Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 14, 2015


Dane Wigington

Of the countless sources of anthropogenic damage to our once thriving planet, climate engineering is at the top of the list. As the biosphere collapses, industrialized civilization and society will follow, there is no other possibility. The global power structure is preparing for the coming collapse as rapidly as it  can, while at the same time fueling the process. Global unrest is accelerating by the day, the "terror attacks" strategy of control by fear should be expected from the power structure. Will WWlll be the the next card played by those in power as they run out of options?


The global economy is free falling into total collapse. Not only is every form of US freight screeching to a halt, the global dry freight index (BDI) is at all time record low levels (the BDI is the most untarnished economic barometer on the planet). The same story holds true for China's container freight which is also plummeting. What happens to the deteriorating glut of global container ships (photo below)? They are consumed by the industrial cancer in massive coastal salvage operations. The unused and obsolete vessels are torn apart under extremely dangerous conditions by a work force that amounts to slave labor. This image is a fitting metaphor to depict industrialized/militarized civilization consuming itself.


The rapidly unraveling climate system is already wreaking havoc on harvests, marine ecosystems, marine fisheries, and fresh water fisheries. Many of the globe's megacities are facing certain inundation from the rapidly rising sea levels.The damage to the planet is much more severe and advanced than any official sources are disclosing. Finally, some of the longstanding cover-up of this damage is being exposed as the Exxon-Mobil investigation continues to unfold. Too little, too late, we are through the guardrail and heading to the bottom of the canyon. The walls are closing in which means the power structure will utilize all available options they have to distract populations from the bigger picture (like the toxic spraying going on above their heads) and to galvanize public support for increased government control. The "terrorist attack" card was to be expected and now we have it in France. The power structure chess pieces are being put into place. As we brace for impact on many fronts, we should all continue to sound the alarm to the best of our ability given our individual circumstances. If we combine our efforts, we could still change the flavor of what we face. We may still be able to salvage what is left of the Earth's live support systems, but only if we all pull together by being active, committed, and effective in the fight for the greater good. Below is the latest installment of Global Alert News.

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  1. Hi All, I don't know if this is of interest and most may be aware of it, but I have just come across a YT video which I have part-watched, called `SHADE the Motion Picture' which looks to have some good info on geoengineering, starting 22 minutes in, if you would like to search it.

  2. Rachel Robson says:

    Finally, Constant Walker again!  Good to hear from you and you are so right.

    Someone asked what will happen if geoengineering is stopped-that the prospect is scary and exhilarating.  And what would be Earth's state of being.  I think this Earth is more resilient than we can even imagine-even given all the great harm we've done.  People say my yard heals them.  And it is not all that special or showy-is and isn't, depending.  But the main thing is the decades of blood, sweat and love put into it and that is what is healing.  All I have to do is go out there, touch the earth and I feel it too, it's heart beating with mine.  It wants me and I want it.  All of nature wants to talk, to share.  No one listens.  If only they would.  Granted, this is not "wild" nature, but it still counts, it is where I make prayers.  Where I talk to the plants and trees, learn and listen too.  It knows me.  I know it.  It is a great comfort, and it feeds me and gives me medicine too.  My mother in reality.  Not poetically, but reality.  I trust my mother Earth more than I trust anything else, much less corrupted, evil scientists.  So, If I were a betting person, I'd bet on Earth to win out, one way or another.

  3. Stacey Del Bucchia says:

    So sad and heartbreaking about Paris….the world leaders including Isis are on a mission….total destruction asap!  I believe in God and know he has a plan for us….it is mindblowing no one talks about chemtrails…i post…share and talk..i pray our society is not already experiencing fallout…i know I am and it is a daily struggle for 6 yrs..i have faith and do daily detox…these sick psychopaths willget what they deserve…God is the judge…this is his planet…someone has some explaining to do…i pray for people to wake up and lets fight the good fight..we have to stand together….amen…peace…

  4. Chris Green=Martinez says:

    I know the global situation seems bleaker than ever right now.  However there is a Global Climate March taking place in cities all over the world on the Sunday before the Paris Climate Summit. I think we have to join with the main stream and find expression in that environment.  It's not only geoengineering that needs to stop but many lifestyle changes have to be made from our consumption of natural resources to the choices of food that we eat.  I believe that we have to address the the whole issue of climate change and join forces with those that are more readily accepted by the mainstream in order to educate and wake humanity up.


  5. Andrew from scotland says:

    We are not going to get much demonstration publicity in Paris…

    Greenland glaciers are near collapse and "hey presto", they are due a heat wave next w/end (21/22 Nov) – a  +20ºC anomaly:

    • JACTN says:

      France is going to be limiting a lot of activity now after this past weekend.  Could this entire muslim threat only be used to keep the masses from looking at the biosphere collapse?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The Answer:  An Internet "blitzkrieg" of activist public awareness event rallies and live-streaming of chem trail activity that we all send in. 

      Who the f**k said that the Revolution would not be televised?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, whatever SHTF in Paris come December you can bet The Farm it is going to be shoved down our throats.  Nothin' new there.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gee, Andrew, I was afraid of this!  Was this the plan all along?  I'd so hoped I was wrong.  Guess not.  Damn!

  6. Tom Keith says:

    Again, good stuff here ! I learn more here than any other website, including the comment section. I'm  intrigued  though, that as the "walls are tumbling down" what will replace it ? Exciting,  but also a Little scary

    • CL says:

      I have thought about that question quite a bit. The best answer I have found is permaculture. Check out Bill Mollison on networkearth, or anything Geoff Lawton for something more up to date. I fear permaculture may be our only hope to sequester carbon and survive coming food shortages with some autonomy. 

  7. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I sure do miss the comments from "The Freedom Ranger" here on GeoWatch. Does anyone know what happened to him? Anyway, I miss him and pray for his health and safety.

