Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 26, 2016


The maneuvering of the power structure is becoming rapidly more desperate and destructive. From the positioning of military assets around the globe, to the strategically timed terror attacks that are utilized for maximum impact on the mindset of the population, the wheels of many agendas are turning. FOX news and the NRA are pushing propaganda (as are other mainstream sources). But will stocking up on guns and ammunition save the survivalists if the biosphere collapses to a point where it will no longer support life? Such a conclusion is not wild speculation, but rather a mathematical near term certainty if we do not have an immediate and complete course correction for the human race. How can it be that whose who call themselves "patriots" are completely silent about what happened to Pat Tillman and the entire Navy Seal team that was involved with the Osama bin Laden staged assassination drama? How can it be that so many who claim to be patriots are completely silent about the ongoing toxic atmospheric spraying assault occurring over our collective heads each and every day? It is one thing to claim we care about the future of our children, it is another issue entirely to show we care by our priorities and actions
Dane Wigington

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Sounds like a complete disaster. Worse the worse. Evil lurks within.

  2. Dee says:

    Bombardier still looking for 1 billion dollars bail out from Ottawa for their planned effort to build the Jet Contract for Delta Airlines. The contract will be over 5 Billion. If Ottawa hands over the 1 Billion then guess what? 

    Taxpayer is responsible for that money dished out.

    Can you figure this out?

    Once this is all said and done.

    You will be lucky to see a speck of Sun.

    All that will be seen is a Milky Haze or Thick Darkish Clouds.

    But those pretty looking red sunrise's and sunset's will look amazing as you and your family are watching and enjoying them.

    Grab a lawn chair and a Budweiser and enjoy.

    Doesn't that sound great?

    While hacking and coughing.

  3. Andria says:

    I Know what is happening now. For those that don't. That is so very unfortunate. I have some sort of Empathy for the ones that are blind. Not too much though.I have tried over numerous times to inform them. The result seems to be the same. Total Denial.

    They just Laugh. The most of them .

  4. Pinky says:

    Once you watch Prescription Thugs  on Netflix, then you will Believe. No Doubt!

    Dane has warned you.

  5. Pinky says:

    Hi Dane: 
    I'm Jane and I had posted many times in the past as you very well know. 
    I am ailing with a ridden body of the Big C.
    I want to thank you for all the information that you have given to everyone here that is listening
    Unfortunately my days are short because I am not well.
    I hope that you will continue your diligent job to inform the Mass of your information.
    Thanks Dane

  6. anotherAnon says:

    Today (Wednesday) we started with blue skies, but the sky is saturated now. It is solid white. You can see the planes nonstop through the haze (a thick haze) leaving trail after trail. Deplorable this program.

  7. Jen says:

    Absolutely Terrible

  8. Rob says:

    Dane, thank you for what you’re doing. I’m not from California, not an expert on water or water legislation. Just a concerned critical thinker observing the insanity.

    I imagine if I’m correct you have already tied these concepts together, but I haven’t heard you mention them (maybe I am off the mark).

    I’ll just lay out the links: …Ceres as “climate wealth opportunists”,  “puppeteers of wall street”, and “underwriter and clearinghouse for the institutionalization of private governance”. Entire report lays out social engineering as pathway for public acceptance of “commodification of nature” under “sustainability” banner. Ceres’s role as Wall St.’s climate policy front group, and oligarchic origins of Ceres and their board of directors discussed. … Ceres “connect the drops” aka corporate legislative takeover of water campaign Connect the dots corporate signatories … Mysterious NGO promises “new water laws ahead” and “much more to do”. Lays out platform “in partnership” with Ceres. Attacks proposition 218 because it “limits efforts to conserve water through tiered pricing structures”. Also mandates for “putting wastewater to beneficial use”. NGOs such as this have inundated California media with analysis concluding same. …Bill Gates on his investment several years in the making, turning wastewater into potable water … Jerry Brown (mainstream climate hero) attaches unusual and aggressive signing message to routine bill, attacks proposition 18 as “obstacle to thoughtful, sustainable water conservation”, mimicking Ceres talking point. …taxpayer op-ed defends against attack on prop 18, says prop 18 defends middle class against “myriad of fees, charges, assessments and other exactions to get money from taxpayers’ wallets” (perhaps why oligarchs would oppose)


    I have heard you provide theories as to why California would be targeted for drought but have not heard anything of this form. I believe the evidence above points out possible motivations and incentive, but is probably lacking in many details (I cannot begin to untangle the web of Ceres’s intentions without expertise, but I can be sure they are not good). In terms of ongoing corporate capture of natural resources carried out by Wall St elite, and climate/drought engineering as a “false flag” for corporate legislative water takeover, I think there might be something to this.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rob, what you have outlined is certainly a part of the equation, and I have covered that (one example like attached), but there is much larger and more dire aspects to the equation which I have outlined in numerous presentations.

    • Dennie says:

      California is the eighth or possibly (by now) ninth-largest economy on the planet.  Why?  Here you go: 

      1. Google (Mountain View, CA)

      2. Apple (Cupertino, CA)

      3. Yahoo (Sunnyvale, CA)

      4. Autodesk (San Rafael, CA)

      5. Facebook (East Palo Alto, CA)

      6. LinkedIn (Mountain View, CA)

      7. Tesla Motors (Fremont, CA)

      I could go on, but those are the first seven reasons why CA is a leading world economy.  And goodness knows, we can't let those "leading economies" lead in any other way, such as food production, clean air standards, etc.  When the rogue U.S. Intel/Military decided it was okay to destroy Japan via seismic and nuclear disaster I wonder how many of those testosterone-poisoned flyboys jiggling their beloved H.A.A.R.P. joysticks understood that poisoning the Pacific Ocean would inevitably come back to haunt THEM in the long run, but who the f*ck CARES about "the long run" when you are a perpetual twelve-year-old, drinking yourself into oblivion every night??  That's where arrogant Yang's compartmentalized "thought" processes finally take us, when we let it decide it's The Winner and needs to kill Yin to stay On Top.

  9. Rachel Robson says:

    Did anyone see CNN's show The Wonder List last Sunday?  It was in Iceland.  Really interesting.  And, it turns out a major business there is aluminum smelting.  A local commented on how people in America and all over just toss such cans.  Wishes they wouldn't.  Hmmm.  Aluminum smelting.  And, Iceland melting.

  10. horsegirl says:

    With respect to our study of the relationship of ground-based towers to the filth overhead, I want to bring you something appearing to have been geoengineered by the likes of Salvador Dali right outside our desert-view window, to a background tune of "the bad, the worse and the ugly."  We are four miles from the Mexican border, and looking southward a huge, straight and narrow haboob transects the sky directly over the border almost from horizon to horizon running east/west.  Adorned with spiny HAARP crosshatching, it suggests an old-fashioned TV antenna.  The skeleton of fair weather?   It's not going anywhere despite gusts of about 70-80 mph which are almost constant in a "blue sky."  We are seeing the same thing we saw in Mexico, whereby strange little puffs of weaponized material the untrained eye would mistake for clouds suddenly manifest and just hang there despite raging wind that sounds like the ocean beating on steep cliffs.  We hypothesize the ionosphere is being stretched like a drawn archer's bow and we are in a suction alley.  This is the fifth straight day and the howling is driving us nuts.  Killer winds.  A flying cardboard box could kill you.  The puffs form suddenly to our west right over a GWEN tower.  Now this is a blue sky somewhat reduced by global dimming, but it's a "clear" blue sky with no planes in sight.  These "clouds" look like giant potatoes and are about that color, a washed-out yellow ochre.  The sun-struck sandy butte out our window is a little lighter in color than the "cloud".  The giant potato hangs in the air despite stiff gusts bending over young mesquites.  And hangs there, and hangs there…  Some of its cousins just puff up out of nowhere like slow motion popcorn, all about the same color to start with but some turning into tones of pale lilac and coral, then just dispersing.  Not a trace of white about any of them.  None has anywhere to go.  These are a variant of the dirty sock-colored puffball we saw hanging over EVERY pueblo in northern Sonora''s desert.  No matter how puny a town.  Interrupting otherwise clear turquoise expanses.  I have it on good information that these weaponized puffballs (the color of dirty socks, no white on them) pertain to surveillance.  They also never moved an inch all day long no matter what the wind did, usually in direct proportion to population size.  No plane is ever seen.  For lack of parlance (let alone scientific certainty) we titled them "Cheney farts."  We have also witnessed these on blue sky days over the most far-flung ranches and one horse towns in remote areas of the northern Rocky Mountains.  They have to be pinned in place by separate energy fields, perhaps towers.  In Mexico the local supposed cell phone towers are usually configured as tall, thin red/white tridents maybe 100' tall which appear strikingly satanic, mounted on a postage stamp-sized square clad with 12' razor wire.  Perhaps that was the equivalent technology to our local GWEN tower.  NATO outposts, these towers?

    PS –  Dane, as Mark helped me proof this post, they joined several of these forms into a complex, carnivalesque HAARP spaceship thingy like I have never seen which stretches for miles.  Worthy of a poster, I think.  Don't have the technology on this glorified cell phone of a laptop, but will send you my photos ASAP.  We're talking Salvador Dali eat your heart out.

  11. BaneB says:

    Cold and crystal clear so far today in Mendocino County.  A blue sky and no clouds discernable.  Yes, the aerosols are there but only as a silver white haze down below and in the distance.  Otherwise, its "pristine."  Funny thing is two hours ago one very very high flying jet went over.  Considering how Yukon cold it is and including the upper atmosphere this jet left no classic contrail, nothing discernable, high bypass turbo engine notwithstanding.  Why are there no jets flying over leaving no aerosol trails?  Because there is no approaching low pressure system in need of destruction.  And because the very cold jet stream is moving just off the coast due south and spraying would be useless for their geo-terrorist destructive operations.  Meanwhile 1pacificbredwood's meteorologist analysis of the satellite imagery suggests the manufactured high pressure system off of LA is directed from transmitters located on Navy occupied islands off the coast just below LA.

  12. Jeff Pitre says:

    To Dane and my brother's and sister's
    At this time, I'm asking anybody in the Toronto,Burlington,Hamilton Ontario Canada area…..that we need to start meeting up together….we need to start exchanging phone numbers to set up gatherings and  "PEACEFUL PROTESTS"…. I've just signed up with this website 2 weeks ago, i've been sending out flyers to people's houses……house, after house, after house…. but feeling that it's not good enough. I do believe in " STRENGTH IN NUMBERS". And also, believe the general public would listen better to us if we looked somewhat organized. I'm asking for help from my brother's and sister's…. I can't do this on my own. Mr. Dane Wigington, if you know or have any of your colleague's in the Southern Ontario Canada area (Toronto), would you be so kind and hook me up with contact numbers.

  13. A Clash of Evidence: The Realities of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) by Clifford E Carnicom /Mar 23 2016 (Paper in Progress)
    There are many environmental activists who assume a certain cause and relationship between active geoengineering programs and those projects that fall under the term of “Solar Radiation Management“ (SRM). This paper will reiterate the basic fallacy of that assumption, and it will direct the reader towards a more comprehensive inquiry of the true nature of the forces and agendas that are likely to be involved.
    For those that do not wish to engage in the full length of this article,  the Solar Radiation Management principle is one of interfering with solar heat transfer to the earth.  There are various schemes for accomplishing this which will be discussed later; the most modest of the choices requires the introduction of certain types of particulates into the stratosphere (6.5 to 30 miles above sea level).
    The essential problem here is that geoengineering  activity as it is currently practiced (and for that matter, bioengineering as well), is operational in the troposphere (3.5 to 10 miles above sea level),  and not the stratosphere.
    …The problem that developed was that the claim of ‘cooling the planet’  by using aircraft to disperse aerosols did not fit the facts of observation.  They did not fit them then, and they do not fit them now.  It has taken some time for this truth to become evident; I presented my first paper on this topic (Drought Inducement, Apr. 2002) in the early part of the last decade.  This work was followed by additional papers (Global Warming and Aerosols, Jan. 2004, A Global Warming Model, Apr. 2007, and A Geoengineering and Climate Change Model, Jan. 2015) during the course of the successive decades. The tenets of that investigative work are also confirmed on a broader level with documents issued by, for example, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 1999, 17) and NASA (“Clouds & Radiation Fact Sheet : Feature Articles” 2016) on the net heating effects from “thin, high clouds.”
    High, thin “clouds”, including those that originate from an introduced aerosol base, do not cool the planet; they heat it up.

    • Dennie says:

      The reporting of the facts of the horrors we face perpetrated by the banking-corporate-congressional-military complex reminds me exactly of how medicine is getting practiced– lots of facts, lots of names for what's wrong, and ZERO actual answers about how to fix any of it. 

      YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER… well, we have already enough horsemen here to know how that turns out.

      Realistically, looking at the rate-of-learning curve regarding the awakening of the general public to the reality of geoengineering and the degradation of the atmosphere as well as the rest of our planet's life support systems, it's clear that we have a situation of "too little too late" going on. 

      The Biggest underlying problem that holds the key to unraveling all of the damage is located in what goes on between The Deciders of Civilization's ears, actually; that is where you'll find the location of The Ultimate Paradigm, namely, the assumption on the part of the arrogant males who we've managed to put in charge and let run Planet Earth that somehow Father does too, STILL, know best!

      Never mind that this psychopath of a "father" behaves exactly like a homicidal maniac Hell-bent on dismembering Mother, one cell at a time, and will kill any and all who rat out where the body is buried. 

