Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 28, 2018, #155


Dane Wigington

Wildfires are wreaking havoc all over the globe, the planetary meltdown is accelerating with climate intervention operations further fueling the fire. Redding, California, my hometown, is the latest victim of unprecedented fire conditions that are a direct result of geoengineering. The Carr fire is still out of control. What will it take for the avalanche of awakening to be fully triggered? What will it take for populations to face the fact that global geoengineering programs are going on over their heads every day. The latest edition of Global Alert News is below.

In the coming weeks and months, headlines of our imploding biosphere will accelerate rapidly.  Now is the time when we will see what we are made of, now is the time when we must all take a stand for the greater good.

Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes

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  1. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Little Sis, you expressed yourself SO WELL! You speak for all of us who are stunned by the evils of this government. And you speak for all of us who love Dane and admire him for his stamina and courage. There are not many like him left; if there were, we MIGHT have a chance to save this once beautiful and functioning planet. Blessings to all on this page who are awake, and especially to our hero Dane.

  2. simone says:


    Name the location of the largest solar farm in the world right now. You’re probably thinking it’s somewhere in sunny California or in photovoltaic-obsessed China. And right on China does hold the crown — but it’s about to get dethroned. The largest-ever sun farm will open next year amid the desert sands of Egypt.

    Let’s be real: Despite its year-round sun, Egypt isn’t known for renewable energy. The Middle Eastern nation gets more than 90 percent of its electricity from fossil fuels, and it used to be a big exporter of natural gas and oil. But Egypt has been plagued with terrible blackouts, and now the country that brought the world the pyramids is erecting a new sort of futuristic structure: a $2.8 billion solar installation called the Benban complex.

    When the Benban is complete, it will produce nearly 2 gigawatts of electricity. For context, that’s more than double the power of the current largest solar field, China’s Longyangxia Dam Solar Park. That electricity will help power hundreds of thousands of Egyptian businesses and homes, and it will start to move the country away from a dependence on oil and natural gas imports.

    It’s yet another sign of how renewables are on the up-and-up. A new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance found that global solar and wind power now provide 1 terawatt – or 1,000 gigawatts! – of electricity capacity worldwide. It took us 40 years to get this far, but Bloomberg estimates that with the help of new installations going up worldwide, we could double that capacity by 2023.



  3. Star Messenger says:

    Is Redding going to survive the Carr fire?  After listening to the Redding Police Chief, reps. from the National Parks Service, and other commanders, all I hear coming from them are words like unprecedented, never-before-seen, etc.

    I found this website to be a good source of reliable information.

    • Star Messenger says:

      Dane, there is one thing I forgot to add to my previous Post.  And that is, none of the Redding officials questioned seemed to know what was CAUSING the unprecedented Carr Fire.  Evidently, no one has made the connection between the fires and the incendiaries falling from the sky above their heads in the form of aluminum, barium, and strontium – to name a few of the basics.

      Dane, after you get finished "defending your turf", I would suggest that you have a heart-to-heart with the Redding Police Chief because he doesn't seem to have a clue as to what is causing the fire(s) to be so "explosive", as one commander put it.  Or maybe "the Chief" is being told…

  4. Star Messenger says:

    "Say Goodbye To The Holocene Epoch"

    The following link contains a short video that shows the true state of Climate Change but does NOT include Geoengineering.

  5. Lucille Munro says:

    Here is another NOAA prediction for another El-Nino, which is apparently natural???  The article reads:

    "And the turbulent weather could continue, as the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center says there is a 70 per cent chance of another El Nino occurring this winter.

    El Nino is part of Earth's natural process, characterized by a warming in the Pacific Ocean…"

    Read the full article here:


  6. Nancy S says:

    Oh, my heart is breaking. Weather warfare, yes. Last year I had family members missing for three days in Mendocino County, under mandatory evacuation watch for over three weeks in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties. Friends, old family friends from 1960 onward lost homes. Half of my hometown gone. And now Redding. Geoengineering + DEW lasers? Am beginning to wonder if the DEW lasers are being added to the mix, given the ferocity of the fires. And there is virtually nothing left of structures while some vegetation remains. This is NOT NORMAL. We watched the barometric pressure drop here in the San Joaquin Valley just two hours south of Redding last Thursday (the night of the "firenadoes"). The wind blew erratically here too, the tops of the trees were moving in a cyclonic motion. The sky was murky gray brown for two days before the firestorms here. I now associate this kind of weather, heavy trails in the sky, and erratic wind events with weather warfare events. Be aware the barometric pressure may also drop in a large geographic area nearby just before some of these events occur. This is the first time I've noted the drop in barometric pressure when the weather appears to be ostensibly "normal." Heads up and be safe. We need to help keep one another well informed so we know what happens prior to the occurrence of these events. And note: the firefighters and leads in Shasta County have said many times now they have never seen fire behave like this. We need to believe our eyes and not what mainstream media is telling us.

    • Nancy S says:

      And the people who died in Greece. Just horrible. They didn't have a chance. This is genocide.

  7. simone says:

    PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO DONATE TO THE GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG – especially at this very challenging time…

    Support Dane's huge efforts as he is faithfully keeping up with his irreplaceable job, fighting against our burning man-made hell on this crying planet!!

    Stay safe and clear-minded  ~ Simone

  8. simone says:

    Remembering last year fires – it's for sure not getting any better this year…Please read the Message form  sergio davide cogliati (sorry for my poor primitive translation from Italian!)

    summer 2017 in Italy dominated by forest fires which have destroyed considerable acres of "virgin" land, also killing the life forms of those places, terrified animals attempting an impossible escape in the fiery territories like an infernal circle … R.I.P. Here in Italy there has been talk of arson created by "human" hand, but given the large-scale distribution that involved many places in Italy;  we talk about the criminal association, "someone" has agreed and organized these terrible events. The scorched earth remains consumed by the flames; in my part it is said: "to err is human to persevere is diabolical"- bye


  9. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I've been following the interviews and progress of the Freedom Flotilla since inception, and have held my breath the whole time. Dimitri Lascarias; Canadian citizen and journalist from the Real News Network, has been onboard from the beginning.  For those unfamiliar with the Lawful aims of the Freedom Flotilla, please take the time to familiarize your selves with the situation.  Here's an excerpt from the article cited: >

    "Speaking of the seizure of the Al Awda, the flotilla organizers said: “A military attack on a civilian vessel is a violent act and a violation of international law. Taking 22 people from international waters to a country which is not their destination constitutes an act of kidnapping, which is also unlawful under the international Convention of the Law of Sea.” [End quote]

    Gaza Flotilla Ship Al Awda Violently Seized by Israelis, USS Liberty Survivor amongst Those Captured – Consortiumnews July 30, 2018

  10. Jeanette S says:

    paul vohamish thank you so much for the information on the masks. I am here in san francisco bay area and we get alot of smoke from the fires to the north it comes across the top of the bay water. Not only that but I was just thinking last night what I would do if called for duty as I have MCS and slight breathing issues and concerns already. I am civil service and can potentially get called and also I am the purchaser for my organization so again thank you so much for the input. Jeanette

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Jeanette S:  Thank you for protecting yourself from these destructive contaminants.  We all need to survive these attacks…

      To readers:  Please review the information provided.  These are not just simple particulate masks, and they could save the lives of you and loved ones.  >  I posted protective mask information on Dane's June 29, 2018 page:  Paul Vonharnish says:

      June 29, 2018 at 3:12 pm

  11. IdahoAnnie says:

    Greetings to all:

    This post is in regards to the July 28th geoengineering event, and to share my first hand observation of the destruction mainly caused by geoengineering.

    It’s Friday, July 27, 2018, 5:15 a.m. I’m packing things into my truck and almost ready for my drive to Redding, when my husband informs me that the fire in Shasta County is escalating quickly.  He says, “I hate to rain on your parade, but I don’t think you should go. It’s probably utter chaos with the mass evacuations going on and it could be dangerous.”

    I immediately went to the G.E.W. website to see if there was any news of cancellation.  There was no news, so I called the Holiday Inn to see if the event was canceled; and if so, to cancel my reservation. They said as far as they could tell the event was still on.  Feeling indecisive frustrated and nervous, I pondered the situation for a moment and decided to flip a coin – heads I go, tails I stay. It was heads. Yes, someone had absolutely lost her mind, and she was driving to Redding from southwest Idaho.

    Driving alone gives one way too much time to think – for the first five hours I was locked into a deep state of emotion and feeling totally heart sick; however, I pushed on like a soldier on a mission. I kept praying for all of the firefighters; first responders; the innocent citizens and the helpless wild life being affected by the fires. The last leg of the trip, I was beyond angry and kept picturing the crazed psychopath’s ordering up a double dose of SRM/SAI over the area just to add insult to injury. The smoke got thicker with each passing hour, and when I finally arrived in Redding there was some visibility, but it looked like a ghost town. I thought to myself, you’ve got to be stark raving mad to come here. Who in their right mind drives into a fire instead away from it?  

    It came to me later why I felt so compelled to go – it was to witness the biblical and epic devastation and harm that come from the toxic chemicals the Industrial Military Complex is spraying on all of us. I’M SOUNDING THE ALARM!!!  Please keep sharing with strangers, friends, family and neighbors.  We must continue to awaken the masses.

    I got checked in to the Holiday Inn, and I can’t praise the staff enough.  They were calm, courteous, and professional even with the flow of firefighters checking in.  Once I settled into my room I flipped the television on to see what the local news had to say. It was far worse than I had anticipated.  In under an hour of my arrival I looked out the hotel window toward the northwest and witnessed what made my heart sink into my stomach.  An ominous wall of smoke had built up and looked like it was going to swallow the city.  I didn’t know whether to stay or go.  Later I found out the event was canceled and was not surprised.  I stayed the night knowing I was surrounded by firefighters.  I checked out early the next morning, and while I was placing my travel bag into my truck, all those brave young men and women firefighters were standing next to their trucks – and with tears in my eyes, I thanked them for their service and said, “Please be safe.” They said, “Thank you, we will.”  

