Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 6, 2020, #252


Dane Wigington

Deepening societal division and rampant government corruption against a horizon of unfolding environmental collapse, what could go wrong? How have rulers manufactured and utilized fear to manipulate and control populations for thousands of years? What are actually the most dire and immediate challenges we face? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

With each passing day the window of opportunity to alter our current course is closing. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

20 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 6, 2020, #252

  1. Renata says:

    Grazie Dane! Continua il tuo percorso e tieni sempre acceso il fuoco. Io lo lo sto facendo e continuerò.

    Renata Italy

  2. Joseph says:

    No Warming, No War: How Militarism Fuels the Climate Crisis—and Vice Versa



    In this report, we lay out how militarism and the climate crisis are deeply intertwined and mutually reinforcing. The military itself, we explain, is a huge polluter — and is often deployed to sustain the very extractive industries that destabilize our climate. This climate chaos, in turn, leads to massive displacement, militarized borders, and the prospect of further conflict.

    True climate solutions, we argue, must have antimilitarism at their core.

    In the face of both COVID-19 and the climate crisis, we urgently need to shift from a culture of war to a culture of care. Funneling trillions into the military to wage endless wars and project military dominance has prevented us from investing in true security and cooperation. If we don’t transform our society and the way we confront crises, we will face even more unjust and inhumane realities in a climate-changed future.


  3. Laurie says:

    As always, thank you Dane for another great video with the truth.  The insanity continues in North Carolina with fluctuated weather. One day it's  cool and the next day it is steaming hot. When the plandemic lockdown occurred, the sky was blue again because there was no spraying. The temperature was wonderful as it was cooler in the evenings like it is supposed to be in mountain areas. Now that they are spraying heavily again, our temperatures are like Florida weather as we have extremely  hot and humid weather. We never had humid weather here like this  before.  Rather than them cooling down the earth, as they say, they are making it hotter with these sprayed chemicals. We are definitely living in the matrix. And as you have said Dane, we are living in an asylum. 

  4. Butch says:

    There simply are no words for the madness and insanity. As you all know to be awake is painful, not so much because of the awareness of what we've done but the denial of it. Obvious heavy spraying here in SE Pa. Wed morning in anticipation of the lack of cool air flowing coming from the north which we've had the past 2 days.  Yet childrens playgrounds are wrapped in yellow crime scene tape [yes that is indeed a crime but its not marked for the real reason!!!!], people are wearing masks while driving in their cars with windows up, wearing them while exercising, side stepping me by at least 6 feet, but WILL NOT see the disgusting dirty skies!!! Meanwhile, "scientists" are about to unleash millions of genetically modified mosquitos in Texas and Florida and nobody bats an eye. Can we seriously engage this kind of utter ignorance???

  5. Thomas A Ciolli says:

    Massive aerosol spraying this summer over Bruce TWP Michigan. Each year progressively worse than the last. I suspect the Power Structure will block any potential litigation, similar to architects and engineers for 911 truth, that will threaten to expose this issue. I have very little faith in the US population at this point as they have been manipulated once again by the George Floyd false flag event. His poster was posted on the Obama Foundation twitter feed 8 days before the alleged murder. Twitter made a week attempt to explain this away by posting fact checks and of course the feel good citizens fell for it. There is only one thing left to do, prepare for the inevitable.     

  6. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for being so consistent with your weekly information packed broadcasts. I respect that greatly. Kudos for the thumbnails that have headed the last 4 or 5 postings. I had already seen each one on my own time. Glad you made it public. It truly amazes me how so many can 'not' see the engineered influence evident in the "Doppler radar" people get to see on there boob tubes. (yes, I know tv's don't have tubes anymore). It's right there in front of us! And even more so if one wants to do their own observations from the sources.

    I am still excluded from participating in my local farmers market. Though I have made an appearance personally each week. It's been nice that more than a half dozen folks have come to me and stated that the market doesn't feel the same without me there. Being in the same spot 'consistently' for 3 years straight is still paying off and I'm not even there. "It sticks out".

    I've had just about enough of this trashing of the few liberties we had left. I am ashamed as to how many people showed their true colors these last few months and for the majority, those colors were pale and weak. Rare are the bold and robust colors.

    Many of you folks all over the world are experiencing crazy weather this "spring". Here on the north Okanogan it has been a spring of blessing. "Rain!", "We've been allowed to have some of that rain that gets transported over our heads, Finally!". Good rain, only one gully washer(so far) and they did not turn on the wind to pick it all up and transport it on further east. It has been able to soak into the soil for a change. For the first time in 5 years, I have "green" all around the cabin and across the region. The effects of chemical cool down are evident. It's probably why the bugs have not responded to all the moisture. I should have bugs knocking down my door but they're not there. The Ponderosa are going through some significant "growth". Plain as black and white, the ones that are still semi healthy are growing their branches longer and the top taller. The ones that are dying and "passing on their DNA" have more pine cone buds on the end of each branch than you would think could fit there. It's amazing. "It's engineered" and it's not right". The pine pollen count was once again off the charts. FYI, vast swaths of heavy layers of pine cones adds quite the "sparkle" to a wild fire. "All that wonderful green growth out my door that I am so very grateful for", Ya, what happens when they dry it out and add in the factor of all these city people that are showing up in droves in my region. A builder I know remarked, "I'd say there have been more people show up in just the last 2 months than the last tens years combined. Local economics, migration, "local economics". In that order, my region is not set up for the influx heading this way. "It's going to be interesting, to say the least". That's enough of that for now. North central Washington, checking in.