      We have actual brothers in the military realm who've been telling us for decades now that males need to evolve– WHO'S LISTENING???  And why should any of them actually consider such a notion when they are already "perfect," which really translates into something like "Listen, you b***es and ho's, I'M on TOP, and I intend to stay there at any and all costs, and if you say I'm going down, I'll be taking you all with me– bwah-HAHAHAAA!"

      When you need to fix a problem, I've noticed, it's usually best to begin at The Beginning. 

  14. Rebecca says:

    Hello to all, I have missed all of you who write for a couple of weeks in life due to my own health issues from all the poison fallout we are being engulfed in everyday here in central Washington. I have been playing catchup all day reading and doing my usual calls and emails to the news stations and all local gov..I and want to say God bless and thank Dane (You are the best)along with all who care about each other and our once beautiful world. I so miss Paul, Paul you have been so good, I gleaned so much from the knowledge you shared with the group. I pray for your comfort in these times of suffering. We will be with you soon, I pray. I have been looking for the article on H. Kissenger (the picture of the men who rule the world) where he said to continue the lie, anyone remember where to find that article, I want to print this article and send to many deniers I know out their.   If someone could let me know I will put it to great use. Thank you, Peace and Love to all, R.

    • Larry S. says:

      Henry Kissenger has a long shady history from what I've read . He was mentioned in a article about the assassination of general George Patton at the end of WW2 . He might not have been directly responsible but the article said he knew there was plan to take Patton out .

    • Rebecca — Sorry to hear you have been ill. I have been taking kefir and hemp oil, along with my usual assortment and lately have improved. So don't give up. Who knows what the human body can adjust to.  God Bless!

      “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”  – H. Kissinger

    • Dennie says:

      Henry "Kiss-my-A$$inger" is simply a war criminal.  He's on record calling those of us who don't manage to come up with "grander" ways to make BILLIONS for him and his cronies to blow on ever-more-heinous Weapons of Mass Destruction "useless eaters," (Henry, WHAT exactly do YOU do for the planet and just how USEFUL, exactly, IS that, hmmm…???) and for saying that if you want to destabilize a country you can always start a "religious" war… get it? 

      Henry, you Phoney-A$$ed "holier-than-thou" "Superior" Tribal Personality, DO US ALL A REAL FAVOR and JUMP OFF the Golden Gate Bridge; and then let's all watch your "angels" save you then– I DARE YOU!!! 

  15. Duane Brown says:

    Hi Dane,

    Is there any truth to the talk of Planet X heading towards earth?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Duane, though recent evidence does indecate the existence of a previously unknown very large planet 9th planet orbiting our sun, there is now evidence of immediate threat (link attached). The threat we face from climate enigneering is immense and immediate, lets keep up our march in the batte. 

    • What is interesting is the expanding scientific research down in Antarctica. Something is coming from space, not likely Planet X. More probably massive amounts of cosmic rays, gamma rays etc. as our protective magnetosphere continues to deteriorate — geoengineering making it worse. All eyes are pointed into deep space from Antarctica.
      * VIPIR Ionosonde Tower Assembly
      January 30, 2015 by jmabie.
      The most physically demanding aspect of the Ionosonde installation is construction of the towers. The site consists of 4 120 ft towers that support the transmit antenna, and 7 20 ft towers that house the receiving dipole elements. The site occupies almost ten acres of land.
      * Antarctica's newest far-infrared observatory is now in operation at Ridge A, the highest, driest, calmest place on the ice plateau. Established in a collaboration between the University of Arizona (US) and the University of New South Wales (Australia) the exceptional site is dedicated to international astronomical exploration. Building on the legacy of the AST/RO and Herschel observatories, the 60 cm HEAT telescope is constructing spectroscopic maps of the Milky Way in frequency bands from 0.5 to 2 THz (600 to 150 microns wavelength), where the extremely cold and dry conditions of the Antarctic plateau provide an exceptionally clear view. The HEAT telescope is exploring star forming regions, some of the most important yet enigmatic regions in our Galaxy, and aims to solve the mystery of how interstellar clouds are formed and evolve. The maps that HEAT constructs provide broad context (essentially "finding charts") for large facilities like ALMA, CCAT, and SOFIA and represent some of the newest, most comprehensive views of interstellar matter in our Milky Way Galaxy.
      * An array of radars deployed on Antarctica will give researchers day-by-day measurements of the health of one of the continents ice shelves. Feb. 2014

  16. levi says:

    In Kansas it had it biggest wildfire in its states history last week and now there's snow on the ground.The weather channel will try to explain those ice boulders and what they call ice "pancakes" in the great lakes as being a natural occurrence.They went through like 30 theatrically named winter storms this "season" of which was completely engineered.Here's an honest question can you really even call it a season?If you've manipulated the jet stream and chemically ice nucleated every storm its been designed to deceive the population and it works every time.It is a sad testament to how well we've been programmed just like our "weather".The whole world is in a straightjacket how fitting for the ultimate insane asylum.

  17. Jeff Pitre says:

    Dane…I was trying to figure that out for myself about the banks pushing everyone to up their credit lines. The power structure is getting really bad… they upped my credit 3 times without my consent, and tried to take advantage of a friend of mine with an epilepsy disability…thank you sir for bringing that to light for me….makes me even more pissed off…and to take that anger and turn it into that fuel to help all of you in this battle…thanks Dane!!!

  18. One says:

    Very well said and thought out Jonathan. 

    Google this: "NASA Documents Leaked" The End Of Mankind You Tube

    These pathological crazy people that think they have the world under their control for their desperation of Gluten Money and Power will soon have to become accountable for what they are inflicting upon everyone and everything. 

    It will become quite apparent to the oblivious Sheeple out there sooner then later because, more and more alternative news is coming out.

    Another good Documentary is called:

    "The Great Culling of our Water" You tube.

    The only problem in the near future is going to be many deaths that will be a result from the ongoing poisoning that is well attributed by this insane depopulation program.


  19. James A. Brown Jr. says:

    Dane, I'm not sure if you've posted this here or not, (or if you even have it for that matter).    Let's Keep-Up The Good Fight…James

  20. Lynn says:

    Here in WKy, was noticing jets in the sky, but the trails did not last long. There where sounds of numerous jets very busy dispersing their poisons on my area. But, I could not figure out why the trails where not unfolding and wispy. I'm not a scientist, just a veteran housewife with common sense and a love for weather, 65 yrs old. But I did know what the names of clouds where as they taught us in school, yes school. Now my grands are being shown what real clouds are, these poisonous whispy killer clouds are the norm.  
    And yes I've contacted FAA, local airports, Senator Paul, etc. Senator Paul did answer and said the same as any other ignorant politician, even though I do like him, unlike Mitch McConnell!!

    • BaneB says:

      Lynn. —  there is a fellow in your region in the Nashville area of Tennessee, Matt Hatfield.  He is in Whitehorse.  Garnering information on a regional level makes more sense to me than seeing ourselves as fenced in by county and state borders.  These jet terrorists follow the weather for spraying aerosols.  Indeed, they create and destroy weather.    Go to Dane's previous post, the one with the pic of the flag of Canada, "Pushing Back…..  His post is at the top of the 185 posts there.  He includes a link to his 'blogspot.'  A very well informed individual and someone who is keenly observing the situation.  His images are undoubtedly the same as you experience.

    • BaneB says:

      You might check out Matt Hatfield's blogspot over in Whitehorse, Tennessee.  I bet his photos match up with your skies.  It's a regional issue, too.  

  21. Dominic says:

    My friend in Myanmar reported when she returned after being away for a year (before was ok) now she saw signs of geo-engineering clouds in her remote area called Kachin state. She sent me the pictures. 

    Also she stated the Myanmar government came and chopped down all the trees on their mountains. 

    In Dubai there is a huge amount of geo-engineering you often see the planes spraying during the day. 



    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dominic, Hello and I want to know more.  Why would Myanmar gov. chop down all the trees on your friends' mountains?  What for?  What passes for an explanation?

      As for Dubai, talk about at sea level!  Desperation rises?

    • roberta says:

      Here in Maine they want to do mining and frackling on Bald mountain.

    • BaneB says:

      Myramar will be turned into a desert.  That is the reality about logging a over that region.  The large corporate loggers have moved out onto the planet from here in Babylon.  They want it all NOW.  Mudslides, destroyed watersheds, species extinction, hotter temperatures, less oxygen, less carbon storage, and declining health and living standards for the local people.  Corruption brings death.  And it is of Biblical proportion.

  22. If you take a look around, modern humanity is quite clearly facing an unprecedented crisis of deteriorating health. And beneath the surface, for those able and willing to see the truth, the various health conditions that increasingly plague the average man and woman appear to be intentionally inflicted as part of a covert effort to reduce the world’s population and create a paradise on Earth for the elites — with much fewer of the rest of us!

    The following 11 common health symptoms point to a sinister, « slow kill » agenda that’s been designed to quietly cull the masses without overt fanfare:

    1) Gut and digestion issues. The digestive tract acts as the command center of the human immune system, representing about 80% or more of immune function. And this system is increasingly under attack from things like genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pesticides, antibiotics, sugar and chemicals in food.

    2) Chronic fatigue and low energy. How many people do you know that rely on coffee or other stimulants just to function normally? Chronic exposure to pollution and persistent stress, as well as vulnerability to electromagnetic radiation, psychological attacks and other environmental factors all contribute to a lack of vitality, something that our government could address but deliberately won’t.

    3) Obesity, diabetes and other dietary conditions. What constitutes « food » today represents such a radical departure from the real thing that most people today don’t even realize that they consume literal poisons on a daily basis. Meanwhile, true healing foods and herbs like raw milk and cannabis (marijuana) remain prohibited. These are all contributing factors to rampant obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders.

    4) Disorientation and brain fog. Thinking clearly and cognitively is becoming increasingly difficult for many people, but why? One common cause is candida overgrowth in the gut, the direct result of consuming processed sugars, « fortified » flours containing poisons like folic acid and other health-destroying « foods. »

    5) Chronic inflammation. Most of what is promoted commercially as food these days is inflammatory, meaning it triggers an immune response as if it were a foreign invader. This constant attack on the immune system can lead to a host of debilitating health conditions — again, something that the government deliberately ignores at the expense of public health.

    6) Allergies. Previous generations didn’t suffer from nearly the amount of allergy-related illnesses that people today do. Chemicals in the environment, a weakened immune system due to vaccinations, geoengineering and other factors are all linked to increases in allergies.

    7) Autism. This is a hot-button issue these days, especially as the autism rate has increased by as much as 30-fold since the 1970s! Despite what the media claims, vaccines haven’t been ruled out as a cause, and neither have GMOs, household chemicals and other modern technological « advancements. »

    8) Cancer. In the very near future, it is expected that as many as one in three adults will have some form of cancer. And while a whole slew of alternative and natural treatments have been shown to help, the medical system is hellbent on reinforcing only slash-and-burn chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, which have repeatedly been shown not to work as claimed.

    9) Morgellon’s disease. This controversial illness, which the medical system largely denies even exists, involves tiny thread-like objects that appear in people’s skin with no apparent cause. Morgellon’s has been extensively linked to « chemtrails » and geoengineering programs, which are also denied by authorities.

    10) Dental fluorosis. This one is finally gaining some attention in the mainstream, particularly as the government decides to reduce recommended fluoride levels in public water. But we’re about 50 years too late, and most public water facilities continue to lace fluoride drugs into public water without informed consent or controlled dosages, exposing millions of people to this brain-damaging, health-destroying poison.

    11) Chemical imbalances. Depression symptoms, inability to focus and learning disabilities abound in today’s world. And many known triggers, including exposure to artificial food coloring, nutrient deficiencies and junk « food » consumption continue to be ignored by authorities, leading more and more people into the drug-and-surgery-dominated medical racket, which generates trillions of dollars annually for the medical industry.


    • joe strauss says:

      The negative ones..They know who they are in the Chem trails

      spraying are getting so obvious to only those who will  .. "look

       up , ask  questions". Most are mind controlled,will not believe,

      even those who inform them on this website.


      Easter Day, I stayed at local Public library, and from 9 AM~7 PM

      WATCHED  the blue sky turn into complete gray/white.

      The aircraft never stopped.


      My picture description:

      Over San Francisco, we were inside a half-dome shaped  bowl.

      Cold all day long.   Watch  out for areas of your cities on this

      spraying. It will be COMPLETE  MADE UP. Heat is taken from

      the atmosphere.

      A weather observation on Southern California.

      I know many farmers..Water is good for the North California,

      Water shortage still for S. Calif.

      South California I say/know was diverted thru  HAARP.

                     Cheers to all who inform us


    • Rosalie says:

      As I push on through the day, void of energy or proper mental clarity, I completely relate to what you're saying, Jonathan.  Wildly unpredictable weather going on in Southern Ontario today and over the past week. Woke early to cracks of thunder. Then the transformer blew, which knocked out the power. It's back on now.  Who knew you'd have to become a nutritional expert, to avoid the land mine toxic foods rampant in our food supply.   I really appreciate how Dane and others are sharing their personal nutrition knowledge, that can help strengthen us.   I'll be increasing my spirulina and green drink amount today.  I'm also on the hunt for an aloe vera plant.  Had one and unfortunately over-watered it.  It's so good for you.  

