Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 25, 2017


Dane Wigington

Mainstream media has just officially admitted solar geoengineering experimentation is about to commence. Of course, the official cover-up of the blatant ongoing global climate engineering assault continues. NASA and other agencies are pushing egregious disinformation by naming geoengineering aerosol cloud formations as if they are somehow natural. The biosphere implosion continues unabated with a now official declaration of a total collapse of Pacific salmon that is being described as "cataclysmic". Environmental disintegration can only lead to economic unraveling. This process is not on the horizon, it is here. As many as 3500 major retail stores are closing their doors across the country. In other nations, the situation is already much worse. The true federal budget deficit is likely 100 trillion or more, but so long as the fictitiously valued stock market facade is maintained, few Americans yet care. Will stock portfolios matter if the planet no longer supports life? Near term extinction will be the outcome if the current course of the human race is not completely and immediately altered. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

A significant percentage of the human race must be awakened to the rapidly converging catastrophes, each and every one of us who are already awake has a profound part to play in this effort. We must rethink our perspectives, our priorities, and our sense of purpose. No matter how dark the horizon, great solace exists in fully focusing on the fight for the greater good. Can we still make a difference? Yes.

This week's outreach booth is at the South Towne Exposition Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



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  1. Adam H says:


       What are your thoughts on Dr Guy McPherson's research and views that it's already too late by about 40 years to stop abrupt climate change? He predicts we have about ten years left and makes a compelling point. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Adam, about McPherson, it is also important to consider the truths he is not willing to face, FYI

  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    I plan on giving sets of the GeoEngineering informational flyers to several University of North Florida (UNF) students, to display throughout the campus. Hopefully someone will take a serious interest and help spread awareness to other college students.

  3. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hello Everyone.  Recently a Saskatchewan city near the border of Manitoba took the initiative and put geoengineering billboards and signage on select buses.  It is great to have a forward looking city hall that is concerned about the future enough to see the need to raise awareness.  I now feel this recent headline is a punishment for going against the grain.

  4. Teri says:

    This is pretty sick. using sesame street to normalize Autism? and brainwash children to beg for vaccines? how sick is this world to use children like this? adults let it happen…but then most adults have the mentality of a 10 year old so little wonder they don't see a problem with their children being injected with any toxic soup the ''doctor '' or masters at the cdc tell them to give to themselves and their children

    well now they are removing ''informed consent''…guess they don't need it anymore. why bother with it anyway people don't care and do what they are told like the good little slaves they are. obedient to the end. never once questioning and absolutely never, ever saying NO!

  5. LS says:

    The army of Vaccinators consists of 19,000 people, according to the main stream media, middle- of- the -night, report.

  6. nobodiesfool says:

    Dane, this from University of Hawai'i News: "As sea level rises, much of Honolulu and Waikiki vulnerable to groundwater inundation. " They are yet pretending that this is a 100 year scenario. I'm expecting the week of April 7 through 14 to be explosive. I think we'll be in a different world by May.

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Dane, your quoting Chris Hedges is compelling and appropriate.  Reading his columns for a decade taught me a great deal, including how to comment.  Both of you share tremendous intelligence, courage, integrity and humanity, besides being truth tellers.  Hedges stops short of discussing false flags, but still manages to tell us what is patently false.  Both of you give us a persistent call to arms, needed more than ever as time grows so short.  You both are guided by a loving reverence of life.  I would miss his voice if he were shut down, and I cannot bear the thought of your voice missing.

    Hedges new column comes out late on Sundays.  This week, The Warring Kleptocrats.  I've posted this global alert news there, and this is Hedge's article today:

    I wanted people to know how, like Hedges, you speak to broader challenges while connecting the dots in the global and universal picture. I feel doubly inspired today, thanks to you both.


  8. I post this link quite often. I check it out everyday. It is shocking to say the least. Pass it on, along with a link to this site. Never Give Up!!!

  9. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, Thank you for the link, it's these type articles that can awaken folks. Something happened, while I was speaking with a group of people, after this little dinner party, which is the best way to tell people without them running out or away, I was speaking to this guy; HE SAID; I know this is happening, I'm not stupid, but Life is short and I don't want to THINK ABOUT IT?? It's the way he said it! So, I asked what about your grandchildren? Same answer, I don't want to think about it? Like a physiologist once said;  "the truth is the same as trauma, It can be too much" and then the body goes into shut down mode, too much truth for people to handle. I think that is our problem, at least that's my problem, getting people to understand what exactly is happening. Even with all the HELP FROM THIS DANE'S SITE: People just can't handle the truth, even when they know the truth. It's like having a child die, as one person said to me? I said in what way do you mean; He said he LOVED AMERICA SO MUCH; AND TO WATCH IT IMPLODE ON ITSELF BY THIEVES AND LYES AND ALL OUT ASSAULT ON EVERYTHING WE'VE STOOD FOR AND DIED FOR, WAS TOO MUCH FOR HIM TO WITNESS. I think I'm starting to listen & understand what these folks mean, I need a new approach, the one I'm using is scaring people too much, they want to run… If there are any Psychologist out there who can help me with any suggestions on how to prepare folks on this particular subject, and how to go about trying to help folks digest this and other subjects just as devastating, I would appreciate the help..

    I think people are aware, and when I bring them the facts, well, it just confirms there fears.. There's got to be a better way to inform people without the apocalyptic sound to it.. This is a hard subject to get people to sit still for an hour or so of dinner conversation, without upsetting some of my guests. Truth is very hard to face sometimes. Even for me!! Some just don't want to talk about,  period. The other problem is how to stop it?? That's the million dollar question!! I've written to everyone I can think of… No Answers thou… 

  10. Ken H. says:

    The Weather Warfare or Toxic spraying of chemicals by tanker aircraft is a planned assault on the health and welfare of all living on planet earth. The Chemtrails that consist of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and other substances are toxic to people, animals, fish., flowers, insects and all other living things.

    We know that Aluminum exposure is related to Alzheimers Disease. I recently found out that Barium exposure can cause Heart Valves to leak or fail.  In fact, the test dogs that Medical Doctors operate on to repair or replace their heart valves are given an injection of Barium to cause their heart valves to leak or malfunction.  Do you think that it might affect a human in the same way?  There are Heart hospitals and surgeons all over the US and the world who specialize in Heart Valve surgery for failed or leaking valves.  It appears to have greatly increased in the past 10 years- since the chemical spraying began in the US.  

    This is War on the human race!  We cannot even find out who is responsible.  Our military lets these aircraft fly in any airspace without questions- or are they in charge of it?  Our political people don't even want to address the problem- or look up to see the poisons being cast down upon us. Many illnesses can be connected to the poisons in the air we breathe.  Where do we the people turn to for help in finding out who is doing this and why?  Maybe then we can address how to stop the war-like assault taking place on the earth.  This is not engineering- this is genocide!

  11. Joe Ceonnia says:

    I know this isn't the place, but what the heck, France stay French and  Vote for Marine Le Pen. DOWN with the NWO, the same with Italia, Greece, and many others Countries. The EU is failing. Which are the same people behind these tactics, GMO'S,  GeoEngineeering, Vaccines, SRM'S, HAARP, and ALL disasters… Now the NWO is trying to start WWIII that's why we're at the boarders of Russia and China and have military bases in 70% of other countries. There is a definite quite before the storm. Something is about to happen. Enough already!!!

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined non-conformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.

    Martin Luther King

  13. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, A quick question that would help me convince others, do you know which major Chain stores of the 3500 are scheduled to close? 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, about your question, check the attached link for more details, FYI

    • BaneB says:

      Joe:  It is easy to search this on the net.  Sears is at the brink of bankruptcy.  Payless is majorly downsizing. Shopping malls are losing their anchor stores.  Many malls are empty and up for sale (probably to the prison-industrial complex). The eco-unfriendly economy is tanking (the Mesopotamian curse). And that giant sucking sound is Amazon vacuuming up retail.  Even Walmart is beginning to teeter.  You know things are economically unstable when the masses cannot afford the cheap crap from China.  Perhaps the economy is close to its  lowest common denominator which was predicted a couple decades ago…. lower wages, lower prices creating lower wages ad infinitude. Soon enough we shall all be shopping at the Salvation Army looking for some goodwill.

  14. Sean L. says:

    New Harvard Solar Geoengineering Research Project 2017, you  have to see this scary 8 min video.

    • Sean L. says:

      8 min propaganda disinfo piece by Harvard, I meant to add to my above comment. I can't edit it sorry for 2 comments 🙁

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thanks for posting, Sean L.  Something almost snapped in my brain hearing those Harvard-grade lies.  Made me want to scream.

