Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 13, 2017


Dane Wigington

The societal division between those  who are willing to face the truth, and those who are not, is widening by the day. The power structure is doing all it can to fuel increasing animosity on all sides of of the equation. The truth about vaccination dangers is finally surfacing, this will continue to be a major and growing societal flashpoint. The former president of Merck corporation (the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world) led a secret biowarfare program, should this be a surprise? Global geopolitical issues are also spiraling out of control at blinding speed as a growing number of governments are losing control of their populations. A new study confirms the oxygen supply in the world's oceans is declining rapidly, the same is true for atmospheric oxygen. Ocean acidification is also accelerating ocean die-off. A new report from BBC warns us of new and formerly unknown pathogens that will be released from thawing permafrost, but will that be the true source of future plagues that are already beginning to unfold? How many in the environmental sciences are not telling the truth and thus betraying the very populations they pretend to serve? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The dominos are already falling on countless fronts. Now, more than ever, all of us that are truly committed to the greater good need fortify our resolve to press on with our efforts to credibly and efficiently sound the alarm.  Many have long since grown weary from this mission, but we must continue. This battle cannot be fought without an army of the awakened, and though so many are trying to remain willfully blind, unfolding circumstances will very soon force eyes to open. Make your voice heard.

This week's outreach booths are in two locations: at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California (photos below), and at the Scottish Rite Center, Sacramento, California. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up the very effective booths in every week's Gem Faire locations. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire. 



190 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 13, 2017

  1. Seeing Clearly says:

    Conclusion: if you don't believe and embrace and honor and love autism you don't deserve to exist.

    the anti-cure spewing propaganda again


    Gotta or have to learn to accept and believe and love children with/ or as brain damaged, children with impairments and disabilities, children who are disordered, children who are ill and children or adults, not just children who do not have a real or sane identity because autism is their identity they surrender to how sad and hurtful its an abomination.

    I haven't read the book, however, my most honest and humble guess is that the book doesn't preach that you should abort your child or get rid of him or any kind of wicked abuse.

    What I acutely think is most likely in that book is how to avoid toxic and harmful things or factors in the environment that play a role in increased chance of autism.


    • GMO's

    • Contaminated water

    • Contaminated air

    • Junk food

    • Lack of vitamin D or other essential nutrients 

    And many more factors 

    There is no sane or legitimate reason that I know of to be offended by books that encourage the avoidance of an illness or disease or disorder or syndrome or whatever the term you use to describe a sickness, its  If you're in denial that your sick when you are It's if you embrace the sickness  You like the feeling of being superiors and being given special treatment and acute identity or what not and or you are deceived as a result of your wicked desires.

    We live or rather die on a society that doesn't allow us to have free speech or freedom of communication because it's "too offensive" or not accepted or approved mainstream to be worthy of attention.

    what society calls progress is so fare from what true progress acutely is.

    acceptance of autism is not progress, GMO's are not progress, geoengineering in its entirety is not progress.

  2. marc says:

    The latest development in the Trumpian tragi-comedy, the naming of a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, should not be cause for celebration of any kind on the part of anti-trumpers. (or those who fancy 'justice" and the rule of law as achievable) Mueller took office right before 9/11 and was there all through the steaming horseshit that unfolded in the months and years thereafter, including the massive efforts to sustain the complete fiction that muslim terrorists were responsible, not to mention the FBI's role, vis-a-vis assisting the 9/11 commission in their effort to publish a tome of lies and disinformation so transparently stupid it may as well have been written by a class of 1st graders. (sorry, I don't mean to impugn the intelligence of 1st graders) Furthermore, we can only imagine the extent to which agents of the FBI were complicit in orchestrating the vast machinery of covert strategic planning necessary to actually pull off a debacle as intricate as 9/11. I submit that (at least from my limited view) there is no way to predict which way this Trump investigation will go, on account of the fact that there are interacting forces at play here that represent a vast network of deep-state and not-so-deep-state agendas too numerous and too invisible to sort out. I'm quite sure there exist scholars whose insights and knowledge of the intricacies of the current situation far, far exceed those of mine or anyone else. The hope that there will be a legitimate and completely above-board investigation is tempered by the simple fact that the investigation, as headed up by Mueller, will be conducted virtually entirely in secret, without daily briefings to the public, without any of what might be described as "accountability" as far as the public interest is concerned. Even so, there will be leaks, and just given the sheer number of reporters doggedly chasing every and any scrap of meat pertaining to this investigation and it's developments, we (the public) may be able to stay abreast of the hard-core action better than we might think. In any case, the story is way too profitable for MSM and is not going to go away, not even for a minute.

    • Dennie says:

      " I submit that (at least from my limited view) there is no way to predict which way this Trump investigation will go, on account of the fact that there are interacting forces at play here that represent a vast network of deep-state and not-so-deep-state agendas too numerous and too invisible to sort out. I'm quite sure there exist scholars whose insights and knowledge of the intricacies of the current situation far, far exceed those of mine or anyone else." 

      I wish everyone else I knew was intelligent enough to figure out that the current geopolitical scene is so impossibly tangled that NO ONE is able to say with any kind of surety just exactly WHO is doing WHAT.  Even the scholars can't call that one.  Oh sure, each has a little point of view from their specialty, but I hazard to say that The Bigger Picture is sooooo large and sooooo complicated, not even the people who are in "power" know Every Last Thing that's going on and they sure as hell are not going to be able to control, let alone predict with accuracy any longer, just who is going to do what. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Dennie, Your's is the most intelligent insight I've heard yet on assessing the world geopolitical situation. You summed it up brilliantly. We are all in free-fall in every way possible at this time on earth. Only right action by all of us and Divine intervention can save us from a miserable fate. Thanks to all of you out there who are working very hard and doing the right thing and may God watch over us all.

  3. Gaianna says:

    TED talks geoengineering: Still acting like it's not happening and paving the way for pro- propaganda — yet a scientist claims to be against it (in theory?)

    • Dennie says:

      The guy that comes on later in the "Truthseeker" edited video with the backdrop that says "council on foreign relations" is the head of the C.I.A.  It's part of the same video Dane featured on here a few weeks back. He's making it sound like an "array of technologies" known collectively as geoengineering "could potentially help reverse the warming effects of global climate change" "in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do," "limit global temperature increases" and "provid(ing) the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels," and that the National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed S.A.I. program would be relatively inexpensive, costing about $10 bn annually.  The narrator, Truthseeker, points out that the tanker planes have no beacons, meaning they are not piloted.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      TED talks gets bad with propaganda routinely.

  4. Seeing Clearly says:

    If this is true, the American people cannot sit down and do nothing and be honorable. 


    At this point I have a hard time saying I don't want to consider the impeachment of Donald Trump because I kind of do.

    Trump is an unstable leader and his unstable government are breaking havoc on our nation.

    I don't deny Obama and Hillary where bad, however, I can't say Trump is any change just like Obama Trump proves himself another liar and false hope.

    I truly do hope the American people take action, for the love of god and the children of the world 

    Take an unbiased investigation on trump including the dark side of him which is by far the biggest side he has.

    Trump is on track for the worst president in history.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Seeing Clearly, Some of the American people ARE taking action to do something to free ourselves from the criminal corporation(s) that have taken over the governments of the united States of America. Note the small u in united- which is what the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS and charter of this nation reflect. The PEOPLE and the STATES were supposed to have the power before a treasonous and illegal act took place in 1871 stealing the original chartered order of things and creating a totally FICTIONAL corporate entity to enslave and rule us which is what we have running out of control now. Please take a look at such organizations as Beacon; America, and Lighthouse Law Club. I'm sure there are others out there too. We must FIRST educate ourselves about extricating ourselves from the PUBLIC side and moving back into the PRIVATE side of living then take the steps necessary to do so. In this way we can take back our power and privacy and address the MANY criminal activities being wrested upon us in so many different areas- CLIMATE ENGINEERING being the worst of them, imo. Please visit these websites- Lighthouse Law Club has some great youtube videos to help us learn how to achieve this. Get going folks- and help us get this done!! People ARE motivating on this- we need YOUR help too!

    • Earth Angel says:

      FYI all- is the Law Club's website, I'd post the links if I were better on the computer. Very important information to know. They sure didn't teach this in history class!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hey folks, it's ; not ,com.  Sorry for the mistake on that one. Go check these organizations out PLEASE!!!

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Thank you "Earth Angel" for the website
      And have some righteous embarrassment and shame America have some anger as well, we really do have a treasonous liar a distraction and a deceiver to name a few terms to describe Trump, the president sitting in the white house this is not to endorse any other candidate, however, Trump is a murderer as well he is unstable and corrupt and to be honest, I don't see myself voting for anyone unless they are acutely going to address the real problems we face in America and the world not this deceiving political theater.

    • MAP says:

      Earth Angel is correct. Between what happened in 1871 and then Federal Reserves original charter in 1913; all was lost. What's the quote from  Benjamin Franklin? Something like- We gave you a Republic, if you can keep it. And it was lost a long time ago. 

      What has been going on In Washington DC (District of  Criminals) since 1945 is nothing but a "Show". It is meant to serve as a great distraction from what's really going on. And what is really going on? Impending Environmental, Economic and Societal Collapse. The evidence is all around us. 

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I also want to point out that the illuminati mark or imprint in our dollar bills since we were born has become so normalized and accepted and tolerated, this is what is perceived and probably is a satanic symbol.

      and then underneath or somewhere near the illuminate it says "in god we trust" it almost looks like it symbolizes Satan coming in the name of god or something fishy like that now I know symbols are symbols nothing more than print on a paper but my point is what kind of message and influence does this give to us to have a satanic symbol like the illuminate in our dollar bills is this glorifying the illuminate in amy way or deceptive why haven't Americans questioned any of this I know the federal reserve are private bankers that print tge money and when you study the economy you really do become aware how ungodly it is and has been increasingly becoming.

      The whole reason money was even invented was to give credit to the working according to how much they work, however money can be manipulated so much to the point that it no longer does its intended job thus defeating the purpose of its existence and implementation.

      Rich become richer and poor people are abused this is not what a healthy economy is about and it's certainly not the reason money was made money is to credit the working according to their effort and amount of work.

      I am aware proposed accommodations in the name of solutions that have been made are a cashless society and things of that nature, however, that's not what we really need what we really need is people taking responsibility and action for our economy making sure the workers get paid a fair amount and making sure nobody relies on welfare and so on.

      I am not anti business, however, I have asked myself why do the people who run a business get paid not even 0.1 %  to name a number, of what the manager or the person who created the business and owns it makes when he does little to no work.

      I also want to add that there is nothing wrong with being successful if your success is occupied in a godly way, by that I mean that if killing is how you succeed or something bad like that then yes, that is bad you might as well be poor that abuse to get rich in money but poor in spirit.

      We should also eliminate the "federal reserve" it is unethical for a bank to print money and fund whatever they want.

      We can't sustain a healthy society without healthy citizens just because we don't want to worry about our problems doesn't make them go away and hiding them with accommodations instead of solving them with solutions is a disastrous way to go as we have many examples of that like 

      GMO's, weather manipulation and even carbon dioxide removal artificially done was also an idea. 

      Taking drugs to cope with the hardships of life that its self is another example of an individuals insanity.

      We will never prosper if we don't have the spirit that allows for that.

    • Robert Hamel says:

      Trump? Are you crazy? Trump=Obama=Bush=Clinton=Bush=Carter=Ford=Nixon=Johnson. The last president who tried to change the "military industrial complex" was Kennedy. The CIA killed him.

  5. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Hello Dane and folks,


    Since last May I have to be on oxygen 24/7. I experienced wheezing for a long time and then coughing and not knowing why. .  My oxygen level went down to about 73 which is considered low causing congestion around my heart.. I was rushed to the hospital and have been on oxygen ever since. I have been a non smoker all my life, so why the oxygen. I attribute it to the spraying in our skies. So I sympathize with others who are experiencing the same thing…

    • Dennie says:

      That's horrible, and I'm hoping we are going to get a break so you can get off the stuff.  I do perceive that the crap in the air is now so very concentrated and thick that more are having problems with it, of every age, every day.  I have a 9-year-old student who canceled because he couldn't swallow one Friday afternoon, that's what the stuff does when you inhale a lot of it.  I have another student who's six who said that when she opens her mouth it immediately dries out.  Today she's out with a sore throat.  That's caused by dryness.  Another student, age 7, told me that his mother is trying to find out what he's "allergic" to and just cannot seem to find what it would be.  I told him that we have large geoengineering programs where they can spray anything they want in the sky in order to modify the weather and a lot of it is nano-particulate metals now.  Another student, age 13, says "You can SEE the spraying, it's hardly a secret!"  From her wall of glass windows overlooking the Larkspur Riviera and looking west, north of Mt. Tamalpais, she has a front row view of all the weather coming in from the east Pacific right over west Marin County, CA, an aerial photo of which has famously appeared here, complete with neat little rows of frequency-generated chemical clouds appearing like rows of corn.  What a harvest.  I am praying all the time every day.  It is a new mental habit, whatever I'm doing going from one thing to the next, it is always prayer now.  Prayer that we finally grow up and take the responsibility for turning this around here before it's too late.

    • Dale K says:

      I take one of McCabe's products (OxySulfur) on a daily basis as a way to oxygenate my body and remove toxins such as heavy metals.

      Ed McCabe: "Modern Father of the Public Awareness of Oxygen Therapies"

      The Only Person In History Who Interviewed Thousands of Oxygen Therapy Using Patients & Doctors Worldwide, and Also The First To Internationally Publish Popular Oxy Information, Books and Tapes.

