Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 12, 2016


Dane Wigington

Who is really pulling the strings of the government? Who is really running the show from behind the curtain? What do we know about the "shadow government"? Do "elected officials" really have any real power over the policies and actions of what has now become the US police state? Where do we go from here? How much longer can the converging global cataclysms be hidden in plain site from the still sleeping population?  The latest edition of Global Alert News is below.

No matter how ominous the gathering cloud of darkness looks, is giving up on the fight for the greater good ever an option? Is there any solace whatsoever in giving up and walking away from the front line of the battle? Our will is all that we can say that we truly own. The correct use of our will is a choice, and that choice rests with each of us alone. It cannot be taken from us, ever. We must not abandon the fight for the greater good, we must not walk away, we must not yield, we must never give up. To remain silent about injustice is to submit to the collective insanity, this is not why we are here. Stand up, investigate the facts, look through a clear lens, and make your voice heard.

This week's outreach booth is in Puyallup, Washington, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


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  1. Kerf says:

    God, we need a Bilderberg group of GOOD Billionaires and multi millionaires to try and combat some of this evil being done by the 1%, have none of them thought of putting together a group such as this, or is everyone too scared Geez.

  2. MS P says:

    "Almost on the eve of the 2016 presidential election, outgoing president Barack Obama issued an executive order that is intended to coordinate all the world’s health agencies in alignment with the CDC’s intention to increase detainment and quarantining guidelines enforcement worldwide.
    This recent executive order is of grave concern for advocates of health freedom. It is called “Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats,” and it was signed and issued on November 4th, 2016."

    • INEX says:

      they can cram their so-called 'executive orders'! they are as meaningless and worthless as the idiot depraved criminals that write them! we have to stop believing in their phony power structure.  it's all made up by them, to serve them and to screw us in the end, therefore, it's not legit in the l least !!! 

  3. MS P says:



    Aerosols affect cloud formation and patterns of atmospheric circulation, such as the monsoon systems in tropical regions. They also change how much solar radiation is reflected or absorbed in the atmosphere. Humans affect aerosol loading by pollution and land-use change that increases the release of dust and smoke. It has not been possible to set a specific threshold value at which global-scale effects will occur.

    • Dale K says:

      This online video series confirms that environmental toxins are one of the prime causes of the autoimmune disease epidemic of our modern world. "At Last…More Than 85+ Experts, including Doctors, Scientists, World Leading Functional Medicine Experts, as well as Sufferers now in Remission, are Lifting The Lid On The Auto-Immune Industry, In This Revealing 7-Part Series"

  4. MS P says:

    Great radio program. Thank you.

    I agree on the temps being higher than what is reported. Even my newer thermometers show 7-10 degrees lower, than my older one.  

  5. Teri says:


    another die off that they report is from pneumonia. the sheep cannot breath. clearly from the geoengineering i believe. 

  6. Screeching Owl says:

    Dear Dane:

    Thank you for your courage and tenacity in the fight for truth and life. My hat is off to you and your associates for the incredible research on geoengineering, your activism, generosity of spirit and your ongoing dedication, against the odds, to get the facts out and encourage action.

    I'd like to know your thoughts: Trump stated he will pull all government funding from all U.N. "climate change"/global warming programs. I feel this is something to watch closely.  If he goes through with it (as quickly as he proposes to build the "wall") might that not mean a halt to all spraying (SAG) and other dangerous geoengineering programs currently being funded by the U.S., including operations in many smaller countries who've been coerced into it? (If the stratospheric aerosol spraying were stopped before any global societal collapse, this would eliminate the "double catastrophe scenario," or at the very least postpone it and buy time.)

    While it's ludicrous and murderous for Trump to deny global warming and therefore the need to act on it, might this reckless move of pulling the financial plug on all climate change programs be the start to disempowering the hydra-headed U.N. global "climate change" campaign and by way the covert global geoengineering operations of massive spraying and other weather modification missions?  While no one knows for sure who is an insider in the shadow government and who isn't, nor how far in or out, it seems to me that Trump's decision if he goes through with it could create a substantial crack in the system.  (I can't help but think of the lyrics of a Leonard Cohen song going around that essentially says that in times of darkness light still shines through the cracks in things and we must LOOK for those cracks.) 

    Either he's going to continue to secretly fund the geoengineering side of the spectrum and is trying to keep the ongoing, deadly, illicit weather modification experiments FURTHER under wraps by taking the entire discussion of climate off the table, or perhaps in a move to reallocate funds to one of his preferred twisted causes, his actions may unwittingly help expose this issue widely along with its massive, illegal cover-up, thus opening up the way for common ground, accountability and environmental reforms across the board.

     I agree with you that the environment and global warming, especially under ongoing geoengineering is the single most imminent threat to all life on this planet, and I am also continuously appalled that the vast majority of people still don't, at the very least, notice we're being fumigated every day (except for national holidays here in NYC!) like cockroaches. Now, in this time of wide-spread chaos and confusion after the elections, I can't help but think, what a wonderful piece of irony, what a magnificent cosmic joke if Trump, right wing tyrant, robber baron, brazen racial and ethnic bigot, misogynist, homophobe, sexual predator, and sociopath (who's also possibly brain damaged — hell, he's inhaling the same crap we all are) may in his greed, lust for power and arrogant ignorance, be just the spectacle society tool that the shadow government in it's hasty race to stay in control incorrectly positioned, the straw that breaks the camel's back, the shadow government's biggest mistake!  How marvelous if this unethical, impulsive, crass dolt, whatever his intentions, were to cause a crack wide enough in the corrupt, genocidal system to sabotage it and bust it wide open?

    It would be a sweet irony indeed, mass delusion finally shattered by a tv celebrity capitalist. I am speculating a great deal.  I know at this point anything can happen (including martial law), but I know how quickly paradigm shifts can occur once there's a shift in consciousness, especially in that of the environmental activists who will be outraged as soon as they get out of shock, and so I feel this is a possible crack we should look out for.  The Trump crack, catastrophe or opportunity? Good luck, bad luck?   … I have a feeling, at the very least, we're in for a few cosmic laughs, the kind that may make us realize how funny our lives in this world have been and how dead serious humor can be.

    Moreover, there must be a way to capitalize and all of the energy going into mass anti-Trump demonstrations and that of the brave and tenacious Dakota Pipeline activists/water protectors.  I'm certain most of these people would be on board to stop geoengineering if they could be reached and that the best moment is near.  It seems that writing to senators, representatives and government officials without mass involvement including demonstrations, boycotts, what have you, is not offering leaders who may be sympathetic, the public support they need to take the risks they need to take.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Screeching Owl, about your questioin, only time will tell.

    • Jeff says:

      Great booth in Puyallup this weekend!  I attended the GemFaire with my family after being here on the site and seeing that Geoengineeringwatch was going to be there!  (Only reason I attended)!

      I met Steve & helped him man the booth for a few hours & truly enjoyed my time – very nice gentleman & we talked with a good number of both "aware" and "unaware" people!  It felt great – it felt right!

      I was asked to help steve at this event after the first of the year, and frankly I am honored!  I have some ideas & will be involving myself much more for the cause here locally as well.

      Thanks for the opportunity Steve & Dane!


    • MS P says:

      Screeching Owl, (Great name)

       I too have had the same thoughts, & questions. In hopes for a better future.  The way it's been going, is not good. MR Trump can not be bought. Or can he? The way the media hates him, the same way they hate to say anything about the spraying. . Is rather refreshing.  He has used  very profound comments to create distractions. Just like the media does. – -I agree. –Only time will tell. I too can only hope for a better outcome. It's better than being depressed over what is  going on in our skies, right now.

      RIP Leonard Cohen. We sure have lost many musicians this year. Sadly.♥

      When MR Trump says climate change is a hoax, he might just be saying it's geoengineering. (I call it a nice dream?  Hope it comes true) He may just take the funding away, from the SRM spraying projects. Use it for something better. Really now, where are all those Paris agreement,  US billions of dollars going to? What will they fund? The spraying did not stop after the summit was over with, & agreed upon. 


      Meanwhile dumb kids are ditching school, in marches, they know little about. Other than what they see on TV. Too young to vote. Too young, to make adult decisions. Old enough to do damage to society, even more. Civil Unrest. Just begging for Martial Law.

      Perhaps this would be a very  good place to get them to start protesting geoengineering?  At least they would be marching for something real ,  & not created by the  bogus media?  I see it as a great  opportunity. May I suggest we go educate some marching children & young adults ? Then one of two things might happen. Look Up & Speak Up, would get some publicity. Or the media will stop covering these Trump protests. Win-Win!

      Trump protests, is a major distraction, on the pipeline issue.  This is scary. The natives of these lands, have lost so much. 

      The so called experts, seem to have a difficult time even admitting that the  human race has tipped  planet earth, into a new Geological  Epoch Period. One created by human activities, upon planet earth. No surprise there. Right? It's already happened. Perhaps even before I was born? Much like their predictions, 15 years from now. We are already there. Some have declared 2016, as the beginning year of the “Anthropocene Epoch Period”.. 

       Mainstream media spins it like this. ►"Scientists propose that, as a result of human activity, we have transitioned from the Holocene into a new geological epoch: the “Anthropocene”."

      Lots to find on google. For example.





    • SilentSister says:

      I hear you, M. Owl. Very good words, my sentiments exactly, thank you. I'm beside myself. Do humans truly believe that there is no action without reaction? Even scientists break their own scientific laws by conducting these experiments. I do not know how to stand up for life without getting angry, myself. I am, truly, a participant in all I see as tragic. I don't know what to do except keep photographing the skies as I have done for over a decade. I am more upset over humans having a lack of integrity and secrecy than I am about any thing we do. Guess I go deep on logic. I share real news, such as this on my social platforms. What else is there to do but realize there is no they, only we, and learn about this spewing malcontent and hatred toward life that is seeping through our broken hearts and fragile legions of ego. Thank you. 