    • BaneB says:

      Sean L:  Let us not forget MIT, home to David Keith, DOS (Dracula of Science) and his vampire minions busily at work to set up an upcoming "experiment" to "study the feasibility of 'cooling' the planet by spraying aluminum and other toxins into the earth's atmosphere."…my words as a paraphrase upon what he stated hours ago.  Yes, these nuts are going to do what they are already doing in a massive scale.  This "feasibility study" is a magic trick to fool the gullible public into stampeding over into the claws of those who have created the grunge skies now readily observable anywhere on earth.  The public relations psyops will bullhorn dire predictions and "simple solutions" in order to further terrorize a public saturated with media encoded cognitive dissonance.  

  15. ron hall says:

    Here is an interview with NATALIA SHAKHOVA, 2012. It starts to get "real" at about 3:30 in. Towards the end she actually seems emotionally worried that a major sudden release could happen soon–not decades from now.  It is as though she is shaky about her own great research regarding ARCTIC METHANE. I assume some of us here have seen this(I had)–but it is worth a watch.        THANKS DANE and I get the "…everyday is groundhog day, waking up to an insane world.."

  16. Joseph L says:

    Coast to Coast AM 3-1-17 with George Norry and Dane Wigington talk about the ongoing geoengineering / weather modification programs.

  17. Frank says:

    I just googled "new clouds" and I saw the latest monstrous entries that they have the audacity to add to the list of Earth's clouds. Like the notes in the musical scale, the list of clouds does not change with the times. I was at first angered that these rats would do this, but then I must laugh at what a cartoon world this has become. Cartoon clouds, cartoon weather, cartoon villains, and cartoon heroes. No, wait, except for Dane, there are no heroes in this fight. I know if the word got out in the right way we could win overnight. We could be heroes.

    • MAP says:

      Speaking of "cartoon weather", I turned on the Weather Ch. For 2-3 minutes to see what propaganda that they were spewing. Anchors mentioned that we are now in "Season of Severe Weather." So we just passed Spring Equinox and right on cue, BAM! Now we have severe weather brought to us by Power Structure and our dedicated GeoEngineers. Everything planned out to nth degree. 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Frank, I feel I must intrude to say, first of all, thank you for the "cartoon" adjective, which can be employed liberally in comments. 

      You may know that Rupert Murdoch confiscated the once outstanding National Geographic Magazine and immediately fired all the remarkably professional writers and photographers.  Goodness knows we need to laugh sometimes, but I nearly fell off my chair yesterday reading this article about 11 new clouds named.  And the reason given for all the new clouds?  Would you believe 'smart phones'?

      The claim that these are the first new clouds in 30 years also belies the rogue's gallery from 2003 of NASA's cloud stamps.

      This content-free article is a must see, if there ever was one!

    • Yes, there are some academic heroes.  I'm proud of my colleague, in this video.  Ending malpractice in advertising would certainly help us clear the lenses.

      Other academic colleagues contributed to the book, The Corporate Assault on Youth.  And the lesson is don't advertise in schools!

      I'm trying to engage more heroes around me in collaborative action to stop climate engineering.  -meeting more of them all the time

    • Contrarian says:

      Bella_Fantasia:  Too bad about National Geographic.  I suspected something was going on that changed the tenor of this once 5 star publication.  

  18. jefe says:

    If the mainstream is just now opening up to climate engineering, you can be sure it's already been happening for a long time.

    I'm downloading Peter Vogel's story of the July 1944 Port Chicago disaster and its ties to Los Alamos… The atomic test at Trinity was far from being the earliest.  It was only the first one revealed to the mainstream.  Vogel has found evidence that tests were being done as early as December 1943, as described by Army vets speaking to the Atomic Veterans.  

    Vogel describes more evidence showing that the Port Chicago disaster itself was yet another early a-test, one that killed 320 sailors and destroyed two valuable ships.

    Look up for the whole story– it's deep reading.

  19. Donna says:

    The skies over San Diego were sprayed like crazy before what was to be a huge storm to hit this past week.  I covered the containers I use to collect rain to allow the skies to be cleared with the polluted first down pour.  My dog had knocked the lid off one of the cans, and the dirst rain was collected.  The layer of greasy paint looking mess that floated on the rain water also was seen around the drains on my patio areas.  It was disgusting.  I uncovered the containers for the next down pour that was suppose to be quite substantial (according to weather reports).  During the night I heard what sounded like a massive rain storm, only to find minimal rainfall collected in the morning.  All the massive amounts of spraying overhead for days prior, and this filthy joke of a storm was all that resulted?  Not only is it all over the plants and trees, but our pets and wildlife are walking in this and are absorbing it into their bodies as well (also tracked into our homes as well).  All that spraying for such a tiny storm of filth?  Now the CA schools will be teaching the students about cloud seeding to help with the drought situation in CA.  I hope some savvy kid says, "Why are they spraying to fix the drought when they already sprayed to make the drought happen in the first place?"  Teachers need to help with the truth as well.  How many more gag orders can they impose on any who are paid to spread the lies they are instructed to feed us and our children?  Dane, you are an inspiration to me and a heroic example to look up to by those who still have loving hearts.  Your weekly program keeps me from throwing up my hands and giving up, when so many who once thought this was a joke, but now see that it is reality, but refuse to do or say anything about it.  I am constantly being told to just ignore it and enjoy my life I have left.  There's nothing we can do about it any way.  For those who have no God or who have no children or grandchildren, nephews or nieces, I have no valid response (only thoughts of disgust for the selfish attitude of these few).  Yet the vast majority who have children and grandchildren of their own, who claim to be spiritual believers in God but don't want to do anything at all, even a minute piece.   It's so negative, not a topic people want to hear about.  They claim to be too busy with work and parenting to get involved.  My circle of 'friends' grows smaller as I ask them how they can face looking at themselves in the mirror, or how they will face their children.  How empty the claims sound that they adore their grandchildren.  How will they justify to God that they chose to do nothing at all to help end this insanity of destruction?  No one is perfect but  I, for one, will not enjoy life and stay silent, but I will enjoy God's gifts as I continue to spread the ugly truth to as many as I can, to help save this dying planet and all life on it. Thank you Dane for keeping up the fight!

    • Mario says:

      Donna: You are right.  Teachers do need to help.  After all, we are supposed to be on the front lines of the truth so that we may empower the next generation.  Sadly, we are not.  There are many factors at play.  1. The public school is no longer a place where critical thinking is encouraged.  As a matter of fact, it is frowned upon in most cases.  At least from a teachers perspective.  We are encouraged to not say anything controversial.  We are given a curriculum to teach that is highly scripted.  And the entire culture is laden with a "don't rock the boat" mentality.  Something that seems to be plaguing workplaces around the country.  Teachers answer to administrators and administrators answer to school boards.  The people on the school board make considerably more money.  I refer to them as money people.  They ultimately decide on the curriculum being purchased and other major financial decisions.  Local school boards play a crucial role in how a school district will function or not function.  And ultimately the school boards have to deal with state and federal money people — places where Geoengineering money is being poured into controlling the narrative. 

      Bringing me to my 2nd point – big money in Geoengineering is filtering its way down through and into the curriculum materials being bought and used in school districts.  It is apparent in both presentation, content, and overall narrative.  For example: I was asked to teach a lesson from a language arts curriculum that had to do with the science behind tornadoes and tornado alley — to a bunch of 2nd graders.  First of all the science was all wrong, and secondly I found it a unique thing to be in a language arts curriculum for 2nd graders to begin with.  The pictures were all of destroyed homes and downed trees.  The material presented everything as a natural occurrence (you all know me — don't get me started on Nexrad)  So, I modified the lesson by simply turning on the intellicast radar and letting them watch a band of severe weather move up from Texas.  The oohed and awweed.  I wasn't about to explain overlapping pulsed microwave transmissions and manufactured rectangles of high pressure used to steer manufactured storms.  They were 2nd graders.  So I showed them all the cool functions on radar instead and then let them draw and write about it.   

      Don't look to the public school system to be a savior in educating people about Geoengineering.  The administrators are pushing bogus curriculum.  They are hammering home the weather disaster narrative and trying to normalize it to even our youngest kids.  The money people have control of the narrative and that includes schools.  Plus, not very many teachers are even awake to this.  Yes, wish it was different.

    • Dennie says:

      The teacher's lounges were some of the more-unaware places I ever set foot in when I was working in the public schools as a music consultant in San Rafael.  The charter school in Novato where I ran the string program for three years was a lot more hip than your average mainstream-media-populated public school you find everywhere these days and I'm sure there are many there who are aware of the geoengineering programs.  Thankfully I have started my Suzuki teacher training and have plans to continue on with training in this excellent educational system.  I just could not make myself go through the CA state credentialing process only to work in one of the public schools– to paraphrase Trump's sidekick, Kimberly Con-Artist, "I'd rather slit my wrists" than work in a place like the public schools. 

