Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 21, 2016


Dane Wigington

Nature is unimaginably resilient, but when the breaking point is reached, collapse comes at blinding speed. The human race has already pushed the planet past the point of no return in countless ways, we are truly in uncharted territory. Is there any effort whatsoever on the part of those in power to slow the destruction of the biosphere? None. The race for resources and total control is worse than ever before, lines in the sand are being drawn all over the globe. Canada, India, and other regions around the world continue to incinerate. Oceans, reefs, kelp, and fish, continue to die. Coastal cities are pumping out from rising sea levels with sewage now filling the waters off Miami.


Miami is now pumping out rising sea levels on a constant basis, the city is already on borrowed time.

Brazil has just joined the list of democratically elected governments that have been ousted by western powers and interests in pursuit of more power and resources. There are yet more front-line signs of the coming crash of industrialized civilization, Caterpillar (the world's largest equipment manufacturer) has just past the 41st consecutive month of declining sales. This is the real economy, the stock market is an illusion that will soon be shattered. Venezuela is still free-falling into total chaos while Americans remain largely asleep at the wheel. Even with the global climate disintegrating, how many are actually taking action? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

What would happen if every single one of us put all our available effort and energy into the fight for the greater good? The most dire and potentially uniting issue on the planet is the fight to expose and halt the climate engineering assault, let's all renew our efforts to sound the alarm

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  1. I just watched the Video that is called    Clinton Torch Foundation You Tube

    The way that this man explains about the Fires and the connection between the Uranium. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that it has been planned.

    I have been watching the numerous jets and airplanes constantly flying around leaving trails that do not go away.

    Now that I have been exploring this site, I can be reassured that all of this phenomena is connected.

    I always asked my husband why there is no blue sky anymore, and it always looks a pale white or gray. He said to me that I am going senile.

    I have news for him soon. If he does not start listening to me then he is in big trouble. I wear the pants in our relationship. He better watch out or he is about to be kicked into the doghouse out the back of our house.

    Beatrice from Calgary

  2. Rachel Robson says:

    Just got a call from the Sierra Club.  Thanking me for signing, trying to explain politics to me to which I said, I know already, get to bottom line.  Money of course, becoming a member again.  So I told him that I quit owing to them not acknowledging geoengineering of our skies.  He said he knew about that.  I asked how much he knew.  Some, he said.  Do you understand it and believe it I asked, no he said, I don't believe it is as bad as they say.  To which I said do some real research, there are tons of facts.  Government documented facts.  He shined that on.  Then I got mad.  I said Do you realize how many thousands, nay millions of people are disappointed with the so called nature loving, nature protecting organizations like yours for not taking a stance, much less even learning about this, standing up to this destruction of nature everything!!  Are you aware that we will hold you accountable?  That you've become one of the bad guys in this scenario?  People are angry!–at which point, he Had to go…..Wow, what a rush.  I so seldom do that!  Kinda exhilerating!  Just found out a very dear friend has brain cancer.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, thank you for laying it all on the line with the Sierra Club. So many “environmental” organizations are displaying unimaginable hypocrisy, we must all make an effort to expose them for what they are.

  3. Philip Stone says:


    I would like to voice my particular concern regarding the reporting on  the Climate.  The average temp for each day is just the average of the high and the low for the day at that location.  If it warms up fast early in the day, stays hotter for a longer part of the day, and cools down more slowly at night—wouldn't that be a warmer day than we used to experience.


    We know from 9-11 that the spread between the high and the low was changed by the lack of the jet trails for that few days.   What effect do all those chemicals have on the spread; or the speed that the high of the day is reached; or how quickly or slowly the globe cools off at night? 


    I feel that the reported warming may be skewed because of the simple way that the numbers are arrived at.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Philip, yes, your conclusions are indeed correct, the warming numbers are in fact “skewed”. As you suggested, the actual overall warming is far worse than any of the “official” worst case scenarios. 

  4. Wes says:


    I get a magazine called "ACRES, usa The Voice of Eco Agriculture" A couple of months ago in there "letters to the editor" someone wrote in from Alaska mentioning geoengineering and why don't they do an interview on the subject. They do great interviews every month.  The person mentioned we're running out of time. It's worth a try to contact them and see if they might grant an interview with you.

  5. Pedro says:


        Hello Dane and friends, Thank you for your work.

     – As You know, everyone in the Americas, Asia ( and in the World ) should be very, very concerned with the Fukushima disaster.

      We are part ( and we have this in common with every living Animal ) of the incredible Survival History that overcame 5 Mass Extinctions on Planet Earth. We can, as Humans, narrate a Tale of 2 million years ( since the beginning of Homo-Erectus ). But not forget that all living macroscopic creatures belong to an ever moving evolutionary lineage that goes back to the Dawn of Time. We are the product of near 650 million years of continuous Evolution ( primates and the rest ). And now, The Creatures that overcame 5 global disasters, are one step away from oblivion. The nuclear disaster in Fukushima have the potential to be an End Game for the Hydrosphere and in a second phase, for all terrestrial Biosphere also.

    This time, we need to pray.

      – When Chernobyl occurred, at least the authorities had a quick and reasonable response; they burry the disaster deep in cement (  it's only a time gainer, but for now the eternal problem it's contained ). Why the specialists in the World don't tell the truth about nuclear??.. Nuclear as clean energy source ( and safe ) it's the biggest Lie that Ever has been told in Human History!! And everyone is guilty.

              – Everyone is Guilty!!

    Why the works in Fukushima aren't handed out to an independent and reliable team of experts to build a systematic solution for this – one more – Eternal Problem?? . . – End nuclear. End nazism. End the obliteration of Life. And gives the Power to the True Leaders. ..Now the institutions in the world, are really criminal organizations. From the MFs that defend nuclear science, to the MFs of the "new" nazi era, to the MFs that want to end all real food on the Planet (  because genetically modified corn  – and the rest –  is NOT corn!!! ), to the MFs of CITES, and to the MFs of all science since penicillin, they all must end! ..The real and unique goal of the "new era" is almost complete. Total killing or global imposed suicide. Like the little mustache guy did, in their bunker.


             – We must be Free again!! Good Luck to us all..

    • Yamakawa says:

      Hello Pedro, a reply from a Japanese guinea pig in Tokyo region!

      Yes, Fukushima leaking pollution is not coped with in the roots. The collective mind (not only of the Japanese) has not reached yet to do so, I suppose. Let’s see what President Obama has to say in his Hiroshima visit. Will he talk about the 2020 Olympics?

      Some Japanese groups(private) worked on purification and neutralization experiments in Fukushima area right after the incident, when the pollution was heavily ongoing. Some had good, very reasonable cost-effective efficient results. They had concrete measured data as evidence and was passed to the appropriate ministries. 

      I have to say, the data is concrete, and the method could reproduce effective results conducted by average persons, but the principle underlying it is difficult to explain in conventional scientific view. But how could you understand Nikola Tesla’s work in the conventional mind?  Even Einstein’s work could not be understood by most people, they just believe without doubt because the authority approves it currently. like that.

      Well, the understanding is not that crucial, the concrete result is, which was there. But even the Japanese bureaucrats are still feeling safe, that they could reject effective methods and adopt something meaningless, which could circulate money and preserve their position in a conservative way. Maybe they won’t realize until their kids or themselves get really sick. Many still think we still have plenty of time and life to spare, isn’t it? 

      Now, I will go in a rather positive aspect.
      If everything was true in the conventional scientific view, such as the half-life of radioactive isotopes, much people and the vegetations, animals would have been dead by now. Not by Fukushima or Chernobyl, you can recall those many many nuke bomb experiments conducted all over the globe by rich “civilized” countries several years ago. We could go further back in time and see the Mohenjo Daro and Harappa in India, too. 

      So some power of nature is ongoing to neutralize some part of the pollution. The power ungraspable in current conventional church of science. However, some partial understanding could be grasped in hidden science or metaphysical views. Not pseudo-science, true science.

      So we already have some humanly solutions, prepared to go, but haven’t made up our collective minds to conduct it.

      It is not about engineering or technology. The notion of “private property” will be shaken, which is the root of the current collective mind and civilization, so it is not that easy  for many people, even for those without much material properties and/or authoritative power.