      Mr. McCabe self-published, self-promoted, & sold over 250,000 copies of his first book, Oxygen Therapies because the big publishers, news bureaus, talk shows, movie stars, sports heroes, Internet, and AIDS groups ignored him when he personally contacted them all with positive proof of the effectiveness of Oxygen/Ozone Therapies. Ed has appeared on over 1,500 media and speaking events in 8 countries over 10 years, in order to get the word out and help everybody. He did it because somehow we have to overcome the public lack of knowledge about the proven safe oxygen/ozone solutions, as well as repair the almost total lack of media attention paid to them.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      The more they spray,the less breathable the air is . Evidently, aluminum and chemicals  makes oxygen dissapate.Many times the air is hard to breathe for me.Keep spraying your nose with a saline solution like Ocean spray,It will keep your nasal membranes lubricated.Chemtrails tend to dry your inner nose out causng breathing difficulties and nosebleeds.I wish you luck.We are all suffering but always react to an attack even if you only throw water on your face.

  6. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hello All.  Everyone has known someone if not themselves that has had to deal with cancer.  Ty Bollinger has his first docu-series airing right now.  One episode a day for your viewing.  Last nights opening epidode was titled The True History of Chemotherapy &The Pharmaceutical Monopoly. It was very straight forward and doesn't hold any punches thus far.  I only wish that everyone could view these recent docu-series that have been released.  There is a huge learning curve coming down the pipe.  If anyone is interested, search The Truth About Cancer.  It should come up.  Thanks Dane.

    • I am watching Ty Bollingers cancer show this week and downloading and burning dvd of each show. It is very informative, lots of really key information. I have a lady friend who lives next door who has lost at least  3 family members in the last five years to cancer but she has no interest in this what so ever. I have told her she can have a free dvd and I know she has a dvd player or she can simply watch it on my computer, She visit here often but no interest in learning anything at all one the topic. What a shame, I said maybe you could help someone  else or even yourself. Nothing going on upstairs.

    • Hi there, fellow geoengineeringwatchers. Since the topic of cancer is one I have been personally dealing with for over 3 years now, I thought I would just add this short comment. I had one tumor removed surgically in May 2014, after which the MDs gave me a scan or 2 and then announced that I would have to have some lymph nodes removed as well.

      After researching the rather horrific case histories of lymphatic system Big Medicine interventions, I embarked on a steep learning curve about alternative/natural therapies. 3 years later, no further surgeries, no chemo, no radiation, no thank you…I feel good, and am glad I have not been sucked into the swirling abyss of Big Medicine.

      I have a short 15-minute video synopsis, called "7 At-home Alternative Anti-Cancer Treatments" on my Youtube channel

      fishersofmenvideo. I have been using all 7 of these, and am doing well. Have a look, pass it on, please! The deadly record of Big Cancer, Incorporated is a bloody shame, especially when so many effective natural and low cost alternatives exist.

      God bless all the geoengineeringwatchers!


  7. I'm writing today, with a heavy heart.  Yet another dear friend has passed… and, as is so often the case these days, it was due to respiratory complications.  This is the second time in a week, and the third in a month, that someone within to my circle of loved ones has died… all of respiratory complications.  Last week my companion, a lifelong non-smoker, was permanently put on supplemental oxygen due to consistently decreasing blood oxygen levels.  His heart doctor was noticeably distraught upon discovering Al's oxygen levels were dropping to 82%, merely from walking down a short hallway.
    While it is obvious to me that there is a significant connection to these events and geoengineering aerosols, I still struggle to convince others.  Doctors don't want to hear it… preferring to simply prescribe yet another drug.  Friends and family, who once respected my intellect, now think I'm just another tin-foil hat nut job.
    I am finding it more and more difficult to maintain my faith in mankind's ability and/or willingness to honestly assess and address what it happening, in particular regarding the negative impacts of geoengineering the climate… which only compound our, already dire, environmental reality.  At times, the frustration of it gets the better of me and I nearly lose all hope that my fellow humans will come together to do the right thing.  Sadly, this is not without good cause, as I witness the consistently selfish approach to life so many display, refusing to even consider alternatives to the industrialized death march that is leading us ever closer to our own demise.
    While my spirit at times may falter, it will never be overcome.  A glance out the window, at the birds who frequent my yard, reminds me of the multitudes of innocent creatures who had no part in this, yet bear the burden even more directly than ourselves, as countless species pass through the portal of extinction.  The ever increasing cetacean beachings and mass fish die-offs, the diminishing spectacle of the migratory birds in Spring and Autumn, the impacts from accelerating polar ice loss… all so very depressing.  Yet, that glance out the window, at the Azure Buntings, Towhees, Grosbeaks, Finches and Tanagers, et al, who are making good use of the food I leave for them, lifts my heart and renews my commitment to a battle that I know is necessary and just.

    The birders among you are probably already aware of the stunning decline rates occurring in many North American bird species… for those who aren't, the following linked article from Audubon is frightening and dismaying, poignantly representing a tragic analogy for the "canary in a coal mine" reality we are now all living: Thirty Percent of North American Bird Species Face Decline Across Seasons (the actual percentage is somewhat higher at 432 species out of 1,154… or around 37.5%). As is so often the case, the content of the article tends to underplay the magnitude of the event, as well as its implications for all species.

    As always, many thanks to Dane, whose Herculean efforts are without match… but, also, to all of you in this community, who regularly pour out your heart and soul on these pages… reminding me that all is not yet lost and that I am not alone.  No matter what happens, "thank you" will never be enough to express my appreciation for your commitment.
    With deepest sincerity,

    • NewGirl says:

      Laura, I'm sorry to hear of your reality. I felt your grief and loss while reading your post. It saddens me greatly. I was at my kids soccer game Monday night when I happened to look up and see smaller fake clouds with the bottoms black. Looking around I notice it's not all cloud bottoms that are black. Within 20 minutes I see a young girl bent forward sitting on her knees on the field. I notice her shoulders are heaving violently. I thought she got hurt and and was sobbing. Then I realized that she couldn't breath and was trying to get air. It was terrifying to witness.

      I'm wondering if the masses would be more open to receiving information if we simply focused on their respiratory health- something very blunt, but I need help with a slogan:  Polluted air or clean air? Say no to geoengineering if you want to breathe to live. Or something like: Notice how everyone is either sick, coughing , out of breath or dying? Geoengineering is killing us all with deadly chemicals. Educate yourself if you want to live. Or: Like living? Say no to geoengineering. Educate yourself. I just want it short/blunt and to make an impact so the sheeple can remember it. Suggestions anyone?

    • Dennie says:

      About two weeks ago our beloved letter carrier of 20 years died of a heart attack in his sleep . He'd had a valve problem.  I'm guessing that the barium in the sprays from the extra heavy spraying we've been getting here since mid-April threw his heart out of rhythm.  The waaay-beyond-stooopid Em Deities who sit up in their climate-controlled fluorescent-lit Ivory Towers of Big Pharma probably wouldn't put two and two together.




      Another one:  Put a silhouette of a jet and make it crumpled up to look like a dog in That Position, complete with four nozzles letting fly all at once, then put a big red circle with a slash through it with the words below saying "Not HERE ya don't !!!!"

    • Earth Angel says:

      So sorry to hear of the losses of those near and dear to you Laura. Losing so many in just a short time must be so difficult to bear. Keep strong dear lady, as it sound like you are. We can never allow the crimes being committed against all life on earth to break our spirit- challenging as it may be. We are still fortunate enough in our area to hear the songs and chirps of a variety of birds yet and see them flying and nesting about. I soak it in and absorb it with both eyes and ears while we still can.

    • NewGirl, Dennie, and Earth Angel,

      Thank you for your responses…

      NewGirl, re your experience at the soccer game… just last night, on the Boise news, was a report of a 15 year old varsity softball player who died suddenly of "unknown causes"… her community is, understandably, devastated:

      One truly must ask themselves, what could precipitate the death of such an active and, presumably, healthy young woman?  I suspect a connection to a recent uptick in chemical ice nucleation here in the last week, as our region has suddenly plunged to well below normal temperatures.  While the temperatures are below normal, they are not low enough to explain the snowfall we have been having the past few days.  Yesterday a radio announcer reported that we would have snow flurries with a low of 34f and a high of 56f.  She seemed oblivious that a daytime high of 56f and snow flurries didn't make sense.  Sure enough, it snowed throughout the day, but at temps around 47f. By nightfall the temp had dipped to the "predicted" 34f, where it stayed until daybreak.  I am consistently astounded that so many people do not see the incongruency in this.

      Dennie… my companion, Al, has had 3 stents and a quadruple bypass in the last eight years.  A week before his heart doctor put him on oxygen, his regular physician had prescribed a CPAP.  Al's brother has arrhythmia, so I am very concerned for Al's well being, at this point.  Are the geoengineering programs also an intentional culling of the old and/or infirm?  Seems mighty suspicious, to me.

      Earth Angel… as always, your thoughts run very close to my own.  Yesterday, I noticed a bird species I had never seen in my yard before.  Sure enough, this morning a neighbor informed us that we have a "new" Oriole hanging out.  A little more research reveals they are Bullock's Orioles and, though native to my region, are not typically found in town… preferring the food sources found at the nearby Silver Creek Preserve.  My guess is they have been flushed from their normal habitat by the extreme flooding we have been experiencing… along with a native squirrel species that showed up in our yard for the first time, also a river ecosystem dweller.  Our watershed received 220% of normal snow pack this year and the unseasonable warming two weeks ago brought on major flooding:
      The current sudden cool down reduced the flood stage of the Big Wood River significantly and seems rather suspicious, in terms of the multi-million dollar homes being threatened by the flooding… homes belonging to the large number of ultra-wealthy who live here (usually only part time)… folks like John Kerry & wife Teresa Heinz, Arnold Schwarzenegger & ex-wife Maria Shriver, the Wrigleys (gum), Fords (autos), and many other mega-industrialists whose names are not as commonly known.  
      The following article from 1975 gives an inkling of the "who's who" here and, although an old article, the list has only increased over time:
      Several of the participants of the annual Allen & Co. "billionaires club" conference, held at the Sun Valley Resort each July, have "vacation" homes here: and

      …food for thought.


    • Dennie says:

      The EEDJOTS doing the spraying are not doing this deliberately to kill you.  Barium is needed to suck up the water vapor and the moisture. It absorbs something like 400 times its weight in water… it also is a heavy metal that displaces potassium, which is the element responsible for keeping a steady heart rhythm. 

  8. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    We have a group of 5 Autistic Special Needs kids, that come to work Wednesday & Thursday from 8AM to 12PM. The students come to work at our landscape nursery, to experience what it is like to work in public, we train them for their up and coming real world life experience. It saddens me to hear about the Autistic rates skyrocketing and to see the sinister effects of immunizations.

  9. LS says:

    Alert Dane and All… the Tahoe Tribune just came out today with a 1/2 page ad to expand cloud seeding (ie Geoengineering) in the Tahoe Basin on behalf of SMUD  – Sacramento Municipal Utility District.  Lots of admitting going on but not the Truth. I need multiples of Danes book and am on the way to the PO right now as I 've been dragging my feet financially. They are excepting evidence based comments only. OKAY.   People, this is a place so special that it has an appointed governing board – TRPA.  Good place to make a stand. Here we go……


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello LS, thank you for your message about the notice of cloud seeding. Yes, such an announcement is an opportunity to sound the alarm on the climate engineering issue, but it is important to remember that cloud seeding and climate engineering / solar radiation managemeng programs are not one in the same. FYI

      This being said, again, your suggestion to use Tahoe Basin announcement as an opportunity to sound the alarm is right on target.

    • BaneB says:

      There is only so much freshwater in the form of rain.  At least that is what I was taught somewhere a long time ago in a school class.  If so, one area, a county, forcing a low pressure system to produce greater precipitation than would naturally occur seems to me to be on the order of grand theft.  Counties downwind expecting rain might find themselves receiving less than their natural allotment.  And so that county hires the same rainmakers, and so on down the line.  This seems to me to be incredibly short sighted and meddling where we ought not be trespassing.  The most obvious bit of insanity is that with the massive Geoengineering operations already causing drought in so many regions including Tahoe, one must realize the ignorance on the part of local governance for why they are lacking rain.  One is wanting to ask if they are too ill-informed to be in positions of leadership and authority.  But, there is hope on the way. One wonders too how much of the BIGGER picture this rain-thieving company knows. Good luck, LS.  And please give us your assessment for how it goes.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, yes, your points are valid. There are variables that should be considered, the atmosphere carries 7% more moisture for every degree C of warming. Also, the warming can and does dry regions out much faster between precipitation events. Since water vapor is a primary greenhouse gas, one of the climate engineering objectives is to reduce atmospheric RH (relative humidity). This goal shows their highly destructive myopic vision of climate mitigation “mitigation”. Again, Bane, your points are all valid, there is NO benevolance in the climate engineering insanity, none.

    • Dale K says:

      Yet another anomalous weather event stirred up by the geoengineers who have managed to keep a superstorm system in place over a large section of the Rockies (Colorado/Utah/Wyoming/Idaho).

      #Superstorm forming over Rockies | MASSIVE precipitation event | "White Mud"
      MrMBB333 | May 17, 2017

  10. Re Autism:

    Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist at MIT

    "When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you; 

    you know your Nation is doomed. 

    – Ayn Rand –

    (February 2, 1905 – March 6, 1982)

  11. LS says:

    On the vaccination subject… get this, folks. I first heard from the autism awareness groups that acetaminophen is highly suspect in not only preventing natural detox after vaccination but it actually causes a concentration of the toxins. Imagine the possible implications of this world wide!!!  I have taken acetaminophen for years because I have a reaction of bleeding stomach from NSAIDS.  There is a disease syndrome associated with this called Steven Johnson syndrome discovered by the Mayo 7 years ago. They will not point directly at Tylenol but that is the culprit not just any medication. This stuff is really bad and one more thing we have to avoid.( I think I'll start chewing on white willow for pain relief and see what happens).