  7. Gary D says:

    Dane mentioned the real temperature increase above baseline is 3.5 C as opposed to 1.33 C claimed by the scientists. This is quite true because they conveniently omit stating the lower temperature is an average of land and ocean values. People then believe things are not as toasty as they really are. What happens is the ocean surface  warms at a much slower rate than that of land mass, therefore the average surface air temperature of oceans above baseline is really about 0.4 C, according to actual data. Given the Earth is about 30% land to 70% water, the real land surface temperature above baseline is 3.5 C. The deception is remarkable and western civilization populations have unfortunately bought it and become the proverbial boiling frogs. 

  8. Robert West says:

    Dane said we need to "halt the climate engineering insanity". I will add that we need to also halt fracking shale rock for oil and gas. This process is changing the earth's rock structure and allowing contamination of aquifers. When we add toxins to both, atmosphere  and aquifers, we are certainly destroying the earth entirely and there is absolutely no return. Both insanities has to stop. I hope that our new administration can grasp these truths.

  9. Irene Parousis says:

    Like you, Dane, I've also been observing people since a child, but unfortunately these days I only see zombies.  I so believed that everyone I told about our skies would react with rage, like myself, instead I was totally shocked to only witness denial.  This has been my hardest battle ever and though I feel depleted and defeated, I still try to bring awareness to anyone who will listen.   To not lose faith in times like this is very trying.  Thank's horsegirl for making me laugh, skyarrhea is the perfect description for our sky here in Toronto today. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Irene, my deepest gratitude to you for your endurance in this all important battle. My thanks to all activists that are constantly trying to hold a correct and credible compass heading in this fight, and that are refusing to give up or give in. Our will belongs to each of us, all of us, it cannot be taken. Our combined unyielding efforts are in fact creating an undercurrent of awareness that is much larger than almost any yet realize. We will expose the insanity, we must remain at our individual posts, never give up.

  10. Dennie says:

    Hey folks:  Here's MORE TRUTH, so memorize this.  Here we have the scoop on our "military brothers and sisters" from one who WAS one, Joachim Hagopian, a former U.S. Army officer who graduated from West Point and has turned whistleblower, now writing for

    "I grew up a kid in the USA proud to be an American, back when being an American meant something good to the rest of the world. After all, we helped Europe beat back Hitler and Imperialistic Japan, then helped Europe rebuild and overcome the devastating destruction from the Second World War. Our benevolence and good will extended even to our enemies Germany and Japan, aiding them to eventually become the economic powerhouses that rose from their ashes of defeat. From day one the American doctrine was that we were always the good guys who never failed to come to the rescue of those nations and people less fortunate than ourselves.

    Our love for America was never in doubt or question. As the melting pot for all races and ethnicities from all over the world, the United States uniquely stood alone for justice and equality as the model nation accepting human diversity in all its richness, holding firm our conviction that it only made us stronger as both a people and a nation. As a Christian republic, we Americans were “the chosen ones,” endowed with a wealth of natural resources, a post-WWII
    booming economy steeped in the tradition of Yankee ingenuity,  blessed more than we knew living in the most prosperous nation on earth. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in grade school instilled in us the creed that America was truly special as both the land of the free and the land of plenty. Americans proudly believed in its democratic ideology, and felt it our moral duty to uplift and make over the entire world in our own democratic image, not unlike God making humans over in his own image.

    We patriotically embraced the eloquent wisdom of our Founding Fathers faithfully taught in history books, assuming our democratic model of government always represented not only the best interests of our nation’s people, but every nation’s people. Another given was when America went to war, as the good guys it was always for a good and righteous cause, spreading freedom around the world, and again assisting nations that needed our support and guidance in gaining our much coveted brand of democratic freedom. To this innocent, idealistic white kid growing up in suburban Massachusetts in the late fifties and early sixties, surrounded by iconic history like the Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock, the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere and John Adams launching the Revolution, right up to our very own young Senator JFK laying Camelot claim as America’s greatest President of modern times, life was good. Back then it seemed we were all proud to be Americans, offering a shining beacon of strength, hope and promise of a better future for the rest of the world. If there ever was a “good old days,” those certainly were it.

    But that was then, and this is now. Our American cities have fallen into Third World post-apocalyptic decay.  Hollowed out empty shells of broken glass buildings with boarded up windows now line the streets of Detroit, looking more like a dead urban war zone than the once flourishing, wealthiest city in America just decades before. Near the banks of another Great Lake, black kids are killing black kids in the lawless, gun-infested jungle of south Chicago, screaming out to a dying, can’t be bothered nation. The domestic infrastructure of our once shining metropolises, our super duper interstate highways, our majestically solid bridges that reliably kept the thriving interconnected web of us fast moving producers supplying the world with American made products, all now lie in rusted out decay and ruin of the once-was-greatness called America. The once mighty manufacturing giant of the world is now a nation of mass consumers dependent on foreign imports mostly from China. “What happened?,” we lament as a nation in woeful shock and dismay, grieving our national loss.  Like the Roman Empire nearly a millennium ago, America is falling fast. We are currently in a constant crisis mode as the American Empire crumbles and burns. But instead of Rome burning, this time it’s Washington DC, Detroit and virtually all our major urban centers throughout the United States. Instead of investing in its own people and its aging infrastructure, creating thousands of desperately needed jobs, our federal government has chosen to drain our national economy, bleeding middleclass taxpayers dry with two wars lasting longer than any prior wars in American history. Our tax dollars are paying for a gluttonous and corrupt military industrial complex that is now firmly in control but spinning us out of control in megalomaniacal
    global destruction. The defense contractors like Lockheed, Halliburton, Boeing, Northrop, General Electric and General Dynamics have scored record breaking profits supplying the American Empire with military hardware and weaponry that have squandered our tax dollars. Too many of their weapons either do not work properly or are not needed at all. But Congressmen worried over lost jobs in their districts and a “more is better” Pentagon philosophy feed a growing military industrial complex with an insatiable appetite for record breaking profits. As a result of this gluttonous orgy of misspent taxpayer dollars, America spends more money on its military than the rest of the world combined. Since 9/11 Pentagon brass are also wielding more power than any previous time in American history. US generals, politicians and global corporations have sold the American people on a permanent national security state at home and a permanent war state around the world. 

    Meanwhile, the corporate controlled media acts as a disinformation and propaganda mouthpiece keeping Americans uninformed in the dark while exploiting our fear that a terrorist is lurking around every corner. Like a highly toxic, cancerous affliction that is devouring itself until it implodes, the sprawling military industrial complex has betrayed all us Americans."

    And the trumpers, oblivious to the fact that their beloved Corporate Military Industrial lapdogs have swallowed all of the natural resources wholesale in a mad effort to control the rest of Earth's resources through bomb-building and the petrochemical and other resource-squandering that entails to extract, refine, mill and create their weapons of mass destruction for fun and profit, just do not notice that they won't miss their water until their well runs dry– nooo, they're going to continue to bully everyone else out of their countries' natural resources. 

    [source article]:

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      I very much enjoyed reading this post…Thank you, Dennie

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      I haven't read TRUER words in a long long time, I applaud you Dennie, since I grew up at approximately the same time, This post I've read several times, I keep coming back to read it again and again. It really get into my heart, and my heart is breaking. Because the words you have written are so very true. I literally have tears running down my cheek – Because we (Americans) were so Proud to be an American, not so much these days. The Generation of Love Thy Parents, Love Thy Nation – One Nation Under God, and Peace for the Future, and we can make it better attitude,  for our Nation's children, children, where are these people now? These are the same SOB just sitting and waiting for their pension checks, and the hell with everyone else… Keeping their mouths shut, and their heads low, Things were never the same after Kennedy was Assassinated, Everything and Everyone was for Sale, And they sold America and her Pride and Proud History Right down the river. I weep, and I am Angry, Every President and Politician after the Assignation, Really that Day Assassinated Us All… Hopefully we can regain our Nation and our Respect before it's too late

  11. Like so many others, trying to share climate geoengineering data, I continually run into a wall of denial and/or disinterest.  From family, to friends, to associates… even an independent filmmaker, most simply do not want to know.  It's easy to get discouraged, in the face of such constant rejection, but it is paramount to keep trying.  I look for a variety of ways to spark interest… YouTube, WordPress, I even slip GeoengineeringWatch flyers into items I sell on ebay.  Sometimes, you get lucky and hit the right formula just by accident.  
    I recently had the occasion to spend time in the small Utah resort town of Moab, for a folk music festival.  Having never been there before, I was amazed at how young, athletic and sports/environment oriented the populace was.  I was also pleasantly surprised that the visiting musicians at the festival had a decidedly aware take on the desperate hour that humanity now faces, and sang their opinions regarding such.  Sadly, not one mention of the atrocity filling our skies as, all the while, I watched jets pass overhead at the rate of 40 to 50 per hour for several hours straight.
    Al and I shared a rented house there, with three others couples around our age, 60s through 70s, and I was able to share Dane's flyers and a CD with them, though I'm not sure if they responded receptively as I had not met them before and haven't had communication with them since.  As we were about to leave town, we spotted an unusual vintage RV and went to have a look.  As Al was talking to a fellow who was there, a young woman came out to check the mail.  I took the opportunity to grab a handful of flyers to give to her and cannot get over the heartfelt response she had.  She was all of 19 and well aware of the "chemtrails" over her head, as well as the dire situation our world now faces. She thanked me sincerely for being out there, handing out flyers and spreading the word about geoengineering.  I went back to my pick-up, grabbed another handful of flyers and my last CD, and brought them to her, knowing the materials would be put to good use.  I cannot express how much her receptive response filled my heart and gave me much needed strength and courage to carry on.  If this delicate, beautiful flower of a child can stand there and face the oncoming cataclysm this world now offers, with amazing clarity and devotion and grace, how could I possibly not be inspired to do all I can?
    The bottom line is this… even though I get dejected about the rejection so often encountered, a single success story immediately turns it all around.  A hundred rejections cannot overcome the joy and rejuvenation of a sincere reception like the offered by that young woman in Moab.