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

      I work at a Full Landscape Design Nursery, every time a plant grower brings our Garden Center a delivery, I consult with the driver about GeoEngineering. I have a set of GeoEngineering Informational Flyers, ready for them, before they leave. One grower said to me, he has an influx of mold & fungus he has never seen before, which is overwhelming & changing the PH in the soils on certain plants at his facility. I also gave a set of flyers to a retired Anesthesiologist, a customer that purchased a Palm Tree. Not one person that I have consulted, has rejected my offer of the flyers. I was in Central Florida (Winter Haven & Saint Petersburg, FL) over the weekend and distributed flyers there as well. I feel it is my daily duty to distribute them. I will do this with ever opportunity, I see.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Jonathan Letourneau,  While all you say is correct, I'm not sure it is down to purposeful depopulation.  I see it more as an accident of convenience.  I am 69.  In all old photos, people are thin, really thin.  And when I was growing up, very few women worked.  In fact, in grade school, I clearly recall being forced to watch propaganda films of Russia wherein women Had to work, the "poor" little children having to leave mama for the day to be schooled by the state.  The kids did not look un-healthy, or sad in anyway, but what seemed shocking was women working.  Then, women's liberation movement here began, the motives seemed genuine and valid, but in no time it seems, that bit us on the ass big time as now every family but for the rich requires two working adults to support said family and as always the woman gets the short end, even still being paid less per dollar for the same work as men, while doing the lion's share at home and often caring for aging parents to boot.  Along comes "convenience" foods to save the day.  And a toy to go with your "happy" meal.

       Sweets, so readily available, are as if to say: life is sweet, eat this and be happy.  I was aware many, many decades ago, raised my kid via poverty on really healthy foods and always grew a garden.  No sugar or junk in our house.  Nonetheless, the girl sought out sweets everywhere she went, and other people gave them to her.  When she was little I pinned a sign on her that said: If you like me, please don't feed me.  !!  She thought it said something great about her!  She had no idea, but I was at my wits end.  As she got older, she was more able to find sweets.  I dislike sugar very much and know cancer feeds off sugars.  Yet I recently went on a sugar binge that I regret very much as it made me feel so ill.  However I will never give up coffee!  And yes, I need coffee, I could take it by IV!!  And as it turns out, coffee is good for a person.

      For myself, now I eat foods that fight inflammation like turmeric, maple syrup, coconut meat and milk, etc. and I eat only for health, not so much for pleasure.  But, meantime, in just a few decades it seems, people have forgotten about nutrition, how to cook, what is in foods–I mean even way back when, we Knew about food colorings.  And also in that meantime frame came GMOs, high fructose this and that, things designed to put weight on a person, secretly.  And only 4 or 5 companies now own all our food and process it all.  That is truly scary.  And now health foods and gyms are pushed on people, people who don't really understand what is going on with foods, water, everything.  It's all become very complicated, too complicated with over stressed peoples driving long distances to their jobs, dealing with mega stresses all day.  And nearly drowning in poisons as they go.

      In retrospect, this women's lib thing seems a trick, a cruel trick by the government itself in order to gain taxes from two earners per family.  In an effort to justify all their hard work and missing family time and friends, people turn to new grownup toys like smart phones, while ordering a pizza to be delivered by a drone!  "Wrong" has become big business.  As well as Big Pharma to treat the outcome.

      The only agenda I see here is money and greed.  With the same lack of regard as goes with all money endeavors.  Buyer beware.   

    • Dennie says:

      It didn't help that right after JFK was assassinated we saw a large off-shoring of American businesses and a loss of jobs for the men.  It was NO accident that this started occurring around the time that the Club of Rome commissioned MIT to investigate something called Peak Oil and the report, titled Limits to Growth, came out. Voila– The Powers That Shouldn't Be decided that the best thing for America would be to DE-INDUSTRIALIZE it; after all, oil would be going away, so let's up the ante on the environmental movement and get Americans on board with doing away with industry– we can just send it to China and India– those guys are so numerous they can produce all the stuff we need for so much less money, and minus an EPA they won't mind all the pollution.  In the meantime, we have a bunch of American men who've been laid off.  To make up for the loss, it was women who saved their families by going back to work.  This got explained to us as a result of "women's lib," when in truth the uptick in working women had a lot more to do with the fact that they had to get into the work force in order to support their families financially.

  23. horsegirl says:

    Dane, and gracious commentariat, I want to thank all of you who have befriended me here and posted replies to my various comments.

    Because of the visual problem (boils down to one word:  doctors), I have been reduced to flaming putzhood for the past two years.  I am pleased to report that finally in the upper part of my vision, I am usually able now to focus both eyes on print.  Think of all the pictures of gunslingers aiming weapons at the camera:  invariably they focus from the upper field of vision.  It is exhilarating to finally be able to speed read again which is all I can stand to do with most publication.

    I have been the canary in the coal mine as far as how the filth in our atmosphere affects vision.  When I took off my glasses for the last time in 2014 (8.25/7.50 myopia correction plus severe astigmatism) they said they couldn't help me anymore.  I'd gone through a trail of prescriptions, doctors, etc. for several years.  Had not been able to read prices in stores, road signs for five years.  Never mind no longer being able to paint (used to make big money on paintings) because I simply could not focus on a large 2d field all at once, could no longer do what I did. 

    In a word it drives you insane. 

    I took off my glasses in 2014 because it caused excruciating pain to wear them.  It was down to a choice of ditching corrective lenses or yanking out the painful right eye.  Curiously, the first day I stared at a tree in the yard, and realized there was no blur.  I saw something akin to looking through the cut glass on chandaliers – multiple hard-edged refractions of the same image.  I wondered if all the pieces could ever be unified again.  If I wasn't legally blind for several months, they need to change the definition.  Really weird effects though.  People walking were hard-edged vapors with multiple tracers.  Yet I could see prices in the supermarket – like an image overstruck at least eight times – within three days.  Could shop again.  The weirdest detail was that although people were a nightmare to behold – just like Picasso, nostrils on foreheads, etc. – I could see TV clearly from the get-go.  Some scientist is missing a masterpiece of a thesis in documenting my recovery.  Maybe six weeks after taking glasses off (they were put on me on fraudulent terms at age three by abusive doctors) I could see television perfectly.  Although we hate TV and I wouldn't have one, when I happened to walk by people watching a captioned movie, I was stunned to read the subtitles with perfect precision.  I believe I became a simulacrum for contemporary society:  could see the unreal with exacting clarity, but the material world was vaporous. 

    82 days after removing glasses I tested 20/20 in both eyes.  Only I had to perfectly control the lighting, and give my abused eyes (55 years with glasses) several seconds to focus.  What I had was truly gross astigmatism from wrongly wearing glasses all those decades.  I had my father's eyes, who 40 years my senior was a WWII airman.  They had to have perfect vision.  No corrective lenses allowed.  But as they experimented on him in the war, so they did with me, and my family was drawn into the lie that there was a vision problem.

    Now almost two years later I'm at around 90% outdoors in daylight, somewhat less indoors depending on lighting.  I have much more to tell, and with the latest improvement I am going to get back to writing my book "the girl who stopped wearing her glasses."

    How this relates to geoscatology is that I "see" fields on this crap.  In that my eyes are still a bit slow to focus.  If air is relatively clear, I can read signage better than I could during the final four years of wearing glasses.  But if there's a lot of ambient filth from spraying, my acuity diminishes.  I have much to say about this.  Stay tuned.

    Final comment:  when we went to Mexico (the other side is 15 miles from home here) I was floored to find out that I could read signage almost perfectly.  Imagine a scene where every stupid billboard, breakfast menu and street sign is beautiful to see.  Well I'm that strange person.  And I was whipping my head around everywhere, despite notoriously poor proportioning and calligraphy of Mexican signage.  We crossed north at Douglas, and wham.  "Reptile vision" kicked in despite the "blue sky" as the US side's particles/directed energy surveillance weapons kicked in.  Had to squint again.  The sky had been darker blue in Mexico.  Also the blackbirds and most others have cleared out of Douglas and swarmed over to her Mexican border town sister city Agua Prieta.  Millions of their voices delight the ears on the Mexican side, whereas the stately trees of Douglas are… pretty quiet.  Most dead silent.  I think it is about directed energy fields.  Anybody?

    • horsegirl says:

      To clarify the reading thing:  for reasons I do not understand, the subtitles were legible but most internet pages are hard to read.  I have not figured out why.  Except that it is sheer joy to be able to read again.  Even if it can be a little slow depending on the day's ambient situation and my eyes, which swell horribly if I cry.

    • Earth Angel says:

       Commenting here on vision problems- I have noticed in the past several years my vision has deteriorated quite dramatically. I had  perfect vision for most of my life, 20/20 sharp and clear at all distances, but lately it gets worse and worse. I know I am aging(mid fifties), but this seems ridiculous. First the small print became difficult to read, so I bought over the counter basic reading glasses in the weakest strength and that helped. Still had good sharp middle and far distance vision. Then it began to be difficult to see the dinner on my plate when eating- food looked blurry. I can still see ok at a distance but nowhere near as sharply as before in younger days. Very annoying to someone used to seeing easily to complete daily tasks. I can't help but feel breathing the toxic sprays from the jets and the other poisons in the food, water, etc. has to do with this decline. Does anyone know how barium & these other substances affect blood flow to the eyes? Although not a chemist, I would suspect that since barium is used to induce heart attacks in lab animals(an unbelievably sick practice in my book) it could constrict blood flow in the body and perhaps be a culprit here. Have had eye exams in the past couple of years and they checked out ok- no glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc. but finally broke down and got some prescription glasses too. Don't like them as well as the cheapie readers in the drugstores. Anybody else experiencing the same? Is this 'normal' aging process? Just wondering.

  24. 1olenork says:

    I know dane you do not like mixing issues but I believe the same people responsible for the assassination of jfk are also responsible for bullshit worldwide including climate engineering  Wanna know who the are? Watch "everything is a rich mans game"on youtube. Long but well worth the watch  Stay safe and well,world needs more men just like you 

    • Greg says:

      "From JFK to 911, Everything is a Rich Man's Trick"  Very compelling and clear.  The roots of the insanity run deep!

  25. Knownlongtime says:

    They were spraying a lot off the coast of New Jersey yesterday morning… So bad that I could hardly see the sun any longer.  So what is the plan to stop this? 

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      The plan is to raise awareness until we reach a critical mass of awareness at which point the spraying will stop.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steven, our only chance of halting the spraying is to do it from the inside out. To awaken enough of the US military to turn the tide in our favor. Can we win the battle without enough of the US military on our side? Not likely. Can we get them on our side without reaching a critical mass of awareness? Not likely. If you have not seen the attached link, it will shed more light.

  26. SD says:

    We have another "inside slider" low pressure system heading for SoCal, should arrive Tue. It originated over the Yukon in Canada and dropped STRAIGHT DOWN towards northern Baja.  Several moderate seismic events noted in the San Felipe region today – HAARP induced I'm sure as the Geoengineers "prime the pump" to suck subtropical rain into the area.

    Will be interesting to follow the course of the low pressure area next week.  It may actually make a U turn and head to Kansas to deliver rain to the brush fire there. Stay tuned.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, and the weather here is bizarre.  Very windy and cold here in Mendocino County, Ca. An odd downward punch of cold Canadian air is the reason.  The jet stream is damned near doubled over on itself. The sky is cloud free.  No jets, no aerosol spraying.  Praise The Lord!  This is not to suggest the atmosphere here is pristine.  The question is how long can this last?  When will the sky terrorists return?  

    • Dennie says:

      It's c-o-o-o-l-d in northern CA today, turned windier and cold at the end of the heavy whited-out-sky spray day, working o.t. on Easter.  Military A$$hole Order Followers are busy shooting ice-nucleated colder air on down your way. 

      West Point graduate and former career army officer Joachim Hagopian tells us all about the Order Followers and the beyond-sick service academy training.  If you have even one molecule of interest in how our so-called "brothers and sisters" in the military turn out the way they do, READ ALL OF THIS:  Essentially we have abused children dressed up like G.I. Joe and Gen. Pershing, busy creating yet more abused children who in turn are dressed up like military action hero dolls, who are then used by their corporate handlers to advance their sick agenda.  Hagopian is now a practicing clinical psychotherapist who works with abused children.

  27. Jeff Pitre says:

    I would like to know if there were any meetings/gatherings/seminars in the southern Ontario Canada area, where I can attend. Again, want to extend my gratitude to everyone that's helping out exposing climat engineering. And congrat's on the success so far. 

  28. kathleen says:

    The English language is quite tricky, and one term I really despise is the use of "theater" when referring to a war zone, which, like many of our distractions (sports, e.g.) tries to mask that we are being deceived (we are at "wars" for the sole purpose of stealing resources for multinational corporations), and downplays war as just another "game" or bit of entertainment. What a sad group of sheeple we have buying into this genocidal scam. Bread and circuses, and "let them eat cake." 

    Health tips: 1) dandelions, cilantro, and Moringa; 2) colorful, seasonal, local, fruits and veggies; 3) sprout something in a jar (lentils are fast and easy); 4) ditch processed "foods" and anything with added sugar or faux sugar and eat fresh fruit instead; 5) ditch "table salt" for mineral-dense Himalayan or Celtic; 6) add garlic, ginger, turmeric (best with black pepper), cinnamon, oregano, and any herb you find tasty to spice up a food; 7) try blending fruits and adding juiced veggies — very nutritious and filling.

    Love and hope message to each of you and others: for every person who posts here, there are hundreds of thousands more who don't, but agree. We are not alone, even if it feels like it.

    • Binghamton says:

      You forgot one very important supplement.  Horsetail (Shavegrass Silica)
      which helps the body to detox aluminum.