    Dane, I hope and pray that the good folks in Redding and surrounding areas, you and your family stay safe and well!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, IdahoAnnie, so sorry circumstances went so wrong in regard to the event and the still raging fire, so very sorry I missed you in Redding. Sending you a personal message now.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Idaho Annie, your reading your post brings tears to my eyes.  I so admire your tenacity and commitment to this all important issue. You are amazingly strong in heart and soul.  May God bless you and keep you safe on your travels home. Although sadly, the your destination/event was canceled, it was not for nothing that you made this trip.  God speed friend I have yet to meet. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Idaho Annie(I love that pen name), I am very proud for you. Your journey was not in vain, as you well know now. I am happy you got some "road time", each way, to reflect on your motivations and operations towards being a true anti geo engineering activist. I am very happy that you chimed in here and gave color to your journey in our modern times. And for what it's worth, I quit flipping a coin a long time ago. Often the toss to "luck" was not where I needed to go. But in your case, I am seriously glad you had an experience that you will not soon forget or let go of. You and your husband are welcome by my fire any time. Love and strength to you Idaho Annie, my friend I have not met, yet.

  12. Virginia says:

    Because of involvement with the Carr fire and trying to help friends of ours who lost home and all, I did not listen to Dane's weekly news alert until this morning.   Dane's passionate call for help from all of us on this planet is heartbreaking because there is so little time left to ameliorate the destruction so apparent that is being wrought on Earth.  His voice on this alert reflects his understood tiredness and frustration for many reasons; one, he, his family and Geoengineering Watch personnel must have worked so tirelessly and for so long to organize the Event that was ultimately cancelled.  This alone would be enough to try a man's soul.  But. then, the added ferocity of the Carr Fire in one's backyard is too much to bear.  I know all of the readers and posters on this site wish to express our warm thank yous to Dane and his staff and family.  We understand what a toll all of his operations take and hope he will find the energy and will to carry on.  A lot to ask of him, but what other choice do we have.  These are grim and dangerous times for all of Earth's people…let us hope and pray that we may overcome the peril and conquer those who are demonically possessed to impose  their evil agenda on us.

    All stay well, be safe and continue supporting the fight for our survival.  Peace.





    • Blue Sue says:

      Amen Virginia.  So well said. May Dane, his family, and all affected by this horrible fire be safe and find peace in spite of this insanity. 

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      How beautifully stated, Virginia! I appreciate Dane's stamina, intellect, and bravery for continually trying to wake up this too-slow-to-wake population. It is incomprehensible to me that the entire world is not coming together and making changes to save our planet in this emergency! I pray daily for the safety of him and his family.

  13. E. Rawlins says:

    My family lives in Redding, I just moved temporary from Redding (just before the Carr Fire) My family had to evacuate and are now safe. I want to thank you for yor huge efforts to inform people. This fire is as if its from hell its self. There's others that are acting in similar fashion, out of control and bigger and hotter than anyone can imagine. Thoughts entered my mind of "what is going on here? Why is its soo totally out of control?" Each year its getting worse. Many say its just how it is here. Yes an no, true that this area is hot and dry yet… I truly agree with what you say. The more I research the worse it really is. Its about control and this greed will end man kind. 

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: The fumes on an oil rig are highly toxic. This is like when you paint a room with latex or other petroleum based paints and feel horrible. Then you want to drink to numb the pain. As an artist landscape painter, I often painted my own rooms. Most — if not all — house painters by profession are alcoholics. It’s the way they deal with the fumes they inhale on every job. This may explain some of my father’s behavior towards me, because he spent years in the west Texas oil fields selling Ford trucks. My mother, who grew up on a farm in Grapevine Texas, used to say, “Yes honey, oil stinks. But it stinks good!”  Meaning it smells of money…$
    Coke, Meth And Booze: The Flip Side Of The Permian Oil Boom |
    … fastest-growing oil region in the U.S. is fueling not only the second American shale revolution—it’s fueling a subculture of drug and alcohol abuse among oil field workers.  The Permian shale play in West Texas is once again booming with drilling and is full of oil field workers, some of which are abusing drugs and alcohol to help them get through long shifts, harsh working conditions, and loneliness and isolation.  Drugs are easily accessible in the Permian, which is close to highways and to Mexico. For oil field workers making six-figure salaries, money is not a problem to buy all kinds of illegal substances to shoot, snort and swallow to get through 24-hour-plus shifts. The physically exhaustive work also sometimes causes aches for workers, making them susceptible to getting hooked on prescription painkillers.  The drug and alcohol abuse subculture in the Permian is a known—yet rarely reported or discussed—issue in the most prolific U.S. shale play, where oil production is booming, and relentless drilling attracts oil field workers from all over Texas and all parts of the United States.
    … The Permian’s drug of choice is crystal meth, a stimulant increasingly supplied by Mexican drug cartels, according to law enforcement officials who spoke to the Houston Chronicle in May.
    There is a strong correlation between the rise of drilling activity and the number of crystal meth seizures by authorities in the Permian area, Houston Chronicle’s cross-analysis of data from the Texas Department of Public Safety and the rig count shows.  Eddy Lozoya, a former oil field trucker and a recovering addict at 23, has recently found a job at a local department store selling shoes. At least for the next few months, he doesn’t plan to return to the oil field.  “I don’t see myself being able to work 100 hours a week sober,” he told the Houston Chronicle. “The oil field is tough.”
    By Tsvetana Paraskova for

    • Dennie says:

      Let's not forget the intergenerational legacy of that alcoholism and drug dependence.  Often it remains "hidden," and ignored, wreaking havoc on our perception of reality and communication abilities 😉  "If you think it's a problem, then it's a problem."  — Ruth Holly, M.D.

  15. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I watched quite allot of film footage of the CARR fire (s) yesterday and last night.  I don't know why I did this.  It was like getting punched in the stomach over and over again.  The destruction of forest and personal property is hard to grasp, even though I've seen it first hand…  You can't realistically "replace" a forest, and there is no way you can ever replace lost lives.  Most of these families will never recover… Ask those who lost homes and lives in Santa Rosa last year.  Many remain in limbo as insurance "underwriters" and National Security interests play games with intentionally vague verbiage…

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Paul – It does appear that, like so many public institutions that blindly receive money, the "social services" provided for these families are rife with corruption, fraud, and scams that allow the various organizations to feed off the tax-payer provided funds that are supposed to assist those in need, but instead go to clever self-serving thieves who know how to 'work the angles' and appropriate most of the money for themselves. Larceny.

    • Dennie says:

      "… ERM," it's not "just" that.  Many of the people living in Coffey Park were underinsured in terms of planning their insurance policy premiums for replacing in the event of total loss. That is a very well-known fact in this area.  It is not "corruption."  It is the cost of living in this area.  Ask the building contractors– $300/sq. ft. is the going price.  Sheesh.

  16. Black Cat Italy says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by the terrible fires. A lot does not ring true about what happened. We can all draw our own conclusions. It is part of the plan to get people off the land and into only a few designated areas for human habitation.

    We hope Dane and his family remain safe.

    104F in the shade of our pergola almost every day here in central Italy. I feel so sorry for the animals, wildlife and birds – they can find no respite. At least, we can shelter indoors from the heat but even then it is debilitating.

    The good news was that we have had lots of Swallow Tail butterflies come to dine on our Buddleia tree (from seed brought from UK). It is a life-saver for the butterflies and the few bees we see as there is very little else for them. Even the lavendar is dying.

    There are also very few lizards this year.  I noticed at the beginning of the year the lizards I did find were emaciated as if they could not find enough to eat.  We have a few mosquitos but have not seen the large hummingbird moths this year.

    Our thoughts are with everyone in the fires and their pets.


    • Jeanette S says:

      thank you for your thoughts for those affected by the fires. also for your report. I did ask dane what his bucket list is for next steps, if and when we get the ge stopped and that maybe instead of waiting for everyone to get on board and maybe get the ball rolling on hopefully should be the next steps now, simultaneously. One thing for me is to protect the earth's surface from the uv and sunlight, lack of moisture and heat. a priority would be no tree cutting, putting up canopies, tarps, arbors planting more trees to get the ground covered. tear up roads concrete get open soil again but these too need to be covered. Let the weeds grow; many are edible and medicinal and will be shelter and hopefully food for the animals. i know of a city that you need a permit to cut down trees. thank you again for your report.

  17. simone says:

    Mark just said it: We have been using the "WEATHER WARFARE" term for years on this site. It doesn't take a genius to see the obvious patterns developing here over the last several years. RANDOM (?) ignition due to heat, drought, etc??? BULLSHIT! These fires are not just collateral damage due to years of geoengineering. Weather warfare IS arson!! I'll say it again in case you didn't hear me.  Weather warfare IS ARSON!!!! 

    DANE,  PLEASE STAY SAFE!!!! Praying for you, your family and all good people who are now fighting against frying monstrosity. This hellish society has to go but thoughtful and learning individuals must stay. Let's roll up our sleeves and do our very best to bring this planet back to life! 

  18. Donna-AZ says:

    Dane, I'm really sorry to hear of the cancelation. I hope you are able to re-schedule or maybe get interviews with your guests.

    Almost everyday, for the month of July our monsoons have been stopped. "They" have been spraying us so much, then they put out high pollution "Ozone Alerts"  for the same days they are stealing our rain. I moved to Arizona 5 years ago, and had I known I was moving to "Smogville" "Southern California", I would have never come. I was born and raised in So. Cal. and I'm fully aware of what a high pollution day looks like, and it isn't the middle of the GD desert! 

    To the pilots, all the silenced order followers and the military babies, find your courage, before "OUR PLANET" is burnt to a crisp. 

    • simone says:

      We have been deprived of our fabulous vital monsoons  in Nevada as well…. We are so very dry and sick!!  

      Right to the point, Donna!  The military morons including commanders are well trained to be Suicidal….  this time- along with the entire Life on this planet.

  19. Bella_Fantasia says:

    South-central Alaska has been kept 'cool' with rain often over the last two months.  It seems like everyone is sick with a flu virus or bronchitis.  As it rains I've had many 'virus' symptoms, more than I've had in the last three years combined, and they can take 12 days to clear up; then it rains again.

    This year the sky has been slightly more blue than in the last few years, but we certainly never see the deep penetrating blues that existed before 2006.  Last night in a clear sky to the north, Venus sparkled with its multi-colored flashes like diamonds do.  But I was astonished to see a full Moon rise in the East with colors like I've never, never witnessed.  I had to look outside from the deck many times to check my reality. Through a surrounding haze that appeared tinged with pale pink and pale yellow, the bright, white Moon had craters colored greenish-blue, like the gems turquoise or larimar. As the Moon rose, the pale pink/yellow haze lessened, but the craters were still blue/green.  I'm really wondering if the monsters are adding bluish color to the aerosol formula. Sometimes we also see a pale green sky at sunset, like we did tonight.  It is strange too that the inside of my old, familiar clothes dryer (usually white) has suddenly turned slightly greenish.  It could be dye from clothing, but it's new.  I've had cataract surgery, so my color vision is fresh.  Would they try to dye the sky?  I wouldn't put it past them.