    • Dennie says:

      @L.S.:  You're right on!  Acetaminophen is something the mad doctors dispense like candy, not understanding that it is a liver toxin!  The warning on the labels of products like Theraflu and it's generic knock-offs specifically say NOT to exceed taking more than six packets a day of their product as the acetaminophen "may" cause severe liver damage… kinda like saying that if you fall off a building, or if you get hit by a truck going 70 m.p.h., you "may" get hurt–

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Apparently all pediatricians are pushing Tylenol before and after vaccinations for babies and children. One of the worst things a parent could give their child.


  12. horsegirl says:

    I spritz my eyes with distilled water to wash out barium and other pollutants, which helps vision greatly.  Does anyone know of other fluids safe and effective for the eyes to detox their surface? 

    • Dawnski says:

      Good question. My eyes and vision has been concerning me as of late. Healthy ideas are greatly appreciated. 


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      I have been using colloidal silver in my eyes for many years now, with NO ADVERSE EFFECTS. I do not put the liquid directly into my eyes, as some say is perfectly safe, but very carefully take a saturated Qtip and go around the lid. Enough of the silver gets into my eyes to deal with the possible invaders. Now, if you have any doubts about this, do not do this. Do NOT do this if you have contact lenses, or any infection you are already using a prescription for. No cross medicating, please. Body types react differently. I am Scots Irish and my body may be OK to use this, when others are not. For me, colloidal silver has proven safe for ANY part of my body for over twenty years. I use it daily and depend on it, especially for my ears and a stuffy nose or infection, etc. Buy a quality product.

    • horsegirl says:

      Susan, hi, and thanks.  Do you use colloidal silver full strength right out of the bottle, or do you dilute?

    • Rosalie says:

      I use sensitive eyes saline solution, Horsegirl.  Lately, I've been having to use it most days.  It's definitely cheaper than lubricating eye drops. If my eyes get really bad I go to the health food store and buy an eyebright solution.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Hi horsegirl … full strength right out of the bottle. Maybe two or three times a day if I feel need it. With a Qtip.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Very important to never rub your eyes with your fingers. Never ever! Seriously, our fingers are loaded with potential bacteria and who knows what. So keep your fingers out of and away from your eyes. Use a Kleenex or a wash cloth. 

  13. marc says:

    Somebody put up on FB yet ANOTHER article on autism only this time the entire premise is about how autism (in our prehistoric ancestry) has likely been instrumental in influencing our evolution to bring us to our present exalted state. Yet another speculative pile of steaming horseshit designed to cram ever more disinformation into the minds of average morons on FB suggesting that autism is actually something we should be thankful for, for having brought us to where we are now. It can be found at "". Read it and weep……sorry, folks, I ain't gonna go there. We all know why autism is such a "hot" topic now and it sucks beyond comprehension. I can't help but think articles such as this are written by ghost-writer/covert disinfo agents and then very skillfully inserted into social media under false pseudonyms. I don't give one single rat's ass whether anyone who reads this post thinks I am some kind of paranoid/delusional conspiracy theorist blah, blah, blah….We've been starting to see a regular sprinkling of articles out there which are attempting to reconfigure our attitudes about autism through one angle or another. As the father of a mildly (but clinically) autistic daughter, I know a thing or two about this topic. And though I love my daughter unconditionally, beyond anything I can describe, if I could magically take away her autism, if I could only have known about the dangers of vaccines back then, if the shit-birds hadn't been poisoning our air since before she was born, if, if, if……..

    • Blue Sue says:


      I can so relate to what you say here — your assessment of the cited FB disinformation, and your take on the ever deceptive narrative on autism that prevails today. I for one do not think you are a paranoid/delusional CT, but of course cuz you're preaching to the choir here.  I also have an adult daughter with autism (fairly "high functioning") who was damaged by the MMR vaccine.  She'll be 34 soon and still lives here at home with her mom. I wish to god I knew back then what I know now about the travesty of vaccines and the medical-pharmaceutical industry.  It's been about 20 years now that I've been savvy to their evils and have tried to inform anyone who will listen.  As a teacher, it can be a little tricky enlightening parents, as I have been called to the carpet for simply recommending vitamins, good nutrition, and recommending Dr. Mercola's website to a parent. 

      While shopping at Safeway this weekend, I was appauled to see a poster in the lobby by the checkstands advertising free vaccines (for flu shots, shingles, hepatitis, etc.) along with a 10% discount on one's grocery order as an incentive to take advantage of their pathetic pernicious program so stinkin injurious to us clueless "consumers" as we are labeled today. 

    • horsegirl says:

      Marc, I've been meaning to tell you how much we appreciate your posts.  As to spooks online, google "public relations/blogging" employment opportunities with large corporate entities to see just how abundant paid blogging jobs are.  There is no doubt people can get paid to blog about anything, for that matter, if they agree to hold down a talking point or two.  Someone mentioned Dailykos, where I used to publish articles on finance.  It is more laden with PR widgets than street dogs have ticks.  As for the weaponized term "conspiracy theory,' does anyone get called a conspiracy theorist for believing the Italian mafia exists?  Organized crime, which is the very definition nof conspiracy?  Then why does the public suppose organized crime is strictly limited to Italian Catholics?  Ask President Kennedy, who clearly described an international conspiracy in his "secret societies" speech of April 27, 1961.  Back when statesmanship came with eloquence.  No, you're not paranoid.  Just having your wits rubbed raw in the golden age of cyber-enhanced stupidity.

    • marc says:

      Blue Sue, I have many times been shocked and astounded at the tactics in use to encourage the public to vaccinate their lives away. I've even seen posters affixed to the shopping cart corrals in parking lots of major grocery stores advertising special prices on flu vaccinations, or in the front windows right next to the entrance, or on "sidewalk-signs" inside drug stores like Walgreen's, etc. These mf's are beneath contempt who orchestrate this shit at the corporate level. Secret evils on scales we cannot begin to comprehend.

    • Dennie says:

      The report from the veterinary world is that pets are now being diagnosed with autism.  They "have to" have all those annual vaccines… my new vet says that any pet older than 14 no longer should be receiving annual shots. 

  14. Joseph L says:

    MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO  GMOS MAY 20–     Find your city worldwide.  This is a great place to go to
     this demonstration and bring flyers to hand out    from this website against geoengineering.              I personally like the Look Up flyer.   I am also printing up this flyer and adding on the bottom.

    I hope more people do whatever they can for the GREATER GOOD.

  15. Seeing Clearly says:

    Remember me bringing to attention the claims that we have to stop shaming autism and disabilities as in we should learn to accept autism and love disabilities and see it as something awesome well the same kind of hypocrisy is happening with geoengineering we are being told not to shame geoengineering despite being so distrustful in many ways this is ridiculous.


  16. Seeing Clearly says:

    If I was a parent evaluating the world if its for kids or not considering every factor I could remember I would grade it a big fat F.

    Does this spark any emotions to you parents?

    We live in such an unrighteous society this is truly shameful we must change that.

  17. Seeing Clearly says:

    The issue of drugs is definitely a serious problem, we never won against the war on drugs.

    Here is an important question for you altogether

    Do we have the right to be evil in any way, including to ourselves?

    If you answered no, many people use the right to do whatever you want with your liveliness as an excuse to justify their wicked ways.

    Children and society are watching,  the world is being influenced, if this make drug addicts guilty or any wicked behaving person for that reason.

    We all inherit life on earth, not death so why do we in general fall in love with wicked things or deadly things and promote death? 

    The revolt against life which we are all guilty of doing to a degree is something we must turn away from.

    Children should not be sacrificed for ones own gain or for anyone's pleasure.

    If evil is who you are, you don't have the right to be yourself at the expense of others simple right.

    For those who think we have made so much progress on eradicating illness at least infectious diseases think again as we are seeing measles come back in some cases from vaccinated children if that is strange to anyone.

    We have to be on alert for biological warfare, how is it that whenever a vaccine safety activist gets attention immediately there is an outbreak in that area when the disease was already eradicated from that area and couldn't have entered unless an immigrant spread it or it came from one of the vaccines.

    I am pro-safe vaccines and just because I said that doesn't make me a pro-autism hypocrite it just means that if the vaccines where safe not only would they not be immune from a law seut and have no testimonials and studies saying otherwise but also we wouldn't have an epidemic of chronic illness and also if you have a mental illness your more likely to have many more illnesses than people who don't have a mental illness because toxins unlike abiotic infections toxins know no bias and don't discriminate and will kill you and hurt you in whatever way they do because they are not alive so they don't target you specificly but rather they run into you and spread that way.

    Want us to trust vaccines, don't refuge the manufacture from potential lawsuits, don't silence testimonials and don't omit information and instead have transparency and love the skeptics because they are your friends you can't perfect a product if you're only listening to the people who are satisfied and not the people who see flaws.

    And remember vaccine safety advocates are not normally pro-disease in fact it's the vaccine worshippers who admit being pro-disease   and pro-disabilities and call it diversity as a form of denial of the problem and call disability a good thing and call us ablest curebies and other names for wanting to prevent what they call their identities which is their disability they claim is who they are and their superpower.

    so many factors at play we have to constantly keep watching.

  18. PatinSF says:

    Wonderful to see  those outreach booths..I hope to see them in San Francisco, The East Bay Berkeley Oakland and Marin County areas some day..Thank you! 

  19. Randy says:

    Ladies and Gentleman's… I'm not sure what it is like where you live however here in Michigan it is getting unbelievably thick in the sky. I have been watching this for a good 10 years now and the difference every year is astounding to put it lightly. I've noticed this year how much more of this toxic mud is being dispersed at a lower elevation. I believe there is more to their agenda than solar radiation management. To think how far they will go is unimaginable at this point with Trump saying he is all in to "start it up" ??? Make no mistake…Critical times are upon us and our loved ones. 

    • joe Strauss says:



      I too have observed a mix of this and that with Geoengineering

      chemicals.  I have observed all since 1996, North California.

      It appears from my intuitive self the HAARP  is being used more to

      cause severe storm changes, ie typhoons, Cyclones (South Pacific)  Hurricanes…

      i believe the aircraft stop flying only when no chemical available.


      And I do say the US Air Force refuels those aircraft thru Air Tanker use.  Of course it is ultra high and over the Oceans,

      Atlantic ocean or Pacific Ocean….    Joe


    • helot says:

      Yup, here in Iowa, same danged thing, Randy.

      We had a clear blue sky today. I tried to point out things to a little old lady today. Clear skies today, I told her to expect 100’s of trails tomorrow, like the usual. She didn’t want to hear any of it in spite of her science background and her acceptance that she noticed the trails in the sky in contrast to today’s clear blue. She said they are all flying too high… I didn’t press the issue except to point to this website and the jet motor .gif which shouldn’t produce any contrails at all.
      It’s her grandchildren who will suffer because of her and he children’s willful ignorance. That’s on her and her children, I suppose.

      She told me that her children denied all of everything, head in the mud, par for the course. But at least she was asking them questions, I’ll give her that.
      Her children told her she shouldn’t even open the door to me in the future, as if facts, logic, and official patients were big scary boogiemen. Yeesh, some people, I tell ya.

      Ah well, let no one tell her and her family members they weren’t given fair warning as to what’s taking place above us and how it may affect them.

  20. Rebecca says:

    David Keith owns a geoengineering company in Canada called Carbon Energy and I did not know this! Wouldn't this be a conflict of interest? I am so sick of being sprayed like an ant and they are using airplanes for the spray cans! I have been on my mission calling and writing daily for about 3 years now! Thank you Dane I know how you must feel because it seems people are so slow to take off the blinders! Iam fed up with being nice about this issue, now I am fighting mad because nice doesn't get anywhere! And getting sicker by the day! Thanks to all who fight this terror we find ourselves living under!

  21. S Cook says:

    Just got back from a car trip to/from AZ from IL with my son.   All day long (and at night), CT planes in sky belching out toxins and filling the sky with a thick has of grayish/brownish soup.  Winds howling day and night across the high plains of the southwest.  It is sooo obvious what is going on but I have yet to find anyone that notices on their own, or cares to take a minute to reflect on the phenomenon when I point it out to them.  Amazing that – even when you get someone to accept the premise of CTs in the air – they generally take a fatalistic perspective and go back to their fake news and bread/circuses.  Glad there is a community who are aware, concerned and taking action against this insanity.  Peace to all!

  22. MS P says:

    On the food front. Azure Standard is a organic non GMO distributor. One of their  organic farms in Sherman County Oregon is under attack

    They may face a court order to spray round up to kill weed.  Public comment is welcomed & much needed.

  23. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hi Dane and Everyone.  Have been continuing to inform those with courage enough to analyse Truth from fiction.  I have given up on people that doubt or disbelieve that (1) the Canadian government would allow a spraying program above our heads and soil, (2) people that support vaccination programs and all the propaganda that is disseminated to their empty sponges.  The docu-series 'The TRUTH About VACCINES' made me think and recall events in my life.  I was raised in a single parent home.  Mom fed us wholesome garden food.  I grew up in the garden essentially, for Mom loved gardening.  I do too.  Go figure…  Anyhow, I remember being stung as a child by one of Mom's precious bees.  It hurt.  I cried.  Little swelling and red mark,  event essentially over by next morning.  Then at around double digit age of 12 or so I was vaccinated for something or another.  I was stung by another bee shortly after this and had a pretty bad allergic reaction.  After another tetnus shot in my twenties seemed to aggravate the allergies.  Now when I am stung by one of Mom's precious friends, it does a real number on me.  What I am wondering, does anyone else here on this site recall the onset of their allergies if they or so afflicted?   

    • helot says:

      Weird stuff happening when i try to post.
      All I can say is, the neighbors reacted badly to being informed. Science is something they pick and choose from.

      RE; ‘does anyone else here on this site recall the onset of their allergies if they or so afflicted?’

      NO,but yes. Didn’t get poison ivy until recently.

