Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 7, 2017


Dane Wigington

Government deception, media deception, climate science mass omission, and an unfortunately large percentage of populations that are generally more interested in fueling their own ideology than finding facts. Record high US stock market numbers are accompanied by massive layoffs, what's wrong with this picture? It has recently again been over 50 degrees colder in the lower 48 states than at the North Pole, how can that be? Global shipping is crashing, ship building contractors are laying off, but the US military can still afford 126 Billion dollar submarines. More recent earthquakes in Japan may have further accelerated the massive Fukushima radiation releases, is this why the US EPA is trying to secretly raise the "safe limits" of radiation in our water supplies to levels that are 10,000 times higher than the already far too high limits? Power structure propaganda stories about Russian hacking remain as dubious as ever and were officially retracted by some sources, but the damage is done and most US citizens have already been deceived. In the meantime, global forests continue to die and the biosphere as a whole continues to crash, what's next? The latest issue of Global Alert News is below.

It is far past time for anyone with a still functioning conscience to decide what life is about, and why we are here. We must each educate ourselves, arm ourselves with credible data, and help in every way we can to carry the torch forward into the rapidly darkening storm.

This week's outreach booth is at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



185 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 7, 2017

  1. Iva Harrer says:

    I dont suppose Ive read something like this before.

  2. susan higgins says:

    No one will read this, I am certain.  For the first time in human history, we are killing the birds and the bees, the very thing that feeds us.  

    As humans we are incapable of empathy as a species for other species.  Religion has clouded the issue of human development for as long as humans observed the sky and thought some great being was out there watching their good and evil deeds.  Alas, I have been on the road for years having watched my 100-year-old home north of Seattle be ruined….Wildlife officials said it was not them.  FAA and the EPA totally denied any causation.  I have fled to seven other states and it is the same….but wait,  climate engineering is not the only thing falling from the sky.  Go to your neighborhood grocery store and watch semi-volatiles fly over everyone entering and leaving….go to your local post office and whiff the various esters they perfume the repellents with.  Better yet, stand in a federal forest in Oregon, yes, that is publicly owned land and watch the trees become orange…if you are not careful you will get shot from helicopters or worse the water recycling plant.  The best evidence that Americans in general are PERFECTLY FINE with geoengineering is the sheer numbers of individuals shooting birds, lighting them on fire, drowning raccoons or a wandering neighborhood cat.  Americans are killing the environment as fast as any Air Force set of jets spewing aluminum.  We are as culpable as the Air Force and the billionaire groups.  Doctors will release rat repellent on children in private property.  Yet, I have not interviewed a single person who is willing to give up their cell phone and satellite TV.  Lovely to have a big bad evil deed in the sky to blame for what is actually human behavior that has not evolved beyond the cave.  Do not discount the combined effects of chemicals on the ground. We are killing each other.    

  3. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Hello again From Philadelphia North, Maybe there is a Psychologist out there on the Geo Watch that can explain to everyone why when Old Money, Old Power, Old Men, what happens when they get old and instead of doing good with all that power and money, they get hardening of the arteries. The first artery to get hard is their hearts. Do they forget what hope is, because everything was given to them… So they never learn empathy nor caring? Is there an Psychologist out there. I would like to know how they think, because it seems to me that they want to take death with them, what I mean is ; if they can no longer live then neither should anyone else. They want to destroy everything on the way out, I notice these power brokers are all closer to death then life and they can't control nor buy life, death comes for us all. How does history remember them, believe me it won't be kind to those whom can change things for the better. I mean they really have the means and the power to do good for the entire world, but choose to do the opposite of good?

    WHY?  Why??? Death Comes for us all. May God give us justice at the end. Again, maybe someone can explain this to us that would do good if we had the means. 

  4. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Joe In Philadelphia North, Up-Date for Jan., 13th Friday. There attacking the clear sky again today, Will they let us have one day of Sun Shine??

    Please leave it alone!! Leave the only planet we have alone you ars's

  5. Knownlongtime says:

    They were spraying here on Long Island  Took photos and sent to my Senator's office who contacted the PortAuthority whom claim it's only contrails. I didn't think I would get an honest answer back but if everyone started to call and email them I wonder if it would make any difference at all.  I think having a pilot come out and state the truth is what we need, to save us. My prayers are with Trump but how powerful can he possibly be to stop the elites? I am disabled with bad back and sometimes I wish I didn't know all that I do. Thanks Dane I hope your fight and everyone else's here comes to a solution for all of us. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Knownlongtime, about pilots speaking out, some have. FYI in the attached video with many testimonies.

    • Lee in Boise says:

      Thank you for sharing such valuable information here ! I find it interesting that directly after the largest enginereed US winter storm in history that top news headlines from Harvard/Oxford/NYTimes today are springing up claiming that Geoengineering is now needed to combat these storms and suddenly "acceptable". Honestly, after living in a state that has been bombarded by the misuse of this technology for many years now, I'm disgusted by these headlines. Of course those that misuse this technology have once again created a problem, and then a  solution to that problem they created, distracting the general public once again from what is really going on. This never ending effort to continue to toy with the population in a Hegelian fashion has left half the people I care for still blind, their minds massaged by being told what to think over and over and over again. I appreciate you keeping it real here. I've been witness to so many engineered anomalies since 2001 here in Idaho I don't know where to begin, so I'll keep it current in reference to this latest winter warfare. In no natural way does snow happen at the temperatures we experienced here in Boise. In no natural way does the temperature drop below zero with 40 heat following in a matter of a few days. You could actually feel the air heating up on certain days in a strange rapid way. How is it that cities and towns at such incredibly different elevations are experienced the same storm ? I am in my mid 40's and lived here a total of 23 of those years, I feel I have experienced a good share of winter storms to refer to. The angel on my shoulder is loving how this bogus storm has brought our community and neighbors together, friendly and compassionate in a shared time of need. The devil on my shoulder is angry at the covert abuse of our planet/community/home at this time. Looking forward to your next update, and thanks to help us get a better visual of the transmitter in Arco !


  6. Danial Pham says:

    Keep up the good work sir.


    Thank you for spreading this information. Silence is the real killer in today's world.

  7. Wayne Koppa says:


    Biostitute – Rotavirus Vaccine Developer Dr Paul Offit Refuses Interview with “Get the fuck outta here” – and Lies About the Encounter. This is the same man who has claimed in published literature that each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time, that is, 10,000 vaccines simultaneously! (He is also quoted as having expanded the figure by an order of magnitude to 100,000.) Offit also just happens to hold a patent on a rotavirus vaccine (Rotateq) and has already pocketed over $10 million from it.

  8. Wayne Koppa says:–3q9PP3mA


    "Biostitutes" – murderers peddling chemical death and dismemberment. "30,000 home schooled children, no autism." "Robert F. Kennedy JR exposes the dangerous side effects from the vaccines that use preservative ( thimerosal) causing Autism and the fraud by the CDC. The vaccine industry and its CDC allies have continued to fund a series of deceptive and badly flawed studies designed to dispute the connection between vaccines and the epidemic of pediatric neurological disorders."

  9. Wayne Koppa says:


    Kennedy said the purpose would be 'to make sure we have scientific integrity in the vaccine process for efficacy and safety effects'. Both Trump and Kennedy have raised suspicions about vaccines despite their overwhelming support among scientists and physicians as a way to prevent the spread of deadly diseases that can infect infants and other children when the pool of protected people is diminished. The vaccine skeptic is the most prominent Democrat to accept an assignment from President-elect Trump.  Does this generate a little Trumphoria?

  10. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    The Weather Channel meteorologists are hyped up once again and are in multiple locations around the country, reporting live on the current weather conditions! One Winter Storm after another, as one storm has moved across the country from West to East, another storm forms and enters the West coast. The cold is expected to last for several days, followed by record High temperatures, but there is no moderation period. The Pineapple Express (atmospheric river) from Hawaii will come across the Pacific Ocean, into the West coast ,changing Drought to Deluge. These are a few of the phrases that TWC have been using.

  11. Big****Phil says:



    I have a question that is a little off topic, but I wanted to run this by you…

    During the summer and fall this last year there were a large number of fires, both wild and man caused. I kept hearing about how brutally hot the fires were burning and how difficult they were to fight. My question is, do you think that the chemicals that they are spraying adds an explosively dangerous accelerant to the dried out trees and foliage, causing the increased difficulty they are having while fighting these fires?

    Just wondering…A


  12. cj jacoby says:

    Hello Dane and all supporters of geoengineering watch,

    I wanted to comment on the cover ups by the EPA, USDA, FDA, CDC, and other govt. agencies that claim to oversee the health welfare of American citizens. I had a debate on FB with a person whose husband had worked with EPA and USDA, and it was clear during our discourse that she held a blind allegiance to those agencies, defending them without bothering to look at the evidence which is based on solid research. First, I posted on the fluoride toxicity, offering for her to research the facts on her own, but she summarily dismissed it in an arrogant and condescending manner. Then we moved onto the topic of GMO's and again she defended them, stating that even though her husband was not involved in that specific area at the USDA, GMO's were proven safe for humans and they have even provided larger crop yields to supply drought stricken countries with food. The wall of blindness was just not coming down, no matter how many independent studies I presented. The most interesting thing that came out of that debate was her removal of my posts and deletion of the entire conversation after I cited the studies which showed the link between GM food and cancer.  I do not see the majority of our culture ready to accept that they have been lied to, and the people that work for the agencies covering up the facts, as you say, should be held accountable.

  13. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, Exposing GeoEngineering Plight is exhausting to say the least, There is so much information to desiminate to folks that really know something is wrong they just can't put there finger on it… That's where I come in and pass out the information and the site address, there is so much even on this site to digest, it litterly takes hours, so I tell folks to take your time, take a little in at a time, try and have some humor or you won't sleep, you'll be so depress, I try to keep some positive and inspirational sayings close by, Like; "TALKING ABOUT OUR PROBLEMS IS OUR GREATEST ADDICTION; BREAK THE HABIT ONCE IN AWHILE AND TALK ABOUT WHAT MAKES YOU HAVE JOY IN YOUR LIFE". There so much information that I pass on to my children and grandchildren it can be overwhelming; keep them inspirited, keep them interested; sometimes I have a hard time sleeping worrying about these issues, but like I said, "keep it real,but keep it light; I know it's hard , but we must keep folks interested, and keep them from getting overwhelmed with negative thoughts, I pray and I try to send positive vibes collectively, It works. "Difficult Roads Sometimes Lead To Beautiful Destinations! Let's get there together. Again, it can be exhausting.

    Stay Positive!!! From Joe @ Philadelphia North. … LETS PUT THE WORD OUT, AND USE SOME HUMOR SO THEY STAY TUNED IN!!!  i KNOW IT'S DIFFICULT. AGAIN There's so much…

    • virginia says:

      Joe… gave me some great hints at what I'm doing wrong.  With some of my own family as well as strangers, I maybe get a score of one out of five.  Have to try your way…..thanks much.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Joe, Your message is a good reminder to keep our spirits lifted and remember to laugh, love our friends and families, and take in all the joy and beauty we can find in the things we love to do while on our collective journey of waking others up and trying to save what is left of our once beautiful and magnificent Earth. Each positive effort we make is important no matter how small, and will be known by our Creator. Thanks to Dane's inspiration to all of us, and to the great actions taken by the beautiful people who visit this site- we ARE making a difference in this fight!!  May we all be blessed in 2017.

  14. Sean says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thanks again for your efforts. In regards to the repeated attempts to rob the arctic of it's cool air mass in order to cool the lower part of North America, this almost seems so counterproductive to the geoengineers overall goal that I'm starting to question whether there is some piece of information we are missing.

    I understand the theory that this is to confuse people in large population centers as to the true state of the climate. But in this case all indications are that the arctic is now in such a critical state of excessive warmth that they are flirting with total disaster come summer this year.