      Too sarcastic? Sorry!!! 😉

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Pedro, and Yamakawa, Boy oh boy but your conversation here is interesting!  And Pedro, I am Not guilty!  I've been fighting against nuclear all as long as I can remember which, I was born in 1947.  I've been conserving electricity since I was 14.  I always have done.  My bill is so small you would not believe it.  Pedro, as bad as Fukushima is and will continue to be, it is not the only nuclear hazard doing us in.  We are bathed in all this fallout.  From so much all over the world.  At least Chernobyl was far far away, much easier to deal with since it was not on an ocean, but it's rearing its head again and more to do and forever.  Have you seen Discovery Channel's Life after Chernobyl?  Interesting to say the least, and almost like an advertisement to say we Can live with radioactivity.  But you are quite right, never should have gone there in the first place.  And for All the reasons, I've long wanted all nuclear everything shut down tight and for good right now.  Wish our military's money All went that direction.

      But!  Consider this, the whole universe is nuclear!  It is as if 'they" wanted to be like father-God-and so discovered some of His secrets and now play God with them, like children would.

      And Yakakawa, about those isotopes.  When you realize that some have half lives of 500,000 years, or more!, you have to realize that the destruction from them is incremental and accumulative.  Seems like everyone I know has cancer.  One of my best friends is Japanese and moved back there, sorta against her will, daughter's orders! and just turned 96 recently, and is quite healthy!  She was/is an inspiration to me and told me many stories of her life, such as watching the atom bomb hit Nagasaki in '45 from her doorway near-ish there, and pregnant, giving birth on the spot to above mentioned daughter who is quite healthy, quite greedy, and a force to be reckoned with herself!!  I think stuff like this gives Japan a bit of "been there, done that" feeling of surviving.  And some life is not only surviving Chernobyl, thriving!  Life wants to be!  Tries!  I think I grasp what you are saying, in the abstract anyway.  The effort of many, including myself are trying.  But, that is one heck of a lot of "heavy lifting".  Many are trying.  But then there is the whole world just full of this stuff.  More stuff by far than masters of hidden or metaphysical sciences.  Which I do believe in, but!  And no, I do not find you to be sarcastic, maybe I missed how?  And you must know that even Einstein was wrong about some things and never able to complete his work because of that.  "God's" work it is, and though some have tried to play God, like children, they did not understand.  Yet it still draws us to it, as it is our parent really.  We want so badly to understand our "father".  Some do want this.  I voted for Obama because he said no new nuclear plants until we figure out what to do with the waste-which in many cases is worse than an explosion itself!  So yes, it will be interesting when he comes, try asking him why he is having 60 new ones made!!!  And yes, some aspect of nature is trying to help.  But enough?  And can nature do her work and heal with a layer of geoengineering blocking her at every turn?  No!  Instead She is blanketed against release and help, smothered and baking in those juices.  Electrified to boot.  We must free her, then let the healing begin.  And we must lift the consciousness of all these wrong headed people to a level of realization that well may help, once the mind is freed of its past.  You know, cut the freakin' umbilical cord and grow up!  We are but diamonds in the rough, being polished.  That's a lot of polishing!

      Wishing the two of you well and hoping to hear more-especially Yamakawa-your true science!  Take heart Pedro, soon we will stop this geoengineering, then much more work to come, but with some real hope!  In a perfect world, we need to stop both at once, but this mortal world is not perfect! 

    • Yamakawa says:

      Rachel, Thank you!
      Yes, I’ve been to Fukushima, and after that, for several days I had swollen lymph nodes, so I think I had a petit experience of nukes. Also, several days after the incident, I went to center of Tokyo, and breathed deeply, so I know how the air tastes too. I kind of felt what wormwood meant, it really tastes sour! Now, current Tokyo air does not taste bitter&sour like that as of that time.

      The critical question is, even in the best scenario case that if we could stop the geoengineering and the nuke pollution right at this moment, even that, do we have to wait 24,000 years (example, 239 Plutonium) to recover to a safe planet?

      And the current understanding in the conventional sense answers, yes, we have to wait 24,000 years. We don’t have any technology to neutralize the pollution. We could only package the polluted wastes and sink them deep into sea, or dig holes and bury them. And nature could do nothing but wait the slow radioactive decay. That is a hopeless aspect. That makes you feel useless to fight against the polluting activities.

      But Hiroshima and Nagasaki, if you see the positive side, is a proof that something is going on to neutralize the pollution. No humanly technological effort was made to neutralize the pollution. (We still have Japanese persons who were hit by the bomb radiation, and are alive and could walk with their foot. I think you can see them in the TV broadcast of President Obama’s visit.)

      So those proof encourages us positively, even if it is sarcastic.
      That enables us to focus right now in stopping the geoengineering and the nuke pollution. And just ceasing that and even doing nothing could recover the environment in a reasonable pace. We could pass on to our next generations, an inhabitable planet.

      And better is that we have technologies that could assist and accelerate the planet’s recovery, prepared.

       @ @@ @@@
      About science, something is very wrong in the current science, which makes Einstein say he would have become a shoemaker. Very sad isn’t it? 

      So in my view, true sciences are those that respect the consciousnesses of other organisms. That does not infringe the will of other beings. Even geniuses make mistakes, but in this sort of science, they won’t go that wrong, or they could adjust&recover from their mistakes soon. Sane enough to rethink of ILC, giving an speed-of-light injection to a poor atom, OUCH!!!

    • Pedro says:

       – Hello Dane ( Silver Wolf ) and friends, thank you for your Work.
      Mr Yamakawa brother. If someone wants to rape a Woman, saying that is in the name of science, and if this Woman is Mother Earth ( or any other Woman ), and the instrument to accomplish this rape is the nuclear ego of the MFs that are ( in a mentally ill and ultra narcissistic process – but very bright..) destroying the continuity of Life as we know it, the only thing to do, for everyone that have intellectual honesty and emotional intelligence is to build a stiff opposition, with guns if necessary, to defend what we have of more Sacred. If You don't know, I explain to you Sr: Water, fresh and salty, Trees, the Animals that live with us in the Planet, and the other Persons ( children included ). Because the meaning of Life is self Respect, being respected and respecting others. But this guys of science are so bright that they haven't understood this yet. All the rivers in the World ( if  not polluted ), could feed all Human necessities in protein, for example. This is the true richness of ecosystems. Nuclear is about money and building weapons of mass destruction. Who pollutes the World, must pay. . . In Japan, in ancient times there was a beautiful philosophical conduct, for be used by real Men, this conduct was the Bushido way. I'm deeply convict that we must make the Bushido way flourish again. For give the World again to real Men and Women.
      And Mrs Rachel, thank you for your words. When I told that everyone is guilty I was referring to all leaders and scientists since the Curie couple… not the People.
      Good luck to us all.

    • Yamakawa says:

      Hello Pedro!, and Thank You for your kind reply! I got a hunch and looked at this page, the number of comments were updated, so I noticed your post!
      Dane, Thank You sincerely.

      In my view, the situation is similar to being in a position as being the native Americans in the past. Facing the invasion and the infringement by the Immigrants who were far less in population than the natives. At first, the natives were rather in harmony, and tried to communicate with the Immigrants to find a landing point for coexistence. But the Immigrants were too arrogant to listen, in their view, the natives were the uncivilized  savages, so why listen to the barbarians? The Immigrants thought they knew things much better, they were “civilized”. Truthfully, they feared and could not understand the happily living natives.

      The Immigrants had much more powerful armaments which could compensate their less population. They did’t care much about destroying the balance of the Mother, because they were not interested, and did’t care much to understand it in the first place.
      The reactions to the matter differed between the native tribes. Some reacted in fear, engaging in physical battles which were suicidal. Some tribes coped in a much wiser way, which might have required spiritual endurance and self empowerment. Some of the positive result is their marriages, the blessing, so some Americans in the recent era have the native DNAs in their blood, that could help them recognize the spirituality that the natives had.

      At that time, most natives could not understand the cunning aspect of the human being. Now, if we understand from the past experiences, we could cope with those cunning aspect in a wiser way. We do not have to disgrace ourselves to engage in battles in their prepared checkerboard, where they have superior advantages.