  24. BaneB says:

    I know this is off topic but my dog is really acting weird. I got out of bed around 3a.m. to let her out.  She woke me.  We both went out.  She did her business.  But after coming back inside she is like a nervous nelly, pacing, running about, going upstairs, coming back down.  She does not want me holding her.  And is now more settled on a sofa pillow but alert with ears up and Sphinx-like in her position. I trust her instinct to know something is amiss.  She is very smart. This has been going on for an hour so far.  Frankly it's spooking me.  There have been some strange winds starting up.  Any one else having a similar situation?

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      BaneB — I do not have dogs anymore, but I have a friend whose dogs having been behaving in unusual and often reclusive ways. I believe that many animals are highly sensitive to the alterations in the air, the atmosphere, which are essentially electromagnetic.  Also they can "smell" and perhaps even "feel" the chemicals that we are now inundated with, the nanoparticles of Lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, coal fly ash, etc. based in fungi. Our best friends are warning us…

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  There were odd blustery winds last evening in Marin County (San Rafael).  This morning the sky's clouded over and the air has that "beech tree" smell I've smelled after certain sprays have been applied, and they were at it again most of the day yesterday.  Would love to quarantine the @$$holes responsible for concocting the spray mixes and force them into telling us what is in it that we, AND "they," are being forced to breathe.  Then put the crap in a tank and make them watch as their witches brew gets forced directly into the lungs of someone they care about, (but not really…. or they wouldn't make that shit in the first place, DUH!) A$$HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!! 

      You know, I know this just isn't "higher consciousness" but I just want all of these juvenile delinquent little mthoreckfuers to FEEL WHAT THEY ARE FORCING US TO FEEL, for a goddamned change.  I want them to suffer right along with the rest of humanity and GODDAMNED FEEL IT. 

    • BaneB says:

      Susan/Dennie:  Thanks for your input. Susan, yes I did wonder about electromagnetic sound impacting my dog.  There are wild animals around here.  She knows right away if bear or deer are present and will bark but then settle down.  No, this was quite different.  And when we went outside at daybreak, she did not pick up a scent and do her macho thing had an animal been roaming about.  Of course a two legged critter was considered.  But very unlikely given the area.  So, she nervous made me alert.  Dennie, a front was approaching and it was preceded by strong gusts.  She is use to the weird winds here. Was this a deliberately microwave-directed weather front? I would not be surprised.  At 3 am the moon was out.  At 5 am the sky was cloudy.  At 11 am the mist began.  And it has continued all day.  It's now about 4 pm.  Sloppy wet, and the grasses here are thicker and taller than ever.  The forecast is for 7 days of pure sunshine according to the weather channel icon.  Good luck!

    • Dennie says:

      Well I'm one of the RARER HUMANS who really CAN smell, taste and feel the shit being sprayed on us all.  The past week there have been at least three different kinds we got hit with, here you go:

      Monday, May 8: 

      "Sandblast-weight" salty metal, causes lots of irritation and coughing

      Tuesday, May 9:  Same

      Wednesday/Thursday, May 10/11: 

      C-o-l-d stuff, humid, really settles DOWN, extremely fine powdery stuff, the kind of stuff that gives me a severe headache and nausea ("sick headache," as one of my friends put it), ice-nucleation formula

      Tuesday, May 16:

      "Beech tree" scented stuff; in comes the dark rain-laden clouds with lots of wind, and no rain.

      ALL of the stuff feels very drying.  Every day is a nightmare, trying to breathe, and getting a good night's rest is mostly a thing of the past.  You don't have to be a dog to sense the crap, just a very sensitive human who is completely intolerant of the nasty inventions of an overly Yang element that continues to run this planet right into the ground. 

    • LS says:

      My (not fixed) male Wolf and 2 cats are acting strange and are asking for extra human attention. We all woke up ahead of the 4 earthquakes this year here. They could be feeling the "P" waves and respond in to it in advance so be prepared.

    • Gretchen says:

      Radio frequencies; my cat acts similarly when the bastards crank up the volume. I know this because I can (hear) the changes in frequency and pitch.

      The wind is full of radioactive particles and climate engineering particles, and the human species has lost most of its survival instincts and doesn't intuitively detect danger like other species.

      Not off topic at all, just another dot to connect.

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Dennie:  I too am overly sensitive to the various poisons with which we're being sprayed 24/7/365. The aluminum alone is creating sensitivities in many people now. May I ask what the "beech tree" smell is like? Before I was aware of how extensively the chemical ice nucleation crap is being used, I became aware of what I call a "vegetation" smell. It's a very unnatural smell, yet it reminds me of perhaps a conglomeration of various kinds vegetable matter that's beginning to break down. That's the only way I can describe it. It was after I noticed this smell on many occasions that I learned that Pseudomonas syringae, a plant pathogen, can be used as an effective means of ice nucleation. Then it kind of made sense. I'm no chemist or botanist by any means, but could it be that "vegetation" smell is the grass, trees, weeds, shrubs, and other plants combined emitting some kind of distress signal if a plant pathogen is falling on them on a regular basis? In the early spring, when the grass was just starting to get a little green and, as always, the wild onions were popping up everywhere, one day I picked up the distinct smell of those wild onions, the closest of which was at least 10 feet away. It was another heavily ice nucleated day – they haven't stopped with that since late September here in SE Pennsylvania – yet I could smell those wild onions from at least 10 feet away. 

      I'm not familiar with what a beech tree smells like, and I would appreciate it if you could describe it. Every piece in this increasingly insane puzzle counts, or might at some point. 

    • Martha says:

      BaneB, assuming you're in the U.S., and you don't mind saying, what part of the country are you in?  Are you  urban or rural? Very strange about your dog. I don't blame you for being spooked. It's my experience that dogs sense a great deal more than we do. As I'm sure you know, all of their senses are far sharper than ours and so are their instincts.

      I so miss my GSD who I lost to cancer. She would wake me in the middle of the night only when something was seriously amiss or if she really needed to go out (which was rare).  One particular night she woke me up and kept heading towards the front door then would turn and look at me. That was unusual as she always went out back unless we were heading out for a walk. I was half asleep and really puzzled about her behavior. I didn't 'get it' until nearly two hours later when the C02 alarm went off! She knew we were in danger and needed to leave hours earlier. She was trying to tell me, "C'mon, we've gotta get out of here!"  I always knew she was really smart but this incident brought it home to me. My dog was smarter than I was.  

      I hope your dog's okay. Hard telling what was going on but I have no doubt that something was. Please update us when you can.

  25. Jamie says:

    Today in southern California it was 52 degress as the sun went down. This is completely and insanely abnormal in May. I have had the heat on one day and the air conditioner the next. I am living in the twilight zone there is no doubt about it. With all the insanity going on in the world I am convinced that there is some mental illness taking hold of the populace. If anyone had told me that this was the future when I was a kid, I would of never in a million years would of believed it.  And yet here I am living in a time I would rather not be.  I truly wish I had been born in about 1913 so that I would of enjoyed this country at her peak years especially the 1950's and then passed away before all this started!  But alas here I am in this crazy time surrounded by pure and utter evil on the one hand and insanity on the other I know that there are others out there like me and I am not alone! I will be going down to the OC Fair and Event Center to lend my support. Is there any information available as to hours of operation etc?? I wanted to add that there has been so little sun that I am very worried about my plantings and fruit trees etc. My poor strawberry plants are not in good shape. I am truly scared that food production will stop because of the lack of sunlight . It is truly depressing, but I will soldier on and keep pointing to the sky and hope to wake more of the populace up, it is our only hope. Dane have you any more information on the sue suit to stop the sky's being sprayed in Canada or here in the USA? I am at a loss as to what else can be done, I know that there is a Mothers march to stop Monsanto coming up out here, is there another stop the geo engineering of the sky coming up?

    • MS P says:

      It actually had snowed in the Mountains above Los Angeles. Yes I agree maddness. One day cold & the next day hot. I too am gravely concerned for the CA food production & supply.

    • Dennie says:

      @Jamie:  I understand what you're saying but being born in 1913.  My parents were born in 1915 and 1918, so I saw what they thought, believed, and how they lived according to their limited understanding of the planet and it's greater needs.  Being born then would've made you just another one of the thoughtless consumers of Everything, with NO understand and even LESS caring about what you'd actually be doing to this planet… and you'd just be one of The Ones a little bit more responsible for mindlessly ruining and robbing your own grandchildren of the right to life on Earth, for God's sake!!! 

      Our RESPONSIBILITY NOW is to EMBRACE RESPONSIBILITY, LIKE GROWN-UPS, and not just say something as brainless, heartless, soul-less, and yes, E-V-I-L (for lacking those above-named faculties, we are evil) as "I wish this weren't so, I wanna go backwards!!!" then GET TO WORK and DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY towards fixing this mess that our parents, grandparents and other abusive ancestral progenitors have narcissistically dumped on us. So now, let's get to work!!!

    • MAP says:

      On the topic of food production/food crops. All of the information, videos, government documents, patents, etcetera that have been presented on Dane's website; ALL OF THIS BEGS A HUGE QUESTION.

      When will we enter a period of time where it becomes very difficult for food crops to grow? I know there is difficulty right now but we have not seen hyperinflation on food products so far. Please advise me.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, thank you for the great perspective you have offered here. I hope more than just myself will understand the depth of your offering.

    • BaneB says:

      MAP:  My sense of urgency, if at all with a modicum of prescient forebodings, suggests to me that from August into Fall could be a convergence of global economic and military maelstroms.  California is earthquake country.  We are warned by authority that a major quake could knock down freeway overpasses, shut down computer operated gas stations and supermarkets, water pumps, etc. Hoarding is a ethical 'crime' during a emergency.  Products become scarce.  But in times of plenty it is a civic responsibility for all citizens to have some extra on hand. Therefore it's sensible to have food and water stored for any emergency, man made and/or weather related, etc.  And the more the merrier….you might want to volunteer to share.  That is short term storage.  For long term storage there are a number of suppliers who offer freeze dried and vacuum packed products, usually in the #10 size can or the large five gallon bucket of prepared freeze dried meals.  One outfit comes to mind, Honeyville.  But there are a number of these suppliers who offer a wide range of products.  I am fortunate to be in a rural area where many people are somewhat self sufficient.  They grow much of their greens, eggs, pigs, chickens, and beef.  There is a farmers market.  Of course if there is greatly diminished sunshine, all bets are off.  Stock up in this time of plenty.

  26. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    It's been 2 days now since I listened to Saturdays broadcast. I usually listen twice on the same day. Can't bring myself to do it this week. There were 'way' to many points of fact that effect my life directly. I think I've shaken enough dirt off by now to have another listen this evening. Listening twice helps me remember things correctly so I can pass on information that is accurate. "It matters".

    Folks, I did not make it to the Peace March this weekend. I'm having this feeling like I let someone down. My back did it's usual thing after a lot of lifting and twisting at work. Saturday morning I couldn't stand for more than 5 minutes let alone go walk 4 miles holding a large banner. I have mixed emotions about my absence from the March. I wanted to be there and I said I would be there… and I couldn't make it. 4 or 5 years ago or more, I'd have bucked up and went for it. I've done that to many times in my life and now I am paying for it in many ways.

    I'm looking forward to this weeks Farmers Market. The booth will be finished a little more. Each week will have some kind of improvement in getting information out to folks that pass by. I'm on a shoe string budget so things will have to be accumulated as money allows. My farmers market gets a lot of tourists passing through. I can't wait to give them something to think about and look at while they travel on down the hwy in this once abundant high mountain desert country.

    So with my back all messed up, I just sat in my rocking chair and did research all day long. As I sat here at the big windows, I watched the weather. It was quite a show. By the end of the day I had an inch and a quarter of "hail" on the ground. When I woke up the next morning, the mountains looked like they were covered in snow. I shutter to think what was in that hail. I could hear the jets flying over the clouds through out the day. The hail actually stacked up and slid off the roof like snow does, only it was in fast motion. The hail was not round per say. It was more like an oval with two flat sides and they were about the size of a large pistachio nut. That is not normal for here in any way. Also what is not normal is that the hail was the consistency of a slush ball. Our hail has always been solid. Folks around here are starting to comment about how it's usually warmer this time of spring and they're right. My region is getting the bajeebers sprayed out of it with chemical ice nucleation. I worry when winds come from the south. Hanford is only 250 miles down wind of me. Snow(hail) scrubs radiation out of the air and puts it on the ground. During the hail, the winds were from the south.

    Please let me share a few thoughts about "moving to somewhere else" in regards to getting away from the degree of madness you have in your world in your region. "The grass is 'never' greener on the other side", Ever! Sorry is the horse that jumps the fence thinking he will have more to eat than the rest of the herd… and can't figure out how to get back over the fence to the safety of the herd he trusted and relied on. (Horses are honest with each other). (Choose your friends well). I know how it's going to go down after the shit hits the fan and several "lucky" ones make it into my region. They're not going to be well received to put it bluntly. This is and always will be a factor where ever you think you can escape to. You will only be welcomed as long as you are spending money on the local economy. When your money runs out, and it will, you will have painted yourself into a corner that will not be comfortable and will be difficult to survive in. What will your thoughts be then?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Ok, so I have listened twice now. Two points, if I may,

      The list of the CIA's definitions of of conspiracy theorist is nothing more than the McCarthy era continued. Please remember who the "adults" were in that age. That hit list of propaganda worked quite well. It ruined a culture that could have prospered and taken good care of our mother earth, our only home. We could have taken care of each other too if we were given a little room to practice.

