Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 4, 2016


Dane Wigington

The criminal corporate media and the order followers that fill its ranks continue their campaign of total deception. Though the majority of the population is still committed to their denial on many fronts, there is a rippling of the coming forced awakening. The VAXXED documentary is triggering a justifiable outrage among those who have had the courage to face the truth and view the film. How much more rage will global populations feel when they completely realize the full extent of harm that has been inflicted on them by their governments (who are all participating either passively or actively in the ongoing global climate engineering assault). The death rate in the US has suddenly and unexpectedly spiked. Where is the corporate media coverage of this fact? Societal implosion and chaos continues to unfold in countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, and many more.


Venezuelan police fire tear gas and plastic bullets at protesters in Altamira, Caracas. 

As the global economic house of cards crumbles, the most destructive and dangerous corporations like Bayer and Monsanto will try to merge in an effort to stay afloat. DuPont and Dow Chemical are also merging. Populations around the globe must be awakened to what is coming, starting with the issue of the climate engineering atrocities. From record droughts, to record fires, to record floods, anthropogenic activity and climate engineering are taking their toll on what is left of the planet's life support systems. The most important step in this direction is to efficiently, effectively, and publicly expose all the media personnel, meteorologists and others that are actively or passively toeing the narrative of deception for those in power.  The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Make fighting to expose the whole truth your top priority. Make the fight for the greater good your mission, time is not on our side.

165 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 4, 2016

  1. nobodiesfool says:

    You have done a stellar job of presenting so many of the facts here, Dane.  Blessed Be. Is there no way to end this? Why are people so willing to kill themselves and their children for money? 

    • Melissa Wade says:

      You called it out. Money has become more important than blood. We are forced to have it to survive. That's why so many are silent. 

  2. Ben Elterman says:

    Dane, In my searches I came upon an interesting "weather manipulation" document that I had not seen before. It looks to be very revealing so I thought I would share it. Hope you find it useful.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Great find Ben! The document looks to be full of incredible information. Just scanning through it last night was pretty mind blowing for me. Perhaps it will be helpful to the lawsuits being filed.

  3. Veritas says:

    I have noticed strange webbing like this in a pool a few weeks ago.
    It would seem this is another vector for transmission of chemicals and biological agents. Truly amazing that with Monsanto GMO's, Vaccines with SV40, Toxic Medications, Geoengineering, Poisonous Tap Water, etc, we are still alive and fighting these pathetic god pretenders. No matter how much stolen land and money they have, no matter how much propaganda through TV, media, and movies, no matter what they throw at us we will triumph in the end. Their Talmud says " Even the best of the goyim should be killed ". Guess what you evil parasites, we are still here! God Bless you all and may the light of wisdom and truth shine down on these psychopaths, to save our world and the future of its people's is divine providence. The key to save everything is knowledge, history, and unshakeable will.

  4. Donna-AZ says:


    I suggested the same to Mr. Sorenson, and said I didn't want to view mass fumigation while trying to relax in their hotel. I got identical reply.

  5. CJ says:

    Very interesting when you say you see mushrooms sprouting up everywhere.  Mushroom Clouds or Mushrooms growing on Dead Things? This Black Coal Ash that is being sprayed is Killer Spray.  I was in the store the other Day and a women was looking at the back of a jug of Weed B Gone.  She took it and put it into her cart. I wonder if she has pets. That Sht is deadly for your pets and yourself too. I used to use it before I stumbled across the information that Dane has presented on this site along with other comments I have read. I don't use it anymore after my dog got a huge Tumor on his Back and eventually had to be put down. Probably ate the grass in the area that was sprayed or got it on his paws and licked it off while cleaning himself. I am sorry for that. I would have never used it if I had know about the adverse affects it can have. Again today all I see are thick dark greyish black moop in the sky.  When there is any form of Blue Sky opening up all I hear are jets and planes swooping overhead trying to cover up the open area. Probably not many notice that. All looks and sounds normal to most people. I know that we need rain.  Toxic Rain is good for you isn't it though?  Doesn't it help you get sicker quicker?  And it aids in making a speedier death rate with all life. Now people that live in Canada can now have the right to have assisted suicide.  Gee Whiz Have to get them numbers down. Like Gates said: We can lower the numbers by 10-15% using Vaccines. Vaccinating you Via Geoengineering. Now isn't that nice? I'm being very sarcastic today. Lucky to get out of bed and plant my feet on the floor. So all is good.  Oh if you are talking on that Cell Dawnski, they say use the Speaker Phone part. Only because when you hold it close to your head it might make you Dead. Cancer Braindead Just going by what I have read and heard. I like how you said DieFi. Have a GREAT DAY!  

    • Dawnski says:


      Thank you for sharing. So sorry about your beloved pet. .their unconditional love is so therapeutic!

      I came across a dust for organic plants today that killed a variety of pests. It mentioned how harmful it was for bees for the first three hours and not to dust when breezy.    Shheesh. .  I left it behind. My sons bee conservation pollinator garden is as neonicotinoid free as humanly possible. They probably are raining down on us all.

      Keep on keeping on and come here when you feel sad. I will try to shine some pure dawnski love light over you, in Jesus' name! Mark 12:30-31

    • Pat says:

      I also see quite a lot of those black foggy mists floating in the air. The other evening we had eight jets bombard our sky's right over my house. What was a blue sky was turned into eight large pure white streams and it spread out and before fifthteen minutes the sky was all white. Every sunrise and sunset they spray and then that black foggy mist starts showing up. There's will be the judgement of our LORD JESUS CHRIST for killing off HIS creation.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Pat, Thank you for mentioning the black fog.  That has been working my last nerve.  It all has, but for some time now the black stuff has creeped me out and it is mostly after sunset.  Sometimes lately the night is more shocking to me than the daytime!

  6. Dawnski says:

    Posting on my toxic not so smart phone on my toxic DieFi how heavy LKN, NC was sprayed today. I'm sure the emergency room is busy…
    I continue to see mushrooms sprouting everywhere. Creapy haze and odd hue as the day was turning to dusk. Socioeconomic status or lack thereof does not make a hill o' beans to who gets sick and who does not. Canaries in a coal mine. Roaches in a RAID commercial. As the coal ash chem dust settles. .  in lung after lung. 
    Apropro Nehemiah message on Sunday. . .mourning for the planet. Praying. Fasting. . .waiting on Him. 

  7. Sean S. says:

    I have been aware of this issue since 2008. However it wasn't until I moved to CA in 2014 that I really became aware as to the extent of this. Where I originally hail from, the Midwest, it's much easier to hide this issue for a lot of reasons.

    I will always praise and support people like Dane and Clifford/ Carol Carnicom. They set the bar at a level that few can only dream of yet most could achieve if they did two things. Believe and act.

    For me the comment section has been the most fascinating part of Dane's site as of late. I have followed the posts closely over the last few years. The level of humanity, knowledge, intelligence and emotion being displayed is a true testament to the human spirit. To watch people from all walks of life coming together for the greater good warms my heart.

    If any of you are wondering if you're making a difference or if we're gaining ground I suggest this: Go back to some of the articles from a few years ago. Just count the number of posts and you can chart the trend. It's off the charts!

    So to my brothers and sisters I say thank you. Thank you for making the world a little less dark than it once was.

    Never give up!!

  8. Pedro says:

    – Hello Dane, and friends. Thank you Very Much for your Work.
    Michel B, hello.

    1st; The reptilian brain is not so instinctive as you think..
    2nd; The problem that we have today is only one reformulation much more sophisticated of a very old problem that comes with the twisted genetics of our species. Our ego, and infinite capacity for cruelty, that surpasses the size of imagination, only matched by the greed of the empire builders. We are living over and over again the obsessed dream about the reconstruction of the roman empire. It's like a psychopathic fetish. And that is not possible, not with 7 billion to control. But with the means that these MFs have today, maybe they could do it with 300 millions as their private horde of slaves. …We are talking about the demise of everything. JFK will not help you on this situation, unfortunately.
    3rd and last, I don't want to be boring with my "lyrical wax"; I was not talking about sociologic narcissism ( city lack of education, you know ), I was talking about pathologic sadistic and compulsive narcissism, vanity and envy ( pathologic ). I'm not a psychiatrist but I've enough life experience to smell these from a great distance.
    …Did you know that crocodiles can plan actions in time with weeks and months of anticipation, and they are very sociable, by the way. And did you know that the brains of psychopaths and sociopath are morphologic different than the brains of regular Persons?
    …I wonder how's the morphology of the brains of the "guys" that work at the monsanto "business"… the pentagon "business"… and about the "guys" on fema too…
    Good Luck to Us All

  9. Rebecca S says:

    Military Medical Industrial Complex, some history

  10. DrDignity says:

    I happened upon an excellent article by Randy Ananda (2010) from Global Research entitled, "Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Modification, Contrails & Chemtrails." Informative & well-written.

  11. Grant Jones says:

    The collapse of Venezuela and Nigeria are right out of the central bankers playbook. In Venezuela they are hit with drought, The CIA is behind the scenes to cause conflict and the Players are the Chinese and American Banks. Now the OAS is stepping in to try to seize the Oil resource. Hmm .. Nigeria has exploded with strife as their enviornment is degraded to the point of starvation. Doesn't take anything to set them off though Bill Clinton gave a few speeches there for  $700K each.  Oh an the fires at Ft McMurray still burn.  Oil is on the rise at $50/bbl.  Other than Dane there is no word of this in the news.  The Climate is imploding an no mention.  This all has to explode soon, there is no hiding all these events and how they are connected.  And above us all the spray goes on. Time is running out.  Thanks to all who seek the truth.

  12. Wick says:

    Plane, after plane, after plane. Really working on that SRM today, the sun still feels so hot. I'm scared..

    • JR says:

      The Lord did not give us the Spirit of Fear brother…Be Strong

    • Marc says:

      Wick, I went for a bike ride yesterday and sat in the sun for 15 minutes. My face is quite reddened from what would have been considered negligible exposure just a handful of years ago. How on earth are trees and plants, which typically are exposed for many, many hours EVERYDAY, supposed to withstand this assault of UVA, UVB and maybe even UVC? Truth is, they're not. Everywhere we turn we see the game is rigged against us. Yeah, I'm scared, too. 