    • Jeanette S says:

      It is from the chemicals the pale pink ring around the moon. they have the nerve to think up a cutsie name for it…"moonbow", a phenomenon.

  20. Dennie says:

    My very modest contribution to GE awareness over the years since I first experienced the horror first-hand by acute barium poisoning has been mainly focused on one-on-one interactions with others who express a genuine curiosity at the strange weather and who show a real interest in honest discussion.  I always mention  There is a large display window at my teaching studio on a very busy surface street in north Berkeley, CA and I plan on keeping GE awareness posters taped in the north window with a stack to hand out nearby, embarrassed and complaining business partner or no.  I've done some booth time at the July Gem Faires in San Rafael last and this year (was too ill with respiratory symptoms, laryngitis and cough from heavy spraying to attend the third weekend of last January).  Not much action, really, compared to the Heavy Lifters who live nearby, who I am sometimes in contact with.  Posting here doesn't count as an "action," it's a social event.

    Mainly I've appreciated GEW as a share-your-experience of geoengineering forum, a place to communicate and learn along with fellow geoengineering-aware others.  It's a place to go to learn more about what's going on, to find it's a huge open secret, to learn what you can do, to witness the positive actions of others, decide what actions you can take and a place where you can even donate financially to the cause.  

    Although I have limited time and financial resources, being the sole provider of income that is needed to live in a money economy, so I'm unfortunately not able to make large financial contributions (tens of thousands of dollars) as some around me very generously have, or travel far and wide as the good people who run Gem Faire do, I am committed to continue to do these simple actions.  I continue to make what I see to be my main and most effective contribution to society, as a Classical performer of inspirational music when called upon and to continue to pass on the knowledge and skills of playing classical violin, because people need healthy spirits as well as healthy air.  

    There is a great need here for "effective" contributors of any news that contributes to the greater good.  The direction seems to be less as a space to share experiences, relax or blow off steam with fellow sufferers of the geoengineering onslaught and more of a space to report news, share links to news clips and laws, environmental information and environmental news.  It's never pleasant or helpful to hear a voice showing the strain, pain, terror and horror of literally watching the world melt.  In addition to being horrified by the fires, naturally, being a curious-minded person, I want to know how these start.  Let's hope that can be cleared up with the actual truth.

    Best regards to all

    • simone says:

      Dennie, I'm so grateful for your inspirational comment. You're such a wonderful teacher and a beautiful person!  In this world of hellish human madness, it is hard to find someone like you. Must say this outstanding built by Dane is the place!  Stay inspired, very well and very safe.  Bless you, your heavenly classical music and your wonderful spirit.  Simone

    • Hawkeye says:

      Yes Dennie, how do these fires start? My opinion is one of an observer only and just basic common sense, as I do not reside on the west coast of America and I am not any kind of expert with proof, but it seems to me that when you cover the sky with flammable chems then gravity pulls it all down to the ground to blanket all things and there is never (for years!) any rain to wash it away or keep horticulture moisturized, the slightest little spark of any kind is ignition because the incineration dust that is the blanket on all things is literally the equivalent to lighting a match over a sink full of gasoline, or flicking your bic as you pump gasoline.

      I would think in the case of all the many and massive extreme nature of these fires that isn't it obvious something other then just parched land must be fueling the flames for them to be so extreme and record breaking causing their own weather to be in some cases! We rarely get the whole truth on any news these days but the Carr fire was said to be started by a car malfuntion of some kind?, it is a probability with my opinion thinking applied. Any combustible spark could ignite easily. One of those side effects of their earth meds.

      Like Dane always says, you can't have a bona fide conversation about the climate without first acknowledging climate engineering intervention to the climate. Here in SWFL we are in the midst of the Gulf of Mexico and all direct access waterways to it dying from toxins. Red tide is on an off all year long for many many years and now we have it again so far for two months and growing, algae blooms every summer for 20 years or more in addition to red tide, and for one month so far but growing also. We are on the intercoastal river called the Calloosahatchee River with Lake Okeechobee centered in that river and connecting the east and west coasts of SFL. This "connection" was intervened upon and further developed by the army corp of engineering decades ago for commercial ships and war time ships travel. First mistake, changing nature.

      For over two decades these lake releases of fresh polluted water have been blamed for our algae blooms due to infrastructure on and around the lake requiring flood water control measures that consist of a dam and fresh lake water releases into saltwater.

      Pollution from big sugar agriculture chems, public fertilizers/pesticides, everglades natural filtration system completely revamped to meet mans needs, have all been suspected culprits in and around the lake water releases for the toxic algae blooms killing sea life and turning our waters into an eyesore and respitory nightmare beyond imagination! 

      Without also accounting for the blatant spraying of our skies aka climate engineering intervention,  global warming causing sea water temps rising too high, or and also the countless new never been used or tested mosquito spraying our FL skies on top of all the other suspects, they will never resolve our toxic algae blooms and increasingly prevalent red tides. Proof of this is, look at us, we are ruined as it seems Cal et al out west are also being ruined by fire. 

      So as you ask we too in SWFL ask, we'd like to know what is causing our waterways to perish and become pools of disease and harmful bacteria, toxic. Because we have banned by laws or reduced those suspected culprits to see things only get worse, so without including the chemical aresol dispersions of climate engineering of our skies that ARE falling via gravity in to all waterways and on all land masses, truth and proper resolve can never be had.

      In fact after so long here and waking up to real reality seven and a half years ago, the climate engineering operations must be the main source killing SWFL waters. We have passed fertilizer/pesticide ban laws to prevent further polluted run off into canals and gulf properties and they have played around with reducing fresh water releases for awhile too. Everglade restoration efforts have been and are still ongoing, big sugar has been under big pressure too, and the results are the situation has worsened, spread wider, and now is out of control. So then my opinion thinking is correct, the only other elements contaminating are what? I know. Our local officials know too, I told them and sent pics and complained, they ignore me. 

      So in your case Dennie and in my case and in all wacko environmental issue cases, there will be no resolve unless geoengineering poisons and frequencies are abrubtly ended. It is with a heavy heart and tears that I say this. I am watching beautiful precious marine life and birds perish daily. I can not bare it any longer but must. Google news of our waters, its out there! SWFL algae/red tide. No swimming, no fishing, dead sea grass, dead fish, dead sea turtles, dead birds, dead manatees and porpoises, people getting flesh eating disease and hook worms, coughing sneezing from the toxins, smelly ugly waters, ……. Ruined, a paradise it was is no more but people are so brain dead they think it will be fine just a bad summer. Well guess what dead brains?! No sea grass no life.

      When and if this red tide and algae do dissipate it sinks and covers the sea floor so no growth can come back. I really think this time we are done here. Only saving grace for business so far is people don't realize it yet. But look at our waters. Neon green slime! It is so thick its not even water anymore, and where the algae is not so thick in the gulf, that is rusty brown colored water with chunks of gross shit floating. From Tampa down to the Keys with my area of SWFL smack in the middle, river and the gulf contaminated for hundreds of miles. No, sorry this is not just from fresh water lake releases into salt water. That is the focused distraction of no resolve. The brain dead public screaming for the state and local gov to fix this! Ha!! Lol…… Duh, they are who broke it, why call on them? No penalize them and stop them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

      Quoting Dane again, what will it take to wake the masses up??!!!! Will the fall of their waterfront real estate do it? Because it is beginning now. Boat sales down sharply and many trying to sell their boats is happening this time, so real estate is next definitely. I wonder what the LA LA lander vaca folks will do this winter season? Will they come anyway? Resorts are taking a big punch now with many cancelations. Sorry but good! Wake up!!!!!!!

      They  behind all of this are like addicts with no bottom to scare them straight! Usually death is the final bottom for an addict if no other bottom was effective. So it seems to me we are not only dealing with psychopaths, they are psychopathic addicts addicted to chemical substances. How can we use that? 

  21. Jeanette S says:

    Hi everyone, we had geoengineering all day long the patches of ripples, fishscale microwaved clouds with the whispy clouds too. Later this afternoon evening we had the "streusel" bands; it was the silver planes with the four barrels billowing behind. I saw it with my own eyes and watched them spread to the streusel clouds (two rows of puffy border clouds with wisps going as lines between the rows, like a ladder with many more finer rungs. three huge bands. Oakland, ca. It was pitiful. alameda, ca had a street fair, all those people were exposed to that. I was going to say not even a peep but there were not as many people as usual. I did put leaflets at the freemagazine racks. Maybe that is where everyone was.

    I have heard both sides of the to cut or not cut non native species. we have two groups trying to save trees in our hills one is nativist and one non nativist both have good arguements. I personally believe in being a nativist but things have changed so rapidly in the last few years. People say that the trees are moving northward. and personally I still prefer native but we need anything to keep the ground covered and moist, we need habitat, cover for the animals, better the food ones for them, but if nothing grows in that area, how do I expect to breathe? we do not have the luxury of chosing and making things perfect. I am grateful for anything green still standing. Susan thank you for the smoke particulate info. the lake berryessa fire blew down into the bay area, just blows right across the top of the water. the smoke was at least down to san Leandro. I had a hard time breathing and stayed inside. I did not feel well for several days. and at Margaret…I think I have you beat…I called my congressman's office and got "huh", "what"?  the congressman himself says the same. remember this folks should he run for another office…of the official narrative. 

    Dane, I was also thinking about how we are running out of time and how you say there are many things that need to happen even if the geoengineering stopped tomorrow. Maybe we shouldn't wait on those items you deem important for when the ge stops. I was thinking maybe we should start on those now. I mean not lose momentum with the ge, but get the ball moving on the other things that are deemed necessary. what are they? so say the ge stops tomorrow, what are the next steps? Mine would be to get fresh water from the bay or ocean, we need our glacier and aquifier water back, compost potties fora everybody!, shade or arbors or something so that the ground and plants do not fry, if able to cover or take out buildings, especially roads to put gardens. what is your bucket list?