    Then, of course, there's the other side of the coin… the peddlers of disinformation.  I can't stop what they are doing but I can, at least, express my opinion… (caution: foul language ahead):

    There was once a bunch of dumb asses
    Too selfish to open their eyes
    And admit to the gaping crevasses
    In all of their mistruths and lies

    Hiding in dark little hovels
    Concocting the crap they would spew
    So much that we all needed shovels
    Just to dig a way to pass through

    Supposing we are as moronic
    As the reality they try to spin
    Serving up their liar's tonic
    Deceiving again and again

    So many deceptive deniers
    Popping up from within the deep grass
    Wherever you turn there are liars
    Refusing to let the truth pass

    Guessing we are too distracted
    To notice "a fib, here and there"
    What bullshit they have enacted
    To fill our heads up with dead air

    Who are these bombastic boneheads
    So willing to tell us all lies?
    Why do these idiot cone-heads
    Sell out to world-government spies?

    They're pitiful scared little humans
    Afraid to step up to the plate
    And deal with the boat we are all in
     Or confront the true depth of our fate

    Instead, they just want the money
    And the power they think they will find
    Well, I've got news for them, honey
    They're really just out of their mind

    Pretending that the economy
    Is "the one god standing on high"
    Ignoring that it's autonomy
    Is causing Life on Earth to die

    Drunken on dreams of a future
    Containing each worldly desire
    Denying the frightening true picture
    Death… not by ice, but by fire

    Here's to Jones, Monckton and Griffin
    And to all who would go with that flow
    Selling out, as our end they do hasten…
    May they all rot in Hell and burn slow!

    Laura Marinangeli

    • Dennie says:

      Brilliant, Laura– and may all "Their" followers, the day-to-day pension-and-a-paycheck chasers who mindlessly work for dollars, and not much more, fall off the cliff, right behind Them. 

  12. Anne says:

    I would like to personally thank you for all your hard work. I am passing this article on to others. Particularly after the marker 30 mins. Thank you again. 

  13. LS says:

    Hello Dane and friends, Thank you for this bitter reality check.  Nothing is as it seems. Science has been hijacked in every direction using the energy of the people and then keeping them from what they have come to understand with our treasure. No wonder it is taking Ray so long, as he said, to finish his white paper. Supposedly we have access to all the information in the world through the internet. Nothing could be further from the truth. The newly elected are being informed that the 3 letter agencies will not be changed by an election. Business as usual, as Dane says. Because we have been hog tied and the truth is locked behind the doors of the few castles of power, we are flailing in each moment ready for the hammer to come down on us unexpectedly because we as a species, are willfully ignorant. And ignorance will keep us from saving ourselves.

    Thanks for the info on the created season change using defolient. That explains so much of the insanity that is evident in the state of environmental catastrophe that we are in. Yes it is great to wade through knee deep pine needles in the forest but it is not natural.  You are so right that the facts cannot be denied much longer and it doesn't matter whether people believe it or not. It is happening. And how we respond is what has always mattered.

  14. Rachel Robson says:

    Today, fog prevents me from seeing across the street!  But, weather guy says Not coastal fog, Radiant fog?!!  I have a version of a begonia in our heavily shaded fern garden which always dies back to ground every year, but not this year, so far.  My yellow blooming honeysuckle which also usually dies back, after a bit of recent rain, bloomed white!  Summer flowers in front garden seem to think it is spring or still summer!  All is a confusion.

    Which brings me back to Stuxnet, which is a made up name from parts of a few words in the code for this monster which is Still in play, having not done much yet.  Except set back Iran's nuclear efforts and initially found primarily in Iran, then all over the world and here too.  Thing is, this cyber stuff renders 'finger on the button nukes' passe.  And, there is a newer version called Nitro Zeus.  This stuff can, for instance, take out electric grids.  Make a nuke plant blow up.  All sorts of nightmares are now very very real.  The reason Snowden leaked this, the reason the doc was made is for lack of awareness and due process.  The president has to sign off on any hits just as he must if a nuclear strike.  That is how serious this is, though few know.  He now routinely signs off and we don't know, it is all very very secret.  In fact, General Michael Hayden who was director of CIA from 1999-2005, and CIA from 2006-2009 is himself very very concerned over the ridiculous, extreme secrecy surrounding this cyber warfare stuff that one year received 59 Billion dollars.  He! says we need public discussions about this.  He says we need transparency!  Coming from him, I take this seriously.  Very.

  15. horsegirl says:

    global guv part II

    The global gov is all set up.  While some Verizon personnel I've spoken with say they will lose their jobs if they tell me where they're based, they admit to being in Asia.  The CIA IS the corporate phalanx based in the US.  Not an agency that works for it, but IS the very thing.  IS the rock and roll stars and movie stars in your face.  Read the wiki article on National Clandestine Service, and their "butts-in-seats" policy whereby they like their agents in public life.  Probably the CIA – which the US public has long tolerated to broil away in total secrecy, not told who's in it, what they do, what the budget is, and threatened with prison for outing anyone with secret ties – would have maybe a core 20% with bookwork – those classic guys in black shiny shoes – that they present to Congress annually, and the rest is an undocumented cash-money free-for-all. Imagine a day's accounting sheet for the CIA spook underbelly:  1,200,000 prostitutes' night's work, one tenth as many johns, so many pool hustlers, a couple million petty drug runners worldwide, etc. You get the picture.  Most of what that agency does is off-books.  I'll bet as much as 90% or better.

    And forget about secret agent men in suits and ties.  Here's a group portrait of the big spooky for you:  first bone up on the late Dave McGowan's Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon and learn that the hippie movement was totally concocted – then stand back, get'em all in the frame for a putative group portrait of the off-books CIA front runners:  tattooed, drug-strafed rock stars like Alice Cooper and Frank Zappa, every movie and TV star who ever stuck around, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles (Tavistock Institute), Kris Kristofferson (sorry pal) and the ilk, ALL televangelists, nearly all state governors, most senators Bill Gates, Ted Turner… all those "butts in seats" stars.  Newt Gingrich for sure  This is all available for the avid online researcher.  They love to "hide in plain sight." 

    This nation is so lost and without a clue…

  16. horsegirl says:

    I eally want feedback on the following:  a friend has helped us out by allowing us to use his credit card to upgrade our lifestyle.  I have been ordering on Amazon, dealing with Verizon, and with scant exception everyone I speak with or chat with is in Asia.  Nice folks, learned about Maharashtra, etc.  But everything in the hardware store, the local manager informs us, is now made in China.

    In other words, an international economy is being set up that can withstand the failure/overthrow of the US.  It will keep ticking along without this colony.

    Almost every shipping port in the US has been sold to the same "enemies" the country went broke to fight – Japan, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia et al.  This is pure insanity.  That means foreigners are entrusted with incoming freight containers, while crotches are groped at airports in the name of national security?  Does anyone else see this ruse for what it is out there?

    This is precisely my compunction about discussion of World War III.  Read Jim Marrs' Rise odf the Fourth Reich to learn that the money trail across two world wars is seamless, hermetically sealed.  The same parties financed both sides.  Greadgrandpa Sam Bush under Remington Arms sold 75% of arms to both sides in WWI and on it goes.  The argument can be made that it's all been one carnage under fluctuating PR campaigns.

    The global gov is all set up.  Or is anyone in Iraq going to notice some difference between current affairs and the announcement of WWIII?  I say WWIII is soon coming to the Nato countries but is alive and kicking elsewhere.  The fall of Babylon will be an inside job.  And the rest of the planet will get along without it, with the exception of the NATO countries.  An inside job just like all the rest.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Horsegirl, yes, the delusion of a functional economy in the US is of course a grand facade, but the entire industrialized society is no different. The coming collapse will not be isolated to a specific region, it is already underway and will soon enough be global in scope. As the biosphere goes, so goes the reality we have all known. This being said, the most meaningful leap we can collectively make in the right direction at this late hour is to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity before there is nothing left of our biosphere’s life support systems to salvage.

    • Nemo says:

      Greetings! And thank you Dane and all for your comments.

      Horsegirl; plus the fractional reserve fiat money system by which we are enslaved has us working for something the system literally makes for free!

      Dane: I hate to say this but is it already too late?  Everywhere I look the environment seems exceptionally ill and it's health deteriorating rapidly.  If this were a person would we be saying "keep him comfortable as possible"?  Or "nobody knows how we got to the top of the hill, but since we're on our way down might as well enjoy the ride?  If I am wrong (and I hope I am) how soon is too late and how will I know we have passed the point of no return?