  8. Michel B says:

    Noticing the haze around my home town of Brisbane, Australia, over and  around its Central Business District, over and around the surrounding suburban sprawl, giving that smoked-out look to the Mt Coot-tha range just west of the city, out and over the sea to the east, out and over the outlying rural areas far away from the heavily populated areas, out and over the hills in the D'Aguilar range to the north of the city and out and over the Toowoomba range to the west and all the low lying areas in between there and Brisbane, I thought I would do a simple google search for topics on 'Haze in Brisbane'.

    Surprisingly (or not) I found many media articles stating the cause for increased haze around Brisbane was due to increased automobile traffic, all dated in 2013. So, all of a sudden the amount of traffic increased in 2013 to the point where there is haze all over the South East region of Queensland????!!!!!!

    Sometimes the haze is very bad on a Sunday. But there is no business traffic on a Sunday. There is some traffic, but it cannot account for the haze being over the entire region.

    What exceptional bullshit from the whore media. When I raise the haze issue to people, there have been basically two responses: "I thought it was car pollution" and "I thought it was bush fire smoke, although I can't smell the bush fire smoke and there aren't any bush fires around."

    I then tell people it might be fall out from weather modification programs spraying particulates into the air. And thus the next phase of information transference begins.

  9. Gary Pennington says:

    Ana…… freaking brilliant rant!  Dane….. thank you for being true!

  10. debra says:

    Thank you once again Dane for bringing light to the darkness. I ran across this today from 10/29.   On another note, what kind of terrorist brings his passport to a suicide bombing? Why were emergency services having a drill that late at night? Day before G20, 4 weeks before UN Climate Summit. Just some thoughts, and many prayers for the many affected.

    • bija says:

      Debra…Exactly!!!  This is the same formula used across the board in these false flag attacks! When will people wake up and speak up?? The MM is an insulting cult of braindead misinformants. It's truly sickening and I am sooooo tired of the Elite getting away with murder!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, and what kind of passport survives the complete implosion of two very massive towers, only to be "found' by someone, in all that rubble?

  11. SD says:

    This week's SCHEDULED weather for SoCal follows usual pattern – minor rainfall, minor snow in the mtns, and NUCLEATED hail and sleet elsewhere.
    Temps are forecast to shoot back to 86F by Fri?  El Nino baloney.

    Funny how Dane's commentary CONFIRMS what we are seeing in the field. And vice versa.

    Much thanks to everyone for informative commentary. 

    • wayne says:


      Right on spot, reporting from Palm Springs area, non stop wind, crazy clouds, looking up I noticed little white jets flying behind the clouds non stop all day. Monday, still lots of wind, cloud cover continues no rain and cold.

  12. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Did you read The Latest?  That "Jihadi John" was "probably killed" in the Paris mayhem?  I literally burst out, holding-my-sides laughter, when I read this "latest–" WHO writes this really bad fiction?  Is that the BEST they can come up with? I heard a COMPUTER on NPR last night that writes just about as "well" (UGHHH!).  And we're supposed to keep on swallowing this crap, hook, line and sinker–?  Sheesh!!!
    More like this:  "NO ONE is getting much affected by The Myths we of the CIA/MI6/Mossad create in order to scare the people into cooperating with the governments that rule them and in turn are the junk yard dogs of the narcissistic, psychopathic oligarchs who "own" everything and in reality are about as useful as fossils.  So we have to kill these myths from time to time and create scarier ones.  Other "Myths" we've created, then killed, not long after we could tell they weren't scaring anyone any longer:  Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc."
    Here's more, from Press T.V., as found on YouTube, "Rolling Coverage of Paris Attacks: 
    We are ISIS:"

  13. Ana says:

    Hi Dane ! great radio emission!

    Many strange  things happening! Why all the terrorists leave passports or other documents that could  identify them near the places where they do the explosions /attacks (like on 9/11)?They are for sure very organized and they must like to help the western police. At least we can track them (terrorists) very well and their families and  we will be able to know that Syria is the next place to go bombing.Now all the EU is committed to bomb and fight in Syria and if necessary  to put troops on the ground along with USA -after all more sons and daughters and fathers and mothers will be killed in the military .After all what is the difference between us and them(people with this kind of mentality of being a  "martyr "/suicidal bombers) if we feel proud to send our sons to war to fight against the "enemy" ?After all who is the Enemy?or where lives  the enemy?What the enemy wants after all?Why all these wars? for freedom ?for democracy ? really?  So many people blind? how can we go somewhere (on geoengineering issue and other important issues )when people that name  themselves  culturally civilized and democratic can´t see the manipulation that they are living in everyday  ?they say to us that we can´t look at the refugees as the enemy but then a passport of someone (a presumed terrorist)was found and he passed the borders as a refugee ?!(very convenient ,all too convenient but maybe i´m wrong …)What do they (those in Power )have in mind ? civil wars ? martial laws ?the rise of far right parties? those in Power  are opening the "gates" bringing the "Troya horse" inside Europe,a very visible entrance that Europeans seem too blind to see cause they see the refugees but can´t see the hidden "horse" in this case (cause is too big like the big elephant in the room ).After all President Assad from Syria was so bad and a little swimmer girl interviewed  in Euro news channel was sad and almost  crying saying that everything was good before the war ! …what kind of people do we have ruling us that have the audacity to criticize and  to choose the governments of other countries in the name of a freedom and democracy that they are taking away from us everyday here in the self – proclaimed democratic countries?.This is just wars for Power and  it´s just business as usual and i have no fate in humankind no more.I´m very disappointed with a lot of people! 