    • Dan G. says:

      Canyonville Oregon not a plane in site today ?

    • Sean s. says:

      Hi Wick,

      I want to pass something along that might help. I was and am struggling with this just like all are. Dane gave me some very profound and solid advice.

      Polish your philosophy.

      Life is a seasonal occupation. Exercise your will according to your beliefs as that is all you truly own.

      Me now. Pray. Pray to your maker. The creator that created this perfection is allowing this to happen. There is a dark scourge upon the earth that thinks they are the creator. Not so. They will soon learn how wrong their judgment was. Man should not play God. Period. Perhaps the only way the earth can ever be free of the destructive nature of many is to allow everything to be destroyed. Just a thought.

      Take solace in knowing that the evil ones that think they are in control aren't. They will have to answer for this.

      There's no escaping death. We don't always get to die at the ripe old age of 110 surrounded by our loved ones.

      The One that created this perfect planet also created the dying process. Just because we don't see the perfection in it doesn't mean that it isn't there.

      Be well

    • BaneB says:

      Sean:  We are in complete agreement.  My advice  (the best advice someone said is don't give advice:-)) for the physical world is to leave the cities.  This is stop-gap advice.  And for the Spiritual realm, if not already, get in touch with The Creator, the creative intelligence, that which created existence.  One needs no cell phone. Only a desire to roll the proverbial dice, ask for the correct answers.  We are already hard wired to make contact.  For one who can't deal with the meta, look around you.  Just what is the definition of LIFE?  My definition says…..miracle!  


  13. Wendi says:

    I have emailed our TV stations and weathermen/women and they just ignore me or do the "your crazy" usual response. I sent a comment to our department of air quality and they guy called me an was a complete jerk. I can't imagine having a job where I had to lie everyday and about something that is killing our planet.

  14. Peter says:

    Dane, I admire from afar (I'm an Aussie) the work you are doing to bring the SRM / Geoengineering insanity to the attention of the sleeping masses. This past weekend the entire coast of south eastern Australia has been hit by a storm of massive proportions. It extended all the way from  near Brisbane, then down the NSW coast into eastern Victoria then Tasmania. Major damage was caused to homes in coastal areas due to severe erosion to beaches caused by huge swells driven by gale force winds. The satellite image showed a huge swirling mass sucking in tropical moisture and heat from the northeast of Australia. The local weather bureau is calling it an east coast low but the NSW Premier Mike Baird came up with something more pronounced, saying it was "most unusual with several cells combined into one huge storm". My belief is the evil cabal now controlling the weather engineered it, like all the other flood disasters occurring around the planet. Many homes were lost, people displaced; massive property damage and sadly a few lives lost.

    Like many of your followers Ive had some success in bringing all this to the attention of others in my area and at my workplace… so far with mixed success …as always there are those who look at you blankly and just walk away…yet others are prepared to listen and follow up my suggestion to research your website.

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Peter, Yes that storm was not your typical natural event. It looked and behaved unlike the storms from yesteryear. It was obviously geoengineered.

      Mike Baird is a traitor to this country. He goes to Israel for training in establishing installing statist government. The liberal Party are so obviously just henchmen for the rich in this country. The PM is a former merchant banker and is worth about $200 million. As if he cares for the little guy.

      I predicted that we would get no rain as I was used to so many predictions of rain coming that never eventuated. But we got a doozy of a storm that looked and moved weirdly if you watched it on a weather map. In Brisbane it came suddenly and left suddenly and on the day after, on Sunday, the sky was filled with typical signs of SRM. From what I saw it didn't go inland much but I am not entirely sure.

      Australia feeds 60 million (?) people overseas mainly in Asia with our food exports. If our food production is hampered, then how do those overseas people get the food? From what I see, drought is still the norm in regional Australia.

    • BaneB says:

      Jay Partel:  Interesting you mention Travistock.  Search out Miles Mathis.  A realist painter, he offers some very pithy humorous essays.  His 'recents' take target at music/lyrics of Prince abd Bowie and how they were propaganda tools and labelled great artists of our era.  Travistock et al figures in greatly.  Further you would enjoy I am sure his take on Harry Potter, the propaganda throughout, and the odd bio history of the Harry Potter series author.  Very intriguing.

  15. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    I certainly hope more & more EPA, and other Government employees, do what's right, by coming out to discuss what is truthfully taking place in our environment, that is being denied and covered up by those in charge.

    • Dave — Thank you for your comprehensive, informed, intelligent reports which I learn from and really appreciate! Kind regards – Susan

    • marcia says:

      Thank You Dane…Great Show! I will live up to your recommendations of contact.

      And…Thank You David..I also hope more EPA and Government employees, do what's right by coming out and discussing what is truthfully taking place in our environment.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      David, surely you and others here realize how very corrupt the EPA is and always has been and will be with Gina at the head?!!  It is a sham. 

  16. JR says:

    From the Southwest, New Mexico, our rain clouds are being obliterated to 0+0. The lowlifes are sure looking to get a one way ticket to hell. I'm sure they'll try to lie their way out pretending they don't belong there, oh well. You don't tempt the Creator. They literally have their SAG/SRM down pat. interfering with our rain season at whatever the cost. I thank everyone in this cause and battle for a better world, Thanks……………God Bless

    • JR says:

      Posted Sunday. Today 6/6/16 & the scum SOB (Sons of Below) are repeating their SAG/SRM actions with their Father the author of confusion over our rain clouds. The Lord gives in abundance but the SOB (bastards) are hard at work to take away his gifts. Just plain evil (times) before our eyes mocking us, and tempting HIM. HE Knows All though…. 

  17. Robert West says:

    I want to thank you Dane for offering a tremendous site with a mountain of information that is factual. I have tried to guide people to your site in hopes of leading the horse to the trough thingy.

    Most people have many questions but the two questions that everyone asks are: (1) what are they spraying, and (2) how does it affect me. Your Health Section abounds with information that answers so many questions but that information is buried and not easy to find. I would like to see the Health Section Heading expanded so that more people will use it. Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robert, thank you for your input, certainly there is no arguing with your suggestions. We will try to get at more site organization as soon as possible. I am unfortunately tending so many fires in the battle that I just can”t keep up. Again, I do appreciate your input and will try my best to follow through with the suggestions.

    • leo says:

      They want us to be aluminum antennas or radiators…life is hard enough without breathing toxins

  18. Dennie says:

    Some simple thoughts on a Sunday:

    1.) If the nanoparticulate metals being used in the sprays are supposed to "reflect" sunlight away from Earth, how exactly do they do this?  Do they actually stay "shiny side up," once sprayed in the air, or are all surfaces of the exact same reflectivity, in which case, the reflection of sunlight back towards the sun wouldn't make all that much difference in regard to the light actually being reflected overall, and especially back towards earth– it's all just brighter and shinier, causing a net increase in the heat on the surface of the planet.  Why couldn't any of the brilliant scientists who dreamed up this diabolical scheme see this? 

    2.) The particulates are so fine, they feel like a stinging powder that almost instantly dries out your mouth, nose and eyes, and you start coughing. Most people do not notice this (the denser kind).

    • BaneB says:

      The blanket of nano-particulates traps in the heat.  The particulates cascade down to the ground.  The sunshine heats each and everyone of those particles individually.  We stroll about in this heated toxic soup, breathing it into our lungs.  The trees and assorted plant life are affected.  The soil is a degraded toxin.  And the humidity under this suffocating blanket of coal fly ash and assorted heavy metals is trapped.  The rise in humidity is causing major fungal problems here in my area just as one would expect within a terrarium environment that is purged of its natural hydrological cycles.  These weather terrorists don't have a "sunny side up" literally and figuratively.  Thanks for your thought provoking analysis.  

    • Tamara says:

      Hi Dennie, interesting you should say this. I always feel like it's unbearably hotter after a solid spray.

      Yeah, I think you are right. It may not only be reflecting the heat downward. It may be magnifying it, like little mirrors. That would explain the increase in fires.

      Yeesh, we are being toasted. I have asthma and have been having a really hard time with it. Something in the air has changed.

    • Dennie — I don't believe that the Teller ‘sunscreen’ reflection concept is the main purpose anymore. From what I can read in the plasma physics textbooks and online articles, I assume, to put it bluntly in common language, they are literally attempting to turn the sky into an electric outlet. Fracking the Ionosphere, etc. Plasma as power. I know this sounds insane, but every project I locate that is run by the US Navy is supported by the Department of Energy. They are looking to replace oil, to be the first, to corner the market, and control the planet with this new technology. The Space Fence is more than defense.
      For example we know that Lithium is in the SRM sprays, perhaps in these new white “drippers” —but Lithium is also used in ‘confinement fusion’ : applied to the control of Rayleigh-Taylor instability in Newtonian fluids. … from sea water, whereas tritium can be generated by lithium reactions with neutrons … lead to a continuous decompression of the shell region of thickness …
      Elon Musk is obsessed with Lithium: Through both Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and its sister company SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY), Elon Musk is bringing off-grid solar-powered batteries to businesses and homes. Lithium is already necessary for efficient nuclear power, space travel, and every rechargeable item we own.
      FYI: The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory provides the advanced scientific capabilities required to bolster our country’s position of global naval leadership.
      The [NAVY] Institute for Nanoscience conducts highly innovative, interdisciplinary research at the intersections of the fields of materials, electronics and biology in the nanometer size domain.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  The original probable concept (SRM) at some point likely was realized as the perfect cover to turn the entire upper atmosphere into a giant "bug" zapper.  This medium serves many agendas, methinks.