    I spend a few hours a day nearly every day perusing sea ice graphs as well as reading postings on the sea ice forum at:

    The posters there for the most part are extremely well educated in the field of arctic sea ice and spend many hours studying the daily happenings in ice growth and weather in arctic. I feel that on average they are generally not prone to alarmism, but this current winter has been so ridiculously warm at high latitudes as to have even them extremely concerned about the current state of the ice pack and what this will mean this coming summer.

    I know that the geoengineers are prone to making rather poor decisions when it comes to long term consequences, but this just seems on the next level in terms of lack of foresight. I feel it would be far better to have record warmth in the mid latitudes during winter and focus their efforts on cooling the arctic, as a full melt out in the arctic will ensure it is almost impossible to hide the warming in any sense ever again, as the cold air mass in earths refrigerator will be completely depleted at that point. I have to believe they are aware of this fact.

    So this leads to the question: Is there more going on here than we know? I don't actually have any theories as to what piece of information we could be missing here, but I feel there must be something. Do you see what I'm saying?

    Thanks again.

    Disclaimer: I am not in any way encouraging the use of geoengineering, I am in fact dead set against it as others here are. I'm just stating that it would seem from an outside perspective that if they are doing this, they would be more likely to postpone the overall warming effect by using it to keep the cold air in the arctic, rather than stealing it to cool lower latitudes, which will quickly result in total global disaster as the arctic ice melts out in summer. So the situation here becomes completely puzzling.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, all your points are valid. About the “missing piece”, only this, the situation has now become so critical and impossible to hide that the power structure (and the climate engineers who serve them) have completely and fully abandoned any shred of sanity. Climate engineering must be exposed and halted, there is no other way forward. About those who post on the Arctic ice blogs, there form of blindness is all but incurable. “It is hard to add to a cup that is already full” as the proverb goes. The vast majority of people on such sites refuse to even mention the geoengineering elephant in the room.

  15. Al C says:

               Saturday in South Eastern New England we got slammed with over a foot of snow………….It took me 3 hours of clean up and there was a nice blue sky afterwards.

                    By mid afternoon, the aerosols seemed to just drift in,(no planes)…………This morning, the sky was nice and blue and around 10 am, I saw the first trail in front of the sun.

                   This time there were about 4 planes up there and right now we are in total white out…………….I'm getting awfully tired of this.

           Like other posters here have stated, when you point out the trails to people, they either give you "the look" or are called a conspiracy nut…………..but continue I shall.

    • Big***Phil says:

      Al C, we have seen the reactions of the unbelievers in a tough way. A very good friend of ours was basically forced out of our church when lived in Texas. One particular guy was viscious! Interestingly, he was a government employee who worked for th EPA… We left the church shortly after our friend was so horribly ridiculed and taunted until he left.

    • Bob says:

      Way to go al, i am up here in ct.

      I too am getting so sick of seeing the damn trails,  who in their right mind could see that and not care ! I just don't get it. I have seen many bright days turn to shit because some airforce pilot doesn't have the balls to stand up and land one of those planes and show us all what they re doing .no time oon this planet will be in an irreversible nosedive.  AND TO THINK WE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. 


  16. virginia says:

    To give us all an idea of what forces we are up against in our fight for a 'cleaner' planet, I recommend that you take a moment to read an article by activist, writer John Kaminski entitled "Accountability".   It is not lengthy but to the point from a writer not afraid to name names, countries and dirtbags that have us imprisoned by all of the evils going on in today's world.  The article appears on The Truthseeker web site.  John Kaminski, "Accountability."  Thank you.

  17. Teri says:

    more dead sea life in canada…look the other way peasant…nothing to see here…''its natural…its normal'' because we, the masters, say it is. why anyone gives these so-called scientists and the people who pay them any bit of time and attention is beyond me. push them aside and figure it out for ourselves…tell them to go home, their FIRED….wouldn't that be nice in a sane world? to be able to fire the lot of them and say ''you had your chance to tell the truth..'' you are not doing what your hired to do so get lost…we have no more use for you…we are closing your doors and putting the money we spent on your office into solving the problem and protecting the planet…fire all the alphabet soup agencies in Canada and the usa. use the money to fix the problem and repair the damage. !! it would be a start in the right direction but would anyone back that idea? hahaha…no way!! too busy looking at the brain in the hand…the iPhone.  most are not capable of using their own brains. they let their box think for them. a mobile brain in a box. and people never take their hand off it and never look away from it like so many hypnotized drones. 

    i am sure this event will be classified as NORMAL….natural…nothing to see here slave…move along..

    yet another day on the prison planet that is earth…the entire earth is in chains. and no one wants to see it or believe it. 

  18. Dan says:

    Dear Dane,

    Thanks so much for the work you do. I saw some of your videos back a few years ago, and began to closely follow geo-engineering watch last year. I most certainly agree that 9/11 was the catalyst to unleash, in full, the worldwide national security state military insanity, and planetary ecocide. However, I would add that the murder of JFK was the crucial point for the newly emerged national security state. I found this vid last week on you-tube

    "JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Mans Trick"

    This is one of the best documentaries covering the last 100 years I`ve ever seen online. Incredible that it has only 2500 views. It`s 3 1/2 hours, but I heartily recommend it. The truth would seem to be that "we the people" of the planet, haven`t had "government" for long time, if ever, but that it is instead a brutal gangster cabal with incredible wealth infused into the government, and the media. It deals mostly with JFK`s murder, but it is so important in understanding how the machine that threatens life on Earth came about, and how completely insane and brutal this machine is. And how it sends a message to anybody who caming into politics thereafter with aspirations for high office about who is really in charge.

    I bring it up to further show what we`re up against. I think it`s relevant to show what exactly this evil is that has led us to this point. 

    Dan in NH

  19. horsegirl says:

    Down thread I mentioned our foray westbound on I-10 through southern AZ for about 80 miles.  What stood out was how changed the traffic pattern was since seeing it late summer last year.  We had to have passed 1,000 trucks headed eastward at a minimum, over half painted white.  Last fall it was just the opposite, most traffic headed westward.  Did they unload?  Also the trains are stacked two high with Asian container cars, all eastbound too.  A new name, Yang Ming on the containers.  What could be aboard them?  Enough container space to move out everything in New York City had to pass us during that hour, far exceeding what we usually saw.  Extremely little passenger traffic, almost none.  Occurs to us that all this filth being dumped on us must be coming either by rail or truck to aircraft mustering locations.  It's probably not coming by air with such tonnage.

  20. Alex in Yosemite says:

    Hello Dane,

    I have recently celebrated 73 trips around the Sun and I am still very embarrassed to be identified with the  insane actions of the human race. What a waste of protoplasm.

  21. Andrew from scotland says:

    Alaska skies:

    Christine, were you wearing polarised glasses – they really show cloud colours.  If so, was the other person wearing glasses as well?

    • Blue Sue says:

      Wow! What an incredibly colored cloud!  I live here in Alaska, and have yet to see a cloud that irridescent, but I have seen a few that were similar — sort of like sun-dogs as they call them up here. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos Andrew — disturbing as they are. 

  22. Christine says:

    Thank You all for sharing so many different extremely important facts, experiences, observations.. I also hear the strange 'booming' noises here in west coast  (Pacifica, CA), in particular in the night and early morning hours..The fact of hearing that 'knocking' drives me crazy alone when thinking who gives themselves the right to 'drive' the human brain like that!  I'm afraid that the extremely knowledgeable power structure (Rockefellers, Gates and Co) is doing something intentional with that, not only building some tunnels or running HAARP. What disturbs me extremely is the close connection between GMO's and human inhibiting neurotransmitter, playing essential part in all our reactions. The Half Moon Bay area has indeed an extreme dose of wi-fi radiation, in fact so much, that specific frequencies of some radio stations simply get 'erased' in the noise. Todays super storm ended up with 13,000 people without power, all in Half Moon Bay..   

    The best protection against radiation, in addition to all what Susan already mentioned, is IODINE. 

    • Dennie says:

      Helen Caldicott, M.D. points out that different kinds of radioactive substances have effects on different parts of the body.  For example,

      * Cesium 137 (mid-level gamma radiation), a potassium mimicker, goes to endocrine and heart tissues, pancreas, kidneys and intestines:;

      * Strontium 90 (Beta radiation), a calcium mimicker, goes to the teeth, bones, and soft tissues around the bones (; and

      * Plutonium goes just about everywhere.  The .pdf for Toxicological Profile of this radioactive substance is 320 pages long:

      There is also Americium-241, Cobalt-60, radioactive Iodine-131, Iridium-192 and Polonium-210

      The MONSTROUS IDIOTS who thought up splitting the atom to boil water NEVER HAD IN MIND how to find an antidote to their Pandora's Box of Poisonous Potions. 

      PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE MAKING MESSES THAT CAN'T BE CLEANED UP– what kind of MOTHERS did these monsters have that they would breed with their psychopathic FATHERS?

  23. Joe Ceonnia says:

    The Philippines Leaders want the USA out of their countries along and among other Nations, who would want a country like the USA that has the CIA dis-stabilizing their entire country, with diseases and weather warfare, digitalizing the entire country, Don't worry Dane, NO ONE BELIEVES A WORD the Mainstream Media, I just saw a Stanford and other Main Universities that have taken survey's – say buy their own words, false & Fake news from the Mainstream Media is now at a all time high, and these re-tweets are fake as well, these are all made up accounts to make it seem like these stories are being read, which they are not. New York Times & The Washington Post are writting for themselves, no-one believes, and they're stories are being forwarded, but there not. The percentage of people that believe, is less then 9% which means 91% don't believe a word of the mainstream media, and what their saying. Which to me is amazing…

    Their problem is everyone born after 1955 nows something about the networks and how they work, and anyone after 1060's really knows how the internet works, and then the percentages go up exponentially after that date… So, they (THE PEOPLE) know that there is absolutely no way to hack an old machine that can't be connected to the internet, in fact everyone in my circles said this story is so ridiculous that it's not worth even reading about Russian hacking. Again, you can't hack anything that's not connected so, I think there going in a different direction..By the way, we America are losing it's power around the world, not with the elite, but with the people in and of  the world, those countries don't trust America, they are sick of policies from the EU and also, from the USA, people want their National Welfare Back in their own hands, and I mean Everyone. So as these stories come up, they're being disposed as their being exposed !! the Ethic Debacle has been put on the shelves for now, but like all sneaky laws that are deceptive in their nature never go away completely, they're reintroduced and packaged in a different way, Just Like "The Patriot Act" Wow that sounds so wonderful for America & Americans, how far from the truth that is!!! These Ethic Committees must be there to keep them from a run-away-government without accountabilities. Which we are very close too, I just hope beyond hope that TRUMP is the man for the people and America that he says he is. We must stop the madness!! We just got to get started immediately, and I hope Trump will get this done!!

  24. Dennie says:

    More Government Deception, as chronicled in the 1975 Church Committee hearings, here is the testimony of William Colby, director of the C.I.A.: 

  25. Mario says:

    After watching the California storm on radar ALL weekend, and seeing multiple transmission points . . . I see and understand more.  I now know some of the flash points to look at: Ferndale, Oroville, Lompoc, Camano Island, WA, Spokane, WA, etc, etc, the list is quite extensive.  I still have questions on the specifics of the transmitters — how the whole phased array works, but it wasn't hard to find the points on the map. 

    One flash point that seemed of particular interest to me was Virginia Peak, NV.  There was a perfectly circular, and very severe (orange, red) pocket of moisture that stayed in place for quite sometime.  "Beams" for lack of a better term of energy were also emanating from this location.

    Maybe Dane could help here, but I did observe some kind of radar anomaly on the southern part of Mt. Shasta.  I couldn't tell if it was pointed at Mt. Shasta, or emanating from it.  Anybody know of any weather modification apparatus on Mt. Shasta?

