan 9, 2018

      SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. – [Update 10:45 a.m.] 

      The National Weather Service has predicted more severe weather, heavy rain, and possible flash flooding, mud and debris flows for the Thomas Fire burn areas in and around Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria over the next several hours. If you are in debris flow areas, leave now and go to high ground. 


  10. Dennie says:

    The ever-brilliant Lynette Zang of ITM Trading interviewed on XX22Report Spotlight, on the Bubble Economy and big changes coming soon:  Includes:  Insider trading shifts, sectors selling off stock and no buying; crypto-currency; B of A/M-L Bear Market 19 indicators shows 11 of 19 indicators have been triggered:  

    LM:  "Things are definitely shifting, but no, the bubbles have not yet popped– there are holes in them, I will say that, and so that's what I think really the repatriation and the tax changes are, is to put more air in those bubbles and keep them up there for a little while longer….They know that the System died in 2008, they know that better than I know it, but it's very obvious when you look at what's going on, but we are inside of a massive money-standard shift, that's really what the crypto-currencies are all about, that's going to be the new money standard.  Now I don't think it's gonna be bitcoin, but I think all of these i.c.o.s and bitcoin and etherium and all these guys are being used to get us comfortable with it so that we accept that shift, and remember, they need a large crisis to justify whatever their agenda is, so at the moment I don't think they have everything in place to fully make that shift but they are working furiously at it, and you know, you know and I'm sure you've had a lot of other guests on, the speed of the changes are, I mean, it's mind-boggling how fast these changes are taking place right now."

  11. renate says:

    Hello all. From Mission, Fraser Valley, BC.

    I believe the planet is also being sprayed with glyphosate. Hope it can be tested.


    Anthony Samsel speaks with Tony Mitra on the fifth paper he is writing on Glyphosate, and explains how, apart from all the other harm this chemical brings to our micro biome and health, it is also a synthetic amino acid and slips into the biology of  the living kingdom by mimicking glycine, one of the essential building blocks of life.
    Samsel says this chemical should be banned, its production and use should be stopped and shut down lock, stock and barrel.

    • Pedro says:

      Just terrible. In my region in Iberian Peninsula, many organic cultures are showing positive results to several chemicals, among them glyphosates.

      The farmers say they are not using that products and many do not have conventional farming near their fields. Those "guys" are spraying with the planes everything they have.  And this information about glyphosate mimicking glycine at the metabolic level is just TERRIBLE.

    • renate BC Canada says:

      Hi Pedro. The sound is low, might have to turn up the speakers.

      Samsel on how glyphosate damages our digestive Enzymes (all our animals have digestive problems even our wildlife) btw: Monsanto knows darn well what they do.

      Glyphosate inhibits our digestive enzymes, so our food cannot be processed properly, triggering a cascade of auto-immune responses. This is something Monsanto knew nothing about and did not take into account when checking glyphosate's safety using standard toxicology tests.
      Samsel maintains that there are no safe levels of glyphosate and its safety assessments need to include enzymology. HIs findings are pending publication and he is ready to inform EPA, FDA as well as his senators of this new finding on serious potential health risk associated in foods that contain glyphosate.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Renate.

      This is a major discovery that can put an end to the glyphosate poison!

      Thank you very much for the information.

      Great Anthony Samsel, he has to be aware of the fact that maybe he is in a dangerous situation, this evil poison is the jewel of the corporation.

      glyphosate is probably the worst agrochemical ever to be invented, even counting with all the others poisons which were invented by that evil corporation which produces it. Worse than monsanto's evilness, only the weapons industry and the nuclear industry.

      Now they are in the pharma business together with bayer, unbelievable!

      glyphosate must be BANNED!

      The "guys" who invented it, must be sent to JAIL!

      Try to post more times this very important info, thank you.

  12. Matt Sarlo says:

    I am astounded by the number of people I talk to that tell me they do not care about the future of the world as long as the collapse of our world happens after they are gone. We are a selfish small minded species with no value. We have ruined a planet in the blink of an eye and most people seem perfectly happy about it as long as they can pursue their trivial desires. If the average person cares less we stand no chance stopping the psychopaths running the world. 

  13. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, someone I appreciate and admire.  He has made an excellent start in the New Year (for us to share).

    "Does the US Military “Own the Weather”? “Weaponizing the Weather” as an Instrument of Modern Warfare?"

  14. Jennie Helena says:

    Hello Dane,

    Is it unreasonable or unthinkable to wonder if the power structures that perpetuated this crime against humanity might attempt to cover their tracks through nuclear warfare. The ensuing cataclysm might enable them to escape accountability. I hate to think this way. I can’t help but wonder. You have hinted at this at times but never actually stated it in the words I’ve just used. 

    These things keep me up at night. I fear for all of us. Especially the children.


  15. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    I'm not sure how to write what I need to get off my chest regarding two separate yet probably connected issues. Here goes:

    Number one, I've waited patiently for anyone to write in here about their experience tending the Gem Faire Geo Engineeringwatch booth. Especially this last weekend and several other key weekends that have passed. I am amazed at the lack of effort and the lack of networking to make sure the Gem Faire booth is tended each week. If Gem Faire was close to me and someone wanted to travel as far as I have 'and' they could not afford a hotel room, I know where they'd be staying and where they'd be eating, my place! I have found it good for the soul to spend time with folks that are "friends I have now met". There is a great many of you folks that live close to the Gem Faire circuit. If you can't stand long, bring your favorite chair. If you're bashful, get over it. If you think you are not qualified, think again, you're reading these words aren't you? Maybe you're busy the weekend of Gem Faire, "with what?". Will that busyness still be going on when the earth can no longer support life? Issues of priority there. Lastly on this note, tending the Gem Faire booth is as simple as introducing yourself to several awesome people and just plain going for it. Thank you Steve.

    My second point I want to get off my chest if this. Several years ago, a rear window sized sign in the rear window of a volkswagon jetta was all the rage. I recall several copy cats to having a rear window poster. Their act received so many kudo's it was heart warming. Now days when someone expends more money and has a larger impact, the column is silent. I know from experience, when folks here take the time to write a thank you to someone they've never met, it makes the efforts of the activist worth while. It fills 'my' soul anyway. Not just speaking for myself there. I'm so proud when someones efforts are recognized and commended. Here's a hint in human spirit, one complement does not cover all actions given/produced. If a person repeats acts of activism, we must all repeat acts of compliments. It's the only way "our" ship will stay afloat. "Things that make the world go around"…….

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Never am I without a last word, or in this case a good tune. I post this tune periodically. You will not catch me saying, "I should have done something". "All cards facing up, determination in the eye". I win. (yeh). "What happened to those that helped me get here?" Leave no one behind, bring them along, I'd say. "Discovery loves company". It brings a smile every time I read of someones awakening. May you all fortify your discoveries with the pursuit of truth. Never force dots to connect. Even Cheech and Chong could figure out that if it smells like dog shit, it's probably dog shit. "Labrador"(grin)…….

      Seriously here, I hope you all are never faced with the question, "what could you have done?"  Enjoy the tune…

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      I hope you haven't forgotten about our friend I have met, Blue Sue from Wasilla, Alaska. I believe she worked the booth for two days in Santa Rosa a couple of weeks ago. I get what your saying though Mike. There should be dozens of activists showing up to work these events. Keep pushing Mike, your a great recruiter.   

    • Dennie says:

      And I worked last year on July 14th at the Marin Center Exhibition Hall.  In fact I was the first person to write in here about attending the Geoengineeringwatch booth and meeting the public.

    • Melanie says:

      Hi horseman,

      Just wanted to let you know, I heard the Gem Faire booth was tended by 5 caring individuals on Saturday, and my friend, Brian was there on Sunday and reported that he received lots of positive feedback and they were able to distribute many materials. I am not sure if you have met James yet (a manger at the Gem Faire), but oftentimes, he will tend the booth as well. Personally, I could not be at the Santa Rosa Gem Fair, but am planning to attend the next event here in CA. Thanks so much for all that you are doing, keep up the great work!


    • Hello 'a' simple horseman: Your comments rather haunted me most of the day. Not sure why… So it gave me opportunity to consider my own "educational" experiences over the years.

      I've spent nearly forty years attempting to educate friends, relatives, and business associates; regarding the damaging effects of radio frequency exposures on functional health. I now find myself no longer employable… Most friends have written me off as completely off-planet. Family members have moved on to other entertainments.

      In recent years; I've commented extensively on a number of web pages regarding electromagnetic health issues. Though I've posted somewhere around five or six hundred postings, you'll find that the censoring algorithms used by Google have whittled my postings down to the least salient and most ineffectual commentary I've posted thus far. It's like magic, only it's negative magic…

      If you Google an episode called "Fog" from the old Barney Miller television series (circa 1978) you'll find that investigator Dietrich's comment regarding Russian Academy studies on electromagnetic injuries, have been completely scrubbed from ALL existing video playbacks. Check the video out some time. How is this done?