      Dennie:  The white toxic haze in my immediate surround can easily be detected in the shadows where the sunshine (such as it is ) edges it like a film projector of yon years.  I am referring to distances of about 500 feet across the driveway, and the haze is that up close.  One needs no long view to observe this stuff.  And the long view, all the way across the valley and to the upclose mountains is a toxic white soup.  Forget the once pristine views.  There is no day that the entire atmosphere is not enveloped in this crap.  I cough more, clear my throat, and have a nose that is dry and uncomfortable 24/7.  My eyes are blinking much more, too.  Someone referred to this weather manipulation as a slow kill. Maybe you. This obvious geoengineering program is a form of terrorism when a small cadre of scientists and military types take it upon their own self-authorized sociopathy to pursue weather chaos as a so-called force enhancer, pitting the earth systems against all life on its surface and beneath the oceans.  One can well imagine what their intentions are in seeking their full spectrum dominance over the planet's magnetosphere.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie, Good point about nanos reflecting light and how do they stay sunny side up.  I'd like to hear that answer myself.  I did try to ask Susan about a weird light color stuff I noticed for a short while, in which it seemed as if the light source was coming somewhere else other than the sun.  Perhaps with the sunny side up stuff, this refract the light thing is a ruse too.  When, more likely it reflects military use!

      Yes, I do feel the dry nose, mouth and eyes, but I do not feel the sting!  On the other hand, I've always had a way high pain tolerance.  I also don't taste the stuff.  I don't know if I should be glad, or feel outside the "club" that does!  I am not dense!  But?!!!  I did feel a sense of humidity in my nose last night when there was no humidity, and it had a smell to it that at first smelled like humidity, but fake somehow, like a perfume of sorts only not really, just odd.  You? 

  19. Dick Benton says:

    Petro Canada says it is taking a number of steps to get gasoline into the tanks of gas station in Western Canada that have run dry.

    In addition to trying to fix the problems at the Suncor refinery in Edmonton as quickly as possible by bringing in additional supply to the refinery, it is also restarting its oil sands operations in what it describes as a "safe and staged manner."

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Take care Dane and company.

  20. darrell emery says:

    not only are our reefs dying in australia, our mangroves are also dying off significantly. mangroves are the nurseries for ocean life. eg. fish prawns etc. no mangroves equals no fish.

  21. Pedro says:

    – Hello Friends.
    Michel B,
    is not the party , is the conduct. If you dig, and find exacerbated, sadistic and compulsive narcissism, you are dealing with nazis. You can call them, communists, socialists, democrats, it doesn't mater. If the conduct is nazi like, is because they are like that. And this appears time after time, over and over again, in any time line of the Human History.
    Greed makes the necessity of empires.
    And after greed, comes inhumanity. 

    • Michel B says:

      Pedro, it does matter that you use the right terms and names in context and precisely for the situations we wish to understand. Just like Dane says, don't use 'chemtrails', use scientific terms like Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, etc to gain credibility. The term 'Nazi' was actually a denigrating nickname given to the NSDAP by the Allies. The Germans did not refer to themselves as 'Nazis' and the NSDAP did not create this problem that we have today.

      I did not use the terms "socialists" or "democrats". Why did you say I used them?

      Whatever the deficiencies of Hitler's Germany, it can be demonstrated that Imperial and Communist governments propped up by private bankers have lead humanity into the slaughter house, through war, recessions and depressions. You cannot keep seeing Hitler in your soup.

      It is downright distractive, irresponsible and plain wrong to say "Nazis!" all of the time. As for "compulsive narcissism", I am not a psychoanalyst and I am guessing you are not either. Narcissists exist in every group and strata of every society. In some places like a large metropolis, the percentage of narcissism is higher. I do not understand your statement that all narcissists can be called 'Nazis'. Sorry, that does not make sense at all.

      Greed comes from individuals and no one is exempt. Sometimes enough greedy individuals work together on a project to get ahead. This leads to trouble for the rest of us.

      Let us recognise the true culprits behind these awful programs. As JFK said, trying to warn us, "For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources in to the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published, its mistakes are buried not headlined, its dissenters are silenced not praised, no expenditure is questioned, no rumour is printed, no secret is revealed."

      This how we start to find out who and what and how. After that we can wax lyrical about greed and empires and inhumanity, etc.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michel B, Hello.  I find what you said to be perfectly said and well thought out and I, for one, appreciate it! 

  22. SD says:

    Reports of high humidity in NorCal past few days very interesting. In June?
     But we look at the SCHEDULED WEATHER for Yreka across to Nor NV we see Flash Flood Watch, heavy rain coming.  From Where?  Has to be of SubTropical origin. Reports of floods from Europe also confirm that Geoengineers using rain for evaporative cooling. Planet soon to be a giant SWAMP COOLER.

    • BaneB says:

      Mendocino County Update:  Again yesterday high humidity and high temps.  I could do my chores before 11 am after which time I stayed mostly inside.  And floating overhead are the manufactured heat trapping blankets of the smotherers.  There is a virgin fir forest just over a ridge about 1500 feet northeast.  The trees are literally being consumed from the inside out by fungi and assorted parasitic lichens.  The scene is macabe like something out of a sci fi flick whereby evil has inflicted a curse upon the land.  Except this is the reality, nothing virtual.  Again, this early morning the humidity is high though lessened from what was on Saturday.  The temp will again approach 100 plus.  The gritty atmosphere will continue to choke and inflame and make life uncomfortable, and again half of my day will have to be inside.

  23. CJ says:

    Defence Contractors and Blue Gold.
    (Water) Fresh Water with lots of Aluminum and Fluoride.
    Don't forget about Barium.
    Lots of Goodies for everyone. 
    Lot's of Money to be made.

  24. Snapper says:

    I just read where Hiller is suffering another coughing fit,I wonder if it is caused from chemtrails. Follow the money, maybe she is meeting her own demise? 

    • Dennie says:

      If she'd come out against geoengineering, there'd be a better chance those fits would stop. 
      I don't much believe in diagnosing Hillary with "acid reflux."  When you talk a lot, your mouth gets dry.  That is a know fact.  Now I can FEEL the nanoparticulate sh!t and it DOES MAKE YOU HOARSE, especially when there's a lot of it raining down on us, day after day after day after day after day.  Especially now, with the ramp-up of the spraying– if some doesn't fix The Problem, more will, right? And all the "special breathing techniques in the world won't fix that.  Sheesh.
      Personally I think our leaders are so very bankrupt of any ideas as to how we get out of the predicament we've dug ourselves into with the Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm, I wouldn't follow them across the street. 

  25. Linda says:

    Marriott Hotel pictures absolutely unbelievable and outrageous….sending off a letter… Maybe not his idea but an evil joke nonetheless….of blatant mind control. It is everywhere….no escape.  Makes me quite sad because I enjoyed being a Marriott member… tho only used it about once per year.  The "terrorists" do seem able to ruin a lot of pleasurable things in life.

    Agreeing with Rachel…Steven the Pizza guy is a hero for being banned from that Truthout group.  Gosh, the lines are becoming so clear…is that  a good omen for the truth to be realized??

  26. Rodster says:

    Great article if you care about 'animal wildlife' and their foreseeable extinction rate.

    On World Environment Day: Profiting from Death, Devastation and Destruction is the Norm

  27. (ANTIMEDIA) Who says nothing is made in the USA anymore?
    June 2, 2016 / JP Sottile
    …the well-heeled denizens of the State Department’s diplomatic corps…stationed on the frontlines of the ongoing battle to preserve Uncle Sam’s dominant market share of the global weapons trade. …not only was America the world’s leading arms dealer in 2014 with $36.2 billion in sales, but it topped that 35% surge in sales over 2013 with yet another profitable spike to $46.6 billion in 2015.
    As Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) determined in its recent report on the global arms trade, the United States maintains a commanding “33% share of total arms exports” and is the world’s top seller for five years running. And its customer base includes “at least” 96 countries, which is nearly half of the world’s nations. A robust 40% of those exports end up in the Middle East.
    …A “dynamic” market is right … that is, if you’re General Dynamics. Or Lockheed Martin. Or Boeing. Or any of the big six defense contractors who together took home $90.29 billion of the over $175 billion worth of taxpayer dollars doled out last year to the top 100 military contractors. Not coincidentally, seven of the top eight U.S. Government contractors are defense companies, with only health care services provider McKesson making it past a phalanx of defense wheelers and dealers.
    It’s a rarified world greased last year by $127.39 million of lobbying largesse and another $32.66 million spent so far this year, according to Of course, lobbying offers a great bang for the buck when it comes to stoking sales. A MapLight analysis earlier this year found that “major U.S. government contractors have received $1,171 in taxpayer money for every $1 invested in lobbying and political action committee contributions during the last decade.”

    [The "Land of the Free" has gone mad…war-crazed insane.]

    • BaneB says:

      Why is "Babylon" judged?  Because of her 'disseminations.'  There is no longer any Mystery about where the madness will end.  40% of the murderous exports go into a region that was the 'cradle of civilization.'  It is written that that very same locale shall be its grave.  And one can be sure that these same reptilians are 100% involved in the geoengineering of our atmosphere and operating the weather control terrorist disseminations.  Reality check:  Should global peace break out the global economy will go through an adjustment not unlike the weather were global geoengineering be halted.  Not pretty, but necessary if any life is to be saved.

    • Grant Jones says:

         What is so frightening is the unchecked profit without any risk that these Arms companies enjoy.  All their R&D is covered by taxpayer dollars and we have never been attacked on our home shores.  The pentagon is a slush fund an they see conflict as an increase in profit, and The CIA obliges by creating conflict. Wars are someplace else and the Arms manufacturers are safe in their own greedy bubble. Conflict is their business model and overconfidence about their safe bubble is very dangerous.  With the climate imploding and the world economic failures  plus more facts becoming known of  the Elites agendas.  We are in grave danger of the World War card being played.  Everything I see tells me that it is all happening soon, this year.  Fire season is here and will make 2015 look like a Weinee roast.  Stay safe all an thanks to all who are getting the truth out.

    • Earth Angel says:

      These are Jaw dropping statistics. Thanks again Susan for your impeccable research- We'll never get those stats from the mainstream news parrots! Interesting there are 6 major defense contractors just as all the major news outlets are owned by the same 6 people/ corporate entities. Wonder what's up with that?.. Anything?.. or just a coincidence? 