    Thank you everyone in the government weather modification programs for that wonderful ringing in my ears.  And nice job on the storm, too!  Do you guys get bonuses for piling up a certain amount of snow or rain in a given location???  Or is knowing that you are killing everything around you enough satisfaction?  Your over paid and over dressed minions on the local news are basking in the glow of your creation.  No more detailed doppler . . . just fuzzy, dummy radar.  Why didn't the snow stick?  Severe run-off from Tahoe already???  This storm was a massive, toxic, creation.  Dave Bender on Sacramento CBS 13 called what's coming on Tuesday, an "Event".

    • Mario says:

      BTW, its almost 60 degrees at 11pm in California with calls for snow at 6,000ft? 

    • Chad says:

      Wherever you see those towers Mario, are little transmitters. The bigger microwave facilities are a little more hidden. But they are everywhere. Now in Idaho the night is lit up above the thin cloud layers where they are heating things up!!! Went from teens to 40s and going back to teens and minus degrees all in 3 day period!!! God bless us all. Amen.

  26. Irene Parousis says:

     Yes, Dane, looking in the mirror and seeing past our superficial features is the most important step to our awakening.  We can't expect a change in the world until we make a conscious decision to change ourselves.  It's easier to stay in our comfort zones, but we came here to continue evolving and that will happen with or without our consent. 

  27. chipsamigo says:

    It is hard not to hate the slaves as much as their masters.  The woman who would not see the evidence in the sky  is what Paul Craig Roberts calls the "insouciant".  The unconcerned. cannot be bothered by the facts.  There are so many jobs that depend on willing insouciance.  This is the bankers country and all the jobs are for dupes who wont think.  They pay their benefactor bankers by keeping tabs on malcontents and critics.  I am[at least right now] a living breathing individual who has always from childhood  chosen not to conform.  I was bright  good looking and athletic so I was given the space to develop but always kept hidden my fear and loathing of my fellow "men".  In grade six I chanced on an essay by Emerson where he uses the famous bromide, whoso shall be a man…I got it and read extensively in philosophy to where I was openly critical of all religion.  I even considered atheism but decided no one can prove Gods' nonexistence.  Yet I knew[and still do now] that IT is.  I thought i was freaking Socrates and had  few true friends.  Religion  IS the opiate of the masses.  They would believe anything but what is true.  Which is why i never vote.  Anyway I was glad to see Trump destroy both right wings of the oligarch party, and, the minionmedia prostitutes who kept them in power this long.  The "little fish" of media will soon be breaking ranks, {many already have]  Pray for the Donald..

    • Dennie says:

      Did Trump actually destroy them, or did he simply expose them, like pushing one domino… ??? Because that is what I see.  Those groups were so far out on a limb they had not far to go before falling anyway.

  28. Jason from V.I BC says:

    Sunday on V.I temp around 5* and snowing,cause that's natural!!! Is the freezing point not zero! What's it going to take for people to wake up and see the signs all around them that our earth is in deep trouble.

    • matt sarlo says:

      I keep talking facts to people, a few do listen but most just indulge me out of courtesy but obviously do not want to even try to see if  what I say is true. The other problem is I am a working class stiff like almost all the people I talk to and even the ones that do listen and care are working two or more jobs and we are all struggling just to provide the bare neccessities for our families. I am disabled and only work part time so I have some time to devote to this issue. However my wife and I are raising three of our grandchildren because of another scourge in our world-meth amphetamine. This cuts back on the time I would like to devote, but after almost two years with no progress on our daughters part we are about to get permanent custody. I thank everyone who tries to educate people on the evil of geo engineering. 

    • Chad says:

      32 degrees farenheit 0 Centigrade or Celsius!!! Period… laws of physics in this WORLD!!!!!

  29. Lee Eyerman says:

    It's been zero wind chill here in he Oho Valley for 4 straight days.Basically sunny but frigid.No chemtrails for that period of time.This is winter we grew up with especially in early January.Forecast calls for rain and days of 60 degrees so I guess the spraying is about to begin.Remember winter is supposed to be cold and it was nice not to be coughing or aching n all my joints even though it was cold.Something could be ending money wise with the spraying.Instead of years of 100%spraying we seem to be only getting sprayed half the time.The next attempt to continue the funding of spraying will be a bogus carbon tax which Canada is implementing us .This is a tax for our own demise.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lee, glad you have experienced a slowdown in the aerosol operations where you are, but I would not count on that continuing to be the case. Countless other regions are being pounded with extremely heavy spraying/ice nucleation. About carbon taxes, they are a scam (as you correcty stated). We must remember that so far the central bankers can print as much funding as they choose for anything that they wish to carry out. 

    • Cleercreek says:

      Lee, In the Ohio Valley the last four days the planes were Spraying everyday. Short trails, Silver Sky. Last night the Trails started again and rain for Tuesday. Southwest Ohio like the rest of the country is in big Trouble! No Slowdown here for Months…….




  30. Rosalie says:

    If they don't have the money (from taxpayers) to fund these evil programs, this could all come to an end.  If another technology was available to replace cell phones, (back to landline phones?) we would have no need for cell towers and all those super powered mind-altering towers masquerading as cell towers that add all the frequencies that work with the chemicals sprays to change the weather and everything else. The weather modification programs would fail.  How do we get there from here?

  31. D Hawkins says:

    Thanks so much again Dane from the UK!
    Fantastic broadcast again!
    Thank you !

  32. Eileen says:

    I, too, am skeptical of Trump, even though I voted for him. I am willing to play wait-and-see to see what he really does. So far, his knowledge of the issues has surprised me.

  33. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Dane, I am eagerly awaiting the chance to view and pass on all the videos available at Orchard Nutrition which is in Redding.

  34. Drake says:

    Lichen, moss, algae, fungus ALL exploding. Lichen beginning to suck the life out of many trees. God will suck the life out of the SCUM responsible, much sooner than they comprehend.

  35. Mario says:

    1-8-17 10am — Portland transmitter going off like gangbusters.

    • Mario says:

      1-8-7 1:30 on PST: looks like heavy transmitter activity on Camano, Island, WA, just west of Stanwood.  

  36. virginia says:

    Dear Friends:   Posting accurate and factual posts is important, not only on this forum, but in our discussions with others re geo engineering and climate and environmental destruction in general.  That is what makes this web site so unique….we write what we experience, what we actually see and what has been historically, scientifically or politically accurate.  In this vein, I'd like to refer to a post made here on Jan. 4, 2017, which stated, inaccurately as it turns out, that the Vatican has a large telescope and it is named Lucifer.  That was all.  The implication was clear. At first read, I thought the telescope was at the Vatican and under Vatican supervision. And I wondered.   However, it turns out that this large telescope is located on Mt. Graham in the southeastern part of Arizona and is owned and operated by the University of Arizona.  Right next to it is the Vatican-owned Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) that is used to explore space for alien life.  Lucifer is an acronym for the Univ. of Arizona's lengthy name for its telescope. (See Wikipedia).  Stating false facts, whether unintentionally or not helps no one and lessens the credibility of this site.

    Gail Yellowhead might want to review her sources.  Thanks.

    • virginia says:

      PS.  I have no affiliation with the Catholic Church or any other religious organization.  I do have an affinity for truth in reporting. Thank you.

    • Dennie says:

      And here's some more truth, as seen in the Church Committee congressional testimony, re a "heart attack gun," William Colby, former director of the C.I.A. responding to Sen. Mondale's questions:  This is actual footage of Congressional testimony. The American people were so horrified by the findings of the Church Committee and the rabbit hole down which it led that they insisted the hearings be stopped, which is testimony in and of itself with regard to the soft, chicken-hearted inability to deal with reality aspect of the Uhmerukun "character," in general. 

  37. Ed Bee says:

    Most people now just check weather forecasts on their smartphones. Every single story and photo on mine this morning was about horrific snowstorms, shoveling out from record snowfall, and dangerous road conditions. I cannot blame anyone for thinking the world is getting colder, since that is all the mainstream media covers. I also heard a piece about Europe entering a new ice age. It's hard to convince anyone to look beyond the headlines. Our task seems daunting if not impossible, especially experiencing day after day of subzero temperatures. 

  38. Charlotte Collins says:

    Just an open invitation to those of you who are movie producers, actors, funding specialists, and those in any way connected to producing the "Snowden" movie…How about a timely movie about the state of our planet and the black geoengineering warfare going on as we speak? Yes, I know… risky business about now… is it any less risk to everyone's life right now? Suggested movie title: "No Hidden Agenda"- biggest box office return on investment … if you ask me. ROI- if you produce the truth- plenty of footage\ documentary facts available worldwide and right here! Northern Canada here… mask on. God bless Truth Speakers~

    • Gina Wilkins says:

      Absolutely a great idea and the money from the movie could go towards a team of great lawyers to stop this geoengineering and help Dane in his work! 

    • Charlotte Collins says:

      Totally 100% agree Gina! Somebody out there  viewing this  already has the production team and clout, they just need the millions of us viewing Dane's site  as their backup…but it needs to be the TRUTH, no smoke and mirrors as per what's going on right now.  "NO weapon formed against (us) can prosper" Isaiah 54: 17

  39. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Reporting from Philadelphia North. I guess we should be thankful because the SNOW that came down wasn't that Heavy wet snow, & today it's real feel temps (another new expression) -2 degrees which is alot colder then normal, but what is normal? Honestly I'm not sure?? The sun is out and they're attacking it.. Which I'm not sure why it's not warm so there's no reason to block the Sun so they're just going to attack the Sun as if it is too warm which it definitely is not I have no clue why they do what they do none of it makes any sense I'm just disgusted

  40. MS P says:

    Great report Dane, Thank You for telling it like it really is. Planet earth is in big trouble, more than we know! (Stating the obvious of course) On the topic of Radiation & Fukushima. 

    The extremely high  radiation readings going across the USA, never makes the news! Well that's no surprise now. Is it?

    Since the  Fukushima Disaster, I have been tracking the Radiation levels. Since  2011.  The west coast used to be in the single digits. A 09 CPM reading was high.  Now 30-40 CPM  is the new  west coast norm. I've seen So CA near Santa Barbara spike into the upper 50's. Same story for the San Diego area. Then I have  watched these  extra high numbers, drift into AZ In real time tracking. .You can watch the radiation clouds drift across the USA live. Just pay attention to where the jet stream is. Wind directions too. Then just add it up. I also  now see that the CPM  readings in Japan, Hawaii, and Alaska have disappeared from this site.  

    This is a live independent  site.  The various types of radiation detectors, are in people's homes. This site  updates the readings every minute.

    Oregon coast had a Fukushima Radiation cloud reading 800 CPM. This is even worse…. "Update: 12/14/14, 8:06 A.M. – Record breaking Radiation detection in Texas Panhandle! On the late afternoon of December 4th, a long time running station located in Borger, Texas, northeast of Amarillo, set off our Alert system, recording readings as high as 25,000 CPM!!! "

    In the last blog here, I reported while watching this  live Radiation Alert live. The Pilgrim 2 Monitoring Station in Massachusetts I watched  it spike to 116 CPM. This continued for 3 days. Into CPM readings that were much higher, than I had witnessed live. I thought 116 CPM was high. When alerts happen, 100 CPM or higher, the site gets a red ring to mark it. The device is then investigated, to see if the reading is false, or a glitch. The message part of this site, covers such incidents. 