      The corporate Hydra is out there, and it is many headed indeed. Even Hercules needed some help to eradicate the ugly beast…

      Blessings my friend who meets here often…

  16. Harry Mooshegian says:

    Hi Dane, Hope you are well. I have a link or two I was going to post .One shows fracking sites in the US the other is the RSOE emergency map. As you watch the drilling areas , you can zoom in to see them they look like ant hills , on the ROSE map you will also notice the earth quakes concentrated in those ares where millions of gallons of water and the chemicals you talked about are being used in the fracking process. Also on ROSE map you will see the latest nuclear incidents and warnings in the same locations as always. Hope its okay to post these. Your site has so much info I haven't gotten through it maybe its already in there somewhere. LOL . Take care , Harry

  17. joe Strauss says:



    That snow is complete fake in East Coast, USA.

    go to…type:

    "is this fake/manufactured snow ?

    date:  Dec., 30, 2017

    Uploader for video ,May 77, time;4;31

    This video says all for those perverted Geoengineering


    You will view 6 pointed artificial star shaped flakes..

    I am letting ALL who see and are near that snow.It

    may have an ugly bacteria or virus 's attached.

    I have seen over San Francisco/Oakland Ca

    a black fungus that attacked bare wood and other living.

    My Oakland resident friend had that black fungus fall

    from the geoengineering, late 1990's on to his back yard.

  18. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I listen live Saturday mornings to Global Alert News on KQMS, without fail. Then listen again with others while cooking later on Saturday or on Sunday.  Gathers everyone into the Kitchen!   I really liked the Photo's you included while speaking Dane/    Some do very well with a visual aid, while listening. Helps to sink it in & let them know what you are speaking of. (Hard as it is, we always need to remember that many do not get it & Photo's do Help as your flyers have Proven)  You showed some Very Disturbing Photo's. I Hope the World Sees, how Bad it is Everywhere.  And what Crazy & Un Nataral Formations in the Sky is accepted by the Human Race.   La, La, La, Lazy.

  19. I ran into this "NEWS" item a few months ago, yet I still find it amazingly appropriate. The corporate/capitalist paradigm has waxed insane by any reasonable measure. Please wash this tidbit down with allot of organic juice…

    Excerpted from: Full steam ahead: China plans floating nuclear power plants by 2020 — RT Business News

    "According to Wang Yiren, a director at China’s State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, floating nuclear stations will help provide the extra juice necessary for powering China."

    Ships… Erm… Water… > Duh… > Fukushima?  Hello???

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      You'll love this, Paul V. (not really).  The Chinese get the plans for the floating nuclear plants from the Russians, who plan to use them to power their offshore oil rigs.  Just imagine where all that 'hot' waste will go. . . . .

      In a circular dance with death, Putin is hoping to extract gas from the thawing methane hydrates.  While the article is written from a very smug 'Murikan' point of view. . . . .it's surprising, at least.   

      'Playing with fire' takes on a whole new dimension, thinking about Just one spark. . . . . .

    • Dennie says:


    • Dennie says:

      Bella_Fantasia:  Thank you for the article from, another one of my "go to" websites for geopolitical news– as Adam Smith said, the wealth of nations are it's natural resources, you get a good bead on what's coming up in regard to economic news once you understand what Adam Smith said.  And THANKS for telling it like it sounds from these people– I will always think of LBJ and his cronies and their mindset whenever I "hear" terms that eedjots use to describe themselves, such as "Murikan…" (you mean, like "Murray Can," as in Murray Perahiah CAN play the piano!–? LOL!!!) for "American–"  OMG, how funny– I'm just LAUGHING now, must've really needed a good hoot–!

    • Pedro says:

      These MFs are crazier than I thought.

  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Insane world…

    Trump to call on Pentagon, diplomats to play bigger role on arms sales   / Reuters / Jan.8, 2018
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Trump administration is nearing completion of a new “Buy American” plan that calls for U.S. military attaches and diplomats to help drum up billions of dollars more in business overseas for the American weapons industry, going beyond the assistance they currently provide, U.S. officials said.
    … Besides greater use of a network of military and commercial attaches already stationed at U.S. embassies in foreign capitals, senior officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said another thrust of the plan will be to set in motion a realignment of the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR). It is a central policy governing arms exports since 1976 and has not been fully revamped in more than three decades.
    This expanded government effort on behalf of American arms makers, together with looser restrictions on weapons exports and more favorable treatment of sales to non-NATO allies and partners, could bring additional billions of dollars in deals and more jobs, a senior U.S. official said, without providing specifics.

  21. Jeff says:

    Its really out of hand how much Alabama is sprayed. NV, AZ, CA, were some of the first states to be pounded. Still are! Great show Dane. We keep battling on! 

  22. SD says:

    Reports of extreme heat wave in Australia coming in. Temps @ 115F and roads buckling.

    Another interesting sequence of events here in southern CA. M3.8 EQ reported Sat PM offshore Santa Barbara/ flow of subtropical moisture heading directly TOWARDS EQ location this AM/ heavy rain forecast for mtns behind Santa Barbara (recent burn area)/ HIGH WIND warning for desert areas inland from Santa Barbara. I believe all of these events are triggered by Weather Engineering ops. NOTHING NATURAL.

    Temps in this area forecast to quickly rebound back to 80F following the engineered "rain event" 

    Media reports still insist record low temps and cyclobomb insanity on East Coast "due to climate change" Damned idiots.

  23. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL and to my friends I have met, in this case Kathy and Larry. Hot damn, two publications down on the books. I am sooo proud. I'm well aware of the effort it takes to produce such an act in print. I know that in the Burns household, Geo engineering is a dinner table topic. It will take us all, each in our own small, medium or large ways to stop this madness called Geo engineering. I think Dane does not stress the fact enough that, "if we expose and halt Geo engineering", "the rest of the house of cards will come tumbling down". Don't know about you folks, but that very thought keeps me focused on "first things first". Least we not forget, Mother nature is still in charge here. It may not suit our needs, but it will still be "nature". Tried and true…

    'a' simple horseman

  24. Dutch Abraham says:

    Hi everyone, I decided to take a little break from researching all the insanity in this world by watching a nice family movie with my wife. It was "Boss Baby" an animated movie that was actually pretty amusing and fairly well done. Unfortunately, about two thirds of the way through the movie during a chase scene there were a number of shots showing the sky, and lo and behold the skies were all massively chemtrailed and were littered with all the new "clouds" that have only recently started appearing. It's discouraging and a little disheartening to be aware of the massive amount of programming that the American people are being subjected to by these satanists…

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      When it comes to modern animation, and the depiction of the Solar Radiation Management (SRM) "cloud" trails, I've often wondered if the animators that insert those "clouds" are doing it on purpose (ordered to insert them), or are doing it out if ignorance.  By ignorance, I mean that they are young enough to maybe not realize that those trails are not normal.  It could be one or the other, or a combination of both.

      I was born in the mid-80's, and due to the nature of my parents' business, we traveled a lot.  I have always been an observer as far back as I can remember.  Even when I ws really little, I can remember looking at my toys, and studying them; contemplating how they were made, what the components were in them, etc.  For a majority of travel, growing up, we used to fly.  Wherever we went, I used to watch the skies all the time and observe aircraft.  Even in the 1990's, I can remember being able to spot planes flying at cruising altitude without any trails behind them.  They looked like little white specs.  In the rural areas of Illinois, if you were quiet and listened carefully, you could faintly hear the engines of commercial aircraft going over, and then it was a game to see if I could spot the airplane against the massive blue sky.  In the same regard, I also remember some planes had trails behind them that would dissipate rather quickly, while others would stretch out further behind and linger a bit longer.

      On 9/11, it was eerie in Chicago, not seeing or hearing any aircraft, except for a few fighter jets that were patrolling the airspace.  Once the planes started flying again, I remember for weeks and months afterwards, the sunsets were almost consistently obscured by lines and trails, almost like someone had taken a marker and made crosshatches all over the sky.  My family had purchased our first digital camera in the summer of 2001, and I took hundreds of photos of those sunsets, at all different times of the year, because I thought it was neat that the planes were flying again, and the sunsets were so "pretty" knowing that the planes were flying again and things were getting back to normal.  Looking back, I can't remember seeing any sunsets like that in the 1990's.

      In the mid-2000's, I stumbled upon articles about people questioning 9/11, and started reading their research, and having trouble comprehending and digesting what I was reading.  Two planes, taking out three buildings, at the time, made perfect sense, or so I thought.  At the same time, I came across articles talking about "chemtrails."  For a moment, the "theories" sounded believable, but then I would write off the information as "crazy."  For the next few years, I would jump back and forth to both sides of the fence.