      "Going to the dump", (big grin here). When I was a boy, My mom took us to her folks home in Prineville Oregon, 'my grand parents'. My grandpa would save his weekly chore at the county court house where he was head janitor and take me with him to the local "dump", land fill. It wasn't very big as I remember, not compared to what Dane saw in his youth, but I am certain that the intent of inclusion was the same. I'll share with you what I remember the most. "there was so much "stuff" that I, as a young boy, could make something of value out of that "stuff". I think my grandpa used to get a kick out of listening to me as I commented on what treasures I was walking among. My grandfather was a humble small town Nikola Tesla, "honest". Maybe some of you remember what a teletype machine "was". My grandfather had one. He talked with someone at the south pole on his ham radio, while I was sitting on his lap. I remember it well. I remember the huge tall antenna on the corner of grandpa's house. What I remember most , grandpa could fix anything. My bar was set high, I try my best to carry on a family tradition. Lastly, I will add this, my Grandfather was proudly a "Bohemian". This simple man of grace is proud to be a part of that society.

    • BaneB says:

      A simple horseman:  Some of my prized possessions came from various dumps/landfills:-)). For more than 20 years, knowing my plan to retire and live as my grandparents did, I went to flea markets and garage sales.  Wow, what treasures from the past, and for virtually very little monetary costs….furniture, kitchenware, crocks, oil lamps, dishes, glasses, paintings, books, textiles, and TOOLS, all the discards from a bygone era we lament as a sweeter time long since passed. The propaganda was to buy new and modern, still is.  I own virtually nothing new or that is not dinged or scarred..  I don't go to flea markets anymore.  There is nothing more I need or want to give me that old timey religion of things.  And it is rescue service of a sort.  There is so much old quality "stuff" around at junk stores.  And so much that is tossed out that is still full of usefulness for someone somewhere.

  27. Wayne Koppa says:


    The Mount Washington Observatory was buried in more than 30 inches of snow this weekend even as parts of Massachusetts are expected to see highs of more than 90 on Thursday.

  28. Eva says:

    Here we go… here is the Medical-Industrial Complex's assessment of Climate Change:

    Climate Change a Major Mental Health Threat, Experts Warn

    Alicia Ault

    May 12, 2017

    Climate change is a major threat to mental health, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), warns. The association has joined the growing ranks of physician groups that are sounding the alarm about the multifactorial effects that rising seas, temperature extremes, and changing environments are having on individuals' physical and mental health.

    In a new position statement, the APA focuses on the profound impact of climate change on mental health, which may include the development or exacerbation of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or substance abuse………..

    • BaneB says:

      Eva:  Hah hah:-))  Gosh that is good to know.  One wonders what we would do without these "experts" stating the obvious.  Which seems to me to be symptomatic of just how detached from common sense has become America's cognitive dissonance….which these experts are exemplifying. Why don't they declare cognitive dissonance a mental disease?  They are infected, too!  In their sad case I recommend two weeks of therapy….requiring a daily forced viewing of THE BODY SNATCHERS…the original black and white 1950s version.

    • Dennie says:

      I wonder why these fcuking IDIOTS can't see The Obvious, i.e., the mental, spiritual and physical health IMPACT of CHEM TRAILS.  I'm saying, we are forced to look at that shit going down up in the sky every single damned day, then we gotta breathe it.  The TERROR being dumped on me by the perpetrators that I am forced to feel when I see the fucking jets up and about spraying, knowing how sick I will feel/be in a few hours when the poison drops down onto everything and everyone is simply indescribable.  But "They," the Great White DOCTORS, would only very dispassionately observe my EMOTIONAL REACTION and note it most carefully on their charts.  Like the shit sprayed on the planet would somehow NEVER affect them, oh, but nooooo………. cold hearted mthorefckuers.

    • SD says:

      The Weather Engineers are driving me crazy. Two weeks ago it was 95F here in SoCal.  Then a BIG cooldown, with rain/wind/snow in local mtns.

      Similar situation here today with wind/rain/ and yes, snow – same SEVEN DAY cycle. Forecast for next Sat? You guessed it – 95F again. Entire area been 15 F below norm for two weeks.

      Upper Level Low Pressure system with extreme cold air centered over Barstow area 3:00 PM today.  Temps in nearby Big Bear Lake 14F cooler last 24 hrs/ M3.6 EQ reported near Big Bear, shallow 0.6km deep.

    • BaneB says:

      SD:  Went out a while ago with my dog.  Noted a huge ring around the moon.  A low pressure system is suppose to move in sometime mid morning.  Used my flashlight bean to check air quality.  Not good.  The usual thick gray nano-particulate shaft.  Temp is rather balmy given it was 32 yesterday morning.  The approaching low is forecast to snow above 9,000 feet.  My frog pond, a shallow marshy area, has the usual tadpoles.  The difference this year over the past years is they are way larger than I have observed, and way early.  It is not like the weather has been warm.  All equally fat and plump, no mix of various sizes. Different year out of what was the most difficult winter I have experienced in 26 years in this locale (central Mendocino County, ca. 4,000 ft.).

  29. Another remarkable broadcast, Dane! Thank you very much for the huge research and efforts involved in producing a weekly update with so much detail and thought. I am forwarding the link for it onto 28 friends and relatives, and praying that I get a better response than the last time I tried that with this motley crew….that had a response rate of about 3 out of 30, as I recall.

    We canna give up up, tho, can we? The bloody geoengineer lunatics certainly are not…Yesterday (May 14) was a nightmare sky here on PEI, eastern Canada. The worst spray day here since last year. Radar manipulation grid patterns on the resulting spray layers like I have never seen before. Distinctly cross-hatched giant antenna-like manifestations on the erzatz cloud blankets.

    Yesterday morning, temperature was a lovely 67F, then came the all-day spray attack, and today is a total overcast and 35F. Thanks alot,

    weather controllers. The whole thesis of the recent floods in eastern Canada being engineered as part of a US/Canada trade bicker seems eminently believable.

    Keep up the great work Dane, and everyone here at this bastion of sanity! You are a beacon in this smeared-out dark world.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, it is our combined efforts that can provide a flicker of light in this darkening world. If we all stand together, we can yet make a difference, even at this late hour.

    • Duane Brown says:

      Hello Steve,

      Good to hear from  someone in the Maritimes. I am in Saint John and we are getting the same.


    • Dennie says:

      Heavy spraying again this afternoon across the eastern Pacific, the sh!t's been a-driftin' in here since some time around 3-ish I reckon.  Weird, ugly, cold sunsets here lately.  When the wind stops blowing it's hot as hell. 

    • Hi Dane, thank you for the encouraging note! We shall overcome! It just might take awhile…..Today was another nasty spray day here out East, I am afraid.Yuck. Toxic gleaming pearly canopy time.     Out of the 30 people I sent the broadcast link and info to, exactly ONE has responded. And he was dubious. I have sent him a detailed reply, all about the marvels of SAG and weather warfare.

      As the old song goes, Lord, give us some HELP down here!

  30. Dawnski says:

    I recently volunteered for the Charlotte Queens Cup Steeplechase. At my orientation I learned that the Alzheimers Association was the main beneficiary of the event. During my orientation I let the representative know that I would share with her one of the leading causes of Alzheimers in the hopes of stopping this disease. I just shared this with her today and yet, as I researched Alzheimers on the website I see they denied the association with Aluminum and Alzheimers when you tried to get a booth at their event a few years back. I hope this doesn't go in one ear and out another. Charlotte is so blatantly sprayed on a regular basis how can anyone not see the lines and signs pointing to so much health deterioration? It is saddening and maddening to know how much money gets raised for prevention that is like dust in the Geoenegineered wind.

  31. Dennis says:

    I have algae growing in the gutters now. Like pond algae, growing in the gutters? WTF? There are people doing UV monitoring and like you have shown the numbers are being DRASTICALLY under stated. Why would ANYONE not want us to be informed as to how bad the UV has become. Severe sunburns and fading painted signs everywhere. Plants grow all funky and seem to be averse to direct sunlight now.

    How out of whack do things have to get before people wake the hell up?

    As you yourself have claimed many times, "the sky could be on FIRE and no one would notice." I think people could have their HEAD on fire and wouldn't notice!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes and we have the global dimming effect going on at the same time, blocking out the once beneficial purifying rays of the sun- yet we get fried and blasted by the harsh burning UVB & C rays.. a lovely situation for all living things. The rim around our little vinyl 15 ft. swim pool was completely cracked and blistered by the sun last summer making it unusable this year.. someone needs to develop a sunscreen for vinyl and  many other surfaces now. Just imagine what it is doing to our delicate skin, the animals, and plants when it is fading plastics, paints and metals. Ugh.

  32. Seeing Clearly says:

    Disease prevention is needed, notwithstanding, what a hypocritical society that embraces junk food and junk lifestyles that are not and never will be healthy yet this vaccine autism pride kicks into play that some how we have to surrender to autism and disabilities and accommodate them instead of curing and preventing them because we are ablest if we do otherwise. 

    Autistic speaks out against autism acceptance  and received death threats for doing so if I remember correctly, I received a few for doing the same none serious. 

    When don't you hear about a vaccine advocate advocating for vaccine safety instead of trying to prove it already safe rather than admitting that it's not safe and trying to make it safe or look for alternatives because apparently that's too ablest to do.

    The vaccine debate is harming us, this statement is in no way discouraging dialogue,  we have pride from both sides, let pride not be the motive we abide by when advocating for our health and the health of our loved ones there is a reason why pride is deemed a sin in the Bible because just like deceiving and lying and stealing pride is also harmful to a good cause. The alternative to a debate is reasoning together instead of debating.

    Big Pharma takes advantage of our ignorance, alternative pharma does the same one sells you a drug  in the name of treatment and the other bleach to profit out of your sickness and the sickness and lack of healing big pharma doesn't offer no surprise.

    While I am aware that mainstream western medicine has done a considerable amount of good, it fails in many areas. Alternative medicine is a response to the failure of our hijacked and greedy mainstream medical system that refuses to provide certain treatments because of financial issues such as nutrition shakes for example, when I lost a lot of blood its a miracle that I  still alive because of internal bleeding that raised my heart rate and the rapid heart-rate was blamed on anxiety so it kept getting worse.

    I was also told I was going to have to be on medication for my bleeding ulcer for the rest of my life because there was no cure and that was also a lie because it's been over 2 years since I had a problem I got a new name for these kind of people lets call them cure deniers.

    I think independent health care is best by that I mean the powerhouse is the patient and he can make decisions on his healthcare and has full control without laws burdening him on his decisions.

    I also want to make known my best interest and that is to progress in a direction in which we eliminate all forms of health related afflictions this includes disabilities, disorders, diseases and syndromes assuming all these terms don't have the same meaning.

    You have a life you can spread life with it or death with it please make the right decision.

  33. helot says:

    The photo with the six people facing the camera was inspiring. I read the comments here all the time, but to see actual people – looking into a camera – in front of that booth…

    I wish I knew people with that much moxie. Regretfully, they sure do shame everyone I know. Those six people, and everyone who mans a booth or speaks to others about climate engineering, they are true heroes.

    • marc says:

      helot, I agree. Those six folks at the Gem Faire booth are MY heroes, too. In fact, anyone that chooses not to remain willfully ignorant on this critically important issue is already on the path to heroism. God bless them, all wherever you may be.

  34. Seeing Clearly says:

    The masses seem to forget that life is a never ending war, if you're not fighting, knowing all the messed up stuff that happens in the world then you're part of the enemy.

    Fight the good fight and don't mix the good fight with the alternative good fight (the bad fight) which is the acceptance of evil for its diverse role in our reality and consciousness. 

  35. marc says:

    Donna-AZ posted a link here to a report about the mandatory vaccination legislation in Sweden being summarily tossed out as unconstitutional. Holy Mother of God, and hallelujah! But the motherf**kers who rule THIS government (corporations) are not gonna take no for an answer. I am personally prepared to leave this country if my government mandates vaccines for me. This is where I draw the line in the sand. As if all the other myriad assaults are not of themselves reason enough to get the f**k outa here. I am not bullshitting. I swear to God, I will relocate. It will be a major pain in the ass but I am preparing myself for this eventuality. 

      I mean, like, how much more obvious does it need to get to convince the greater public that we are completely expendable, except not too fast, because that would negatively affect profits. How many are aware of the shocking and as yet UNSOLVED "suicides, murders or disappearances" of over 60 holistic doctors in only the last 22 months? Who would have the motive to undertake this rampage? Who would have the money to fund covert assassinations of this kind? That's right…Big Pharma/Big Medical. But these covert murders have also been waged against anything or anyone that threatens the comfort zone of the jackoffs who hide deep in the shadows: civil rights leaders, rock stars, labor leaders, etc. Fascism? Ha! Duh! Wake up and smell the java. This ain't a democracy anymore. Hasn't been for a long time. And all the shenanigans erupting in media over the Trump administration's contempt for our sacred institutional structures and protocols seem only to lead us all to believe there is still some semblance of democracy that not only MUST be safeguarded, but is actually salvageable. How laughable, yet heart-wrenchingly tragic. Yes, my cynicism is thick as fiddlers in hell. 

      Again I ask, why is allowed to operate? Is there some useful reason (for the deep-state dicks) that this treasure trove of data and perspectives is allowed to keep functioning? I pray every day for the safety of Dane and his family (and the LASG) and would encourage others to consider doing same. These are really, really evil people we're dealing with. There are no words in the English language to adequately convey the depth of their depravity.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, about your question on, yes, I have often wondered the same. I believe we are gaining allies behind the curtain who also realize that the climate engineering insanity must be exposed and halted. There is only one way forward, to continue our march in this most critical battle. My deepest gratitude to you Marc, and to all other activists and individuals that are truly commited to this cause.

    • Roma says:

      "Why is allowed to operate?"

      Many alternative websites have  been threatened with being shut down, because TPTB are afraid of people knowing the truth, and those reading the alternative media are aware of this.

      Closing down Dane's site would be to acknowledge that it is the truth.

      Threats to close it down could influence those still sitting on the fence to jump over and join those of us now awake. And TPTB do not want that!