    • Deanie Sparks says:

      Greetings to all lovers of earth and sky, sounds like Easter Sunday was an orgy of death from the sky for many…..horrific saturation spraying over Phoenix as well. For health maintenance, don't forget organic apple cider vinegar (with "the mother" ), bentonite clay, food grade diamataceous earth, and zeolite for detoxing heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from naturally occurring radio active isotopes in the Centralia as well as cesium-137 from Fukushima which is in the rain cycle….oh yeah and activated charcoal. Taking nascent iodine supplementary is advisable abd taking antibiotics….and exercise….all to keep your immune system intact…I'm spreading the word for people to contribute to the legal 

      fund, even if it's just a few dollars. Many of us have tried to get our Senators or Congressmen to address this issue to no avail. All I accomplished by doing that was to get myself on a targeted individual list.

      Take care and put your healing intentions and live into the Universal field, but protect your health via natural methods . Peace, Deanie

  29. Dennie says:

    Don't Let the Bastards Getcha Down by Joachim Hagopian

    "Having received the exact same West Point education and leadership training as the most powerful men in America presently leading us to catastrophic ruin, I offer a never before insider’s view of the military system that shapes and molds America’s leaders into cutthroat, blindly obedient bureaucrat-politicians.  Through the telling of my own personal odyssey as both a cadet and Army officer, I shall illustrate how our world has been driven to the brink of self-annihilation. With an overstretched military protecting the powerful interests of the ruling elite, humanity is headed on a collision course that has placed the life of every person on this planet in peril. America’s pervasive culture of violence and its Empire wars are threatening the very survival of this earth.  With over a thousand active military installations spread throughout the world with 1.3 million American military occupiers, both the military industrial complex and Pentagon have never been more powerful. Our warmongering government teamed with a war waging military and the killing war machine of an unchecked military industrial complex has created an unholy trinity that has our world more armed and dangerous than any previous time in recorded human history. In the meantime, America’s shrinking middle class has seen its hard earned taxpayer dollars squandered funding an overstretched Empire on multiple warfronts. America’s very way of life and standard of living have been sacrificed in this blood for oil end game."

    Joachim Hagopian was the West Point cadet who in 1972 challenged the 170-year status quo regarding due process for cadets and won.  He went on to graduate from the academy.

    "The telling of my story exposes the broken West Point military system, shattering its myth, mystique and illusion to uncover how we arrived at this dangerous precipice:"

    • Dennie — Thank you for this report and link!   "…squandered funding an overstretched Empire on multiple warfronts. America’s very way of life and standard of living have been sacrificed in this blood for oil end game."

    • Jenny says:

      I did start to read that, Dennie.  Actually, I read it for the better part of Monday and was not even finished yet!  I'll go back and finish it soon.  It's just very long.

    • KB says:

      I know way more than the half of it Dennie…I have been on this website and have done my own research for years now.  Maybe I was just trying to create positivity in all this doom, which I will continue to do. Thank you

  30. von Droid says:

    I was sitting at the lobby hotel bar in St. Martin last weekend when I noticed that two patrons who were sitting across from me were showing some people footage of them landing a plane on the runway of island's airport.  They seemed gregarious, middle aged, relaxed.  Flying into St. Martin on a weekly basis is probably good for the mind and spirit, other than the participation in the consumption model we exist in, breathing the chemical-laden cabin air daily, and working in the industry responsible for this chemical madness we now live in.  

    I approached them within five or ten minutes, choosing to remain oblivious to anything, and asked them about being pilots and flying in here and yada yada.  

    I asked them about seeing anomalous things in the sky after a few minutes, and they said they hadn't really seen anything.  This conversation went further but let me skip that and say that after another ten minutes or so I broached the "chemtrail" subject.  

    "What about chemtrails? What do you think they're doing?"

    "Chemtrails?  That's just atmospheric conditions," the one I've been talking to says.

    "I've studied the subject and I'm pretty sure that's not what it is."  (note: I sometimes use the chemtrail term because there is a visceral reaction to the subject that I've noticed.  The word is very powerful and actually not easily debunkable.  Perhaps this is counter-productive, but my approach seems to be working with many people.)

    I went on to explain more and show them some pictures from NASA worldview and other things to elaborate my case.  At the end of the conversation, with the conversation going back and forth respecffully and nicely – we're both sitting at a bar after all in sunny, cumulus cloud, blue , spray-free sky St. Martin – the guy looks at me and says, almost inconspicuously, "We know that it's happening, but if we said anything we would lose our jobs."

    And that's the whole thing.  The money.  The evils that are achieved via the money system create hosts and hosts of destruction.  It's mind-boggling to face the monstrosity we now confront.  

    Hopefully we are able to somehow change our circumstances.  Not sure what the course will be ahead of us, though.  Like Dane says, there's no quick solution to any of this.

    • Dennie says:

      von Droid:  I think we have a break-through here at long last.  The pilots are at least at last admitting the existence of the chemical trails.  We and they know that these are not in any way, shape or form "condensation" or even "persistent condensation" trails; no, these monstrous streaks persist, we know, precisely because they are NOT condensation. 

      Money can be used for great evil or great good.  Joachim Hagopian, the West Point graduate whose riveting story of power and abuse, both in the micro and the macro, first at home growing up as a descended member of a genocided people in a dysfunctional family, then at West Point (link to his story, a "must read," appears in my post above), is a licensed psychotherapist who advocates for abused children and a contributing writer at Michel Chossudovsky's website.  He wrote today about the very real threat of banking "terrorism" i.e., the possibility of banks using "terrorist" hackers who back-door their way into the accounts of private individuals in order to steal money, then blaming it on "terrorists:"

    • Great detective work, von Droid! You drew the pilot out of his self-imposed silence very skillfully, keep it up! I imagine there may be hundreds, even thousands of pilots worldwide who realize full well that something secretive, harmful and WRONG is going on, yet they do not open their mouths, for fear of losing their seats in the cockpits. The love of money is STILL the root of all sorts of evil. It would take real courage and commitment to the truth to be a pilot whistleblower. I’ve only heard of one, Wilhelm Felderhof, God bless and protect him!
      And here’s a little slice of my life in 2016…
      I was out this afternoon, walking the dog along the shore here in eastern Canada.
      There was a dark weather system approaching from the south over the sea, and some solid grey cloud cover to the north. Way out east over the water it was also grey…Ah, but overhead, it was actually a beautiful blue. A big, glorious pristinely clear area! And what happened? From the east, 3 jets approached, one after the other. I watched as each turned on the spray upon entering the clear airspace, and kept it on as they traversed the soon-to-be-gone big blue hole….Of all the twisted, sick little displays I’ve seen, this was right up there near the top of the list! Blue sky????
      Oh, we can’t have THAT, CAN WE?
      You could almost see the alien gollums hunched over their satellite weather displays in a dark command and control bunker somewhere, flicking the “Transmit Commence Spray” key on their comm panels, and cackling in demented glee as the smear job obliterated the offendingly beautiful clear area…To all the “Chemtrail Pilots” up there…this is a war against planet Earth, and your salary will NEVER buy you peace of mind if you are aiding the enemy. “You might lose your JOB, but you’ll save your SOUL….EXPOSE THE SKY CRIME!”

  31. KB says:

    Hello all, I have been following this site for over a year now. I believe everything  to be credible and outright sometimes impossible to hear. Recently, I found some YouTube videos by Laura Eisenhower to be helpful. She speaks on many different subjects, but her take on nano technology regarding geoengineering really spoke to me. We are all on different paths experiencing so many different day to day encounters.  If we try to stay on a higher frequency, "their"powers cannot effect us! Let's all show our true powers, because we are what "they" fear the most!! Our power is what they fear, we are strong! I hold my fist high everyday as s strong, confident, beautiful, intelligent and healthy individual….will you all hold your fist above your heads and chant that with me!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Their "powers," which are illegitimate, can and DO affect us.  Please read Russ Tanner's experience with a BARIUM-INDUCED HEART ATTACK. This is REAL ENOUGH TO RUSS, and me, too.  I still have all the lab work, test results including 3 for serum barium and the EKG results that put me in the hospital with cardiac arrhythmia.  Just thinking "positively" WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR ELECTROLYTE BALANCE. 

      PLEASE use your imagination (a.k.a. EMPATHY) when discussing here what "everyone" is being subjected to.  From your comment above it is very clear to me that you do not understand the half of it.

    • Greg says:

      KB the way you said this is perfect!! If we try to stay on a higher frequency, "their"powers cannot effect us! Let's all show our true powers, because we are what "they" fear the most!! Our power is what they fear, we are strong! I hold my fist high everyday as s strong, confident, beautiful, intelligent and healthy individual….will you all hold your fist above your heads and chant that with me!!!!

  32. We have seriously become a very sick insane country…
    Human Experimentation Rampant in the United States                  Janet Phelan / March 27, 2016  [excerpts]:
    … What one gains by the use of torture is false confessions. False confessions would be highly valued in the continuing “war on terrorism,” to provide proof that acts of terror are being perpetrated by those who are detained.

    The US Continues to Evade the Mandates of Informed Consent
    …Some of these current experiments run by the United States are taking place within the borders of the US and some are taking place in foreign countries, with pharmaceutical and defense agencies as primary perpetrators.

    Obama Perpetuates the Myth of Legal Protections for Test Subjects
    …if, for example, an intelligence agency decides to run an experiment using human subjects, that intelligence agency can waive any necessity to inform the subjects and to gain their consent.

    Children as Lab Rats
    On January 4, 2002, President Bush signed into law the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act, which provides incentives for using children in drug trials. The Act offered pharmaceutical companies a six-month exclusivity term in return for their agreement to conduct pediatric tests on drugs. This Act was quickly followed in 2003 by the Pediatric Research Equity Act (PREA). PREA authorizes FDA to require manufacturers of new drug and biologics products to conduct pediatric studies in certain circumstances. As a result, drug trials on children have gone through the roof. An article at states that: “In 2006, they found that there were approximately 45,000 children participating in experiments.”

    Creating the “Perfect Spy”
    Using children as lab rats is not the only human experimentation issue that has reared its head in recent years. Following the Congressional Church Hearings of the 1970’s, the US government’s program to create the “perfect spy,” dubbed MKULTRA, was allegedly disbanded.
    However, mind control experiments have continued, apparently unabated. After hearing testimony from a number of individuals alleging that they are being electronically harassed with mind-invasive technologies, the President’s Bioethics Commission issued a letter stating that it would not investigate such allegations. The letter states that “We would like to clarify for your information that the Commission is not investigating or reviewing any concerns or complaints concerning complaints about…..MKULTRA; COINTELPRO; electromagnetic torture or attacks; organized stalking; remove influencing; microwave harassment; covert harassment and surveillance; human tracking; psychotromic (sic) or psychotropic weapons and radio frequency or military weapons or other claims.”
    [full read at your own risk article here:]

    • BaneB says:

      Quite a litany of what the committee states it won't investigate.  Congress has a public approval rating of 13%.  That is because this nation's problems are pointing at Congress as the ultimate cause.  They hold the purse strings.  They except the lobbyist bribes their pre-written legislation.  They have failed their Constitutional oaths, mandate, and the legislative responsibilities.  The buck stops there!

    • Dennie says:

      Read this: Very revealing expose of how the military churns out it's "order followers." 


    • Larry S. says:

      Hello Susan ….. Janet Phelan has some great articles on New Eastern Outlook website .

  33. Robin Hall says:

    Dane, have you heard about those taking samples of their own sputum to find microscopic fiberglass with an outer shell of aluminum? I've been hearing a lot of people having these respiratory infections that they can't shake…my family included. Makes me wonder if this is the reason.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robin, I have not heard of the teting you mention, but there is no question about the lethal nature of all the elements that are being sprayed in our skies.

  34. Rex says:

    I've got MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) so I don't get out much but I've certainly called-written a few politicians numerous times about GeoEngineering, especially Dianne Feinswine (oops, I meant Feinstein) for about 2 years now and every time I get a new flunky on the phone, I ask if they know about it and if they don't,  I explain what it is as well as AGENDA 21-the UN ( which will be a real HUNGER GAMES scenario), the SPECULATORS of food-water and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Globalist goal to control food-water or even to cause Famine. I also told them about the Taxation to fund the 1-World-order Government and asked them why we should pay any taxes to "combat climate change" with this GEOENGINEERING going on.

    I've also told some of my neighbors, written a few other politicians including Boehner, Obama and Moonbeam and left notes on phone poles and tried telling my family members without much luck  

    I've also written some groups who claim they're environmental or work on saving starving sea lion pups but apparently they're not concerned at all such as David Suzuki, the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society, the World Wildlife Fund, San Diego Sea World, the Monterey  at Aquarium and now the Sausalito Marine Mammal Rescue facility.  I wonder why none of them care.  After all, this is affecting ALL life on this planet  Well, I'll keep plugging away 

    • Dennie says:

      As coopted as she is, it could be worse.  Back in the 70s Dianne Feinswine started out her political career in S.F. as a Repugnican party candidate, then, recognizing how unpopular that had become on the Left Coast, she, like so many hailing from her tribal affiliation's background, she simply changed her (whatever they want to change; name, skin color, religious affiliation, got it?) political party, totally in keeping with the rest of the chameleon tribe she hails from (see who the Young Turks responsible for the genocide slaughter of 2 million Armenians REALLY were here, as this article in fact names names:

      Seriously, I have to wonder what actually happened with Dan White, Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk back on that terrible fateful day in November, 1978, because, having seen what we've been forced to watch since the 1972 Olympics in Munich, it sure follows the pattern of MK-Ultra Home-Cooking programs… I live in San Rafael, a stone's throw from City Hall in San Francisco, and the therapist who came up with the "Twinkie Defense," the one that said White was suffering from depression related to too many sugary goodies he commonly ate, had an office in San Anselmo, the village to the west of me– UGHHH!  What I'm saying is that with Milk and Moscone out of the way, the road was paved smoother than a greased banana peel on which Feinstein could slide all the way to Washington, D.C.  I wonder how much "intelligence" she has regarding what's really going on, from her position as head of the committee on Intel, actually.  Just a question.  Would be interesting to know if she has any stock holdings or other financial commitments to the spraying programs.  That should be looked into.  These power-mongers are all crookeder than the proverbial dog's hind leg.