      In the early 2010's, I was still observing the sky, as I had done growing up.  I kept noticing, for a couple of years, that it would get hazy and/or cloudy during the day, but then after the sun had gone down, the sky would clear up and the stars would become visible.  This happened day-in and day-out.  This happened almost consistently, no matter where I traveled.  At the same time, I couldn't figure out why I almost never saw caterpillars, butterflies, snails, slugs, and fireflies, anymore.  I thought that it could be because of the suburban and urban environments, depending on where I went in Chicago, but then would remember, that I saw them all the time growing up, and the houses, buildings, etc. had been around for 30-100+ years.  Why did they disappear, now?

      Then, back in about 2013, around the same time that I started listening to the Hagmann Report, I came across an episode of theirs where they interviewed Dane Wigington.  He explained everything logically and as a matter-of-fact, and mentioned his website,  Once I went there/here, and started researching, my eyes were opened and I finally understood the changes in the sky and in the insect populations that I had observed and wondered about.  I realized that those sunsets I photographed after 9/11 were not normal.  I realized why the insect populations were dwindling.  I understood why each summer, in recent years leading up to first hearing from Dane, and continuing to this day, we were getting more violent thunderstorms with regularity, and our temperatures each summer were not as warm as in the 1990's.  I realized why I hardly ever saw any puffy clouds, anymore.  The list goes on, endlessly.

      I mentioned in a comment on an article earlier this year, that I grew up watching, observing, and studying ants, as a hobby.  In that comment, I mentioned that this past summer was the first time that I had noticed an extreme lack of ants.  By extreme, I mean creepy, as in, "where are they?!…???!!!"  I slowly walked from the back patio to the street in front of the house (which is a long distance, where I live), and then back again.  On my walk, I stared at the ground and counted the number of ants I saw, in that round trip.  It was exactly eight.  Yes, just eight.  I did that same walk on a few more days and did the same thing.  The highest I ever got was about 11.  In that same area, while growing up, the ants would have been absolutely everywhere.  I would have probably stepped on 20+ of them, by accident, many years before, just walking regularly.  We used to have ant nests and holes on the patio and in the gardens, where you could see they removed the sand from between the bricks and stones.  They would be all over the place, and this year, if I saw one of those nests (very few and far between), if I walked up to them you could obviously see evidence of the ants creating them, but the ants were nowhere to be found.  It was like coming upon a lost Mayan civilization in Mexico.  You can see obvious evidence that people had constructed these temples, structures, and roads, but where are all the people?  Where did they go?  There's nobody here!

      In the summers growing up in Chicago, our temperatures would be in the low-90’s to sometimes the low-100’s.  Now, each summer, we have been consistently in the 70’s and 80’s, and this past summer, we only got to the high-80’s and low-90’s once for about a one-to-two-week period.  Every other day, they sprayed the crap out of us and kept us cool in June, July, and much of August.  We also got freakishly-warm temperatures into the fall, and I kid-you-not, they are currently forecasting us as having snow on Thursday, with a high that same day of 53 degrees.  Growing up, in this time of the year, we should be in the 20’s or lower, to below zero, with a thick snow cover on the ground, and crystal-clear blue skies.  Yesterday, they forecast snow all day long, and all we got was some sporadic rain droplets throughout the day.  We got a light dusting of who-knows-what-“snow” overnight, and other weather is scheduled to go up into the 50’s, with clouds, fog, etc., and then back into the teens, just to go up again.  The weekly forecast will change thirty-eleven times, but so many remain oblivious to it.  Each summer, we would regularly get thunderstorms each week, with extremely violent ones occurring once or twice every few years.  Now, each summer, we regularly get thunderstorms that have 70 mph to 90 mph wind gusts and torrential rain.  This is far from normal.  It’s dystopian.

      Anyway, I started out talking about animators and how they are either adding those lines to the films, on orders of those higher up, who get their orders from their “controllers” / “puppeteers,” or out of ignorance, thinking that it is normal for the skies to be that way.  Or again, a combination of both.  I thought it was normal, too, until my eyes were opened, and when I thought back to not really seeing them that often, while growing up, I knew there was something wrong that I couldn’t put my finger on.  And by not seeing them that often, it was nowhere near what I see near-daily, now.  I consider myself to have grown up in the transition-time of the weather warfare we are experiencing.  Dane often talks about the heat waves of the late-1990’s, which caused the SRM to be ramped up.  I remember it in Chicago well, and my Mom didn’t let me go outside for that long, on those days, because of the humidity and heat indexes we were experiencing.  People born in the mid-to-late 1990’s, and/or those who are not observant, or care, probably think that those lines are normal, and if the animators are in the “ignorant” category, that is why you are seeing them.  Being told to add them is a whole other rabbit hole.  The same thing applies to those born older, as we keep hearing and experiencing when trying to enlighten people to geoengineering, but pressing on and trying to inform and educate is better than doing nothing at all.  Doing nothing will lead to certain destruction, but at least trying to do something gives us a change to change the course, or to at least die fighting.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Dutch,  sometimes one needs a dose of light hearted entertainment, be it animated or not, like you said, to break up the dark energy we experience in our knowledge of the various assaults upon mankind and nature. I too enjoy an occasional flick to lighten and brighten things if even for an hour or two. I like the comedy classics from the 40's and 50's. 

      Prairie Explorer, I have a daughter a little older than you and I really appreciate that she and you and hopefully many others of your generation can see the reality of our geoengineered skies.  The fact that you've honed your observational skills since early childhood has blessed you with sufficient frame of reference to discern the difference in what was once normal and what we have had for "weather' in the past two decades. I applaud your observational skills, interest in nature, curiosity, and willingness to do the necessary research to educate yourself.  Most people your age are so addicted to their smartphones that they seldom if ever take the time to notice our changing skies and unnatural weather. The nightly news this evening reported the obvious: Smart phones have increased anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation among our hopelessly iphone addicted youth. — duh!  Our local "meteorologist" reported that Alaska's local (southcentral) temperatures last month were the 7th warmest on record with highs and lows 7-8 degrees above normal.  The forecast calls for possible snow or rain this weekend with temps around 35 above zero F. 

  25. Robert Hobbs says:

    When will you have another presentation in the Monterey,Salinas ,Santa Cruz,Ca. area?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Robert, I apologize that I will not be traveling for the forseable future as I am completely burried 80 hours a week tending existing fires in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, many are behind the scenes. I am simply trying to make every hour of every day count, time is not on our side.

    • Flyeater says:

      We need east coast presentations Dane. We need voices. I feel as if I’m one in a sea of zombies. I’m 1hr north of DC. 

  26. BC says:

    ZeroHedge is a bohemoth Economics blog. An independent poster Globalintelhub has posted a geoengineering Alert over there that has really heated up the wires in the comments section. A full 90 percent plus of the comments are pro Geoengineering which is a very radical about face on such a huge public forum that has prided itself on being so anti weather and climate change in the past. You could just sense the explosive pent up anger in so many of the posters. Call it even a coming out of the closet. In the past many of these same persons were very radically against the idea of a Government/global weather modification program, but have in recent months done a complete about face. The tide is turning and I believe turning very fast. Get ready for a huge public outcry!

    • BC says:

      I forgot to add that there were many links to by the commenters as well!

    • Dennie says:

      The DoD-U.S.Navy Intel trolls are at it hard over at ZeroHedge ("Moe-Monay," a very obviously paid shill, "konputa" and the like).  The author, "globalintelhub," first treats us to the reality of geoengineering, telling us all outright that weather warfare is here to stay and rubs his sticky hands together at the end of the story with the "moral" that since we can't beat 'em, might as well invest in the evil bastards' spraying schemes.  Living "lives of excellence," according to ZeroHedge, may be translated like this: "..pssst, wanna invest in something B-I-G?  Give your money over to Ray-Theon!"  Fortunately, we do see some sanity in the commentary there with links to credible sources, besides just the usual paid shill and troll bee-ess.

    • Dennie says:

      P.S.:  One of the commenters on the geoengineering article at who clearly knows what's going on suggested that the nasty commentary you see taking the side of The System could be generated by AI AL.  Well, yeah– either way, if you know what I'm saying ;-).  Drone-propelled spray jets, drone-generated troll commentary.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      There is an article about how Cape Town, South Africa is heading to running out of drinkable water by late-April of this year:

      One thing that stood our to me in the comments section was what two people were saying (sorry for the typos, I'm just copying and pasting what they said).  One said "I thought they could cloud seed ,make rain make it sunny,snowy etc.Why aren`t they doing this?"  To which someone replied: "Yep good point, if Geoengineering was so prevelent as some people would have us believe droughts would be a thing of the past"  Thankfully, someone posted a link to and mentioned the California droughts.  Also, further down in the comments, people are still trying to have a dialogue and educate the person that said "droughts would be a thing of the past."