  22. marc says:

    It is with a heavy heart that I am witnessing this assault on Redding, California. I send prayers and well-wishes for you and your family, Dane, in the midst of this God-awful event. The anomalies continue to mount as firefighters are completely astounded at the unprecedented behavior of this fire, unlike anything many have ever seen in their entire careers. I can't remember the name of the health food store that you often work with but I hope and pray they remain unscathed. Truly dark turn of events….and you all know me….I'm suspicious as hell about the timing and the proximity of this Carr fire to Dane's well publicized anti-geoengineering event. While it remains true that any dufus lacking a brain and a heart could have taken it upon himself to commit arson in the area, my gut tells me otherwise. And I'm not buying the reports (of a car-fire starting the fire) we are hearing in some national news reports. Nonetheless, at the rate we're going there will remain NO forests of any size or continuity within a handful of years. It is becoming impossible not to feel the weight of certain doom pressing down upon each and every single thing any of us have ever held dear. I live every single day more heartbroken than the day before. And please spare me the pep-talks to lift my spirits. You all know goddam well what I'm referring to. 

      Since I was a kid I have been head over heels in love with this world. Everything about the "natural world". I have been fortunate enough to summit mountains, swim coral reefs, bath in rivers so cold and fresh my skin turned blue. Forests, deserts, caves, canyons, oceans….creatures of every genus imaginable….I've seen them all and loved every molecule. Of this I am certain: many, many of those who have commented here over the years have loved this world as much, if not more, than I. We all share so very deeply in this love. It is no mystery, then, that so many hearts are breaking every day as we are forced to witness military-style assaults upon so many different spheres of earthly life. That our planet has itself spawned this aberration of human behavior is perplexing and worthy of long contemplation. It could be rationally argued that we are a defective species. Why must the horrific sins of the very few contaminate the well-being of so many? It truly seems like these sins are not only on the increase, but the numbers of those willing to commit them are also skyrocketing. 

      Yep…… feeling pretty dark tonight about it all.

  23. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Dane, gracious, this weeks broadcast hit very, very close to home with myself in so much as our relationship with trees. "You and I and trees go way back". I remember questioning the lodge pole pine die off in the early sixties around the Winema national forest, Chemult ranger district. Back then, I was told it was the Japanese beatle. Being that it was a period of serious chemical ice nucleation in that region, I have no doubt, now that I know the facts, it was the chemical nucleation agents that were the problem. "The beatles are a symptom". I have found it easy to sell that fact at the booth. I once had a neighbor when I lived north of Sedro Woolley Washington, he had 40 acres of lush hardwood and conafir mix. He took one log truck load every two years, selectively, to pay the property taxes. He had been doing this for well over 50 years. His private forest was the finest of them all. I thought I might  have that here with my Ponderosa forest. Geo engineering has squelched that notion.

    I'm sorry I have not written sooner. You all have been on my mind for sure. This weeks market booth in Tonasket WA was a seriously awesome day for me and for my efforts in spreading awareness of geo engineering. I will humbly summarize with this. "It pays dividends to be in the same spot week after week". I wrote Dane a super email and then afterwards, I learned this weekends awareness event was canceled. Look up the Okanogan complex fire of 2015. It stopped a mile up the hill from me after almost 3 weeks of torture. I know what you all down there are going through. I sat for almost 3 weeks on my neighbors porch down on the main road and watched one useless rig after another roll up the valley. Mind you, they'd have been useful rigs if the tenders were out to actually work. My neighbor up the mountain from me was on his dozer 3 days before the fire arrived in his area. He saved all kinds of folks dwellings. When the DNR showed up and Cal Fire showed up, "finally", they told him to park his dozer. He politely told them to go jump in a lake and kept on dozing fire lines. That super hero didn't want for anything for almost two years. The people took good care of him after his deeds for the good of the many. I've met ranch hand fire crews outfitted to the hilt, "that were turned away from fighting the fires". A man showed up with a tank like vehicle that carried 1500 gallons of water and could shoot it out a water cannon. He was turned away. Look closely my friends, these fires are all about corporate response, not community response. "Before 'and' after the fact".

    Lastly here, I am still perplexed and flusterated over this weeks broadcast. I've written before, I love it when someone writes in something that makes me "think". Same goes for the weekly broadcasts of "Global Alert News". This week hit me right square in the middle of my "self". Trees… they are our common bond……….

    Love and strength to ALL, 'a' simple horseman

  24. Lori says:

    Today is absolutely unbelievable. I live in Lake County where 2 fires are raging today (7/29). The smoke cleared for a short while where I live (in Southern Lake County) and when it did there were planes going over SPRAYING trails!!!! Wouldn't it be amazing if they could use the planes that are spraying flammable particles for helping to put out the fires????? I'll never understand this!! Praying for fire fighters risking their lives.

    • BaneB says:

      Lori:  I too noticed the jets up and at it yesterday.  My thought of course was they are spraying a dessicant.  That dries out moisture and moves it eastward.  Therefore these weather terrorists are exascerbating  the problem they caused.  Can anything be more sinister?  The Frankingclouds were an all day feature with the oddest fake looking "clouds" that no rational person could possibly claim as a natural formation.  Very smokey here this morning as it has been for the last five days.  The truck is packed, and pointed downhill in case.  There was a small fire here the other day.  This forest is bone dry.  Stay safe.

    • Dale K. says:

      Yesterday, residents in the cities of Lakeport and Upperlake were informed of mandatory evacuations because of the Ranch and River fires which broke out last Friday at noon and 1pm, respectively. Could these two fires have been set off by one arsonist or a team? The distance between Potter Valley and Hopland is easily drivable in an hour.

      #RanchFire #MendocinoComplex [update] off Highway 20 near Potter Valley, northeast of Ukiah (Mendocino County) is now 35,076 acres and 5% contained. 
      Evacuations and road closures in place:

      #RiverFire #MendocinoComplex [update] off Old River Road, near Mile Marker Post 7.9, Hopland (Mendocino County) is now 20,911 acres and 5% contained. 
      Evacuations and road closures in place:

  25. Joseph L says:

    VSF: I am praying throughout the days for the safety and well-being of Dane & his precious family – along with all who are in harm's way, threatened by this terrible catastrophe. Sad to say, this is just the beginning. Earth on fire.

    I am copying Susan's words. I feel the same.  Susan brings alot to this blog every week along w so many other people.

    Hottest Four Years Ever? 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018?

    I posted your lastest Global Alert News on comment section and received no responses. So called progressive community is really asleep as the same for all the environmental groups. I get a better response handing out flyers right were I live.

  26. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Many people are now saying that they believe these devastating fires are being set by governments as a depopulation plan under Agenda 21. This is horrifying and despicable, to say the least. I have no other words for such madmen who would work for the destruction of humanity. It is incomprehensible to me and all other thinking individuals.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bonnie, it is important to remember and consider that the motives and agendas related to the climate engineering operations are complex and many. The attached link will provide one such example, FYI

  27. Margaret Schmidt says:


    I very much appreciate your weekly news alerts.

    I've followed your work for years, and wanted to say thank you for all you do.  Living on Social Security, I can't contribute financially, only with words of gratitude and support.

    Living in southern Arizona for the past 12 years, I regularly see chemtrails in the sky.  I discovered your website shortly after moving here, while visiting Tucson and seeing several individuals on street corners with signs referencing your earliest geoengineering videos.

    On several occasions over the past few years, I've written long emails with links to documentation on your website, to my local/state/federal elected representatives and a few state/federal agencies like ADEQ.

    The few who bothered to reply, generally referred me to other individuals or agencies (who I'd also written !).  I could only assume from their response that they are ignorant or apathetic or both, to pass the buck like that, and not one say, We'll look into it.

    If people continue with their heads in the sand on environmental issues like global warming ( I refuse to call it "climate change"), geoengineering, species loss, environmental degradation, and overpopulation, we may not be able to save our "advanced" civilization.  Mother Earth may knock any survivors back into the Stone Age.  But that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying.

    I hope that you will find the energy and the will to continue doing what you do.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Margaret, thank you so much for your support in this battle, your efforts to pass on credible data are exactly the kind of help we need in this fight. My deepest thanks to you and all other activists / individuals who are doing all they can to sound the alarm.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Margaret and ALL, "Now" is the time to take it to the streets.

      Be creative, be steadfast… Act upon your convictions….

  28. ron lech says:

    First I Hope your well and safe and family , next the enemy is flexing his muscle he certainly does not like your great efforts to keep exposing them day after day week after week with pre use alerts in detail , your persistence has paid off , you got there attention , God will watch over you and family your work is not done exposing evil no other word describes it , last note here in the out skirts of Cleveland Ohio we notice no Bees none few warps and a whole lot of trees dying and with severe mold and fungus on them also leaves already falling all burnt up !

  29. Christine says:

    my deep sympathy for every one around Redding and the entire fire area

  30. dominic says:

    every arson event, accident, or disaster is targeted.  I hope you are well.  If you're taking flak, you must be directly over the target.  the motives for these events need to be seen and exposed for what they are.  there are no "accidents", like if your front wheel comes off on the highway because the lugnuts were taken off, that's called "an accident".  This is always the same people at work, and maybe this is a chance for people to wake up to the realities of attempts at controlling the narrative.  "the media could be concealing the truth",  could, might, maybe, yeah, maybe they are. 


  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  The concept of an era of climate refugees is profoundly explored in the 1973 apocalyptic novel "THE CAMP OF SAINTS" by Jean Raspail, which rips the veils off the thin illusion of civilized life: "When man has nothing left, he looks askance at certainty. Experience has taught him that it is not meant for him. As likelihood fades, myth looms up in its place."  I sense we are moving into even deeper layers of self-delusion, denial and ubiquitous mendacity.

    The Carr Fire is a terrifying glimpse into California’s future
    “…the era of climate refugees.”

    July 29, 2018
    … fundamentally changing the way we live, and the way we prepare for and recover from natural disasters.  Many in Redding, for example, weren’t ready for a wildfire capable of creating its own weather system in their neighborhoods. They thought flames could never jump the Sacramento River and get into the city, in large part, because it’s never happened.  But old rules no longer apply.  Now everyone in California needs a plan to escape a natural disaster, and cities in fire zones especially need better emergency notification systems, better public education and better evacuation routes.
    … California must plan now for these and other aspects of global warming, as more of the state becomes too hot, too dry, or too fire- or flood-prone to safely live in, and as more of the world braces for the era of climate refugees.