      Just my thoughts on the matter, I could be wrong, and in saying the above, I would be totally devastated if it was closed down, it would be a an enormous loss to all readers, present and future.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  Great post as always.  2004 was a very busy year for knocking off biologists around the world.  And you remind me of just how many activists and whistleblowers have been "suicided."  It's astounding how many who have exposed the bottomless pit of deep state corruption have "killed themselves." Some simply knew too much, did not know they knew too much, and some were able to disseminate exposures through mass distributions via print and electronic media.  Quite a few were planning on writing a book or a follow up book. That is the "crime."  It's easy play for the spooks to know one's daily business, to ease into one's apps, to read a first draft.  We are imbedded into the I-cloud.  One cannot make any plans that are not broadcast on a computer or cell phone.  It's nearly impossible to keep our private life private.  Or one's public engagements from being not so public.  

      Were I a younger person I would immigrate.  This is not the country I once felt was reasonably well governed and sane.  No, the "American experiment" has gone postal.  And subsumed.  Our capture has been masterful.  911 was the moment of our takedown by the internationalists who gained absolute control of the levers of power and have the nation trapped in a Middle East blunder of epic proportions.  It's now obvious Trump is their marionette.  

      The depth of the depravity is summed up in two words:  DEEP STATE.  And as you say there is no terminology to adequately encompass a three dimensional picture of just how utterly rotten with evil is this force that the Church Committee described as Murder,Inc.  

      Argentina looks like a reasonable haven.  I have noticed advertisements on various sites offering to facilitate a move, and real estate offerings, advice, etc.  Gee, but to have yet another adventure is appealing to me, though the reasons for such a change are not.  

    • marc says:

      Thank you, Dane, for taking the time to reply to us posters when we all know how swamped you are with your work. And to BaneB, a most excellent reply to my post, sir. The thought of moving out of the country is an intimidating one. I'm not so young as i once was. Ha! Furthermore, if I am choosing to move away to escape mandatory vaccinations, what about all the aerosolized pharmaceutical bullcrap they're already spraying on us?? Such as lithium, and God only knows what else? Not to mention Morgellon's organisms. It is a bleak picture no matter how we try to spin it for our own comfort level.

    • BaneB says:

      Roma:  With close to 27,000,000 hits (visitors) and tens of thousands of posted comments expressing outrage at the criminals and their weather control/warfare insanity, making a move againt this site is not yet a first priority.  Suckerberg and Google et al are destroying websites that depend on advertising revenues.  It's the money from the ads that has been shut off.  The kiss of death for many alternative free speech news websites.  Which is to say is independent of the monetary blackmail.  AND all the more reason to contribute to this incredible website….to further its ability to disseminate truths.  One can be sure after these wicked controllers get rid of dependent alternative news, the same dark force will come after independent sites using a different tactic.  If this site were to be shutdown there will be no place for others to "jump over and join."  There will be no alternative, just silence under the roar of jets.

    • ron hall says:

      Marc!  I hear you, my brother. It is obvious that many here totally relate/resonate with your words. I was damn near ready to split this War making Empire in the 60s–I probably would've headed back to the Philippines where I lived for 2 years(in the Southern part-paradise-like then–not now) or return to Winnipeg, Canada where I grew up. But marriage, a beautiful daughter–you know the deal. And all I can do now is dream–too damn old! If you do decide to leave( and I most fervently wish you stay), be very careful and get as much information as possible. Unfortunately there are PSYCHOPATHS doing horrible things to their own people everywhere. Also, corruption is a way of life in most emerging countries. And US military can weaponize weather against any country on earth(they have done that to both the Philippines and Canada, BTW.)                                                                         Switching back to the war-making Empire-just found this link:  The US military is the WORLD'S LARGEST POLLUTER–creates more hazardous waste that the 5 largest chemical cos. combined!–39,000 contaminated areas spread over 19 million acres just here in US!   Some 1200 Superfund sites–almost 900 of them are abandoned military sites. IMO, Iraq-the entire county-is one huge Superfund site being filled with thousand of tons of Depleted Uranium(half-life is about 4.4 BILLION YEARS!) and other nasty shit by the thousands of tons! I don't even want to start again about 20 million bomb craters in 'Nam. Laos and Cambodia.                                                 Hang in!

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi marc, thanks for commenting on my post. I am prepared for the day our government tries to mandate vaccines for me, "they" better bring a gun, because I'm not sticking my arm out for any of them. We need to stand strong, and show "them" who is the boss of "us".

  36. Donna-AZ says:

    To the wonderful people helping with, and manning the booths in every week's Gem Faire location, thank you very much for your time in helping to bring awareness.


    • Bija says:

      Yes! Thanks to the gem faire contingent for being there every weekend!  Love the idea of the bags. I am going to look into having some made for my own hand out. 

  37. Donna-AZ says:

    I was just sent this article -Sweden Votes Down Mandatory Vaccination

  38. marc says:

    Is it just me or does it seem bizarre on some level to listen to Dane's entire show, brimming as it was with the latest in apocalyptic environmental news on every front, to somehow still find the kahunas to carry on with the message?? I know Dane understands this aspect but for the average moron out there (me) the sheer overwhelming MAGNITUDE of the unfolding meltdown can barely be described. I continue to do my best to broach the subject of climate engineering and weather warfare with folks who I sense would be receptive, but the general malaise and lack of concern is indicative of one thing and one thing only: normalcy bias. In fact, it almost seems that as the undercurrent of deep, deep unconscious realization that we are SCREWED permeates ever more widely amongst the population, many are clinging even more tightly, whether they understand it consciously or not, to their families, their hobbies, their recreational activities, their relationships, etc. I submit that the extent to which the average person SENSES an approaching global catastrophe is stronger than most would admit. Many of my friends and acquaintances have admitted to me that they know we're in deep trouble environmentally, but most refuse to talk about it. The whole topic is just too goddamn big for most people to bother with, even in light of their tacit understanding of the trajectory that we are on. (extinction) 

      On a tangential topic, a new video has been put up on YouTube of Guy McPherson speaking at a (are you ready for this?) "Sierra Club Dinner" event on April 27th. Is the absurdity of this not immediately apparent? Here we have a guy who won't openly and unequivocally discuss the massive geoengineering that's been going on for decades, lecturing to an environmental group of considerable clout and public visibility who won't acknowledge the massive geoengineering that's been going on for decades. Hello? Absurd. Furthermore, listen in at about 6:00 where Guy dance's a dosie-do all around the geoengineering topic. He states that all human activity is essentially "geoengineering" and has been going on for a long time. But he is very careful to NOT openly proclaim the obvious fact of govt/military geoengineering and strangely enough, not one single voice from the audience questions him on this misleading characterization. He talks about sulfates and the (verifiable) fact that civilization itself is a "heat engine" but he still to this day will not openly acknowledge INTENTIONAL (as opposed to incidental) global geongineering projects to influence weather, etc. I agree wholeheartedly with Dane in his searing critique of Guy McPherson's whole game. In theory, a guy like Mr. McPherson could be a strong ally in the awakening of tens or even hundreds of thousands to the military's terrifying agenda. But alas, cowardice assumes many forms. McPherson just refuses to crack the lid wide open on that Pandora's box. Instead, he takes his audience ultimately to the land of touchy-feely-let's-all-be-buddhas. Maybe not the absolute worst message one could toss out onto the ground in front of an awakening public but Jesus Christ, he is in a prime position to help blow the lid off this whole thing but he won't do it. Yes, he may have had threats, even of personal harm. I get that. And it is a real possibility in this sick-ass world of three-letter subterfuge, espionage and deep-state psychopathy.

      On a different front, the skies over Tucson this past week have gone from gorgeous, puffy, white, flat-bottomed clouds and cooler temperatures to a sudden overnight increase in heat to clear skies punctuated with more parallel, long, lingering trails right over the Tucson area. (I counted 25 at one point) The next few days were smeared with nondescript white blotches exhibiting zero coherency. Yesterday was totally clear, virtually no clouds, today a sky-canopy choking with incoherent blobs and smears and wisps of white shit going in all different directions and a UV "feel" that is most unpleasant. What must go through the mind of the average idiot who bothers to gaze upward from day to day? I don't know, I just don't know. I reckon it is easy for many, many folks to just imagine that life still seems great and every bit worth living. Boy, are they in for a big surprise. 

    • Bija says:

      Marc, well said and i appreciate and relate to all the sentiments you shared. I have been trying to get the word out about the Keith Group disclosure and the fact that Tucson is the target city for the program to openly begin. I keep wondering how much worse it can really be. Then I realize they can blitz us every single day with anything they choose and no one can say a thing! Yet the response to being intentionally experimented on has been negligable. Hardly anyone really cares, even now that they have been put on notice that it will be happening, and specifically to them! WTH??? I'm beginning to think that what remains of humanity deserves the extinction fast heading to a city near us. Maybe G. M. is more typical than we'd like to believe.

    • Roma says:

      Late last year, Guy McPherson gave a lecture in Nelson, NZ which I attended.  And his lecture, as always, skirted around the Geoengineering issue, however in this instance at least one member of the audience confronted him about it, but he very skillfully evaded it.

      I am friends with one of the people who organised this event and knows Guy, even hosted him on a previous visit to Nelson. He told me about things that have happened to Guy in the past, even back to when he was still teaching at University. Guy will have his reasons for not addressing the geoengineering issue.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Roma, about Mr. McPherson, whatever his reasons are to emphatically deny the dire climate engineering assault, is it excusable for him to do so? We must consider this, Guy is not just avoiding the subject of geoengineering, but aggressively and frequently denying this absolutely verifiable reality. For McPherson to tell his audience that they are all going to die very soon, and there is not a single potential factor that could make any difference in the equation, is tragic. Yes, our collective horizon is dark, but how can Guy pretend to tell the truth about the climate and the state of the biosphere while at the same time denying the single greatest destructive factor to both? A factor that could be exposed and halted? FYI on McPherson

      Thank you for your input on this issue, Roma, hope your friend (who hosted Guy) will consider the injustice of McPherson’s false and deceptive narrative.

    • BaneB says:

      Bija:  I find the Tucson location to be of special interest.  Correct me if I am incorrect but is Thcson not the headquarters of that corporate devil that has the gall to refer to itself as the "ray of God" Raytheon?  It's deeply involved in weather warfare technology.

    • Dog says:

      A few words about Tucson:

      @Marc: Everyone should share the link that Dane has provided about Guy McPherson (Professor Emeritus at the UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA (Tucson) – "The Flying Spaghetti Monster" Himself. This story should wake at least a few people up…

      @Bija: Worldview Enretprises is in Tucson, and will be facilitating the "Experiment". Looks like a groundswell against this crime is in order. Emails, spread the word, etc.

      @BaneB – While not the headquarters, Tucson is home to the Raytheon plant that makes the Hellfire missile. Employs a LOT of people –

    • BaneB says:

      Dog:  Thanks for setting me straight.  The last bastion of manufacturing….armaments. Major employer.  Eisenhower was inside, a general, a president.  He gave the warning.  Kennedy paid the price…..Vietnam was just too profitable for him to get in the way.  Which is why when these political frauds talk about peace, they mean war.  Were global peace to break out tomorrow, the American Empire would explode.  Economic collapse.  Our national fate is sealed.

    • Dog says:

      @Baneb re: Raytheon – sorry, it's the Tomahawk missiles they make here, not the Hellfire missiles- not that it makes much difference to its victims!!

    • marc says:

      Dog and BaneB, I'm hip to Raytheon and their shit. In fact, y'all just reminded me that I know a guy (a bluegrass fiddler) who works for Raytheon here in Tucson. (I am also a bluegrass fiddler) I met him at one of his gigs. Next time I see him I'll (carefully) question him about what exactly he does for Raytheon. For all I know he may just be a dumb-ass accountant or something. Ha! 

  39. Tom Keith says:

    So how bad does it have to get before the masses react? 10,20,30% of the population gone ? Sometimes I wonder if we're in a movie and the producers are showing us how to destroy a planet. Maybe we'll learn something and the sequel will be  a better version. You couldn't write a better horror movie than what we are experiencing.  

    • MAP says:

      In the region where I live,I am noticing more and more people dying who were born in 1950s and 1960s.  The anecdotal evidence around these parts is that people, in general, are dying much sooner than previously. The toxicity on multiple fronts is having its desired effects.

    • BaneB says:

      Tom Keith:  Get a copy of THEY LIVE (1988).  It's a cult classic "B" movie written, directed, and I think produced by John Carpenter.  There is no such thing as fiction within the spiritual arena of the universal theme involving human good and evil.

  40. Sean says:

    Great video Dane,

    I particularly like how you focused more on the environmental aspects in this video rather than mainly sticking to politics. While I understand the political issues are vital in themselves, I personally feel that the main theme should continue to relate to the environmental breakdown as this is of course the overarching issue.

    I look forward to that information on the UV, as it is a difficult topic for many of us to verify since it takes special equipment. Obviously we can feel that the sun appears hotter but it is not something that is easy to quantify or measure for the average person. Continual updates or even some sort of chart that could be filled in with the readings frequently if possible would be helpful.

    If you could do another video on the plant life and problems that are appearing, that would be fantastic as well. This is something that all people can see if they know what to look for, but unfortunately as long as a plant has some green left, many believe the plant is healthy. An updated video on different plant species and comparison to more healthy specimens for contrast would be extremely helpful. 

    Thanks again for all you do,.

  41. Frank says:

    I admit sometimes I don't get every detail in this torrent of news, but if the immunization-causes-autism fight is suddenly won – isn't that cause to celebrate??

    I never remember such a deep cover-up ending? Won't there be thousands of bewildered and sick parents looking for heads to skewer? Class action lawsuits? Billion dollar settlements? Disgraced, bankrupted companies?

    • Michael says:

      Legislation was passed years ago that prevents vaccine injury suits.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Talking about the "weather";

      This ups and downs in temperature variations are so extreme and always connected with the airplanes "activity" and consequent spraying, that for me is really surprising that the majority of the People is still failing about connecting the dots.