    • EyepilotX!!! says:

      As a former science teacher (for 25 years) there are definite "informal" gag orders in place on teachers. If you help the students develop critical thinking skills or talk about the science behind something like geoEngineering and all of a sudden you get "informal" memos regarding any little/unrealistic procedure you are not following (such as not posting grades or attendance reports correctly or "on time" calling enough parents (who don't have phones BTW!), or not "supervising" enough during class change… ). But mostly they aren't necessary because most teachers I knew were either not too bright or aware or "NPR-liberal" fascists pretending the dogma of the democrats would save us. Try bringing anything up during one of the endless superfluous staff meetings and you would be castigated as not being a team player. It's all about data and standardized testing…

  20. Rob Jones says:

    Thank you Dane,

    I enjoyed yesterdays show and thanks to all. I live in the southern Caribbean and we constantly have SRM happening here more than last year.  Also I ran across this you tube video posted today that shows Harvard University rolling out a Geoengineering program to begin Spring of 2017. My take is that David Keith and his Boys are about to release their dom and gloom ultimatum to the world if we all don't line up and go along with their plans. The link is below and I encourage everyone to watch and forward it to as many as possible.

    Thanks R

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Rob, thanks for the link, but as I reported before they have already tripled down the spraying in and around Philadelphia as far as I can tell and everyone is getting sick, and the older you are the more effect this spray seems to have, and the toll on the elderly's health. Now Harvard's in on it too.. No surprise there. I don't know how David Keith can live with himself knowing he is poisoning his own family. What kind of a human can perpetrate this type of lie/crime for money.

  21. Ron Marr says:

    What's worse? The geo-engineering, gmo, vaccines, wars, chaos, the secret murdering of the earth and all life, etc., etc., or,  "In thirteeth century Egypt, a mania for eating human flesh raged through all classes;  physicians were the favorite prey.  If a man was hungry, he pretended to be sick and sent for a doctor-not to consult him , but to devour him."  ( Humboldt )  " People so greatly enjoyed this dreadful food that one even saw rich and very honorable men consuming it, making banquets of it, even storing it. Various ways were devised to prepare the flesh….People used all possible tricks to waylay others or lure them into their homes on false pretenses. Three physicians who came to me met with this fate, and a bookdealer, who sold books to me, an old very fat man, fell into their snares and just barely escaped." ( Abd-Allatif, a Baghdad physician, his description of Egypt. )  I don't know which situation I would want, If I had a choice. At least one could see the people's eyes and know their intent, perhaps. It is obvious that, in the last two thousand years our benefactors have inflicted every form of terror upon us; tricking the mind into a fake reality of distraction; knowing, that their destruction is our awakening.  " L'homme est pe'rissable, Il se peut; mais pe'rissons en re'sistant et, sile ne'ant nous est reserve', ne faisons que ce soit une justice."  {" man is perishable.  That may be; but let us die in resistance, and , if nothingness lies ahead, let us not act as if it were just."} ( Seneancour Obermann )

  22. marc says:

    The whole Guardian article, not to mention the Harvard geoengineering "experiment" itself, is just another clever government psy-op to further reinforce in the public mind the complete fiction that geoengineering is not already occurring on a grand scale. 

  23. Barb E says:

    Great broadcast Dane!  I'm happy to report that now my other half is listening to them with me, before he didn't want to hear it.  My question is – if they are "proposing" to start spraying the sky – how will they explain the jet sprayed clouds as something "new" when we've been seeing them for years already?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Barb, glad our “other half” is now investigating with you. About your question, as I stated in the radio broadcast, the “proposal” term that mainstream media uses in regard to geoengineering is of course disinformation to distract the public from what has already been going on for over 70 years.

  24. Seeing Clearly says:

    The whole autism issue is a very complex but necessary issue to understand as more and more children are getting it, Don't be ashamed to say the truth there are a lot of truth shamers out there. Autism is legally speaking an epidemic just like cancer is an epidemic just like asthma and adhd and other neurological problems as well (the numbers are rising and that's all we need to state that) autism doesn't have to be a legitimate diagnosis to be an epidemic, people are becoming dysfunctional and brain damaged by all these radiation and chemicals and everything that makes the environment so unlivable climate engineering included and especially now most likely at the top of the list as we had pole vortex events created which made the planet warmer. About Sesame street, they have ties to the ASAN which is funded by big pharma they get funding from CVS and Walmart and likely more and they claim to speak for autistic people, but they don't speak for everyone, don't be fooled, they scream disability rights not a cure however Isn't a cure to our disability also a disability right/human right I would enforce that. The utmost goal is autism normalization and acceptance by this new puppet that's an admitted truth, I took the time to watch some of the series and that's there end goal and yes, I do have a problem, whether pro-autism, which in many cases autism is brain damage so pro-brain damage tolerance and acceptance and normalization could it get any worse than that.. The hard truth is the ASAN might have some autistic people, but that doesn't mean it's for autistic people its for big pharma for all I see. I understand your frustration from this evil brainwashing from sesame street I feel the same way.


    For anyone brave enough to read what may be the most disturbing thing you ever read (



  25. Sean says:

    Hi Dane. What are you feelings on Russ George's ocean fertilization methods and claims that it was able to produce record salmon runs in (I believe) 2014? This itself must be somehow dangerous.. I feel like you can't simply dump a bunch of iron into the ocean and not have some sort of side effect.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, yes, your conclusions are exactly on target. FYI

  26. As some readers may have noticed, I've refrained from commenting on this site for nearly two years. One could speculate that I've been "nuetralized"… Never the less:

    Many persons on this site (and others) haved asked how all this increadible man made chaos could have occured. You may find the answer below.>

     Excerpted from: Pleasure center – Wikipedia

    "Pleasure center is the general term used for the brain regions involved in pleasure. Discoveries made in the 1950s initially suggested that rodents could not stop electrically stimulating parts of their brain, mainly the nucleus accumbens, which was theorized to produce great pleasure.[1] Further investigations revealed that the septum pellucidium and the hypothalamus can also be targets for self-stimulation.[2] More recent research has shown that the so-called pleasure electrodes lead only a form of wanting or motivation to obtain the stimulation, rather than pleasure.[3] The weight of evidence suggests that human pleasure reactions occur across a distributed system of brain regions, of which important nodes include subcortical regions (such as the nucleus accumbens and ventral pallidum) and cortical regions (orbitofrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex).[4]"

    Rodent experiments

    "The pleasure center was discovered in the 1950s by two brain researchers named James Olds and Peter Milner who were investigating whether rats might be made uncomfortable by electrical stimulation of certain areas of their brain, particularly the limbic system.[5] In the experiment, an electrical current was given to rats if they entered a certain corner of a cage, with the hypothesis that they would stay away from that corner if the effect was uncomfortable. Instead, they came back quickly after the first stimulation and even more quickly after the second. In later experiments, they allowed the rats to press the stimulation lever themselves, to the effect that they would press it as much as seven-hundred times per hour. This region soon came to be known as the "pleasure center".

    Rats in Skinner boxes with metal electrodes implanted into their nucleus accumbens will repeatedly press a lever which activates this region, and will do so in preference over food and water, eventually dying from exhaustion. In rodent physiology, scientists reason that the medial forebrain bundle is the pleasure center of rats. If a rat is given the choice between stimulating the forebrain or eating, it will choose stimulation to the point of exhaustion.[6]"

    Mankind has now been exposed to electrmagnetic and radio frequency  wavelenghts for approximatly 100 years.  It is proven by numorous studies that eletromgnetic fields cause direct activations within certain regions of the mamilian brain, and is in fact an excitotoxin.

    HAARP systems, digital television broadcast sysyems, cellular phone devices,  and "other" electromagnetic devices, are now utilized for psychological control and the functional destruction of humanity.

    It's time to pull the plug on all these wonderful toys…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, yes, there is no denying that the constant bombardment of RF/microwave frequencies is extremely harmful to all life (along with countless other anthropogenic activities, practices, and creations). This being said, we must also remember that many in the ranks of our species have always behaved poorly, and have always been inclined/prone to ignore or deny realities and looming threats. “Nero fiddles while Rome burns”, it is the propensity of our species. We must evolve past this trait (and deal with the rest), if we are to have any chance of salvaging what is yet left of the planets life support systems and the web of life. Our collective efforts to sound the alarm (and thus to wake the masses) is the greatest leap we could make in the right direction at this late hour, lets all keep our stride in this most critical battle. Very good to hear from you, Paul, and thank you for sharing the very important information you have posted.