      This similar thing happened also in Japan in the past, gradually beginning around BC 400, finished by AD 700 period. The aboriginal Jomon natives were pushed out by the immigrants coming from China. So even in this small Japanese island, not only the outer problems like Fukushima nuke pollution, there are interlinked inner problems, intermingled karmic issues being resolved at the moment. Those problems could not be resolved in the true sense by outer armaments.

      Most traditions and culture seen in current Japan are rather superficial and new, mostly created artificially after AD 700. But the true power is the underlying spirit of harmony originating from the aboriginal Jomons who had lived in the land, harmonizing with nature for several thousands of years. We Japanese have almost lost that vibrant spirit, but are beginning to recollect the spirit now.

      reference: Jomon arts

      And about the Mother, personally, I am not worried. She can recover by herself unless the planet is blasted into pieces, which is of less probability, not possible even with the massive launches of conventional nuke bombs, although there are hidden technologies possible to do that. In her true crisis, she could flush out the land with flood and quakes. I trust her patience and thank her deep benevolence. So I am seeing the situation purely as an issue of the current humanity.

      Oops, got too long! Thanks for reading!

  6. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Northeast Florida experienced five days of showers and thunderstorms this past week, Monday through Friday. On Saturday after the instability moved out of the area, there were crystal clear blue sky conditions, with puffy bright white fair weather cumulus clouds. Unfortunately that beautiful natural day came to an end by Sunday morning, when Climate Engineers began SAG/SRM once again. The Low temperature this morning Monday May 23, was 57 degrees at Jacksonville International Airport and 63 along the coast. These Low Temperatures are approximately 5 to 8 degrees below normal or departure from normal. It was obvious that a temporary toxic cool down, took place within the past 24 hours!

  7. Cynthia Stelle says:

    I have lived in Shasta County all my life, and I didn't start getting into "Conspiracy Theory" until I was 14 years old back in '06, so I am wondering how it is that I am just now hearing about Dane. I talk to people all the time about the things going on in our sky's and on our earth, they usually condescend me an call me insane but, most people don't even see it, they didn't even realize that something truly devastating is happening, so it really does make me happy too see others nearby speak out. I am especially happy that you speak out about geoengineering, my dad loves weather patterns and land forms, he has really old books from the 1930's about geology cloud patterns and a lot of really old maps of the Shasta County region, all he does is look at weather patterns and maps on the internet every day for a few hours a day but everytime I try and talk to him about weather control he says I am stupid and I don't know anything about it, it's not possible. I have tried countless times to show him articles, videos, anything I could too show him it's happening right now before our very eyes, and no matter what I say or what I do he won't believe me. But he is also one of those guys that watches Fox News religiously and says that our votes count, believes that things political aren't controlled, he also doesn't think 9/11 was an inside job. His experience with life, apparently far outweighs my knowledge of reality. So, it's nice too see older men and women talking about it, trying to work together to change it. Anyways, if anyone could give me some tips on how too break my family's programming that would be great, I've been trying to push them in that direction for almost 10 years now and I am considering giving up on them. Also if there is a way for me to become more active in this rise up I'd like to participate, any meetings, conferences, protest demands, I would really like to become more involved. Thanks guys.

    • Dan Williams says:

      You are not alone, my family and friends do not want to talk about real issues, denial is a river than runs between  their ears. The programming runs deep and am finding that many older people have been conditioned and do not want to wake up. 


    • LS says:

      Hi Cynthia,  My latest tactic for getting people's attention is to ask them how the air traffic is in their neighborhood. Some won't  look up but their hearing still works. Sometimes I follow it up with a comment like…. "Sounds like an air raid to me"   and then just walk away. They will start hearing whether they admit it or not.  



    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hello Cynthia.  My nieces are just a hair or two older then you and I can tell you are much more aware and open minded.  Good thing you let your mind function as it should.  As for your parents my girl, I think let them simmer on the back burner for a little while.  Find people that do relate to the fact that some things are real and converse with them on matters such as geoengineering.  I have always thought that the youth need to be the ones who correct the mistakes of their parents.  It is a boost to my Spirit to see your age and enthusiasm.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa, Cynthia Stelle, What a remarkable young woman you are!  Unfortunately, your dad's life experiences have him tied in the past.  Worse, he is fearful of the present, and of not being up to it.  How can he look all day at weather stuff, and his books, and not see?  He is afraid.  You are not.  You must go gently with this man.  Baby steps. Doling out truths one by one, letting him digest.  Reminds me a bit of my own father.  Who thought he was right about everything.  Often we communicated via books.  He'd leave on laying around and I'd read it.  I'd leave one laying around, he'd read it and then give it back to me saying: good book, but over your head!  Gee!  Some parents freak when their kids grow Past them!  But that is the way it should be.  Don't let him get you down.  Keep on doing what you are doing.  Now that you've found this site, learn, copy bits and leave them laying around for dad to see.  If he chooses.  Meanwhile, start connecting with those in your area.  Take that youth and put it to work!  Brilliant girl!  Much love to you!

  8. Hillary’s Warmongers In Waiting by David Stockman • May 20, 2016 / The U.S. is heading straight for a fiscal calamity in the next decade. … with $28 trillion of national debt and a $1.3 trillion annual deficit (5% of GDP) by 2026. … Yet, not only does Hillary Clinton insist that social security benefits are sacrosanct and actually need to be increased, along with lowering the Medicare age to 50 years, she also insists that Washington remain the world’s policeman and imperial hegemon. In a word, a Clinton presidency would mean Big Government on both sides of the Potomac—–a combined Warfare State and Welfare State that would positively bankrupt the nation during the next decade. … Washington is still spending upwards of $700 billion per year on defense, international security assistance, foreign aid and the rest of the surveillance state; and the total is more than $850 billion if you count the cost of supporting veterans from all the misbegotten wars and interventions going back to the 1950s. … Hillary’s infamous emails leave no doubt that it was she who induced Obama to embrace the folly that quickly created yet another failed state, hotbed of jihadism and barbaric hellhole in the middle east. Indeed, her hands are doubly bloody. … a Hillary Clinton presidency would … keep the nation’s leading clan of warmongers firmly ensconced in the corridors of power.

    • Dennie says:

      Idiots-in-power probably still believe the insane notion that war is somehow "good" for the economy.  The day we all heard this falsehood uttered in "government" class you coulda heard a pin drop; it got so quiet in there the silence was positively deafening. 

      Here it is, from the Real News back in 2012, The Cost of Full Spectrum Dominance: 

      Like war itself, Hilary and her bankster/corporate/military handlers and just about everything she'll be doing, all in their service, of course, is obsolete.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yeah, Susan.  And as if we had ten years left!  Hillary would spend that ten years killing everything that moved, or, even plants!  I HATE her.  Oh well!  Did find out the TTP has not gone through yet.  Still wondering if the TTIP? you spoke of a while back is a part of this?

      Did you catch Yamakawa's statement?  Seems right up your alley!  Please shed a light on that!  Thanks.  R

  9. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, Parallels, I've written of them before. If I may, a follow up to my other post here. "I" am a simple horseman, I am. I offer a video from another simple horseman that can speak well and I highly regard. Please know, I am a much quieter personality than my friend, but we share much in the eyes of a horse. Maybe some of you know the book, "the lucifer effect". Here's a video that puts the rubber on the road. I like this man. I respect him and his ways in life. I would not offer this video if it were not worth your time. Enjoy.

    • Dennie says:

      This is about the Zimbardo Stanford Prison Experiment: 

      The witch burnings that the narrator speaks of in the video about the Lucifer Effect in the horse world happened to mainly single, widowed females with property, but no family.. all you had to do to seize their property was to declare these very vulnerable members of society to be "witches," then haul them off to be murdered in a most heinous, painful way. 

      This kind of behavior is possible when people are order-followers with NO accountability in a dichotomously-ordered  paradigm that starts with thinking dichotomously.  Cliques are a Big Problem within any species that orders itself in groups and mainly orders it's social structure VERTICALLY.

    • a simplehorseman says:

      Dennie, Mucho thank you for your reply. Maybe you watched part 2? My hope is that more of you here will see this. Dane keeps saying our members of "The military" need to speak up. Well, here ya go! So listen up folks, here's what one member has come to the conclusion of.