      Here in Southern Europe, where the new "law" is EU, after the weather variations I've reported on the week of 5 th of May, we are having in these last days, more extreme variations of temperatures of more than 15ºC in less than 48 h, because of the enormous "cloud" formations produced by the heavy spraying conducted by the planes ( and the MFs ), with strong rain periods to register.

      Last 10 th of May, after two days of heavy spraying and after a beginning of the week with very warm days, with temperatures surpassing the 27 / 28ºC, we had Winter back!, not only because it was a very rainy day, but it was very cold also, with temperatures falling under the 14 or 13ºC.

      And until Saturday 13 th, temperatures rose a little, in average more 4 or 5ºC, but we had almost constant rain through All these days, only on Saturday the rain became intermittent, and we had in this day large periods without precipitation.

      About the visit of the pope to the Iberian Peninsula, we must point the fact that all the visit was heavily reported, and the footsteps of the pope ( that wears a cross made of aluminum in his chest ) were always tracked by many cameras everywhere.. inclusively the entry to the airplane, when in the moment of departure, the takeoff of the plane, and the beginning of the return trip of the pope to his state,  which was filmed by a military plane in altitude, short after the takeoff..

      And it is very interesting to notice that was visible to ALL, that the airplane which was carrying the pope, was NOT spraying.

      Another BIG point of interest was in the 10 th of May, when in the evening I was listening to the radio, and in the news was reported that delays in many flights in the principal airport of the country were recorded during the day, and these delays were attributed due a malfunction of the system of fuel pumping of the AIRPORT. But it is VERY interesting, because in this very rainy day, I spend half a day in my porch and in the garden doing some works ( under the rain ), and the activity of the F planes was insane, above the clouds, with the consequent rain some time after, that kept falling all day, along with the "airborne" activity, that was during all day also ( in my region ).

      So, many delays were recorded, and in the skies, the activity of the "rain" makers was insane ( over the "clouds" ), and the cause for the delays of the commercial flights was a malfunction in the fuel pumping system of the airport.. Yes, makes sense.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Can't immunize the criminals from the law, and worst deny their criminality.

      This contradicts what America has been constituted on that we all be under the law. 

  42. Donna-AZ says:

    Thank you Dane for this weeks news report and truth telling. Yes, TPTB are losing control of WE THE PEOPLE. We don't want their GMO's, their Smart Meters, their Vaccines, their Flouride, their Weather Control, or their Fake News/LIes. Tic Toc.

    On another note, on my last trip to Costco, I was there well before the doors opened with t-shirt on, and a man tapped on my shoulder and said, "you know, people don't believe what's on your shirt." I said "well where are the planes today?" He said, "No, I don't mean me, other people" Then an older lady (not with him) said, "Yeah, people don't know about it." I said "because it's not on Nightly News, and they don't want you to know they are controlling the weather."  The man said he was a bio-engineer for many years and it is in fact going on, and has a website. He also said, "what gets him, is 9/one/one," I said "yeah, Building 7" The older lady didn't know about 9/one/one, but said she would investigate. When the store opened, I pulled my flatbed off to the side, and looked for the man to get his website, but couldn't see him anywhere. I would consider that trip a success, even though those two already knew. We spoke loud enough for those packed in around us to hear.

    I am fortunate to live with a graphic designer, who just helped me designed a shirt specifically for my Costco trips, and any other place I have to stand in line. I have no income, so I did a little bartering.

    Plant seeds,  Any Way You Can.


    • MAP says:

      Thank you for giving the extra effort on awareness at your costco visits. This provides another example of what we little people can do to plant seeds.

  43. JR says:

    Good Sunday Morning, and Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers. Getting bombarded with SAG/SRM by these sorry bastards pieces of dung of a human in Southwest, New Mexico. One day they will burn in hell. The evil that they are sorry excuse of a human being, salted to the Max…no good for nothing if it has no flavor only to trampled under feet the word says.  

  44. JillR says:

    I find in increasingly curious that I've now been banned from commenting on the Daily Kos and my comments were recently removed from The Guardian. Those comments were on vaccine danger where I only presented information about the movie "Vaxxed" and Ty Bollinger's series "The Truth About Vaccines". Not only was I viciously attacked (those comments were allowed to remain), but I was repeatedly warned by the moderators of both sites to stop posting conspiracy theories. All of my comments were educational in nature and not attacks……at all. Needless to say I un-subscribed from both sites. I'm not going to buy into any source of information that stops dialog. It took me a long, long time to go from being fully on board with vaccinating to where I am today…..strongly against, but there's no going back now that I know the truth. It's been the same journey with geoengineering. The other side can rant and rave to their hearts content, but what they don't realize is that I WAS one of them. However, once the mind cracks open there's no shutting it.   

  45. John Patrick says:

    Dear Dane,

    Nothing is going to change in my opinion until we march on Washington itself with enough people to make them listen.  Period.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, certainly I understand your frustration, but consider that things are changing by the day. There are as of yet too few truly commited anti-geoengineering activists for the type of march you mentioned. Take the recent climate marches as an example, hundreds of thousands showed up for those, was there any mention of the climate engineering elephant in the room? Unfortunately not. Those of us that understand the dire threat posed by climate enginering must focus our efforts on sowing the seeds of awareness until the geoengineering assault can no longer be hidden in plain sight, that day is nearer than is yet visible. We cannot fight a battle without an army of the awakened, FYI

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Yes, a massive march on Washington! Count me in. In my opinion there are enough of US to make this happen and make difference. At the very least we would raise awareness even more.

  46. Dennie says:

    I heard that story when it came out right away about the melting of the tundra and how that was going to release long-buried viruses and pathogens.  At the time I thought, "Gee, really?  HOW?"  Because if an organism's been encased in ice for a few hundred years or longer, it might be there but chances are it wouldn't survive.  What a whopper!!!!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dennie.

      The Fkrs are dreaming about the possibility of playing the bubonic plague "card" on Us.

      It is only necessary to change the "juice" of the spraying.

      Many years ago, I saw a documentary about Etosha Park in Namibia, where in a very dry year, hundreds of Elephants and Hippos died because of anthrax ( large carnivorous seem not to be affected ). In very dry years, they say the bacteria comes out from the ground, traveling with the dusty wind…

  47. Heh, heh… No tax on aviation fuels, eh? Ok. Gee… Musta been a plan… Erm… Who pays for all those wonderful chemical additives we suck up every day??? Man, those lofty stuffed suits at the United Nations are sure clever…

    Excerpted from: Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation – Wikipedia

    ["The Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known as the Chicago Convention, established the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations charged with coordinating and regulating international air travel.[2] The Convention establishes rules of airspace, aircraft registration and safety, and details the rights of the signatories in relation to air travel. The Convention also exempts commercial air fuels from tax.

    The document was signed on December 7, 1944 in Chicago, U.S., by 52 signatory states. It received the requisite 26th ratification on March 5, 1947 and went into effect on April 4, 1947, the same date that ICAO came into being. In October of the same year, ICAO became a specialized agency of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The Convention has since been revised eight times (in 1959, 1963, 1969, 1975, 1980, 1997, 2000 and 2006).

    As of 2013, the Chicago Convention has 191 state parties, which includes all member states of the United Nations—except Dominica, Liechtenstein, and Tuvalu—plus the Cook Islands. "]

    Complete page:

  48. ron hall says:

    DANE: I dig your intensity and passion!  You referred to the Korean Horror and tonnage of bombs. The "war" was basically fought by the USA(some UN troops there).  Truman went around a compliant/cowardly congress and by Executive order, the horror began until an "Armistice" was signed by USA and North Korea. Legally, we are in some kind of limbo with them and who knows what will happen. China has deployed a massive force at their border and Russia has troops, armor,rockets etc. at their border on the East side North abutting DPRK.                                                Another HOT AREA: All of Eastern Europe is loaded with US tanks and rockets aimed straight at Russia–right on Russia's border!     Another area is little known Kalingrad- a Russian enclave in the Baltics(I can almost guarantee our MSM will NEVER discuss this baby). And then we have, of course, SYRIA-a complete NEO-CON CREATED CLUSTER-F**K; where the trigger points are endless. I'm just touching a little on US poking Russia. China? just research it–another tangled web.                                                                           As General Smedley Butler told us in the 30s "WAR IS A RACKET." That general, at the time, was the most heavily decorated marine in US history (and a kind of hero of mine).                                                                                                Anyone, try asking a friend how many bomb craters The US left in the Viet Nam War? Then hit them with this.;_ylt=A0SO8zjauRdZkEcARs9XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEycWU4a2hsBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjM5NTBfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=20+million+bomb+craters+vietnam+war&fr=yfp-t-s

    • Dennie says:

      All of this is a mad grab for the last of the world's natural resources.  Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about this in his 1997 blueprint for U.S. world hegemony titled The Grand Chessboard.  The thesis is whoever controls the oil and the water controls the planet.  Every place you mentioned shows Brzezinski's mad map of "divide and conquer," of the middle east and central Asia.  You can see the U.S. masterminds making inroads in the far east, cutting a swath into and around China and continuing work on Balkanizing the middle east.  Get Syria and you can get Iran.  Get North Korea and you can get China.  As of 2011, Syria, Iran and North Korea do not participate in the IMF: 

    • MAP says:

      Always remember: The US Military is the "Enforcement Arm" of the US Federal Reserve (and remember this entity is not a part of US Govt in any official sense and that there is nothing of value held in 'Reserve').

      And remember that Pres Woodrow Wilson on his deathbed regretted signing the Fed's Charter.

      Enough said. 

    • Joseph L says:

      WAR IS A RACKET — WRITTEN IN 1935 BY 4 STAR GENERAL  Smedley Butler

      Everyone should read this–

  49. Phil says:

    The incidence of autism creates an interesting pattern.


    Boys are 5 times more autistic than girls.

    Hispanic boys are 1.5 times more autistic than white boys.

    Black boys are 2.0 times more autistic than white boys.

    The explanation for this pattern is testosterone.   Mercury reacts

    preferentially with testosterone.   Blacks have up to 19% more

    testosterone than whites, which yields twice the rate of autism.   

    • Dale K says:

      Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen: The world-renowned researcher discusses his ground-breaking theories and development of autism support services and educational products
      Autism Speaks | Apr 13, 2015

      Autism Speaks: You’re now studying hormone levels – particularly levels of the steroid testosterone – in the womb. How is this advancing our understanding of the early development of autism?

      Dr. (Simon) Baron-Cohen: We’ve known since the 1940s that, in laboratory animals, high levels of the hormone testosterone masculinize the brain and body. Further, we know that this effect occurs only during a critical period of prenatal development. In humans, it’s between 9 and 24 weeks of gestation.

      As a group, male fetuses produce twice as much testosterone as females do. Taken together with our findings, this may explain why autism is more common in males.

      …in 2014, we found that children on the autism spectrum indeed had higher levels of fetal testosterone.

      Next, we want to test if the same elevation is found in girls who go on to develop autism. We already have a clue in that there are elevated rates of polycystic ovary syndrome in women with autism and their mothers. This syndrome is caused by elevated fetal testosterone.

    • Dennie says:

      That would also be Sacha Baron Cohen's cousin.  While we're on the subject, here's a way interesting article I found that Cousin Simon Baron Cohen wrote titled The Science of Evil:

    • Dennie says:

      Well, here's some more about Simon's famous cousin, from Wikipedia: 

      On 28 December 2015, Baron Cohen and his wife Isla Fisher donated £335,000 ($500,000) to Save the Children as part of a programme to vaccinate children in Northern Syria against measles, and the same amount to the International Rescue Committee also aimed at helping Syrian refugees.[94]

      Seems we have one Baron Cohen exposing the illness and the other Baron Cohen creating it.  What a racket.

  50. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, Excellent as always, although I was going to the store, and my local news radio station was saying something about Somali's – that was about Vaccines in this region's – That they are scared of vaccines, because there was an out break fear among the local's against of autistic risk of the people's children, so the ones whom got vaccinated now have the measles, which the local's that got vaccinated, now they want to vaccinate these others that didn't get the measles, they want them to get measles Vaccination? These poor peoples are doomed either way. Sorry to get off subject, but I just heard about this today on the 24 hour news radio station. Who knows what the truth is, although I do, that vaccines are a scary proposition,

    Who can you trust, if the people sworn to protect people are the same trying to make the children of the world's children sick or now dying. This nothing new, it's just in your face now!!

    God Bless All My Fellow Watchers    

    • Colleen Cran says:

      When the Somali's still lived in Somalia they had never heard of the word autism. When they came to the U.S. most Somali children were fully vaccinated. Then when many of their children started developing autism, their parents no longer trusted the vaccine program. This Somali community have some of the highest rates of autism in the U.S.

  51. TreePower says:

    I had a very real vision that the criminal aerosol spraying of OUR atmosphere suddenly stopped and with lightning speed mother nature stepped in and corrected some of the bigger damage done by this illegal spraying. Keep fighting! There's still time to create a future.



  52. Bette Thatcher says:

    I attended the Gem Faire in Sacramento at the Scottish Rights Temple yesterday (12th) and was so happy to see your booth!  Even though no one was attending it, people were looking at your flyers.  I took one and the CD and got to tell others what it is about.  So, thank you for setting it up!

  53. Gaianna says:

    Great show. Information packed. Plan to purchase the new book soon. Thanks for your work, Dane. You are truly a great hero!  

  54. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Thank You Dane. If this newest Global Alert News does'nt Wake a Few Up, I can't imagine what it will take! Great balance of news items. Bam.      

  55. frank reps says:

    Getting Dane’s message out is tremendously important for ourselves…our families…and future generations. I addition to copying his flyers and circulating them ; we may also want to contact our local radio station owners and managers and offer to show Dane’s program on a computer. { with the thought that the stations may be willing to air his program } In the final analysis ; the donation of our hard earned money will also help Dane to spread the word.