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      Welcome back Paul!

      Hope things on the up. Look forward to your future  posts from L'Etoile du Nord. (Ski U Mah)

      And, many thanks Dane for relentlessly hammering on the chisel- big chunks of the false edifice are falling away now and exposing the reality. It's impossible to ignore now.

      Here's an example of the 'new' weather and how more energized the storms will be.Wind gusts of 280 kph (168 mph) will certainly do a lot of damage to the tropical  Strayan north. The atmospheric 'river' formed at the equator is jaw dropping. Note: this TC is aiming for Abbott Point- the coal facility on the GBR. Earth would not have reached 4.5 bil years of age without knowing how to handle herself in a 'fight'.




  27. Dan says:

    80 percent die off of wildlife in my area this winter and now we have learned that most of the fish in some lakes and reservoir's are dead. I have a friend who works at a local hatchery and he told me the fish are dying there to and they don't know why. Nothing grew in my garden last summer and I suspect it will be the same this year. No one listens to me as I try to hand out information as to why this is happening. What does it matter now, most everybody I know is sick, I guess we are next to perish.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      It's very deceiving and contradictory like that I can still go to the store and buy some seafood, sushi and all that yesterday I went to eat dinner at a sushi place and guess what, there was fish in it and the prices have not changed like I believe this is almost a disfavor, how are people going to know that fish are going extinct if they can still buy some at a low cost just a bunch of smoking mirrors.

    • JF says:

      Strange, I have also noticed the last couple of years my fruit trees have had plenty of blossoms but little to no fruit. My citrus trees seem to be OK.

      By the way, here in Socal no visible spraying for about three days. Hmmm….Saw a plane this morning at a similar altitude that the planes that spray chemtrails fly, there was a normal contrail left behind that dissipated in minutes.

      Dane, why is it that there are days were there are no visible chemtrails? Do they need certain atmospheric conditions? I have also noticed that the chemtrials seem to have a silvery bluish hue to them.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello JF, the programs in our skies are an ongoing experiment, always in a state of flux. This must also be kept in mind, there is much more to the aerosol spraying operations than just the blatant horizon to horizon particulate trails, FYI

  28. EyepilotX!!! says:

    Fukushima, pollution, the 6th mass extinction. … turn on TeeVee and Filet O' Fish still readily available at MacDonald with Medium softDrink and fries only $5.00… grown man sobs about internet bill (so sad!)… Get the $$$ you deserve and go shopping and get "implants"; just call 1-800… PetFood and lingerie delivered to your door! We live in amazing times! BigBallinHoopGame rages onward and stickdiscIceGame too soon HittheBallCatchtheBall season awaits full of HotDog&Beer… It's all a lie. Don't be fooled by the troublemakers, miscreants, and criticalThinkers … Don't feel- Don't think- Just CONSUME!…
    And enjoy the pretty clouds!  

    I listen to Dane and the GNW and all I can do is react with anger turned to sarcasm! Dead oceans and radioactive dust, micro-nano-particulates; if it's too small to see it doesn't exist! Colonel Chicken and King Burger and MacDonald omnipresent poorly constructed generic structures, garbage polluting body and soul… Weather whiplash in Chicago the corrupted city by the inland sea. Days of raw cold wind and "overCast" with one day of record hot winds and intense spraying… now back to artificially nucleated cold. So cold always except when I'm too hot' nothing in between. It's scary that I prefer the fake overcast because then at least I can't see them frantically spraying. No one seems to notice. No one seems to care. They probably think 5 Gee is a good thing… That's a good battle to pick because it was too late to draw the line about these other issues. Not that it matters; Super-Fascism wants 5G: Super-Fascism gets 5G… there ain't Ship you can do about it. I DO NOT WANT the InternetofEverything… It doesn't matter what I want… Now if we ALL didn't want it… Thanks GeoEng watch and all you good, people on this site!

    Reading "Dark Alliance" right now, try finding a copy!

  29. charles says:



    Your efforts are flushing the rats out in the open.

    There is now publicized efforts to talk about studying Geoengineering,

    and look who is funding it!? Bill Gates of all people, funding the David Keith efforts.  Like you said, they will bring it up as if it is new to give the efforts that have been going on for decades the cover they need.  So they can say, 'At this point, what difference does it make' 

    But with big money behind the efforts,  it may be even harder to stop them from doing their damage.  I wonder how all this works out in the end.

    Yours truly,


    • Jeanette S says:

      Bill Gates is scum…he is into gmos, Monsanto, on the board for that seed library vault in the Artic-you need normal seed to make abby normal ones apparently. That Zika outbreak in Brazil was his company Oxytol? (whatever) They dumped the test freak mosquitoes in a water way filled with pesticides which had the Zika arrested somehow and the pesticides killed off that mechanism and that is what cause the outbreak. Somebody shoud have gave him one right between the eyes at the end of software and before his maggot mouth moved on to anything else. His tentacles are everywhere in everything we on here oppose. Bill Gates is bad news and an idiot. I often say I wonder what the world would have been like if he went to public school and had his a kicked in with the rest of the nerds. We may not be having this discussion or close to the need for it. He went to private school because pappie Gates was an ATTORNEY FOR NONE OTHER THAN MONSANTO.


  30. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Another Proof that big pharma industry is really CRIMINAL ( a criminal CULT ) and its HUGE profits are deeply connected with the ( injected ) propagation / maintenance / ""treatment"" of diseases / and CANCER is this one;

    Since the 70's ( ! ) a clever Dr ( that works for medicine ) has developed an apparently simple method to treat solid carcinomas with a very high rate of success ( more than 85 % ), without pain, without side effects, without toxicity, without SUFFERING, and the treatments last only a few weeks.

    He is from Germany, Handover ( from the Duderstadt Clinic ) and his name is ( Dr ) Thomas Nesselhut. I'll try to explain with simple words what is and how his method works;

    The Principle is the Immunotherapy.

    The techniques are about the culture in lab of gamma delta cells – Dendritic cells. These cells are very special. The way of obtaining these cells is this: first is necessary to take off blood from the patient. After, the white cells ( leukocytes ) from the blood must be isolated. Then, these leukocytes must stay in culture and in contact with the cancer cells of the patient.  Within this period the cells are "trained" to recognize the bad cells, because inside the body, as Dr Hesselhut has discovered, these bad cells can deceive the white cells with chemical behavior that resembles the behavior of any normal cell. And is because of that the Immune system of the body do not kill the cancer cells when these start to grow.

    Only after a few days, the "trained" white cells are injected again into the body of the patient ( I can't remember if with the blood that was taken off the patient previously or if only with the plasma ). The procedure is repeated four times, during a few weeks. The final result is almost every time – the CURE. Only for lymphomas the rate of success is much lower.

    Extra info: there is also another "dr" in Germany ( don't remember the name ) that says use the same techniques, but he is regarded in his country as a charlatan ( maybe paid by the industry to discredit the incredible Work and techniques that were developed by – Dr Thomas Hesselhut ).

  31. jay vee says:

    WOW…..,.!!!!! THANK YOU Dane, Brother, Human Being your incredible and powerful use words that caught my attention a month ago on latenight disinformation radio, you know is what caused the strongest, most uncontrolable anger and emotions I've ever felt! And In the moments, hours, and days since, I could have been put in a mental institution, from my frantic talking, and warnings to people, it seemed like I was insane! I trust people, that night on the radio, asking for help, a desperate plea for us to please wake up and face the unthinkable.. Sure? really?…Possibly after the end of the college March Madness event? Wait a minute, what's important here? All the things I have on Earth, useless, our plant wont support life Huh? HELLO, anybody home? I have this soft heart for humanity, but listened to Dane. So look into this mans  theory's.  I questioned Mr. Wigington's reasoning, I live here on Earth  too,…right? I heard him say that you actually need to look for the real truth yourself?!#^^?THEN BAM… OMG!!!!…. Like a ton of bricks, if all of this is REAL!!!!!!!!! I'm not ready for this right now~~Listen Brothers and Sisters that was in February now its DO OR DIE TIME, and for over a month now, angry, ranting and raging like a wild forest fire that is out of control accomplishing zilch! I think I'd be incarcerated by now if not for looking at the "activist" section here prior to listening to Dane this month.