      One thing I've noticed at the bottom of the ZeroHedge website, it says, "Copyright ©2009-2018 Media, LTD"  – I noticed that for the first time last year, although it could have been there longer, and have wondered if that is ABC, as in the mainstream media company.  If it is, that makes me wonder, then, if ZeroHedge is a somewhat-controlled opposition news and information organization.

    • Dennie says:

      Prairie:  You got it– "ABC.I.A." is what law enforcement was calling ABC news after William Casey, Wall Street lawyer and former director of the C.I.A., also a major player (founder and former director of the company, and chief counsel) in Capital Cities Communications, threatened ABC, pushing down it's stock price, then bought up the controlling shares:  This article first appeared in the Feb. 20-27 issue of L.A. Weekly.  The story is also documented in Michael C. Ruppert's magnum opus, Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil.  Check it out.  You can probably find a copy in your local public library.

  27. Jason Holtzclaw says:

    Thank you Dane, your Global Alert News this week is on point as usual.

    I live in the Seattle area in the Northwest, we had snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I did the flame on a snowball experiment. The end result was a snowball that did not melt but turned black. (here is the video if interested ).

    The tree population is Washington state looks to be sick and dying. I have contacted the Washington State department of Agriculture and sent them numerous pictures of trees in different areas. My hope is they would do a full investigation and uncover climate engineering. They responded that their staff scientists and entomologists looked at some the photos and every thing looks fine. Are they really clueless of Geoengineering and the effects on the environment or they instructed not to say anything? Either possibility is sad!

    In reference to the dwindling insect population, I saw a spider yesterday in the house, for the first time in a few months. In the past, if I remember right, the spiders inside your house tended to increase in the fall and winter months. It seems as if a creepy crawler was quite frequently scaling the walls and ceilings. Now I hardly see any. Driving on the freeway in the summer was a guaranteed recipe for insect splats across your windshield. I can't remember the last time I had multiple splats on my car!

    I will keep sharing your information and try to get the people awake to the aerial chemical assault in our skies.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Jason, I hope you will contact Kathy and Larry and join forces with them. They too live in the "Seattle area".

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Jason,

      We have been working on growing an awareness group contact list in the KING, Pierce county area. PLEASE CC Dane for my contact info/email if you would like to participate in sounding the alarm on the front lines here in Washington state. There is so much I am trying to do but as Simple Horseman stated the act it takes is money. I have another project with this same news agency, (so grateful for the Editor who has stated he is more than willing to help me place these ADS despite the opposition he has received) that will reach 53,000 subscribers in Federal way, Kent, Auburn, Puyallup! This one I cannot do straight out of pocket as I did the others. 15 people who could donate 100.00 right now in this area could send out the AD above to 53,000 people. Imagine if ALL who are awake in this State alone pooled together. WHAT immediate IMPACT could we have at what cost?… virtually pennies. I also have a Billboard contact in place with Lamar along the I-5 corridor but again..gathering funds for that is not easy. To anyone in Washington State I thank you in advance for your willingness to help Dane/all continue to put crack this Geoengineering atrocity Dam of denial/ignorance. Those I met at Gem Faire last November who "volunteered" to get a group going….you have my email. THIS coming MARCH…I will again be at Gem Faire booth with SIMPLE HORSEMAN. Who will join us?

    • Hello Jason: Your experiment brought this item to mind: >

      ‘Flammable ice’: Chinese breakthrough could lead to global energy revolution

      I’m sure this is a safe and efficient process with no deleterious effects on sea environments… Hope the above link hasn't been scrubbed… Thanks for sharing.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, Paul Vonharnish!  The RT article on flammable ice is still there– freaky, huh?  How many more insane ideas will we see before environmental collapse starts to plant it's heavy-heeled boot on the collective neck of humanity, and press with all it's heavy might–??

    • horsegirl says:

      Thank you Jason.  I've already forwarded your video to several people.  Great work and observations.

  28. Bryan says:

    Subliminal "Chemtrails"

    In the larger scheme of things, football hardly matters. But to anybody paying attention, the attempt to normalize geoengineering is overt, blatant and disgusting. The NFL is complicit in the crime.

    Need evidence? Look no further than the Pro Bowl logo. My jaw dropped when I first saw it. I had to rewind again and again to confirm what my eyes were telling me: two jets flying skyward leaving "persistent contrails" embedded in the logo itself.

    Most people might be fooled into believing these are just cool graphics. But they're not. Watch a tease for the upcoming game and you'll see the planes "enhancing" the logo in real time, jets leaving trails from the bottom of the screen to top.

    Even stilled to a screen shot, you can see the lines and their true intentions. Added to the constant over-the-top praise for the military and macho pro-America patriotism, it becomes nauseating.

    For those interested, you may or may not find it surprising that both the NFL and NBA were founded by Skull & Bones members seeking ways to distract (entertain) the populace with bread and circus events.

    Don't believe me. Go look it up.

    Fight the good fight. Defend Love and Light.

  29. trish says:

    from trish-

    took my car out to keep the battery charged at 3:31– the skystripers had just launched– there had to be at least 50 planes– when i got back home at 3:56, the entire sky was covered with clouds—

    25 minutes– and they took a completely bright blue sunny sky and made it into a dull grey cover–filled with death–

    i wonder what God thinks–was it einstien who said I WANT TO KNOW THE THOUGHTS OF GOD??

    i hope geoengwatch hits the hundredth monkey soon………..

  30. Heidi says:

    I read recently that fracking releases methane at each drilling site.

  31. Terri says:

    I cry daily.

    I pray daily.

    Thank you to all who are here with me in spirit. I am not alone in this ongoing nightmare.  You save my sanity some days.  I read every single comment and continue to learn from each one, whether I comment or not.  Sometimes, I just have no words.

    Thank you Dane.

  32. david says:

    Was reading this article about chaos at JFK Airport from the storm and lo and behold look at the photo of the snow and the planes.  Look at the geoengineering lines in the sky above!  I wonder who's causing all the misery.

  33. rick says:

    hello i live in crystal beach ontario . is everyone enjoying the man made winter ? to the ignorant it all appears normal . got up last night around 1 am beautiful stars then the spraying commences this morning watching the military solar radiation manage program in full force . i cant get my head around the fact that there are people that are oblivious about this. just imagine what else they could spray on us . i knew we would have a white christmas wink wink nudge nudge . how can you have any respect for those that are so blind?

    • John S says:

      Hi Rick,  I live in Youngstown, N.Y.  By Fort Niagara. I used to go to Crystal Beach when I was a child. I loved the rides there. 

       The sad thing is that the sky was never looking like milk. The Massave spraying that has been going on since the late 80's has hurt everything around here. The soil ph has went way up. We have to add lots of lime to get the acid right. Trees are stressed because of aluminum contamination.  I tell friends to research, and I'll show them some patents on Geoengineering. Small farmers like myself know what there spraying.. If you have time, look at rain water in a microscope. You will not like to get wet in the rain after that. I start people off with Aersol Crimes, by Clifford Carnicom. Research Research Research..

      I can't believe that this is going on. 

      Makesure to do heavy metal detox now and then.

      keep up the great work getting people to Look Up!

    • Gail Yellowhead County Albterta says:

      Isn't it amazing how we can have Clouds all day, then, after that plague of a Sunset is through…Those Clouds disappear!   Stars throughout the night, then at dawn, there they are again!   Are they saving some of Our money?   Shift Change?    No Sun to block?   Nobody up to Poison? 

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Rick –

      I'm over in Chicago, and they have been spraying the heck out of us this winter.  We don't even have the snowfall, let alone snow cover or temperatures that we used to, and instead of crystal-clear blue skies in January's and February's past, it gets covered up with spraying most days, only for it to "magically" clear up as the sun goes down.

  34. Tom Keith says:

    Soooo, after we bring the weather criminals to trial and convict them , (and we will), what should we do with them.  Jails, institutions or death? (oh my)  I say we put them on a spaceship and launch them to another planet!   And if they don't make it, so what?


    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hey Tom Keith: It is not important what we "do" with the weather criminals once they are neutralized. What IS important, is what we do with ourselves and our futures. The messes we've created with our own negligence, are not the fault of those who neglected to accurately report the damage done…

      Permanently grounding and scraping all aircraft would be an excellent place to start. Follow up with a permanent moratorium on ALL space launches, along with an abandonment of our delusions of grandeur…

    • Pedro says:

      the creatures want to go to Mars, don't they?

      …but I'm sure the bacteria will dislike the idea.

    • Tom Keith says:

      Ok I agree to some extent.  I was being a little facetious.  But do you really think with our little resources, we can stop or ground the aircraft Assault  upon us? We are outnumbered and outgunned and 95% of the population has no clue. 

