Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 30, 2018, #151


Dane Wigington

Over a half century ago former president Lyndon Johnson (vice president at the time) stated: “he who controls the weather, controls the world”. But what about the consequences of climate intervention programs? Few yet understand the gravity and immediacy of what is unfolding by the day, the latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Now more than ever we must keep up our pace in the critical battle to expose the insanity that has already reached epic proportions. Taken as a whole, and I do acknowledge there are exceptions, the human race is behaving like an aggressive cancer that is consuming the planet at blinding speed. Climate intervention programs should be considered the epitome of human folly, exposing and halting these programs must be our top priority. Share credible data from a credible source, help to wake those around you, make you voice heard.

An important reminder of the upcoming climate engineering awareness event / forum in Northern California, July 28th, 2018, hope all who are able will attend. For more information click HERE:


We wish to thank Jeannie Wheeler and Ben Billings for their "Take Back Our Sky!" kiosk, set up at the Farmers' Market in Taos, New Mexico (6/30/18).


Out most sincere thanks to anti-geoengineering activist, Tom Keith, for helping to sound the alarm at the Davenport Freight House Farmers' Market, Davenport, Iowa, June 30th, 2018.


Our thanks to Mike Torrence for continuing with his efforts to raise awareness at the Tonasket farmer's market in Washington State (6/28/18).


Our thanks to activists Rick Dubov (left) and Brian Nibley (not shown) for their efforts to raise awareness at Venice Beach, California, on 6/23/18.


This week's outreach booth is at the Lane County Events Center, Eugene, Oregon, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


112 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 30, 2018, #151

  1. Maria R says:

    There is a website put on by some church group that keeps up with all the animals that are dying with articles and news reports from all over the world you guys should see, It goes back 4/5 years………Mass animal die off's is what I found it under………I would link it but I honestly don't know how……

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Maria, thank you for pointing out the “Mass Animal Deaths” site, here is the link:

  2. Sandy Patrus says:

    I just got back this week from spending a week in my old home town of Pgh, PA.  My husband and I went there for our nephews wedding.  They have been having torrential rains and floods and I hope I shed some light to both sides of the family as to why this is occurring.  They almost never have blue skies anymore there, and I am so glad I moved away almost 11 years ago.  My brother-in-law, whose son was the one that just got married, has been dealing with a flooded basement, which was just remodeled into a gameroom.  Forty years he lived in that home without a drop of water coming in.  Wether or not anyone believed what I told them about the geoengineering going on, at least I put the thought in their heads and they will pay more attention to their skies. While there I visited a cousin who just found out she has a rare form of cancer that is only found in males in Africa…now how on earth did she get that?  It is very, very sad that we are now the victims of all the poisons our government is dropping down on us and getting away with it!

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      I forgot to mention that on one of our flights back to Santa Fe, I believe it was the one from Pgh to Denver, I had a window seat and could not help but notice that the skies above the plane were blue and below the plane was a solid blanket of white…and it wasn't clouds.

  3. Jeanette S says:

    Hi everyone, beaming in from Oakland, I did not want to wait till tomorrow. Our sky has been those lovely whisp "check mark" clouds and the fish scale ones from microwaving in two directions. I believe it may have been done over the ocean some white check mark fluff ones but they seem to always be with the fish scale clouds one dispersion the other the after math? these microwave stations are supposedly on coastline and if they point out to sea some with be missed could that be the occasional fluff and ripple clouds (one direction. I hope it is not over land. they have done this to us all day.

  4. Jeanette S says:

    trees in the adjacent school yard are cut down, minus a few. then at work about half the branches, now in summer have been cut off one tree. in summer the WORST time to do so. watch your skylines over roof tops, I can't believe how stupid people are. the trees will save us and the morons cut them down.they take them down on a whim when they should be kept up at 98% of all costs. If I had dead trees I would grow english Ivy on them. Its that bad. grow vines on them for shade.

  5. Mary Hollowell says:

    I hope the U.S. military official can shed some light on the collusion.  It's time for an explanation for the large numbers of retirees & young veterans in college classrooms. What is the origin of the excess military license plates? Why don't more people notice the convoys of tanks rumbling by on the rails & highways (not to mention the aerosol geoengineering of our skies)? Who sanctioned wargames? Why do military spouses avert their eyes?  I can't imagine what they are being told to maintain this degree of silence.  End of rant.

  6. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was farmers market #9, 15 more to go, this year. Summer arrived today!, Yep, it did, "right on schedule". A 27 degree F difference from yesterday to today. It was 97F this afternoon at the market. The UV, I guaranty, was off the charts. The long range schedule says we're in for what the rest of you folks have been getting. "Blue region, Gone". A lady passed by the booth with a large umbrella in hand and I asked her, "do you know what you're doing with that thing?". "You're keeping off the solar rain". "Do you know about 'solar rain' or UV radiation?" Four different flyers and one DVD, a nice conversation and she was on her way. She lives down the valley from me. Here's an excerpt from an email I sent to a friend of mine that is also very aware. "I had a few return visitors today. I offered a flyer to one older gal passing by and she said, "no, I got one last time I passed by". My reply was, "So what have you learned since then?" (That's just my style coming through). I am proud of the answer I got. That gal said, "I learned enough to know that we need to start paying attention and telling others what's happening, "up there". I'm sorry I did not recognize this woman right off. I usually always remember a face and where I saw it. Names? Forget it. She and 2 of her friends had a lengthy conversation with me 2 weeks ago. Folks, we all must be good teachers. We don't have a choice. What we have to teach is a hard pill to swallow, yet it is the truth(s). We all owe the truth the where with all to remain calm, collected and as informative as the student can comprehend. Never add to much pepper to your stew. Just a little bit will do the job. One can add more if they choose. Just like all of you did that are reading these words. Just make a good stew. Point is, it all started as a seed in our minds and grew from there. It is up to all of us to recreate those seeds of thought by planting them in fertile soils. Some soils need mending. I always tell folks that take a few flyers, "if you have any questions, come back and see me, I'm here every week". So far, So Awesome!

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

  7. simone says:

    BaneB :  Thank you for your always very thoughtful comments! 

    Geoengineering nowadays is as common as some "utility service" for "supplying" populations with a daily necessity and is a must in each and every country.

     Just wondering, perhaps very soon the governments will begin to openly charge us for the fabulous geoengineering services…


    • simone says:

      Mafia and Geoengineering are both to provide us with “security” and environmental “protection” –  on our account.  


    • BaneB says:

      Simone:  Thank you for your kind words.  In a sense perhaps we ARE being charged a 'fee.'  I refer to the I-Cloud.  To set it into the global atmosphere requires microwaving everything dead or alive.  A sea of radiation that has ionized the entire sky if one combines this with other sources, principally military.  Thus when we observe the daily Frankenstein freak clouds, cirrus and even cumulus, and notice weird corn row striations, Swiss cheese, glowing fluorescent whites and oil slick colors, we can truly say we are likely paying for this in mores ways than is healthy for us and all life with our monthly ISP invoice.  

    • Melissa says:


      Woo ah mercy, mercy me
      Ah, things ain't what they used to be.
      No, no, where did all the blue skies go,
      Poison is the wind that blows
      From the north and south and east
      Woo mercy, mercy me

      Ah things ain't what they used to be, no, no
      Oil wasted on the ocean and upon
      Our seas fish full of mercury, ah. oh

      Ah things ain't what they used to be
      What about this over crowded land
      How much more abuse from man can she stand?

      Oh mercy, mercy me.
      Ah things ain't what they used to be.
      No, no, no, radiation underground and in the sky;
      Animals and birds who live near by are dying oh,

      Oh mercy, mercy me.
      Ah things ain't what they used to be.
      No, no, no, radiation underground and in the sky;
      Animals and land how much more abuse from man can she stand?

      Marvin Gaye

  8. sharon s says:

    Something IS happening in the world. We have a thick tree in our front yard. Perhaps a 100+ small birds gather there every night, very loud, boisterous, jockeying for position in the branches. This year ZERO! And crickets. NO crickets. Almost no wasps and we're tormented every year by them.  Trees dying from top down. Yet NOTHING on msm TV or papers. The biggest story in the history of the planet of complete extinction of life with help from Fukushima, and zip, not a word!   