    Well truth is right in front us and if WE all just question this you'd see too, I'm not crazy, my insane reactions to all this is good.And today reading,I learned about this bad behavior i'm displaying is normal but counter productive and an intended part of a master plan. It's  Zen Gardner that stated, actually I'm Okay, that the Warrior powers in me have been triggered, all of us posses it, but we must choose to see, also like my WILD fire, without understanding, you must be awakened to harness this, and be in control over their mind manipulation! I thank GOD for Dane and all helping to stop the murder of Mother Earth and I'm going to learn how fight to live, use time productively, seek wise counsel, and stop just pointing a finger and blaming Psychopathic creatures , EVERYBODY NEEDS TO WAKE UP, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND FIGHT LIKE NOTHING ELSE MATTTERS!!!!

    Well I'm just learning, but you, me together we'll WIN! I need a lot of help as maybe Mr. Wigington might in this insane reality, see I've played my part in doing nothing, so have you!!!! but, so have we all! Please… I want to LIVE….Dane say's there's really not much time to waist!!!  SO WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!….. OH Yah does any know where I find a crash course like The Human Warrior 101?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Jay Vee

  32. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Rachel Robson, Mucho del thank you for the 'second line' I will paint on my roof, "We know who you are". As it stands, I have room for two more lines on my roof. FYI, today, I bought the stencils for writing this stuff on my roof. 6 inch letters is the biggest I could find. Being that "they" can read a newspaper from 8 miles up, I'm good to go. The young woman that checked me out at Ace hardware asked, "won't that make you targeted?" (I said to myself, God damn I sure hope so!!!) Follow your own spirits folks and never deny them!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      'a' simple horseman, I am not sure we do know who they are – individually, and with their classic psychological profile I think they are likely to laugh off this statement (from broken homes and families, single/separated, and oh so macho).

      You may be better with something like; 'We all have to breath in what you are spraying – YOU TOO';  'You are killing your families, friends and children as well'; 'Earth is not a gas chamber experiment'; etc

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      ..gas chamber..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      'a' simple horseman, You start my day with a smile!  So glad to be ouf use in this delicious fantasy!  But, I keep thinking of more.  Like: Do YOU know what you are doing?  Or, why harm that which you swore to protect?  And sign it: A Citizen.  And hey, you already have been targeted, so… for a penny, in for a pound.  I so admire your can do follow through!  Seriously, they can read a newspaper from 8 miles up?

    • Chad says:

      Awesome, simple horseman. Take care and GOD bless you All. Amen sweet JESUS. AYEEE. UNAFRAID IN IDAHO.

  33. Jay T says:

    Dane, we have had continuous spraying of the skies in Troy, MI about 38 miles north of Detroit, and I have incredible pictures to send to you. Where do I upload?  Also how can I connect with others in my area to band together ? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jay, for posting shocking photos of geoengineered skies, the GeoEngineeringWatch photo gallery page is the best place, link attached. FYI

  34. Joseph L says:

    Dane great show — I love everything that you do and the way you explain everything. I have been on board now for quite a long time.  Things are getting alot worse by the day.  No matter how dire the situation I find your shows enlighting.


    Dane Wigington on the state of our oceans. They are in trouble to say the least!



    This is a great show also.


  35. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, Excellent broadcast!! Your compulsion to reach outward has never been more prevalent. The empathy and compassion you hold dear shines like a beacon for us all. Myself, I am sincerely grateful that you go to great lengths to re-enforce all of us standing on the side lines of what is unfolding in these crazy times. I couldn't imagine what purpose I would hold if it were not for the beacon you display.

  36. Chad says:

    Here in Idaho, constant spraying. Saw a few spots untouched and boy that sky was a beautiful , dark blue i havent seen in a long, long time!! April 17 through 20th in Boise, Idaho 85th Western Snow Conference. Look it up, schedule a march and crash their party. Idaho Governor will be there too. Good place to ask questions and question those guilty that are involved!!! Peace, joy, and love. God bess. Amen Jesus!

  37. Randall says:

    in the spring most state Dnr agency's have hearings in communities for wild life hunting fishing and recreation.  question and answer sessions in and in each county. 

    Its a good place to rant the sick tree and weather modification. 

    I will be going hoping for a chance to speak my mind and truths to my brain dead fellow sportsman. This years main topic is white tail dear and Cronic wasting  disease. The state wants to ban backyard feeding even in winter. I feed 50 -70 deer supplemental alfalfa and corn during winter. 

    Our Dnr has come on record and said deer are bad for the forest ????

    how crazy is that????  I have read many tree books and with out a explanation on gut bacteria and enzymes cultured in a deers  stomach, and spread around in manure to break down forest litter, a forest cannot live. All animals are given movement to accomplish this task. A bird gets to the most remote and highest areas or trees would not grow there. 

    People cannot be afraid to speak up with authority to authority. I have found all are ignorant even of their own jobs. Chances are you are more educated in the matters they are speaking on!  compartmentalized dummies. Speak up ,have your info ready and don't be intimidated by them ( comes easy with age let me tell u) stick with facts, don't insult unless attacked with dis- info.

    Anyway your local Dnr is the front line on water air and wildlife issues in each state.   their powers are great . Hit them hard, for you have truth in facts they cannot dismiss . And your audience will be outdoor minded people from young to old. Plant a spark in their minds. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Randall, I fear sounding profoundly stupid, but what is Dnr?  You mention this often and it does ring a bell, but not enough for my old brain.  Getting curious enough to ask!  And what's up with white tailed deer and chronic wasting disease?  Can that be due to a lack of foods in the forest now?  I mean such that you have to supplement their feed?  Which, it is great that you do that, but would alfalfa and corn be natural for them?  Does this disease? exist because of what is sprayed on the forests?  What is their explanation?  The Dnr?  In my experience, deer like open lands too.  Are they saying the forests are in too bad shape to be used by deer?

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      Hi Rachel

      I'm pretty sure Randall is talking about the Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) which is tasked with looking after each state's natural and cultural  assets (natural resources) with an eye towards conservation and protection. People in DNR roles are usually attuned to what's happening but face the same bureaucratic stonewalling we all do. They are worth  pursuing (as allies) since denial / ignorance will soon no longer cut it as a paradigm shift approaching.If not correct Randall, please  update-:<)

      This link will permit access to each state's DNR and those of our friends north of the 49th parallel


  38. jake s. says:

    Another cold rainy day in the PNW and i have another cold/flu thing going on from being outside too much. same symptoms over and over but getting worse. alot of people are talking now and starting to act finelly. keep up the good work.

  39. Barb E says:

    The nucleating is totally out of control. Today in NH it was raining, then it was "ice balls" bouncing off the windows. This was at 37 degrees. Then it started snowing heavily, HUGE flakes for about 3 hours. They didn't stick to anything, they just floated down. It reached 40 degrees and still was snowing like no tomorrow.  Finally about an hour later it stopped. Doesn't anyone notice that it doesn't SNOW at 40 degrees, or even 37 degrees!!!???  They just will not let up on us here in New England, moving the jet stream at their whim.  We are headed for hell on earth.  Oh yah, it's already here.

    • Steve says:

      Hi Barb,

      Same "silly" situation happened here in Sandy  (Salt Lake City), Utah this last Thursday, snowing all afternoon while the temps ranged anywhere from 36 to 41 degrees, silver dollar sized snowflakes, many exhibitors moving into the convention center were in/out working without their jackets, it was so warm feeling.  This location same as your New Hampshire area, heavy falling snow, warm but no accumulation, not even on the cars or trees, was would be the case in a normal snow storm until the ground cooled as well.

  40. Melinda Field Perlman says:

    Do we have a plan? If this is the moment they are coming out, how can we have the activists around the world let the public know how long this has been going on? Should we send millions of photos to? Suggestions please…If not now, when? keep the faith….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Melinda, about your question, the first and most critical objective in this battle is to wake the masses. Once that is accomplished, the wheels of paradigm shift will begin to turn. The attached link is included in ever single post we put up, I hope you will find it of use. Also, open the many hyperlinks included within the text of this link (any statement highlighted in blue can be clicked open to another link). FYI

  41. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    My Son just informed me of a Wiki Leaks disclosure. Trump is not planning on scraping Obama care as he claimed he would do. He plans to readjust it . And in this readjustment, Everyone will need to be Chipped ! Is this the scheming between Trump & Trudeau? God Help Us All !!! 

  42. Kim Shardlow says:

    Hi Dane… thank you for all the hard work you do. I live in Cairns, Queensland Australia. I see every single day the spraying of the clouds over my little town. We no longer have a wet season nor cyclones for the last 5 years. I'm trying to get people to look up but they see nothing! They are blind. High altitude jets emitting toxic chemicals crisscrossed over the normal clouds. Today they stared at 6 am. The blue of the sky was covered by silvery Cirrus like clouds and the forecasted cyclone for today has been wiped out. I'm so frustrated that nobody is interested or concerned. I've emailed and phoned everyone I can think of… mainstream media and Alternative journos, the mayor, councillors from local governing bodies, broadcasters scientists and I've had 2 responses. They tell me it's only exhaust fumes or contrails. They all wring their hands asking what is causing the bleaching of the coral on the great Barrier Reef and the disappearance of bees and butterflies and other bugs, the dieoff of rainforest trees, and when I try to get them to connect the dots they ignore me.  Anyway thanks for your information and hard work. I wish there was someone here with your courage and strength of character. I'll keep trying to get people to look up. 