  32. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: I am praying throughout the days for the safety and well-being of Dane & his precious family – along with all who are in harm's way, threatened by this terrible catastrophe. Sad to say, this is just the beginning. Earth on fire.

    “… wildfires spew methanol, benzene, ozone and other noxious chemicals."
    From NASA:  The Siberian area of Russia is experiencing a huge wave of wildfires in their taiga forests. Hot, dry weather complicates the outlook for getting these fires under control.  Estimates of the amount of land burning at present have been as high as ten million hectares since the beginning of 2018 which is 38,610 square miles.
    Fires are dangerous, of course, and do significant damage to the area where they are burning, however, smoke is dangerous as well and can spread so much more quickly than fire as evidenced by this satellite image showing the smoke from the Siberian fires reaching Canada.
    The smoke released by any type of fire (forest, brush, crop, structure, tires, waste or wood burning) is a mixture of particles and chemicals produced by incomplete burning of carbon-containing materials. All smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter or soot and is hazardous to breathe.
    Recently though, a study was published in Nature Geoscience in May 2017 which discovered that particle pollution from wildfires, long known for containing soot and other fine particles known to be dangerous to human health, is much worse than previously thought.  
    Naturally burning timber and brush from wildfires release dangerous particles into the air at a rate three times as high as levels known by the EPA, researchers at Georgia Tech found.  The study also found wildfires spew methanol, benzene, ozone and other noxious chemicals.   Residents that smell smoke or see haze in the air should take precautions against breathing too much of it and stay tuned to local air quality information.

  33. marc says:

     Just random fires marching across California due to 
    "incendiary" geoengineering fallout and relentless drought? Talk about "plausible deniability"!!! Fine, ok, but there is no one here or anywhere else on the net that will convince me that there isn't an "intelligence" behind the IGNITION of these fires. We have been using the "WEATHER WARFARE" term for years on this site. It doesn't take a genius to see the obvious patterns developing here over the last several years. RANDOM (?) ignition due to heat, drought, etc??? BULLSHIT! These fires are not just collateral damage due to years of geoengineering. Weather warfare IS arson!! I'll say it again in case you didn't hear me. Weather warfare IS ARSON!!!! I welcome any responses from other folks, here. However, if we continue to refuse to see what's right in front of our faces we deserve everything we have coming to us. These worldwide fires are by intelligent design and are thus one and the same as arson. Don't share this view? I could not possibly care any less at this point.

      One or two others have commented here about the anomalous proximity and conjunction of the Carr fire to Dane's Redding event. If anyone here DOESN'T think Dane Wigington's activism is not clearly on the radar of the "elites" (hate that term) then you are living in a dreamworld. Was the Carr fire deployed as "plausible deniability" to shut down the whole Redding anti-geoengineering public event? I'll let the rest of you spar over that one…..

       One more thing: the current Global Alert News is one of the best I've ever heard, though they are all very, very good. But the tragic progression of world events toward apocalypse was portrayed so powerfully, you could have cut it with a knife.

    • Barking Dog Desserts says:

      marc.  I agree completely agree with your point of view, and as a matter-of-fact, I believe your train of thought is right on the money!  Yes, this is war against the people of the world, of course, but it is also a war against the people of the USA.  This is as bad as was Hitler and the Nazis and extermination of the Jewish people.  Did anybody just hear my words?!!!!  There is a hidden, under cover group of decision makers declaring war on the people and it is worse than the Nazis against the Jewish, because the potential for immediate and long term death of people, plants, animals, and ecological zones are astronomically real and effective and happening now.  

    • Virginia says:

      My friends and I have been trying to find out more about the cause of the Carr fire, particularly as to the veracity of the "vehicular malfunction" which officials pinpoint as to cause.  We are looking for owner of vehicle, where and under what conditions this malfunction occurred, etc., to no avail.  If anyone can help in this endeavor, please chime in. 

      I live in Shasta County in a heavily forested area near Redding.  To see the devastation and loss of lives is weighing heavily on all of us in the area.  To the brave firefighters, we say God speed and thank you for your diligence and bravery.  To the loved ones of family lost, there are few words that will ease that pain, but, please know that our hearts are with you in this horrific, tragic time.  Bless you all.

      To all the posters who offer sympathy and concern, thank you for your sentiments.  Each and every word you write means much to those of us who are witness to this hellish situation.

    • Rhonda says:

      Thank you Marc! My sentiments exactly! This has ALL become as clear as the 'nose on your face!' I am STUNNED that the masses refuse to rise up against this. Absolutely stunned!                                                             

      And yes, although I look forward to, and glean much from every Global News Alert, this week was by far, the most compelling. Thank you Dane. Your emotions were raw and warranted. Your personal stories of past ventures in God's expansive and magnificent creation make this all so real and hard hitting. The current news reports from around the globe could leave only a fool to deny what is happening right before our eyes.     I pray for you and your family the full protection of God as you watch your home town being destroyed by nothing short of a premeditated attack. Please be sure that you are not alone in this quest for exposing and halting this heinous crime. God speed as you march on!

    • Dennie says:

      aluminum powder reaction with oxygen: 

      Description:  This is a highly exothermic reaction.  The heat melts the glass flask.  Aluminum burns with a bright white flame. "The large surface area of the powder encourages it to oxidize more rapidly."  

      Now imagine this, all that aluminum powder all over the place, sprayed 24/7/365, on a planetary scale….

    • Dutch Abraham says:

      Hi Marc, I hate the term "elites" also. I just use the term "satanists".  I think it's much more accurate.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Hi Marc, I am in total agreement with you here Marc and I can't understand why people can't see what is going on.  I don't care if people think I am nuts in what I believe is happening and I feel like no one in my immediate family wants to believe anything I tell them.  I am saddened beyond words that they are getting away with what they are doing.

  34. Michael Bierlein says:

    Im hitting all the new sites on Youtube that talk highly of Guy McPherson and Paul Beckwith. Leaving in comment section to look into Hopefully we can add a few new followers to spread the word

    • marc says:

      I don't bother to follow Beckwith anymore. However, McPherson is right on with all the latest data, with one bizarre exception: climate engineering. He will readily reference the masking of the "aerosol effect" due to the functioning of "civilization". But he absolutely REFUSES to identify (itemize) the leading contributors to this masking or "dimming" effect. The dude just won't talk about ongoing SRM, even though he WILL talk about geoengineering in the academic/scientific context as a fix that is being very, very seriously examined by the PTB. However, he continues to insist that all human activities are technically "geoengineering". And he would not be wrong about that. But I consider his arrogant obfuscation of decades of obvious atmospheric spraying and energy/frequency technology to influence weather and climate to be bordering on criminal, given his relatively newfound stature and influence amongst a burgeoning audience of people seeking knowledge about just exactly what is happening to our planet. He is in a position to radically expand public awareness of active geoengineering but apparently considers it a threat to his "brand". Pitiful.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Michael Bierlein:  I know it's difficult – in lew of current "conditions" – but be kind and informative within your YouTube comments.  It really riles the bastards when they can't pull you off balance… Use intellectual Judo.  That is: Allow them the opportunity to make complete liars of themselves.  Thank you for your comments and efforts.

  35. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 228th email, titled 'Gardening Stress'.

    1.  It is now just a waiting game to see if we get an Arctic BOE this year. The only area of the Arctic Ocean that has any semblance of sea ice is in the Central Arctic Basin (CAB), and that is about to start its annual rapid decline – well actually, it seems to have started 7 – 10 days early.

    2. The atrocities committed by the US/UN/NATO (and Israel, Saudi Arabia) backed terrorists in Syria and Yemen have gone up a level this week. The women and children captured from Al-Sweida (Syria) are now threatened with being burned alive, whilst in Yemen the reports of torture, disgraceful killing methods and deliberate attacks on civilians are definitely on the increase.

    The battle hardened White Helmet terrorists that are being relocated to UK, Canada, France etc will probably become sleeper cells to be activated when SHTF.

    3.  Notes to Self (week 81 of 104)As I sweat away in my greenhouses, watching lettuce and other crops rapidly go to seed because of the heat, I am reminded that some gardeners deliberately induce stress to trick a plant into producing more flowers/fruit. Some people cut healthy tomato leaves by a third to make the plant think it is being eaten and therefore needs to produce more tomatoes to ensure survival of its species. Deadheading roses is another example of this. 

    "The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises." 
    Leo Buscaglia 1924 – 1998.

  36. Cheryl says:

    Yes, deepest gratitude – and powerful protection for you and family.

  37. Pete says:

    What a week of so much extreme disaster with many wildfires and one that has prevented such an important event from going ahead, understandably so of course.

    My heart at all the devastation and loss of life over the world in these apocalyptic scenes is feeling so much sorrow.

    Here in Southampton UK, it is raining heavy right now and yesterday was very windy, the sky looked a mess, with many pockets of toxic looking plumes. Elsewhere there has already been heavy rain and thunder storms causing much disruption and seen reports of some flooding – this after many weeks of very hot weather with little or no rain at all.

    Look at this report as after this interruption from the heatwave it is set to return as Dane mentioned too.Think about how unnatural it is, although the rain is most definitely needed and certainly needed in other parts of the world::

    Bless you all, and you Dane, your efforts, determination, knowledge, compassion, courage & honor is truly remarkable & inspiring – we know you will never give up and we are with you until the end, whatever end that will be.

    Be safe all…


  38. helot says:

    There are almost, NO BUGS. I’ve lived in the Mississippi River valley of Eastern Iowa for most of my 50 year life. In that time, if you had an incandescent light bulb, or three, in your garage and you opened your garage door at this time of year, you were flooded with bugs galore. Moths, skeeters, other things.
    This evening, I turned on several incandescent light bulbs, opened my garage door, and waited. – There were a total of TWO no-see-um bugs.- Yeah, I’ve seen a Monarch butterfly or three this season, but hardly any other kind of butterfly, or heck, Not A Single Moth. ZER0.
    There are almost, NO BUGS. It’s kind of sad how, most people, couldn’t care less, or even want to bother with noticing. It all makes m3e think, those new cell phones, have turned them all into zombies. 5-G, to the moon.
    Also, there aren’t hardly any mosquitoes/ or wasps. Not that anyone would notice, but.
    Crazy world.

    • Anicca says:

      Here too, in SE Ohio. VERY few bugs of any type! Tehy are killing everything!