      My friends I haven't met, yet, there are many, many parallels in this life of ours. Try your best to recognize them. They will not lead you astray. No such thing as coincidence. Your life will only become "better". "Mass awareness", Lord I hope it comes soon. Our planet/home depends on it.

    • stephan says:

      a simple horseman – excellent video – your friend should do a video on Geoengineering – I'm sure you noticed the sky in the background. Thanks – stephan.

  10. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, I took the opportunity the other day while sitting with a customer(and his wife) on their porch area, to tell them about the "trails" that were currently right above our heads. Several already there and 2 were being sprayed out right before our very eyes. A couple of those big 4 streamer ones that look like hell on fire. I asked if they knew what was happening. They both said those are just "vapor trails". They both are older than I am. So I asked them to think back to when we were much younger and we saw vapor trails. I asked if they ever lasted as long as the ones we see these days. That's when "it" started happening. The wife kept changing the subject and the husband got a glazed over look. I gave up after the subject being changed 3 times. Can't go offending customers. I do have some folks around here that are looking up and will report their findings when I see them in town. I have a hard time getting through to folks with money. Like "levi" wrote and I will have to agree, if ya don't look a certain way most folks ignore your words. Mirjana wrote that when one sees the passion in your eyes and the confidence of fact in your words, they will at least listen. I totally agree, so I always speak credibly, clearly and confidently.

    Here's a link my neighbor sent as to the global shipping slow down stuff. The BDI is at all time lows, 293 train engines in the dessert and like you will see, hundreds and hundreds of "cargo" ships outside Singapore.

    I saw in a video today, the man said he saw a cargo ship leave Tacoma WA harbor fully loaded, last week… with the cargo it arrived with. Probably had to do with how they were to be paid for the cargo.

    Susan contributed a piece about a small group in Oregon that formed a militia and are pretty proud of their guns. (Sad ain't it). Our government has weaponry that will fry these people before they even get a chance to fire a shot. Why do you think they GPS'd all our homes? Well, there's one of the reasons right there. I wonder what those people will turn into when they get hungry and are starving? In my opinion, folks like them get in the way of "mass awareness" for the good of the whole. Us against them has to stop, globally! and right in our own communities. We all bleed red, we all want to be happy and whether admitted or not, we all need each other, We are all one, no way around it. "The truth shall set you free", God I love that one(grin). How does it feel to be free? If you know the truth and you still feel enslaved, you owe yourself a gift. Give it to your 'self'.


  11. Dennie says:

    Well, there!!  And now I feel a whole lot better!

    And if you actually LISTEN to the narrator of this "informational" little flick, here's what Maduro had to say about the CAUSE of the instability in Venezuela:

    " tend to our country and more importantly to prepare to denounce, neutralize and overcome the external and foreign aggression against our country."

    ..gee, I wonder what he could possibly be talking about..?

  12. Roger Gibbons says:

    Reporting from Southern Ontario ….this week for the past 4/5 days their ha been very little spraying in this area ………some thing is going on?

    Its never been like this ….clear skies and white clouds……this is very strange indeed.

    Advertising on the side of my van is getting a lot of looks and thumbs up signs ……I even heard a small child ask her mom what it meant.

    Lets all do a little more …put a magnetic sign on your vehicle with a picture of a plane spraying ….it will help get the word out their and get the blind to open their eye's.

    Thats great to hear kids asking what the plane in the picture is spraying……..

    Again ….lets all do alittle omre

    That's good when kids want

    • Rodster says:

      Perhaps the Canadian lawsuit has something to do with it.

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Well its the long weekend this weekend and of course more people home and out side so maybe thats why their not spraying.

      I would like think the sign on the side of my van has something to do with it …lol…lol. 

      Its holiday monday around 6am and all clear and not even a cloud in the sky.

      Well maybe your right …it could be the Canadian law suit …lets hope …but lets not be blinded either ….I would like to here from anyone else living in the golden horse shoe area of Ontario to see if they have just moved somewhere else.

      I know their going to keep spraying till such a time where the law suit really becomes public ….I dont think anyone here knows their is a suit going on.

  13. Dennie says:

    Clue of The Day:  Never cast pearls before swine ;-).

    Keep those posts coming.. oh, and

    Have a Nice Day!

  14. Lori Bee says:

    Easy to see elite motive for droughting Syria and India, but was trying to figure out why California – and maybe this is it  WELL FUNDED SG committee in So Cal:  THIS IS HOW AGENDA 21 GETS IMPLEMENTED – Get ready for the Stack and Pack cubie high rises (like in the movie Brazil)

  15. Andrew from scotland says:

    Heartbreaking, but another sign of things to come.  Pakistan digging mass graves in preparation of coming heat wave:

  16. Chris Vallance says:

    Thank you Dane for all you do for us. We in Spain at the moment experiencing the usual heavily sprayed skies with toxic mists and winds.  Read this article in the online English Sunday Express today! Mixed feelings on how it was written and the comments posted afterwards….well words fail me! Sums up how much there is still to do. We keep spreading the word wherever we can and have postcard sized cards that we hand out or leave in strategic places. Maybe any exposure is good exposure…… 

  17. glendon says:

    as tombola mentions the insurance companies…..

    just yesterday i postulated that it is the insurance companies that we could sway to our side.

    the ins co's take the financial blows the most due to the extreme weather creations of the crazies.

    dane, maybe our excellent panel of lawyers could reach out to them(?)

    also, another of my elementary questions: is every single drop of rain tainted with synthetic chemicals?

    thanks and blessings.

    • Dennie says:

      Thinking logically:

      *  The nano-particulate sprays are just that:  Nanoparticulates… Now, go and look up to see how small each particulate is.  I've read that 50 particulates fit on just one human red blood cell.  They are so small that Environmental Resource Group in Mill Valley, CA no longer uses a negative air treatment to get them out of your house because they go right through the HEPA filters.

      * We do in fact know and have plenty of daily video evidence that the sprays drift for thousands of miles– just look on the NASA satellite pictures and you can see this clearly.

      * Or you can just look out the window, look across town, look up.  Nothin' but hazy, milky blue skies, if even blue any longer– now what IS that SH!T hazing up the view?

      * Because it's actually metal, the air crap falls, but "they" just keep on blasting away at us down here with ever more of it (where it mixes with water falling from the clouds– got it?).  This is a 24/7/365 operation apparently ruled and run mainly by the demented, crazed psychopathic military-industrial machine ("Blaster," from Beyond Thunder Dome– remember?), headed up by the central banksters (that would be the "Master" character riding on Blaster's shoulders). 

      Just like Mary Shelley's warning allegorical novel, Frankenstein's Monster, NOBODY understood the message, and if they did, they then did NOTHING to educate the kiddies not to go in this direction, and here we are now– NOW what??  No one person has any real answer to completely stopping the fothermuckers.  They won't stop until they no longer have food to eat, water to drink or air to breathe.  And their "cleansing protocols" won't save them, and they've completely painted themselves into a corner and can't get out.

  18. Thunderhead says:

    Dane, have a look at the below organizations. They are pumping out "certifications" to participants who have demonstrated a "capacity to assess the implications of climate change for their organization in the context of their job functions". Apparently, Al Gore has their blessing as well. Just an idea, do you have a form letter you can send to them that includes a link to, it's stance and the status of the anti-geoengineering lawsuit?

    Thanks for all your efforts, Dane and crew!




    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Thunderhead, the attached link can be of use for introducing geoengineering to those that are as of yet unaware.

  19. Malinda says:

    Published last week the Global Environmental Outlook from United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) states that environmental deterioration is occurring faster than previously thought.  There is no mention of geoengineering (of course),  This group of scientists from 160 countries claim to be concerned about the increase in methane release. They state that in Latin America and the Caribbean region, the abundance of beef and dairy cattle has increased methane emissions, which grew by 19% between 2000 and 2010.  Wow! Cow gas.  No mention of methane release from previously frozen areas.  To see some methane gas release from underground in Siberia, check out this video.

    The UNEP report further blames te loss of biodiversity, in part, on "the illegal trade in wildlife."  Again, no mention of geoengineering. Here's te link to te article.

    I have to wonder if the rates of depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are increasing due to te lack of sunshine.  Here in Baltimore, Maryland we have seen te sun maybe twice in the past 2 weeks.  The sky has been an industrial gray/white color for days on end with intermittent rain and drizzle.