  35. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, My neighbor has a large network and email group that he keeps moving along and well informed. Today he shared an email from a friend regarding "whistle blowers". I felt the words and the attached link were very positive and possible steps towards "mass awareness" and a good example of what we can do as individuals for the good of "all". I want to thank everyone here for sharing so much with so many. I'd go off the deep end if I didn't know you all are out there.

    "The truth shall make you free":  Hi Larry, Just thought I'd share this thought with your group regarding "whistleblowers" and the portraits my artist friend has done in the acknowledgement of the importance of all of us being "whistleblowers"…..  I've been included on this list, but I am not a BIG whistleblower, just a little whistle in the winds of change that my friend happen to hear who is an artist and not a researcher has acknowledged.    So I've been honored to be included in his gallery.

    It has been said: "The truth shall make you free”. Truth and freedom are each individual's inalienable rights and that is why each of us has a need to know of the hidden truths, by first educating ourselves to the credible and substantial information of whistle blowers and others that have been leaking outside the disinformation of the controlled matrix of perception. The purpose of this perception management is to engineer psychologically in our minds a false reality in order for us to grant our consent toward the promoted hidden agenda. Once you have come to the realization of these purposely hidden truths in the world, it is then important not to be silent, but to become a "whistle blower" in a sense – in order to expand and propagate into the collective awareness and share what you know with as many others as possible.

    Through an understanding of the creative power of consciousness within each of us and the interconnectedness of the group mind that we all share, we can transform a world filled with lies, deceptions, fear and terror and further avoid erosion of our liberties and freedoms. We can move into a world that most of humanity in their heart truly wishes to experience. Our silence only gives consent to others to use deception against those who choose ignorance and denial for a more comfortable reality over that of truth.

    For those who have looked outside of this controlled perception matrix and have already joined this global awakening, you might remember what it was that first had you question the reality that you have been born and indoctrinated into. Most likely your questioning would have been caused by a so-called glitch in this false perception matrix which led you to further question the validity of that reality. Whistle blowers are the messengers of these glitches in this false perception matrix.

    In the acknowledgement of the importance of "Whistle Blowers" and disclosing of truth, my artist friend Doug Auld has pondered the question: Is there a way through use of his artistic talents that he could contribute to the disclosure effort? He has expressed that he had a hard time sitting back and just painting pretty flowers, saying it feels like “fiddling while Rome burns" to coin a phrase. So Doug started creating a collection of painted portraits of various whistle-blowers as a one work concept. He felt the importance of their actions in alerting us to hidden truths deserves further attention by the masses. And that in viewing these people within the context of "art” a slower, more contemplative evaluation could be made.

    There are thousands of individuals contributing to this cause that could and should be acknowledged and I am humbled and honored to be included in Doug's collection of this group of 50 whistle blowers.

    Please share these amazing works of these brave people who have attempted to alert humanity outside of the controlled perception matrix on this planet and towards a world of greater truth, justice and freedom for all.

    Dan Willis

  36. Michel B says:

    It is true that no matter what currency you might hold, it will be useless in a world that cannot support life. But I like to differentiate between 'currency' and 'money'. 'Currency' is the official medium for exchange in our economy. It is in the form of fiat notes and cheap metal coins or digital information about your savings account.

    'Money', in my mind, refers to all those things that sustain life and have intrinsic value. Thus 'money' includes precious metals such as silver, gold, titanium, etc, but it also includes all those things that enable survival and flourishing such as shelter, a source of fresh water, continuous source of food, your skills, your intellect, your goodwill, your ability to create supportive communities.

    One of today's main proponents of silver is Chris Duane and the message he has put out is amazing. The whole history of silver from ancient times until now and the role it played in the economy in modern times is illustrated, along with many other topics, in his large work. It is worth looking at, just like so many things are worth looking at. But it is bizarre how he actually denies the phenomenon of geoengineering. I cannot fathom why he does so, considering the light he shines on many other important issues.

    But because our corrupt currency system is inextricably bound up with what is going on in the skies and everywhere else, it is important to look at and learn about fair money systems. Indeed, central bankers' control of privately issued and inflated currency might be the main path by which we have arrived at this awful place in history. The control of currency and of whatever else is the path to dominion by a few.

  37. Regarding the military — The Olympic Peninsula WA is a very big retirement area for the military. The hill I live on is said to have several retired generals. So there is local chatter about various military matters as some of the retired folks talk casually around town to merchants. One gossip report claims that among the higher ranking officers, those who do not agree with Empire and the current Neo-Con foreign and domestic policies, are being let go, retired. Thus eliminating possible resistance or conflict.

    • Dennie says:

      Susan:  Yes, they all want to move to Whidby Island; I know one in Napa, CA, a retired American Airlines pilot trained as a Navy jet fighter pilot, and he doesn't agree with Every Last Thing they're doing.

      It's ALL falling apart.  EVEN the military.  Joachim Hagopian came out with this, which needs to be circulated WIDELY, regarding the creation of the "Order Followers" in the service academies.  We have with this a system of child abusers creating more victims who in turn become the next generation of child abusers. Read the entire story for best effect; it is truly eye, mind and HEART opening: 

      Joachim Hagopian is a West Point grad retired from career military service and is now a clinical psychotherapist who works to heal abused children.  He is a contributing writer at Michel Chossudovsky's website. 

  38. Killer Dana says:

    Amador  County  California  Spray  Alert  !
    How  are  We  going  to wake People up to the Planned  Take down of the planet we call  Mother Earth ? 
    Its  time to pull all the stops on Fear and get in the States  Face to put  a stop to this ASAP .
    Gerry Brown's         State  of California ,
    is  completely Poisoned Now with the Fallout from the Terrorist Sky Jockeys   called       
    Air Force Tanker Pilots .  
    3-26-2016  @ 010:30  hrs

    • joe strauss says:

      Spray day  in clear blue skies, N. California, Easter Day
      Those negative beings are now creating false clouds to
      appear. I watched for 3 hours or so and noticed..A mimic of
      clouds in the sky.
      So, when one says,"Look up, those are chemical made."
      Who is the crazy one  ?  You..
      Only way to show another is when actual spraying is made.
      If others will believe you ?
      It is getting so bizarre with those Chem trail  negative beings.
      That  Chem Trail operation is now "Hell bent to destroy."
      Best to all who observe and have the .. awarness  to know.
      Joe,   California

  39. Charles says:

    The Big Science establishment was featured in the Rolling Stone article  over ten years ago !!

  40. Shepherdess says:

    So my wonder is, if THEY are moving the arctic jet stream south through geoengineering, as i believe they are, would not that make it warmer in the north making the ice melt? Or would/should that moving south of the jet stream, still keep the arctic cold as usual?

    We are happy to get half a dozen blue skied day a year. Been documenting in OK/AR of geoengineering since 2004.

    Blood types is an UPSIDE down theory. People have the dna blood type because of WHAT they eat. Our DNA changes with what we eat, including pharmaceuticals [i.e. Vaccines] Gmo etc..

    We include also Living Clay, Olive leaf, silver, iodine, selenium. Make sure our colon clear so all organs can work as created to.. Eat a mucusless diet [foods that do not create mucus – Research Dr John Christopher – Vitalist]

    Thank you for your work

    Vital Vegan Family Herbalist

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Shepherdess, in regard to your question about the Arctic, yes, the ice is at record lows and melting at an alarming rate. The attached article is only one of countless articles on this subject.

  41. jeff says:

    Thank you Dane for your constant efforts.

    Many people have expressed concerns that those that do the geoengineering may start putting deadly components into the mix. I have recently found articles of a First Nation,in Kashechewan that has there children getting a nasty rash that no one has figured how it happened yet. They suspected the water,but found no evidence. I being a constant dot connector,suspect Megellons (not sure if spelled right). From what I have found,it is a genetic  engineered virus. Sick and twisted is what we can expect form this insane cabal,in there quest for total control.

    If any one else has any info,please share.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeff, the short answer to your question is yes, the concern is very valid. As the power structure is pushed ever further into a corner, and runs out of options, they will be (and already are) more dangerous than ever. Global geoenigneering is omnicide, no less.

    • BaneB says:

      "The Devil knowing his time is short will have much wrath."  

    • Dennie says:

      In other words: "The New World Order will be brutal, but short."  –Michael C. Ruppert (RIP)

    • JR says:

      Here in the Southwest for some years now we see yellowish in color crud, and it sticks to vehicles with a splashed mustard look. On the other hand with a different look is the oily spots on vehicles and dust sticks to it, real easy to see. This has to be what irritates the skin along with HAARP of course. Yesterday Sat. 26th my nose was bleeding every time handkerchief used, very uncommon for me. This trash of SAG-SRM blew our clouds north and where else? Lord's Peace…….

  42. Ron Marr says:

    The total corruption of our history still today cover up a very important character in John Brown. They would like you to think he was crazy, a religious fanatic or a terror. He was raised to believe it was his job/duty to oversee the moral behavior of others as a part of a moral aristocracy on earth. He grew to understand the banker take over of the bank of England and wearing the mask of the King in their control of slavery and American cotton. He understood the Trojan Horse applied by the King of England and the Pope on the constitutional convention lead by George Washington. Who became president of the United States, but not President according to 'This Constitution' as it's referred to in the document and article six. President of the United States has NO qualifications and pays taxes. The corruption and lies have been on going from the beginning. Every president since Washington has taken the article two oath to up hold the constitution of the United States….not the document….John Brown realized he was not just freeing Africans from human bondage, but freeing mankind from the tyranny of the bankers. So what did John Brown do? He wrote a constitution, held a convention the constitution was adopted and then proceeded to Harper's Ferry where he applied a text book coup de tat. Brown didn't want the slave master or the slaves slaughtered. So he wanted to have someone the slaves would trust to help lead them into the mountains, train and educate the slaves so that they could survive in a white society. Under John Brown's leadership you kill only in self defense. He and Frederick Douglass became good friend for many years. He had written his constitution at the Douglass home. But Douglass in the end wanted only to write about abolition and make money. It is documented that Brown had the backing in congress had he succeeded in pulling the slaves off the plantations and collapsing slavery. The slave masters hold on our government would have ended and an adopt constitution put in place for the American people. John Brown wanted to end slavery with as little blood shed as possible. Just before his hanging he predicted the coming of great blood shed. A year and half later the Civil War began. We must rediscover our imagination and our backbone.

  43. Tom Keith says:

    Hello Dane, the comment  you made about not using distilled water intrigues me. I've been using it for the past 5 years and maybe have some health issues because of it. However I supplement all the time. The city I live in puts fluoride and bleach in the water,and I'm not bying bottled water since most of it is tap water. Perhaps you can enlighten us on other means of obtaining clean water ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tom, unfortunatley there is no easy or satisfactory answer to your question about obtaining clean water. What has been done cannot be easily undone. For some, distilled water may be the only option, but if so, essential mineral supplementataion becomes nessesary.  

    • Dennie says:

      Speaking of clean water, the engineers at the big universities are now trying to come up with ways to clean up fracking water, so says my violin student who's finishing up an engineering degree at U.O.P. in Stockton, CA., U.S.A.  Well, I commented, how about talking to the Psych Dept. at these big schools where everyone's so smart and come up with a massive nationwide pilot program that makes it mandatory to teach parents-to-be how to teach their children "v-a-l-u-e-s," actually, such as not poisoning our water in the first place?  God knows, our Judeo-Christian institutions don't talk so much about the poisoning of Earth and how to stop it– why not?  When the Indians tried to talk to the "Great White" Sabe-lo-Todos, look what happened to them… 

    • Shannon Weckman says:

      Hi Tom, my understanding about distilled water is that it being pure water and therefore does not contain minerals essential to good health will actually pull minerals out of the body. So it is best not to drink distilled water as you will be demineralizing your body. It is best to drink a true spring water or other healthy source.

    • Phil Morrison says:

      Hi Tom,   I long ago decided to give up the joys of chlorine, fluorine, chloroamines, and crap in tap water and switch to distilled water plus mineral supplements.   No complaints so far, and I like the idea of controlling the purity of mineral intake, and also maintain mineral sufficiency.   A mineral deficiency can lead to big problems.

  44. mike says:

    Happy Easter Everyone,

    Its another spray day here in southern Ontario, woke up saw clear blue skies until i looked to my right. Horrible. Have a great day everyone.

    • BaneB says:

      Same here in Mendocino County, Ca.  Yesterday the sun was out off and on and spraying, too.  The forecast was "mostly clear."  Today the forecast is "partly sunny."  I am still waiting for the partly sunny.  Maybe they refer to the fifteen minutes of dimmed morning sun because it was true to form that a sky terrorist flew over leaving a humongous toxic trail.  Before long everything grunged over and the sunshine, such as it was, became covered up.  There are no clear sky days anymore!  Yet, my ISP uses the Weather Channel for it forecasts.  Weather Channel does the five day forecast using an icon.  The next five days they show a big bright yellow sun.  They did that for the past five days, too.  They change the forecast constantly.  They have to know their 5 day forecasts are BS.  In sum, the weather is fraudulent and unnatural, and manmade.