  9. Avery says:

     important message for Dane.

     RT news is is the most respected place for me personally to get the world news. below is an article on weather engineering in the Middle East. Maybe we could help you gain to get on RT and encourage them to have you on RT you could get worldwide exposure overnight! I think this could be a very big chance please let us know what you think Dane. I know you're very busy and you don't get all your emails I may not see all these comments so I'm hoping someone else may help me get this message to you ASAP.

    Thanks for all your hard work Dane and all your messages you really are a true hero to me and I look up to you very much and you inspire me to be a better person.

     I hope the below link works but if it doesn't everybody can see where to look for it in the link it should be easy to Google. the link here


    • Avery says:

       sorry for my grammar and spelling I was dictating in my post. Also an added thought is RT news has several different little programs where they interview people and have them on the show and there's a number of great newscasters that have their own shows even the Ventura show Jesse Ventura his son is on there etc etc

    • simone says:

      Please please be aware that the RT is  100% controlled by the  Russin Government, Putin personally controls this Propaganda "voice" … now they getting more skillful than before and sound more as if they are discovering the truth about bad America (but Not the Russian Gov. and Russian "deeds" – Never :))))  Cheers!

    • BaneB says:

      Simone:  Thinking individuals cannot be controlled by propaganda organs.  The vast majority of us have internal meters that can detect BS.  The secret is to ask questions about that which we hear, see, and read, and not assume anything until one has weighed the facts from fiction, and learn to detect the dis/mis-information spewed forth 24/7 from the BBC, and from the six international/globalist owned mainstream media outlets here in Babylon.  I think 90% ownership of print, electronic, publications (books and magazines) by six corporations constitutes a monopoly on the disseminating of information.  If as you say Mr. Putin personally owns RT, does this imply he owns 90% of Russian media?  And one would suppose Russian 'news' is like US media…. loaded with self-serving propaganda.  I read RT, Sputnik, BBC, And Corporate-Owned US rags.  They tell the "truth", not unlike government when it's convenient.  And as it is said…any port in a storm!  If RT has a megaphone to offer I say grab it.  The reality is Russia is as much involved with conducting Geoengineering operations as is the US.

    • simone says:

      CHEERS, BaneB !! 

      One cannot learn from the man-made soundbites no matter how they called or presented. I think only one's Direct experience is valuable. I'd say "I truly know them" if I lived in a country or in certain ethnic groups as their member, and for some years.  Otherwise, we express opinions which we commonly mistake for knowledge.

  10. Rodster says:

    Perhaps Iran needs to look into Geoengineering 😉

    "Iran accuses Israel of stealing its CLOUDS and SNOW in BIZARRE outburst"

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Rodster, spot on!  Well done.  Both you and Iran telling it like it is. God but I wish for more of that!  Now if only you could find out for me! what the hell role Venezuela plays in all this.  I was amazed today to find out Trump wanted to just take Venezuela as of last year already.  I'm saying this was the plan from the beginning.  He's nearly got all the ducks in a row.  Just wow.  Oooh, I so hope Iran keeps this complaint up pressuring for an answer, demanding weather war outted! 

    • BaneB says:

      Rodster:  Iran has accused the US and Israel of weather warfare several times over the past few years.  If my memory serves me Iran leveled the accusation at the United Nations.  Of course the term "bizarre" is utilized to create skepticism and doubt that such a wicked warfare force-multiplier Geoengineering operation is in fact a very likely reality in Iran, just as as here in the US ongoing weather Geoengineering is a fact.  

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  Yes, it was Ahmadinajad who said that.  We read it right here:  He was very upfront about it and the idiot mainstream media in this country vilified him every which way for trying to stick up for his country.  

  11. marc says:

    Among all the useless things I do I also do violin-family restoration. Including bass fiddles. 40 years experience, etc. About 4-5 months ago a guy contacted me about working on his bass. He is a civilian (ex-marine) but does contract work for the military in….wait for it….the field of cell towers/military "communications" infrastructure/ programming, etc. He's also way into bluegrass music and hence his interest in the bass. He finally made it into Tucson to bring me his bass and we got to talking. I tried to "play dumb" about alot of this stuff but after we talked for a half hour about music and other stuff I finally asked him point blank what he does for the military. He is deeply involved in the computer/programming aspect of military communications which, he says occur on an entirely different "system" than ordinary cellphone MF. Playing dumb I asked him if the military uses the "towers" somehow for weather modification via some kind of frequency dispersions. He answered without hesitation, "Yes".  As the conversation developed, it became clear he knew all about SRM, etc, etc. and how these dispersions work with other technologies to influence weather, which he would characterize only as "military objectives". Surprisingly, he didn't exhibit the slightest concern for what I referred to as the "poisoning of the entire world" due to massive aerial dispersions of heavy metals, coal-ash, etc. I could see that he was actually proud to share with me what his work is for the military…he loves what he does, it was clear. However, there were some lines he wouldn't cross regarding the finer points of what he does and I, of course, understand that. I'm quite sure he has a fairly high security clearance commensurate with the job. 


    • Hello marc:  I was just thinking about you yesterday.  I miss your rants, but also relate to the realities of battle fatigue… I do guitar restorations from time to time, but don't consider myself professional by any stretch… Frank Ford is my guitar restoration hero…

      Regarding your military "communications" operative:  These systems are massively overbuilt in terms of power capacity, and have little function beyond ionospheric control and civilian harassment.  Most systems incorporate their own back up power supplies, and all are built with lethal intent… He is aiding and abetting mass murder and ecocide, and his life will be worth absolutely zero once he's fulfilled his role as an order sucking moron…

      The use of these systems will not stop until Nature turns them off for us.  We'll all be thankfully dead by then… He does not have my blessings…

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Marc, I love the first 7 words of your post!  We all do 'useless things' to keep our sanity… On, On.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, talk about what can just fall at your doorstep!  How the hell did you manage to keep your composure?

    • JR says:

      What an idiot, an moron as Paul says. He is a punk like the rest of them an will fade out and burn only to be trampled like salt that is no good for nothing. Fire and brimstone await people like that, soulless. Here in Southwest, New Mexico our multitude of rain clouds are being as always demolished to nothing by SAG/SRM, no good punks…7-3-18

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Marc… A very interesting report. Thank you! Very cut off people on their own power trip. Sick. Good reply, Paul!  "until Nature turns them off …"

  12. Joseph L says:

    S T A T E O F R H O D E 

    I S L AND




    A N A C T









    Any update on this bill.

    • Joseph L says:

      I did find this link which I think answers my question.

      No longer dismissed as “conspiracy theory nonsense,” Rhode Island’s general assembly is concerned enough that geoengineering, or “intentional manipulation of the environment,” involves “hazardous activities that can harm human health and safety, the environment, and the economy . . .” that they passed a bill to regulate all geoengineering activities.  

      By Mark Anderson

      In late September, Rhode Island became the first state to enact legislation that calls on officials to examine how atmospheric-modification programs, commonly referred to as “geoengineering,” are affecting the Earth. The measure in question is the Geoengineering Act of 2017 (H. 6011), which was introduced by state Rep. Justin Price (R) earlier this year.


    • Tom Keith says:

      Hi Joseph. I always scan this site for "good" news and Rhode island is to be commended.  However, I consider it strange that this state is the smallest in the country and banning climate engineering there would have a minimal effect overall. It's like the monsters give us a few crumbs to pacify us and keep us docile.  Nevertheless, keep us updated.


  13. simone says:

    Brookhaven Nat Lab

    Environmental and Climate Sciences Department

    Earth’s climate system involves multiple physical processes acting over a wide range of scales ranging from microphysics at the level of individual cloud droplets to cloud systems at regional and global scales. The Climate and Process Modeling group aims to address the multi-scale system by using multi-scale process modeling and observational analyses to understand the processes essential to clouds, precipitation, land-atmosphere interactions, and urban impacts; by developing parameterizations of these processes for large scale models; and by evaluating the impacts of these processes with regional and global climate models.