    Hoping the power structure will run out of nanoparticles soon.


    • Dennie says:

      Hi Malinda:  Great posts.  I have to agree, the dimness is only eclipsed by the DIM-WITTEDNESS of the Overlords and Masters-of-The-Universe who're calling the shots with their Royal Decrees going out continually to smear the skies of Planet Earth.  There MUST be a Very Special and Separate HELL being prepared, JUST for "Them."

    • Dennie says:

      The incendiary outgassing is something the pranksters enjoy with a certain light-heartedness, although it's absolutely no laughing matter when you understand what is really going on and why.

  20. leo says:

    I definitely think there is massive spraying going on but I do not believe in a imminent collapse of humanity or ecosystem. We are still at or around 7b people on earth…humans are like cockroaches, someone  will survive unless a huge meteor hits. I am hoping trump will stop this nasty program if elected. We the People never authorised this horrible GE

    • Dennie says:

      FYI:  Until we had a few brave, inquiring minds stand up to the zombified masses and The Powers That Should Never Have Been, most of the peons were brainwashed into believing that Earth was the center of the universe, and it was flat.. all just a mere 400 or so years ago.. my my, how time passes so quickly… depends on how you define "imminent," I guess. 

  21. helot says:

    Has geoengenerringwatch ever done an article about the military aspects? There’s more than one use for geoengenerring, think: radar or sonar in the sky.

    I’ve read a number of articles on other websites about that aspect of geoengerring, but not here. That said, I’ve not been reading this blog for long.

    It seems to me that discussing the other uses of geoengerneering might be helpful in opening the eyes of certain people, i.e. those with a military slant or history… and, some of those who lean heavily towards whoreshipping (worshiping) of the so-called ‘science’ field.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello helot, yes, GeoengineeringWatch often covers the RF (radio frequency) dangers that are directly related to the climate engineering juggernaut of destruction. One example link is attached.

    • Dennie says:

      Unless this is one of those things that the Neocon Propaganda Machine calls a "hoax," I'd say this is about as MILITARY as it gets:  Go read the chapter titled "Weather as a Force Multiplier:  Owning the Weather in 2025."  Anyone wanna argue with that, well, okay.  You tell me whether the United States Air Force, Air University and the Federation of American Scientists are "hoax" organizations ;-).

    • Rodster says:

      Dennie, your link just takes me to the main page. I searched for that story but couldn’t find it.

  22. Michel B says:

    We have to cease being shocked that they are lying about everything at every turn. I know those new to this issue will go through this stage, but we have to wrap our minds around the difficult task of understanding that the power mongers are compulsive liars and cannot do anything differently than lie.

    I have had the 'advantage' of dealing with extremely treacherous and psychopathic people which gave me the horrible and sobering lessons about Personality Disorders and compulsive liars.

    Lying is a slippery, nebulous, multi-formed tool which makes it an ideal method to deceive. Simply not telling the real facts is another way to lie.

    "By deception we conduct war." Whose mantra is this?!!!


    At work I came across one very well educated fellow who had no idea about the issue. He even somewhat believed the disinformation that the earth is cooling. I told him about the weather modification programs and this site and he is starting to wake up.

    • Dawnski says:

      We have had our similar Advantage Michael B. It sad to watch even to this day, such a stronghold on our planet. Encouraged by you sharing today. Blessings.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Michel B, Hello, and good job-getting another to become aware!  Let us know how that goes, and how his decent into hell goes!  Curious to see how and how much he takes it.  Others that I have made aware, seem slow on the uptake.  Hesitant, stopping at certain levels of info.

      I share your "advantage" Big Time!  Thus, what one has called my unfortunate mind, by which he means my inability to believe anyone!  So of course I did the work and years and years of it and still.  It is obvious to me that how we treat one another in general, is related to geoengineering in the first place.  To me, how we treat one another is directly related to how we treat this Earth. Therefore, I stay abreast of various things going on, not only geoengineering, else my world would be narrow indeed.  And I champion issues that deal with human interventions, interactions, And, I do Not find this dichotomous, nor a distraction!  To me, it is hand in glove.  I also follow things like the navy and so was hip to what they are doing seemingly long before most others.  There are many balls in the air.  It is a bit of a juggling act.  But interesting how it fits together.  Many if not most that I've made aware are in for a penny, not a pound.  I am beginning to wonder how many at this site share our "advantage", because it, seemingly, laid the groundwork really for being able to grasp all this.  All.  Those I know with loving, truthful backgrounds have a harder time.  I wonder if there is any truth to this observation?

      I have been fighting for and working with Earth my whole long life making all this even harder to take, as if I'd wasted my time.  But, no, I did not.  Issues in society in general reflect the same mentality of geoengineering.  In my opinion, anyway.  So of course I give them some attention too.  I can keep my eye on more than one ball!  And I think that is key.  Anyone agree?

  23. tombola says:

    Dane & fellow readers/listeners,

    Perth copped a damaging engineered storm yesterday, the insurance companies have a lot on their plate as a result. Flood damage, wind damage, structural damage, falling tree/branch damage and crop damage etc. I would say end result  achieved. Tradesman will be busy for a couple of months.

    On another note – A dolphin and a calf were found dead in the swan river at the newly constructed Elizabeth Quay where the water is said to be contaminated – tragic but apparently nobody knows of the cause.

    Also in recent weeks i have noticed that my radar detector in my car goes off when the sun is in its direct line of sight – very strange – does anyone know why – particulates – uv – magentic waves????

    Tragic news about the Mangroves also – i have seen these beautiful landscapes in real life – people just don't give a hoot.

    Keep up the good work and great radio show again.

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘i have noticed that my radar detector in my car goes off when the sun is in its direct line of sight – very strange – does anyone know why – particulates – uv – magentic waves????’

      Good question. Reminds me of the time I turned on an electrical wire voltage detector and waived it in the air and it registered voltages as I waived it in the air.

      Let me repeat that again, as I waived it in the air.

    • Dennie says:

      For the Star Wars shield weaponry to work in order to keep America On Top (a.k.a,, "Full Spectrum Dominance.."), the atmosphere has to be ionized all the time.  Doesn't anyone know about this, because I think we have to keep it front and center to remind/orient newbies:

    • Dennie says:

      Here's the video of the Real News clip on Full Spectrum Dominance:

      Full Spectrum Dominance is defined by The Powers That Should Never Have Been as follows:  "The cumulative effect of dominance in the air, land, maritime and space domains and information environment that permits the conduct of joint operations without effective opposition or prohibitive interference."

      So STOPPING these military means we will have to "effectively oppose" and "prohibitively interfere" with their happy little parties.

  24. stephan says:

    Great broadcast Dane – thank you. So far I can actually see the full moon with mars on the right and saturn on the left although I know it will probably get smudged out soon. A friend just sent me this article – It's worth the read. There's also a link to a 1-hour radio interview. Be well all.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      stephan, Hello and our news said that one could see with this full moon Jupiter near the full moon.  I still don't have the glasses I need for my astigmatisms, but if I close one eye-even though I have them in each-I can see better and Jupiter looks less like a spaceship!  They said it made for a spectacular sight and I was stunned to see it as normally nothing right there-I think.  Was very bright too.  We see few stars or other things in our skies here as usually a fog bank above us, now, something else as it appears that geoengineering is working hard at night.  Did not see Mars or Saturn.

    • stephan says:

      Hello Rachel – I hope you get your needed glasses soon – what happened after posting yesterday was the full moon was so bright it illuminated a freshly sprayed trail that slowly passed across the moon  and soon expanded into a huge long bright white dispersal – it literally lit up the entire sky – this was hard to miss – Hopefully this event opened a few eyes – here's tonight's moon.

    • Dan G. says:

      Thanks Dane for the weakly news updates haven't watched any of the main stream television for a few months .some radio npr talking about the currans the birds leaving there young at the mouth of Columbia blaming it on Eagles . Hardly any sign of wildlife here on the umpqua Seven Feathers has big convention center would make for great gathering place take care .i will try to send donation for Radio Station

      thanks Dan G.