    I see the West crying their deaths like if it was the end of the world but other people being bombed by western countries in their homes/cities  it´s nothing? (those are not people too?or there are only terrorists among those people?if so Germany never should)This geoengineering assault killing millions of people nobody can see either?…People must think that the resources are not finite and that we can go on polluting the planet or  perhaps geoengineering is not pollution  to the "bright  minds" that see this as a solution or a very natural thing to do with the planet.About the terrorist attack in France the singer Madonna  said that "nobody should stop us from doing what we like in the world "so she continued with the music Concert(she said the kind of talk we are brainwashed by Media everyday and everybody repeat it perfectly …) :does this words "we like" include the bigger nations to continue to invade and rule other foreign countries  to expand a "democracy" that is Killing us everywhere in every ways with all its actions? …Keep with your good work Dane ! 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Ken O'Keefe:  "We are ISIS (translated):  "ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service; they never attack Israel and that in itself also tells you a LOT about who these individuals are."  PressTV's brilliant analysis of the Paris attacks: 

    • Marc says:

      Fantastic post, Ana. Thank you.

    • Tamara says:

      Ana, very well said. I totally agree with you. Thank you for bringing a voice of reason. I have been reading posts following mainstream news articles about this incident. They are fueled with hate and beating the drums of war. No compassion anywhere.

      I believe this is just a smoke and mirrors ploy to keep the Western world focused on the elites agenda and not notice the destruction of the planet and the lines in the sky.

      The real war is saving the environment from their toxic dump. We need to stay focused and fight for our cause even harder now.

      So glad to have this site where I can read posts of other sane and awake people.

    • Pamela says:

      Here! Here! Ana!!!!! Great.

  14. Shannon Weckman says:

    The vast numbers of people don't know what the truth is because they have been lied to so much. They don't know who to believe anymore and then there are those who simply believe what mass media tells them. Is it any wonder why people are not doing anything about geoengineering?

  15. horsegirl says:


    Thank you for nailing the issue on what I call Ground Nero – otherwise known as nine eleven.  This has been a huge problem.  We were becoming aware of what really happened on Demolition Day in early 2006.  We were only aware of geoengineering in 2008 while living in Mexico, witnessing an outright attack on all the cities.

    This has blown apart friendships.  I mean people have spurned my friendship in favor of sticking their heads up their proverbial dark place regarding Ground Nero (I hate even acknowledging their stupid long-planned moniker).  So of course when we added geoengineering to the list of "conspiracy theories" (and for Heaven's sake there is no story, it's only the "official" theory or another), of course we have been ostracized like never before.

    Thank you for hammering on this point.  It is critical to understand.  Without that knowledge, people keep suggesting remedies which will not work.

    One thing I keep meaning to mention is the hostile climate towards the Constitution.  People keep mentioning the possibility of legal action based on Constitutional violation.  The US was put under a declared state of national emergency fourteen years ago.  Under national emergency executive authority trumps normal constitution.  This declaration of national emergency must be rescinded in order to ever restore constitutional effect on law.  I'm going to post in a link which further explains why the Constitution has been trumped and is not available to us:


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well said Horsegirl!  What gets me is that WE are considered conspiracy theorists, when the true conspiracies lie elsewhere.

  16. Sandy says:

    Thank you for the update on what's really going on in the world. I'm praying for all to be brought into the light of the truth. I would like to purchase a copy of the 9/11 presentation that aired in Redding yesterday. Could you please provide me a link to where I can get it?

    Thanks again Dane, for all you do. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sandy, for the 911 film you can to go 911 A & E for truth website, it is an exceptional film.

  17. Leo Derosia says:

    I live in warren, nh and a jet is going back and forth spraying crap overhead 

  18. Meanwhile, back at the IMF — the plan for a global currency goes forward. It seems 'false flags' have multiple agendas:

    IMF Greenlights Addition Of Chinese Yuan To SDR Basket: While the world was following the tragic events unfolding on Friday night in France where hundreds of innocent civilians were killed or injured, an important economic development took place at the IMF, whose staff and head Christine Lagarde, officially greenlighted the acceptance of China's currency – the Renminbi, or Yuan – into the IMF's foreign exchange basket, also known as the Special Drawing Rights. … It would be most ironic, however, if China achieves its ultimate objective, which is simply to find foreign buyers for its currency as an offset to domestic outflows, which in turn sends the Yuan soaring beyond its pre-devaluation levels, thereby slamming the Chinese economy even further and assuring that the unfolding Chinese hard landing becomes a full-blown global crash .

  19. Marc says:

    Thank you, Dane, for a spectacular report, dire and depressing as it is. I liked your characterization of American disdain and cluelessness as a "party" which millions don't want to leave. Indeed, because we in America, for whatever reason, live in a land of greater plenty than most on Earth, we are slower to wake up to just how treacherous a world we are living in. When I walk into a Whole Foods for example, or any store for that matter, I stand dumbfounded at the illusion of plenitude and abundance I see down every aisle and on every shelf. How much longer? How much longer can our ability to assemble such an array of products and foods last???!!! When will the real cracks in the dam open up? When food shelves start emptying out on a regular basis, can we even imagine the panic and dread that will reverberate throughout society? I'm scared as hell, as well everyone should be. But here again, the ILLUSION of abundance is keeping the party going. Through the guardrails for sure, but inside that car the Ipod is still blasting, the pipe is still being passed, the beer is still cold and the fast-food window is still belching out sacks of sloppy cheeseburgers and hot, salty fries.

    • beretta says:


      I have been thinking about the same you said about the grocery stores being full and how much longer it will last. Between the extreme droughts and flooding in our farmlands I think its going to be very soon. When I try to tell people about geoengineering  and its effects they either dont believe it or dont want to believe it. My response to people now is you might not see it now but you WILL see it later.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, this has been on my mind a lot, especially as the droughting of Planet Earth continues.  TOTAL insanity. 


  20. Rob says:

    Can anyone recommend specific labs for analyzing water samples to detect Al and other components of the aerosols they are spraying?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rob, there are many capable labs all over the country, but the results they are giving are ever more questionable. The state certified lab we have used in California is now telling clients it’s “normal” to have aluminum in the rain. I would not tell the lab (which ever one you choose) the purpose of your test, all you can do is try. The studies we already have from bees to whales already prove the heavy metals are saturating the biosphere, the task before us is to wake people up to this fact. 