    One of ten national laboratories overseen and primarily funded by the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts research in the physical, biomedical, and environmental sciences, as well as in energy technologies and national security. Brookhaven Lab also builds and operates major scientific facilities available to university, industry and government researchers. Brookhaven is operated and managed for DOE's Office of Science by Brookhaven Science Associates, a limited-liability company founded by the Research Foundation for the State University of New York on behalf of Stony Brook University, the largest academic user of Laboratory facilities, and Battelle, a nonprofit applied science and technology organization.

    …. Do you know any people from this "LAB" ? I do know quite a few of these scientists…. some are still serving the government and paid well… these "individuals" are revolting…   

    Some day Justice will take care of them.

  14. Jeanette S says:

    I wanted to post that today we have had overcast all day. No blue sky tho occasionally the sun would get bright considering. I was taking out the recyc's and on my own brown trash bin were these "flakes" at first I thought they were roofing coating from my neighbor. then I went to the recyc's and saw the same thing, they are more ashen than paint but somewhere in the middle, rectangular 1/16th of an inch. then I thought it was ash from fireworks. I did not notice this till today. Neighbors been setting them off for weeks…for something that spreads ash in a relatively small area, the dispersion would not look the same amount and "pattern", if you will. It would be less and more in one place or the other. i think it is from our lov-el-ly overcast skies…all facts considered. the recyc's in a open area my trash bin in a more enclosed area from wind but yet the same amount of (400 ft. between locations) dispersion. this had to come from something higher up and over a much larger area.

  15. Jeff says:

    Dane this makes me sick. I am a huge fisherman and love bass fishing. B.A.S.S has shown plenty of pics and videos over the years showing the messed up sky. So much Climate Eng goes on over the lakes where B.A.S.S tournaments are held. It makes me sick how B.A.S.S. played this huge X off. People need to reach out! This was today in South Dakota.  See link


  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    CHRIS HEDGES: The Coming Collapse – Truthdig
    "We suffer the usual pathologies of impending death. I would be happy to be wrong. But I have seen this before. I know the warning signs. All I can say is get ready."

    * If we do not stand up we will enter a new dark age.

    … like all despots, TRUMP has no ethical core. He chooses his allies and appointees based on their personal loyalty and fawning obsequiousness to him. He will sell anyone out. He is corrupt, amassing money for himself—he made $40 million from his Washington, D.C., hotel alone last year—and his corporate allies. He is dismantling government institutions that once provided some regulation and oversight. He is an enemy of the open society. This makes him dangerous. His turbocharged assault on the last vestiges of democratic institutions and norms means there will soon be nothing, even in name, to protect us from corporate totalitarianism.

    … All the harbingers of collapse are visible: crumbling infrastructure; chronic underemployment and unemployment; the indiscriminate use of lethal force by police; political paralysis and stagnation; an economy built on the scaffolding of debt; nihilistic mass shootings in schools, universities, workplaces, malls, concert venues and movie theaters; opioid overdoses that kill some 64,000 people a year; an epidemic of suicides; unsustainable military expansion; gambling as a desperate tool of economic development and government revenue; the capture of power by a tiny, corrupt clique; censorship; the physical diminishing of public institutions ranging from schools and libraries to courts and medical facilities; the incessant bombardment by electronic hallucinations to divert us from the depressing sight that has become America and keep us trapped in illusions.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello V. Susan Ferguson:  If there were such a thing as Sainthood for exceptional journalists, I think Chris Hedges should get the nod.  I immediately thought of the legal action taken by Mr. Hedges when Dane brought up his name.  The man is a force to behold. >

      Chris Hedges sues Obama over NDAA

      Published on Mar 12, 2012

      For readers that may be interested in due process and Freedom of Speech, research the outcome of this important  lawsuit.

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Quartz: Yellow Fog over San Francisco Bay Area
    A peculiar yellow-tinged fog is all over skies and social media feeds across the San Francisco Bay Area, thanks to wildfires raging in not-so-nearby Northern California counties.
    In this imagery from the GOES-16 weather satellite, you can clearly see the column of smoke (also ash falling on everything) make its way to San Francisco Bay and then the Pacific Ocean, mixing with the cloud cover and fog.
    The fires, totaling 36,000 acres (about 56 sq miles, or 145 sq km), cover an area a bit larger than the city limits of San Francisco itself. While the Lake County fires are at 73% containment, the fires near Guinda in Yolo County are relatively new. Overnight they more than doubled in size to 22,000 acres. Despite burning more than 72 miles (115.8 km) away, smoke from the blazes has made them feel ever present in the Bay Area. [images & video]

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      My NASA Worldview Screenshot from yesterday of the smoke:


    • Dennie says:

      White ash everywhere here, you don't have to tell me, I'm living it.  Mostly though, again, "Who cares?"

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Dennie, I care!!  And I did not see ash but was intensely creeped out by two bizarre days under sickly and thick yellow skies.  So very weird, so weird.  And now a spot in my throat irritating me.  You?

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Very worrisome all these huge fires, and so early in the summer.  I am mowing tall grasses like a madman trying to give my property a edge in case….  Can't find anyone willing to work at $20.00 an hour.  And my bolt hole in case I get trapped is not quite completed.  But close.  That is the next project after mowing.  I use to live in Mill Valley and wonder how all those people living there can get out in the event of the wrong weather/fire combinations.

  18. izzy says:

    Don’t mean to wander too far outside the lines here, but it’s all connected anyway.


    • Dennie says:

      Compartmentalization rules.  We shouldn't forget.  Meaning we should remember. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Izzy and all, when the hell will someone do something about this?!!  The f'ing military is a bottomless pit.  Why, why, why throw good money-ha!-after bad?  Who does that?  It would appear that any president simply serves the military.  It would also appear that they can get away with ANYTHING!  This is Not a working business model.  In no other circumstances would anyone else get away with this.

  19. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Dane, I truly appreciate this weeks opening to the global alert news broadcast. I noted the one thing you did not mention regarding this weeks "holiday" events. Damn good choice my friend. Well done.

    To ALL, I am proud that Dane chose to publish yet another picture of my booth and folks that came by. I've made myself a promise in that I will be different with my photos that I contribute. All folks will be facing the camera and will know why they're picture is being taken. Such is the case this week. Those folks you see in the Tonasket farmers market picture were awesome to meet and educate. They had such good questions. They're from Montreal Canada and were looking for work in the orchards before they went to a contract job in the orchards in Canada. I am happy to write that I hooked them up with a place to stay in their van and work for as long as they wanted it. I hope they will read these words and come back to see me "some time". The horseman wishes them well while on their "journey".

    OK… so I've had a few weeks to think about it now…. Ready?… I had a nice gentleman tell me in conversation at the booth, "I wonder how many people I have killed", referring to the aerosol trails we all see in the sky. (Holy crap!, What a statement!!). I quickly removed myself from the booth location, seemingly what the commenter wanted. 20 minutes later I returned to the booth and literally had to sit down. This person was a former Boeing black ops, military supply tracker(or what ever you would call them). Folks that are good at not saying what needs to be said given the right questions that don't need to be answered are our silent hero's. Oh yes my friends, I do wish they would go on record. Frankly, I am proud of them for having taken the time to share with me what they needed to get off of their chest for a very long time now. "The dam is about to break my friends", take it from little old me, "it's coming". And little old me is contributing as much as I possibly can. All hours of the day. Where ever I meet my fellow planet inhabiter.

    Tom Keith, I am seriously impressed. You look pretty good in a sandwich board. "Where there's a will, there's a way", good job!

    Jeannie Wheeler and Ben Billings, Great to see photos of your work down that way. You folks do a good job of getting out the word.

    Brian Nibley, glad you have a partner in campaign, well done.

    With this 4th of July upon us whether we like it or not, I have a tug of war in my mind. I loath the money structure that drove our country as we see it today. I truly admire the human spirit that built it. How great could "things" have been if we were all striving for truth and good product? "I've got a few questions when I meet Saint Peter at the gate".