    • Dennie says:

      If you've been looking in the right places you'd notice the rest of the planet's in not-so-good shape as well.  Look at the Baltic Dry Index (Dane's talked about that here) and plot where that's been going since around the year 2000.  The numbers should speak for themselves.  The price of gold, in spite of what the "gold bugs" and other pundits declared about Trump winning the White House continues to plummet, over $100 in the past week alone.  The Chinese stopped buying after their big holiday over there celebrating the institution of Communism because their economy's tanking too (look up "Chinese Ghost Cities," Dane's discussed that here on GlobalAlert) and Diwali's over in India so the gold-buying spree ended there about the end of October.  Trump's in the White House and the stock market's rising again, equities are up and gold's down.  How far down it goes, nobody knows.  In July all the Gold Bugs were talking about $1800/oz gold by early next year.  Probably not gonna happen.  

      Look, there is plenty of bald fear and more than enough propaganda-driven panic based mainly on speculation out there to go around.  Not that bad sh!t's not going down.  We know what that feels like and we're not done with it yet.  But we need to focus on what we CAN do, individually and collectively.  We have to focus on continuing to sound the alarm while contributing our thoughts and ideas of ways to make Earth a BETTER PLACE, like coming up with something OTHER than the current Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm which is underlying all other problems, reform campaign finance and take the profiteering out of weapons sales and military spending.  We have to keep trying.  

    • BaneB says:

      horsegirl:  My thoughts exactly.  Babylon has transferred (disseminated) her wealth, talents, and even the Internet to foreign interests.  She is no longer indispensable.  The nation was captured by criminal minds on 9-11.   These Zealots want a global government.  It's been in the works for many decades.  National sovereignty is being dissolved here and among all the nations.  Oops, there is a fly in the ointment…..Russia(GOG).  Read the Wolfowitz Doctrine ((who the hell elected him?).  It is in the spirit of one world, one government that the aerosol particulates sprayed by jets around the planet are in concert with this overall plan to subjugate all nations to a central authority.  I seriously doubt Trump is going to be able to stop the takedown.  My big fear is the criminal minds that got us into the Middle East, and are surrounding Russia with men, equipment, and missles, will decide they have two months between now and ignauration to try a gamble and blunder us into a nuclear catastrophe.  These weasels have captured the White House, the Pentagon, the military-industrial complex, the national security apparati……they ARE the deep state.  

    • Dale K says:

      Was the massive 7.9 quake that struck New Zealand man-made? Freelance journalist Jim Stone thinks so, stating that,"Earthquakes have NEVER been known to cause scenes which (reportedly) SHOWS THE SKY LIGHTING UP OVER THE OCEAN WHERE THERE ARE NO POWER LINES SHORTING OUT TO CAUSE THIS."

    • Dennie says:

      The U.S. just voted AGAINST globalism: 

      In a nutshell, Nasim Taleb, Author of Black Swan:  The Impact of the Highly Improbable, put it this way:  "What we have been seeing worldwide, from India to the U.K. to the U.S., is the rebellion against the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual experts with some Ivy League, Oxford-Cambridge, or similar label-driven education who are telling the rest of us 1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3) how to speak, 4) how to think… and 5) who to vote for."

  17. virginia says:

    Trump didn't 'drain the swamp" as he promised.  He jumped into it, instead.  Gingrich, Giuliani, left over relics of a by-gone era.  Naming Giuliiani (of 9/11 fame) as Attorney General is akin to appointing Al Capone or John Dillinger (you young folks could look them up) as a chief of police. The guy is directly involved with the New York mobs, Meyer Lansky was one, and is now in charge of the Dept. of Justice and the FBI.  Then – Gingrich as Sec. of State.  Wow.  So much baggage on this guy.  Then take a look at the Sec. of the Treasury – a good old Wall Street Banker toady.  The entire cabinet is one big disappointment for  those of us waiting for Trump to drain the swamp.

    Where do we go from here? As the saying goes, "It's going to be a bumpy ride for all of us."  I hope I am wrong.

    • Dennie says:

      Trump drained the swamp all right.. and what should he find there at the bottom of the stinking, slimy rotten mess but the long-dead, mouldering bodies of Neocons Past, like.. Newt Gingrich and Rudi Giuliani.. whom he promptly fished out, then tells the world he's gonna prop up on chairs and install in his new digs at the White House… So, who's he gonna fish outta that swamp next?  Don't tell me– Rummy, Rove and Cheney–? But of course!!  The IDIOTS who actually fell for the "A vote for Trump is a vote against The Establishment" sloganeering crap failed to realize that a vote for Trump in reality meant they'd just be defaulting back to the Bush NAZI establishment.  Not the current (Clintonista Neo-Liberal) one.

    • BaneB says:

      Virginia:  We are watching a re-run of Creature(s) From The Black Lagoon.  

    • ron hall says:

      Virginia:  You are not wrong!  Creepy neocon types are now in the fold,  John Bolton-an insane neocon war hawk is in and Bannon is for white supremacy! This is just getting started! We must watch who surrounds Trump.  For Trump is a psychopathic numbskull when it comes to the complexities of global realpolitik and will be played like a puppet. In addition, my gut tells me that he will lie to us continually. Fascism is here to stay.

  18. paul fowler says:

                Looking for shadow government . Go to "You Tube" and type in " Aspen Institute" into the search engine . A short 3 minute and 23 second video presented by the "Aspen Institute" will explain in their own eloquent words . 

  19. horsegirl says:

    We all long for an insulting term for the filth in our skies.  I know levity may be hard in the face of all this, but I believe my husband finally came up with a good term:  skyarrhea.

    While we're at it, here is what we've got for governance:  a demonocracy.

    Amazing a couple of old brain wrecks like us can think clearly for being so pithed off…

  20. Dennie says:


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Dennie — No one really believes that war is the answer. War is a business, a way to generate wealth, to steal from others. This has been so from tribal raiding parties to Genghis Khan to Prescott Bush/Thyssen:  In ancient India, they had the "Horse Sacrifice". The finest stallion was set free and wherever he wandered, the pillaging armies would follow and wage war to conquer that kingdom. Again a "business".  As long as we human beings are so arrogant as to find this morally normal, we will go on waging perpetual wars as we have for all of written history, the past 6000 years. If the brave men and women, who serve these morally and intellectually depraved tyrants, understood that they are merely disposable pawns in a game of greed, they might not be such easy prey. What is required is a more evolved state of consciousness. This is our job, yours and mine along with the thoughtful people here at GW and Dane.

    • Dennie says:

      Ohh-keeee.. since we missed that lesson I'll do the Zen Approach, here goes: No desire, no squandered resources.  I'll try that again:  Want not, Waste not.  Hoping everyone got that now.

  21. Ron Marr says:

    Wow….not only Dane with the facts, but, Dane RAW! Way to go, man. I want to say, I hate feeling ostracized by my children. I feel I am on the right path. That's a strength I want to share with my children; even if they are adults now. My son finally agreed to watch 'VAXXED'. Will see. I told my daughter some thoughts, but to do her own research. Now, it as if when I open my month I will say something weird. It's hilarious! What we are up against, is the Opium of Dogma. It is being pounded and pounded into the human psyche moment to moment, everyday of our lives and then, even when we awaken in the night, we see a clock; never ending reminders. They will fight for this Dogma like an addict…. The education system, newspapers, businesses and billboards, everything outside of you pulling the mind away. The worst being the TV. They don't call them TV programs for nothing. You are being Programed. The deception sits in our face, in our technology; so we can't see it right in front of us. It 's in the open watching us drive by or walk by as we stare at our cell phone. I am not worried about my adult children. I worry about everyone. My children can join us if they wish. We have to remember that we are genius, gifted with imagination and immortally. Together, we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth. My heart is with those in protest on the North Dakota pipeline.

  22. Joseph L. says:

    Dane your show was so great — I had to listen to it for the 2nd time today.   I love George Carlin and here is another  great 5 minutes of him.
    He was way ahead of his time mixing politics and comedy and exposing the truth to the masses.
    The illusion of Freedom

  23. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Wow, what an enormous amount of need to know information in this week's GeoEngineeringWatch Global Alert News. The Shadow Government is well prepared for what is currently unfolding! How can any of us even consider to support what they are currently doing and plan on doing to the planet and humanity. Their actions just keep on getting darker.

  24. Sallie Robinson says:

    Our local weatherman now reports that we have "filtered sun!"  I live in Louisiana and we have had virtually no rain since the rain storm on Aug. 15 that caused catastrophic flooding. The weather maps confirm that this area of the U.S. Is having drought conditions. I guess we are the next California.  It wil take years to repair the flood damage and some home owners may never be able to make the needed repairs. 

    • Modern Calamity says:

      Same in NYS!  The weathermen describe geoengineering as filtered sunlight.  I guess that term is acceptable under the "gag order".

  25. horsegirl says:

    Great presentation, Dane.  So glad the big spooky is being brought into the light.  The skullduggery network is so incredibly saturated into the public.  If it was this bad in the 60's, imagine now…

  26. Mike looking up says:

    From the east coast, midwest, plains, and even far west, temps 10 to 20 degrees above average. Weather channels were spotting the cold chill mornings, which in all actuality are at or around noramal this time of year.  Record highs or near record highs in many US cities the past two weeks. I also noticed Alaska temps were also 10 to 20 degrees above normal. How close are we?

  27. Mike looking up says:

    Dane, YouTubers or those just interested. In the 1974 documentary Hearts and Minds, Vietnam war. At the 33-35 minute mark shows four B-52's spraying poison at or around 5,000 feet in Saigon jungel area. It was reported thousands died from the poisons that was retrofitted to the backs of the planes.  The pictures are identical to todays spraying efforts. The Vietanese man interviewed, said. Tens of thousands died from the planes spotting and spraying the stuff, the persons intestines were destroyed.  Dane, I believe you can use the video clip as more evidence of the spraying efforts in some upcoming video. To say the least, its important evidence and very sad for the people of that time.