    • Dennie says:

      mike:  I feel the same way you do today.  Saw the jets streaking around the San Francisco Bay Area skies, at it up and early this morning– they don't even take Sundays off any more.  We started out here with a (more or less) nice, blue-skied Easter Sunday morning and now, six hours later, we have a sky that's entirely whited out. 

      Someone wants rain tomorrow in Sacramento and probably more snow in time for spring skiing in the Sierras.  We heard this morning on KQED's Morning Edition about how full the reservoirs are now in northern CA.. hmmm… our "March miracle."  I am TERRIFIED of yet another summer of day-after-day-after-day of 90-and-100+ degree days, and people think it's somehow "normal," and "we always have hot spells in August.."  Somethin' tells me I'd better brace myself because this is now our future, like it or not.  Don't know what more I can do, I talk to people about this and other massive cover-ups (ISIS toyota truck fleet paid for by the Pentagon) all the time.

  45. VP says:


  46. horsegirl says:

    Wee hours.  Easter.  Depressed.  Insignia on tea cup that spilled and ruined my laptop two weeks ago is of giant gears that powered the Butte mines.  Makes me think of my relative Lloyd Harkins who dragged the workings of that mine over the continental divide to Silver Star, Montana where he turned his home into a mining museum (google him, he was honored by the Smithsonian for rescuing the steam shovels that dug the Panama Canal – very proud of him). He's still probably in the "rest home" he hates.  I haven't written him yet.   What to tell a gracious old man in his 90;s whose mind – sharper than anyone I know in their 20's – is outliving his hard-working body?  That life as a shut-in due to poverty/visual handicap is a drag?  That the great society whose simulacrum he conserved is on the cusp of detonating/collapse like building seven?  Souvenirs of Dane's presentation, the fleering faces of Brussels' crisis actors in make-up tornado through my mind in these wee hours?  Mouth sores again, doing the baking soda treatment again to clear up mouth sores after getting sick/asthmatic from passing under a huge spraying operation over Lordsburg, NM?  Wish I could rescue him from bitter cold Montana to Arizona's nucleation lite.  Lloyd knows the jig is up for this republic.  Sharper mind than ANY twenty-something I know.   Searing pain now, no doubt bioengineered in great measure, consumes his person.  The Lord is risen.  Wrote a scathing open letter to the clergy intended for an article.  The bile tamed down into depression, can't pull it off.  Although I detest their lockstep cowardice towards geoengineering.  If they were serious – Christian clergy – about the literature they pretend to represent, they'd figure out the big mystery – that resurrection OF the dead – imperative (eg, one and all mortals down to animals) is distinct from resurrection FROM the dead – subjunctive – unique to Jesus.  An incidence of verbal case which amounts to a glaring distinction in any language besides the conquerors' disorganized linguistic cornucopia called English.  Away with mystery Babylon in the snap of the fingers.  But no, their job is to keep the flock in a spiritual straitjacket.  In the NATO countries they primarily represent their true employers.  Even the nominally sincere dupes of CIA-drenched divinity schools.  For whom the goal is to keep the banksters' money cartel chugging away on the sale of G.uns, and D.rugs.  You know, the spooklings hired to convince their pew-warmers that the Almighty blesses those who bless [NAME].  As though multi-billion dollar weaponry grants amounted to blessing.  Confusing tribe with their nefarious government, as though there would be a divine blessing on ANY government, seeing that not even one represents the interests of the common people, including the putative government of the proverbial tribe.  No, they don't care about their own.  Whose founders were allegedly Nazi escapees of no kin to the tribe.  Who borrowed the tribe's legacy like a rubber nose and glasses for an escape disguise, who invoke the tribe to guarantee anonymity and paralysis of inquiry in the name of political correctness, and who – just like our own administrative theater crowned by one whose middle name is "who's sane?" – will sell out their own in a heartbeat to achieve statecraft treachery leading to totalitarian world government.  Who systematically deploy every class of militarism [pan across fiendish grins of "amputees" made up for Brussels' operation] to piss off Islamic nations to the max in order to eventually harness the inevitable backlash against the west to destroy all these uppity denizens of the "free world" – Judeo and Christian in one blow.  Create a totalitarian new world order of Islamic flavor.  I'm talking about betraying their own.  Not unlike Easter, one of history's most famous lynchings.  That's thte clergy's real employer.  They are PR stunt men whether they're in touch with it or not.  That's where the money comes from.  That, and twisting a once unifying faith into a transmogrified exegesis.  Focusing on an eschatology of being raptured up to become some eternal intelligent gas laughing at a burning planet.  Instead of "Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" and "blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth."  Unlike Adam – expressly created to care for the garden – they become those who destroy the earth, to be destroyed themselves for precisely that break with the eternal pact as portrayed in Revelation 11:18.  Sell the laity on war, terror and of course unlimited weapons sales to the middle eastern rogue colony allegedly run by those who protect the tribe (to roughly paraphrase the quote:  why expect the criminally insane, who entertain the most nefarious of motives and means, to act benevolently towards the public?).  Get the flock dotting tears out of the corners of their eyes with humbug about "blessing" the proverbial tribe with all their militarism.  In fact I wonder if half the clergy doesn't carry marching orders directly from the Pentagon.  Would like to search their wallets.  Geometric confirmation regarding their true employer.  Of course they won't march against geoengineering.  They are in some measure (Lord preserve any sincere clergy) the salesmen for it.

  47. Debbie Shanahan says:

    Thank You

  48. Michael Howard says:

    I could not agree more. I get so many emails every day from so called Patriots, preppers, people who claim to care about us so they have something to sell us that will save our life from the tyranny. From this thing and that thing. Never a word about the collapsing biosphere. Never a word about the elites, the military industrial complex. Never questioning the official story.  Nothing about geoengineering like it's never happened. What a crime. The denial is sickening!

  49. Linda says:

    Lovely posts Andrew and Susan….May the love engendered keep traveling from heart to heart…and maybe overtake those who do the spraying?  Beams…..

  50. Anthony Enright says:

    Most Patriots objectives are to protect the Constitution and the Law. What you do on this website is far more reaching and now I hear about Chem Trails and GMO Food on a regular basis so the information is being heard . The only way to make it right is to Elect the people into office who agree that this is a Global problem that cannot continue.And the advice in the meantime is to keep your blood clean with natural cleansers.It won't be until a Government completely destroys a country by creating a drought or poisoning their food supply that people will take direct action but I do know that in human nature that if you tell someone that they are dying before their doctor does they listen.Keep on pushing forward it is working faster than you think people do not feel as good as they used to . Tell them why.

    • Frances says:

      A friend in the US just sent me this info:
      Theodore Roosevelt said that presidents are selected, not elected.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, that saying's been around a while here.  As with Obama today, there was a lot of really extreme sentiment against FDR, though even worse, by virtually the same entities.  Here's what interviewer Joshua Holland of discussed with author Sally Denton in an interview on the subject of her 2011 book titled FDR, A Nation in Crisis and the Rise of the American Right:  

      "Holland: It’s interesting how these stories have become somewhat lost in our popular history.

      Denton: The coup attempt was dismissed and marginalized — and even ridiculed. Zangara was railing against capitalists, and saw Roosevelt as — he just assumed that he was also a raging capitalist fascist, and he was a very anti-Mussolini, anti-fascist labor activist.  And both of these events, the Wall Street Putsch and the assassination attempt, have been so marginalized in the Roosevelt history that I became fascinated by how deep this impulse against Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran, and how far people were willing to go to see him destroyed."

      It's also suspected that FDR could have been assassinated as well. 

      Here's the link to the entire interview that originally ran on Bill Moyers' website:

  51. Derek Crawford says:

    As a follow-up to my own comment (inviting the world population to stop spending money that goes to corporations), it is interesting to note, that we could take out each corporation in the same way. And in fairly short order. From what I've read, there are only about five corporations holding everything. And isn't it interesting that they are bound by law to make a profit for their shareholders? Y'wanna make 'em break the law? Pick one corporation and focus on it. Find out all their holdings, franchises and inventory and starve 'em out. Keep your money. Then they will be in violation of their own illegal laws, and — what? Can we punish them? No. They won't serve a day even violating their own laws…but…they do have to go home and tell their wives, children and relatives the corporation collapsed and went broke. And then we take out the other four. Or whatever. You get the picture. We can use the poverty in which they have left us, to not spend the money on them we don't have. We can destroy them with no money even more effectively than they can destroy us with all their wealth. Same battle, but the money we don't give them will not be theirs to use against us. Indeed they will starve before we do. We can make their vaunted dollars useless. Many localities around the country are no longer using the dollar. Cities like Detroit are printing their own currency.

    That could be fun…lol.

    Rothschild said, "Give me control over a country's money, and I care not who makes its laws."  Hell, HE gave us the answer: DON'T give them control over our money! Keep it in your pocket or print your own. And don't forget barter. The economy is already in the toilet, and being flushed as we speak. Any means we use for survival are fitting, sans violence. But — it must — must — be coordinated….Dane? Talk to us. 

    And don't forget Dane, you don't have to do all this yourself; there are certainly many people working on telephones in one capacity or another to start dialing on behalf of the effort. We can call ourselves, "Pals of Penury," lol.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Derek, thank you for yoru commentary and input. I am coordinating on as many fronts in the battle as I can for the moment, but as we gain momentum many more oportunities will present themselves to widen our wave of awareness. 

  52. levi says:

    If anyone like Mike from ABC affiliate wants too dispute what when we talk about the reality of issues like 9/11 or any of the false flag events used to go to war or want to know about how our economic/monetary system really works.Tell them they can check out any of the three zeitgeist documentaries on Netflix.The problem is people like Mike want nothing to do with the truth they just want to cover there ears and close their eyes but still be taken seriously by their peers and the public.

  53. MorningStar says:

    Thanks so very much for all of your truly amazing research and reporting Dane.  

    The big question is – how do we get the career politicians to listen to us since they have been profiting from this nonsense and ignoring us for decades?  
    Even if we do not technically elect them – they manage to keep their jobs anyway. 
    There has just got to be a way out of this insanity. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Morningstar, there is only one way forward, see the attached link.

  54. Bella_Fantasia says:

    I look forward to the peer reviewed studies analyzing how to deliver the message of SRM.  Dane, I'm wondering if these studies present SRM as a reality or a fictional possibility for the future.  Anyway, in my comments around the Web I ask what level of hubris is required to "manage the Sun".
    Don't forget to take liquid Vitamin D3.  I have absorption difficulties, so I use the NOW product, available many places.  My D3 levels went from extremely deficient to normal very quickly (several months) after using 12 drops a day @100 IU per drop.  Doctors said I would need 50,000 IU of D3 per day for six months to recover.
    It's already clear there will be endless conversations and military actions directed at ISIS as the "worst threat the world faces".  Here's where the deep roots of ISIS lay.  I recommend reading carefully and studying the pictures, since these pictures tell everything.

  55. Jude says:

    Can you please explain exactly why the trees in New England are falling over, and everywhere you look old trees and young ones fall at the base. Branches, large and small, litter every landscape, and hang in the branches of the still living ones. It is so sad!! I was thinking of videotaping what I see before the leaves return and might hide the damage. If there was a good scientific reason for this it could be powerful. Title might be: Who is killing your trees?
    Anyone have any suggestions? This could be just a 10 minute video for youtube, etc.
    The power of art can deliver the message.

    Thank you so much for trying to save our planet, Dane. We are with you.
    If damage to people's landsapes, gardens, trees, can be visible, we just need to connect the dots for people to be concerned enough to sue the govemment like Rhode Island is doing. I am in MA.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jude, I will try to notch out enough time to do a more detailed short video on the factors impacting the trees, for the moment I believe the attached video on the dying of the trees will fill in some blanks.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Yes, Jude, the toppled trees are alarming to those of us who notice these things.  In Anchorage there are still so many leaning trees from an alarming 2012 wind storm, it's a constant reminder.  That storm knocked over tall spruce trees with shallow roots but which had been established and intact for many decades.

      Having lived here over thirty years I'd say extremely windy conditions are rare and even uncomfortable.  Yet now we have heavy winds much more often.  When you read how even cell phone service was down from the 2012 storm, you might understand my conclusion that these are HAARP winds.

    • Dennie says:

      Articles like this are as effective as the weapons themselves.  Just putting people on notice in order to scare the wits out of them i.e., propaganda scare stories, are also a pretty effective way of getting people to "stay in line."  You wouldn't even really need to use the weapons.  I don't believe the stories about the "thought police."  Not any more than the ones we heard from the Roman Catholic church that said that even so much as thinking about doing something they didn't want you to do was exactly as good as having done it.  You could "burn in hell" for so much as thinking of bopping someone over the head.  Psycho-Terrorism works really pretty well, I've noticed.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Plausible deniability is key to these attacks, but they are real.  Robert Duncan, ex-CIA, outlines a great deal in his books Project: Soul Catcher, volumes one and two.

      I've been writing about these electromagnetic weapons and so-called non-lethal weaponry, that will make people wish they were dead upon exposure.  They will be used against peaceful protesters.  There is evidence that many mass shooters may have been targeted, like Myron May, who complained of ELF waves tormenting him.  He appears to have been a sane and decent person right to the bitter end.