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the response. 

      I am doing all I can to wake people up.  It is much harder in the last few weeks since, at least in Santa Cruz and as far north as Ukiah, the stopped spraying the long trails with the strange filament clouds.  Now that are hammering us with trails that look more like contrails.   Much hard to tell people as they think it is nuts.  Can you direct me to flyers of PDF artwork that could be made in banners.  Some small local businesses have agreed to display them.

      I'm interested in the testing since I want to test surface water on private land that is at the top of a mountain – nothing above it except a very small drainage, just a few hundred feet elevation gain.  I will try to find a reputable place.  I was not going to mention it, but, as you mention, the fix is in.

  21. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 85th email to my contact list, titled ' Cloudy Days, Warmer Clear Nights'.
    1.  The new winter norm for my part of Scotland is 'Cold Cloudy Days, Warmer Clear Nights' (last summer norm was 'Cloudy Days, Clear Nights')
    If you do not understand how and why this is happening, may "The God of Your Heart and Understanding" protect you.
    Just remember that mist, fog, mizzle etc are mostly man-made toxic clouds (as a result of geoengineering and atmospheric spraying). 
    2.  Some dates for your diary:
    9 Dec 2015.  Global temperatures are such that cereal crops start to fail in mid latitudes.
    22  Dec 2015.  Winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere).
    20 March 2016.  Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere).
    7 May 2016.  There is now enough latent atmospheric methane heat energy to melt all remaining ice.
    5 June 2016. Extremely likely 50Gt Arctic Methane eruption from now, although could happen anytime. 
    20 June 2016.  Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere).
    5 July 2016.  Major sea level rises. Many capitals suffer severe flooding.
    25 July 2016.  Mean atmospheric temp 26.66ºC – start of Permian style Extinction event, which is likely to be completed by 2031 (some say we are already in the 6th Great Extinction).
    2054 onwards.  All water boiled off earth's surface.
    It truly is BFI – Brace For Impact.

  22. I am trying to wake as many as possible. Thank you staying strong and determined to figure out how to help you more. BLESS YOU.

    Ray P 

  23. Charles says:

    Geoengineering is making inroads into the mainstream press.

    See this article in Newsweek  

    Do we dare ?

    • Marc says:

      Thank you Charles! I encourage everyone who comes to this site to read this link. This is yet another incredible piece of insidious propaganda from a staff writer at Newsweek, whom I now consider one of the most devious and repulsive agencies in the entire constellation of government corruption.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, just like sea rise, the Corporate-Military-Banking Cabal Bullshit is now lapping at the edges of Main Stream Media.  And since very very few of all the billions in the sea of "useless eaters" are actually looking up, NO ONE will notice once the jets start spraying in earnest.  As if they haven't been, or aren't, right now.

    • Jenny says:

      I just read the Newsweek article and was glad that a few commenters had stated that it was already going on.  I am not on Facebook so I could not comment.  They said geoengineering was "real and a preoccupation of the conspiracy theory set".  I hope others who are on Facebook will read the article and comment that it has been already going on for years (although I think it was greatly increased in 2013, which is when I noticed it).

  24. carol freiberg says:

    Find out who bought the lab Dane. We all know how they buy out, or gag the people who are able to provide us with important scientific data. One phone call should do it.

    We are seeing more and more folks waking up so "they" will have to use everything within their means to hide this crime from the public.

    Thanks for all you, and your enlightened followers,are doing to expose these nut cases playing god with the weather and our futures.

  25. Earth Angel says:

    Yes, It looks lke another Hollywood propaganda film to me too. I  remain unconvinced that this is a real event. More BS from the media propaganda machine… Ho HUM!

  26. Jeff says:

    I believe huge changes,and hard,painful times are on us all.
    I jibe 100% with Pharmer,we all will come out stronger in the end,using our brains.
    Thanks, Dane for all you do.

  27. Rachel Robson says:

    Well, gee.  I thought I had some good news.  As soon as I walked in the door from some appointments yesterday, the phone rang and It was Sierra Club in DC, calling me after all these years since I quit my paultry yearly donation, chastising them for saying nothing about geo-engineering.  The guy thanked me for something I recently signed, and said they were accepting donations as membership to as low as five dollars.  Whoa.  Apparently, I am not the only extremely poor person.

    I told the man why I would not even pay that, emphasizing their total lack of a stance on the on going, visible to anyone, much less the Sierra Club, geoengineering.  He said he thought he knew what I was talking about, but would I say more.  I did, hitting all the main points, my extensive personal research, and revulsion of groups claiming to protect nature but do nothing against these crimes against nature.  This man then said he knew exactly what I was talking about, they all did, as after all they are out and about and they do notice.  That they've been discussing this a lot, have been working on legal efforts, have difficulties going forward with all they know for all the obvious reasons, legal for one, thuggery and death/murder for two, as well as gag orders and other threats.  That this grates them, being hand tied, they discuss it a lot, they know it is real and a disaster and are trying to find a way forward.  I was just stunned.  I told him that if they grew a pair, took a vocal stand, members would come back in droves.  He agreed!  I never expected this.  At all.  So used to the opposite.  It felt so good to have this talk.  To have it go like this.  Gave me a bit of hope.

    I may be the only person here who works on line activism like a job.  It has put me in the top 8% of social progressives and all want my opinion.  To all I say: Full disclosure on geoengineering/weather modification.  To the President, to Bernie, to all again and again.  When asked by election people I say that if someone took a stance on this, millions would vote for them.  It is showing signs of working.

    Last week, on Bill Maher's show, a week ago yesterday, was one great show including Anthony Weiner.  I know, I know.  Nontheless that man said exactly much of what we all say.  That no one trusts our government anymore, that no one trusts our military anymore, that all are sick and tired of endless wars and meaningless rhetoric.  He hit every note But for geoengineering.