    • kathleen says:

      So true, Susan 🙁 We also export deadly "food," or "food-like substances" that contain remnants of the devastating war chemicals we rain upon others and ourselves. As you pointed out in an earlier post, 99% of all media (books, movie, tv, radio, etc.) are now controlled by just six corporations — and we all know corporations' goal: profit above all else. Some days I just feel like weeping.

  28. CJ says:

    Very well done Dane. 

    There are way too many people willing to not speak out or realize the truth.

    We are being poisoned and cooked to death slowly without a doubt.

    I just saw on the Television at a Restaurant that there are more Whales washing up on shore from the ocean. 

    I don't recall the location

    The nails in the coffin are sealing the Fate of Everything quicker and it won't be very long before the last one is in place.

    Game Over

  29. Tof says:

    I'm french. Here the situation is the result of a dramatic geoengineering manipulation.

    No sun visible since 10 DAYS  in Paris. Impossible in june.

    Rain rain rain.

    It's an attack.

    This youtube channel from a german :

    In France : riots & strikes against european policy, martial state since november 13 false flag, migrants crisis, and now the euro football cup.

    Connecting the dots !

    Thank's for your work

  30. Roger Gibbons says:

    My Geoengineering sign on my van that I drive around town every day when am out working is getting attention. People who drive up beside me at the traffic lights sit and read the billboard on the side ….its interesting to see their face's after they read it.

    I have caught a few looking up looking for a jet spraying across the skies.

    Just planting the seed ……..Of hope.

    Keep planting the seed ……everyone …every little bit you do counts in this war.



    • BaneB says:

      Roger:  It would be great if you could post a link here to a pic of your sign.  What you have accomplished is inspiring.

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      BaneB ….not sure how to post it ….thanks for the encouragement … just get to an age where you have lived and enjoyed life and I wont keep quite any more ………….this is a battle that will take millions to win …….and if I can get one person to read my sign on the side of my van that reads ……Stop Spraying Us …..and they drive away thinking of that …..they may just look up Geoengineering and be self educated on the subject. My wife and kids believe I have gone off the deep end ….their wrong I all ready jumped in this fight feet first ….thinking of the kids to come they need to know that someone is fighting for them.

      So driving around town with a Geoengineering sign on my van can change one person then we all win.

  31. Gary says:

    Been getting web site in on FB but most are total clueless to what's being done to them . One photo by total arm cloud breaking into veils all comments said how bueatafull it was little did they know it was to depopulate them.  How to reach the masses ?  The media should be help accountable on this. I hope Trump as C in chief can stop DOD planes flying. He knows of this from Chuck Norris

  32. Raymond Gilmour says:

    We observe that Climate Engineering is abundantly evident here in Australia but very few will look up, let alone protest..We have printed out out own flyers . Taken our own movies of spraying showing difference  between  contrails and chem trails. Sent photos and letters to our local polititians and TV stations.  zero reponses…..says it all.!  And people are saying the weather is so crazy lately and where are all the bees ??

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Raymond. It's good to hear from you. I am from Brisbane and I observe SRM overhead each and every day. There is not a day where the sky looks 100% normal like it should. Even on a so called clear day the colour is not right. The washed out light blue is because of ever present particles. The colour should be a good deep blue and it never is.

      Appealing to 'authorities' will get the typical answer – denial. The politicians and TV stations are in on it. They know but have been muzzled. The solution is in waking up enough of the population. When enough people have figured out with their own good senses that something is very wrong then a mass movement will bring these programs to a halt.

      It is obvious by now that these programs are not to ameliorate global warming but have in fact contributed to it. They are drought inducing programs to destroy the ability for the populations of the world to feed themselves. I know there are many layers (purposes) to the deployment of SRM, but if they destroy our ability to feed ourselves, then what other reasons matter?

      The bit of rain we just had over Brisbane and the south east corner and into northern NSW was probably just a dam filler. There were deluges here and there and of course by this morning the sky exhibited typical ribbed cirrus, haze that was coming down to the ground and skies yet again the wrong colour.

      More and more people are waking up to it here. I think one good method of spreading awareness is too leave brochures and signs in public places where people will find them of their own accord and feel no pressure to accept this news as they will be discovering it on their own, so to speak.

    • Frances says:

      In ABC Gardening latest 4th June segment from Adelaide Hills showed definite chemtrails in the sky.

  33. Dennie says:

    What's the document that the EPA whistle blower sent a draft of that renders the EPA virtually useless?  I think we better find out what it is.  I for one want to e-mail my elected representation to let them all know that I want to see the EPA strengthened and the poisoners of Planet Earth put out of business.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Dennie, I'm curious about that document also.  But I do know that the EPA was non functional from the very beginning, which begs the question really.  Quite the backstory, it makes it clear that it was never intended to have any real presence.  When the story broke it was so bizarre as to make no sense at all and it got worse and worse.  There was a man whose name I can't remember, of course, who was, in DC, the functional head of the EPA on Federal level but for them eventually saying Gina McCarthy was his boss-I don't know for how long.  But this man worked for something like 27 years, rarely showing up or putting in a full day.  When others became curious about this, he said he was doing secretive work for the government, and they thought he was saying he was a spy, and that was why he was gone most of the time and the excuse for traveling.  Which he did, mostly with his family.  No one, including his boss Gina, realized he was still drawing a paycheck for a full year after his retirement party!  At which time he was busted, sort of a slap on the wrist and Gina took his place!!?!!  All this time later, and knowing what we know, the guy may well have been telling the truth about working for the government.  But not as a spy!  Just by doing nothing at all.  It was a farce from the beginning.  If there is a document that states all this in one place with no conjecture, I'd love to see it.  One person I know Really believes in the EPA, and some of the groups in states think they are for real, but this person believes it to the extent she takes her EPA friend's word over anything I give her about the EPA or geoengineering.  Goes to great effort if this EPA friend comes to see her.  This person is very involved in Sierra Club and various things like that and is nervous about aligning herself with anything these people don't. I'd so love to seriously burst that bubble! 

  34. ‘Unnatural’ Navy clouds on the Olympic Peninsula WA / June 4, 2016
    EOSDIS Worldview / June 4, 2016 off the coast of Washington State
    “Drippers” [my photos from today…]

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hello Susan ….great pictures of those clouds. Thats amazing because here in Southern Ontario those same looking clouds have been present for the past several weeks now.

      They all swirl upward thin looking almost like if they were being sprayed out of a gun in a swirling motion.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan, these "dripper" circus (cirrus) "clouds" were hanging over this region of Northern California most of the day on Thursday.  They are not an uncommon feature of the geoengineering terrorists machinations here.  Sitting outside and prone on a lounge chair I have observed these freaks that scream out to anyone who knows fake from natural that "Frankinstein created me."  The shapes are fantastical, and they seem to be under radio frequency control.  And as shown in your pics they have a brighter glow than natural clouds.  Thanks for these images.

    • Dan G. says:

      Yes the RF clouds were were very depressing . I drove from Canyonville Oregon to Tacoma Washington  and back yesterday and was so overwhelmed and alone in my observation of all the dying and sick Trees . Susan thank you for all your true research I'm so glad we have somebody with your stamina up there in the Great North West .

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Hi!  First and previously, I'm struck by how very blue you sky is.  Not here!  We have similar clouds, but more dramatic and much more of them.  I thought I saw HAARP lines in one of these you took or two.  True?

    • Hi Rachel Robson — I have a friend in Berkeley who sent me his photos and I can tell you that the Olympic Peninsula is not getting inundated with such obscene amounts as you are. I think this is a factor of flight path density — and also that the Navy has reserved this area for its specific purposes which are EW, electronic warfare. What I have noticed is that we get more zapped, meaning more radio frequency rf/microwave electrified that other parts of the country. Also unless I am incorrect, I can tell you that the trees out here are not dying, that we got rain, and I would imagine that since the Pentagon very recently spent $30 million on Whidbey Island Naval Base, they are not planning on setting fire to the Peninsula this summer because they require it for a staging theater of war. This is only my opinion as little old lady who practically no one will speak to anymore. Not that I care. My three friends who do communicate, have thanked me for teaching them how to "see" the clouds. So that is some good news and also shows that people need to be educated to see these things. And yes, I am very sensitive and feel the radz, the EMFs and my hands shake periodically. My thanks to the Berkeley "cowgirl" (I loved my big black German Shepherds!), and Roger, BaneB, DanG, everyone for your kind words of encouragement.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Susan, thank you for that confirmation!  I very much appreciate that.   had one question regarding weird light, that I thought might relate.  Down to 3 friends?  Oh dear.  Well, I hope you regard me as a friend and an admirer of your brain breaking efforts!  Virtual friends count when they are heart felt/ spirit felt and bonded.

  35. Gail - Yellowhead County, Alberta says:

    What I am finding difficult is, writing to inform those that are involved in Green Energy or act like they care about OUR PLANET… Green Energy Futures – David Dodge & his Gang! The Green Peace Liars, Wildlife Groups, Wild Birds Societies, Fisheries & Forestry Groups, Bee Societies, Farmer's & Ranchers, First Nations People, Hort Society, Organic Growers, Tax Payer's Federation, Nature Groups, Outdoors Men & Women, Fishing Groups, Outdoor Sporting Groups, Running & Biking Clubs, Anti Smoking Groups, Birding Groups, Boating Clubs, & of course Journalist (You thought you trusted), News papers, & those mighty Politicians that always speak on how important Transparency in government is!  And when they hear the Truth about Geo engineering, you think that they will be of course as Horrified as you are and certain that these Men and Women of Honor and Integrity will speak out and help us to end this TODAY. Then they join the Demon's we are up against. These people are just a bunch of boys and girls that can be bought  with a Puppy or a Lollipop! I hope those Med's are working for them, cause if they have any Soul left, and you know who you are. You wouldn't be able to sleep without medication! My God do you really see a Future for any of us by selling out to this Great Evil? You're Cowards!!! Don't forget, those treats are always a PLOY. The pain will come to you too!  I am SO Tired of Seeing & Hearing these Jets. CHUNK by CHUNK you are destroying all Life forms. No longer Bit by Bit!   Cowards die many times before their deaths. The Valiant never tastes of death but once!  – William Shakespear –  I'd rather Die on my feet, Then to Live on my Knees. Who are You?