      As the various capabilities of HAARP have been learned and used on a large scale, realize it is a scaler weapon.  Capabilities of mind control have always been associated with HAARP which also have been scaled down to individual targeting.  Our data and DNA are being collected to further the power and control.  Artificial intelligence is a reality.

      Please, please don't allow any of this stop our free speech out of fear though.  We must carry on until we are shut down, which may happen.  It can never be wrong to raise awareness of the treachery of the power structure and the deadly capabilities it possesses.

    • Las Vegan says:

      Terri, the website you reference also references another called "The EveryDay Concerned Citizen," which has reprinted, as the "Humans are Free" site also has today, an older but extremely detailed and comprehensive article by Amy Worthington entitled "Chemtrails:  Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War."

      EveryDay Concerned Citizen wrote:  "Re-posted in full, with many thanks, from Global Research, Canada. This is an article dating back to June 2004, but I came across it today at, re-posted from Global Research, Canada, as I tried to research aerosol’d viruses and radiation…."

      If anyone wants to plan and incorporate health strategies into their life to offset as much of the effects of weather and nature weaponization, reading Ms. Worthington's broad spectrum of analysis is extremely helpful.  Remember Dane's admonitions:  no weather today is "naturally occurring."  I would add, after reading Ms. Worthington's article, that probably no geological occurrence today is "naturally occurring" either given the advances those implementing these programs have probably achieved through continued research and development in the last 12 years.

  56. russ says:

    Dane——-as a Navy guy from the70s I hear what your saying about Seal Team 6 and the truth about Bin Laden raid, most of these guys got killed under very strange circumstances a few months later. These guys in the Seals arent like you and I. They never talk about missions and what they have done(right or wrong its a code they live by)I know time is getting short and we need people to come forward—hopefully people will find the courage to come out and speak about what they are doing. Thanks for your hard work my friend

  57. Bill says:

    Welcome to our Global Stage.

    In the last few years, many have had their attention diverted to "REALITY" shows.

    All the while, most have failed to realize that we are all, "Cast Members" in the "ULTIMATE SURVIVOR SERIES"

    Regardless of how we became working Cast Members on the Global Stage, NONE of us have the option to "DECLINE" our individual role & "The Show Must Go ON" with or without your informed consent or understanding.

    That being said, taking a "PRO-ACTIVE" approach to your role, has the possibility of individually influencing the outcome of the Ultimate SURVIVOR series for you.

    We can simply become & remain an uninformed "Couch Potato" and give our daily attention to the readily accessible "Escapist Programming" that lulls us into believing that we are being well taken care of, from the "Cradle to the Grave" or we can tune in to the "REAL NEWS" channels that equip us to actually become aware of & do something about the "REAL DANGER" that deprives us of becoming true "SURVIVORS."

    Each individual has the choice to remain stationary "On-the-Couch" & be "Mindlessly Entertained" by the "Fictionalized" TV episodes of "SURVIVOR" or choose to begin the process of empowering ourselves by deliberately choosing to educate ourselves about the "RULES" of becoming "The ULTIMATE SURVIVORS"

    My heartfelt & most sincere Thanks & to Dane Wigington & the host of other "Fellow Cast Members" who continue to work diligently toward influencing a "Better" ENDING to the "ULTIMATE SURVIVOR" show.

    See you "ON STAGE"


  58. Marc says:

    I have an old postcard with a photo taken from the Sandia Crest in the mountains high above Albuquerque, N.M. This card is vintage 1950's because the shot was taken from above a dirt-gravel parking lot on the Crest, long before it was developed and paved up there. There are some 10 or so automobiles parked and not a single one dates to after the mid fifties. The shot looks out across the vast landscape which includes the city of Albuquerque. Way off in the distance is a horizon to horizon sprayed trail exactly as we see today. No breaks in the trail and visually persistent in the dry New Mexico atmosphere. Proof positive that such activity was going on way back in the 1950's or so.

  59. This is a nice simple tutorial on “Trapped Radiation” which I understand is what the science of plasma physics is trying to utilize ‘milk’ for fusion energy to replace oil — and also has created with geoengineering.
    Charged particles–ions and electrons–can be trapped by the Earth's magnetic field. Their motions are an elaborate dance–a blend of three periodic motions which take place simultaneously:
    1. A fast rotation (or "gyration") around magnetic field lines, typically thousands of times each second.
    2. A slower back-and-forth bounce along the field line, typically lasting 1/10 second.
    3. A slow drift around the magnetic axis of the Earth, from the current field line to its neighbor, staying roughly at the same distance from the exis. Typical time to circle the Earth–a few minutes.
    1)   Circling around magnetic field lines.
    Electrons and ions, of the energies commonly encountered in the magnetosphere, tend to circle around magnetic field lines. Like the motion of planets around the Sun, this motion too can sustain itself with no energy input, and can therefore (in principle) persist for a long time. Opposite charges circle in opposite directions; around a field line pointing towards the viewer, ions circle clockwise, electrons counterclockwise.
    (2)  Bouncing back and forth between "mirror points."
    As such particles circle their guiding field line, the "guiding center" of their rotation generally slides up or down that line, creating a typical spiral pattern. However, a subtle interaction causes the spiraling particle to be repelled from regions of stronger magnetic field, where field lines converge. Because a particle is repelled as it moves into a region of stronger field, its advance along its guiding field line slows down. Its sliding velocity finally drops to zero and then reverses, causing the particle to bounce back or "mirror." Without this sort of "mirroring," ions and electrons would not be trapped in the Earth's magnetosphere, but would instead follow their guiding field lines into the atmosphere, where they would be absorbed and become lost. What usually happens instead, is that every time a trapped particle approaches Earth, it is reflected back. It is thus confined to the more distant section of the field line.
    (3)   Drift around the Earth
    (4)   The Ring Current
    (5)   Magnetic Storms

    full article with excellent links:


  60. Glenn Kuhr says:

    I appreciate your courage and dedication.  l hope the perpetrators will be exposed for the devils they are.

    • Col. Randall Smith says:


      It will take much more than exposing the perpetrators. The problem is that, with the exception of you, me and our fellow Countrymen, there is no one to expose these "devils" to. Who would you call? For the most part, they have already been exposed for their illegal, unconstitutional acts of treason and tyranny. Unlike previous conflicts involving our Country, we cannot send our young men and women to fight, suffer and die on foreign soil. There is no one who is going to "rescue" us other than the reflection you see when you look into a mirror. I realize this is a huge change in thinking compared to what most of us have become accustomed to, but putting one's head in the sand, remaining ignorant of current events, not only in America, but in the world, only abets the goals and actions of the "perpetrators". We're not used to fighting to defend ourselves and our families, however, unless Americans take appropriate action, we will all lose. I am not advocating violence. However, several University studies have shown that, since the beginning of civilization, whenever only 3.5% or 5% of the population acts to remove a corrupt government, they are successful. As you may recall, Egyptian descended on Cairo not once, but twice to oust two corrupt regimes. The patriotic group known as the "Three Percenters" derives its name from the fact that, during the Revolutionary War, only about 3% of colonists had had enough of Great Britain's tyranny and were willing to do whatever was required to break away. Everyone else worked, drank ale, pursued their pleasures and watched to see how things turned out. When Washington and his men were successful, then everyone wanted to be known as a "patriot". Don't be part of that 95% or 96.5% of Americans who wait to "see how things turn out".

      Learn as much as you can about what is going on in our Country and the world (e.g. Putin, China, the middle-east, etc.) Glenn. Prepare to care for yourself and your family, then find your "niche" and go after it full throttle. Theology aside (and I'm just an un-outstanding Christian), we are going to have to either react responsibly and effectively (and quickly), or suffer the bitter consequences. When in Vietnam, I and my men were scared most of the time. However, as I told my guys, bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is doing the right thing in spite of the fear. We did not let that fear paralyze us, mentally or physically. We carried out orders, did what needed to be done. Now, that responsibility falls to each and every one of us who is able to think, speak and/or act in a way that will prevent the collapse of our Nation in the name of greed for wealth and power.

      Best regards,

      Col. Randall Smith

    • Dennie says:

      There have got to be at least 3-5 per cent of higher military brass that don't agree with the military-industrial-banking cabal's "Kill America by Air" Agenda and at least some of the order-followers that are responsible for the manufacture, delivery, loading and controlling of the jet flights that blow this sh*t all over Americans in our Spacious Skies, by-now befouled with toxic metal nano-particulate streaks, 24/7/365.  Can you tell us more?  We have guys like Gordon Duff at Veterans Today but it's just plain hard to tell what he's really giving us, I say.  Loads of propaganda going down out there.

  61. Marios Kosmas says:

    Thank you Dane for keeping our spirits high in a world that is increasing in insanity by the day. Thank you also for the health tips that you have given and we look forward to the script of what you do to help the body continue its normal operations despite the poisoning that we are all being subjected to.

    May I also add my own experience to this which is basically following the recommendations in Andreas Moritz' book Simple Steps to Total Health with co-author John Hornecker. I have ventured further than that and flushed my liver and gallbladder as recommended in another book by Andreas Moritz, as well as clean the kidneys and large intestine. The liver flush process is simple (in my view) and can also be quite inexpensive; certain rules have to be observed and adhered to and, having started these flushes since 2010, I am in excellent health (I was 63 last December). I have not taken any medication of any kind for the last 6 years and do not intend to take any in the future either.

    As I previously commented, the spraying is going on globally and I can attest to this for at least the last 50 – 55 years (I must have been between 5 to 10 years of age, when I had asked my father what the lines were that were trailing behind the aircraft; for weather purposes, he had explained). I am nowadays “connecting the dots”.

    • ildiko says:

      I myself agre with this article, nd always wondering, that nobody other then us, speaking up, this really strange. I am very upset about this whole things. More and more people getting sick and in the sky,in the ground,water, food, MEDICINES, we get nothing , but poisons, I am suprised, how come we still existing.These things are beyond evil:((

  62. The Brussels Attacks: What is True, What is Fake? Three Daesh Suspects at Brussels Airport
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky / Global Research, March 25, 2016
    Two Fake CC surveillance Videos of the bomb attacks,  Ibrahim’s Laptop Computer discovered in a Rubbish bin; The  alleged Will (Testament) of one of the Daesh suspects; Foreknowledge of the Attacks by the Belgian police and security authorities; An EU terror emergency drill simulating a Metro attack held three weeks earlier, … Mystery, “Evidence” concerning the deceased suicide bombers? The role and death of suicide bombers Khalif and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui respectively at the Maelbeek metro station and Brussels airport? Where are the official surveillance video recordings? Sofar they have been suppressed? The Mysterious Photo: Three Daesh Suspects at Brussels Airport Caught on the CC Surveillance Camera?  A review of official police statements suggests that the still photos allegedly from the Airport CC Surveillance Camera were not initially released by the Police, they were first published by Dernière Heure,, which is part of Belgium’s media giant Groupe Multimédia IPM S.A.  It is worth noting that together with La Libre (also part of Groupe IPM) (mistakenly) published the fake CC surveillance video of the Brussels airport bomb attacks by using the footage of the Moscow terror attack of January 2011. The “real” video footage from the airport CC surveillance cameras has so far not been made public…

    Is the Latest “ISIS Attack” Another False Flag?
    Paul Craig Roberts / March 25, 2016
    …If the various bombings are false flag attacks, the governments will get away with them, because the attacks blamed on Muslim terrorists fit every agenda that is out there. Government agendas for more war, military spending, and police state measures are served. But so also are the agendas of those who want to limit immigration, those who want to blame the bombings on blowback from Western imperialism, those such as the Russian government who desire a united front against terrorism, and those who use the bombings to stress the innate goodness of the West, which attracts hatred because of its goodness. Washington likes the bombings because they keep Europeans scared and the governments under Washington’s thumb.
    Anyone who raises real questions is set upon by every group for whom the bombings blamed on ISIS are a blessing to their agenda.
    …All these lead to a conclusion that the Bruxelles attacks were staged. RT also reported that an Israeli security company was responsible was Bruxelles airport security, which adds more doubts.


    • BaneB says:

      Interesting about the airport Israeli security.  I read some time ago that Israeli security company/corporation had the security contracts for Boston's Logan and New York's Newark airports.  Also that the 'Kuwati' company that had the security contract for the World Trade Center complex was actually an Israeli front.  Further, I seriously doubt many known about the B-Thing/Gelatin Art Group having access too the Twins    prior to the demolition of those structures.  This insight is most interesting, including photographs inside, and predictive drawings of what was planned.  The destruction of those three building was a very well planned piece of what has been termed 'performance art.'  The question should be just how many airport security contracts around the globe and here in Babylon are Israeli operations?  We are witness to an ongoing con job that has this nation and the world in its bullseye.garding Regarding Mendocino County, California, the weather is atrocious.  It is very windy and off and on grunge clouds and jet spray terrorism.  What is the weather channels forecast?….mostly clear, which is odd because it is not mostly clear.  The sky is 90% cloudy with manmade grunge blocking much needed sunlight.  Since November 1, keeping a count, there has been one almost full day of sunshine and no clouds.  I count chemtrails and assorted freak transmitter zapped clouds as clouds.  Are there any real ones about? How can photo syntheses perform at 100% capacity when the sun is shaded or dimmed nearly all the time??  What about solar power?  What about human and animal psychological problems and assorted health issues from this?  The oxygen supply is in decline!  Have we been invaded by extraterrestrials in human form and they want our planet?  Truly we are inside a Hollywood sci fi production with no way out.  Pinch me.  