  25. Bella_Fantasia says:

    We must keep throwing wrenches into the works of the Power Structure, if nothing else.  We have allies in the most unexpected places around the world.  This news saved my day:

    Anonymous and OpIcarus

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella, I just read your link.  Made my day too!  You should see the smile on my face!  Thank you!  I needed that!

  26. Greg O. says:

    The increased intensity of the aerosol spraying over southwest Colorado  is insane.  The increase of nano-particles just in our region in overwhelming.  High winds are moving gray man-made clouds rapidly to the east.  I constantly taste a salty metallic film on my lips.  My anger and frustration is at the boiling point!  The coming election is a joke.  As Ralph Nader stated, 'we are in a two-party dictatorship'. Global corporate fascism is the political agenda.  We need to protect our Constitution and stop geo-engineering now!  We are being poisoned and exterminated by the elite.  Are we going to let "them" do this?  Is reaching critical mass enough?  Without Divine intervention or extra-terrestrial help, how do we clean up our sand box?  How do we stop the Illuminati?  Our time is running out.  We need to take action. I was so excited last week with the new legal team and I still am grateful for them and Dane's unfaltering commitment to this cause, but the emotional rollercoaster that we are all on  makes me ill with each climb and descent.  Signed: frustrated in Colorado.   

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘The increased intensity of the aerosol spraying over southwest Colorado is insane.’

      I’m a few states to the East of you. We should get that here in the form of clouds and rain on Monday. We’ve had several days of clear blue skies as of late. Burning HOT clear blue days, I might add.

      Clear at night, too.
      It’s strange that clear skies are an oddity. Especially, night skies.

    • JR says:

      Hey Greg; In the Southwest, N.M. Sat. 5/21/16 the lowlifes were super spraying our sky with SAG/SRM. If any newcomers read this also known as Chemtrails. The punks or pukes spraying us in our sky are evil and ignorant themselves (stupid)! God one day will have his vengeance no doubt. I pray for the innocent & poor unsuspecting person who we can try and open their eyes with these evil works who have been blinded and in denial. At least we know and carry that big burden with eyes wide open. Trials and tribulations will come, and in our lifetime we are seeing this. One day all these scum bag will pay in Hell, it is written if they repent not. The farmers all through the Mesilla Valley are pumping groundwater for irrigation. The Elephant Butte Irrigation District (EBID) in Las Cruces is rationing water from the Rio Grande now flowing. This flow in a few months will be cut off, not natural. It's been happening this way for some years now for the lack of rain being caused by SAG/SRM! God's Speed…… 

    • Dan G. says:

      Same here it's eating away at our bodies defenses I see so many suffering and they don't have a clue .

  27. Wunderground on Arctic Sea Ice Melt
    Arctic Sea Ice Goes Far Beyond Record Low Extent for May
    By Bob Henson / Sunday, 22 May 2016
    The sea ice that coats the Arctic Ocean each winter and erodes each summer is going through its most depleted spring since modern observing began. The Danish Meteorological Institute reported the lowest sea ice extent of any April in the Arctic’s 38-year-long satellite record. As luck would have it, the primary satellite sensor used by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) for extent measurement began producing spurious data in April. A similar microwave imager from another satellite is now in the process of being intercalibrated to ensure consistency of the long-term record. Even with that caveat, it’s clear that the unusually rapid ice loss from April is steaming ahead. NSIDC’s Mark Serreze confirmed in an email that the 2016 Arctic sea ice extent is indeed at record-low levels for May, as implied by Figures 1 and 2. Different agencies use different algorithms to measure sea ice extent, but the slight variations that result do not affect the big picture.

  28. While I understand these groups – I grew up in Texas – I don’t believe this is the way to go and in fact plays right into the hands of tyranny. The microwave weapons the military has can disable anyone in seconds. Best work on a mass consensus as Dane is doing.
    Primed to Fight the Government  /  [A WA Post story!]
    REDMOND, Ore. — B.J. Soper took aim with his AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and fired a dozen shots at a human silhouette target. Soper’s wife and their 16-year-old daughter practiced drawing pistols. Then Soper helped his 4-year-old daughter, in pink sneakers and a ponytail, work on her marksmanship with a .22-caliber rifle. … Those in the movement call themselves patriots, demanding that the federal government adhere to the Constitution and stop what they see as systematic abuse of land rights, gun rights, freedom of speech and other liberties.  Law enforcement officials call them dangerous, delusional and sometimes violent, and say that their numbers are growing amid a wave of anger at the government that has been gaining strength since 2008, a surge that coincided with the election of the first black U.S. president and a crippling economic recession. … The group’s members are drywallers and flooring contractors, nurses and painters and high school students, who stockpile supplies, practice survival skills and “basic infantry” tactics, learn how to treat combat injuries, study the Constitution and train with their concealed handguns and combat-style rifles.  “It doesn’t say in our Constitution that you can’t stand up and defend yourself,” Soper said. “We’ve let the government step over the line and rule us, and that was never the intent of this country.”

    • izzy says:

      You’re probably right about that, and then the question that looms next will be what to do with that mass consensus. So far, popular demonstrations seem to function more as a pressure relief valve than a real tool for change, unless the question is reduced to who uses what restroom. In a manner of speaking, these ‘patriots’ have woken up, at least to the realization that some sort of threat exists. The strategy may be misguided, but the impulse is genuine enough. And the PTB (whoever they may eventually turn out to be) have repeatedly demonstrated their disdain for democracy and the general health and welfare of humankind. Kind of puts a new twist into the notion of “Your tax dollars at work”. 

  29. levi says:

    Unfortunately when your not high ranking in society and don't have connections and are someone society sees as unsuccessful because you haven't acquired top tier academic and work/job accolades people don't seem want to listen to a word you have to say our society is so focused on a persons "status" in what we have been trained to value in this society overwhelmingly material possessions it would seem.Let me let it be known your individual status and ranking will mean nothing on this dead end road.

    • Mirjana Gordon says:

      Hello Levi….

      ….yes, i have thought that same thing. However, when they see the passion in your eyes and in your voice, they are taking what you say very serious. That is my experience anyway. What starts out as a – What the hell is this woman talking about- to – Oh my god, i had no idea. So please don't give up- all efforts matter. Even if it takes some time to make sense to some of the "sleepwalkers".

      Thank you, Levi.


    • jr says:

      Even if you're high-ranking, the corrupt bastards will have you snuffed. This is a plan.

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘What the hell is this woman talking about- to – Oh my god, i had no idea.’

      I had that happen to me recently while describing the events in Venezuela and tying it into geoengenerring. While I was talking to the person, waking them up, I was amazed at how they suddenly and magnifyingly(?) grasped what was going on and how it could happen here and what it meant to them. In the process, I kind of freaked myself out a bit about the enormity of the situation. I’ve been aware of it all for decades and have taken it all in stride, but for some reason, describing it to this suddenly aware person was… different. I’ll say that.
      Like touching a hot wire fence.

  30. Carol says:

     This may sound harsh but I truly believe that most Americans are both ignorant and mentally lazy.  The fact that so many can still  deny that our planet is in its death throes  is beyond comprehension. 

      Two of the most intellectually brilliant men  alive today, (NOAM CHOMSKY and CHRIS HEDGES) are both very concerned about the state of our climate, being very aware  of not only climate  catastrophe but also the acidification of the oceans and all of the other problems that go along with it.  I seriously doubt if 1 person in a 1000 in this country even know who these two men are.   But I am sure they could name the contestants in Dancing with the Stars!

     I only have a high school education, but if I think something is important I investigate it.  I find no excuse for people who are too lazy to do the same. 

    • kathleen says:

      So much truth in your words, Carol! The "average" American has been getting dumbed down for decades now. The causes are plentiful, but geoengineering is a big factor — which, of course, affects the entire planet. I was still a tot when I saw my first aerosol spraying, in the 50's. Mom called it a "skywriter" — "But, Mom, why isn't it writing anything? It's just a line."

      Since it's virtually impossible to not breathe the air, it's particularly important to choose healthy options in the water we drink and food we eat. Making wiser choices will help keep us away from bigPharma and the criminal "disease management" regime.

      To that end, two ideas I recommend are sprouting seeds (all you need is a jar — well, and seeds and water), or, if you have available earth or a pot, planting food that doesn't look like food: ginger, turmeric, Jerusalem artichokes (aka sunchokes — they grow underground and make a sunflower-like flower).