  36. Rachel Robson says:

    For the past tow days we have had humidity.  There is a dent in the back bed cover of my landlord's truck which I look at every day.  Big puddle the last two days.  Yesterday Very hot, today, not.

    Yesterday, going up town, I met my doctor friend, an MD.  We talked about various stuff and then I brought up geoengineering again, which he usually will not tolerate.  And I brought up Physicians for Social  Responsibility, and said that includes you!  I ran by neurological issues and some more and to my utter surprise he was not defensive for once, did not disparage what I said, listened! even.  I said, You know this is about to break large.  You guys must speak up.  I do!  I told him I tell every single medical person I deal with and that really adds up! he nodded in approval!  I emphasized that there is no more time, past time to take a position.  The threat is real and has been for a long time and Berkeley's skies were an unholy soup of trails yesterday.  Boy do I need glasses and boy do I need to learn how to use my camera.  And post.  I mean it is right up there with Susan's and even worse.  And has been!  I purposely make a spectacle of myself looking up as for one thing, I have very long hair and wear a cowboy hat.  For another, I'm always using one or two crutches And I have to hold the back of my head owing to breaking my neck in 2006.  So, not so easy for me to look up and people do notice.  Probably just think I am weird, cute but old and crippled and weird and Berkeley.  Or Berzerkly as we call it.  Birds seem to be disappearing.  Not all gone, but a fraction of what they were earlier.  But that may have to do with a resident crow now.  I might have to eat him.  I actually looked up how!  The skies were a Heinz 57 of every kind of chemtrail against mostly blue.  Really stood out.  But the big stand out was Dr. friend who actually seemed on board with what I was saying and got it that I threw him the ball!  That only took "forever" but many coming around Now.  Cowards all.  Wish I spoke Spanish.  Fluently.

    Speaking of Spanish, remember horsegirl's post on scented toilet paper?  Now in Mexican stores here!  And every variety of of plastic black garbage bags are now scented too.  To help offset smell if they start piling up somewhere?  I'm am sensitive to stuff like this. Hate it.  Portends something, I fear. 

    • BaneB says:

      Haha…..yes, and the scented garbage bags are stinkier than the garbage odor.  Living off the grid, every so often my pile of soiled clothing is gathered up and dropped off at a laundry in Ukiah.  They use some kind of perfume or its fabric softener, but the scent is cloyingly sweet and embarrassing to wear out in public.  I have twice asked them to not use whatever it is, but still they forget.  Regarding the humidity, yesterday here was worse than the Everglade in August.  Really stifling, and the air quity was gritty.  Yes, the terrorists could occasionally be seen and heard spraying up above the gray canopy.  More often than not these contrived clouds will go away as nightfall approaches.  I suppose the controllers go home at 5 pm for dinner.  But the only stars that shine nowadays are the brightest as in Constellations.  The rest are blocked by the general nano-particulate haze that has become the new "norm."

    • Cheryl says:

      Rachel, I've also been noticing the reduction in bird population in the East Bay.  Used to wake up to the sound of song birds, now it's just the  "caw, caw, caw" of crows.  Oh so sad.
      (Will make a point of listening to recordings of bird sounds to help nurture my spirit while facing the horrible degradation of our world.) 

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi Rachel, I bought some white tall kitchen trash bags from Costco last week being careful not to grab the new ones with Febreze.  I am also sensitive to smells. Well, the bags I got used to be unscented, but these stink. Seems like they've applied some kind of powder. Not a very happy customer, especially after reading about the talcum powder cancer lawsuits. 

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Rachel, You wore your "Badge of Honor" every time that you spoke with your Dr. friend and it paid off. The fact that he or she is now willing to listen to you is encouraging. A lot of people are starting to recognize OUR "Badge of Honor" as the truth. Mine might as well be tattooed across my forehead because it's never coming off. Until my last breath, without fear, trepidation or timidity!

    • Jenny says:

      I continue to feel fortunate that I live in an eastern state which still has lots of green grass and trees, and twittering birds this time of year.  Of course in the winter we pay for it (the cold and snow).  And even here we have many dead and dying trees, especially the evergreens planted close to the buildings (for some reason).

      That is a good idea, Cheryl, about listening to the recordings of birds.  Do you own CDs of them or is it somewhere on the internet that you listen?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks to all including Pizza Guy! for your responses.  Very heartening! About the birds.  Thing is that last year, with my "green roof" birdhouse and prior, many rounds of babies raised there by chickadees first, then titmouse birds.  It was wonderful and such fun!  Did not expect it to just end!  I miss them so very much!  And, "cousin" the towhee who hangs with my chickens seems gone!  I am afraid he is dead.  These guys stay around and live for 11 or more years and so we get to know them well, they are so very sweet and friendly.  I hear but one or two young sounding towhees, but Cousin is missing!  Breaks my heart!

  37. Erik says:

    Hello Dane

    I was reading your article on death rates in the USA. I find it to be a false advertisement or news because they in no part of the article do they mention cancer has a culprit to the increase in death rates. This article is false and misleading. Cancer is the No 1 cause of dead in this country and the entire world.How can they not know this and tell people that the rise of death in the US is due to drug overdose,alzheimer and suicide??? That is not true. Look at the facts cancer is the no 1 killer anywhere. You can get cancer just about from anything: the air we breath. the food we eat the water we drink, everything is toxic. I dont believe this news.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Erik, about the article and the official statements in it, it should come as no surprise that the real truth is not told regarding the true factors behind the jump in death rates. It is up to us to read between the lines ant to connect the dots.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Erik, hello, and yes, and just about everyone I know has cancer, had it, got it again somewhere else in body after being "cured"-and their parents and sibblings–I mean cancer everywhere!

    • Peter says:

      And dont forget the insanity 2000 plus nuclear bombs exploded in the atmosphere during the Cold War in the name of so called testing..we are all probably going to be breathing in the minute fallout particles still in the upper atmosphere for a few more hundred years.

  38. adam says:

    It just occurred to me that the OOIDA (Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association) in western Missouri could probably be an important asset for GW to reach out to especially if they can get a few thousand members to hopefully paint some rolling billboards on their trailers or possibly find larger carriers enlist their gear to do the same. Trick drivers, especially owner-operators are fiercely Patriotic and when shown the threat they all undoubted see every day with most of them not realizing the toxic scenery, I feel they could hopefully take this to the next level. If I were more gifted with the language of GE and SRM, etc. I'd gladly try to get the ball rolling but I'm not a member. I do believe they would be most receptive if someone like DW gave them a shout out. LandLine magazine is their publication with all the contact info. Maybe even the ATA (American Trucking Association) COULD be another asset  but I kind of doubt it as they are for more political and less likely to engage in controversial issues as OOIDA IS and IF they got locked in to our plight, you could just about be assured they would go at it balls to the wall UNTIL IT GETS TO CRITICAL MASS and with enough rigs rolling with GW billboards on them, I feel it would be a short time coming for our chance to stop this madness scientist insanity and global whale manure criminality and politicorruption

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Adam, yes, reaching out to the organizations you mentioned is important. If you can find a contact for us to reach out to with the organizations you mentioned, we will try. This is what much of our time behind the scenes is spent on.

  39. adam says:

    I truly hope your friend at the EPA (Exterminating Populations Allover) is able to maintain his interaction with you safely without making his way to zero BP as so many other HUMANS who butt heads with the buttheads like the Criminalinton Cartel and other politicriminals in Washington, DECEIT. We The People had better RISE TF UP BEFORE THE SELECTION OR THIS REPUBLIC IS EXTINCT as is everything else that breathes that isn't in a bunker

    • ChuckH says:

      What republic?  Seriously.

      They literally poison every component of our eco-system and lock down public discussion of the facts.  The ruling class and their buddies in the military-industrial complex are criminal oligarchs.  Nothing less, nothing more.

      Their crimes against humanity deserve an equilvalent reponse.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      I agree with Chuck. I didn't even realize it until a couple years ago, but the United States hasn't been a republic for over fifty years now. Oligarchy yes, republic no. It's as plain to see as the chemtrails in the sky. Never Give Up!!! 

    • BaneB says:

      Chuck:  President Carter was being interview on the government MSM and stated the United States is no longer a democracy.  If I remember correctly, he said the US is an oligarchy.  And now owned and operated by vampires.  Uh…well he did not say the former sentence:-). I wish he had.  The reality is the very monstrosity President Eisenhower warned the nation to avoid has literally subsumed every aspect of our Constitution.  InaLIENable Rights.  The entire concept and practice has been usurped by a computerized police/surveillance LIEN that squats upon the body politic like the plague it is.  The arrogance is well observed in the geoengineering operation done in our face with no public input.  This says to me the operators of this terrorist program do not give a damn what The People have to say and are not interested in a discussion about the insanity, nor that their toxic aerosols and phased array jet stream manipulations are killing the planet.  They do not care.  They ARE the skull and bones club.

  40. Ron Marr says:

    When we allow them to separate, distort and distract us, we forget we are consciousness. We are born into the mind as a slave and have become pretenders. We pretend to have a life in a fake reality. They seek to destroy the imagination so they can teach you what you think you know. They wrap you in the mind until you think it is you and everything going on around you is real. They are the masters of technology and illusion. We think we are alone with our TV, computer and cell phone; as they watch us. Every choice we make is a distraction that leads to the same slaughter house. We must awaken and separate from the mind; remembering we are consciousness. We are genius, imagination and immortality. Together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Once again Ron Marr….   You hit the nail on the head with precise accuracy….  Agree with you fully and completely.  Thanks!

