Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 17, 2018, #171


Dane Wigington

The true character of governments is becoming ever more visible as the walls begin to crumble on all sides. The climate engineering continues unabated and unacknowledged. Record drought and record wildfires on the West coast, record flooding and engineered winter in the US East. Will California get rain soon? Only the geoengineers know what will be scheduled. The November 17th installment of Global Alert News is below.

Even with the proverbial tidal wave of converging catastrophes looming over our collective heads, so many continue to double down on denial and apathy. How long can such behavior be maintained? We will soon enough find out. In the meantime, each and every one of us are desperately needed to do our part in the critical battle to wake the masses. Sharing credible data from a credible source is essential, make your voice heard.

This 30 second time-lapse video captures massive climate engineering operations spraying over California's smoke filled skies. It was filmed on November 14th from our mountaintop home in Shasta County. We are not only breathing highly toxic smoke, we are also inhaling untold amounts of highly toxic climate engineering fallout. wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Australian activists for all their work toward raising climate engineering awareness in Australia (11/11/18).

This week's outreach booth is at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

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  1. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Dennie, Thank You for the very moving post on Tom Brown, Holes in the Sky. We have truly lost touch with our planet, haven't we? Very powerful warnings to mankind. Will we heed the warning?     Tick, tick, tick!         

  2. Captn.Jack says:

    If we know about the Geoengineering surely Trump has to know about it.Why would he allow the destruction by the hurricanes,floods,and fires go on without stopping it?

    • Maureen McMeekin says:

      Because Trump is controlled by the business and military interest who are at the root of the Geoengineering program. He's not the first President to experience this but he is the first to actually believe there is not climate change which makes it easy for the powers that be to continue their Geoengineering efforts

  3. Dennie says:

    Another Apocalyptic scene come to life: Family of 5 and 3 dogs flees the town of Paradise with only 15 minutes' notice:  One child prays for safety and that the car won't overheat as they make their way to clear skies, then breaks down in sobs… 

    I can't help but wonder whether it ever occurs to people watching all of this (not only videos, but what's happening in the world and the values that drive what happen here) that if we'd only been praying all along about how we are responsible in creating a just world in which we are all taught clear values of treating our planet with respect, as the First Nations peoples did, whether prayers of desperation would be the kinds of prayers we'd be praying at this point?

  4. Dennie says:

    Here's a real-time video shot by a resident of Whoa Rick Rd. in Paradise, CA, complete with a Google satellite map of the area showing the course of the fire.  Note the high winds making the large trees sway very visibly.  It takes 38 seconds for the sky in the background to go from robin's egg blue to orange, and another 30 seconds for the sky to become clearly orange, and one minute after that, brilliant orange with flame… in less than 10 minutes his house will be gone….You feel the terror in the air as the resident loads his vehicle and attempts to flee the area with not much more than his very life: Notice that he is stuck in a traffic jam along with other residents fleeing as quickly as they can!!!  You hear him say "C'mon people…. G'bye house…. F**K, I'm never getting out of here," and "My God, I can't even breathe, really… This Is Insane…" as people seem to be driving in every direction, causing a lot of confusion. You can see the flames advancing at an unbelievable pace… IF YOU WAIT TOO LONG before evacuating, a fiery death is almost sure.  IT IS IMPERATIVE to keep your vehicle in good running order, with a full tank of gas, or you won't make it out alive.

  5. Caryn says:

    Dane, Thank you for all you do. Saying thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. I wish I could do more. I am a SoCal native, born & raised. I fled state 2 years ago, to Arizona, city of Tucson. I'm about to turn 50, so I know all about California's engineered droughts, fires, etc., it's heartbreaking what I'm witnessing there through family & friends whom have been affected. A few lost all but the clothes on their backs, narrowly escaping and as a result are in dire straights now.