    To end on a "positive note". My Blue birds have nested in my stove pipe in the kitchen. I don't use my small wood cook stove. Their bird house was harassed by my squirrel earlier this spring and they chose the stove pipe, "again". It's a good choice, critter proof. The swallows have taken over my established Chickadee bird house. Very interesting there. I'm just happy to have enough bugs for a pair of swallows to take up residence. The swallows will leave for the winter and I will clean out that bird house and stuff it with horse hair and dog fur "and all will be right in whoville through the winter", if you're a Chickadee that lives on my hillside….

    Love and strength to ALL my friends I have not met, yet. Hand shakes and hugs to ALL those that I have. 'a' simple horseman

    • penny waters says:

      wow blue birds

      have been a blue bird meself recently

      yes its been green, but weeks and weeks without rain and now those ugly clouds – ragged – not the full spirally natural clouds that used to exist

      plants are growing too fast with the extreme heat and intensity of sun

      nothing feels right

      have to try not to think too much about this crazy human world that i have to live in – sucks the sap outa me

      sometimes meet real warm humans but few and far between all the crazies

      where will it all end?

  7. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    Thank you Dane. 

    Hello All.

    Update… I mailed the 20 pg geoengineeringwatch booklet to my entire NC State Legislature. So far, ZERO replies.

    Still, I encourage you all to share GW materials, anti-vaccine information etc everywhere you can.



  8. Laura Cotter says:

    Mark K…….you can start by using a computer to tell friends and others about the chemtrails from airplanes and how the metals falling to earth are killing our plants/trees.  When all dies, so do we.

  9. Stuart says:

    Death Valley temps hit 120F again last week.  Central Valley areas like Fresno and Bakersfield reached 105F.  It was hot everywhere in CA inland areas.

    SRM "Cloud Enhancement" spraying was noticed in SoCal Monday, 6/1.  Took pics of red sunset Mon evening.  Sky full of aerosols to the west.

    Wed, 6/3 a M5.5 earthquake was reported near Ridgecrest, in the high desert.  Onshore movement of cool marine air starts. 

    High winds reported many areas and temps fall a full 25F by Fri.

    Fri and today, Sat, heavy cloud cover over entire area with light drizzle. Engineered Cooldown !

    • mark says:

      same here in Lake Havasu AZ we want from 112 to 87 in one day high winds and viability is so bad you cant see the mountains across the lake just terrable  

  10. Shea Schat says:

    I live in the High Sierra's , Mammoth and Bishop California.  I was raised most of my youth in this area.  In 1965 our skies  mostly always were clear. In the morning , walking to school, the mountains  in the distance looked as though I could touch them.  The air was so fresh. 

    Now, not so.  Often the sky is gray, like perhaps the ocean would be in the morning.  No longer that pure air.  I and some of the locals that are raised here can see the difference. 

    There are the chem trails.  Not seemingly as much as a few years ago.  Then,it was the checker board squares.  Sometimes spraying above my car as I drove fm Bishop to Mammoth.  So much so that I decided to look to the internet to explain what these were.  The internet brought me to Geo Engineering and that identified what I was looking at.  Perhaps they are spraying at night now?  Rarely, if ever, do I see the "Oh beautiful for Spacious skys" sky.  Unbelievable what goes on today.  Most people won't believe it.  Refuse to.  If the media doesn't say it's there it's not there. Reality is what there told on the television, newspaper, movies.  My son had to stop and think when I said the chem trails were being sprayed out of the same kind of planes.  so I was told.  The planes are never that high in the sky.  Jets use to be extremely high in the sky and you would see a short tail as they climbed up.

    I talked to some official looking men with long, lg back packs.  They were hiking the trails.  I asked them if they saw alot of dead trees?  They sadly stated ,yes.  I asked one of them, who seemed in charge, if they were due to the trails in the sky.  He said" What do you think they are?"

    I said I had heard they were to prevent Global Warming.  He told me,"Your right!"  I said," what good is that if were killing all our trees?"  He looked down and hadn't an answer.  His fellow hikers immediately looked straight at him with a questioning look on there faces.  Clearly they were concerned.  I am sure they believed they were doing the right thing for our world.  But, not positive.  I thought they must have been from a university.  I didn't ask. I believe  they were here to see the damage and report it.