    • Bronwyn Virtue says:

      Kim I live in Sydney and the same is happening here My own family thinks I'm imagining the spraying that happens daily above my house even though it is obvious Thank god for Dane and this site It keeps me hopeful and continuing on my goal to wake people up

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Kim, it's good to hear another Queenslander lending their voice here. I'm in Brisbane and I see SRM in some of its many varieties each and every day. Not a day goes by without it in some form and to some degree. All those people you say you contacted, well, I am sure they know it is going on. Soon, there will be so many who know amongst the general public that those who now are in the know and help hide it will eventually be forced to admit it. They better come out soon because the longer they leave it, the worse it will be for them. Where I work there are quite a few who know about it and the word is spreading fast. How can it not?

      Also, I have noticed what seems to be more international voices here lately. It's catching on.

    • BaneB says:

      Kim:  Is it my imagination, or mis-interpretation of what my eyes tell me is a VERY PARCHED Australia?  Two recent Australian film locations):  A Place to Call Home(series), and The Dress Maker (Hollywood production)The first shows a fairly verdant landscape but dry.  The second is full of dead trees and looks almost bone dry.  Perhaps it's merely cyclical weather like here in California.  

    • Michel B says:

      Dear BaneB, Australia is the driest continent on earth after Antarctica. But we are having our monsoons completely erased and our cyclones suppressed. It is a land of drought and flood already, but all of the anomalies we are seeing around the world of increasing drought and deluge are indeed happening here. Most of Australia is arid and thus our green belts of agriculture are delicate. Most of Queensland is now in extreme drought. They make it rain in the south east corner over Brisbane occasionally to green the lawns and fill municipal dams and thus lull the bulk of the population, but not far west it is parched with farms turning into dust bowls and dams completely dried up.

    • Frances says:

      Kim, I'm in SEQld.  I've written every science radio, TV show presenters, written church leaders, politicians, senators, etc.  Maybe if you do the same, someone might pay attention, not that it would be published in the mainstream media.

  43. Gretchen says:

    The unfolding drama within the drama is an ever more intentionally elaborate deception. Is Trump "playing possum" or "crazy like a fox?"  His starring role as Puppet-in-Chief elicits vehement reactions from the same people who think I've lost my mind for "imposing my beliefs" about climate engineering on them. If they are that blind to something so blatant as climate engineering, of what value are their beliefs about anything or anyone? The "shadow government" still puppet masters in the District of Columbia; the political theater morbidly comical and pathetic as the psychopaths and their evil machinations slowly are exposed. I see a look of fear in the eyes of "speaker" Paul Ryan (R-WI), I can't help but think he knows its possible the FEMA camps and mass graves are for the cabal and  order followers like him; or afraid of being caught in the light being cast on the criminal activities of our so-called "representatives," the gangsters, pedophiles, and Nazionists that infest the "capitol" like cockroaches. The CORPORATION is bankrupt, not the Republic, let the traitors know we know.


  44. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: In a very dire recent post on from former NASA aerospace avionics engineer, who has been working directly with GeoengineeringWatch (with state of the art UV metering equipment supplied by to measure the dangerously high UV radiation that is now bombarding the surface of our planet, the aerospace engineer said this: “The top scientists in the world do not understand the Earth's Atmospheric model, I don't care how many computer programs there are, it's too complex, and besides, someone must write the computer program to begin with that does understand the complex atmospheric interactions, and that person doesn't exist.   Sadly, most of the scientists that did have a clue are no longer alive – which leaves humanity in dire straits. Personally, I don't think Humanity has a chance of surviving past 2025, and with what is coming, I'm not looking forward to starvation and disease. … The destruction of our upper Ozone Layer has progressed for many years. … Damage to our trees from UV “B” radiation is being becoming rapidly worse all over the world. Now with UV “C” radiation levels reaching 4.5% (of something that should be ZERO percent) – plan on more birth defects, more cancers, more plant and animal extinctions. This level of radiation is extremely damaging, it kills life forms.”
    Understanding the the potential for catastrophe from increasing ultraviolet radiation, I was intrigued to learn of a 1998 experiment on board the Mir orbiting space station by Russian physicists who were studying plasma physics and what are termed 'dusty plasmas', meaning plasma that has dust particles in it, particularly metals like aluminum and others, to induce electrical conductivity. It is said that "one of the mechanisms for charging dust particles under the conditions of outer space in the presence of intense fluxes of ultraviolet radiation is photoemission." This lead me to wonder if these mad scientists had been messing with ultraviolet radiation to continue their experiments into god-only-knows what! In a related article, the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, (I did not make this up), concluded that the UV radiation near the Galactic Center is very strong. All that stands between us and certain death is Earth’s very thin layer of ozone, which apparently is being destroyed by these plasma based technologies — as the corporatocracy, the military-industrial corporations, like Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, etc. that are actively using geoengineering to alter the weather and for military purposes are turning the atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor-resonator-generator-capacitor. Beyond insane.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Dusty plasma induced by solar radiation under microgravitational conditions: an experiment on board the Mir orbiting space station
      V. E. Fortov / Scientific-Research Center for the Thermal Physics of Pulsed Effects, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

      "One of the mechanisms for charging dust particles under the conditions of outer space in the presence of intense fluxes of ultraviolet radiation is photoemission."
      Abstract: The dynamics of the formation of ordered structures of macroparticles charged by photoemission under the action of solar radiation under microgravitational conditions without the use of electrostatic traps to confine the particles is studied experimentally and theoretically. The working conditions needed for the formation of structures of charged macroparticles are chosen as a result of a numerical solution of the problem posed, the particle charges and the interparticle interaction parameter are determined, and the characteristic times specifying the dynamics of the formation of an ordered system of macroparticles are calculated. The behavior of an ensemble of macroparticles under the effect of solar radiation is observed experimentally on board the Mir space station.  An analysis and comparison of the results of the experimental and theoretical investigations permit drawing a conclusion regarding the possibility of the existences of extended ordered formations of macroparticles charged by photoemission under microgravitational conditions.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan,  And thank you for this.  My takeaway is somewhat different.  In the beginnings of all this, by 1948, after first making snow, then making one heck of a mega rainstorm/thunderstorm in New Mexico, the scientists at GE were told not to do this.  Not without the military who had already gagged them, as well as their lawyers who immediately saw huge possible problems and lawsuits, but, the few scientists felt too hampered and went ahead anyway.  One of whom, Irving Langmuir, came up with a method-perhaps-of refining their efforts just as the big super computer was coming into being and he foresaw this as a tool to refine the consequences of experiments.  He had a theory he called convergent and divergent.  Convergent, simply put, is when one plus one equals two.  Divergent is when one plus one equals God knows what.

      I would not even have thought your were making up the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics as not only did we go to the moon, but want to go elsewhere including asteroids to mine!  So, of course they think they need to know some basics.  And some basics would of course have to do with plasmas as they are everywhere and some, many? are naturally dusty.  The act of photoemission occurs naturally and has consequences as in building such structures as asteroids, for one.  I doubt it would take a genius to realize that UV radiation is very strong near the galactic center!  Seems obvious.  Sounds to me as if they were trying to study divergent phenomena in space by observing how space works and how bodies in space are created.  What these idiots did Not get, was that every single time we send something up there, that in and of itself damages our precious ozone layer.  Plus, this was nearly 20 years ago.  By now the collective we have littered space to the degree that anything we put in orbit is in danger from this flying litter which eventually Will come down, damaging a bit of ozone each time.  I'm sure they took their observations with an eye toward manipulating plasmas within our range for both communication and weather control.  Perhaps though radiative forcing?  Somewhat imitating space conditions.  What could go wrong?!!!!!

  45. Dog says:

    The operative question has been, HOW can the "people" that are doing these things to the environment, to the economy, to Humanity, not see the damage? HOW can they not understand their own imminent destruction, along with ours? Surely it is insanity for any one person to act in this way, let alone a concerted group of "people"???

    The answer can be found here:

    I am now convinced.

