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  1. Beautiful summer the last week and this week so far NO SPRAYING in my town.Its clear, blue with scattered clouds. I have noticed that the blue we are seeing now is a down graded blue but I'll take it.It has been a great break from the constant bombardment. Your site is where I go for all updates and information. Thank you for that.
    Oh, yah, we live in northern ontario and the spraying programme was in full force here up until just recently and it stopped.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Maryjane, enjoy the break while you can. If you are seeing any short bright trails, this is also a spray dispersion, many are noting a more covert effort on the part of the climate engineers.

  2. Dennie Mehocich says:

    NONE of my so-called "friends" are on board with taking ANY kind of action to alert or educate their contacts– they are much too "busy," frantically traveling the world, to see "exotic" places, presumably before the cost of air travel prohibits even the "upper" middle class from doing this, or their Blessed Money runs out (or before there's nothing left to see..), snapping up furs and jewels and real estate when they're not hiking at Machu Picchu, and I'm here figuring out how the hell I am going to pay my bills next month and the month after– JUST  MAKES ME SICK! 

    The self-named "progressive" "friends" I had in Marin WILL DO NOTHING to help in fighting the war on US– also just "too busy" (now isn't that a coincident?), chasing the Almighty Dollar, going out three and four times a week to eat at fancy-schmansy little places, wine-tasting and all, but none will stick up for one second to do one thing to raise awareness and spread the word.  This is soon going to be a little problem, as long as they continue believing they can ignore the natural systems that growing the food they love to blow tons of money on depends upon.  Then there is another group that is soooo paranoid, they question everything and believe nothing, when I've directed them here to get up to speed on the subject, because I am not going to waste my time to explain to every last person every last detail they ask about, when this site does a better job than I could and I get my info here, it's the best place to go, prefering to believe instead the propaganda and lies they've heard that this website is somehow a "government spy" operation (!!??? how can anyone come to a conclusion like that?).  I'm actively seeking real friends at this time.  It seems there are few to be found but I think there are more out there than I've known.  Time to find a better crowd and start hanging out.

  3. jill says:

    I am a farmer from the Central Valley, and the level of ignorance among farmers regarding Geo-engineering is amazing. I hand out flyers at meetings, and some angrily hand it back to me – just too much for them to accept.  I have been farming for over 50 years in the same area, and have been a sky-watcher and nature lover all my life.  I live in one of the most stunningly beautiful areas of the Central Valley, on a bluff, overlooking a river, lakes, Gallo vineyards studded with ancient oak trees, gorgeous alfalfa and cornfields, natural Riparian habitat, and panoramic views of the Sierra-Nevada mountain Range. Its truly a postcard picture.  I felt so blessed for the privilege of growing up here.  I am very tuned in to all the obvious, and subtle manifestations of the psychopathic weather modification programs and spraying. I was born and raised in this beautiful oasis, and I can't begin to express my deep sorrow and broken heart, as I watch this place die by the day.  I have acres of beautiful landscape, and trees my dad and I planted when I was a child.  I have loved and nurtured them, and watched them flourish, only to watch them die an ugly death now.  I also have a passion for soil microbiology, and have built up my soil over the decades. I could grow anything.  Now, I can no longer grow a decent garden.  We lease out property to a well-known corporate  grower, and the plants aren't growing as they should.  I brought this up to them, and they seemed oblivious.  Most of the farmers I know think that El-nino is going to save them. They don't seem to wonder where all the sunshine went to.  Summers here are usually solid blue skies 95% of the time, with a warm sun, not the unnatural UV we get now. Its a rare day that is clear and cloudless, and even then, the sky is white and pale blue – not the deep blue I have known all my life.  The cumulus clouds over the Sierras are barely noticeable, and also usually destroyed by the spraying. We still get the long, persistent trails almost every day, in addition to the short, non-persistent type.  Of all people, I would have thought the farmers would have been the first to notice.  The opposite seems to be the case, maybe because they have the most to loose.   We never see those deep blue skies anymore, as of August of 2013.  It breaks my heart to see the roadside farmer's markets struggle, having no clue as to why their crops aren't growing well.  Farmers are usually honest, and well-meaning people, but if they don't wake up soon, they can kiss goodbye everything they've worked a lifetime for.  Except for the corporate farmers, who just keep planting more nut crops, digging deeper and deeper wells, then moving on after they've made their fortune and the water is gone.  I feel so sorry for the mom and pop small family farms, which make up most of the farming community.  At the same time, I am angry at their utter denial.   If we could wake up the farmers, they would be a force to be reckoned with.  Also, the State Water Board is literally stealing long-held water rights, and leaving a huge number of us farmers literally high and dry.  This needs to stop also.  Again, where's the outcry one would expect?  Yes, there is opposition, and even lawsuits, but still so much passivity.  This home and land I've worked all my life for is being destroyed and stolen out from under me.  I will be forced out, but theres nowhere to go.  At least, not in the Northern Hemisphere.  The lunatics are killing the planet.  Wake up people!  I see most of the rural Central Valley evacuated soon, voluntarily by necessity, and possibly under a government mandate.  What alternative is there?  I know people already leaving. The cities are next.  This is one of the agendas of TPTB.  As Dane says, theres a lot of boxes to check off when one looks at their agenda.  This agenda is advancing at warp speed, and hardly anyone notices.  I just don't get it. I'm especially surprised by the ignorance displayed by the farming community.  The power structure won't stop until were finished here in the great Central Valley – the place that  fed a nation.  Watch for more imports on your grocery shelves soon.   

  4. michael says:

    wait what's going on now? where's the show at you only did 1 show on there and now the url is dead? where is ths show now and when is it scheduled? i had some important stuff i wanted to talk to dane about for the show today but now it's gone again?…..

  5. Dane,

    Thank you for another brilliant speech.  This is infinitely preferable to the previous format that included call-ins with inane questions and callers who just want to take up your time.

    This needs to be posted on youtube immediately.  

    I also think it would be very useful to get some interviews of farmers in the central valley talking about how this spraying has affected their crop yields, the quality of their harvests and whether they are aware of this deadly spraying?

    When people understand that their food is being impacted by this assault on humanity I think it will take on some additional weight.  Mention that Monsanto has developed aluminum resistant gmo crops and ask if this is a coincidence?

    You are the greatest humanitarian alive today.  May all good things come your way.

    With deepest respect,

    Lawrence Beck

    Tubac, Arizona

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