    Radiation Alert info► "Update: 01/07/17 – Pilgrim Alerts The Pilgrim 2 Monitoring Station in Massachusetts has been detecting elevated radiation levels, first during a two day period late last month, and then more recently, over the last 3 days: For context, that station is located in Massachusetts, on the west coast of Cape Cod Bay, and about 15 miles SSE of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant.  The station operates an ultra-sensitive, pancake tubed PRM-9000 Geiger counter with a normal baseline of about 35 CPM.  The detector is logistically situated on a window sill in the second bedroom of a house.  You can see that readings during the periods in question reached as high as 150 to 200 CPM, well above the Alert level." More►

    • virginia says:

      Hi, MSP:  Good radiation information and thank you for posting.  I, too, have been following the radiation levels and especially over US cities.  The source from which I get my info is Larry Nichols, out of San Francisco, who reports every other week on VeteransToday.  His radiation counts per minute are indicating that some cities are over 259 times the 'accepted level' of 20cpm.  (5 to 20 listed as 'acceptable cpm). 
      West Coast cities hit hardest first, but now the entire continent has readings, as you indicate, far, far above accepted levels.  San Diego, Riverside, L.A., Fresno have readings of over 1000 cpm.  Colorado Springs has been at the top of late.  I'm not very knowledgeable about the various discrepancies in readings from your source and Larry Nichols, but the cities you mentioned match up has being highly affected by the radiation  from Fukushima.  This is really a cover-up by our government and that of Japan, whose people have been showing signs of radiation sickness for years, especially the little children.  And, there is not a thing anyone can do about it.  Not now and not for years to come.  Utter madness. Thank you again for this important information.

  41.  Who is the peers or piers watchdog group. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Thomas, about your question on PEER, “Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility”

  42. kathleen says:

    For the record: is NOT FAKE NEWS!!!! Anyone with eyes to see the skies or read the articles and citations, or ears to hear the low-flying planes in all directions at night (I'm not in any commercial flight paths) that are everywhere many nights lately, or listen to Dane's broadcasts, or brains to connect the dots knows this is not true (but perhaps the Truman Show redux?)…not to mention the countless dead trees, diminished, deformed, beached species, accumulation of particulates in groundwater and soil (validated by reputable scientists), and any number of other signs including people, pets and other breathing creatures feeling sicker than usual or downright dropping dead with or without drastic heat waves alongside snow next door (Dane has documented many of these instances.)

    However, since this lifesaving, informative site DID make it to one of those "fake news" lists, I take it we must be pissing somebody off, big time. Good! But there are fewer of them than us, and we must keep spreading the word. It's overly ironic that if we can breach that tipping point by informing the masses, we'll also be saving the greedy, power-hungry, brain-dead "followers" too. But they'll die along with us if we don't. Checkmate. Listen up, cabal: you are forewarned. And we are serious as the heart attacks you'll endure when you discover, too late, the folly of your ways. If not, it's curtains. Period. Your DUMBs won't save you, either.

    Until then, and on a more positive note, another potentially helpful and free series coming up Jan 19-25 — They are NOT selling vitamins or supplements but will explain the role of vitamins in our health, and probably answer most any question you ever had about them. Here are four reasons why you need to check it out:

    1. Given the depletion of minerals in our soil (not to mention poisons from the air and water, GMO intrusion, and chemicals drifting from nearby areas, etc.), most plants can't manufacture the nutrients in the density needed for maximum health, so supplements are needed and can often stave off or remediate certain ailments (cold, flu, and MUCH more).

    2. Given the increasing aerosol assault on our skies and blanketing of the healing powers of the sun, we are often lacking in Vitamin D-3.

    3. For those of us who decline consumption of animals, B-12 is a common deficiency.

    4. Most all of us are deficient in Magnesium.

    I've learned much from many of the scheduled speakers over the years, and you will, too. Look at the topics being addressed and you'll surely find several of interest. Take notes, explore the speakers' sites (where they well may be selling something you don't need to buy! but may also have useful, free info), and use this educational opportunity to help upgrade your brain and maintain your health as we fight the battle against extinction. 

    Do not succumb to despair if the series is like "info overload" should this be new to you. I've been studying/researching (as a "practicing hobby") for decades and the science sometimes advances (albeit infrequently shared), but the basics do not: our bodies are designed to be self-healing when provided with healthy foods and deprived of junk. Yes, we all age, and experience wounds and bruises, but life's last years, ideally, should be relatively free of aches and pains if we've treated our body optimally starting from birth, or even just starting TODAY! 

    If you're new to a healthy eating plan, two things you can do in tiny increments will make big changes in a short time:

    1. Add more leafy greens and colorful veggies, particularly if they grow in your region.

    2. Cut down on something you know is bad, like sodas, fried or processed foods.

    Whether or not you think that TPTB are out to decimate and debilitate us or worse, it's up to us to make choices that hinder those possibilities. Buying organic healthy choices from the grocery store or farmers' market is a relatively safe but stealthy activity 😉 Others include growing root/tuber/bulb crops with edible top greens (beets, turnips, garlic, etc.), and local herbs (which are often extremely expensive to buy in stores). Consider that knowledge might be our best resource.

    Be well, dear friends. Find some joy, each day, if for no other reason than that YOU, yes YOU reading this, are probably the best reason that "humanity" still has some redeeming qualities! Living in "interesting times" requires INTERESTED people. That means YOU! Wake up your minds, every day, every way. And NEVER GIVE UP! As Dane has so gently yet often reinforced, (paraphrasing), if we are here for a reason, let that be for the good of us all. Share and care, but first, learn to be kind to yourself so as to teach kindness to others by your example, being healthy so you can lead others alongside Dane and all of us in this critical moment of our lives. Namaste.

    • Dennie says:

      It's not only certain vitamin deficiencies but mineral deficiencies that people need to be aware of with regard to their own intake.  With the continually geoengineered skies we have a chronic lack of sunlight, which our bodies need to make sufficient amounts of vitamin D, necessary for proper immunological functions (warding off cancer and other things).  Adults need a MDA of 4,700 mg. of potassium– that's a lot of orange juice, potatoes, avocado and spinach.  Idiot "doctors" are always yammering on and on and on about "too much" sodium in the diet as The Cause of high blood pressure, never bothering to look at the role that a lack of dietary potassium plays (K keeps your blood vessels elastic) and ignoring the fact that when you cut down/cut out NaCl, very often your digestion doesn't work because you can't manufacture the hydrochloric acid your stomach needs to digest your food!  Over-educated medical idiots know TWO THINGS and that makes them "experts."  UGH.

    • kathleen says:

      Absolutely correct, Dennie! My error of omission, and I thank you for pointing that out. In fact, given the sheer number of minerals, they may in some cases be more important than vitamins, but surely of equal importance. Currently, I use ConcenTrace which I add to my lemon water, green drinks, sauces and soups; do you have another recommendation? Thanks again 🙂

  43. Nick says:

    I know about the ionosphere heater at HAARP in Gakona, Alaska. The Sea Based X-Band mobile radar system should also raise eyebrows to anyone who has taken the time to look at that monostrosity!  I've read the article about steering Hurricane Sandy which was very informative. Anyway, abnormal weather here in Indiana…temperatures way below average. It's been at or near 0 degrees the past several days with abnormal very lightweight non-packing snow. It should be at least 30 degrees here this time of year. I should have this snow tested for chemically nucleated man-made snow. We'll see if my honeybees can survive this more than likely man-made cool down by steering the jet stream and chemically nucleated snow. I'm looking at having my honeybees tested for any abnormal levels of toxic heavy metal exposure which can then be traced back to patents related to Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering. Thanks for all your work Dane. We appreciate all the time you sacrifice in this unpleasant circumstance.

  44. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Dane, If it's possible, try to have an interview with Vandana Shiva. This Lady is an expert in many different fields, as you know, and a great opponent to the gmos ( shiiit ). Bringing her to the geoengineering fight would be a great way of reinforcing the community that is trying hard to expose the MADNESS.

    I think that was a "military" of the US that said this, and if I'm not mistaken he has great responsability with what will happen in this next "government" of the US ;

    …"Be polite, be professional but have a plan to kill everyone you meet"…

    general "mad dog" james mattis.

    No comment.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Pedro, yes, Vandana SHiva is an exceptional human being. I will hope to connect with here one day soon.

  45. Alex in Yosemite says:

    Hello Dane,

    I have just celebrated 73 trips around the Sun, and I am beside myself  trying to believe the insanity of humans on this beautiful planet.  I have taken many pics of the Chemtraiils over the Sierra Nevada Mts.and the Central Valley (where billions of crops are grown for national and international customers), my intuition along with common sense tells me that these toxic nano particles are part of a massive world wide SATONIC sceme for control and extinction US.

    I pray for the best and I believe in my heart that you can only fool around with Nature so much.



  46. Mike looking up says:

    2017  LAKE MICHIGAN  ICE BALLS RETURN….. WJR Radio brought it up a day or two ago.

  47. Tim says:

    They chemtrailed Colorado something awful today even though temps are cold as hell. I don't get it. It is making my whole family sick. My wife cannot stop coughing and I feel like I have a bad flu. I feel we are screwed. I have seen enough evidence to believe we will be the last humans on Earth. There is no stopping the meltdown. The methane will create massive feedback loops which will cause a rise in global temps which will wipe out habitat and our ability to live. Sorry, but I feel we are doomed. I have researched this for so many days and I don't feel there is an answer. What do you do to stop this runaway meltdown? Dane?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, yes, the odds are against us, but there is yet one massive variable that would fall in our favor if we can accomplish the task, we must fully expose the climate enigneering assault. If we can do this, it will galvanize and unite populations around the globe in this common and most critical cause. If we can expose the poisoning and microwaving of our skies to the masses, there will be a paradigm shift. We simply need to put a single breach in the damn of the power structure, thats all. This is not to say that our troubles are over once we do, rather, our challenges are only begining. Anthropogenic activity has all but decimated our biosphere. All this being said, life is unimagibably tenatious, the planet will try to respond to the damage done if we can free her from the weather/climate warfare insanity, we will then have to deal with many other sources of damage to our environment. So long as we have a chance, we must forge forward into the gathering storm. 

    • Dennie says:

      More people ARE becoming aware of The Geoengineering Nightmare.  Many CAN and DO see the jets spewing their poison but have no idea what or why this is.  As Confucious said, "A fool wonders, a wise man questions." 

      People are soooo addled about where even to GO to find information about this most heinous WMD, and I send them here.  I say the name of the website THREE TIMES.  They repeat it back to me (I'm a music teacher, I know about repetition and it's a necessary part of learning.  This is how you learn when learning via auditory/kinetic modalities, as we all should be using these, not just the "usual" visual-visual-visual learning as is the only way in all the public schools, an overly-Yang-dominated learning environment set up to operate like an Industrial process– UGHHH!)  But I'm careful not to spew the information to people who I'm sure would not be open to hearing about it.  That includes the "Joe Six-Pack" types who just want to Make Uhmerukuh "GREAT," again…for Joy….

    • Auspicious Bunny says:

      My parents live in Colorado and my father has developed asthma and chronic bronchial and lung problems later in life. I have to wonder if these substances are not contributing to his health problems.

    • Big***Phil says:

      Hi Tim… We have been getting sick too. The back of out throats burn like crazy. My wife and I both have a tinny, metalic taste in our mouths. Our eyes are burning…all of this while it's snowing and cold. Our high was -7 with a low of -30 yesterday. Our high today is supposed to reach 34. That's a 64 degree temperature change! They are forcasting rain for tomorrow!

      We have been inundated with chemtrails. We are certain that they are chemtrailing above the clouds too.

      We are in southwest Wyoming.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Hi Tim & Big Phil — We are truly in a fight for our lives. While these periods when we are sick will make us lose courage, instead we must, all of us, fight every single day for our health – and that amounts to nutritional supplements and clean food & water. I am now 71 and understand the depression that illness can bring on, but I encourage you to resist it, and instead fight back by giving your immune system what it needs to detox from the chemical onslaught of aluminum, barium, strontium, and nanoparticles with fungi and who knows what else. There are things you can do, be vigilant, don't let them win. Fight! I personally recommend chlorella (not from China), vegetal Silica (for aluminum detox), Synertek Colostrum (boosts the immune system & I like the serum), Hemp oil, big doses of Vit.C, organic food (as possible), clean water (no flouride, chlorine, etc.), no sugar whatsoever (sugar is a poison), and no alcohol (which is mostly sugar & chemical preservatives). Leave depression behind. Focus on keeping healthy. Don't get mad, get even! Here is Dane's article on how to stay healthy.