         You might say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Tom, it is important to remember and consider that ALL empires eventually fail, and collapse. Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward in this battle because it gives us the opportunity to stop the climate engineering insanity from the inside out. FYI

    • Melanie says:

      Hi Paul,

      I just wanted to say thank you, I have been seeing your numerous comments in SF Gate articles trying to wake people up, thank you for your persistence. As another person stated, we can post comments in mainstream media articles when the opportunity arises, although we may get censored, we would be reaching out to people who aren't aware yet. Thanks so much to all who are taking action, and Steve, hope to see you at the next Gem Faire!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Paul, Mr Vonharnish, Thank you, sincerely. You bring up an extremely good point. Myself, I think there is to much energy expended on how to punish the perpetrators 'and' not enough expended on what to do after we get this Geo engineering stuff halted. Stop Geo engineering and who cares what happens to those that were the root of the cause. Honestly, I don't think it's within man kinds realm to pass said "judgments". Bottom line, "this shits gotta stop!". Why dangle a noose at the end of the road? Just maybe, what's good for the perpetrators is good for the whistle blowers. Would you allow it? They all have a story to tell. Step up, we have a planet to save… Nothing else matters at this point!

    • Gail Yellowhead County Albterta says:

      I Ponder this every now & again too Tom. I know who will be the final Judge of theirs. And I know it will fit the Crime by all that are involved & at what level of knowing & involvement.  It keeps me from loosing it & keeping Faith in what I am doing. It's Hard not to want to see Punishment to those that have caused & been apart of so much Harm to Our Planet & all of it's inhabitants & any Hope for Life & for any Future Generations.  And to the Persons that have Cloacked the Evil ones behind the curtain that has now become very sheer.             We See You!          Pedro,  I think Mars would Spit them Out!

  35. Joseph L says:

    The Visionless Society

    That such a scenario is plausible to public figures such as Ralph Nader is a sign of the deep decay of democratic institutions. The two major political parties lack a coherent vision. They are subservient to corporate power. They have abandoned the common good. They have turned politics into burlesque. They have rendered the citizenry impotent. The press, especially the electronic press, has transformed news into a grotesque reality show filled with trivia, gossip and conjecture. The elites in both parties, along with the rich and corporations, profit from a naked kleptocracy. Everything is for sale, from public lands to public education. And the juggernaut of corporate power impoverishes the people as it willfully destroys the facade of the hollowed-out democratic state.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Thanks for this contribution Joseph.  I voted for Nader when he last ran, knowing he didn't stand a chance in our crooked "elections",  but I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils.  Our last election — didn't vote at all. Like the man says, "… The country is spinning into the abyss.”

  36. Jennie Helena says:

    Hello Dane,

    I discovered this article while browsing the Colorado Independent. It explains how weather modification will help in times of drought. 

    Jeff Dean of the Desert Research Institute, or DRI explains that, “cloud seeding is done by adding extra dust to the air.” He mentions silver iodide and none of the other heavy metals involved. The most telling part of the article comes towards the end: “The result was a partnership among the Southern Nevada Water Authority that serves Las Vegas, the Central Arizona Project, and six agencies in California including the mega-one in L.A. All now help fund cloud seeding in Colorado.”

    This is from January 2nd and was broadcast on H20 Radio. 

    I don't know if you’ve seen this or not but I thought you might be interested.

    Best Regards,


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jennie, climate engineering / geoengineering / solar radiation management are very different from regional “weather modification” programs (which are only used to distract the masses from climate engineering). DRI is well aware of this fact, but will not admit to the geoengineering insanity which they are paid to cover up. FYI link attached the explains in more detail the facts that I just covered:

    • Jennie Helena says:

      Thank you very much, Dane! I appreciate you clarifying the important distinction between geoengineering & regional weather modification programs. 

    • Dennie says:

      "We have multiple agencies with multiple agendas operating with no coordination, no oversight and no public discussion." — Rosalind Peterson, keynote speaker, United Nations summit on climate change (from 2007, if I recall correctly):


    • Gail Yellowhead County Albterta says:

      If they were so good at making Rain, why is California in a ten + years drought? Why haven't they come to their rescue if they are out to use these spray programs to help States in need of moisture?  They can candy coat their on going plans & deeds all they want. They decide where California's Rain falls in North America. And all Rain & Snow where these programs are implimented around the World. 

  37. Dave says:

    The cat may be getting out of the bag, Zero Hedge has a fairly accurate article that links to this site.

  38. Donna V says:

    Dane does an outstanding job connecting all of the dots related to the world we are  living in. War, economics, politics, health (etc.) are all connected to the aerosol/frequency warfare being waged against humanity and which puts our planet in extreme peril. 

  39. HB FEMA IV says:

    When, oh when, will we see any of Tesla's technologies? Fracking is the worst of the worst of energy development, yet, some in the know, still think we need it to be "energy independent" and fracking will do that. I hate that phrase. If we wanted to be independent, we'd KEEP most of our oil NOT sell it around the world. We don't need steel electrical lines strung on poles or gas lines underground, or even hydro electric plants, when Tesla proved free energy devices work! And Jeff Sessions is a national disgrace. If our government starts testing everyone for marijuana who goes to a doctor, we are in for a truly scary time in America. But, Sessions profits from his prison stocks. Sounds just about par for the course.

  40. Christine says:

    what is the one and single most important fact 'justifying' the silence about the ongoing geonegineering genocide ???

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Christine, though there are many reasons for the lack of geoengineering disclosure (as you know), two primary reasons for the “silence” are these:

      Preventing immediate rebellion from populations that discover they have been subjected to a grand and lethal experiment (from which there is no return) without their knowledge or consent.

      Delaying the panic of populations that will occur the moment they fully understand the severity and immediacy of what is unfolding (biosphere collapse)

      Climate engineering is the epitome of human hubris and insanity, exposing it and halting it must be our top priority.

    • Heidi says:

      I just thought a few days ago, that the increasing rate of dementia in populations due to geoengineering, might come handy as this disease doesn't allow for clarity and action any longer.

    • Heidi says:

      I will order a set of the brochures and place some of them into those 'small library' boxes in the hopes people will read and return them, or at least pass them on.  I also might find places like our food coop store or independent coffee shops, where I can leave some of them for multiple readers/brochure.  Yesterday's complete and dense above-cloud white out with halo around the sun as long as she was visible, in San Diego makes it even clearer that it's high time people learn to see and talk.

    • Christine says:

      THANK YOU DANE for your time and the answer, and as always for your unlimited energy to expose these facts. The geoengineering of our skies and infos from all your  posted documents are 100% obvious, that's for sure. I just wonder how would our world look like if there was NO geoengineering??? Would the >400ppm CO2 in  the air be actually much smaller and the life still go 'normal' way, while polluting everything and everyone?? The fact that our atmosphere now carries huge amount of foreign matter, which would otherwise never be there if it was not thanks to geoengineering, must have more essential reasons than 'just' blocking the sun. The sun was/is still shining like it was for LONG time, and why only suddenly now it needs to be blocked??? It is sure, if people would open their eyes and start finally understand what is going on, they would rebel. But that would be  'just' a side effect of the man cause why we are actually being sprayed… I guess my question should have been: what for are all the toxic ingredients, is their main purpose to interact with EMFs in order to suppress normal biological communication between everything and everyone?? And if so, Why to kill us all so slowly?? SORRY, the drama of our situation is so tragic, that it makes my statements almost absurd!! Thank You Dane once again.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Christine, even with climate engineering halted, we face immense challenges, industrialized / militarized society has decimated our once thriving planet in countless ways. The attached link will give more details on what may unfold once climate engineerng is finally fully exposed and halted. FYI

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Christine, Q: "Why to kill us all so slowly?"…A: It is far more profitable. The drug and pharmaceutical industry business plan is based on disease and illness. If we are all dead or healthy, they would be out of business. Plus they get to profit from producing many of the toxins being sprayed. Win:win situation for them.

  41. Dennie says:

    The Privatization of Nuclear War:

    “On August 6, 2003, on Hiroshima Day, commemorating when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima (August 6 1945), a secret meeting was held behind closed doors at Strategic Command Headquarters at the Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. Senior executives from the nuclear industry and the military industrial complex were in attendance. This mingling of defense contractors, scientists and policy-makers was not intended to commemorate Hiroshima. The meeting was intended to set the stage for the development of a new generation of “smaller”, “safer” and “more usable” nuclear weapons, to be used in the “in-theater nuclear wars” of the 21st Century. 

    “Nuclear war has become a multi-billion dollar undertaking, which fills the pockets of US defense contractors. What is at stake is the outright “privatization of nuclear war”.  

    US-NATO weapons of mass destruction are portrayed as instruments of peace. Mini-nukes are said to be “harmless to the surrounding civilian population”. Pre-emptive nuclear war is portrayed as a “humanitarian undertaking”. 