  41. Donna Hall says:

    I have started watching your Saturday rebroadcasts, and now look forward to each new week.  I want to thank you for your efforts in exposing all the craziness that has become normal to most, in a dying world of blind inhabitants.   I, for one, am sickened by what our country/world has become right in front of our faces.  I only became aware of toxic spraying after I became ill and started looking for some sort of answer to it all, that I wasn't being given by medical experts, and none of what was happening to me physically was making any sense to me, as well.  Not only did I look for answers regarding health issues, but due to the connection of the dots that unfolded, I had a rude awakening on the realities that face us and the evils that have gradually gained such magnitude as it has with little attention being paid to it.  Hard  to swallow, but is now very obvious to me now, and the parts we have grown aware of are greater than what we know and suspect to be true.  I live in the San Diego area and see first hand, the insanity that is an everyday fact of life here, which virtually goes unnoticed..  I see the planes take off from North Island Naval Base (Coronado beach)  These planes are white with only a number on the tail of the plane. Most aircraft that comes and goes there are from some branch of the military (here or other countries)  The aircraft I've seen that dumps the toxins here used to be a bit more covert, waiting until they had reached high altitudes  before releasing their spray that cover the skies.  Obviously, they have gotten bolder as they have begun to release the crap shortly after take off.  As they systematically make their way through the skies, coming back to reload, only to head out on another area of the town, until all San Diego is a haze coated mess that last for hours and followed by a repeat application, some times  the very same day.  I am  amazed at the denial of educated people I have spoken to about this, who are savvy in other causes they speak up about, all which are of little importance in the vast scope of it all.  Who cares about the gorilla being shot in the zoo when there will be no planet left for any gorilla, or kid who fell in the enclosure, or for any living being at all, if we don't stop the madness that will end up in total destruction?  Save the wolves, nice but there will be nothing to save them for, you educated idiots! (Only my thought/not verbally expressed)  Obviously not proven my case, and I move on  I feel I must do more even though others have heard my concerns and now are aware, yet throw up their hands and offer me the same notion for my consideration.  This is all so big and so complex, that what good will we do, just enjoy life, as it is what it is.  I  feel an obligation to do something more than the small part I've been doing Well, I can't be that person any more.  Perhaps it's already too late, and only time will tell.  My realization that the dots were connected came when  I started collecting samples of the web like debris that coats my gardens droping down after sprayings  These samples may not appear to hold any clue to the madness unless they are contained and allowed to grow into the nightmare that they become.  I now am convinced that the chemtrails are indeed related to my illness once I compared samples under a microscope.  The dots began to connect and the evil exposed it's ugliness, but prorbably only a hint of what is actually the true extent of the insanity.  The same or similar oddities that were infecting my body and living space were indeed related.  The same types ofr samples weren't just in my yard but all over, and every where.  An avid gardener, I see my plants being literally burned in areas, with new burns each day that passes.  These past few weeks have really gotten bad, and now I am noticing what looks like ash covering the ground, in addition to the web debris.  i have been vocal with everyone and every chance I have to spread the truth (most often to many who had no clue, and only a few who even show any concern once I give them any information).  I am to the point that this tactic is not enough and the severity of it all is so big that it needs action now!.  I strongly believe that it is the order following military and civilian pilots. crew, ground personnel who carry out the dirty deed of the elite, who could be convinced to refuse to do the worker bee orders if they were convinced that they personally, would be and will be held accountable for their part.  If they were convinced of the reality of personally being  held accountable for their parts played, on a personal level that will not be a avoided as a member following orders.  It will involve them on a personal level that will destroy them.  Could they actually be stripped  of all they know and value, financially, fined and imprisoned?   Military personnel may believe they won't be personally  held accountable for their part in the madness, as they were simply following orders.  That concept needs to be derailed  (especially the pilot, flying these dumping missions). The fear of losing everything they have financially, career options, all they have worked so hard to obtain for themselves and their families potentially being yanked tight out from under them due to them being charged.  Possibility of death for their crimes may be more appealing than the financial and career devastation that could be facing them.  No matter who high up the evil powers may be, if there is no one willing to carry out the plans, these cowards who rely on the worker bees to do the evil deeds will be left few other options.  How would I go about finding out who take part in these military missions?  Wouldn't they have to file a flight plan (even on the bases at Coronado and Miramar in logs and records some where which would include their names and times of the flights?  Are these pubic record or accessible?  I would like to attempt to contact the pilots and their families if I knew who they were and had knowledge of them taking part in such.  I would make contact at their residents and speak to them and the family members about their part in the equation, including the potential personal loss that will be demanded for their crimes.   We are running out of time with each passing day, and just chatting with folks here and there just isn't cutting it any longer for me.  I'm in and ready to do more.  Can't wait for the CA lawsuit.  If there is something that would aide in your CA efforts,  please contact me as well as any input regarding the information sources noted and your view to my thoughts. Thank you for all your information and hard work.  You are a true American hero, in my opinion.  Very few of you left these days.  (Ted Gunderson comes to mind)  You both are the individuals who have done the most to enlighten me on the insanity that will destroy us all, if action is not taken, on a grand scale, worldwide ASAP.  Thank you Dane!  (A true hero!) 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Donna Hall, Hello and I think most of us share your frustration.  I too am an avid gardener but find no webs but for spider mites and other spiders.  I would really like to know what you found and what illness you have?  So many are sick, I am too, but I do have my own health issues so that it is hard to parse out.  Also, I don't get good medical care.  But it might be of help to me and others to know what you've discovered and what you have?  Thank you for a good post, and for trying so hard.  Kudos  R 

  42. Dave says:

    Dane, please clarify your thinking about what we can do to change things through the political process if you believe that any major political figure like Trump who is aware of geoengineering but will end up like JFK if they try to disclose it, can do. Do we just work around the politicians and appeal to the people and if so, how can our voice ever be heard if the power structure has it's roots that deep into the media/military/corporate/political structure? I'm sincerely hoping these legal efforts will give some brave politicians the backup they need to bring this to the publics attention. To all, keep pressing on in the right, and Dane, thank you for all you've done and are doing to inspire and lead us in this battle. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, unfolding events will soon force the population to wake, we need to plant all the seeds of awareness we can in the meantime. Once critical mass is reached, the rest of the wheels will turn on their own, wait and see. FYI link

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Dave,  A "long" time ago now, Dennis Cusinich?-dang, never can seem to spell his name right-spoke out on geoengineering and did try to run for president.  I wish I had known all that at that time, but at least it shows that at least one politician, seemingly respected and scandal free, spoke out on this long ago.

  43. Matthew Madden says:

    Yesterday we had clear blue skies and no chemtrails in Reno, NV. Today the hosted 3 major outdoor events which include a 178 mile marathon, a block party downtown, and one of the biggest outdoor motorcycle rallies in the US. Coincidentally enough they all started today around 10 AM and right around the same time I see multiple planes tick tac toeing our sky and by noon today the sky is white out conditions and temps are already reaching 100 degrees. Very grotesque and horrid at what our government is doing to us and how people can't seem to figure it out.

  44. Dennie says:

    "Make America Great again!.." 

    "There is no drought…" 

    Anyone who wants to say that Trump is going to expose geoengineering is a TROLL.

    • BaneB says:

      Ho hum.  I agree.  Remember "hope and change?"  Well, so much for the change.  Hope springs eternal and the change is for chumps.  Make America Great again.  What does that mean?  It is as subjective as is "hope and change."  The police surveillance state, the deep state, and the mitary industrial complex are so great now that there is no money left to rebuild infrastructure.  This gargantuan vampire is sucking the lifeblood out of the nation.  The Geoengineering assault is one of their departments of death.

  45. renate smmers says:

    Hello Dane and all. 
    I know you’re all waiting for the movie “Vaxxed” However, below are videos left over from a young doctor Andrew Moulden MD. PhD. He also worked with Andrew Wakefield. Vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (Ischemia), Chronic Illness, Disease and Death for us all.  Dr. Moulden was suicided at the age of 49.

  46. DrDignity says:

    Hello, Everyone! Thanks for a great presentation today, Dane.  In today's (4 June 2016) of Truthdig is an article by Dahr Jamail about the Navy games training in the Pacific Northwest & its particular noxious effects for whales.  In my comment, I told Dahr that he has a glaring omission to the effects on the waters & habitats: geoengineering.  If you get a chance to see the article, it is well worth reading.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Hi Dr.Dignity, The article is actually posted on Truthout Not TruthDig. Here is a link.

      Please comment on this article so Dahr knows that we know the truth.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      I would have posted a comment, but I have been banned from Truthout's forum.

    • Jake says:

      So two things:

      1. I googled China ghost town and 60 Minutes had a segment called China's real estate bubble but it looks like you have to be a paid member to watch this. Does anyone have a link to this?

      2. I've been paying closely attention to the temperatures, and as you know, we are having a heat wave in California. Well, something unusual happened at least I think so. At 3PM the temperature was 85 degrees but around 5:30PM the mercury soared all the way up to 93 degrees! I've never seen that happened before outside of a Santa anna. And even so, an 8 degree increase in temps far well into the afternoon CANNOT be normal! How do you think this is happening? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jake, you will find some of my coverage on the ghost cities in the attached article. FYI

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Pizza Guy, You just cracked me up saying banned from Truthout's forum!!!!  I don't know why that struck as so funny, but it did.  And, a badge of honor?

    • Melanie says:

      Thanks for the link, Dr. Dignity.

      Also, if anyone feels inclined to post here, go for it, we need to wake these weather watchers up!

    • Veritas says:

      @ Jake

        Is this the Chinese Ghost Town video your talking about? It looks like somewhere Dante would have traveled in Infernol. Not a single cloud at all, just haze, no birds or other animals either.

    • Dennie says:

      We've been hearing that the alternative news sites are being co-opted by U.S. Navy trolls working out of FLA.  Or so they've said on Russia Today.

      I've seen late afternoon temp spikes since the 90s.  If I can guess, you probably don't get much air movement on days when this happens. 

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Jake, A couple of weeks ago I posted here about sharp temp. increases observed lately here in Nikiski, Alaska. The temp. increased four degrees in five minutes while the sun was shining directly through a fresh double spray trail. It was undeniable that the trails magnified the sun immensely. There is no doubt that THEY can and are making it hotter whenever and wherever THEY want to.