  56. richard mann says:

    dane; i just watched a TED-X video on the benefits of nuclear power , the man was saying how wonderful fision power plants are …. safe …clean and cheap sources of power that will help to stop global warming by reducing the carbon foot print ————— is this an insane world ——– in view of what is happening at hanford an fukushima  i say YES!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Some of the TED talks are pretty disturbing, with their technotopian speakers who have nothing to spread except "happy happy, joy joy" yellow smiley faces and their Gospel of A Happy Ending for Earth, if we just keep on smilin' while we let them continue on their impractical, wacky, insanely science-fiction driven path to our planet's "healing…" as if this class of people, the very class that brought you DDT, MMR, atomic-hydrogen-neutron bombs and their flip side, atoms for "peace."  Oh, and Stratospheric Aerosolized Geoengineering (ever notice how these people can never use a two-syllable designation for what we see going on right over our heads 24/7/365, not as long as they could use a FOURTEEN-syllable designation, as if that alone somehow makes it "good," from "knowledgeable," "educated" "people," and I use that last word pretty lightly…), not once ever so much as thinking to look at the total cost of all their craziness and their even crazier fixes for the effects of their craziness– UGHHH!!!!!!

  57. Joseph L says:

    Seeds Of Death: Gary Null Full Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMOs,"


    Must see movie


    • ron hall says:

      Joseph L;  I thought the movie by Gary Null was powerful!  Thanks.                        We mere mortals will NEVER be able to solve the SPENT FUEL ROD problem…so far, keep them in constant water or dry cask them–both methods need constant checking and the HALF LIFE of many of these nasty, nasty radioactive isotopes can be thousands or millions of years.  As A. Einstein said(paraphrasing here)…"The only thing he felt was truly infinite is Man's ignorance"  Not so sure about the other stuff                                                                     You might find this article           re: SPENT FUEL interesting.


    • Joseph L says:

      Thank you Ron on the article on  SPENT FUEL.  IT WAS VERY INFORMATIVE

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      And we have the SUN, an infinite source of CLEAN and SAFE Energy.

      All nuclear plants must shut down.



    • Dennie says:

      Great article, ron hall, good catch!!!

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Reasoning or an unbiased investigation indicates GMO's cause more hunger than what they prevent.

      They get to us sick and burden our learning and retaining of knowledge and also burden our medical system which comes from taxpayer dollars.

      So many factors at play we must not forget about.

  58. Susan Ferguson says:

    Massive Corporate Consolidation of Local News Underway
    May 12, 2017 / by Anti-Media Staff
    (ANTIMEDIA) In a deal that will allow one broadcasting company to reach 72 percent of U.S. households through ownership of local news stations, it was reported this week that Sinclair Broadcast Group is buying Tribune Media for nearly $4 billion.  Such a move wouldn’t have been possible a few weeks back, but Donald Trump’s new Federal Trade Commission (FCC) chairman, Ajit Pai, just began implementing sweeping changes to previously established media ownership rules. Bloomberg explains: “A Sinclair-Tribune merger was made easier last month when the FCC restored a rule that allows TV station groups to count just half of their coverage area for Ultra High Frequency stations to comply with a 39 percent nationwide cap set by Congress.” …  “so many things happening at the FCC right now … Ajit Pai, Donald Trump’s pick to head the agency, has been dismantling all kinds of consumer protections and regulations, certainly net neutrality, which many of us consider the First Amendment of the internet, what protects your ability to go online, do whatever you want, go wherever you want, and download whatever you want. … So we’re seeing a concentration of power on the broadcast side at the same time they are building up these powerful new gatekeepers, really doing the bidding of the most powerful companies and just paving the way for them to do whatever they want.”


    • Archie1954 says:

      It is imperative that current leaders and living past leaders who have refused to do their duty to their nations and ultimately to the World with respect to climate change, be held responsible for the death and destruction that is resulting from their gross negligence or active misfeasance! all of them should be put on notice that they will pay and pay dearly. Rendition as practiced by the US can be practiced in the US you know.

  59. Joseph L says:

    Wow great show you absolutely bring it every week .   Gmos , vaccines, military industrial complex, medical industrial complex.   I had the word conspiracy thrown out me just yesterday  and told them to do their research.    Governments lie and people die.

    Later in the day I met a wholistic healer who is 29 in an organic supermarket– and I asked her if she knew about gmos.  To make a long story short I told her about march against Monsanto worldwide for May 20 and  handed her your Look Up flyer.   She also knew Gary Null work so that was real good.   Dane you might not know this I have been involved against nukes for over 20 years too.   Indian Point Nuclear is only 30 miles from Nyc—even though they are going to close it  down in 5 years — lots of problems there.   They open up the AIM frack pipeline 150 feet from the nuclear power plant a few months ago. 

        Latest news       This is scary stuff so close to  NYC

    I will be at the March against Monsanto and handing out lots of your flyers next saturday.   March against Monsanto May 20 worldwide– Please   do what you can and bring flyers against geoengineering  that you can hand out to people.  All of these things have interconnecting dots like aluminum resistant seeds  and gmos and climate engineering etc.  Monsanto patent for aluminum resistant seeds— 7582809

    • Joseph L says:

      NYS governor coumo bailed out upstate nuclear power plants for 7.6 billion on 8-1-16.    The sad part is most people I talk to no nothing about anything these days–.  What a dumb down society we live in.  Thank you for all your great work..


      Long Islanders are no strangers to bad energy policies implemented at their expense. In the 1960’s, the Long Island Lighting Company, the private investor-owned utility for Long Island from 1991 to 1998, embarked on the construction of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Station. In excess of $6 billion were spent on the construction of Shoreham, without ever considering whether or not there was a viable evacuation plan for Long Island’s 3 million people. There wasn’t. Shoreham never opened.

      Instead, New York passed legislation in 1986 creating the Long Island Power Authority to close Shoreham. However, it was not the LILCO stockholders that paid for LILCO management’s mistake. Instead, the bulk of the cost was borne by Long Island’s ratepayers. Today, LIPA holds about $9,000 in debt per customer. Long Islanders continue to pay for Shoreham today, 30 years after Shoreham was closed. The debt has been refinanced time and again.

    • Joseph L says:

      Knocking on Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy – Directed by Gary Null -FULL MOVIE

       This is a must see movie



    • Joseph L says: Great ads  on this website exposing the crime against humanity,.  Please print and hand out . 

      MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO  and GMOS,   MAY 20–     WORLDWIDE   Find your city worldwide.  This is a great place to go to
       this demonstration and bring flyers to hand out    from this website against  GEOENGINEERING..              I personally like the Look Up flyer.

    • Joseph L says:

      I hope this takes on your site without the nbsb which does not open .. Dane I posted alot today — we are having alot of rain today and temperatures in the 40s and then going up to almost 90 later in the week in the New York city region. 

  60. lorenzo says:

    Excellent informative program again Dane.  I just read in mainstream media about tornadoes. It said we experience more tornadoes in the USA than all other countries combined. And our tornadoes are among the most violent, especially in the Great Plains  The U.S. averages about 1,000 tornadoes yearly while Canada, which ranks second with only about 100 despite having roughly the same land area. The rest of the world gets a total of another 100 or 200.  I wonder Dane, or if anyone else knows,  what the numbers were pre 1950, before Climate Engineering?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Lorenzo, thank you for the tornado comparison between the US and Canada.  Certainly the massive increase of tornadoes in the US has been highly suspect for the last decade.

      Record keeping before 1950 seems informal while the numbers are probably underestimated.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bella and Lorenzo, there are many factors to consider regarding tornado frequency. Our rapidly warming planet will add to this problem, this is a given. This does not mean that geoenginering isn’t a factor as the climate intervention programs are absolutely worsening an already horrific climate unravelling. But the following scenario must also be considered, heavy spraying over convective storm systems would actually diminish that convection. Just as the US climate modification programs are supressing Atlantic hurricanes, there are many scenarios with heavy spraying that would certainly reduce some tornado rotations. This being said, the overall long term effect of the geoengineering operations is only negative. Any form of climate intervention is immensely harmful to the life support systems of the planet.

  61. charles says:




    “In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion;

    the more intelligent, the less sane.”

    ― George Orwell1984

  62. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 165th email titled 'Quote of the Century/Captagon.

    1.  'By the end of this century Arctic warming may exceed thresholds for the stability of sea ice, the Greenland ice sheet, and possibly boreal forests.' 

    Oh good, you say, it won't affect me – I can put my feet up and have another cup of tea…but wait, maybe I should think this through and do 30 mins of research:

    a. Alon Periman writes regarding the above quote: So, first we wait till near the end of the century, then we overcome the statistical uncertainty assigned to the word "may".  Then and only then does the unassigned value for "Threshold" become important…(and we decide on the definition of "stability of sea ice").   Some time after that, we should presumably be able to find out if the exceedance of the threshold results in instability.

    The same thought process is needed for the Greenland ice sheet and boreal forests.

    b.  It looks like the jet stream is going to cut straight across the Arctic in a few days – you could compare it to how an oxbow lake is formed. Gives bipolar a new meaning.

    c.  Arctic sea ice volume is about to start it's abrupt decline for 2017 – much of the depth of the recorded "ice volume" has actually been quicker to melt snow cover rather than ice. Arctic sea ice area and extent started their decline weeks ago.

    d. On May 23rd, the air temp at 2 meters is expected to be above 0ºC – over more than half of the Arctic. Also, the spin about Antarctic ice loss is starting to come out: 

    e.  The term Blue Ocean Event is when the Arctic has less than 1 million sq km of sea ice -at 85% open water (for a day?), euphemistically called a (professor) Wadhams. The IPCC says this has to happen for 5 consecutive years before it will be officially recognised, by which time it will probably have to be called a Green Ocean Event caused by massive algal blooms, or maybe a Purple Ocean Event caused by a Canfield anoxic ocean full of hydrogen sulphide. 

    f.  At least the Hindustan Times (17 Feb 2017) had an article highlighting that The Time to Act is Now: 

    g. Late frosts (endothermically created) have caused nearly £9 billion of losses to European vineyards. Wine prices expected to nearly double.

    h. In my garden last week, I regularly recorded 34ºC in the sun whilst 10ºC in the shade, and I could feel the heat of the sun even when cloudy.  UV levels have been at unannounced highs.

    i.  Over 203 sq miles of Okefenokee wetlands area burnt so far – amazing that wetlands are burning so early in the year:

    …and dust storms now strike the American Southwest 48 times a year, compared to an average of 20 times per year during the 1990s.

    j.  Time to review the mass die off list:     The annual "Grind" continues (slaughter of hundreds of pilot whales on Faroe Islands).

    And those imbeciles in power will continue their covert operations of trying to geoengineer their way out of the extinction situation they have engineered themselves (and all life on earth) into, making the situation exponentially worse.

    2.  I see the ISIL fighters drug Captagon has made headlines again: 

    Obviously it is made in bulk and supplied by the pharmaceutical cartel – I wonder what mind altering aggression drug they are giving the US/NATO military – makes a change from 'Bromide in Tea'…..I suppose they could increase the upcoming chaos by adding Captagon into the atmospherically sprayed mix for us all to breath in.

    Coming to a town near you: 

    Muppets beware: 

    3. Notes to Self (week 18 of 104).  A quick reminder (for readers) that I am badly affected by wind turbine frequency emissions, particularly @ 3 Hz, and during my research learned about geoengineering. 

    To correct the article below, about 90% of bats are killed by drowning in their own blood due to barotrauma caused by rapid air pressure changes near the turning blades, and not by being hit by a blade  also watch   

    and then read, watch the videos and think about this:   

    Our bodies have evolved to vibrate in harmony with mother earth/Gaia. A frequency/vibration that affects or harms her also affects or harms us, and visa versa.


    • Dog says:

      RE; Muppets Beware – This is the most serious news to date. Russia has concluded that the US is preparing a nuclear first strike.This is not normally "news", since the option has always existed, but now the Operations Command of the Russian General Staff stated on April 26, 2017, that this is their conclusion  –  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and Associate Editor of The Wall Street Journal.

      "Is There Anybody Out There?"

    • BaneB says:

      Dog:  No one is out there because very few accept a scenario whereby a very desperate American Empire would plan to do a preemptive first strike.  Russia is very nervous about the recent placement of troops, tanks, munitions, and missles right up to their front door.  The slightest miscalculation, a hair trigger decision and the result would be the end of the American nation and her population.  Of course no sane person in government or the military would want such a castrophe.  But I do not accept that the US leadership, driven by Neocon Globalists who clearly are insane, can manage to just say no to the incredible non-stop Russia-baiting, and physical threats.  We're I younger I would move out of the cross hairs.

  63. matt sarlo says:

    You are a modern day Mark Twain. I admire your dedication to telling the truth. I speak every day to people about what the  criminals are doing to all life with their geoengineering. Some listen.

    • Christina Green-Martinez says:

      I am so weary of trying to convince people of the   geoengineering  programs,  people don't believe this could be carried out by fellow citizens. Yet lately more and more people are complaining of strange illnesses and allergies they've never experienced before.  Why not focus on the aware and help them prepare for the impending  environmental  disasters. I'm sure the elite have that covered. The rest of us are on our own.  Why not have a protest on Washington?  I think Dane has the credibility and following to make an incredible statement! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christina, I know and understand your angst, but hope you will not lose heart in this most arduous battle. Great solace exists in never yielding to the collective insanity, ever. No one can take your will, no one. Great solace exists in knowing that all will soon enough be forced to wake up and face reality due to unfolding circumstances. Your efforts to wake others are not in vain, no matter what unfolds. Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do matters in and of itself, never forget that. About what we can do for the moment, the attached link will shed more light. My gratitude to you for your efforts, Christina, and the same thanks to all activists and individuals that are continuing to march forward in this fight in spite of the resistance they encounter from those in denial that surround them.

      FYI link

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