    • susan raasch says:

      No bugs here, less birds and very little wild life. We used to have healthy trees.  Not anymore. This is our future for the children and little ones without a voice being taken away.  We demand the spraying be stopped.

  39. simone says:

    In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

  40. Sharon says:

    Dane, I also wondered if Redding was targeted because of your very important meeting? Your information is so valuable. God bless.


    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, I hope everything went off as planned for the event. Sharon, you have echoed my thoughts also. It was reported this evening that there are 10,000 fire fighters working  the fires, which are nowhere near contained. I said to my husband- 10,000?!!- that's a small ARMY for God's sake! Prayers are with all out west (and elsewhere around the planet) as you endure the scorched earth policy being carried out by maniacs. Lots of jets out laying their filthy trails over us in northern Georgia today- they're forcasting rain by tomorrow night or Monday. Unusually cool and lack of humidity this evening here, especially for late July, and we have had an abundance of rain this whole summer. We are grateful for it but I know some of it belongs somewhere else. I wish I were able to send some to others desperately in need- but hey, I'm not running the climate engineering programs.

  41. GretchenThomas says:

     Dane, your relentless effort and passionate message always refreshes my determination to create some major climate engineering awareness momentum… one of these days it'll happen. I'm so grateful for you and all other fellow weather warriors out there who's passion for truth is shining light on the dark crimes our so-called "government" commits against all life on this third rock from the Sun.

    “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” 
    ― G.K. Chesterton

    I was once accused of being a zealot… I wear that badge of honor with pride, it means I'm speaking loud enough for people to hear.

    The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!”” 
    — Jack Kerouac,

    I watched KRCR live broadcast most of the day today and very early Redding time a reporter was interviewing a Tom and Melanie in Igo, I didn't catch their last name. Tom reported that the fire was on the ridge above his property for two-and-a-half days before Cal Fire showed up. I noticed their meteorologist Mike Kruger not once mentioned any weather conditions other than the temp, wind speed, and humidity. Did not once mention the lack of rain, odd for a weather reporter, n'est pas?

  42. Diana Hobart says:

    Dane, praying for you and your family, your property, safety and for those that have lost loved ones.  So sorry.  I wish I could order up rainfall from the weather makers.😠  I'm continuing to open up eyeballs clamped shut in So. Cal.  I'm off to Ireland soon for 2.5 weeks and will continue my quest there!

  43. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    NASA Worldview / July 28, 2918: The CARR Fire smoke and the aerosol sprayed trails over the Pacific Ocean.


  44. Gail~ Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    We all need to focus positive light & energy on this. Please everyone, see this conference in a thousand seat arena. This is just a set back. Something better will come. Dane & Family & all others involved at Geo engineering watch have earned this. My heart is breaking for you all. Thank You so much Dane for working so hard to bring this event together. You do sound tired. Great things are coming.  Let's image the fires being put out. Our minds are powerful tools.  Damn these programs!

  45. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    HI Dane,


    Please send your materials to Pope Francis at The Vatican, Rome, Italy.  He holds a pal climate conference each year and could pass on this information. Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I is also an outspoken person on the environment.  Thanks very much.

    Sister Gladys Marhefka

  46. At approximately 16:00 into Dane's deeply heartfelt presentation, he mentions the extreme heat waves now persisting  in Great Britain.  This is Not just random "coincidence".  250,000 persons recently gathered in London to protest against British interactions with the great orange clown, Mr. Trump.  These kinds of civil protest rarely reach mainstream publication in the American press.  Why is that?

    Anti-geoengineering activists should read the article below VERY carefully.  Please follow included links to case precedence.  Legal provisions within the American Constitution clearly state protections of life, liberty, and property.  Environmental protections ARE an “inalienable” right, period.  When “government” fails to protect common environments, the failed action violates provisions within the 5th and 9th Amendments.

    I’ve pointed out these fiduciary obligations of government in other posts, but Amurikuns have been potty trained to ignore anything unrelated to their iPhone APPS and feeling good about themselves… Everyone needs to wake up and smell the burnt coffee. > 

    A Climate Constitution in the Courts and the Streets

    by Jeremy Brecher

    June 8, 2018

    • For readers that are not following the money:  The protracted departure of Great Britain from the European Union is a key factor in the current geopolitical shuffle.  The recent Trump – Putin meetings were entirely for show.  Nothing was accomplished, other than to stage a media event.  It was boring at best.  Even Trumps follow up invitation was taken with less than a grain of salt.

      The BREXIT initiative affects NATO enforcement positioning and "alliances" pertinent to New World Order objectives.  The objectives are simple:  Plunge northern Europe into civil revolt via austerity measures, gather up the troops, and initiate marshal law to quell the disaster.  Same old moves, same old wars, same old death to Nations…

      All of this "processing" takes big money and various banking empires will be happy to provide the war "bonds" – with interest of course…    President's UK Visit 'An Opportunity for British People to Unite' Against Trump    What would be the effect if 250,000 protesters showed up in front of the States Attorney's General offices in various U.S. jurisdictions, and demanded investigations into geoengineering operations???  I'm pretty sure the Attorney's General would break out in a healthy sweat in no time at all.  I thought this was America, but I could be wrong… See my comments on previous pages for information regarding Grand Jury investigations.  You might learn something practical.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Paul, I do wonder what MSM you watch or read?  My newspaper as well as TV MSM I saw, covered that protest wonderfully well and it was thrilling, a quarter million people and the baby Trump blimp!  Loved it!  Trump was pissed, his feelings hurt.  Yes, of course, it would be thrilling here to see a protest like that one against weather warfare.  I really do not get why that is not happening.  Heck, why it hasn't happened in all this time, but for in US apparently we do not protest much, and were/are uninformed.  Perhaps all too tired, working all hours possible to barely survive?  I know for a fact how many I know who are put off by terms like you used here to chide them.  Perhaps if all had a situation like Dane's they could afford to speak out.  Even protest.  As it is, there is so much truly fake news, and some did show up here, especially given Trump, plus Obama rescinding the Smith-Mundt Act.  And again, thank you VSF for that one! many times over!  Perhaps someone should point out a country in which people are uniformly informed and aware and taking action against geoengineering?  Perhaps because this country is so very big with huge divisions in geographical areas, each with their own high priority issues, that makes it all the harder to unite all behind this one thing, even as important and American as this one thing is.  Or, outright fear of our military and government?  No one I know has the time for this.  I don't mean 'the time of day', I mean literally, to research, learn years of stuff, vetting Everything, then organizing, then protesting-if their job would give them the time off.  Dennie is an exception in all ways and she does use insulting terms and while I don't like it, I do admire what all she does and I get her frustration riding the crest of this wave that isn't.  Some of us are old, sick, disabled, unemployed.  We have the time and distance to rake others and this country over the coals.  I finally have an exceptional young female doc for general things and yesterday she was trying to find something on her computer which was too slow and so she asked her phone.  I won't have a cell phone, but as all else do now, I will admit it is handy for quick answers.  She IS aware, lets me know via agreement but will not discus as I am not there for that, time is precious, I'm not a colleague, nor a friend, just a patient.  But, having shown that I am a trustworthy patient and truthful and cooperative, she now trusts me and so when a prescription for nasal stuff for my allergies was recalled owing to glass bits in it, generic, that gave me the opening to express what I know about the CDC, drugs in general, why I distrust them, that my distrust is well founded.  I am surrounded by movers and shakers.  One doc I know well took umbrage at me saying people do not care, demanding to know how the hell I would know he does not care!  Well, that was a surprise.  It turns out he is aware and involved in some way against it but not about to discus such private stuff with me.  Yes, his precious reputation, but leverage is often based on reputation, as with Dane.  So, dude has a point and he is never going to speak out Here. But now I know he cares and is involved somehow against it.  Another close one just got promoted at a major hospital in neo natal units.  She will be in a position perhaps to make some changes, and so I push those issues, especially vaccinations with her as well as the dismal record the US has now regarding live births, deaths of moms and babies way beyond most other countries, saying she must now do something about all that!  Tall order to dump on a dear friend climbing the ladder to hopefully own home by retirement, but….    All this sort of networking takes time, time we do not have, but in many cases, just cannot be rushed and I now know more is going on behind the scenes with these people than I knew, than they would let me know.   However one doc did seem interested in what I had to say about the flammability of aluminum, which tells me he'd been focused on brain affects, his slice of pie.  Our excellent newspaper's article on the first case against Monsanto by a man with cancer from use of Roundup in his job, that recent article was read by my landlord who when he saw my daughter brought that up saying: your mom has been on this one as long as I've known her–and he was smiling and pleased and that would be 39 years and I'd been on that one far, far longer.  It really does bite how long it takes to accomplish Anything! it seems.  But no one seemed to care when I posted stuff that did work out, recently, like Bald Eagles back in Numbers along with other big birds, thanks to  offing DDT and lead bullets.  I spent oh so many years on that one.  I do relish the efforts that did work!  Gives Me hope.  But for there not being enough time.  But sure, insult everyone and see how well that works.  Be childish, call them Amurikuns, mention their potty training, tell them to wake up–they were up and headed to work at 5AM, but sure, tell them to smell burnt coffee, if you think that helps grow ranks.  I get the anger of course, but just days ago was myself an example of the degree to which that does not help, when I lost it, in public, at a guy saying he loves GMOs, me saying, well then, you and I have to have a fight.  Holy shit, people around us got nervous, no one backed me up, him young and physically fit, me not, I mean I made a scene which then I had to clean up and did.  I didn't even really hear the first 100 plus words he said after saying he loves GMOs, as I was primed to flip, but I recall the gist which was in fact correct as he rattled off hundreds of years of messing with plants which is true.  His girl friend made him stand outside as we went in the crowded best bread bakery Anywhere and when I exited he was staring at my car.  I went over and said: Hey, GMO, why are you staring at my car?  He said because it was exactly like his very first car and what a good car it was, and then added: I didn't think you would speak to me.  I said, of course I will speak with you and we car chatted until his girlfriend came.  My bad.  I should have told him that what he said at first was correct, and in many ways I'm not a fan of messing with breeds of this and that, but my main issue is with Monsanto.  I should have given him some credit which then could have lead to the larger issues where we might have agreed, who knows?, we never will.  Heck, I could have just jumped from messing with plants to skies but for being too riled up, but gee, many would have heard, but with my anger as background.  Insults and anger do Not help, but for venting and we all do need some venting now and then.  But, you don't know what you don't know, it is wrong to assume, and to weaponize that assumption.  Not helpful!  You know how much I value your offerings and sympathize with your health issues and why.  I want people to see what you offer.  But those people will not come here.  That is my point.  It really frustrates me.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Rachel Robson:  I read your post carefully, and agree with certain aspects regarding my "chiding" comments.  I chide people for shock value, period.  I don't do what I do to win popularity contests or get a thumbs up on Facebook.  I attempt to inform and/or inspire, rather than smack people with the types of crowbars, bricks, and bullets, that have become the only available social tools in other lands…

      I ridicule Amurikuns, because out of all the countries of the world, America has the most practical "Lawful" chances of saving us all.  The rest of the civilian world is facing State level censorship that makes our country look like a rock concert in the early 70's…

      My ears are roaring with grid and HAARP based infrasonic noise as I write this reply.  I am often awakened out of a dead sleep with infrasonic warfare in the wee hours, and know damn well my neighbors for two hundred miles around are most likely being jazzed with the same methods of psychological and physical warfare.