      I know that you live in the Colorado Spring area. I have become phone and email friends with a woman named Christine from Colorado Springs. A couple of weeks ago she mentioned you and asked if I knew how to get ahold of you. She is looking for someone ( an activist ) to hand out flyers with her at one of the local grocery stores in the area. She already has some signage and I sent her some flyers, printed articles and bumper stickers to hand out. She just doesn't want to go it alone. Maybe you could get together with her for a few hours one day help her out. She says she doesn't mind approaching church leaders, doctors, professors etc. on her own, but would like a friend with her when approaching the general public.

      If you are interested please give me a call at Charlie's Pizza and I will pass along her phone number and email address. Please leave a message if we are not in. Thank you,

      Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. the Pizza Guy

      Charlie's Pizza     (907) 776-8778


  47. Martha says:

    Dane, thank you for yet another impassioned and informative broadcast. FEMA, as many already may be aware, plans a massive drill from June 7 to the 10th in the Pacific Northwest called, "Cascadia Rising." The purpose is said to test and assess the emergency response system if (they say "when") a 9.0 magnitude earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone and resulting tsunami occurs.
    Some may be aware that many widely broadcast mainstream news events (actually "false flag" events) occurred while FEMA drills were going on in the vicinity. A local press article on the upcoming disaster exercise is linked here which includes a FEMA link at the end:
    The article states that local law enforcement has been given few details of what to expect and that "most of the public presence will be out at the airport,” "that something is being staged there." This exercise will take place throughout the entire Pacific North West. I encourage everyone in this area to remain alert with eyes and ears wide open during the week of the exercise.
    Much gratitude to all who are awake, aware and  care.

    • Kathy Burns says:

      Thank-you for this info. The place I work has FEMA "emergency response team" meetings and drills EVERY week! This is in Washington State and this is an elderly group of volunteers "training"  for such events to occur. We have had flyers and all kinds of "Preparedness" lectures and packets for this place. Never seen so much energy and motivation and support from people like this to be prepared. How "they" have so easily crafted their agenda in a fearful package of " preparedness and practice drills on all levels. I ask them WHY? what has happened in the past 20 years here  that warrants this level of time and expense, let alone all the drills all over the world. Truth is catastrophe is coming from every angel and "they" know it.

  48. Trudie says:

    It is alarming how much chemtrails show up in popular computer, smart phone and XBOX games. My son pointed it out to me in Grant Theft Auto. I noticed it for the first time last week in a game I play on my iPad (Paradise Bay). I've seen it in children's tv programmes and cartoons. Brainwashing is everywhere! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Trudie, Hi.  Have you seen Matt Damon's movie Mars?  The skies they show on Mars look just like here!  Made me wonder if they filmed it outside LA?!!

    • Dennie says:

      Like all the other crimes that have become the "norm," "they" are normalizing more sick behavior via the chem trails design wall paper decorating the rooms in the Marriott hotels.   David Icke called moves like this the Totalitarian Tip-Toe.  Except it's more light the Charge of the Light Brigade now.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, about David Icke, unfortunately he is repeating the exact “global warming is a hoax” narrative that those in power want the public to believe. In doing so, Icke is actually helping to cover the tracks of the geoengineers and thus he is toeing the line for the military/industrial complex and the geoengineers. FYI

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Dane:
      Yes, I'm aware that Icke, along with a number of the 9/11 Truth Movement hijackers, has either been co-opted or used as a tool of The Powers That Should Never Have Been.  I'm just repeating a descriptive phrase of his that I particularly liked.  Glad to see you address these "useful idiots" here.  BTW:  When naming useful idiots, Stalin forgot to look in the mirror on his wall to see who was The Most Useful of Them All… ha!

    • Dennie says:

      Well, and chem trails themselves are everywhere– where ya gonna go where they wouldn't show up in the sky behind in the background, they're just ubiquitous.  People don't have to be brainwashed to see them in the sky, any more than you have to be brainwashed to notice that the sun's out– or not so much.  But if someone's making up art and they deliberately put in chem trails, for instance, on the opening screen when Microsoft Windows boots up– well, that's obviously been put there deliberately by Bill Gates and his minions; he's on record for having some lame-brained idea of putting vaccines in the sprays, then spraying us all like bugs, never mind the effects of the vaccines, ha, we're all alike anyway, huh?  Same as the wall paper art at the Marriott– think of how many other really beautiful scenes Marriott coulda used.. and they chose whaaaaat??

  49. Tim says:

    They're doing lots of spraying in the North Peace region of British Columbia .. I got some fantastic photos.

  50. Dennie says:


    Of course I'm going to e-mail this guy, to let him know nicely but firmly, that there are increasingly large numbers of us out here who know what is causing the "clouds" in Marriott's choice of "art work:"

    I remember hearing the advice to "cc" as many as possible whenever we call these guys out on their stuff.  Sorry to be clueless, but can you say who should we "cc" when writing e-mail letters? 


    Dennie Mehocich

    P.S.:  Wondering if there's a link to pictures of natural vs. chem clouds on this site?  I think it would be a helpful educational aid, maybe there's a download-and-print version here? 

  51. BaneB says:

    Mendocino County Update:  Very muggy here today.  This heavy humidity is more like the southeast US.  I was lying in bed this morning and my sinuses suddenly shut down my ability to breathe through my nose.  This is a bit clinical, but I had to resort to breathing through my mouth.  This was not subtle or slow to occur, but was rapid and caught my attention because I have never experienced this.  Slowly the situation reversed itself. But, a half hour later I am sitting having my morning coffee and I distinctly smelled a strong odor akin to amile nitrate(sp), similar to the smell of glue.  The window was open.  There was no doubt I smelled something out of the ordinary, and I became a bit heady or dizzy.  There is no source in my house nor any chemicals around here that would account for this.  This area is remote.  No factories, no chemical plants anywhere.  Anyone having similar experiences??  Currently the sky is covered in a gray canopy of engineered cloud cover.  The air quality is absolutely horrific.  My dog won't stay outside.  And I had to go back inside due to so much particulate matter in the air.  In short I could not breathe. Now how is that for a hypochondriac?:-). 

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  We got hit with nasty heat/no wind starting Thursday, then hot-hot-H-O-T!!! yesterday.  Cool air came in over in Berkeley around 4 p.m., then I saw fog over the bay around sunset.  Today the sky over the S.F. bay area is covered in steely gray, drab drear chem clouds.  My eyes were glued shut and I had to rub and rinse them before I could see anything today.  If you're actually paying real attention you can feel the particulates falling on you.  People are out shopping like crazy in northern San Rafael and elsewhere, totally oblivious to actual reality.  Meanwhile I feel like I'm melting down, I'm thirsty because the crap we're getting hit with dries everything out and it's really depressing and frightening to see sickening skies that look like this.  I am simply beyond astounded that NO ONE else feels this.  Like everything's perfectly f-i-n-e…. Have a Nice Day!

    • Dennis says:

      Hey BaneB,

      This is, for me at least, a common occurrence when they are trying to warm things up. It is a summertime blend of spray. They cool it down with one type and warm it up with another. I am sensitive to the smells and can tell you the weather we will have in two days based on the type of smell from the spray. Only this past week it was the worst I have ever experienced. My nose closed and my eyes would not stop watering for two days and it came on instantly. Thankfully I have a CPAP or wouldn't get any sleep at all. 


    • Donna says:

      In Connecticut ticut, similar chemical odors recurring at approximately 4-5 am. Very strong, just like Raid bug spray. Dizziness, clogged head and lightheaded feeling. 

    • BaneB — For ALL sinus type stuff I have found nothing better than colloidal silver in the nose drop form. I have also been using it for years for so many other things – and I never did turn blue! It will absolutely clear my breathing in short order. Maybe good for your pupper too. I always enjoy your comments. Thank you!

    • ChuckH says:

      A few days back, I woke with the feel of "gravel" in my throat.  The missus said the same thing.  She went out to the deck and then came back in and said we were being chemtrailed.

      It took an hour or so to be able to breath normally.  I wonder what substance these evil *$)&@  were spraying us with? 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, hello and I've been so congested for going on 8!! years now that my once hound dog like sense of smell is shot, I can seldom breathe through my nose, when I wake in the morning my tongue feels like a foreign object as I breathe through my mouth-I have to straight away go soak it in water, like a sponge.  I am so, so sick and tired of this.  It makes it so that I don't get much sleep.  Both my daughter and I sometimes feel we can't get enough air.  Hate this!!  House is very leaky.

  52. Jean H. says:

    Evil, Evil people are and have been running this planet for a long time.  They live for pleasure, money and control of the population.  The planet is dying and no one seems to notice as people are too buried in their cell phones and drugs.  What a sad outcome to what was once a beautiful world.  As a young child, growing up along a river, the river was so clear that we could catch any type of fish for a meal and watch them swim on the bottom.  Today you cannot see down 1/4 of an inch into lakes and streams due to pollution. On a day when their were puffy clouds in the sky, my little brother and I used to lay on our lawn, looking at the sky and call out to one another what animals the clouds looked like. Too man people are in denial that anything could alter their lifestyle.       

    • Dennie says:

      When I was growing up in San Rafael, CA my father regularly caught wild fish from the bay for us and our neighbors to eat.  Striped bass grows large, lives in a lot of places and is tasty and wily game fish that many an angler takes pride in learning to catch.  Well, starting in the 70s, we got warnings from EPA saying that you needed to limit how much fish you ate from San Francisco bay owing to the levels of toxic metals found in the fish.  Not more than twice a month… no one could live on that.

      The First Nations peoples tried to warn us many many times, and what did The Man do?  Why, murder them and round up the survivors, put them somewhere far from their ancestral lands, and take away all memory of their language, culture and spiritual understandings from them, of course.  Meanwhile, we're all forced to live in this poisoned, heartless, soul-less post-apocalyptic fantasy world where The Man gets to act out "his" suicidal/homicidal fantasies, while everyone stands by staring into their cell phones, not noticing anything wrong whatsoever. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Amen!  And I wish you could tell all this to my family-"kids" all fish!  The Bay and the Faralones and everywhere.  Will Not listen to me, even though they are aware of geoengineering, they seem somehow not to get it about what goes up comes down.  I mean my daughter gets it as regards her garden and giving up on growing foods.  I've not given up that though I know but also know someone else is growing what we eat, so… if from a well managed garden/yard.  At least.  Some Natives I know up north are experimenting with underground gardens.  Not sure how that works!