    • simone says:

      Bless you, 'a' simple horseman ! We so need people like you!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      simone, my friend I have not met yet, I am only "one", hence the 'a' in my pen name. It will take us all, each in our own capacities to stop climate engineering. We 'all' must "take it to the streets". When we do that, the rest of the house of cards 'will' fall.

      To ALL, I think this is the Anonymous video Dane referred to in this weeks broadcast:  I couldn't find the Chris Hedges report regarding Spencer Rapone.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      To 'a' Simple Horseman – I clicked on the link you posted about Anonymous' that Dane referred to ( ), and it's not there. I guess it has been removed. Sadly, the censorship is getting fierce.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      The Empire Files, and RT have been heavily censored and hidden, especially since net neutrality has gone away.  The broadcaster of TeleSur and RT have had to register as 'foreign agents'.  Try going directly to the sources.  Also, you may get messages like, "Whoa, do you really want to go there?"  Please ignore that, and go there anyway.  It's just heavy handed fascist authoritarianism hard at work.

      I got that 'Whoa' message trying to access TJ Coles PFD on weather modification, when I never had that happen before.  They try to tell you which sites are virus infected and which are 'safe' on my annoying windows run computer.  They try to get me turn on filters I've turned off, and keep trying.  Then, curiously, I get messages that say the antivirus scanned 8080 sites (or some other huge number) and found no problems, fixed no problems, which I find howlingly funny.

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Hello, from South Metro Atlanta. I held the same sign at our Independence Day parade, again.

  20. Pete says:

    Just read others Posts and what a great bunch you all are on here. If we make it I'm calling for Dane as world leader and the rest of us as his deputies.

    We will get the best people together the world has ever seen, we will only deal in truth, full disclosure on everything that is talked about and any decision will be the right one.

    I'm sure human ingenuity armed with truth and minus the evil will find a way and who know's what tech will be found, I'm betting there is very clean but powerful free energy for one. I also believe, and this is only my belief that there is other life out there, watching the freak show unfold and hoping and waiting we come together to make a jump of consciousness into a world we should have had long ago.

    Just a thought people – I hear quite a few who are aware but say, but what we can do and we're done so what's the point. I know others who deeply believe in God and claim to be doing his work yet do nothing to help wake people to the mess humanity has created, they believe God will save us or it's his will. They are so wrong, I tell them that's just a cowardly cop out, we have the power to do so much – believe in self, do what you can in whatever way best suits you but do something. And if there is a God, I think he would be behind people like us than those who preach but do nothing – I think a God would give us the courage and strength do change things ourselves or just let us become a failed species.

    There's so much about life, consciousness, the universe, space and time that we can't possibly comprehend – we are here to become more, to learn to care for each other, to live in equilibrium with nature and move forward together, to reach the stars in peace and harmony – that's my view learned over time.

    We must succeed….

  21. Dennie says:

    Agafya Lykova is the 73-year-old sole surviving member of an "Old Believer" Eastern Orthodox religious family that fled the repression of Stalin and fled to live in the remote Siberian taiga in the Sayan mountains.  Here is her story from the Vimeo film:  In it you see the exact crux of The Problem we are facing and have been with regard to our "civilization:"  A new modern technological society that is ruled by science (knowledge…) and it's high priests, the scientists, in service of the new religion, Scientism, and all of the "superior" toxic masculinity that drives it, complete with all of the poisonous by-products of it's "improved" standard of living as well as it's "striving to reach the heavens" via technology, as it's "savior" (rockets, and the spent stages that land near Agafya's complex, that are supposed to take us where?), embodied by the geologist who, years earlier while out working in the area, meets her family, falls "in love" with Agafia then leaves civilization to live near her, whose true colors show him to be the rapacious domineering bully that the rulers of The Technocracy reward financially, as Agafya tells of his attempt to blackmail her into doing his rapacious will.  But Agafya simply prays several times a day and follows a simple Christian practice, eschewing the comforts of modern civilization with it's polluting, crowded noisy distracting lifestyle based on money.  She declares that television is devilish (yup) and even points up at the sky where we see a jet spraying chemicals overhead, leaving a double-tailed streak trailing behind it, saying "that is no good, too."  She espouses a simple life of hard work in subsistence and prayer, in harmony with nature and God.

    • John Fish says:

      The scene in the video Dennie has linked comes at 30:45 — sure looks like SRM / SAI to me ! 

      Still, i 'd caution that even five years ago Vice was not our friend. 

    • Dennie says:

      Always shoot the messenger, and never mind the message.

  22. Mike says:



    I remember one afternoon , roughly 5 years ago . I had looked up to notice a very dangerous looking swarm of black clouds hovering about in the lower atmosphere.

    My first thought was that some sort of catastrophe was underway , maybe a forest fire or a local chemical plant explosion. 


    Its so unusual to me , how so few people notice these macabre skies , until I point it out. 


    Somehow I'm picturing a "big baby Huey ", with a gigantic "Etcha sketch .

  23. Rodster says:

    Armed Clashes in Iran and it all got started over water shortages. Now Rudy Guiliani is calling for regime change. Is the water shortage natural or a result of climate engineering and weather warfare?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Rodster, In a word, no.  In fact, Guiliani and Bolton have supported regime change in Iran for a Very long time, decades in fact.  They want to place MEK instead of current regime.  And not for water, though there is that now Everywhere, rather for natural gas from Syria, which they cannot swing without Iran.  Iran and Syria have oil, but Syria especially has natural gas which Everyone wants very much, including Saudi Arabia.  MET is the Mujadeen, otherwise known as 'guns for hire'.  The very ones who in the 80s attacked the US Embassy.  A radical cult, known to be evil even to their own, the US placed them in Iraq for a time to do damage.  The Cult of Rajavi.  The man who founded this Holy Warriors of the People-and they are so not-did so in the 60s blending Marxism with Muslim faith.  His wife, Maryam lives, now stateless, in Paris.  This group relentlessly pressures DC., but were listed as a terrorist group for a long time and for good reason.  They were never a huge group, numbers of them killed off in war, but the group itself is known to be brutal to its own.  So many hated them for so many reasons that the remnants were basically dumped in Albania of all places, which might seem odd unless one knows how hooked up Albania is with our CIA, And, their torture facilities, the CIA's!! in Albania!  This group donates small amounts, DC style, like 5 or 10,000$ to various politicians here in both parties, playing the field, just waiting for someone like Trump.  Bolton spent long time lobbying to get MEK de-listed as terrorists, which happened in 2012.  This past January, they paid Bolton 180,000$ for one speech.  For decades now, both Bolton and Guiliani have dreamed of installing this fanatical, even called sinister, group as the government of Iran.  I've done tons of research on this and I swear my notes are here somewhere!  But much I know by heart now.  Thing is, if I know this, why does no one else?  Why does no media speak out about this?  If I could find this out, surely others could too.  It makes sense of Everything!  I mean even of MBS taking over Saudi, and buying Port Arthur from Trump/US.  This country of ours wants a pliable Iran and Syria.  Which cannot happen without Russia.  And, of course, Israel wants this too, for comfort.  And all for fossil fuels, but natural gas in the main, as it supplies electricity easier, is all around easier to use quickly, less downside.  Russia, sometime ago now, just prior to this year? made a deal to restructure infrastructure in Iran and Syria.  But that depended financially and structurally somehow on Venezuela, which has tanked recently, holding things up.  Hence, Trump and Putin.  There is a ton of info on all of this if one looks.  And so the distraction factor of Trump does play into this even while everyone chases stolen election facts.  For which some now do suspect Saudi as well, while I'm thinking Israel took a go, too.  This crazy idea even sounds good to them.  But I think with the MEK, it is more like the song of the woman saving the viper.  Trump is the woman, the snake is the MET.  Everyone else is collateral damage.

  24. simone says:

    It’s “funny” that people plan something 5, 10, 20, 30 years ahead… while we have only hours, days and weeks to take extra-serious actions against man-made, globally erupting madness of self-destruction.   Everyone is already more-or-less participating in this self-destruction, as we are all drugged within this lava-flowing human "activities".