      Climate Engineering Contamination, Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t  / July 13, 2016

  48. Mario says:

    California storm update 1-7-17: Transmitter going off north of Sacrmento near Oroville . . . Hard to tell if this is Beal AFB or another transmitter in between Oroville and Chico.  Whatever it is has been transmitting in a direct line right at Lake Tahoe throughout this "storm system".  There is another transmitter somewhere south of San Jose, looks like in the Salinas area, or somewhere near it, that is sending energy at directly the same point, Tahoe / Carson City.  These two beams cross paths in a perpendicular right over Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

    Went outside and shined a flashlight up into the rain, and there little flakes of something floating down.  They weren't rain drops, they were falling at a slower speed.


    • Mario says:

      Radar also shows heavy transmitter activity in Spokane, Missoula, Great Falls, and Billings
      .1-7-17 9:55pm PST

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Thanks for the updates on the phased array transmitters.  There is a NEXRAD in the area south of San Jose.  As you know the total power output is 748,000 watts, each facility.  A straight beam, or pie shape will impact the regional weather.  As the front moves east, it's already being handed off to the nearest NEXRAD, without a pause, because the reach (radius) overlap one another, in some regions there are triple overlaps.  Here in my locale it's a white knuckle "flight."  Howling winds, raindrops the size of eggs, and so much runoff that those in low areas are likely to be flooded.  The forecast is rain and some snow for the next five days.  It's crazy.  


    • MS P says:

      I'm glad you have mentioned this.

      I too have seen the rain as you have mentioned by shinning a flashlight. These particles can move/drift  sideways.  More lite,  like snow falling, instead of rain. It does not snow where I live.  

    • gotta go says:



      The flurries of nano particles are falling on us 24/7 for many tears now I found the best way for observation is to purchase a laser light. It's absolutely sickening.

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Mario:  The Generals want snow, the better to take The Grandkids skiing, of course!

  49. Eva says:

    From Citizens for Health, a free and online 9-part docu-series:

    Vaccines Revealed – Starts January 10, 2017

    P.S.  Having trouble posting this comment….. Keep getting "Internal Server Error."

  50. Susan Ferguson says:

    EPICTETUS (AD 50-135), the Greek-speaking Stoic philosopher, who was born a slave in Turkey, lived in Rome until his banishment, and taught that philosophy is a way of life and not mere theoretical discipline.  
    Caution on familiarity with the crowd: He who frequently mingles with others, either in conversation or at entertainments, or in any familiar way of living, must necessarily either become like his companions, or bring them over to his own way. For if a dead coal be applied to a live one, either the first will quench the last, or the last kindle the first. Since then the danger is so great, caution must be used in entering into these familiarities with the crowd … It is for this reason that the philosophers advise us to leave our country; because habitual practices draw the mind aside, and prevent the formation of new habits. … Can I say to the inevitable that it is nothing to me? If this be not yet your case, fly from your former habits: fly from the crowd if you would ever begin to be anything.

  51. Big****Phil says:

    We live in southwest Wyoming. We are just at 6500' in elevation. Our weather has been all over the place the past few months. First, we had above normal temps and precipitation. Then it got bone dry. Now we have had -20 to -30 degree temps for days. Normally, we get cold but it doesn't hang in here so long. They chemtrail us, especially at night! Sometimes we can barely breath. Then there's the "brain-fog…" for a lack of a better term. It literally feels like we're in the middle of a strange dream or something. DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL LIKE THIS? 

    Another thing that has been happening around here is that we can actually feel a strange vibration in the ground. It's especially noticeable at night when we are in bed…though sometimes it is quite strong at other times too.

    Things just feel haywire!

    Are we going nuts???

    • Mario says:

      Big Phil: You're not nuts.  I feel it too.  A lot of people feel it. 

    • David says:

      I have a sensitive inner ear and this ground vibration has me gripped in an adrenaline paralysis for 2 weeks now. Vibrations are clear and easily discernible, never felt anything like it prior to last year.

    • Eric says:

      It's happening here to.  Eric from Lansing Mich.  

    • Nemo says:

      Same here in West PA.  Sad, people here only care about "Stillers"


    • BaneB says:

      Big****Phil:  yes, you may well be going insane.  That might be part of the intent, to drive us nuts.  I know I have had my ups and drowns with these observations coming into Geoengineering-consciousness, the first epiphany the shock of watching jets position in front of incoming lows and spray large morphing looping trails.  Once you "get it," there is no going back.  Of course you are not going nuts, but observing the handiwork of psychopaths in high places.  They are nuts!  Hang in there.

    • Jewell Lotus says:

      Things like you mentioned is prevalent here in southern Colorado too, the more the climate is messed with the more "nuts" we are all going to become. The erratic winter climate will not drive me out of this high elevation climate where I live as fast as last summer: day after day of low to mid 90's at 8500 ft, never seen before here as that persistent, very high ultraviolet readings to the point where being in direct sun felt very toxic and very little relief from that scorching heat and radiation until August when it was too late. One more summer and like that and I will pack up and move to  higher elevation rain forest in Hawaii where one can at least have cool rain and maybe less aluminum poisoning. Dana is "urgency" correct, our planet is rapidly being destroyed!


    • Philip F Stone says:

      If it is quiet enough (very hard these days), and after your have become 'hearing adapted' (same as with eyesight), you can notice this constant noise, almost a rumble, and you can not identify the source.  I think this is the same as what you are hearing.  I heard it some nights this summer when I was camping outside.  I have to wonder if this is the result of our technological society—a noise that penetrates the Earth and resonates throughout the Globe.


      And the brain fog.  Did we even have a term for it 20 years ago?  Constant and everyone I know feels it.  


      I have woken up a few people.  The evidence is right there in the sky.  It appears to be most apparent for those old enough to remember those nice clear blue skies of so many years ago (I'm almost 60).  There is no time to waste.  I actually hope for a collapse of Western Civilization to end the poisoning.  I don't know what else will do it.

    • BenBarzman says:

      Yes Phil i definitely feel the world doesn't seem to feel right, i also can "hear" it, headaches and ultra high pitch noise, i think it is all of the
      death energy from all of the many sources of EMF mixed with the spray, bad water, and a bunch of other stuff.

    • Bad Air Day New York says:

      We are experiencing the same symptoms in upstate NY near Albany. I have chronic sinus infections and migraines, and my ENT said he had never seen such an epidemic of repeated colds, coughs and sinus infections as happened last winter and spring. At work people around me have chronic sinus problems and migraines are ridiculously common here.

      On some days when spraying was visible in the sky last year, I experienced extreme brain fog. Twice I pulled my car over at the side of the highway because I felt like I could not breathe and was frightened that I would pass out. I have also experienced this while hiking.

      Up until 2015-16 I was an avid hiker and mountain climber. But in the past two years, I have started to become sick while power walking, hiking and climbing — with headaches, breathing problems, brain fog, and ear problems. Twice I developed nausea to the point that I became sick at home. I'm a very healthy person, a conscientious eater who is mostly vegetarian.  I exercise vigorously several days per week to stay in shape for hiking. But now I cannot seem to tolerate outdoor exercise like I did up until two years ago. Before that, I climbed all 46 peaks in the ADK in a period of two years. The skies have changed over the mountains. We always have planes and a gradual white-out as the day goes on. I have pictures of crystal clear blue skies in the winter High Peaks from just a few years ago. That does not occur now.

      We must stop the total devastation of our shared environment.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Big Phil — Most like they are tunneling, building more undergrounds for whatever is coming. Many have complained of these sounds in various locations. It usually means the big tunneling machines are at work. Like this:

    • Dennie says:

      @Big****Phil:  You're most surely, like me, in the rarified Three Per Cent who have the ability to smell, taste and feel the chem sh!t.  We can tell when the formula's changed.  Over the years the particulates have become ever finer and powderier, and have a burning quality to them most of the time now, yet feel incredibly cold.  It's not unusual to feel cold and hot at the same time. 

    • horsegirl says:

      Hi, Big Phil,

      We're on the AZ side of the US/Mexico border very close to New Mexico – right in the path of what gets driven up from Mexico.  We went through a deluge of said nucleation torments across the past couple of weeks.  Here they seem to have struck up a new policy of creating phony blue skies.  Like the one this morning that looked like a big gray thunderhead until the sun's light rose and struck it.  Presto chango, a turquoise tone.   Our best guess is they've deployed ever tinier nanoparticles.  The old mix used to coat the lungs (I break it up with Nutribiotic GSE mixed one drop per oz of water in a spray mixer/inhaler) but you could tell it was happening.  Now this fine lining gets the lungs like a paint job.  It inhibits oxygen.  I now go for the GSE whenever brain fog/drowsiness kicks in, which seems to be impaired oxygen.  It has really frightened us.  We got the chemical hack aka cold, and were just laid flat.  No energy at all.  Thought we were goners.  Drove about ten miles north and looked back at the border's "blue" sky, and the new nano-blanket was so visible, like a styrofoam tube lying right on top of the border.  You could see the concentration quite markedly against the rest of the area.  Once out of it we found our energy returned, both mental vigor as well as physical.  We took a drive up to I-10 where as plainly as possible the tic tac toe of a spray blitz manifested right overhead from the agricultural production belt.  Clearly not about general cover for sun-dimming.  For many miles there were "limited visibility" signs relating to nothing we could fathom except aerial spraying, which  obscured the hills with haze.  It was as obvious and local as watching a dog have at afire hydrant.  That was the "old-fashioned" mix of chemical that you rapidly become aware is blocking your lungs.  It was disgusting.  Our mouths tasted like we drank out of a tailpipe.  We got irritable, delirious and coughed up a storm.  Back down to Bisbee where some local billionaire beneficiary – just our hypothesis – evidently pays to keep the sky deep turquoise.  In the cleft of the Mule Mountains, Bisbee can't see what's happening around it.  Their stealth and deceit blows the mind.  Back eastward towards wretched Douglas, the mountains dissolved, as usual, in a gaseous white fog.  Believe me, we pity you and feel it right with you.  Sounds like we have marbles in our lungs.  All those symptoms.  The brain fog, however, does radically diminish when we get away from the international border, where we hypothesize they use ELF and/or microwave technology for extreme surveillance purposes.  Who knows what they're really doing.  The highways are a constant parade of ambulances far out of proportion with local US-side population base.

    • horsegirl says:

      PS my husband's reading to me as the siege has made my vision problematic.  We hadn't gotten to your part about the deep vibration when I write above.  Absolutely.  The rumble – intermittent here – makes us get way crazy too.  Really deranges us, reduces our competency to childhood levels.  Agree with Susan.  They are tunneling into the earth. .  My one consolation is that this is far too insane to last.

  52. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, And all my friends I haven't met yet,

    A random thought if I may… I watch the count ticker go up each and every day for "visitors" on this sight. Myself, I'd like to hear from those that visit and stay silent. It's going to take us all to get out of this mess we've been given. Why shouldn't you that shy away be heard? Do you think you don't count? "You do!". It will be good for the soul to read what you have to write. Hmph, "write", do we still know how?(grin).

    "1 home", many communities. We're all in this together, like it or not.

    • Nancy says:

      Some of us are praying instead of writing.

    • Bad Air Day New York says:

      Horseman – from NY, just want to let you know that today I held a small gathering where I shared information from, and some research papers on geoengineering programs, plus photos of trails and artificial clouds.

    • Dennie says:

      Some of us are praying AND writing.  And talking.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      To ALL my friends I haven't met yet, Indeed, it is good to see new names on the comment column here. "Good for the soul".