    My week of studying all things Raytheon yielded some hope in that their arrangement with the government runs out at the end of this year and there is no funding for what they'd planned on doing next, so I think this may be one reason why things have been so ramped up lately.  It said that their business is supported by several dedicated International Operations: Raytheon Australia, Raytheon Canada Limited, Raytheon UK, with operations also in Japan, Spain and France.

    It appears that all sorts of defense monies are running dry, which I guess could be a reason! for a false flag event.  On the other hand, Paris has had an unhappy Muslim community for some long time.  I was pleased that Bush 41 was critical of his son and Cheney.  In old papers on geoengineering, they suggest starting over rural areas and small, then going larger.  With so few even noticing, they've been emboldened.  Doctoring old films should be front and center, as well as the countathons for children of new clouds.  I wonder who would be interested, media wise in this?  Seems someone would.  A side by side comparison.  Because soon will be the Paris Climate talks, and given the recent mass killings, all in attendance should be concerned.  If this is a false flag, then we need a huge presence on the streets kinda like what they did in Italy was it? with big pictures, say of these side by side films, of NASA training children about manmade clouds.  Even those who do not understand yet would be moved by these effects on our children, and Hollywood's collusion with defense.  Raytheon is pure evil.  God help us if Republican's, or Hilary even, gets elected.  No one will take us seriously if we don't vote-even if it seems like an empty gesture, it counts. As in I will vote for you IF.

    • Marc says:

      Fantastic post, Rachel. Thank you for your insights.

    • stu says:

    • William Osborne says:

      I can't recall it being said better.

    • Rachael — Can you post your sources for Raytheon material, like is there a book or a few links on them? Also this report on your interaction with the Sierra Club is awesome gold-star brilliant. At least they are aware. Maybe Dane is right, maybe we will reach a tipping point and the truth will break open! Cheers!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      WOW!!! NOW would be a very good time to go on the attack so to speak and hit Sierra Club hard with calls and e-mails to SUPPORT FULL DISCLOSURE, also all the other shills, and would-be-shills, MAKE "Them" hear us, and BRING OUT ALL THE CRAP about Raytheon. 

      SOMEONE PLEASE start a petition to DEFUND RAYTHEON!!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, absolutely I believe this is a pre-emptive psy-op to the Paris climate talks.  "They" will not tolerate anything other than what "they" decree to be true, then will force it down our throats and rule with (brittle) iron fists– or at least try.  But "their" system is nearly out of power, literally.  We need to focus on Gandhi/M.L. King, Jr.-style shows of force of our own at the talks.  Does anyone know if the anti-geoengineering/true Truth movement has plans to make a good showing there, because I think it's really important.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks guys!  I was not at all sure if this post would still be up, as I am apparently forever "awaiting moderation"!-in fact, if a book was ever written about me, that would be The title!  The last thing I expected was that this effort would be so well received.  Meant a lot, thank you.

      Dennie M. Please don't hit Sierra Club Hard!  That sort of aggressive response almost never works or is helpful.  Notice how calm and measured Dane is, how well he handles himself with others in conferences and such.  Have you or others ever watched sessions of the Senate or Congress?  I am forever blown by how polite everyone is, even when arguing.  Even letters from doctors to doctors: thank you for your kind referral.  It is a way of lubricating issues and communication with the hope of making one's point convincingly, as opposed to yelling and screaming and making no progress at all.  It was a big deal, I thought, that this D. C. Sierra Club man not only discussed this with me, he agreed.  What I would suggest instead, is sending communications simply saying that if they took a stance on this issue, I, we, would join membership again.  And that I, we, will not unless they do.  Obviously, at 5 dollars for a membership, they are desperate.
      Mark, thank you for your response!  stu, is this a web site?  And William Osborne, thank you too!
      Susan, My research processes yield a great deal, but my methods could use help.  For one thing I do take notes, scribbling notes that take me awhile to figure out!  Reading my writing is not easy!  My right arm and hand do not work well at all.  Worse, I have a tendency to hit links and the next thing you know, I've been all over and not sure where when.  But I did begin by simply looking up the company Raytheon.  It is often amazing, I find, what they will say about themselves, even the military.  The two links, which I can only name, not link, one was a piece in Forbes from 2013, but I did not note the date other than that and it was very informative.  The other involved GeoMetWatch, a spin off company of Utah State University.  They came up with STORM, a satellite referred to as a hyper spectral sounder, in conjunction with Raytheon.  This to read the colors in clouds, using 1,800 colors owing to chemicals in order to track them. This was due to go up in 2016, taking at least 10 years to yield information.  But GeoMetWatch bailed leaving them without the funding.  They are already doing something similar with one heck of alot of colors, but nothing this sophisticated.
      Raytheon began in 1922 as the American Appliance Company.   In WW2, Raytheon  gained a contract form MIT Radiation Lab to mass produce stuff to detect aircraft with radar.  By 1945, they had a microwave oven.  In '61 they merged with A. C. Cosson, British Electronics.
      By 1980 they acquired Beech Aircraft Company, developed a turbo prop and by 1994 became Raytheon Aircraft for special mission aircraft, single turbo prop T-6A Texan 11, which the US Air force and US Navy chose for primary training aircraft.
      In 1996 they purchased Chrysler Corporation's defense electronics and aircraft modification business.  This is where the timing gets really interesting.  They then, by 1997 acquired Texas Instruments-Defense Systems and Electronics Group and aerospace defense of Hughes Air Craft.  Raytheon's key defense: missile defense systems including the Patriot and Hawk ground based missile systems, offensive missiles,  radar, infrared and other electronic systems for surveillance, reconnaissance, targeting, and navigating.
      Initially, early on, Raytheon brought developments from war and defense to the public in the form of Television and Radio transmitters and electronics, other electronics, and the microwave, then the computer.  They divested those interests in becoming eventually US's lead defense company.  Their four key strategic areas are: Homeland Security, Missile Defense, Precision Engagement, and Intelligence.  "They share a close relationship with US Gov., getting "huge" grants from the National Science Foundation and persuading the Gov. through heavy lobbying."  They are now interested in robotics.  And in teaching kids the wonders of math!  They had, in 1987, Electrospace Systems, Inc. but sold it to Chrysler
      Their funding next year is expected to be 700 million which is a fraction of what they have been getting.  In the 1990's they acquired one defense company after another and moved away from non military interests.  The future seems a bit unclear for them.  There was much interest in STORM, but it won't be funded.  Isn't 700 million what Monsanto paid for Weather Corporation?  Coincidence?
      There is more I could say, but those are the basics without being every single thing.  As I said, the dates play into when most of us began to be aware of geo-tinkering.
      By the way Susan, I received a brief reply from the Navy today from the letter I sent early this year.  None of my questions were answered.  They themselves admitted they had done no testing on the effects of electronics on wild life, decibel levels on people or wildlife, or studies on the effects of Electromagnetic everything.  Non the less they are proceeding with their plans now and have been, intending to do what they stated, until a decision is made at the end of this year!  They ran by how necessary these training missions are and mentioned that one part involves dealing with mass homeland conflict!
      I watch our local channel two news in the morning as they don't do politics, focusing on local issues and weather.  Steve, the weather guy, now called weather authority! was just stunned by how warm the ocean is, said this is something one does not expect to see in one's lifetime.  Their promo for news tonight says there is something else out there besides El Nino.  Uh Huh.  That would be methane I'm guessing as I doubt they will mention Geoengineering.
      Myself, I do not believe what happened in Paris was a false flag.  I do believe this will heavily influence the climate talks one way or another.
      The one bright side in all this is what a beautiful day here!  Very chilly, very, but a clear blue sky and air that smelled so good I was just gulping it as if the last.  And it might be.  Could see a bit of cloud cover in the direction of San Rafael!  But, just wonderful here.  And, in the democratic debates, Grandpa Bernie shone in his call for a revolution!
      Also, given Bush, it is interesting in all the Raytheon info how many businesses in Texas related to geoengineering.  Texas E Systems, for instance.  This whole power play along with modified aircraft, dovetails neatly with what Dane has observed.  And, via Chrysler-who knew?-not only their involvement, but explains the 5 Billion Chrysler stole from Indian land lease monies.  The Military-50 billion conservatively, Chrysler, 5 billion and I kept wondering why Chrysler.  Now I know.
      Dane, how do you keep your head from exploding?