    Our ill-some Education must be urgently revised and drastically changed – right now we learn nothing but are  getting trained to serve and slave for our monstrous “systems” trying to please most crazy conventions.

    Since the dawn of our “civilization” we have “built” an economy that is destroying our sources of life. Therefore, our economic strategies are leading us into a grand economic abyss, which means not only a financial collapse but also a complete social and environmental destruction, creating deadly-dangerous conditions in which we cannot survive as a “civilized species” or any sort of species.  

    Right now our “fantastically” equipped MILITARY is insanely aggressive "PROTECTING" our economic "resources”, which we do NOT NEED for a healthy existence.  All man-made Hell is erupting from the false need for “natural” sources to satisfy our wretched “conveniences” !!! 


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Simone, Yes!  It is so hard to get people to grasp that we can't wait, no time, no time.  All the fallout is complicated, few can grasp it.  Wish that by protecting our natural resources they meant water!  But NO.  F'in oil.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello simone:  I totally agree with this comment: "All man-made Hell is erupting from the false need for “natural” sources to satisfy our wretched “conveniences” !!!"  Right on, Simone.

      Our obliged "conveniences" have altered our measure of necessity to the point where Natures "necessity" will now dictate the remainder of mankind's existence.  It won't be pretty at all… I"ve thought about this for years, and here's an excerpt from something I wrote a while back:

      I have serious issues with international “trade” as a success model, as it is largely based on massive and unsustainable resource exploitation.  All international “trade” experiments (thus far) have ultimately led to economic chaos and willful destruction of once sovereign Nations… Environmental theft (trade) is sustained by endless wars and threats of aggression.  Trade, as we have come to know it, is an excellent modality for mass suicide freaks and military funding…

      Access to local resources should be limited to only those living within indigenous areas, and those indigenous populations should retain sovereign authority and control at all times, period.

      Import and export of naturally occurring resources disjoints any reasonable assessment of actual living “standards” in any given area.  Availability of local materials and practical application of human labors should be based on long term sustainability, not personal greed and economic brutality.

      When I say "long term sustainability" l'd measure by seven human generations with no "unforeseen" impacts nor decay rate within the process… Life would be much more predictable.  Perhaps even sober, instead of stumbling drunk on toxic soups in plastic containers…

  25. Wesley W says:

    So glad you mentioned Mark Scirto in East Texas.  You may be surprised to discover that meteorologist lives directly across the street from my house.  I am furious that he made those statements, but, not surprised.  He is doing the same as all the others. 

    I wonder, do you have any of those vinyl banners you have on your booth that I could put up in my yard for him to view?  I am afraid my proudly displayed bumper sticker is far too small for him or others to see, unless they are directly behind the vehicle.  Please let me know, so that I can wake up his/our neighbors!

    Thanks, Dane and ALL of you wonderful truth warriors!  Keep up the good fight!

  26. Kathy says:

    Jeannie, Rick, Brian, Tom, Mike, Gem Faire and staff thank you!!!  So encouraging to see big efforts on the rise. Dedication sees return, that is a fact even in just helping people know they are not crazy or to prepare for whats now unfolding. Thank-you again, it most definitely puts gas in my tank.

  27. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 224th email, titled 'Dog Days'.

    1. Despite a remarkable lack of information and updates (all sorts of excuses/lies are being used), the rate of loss of Arctic sea ice volume seems to be continuing or speeding up – with almost .5m thickness lost in last 10 days – the average of what is left being about 1.2m thick. 

    Last week Scotland was forecast to be 15C+…I guess they were correct – we reached 32C with rail tracks bending, roads and Glasgow's Science Centre roof melting, and several UK wildfires one of which is over 5sq miles.

    40C+ temps forecast for Paris/central Europe next week.

    2. The OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) has now been granted the right to assign guilt for chemical attacks, and the US and UK want OPCW's powers to be further expanded to justify future attacks on Syria.

    Is the OPCW a subdivision of the White Helmets or are the White Helmets a subdivision of the OPCW? They are obviously both a subdivision of the UN/NATO.

    3.  Notes to Self (week 77 of 104).  I know we are in the period of 'Dog Days', but looking around at the general apathy and listening to the distraction, lies and deceit from our media and politicians, unless something extraordinary happens, I think my timescale for these notes will prove to be quite accurate, with major global events by early next year. 

    It is highly likely that we have just 2 to 9 years left, so we should be thinking in months not years and to paraphrase Malcolm Light: Be excellent with each other in these last months on the only remaining habitable planet in this solar system.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Andrew, my friend I would like to meet,

      "2 to 9 years"… Geesh, I hate to agree with you. Truly I do and you know what I mean. I've owned my place here on the mountain side for 18 years now. Lived here full time for four years now. With the scale I have witnessed in just the last four years, my Ponderosa have "3" years left. And that's the so called healthy ones. They're all sick. The most majestic of pines dying before my eyes is a bit hard to take some days. "When they're gone, we're gone". Plain and 'simple'. Don't get me started about the insect decline, Holy moly, the noted decline in insect population in my region is astounding, "off the charts". The Blue birds and swallows are so much slimmer than I once knew them to be. It is their will to survive that drives me forward. Honestly, they are living right out my front door, why should I ignore them? I am missing several species of birds just this last two years. Gray Jays and Grosbeaks, "gone". Once prevalent, I rarely hear a Night Hawk anymore. And for anyone that thinks they are going to escape and live off of deer meat, sorry, you're going to starve.

      Thank you Andrew, for putting it out there week after week.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Andrew,  I've a simple conversion page in my very old and not small address book that has been very helpful, so I notice that your temps stated here, as for Glasgow's Science Centre, roof melting at  32C, my table here saying that would be <95 F, which is to say not an uncommon heat for much of America normally in summer, yet I've never seen a roof melt!  So, I wonder why your example did?  Unless not built for this much heat?  I well remember various very high heat days of the past, which blow my mind Now, but just accepted way back then, like one day in '77 on the Russian River north of me here in Berkeley, it was 107 F.  I can remember passing through, trying to, Sacramento in '72 when it was 112 F.  I do realize you are much farther north and surrounded by water, more than less.  This table shows 40 C to be 105 F, I well recall how difficult life is at that temperature.  Much of America has air conditioning.  I'm gonna guess most of you and Europe do not?  I don't.  Only recently through Dane did I learn and confirm that photo synthesis stops at 104.  Given all these new temps, that is shocking.  However, here in our deserts some things do manage to grow and live.  And so I planned for the coming heat a few years ago, got plants for heat, but, of course!, just Berkeley it seems is  cold!  It is bizarre!   And  it is majorly screwing with plants and everything, me too!  Days ago I saw a blooming Hellebore.  Otherwise known as Christmas Rose, Because! it blooms at Christmas!

      Your time frame matches mine which is 5 years.  If I tell people that, they just do not believe it, and I guess that is only natural, but not helpful!  No one gets it, people always assume The End is in the future, no one gets that the future is Now.  In our huge country, people move around a lot.  So I do think that is part of it, in that people are not sure what is normal where.  I find myself ending up saying that some think we may have a bit longer, that my guess is the bottom line, almost in self defense about being so "negative".  I try to explain the exponential factors, that this is not a linear situation.  Your example here of Arctic Sea ice disappearing is a good description of non linear and quite shocking.

      I spent yesterday consoling a heart broken 19 year old.  All I could think of was really?!!!  Life goes on for most in such normal if mundane ways, when in fact each second is so very precious.  I am beginning to think I'm doing no favors by sugar coating anything!  Hmm, that is not correct in that I am not sugar coating, rather, just protecting self from others' attitudes when faced with truth.   And that is selfish!  We Owe others the truth whether or not they find it palatable!   Thanks Andrew as always for a dose of truth from Scotland.  I did try to be excellent yesterday, not at all sure I succeeded! 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Rachel and My Friend, your comments are much appreciated. Rachel, please do not "sugar coat' anything – that tantamounts to deceit, which has no place in our endeavours.