      When I am able to go out in public, all I see are dazed and debilitated zombies with puffy eyes and complaints of leg cramps, diabetes, heart murmurs, skin rashes,  insomnia, and on and on. These are not old people. The majority are medicated and helpless…

      I don't go to doctors at all, and will refrain from citing the vast magnitudes of technical evidences our medical "professionals" neglect to bring to their offices…

      The coffee pots of America exploded into flames about 1913, and by 1933, the great Satanic hero (Roosevelt) made sure the American dream would remain a nightmare until further notice.

      No legal "professionals" seem to have enough time to do anything but chase ambulances or pally around with their stock brokers on the well tended (and green) golf courses of suburban America.

      I've become a very irritable person… I appreciate your post.  Thank you for writing.

  47. John says:

    You hit the nail on the head about liability, Dane, as it pertains to denial and deflection of blatant truths.  I’ve been saying that for countless years.  Mammoth monopolistic corporations and governments have a very well defined risk management architecture that is only defined as far as they have been able to negotiate with their respective law makers via aggressive special interest lobbying and campaign finance laws that exclude the welfare of their own people.  Therefore, they feel they do not have to have literally any accountability for their irrational actions, as they can simply dismiss it with their money within the US court systems utilizing confirmation bias via outdated laws that have almost no current day relevancy, and convince many otherwise innocent people that their own individual welfare relies solely their own actions, and not collectively as a society.  Then, turn around and manipulate us into believing that our losses are simply because we haven’t tried hard enough or worked hard enough…which is also reinforced by the medical industrial complex that is the epicenter of being incentivized by insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry to keep their respective mouths shut and look the other way to be able to maintain their lifestyles and DEA numbers…all with the same tunnel vision intended bias to maintain and reinforce the status quo.  This has been reinforced by most of what I’ve experienced my entire life. 


    Many future generations (however that’s even defined or perceived anymore, given the current trajectory) are being programed and sold selfishness, materialism, lies, and reinforced not to acquire any critical thinking logic regardless of the evidence directly in front of them.  It’s being paid to ignore reality, essentially.  While, historically, we could pass that off as simple ignorance (with everything presented online today didn’t exist openly decades ago), there’s just not the same excuse to continue to do this today.  As long as we all have our drugs, alcohol, for happy hour and the weekends, (as one direct method of pacifying populations), it’s all smiles and laughs until the s*** hits the fan.  For many of us, that’s already been the case for many years…and just waiting now for that final shoe to drop financially or otherwise. 

    Be safe and well with the wildfires out there!

  48. Sister Gladys Marherka says:

    Hi Dane,
    Thinking of you often and your family. Please keep safe.  How close is the fire to your home? Please blow it far away! And Stop it!
    Sister Gladys

  49. Sandra Marie Beebe says:

    Dane, May God bless and keep you and your family safe…  Dear Lord watch over this most wonderful man and his family!!  Thank you for all you do and continue to do..  I've shared again and again…  !  

  50. Star Messenger says:

    Hang in there Dane,  I feel your pain and exasperation over the cancelation of today's event at the Holiday Inn and your on-going effort to alert the world to the looming disaster of naturally occurring and artificially induced Climate Change.  But cheers, anyway.

  51. Julie Loewy says:

    So sorry Dane that the fires are happening in your home town.

    my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Thank you for your heroic work in this battle. 

  52. Alan says:

    Network TV news said there were five fires burning in California yesterday.  Actually, according to CalFire, there were 26.  NOAA said the ocean temperature off of the North San Diego County beaches was 70-72 degrees two days ago.  The lifeguards said it was 80-82.

    At what point will the federal government and their owned media start to begin to get ready to commence to even THINK about telling the truth, if ever?  It is a very dangerous and misguided strategy to keep the public in the dark on existential issues.  They should reassess.  Immediately.  

    • Dale K. says:

      Quoting the immortal words of Hall of Fame baseball great Yogi Berra, It's deja vu, all over again (a repeat of the Sonoma County and Ventura County fires from 2017).

      Unprecedented' Carr Fire doing things firefighters have never seen before

      Redding Record Searchlight

      A Carr Fire official with the National Park Service says the blaze outside Redding is doing things even veteran firefighters have never seen before.

      Commander: Carr Fire defies 50 years of fire history

      The Carr Fire's behavior and direction of travel is not consistent with past fires in the area, a Cal Fire official said. 

      Redding Police Chief: Portions of Carr Fire look 'like a tornado'

      Redding Police Chief Roger Moore has been in law enforcement for about 30 years, but he says the Carr Fire is "like something I've never seen before."

    • Roma says:

      Maybe one media person has – I was watching a video on our main news site TV One New Zealand and the anchor and his female co-host were chatting about something, I forget what, but "chat chat "now that's something we need more of – apart from oxygen and ozone – chat chat" etc.  Sadly I doubt that many people would have picked up on it.

      My most heartfelt sympathy for those whose lives are being devastated by the horrendous fires in Redding.  Lately it seems there is one catastrophe after another around the world.  When will people wake up?  What more will will it take?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Alan, Well, again with Obama rescinding the Smith-Mundt Act in 2011-2012.  Which I only learned of via VSF here and yet another reason why I love this site!  Truth does come out here in many ways.  That act, from 1948? guaranteed us freedom of information on radio and TV and newspapers.   Gone now, who knew?  It was said the waters off the Bay here are very cold and I found that surprising.  Clearly our federal government doesn't want us to access truth or they would not have rescinded this important act everyone took for granted it seems.  Like air?, taking air for granted?  Obviously our government was hip to what might come down the pike.  And actually, keeping the public in the dark has worked rather well for them.  Let the light shine!!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dale K., Hey, gotta say that I so hope this opens Searchlight's eyes!  I mean given such destruction, such unusual fires-and last year's remarks on fire tornadoes, that is not brand new, but is building in strength for all to see and question!  And, enter Dane!  As much as this was a disappointment for all coming, looking forward to, oddly, perversely the fires lend themselves, teaching with emphasis what all Dane has to offer, setting up a remarkable opportunity–not to steal suffering to further agendas here, but to inform!  Sweet!  I know, horrible, but…!  It did happen, and Dane has All the answers to these questions and 'always' has and he warned and no one listened.  So?  This single handedly makes for a much bigger 'event' to inform, at which ears, minds may open!  I am clinging to the glass half full!

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      The site Weather Underground provides accurate temperatures for every hour of every day, and people can go there to find that information. That is how it was learned that the mainstream media was lying when they talked about "hurricane force winds" when the wind speeds had been from zero to 14 mph. We cannot trust the MSM and have to find out things for ourselves.

  53. Terri Scheinuck says:

    I am praying that spirit protects you & those you love.  I will be paying close attention to this Redding fire.  The very best of luck, take care, we all need you Dane.  You are a guiding light in an otherwise dark, dim world.

    • Frederike says:

      It needs more than a spirit to protect people from this fire. I would suggest that citizens in every community get together and start building a resource, vehicles, personel, etc., for fighting fires and other disasters.

  54. Dennie says:

    The new rash of fires are even more terrible news still.  It's getting harder to bring the insanity to the attention of the public in the face of the stress, heat, smoke and flames, against a background of crazy politics and a crazier military grabbing at the last of the petroleum in order to keep The Game going, and even crazier "science" fixes for the melting ice caps, and all the usual silly distractions like sports teams and world cups, great jobs, houses and fancy cars.  It's getting harder to sort through the reality of what's going on and deal with it all in a consistently "civil" manner, especially in the face of all the insane ideas we hear about how to fix the problems and who is really to blame for it. 

  55. Don says:

    The carr fire does not pass the smell test.  Maybe it is legit, but look at the other too numerous fires,  especially the Santa Rosa fire that was questionable.  Cal fire and their illegal financial funding appears questionable as well. We are all looking forward to a new date and time and place for the Geoengineering program.

  56. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Nuclear power plants fail in heatwaves
    July 28, 2018 / From Mark Austin  Here at work we also have the fact that all older nuclear reactors and spent fuel cooling ponds hit a tipping point when temps are steadily over 37 to 44c. Yet all federal safety standards have recently been De regulated in order to increase energy company profits.  Despite monthly warnings that NASA and all agencies see an abrupt impact event by 2023. Please copy and share this. Last chance year for more than 1% of the human race to understand that nuclear power consequence management is serious.  Chain reaction meltdowns will impact earth beyond any other effect of methane burps. Radioactivity eats ozone and oxygen. The half life of isotopes is thousands of years destroying the chances of any future evolution!