  46. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    This is why, the Public needs to WAKE UP !!! Alone, they can pick us off. Together, Good Luck to them !   I Know that I'll be sending a Letter to the "Makers" of Sesame Street to voice my opinion over Julia.     The report on store closures…How can it be the largest in decades? Decades ago many of these stores didn't exist. I think they are once again trying not to use the words…Never Before, as they avoid with weather events. Oh, a storm like this happened a Hundred years ago, Wink, Wink !   And yes that  XL (Extra Large) Keystone Pipeline is so very important.  Trudeau has been in Alberta talking to Naughty Naughtly many times now. Then we have his pow wow with Trump recently. I am sure everyone remembers the photo shoot with Trump, Ivanka & Trudeau, where Ivanka sat in the Big Chair & they stood on either side of her smiling away.  What schemes did they come up with for Our Countries? I spoke to a Health food owner last week who said that those working up North, take with them, a bottle of Chlorella & Silica to remove the many toxins they breath in. And now that they have broken Albertans, they will run over each other for the jobs this pipeline creates. Desperation creates this. Oilfield jobs are now scarce here, with many Families loosing their homes. Very Sad !       We use to go watch the Salmon runs in B.C. what a shame to learn of their Cataclysmic collapse. I guess the Bears will have to Suck it up & look for something else to eat !       The Seafood section is now almost non existent. No Wonder !          I use to put seeds straight into the ground, add a little Zeolite & watch them grow. Now, I too struggle to get anything to grow to any positive level. This is with babying it. I've never worked so hard to achieve so little. We even purchased a Greenhouse two years ago which I never thought I would. This too grew sub par produce that amounted to little. FYI: Zeolite is known for it's ability to pull toxins out. It gives all plants what they need to thrive, It never looses this ability, you do not have to keep adding it to each plant as you do with other plant foods. It was mentioned by an Expert after Fukushima, (His name escapes me) He said; they should have dug a trench & filled it with Zeolite to absorb the toxins ! This is how powerful it is. I was grateful to hear him speak of it's amazing properties. My Christmas Cacus blooms four times a year  & has for many years!  We had a canopy over Alberta last year raining toxic crap on us throughout the Summer, So maybe with a wee bit of Sunshine… My Greenhouse had moss growing ! It is in an old horse paddock that is in a wide open area. No trees blocking the Sun.              I Love your Harsh Reality's Dane. Strong words are needed when it comes to those that are in a Daze. A Slap in the face is sometimes needed to wake a person up !   Thank You for another Great Broadcast.

  47. Dog says:

    The operative question has been, HOW can the "people" who are doing  all of the harmful things to the environment, to the economy, to Humanity, not see, or not care about, the consequences of their actions? How can they be blind to their own imminent destruction, along with ours? What could they possibly hope to gain? Surely it is madness to operate in such ways, and no one could be that insane, let alone a group of "people"???

    The answer can be found here:

    I am now convinced.

  48. Rachel Robson says:

    All, I have a neighbor, back apt. of this house and she is a 'nature' girl of sorts, 3 years younger than I am, active in Sierra Club and others and seemingly blind to spraying and all that goes with.  She sorta believes me, mostly does not, or just doesn't want to hear it or get involved.  Drove me nuts until I got an insight.  Yesterday, a very kind guy across the street called me to say there was a man in our yard taking pictures and headed to the backyard!  My daughter was here.  My very first thought was google earth!!!  Me, slow to react.  "Can-go-all-ghetto" daughter flew outta here and to him in a flash.  Neighbor woman was talking with him and even allowed him onto her porch as he took more and more pics of everything, the chicken yard, every space.  A few weeks ago daughter told me a drone flew over.  Uh huh, I figured pizza!  This guy was said he was a realtor.  White dress shirt, black pants.  Daughter demanded to know his name.  He would not say.  Then demanded to know if he had permission, at which point he threw his hands up in air, as if not wanting to be shot!  Afterwards the shock set in especially with neighbor woman, who began to fear she might lose her home, if being sold.  I tried to reach landlord, who does live here, left message on his work phone and asked to be informed, wanting to know if he gave permission and if so, we should have been warned!  I figure it could be many things.  A greedy realtor, assessment for mortgage, or insurance-a number of things.  Today I asked neighbor if she'd heard from landlord.  No.  AND she does not want to know!!  Just wants to cling to getting to stay here, nothing changing-says she can't handle the stress of knowing something so threatening.  Cannot tolerate it for a second!  I said I think it helps to know, what ever it is, forewarned is a good thing, allows one to prepare-not that there is any hope for me!  I've lived here 38 years and landlord and I have blood and sweat in every inch of ground here.  I soothed her with the alternatives, but she also said she could not believe how nice she was to this guy, who she did not know, who apparently was trespassing–because he was well dressed!!! She was shocked by her own naive actions. Also said she refuses to even make room in her brain for bad news.  Well, I did know that!  And oh God, what a way to live.  I said, all we ever have is this second, this now.  But also, knowledge Is power.  Over fear.

    So, she does not even want to ask landlord.  I do.  I would be homeless with no hope.  I do not have the resources she does.  Berkeley prices have gone sky high-back when the sky was high.  But seriously, and our kind hearted if negligent landlord-his place is in bad shape.  I am forever waiting for the the other shoe to fall.  I hold out hope that this is not bad news, but I am familiar with bad news, it's my personal zip code!  So now I realize another layer in what keeps so many from getting hip to GW issues.  The stress, the fear is Intolerable!  So, thanks to my very scary life, I remain calm!  Not ignoring, not flipping out.  I realize I'm in the zone, the middle way.  And I'm grateful for that.  And for younger, faster hard core Native daughter who could scare the bejessas outta anyone!

    Knowledge puts fear where it belongs.  Either to rest, or to action!

  49. orazio says:

    hello everyone,hello Dane,thanks for your big heart and love for the earth and all living things.

    the situation is serious here in Europe in Italy.

    every day there are chemical skiing.

    I try inform people ,few believe.

    there are disinformation on television.

    strength  and courage to all of us

    • alchemist says:

      I am in the Netherlands and they have been chemtrailing this place HARD for several weeks now. Truly as aggressive as any spraying I've ever seen in the USA. I have pictures and video to verify, not that you good people wouldn't take my word for it. The people here are, for the most part, sound asleep; even more so than Americans I think.

    • TP Italy says:

      Yes, Orazio, I live in Italy and try to tell the local people about what is happening and they either think I'm crazy or they don't want to know. They are only interested in eating (while they still have something left to eat).  The trees are dead and dying (especially the peach trees), the plants turn bright yellow.  
      This week we have had lovely blue skies like we used to have 8 years ago. Then the planes came spraying today and whited out the sky. It goes cold at night but during the day the temperature at the front of our house is 80F. There is snow on the mountains. We need proper rain. It has not rained properly in many weeks and the soil is so dry that without daily watering any plants can't survive.  Only our grapevine which runs below a shade net has survived – another three are completely dead and our new olive tree turned yellow and died.  

      There is constant under-reporting of temperatures on the weather news. 

      Went to the sea yesterday.  Nothing. Not a fish or crab. Nothing in the rock pools.  When Italians no longer have anything left to eat they might look up!

  50. marc says:

    The perpetuation of the mass delusion that SRM/SAI/SAG is only a scientific proposal that is being seriously considered by arms of government and military, is arguably the biggest and most despicable LIE in the history of modern man (since the end of the last ice-age). Everywhere we f**king turn on the net, we find endless references to these programs but only in the context that they ARE NOT ALREADY OCCURRING. Just exactly WHO are these people who choose to perpetuate this nonsense? It's not difficult anymore to surf around the net, not to mention monitor the sky, to realize there is a valid and verifiable program of spraying and "energetic" manipulation going on now, and for years previous. Does humanity innately know this, but chooses to ignore it because, well, their lives are just too much damn fun?? They can't be bothered with the truth of our collective annihilation?? I concede the distillation process is difficult for the majority of folks. The bombardment and manufactured distractions are now so intense that we humans are all just trying to find our place in this vertigo of madness we call "civilization". The co-opting of scientific advancements in the service of military and hegemonic power is not new. But the very populace on whose behalf militaries are allegedly formed, are now seen as a new definition of threat, a new enemy, by virtue of OUR need for resources, too. Therefore we must be diminished, controlled, entrained, poisoned, preoccupied, murdered, chipped, vaccinated, irradiated, and otherwise done away with. But not TOO quickly. For that would lessen their opportunity to profit off of our destruction.

    • Dog says:

      Hi Marc they're back at it again today over Tucson – as I'm sure you can see…there are a lot of opportunities here to wake people up, I hope I run into you!