    Dr. Helen Caldicott on the situation with the reactors at Fukushima:

    TED talk: Irwin Redlener on the new nuclear policy of preparing for nuclear war while preparing to survive one, including the history of prepping for nuclear war: 1.) duck-and- cover:" There'd be a nuclear conflagration about to hit us and if you get under your desk things would be okay." 2.) build a fall-out shelter in your basement; 3.) buy a pre-fabricated bomb shelter and bury it underground; 4.) FEMA "Crisis Relocation Plan," including evacuation of target cities, moving people into the countryside, dependent upon a 3-4 day warning that the U.S. would be attacked). "The main point here is we were dealing with a complete disconnect from reality.  The civil defense programs were disconnected from the reality of what we'd see in an all-out nuclear war."  LOL:  Sadly, the number of nuclear-positive/peace-negative comments on the commentary of this video shows you just how active and numerous the pro-nuclear military industrial trolls are out there.  

    The People in Charge of the U.S. Military:  The foxes are all guarding the hen house.  Bidness as usual…

    2017:  The Year in Review:  The Most Censored International, Indigenous and Canadian Stories:


    • Joseph L says:

      Interesting Posts.  Dennie you bring alot on your posts as do so many others too.  Dane brilliant presentation.  . We need  everyone to get off their butt for the greater good.

  42. Carol says:

    . Organic food cannot be organic now with what's raining down on us .. I had this conservation with the people where I get my food from I told them to wake up as regards  geoengineering weather modification ..UK .. I can not watch the weather news now you know it's false the weather has been awful the air is so thick smell !!!  ice nuc has been ramped up its so dire you can tell it's not normal .. Wake up .. Look up … 

  43. Lee Eyerman says:

    Sixteen days of zero wind chill about to change to 16 days of 50 degrees and non stop rain.Flu will run rampant and sudden spike in teperature will send many into cardiac arrest.Anyone know what to eat or drink to offset body breakdown.Between the frequencies being sent through many of our heads to constant sneezing and coughing we are all screwed.Any ideas anyone HELP!



    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: Our health is truly very important, so I am repeating. … for the body, I recommend Vegetal Silica (gets the aluminum out of the brain), Synertek Colostrum (boosts the immune system), Colloidal Silver (10ppm is safe anywhere in & on your body), Olive Leaf Spray (protects & boosts respiratory health). Reluctantly, I recommend John Ellis Water (because it is expensive), but it did get the barium out of me after 12 years. Fight. Don’t give up. We all “walk this lonesome valley.”  Our beautiful planet and the sleeping earthlings are counting on you!

      Also, Dane has posted this “The Basics” on staying healthy and alert:
      Climate Engineering Contamination, Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t / July 13, 2016    
      Dane Wigington /
      How does one retain some semblance of health while existing in a world that has become alarmingly toxic and incompatible to life as a whole? Though there are countless sources of contamination, the climate engineering fallout is the most pervasive of all. I am not a physician, but I have made an effort to understand and pursue fitness and health since I was about 14 years of age. To some degree I have avoided previously penning this post because it is not my primary area of study. This being said, I have had many requests to outline what my personal health protocol is, so I'll do exactly that. I am not giving medical advice, I am not suggesting or directing anyone to practice the health/fitness regime that I follow, I am simply sharing it.

    • Christine says:

      Getting enough vitamin C (2-3g) every few hours, adding Zn, L-Lysine, wellness formulas full of VitD3 and antibacterial, antiviral herbs, like oregano, garlic, etc., adding some colloidal silver spray in air where one resides, maybe even a diffuser full of aromatic essential oils, should help..

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Wear a good particle mask outdoors. It will filter the bigger pieces of metal you see light up when you shine your flashlight outside in the dark. Steam it up with your breath a bit before you go out.

    • penny waters says:

      dear lee

      lots of things you can buy but when growth starts again you need to look around you and see what plants are growing around you

      even with the filth in our atmosphere you have more knowledge of your surrounding area than something that you have bought – and you can wash them your selves

      i have been seriously involved with plants for about 50yrs and know, from the herbs that i have bought over the years, that the condition is deteriorating

      so with your surrounding plants you can be more discriminating

      if you have an open space bring in plants that are good for you

      learn about your wild food and herbal medicine – if you live near the original natives of your country then approach them and learn from them – they will only share secrets with people who respect them for who they are

      wild plants have more power than human  hybridised plants, especially these days, because they are hybridised to accomodate industrialised food systems, be aware that wheat, soya, sugar beet and sweet corn are genetically modified

      so , if growing your own, plant heritage seed hybrids because old hybrids were hybridised to benefit taste, not changed, as now, to benefit industrialised agriculture – eg tomatoes grown with tough skins to withstand travel!!

      have heard that crystals have beneficial vibrational effects on the body – but that's not my interest

      eat well my friend

      echinacea purpurea and e. angustifolia are excellent immune enhancers and if, when a cold or flu feels like it is coming on, take 5ml x 5 a day, 5ml x 4 a day, then 3 a day and carry on like that – but do not take it all the time as the body will get used to it

      you will find that flu and colds will be a thing of the past

      so cold here in essex but am aware that some parts of america, china and nepal are frighteningly cold

      wish i knew what a natural sky looked like, or a real sunset, without the human waste that is now expelled into our precious skies

      what fools these mortals be – famous shakespeare saying from midsummer nights dream – so many people are in a dream

      couldn't believe people still buying stuff at xmas

      god save us – hahaha we fool ourselves!!

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Lee, I know from past comments you live in OH as do I. I frequently check the EPA's RadNet fixed radiation air monitors in OH (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo) and the one located in Pittsburgh, PA because its closest to certain OH counties. We are silently being exposed to massive amounts of gamma radiation according to data being recorded by the fixed air monitors previously mentioned (and the other 145 located across the US.) Find the RadNet radiation monitor closest to you-

      My observation is that once a monitor reaches a certain high level it is shut down or stops recording measurements. I am now alerting fire departments in OH about the RadNet monitoring results as well as the Climate Engineering INSANITY. OH EPA Radiation Safety Program's Zack Clayton, (614) 644-3066, told me over the phone the monitoring results are normal background radiation, and the spikes occur with precipitation when radon percolates out of the ground as rain seeps in. He lied to me, was repeating what someone else told him to tell me, or just doesn't know what he's talking about; the recorded results are staggeringly large numbers. e.g.: Fixed monitor ID #310, total gamma decays in one hour; 6,662 CPM, on 01/04/18, from 10:31:26 to 11:31:34 UTC, Pittsburgh, PA. Per this radiation detector manufacturer's data sheet, normal background gamma radiation is 5-20 CPM.  The US has detonated 2,000 nuclear bombs, including in the atmosphere, uses depleted uranium weapons for practice in the ocean, and for real in the Middle East. Fukushima is a nuclear volcano with no end in sight, nuclear power plants leak radiation 24/7; it doesn't take a genius to connect those dots. The RadNet beta sensors are for the most part are inoperable.

      Keep your doors and windows closed at all times- there is no fresh air anymore. Caulk around openings to keep (nano)particles out. Hepa filter everything you can.

      Protecting yourself from the biological/ weather warfare INSANITY- A DAILY detoxification protocol is a must; Dr. George Yu was tasked with chelation of first responders poisoned in the aftermath of 9/11/2001. His simple protocol is niacin(B3,) exercise, sauna to sweat out released toxins, and food-grade activated charcoal that absorbs like a sponge any released toxins in the GI tract which are then eliminated.

      Always take supplements (or any necessary meds.) timely so they are not absorbed by the charcoal as it moves through your GI tract.

      Natural remedies for radiation exposure

      Whole food letter vitamins (A, B-complex, C, D³, E, K²)  boost immunity and support normal body functions that rid the body of toxins. (Himalayan pink salt has the same 80+ trace minerals and elements found in the human body.)

      Remineralize filtered water with Himalayan pink salt, only drink and cook with Reverse Osmosis filtered water or ancient spring water.

      Foods for heavy metal chelation- First and foremost, avoid processed foods unless non-GMO verified. Only eat grass-fed or pastured meat (animals raised on corn or soy are probably eating GMO grain.) If you don't know what a GMO is- (Nine years ago, I thought GMOs were my biggest problem.) If you eat the skin part of a fruit or vegetable- BUY ORGANIC!  The sulfur in onions, garlic, pastured eggs, and cruciferous veggies (cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, etc.) helps eliminate heavy metals; as do herbs, specifically cilantro. Raising herbs from seed in pots in sunny locations in your home is easy and inexpensive; DON'T USE SYNTHETIC FERTILIZERS ON PLANTS YOU EAT! House plants also purify the air in your home.