      Hang in there — your education, unlike that of some, has not dulled your brilliant mind and its ability to discern truth from fiction!

    • Grant Jones says:

      Carol, Yes, but awareness becomes limitless education,  knowledge cures ignorance, an Wonder breaks the societal programming (lazy mind) and leads to awareness. It is a circle we all must try to close with each other. Most times our efforts will succede if we are sincere and knowledgable. I think it is a worthy effort.

  31. Mirjana Gordon says:

    Hello Dane….

    ….fear is in the air. More and more people become aware and it will spread like a brush fire….everybody will know what is really going on.

    My heart is heavy and it pains me to see all the horrible effects on everything and all of us!

    Say, have you ever talked to Native Americans and their view on this. After all, nobody is more connected and loving of nature than Native Americans. I was just wondering…..

    Thank you for all you do….everyday!!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mirjana, about the Native American community, yes, I have communicated with them consistently and will continue to do so. I have supplied hundreds of commercial geoengineering informational DVDs and several thousand color glossy flyers. 

    • Rebecca says:

      Dear Dane and M. J., I myself have been down to the Yakima Indian Tribe and talked to the them, given them the video ( and did my best to get the information to them and they seem unresponsive, I will follow up again and again to see if we can make a difference. I have been to all the public schools and given the information to the principles and staff in the officies with little response. It seems these people are completely oblivious and look at me like a deer in the headlights! I will never give up on doing my best to wake the sleeping up! Dane, I want you to know I myself spend every minute thinking and working on getting this message out to the public, I will do a better job of making sure you know this. This has become a full time job for me, it sickened me to think you have been abandoned by the people who you have made such a difference for. I will and have made every attempt to continue to help in this fight to save what is left to save. Where I live it is a horror to wake up to everyday to see the sky full of  the dirty toxic poison, as soon as I wake to see the atmosphere being destroyed and knowing the entire web of life is dying. Peace and Love to you Dane and all. I have lost most all my friends and children, family over this division of truth. Never Give Up, To Thine Own Self Be True. Like you say, "they will not be able to ignore this truth much longer". May our creator hear our cry! Some days I feel so sad all I can do is sob in tears, then get angry then do my best and get out to wake the masses everywhere I go taking flyers, the grocery store the bank, courthouse, Mares office, police station, Sheriff office, everywhere. Again Love and Peace to all,  R

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rebecca, such total dedication to the greater good is desperately needed. Thank you more than I can say for all you are doing, and to all the individuals that are truly dedicated to making a difference for the better. The undercurrent of awareness grows by the day, when the right catalyst occurs, all will come to the surface. Face to the wind, let us keep marching forward in this most critical fight.

    • Mirjana Gordon says:

      Oh Rebecca! I totally hear and feel your pain/passion.

      My own son, when talking about this, rather not even think about it and hope it's all not true or not going to hurt us.

      Thank you also for fighting the fight worth fighting…we need people like you….you have great passion and understanding for what is unfolding.

      Thank you also, for all you do!


    • virginia says:

      Dear Rebecca: I read your post with interest and understanding; however, I have lived a long time – longer than anyone who is posting on this thread – and realize that while your intentions are honorable and to be admired, there is one sentence you wrote upon which I must comment:  "I have lost most of my family and children"…

      Please do not allow this geoengineering fight come between the most important thing in life – family and children. You cannot solve the problem in your lifetime, no matter how hard you are trying.  Please, be kind to yourself and your family and ease up on your effort and time spent on climate engineering.  Dane may disagree with me, which is fine and expected; but, from an oldster, children are precious, no matter what their ages. Please use your time wisely with them. Thank you, Rebecca for your intensity.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, no disagreement on the children, they are why we fight, we need to do our best to keep them close.

    • bija says:

      I live in AZ and have had several opportunities to interact with Native American communities, Res schools and supposed health organizations. I just want to say that after what has been perpetrated by our government on these populations and what they are still trying to recover from, it's unfair to single out traumatized and already genocides communities who may not be capable of responding to continued devestation of all life on this planet! And that is not to add to the equation current mining,fracking with its sickening and killing pollution on top of heart wrenching poverty and addiction.  It is we, the privileged and materially greedy who must bear the weight of this catastrophe and be smart about who and where we use our efforts. I'm not saying don't spread the word everywhere, but we do have to use what time we have wisely. Thanks to all of you for doing what you do!!

  32. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

    I found this posted on one of the obscure chemtrail sites I visit regularly. Her name Ruth Mundy and her song is "Love In the time of coral reefs" check it out and pass it on. Never Give Up!!!

    • maciej kocialkowski says:

      Steven, that is a very touchy song. I think I shed a tear or two, and that does not happen too often. Very talented artist too, I will definitely share it. If I cannot reach to people any other way, then maybe artistic expression can permeate their rhinoceros skin of denial.

    • Dennie says:

      That's an amazing song.  How many people are listening to this? 

      I started to write more and just erased it.  No point in saying what so many have been saying so eloquently.  I just want to see the pollution and the polluters STOPPED.  PERIOD.

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘did my best to get the information to them and they seem unresponsive, […] I have been to all the public schools and given the information to the principles and staff in the officies with little response.’

      That certainly says a lot about how the power structure works. Imho, you tried to speak truth to power. That’s no good, they love the money and prestige too much. Do as The Pizza Guy does, try to speak truth to The People, instead. I.e. reach out to the tribe members themselves and to the students, bypass the mini-overlords.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Steven,  I saw this a short while ago, probably suggested on this site, or otherwise found it.  Her beauty, the music's beauty, the song to the reef's beauty lost–altogether so well expressed, I too cried, yet again as seems the theme lately, so simple and elegant, so worthy of those reefs of dreams.  I hope she knows how many hearts she's touched.

  33. Sunshine says:

    Every Saturday I so look forward to your broadcast and I thank you for all your hard work.
    There are many, many of my friends who are awake of this dire issue and make it known worldwide.  
    When you state that it is a mathematical certainty that we won't be here much longer, what is our timeframe please? 10, 20, 30 years?
    Thank you Mr. Wigington

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Sunshine” to clarify the “mathematically certain” equation that I often mention, I always make clear that near term total extinction is certain IF we remain on the current course. Lets make every day count in the critical effort to alter our current trajectory. The single greatest leap we could make in that direction is to expose and halt the climate engineering assault. Never give up, glad to have you with us in this battle Sunshine.

  34. Jake says:

    There was an article I read a while back about the real reason why so many meteorologists got fired from the Weather Channel when NBC purchased them. At the time, I didn't pay much attention to what was going on. I do know it did have something to do with geoengineering, but now I can't find it. Does anyone know anything about this? I've been trying to search for it again with no luck.  

    • helot says:

      Dear Jake,

      You know what. The Weather Channel and NBC have Had It. They are over. What happens at their organization no longer matters. They are dinosaurs.

      The real question is, how prepared are you and I for what happens next? And, can we get others to open their eyes to The Next Step?

    • virginia says:

      Jake, Raytheon does all the modeling for National Weather Service and NOAA.  Lockheed Martin does the the modeling for FAA.

      There is a gag order on weather presenters to shut up and follow orders.  Hope this helps.

      PS>Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors are knee deep in geoengineering as are Rothschilds…naturally.

  35. What Would a War between Russia and the USA Look Like?
    Debunking Popular Clichés about Modern Warfare

    By The Saker / Global Research / The Unz 19 May 2016
    Cliché No 1: the US military has a huge conventional advantage over Russia  [MYTH!]
    Cliché No 2: an attacker needs a 3:1 or even 4:1 advantage over the defender.  …at an operational or, even more so, strategic level, this rule is completely false. Why? Because the defending side has a huge disadvantage: it is always the attacker who gets to decide when to attack, where and how.
    Cliché No 3: high technology wins the day
    That is a fantastically false statement and yet this myth is sacred dogma amongst civilians, especially in the USA. In the real world, high tech weapons systems, while very valuable, also come with a long list of problems the first one of which is simply cost. … Technology is also typically fragile and requires a very complex support, maintenance and repair network.
    Cliché No 4: big military budgets win the day
    That is also a myth which is especially cherished in the USA.
    Cliché No 5: big military alliances help win wars  … The historical record is that one unified military force under one command usually performs much better than large alliances.
    Cliché No 7: The US and NATO are protecting East European countries  … the USA is the only real military force in NATO and that US military and political leaders all know that. And they are right. Non-US NATO capabilities are a joke. What in the world do you think the, say, Belgian or Polish armed forces are in reality. That’s right – both a joke and a target.  …

    • Grant Jones says:

      Susan, The war games off the peninsula were a showcase of Nos  3 & 4 in your reply, with regard to the demonstration of "Tactical Cloud".  I would imagine the information of the war games was read all over the Pacific if not the world. Scary thought how destructive just a practice run is to the Ocean and The Peninsula, Sad to see first hand I am sure.  There is no soul to that destructive intent. I can only hope it is never unleashed. Keep up the informative posts, an Thanks.