  51. Helene says:

    with the exception of David Suzuki, not a single Canadian environmental organization working to protect wild salmon from fish farm diseases, orcas from Navy sonar, etc., have addressed Fukushima and Geoengineering of our weather.  I have emailed and/or tweeted to them several times, including Alexandra Morton, and have never even gotten a reply.  They are always acknowledging my existence with requests for donations, however.  Very sad, very disappointing.  Viruses in wild salmon from fish farms will seem like child's play compared with what the radiation from Fukushima and the constant chem spraying/harp has already done and will do.

    • Frances says:

      David Suzuki doesn't accept chemtrails; I emailed his group and got reply to that effect.  This is before I was aware of the term geoengineering.

  52. Ann ingram says:

    My lovely town of traverse city mich. has had blanket spraying the whole winter .  Occasional blue skies were a treat!   Imagine that!   The nu cleated ice damaged our green house and it collapsed.  When I open the door to let my dogs out the sneezing starts.  I no longer feel good about taking a wonderful breath of fresh air.  Last year I noticed  a news update on our city news on line regarding lots of fibers found in Lake Michigan.  The article claimed these fibers came from clothing. This news flash was taken off quickly.  These fibers were most likely morgellons fibers that are connected to geo engineering aerosol sprays. Prayers for all to snap out of it and wake up!

  53. Andrew from scotland says:

    MY 158th email titled 'Human extinction by 2026 – Denial and Disinfromation

    1.  There is no doubt that we are currently accelerating towards human extinction by 2026.  

    Other life forms on earth are already experiencing mass die-offs and extinction – the species extinction rate is now @ 200 per day, about 1,000 times the natural or background rate.

    Humans inflict mass killings of each other as a result of religious and resource wars, but will soon experience climate related mass die-offs – in Africa and Yemen, 20 million people are expected to die of starvation within the next 6 months.  

    Our governments and politicians are doing everything in their power to hide and distract us from the situation, whilst at the same time conducting massive covert global geoengineering, for a variety of agendas, including trying to hide global heating, and as a weapon of mass destruction.  

    This egotistical, stupid and inept approach will only speed up our path to extinction.

    The only option we have is for them to tell the general public the truth.  Handled correctly this will create an overwhelming swell of compassion, love and UNIFIED GLOBAL ACTION which may slow, pause or stop our collective extinction.    There will always be the devious, lying or criminal elements in our society – unfortunately, too many of them are in the two categories mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    Small groups of adaptable, self reliant people will have the best chance of surviving the "extinction event", which will be completed within the next 9 years.

    There  are many good sites trying to inform the public, such as: 

    We have just past the spring equinox and already wildfires in USA are 10 times worse than average: 

    It's a start but not enough: 

    As Hambone Littletail so eloquently says on Youtube: "We are so fucked".

    2.  Notes to Self (week 11 of 104).  I hope to be proved wrong about "extinction by 2026", but that would require a truly amazing event to happen before 'civilisation' collapses within the next 3 to 5 years.  

    I wonder if anyone will be around in 10 years to say: "I told you so"?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      We are Here and Awake. This is the Greatest Fight of our Lives, I'm sure of that.

      Thank you Sr.

    • marc says:

      Andrew from Scotland, I always find your posts "spot on" and entertaining, if indeed, one can be allowed to use that word in regard to all we see crumbling around and inside us. When Sam Carana and gang began forecasting our collective demise around 2026, I was at first incredulous. But as the acts in this play continue to unfold, I don't see how anyone can possibly come to any conclusion OTHER than MAYBE another ten years, give or take a few in either direction. Again, when the groceries run out, the restaurants all close, and food riots, chaos and murder become the new norm, gee, do you think anyone will be wondering if geoengineering might have saved us?

  54. wayne rhodes says:

    Dane  I am67 years old and  I have never heard a more powerful intelligent passionate speaker as you  you open with JFK words and you say the same meaningful words but an hours worth .Your words shake me to the core I live a meager life providing for my family.You have awaken  something inside me.I shall find  a way to make a difference .To spread the message

  55. flecher says:

    the homomutateus cloud is blatant slap in the face revealing a dark truth about how far this will go and has gone 

  56. D Hawkins says:

    Thanks so much from the UK! Today we have had our blue sky destroyed!!!! Blatantly in our face!!! Outrageously planes darting and BENDING all over the sky!  I'm a dad ins I'm not going to take it any more!!!! 
    Dane intense life and light!!!!!!!!
    Your an example to humanity. 
    You could change the world overnight 
    vote DANE!!! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “D”, thank you so much for your kind message, but it is all of us working together that can yet make a difference. I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every activist and individual that is truly dedicated to most critical battle.

    • jos hoogwerf says:

      I sooo admire what you do. 

      There are trails in the sky frequently here in the Netherlands



    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I Think many of us here would take a bullet for Dane. He has already changed the World though he may not see it. A Great example indeed!

    • alchemist says:

      Just another set of eyes in Europe- Netherlands here as well. Heavy spraying here daily for weeks now; many X's, occasional "black" chemtrails, and as previous poster from U.K. mentioned, also the rare "bending" ones.

  57. Terri says:

    Sad state of affairs.  Prays to everyone awake and upset.

    Even when our skies are the most beautiful shade of blue, I listen for jet sounds and watch for them to begin with a thick white line across the sky.  How sad that this is part of my normal morning routine.  I go outside and see if today will be beautiful or (airplane) cloudy.  I then plan accordingly, which might entail cancelling appointments due to amount of spray above.  Some days playing ball outside with the dogs is canceled on particularly heavy spraying days.  Did you know dog pout.  They do.

    God bless everyone.

  58. Thomas says:

    The aerosol assaults in our skies over southeastern Michigan have been ramped up considerably recently and are being carried out every single day now. Last Thursday and Friday the amount of material deployed over the city of Detroit was mind numbing. I often wonder what is going through the minds of the pilots that are piloting these aircraft and the people on the ground who have no clue. I now have 35 rain water analysis sampled over a period of 2 years taken at my homestead 40 miles north of Detroit. These samples were analyzed by a certified California state testing facility. Every analysis I have reports Aluminum, Barium and Strontium in the rain water in various quantities. My question is this; what could I expect the normal baseline for these materials in rain water to be if Climate Engineering were not being deployed. Thank you. Tom.

    • Earth Angel says:

      I'm pretty sure the answer is zero for all three Thomas, but lets hear it from Dane or another expert scientist just to be certain.

    • Chad says:

      Who are you using to test rain samples. Id like to sample mine. Please post or email. I want to prove to family and friends in DENIAL ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! THX, CHAD IN IDAHO. TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS.

    • Jay T says:

      Tom, I am also in the Troy/ Clarkston area and have incredible pix from this week. How can I reach you?

  59. G. Wheeler says:


    As always compelling information and insight. However I fell it's just not enough nobody is listening. I try to spread the information and nobody has time to listen. They are to busy living, you know raising kids and working ! I appreciate your hard work and study I just feel discouraged. 


    Thanks. G 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “G.”, certainly your frustration and angst is justified, but this must be remembered, all those that are buried in denial will not have that option for much longer. We must consider that our efforts at this moment are as seed sowers. As the walls close in, the sprouting of those seeds of awareness will commence and go exponential. That will be the window in which we have a chance to turn the tide.

  60. James Emery says:

    Everyone should call Bernie Sanders office. He supposedly cares about the people of this country and the quality of our lives. He is on the environmental committee. We have to get him to do something about this and speak out about the Geo engineering happening

    • Dick says:

      Bernie Sanders is controlled opposition, that is why nothing is ever done to improve the lives of the citizens. Zionists controll all options since the early 20th century, like the last “election”.

  61. Wanda Allen says:

    Thanks Dane for another week of unyielding truth.

    Sorry to hear about Justin Price. He has done this for a few years in a row and I was hoping for head way on getting some more attention towards this.

    Pointing out our forests to anyone who will listen and so many want to think it' has always been this way. This Winter so many trees snapping in half or if uprooted have zero root system attached. The smaller trees have all the tops dying.

    With all that is going on around us many just want to hide their head in the sand even deeper. The amount of fake news is no doubt part of plan to keep people divided. I was told just last week that Trump was going to build the wall out of solar panels. HA! I guess we are all going to be ok. Thanks again for everything you do and your weekly dose of inspiration.


  62. Joe Sullivan says:

    You might be perhaps the most Humanitarian person in history.

    Today here? with Unnatural seasonal high temps?

    Cloudless Blue Skys? They are very busy spraying

    Poisonous aerosols which all end up on the ground and

    waters. Those who deny? Honestly are ignoring the very obvious occurring at an insane rate.

  63. Dennis says:

    Not a single comment from anyone on the Guardian article calling out the BS that this story is. All commenters are totally on board with the "experiments".  Sad, I thought we were making REAL progress. I guess not.

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