  28. Dawnski says:

    Charlotte Observer Reporters Mark Price and Bruce Henderson reported a story about the NC Wildfires "Drifting smoke from wildfires could make Charlotte’s air unhealthy | The Charlotte Observer"

    My email to Mark is pasted below:

    Did you have to sign a Gag Order? The reason there is a drought and the contributing factor to trees being aluminum matchsticks is not something the public is going to hear about in a timely manner. I know. God knows. Eventually everyone will know. Is any job or pension worth watching this planet being destroyed? Like Fridays heavy RAID spray day that blanketed the sky with a swirl of toxins?
    Praise God for Dane Wigington having the courage to sound the alarm for all of humanity.

    Mother of Student at WCU studying Environmental Conservation while surrounded by manmade forest fires & smoke!

    Come Lord Jesus
    Rev 11:18

  29. TOMBOLA says:

    Dane you got a whole 55 minutes on David Icke Headlines today.

    Not sure what to make of this in the sense that David pumps the Global cooling meme but i sure hope thousands of people listen to the 55 minutes of powerful information and then share it with at least 3 others.

    Hoping hard.

  30. Michel B says:

    The officials stopping the distribution of left over food to the homeless were taking orders from above them. These orders are meant to cause disenfranchised people to be forced into some type of government 'care'. When a government bans charity you know it is time to really start asking some hard questions.

    And exactly who comprises the hidden governmen? All the departments cited are order followers but exactly who are those architects of all this tyranny sending the orders out? Who wants to exercise total control? It is someone in our midst.

    Who are they that are really in power? Even the order followers, all those working in the spy agencies, etc, are under surveillance. This is the world described by George Orwell in 1984 where Telescreens in public and in your residences keep you under constant watch. Even high officials were watched.

    It is a group of Internationalists who have directed history for the last several centuries. They are a small group who have taken over the power centres and dream of a global hegemony and they are concreting their dreams. Do we dare name them?

  31. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Note the similarities between Dane’s Global Alert and Hedges.
    CHRIS HEDGES: It’s Worse Than You Think /Nov 11, 2016
    Widespread social unrest will ignite when Donald Trump’s base realizes it has been betrayed. I do not know when this will happen. But that it will happen is certain. Investments in the stocks of the war industry, internal security and the prison-industrial complex have skyrocketed since Trump won the presidency. There is a lot of money to be made from a militarized police state.  Our capitalist democracy ceased to function more than two decades ago. We underwent a corporate coup carried … Trump and Hillary Clinton in a functioning democracy would have never been presidential nominees. The long and ruthless corporate assault on the working class, the legal system, electoral politics, the mass media, social services, the ecosystem, education and civil liberties in the name of neoliberalism has disemboweled the country. It has left the nation a decayed wreck. We celebrate ignorance. We have replaced political discourse, news, culture and intellectual inquiry with celebrity worship and spectacle.  Fascism … is the product of a democracy that has ceased to function.  The democratic form will remain, much as it did during the dictatorships in the later part of the Roman Empire, but the reality is despotism, or in our case, corporate despotism. The citizen does not genuinely participate in power.  The repression of dissents will soon resemble the repression under past totalitarian regimes. State security will become an invasive and palpable presence. The most benign forms of opposition will be treated as if they are a threat to national security. Many, hoping to avoid the wrath of the state, will become compliant and passive. …

    • matt sarlo says:

      You sum it up well Susan. Even when the threat of state sponsored terror did not yet exist for the common man in the United States most people were more than willing to be passive and watch our country become the corporate fascist state it now is. When I was a teenager in the 1970's I became aware of this herd mentality of if I do not rock the boat I am doing the right thing. I was made fun of by my entire family in 1975 when I said we should recycle and respect our planet. These same people espoused support for MLK, Anne Frank and other brave souls but when I suggested that we show the same courage and fight injustice in any way we could my parents showed the stark difference from words versus actions. They explained to me that a comfortable life was more important then risking that comfort to do noble acts. Only five percent or so of colonists actively fought and supported the American war of independence, and the cabal running the show knows that they can count on almost all of the populace being passive sheep at any point in history. At least those of us trying to spread facts will be taken out quickly under marital law while the sheeple get fleeced.

    • ron hall says:

      Susan F:  You got it! As Dane would note most Americans have no clue we are living in a fascist state. It seems invisible to most , but that will change soon, I'm afraid(note my comments to Virginia re; who will surround Trump). 

    • Dennie says:

      CHRIS HEDGES is spot-on.  "How's that workin' for ya?" will give Dr. Phil a whole new audience.  Just wait. 

  32. Grant Jones says:

    This moment in time is critical.  Right now the "Secret" power structure is visible as never before.  We must fight the oblivious among us and awaken the masses.  The Earth is at the point where we may not be able to mitigate Abrupt Climate Shift.  Current Politics will not help, rather they will hinder us.  Not a few years from now, Right Now. Only our collective activism will have any effect.  Don't sit the sidelines, don't wait.


    • Lavondalyn Turner says:

      Thank you for you time, efforts, and concerns

      I try not to live in fear, because I am aware it's nearly impossible not to be. Not for myself,  for myour child,  and grandchild. 

  33. TOMBOLA says:


    If only every neighbourhood had one of you in it.

    For me this was the most significant hour you have ever presented.

    Thank you for your warnings and as I whisper to myself every week – I hear you brother but nobody else around me does or are too scared too hear you out.

    Perth, Western Australia:

    Heavy and clearly visible microwaving of the skies above almost on a daily basis the last 3 weeks – clouds with a distinct ripple/wave evident and followed by gusty winds and then just before sunset a big and rapid temperature drop – very unseasonal.

    Very few visible planes leaving trails of late – i have a feeling they have moved this offshore and then direct the blanket over us.

    Keep it up Dane and others.

  34. Carol says:

    Hi. Dane I amazed that EcoWatch reports all the bad things happening around the globe and environment ???  But never  mention weather modification I have emailed them several times and know response is there anything we can do to get there attention ?? Just so frustrated ! These r the people we  want on board Disgusted  with them …. Keeping up the fight …. Love u Dane

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, I have had some communication with EcoWatch, they are in complete denial of the climate engineering reality and thus refuse to even mention this most critical issue.

  35. Linda Lee says:

    Yes, Deb….my heart is also with the Dakota Pipeline/Standing Rock people/tribes, who are only trying to protect the water and land from oil pollution.  The last pipeline leaked 34 times.   For Dakota comments:  please call  202-761-8700 and ask them to cancel the pipeline.  The people gathered there need all the help possible, as the police are using armed drones to shoot them down.  If everyone could make one call, it would help a lot maybe. Putting oil above water, crops, health, and life itself is so twisted.  Let's also imagine a golden net of protection around them, so no "weather event" can attack the large group there now.  

  36. Dennie says:

    Fabulous show– I live for my Saturdays to listen to these.

    It occurred to me this evening while out walking up Seaview Drive in San Rafael CA at sunset/moonrise, looking east at the near-full moon rising over the sparkling, deep blue waters of San Pablo Bay, that the leaves are still hanging on the poplars in the yards down the hill towards Summit Avenue. Not unusual, but very few have actually turned their traditional golden-yellow color– it's just not been that cold here.  So we have wilted green and blackened leaves drooping off the frames– worse than a scene out of a Halloween horror story.  Then it hit me– putting defoliant in the spray mix in autumn means just another way "They" think "they" are going to be able to continue to fool everyone into thinking "everything's just fine, everything's totally normal :-)…" oh, and "Have a nice day!"

    • Mike looking up says:

      Dennie, same in SE Michigan on color of leaves. Our temps have been 10 to 20 degrees above average past two months. Normally we see peak colors in late Sept with leaves gone from oaks by the first or second week of Oct. We had peak colors late Oct and leaves still on trees. Our first frost was just three days ago and leaves still on all our maples.  I recall as a child during summer months, if outside lights were left on insects would swarm to the light, not this year. NO INSECTS, though still some crickets chirping. God help us all

    • Dennie says:

      Usually by now we've had the heat on a few nights and a few mornings, even in the formerly sunny California, by mid-November.  I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times that's been so far.  My cousin out in Ft. Lupton, CO has been going on about the drought there.  I said our water's being hijacked on purpose, read Air Force 2025, the chapter titled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.  Well, I'D like to be a "Force" DIVIDER: KNOCK OUT the goddamned "armed forces."  A$$HOLES.

    • jefe says:

      I found a flier at my Benicia library for some outfit called 350 Marin… they have a ten-point agenda for repairing our planet, with population control at #9.   I sent them a email saying it needs to be #1, or everything else is just 'greenwash'… and by the way, are they willing to put geoengineering aerial spraying on their list?  They never wrote back to me.

    • Dennie says:

      A turtle on a fence post has no idea where he is, no idea how he got there and no idea how to get out of where he currently finds himself. 

      "Population control" as a method of repairing the excesses of those in control of this world is in fact an excuse, because we have really a chicken-or-egg proposition.  The more food the Rockefeller-promulgated "Green Revolution" was able to produce, the longer the lives, and the more mouths to feed, in the countries that were recipients of this particular type of "largesse."  Think about it.  More food.  Better nutrition.  Longer life spans.  MORE kids.  This is how we got where we are.  NO ONE notices.  We are exactly the turtle on the fence post.

  37. ron hall says:

    Dane: Thank you for standing in the face of such stunning psychopathic creatures.  You know, of course, they will not stop. I heard someone say the other day that the psychopaths run the deep and shadow levels of state, while various levels of socio-paths hurriedly follow them and obey their dictates. Our government servants become our twisted "leaders" and rulers.