  63. Oxygen escape from the Earth during geomagnetic reversals: Implications to mass extinction
    Yong Weia, b, c, , Zuyin Pub, Qiugang Zongb, Weixing Wana, Zhipeng Rena, Markus Fraenzc, Eduard Dubininc, Feng Tiand, e, Quanqi Shif, Suiyan Fub, Minghua Honga / 2014.03.018
    Geomagnetic field reversal substantially weakens the protection for the atmosphere.
    •Solar wind energizes more oxygen ions to escape when geomagnetic field is weakened.
    •Oxygen escape may explain the drop of atmospheric level during mass extinction.
    •The causal relation between reversal and mass extinction should be “many-to-one”.
    •The simulated oxygen escape rate based on knowledge of Mars support our hypothesis.
    The evolution of life is affected by variations of atmospheric oxygen level and geomagnetic field intensity. Oxygen can escape into interplanetary space as ions after gaining momentum from solar wind, but Earth's strong dipole field reduces the momentum transfer efficiency and the ion outflow rate, except for the time of geomagnetic polarity reversals when the field is significantly weakened in strength and becomes Mars-like in morphology. The newest databases available for the Phanerozoic era illustrate that the reversal rate increased and the atmospheric oxygen level decreased when the marine diversity showed a gradual pattern of mass extinctions lasting millions of years. We propose that accumulated oxygen escape during an interval of increased reversal rate could have led to the catastrophic drop of oxygen level, which is known to be a cause of mass extinction. We simulated the oxygen ion escape rate for the Triassic–Jurassic event, using a modified Martian ion escape model with an input of quiet solar wind inferred from Sun-like stars. The results show that geomagnetic reversal could enhance the oxygen escape rate by 3–4 orders only if the magnetic field was extremely weak, even without consideration of space weather effects. This suggests that our hypothesis could be a possible explanation of a correlation between geomagnetic reversals and mass extinction. Therefore, if this causal relation indeed exists, it should be a “many-to-one” scenario rather the previously considered “one-to-one”, and planetary magnetic field should be much more important than previously thought for planetary habitability.
    1. Introduction
    In the past half a century, many efforts have been devoted to seeking the links between geomagnetic reversals and mass extinctions, but no consensus has been reached (Glassmeier and Vogt, 2010). An important test of any successful mechanism is to explain the patterns of mass extinctions. Fossil records reveal that a mass extinction has a gradual pattern persisting for millions of years, during which a stepwise pattern is manifested by a series of impulsive extinctions (Jin et al., 2000). These patterns suggest that the main cause should be continual environmental degradation. The drop of atmospheric O2 level has been verified to be able to induce environmental degradation because reducing the supply of O2 is lethal for most species (Huey and Ward, 2005). However, it is difficult to explain the O2 level drops if only considering Earth-bounded geochemical processes (Berner, 2005). An alternative possibility is that the O2 molecules are dissociated into oxygen atoms by solar radiation and subsequently ionized; these O+ ions are further energized in the ionosphere by the solar wind forcing and can thus overcome the containment by the magnetosphere and gravity, finally escape into the interplanetary space. Since the magnetospheric containment is expected to be severely weakened when the dipole collapses during geomagnetic reversals, we hypothesize that geomagnetic reversals cause O2 level drops, and the subsequent mass extinctions. To test this hypothesis, in this paper we will examine the newest databases and simulate O+ escape during reversals. full article:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bingo Susan!  Dr. Herndon goes into this a bit in his book: Earth and the Dark Side of Science.  He says it is thought that a few things can cause a reversal.  Like say Earth being hit by a big asteroid.  Or by a massive solar flare.  Or by continents ripping apart.  In other words by some massive assault on Earth.  I figure that having blown more than 2,000 nukes, all the other bombs, mining, electro magnetic everything and wars and war games and geoengineering easily constitute major assaults to Earth.  I mean the things that used to take a very very long time to go extinct we've already pushed there in short order.  In a reversal, our magnetosphere collapses, and so we do lose oxygen.  We've clearly been going off course, pole wise for a hundred years but moreso since the late 70s.  There are such things as partial reversals.  Some reversals happen quickly, some do not last long, some do.  Such a thing may be survivable.  Though there will be fewer of us after virtual hell on Earth, on this very electrified Earth, sparking all over, firestorms all over.  Still, reversals strike me as elegant.  An elegant system to cleanse and re-boot Earth.  Besides trauma to Earth, the one other cause would be solar wind induction.  Which is only possible with a changing electric current or a changing magnetic field.  Dr. Bertell mentioned an experiment in which one heck of a lot of iron "pins" were tossed along the Van Allens in an attempt to strengthen the belts, to see if possible.  So some ones somewhere have been thinking along these lines.  Anyway you look at it, given what all "we" have done, such as to the oceans and trees, it seems likely we have kicked off a reversal.  Perhaps stopping geoengineering would stop that.  At the least.  But, we have all these damn nuclear reactors to deal with.  All over the world!

      Upshot: Is it possible that TPTB believe this to be happening and so don't give a damn about Earth anymore?  Are they preparing not for Agenda 21 but for all out hell on Earth?  Which they triggered?!

    • Rachel Robson — You have said "Upshot: Is it possible that TPTB believe this to be happening and so don't give a damn about Earth anymore?  Are they preparing not for Agenda 21 but for all out hell on Earth?  Which they triggered?!" This is what I have thought for years and have continued to research. Starting with Edward Teller's famous 'sunscreen plan', I think TPTB were told and understood what is coming. Thus their extensive undergrounds, (see Richard Sauder) not only in the USA, but Russia, China, etc. Plasma technology generated ways to ostensibly defend the planet, but in fact made it worse as they have no idea what they are doing. The more I read these plasma physics textbooks, the more I am dead certain of their ineptitude. They simply cannot grok anything that doesn't fit into an equation that they create and can manipulate. The sacred intricacies of God's sublime subtle substratum Harmonics don't enter their tiny quantitative minds. You can add in the irresponsible FED money printing, the obscenity that high frequency trading has turned the markets into, and all the other six-ways-from-Sunday insanities. They don't care what we say or do. Everyone is "grabbing theirs" and to hell with decency. From my Sanskrit studies we have entered the final phase of a Cycle of Time. All religions have some version of this. Time for a purification of human consciousness reflected in our DNA. And Life always renews itself.   Time to get back to our "heavy lifting"!   ;o)

  64. John Gavigan says:

    I appreciate your efforts…we first noticed the chem trails in 2001 or so in Studio City,CA and have talked talked talked but few listen. Now in Ky., our politicians are all bought, except maybe the new Governor. I wonder if we can get the States to sue for damages and cease and desist…frustrated …John Gavigan

  65. Unfortunately we continue catching the skies being poisoned on a 24/7 365 a yr. basis for the unworthy reasons of mutilated minds of dark.
    After all the ones that have come forth in naming a few its always turns doubtful if these Planes and the culprits behind it all is going to end their assignments anytime soon.
    It's going to take a complete World Wide Order for them to Stop.
    But until then things are changing rapidly and the force of good is upon ones as ourselves in saving this Planet from complete genocide.

    • joe Strauss says:

      Dane,   Every day over San Francisco when not raining, chem trails all day, thru 7PM. I read of other locations chem trails daily too. My insight now is this: The aircraft are computer controlled. My reference to that is: Area 51, An uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, by Annie  Jacobsen,  2011. I read the book and found photo interior of Air Force pilots/ technical  men controlling Drones for use in Middle East. All the operations are from Creech Air Force Base, Nevada. The writer somehow received  invitation to  to let it be known. I  say, "Oh, Let the Public know what your AF is doing to combat the Isis, etc.."  Just my view on the writer. Dane, I agree, those aircraft are air tanker refueled too. A friend, American Airlines pilot says, commercial pilots,can only fly up to 80 hours/month. So, of course computer controlled..does not apply. I salute all your efforts to let all know,that want to.      

    • Col. Randall Smith says:


      I agree with you completely. As a neuroscientist, I would suggest that you talk with you favorite neurologist about the effects of the nanoparticles and other substances contained within the "chem-trails" on the brain in particular, and the human body in general. Please do not delude yourself into thinking that "someone out there" is going to help us. America has never been particularly popular among other world cultures, and likely for good reasons. The only people we can call upon for help and trust is ourselves. A colleague where I teach once quipped that the most dangerous item in your home is your recliner. Sadly, in my humble opinion, way too many Americans think that sending messages from their computers is all that they have to do. They are dead wrong.

      Take care; God bless,

      Col. Randall Smith

    • BaneB says:

      Joe Strauss……..timing of revealing technology that reveals how 9-11 was accomplished by aircraft.  Most people never heard of drone technology until the attack upon Iraq.  This revelation was slowly worked into the mainstream news machine.  But there it was for all to interpolate.  Four aircraft were computer hijacked.  All communication was cut including the transponders.  The alledged phone calls have been shown to be voice capture creating fake narratives.  The aircraft were turned into drones by remote capture from the "ground."  And one can't avoid the drone hysteria whereby as if by some magic just invented  drones are everywhere.  And this technology is exponentially morphing into mosquito size.  Now of what good is this but to spy, look and listen, and inject death into a hunted dissident, someone who knows too much, and even a politico not popular with the burgeoning surveillance police state.  What are the skull and bones club names for their mimics of God's creation:  predator, reaper, growler, stalker, etc.  the technology is well into the realm of science fiction.  And we are it's intended victims.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Glenda Jasper!  Would that then be a new New World Order!?  What a reversal of fortunes, so to speak.  Yes, let us all construct a new New World Order of sanity with little tolerance for greed.  Col. Randall Smith is correct.  We don't need all the military to turn, all the politicians to turn, even all the citizens, we only need a percent, a small one at that!  This is indeed good news and thank you Col. Randall Smith for reminding us of these past statistics!  This awareness of yours is invigorating almost as much as legal efforts.  And the statistics probably apply to them as well! However, in the case of Native Americans those percentages were quite different and we lost anyway, due in large part to guns and the bullets for them.

      I have no recliner but sort of wish I did, or a big stuffed leather chair as my poor body is in such bad shape.  And I cannot kill anyone.  However I do more than post.  And I'm a great nurse, for the injured.  I can stretch a dollar further than anyone I know, I know the land, its medicine, its caves.  In other words I can be of use despite age and physical liabilities.  And I have grandsons who are quite willing to fight.  And armed.  Last I heard, West Point is still studying Lakota fighting skills and forethought.  Lots of warriors there still.  My relatives.  They know it is coming.  They, back when, did admire Custer's fighting skills.  Thought him a worthy enemy.  Sitting Bull had a dream of how it would all happen.  Back then, dreams were not one's own, rather belonged to all the people and one did not interpret one's one dream, instead telling a medicine man.  So Sitting Bull's dream, in effect, was like our good Col. Randall here urging his men on in spite of fear.  To this very day the military cannot get over that victory.

      When a young student at University I was studying Chinese history and told they had had a major revolution every 200 years via the military on behalf of the people against what began as a good government but inevitably degenerated to a bad one-this for 4,000 years.  I wanted to learn how!  So, what next?  Scope out, perhaps with Col. Randall's help, the ones to fit the percent we need, we need to find Them.  How?

  66. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 107th email to my contact list, titled 'LIDAR'.

    1.  LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) has become possible due to the rapid advancements in modern computing.  This technology is probably one of the many reasons for geoengineering and atmospheric spraying – it certainly has many military applications. 

    Generally there are two types of LIDAR detection methods. 


    Direct energy detection, also known as incoherent, and 

    Coherent systems.  These are best for Doppler or phase sensitive measurements and generally use Optical heterodyne detection. 

    In both types of LIDAR there are two main pulse models: micropulse and high-energy systems. 


    Micropulse systems. These lasers are lower powered and are classed as 'eye-safe' allowing them to be used with little safety precautions. 

    High energy systems are more commonly used for atmospheric research where they are often used for measuring a variety of atmospheric parameters such as the height, layering and density of clouds, cloud particles properties, temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and trace gas concentration.

    Lasers are categorised by their wavelength. 600-1000nm lasers are more commonly used for non-scientific purposes 

    but, as they can be focused and easily absorbed by the eye, the maximum power has to be limited to make them 'eye-safe'. 

    Lasers with a wavelength of 1550nm are a common alternative as they are not focused by the eye and are 'eye-safe' at much higher power levels. These wavelengths are used for longer range and lower accuracy purposes. Another advantage of 1550nm wavelengths is that they do not show under night-vision goggles and are therefore well suited to military applications.

    2.  I have been monitoring a large pear shaped iceberg (20 miles x 10 miles) since 16 March when it was at the north east coast of Greenland.  It has drifted down the east coast of Greenland at 13 miles per day. 

    It has been interesting to watch, but it broke apart on 25th March.,MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor,Reference_Labels(hidden),Reference_Features(hidden),Coastlines&t=2016-03-20&v=595335.0254232142,-945214.2723307029,922759.0254232142,-788798.2723307029

    3.  Anchorage in Alaska reached 50ºF /10ºC on both 23rd and 24th March.  Earliest ever recorded.

    4.  "Do you realise, that whenever you give anything, to anyone, you give to the entire world? 
    And do you realize that for every path you've walked, for every stone you've turned over, and for every door you've knocked on, you did so for everyone? 
    And, do you realize that whenever you felt love, for any reason whatsoever, you irrevocably lifted the entire planet higher into the light?"

    Adapted from Mike Dooley's 'The Universe Talks'.

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