      "It's a sair fecht."  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Andrew, thanks for the dose of courage, rather anti cowardice when faced with crying women, I mean when I told my friend from Volcano, Hawaii 5 years, she's going through hell now and in a little girl voice asked: 5 years?  Now she doesn't want to even speak to me and she is my best friend, I love her to bits and always have since she was 8 years old.  I did not intend to hurt her.  Or to pile on.  But I am losing patience!

      About your melted roof.  It occurred to me to ask what the ozone is like up your way, and that UVC might be what melted that roof?  Whaddaya think Scotsman?

      Aye, it's a sair fecht alright!  And the only one that truly counts, all can agree, or would, if they knew.  Check out what I posted on next page.  Supposedly getting tons of views: Lake Superior in our north east, bizarre 'shelf cloud' which is way more strange than it sounds, came across the lake and sucked the water up and moved on!!!!!!!!  How could anyone could see this and not become a believer on the spot??!!  On Face Book. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      And again Andrew.  Like Dennie, I too do not want to irritate my neighbors to the degree of them dropping me from multiple kindnesses. That is not cowardice, rather self preservation.  My whole life I've said things no one wants to hear!  And I don't care, except these days, so many frayed nerves, so many troubles and angst and I often mediate stuff.  There is a lot of anger in this country now, a lot of fear too, and sadness, horrors too.  Geoengineering had nothing to do with this volcano upending my dear friend's life.  But she did mention that if viewing this, the blue flames are methane.  Oh goodie!  NOT.  Which then lead me to oh well, the world did not have long left anyway, at which point she asked how long and then I said.  Later on, not hearing back, me thinking her still there, I tried to be more supportive and so mentioned the volcano there raining out olivine gems which would match her eyes.  She wrote back that I must be watching fake news.  And That is what upset me!  I took umbrage, big time.  Lately that sort of thing has happened to me, and I get so upset I shake and have trouble letting it go!  I've always been trusted, my warnings on this or that have always proved true, friend once credited me that.  Then, there came a Trump.  I research things so thoroughly.  I don't do fake news.  Even Bill Maher had me upset for a week.  Saying those who see clouds in their coffee are Trump supporters, Republican nut jobs.  I am not used to expressing anger Andrew.  Or dealing with it well.  Oooh!  A hummingbird just came to my window here!  Cool!  A sign?  Hmmm.  But lots do live here.  I don't, won't use feeders, don't believe in them.  I grow stuff they want.  I've been hearing them but not seeing, so this was sweet.  And in fairness my own nerves are shot.  F'ing Trump!!!!  Hummers are single mothers like me.  They trust mightily in the Creator every nanosecond of their lives.  Maybe I am losing that trust I once felt.  I am not getting much done but for research.  And this site, and that pisses people off too.  Oh well!  Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!  But these are my end days and much to get together, much.  No time, no time, yet…..? 

    • BaneB says:

      'a' simple horseman:  Yes, here too in central Mendocino County, Ca.  All the trees are ill to varying degrees.  A major pine tree next to my cabin is about 50% dead.  Others are thinning out.  The new growth is not vigorous and not replenishing the older needles that drop off in the fall.  The firs are thinning, too.  I have had this mountain property for 26 years.  A little over 20 years ago is when I first noticed the malaise, and that was because the manzanitas are dying.  That caused me to observe other flora here.  And while I can see the sick and dying, and the dead trees, others when pointed out to them seem to think its natural and normal.  Go figure.  Yeah, you have my empathy.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Rachel, interesting shelf cloud video. 

      It was mostly the sealing on the Glasgow Science Centre roof membrane that melted.

      Try to remain calm with your well researched knowledge. Anger rarely helps a conversation and is usually detrimental to both parties. I too have my moments, though!!! xx 

  28. herb says:

    Hello everyone, Can someone pls help me ,I cant post with windows 10.(Im posting this on internet explorer). I think its something about windows 10 not excepting addons.  On another note I recently got my hands on some flyers and booklets. So I went to my local convience store and dropped about 20 off. About a week later they were gone.So I left 15 or 20 more. The next day they too were gone.It seems people are waking up for sure. The owner of said store told me I would be surprised how many people were interested. Boy, she sure said a mouthful there. Dane I can print my own correct ? As long as there are no changes. Dane I too feel jaded at times. Sometimes I just want to be sooo sarcastic with people,but I bite my tonge.I save the sarcasim for the living room,pacing back and forth yelling at no one just to let the stress off.  Peace to all, 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Herb, my thanks to you for yoru efforts to sound the alarm, and my thanks to all activists and individuals who are doing the same. In regard to reprinting our flyers, absolutely, print as many as you wish, thank you for doing so. Our only goal is to get credible information into circulation as quickly as possible. I have attached a PDF below that can be used for reprinting. In regard to feeling jaded, certainly it is a natural response when so many are so unwilling to face the truth. This being said, peacefully plant the seeds of awareness, and move on, all will be forced to wake soon. Lets continue with our efforts to wake the masses, every day counts.

    • Frank says:

      We are all aware that the media distracts, with nonsensical, emotional stories that cause people to argue about things that will be gone in a week. I think there is also a deliberate effort from the top to cause frustration in our lives – the kind that simmers the explosive anger we are seeing, like (and I don't care if this sounds silly) after a Windows 10 upgrade it takes 2 clicks to close a window when it used to take 1 and the scroll bars don't widen when I mouse over them any more on my email and many other things. Picky, sure, but why should an upgrade introduce errors?

      I had a tree pruned last week. I looked out the window to see 7 workers staring at their phones like zombies. I can't believe it's real sometimes.

  29. Pete says:

    "There is only one good, knowledge, there is ony one evil, Ignorance"

    A very powerful quote from Socrates

    And one I keep putting out there lately along with many other great people from past and present.

    This morning, having just listened to this and seen first huge trails in the sky this week of any noticeable account and then the ominous looking sky after and now, I tried to explain to my family again who continue to put me down.

    So have emphasized this quote to them, my brother asked me to explain why 'they' do it yet again, have done so many times and broken it down and provided so much credible data, i have it on my FB status, in logical order and other things with much more to come, yet so many still choose to live in that bubble of ignorance & denial, brother said, after interruptions with stupid remarks at end, it's too far fetched and all fake. You can imagine my response, last Sat on the heaviest morning of spraying I have seen yet, he would not even glance at the sky, said to him then, if you cant even be bothered to look now or do any research into data I have provided then you have no right to debate me, obviously that didn't work with him either.

    Point is to all of you out there, you can't ignore this or any other destructive activity any more, it is your duty as a citizen of this planet to learn and work towards the greater good, to salvage something for yourself, for your family, for the planet and for all life.

    The tools are here, I will vouch for this sites credibility and for Dane who puts all of you ignorant people out to utter shame. How will you feel when we hit that brick wall and look back thinking I knew but done nothing – that is not acceptable – you must act now.

    Of course after this rant, I realize that those seeds are well and truly in place and in their sub-conscious mind they wil know the truth and there are many more waking up so  there is real hope and we will never give in…

  30. Marie says:

    Well, at least a bit of good news. Here in NY state Saturday nite there were a large number of lightening bugs all over the yard, and i hear a lot of frogs croaking in the rain ditch across the road and in the pond next door. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oooh, Marie, Lightning bugs, and gee, we don't have them here in California, but long ago we did see glow worms in Yosemite.  I grew up with lightening bugs in Kansas and miss that magic.  Here too we have some changes, like a lady bug in my house, on table next to my bed.  A flock of tweeties passed through my yard the other day reminding me of back when so many different flocks passed through, nearly one per hour of different birds.  I hear bird song even now and wonder who.  And I've got some other bugs too including the biggest mosquito I've ever seen I think.  And one huge yellow butterfly playing in the wind it seems all day on south side of house.  And about one bee per day visiting in house. But it has often been too cold here for flies even!  Right now not a single fly in air or anywhere!  No hover flies either.  I am noticing that things seem to vary a lot in terms of our big country and that is a source of confusion sometimes.  Like how recently VSF has had whited out skies when here we've had that for years and today too.  In the past month we've had a number of blue sky days and I swear it still stuns me.  So long since I'd seen such, it just did not seem real or even possible!  We've been so very heavily sprayed so very long now that a blue sky is nearly alarming!?!  But these days, it is always good to hear of some good news.  My youngest grandson caught, and released a big bull frog a week ago.  Bits of life still exist!  Make another appearance.  As if to buoy our spirits.  And they do!  For a moment. 