    • joe strauss says:

      Lee Eyerman,
      I reside in San Francisco, Ca. Begining, 1996 those Geoengineers  heave put all bacterias, virus, and fungus and more I do know of. Myself and fireman friend observed  what I stated here. I do say do not touch those fake snow or what falls upon your
      ground area… The method to counter … for extreme cold is KEEP  WARM, AS ANY VIRUS AND BACTERIA THRIVE in dampness and moisture. Fiji water is good, or another spring type water. Non-gmo's eliminate them all. I know here in California vegetables/fruits are sent to your part ou USA.  If available. Lot's of hot baths too to keep your Spirit intact to handle those devils spraying all types of this and that.
      Best to you all on East Coast.

    • Concerned says:

      V. Susan- you can make your own water with a John Ellis water filter system. I have done it for 6 1/2 years. 

  44. Barb E says:

    Update in southern NH. We got a foot of "snow" from Storm Grayson the great bomb cyclone. Every channel we watched was looking for the "blizzard" but they couldn't call it because the winds weren't sustained for 3 hours at hurricane level. Gee, we're sorry about that!!  The seacoast towns flooded with waves crashing over the sea walls about 8 to 10 feet.  I guess they forgot to mention sea level rise to those people.  Tonight yes it was 36 below on Mt Washington with wind chill of 97 below. Second coldest place on the planet they said. I just took the dog out for his last call before bed and filled the birdbath while he was doing his duty. Two minutes my pants were frozen. Came in, checked the weather station…3 below with wind chill of 18 below.  Today's wind chill low so far was 23 below. We have to drip the water in all sinks/tub every night so the pipes in the basement don't freeze.  But guess what?  By Friday it's going to be 50 freaking degrees!!!  Nobody thinks anything about that, they're all happy we'll have a one or two day January thaw.  Nothing will thaw though because these chemicals just don't thaw.  Never have we had icy temps like this, never in my 65 years!!!  One friend keeps telling me it's all El Nino's fault this crazy weather.  Can't get through that one thick head even though I keep trying! 

    • Bluv says:

      I too noticed here in Portland Oregon during our phony Christmas snow event that this stuff feels extremely cold to the touch and would not melt away even during rising temps. If analyzed I wonder what chemicals would be in mix? Wiggington for President 2020.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Bluv,  My guess would be Ammonium nitrate and Barium Hydroxide. (if memory of a video done in chemistry lab Dane has shown here in previous article serves me correctly) These are 2 white powdered solids which give up many moisture molecules and create almost immediate freezing when combined in a beaker. They must be spraying this- and God only knows what else- out of the nozzles on the jets to create this intense, unbearable, difficult to thaw mess many of us are now struggling with. I hate to think of the casualties of poor domestic animals, wildlife and birds struggling to survive this wretched artificial freeze they aren't prepared to cope with. This hellish cold isn't fit for man or beast.

  45. Daniel- Calgary AB says:

    Thank you Dane for the mention and the powerful message contained in today’s broadcast. To all my fellow awakened ones, I know how paralyzing it is to start seeing just how much is being done to hold up so many big lies, the biggest being the reality of climate engineering taking place all over the world, everyday, 24/7/365. Overwhelmed is another way to put it. I have to deal with living in Alberta where the biggest economic pursuits are energy (fracking, tar sands), and big agriculture (GMOs, beef). It’s hard to get through to most of these people but giving up is not in my blood.

    After pondering the implications of the falling oxygen levels on our planet, Today I decided to freshen up my house plants with new soil and bigger pots for those needing one. I’m making it one of my personal goals in the next few weeks to increase the number of houseplants in my living space. I will keep my plants healthy and they will give me some oxygen.

    Another personal goal I have set to achieve before the end of this month is to “find the others” around Calgary who would be interested in forming a support group for bringing awareness to the climate engineering issue here. It would definitely boost my resolve to keep fighting this battle if I knew of more “locals” who want to help make an impact and spread awareness on the biggest threat to LIFE.

    “Dispair is a narcotic. It lulls the mind into indifference.”

                                                               -Charlie Chaplin

    Don’t dispair. The next person you pass the facts onto might be “the one hundredth monkey”. 

    “You need power, only when you want to do something harmful. Otherwise Love is enough to get everything done.” -Charlie Chaplin

    LOVE, STRENGTH, and PERSEVERANCE to ALL who are helping in this most important battle. 

    • Lucille Munro says:

      Hi Daniel:

      I too am looking for like minded individuals who would be willing to spread the truth with pamphlets and literature.

      I live in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  I did order the kit with DVD's and book and report and got it delivered directly to Alberta Health Minister, Sarah Hoffman.

      Lucille Munro

    • Daniel - Calgary, AB says:

      Thank you Lucille for sending our health minister the DVD and info pack. I hope she will at least take time to look at it. Unfortunately I’ve been living hand to mouth for about eight months now so I’ve gotten pretty creative in spreading the word. One thing I’ve done recently is taken blank label stickers and a marker, simply wrote on them “Look up, we are being poisoned! Learn more at”. I’ve put them up wherever band concert posters are displayed and other free advertising spaces. Sometimes they stay up for a couple of weeks but most of the time they don’t last for more than a few days. It doesn’t matter, I know that someone will take notice and look up the website. 

      Heidi suggested putting flyers in the “little library” boxes we see in our neighbourhoods. Great Idea! There are at least a half dozen in my neighbourhood alone. 

      We ARE making a difference! Love, Strength, and Perseverance to you and ALL of us in this battle!  

  46. Andy says:

    I comment whenever and wherever I can, and to whoever I can, regarding this ridiculously obvious fake *weather*. From being out with the dog and encountering fellow owners, talking (arguing) with friends neighbours and family to posting on public access *news* forums. I get that people can be scared to believe the situation is as dire as it is, or that they fervently believe in the honour and integrity of scientists, or that they are so deeply programmed into their safe little artificial reality bubbles that a tractor couldn't pull them out. What really annoys me is when I meet obviously intelligent people who steadfastly refuse to even contemplate thinking that their comfortable tiny world maybe a bit more fragile than they supposed, let alone actually getting off their collective lazy ass to do at least some small act of investigation – contemplating outside of their box seems anathema to so many. 

    WAKE the flock up! My God, but time is so short. I won't give up because then the bastards have won. It may well be that the damages are irreversible and the clock has already tolled time, but what are folks to do…? I for one will not sit back placid and content to while away the few remaining years/months/weeks/whatever in a haze of immediate hedonistic gratification, I want these sobs brought to account if not for my benefit (I have pretty much lived my life) but more so for coming generations of life. ALL life, not just humanity. 

    Sorry for the rant, but today I am particularly angry. Some days I see a small vestige of hope as I notice folks questioning the patently false *weather*, other days I encounter those who are so blindly indifferent or even actively hostile in denigrating the collective awakening required.

    I find some solace in the knowledge I am not alone, and I truly take my hat off to Dane et al who steadfastly and consistently bring the truth to the light of day – an unflinching dedication that never ceases to amaze.

    Thank you everyone.

    • penny waters says:

      'the bastards have won'

      nobody wins if the earth dies!!!!

      and yes, without this wonderful man dane who keeps plugging at it, where would we all be?

      i would think i was barmy

      love to all

  47. Salmon Slammer says:

    Dane,  Your website is much appreciated by many. Ive shared your website with all of my friends and about two thirds say they are scared of the info i guess its easier to stick your head in the sand which i will never do.Maybe getting some celebrities to get on board with this cause would help. i do my part everyday to try and get people to wake up. it ia a uphill battle to get people to listen but i ,like you will nevergive up getting the word out.

                           Kind Regards  Salmon

  48. jacques brierre says:

    Ran into this a bit ago in another forum as a comment from someone inject more immediately reality to the continuing drama of books on Trump… The immediate knee-jerk reaction was to belittle, of course.

    He was pointing people to:

    I followed up with a link to geoengineeringwatch, of course.

    About time this info permeate places where it was heretofore absent.

  49. simone says:

    Dear Dane, I keep sharing your posts and videos on my Google page (though from my 2000+ followers i lost some 300+ in a few days, these were, who previously loved my posts with great art and music, these were  simply scared of the news, many said so!)

     I see my obligation to post your news EVERYDAY, everywhere I possibly can.

    I keep sharing on FB and Twitter –  multiple times, daily. Finally, I've noticed that some people begin to reshare my posts with your critical reports!!  

    Well, something WORKS even on my tiny re-sharing level! (However, my scientific friends remain deaf and blind to the screaming news, some on purpose.. and some just cannot comprehend the situation as their minds are blocked with their routine work and limited tasks..)

    Endless thanks for your Grand Work, for your wonder-space on your site where awakened people can communicate,  and for your super-inspiration!  


    • Lawrence Goodwin says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences, simone. My heart has reached the breaking point in terms of pleading with friends and family members to pay attention. I have utterly failed to get through to them in person, or anyone else locally for that matter, despite the constant barrage of visual evidence in our skies and mountains of documents to prove these are actual crimes. People just DO NOT want to hear this information, which makes any related communication a truly daunting task.   