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Susan:  Mike Ruppert was saying years ago that we aren't going to fix the f**kups caused by technology using technology.  Einstein was saying that you can't solve any problem by using the thinking that caused the problem in the first place.  Are we there yet?  Some of us are.  Most of us, Hell NO.

  36. MIT Press published David Keith in 2013 and Bill Gates endorsed it!: A Case for Climate Engineering by David Keith MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2013, US$16.95
    In 1991, the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines lofted 17 megatons tons of sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere, cooling the Earth by about 0.5 °C for the next two years. This cooling temporarily offset most of the warming caused by all the greenhouse gases humans had accumulated in the atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution. Thus, one might ask: should humans consider conducting an expanded version of this natural experiment? In particular, should scientists and engineers now undertake research on so-called climate engineering in the hope that it will improve humanity’s ability to manage climate change?  Two recent books—David Keith’s A Case for Climate Engineering and Jack Stilgoe’s Experiment Earth—engage this question from very different points of view. Both recommend research… Together they clarify the challenge, but do not instill confidence that they have solved it. Keith takes an appropriately broad view of climate engineering and its potential role in humanity’s response to climate change. But he organizes his analysis in a manner seemingly designed to underestimate the risks. Stilgoe is more humble about humanity’s ability to understand the risks posed by geoengineering and offers a solution—treat the technology as an anticipatory social experiment governed by both scientists and non-scientists—but defines the scope of the experiments narrowly. His concept seems compelling, but the more broadly the experiments are framed, the less clear it becomes how they would work.
    David Keith, perhaps the world’s most prominent climate engineering researcher, has been studying the topic for over 20 years. …
    "The negative effects of climate change will disproportionately impact the world’s poor.  David Keith’s candid and thoughtful book lays out a compelling argument about the need for serious research on geoengineering and for a robust policy discussion on its possible use."  – Bill Gates (From the book's back cover)

    • This is one of my favorite ‘great moments’ from Dane Wigington when he takes on David Keith and backs him into an inescapable corner. I never get tired of seeing Truth intimidate and overwhelm insane liars. Watch Keith crumble into a fast-talking rat. Gates must have unleashed his infamous vile temper on Keith after seeing this.   :o)

      Geoengineer David Keith Admits to Dangers of Spraying Aluminum

    • Phil says:

      I have shown everybody this video that does not believe this is going on.  Most of them are no longer skeptical afterwards.

    • Dennie says:

      The Case for Climate Engineering has been around for quite some time, it's almost old news, though to too many, it's a title never-before-heard-of.  Keith was soundly "booed" when he appeared on the Colbert to pitch the Psychopaths' Biggest Idea Yet:  (This is apparently a link from this website). 

      It is amazing to me that you can no longer find a link that goes JUST to the clip of the video as it originally appeared on tee vee, About the only good thing about Keith is that he does understand that the planet IS heating. 

  37. Sharon Hodson says:

    The amount of aerosol spraying in our skies is sickening! 

    More people are ill with respiratory distress than ever before.

    We need to take action very soon, but to whom when the government 

    is responsible? It costs the US $75 billion annually, and congress

    must provide funding at taxpayers expense, but why the big cover-up?

    Surely they realize that what they are doing to us, they are doing 

    to themselves!


    • virginia says:

      Sharon:  It is not only our 'government' who is responsible.  This is an international, concerted and well-orchestrated program with definite and most serious consequences for the entire world.

      Were we a million strong, it would still not be enough to make a dent, and if we were successful it would take years before we realized any improvement in the entire situation. And, how does one fight an unknown?

      We who are trying our hardest to fight these criminals are in for the long haul, maybe generations; that is if the extremely high radiation covering the planet from Fukushima and other nuclear sites don't get to us, first.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, as impossible as the battle to stop climate engineering can sometimes seem, there is hope, there are many factors that must be considered. Many in the military are waking up to the climate engineering destruction, I am hearing from some of them. The rapidly escalating biosphere collapse is forcing others to wake up. We don’t have “generations” to deal with this issue, or even a single decade, our situation is much more immediate. The effort to wake others to this issue continues to be critical. Our numbers are growing rapidly, we must all continut to fuel this process. 

  38. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 114th email to my contact list, titled "Wildfires".

    1.  The Fort McMurray wildfire is still burning furiously and is creating its own microclimate and lightning strikes – which are starting more fires.  It has burnt an area of over 5,000 sq km/2,000 sq miles (45 miles by 45 miles) – nearly the size of Aberdeenshire, or twice the size of Fife and Angus combined. Smoke and ash is seriously affecting people and towns 30km from the fires. It is expected to burn for many more months. 

    However, take a look at the massive wildfires to the east of Lake Baikal in Russia and China (not so many people affected – so not worth reporting) and elsewhere in the world – the red dots are fires/heat anomalies.  You may need to copy and paste this link.,MODIS_Aqua_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden),MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor,MODIS_Fires_Terra,Reference_Labels,Reference_Features(hidden),Coastlines&t=2016-05-12&v=80.31652127002475,32.56701539516453,170.24620877002474,75.52795289516453

    Take the time to zoom in/out and scan through the last couple of weeks at the above link – particularly the smoke drifting over the Sea of Okhotsk on May 11 and 12.

    Scan around the globe – including Canada (zoom in on Fort McMurray on 16th).

    2.  Another great quote from Kirk Brent regarding the mass die offs:  

    "Funny little thing math is. If you follow the projection of animal die-offs and take in consideration that 52% of wildlife have died off in the past 40 years then under a constant speed it would only take another 36 years for the rest of the 48% to die off. Since Global Warming is speeding up it is reasonable to shorten that time by about 10 years which would put us at ….(drumroll)….2040."

    The 'Light, Carana, Hensel and (anonymous) others' deadline of 2031 chart has again been supported.

    3.  Or look at it another way:

    4.  Excellent Global Research article:

    and of course the weekly Global Alert News:

    • Neil Rushton says:

      Thanks for these links. The Global Research piece is especially terrifying. The 'crazies in the basement', the neo-cons, will be fully back in the driving seat if Hitlery wins in November. I find Paul Craig Roberts especially insightful on this.

    • Grant Jones says:

      The deadline of 2031, while frightening, is, in my opinion, a best case outlook.  Almost daily another study comes out saying,"This surpasses our models predictions."  The amplification, or positive feedback, is exponential rather than linear with regard to global warming.  Temperature and icemelt data support an accelerating situation that can't be hidden much longer.  Lovelock gives an earlier opinion of the early 2020s as a deadline. Hopefully we will not be taken into a global war before then. We are running out of time to halt this madness. My thanks to Dane an all here who are working to expose the truth.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      I agree, Grant.  The deadline is indeed a best case scenario: "Malcolm Light, Sam Carana, Harold Hensel, and further (anonymous) contributors 'Planetary Omnicide Between 2023 and 2031'" chart, updated in 2014:

      And if James Lovelock thinks it is early 2020's, that is good enough for me.

    • Dennie says:

      I'd make a will except there won't be anyone left here to leave anything to– well, okay– maybe a few genetically damaged humanoids who hid out between the ones and zeros of Cartesian Tyranny, whom the paradigm, philosophy and policies of the "ruling" Over-Lords-in-Charge we have allowed to run the planet into near-totally irreversible destruction have now made everyone else conform to their own fantastically distorted image.  Except that these irresponsible juvenile delinquent "rulers" refuse to face their own sick reflection, even when it's hitting them in face.

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