      Nancy, Bad Air Day New York, and several others that did not hit this comment. Thank you for speaking out. When we speak out publicly, we give empowerment to those that are timid. Those that are timid become empowered. "Full circle", as nature intended.

      Pretty "simple"(grin). I am so proud to be among those that lead. I learned a long time ago, "If you're not the lead dog, all you get is a great view of you know what"(lol).

      A powerful and wonderful thing happens when we put our thoughts into the written word. Even if no one but the writer reads it. But let me tell ya, if you write your thoughts here, they are actually read by smart discerning folks that will soak in the content and pass on a measurable wave of influence.

      May grace find you all……..

    • cj jacoby says:

      Hello 'a' simple horseman,

      I am also a horse (& mule) woman! I've been posting here for here a few times over the last couple of months and have never seen my remarks posted here. I talk to folks about the issues, give them reference materials, direct them to this website, etc., but I'm feel like I'm in the fight alone. It really doesn't matter though; I will still keep speaking the truth and researching the facts, but It would be nice to have some others for support. I even joined a group called "Austin Against Geoengineering", and it's non-cohesive, lending absolutely no support or feedback. Meanwhile, chem trails criss cross the skies between New Braunfels and Austin and I will keep photographing them, even if I don't count on this page.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      cj jacoby, thank you for checking in. Good to know you are out there. I assure you, you do count on this page, or any page for that much. Presentation is everything. Are you genuine? Believable? And do you stand for the good of the many in accordance with our Mother (Earth)? Do your words reflect this? If I knew you and visited your mules or horses, I'd know, they'd tell me. You wouldn't even have to come out of the house or cabin. Interesting that you found a group to participate in and they turned out to be non-producers. Maybe you could give them a kind helping hand to help them open their eyes to what is real and in need of attention. A notch at a time.

      No bits in my barn, my Mustangs are free to choose. They have chosen to be little puppy dogs. We get along fine. All my contacts are this way. Lead follow or get out of the way. But be honest, kind and fair.

  53. ron hall says:

    Dane:  Very powerful presentation by you today!  It is still SHOCKING to feel the horrors that are forever being propelled upon us.   And I've seen many things in now my eighth  decade.

    While reading the comments, a image of my childhood flashed by:   A warm summer day in the late1940s. Children laughing and playing in a grassy park with their heads turned up as they caught gentle rain drops from a passing shower in their mouths. Innocents frolicking as the blue sky was approaching.      Now, I image young Iraqi children doing the same thing in a desert-like park, near shattered, abandoned hulks of buildings. Their rain drops are laced with   unimaginable toxins–indeed, many are radioactive and will be so for over a billion years. Humans did this to the very rain itself. Innocents are harmed. Ghastly stuff.

    On another note–certainly related to our particular struggles–has anyone ever been called a "conspiracy theorist?" Check out this link and note how that term is a meme-an everyday mantra flung at those who dare to question. More insidious usage spawned by psychopaths. 

    • Philip F Stone says:

      I have been called 'crazy' all my life.  Conspiracy theorist is just the latest term.  I call it 'awake'.  I call it 'informed'.  I call it 'educated'.  I call it 'me'—and I am very far from alone.

    • MS P says:

      One thing about these so called  "trouble countries", that  we see on TV. They never show the nice parts of such counties. NO the media paints a picture of such places on TV news. .  We only see what they want us to see, to make us think this is what it's like.  Same story for Africa, we see tribes & primal living. Where in reality there is tropics, mansions, and very well developed cities.  Just another example on how the media shapes our views.

      Google to see more.

  54. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, wondering if you'd be kind enough to elaborate on the imagery depicted on the heading of this weeks broadcast. If it's what I think it is, it's seriously not good, globally.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Simple Horseman, the thumbnail image for this weeks show was a 5 day average temperature (at 2 meters) map. 

  55. Dennie says:

    @Andrew from Scotland:  Great ideas re preparations.  Everybody should be a "wee bit" Scottish and sock away needed items for that rainy day (no pun intended.. here in No. Cal, we'd say store up for the drought, too).  As the Irish say, "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best."

  56. Jake says:

    What's going on in Florida? Huge plumes of storms are moving to the Midwest but as soon as they hit Florida they die off. It's almost like they hit a brick wall and now 90% of Florida is in a sudden drought. This is how things started off in California before it got out of hand. 

    • BaneB says:

      Jake:  What you observe there has been the usual m.o. the terrorists here in California use to keep the perpetual six year drought in place.  Granted, here in the north we are currently be flooded out.  We have had extended deliberate drought here, too.  I can't recall such an extended period of moisture here in my area (26 years).  The southern portion of California is where the action is for what you describe.  The weather makers destroy incoming systems, evaporate the moisture content. But once it crosses the Arizona and Nevada borders, oddly the moisture reconstitutes itself into a viable rain producing low press system.  I have observed this on satellite imagery time and again.  What these weather manipulators are good at is blocking the jet stream out in the a Pacific.  They have mastered this and use very powerful microwave radio frequency to set up an electronic fence, a blockade. A brick wall.  This stream is frequently shunted north and away from California.  Why we are getting so much rain north is likely because the weather meddling has pent up pressure and the controllers might has lost control.  Or, like the confidence gamers they are, better to try and fool the crowd by letting in rain.  Finally, look for NEXRAD facility locations in your region.  That and other phased array systems (golf ball like) in conjunction with the aerosol spraying can make and break weather systems.

    • Jake says:

      Everything you said makes sense and furthermore, if the drought situation were to worsen in Florida, it would be devastating for the US economy. 

  57. MS P says:

    In my  So. CA yard my Tulips are cropping up & some are budding. Way too early in the year for this. Last year they did not crop up until June.

    • Louise Cleveland says:

      Yes, and I bought a small cattle ranch in the foothills above Fresno.  More than half my oak trees have died and are dropping limbs and toppling over.  It is heartbreaking.

    • JJ says:

      @Louise Cleveland – I know Clovis and Fresno get hammered every day with super heavy aerosolized assaults! All along the base of the south and western Yoesemite and mountain valley's eastward. Hundreds of photo's with intense SRM and Geoengineering and HAARP'd out sun-dog nasty crap in the sky stuff… Really sorry about your trees and property there 🙁

    • Nemo says:

      Greetings Louise!  Same here in West PA.  Canopy in summer about half of normal, white on bark, dropping small branches daily, late fall with just brown dead leaves (some on now) no color.  No one notices or cares, here it is Stillers!

    • MS P says:

      Oak trees are also dying in my area. Ones that are over 800 years of age. Stood through many droughts. Joshua trees are also dying in the desert. Sadly I had read a story that cutting down dead trees in CA, is a booming biz. People are making bank off  cutting down dead trees.

  58. jean ballard says:

    Hello Dane . Thank you for another powerful broadcast. I shared with  everyone i could.  oklahoma is 19 below this morning. will be 66 above in 3 days. 2 to 3 inches of snow here also.  then next weekend we will be at freezing temps with rain and snow again. i asked friends and family . dose this weather seem normal to you?.  90 % of the replies back to me  were  it has always been like this . or it is winter time after all.  why can,t  the real past of weather be seen by most of the population be seen ?.  it can not be just floridated water. causing this memory changes.  we were told by our  landlords in october that we have higher lead levels than normal in our well water as posted by the E.P.A.. as i started to ask my neighbors what they are doing about the report ? i was very surprised by the response that they did not read the notice put on all our doors. or had changed nothing as far as there water use. i am a retired nurse . i know  that lead is not  flushed from the body. but it just keeps adding to the amount of lead in the human body. i have pets and most of my friends and neighbors do also.  but they are no concern about lead in there pets bodies.?  the trees in my area were putting buds out last week with temps in the 60 and 70 range. now they froze in 24 hours. i am dyeing of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. i am on oxygen 24 hours a day. but i will continue to speak out  on  geoengineering,vaccines,oil and gas fracking operations, and the coruption in all goverments. as long as i can draw a breath.  thank you dane . and  many blessings to you and your family. 

    • virginia says:

      Dear Jean:  Thank you for your warm and heartfelt post. You are a true hero who never gives up and you have all of our blessings and hope for a long life, despite the illness you are confronting.  We are with you in your courageous fight….love and warm friendship.


    • Dennie says:

      @jean ballard in OK:  Summer-before-last, summer of 2015, we had several days-long spells of +95 degree heat.  A few times the mercury topped 100.  When I saw a doe out on my Back 40, resting on its side in the shade of my Chinese elm, and panting in the heat, I took a pail of water outside and put it in the back.  My neighbor and his girlfriend were going to walk down to the transportation center to get the airport shuttle to S.F. Internat'l Airport and it was 99 or more.  When I mentioned the hotter-than-usual for longer-than-usual summer heat, his reply was, "Well we always have a hot spell in the summer time."  NOT paying attention.  We've never had AS many hot days in the Bay Area like we did in 2015.  People Just. Do. Not. Pay. Attention.

    • Maria Reyna says:

      Jean, I will pray for you and your condition. My husband received a left lung transplant 4 years ago. He had the same condition you have, but the doctors at Cedars found a donor wiht a left lung. Thank God. OKC is special to me, my son and his family live. There.

      God bless you!


    • Robert says:

      Hi Jean,
      Sorry to hear of your illness — so many people on oxygen these days!  Really, it's astounding how many people are suffering from respiratory issues.  I also used to, but got rid of most of the problem.  Look up testimonials for FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH.  It removes much of the effects from chemtrails.  I even had morgellon's (some say almost everyone has it from chemtrails, but most don't know it yet).  When lesions would appear on my skin, there would be microscopic black fibers in them; now the fibers are few (I have a USB microscope so I can "investigate").  The diatomaceous earth can be purchased from smaller health food stores, as well as farm supply stores, and online; but it MUST be FOOD GRADE.  Has no taste or odor.  Start out slowly with 1 tsp in about 4 oz liquid (do not use plastic or metal when mixing; it removes toxins and heavy metals).  Increase dosage after 3 days.  Maintenance is 1 tbsp.  Drink lots of water throughout the day to give the toxins a way to leave your body.  Best wishes.

    • Dan says:

      I will pray that God will heal you completely. Stay encourage.

    • Philip F Stone says:

      Idiopathic means 'unknown'—right.  Can it be from the constant onslaught of toxins raining down every day on all of us, showing up first in those most susceptible?  I wish you the best and hope for you that maybe chelation or something like it could extend your wakefulness and maybe your life.  Wake others while you still can.  We all have to fight the toxins.  Even if it is with simple Vitamin C.

  59. ed says:

    trying again:) wouldn't have known about this if it wasn't for persecuted web sites. isn't turkey leaning east recently? seems anything above 37 north lat is well below normal if not breaking records. except the arctic circle itself. will check everything above 75 north lat. prolly well above normal. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ed, yes, the climate engineers are unleashing their full fury on parts of Europe and the US. There are many climate related headlines that they are trying to obscure with jet stream manipulated engineered chemical cool-downs (such as the fact that 2016 was the warmest year ever recorded since record keeping bagan), but how much more can the climate system take? And about the Arctic, all major sources of data are doing as they are paid to do by the power structure, explain away all that is unfolding without even mentioning the single greatest piece of the puzzle, global climate engineering. FYI

  60. Emily says:

    We had 20 below zero for 2 nights and days.  Tomorrow it will be plus 38 and rain.  WTF?   Heaviest snowfall in 20 years…..which is a good thing for our water situation, but the temp fluctuation is troubling.  And still they put the chem trails into the sky day and night…..even above the clouds because they are there when there is a break in them. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Emily, yes, the chemically nucleated weather whiplash events are getting rapidly worse as the geoengineers become more desperate. About the moisture from the snowfall, unfortunately the chemically nucleated frozen precipitation tends to sublimate. This fact greatly reduces the amount of actual run-off from the melting/thawing process.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Emily, May I ask where you are located?  Your temperature fluctuations are astounding.  Here in Berkeley, CA, by the Bay, it has been extremely cold with many, many days, much of which consecutive, in the lower 20s in the early morning.  In 39 years total now of being here, this is a first.  Many plants were already dying of whatever up coming down, plus drought, now dying of cold!  This area is known as having a Mediterranean climate and most plants here are oriented that way.  We've had the coldest winter ever?  One would think this alone would get attention even from those who do not look up!  And, as to what Dane said about this nucleated stuff sublimating, it is too true.  In a break from the huge amount of rain we've been getting, and while cleaning up a mass of fallen leaves on sidewalk, I tried pulling up some weeds I do not want-some I do want, others, not.  To my surprise they would not pull up and the ground felt hard already!  So, with the soaking we are getting now, I know to move very quickly to that task, hoping it helps a little anyway.  Seriously, you'd think people would notice at least one of the many things going on.  Thank you for your post!