    • Dennie says:

      Anything grown with water that's not had the metals removed (reverse osmosis?  That would be very expensive if you have to do that to treat water to be used for agriculture) is going to have the crap in it.  Doesn't matter.  WE HAVE TO FIND WAYS TO STOP THESE CRIMINALS!!  Unfortunately that means doing our best to sway whatever's left of the hearts and minds and souls of the people in charge of these programs.  Amazing how good at shooting first and asking questions later at least some (the narcissistic, arrogant and brutal kind) humans are.  Just leave a few of these kind in charge on the planet and little wonder we're all facing our near-term extinction.

  53. Heatwave in the Arctic: Siberian Heatwave Wrecks Sea Ice as Greenland High Settles In / Robertscribbler, 3 June, 2016
    “This week’s predicted ridge formation is not expected to bring with it a severe surface melt of Greenland. However, the clockwise winds driving sea ice transport may serve as yet one more heavy blow to the already greatly weakened ocean ice.”
    We’ve never seen Arctic sea ice extents that are as low as they are now in early June.  And with Arctic heatwaves, warm winds, warm storms, and a Greenland High all settling in, something had better change soon or otherwise the ice cap over the northern Polar Ocean is basically screwed.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Couple of weeks ago I was watching huge icebergs travel 30 miles per day down the east coast of Greenland before they broke up – guess they will soon be back at that speed.   

  54. Emily Summer says:

    Yesterday the sky in south eastern Oregon was a beautiful deep blue with no chem trails.  It was beautiful.  Today, starting early in the morning the spraying began, and now at 10 oclock am the whole sky is that silvery grey from horizon to horizon.  We can see the trails being made and they dissipate much more quickly then they used to…..a matter of a few minutes and they spread out over half the sky.  Are they using new formulation so we don't notice so much?   Guess there were no commercial flights all day yesterday…….How the heck can people not notice?   I have a lung condition and yesterday breathing was easy.   Today I have to work to get air in and out.   

    • Jenny says:

      Lately the trails often come out in a more twisty fashion.  Just recently they sometimes turn into clouds  which have a dog-leg or chicken-leg appearance;  I've seen a couple that looked like human embryos or fetuses just in the past few days.  But they do look much more natural, which is surely the point.

    • Lili says:

      Isn't it sad our days of deep blue skies are so rare anymore?  I haven't a clue how people can ignore.

  55. U.S. Naval Research Lab’s (NRL) Plasma Clouds
    by Jim Kerr on May 31, 2016
    … the “Naval Research Labs” (NRL’s) publicized information for the creation of Plasma Clouds, dated 02-25-2013, along with the technology used and purpose. Remember, there is far more applications / purposes to government technology than what they publish. We are told only a small fraction of information about the scientific research and technology conducted by the government and their contractors within the Military Industrial Complex. We can only connect the dots of what we witness, applying our own research to these published technologies in an effort to learn the truth of how these technologies affect our health and environment.
    … The NRL’s Plasma Cloud technology, as we will see, does have military applications but I also believe one of it’s purposes is for “Solar Radiation Management” which I will discuss later in this article. This is only one of the numerous technologies for artificial cloud cover.
    … The NRL group succeeded in producing artificial plasma clouds with densities exceeding 9 x 105 electrons cm3 using HAARP transmission at the sixth harmonic of the electron cyclotron frequency. Optical images of the artificial plasma balls show that they are turbulent with dynamically changing density structures. Electrostatic waves generated by the HAARP radio transmissions are thought to be responsible for accelerating electrons to high enough energy to produce the glow discharge in the neutral atmosphere approaching altitudes of nearly 170 kilometers.
    The artificial plasma clouds are detected with HF radio soundings and backscatter, ultrahigh frequency (UHF) radar backscatter, and optical imaging systems. Ground measurements of stimulated electromagnetic emissions provide evidence of the strength and frequency for the electrostatic waves that accelerated ambient electrons to ionizing velocities.
    The NRL team is working with collaborators at SRI International, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Florida, and BAE Systems on this project to synthesize the observations with parametric interactions theory to develop a comprehensive theory of the plasma cloud generation.

  56. BK says:

    Went to the farmer's market this morning as the sky above Puget Sound and Seattle was being filled with man made clouds.  How can people not notice?

  57. Just one more thank you dane. I live in central america, my spanish is not that great but I routinely discuss the areal spraying with all  those I meet traveling on the public buses we have here. I am getting better at starting these talks. i really do communicate with a lot of people, who are very interested in this topic. I hand out  the  web sites, I am also making a lot of new friends with this info. I will keep  on keeping on, I am enjoying  communicating on this very serious issue, thank you Dane.

  58. Dennis says:

    I recently came across the information that Marriott Hotels has just finished remodeling a significant number of their top tier hotels. The reason this is important is the "artwork" they are using in their suites.
    Guys I have the CEO's personal email and I suggest we ALL let him know how completely unacceptable this is. Let him know, as I have that he is complicit in the CRIME that is SRM/geoengineering taking place right now. That normalizing this disgusting mess will have consequences.
    I am aware that this man, did not make the choice personally to have these pictures displayed, however under his leadership someone DID.  We have to let him and anyone else involved in this travesty know that much like the quote from Utah Phillips, "the earth is not dying it is being killed and those killing it have names and addresses"; that we have his address and will remember the action he does or does not take.
    Dennis (in this with you all)

    • Dennis says:

      Sorry the images I embedded do not show up. If you go to this link
      you can see for yourself.

    • Steve Parsons says:

      Dennis … Are these photos of murals in Marriot hotel rooms?  Do understand this to be the case …??

    • Veritas says:

      They are gaslighting the public. One of the most effective means of mental control and abuse. We should boycott them for this as it is inhumane and very dangerous for all our well beings. Here is a brief summary of gaslighting as a tactic to control others. Evil and disgusting. We wil see this increased on many levels, as the public awakens from its torpor.

    • Jenny says:

      Wow, Dennis, those walls are unbelievable!!!  A way for them to make extra money in a bad economy, perhaps???

    • Dennie says:

      Wow, this is beyond disgusting! 
      Of course I'm going to e-mail the guy and let him know we don't want this crap raining down on us.  As a person who was hospitalized with barium poisoning it is shocking that these A$$holes can get away with this insanity– don't their stoopid lodgers sickened by the disgusting, UNNATURAL representations of what should be actual clouds, or does anyone remember what those should look like?

    • Concerned says:

      It's like having pictures of an execution in your hotel room.

    • ron says:


       Thank you, indeed!  This is all by design and is a very established technique.  In 1959 I read Vance Packards' book, "The Hidden Persuaders." The Big Advertising Corporations have been doing this s##t since the 40s( Bernays influence, et., al.).  For us who know, this technique seems juvenile–almost in-your-face crap!  Not subtle whatsoever!

      But, alas, most Americans are locked into a sleep-walking paradigm; so they will be influenced by the advertising( as in brain-washing). We in the 60s used to hope that by the 21st century humanity would be much more aware.  Nope!  If anything, due to technology, they are more asleep at the wheel than ever! 

    • Diane Friday says:

      Wow. Just when you think you've seen it all. That these so-called paintings are displayed at airport Marriott hotels, especially Newark, one of the busiest airports in the US, is no surprise and no accident. You're right that while the dumbass CEO may not be aware of or directly responsible for this facet of the "remodeling", one or more of his superiors did. What do you want to bet they aren't even paintings? They could very well be photos taken by one of us and posted on the Internet, blown up and treated so they could hang on the walls of an airport Marriott. Thank you for providing the contact information. I'll collect my thoughts and an email off ASAP. 

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hello Dennis ….thanks for that email I just sent an email letter out to them ……..planting the seed …….thats all we can do.

    • sea says:

      Dennis and all~ just letting you know that I sent an email to Mr Sorenson and received a reply from his office at the Marriott, in the email I included a link to this site, I suggested they educate themselves about the matter. Here is the reply:

      Dear Ms. Eckel:
      Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.  We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us.  I have forwarded your e-mail to the appropriate people within Marriott so they are aware of this matter.
      Joseph J. Rook, Jr.
      Corporate Liaison
      Mr. Marriott’s Office

  59. Gail Lansing says:

    Dane, I want to say thank you for all the endless hours, days, and years  you have put into getting this information out. I have been telling people about this now for about 3 years and slowly they are looking up. Unfortunately that is not enough as many of them really don't talk about it to anyone else. It is like they are afraid people might think they are nuts. I will not give up though and will keep telling anyone who will listen! 

    Thank you for never giving up and please continue putting the information out there! God bless you! 

  60. LORENZO says:

    Dane,  Gary Null, of progressive radio claims he has more listeners around the world than anyone else  I know from time to time he mentions weather modification and has had you on the show once, 3 years ago  I don't understand why he doesn't have you on as a regular guest?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lorenzo, about Gary Null, I have recently had some communication from some of his staff about doing a show. I am certainly willing, and let them know, but I have not heard back.

  61. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 116th email to my contact list, titled "A Harmony of Souls?"

    Listen to the silence of extinction at California's Sugarloaf Ridge State Park 2004 – 2016:

    A noticeable, but far less dramatic drop in the sounds of nature have happened near my home.  I used to think it was caused by the ever more intensive farming practices, but now think the prime cause is the toxic atmospheric spraying.  (That sentence reminds me of the joke "I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure!")

    The fish in the nearby rivers and burns have definitely dropped dramatically since my halcyon childhood days spent guddling brown trout and being in tune with nature and mother earth (7.83 Hz).  

    Directed frequencies between 2.5 and 3 Hz  affect the earth's crust, causing earthquakes, landslides, volcanic activity, tsunamis and the like…they also have serious negative effects on humans and other life forms.

    Weekly Global News: 

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