  28. Kathryn says:

    I've noticed that all spraying has stopped for the last week and a half in Central CA. The last few days I've been driving north and also noticed that there was no spraying on the 101 all the way up thru Santa Maria, SLO, Paso Robles, Salinas and even in San Francisco. The most amazing part is that I've been in Sonoma for 2 days now which usually has the heaviest spraying — and there is none. Tomorrow I head up on 5 thru Williams, Redding etc to Ashland OR. It will be interesting to see if those areas are also free of spraying as they are also generally sprayed heavily.

    Interestingly, when the spraying stopped in Santa Barbara County, our normal weather for this time of year returned with very cold nights and days in the low 70s. We also had 2 days of solid rain. This hasn't happened for a years.

    What's your thinking Dane? Have you noticed or heard from others about this? Do you think it has anything to do with the powers that be allowing the El Nino to squeeze thru? Can't imagine what the thinking is but we are very grateful to have a break!

    • Cheddar says:

      @ Kathryn. 

      They've been spraying here in Chico, Oroville, Paradise like  crazy the past few days. Different techniques too. The whole horizon looks like orangish-brown smog and quite tall from ground up. Today we are getting the predicted rain.

    • Janet says:

      As for the lack of planes and spraying, I have not seen it on the high desert area in southern california for about a week. We have a very clear night sky last night for a change.  I have lived here for 35 years so I know the difference.  Hope for the best.  I downloaded the app flight tracker 24 which is very cool. Anyone know if the planes that spray will be traced on this app? 

    • James says:


      Our weather here in Amador County is exactly the same as you have posted !   We  are all paying close attention to the weather here in the State of California .   Our  Military Industrial Complex is hard at work Controlling all of our Weather .  The spraying did stop for a number of days ,   Kirkwood , Lake Tahoe and the Gold Country did see a huge slow down in spraying activity .  This  allowed the new storm to come in  . 

      Thank God For the Rain .

      They Need to stop Spraying us Now .


    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      There was significant spraying here in the Bay Area on Friday, also on Saturday the air was brownish-orange coming south on the Porto Suello pass into central San Rafael– plenty of orange-brown haze, idiots here probably believe it's "just smog," never mind the very stringent air quality standards for combustible emissions in California, if they even notice this ever, at all.  Just too busy with "more important" stuff, like yakking on their fancy-schansie cell phones.  We had spraying going on above the clouds as well. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "Rain– Shmain!"  It amounted to spitting in a barrel.  NO rain.  Like the monsters-in-charge themselves, plenty of weirdness with the weather.

  29. Rob says:

    Thanks again for your effort.
    In Santa Cruz we are seeing barrage of chemical spraying aircraft; up to 6 at a time a couple of days ago.  It is almost impossible to walk outside and not see at least one.  They are not spraying the persistent trails but ones that look more like contrails except the planes are relatively low altitude.  It appears that as people have become aware they have shifted to spraying less visible material, but, are persistent.
    Also continue to see the data collecting aircraft flying grids all day.
    While we do not see the usual fake chemical clouds, we are still in a fine white mist and people are feeling the effects.

    • Cheddar says:


      Same here in Butte Co. Tricky scumbags….