    Hot Weather Spells Trouble For Nuclear Power Plants
    NPR, 27 July, 2018
    Nuclear power plants in Europe have been forced to cut back electricity production because of warmer-than-usual seawater.  Plants in Finland, Sweden and Germany have been affected by a heat wave that has broken records in Scandinavia and the British Isles and exacerbated deadly wildfires along the Mediterranean.  Air temperatures have stubbornly lingered above 90 degrees in many parts of Sweden, Finland and Germany, and water temperatures are abnormally high — 75 degrees or higher in the usually temperate Baltic Sea.
    … Nuclear power stations in Sweden and Germany have also reduced production because of cooling problems, Reuters reported. A spokesperson for Sweden's nuclear energy regulator told the wire service on Tuesday that the Forsmark nuclear power plant in Sweden had cut energy production "by a few percentage points."
    Cooling issues at nuclear power plants may get worse in the future. Climate change is causing global ocean temperatures to rise and making heat waves more frequent and severe in many parts of the world. A 2011 report by the Union of Concerned Scientists warned that warmer seas could affect the efficiency of nuclear power plants, noting:
    "…during times of extreme heat, nuclear power plants operate less efficiently and are dually under the stress of increased electricity demand from air conditioning use. When cooling systems cannot operate, power plants are forced to shut down or reduce output."
    It's not just warmer oceans that could spell trouble for nuclear power plants. Climate change is also producing more powerful storms and contributing to drought conditions, threatening facilities on coasts with wave and wind damage, and reducing the amount of water available to plants that cool their reactors with fresh water.

    • simone says:

      Thank you for bringing this crucial information! I'm sharing it… 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, You have nailed my biggest fear for Earth, one I've had for a very long time, so very obvious.  And of course a main issue behind cyber warfare.  Nuclear plants are so difficult to shut down but some have been and all need to be.  Who needs nuclear weapons now?  No one. They too have to go.  None of us can risk all this.  Nor can we risk waters to cool Face Book crap, and all of National Security storage information on our every move and chat.  Our history just as mundane citizens would seem more valuable than we are.  Insanity all.  So very short sighted.  And, while we are at it, let's get rid of the damn dams!

  57. Chris Kniel says:

    Hello Dane,

    Today's Financial Times (28 July 2018) has the feature article about climate change, "FT Big Read.  Weather."  Of course it is silent about Geoengineering.  This would be a great opportunity for an article from you to inform at the world wide leaders and readers.  The FT has a daily worldwide circulation of about 2 million people.  It is the global equivalent of the Wall Street Journal.

    Cheers, Chris K

  58. Catherine J Frompovich says:

    Can the Redding fires be 'pay back time' since that area is Dane's home turf?  Remember, the crazy 'forest fires' that melted car tire rims but did not burn trees in No Calif wine country where other activists lived?

    Thank you, Dane, for all you do.  Blessings and Divine Protection to you and yours, and to all the "boots on the ground" fighting these horrific fires.  May higher consciousness prevail for enlightenment of all.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Catherine, thank you for your support in this battle. Yes, many factors have converged to fuel these unprecidented firestorms. The attached link will provide more data on this subject that is applicable. FYI

  59. Russ Elder says:

    Dane—–I am so sorry. Please stay safe. Prayers your way my friend

  60. karen warner says:

    Our prayers are with you and yours Dane!

  61. silla says:

    Dane, Makes one wonder if Redding was targeted bc of your event and the ppl speaking at it. Hope you and your family are safe.

    question; do you think fires in calif are helped along by the tree die off (due to geoengineering) everywhere, it's tremendous and massive, w some trees more flammable w sap.


    • Jeanette S says:

      That occurred to me too Silla. but it is hard to say, with the trees all dry and all. I was also going to say to dane that since everyone is there maybe record every speaker and just audio for some of the q and a speakers and I am certain some attendees have made it there and record their questions and the answers that are given. since everyone's schedule accounted for this day and they are all gathered together. speakers, special guests and attendees. we may never pass this way again and even if we reschedule the event, everyone here now may not be able to make it and who is to say that fires will not happen then? they seem to be year round which is suspicious in itself.

    • Frederike says:

      What an awful thought. But….

    • Rachel Robson says:

      You guys, really?!  Sheesh!  Have you not been listening to Dane, or for how many years?!  He has explained aluminum's flammability again, and again.  You do know how long it's been going on, the effect on trees and All?  Car rims?  Would they have been made from aluminum?  What happens when an aluminum fire meets aluminum everything in and around house?  Frankly I'm surprised Dane's area has escaped such a fire like this, this long.  All of California is and has been burning up, now ferociously.  And not 'just' the endless spraying we get, but also the water we don't get, which obviously these trees did get at one time, else all would be desert and may yet become deserts.  That rain was diverted again and again and again.  It is true that our government hates CA.  Pesky unruly California which keeps insisting on going its own way which is seldom the government's way.  Between them, dams and fracking we've not caught a water/rain break in oh so long and even the scientists involved were shocked to find the trees more dead than they thought.  They thought?  That is novel, but worse, they thought they could do this and such horror would not happen, because their freaking calculations were wrong!  Until a year and change ago they  did not know trees and plants sweat under stress!!!  Because that was Not their field.  So they would not even know that aluminum makes the soils acidic and that these trees Hate that!  Killing them more dead.  And that is what passes for science these days.  Compartmentalized to death.  Why, here, always always people jumping to your thoughts expressed?  Makes no sense but for seeing conspiracies everywhere and there is that, but this one makes no sense at all.  However, the mega lack of rain  does and I'd suspect even moreso since 2013/14 when the navy's war games along our coast began–wild guess, they wanted 'tame' seas.  I might even suggest they might be pleased at some deforesting.  But think of the costs here, outright deaths of course, but long term, this is yet another huge financial burden on all.  Close by were raging fires in Oregon.  And, hey England was not the only place impacted by heat in Europe.  What Dane has been teaching is in part how global this insanity is!  What purpose would it serve to stop Dane's event for <1,000 people who already know and appreciate his work?  Makes no sense at all.  But, Dane does.  And collapse is under way, all things hot and on fire or under water from oceans world wide.  That is rather The Point!!!  And well made past weekend, at Redding and everywhere.  Kudos to Dane for keeping his cool in this nightmare. 

  62. Wrightson says:

    Here in Maryland we heven't had a clear day in weeks! We have rains and flooding, and even with the cloudy days these pigs keep spraying areosol all over the skies! These people are destroying America! It really seems like people are blind! One day soon they're going to wake up,let's hope it's not to late when they do!

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      And does it never occur to these devils that they are going to go down with the rest of us????? I cannot comprehend their total idiocy! Is greed overpowering their logical thinking?? That those who are destroying the earth are committing their OWN suicides? As a rational person, I cannot get my head around this at all, and I've thought about it for hours and hours. It just makes no sense to me that lust for power and money overrides common sense logic! I have no more words for this incomprehensible insanity!

  63. Susan Morgan says:


    Is it possible that a fire accellerant has been introduced in the geo engineering aerosols that have been spraying from above upon all our national forests, which would possibly be causing these fires to behave the way they are? These fires seem as though they have taken on a life of their own. Just saying……

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Susan, in regard to your question, the attached link will provide more data. FYI

  64. Ashley says:

    Thank you is just not enough to tell you for everything thing that you do. You bring tears to my eyes. I send you all my love. I march in this battle with you. I am so sorry the event had to be canceled, as I have tried to attend this one my family and I will do if there will be another. I send you so much love Dane you keep me going. 

    • Marie says:

      There are a lot of video's on Youtube that show exactly how to build a CB. The resin costs around $30 or so. Cheaper at Auto Zone. Either polyester or fiberglass will work. Costs $37 at Home Depot. 

  65. Susan Morgan says:

    Dane, so sorry for what your town is going through. It seems as though the whole State of Jefferson is under fire literally. I live up here in Rogue Valley, surrounded by fires and in a bowl of thick smoke. Double jeopardy when climate engineering aerosols are in the mix of all these smoke particles we're inhaling. There's no escape from it. I'm keeping you all in my prayers, including all our first responders, hot shots, smoke jumpers and firefighters for safety and protection. Stay safe and be careful. God bless you for keeping us updated. Again you are all in our thoughts and prayers. 

    • Hello Susan Morgan and others who may be down wind from these intense fires. > Be aware < that multiple geoengieering contaminants are already present in the forest.  Many of these are highly incendiary and toxic.  Fire suppression chemicals are also biologically toxic in concentrated smoke.  PLEASE protect yourselves and loved ones.

      I posted protective mask information on Dane's June 29, 2018 page:  Paul Vonharnish says:

      June 29, 2018 at 3:12 pm


      Hello to you from Minnesota.  Good to see new reader comments.

  66. Pip says:

    Yes Dane

    We have had a sampler of this in the UK -10 weeks of blistering heat with no rain- upland wildfires . And predictably the Press and media here the paid liars of the Global elite are running these narratives: Wildfires and deluges high winds etc are a result of Global warming caused exclusively by Humans.– Bullshit!

    We all know that global warming is a concomitant of geoengineering

    Hired assassins illegally spraying us by day and night with a cocktail  of toxins. I don't know why people are so unreceptive to reality!

  67. Julie Leconte says:

    Thank you Dane.  After the devastating King Fire in El Dorado County a few years ago my eyes were opened.

  68. Rodster says:

    There are those who have just learned about Geoengineering, there are those who know it’s been going on for decades and then there are disingenuous frauds like David Keith and Danny Hillis who are proposing Geoengineering but don’t want to admit it’s been going on for decades.


  69. simone says:

    PLEASE BE SAFE!!!!!!  

  70. LInda says:

    Since tomorrow is not ours….. now is the time to search. “ Dane Wigington interviews Andrew Wakefield”  Listen and open your heart to the wisdom that you hear. Then act.

    Be safe Dane and all.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thank you for your support in this battle, Linda, the link of the Dr. Wakefield interview is here, FYI

  71. Guy Miller says:

    Hope you and your family are staying safe; what an awful situation in Redding.

    • Little Sis says:

           Constant Prayers for Dane and his Family…my Hero, Our Hero, an Honorable man certainly!!!  Prayers also for sooo many others who support him in everyway…always…we know you are also there…other big Brothers and Sisters from whom I am very thankful for your teachings upon this site…I am still learning, and grateful to Dane and 'All' for those lessons…keep sharing all you can upon this site the world is expanding I see with it's willingness to learn now.  We must come together and stay together.  I sow seeds everywhere I can.  My Heart, however, is still aching from this yet another insanely stab from he demons' knives…yet, we KNOW how to Heal…AND WILL!!!  So this little sis will leave Dane…and All you other wonderful world Family here…Know my Prayers are Strong and CONSTANT for everything needed by All involved !!!  AND Including the Homeowners and Fire Staff = ALL Effected by this CATASTROPHE !!!   MANY THANKS to you, Dane, my Hero, Our Hero…an HONORABLE Man !!!    Get REST and Good Nourishment…the LOVE is being Sent to you and your's by ALL, and to ALL. 

      GOD's GOod Blessings to All, 

      Your Little Sis

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