    Such was certainly the case with the lasting horror of the Viet Nam war-considered to be the worst environmental wreckage of all wars to date. At least 20 million bomb craters–millions made by B52 crews who never actually saw the towns and people they were destroying month after month–the released the bombs from above the clouds. Below is a glimpse of a history which is still unknown to most Americans today. I'm damn close to cursing humanity and all the horrors of nation-states.  I need to cool my jets.       Thank all of you who somehow care.


    • Mike looking up says:

      Ron, watch Hearts and Minds 1974 Vietnam war movie. Pay close attention to the 33-35 minute mark. Poisons from B52 exactly like todays programs that killed thousands of Vietamese from retrofitted spray poison at 5,000 feet. If you have a YouTube channel please use.

    • stephan says:

      Ron, Here is the Hearts and Minds movie suggested by Mike looking up. Thanks to Dane and all.

    • Dennie says:

      Read what Joachim Hagopian has to say about his experience of his "brothers and sisters" while studying at West Point, the most shameful place on Earth:  Hagopian, a former U.S. Army officer, now works with emotionally disturbed children and writes for Michel Chossudovsky's  Here is what he has to say about David Petraeus: 

      The brilliant mind who was a “starman” at West Point,
      meaning top 5% academically, never quite got it. General
      David Petraeus’ PhD dissertation from Princeton ironically
      was all about learning lessons so we would avoid more future
      Vietnams. Despite his West Point stars and Ivy League post
      grad degree, the starman only proved he needed to go back to
      school. From day one in both Iraq and Afghanistan West Point
      generals have failed because they caved in and went along
      with their neocon bosses’ overly inflated optimistic plan
      that our superior firepower would have us in and out of both
      countries like a breeze. America failed its stated mission
      to build democracies in either country.

      Happy Veterans' Day.

  38. Christine says:

    Thank You Dane for the always inspiring words and lot of the information, which is essential these days, with so many sources of lies, everywhere. I'd have one question, you and your family does live off the grid, you use solar for all your energy requirements, and now you are putting the renewables in question. What is the alternative???

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christine, yes, our home has solar, wind, and hydro power. Though these formes of energy are certainly a much better alternative than fossil fuel generated energy, there are still many negatives that almost none are willing to discuss or even mention. First, it takes a great deal of fossil fuel energy to manufacture the alternative energy components that society has been falsely told is completly “renewable”. How much fossil fuel does it take to manufacture a wind turban that is 45 stories high? I appologize that I don’t have the available time to go into all the details on this thread, but the bottom line is this, industrialized civilization is not sustainable. Our current forms of “renewable energy” are simply “energy extenders”. “Renewables” are much better than straight fossil fuel sources, but there are still many aspects that are completely dependent on the industrialized paradigm. 

  39. virginia says:

    Thank you, Dane, for a timely and well-presented broadcast.  Your efforts to educate the masses as to the workings and misworkings of our government are appreciated – and especially at this moment in the United States where we are all on 'edge' as to what the future will bring to us.  But, having lived for over 85 years, there is a word of caution that I regretfully present:  We, the People have been told so many falsehoods, so many downright lies, so much subterfuge over the course of history down to the present day, that the TRuTH cannot be accepted. We, who are trying to dispel those lies and bring cold, hard, facts to counter them are called  nut jobs or worse. It all boils down to the education that we have received in this country – the hidden real history of the United States.  For instance, how many people know that Washington D.C. is not a part of the United States. It actually is a different country, so to speak. It has its own flag and it is not the stars and stripes.

    Washington D.C. is a corporation known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, owned by private individuals (bankers, etc.) and is a separate country from the United States. It is nothing more than a corporation, like Sears or Walmart. The laws enacted by Washington D.C. aren't even legal, and yet, we have been following them like sheep.  The income tax, for example is not legal, yet we pay without question.  It is difficult for people to believe the unbelievable, even if true. 

    This is hard nut to crack that you are so gallantly fighting, Dane.  I am with you in that I have been trying for many years. Hopefully, we can overcome our own 'stupidity' (to put it bluntly) and learn what our country is all about.  Only by knowing the past and rectifying it, can we solve future problems.  The United States are sovereign entities and we should not be slaves to the Hidden Powers in the corrupt corporation known as Washington, D.C.

    Thanks, Dane.  So many good wishes to you and yours and in your fight to make us all better people.

  40. kathleen says:

    Of the many things I admire about you, one stands out: Your constant request to not trust you, but to do one's own independent research. That is a sign of a gifted teacher, and a truth-teller (of which there are barely a handful). You are also one of the few who dares mention the F-word: Fascism. It's been creeping up upon on, and is now here. (See

    You are also correct in the school-to-prison track too many (mostly people of color) are on. My opinion is that this is part of the great culling, and it looks like private prison stocks are on the rise since the s/election. This correlates with the militarization of local police, many of whom are former members of the war machine and vaxxed to the max, thus possibly brain-damaged.

    Given the full frontal assault on us by these and other means, as you consistently remind us, none of it will matter if we have no breathable air, and poisoned soil and water, perpetrated daily by geoengineering. To that end, and since the late '60s, I've been researching ways to eat more healthfully, as a small effort to remediate the ill effects of the pollution. It's not the complete answer by any stretch of the imagination, but try to grow or find local, seasonal, organic and GMO-free foods, as well as learn about healing herbs and spices, many of which are easy to grow most anywhere.

    Two sources I'd like to suggest:

    1. Environmental Working Group for its list of Dirty Dozen (foods to always buy organic due to pesticide contamination) and Clean Fifteen (but beware, most corn is GMO, which is a different problem)

    2. The World's Healthiest Foods which provides nutritional values and recipes for seasonal foods in the Northern hemisphere. 

    These are small steps, but worthwhile and imperative if we hope to maintain some sense of health and sanity as the American Empire falls off the cliff and ruins the planet in the process. Much love to you and yours, Dane, and all these beautiful, gifted people who share their knowledge in the comments.

  41. Deb Buckler says:

    My heart and soul has been with the people at Standing Rock lately. It is wonderful to see all the love and help pouring in from literally all over the world. It is a complicated moment in our world history, but there are thousands of people there now, all trying to raise awareness of this god-awful situation. But just like trying to tell folks about climate engineering, it's the same thing trying to talk to them about the atrocities that have gone on there. Most know very little about Standing Rock and to the heart of it, they care even less. Now, as the water protectors prepare to hunker down for a bitter North Dakota winter, a very real worry haunts me. With thousands of like minded people, all people who protest the pipelines and the desecration of our planet all conveniently located right there in the middle of no-where, are they "sitting ducks"? What a perfect place for a perfect storm. A super ice-nucleated storm/hurricane/flood that would wipe out villages and kill horses and people without causing any harm to the tanks and bull dozers. A phenomenon! An 'act of GOD'. People are getting accustomed to unusual and severe weather so this wouldn't be outside their imagination.   Just something to keep an eye on……..

    • Marc says:

      Deb Buckler, I agree. The morally bankrupt, heartless and rapacious forces who stand like 100 ft. tall evil guardians overseeing their precious little investment, WILL eventually outlast the movement. Like a cat playing with a mouse before he eats it, they will let it all go on until either the movement fizzles out on it's own, or an "act of God" (geoengineered catastrophe) disperses the crowd. I'm sure they would prefer the latter for it may end up being cheaper in the bigger picture.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Deb, On the one hand, I want to say: Ssshhh!  Don't even think it!  On the other, these relatives have been sitting ducks forever.  Even in some of the paper work Dane got, maybe that 750 some page thing, it mentions beginning geoengineering over reservations and remote areas.  So.  The Lakota/Dakota peoples were lucky in that they lived the old ways longer than most all, and retained their ways—until fairly recently.  Just look at the mess of a power plant that goes through Crow Nation.  Or what Peabody Coal did for decades already to the Navajo and Hopi.  Or what California did to Natives in the early 70s.  Or the oil wells and uranium mines and mess on our reservations, on what is called fractionated land.  Or how Bush #2 admitted that the military had stolen at least 50 Billion dollars from Native land leases held in One slush fund and they will not pay it back.  I literally watched generations starve and still.  And of course the frozen cows in SD a couple of years ago.  I mean it is endless and relentless.  Kids have the highest suicide rate in the world.  But, the old ones knew of naturally protective places.  Thing is, did any of the young ones listen?  For many of the young there, this is The defining moment in their lives, on so many levels.  

    • Edward Palys says:

      The power of the media must be exposed so people can open their eyes. It took Trump to expose the media for who they are in that very first GOP debate, if you recall. From there, more exposures came with Wikileaks and independent journalists who speak the truth until the government has been exposed. We can talk all we want about weather engineering and what it's doing to our survival, but until we stand up publicly to the media, not much will happen. The power of the people still is mightier that fraud and corruption. Where was our plight during the last Paris climate change convention? 

    • virginia says:

      Nicely said, Deb, and thanks.  My heart is with the brave souls trying to keep their land free from corporate greed and misuse. How much more harm can America do the Indian Nation?  Does it ever stop?  Shame.

    • Dennie says:

      Think:  Woodstock's sudden storm, trying to rain everyone out. 

  42. Jan Rogers says:

    If "they" stop spraying tomorrow, what would happen?  Would air/land/sea gradually come back to normal?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jan, when climate engineering is stopped (and at some point soon this will happen, one way or another), the science term for what ensues is called double collapse scenario. FYI

  43. Joseph L. says:
    Cost of National Security— Great site to see how many billions are spent and per hour costs in the millions of a lot of programs.