  31. Dennie says:

    Joachim Hagopian was the West Point cadet who successfully sued the U.S. Army for breach of due process.  He now works as a counselor for abused children.  Here's his story about the West Point and the culture of soul-less moral and every other kind of failure that is called "leadership" in the U.S. Army:

  32. Dane:  I just finished listening to the last 30 minutes of presentation.  You just keep stepping up the focus and necessity of action.  I don't know how you do it, and am honored to be on the same page as all these informed readers and activists.  You've inspired many to take action…

    The Greeks believed that Fate and Tragedy traveled the same roads, and they were often friends…

  33. Bella_Fantasia says:

    I'm calling BS on the Guardian's 'science' article 'Space Is Full of Dirty, Toxic Grease, Scientist's Reveal'  The by Hannah Devlin, June 27, 2018.  Wonder how they knew the amount of grease was equivalent to 40 Trillion, Trillion, Trillion packs of butter.  Do I need to say that it's absurdly beyond preposterous?

    How come Voyager and Cassini didn't have smeary photos or turn into fatbergs?  This sounds like 'precautionary' propaganda for when the 'sustainable' new biofuels made of disposable diapers and plastics start messing up our air or when the truth of geoengineering aerosols come to light.

  34. James Reinhart says:

    Today in Muncie/Anderson at 11:30am it was 83 degrees but it felt too hot to work outside.  All of my fruit trees are putting out "suckers".  The Japanese Beetle (Chew Chew – look it up) is eating any vegetable matter including marigolds!   The last few weeks, I could not find more than a couple honey bees in very large swaths of clover patches.
    Who is doing this?  You can look this up but the US funded and resourced the Bolshevik Revolution with Jacob Schiff working for Rothschild heading the group which included Bernard Baruch, Paul Warburg, Averil Harriman and others under the Wilson White House with it's protection as well.  Thus, the US created the Soviet Union for the bankers to profit from the manufactured opposition.  See who is on the War Industries Board of WWI who profited from WWI.  In addition, fascism is based on Mussolini's perception of WWI from the Wilson White House.  The US designed WWII according to H. G. Well's of British Intelligence in a book, "The Shape of Things to Come".  A Fabian, he is of the web of international Freemasons which was designed by the writers of the Kabbalah from the 8th century to the 14th for the goyim (look up Ovediah Yosef's definition of goyim and what they are, and also note that Johnson was the man that ordered the USS Liberty to be sent down to bottom of the sea.
    WWII was funded, resourced and run from the US, USSR and UK with assets set into Germany before the war.  Then look up the International Red Cross numbers of loss (283,000 for all camps) and read the books of Eisenhower's Death Camps killing millions of Germans AFTER the war after firebombing the country in every major city for maximum death.  Read James Baque's book "Other Losses" and then read Theodore Kaufman's "Germany Must Perish".
    Before the end of WWII, the OSS was in China helping Freemason Mao Zedong create the Cultural Revolution.  Again, the US with the aid of the OSS, CIA, Military, Rothschild, Rockefeller and Yale of China and Skull and Bonesmen created Red China.
    Every nation with only a couple exceptions now are literally owned by the international banking elite, as well as media, school book publishers (education), entertainment…  They own the religions as well (Christianity and Islam) as there predecessors have rewritten every one of their books and most modifiers of any text were paid liars.  The bank for the Vatican (established as a city in 1929) is Rothschild as of 1832.
    Read some of Ovediah Yosef as he has his own day in Israel with over 700,000 that went to the streets mourning his death.  Read the "Excavation at Gezer" vol 1 and 2 by RAS Macalister to get an idea of what is being dealt with here.  Also look up the Proverbs of Amenamope and the 42 commandments of Egypt (written 700 years before the 10 commandments).  These people are the Hyksos (Chariot Riding invaders) who conquered 1/2 of Egypt from 1650BC to 1450BC.  Prof  Emeritus William Dever of the University of Arizona of Middle Eastern Studies identifed a few decades back that Yahweh had a consort named Asherah (his lectures can be seen on Youtube).  As Macalister found statues of what he thought was Ashtoreth in ancient Israel, a very dark and vile place but read the books, they stole the Monotheism from Akhenaton, Proverbs from Amenamope, commandments from Egypt and Psalms from the Brahmans of the Vedic empire of Kush (1800BC and earlier per "The idols of the Heathen are gold and silver"…).  Ovediah Yosef also recounts reincarnation as well.
    Rome was rotten but more pragmatic but did practice Saturnalia which is similar to what Purim and Passover are really about and is why children disappear (watch and read and watch Ted Gunderson as well as the movie "conspiracy of silence".   The top of Freemasonry performs these rituals and you will find out that the king of Freemasonry today is Rothschild.  Also watch the 6 hour interview of Kay Griggs, wife of Colonel Griggs who read from his exhaustive diary.  BBC also has an old program of Gladio which it was the US that did the bombing of European countries in Europe to keep them in line for Bill Donovan's United Europe agenda which he performed with those that can be found in and the international bankers to have all nations under one giant foot stepping on the remainder of the population's throat.

  35. Joseph L says:

    You do a great service telling everyone who will listen what is really happening and not holding back. I am sorry to hear that so many people in the past have left you.  I hope lots more people come on board since everyday is precious.  
    People's Climate March is set for September 8th — Climate Engineering should be front and center
    Here is the link — this would be a great place to hand out info on Climate Engineering

  36. Tom Keith says:

    Wow. It's  so profound  to see other activists besides myself gearing up the necessity to expose the truth we need today. 

    As they say, we do not have much time left.  

    However,  I still feel we can stop the insanity at this late hour of we dig in our heels.(The ultimate tug of war)  

  37. Matt Sarlo says:

    I have occasional luck getting some  people to listen about these programs. I refer people to this site. Most people just do not want to or can't grasp the life and death battle we are in. We had a toxic rain event today in Loveland, CO. Temperature 40 to fifty degrees colder from past few days.

    • Geoff says:

      Me too. As the conditions around them deteriorate the multitude of people go back and back to the sources that they know lie to them while ridiculing the very people warning them. A poor side of the human condition. 

  38. Pedro says:

    Many thanks to All Brothers and Sisters who are trying their best to expose the terrible issue which is climate engineering, Thank You very much to You All !!

    Full 5G satanic agendas exposed urgent download B4 it is removed-Joe Imbriano tells all.

  39. Jeanette S says:

    Hi beautiful people, I wanted to let you all know that I have seen the "dirty" clouds. Yesterday, SF bay area/Oakland the setting sun to the west was still shrouded in silvery haze enough to cover the line where the Marin mountains and the sky meet, the bay area air was so full of that [  ]. then to the east toward Livermore and to the south some there were many of these and it is just like if you dropped a cotton ball in that lifeless dust in old puddles. brown, beige in color and "fluffy"in texture, not smooth or rolled. what does that indicate? what were they doing? Maybe it is the sahara, no I know that is rust colored. thank you ladies for bringing up engdahl, I have seen his name before when looking up books on another subject. (but unfortunately all is becoming related it seems. I will research them again.

    • simone says:

      WHAT A SUPER SAD, SCARY COMMENT!  So Wish our stupid crowds of "busy" people would notice this and be checking on how their skies are "doing" everyday… 

      Many Thanks, Jeanette S. 

      Stay Well!

  40. Gregory Mittelstadt says:

    When are all of us, informed citizens, going to march on Washington DC???  Apparently, there is a substantial number of us!

  41. simone says:


     "When Matt was just eight years old, he wrote to British Airways to ask about becoming a pilot. They wrote back and told him to apply when he was 18. –The initial postmortem did not reveal a reason for his sudden death." Matt Bass was only 34.  