    • Pedro says:

      Thank you.

    • GretchenThomas says:

      I rented small billboard spaces(called panels) in Wood County, OH. Two weeks ago at the local water shed I crossed paths with and gave my Climate Engineering spiel to a couple who had seen one of those panels. Have a supply of flyers at all times so when I speak to people they get a flyer to start their research. Many times, people know and talk about chemtrails all the time, but never heard of Geoengineering. I give those soon-to-be weather warriors a handful of flyers and tell them the word chemtrails only leads to conspiracy theory and hoax when searched online by the uninformed, and to only use the industry terms of Geoengineering and Climate Engineering and handing out a flyer will send the uniformed in the right direction..

  50. Watcher says:

    I've been following this phenomenon for several years now. 

    I've done thousands of hours of research and much soul searching and pondering.

    Many ask the question, "what can we do"?

    And then it occurred to me. The way to reach the most people is in the comment sections of mainstream articles on weather events etc.

    This is where the fight is. The media gate keeper's are there in force to control the narrative and discredit any who dare question the official narrative.

    So folks if you want to help take the fight there. Arm yourself with irrefutible information and take up your arms.

    See you on the battlefield,


  51. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Trump Gives Green Light for Offshore Drilling Near Every U.S. Coast
    The waters of the United States will be soon open for offshore drilling, the Trump administration has announced. The New York Times reports that the administration’s plan would make most coastal areas — including Pacific waters near California, Atlantic waters near Maine and the eastern Gulf of Mexico — available for fossil fuel exploration and extraction, in a bid to revive the domestic energy industry. In April President Trump signed an executive order to overturn the Obama-era offshore drilling plan, which was intended to stop new leases in areas of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. That measure, Trump said, “deprives our country of potentially thousands and thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in wealth.” Now, the day of oil rigs peppering America’s coasts is getting ever closer.
    Trump’s new five-year plan would give the green light to 47 auctions for drilling rights off nearly every U.S. coast. This includes 19 potential lease sales off the coast of Alaska, seven in the Pacific region, 12 in the Gulf of Mexico, and nine in the Atlantic region, according to a Think Progress report. This is the largest number of lease sales ever proposed, according to the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

    • simone says:

      Though I've been signing lots of campaigns against "drilling"  nature's holy lands and waters, nothing helps.  I believe that Without powerful strategy, that would unite us, fighting a blind and deaf Gov. one by one,  would not  make any difference. 

      I do have a couple of suggestions but, again, many shall be involved and unite   (Trump is just a General Contractor who can build a luxury hotel dealing with permits and banks to get his projects done, but  what can we expect  from him regarding Nature and its laws, which we shall never violate!! or pay very dearly for our mindless violations?) 

    • penny waters says:

      wonder if they will check for the radioactivity in the pacific coming from the japanese cock-up, oops, 'scuse me, the nuclear disaster on the coastline that is filling the oceans with more of our filth

      dear chief sealth – his reply to the american president who wanted to buy their land – continue to contaminate your bed, and you will one day suffocate in your own waste

      i repeat

      how can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? the idea is strange to us. if we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them……….this we know:all things are connected. whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. man did not weave the web of life;he is merely a strand in it.

      whatever he does to the web he does to himself

      his words dig deeper into my heart with every passing day

      may we distraught and pained comrades, in our agony , one day, find peace from our own stupid human companions

      with all my love

    • Dennie says:

      Might be able to get out to the beach (Pacific Ocean) with my geiger counter next Saturday or Sunday.  Rodeo Beach, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, would be the closest and I can get out there relatively quickly to check levels.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      What a ba$$$$$tar& ! Our poor mother earth cries out for relief but the dangerous clowns in charge offer none. I feel sadness, disdain and shame for the utter ignorance and disrespect with which this once beautiful planet has been treated. I am ashamed to have been part of a society such this. I pray that my small actions to try to make amends may have a positive effect. I pray that it is not too late for some of God's nature and species to survive. God help us all in 2018 and beyond. Gratitude to Dane, and all here for your continuing efforts.

  52. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 199th email, titled 'Plan A, B or C?'

    1.  On 31st Dec, Arctic sea ice volume was estimated as 3rd lowest @ 14,418km3. The 365 day average volume remained at record low @ 12,869km3.

    On 1st Jan, methane peaked at 2764ppb…someone from management must have had the day off! Since then they have utilised "QC Fail"and 'No Data" to keep peaks @ 2350ppb. Geological records (and common sense) show that methane is released in a series of bursts/peaks.

    2018 might be the year of Ocean Hot Spots aka ENLE (El Nino Like Events) which will cause deadly heat waves. There are currently 6 hot spots forming in the oceans – if four of them release their heat this year, summer temperatures over the major croplands of the world will rise to @ 45C…crops will fail and millions/billions will die of starvation.

    View the ice starting to flow through the Nares Strait and fractured sea ice north of Greenland/Ellesmere Island on 5th Jan 2018 at 'Lincoln': 

    2. After the recent geoengineered cold, how else will they distract us from the Catastrophic Climate Change Emergency, aka Global Warming, that is currently underway? 

    Maybe N Korea is being forced to consider a pre-emptive nuclear strike:

    a. Last week, Admiral Mike Mullen warned that the world was "closer…to a nuclear war with N Korea and in that region than we have ever been" and "I don't see the opportunities to solve this diplomatically at this particular point"

    b. In the likely event that Plans A (Trump's take down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller), and B (Trump's dismissal under the 25th amendment) do not work, there is probably a Plan C (Trump's assassination using a false flag nuclear attack…to be blamed on N Korea, Iran, or Russia, etc?) 

    To stir things up in Iran, many of the early and much broadcast/publicised/tweeted videos and pictures of the recent so called unrest were actually from incidents in Bahrain 2011 and from film/movie clips. Add in some paid and armed agitators…

    3.  Notes to Self (week 52 of 104). For about twenty years the US has targeted countries which had friendly links to Russia – such as Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria. The US has been the number one international law breaker for many years – and the Brits "faff around" with the legalities of Brexit…why aren't we concerned about the legalities of our increasing drone operations worldwide?

    On 5th Jan, BBC Breakfast had an interview about a new TV series which depicts investigative journalists finding out that the world as we know it will end in 5 years…they want to warn the general public but the government and intelligence services want to stop them. The interviewee advocated that people should not be told.   I disagree, we should be told. Handled correctly it will bring great enlightenment and global team effort and understanding. It won't happen because they would also have to admit to their deceit, lies and greed, whilst at the same time saying that it was "in the public interest" that we were kept in the dark and fed on kak. 

    For reasons of ego, greed and status, governments have lied to the public that voted for them – for over 70 years in the case of geoengineering, weather modification, global warming, and our near term extinction.

    "Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will" Frederick Douglass 1818 -1895. 


    • Carol Freiberg says:

      Not sure our eyes are up to all the light after being in the dark, so long folks.


    • penny waters says:

      the brits, for me as an english person, are the establishment – the middle and upper classes who have been living off the natives for about a thousand years – the beginning of the end for a social community

      as the old saying goes – whoever you vote for, the government gets in

      how are people who run things so damn stupid

  53. After New Brunswick, Canada, got hit with horrific weather over the past few days, the Rothschild-owned Weather Network made this statement yesterday:

    "A major weather 'bomb' was achieved with this storm!"

    We are all being mocked, and the sheer arrogance of the people behind the weather anomalies and disasters is getting hard to stomach!

    Now part of New Hampshire could "achieve" lows of -100F!

  54. Tinky Winky says:

    You know that back in the day, say around WWII, many brave – or crazy – people got so fed up with their immediate lives that when they finally said "NO" they got a bullet right in the head.

    Today's people can't say, "excuse me…. excuse me… do you mind?… I'm not sure what's in that spray up there…. but I don't like it…. d d d do you think you could stop it?"

    I never needed anyone to tell me something horrible was going on in this world. I saw it in '95. I pulled off the road and got out of the car. Things have never been the same since.

    I am actually ashamed to be part of this human race. It's like they're not really here now. With the phones and the cameras it's like we are all just taking down information to study later.

    Wake up! Reality is in front of you right now!

    • penny waters says:

      dear tinky winky 

      we are not all bad my friend and i am human – well i think i am  – but many people think i am nuts

      but tis true humans can be so, so dreadful and yet so unbelievably wonderful – and i count the people who read this site and the many who comment

      so love to all you wonderful humans who feel all of it

      may we all find it possible to live without too much pain in this crazy human world that is destroying the natural world around us

    • Pedro says:

      Penny, you are not nuts, you are a beautiful Human, and we have defects. But the "guys" who are destroying Earth, those are not humans, you can be sure of that. And this is not a human world, the rulers just look like us. It is because of that little detail that we are still blind. Sooner or later a day of light will come. They will Fall.

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Penny Waters, the mighty oak starts it life as a nut!

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