  44. It's heartbreaking to listen to a climate change official who flatly denies the hazards of chemical spraying!!

  45. steven Hine says:

    Thanks for all you do Dane. Very powerful message.

  46. Linda Lee says:

    The Gemfair booths are awesome, as is the information from Laura, Sherri and so many on this post (Dane, Andrew,  Susan and so many special voices of encouragement & valuable data).  You are all such brave soldiers of truth.  Many thanks Dane from all our hearts for tirelessly holding the center of this truth about our world/climate.

    I cried through Hacksaw Ridge movie and was so moved by the true story of the man who would not pick up a rifle but kept healing and praying for everyone he could, and saved 75 lives in one of the worst firestorm battles anywhere.  

    May we all keep praying and trying even when we feel discouraged and rather hopeless….may the force be with us as we share and do what we can…and may the blessed earth be renewed at the right time and conditions.  May truth win in the end.

  47. Margaret says:

    Thank you for your long efforts to serve your country. I'm just beginning to follow, to wake up. Please post more, your efforts are not wasted.  

  48. Marc says:

    This Global Alert News show ranks right up there near the top of any I have ever heard. The intensity of Dane's perspective on a variety of critical issues literally stopped me in my tracks. And his admonishments to continue the fight to spread awareness were as eloquent as anything I have ever heard. 

    • Laura says:

      I totally agree with you Marc.  This hour is the best..or one of the two best I've ever heard.  For many reasons.  Thank you so much Dane.  I don't mean to be corny, but you are a genuine hero, and like all true heroes, could care less about this statement..this compliment.  I'm simply saying it for myself cause my 'being' wants to express it.  Any further ideas about how we can advance our anti geo-engineering cause would be great.

  49. Sunshine says:

    Dear Mr Wigington:
    Will we have a "Blue Ocean Event" in the Antarctic by the year 2017?
    Thank you,

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sunshine, about your question, based on all currently available data the last remaining summer ice may in fact break apart next year. With the wild card of the highly toxic climate engineering assault, and unknown quantities of chemical ice nucleation being dumped everywhere in the Arctic (and Antarctica), the climate engineers have managed to keep the ice implosion out of public view so far, but there will be no hiding what is unfolding for much longer. Also, all statistics are being manipulated to an unimaginable degree in the final desperate attempt to hide the sevarity of biosphere collapse till the last possible moment.

  50. Joseph L. says:

    Greg Palast is an expert on how rigging of  elections is done– and this last one was no exception.

  51. jim stewart says:

    As a "friend of wisdom" (philosopher) for all of my adult life, I tried to separate the task of philosophy from that of the ideologue who would promote an ideology over thinking for oneself as soundly as possible. Today's broadcast mentioned Epictetus, a stoic who inspired many, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who fought for principles penned in the Declaration of Independence along with those pertaining to the Bill of Rights. The principle of Epictitus asks us as individuals to think about how we react to what we peceive, which is a very thought-provoking request. If this principle were to be compared with Aristotle's description of our senses, we'd include in that description what Aristotle would call our sense of imagination, for it is the imagination that is the most 'animate' aspect of our lives. The thinker who is aware of the manner in which the imagination "filters" perceptions has the power to question their soundness. This power resides in a very quiet place, where the imagination 'dances' so to speak. It resides far from the madding crowd full of sound and fury that screams to the tune of ideologues and ideologies. It steps away from the rhetoric of assertion, denial, and the violence of opinion, when one opinion is used to bludgeon another. It notes the efforts to slice climate engineering out of the dialogue as well as the effort to exclude other factors destroying life on the planet, too. It recognizes the phantasmagorical memes of invincible ignorance mimicked by the tricksters who mime in the deep web of human animation and time. I sometimes wonder whether thoughtfulness takes time; or is it but a moment in the tinkling of the leaves where the breeze may still speak softly to the soundness of my mind as my imagination begins to stir? For where else do the madding mimes come to an end?

    • Edward Palys says:

      Very well put, Jim. The problem as I see it is that the youth are indoctrinated these days with garbage rather than being encouraged to use reason and logic. I have these examples right in my own family. The indoctrination in schools is to believe what the media says as those who own the media also own education. I'm talking about a very bright university student who laughs at me when I bring up the subject of chemtrails, even though she was baffled when I asked her how come those contrails of water vapor take so long to dissipate way up there in the atmosphere. These same "educated" people never heard of the plight of Standing Rock or major events like the Bundy standoff in Nevada. Our educated know-it-alls.

  52. Joseph L. says:

    Dane bless you and your family  for doing what you do .  This presentation was very well thought out and put  together very well.. I have known for a very long time that we live in a system where behind the scenes– what I call the owners of the country control everything.  Politicians are put there to create an illusion of the truth—There are a few good ones but they are marginalized and pushed to the sidelines.

    I wish George Carlin was alive today.  This is 3 minutes well worth watching about the owners of America.

    • Mario says:

      George gave us so much wisdom and insight because he dared to tell the truth.  Look up his bit on "rights".  Rights are an idea . . . a cute idea . . . but all we have in this country are temporary privileges.  And the owners are taking away those privileges more and more so they can control more of their matrix.

    • Joseph L. says:

      George Carlin — this is very funny and true.  He was the best at telling the truth  w comedy.

      Politics and voting and the public

  53. Lee Berry says:

    Just another theatre show to confuse the masses,a new president don't stop the weather warfare and warfare being waged,I doubt any real changes will be made,when you receive a small loan from your farther of a million dollars, then your part of the elite,people are acting like the one person who is president can do as they pls, trump will have to dance to whatever tune the powers that be play ,he no different to any puppet,the scary thing is will the powers use mr trumps lack of political prowess to strike out in Syria and the Middle East and just play dumb,remember the  planet is at the very edge of collapse, then no president ,no matter how good a president they are, will be able to turn back the toxic clock 

    • Earth Angel says:

       Yeah. It was really depressing for me to hear Trump say he wants to increase funding to the military and their contractors like Raytheon & Lockheed Martin. This tells me he clearly doesn't understand what problems these people are creating for us- or he's already sold out to them. It is possible he could be playing along with them if he understands how truly dangerous they are. How does the saying go; Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer still.

  54. DrDignity says:

    Thank you, Dane, for being so steadfast.  After days of grieving over the electoral college electing Trump as President, I am grateful for all of you who see reality as it is & not through the lens of deluded optimism which blinds any critical thinking skill in adults.  Today, Palm Springs & Southern California are being sprayed to death, and now, the spray has blocked the sun save for rainbow prisms every now & again. It is still very warm here.  Thank you all for being bearers of the light in these times.

    • JF says:

      Yeah, heavy spraying here in Riverside. The whole sky is whited out. You're right, there is an unusual warmth here, I can feel it also.

    • Dennie says:

      Outright HOT in San Rafael, CA, yesterday and again today, like an August day.  While it is nice to be able to go outside and take a walk without pounds of clothing, we have too many walking around in shorts saying things like "isn't it nice today?"  I always say "Yeah, ya know, it's supposed to be about ten degrees cooler during the day now– it's NOVEMBER, for God's sake– remember?"

  55. Ron lech says:

    All very good comments Wake Up Is Right! Yes the yelling and warning you have been doing is coming to a head so Dane just keep plugging a long the battle is still on till they pull the plug with there bio or some other evil script they have or God finally says time up you wicked world turning my works into evil for lucifer and his minions which of course is the whole government I remember I quote Lindsey Williams said that made good common sense we clean the whole place out start new , he is right so until that is done which is never going to be done except for God himself us sheeple that are awake must fight on especially in prayer !

  56. Tom Keith says:

    I'm  reminded of the movie They Live, in the difficulty into trying to wake people up.  The lead character has to physically fight his friend to get him to wake up, and forces him to put the sunglasses on to see the truth. It hasn't   come to that with me yet, but I've been close! 

    Stay the course.


  57. Tom Keith says:

    I'm  reminded of the movie They Live, in the difficulty into trying to wake people up.  The lead character has to physically fight his friend to get him to wake up, and forces him to put the sunglasses on to see the truth. It hhasn't  come to that with me yet, but I've been close! 

    Stay the course.


  58. Rebecca says:

    We have got to keep up the fight. Dane you are a hero! I have contacted James O'Keefe with (VERITAS) regarding this issue, if you are not familiar with him he is an alternative media who has exposed and uncovered a lot of corruption in our shadow government! I urge you Dane and all that are trying to expose our demise of being poisoned to contact him, I feel he would be a great asset. We are being slowly killed along with the rest of the planet and have got to get this out. To thine own self be true as Dane has said many times. I have lost many so called friends and family due to my dedication on this insane issue, as well as so many of you I'm sure. With all the evidence we have. It is so hard to believe this is still being hidden right over our head. I think this has affected most of the populations brains and since able thought has diminished! I have read people in their 40s now getting Alzheimers. I am dedicated to the exposure of this tragic extinction! Thank you Dane for you're continued dedication and inspiring words. God be with us

  59. Seeing Clearly says:

    All to often the majority want to be part of the disease not the cure they see it as diversity like if good and bad doesn't exist only diversity.