    • BaneB says:

      What you say and describe as the same scenario happening here in Mendocino County.  Yesterday and the day before there was a continuous flyover from every direction.  The showy chemtrails were missing.  Rather as you say these jets spewed out the "classical" contrails of yesteryear.  But, the trails were still longer than the "classicals."  The sky was very blue earlier in the day but turned silver as the day passed into afternoon.  Overnight (Sat to Sun) it rained like a tropical storm.  By morning the wind was howling and at daylight lots of snow was coming down horizontally.  This did not stick.  The temps dropped from 40 to around 33 degrees.  Currently the precip has ceased.  It is cloudy and still windy.  I think my ridge received a bit more than 1.5 inches.  It is welcome!  How toxic the brew is not known.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, what's with the "less visible" crap we're now being treated to universally?  Anyone wanna find a patent on that sh*t, and send it along for addition to the patent collection?

    • Ken Hall says:

      Where I live in Tuzla, Bosnia, I've been tracking 1-2 jets since last July. They normally popped in late in the afternoon's on the last two days of each month. For the past several weeks, there have been 6+ jets, flying from sun-up until sundown across the entire horizon. For the past few days, however, the 50 mile-long chem trails have now turned into 1-2 mile long ones. AND the sunsets have been like nothing I have ever seen here in years. So much for my easy going, US Army retirement…

  30. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Great show Dane! Good luck at the viewing of "911 Architects and Engineers for Truth" today in Redding. I hope it’s a full house.

    • dblack says:

      Hi  – a question for absolutely everyone … why can't we kill off the legal status of corporations? Surely corporations are the legal entity that has allowed ALL of the destruction that has occurred over the last 2 centuries. Is there no way of removing the blight of their power & return civil liberties, control (& freedom) to ordinary people now??

    • dblack — The 'legal status' of corporations was created by their armies of Washington DC revolving-door  lawyers, backed up by political bribery and mercenaries like Blackwater. Go to amazon and search 'corporate mercenaries' in books. Did you ever read any of John Perkins books – like 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' ? How it works. It's going to take a mass awakening to overthrow them. On we go!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Paul Vonharnish, can you help tackle that one?  Getting to the "legality" of corporate personhood and uprooting this insane notion once and for all would be a Next Good Move, after exposing the illegality and reality of geoengineering, wouldn't it?

  31. Thank you, Dane. The Baltic Dry doesn’t lie. Time is short. As for the Paris tragedy, no one wants to believe the ‘false flag’ agenda. It is too twisted sick horrible to contemplate, but when our own government is dumping toxic metals on us that are harmful to health body & brain, it is hard to restrain unsettling dark thoughts. What are they capable of – or rather is there anything they are not capable of. It happened before.
    ”The China Mirage, The Hidden History of the American Disaster in Asia" by James Bradley…chronicles the deluded misconceptions regarding China held by the power elite in the west,  — delusions, 'mirages' that led to years of disastrous policies and unnecessary wars because of complete ignorance, arrogance and a blind stupidity that reigned from the time of the East India Company's Opium Trade (drug running) in China, through Japan's invasion of China and the Rape of Nanking, right on into Pearl Harbor and World War II, and continuing through the Korean War and the Vietnam tragedy. All because of the ignorance, incompetence, and racial arrogance … which resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent men and women duped by their delusions. True Believers are truly dangerous.
    The primary delusional characters in this long tragedy are Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Henry Stimson, Pearl Buck (yes, that 'Good Earth' was propaganda!), Henry Luce (founder of the TIME magazine empire), Claire Chennault (an incompetent Captain in the U.S. Army Air Corps who became a mercenary for Chiang Kai-shek), and Joseph McCarthy (who ruined countless creative lives in his obsessive paranoia). …

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has no agenda other than to save what remains of democracy in America. Here are his thoughts today on Paris:
    "As The Matrix grows in the absurdity of its claims, it nevertheless manages to become even more invulnerable."

    • Dane, where I live on the Olympic Peninsula WA, the silence is also deafening. Few birds, insects, I have never seen a butterfly. I noticed this especially coming from New Zealand where there is still a cacophony of birds and insects – the NZ Tui, Kingfishers, Rosellas, and so many more. My friend there is a birdman, he talks with them, and we considered our home an avery. I don't think he believes me when I tell him that the woods around me here are silent. Painfully silent.

  32. Pharmer says:

    The Fabian 'society' recently changed its old logo, which was a wolf in sheep's clothing, to an angry looking turtle with the new motto: "when I strike I strike hard".  The Fabians are associated with the Tavistock Institute, and they seem to be one of the evil entities most important organizations.  They have been using gradualism up until now, the "totalitarian tiptoe" as David Icke calls it, and gradually sneaking up on us, but that tactic is apparently about to change.  I believe they plan to hit humanity with everything they have all at once in the near future, creating as much chaos as possible, in order to force humanity to accept a one world government (NWO).  They have told us that is their plan, and all the available evidence indicates that is exactly what's about to happen.  WW-III, global financial collapse, famine, pandemics, geoengineering warfare, etc. – all seem about to happen.  How can we stop it?  Using violence is the worst tactic in my opinion.  Using violence is exactly what the evil entity wants us to do.  We need to become self sufficient, and work cooperatively together to survive the coming chaos.  We can produce our own water by making atmospheric water generators using dehumidifiers – plans are available online.  Larger atmospheric water generators could serve entire communities. My fathers old partner in his electric bike company (started after he 'retired', but since sold) now imports atmospheric water generators to be built into new homes, which cost about $2,000 each. The evil entity may be able to stop the rain, but if the humidity is over 40% we can use atmospheric water generators to condense moisture out of the air.  Food can be grown very quickly as sprouts, and crops such as kale grow in a short period of time, so they can be used to sustain our health until other crops come in.  Growing indoors under LED lights is very efficient, and uses much less water.  Energy can be produced from the sun and wind, along with using cannabis hemp for biodiesel and ethanol.  Cannabis is the most important plant on the planet, and can provide virtually everything we need to live healthy, comfortable lives.  The planet itself can be used for heat and energy – drill down far enough and geothermal energy can be tapped into.  These are technologies we already know about, and the great scientist Tesla invented ways to create free energy and move it around wirelessly, but that knowledge has been suppressed. We need to make our manufactured goods locally again, rather than buying goods made elsewhere.  We need localization of our economies, not globalization.  The NWO is a pyramid of pyramids which needs our support to exist – once we stop supporting the establishment system, it will collapse like a house of cards.  Stopping WW-III is going to be difficult, and will require military forces of the world to refuse fighting each other, and that will happen after they are educated. Military forces are all being controlled by the same evil entity, which has likely controlled all sides in every war for hundreds of years, probably longer.  All is not lost yet – we CAN still save our beautiful planet, and I believe we will.  People like Mr. Wigington are the catalyst we need to spark our peaceful revolution, and they are the reason I still have hope, but we all need to do our part too.  We can all become peaceful warriors dedicated to saving our planet, both by becoming self-sufficient, and by helping others to do the same.  Humans have accomplished amazing feats in the past by working together cooperatively, and I have faith that we can save our planet by working together peacefully. Please keep your faith in humanity and the future of our awesome planet, because giving up is what the evil entity wants us to do.  Living self sufficiently instead of being a wage-slave will enable us to have much better lives.  The future is going to be wonderful for the generations to come, but that will only happen if all of us of us to do our part now.  We are living in the most incredible period of history, and I feel blessed, not cursed, to be living during these times, even though I've had a very difficult life so far. We can still save our planet and create a better future, and that will happen if each of us do our part. The Creator helps those who help themselves – the Force is with us!