    "At the time, I wasn’t aware of aerotoxic syndrome. I’ll never know if I was subjected to contaminated air, but I began to hear stories of fellow ex-crew members falling ill."

    “There are twice as many deaths at BA compared to the Metropolitan police,” claims ex-BA crew member Dee Passon. “I noticed a lot of crew were dying, so I asked the Met for a comparison, as both jobs involve shift work, unsociable hours and stress. I expected the police rate to be higher but, surprisingly, it was the other way round.”

    Many recent reports are available online… 

    'There are hundreds of sick crew': is toxic air on planes making frequent flyers ill?

    Kate Leahy used to work as cabin crew, until she was signed off sick. Then a young colleague died in 2014. She talks to the former staff looking for answers


    • simone says:

      Aerotoxic Syndrome:…a spokeswoman for British Airways last week comes up with this OUTRAGEOUS LIE: “The death rate for cabin crew in service during 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 is similar to the matched age demographic in the general population, and there are no worrying trends in terms of cause.”

      Passon set up Angel Fleet, a website and Facebook group dedicated to the memory of cabin crew who have died. The ticker tape of names that runs across the website often lists ages at time of death – 49, 51, 34, 30, with the average being around 43.

      “The most frequent causes are cancer, heart problems, suicide and brain haemorrhages. All of which can be caused by toxic poisoning,” she says. Passon herself has a letter from her doctor that states she has been permanently incapacitated by the Aerotoxic Syndrome.

      Aerotoxic syndrome was so named by a small team of medical researchers in 1999. In their report, Dr Harry Hoffman, Professor Chris Winder and Jean-Christophe Balouet suggested that exposure to contaminated cabin air could result in long-term ill health, and needed further investigation. Since the 1950s, aircraft have used what’s known as the “bleed air” system to filter air through cabins. Air is sucked into the engine compressor (the cold part of the engine) before it is siphoned off into the air-conditioning units, where it mixes with the recirculated cabin air. Problems occur when the oil used to lubricate the combustion parts of the engine heat up and chemicals leak back through damaged or inefficient seals into the compressor – and from there into cabin air. Filters in the air-conditioning units are designed to remove bacteria, viruses and dust. Obvious leaks, identified by smoke or “dirty sock” smells, are known as fume events and can cause acute toxicity, with symptoms ranging from runny nose to memory loss, severe headaches, loss of balance and muscle weakness. But the constant low-level, “silent” seepages are, crew and pilots claim, just as much of a problem.

      But getting acknowledgment that the condition even exists can be a challenge. Cannon, whose 27-page review was published last year, claimed there were half a dozen doctors in the UK and a further 12 throughout Europe who know what to look for when diagnosing aerotoxic syndrome. However, diagnoses are often still not recognised, and the airlines, he says “refuse to accept it as a reason for sickness”.

      Sarah Mackenzie-Ross, a specialist in neurotoxicology at University College London, conducts research into the impact of toxins on psychological function. She has been trying, unsuccessfully, to get funding for a large-scale epidemiological study of pilots for years, having seen hundreds displaying symptoms in her clinic. “At one point, the CAA and the Department for Transport approached the university to ask for my research to be shut down,” she says. 


  42. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  For those of you who don't know who F. William Engdahl is — let me say that he is very much like Dane Wigington, meaning he is a dedicated courageous man researching and speaking the Truth in these perilous times. An adamantine will, backbone, relentless like Dane. Not self-serving. I recommend all his books.
    From his website: F. William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst, strategic risk consultant, author, professor and lecturer.  He has been researching and writing about the world political scene for more than thirty years. His various books on geopolitics—the interaction between international power politics, economics and geography—have been translated into 14 foreign languages from Chinese to French, from German to Japanese.   His most recent works trace the strategies and events that led to the rise of the US as an international superpower. He describes the emergence after 1945 of an American power as a new kind of Empire not based upon sole military occupation of land, but control of vital resources. Domination was through creation of an informal empire where control of finance, of the basic food chain, of energy—above all of oil, would be the basis for what would become the greatest concentration of power in history, an American Sole Superpower after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    VSF:  This video link is about his findings on GMOs. Engdahl thoroughly researched and wrote a book on GMOs: Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, Paperback – November 20, 2007. The video is long, but really well worth your time. There was much I did not know.  GMOs are most definitely part of the agenda to exterminate most of the humans the elite consider as ‘disposable eaters’ — you will find his research convincingly conclusive. I no longer have any doubts that these monsters, the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, the Gates Foundation, etc. are very serious in their arrogant and insane intent to rid the planet of humans they consider inferior to themselves.  Engdahl (who grew up in Texas, like me) opened my eyes.  He leads us to understand that for the elites, there is no difference in the term eugenics (the science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics) — and genetics.  When they speak of genetics, they are really speaking of transhumanism and eugenics. Also the elite have their own organic farms, they don't eat what we are fed.

    The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, F. William Engdahl


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: These are just two of over 2 million Google posts regarding the Gates Foundation and their funding of vaccines.  Engdahl says that Gates has pledged to vaccinate every child in Africa!  We know the sinister implications — "side effects include" …

      Bill and Melinda Gates Pledge $10 Billion in Call for Decade of Vaccines | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
      Increased vaccination could save more than 8 million children by 2020; significant funding gaps remain, others must join effort
      DAVOS, Switzerland — Bill and Melinda Gates announced today that their foundation will commit $10 billion over the next 10 years to help research, develop and deliver vaccines for the world’s poorest countries.  The Gateses said that increased investment in vaccines by governments and the private sector could help developing countries dramatically reduce child mortality by the end of the decade, and they called for others to help fill critical financing gaps in both research funding and childhood immunization programs.

      Africa Receives First Delivery of GAVI/Global Fund Vaccines
      William H. Gates Sr. Helps Deliver Life-saving Vaccines to Mozambique
      William H. Gates Sr., co-chair and CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, joined Carol Bellamy, executive director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and President Joaquim Chissano of Mozambique at Boane District Health Clinic, 45 kilometers from the capital city Maputo, to see infants being immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and hepatitis B with DTP-hepB vaccines.  Following the official presentation of the new vaccines by Gates and Bellamy, President Chissano announced that Boane District would pilot immunization activities with the combination DTP-hepB vaccines until a nationwide campaign begins in July. The pilot will set in motion a host of activities to revitalize the country's immunization program including: training health workers about the new combination vaccine and correct use of safety devices, and how to communicate to a variety of audiences the importance of all infants receiving a full schedule of vaccinations.
      The Mozambican government received the first half of 1.3 million doses of DTP-hepB vaccines worth an estimated $1.5 million. An additional contribution of $462,000 to strengthen immunization services also was awarded.  "After a year of hard work, it is gratifying to see our actions begin to bear fruit as vaccines are delivered to countries and most importantly to children," said Gates. "Now we have to quickly expand to all areas of the world, so we can help save the lives of two million children every year with vaccines against preventable diseases."  The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) is a coalition of organizations formed in 1999 in response to stagnating global immunization rates and widening disparities in vaccine access among industrialized and developing countries. The GAVI partners include: national governments, the Gates Children's Vaccine Program at PATH, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA), research and public health institutions, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, UNICEF, the World Bank Group and the World Health Organization (WHO).

    • You, aka YouMa says:

      What VSF says here about F. William Engdahl is absolutely on target.  To further one's broad scope and understanding of the dire circumstances our species and earth is experiencing right now, not even to mention the incredible heightened radiation damages happening exponentially due to EMFs (including the wiring in homes, building, etc. as well as coming from wireless tech/screens and blue light), it is a great idea to read up on Engdahl's books, etc.    

      For the past several years I have been accessing his materials.  Thanks to VSF for bringing this to our attention.

    • simone says:

      F. W. Engdahi is an intelligent writer but DANE WIGINGTON is the most courageous  LEADER  on the New Frontier fighting for Sanity against human madness taking over the very precious life on this planet.  (No Political debates and opinions needed here.) 

      Stay well, dear friend!

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