  60. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — This weeks Global Alert News is truly informative, intelligent, so profoundly delivered, deeply felt and inspiring. I was moved to tears. I sometimes feel that I have heard ‘everything’ over my 70 years of research, seeking the Truth, but you manage to reach me and renew the fires of commitment in my soul. I am so very grateful to you for everything you do, all the sacrifices you have made. Surely there is an unseen force surrounding you, I hope protecting you. This quote from EPICTETUS is in complete harmony with primordial traditional metaphysical wisdom. “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”  Thank you!  – Susan

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Unless, of course you are killed or grievously maimed.  In which circumstance one finds it 'difficult' to react.  And if 'most of you'–your village, your peoples are killed and maimed, that may well temper one's reactions, both through grief and through the urge to persevere.  That urge is so great, so innate as to nullify that moral high ground, for most.  I do find that with age, I am far less reactive, at least on impulse, far more likely to evaluate the circumstance in a measured way, as opposed to my youth. I find that with age, as a parent and grandparent, I become more like the calm in the eye of a storm.

  61. Chad says:


  62. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 138th email to my contact list, titled: 'Dramatic Global Sea Ice Collapse'.

    1.  Is my E Year of 2024 (suggested just 2 weeks ago) a tad optimistic?: 

    a.  Dramatic drop in Global Sea Ice Area:

    The data has been checked and seems to be fairly accurate/representative.  The Global Sea Ice Extent graph is very similar.

    b.  The Arctic Ocean heatwave continues to worsen next week with huge areas having surface air temperatures at or above 0ºC.  The apparent increase in Arctic sea ice area is offset by the melting of the underwater ice by warm sea water.  Salt sea water freezes naturally at minus 1.8ºC.

    c.  There appears to be scheduled a massive effort next week to atmospherically spray the Siberian area to endothermically cool the air.  Perhaps the methane emission from permafrost are causing concern – recent methane peaks reported @ 2633pbb at @ 20,000ft. 

    d.  Torstein Viddal's Nov 10 graph of Arctic Sea Ice Annual Average Extent states that, if sustained, the first ice free 365 days would commence in May 2023.

    e.  The first Arctic "Blue Ocean Event" (of more than just a few days) will highly likely happen in 2017…then what?… well, listen several times to Schneller Als Gedacht (Faster Than Expected): 

    Why is Arctic Ice and methane so important? Arctic sea water is heating @ 4 times faster than the rest of the world's sea water and the northern hemisphere is currently heating faster than the southern hemisphere; 90% of the world's population and food production is in the northern hemisphere.

    f.  Watch Paul Beckwith's informative "Arctic Sea Ice Regrowth is Eff'ed" parts 1 and 2:

    When I first heard 'In the Year 2525' by Zager and Evans in 1969, I used to say "At least I won't be around when all that happens":   

    I now think I will be, and that we have already reached their year 9595…schneller als gedacht!

    2.  A glimpse into some of the foreign militants in Syria: 

    Erdogan is playing a very dangerous game with Russia/Syria/Iran/China and US/NATO/Saudi, and is now threatening to allow 3 million refugees into Europe if he/Turkey does not receive further EU payments (which Turkey has not actually joined yet).

    3.  "…The earth has received the embrace of the sun, and soon we shall see the results of that love. Every seed is awakened and so has all animal life. It is through this mysterious power that we too have our being, and we therefore yield to our neighbours, even our animal neighbours  the same right as ourselves – to inhabit this land"   Sitting Bull.

    "Humans have the power to make earth a place of peace, humanity and fraternity. It simply depends on everyone"  Anon.  

    "Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be. Become one yourself." Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180). I thought Dane Wigington of and a few others would like that one..!


  63. Chad says:

    Almost all sheeple will get WHAT they deserve.  Wake up people!!!!




    • Christine says:

      Hello Chad,and all those who understand: That they all might be damned who received not the LOVE OF THE TRUTH, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  64. Susan Ferguson says:

    President-Elect Trump: Hillary Lost because Power Brokers decided She was Damaged Goods / Stephen Lendman
    Global Research, November 09, 2016
    … Deep state power brokers [the  elite in the corporatocracy] decide who holds high-level elected and appointed positions. Elections are easily rigged with electronic ease, voter-role stripping and other dirty tricks. … Hillary lost because power brokers decided she was damaged goods, too contentious to lead. They cut a deal with Trump, assuring he’ll continue dirty business as usual, perhaps cutting him a little slack – letting him win by fair or foul means, in his case likely fair because Hillary is so overwhelmingly reviled.

    • Dennie says:

      I just cannot believe that anyone would actually write, or say, or even think for a second that there is something "decent" about Trump (not that Hillary is, either).  But we have Trump talking about putting Rudi Giuliani (knows where the bodies of 9/11 are buried) in as his Attorney General, and Newt Gingrich serving on his team– Secretary of State?!!  This is not unlike digging up long-dead decomposed bodies and propping them up in chairs in his offices… YEEECHHH!  Trump is looking like the Norman Bates of the Oval Office.  This is like putting Ed Gein (the true-life mass-murdering inspiration for Leather Face and the Silence of the Lambs) in the White House.  InSANE.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Dennie, I don’t know how you can say that Obama did this geo-engineering to us. He upped it times 100. Hillary would have followed right along with the geo engineering too. She would have had to…as follows…As I highly suspect she would have passed the trade agreements written by Monsanto to stuff gmos and corresponding chemicals down the globe’s throats. I suspect she would have been instrumental in turning all the world’s crops to gmos. She was Monsanto’s girl ever since her only real job out of college, an attorney for Monsanto. Obama and Hillary are into gmos to their earlobes. gmos are made to produce their own pesticides and to resist megadoses of herbicide. This kills farmfields, life in the soil, causes topsoil to erode, kills stream life, rivers, water supplies, our oceans, there is a dead zone in the Gulf 30 miles out. Butterflies are disappearing, seven species of bees are on the endangered species list rec. added, our oceans are already dying. I seriously do believe that Hillary would have killed us. She just did not take the time to know anything about these isssues; she believed what the sociopaths at Monsanto told her. She was booed out of an Iowa town that had water issues like Flint only it was ag chemicals. They could not drink the water and decided to shun gmos and chem contracts. Hillary goes there to stump think ing she was in Vilsacks state (biotech governor of the year) and she says how the anti/gmo/labeling people “just don’t understand…” did not finish as she was booed right out of the place.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      She deserved to lose.  Her campaign was lousy.  She took oh so much for granted.  Don't get me wrong, Trump will likely make my own life much worse, much more difficult and my daughter's too but democrats seemed to not even try.  And 'everyone' was so sure that Trump, bombastic Trump, could not pull this off.  If the party had gone with Bernie, there might have been another story to tell.  There were states she took for granted and they bit back.  CNN is questioning how they got it so very wrong.  But it was so obvious.  She pivoted whatever which way the wind was blowing, what she had to say was so tired, worn and old, and there is that pesky issue of the electoral college, supposedly Hillary winning by a million votes people wise, but without taking the electoral college.  Which these days seems to represent corporations as it exits now off of gerrymandering and For Profit Prisons, and other corporations.  It is as if her party did not even try, so certain all would want her to break their glass ceiling slam dunk dream.  Tim Kaine did not help much, at all.  And sure, corporations were all for Trump.  A friend of mine, earlier this year, said that Trump says what everyone is thinking but afraid to say.  Got my attention as my friend is one smart guy and I was shocked.  No more shock but for fear of future for me and family.  But, we are used to adversity.  I saw email after email saying does NO ONE in Berkeley like Hillary?  Or say polling that if you took the poll would end by saying something offensive.  Email after email begging for money.  Part of the shock I'm in, besides how much more my own and family's life will be, is the sheer effort's effect on me, a kind of shell shock.  I could not even look at my Sunday paper, my only one, to see, or otherwise see results from California on various things.  I feel to, uh, delicate right now.  I found a breakdown of Hillary's finances in election and she was swimming in money, so much that it was to trickle down to other democrats running, yet she began imitating Bernie asking for one dollar.  I cannot afford to give any money to anyone and was upfront about that.  I feel dirty as if enough showers will not clean me.  I've always hated politics.  Gotta say I leaned a lot.  Did think 'the fix' was in for Hillary.  Blindsided!  Was so certain she'd win, and though I don't like her, my life might have stayed somewhat stable.  So, really didn't even think of the degree to which Big Corporations and an agenda to set us back light years would accept Trump, the clown.  Shoulda seen it coming but for all the 'fix' talk and lack of choice!  And there goes the Superior Court.  For half of forever.  Make no mistake, we are screwed and it is the dems fault for reading the tea leaves all wrong.  Not at all sure I believe selected not elected anymore.  Not to mention Hillary and Donald's families have been friend for a very long time.  And Hillary with more connections to Russia than Donald ever dreamed of.  A pundit said that the winner would be the one hoarse at end of campaign.  And that was Donald, not Hillary.  She looked like an idiot bobble head during their debates.  Did not help!  And, of course she does lie.  And clearly no state likes being taken for granted.  And nothing really new in her campaign.  Same old same old.  Which disappointed the younger generation which did show up in droves.  And by losing, gives the appearance of a fix not in the mix.  But, even I missed the degree to which corporations would back Donald.  I wanted none of either.  And oh well but for a fortune down the drain, the mammoth drain of politics which has always been dirty.  Can't help but be.  Lost house and senate too.  Hard to see an upside.  I do keep trying.  Trump wants no more war in middle east.  Works for me.  He doesn't drink.  However, I spy hints of cocaine.  He doesn't like the TTP or NAFTA, nor NATO.  OK.  It won't be boring!  And, I have maybe two months to get the tests I was supposed to get already before gone forever.  She was not only damaged goods, she was not even remotely relevant!

      By the way, wonder if anyone has told Donald that wall he wants to build will have to go at least 30 feet underground as well!  I keep making up new lyrics to Milie's song: Wrecking Ball!

  65. Chad says:

    What a freak show and Nightmare. God bless, love your family, REPENT and fight for what's right!  Amen.

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