    • Emily says:

      Hi Rachel.   I am in south east Oregon near the Calif border.  The snow is fluffy powder, no weight to it at all.  You are right Dane….phony snow.  Over 3 feet of it.

    • Nemo says:

      Greetings Dane and THANKS!  We have a large indent in cement that fills with water and when we had birds a few years ago they enjoyed it so we never repaired it.  After the last "ice" event the hole never filled with water the ice just disappeared leaving the indent dry!

  61. Carol says:

    Hello Dane bought myself a mask because the air is so filthy spraying heavy here uk …. 

  62. Carol says:

    Hello Dane .I'm  Confused .???? I keep hearing the planets cooling I thought it was heating up because off weather modification ?? Help .. 

  63. Barbara says:

    They are still geoengineering all over the place.  I live in Santa Barbara where the commercial jets take off over the ocean.  But we also have military jets from all directions — they fly south from Vandenberg AFB, west from Edwards AFB, and north from Port Hueneme Naval AFB, or points inbetween that I don't know of like the old Air America base in Ventura.  I hear the jets fly over around midnite, 1, 2, then fall sleep, and again in the early morning.  We have received rain over several days with more coming, yet between the storms, you can clearly see the unnatural trails. I am one who can actually hear the haarp or emf sounds at night, so likely haarp is being used in tandem still also.  People are saying Trump is saving us, we have rain, there is no more geoengineering.  Well, they are not watching closely — so either these jets are causing the current rain, allowing it, but the chemicals are still falling!

    • BaneB says:

      Barbara:  It is not surprising you hear "Haarp. From the Channel Islands north to south of Half Moon Bay, the California coast is littered with phased array microwave facilities.  Good luck.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I can feel, taste and smell the chemicals. They're there ALL THE TIME now.  We get people who come here and think that, somehow, if the jets aren't laying down visible trails, that means that there is none of the crap in the air.  Well, folks, got news for you:  What you're being sprayed with is present all the time, 24/7/365.  Yes, we have days where spraying isn't as heavy, but you must know that it's always being sprayed SOMEWHERE on Earth, there IS NO PLACE you can "get away" from the sprays and the sprays drift hundreds and thousands of miles.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Barbara, Wait a minute, what people are saying Trump saved us, there is no more geoengineering, we have rain?!!  In what world does any of that make sense?  For one thing, the dude is not in office yet, not sworn in yet.  For another, rain Is the name of the game!  Since, like forever, mankind has wished to be able to make rain.  Eventually, some tiny successes.  But, I believe that first, during WW2, we did succeed in making fog.  Near the end of 1946, GE made serious snowfall back east in New York.  Seemed a long time to work out dependable rain.  Long time, but what a goal.  What a weapon!  High priority!  Along the way, they figured out, via great efforts, how to move clouds, how to change airflow, how to take that rain and put it where they want it, for good or for evil.  They can do a lot, and mess it all up too.  The history of this is so long, so military, so ingrained bought-and-paid-for-science, I just have to ask who the heck would say something that ignorant?!  Again, Trump not yet in office.  What is the implication?  Does no one of these get "military", not to mention CIA whose hand he bit, maybe rightfully so, same with the Intel Community, and a host of other agencies, too vast, too secretive, too powerful to trust, a lot of truth to that.  But, they are the ones doing this!  Anyone thinks they will roll over for Trump?!!!!  But then, even Trump doesn't understand how very little power he will have. 

    • Dennie says:

      You sure as hell can see the ugly white streaks up above the storm clouds– loads of those yesterday in the Bay Area and probably everywhere else, too.  So we KNOW what's the New "Normal" now.  It is happening everywhere in case someone still thinks somehow it isn't. 

      Looks to me like the following countries are the "enemies" of the United States of Amnesia:  Brazil, Russia, India, China and anyone who wants to ally with them.  So, um, what's the Big Deal, why these guys?  HINT:  THE "BRICs" COUNTRIES ARE NOT PART OF THE 189-MEMBER WESTERN COUNTRIES INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FEDERATION ( Neither is Iran), with headquarters located guess where: 

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Great post!  The people want salvation.  Trump is the new "hope and change."  Hope springs eternal.  And any righteous attempt at change bodes ill for his health.  I say "righteous" as more of a genetic term because each of us owns at least one part of 360 degrees, and we do not see the entire image.  But the matrix does.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @BaneB  Thank you BaneB!  So good to hear some feedback!  I've come close to giving up for lack of feedback, feeling irrelevant.  So I do appreciate your reply.  There is so much to fear from Trump and the Republican party.  But, who knows what will trip up what and spill the beans?  I'm nervous, but things were not going so well before.  For instance, since 1913 or 1917!!GRR/brain!, the espionage act begun then had only been used 3 times.  In Obama's term, more than 8 times!  I hope Trump frees Snowden.  It could happen!  I also did a weird thing for me, which was to read a very long article about an anti Trump person traveling with a pro Trump person through her territory as she took care of her own business, along the way meeting many, many Trump voters and finding out why.  I did learn.  Doesn't change my mind, but I understand more than I did before.  But, is it not amazing that given the hue and cry from the Republican party over the Affordable Care Act, saying they would immediately repeal and replace, that they have nothing!  Zip, zero, nada on paper, not one thing, no plan at all!!!!??  Clearly, obstructionism just for the sake of it.  Must be pissing Trump off! You know, leaving him empty handed…..

      @Dennie, Yes on the skies!  Thursday, out and about Berkeley, the sky was blue, a real looking blue.  I spent some time staring at it through the bare branches of a tree–a favorite thing to me, that contrast of bare branches against a blue sky.  But Friday?!!  Lines everywhere!  And microwaved to boot!  Ugly skies.  I wondered why, like were they trying to push stuff east or what?  And we got 4-5 inches rain!  Plus wind.  The first night of, it got warm, really warm.  A welcome surprise, but now my yard is soup, I'm not even getting cleaned up much for an appointment as I have to come home and deal with the mess, and it is a lot, not to mention my two remaining chickens who never saw the like: the sky is falling, the sky is falling!  And, it IS!

  64. Joseph L. says:

    Great show covering so many points. 

    Indian Point Nuclear power plant is only 30 miles from NYC and as 2 nuclear reactors w expired licenses in 2013 and 2015.   A deal was struck yesterday to shut down possibly both reactors by 2021.  Anyway, they built a high pressure frack pipeline next to Indian Point that they opened up a few weeks ago.

      NYS governor Coumo meanwhile bailed out upstate NY nuclear power plants for 7.6 billion on 8-1-16.  This is being contested in court…   

    • Joseph L. says:

      Knocking On the Devils Door Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy—This is a must see movie about Nuclear.

    • Joseph L. says:

      I  just found the link abour EPA and radiation in our drinking water.

      Thank you Dane for discussing that — I knew they increased the levels after fukushima but was not aware of the new increases..  Government is full of fake news accept for sports which is a great distraction.

      Here is the link

    • Joseph L. says:   

      Helen is an MD who has been against nuclear weapons and nuclear power for decades.

    • Helene says:

      didn't gov cuomo sign legislation banning fracking was this grandfathered in?

    • Joseph L. says:


      Helen Caldicott  was a founding member of Physicians for Social Responsibility


    • Dennie says:

      @Joseph L.:  Thanks for reposting the news, it's good to see this in print here as a reminder from time to time.  Dane:  Good catch! 

      After the March 11, 2011 disaster at Fukushima I was reading about the sudden, miraculous increase in humans' abilities to withstand greater levels of ionizing radiation, decreed by The Powers That Should Never Have Been, decided upon just days or even hours, it was, maybe, if I recall, right before the disaster at Fukushima hit.  I'd reeeaallly like to ask EVERY LAST ONE of them sonzabitches (no, we do NOT have any kind of word in the English language that adequately describes Our Lords and Masters and their sick, Money-Loving proclivities) to definitively demonstrate to the world their newly-acquired ability to withstand exponentially greater amounts of ionizing radiation and be filmed hanging around at Fukushima for, oh, about a month or two or three.  According to "Them," they should every last one of them be just f-i-i-i-i-i-n-e at the end of that time, as well as ever afterwards, for years and years and years… right????

    • Joseph L. says:

      About fracking in New York — fracking waste was not banned — here is the link

      Also Aim pipeline is  a frack pipeline that is   a high pressure pipeline that opened up next to Indian Point Nuclear   a few weeks ago.

      Dane Thank you for letting me post all this  — I have been studying Nuclear for a long time and now w climate engineering you are really do a great service educating the public. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Joseph L.  Thank you so much for this link to EPA concerning our rain water and Fukushima.  I suspected as much and gave up eating anything from the ocean years ago, but others don't get it, including my close friend in Hawaii who also works in Japan.  Another friend, thinks highly of the EPA and this will help that!  Gotta say, when I read this from PEER, it froze me.  I mean it stayed on my computer and I could do no other thing all day!  When I mention the radiation to my daughter, even she says stuff like, yeah mom, heard it all from you already.  Not Quite!!  Nuclear all has been an issue of mine as long as I can remember, and I do know who Helen Caldicott is.  I've been at this more than 50 years now.  It is amazing the degree to which if people can't see it, they don't believe it!  On the other hand, hard enough to get people to believe what they do see!  Again, thank you!

  65. Troy Feeney says:

    I thought all along the motivation behind intentionally diverting moisture away from the west coast was to mitigate the threat of radioactive material raining down on the U.S. population. The consequences of the triple meltdown at Fukushima have certainly been downplayed by the U.S. media and government. Dane I am seeing a white film left behind after rain water evaporates on everything from produce at the grocery store to plants outside my house to the windshield of my car and even to a clear glass I intentionally left outside to collect rainwater after it evaporated. If we could expand upon the water testing you've already done to include evidence from all 50 states; would that help to establish more credibility that obviously weather manipulation is happening and the byproducts are everywhere on the surface as a result. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Troy, available data has never supported the theory that those in power were benevolently trying to spare us from the nuclear fallout. To carry this further, available data unfortunately does not support the conclusion that there is any benevolance in the climate engineering programs whatsoever. The heavy aerosol spraying over the Pacific actually helps to more effectively migrate radiation toward the US, not to diminish it. The aerosols diminish convection and precipitation over the oceans and thus the atmospheric contamination continues to migrate to the east, toward us. About your suggestion to expand testing in the US, yes, I fully agree with you Troy, we just need help to do so. I am putting in about 80 hours a week now and still can’t keep up. We desperately need others to help carry the torch in this most critical battle.