  11. Gray says:

    lots of geoengineering down here on the socal mexican border. lotsa jets and chemical trails. i thought the airline industry was practically dead…….

    drove into sdgo. the coastal marine layer was a milky silver yellow.

    my neighbors said the fishing mecca down in cabo is skunked.

    its time to severe the head from the serphent.

    think of the snitching coworkers, its not  a stretch for those types of people that need some kind of authority figure in their lives. TheyNeed somewhere to insert thy head into ass.

    the tv was the perfect platform to preprogram the sheeple. we are products of the tv box lobotimized. we're preprogrammed to unintellectually respond emotionally.

    with the attention span of the adult now being less than a goldfish,9 seconds, its not a stretch to make you wanna hollar out in a crowded lineup at the entrance of trader joes masked up, Attention Duped Masses!!!

    we dont need no stinking vaxxes!!!!


  12. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Power Causes Brain Damage

    … The historian Henry Adams was being metaphorical, not medical, when he described power as “a sort of tumor that ends by killing the victim’s sympathies.”

    … at UC Berkeley, ended up after years of lab and field experiments. Subjects under the influence of power, he found in studies spanning two decades, acted as if they had suffered a traumatic brain injury—becoming more impulsive, less risk-aware, and, crucially, less adept at seeing things from other people’s point of view.

    … put the heads of the powerful and the not-so-powerful under a transcranial-magnetic-stimulation machine, he found that power, in fact, impairs a specific neural process, “mirroring,” that may be a cornerstone of empathy. Which gives a neurological basis to what Keltner has termed the “power paradox”: Once we have power, we lose some of the capacities we needed to gain it in the first place.
    That loss in capacity has been demonstrated in various creative ways.
    The fact that people tend to mimic the expressions and body language of their superiors can aggravate this problem: Subordinates provide few reliable cues to the powerful. But more important, Keltner says, is the fact that the powerful stop mimicking others. Laughing when others laugh or tensing when others tense does more than ingratiate. It helps trigger the same feelings those others are experiencing and provides a window into where they are coming from. Powerful people “stop simulating the experience of others,” Keltner says, which leads to what he calls an “empathy deficit.”

    … “Hubris syndrome,” as he and a co-author, Jonathan Davidson, defined it in a 2009 article published in Brain, “is a disorder of the possession of power, particularly power which has been associated with overwhelming success, held for a period of years and with minimal constraint on the leader.” Its 14 clinical features include: manifest contempt for others, loss of contact with reality, restless or reckless actions, and displays of incompetence. In May, the Royal Society of Medicine co-hosted a conference of the Daedalus Trust—an organization that Owen founded for the study and prevention of hubris.

    • penny waters says:

      now that is interesting psychology

      you do pull stuff out of the hat v susan

      got my brain going in a different way

      thank you

    • penny waters says:

      i understand that the more upper class a man is (american psychologist research pennebaker)  the less he uses personal pronouns – suppose he doesn't have to validate himself cos his arrogant importance is already part of his cultural upbringing

      hahahaha so funny, what a bunch of prats

  13. Joseph says:

    MMm Thank you  for an enlightening broadcast.   I hope you post this since most people do  not know about it,


    Martin Luther King’s Assassination: A jury found in 1999 United States local, state, and federal government agencies guilty of conspiring to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968. Dr. William Pepper, esq. reveals mind-blowing truth about his assassination.

    Conspiracy fact, not conspiracy theory

    In December, 1999, the half-white half-black jury in a month-long civil trial in Memphis, Tennessee, after hearing almost 70 substantive witnesses, took merely an hour to conclude that Dr. King was executed as the result of a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

    The conspiring government agencies included the Memphis police, the mafia, and elements of the FBI, CIA, and U.S. military. The twelve jurors reached a unanimous verdict on December 8, 1999, after about an hour of deliberations.

    Yes! Martin Luther King, Jr. murdered by police! Two military sniper teams were sent to Memphis as back-ups in the event the primary shooter fail.




    • Gary Morrow says:

      Martin Luther King was tolerated by the U.S. power elites as long as he spoke only about civil rights.That began to change as King began to talk about broader issues such as poverty. But what really pissed THEM off was that he came out strongly against the Vietnam war. In a 1967 speech Beyond Vietnam – A Time to Break Silence, King spoke to " the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today – my own government ". He went  on to say that " a nation that continues year after year to spend more on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death ". Dr. King was killed exactly one year to the day after giving that speech. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but I don`t think so. (American Rhetoric 100 greatest speeches).

  14. Mark Kleeman says:

    I want to know what i can do…I am out of work as an insurance salesman is not essential..I have dire feelings about our future as I see the trees in Pa are 20 pct dead in my estimation..Mtn sides in spring have grey tints!!

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Hey Mark,

      Here is a short video I recorded during one of our trips to my home country of Poland where I am from, during one of many street awareness events over there. Maybe it can give you some ideas. Except last few months, I do these events all the time. It is fun too!

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