    • Constant Walker says:

      The Great Spirit helps those who help each other….so does Mother Earth and All Our Relations.

    • I feel what Pharmer says, “Using violence is exactly what the evil entity wants us to do." is absolutely correct. We must not succumb to violence. It would be a fool’s game and worse — why should we give them what they want! Something that has really been bothering me since I came back to the USA is the fact that talk-radio seems to be fomenting out-and-out violent revolution. One hears nothing but divisive flaming rhetoric on the usual programs, day & night. I read websites that did this in New Zealand and frankly became suspicious of some of them, especially one that obviously catered to paid trolls and linked more stories from Russian propaganda than American propaganda – as if Putin would tell the truth?
      These are a few excerpts from a rather radical cynical view of all of human history as “cattle management”. However there is a lot of truth in what he says, particularly the idea of polarizing the ’slaves’ (us) against each other and fomenting violence that would inevitably be destructive to us:

      *The Handbook of Human Ownership – The Dependent Classes
      A key foundation of livestock management is bribery … when you create an entire class of people dependent on government handouts, you divide the livestock into warring factions. … It is absolutely, absolutely essential that you create and maintain conditions which foster slave on slave aggression. If rulers smack down the slaves directly, the livestock immediately become aware of their enslavement, which reintroduces the motivation problem. Efficient human masters thus ensure that the slaves attack each other …
      If you can get slaves to attack themselves for daring to question the existing social structure, you will not have to lift a finger to keep them in their chains – they will in fact attack anyone holding a key! As a backup, you must always have a group of slaves willing to attack anyone who mentally frees himself from your false ethics.

      How do you create slave on slave violence through the mainstream media? … never directly censor and control the media, or its inhabitants may rebel against your authority, and reveal your naked aggression. Once the knowledge of slavery becomes inescapable, society inevitably and immediately changes – and hiding this knowledge is the entire art and science of human ownership. Thus you need to create a slow and increasing economic dependence in the media, rather than arresting and imprisoning its members. You do this by making reporters more and more dependent upon information from the government. … it takes a pretty empty person to rewrite government press releases for a living, and fairly delusionary managers to pretend that they are not the mere amplifiers of the whispers of power. Once these managers assume their positions, they will inevitably reject any energetic truth seekers, and instinctively seek out and employ other empty rewriters of State edicts. The collective delusion that they're still producing "news" becomes progressively stronger, to the point where they will rail against and attack anyone who actually tries to publish something that is true, particularly if it threatens the government contacts who supply their disinformation. …  see the tiny price that people are willing to sell themselves for – their name in print, a meager expense account, a few parties, and they are yours.


  33. PatinSF says:

    Europe just had our 9-11 in Paris yesterday. Friday the 13th in Paris was a false flag event.  ISIS is USA/Saudi/ISrael backed proxy army… They are posing as radical muslim jihadists. They are a bunch of mercenaries fighting for whomever pay them the highest! The brainwashed public react to events exactly the way they expected! Don' believe anything you hear from CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS! They are mouthpiece of the fascist government called USA.

    The drum beats of war are getting louder and louder with Russia.

    Remember 911? Remember Saddam Hussein? Mushroom cloud… Weapon of Mass Destructions….« less

    • Beverly says:

      So true, Patin SF.  If only more people would wake up.  I don't know how we can stop any of this while we are surrounded by psychos.  Really, really scary.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, Patin SF, the (False Flag) "terror" Psy-ops follow a completey predictable script.  Always shocked that idiots just cannot figure that out. It's so common now I almost yawn whenever a new "event" occurs.

  34. Frank says:

    Dane I congratulate you on another excellent broadcast. I and others would recommend you for the most honest Noble Peace Prize ever. We the ones that are truly awake agree so much with you. You are the only one speaking on the whole picture. I feel blessed to have you as a brother in this fight to end this total insanity. Thank you for your devotion as well as many others. 

  35. Me smells the familiar stench of "false flag" in France. Another media distraction from the maneuverings of the TTP "alliance" and all the other stenchful filth the proletariat are loath to resist…

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Paul: You're damned near Shakespearean tonight.  Me thinks I'm afraid, however, I may sound a little too much like Bob Hope in the "Road" movies, to say that "Something is rotten in the state of Gay Pa-reee.." to say the least.

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