    • Terry says:

      ment to post to this comment,,,opps Jim Stone Fuku report

  66. Susan Ferguson says:

    Stratospheric injections to counter global warming could damage ozone layer / The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research / Simone Tilmes / April 24, 2008
    BOULDER—A much-discussed idea to offset global warming by injecting sulfate particles into the stratosphere would have a drastic impact on Earth's protective ozone layer, new research concludes. The study, led by Simone Tilmes of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), warns that such an approach might delay the recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole by decades and cause significant ozone loss over the Arctic. The study will be published Thursday in Science Express. It was funded by the National Science Foundation, which is NCAR's principal sponsor, as well as by NASA and European funding agencies.  "Our research indicates that trying to artificially cool off the planet could have perilous side effects," Tilmes says. "While climate change is a major threat, more research is required before society attempts global geoengineering solutions."  …
    Sulfates and ozone: Since major volcanic eruptions temporarily thin the ozone layer in the stratosphere, Tilmes and her colleagues looked into the potential impact of geoengineering plans on ozone over the poles. Sulfates from volcanoes provide a surface on which chlorine gases in the cold polar lower stratosphere can become activated and cause chemical reactions that intensify the destruction of ozone molecules, although the sulfates themselves do not directly destroy ozone. The new study concluded that, over the next few decades, hypothetical artificial injections of sulfates likely would destroy between about one-fourth to three-fourths of the ozone layer above the Arctic.  This would affect a large part of the Northern Hemisphere because of atmospheric circulation patterns. The impacts would likely be somewhat less during the second half of this century because of international agreements that have essentially banned the production of ozone-depleting chemicals. The sulfates would also delay the expected recovery of the ozone hole over the Antarctic by about 30 to 70 years, or until at least the last decade of this century, the authors conclude. … The ozone layer is critical for life on Earth because it blocks dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. …
    Ozone impacts: … The study found that injections of small particles, over the next 20 years, could reduce the ozone layer by 100 to 230 Dobson Units. This would represent a significant loss of ozone because the average thickness of the ozone layer in the Northern Hemisphere is 300 to 450 Dobson Units. … In the Antarctic, most of the ozone is already depleted and the sulfate injections would not significantly reduce the thickness of the ozone layer. Instead, they would significantly delay the recovery of the ozone hole. The authors caution that the actual impacts on ozone could be somewhat different than estimated if atmospheric changes led to unusually warm or cold polar winters. They also warn that a geoengineering project could lead to even more severe ozone loss if a major volcanic eruption took place at the same time.

  67. TNGeoWatch says:

    Dane, How many people stopped at your booth?  Also, there is a lot of theater going on about the epic cold out here and the rain in California.  Is California really getting that much rain?  Also, the temps here in  Tennessee did not get as low as they said over night and is pushing 30 not 25 they say on the tv.  Real temps at night are always reported lower now.

    • Dennie says:

      We've been getting quite a bit of rain in Marin County, CA, there was a day of very steady moderate-to-heavy rain before Christmas, but we haven't had as heavy rain since. It rained a lot today and we're supposed to be getting a "doozy" tomorrow, complete with howling gale force winds that knock the power out, but so far, not much since the end of the day.  It was actually calm outside, with very little breeze even, just after 5 p.m. and it's stayed that way.  It's now 11:15 p.m. on Saturday.  The forecast is for heavy rain across the state from Marin County east into the Sierras by 4 a.m.  Heavy rain will hit the south Bay by 10 a.m.

  68. Mario says:

    Excellent broadcast!  Knowledge is power.  Education is key.  Observation is essential.  I spent several hours last night watching the unfolding weather event in California.  On Friday, 1-6-17 there was a massive aerosol campaign with shifting configurations that, by 1 or 2 pm had developed into a ubiquitous canopy of microwaved aerosols blanketing the sky.  As the evening progressed there was heavy activity from just about all the big NEXRAD sites from Eureka to Los Angeles.  KBHX  near Eureka was like a fireworks show most of the night.  And I noticedthat their coverage overlaps — these are some of the zones where it seemed to be the precipitation was turning over to snow??  KBBX at Beale AFB seemed to be feeding the snow in Tahoe.  I also noticed that NEXRAD KVBX made perpendicular contact with KVTX Los Angeles which made for interesting radar watching. 

    This morning 1/7/17 shows continued activity from these transmitters feeding the on going weather event in California.  They're really flexing their muscle with this one.  Big hype all over the local news about flooding, atmospheric rivers (really pushing this term), get your sandbags . . . but nothing about the obvious radar anomalies and temperature fluctuations and insane skies before the biblical flood.  Knowing the truth and watching these baboons on the local news try to sell you an "everything is peachy" vibe with snazzy clothes, plastic smiles, lack of the journalistic depth, and worthless stories about people's pets . . . It's enough to make you puke.  Now we're fabricating this crap with Russia?  

    You're right Dane.  We all need to do more.  Thanks.

    Kids . . . don't eat the snow. 

  69. Jeffrey E Fish says:

    So glad to see this. I'm trying to sound the alarm in south Florida but very few take the time to follow up by even just going online. They have time to watch crap on TV but claim to be too busy or the other one I get a lot is,"This is so negative. I want to be happy." Yeah well some times life is a slap in the face. At least I know that some monster is about to pounce. If I can thwart or forestall it at all I'll do it. Jeff

    • MS P says:

      It seems to me as things get worse, people are more interested in TV, media, politics,  sports, crime events, sit com re-runs,and the celebrity  BS.  While the earth is dying.

      No to mention the face in the phone types. Who are so very  lost without this device. I can not tell you how many times, that  I see a delivery truck, at my locked  gate, saying this is on the I phone map as a route to drive. HA!  Sitting in front of a locked gate. Lost. I have to give them directions, on where to drive. Some get so desperate, they start yelling at my windows, for help. So stupid that they do not know how to read a map, street sign, or address on a mailbox that is clearly marked,, located  out on the public  road. For all to see. Maybe I should charge money, for such advice? Lots of times I just ignore such stupidity. Since they tend to start asking personal questions, as a way of making some  small talk. I do not care if they think I am rude, when such do so. I say good-bye, & walk away.   then leave them standing there. Still lost. Not a rant, just me saying, how people come across these days. Very stupid. 

  70. Christine says:

    Just recently I encountered something very strange!! The skies here in Pacifica were full of white chemicals spills from airplanes, as usual. On one of the artificially created clouds a rainbow had build up with vertical color pattern, middle in the day and still some sunshine left around.When I pointed a first best person around to that rainbow, she claimed she didn't see any rainbow and that I must be special to see something!!! After few minutes of explaining, she still insisted to NOT TO SEE ANYTHING!!! I gave up, and met her later on at the  counter of the store, buying GMO food….  I try to avoid it as much as I can, and would advice ANYONE TO DO THE SAME, PLEASE.

    • MS P says:

      Perhaps color blindness is a side effect?

      I've seen the same thing. Not to be confused with a natural Sun Dog. I have had people point out what " they thought"was a Sun Dog, on a hot day. It does not happen in warm temps. If you google sundogs images. There are lots of geoengineering of the sky photos. People also no longer know what a real sundog looks like. Sadly.

    • MS P says:

       Good advice on foods. GMOs & the spraying of farms is very bad. Worse than most people know. No one knows what these chemical cocktails sprayed on our foods really are or do. Or how they affect our bodies, since there is more than 1 poison application, in the mix. All combined. no studies of this, is being done.

      Also all the citrus in CA has been sprayed by the CFDA, in our  state in a mandatory program. Including ALL the certified organic farms. Due to the Asian bug invasion.  They say they are trying to save the citrus industry.

      That evil  stuff kills all the plants that grow next to the citrus trees.  It killed all my rose bushes. They use TEMPO SC (cyfluthrin)  & MERIT 2F or CORE TECT (imidacloptrid) to all citrus in CA & nearby shrubs. (Info source was directly  from the CFSA while there were spraying. I got a flyers from them. They were trying to not give me the info, when I had asked for it.) The stuff is nauseating. One application is buried in the ground, &  it comes up in fumes.

       This includes private homes, that are not farms. The CADA just shows up & goes right on to your property. Unless there is a locked gate? Then they leave you a note. It's mandatory. They do this every 6 months. Most of the time people go to work & have no idea, this is going on, in their yards. 

  71. Zachary Isaac says:

    Dane, I've been watching the skies for 5 years now.  Like many others I was completely oblivious to climate engineering although it was taking place right above my head for all of my life.  I live in Las Vegas which is a Military industrialized complex mecca and see the spraying happen on a scale far greater than I saw in Los Angeles.  No one cares.  They care more about mindless consumerism and "Sucess" than they do at the decimation of our once beautiful miracle.  I saw your recent photo of the earth contrasted between the 1970's and just recently and I bawled like a baby because no matter how bad it looks now ut will only get worse and will NEVER return to that beautiful blue hue ever again.  That makes me so sad yet emboldened to speak out.  Im going on America's got talent and this will be my mission…..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Glad to march with you in this battle Zachary, never give up. Who can say how much good we may yet accomplish, even at this late hour.

  72. LoriBridgeford says:

    These dedicated folks in the cause- are the REAL gems !!! 


  73. Teri says:

    It reminds me of a brilliant quote by H.L.Mencken Dane. About how those who rule the public herd them into yet another war. 

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. H. L. Mencken

    sadly. it works every time. shows how people refuse to think for themselves. they are herded like cattle in a stampede. a small amount of thunder and they rush headlong over the cliff to their own demise. nothing will stop them once the stampede starts. they will continue blindly down the wrong path. that is the nature of the human species. they truly have become a human herd 

  74. Seeing Clearly says:

    They say the core cause of mental illness is chemical imbalance when in reality what triggers that chemical imbalance is the real core cause however the lack of acknowledgement to that trigger or cause has cost many people there lives due to the side effects of the drugs not medication that's a deceptive term t call those drugs not only have been damaged and even died by the drugs ("treatment ") but also by the undetected core cause or trigger causing the disease and I am not saying being hyperactive or not paying attention as a kid is a disease in any way that's bogus and propostrus but rather real health problems that may not kill directly but indirectly there is no denying they have the potential to kill as well because if you have a child or adult who doesn't know any better and does unsafe things doesn't autism kill that way people need to wake up .

    • BaneB says:

      Seeing Clearly:  I just read an article about merry old England.  The meat of the British article is that in only four years the number of 111 medical emergencies phone calls has risen from 2 million to 15,000,000!  I kid you not.  The article did not address the why and wherefore of this astounding expose, but was about how authority is installing artificial intelligence to handle the calls, because human personnel simply cannot handle the increase in emergency calls.  Maybe England is having a perpetual "thunderstorm asthma" attack.  Food for thought and grounds for further research.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ed, yes, the climate engineering chemical cool-downs are being conducted at an unimaginable scale and often focused on the most populated centers of Europe and the US. Why? There are many reasons, the attached link outlines this issue from previous engineered winter scenarios. FYI

  75. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 147th email titled 'Starry Starry Night/Notes to Self'

    1.  The frequency of mass animal deaths has increased.  This video is from April 2016:  Then there is this Dec 2016 report:

    and of course the running total here:

    Plant species are no different. This article is interesting, not because of the BGLOB (Blinding GLimpse of the OBvious) scientific findings, but because they discuss the beautiful Scottish Bluebell or Harebell: 

    Here is a good article about climate refugees/migrants:

    2.  A different view on the US/UN/NATO rhetoric about the Damascus water shortage:  and Turkey continues to play both sides:  Remember, US/NATO sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS-Daesh refuse to be included in the Syria ceasefire agreement.

    3.  The geoengineered winter theme of 'Cloudy Days and Clear Nights' continues, and the endothermic morning frost crystals continue to be at minus 12ºC whilst the surrounding area is minus 5ºC, overnight low minus 5ºC and Dew/Frost Point minus 8ºC

    Starry Starry Night:

    Franz Josef Land continues to have huge heat anomaly next week with low pressure dominating the area.

    The Yearly Average Arctic Sea Ice Extent for 2016 was a new record low of 10.42 million sq km. If you extrapolate the straight line it come to zero ice @ 2030, but the ice loss is spiralling out of control and it will happen a lot quicker: 

    4.  Notes to Self (weekly, 1 of 104…hopefully!): Arrange a First Aid refresher course for family and friends; Check all vehicles have First Aid Kit, Survival Kit, pack of tea lights – review all items; Review my EDC (Every Day Carry) items.

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