    Here in the city of Tucson during late January through the month of February every year, the Gem Show comes to Tucson and it's a big deal to the locals, as there is not much to do here. The crowds are enormous. People from all over the world, many from several states, & Mexico come here. I wonder if it might be possible you'd consider having a booth set up here for this event in the future, and if so, I'd like to help however possible. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Caryn, tthank you very much for your support in this battle. I am not sure when the GEM FAIRE group will be in Tucson, but if you spot the date on thier calender perhaps you could let me know, we would certainly be very grateful for your assistance.

  6. Donna-AZ says:

    Today, on "Thanksgiving Day", the whole Arizona State is "orange/red" on GOES West, meaning "lots of rain for us"  but the Weather Channel says "NO-SOUP-FOR-YOU" translated: THEY ARE GOING TO SPRAY MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CRAP ON US TO STOP OUR RAIN. (I meant to say STEAL).

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, the stealing of water vapor, robbing water from an entire continent is THEFT, and there needs to be a special type of penalization for this type of crime.  The forgiveness process does not mean you get off scott-free; offenders are required to admit their offenses and make amends to those whom they have wronged/hurt before they are forgiven; IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT PERPETRATORS DOING THEIR THING AND VICTIMS AUTOMATICALLY EXTENDING FORGIVENESS; some crimes are unforgivable and I'd say omnicide is The Big One.  That said, there is such a thing as Christian justice (justice from the Christian perspective). Yes, you can still be a Christian and realize that forgiveness should not be an automatic knee-jerk reaction after victims suffer the effects of perpetrators' crimes and abuse; perpetrators need to repent and make restitution before they are forgiven by those whom their actions have affected.  

  7. Anon says:

    I live in Kauai and there is geoengineering every day… huge  spray lines… We need to have some soil testing done to prove what they are spraying. This is disgusting that we currently don't have a choice in this issue, we are being forced to breath this air and eat the food/ drink the water that these sprays are landing on. We should have a right to choose this. I choose not to buy certain foods and home products because I do not want to consume chemicals. I'm convinced that the chemicals in what they are spraying are making me sick with brain fog, allergies, scratchy throat ect.. How come I didn't have these issues until about 5 years ago. Hmmm I don't remember seeing as many X's in the sky 5 years ago…. Something is up people! We need to figure out this and get mainstream with this message. This is not crazy seeing spray lines in the sky, this is common sense that there is nothing good coming out of those aircrafts.

  8. Dennie says:

    Finally, it rained in California today.  Buckets and buckets, with large amounts of run-off and pools of standing water on the streets where the leaves from too-dry trees have fallen, clogging the drains.  Now we prob'ly won't get much more the rest of the season.  Never mind how hot the planet has become.  

  9. NJ says:

    I live in central NJ. AccuWeather forecast for Nov 22 – High 30 F (feels like 19 F), Low 13 F. Nov 23 – High 35 F, Low 23 F. Can someone explain?

    Not to mention, past 6 days have been almost sunless. Lots of spray in the sky. Today is gusty.

  10. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Last night around 3 am I was up and looking out the windows that face the Olympic Peninsula. A giant aerosol sprayed 'X' covered the entire area – and more bizarre was the fact that the Moon was located dead center in the 'X' mark! I felt sick looking at it, like some evil omen.

    Also I noticed the tiny nano-particles on my friend's reading glasses, Then I looked at my own reading glasses. Horrible. FYI.

    • Ron Marr says:

      V. Susan Ferguson, I am sorry they have to be so crude. They fear you more for your consciousness…they have none!  Our participation in their game of fear, war, chaos, murder, money, poverty…is our demise…their lack of character allows them to tease and harass us, too. I feel for the activist in your area who shut down her website due to severe threats and low flying aircraft over her home…by the Navy flyers….Be well. 

    • Patrick SF says:

      Susan I saw that moon and X as well. I  thought it was an optical effect because of all the particulates in the air? But who knows? It still gave me the chills. 

  11. Satya says:

    Thanks Dane,


    This is the second time I have commented.  The first was your video walking through the clearcut.   The past two days I have been sawing small logs with my little bandsaw mill.   These were from dead trees from a local friend's yard.   I bought a sawmill so I could have lumber without paying for clearcutting. 


    I come here now to tell you this, there is another war just as imminent as what's being engineered in Iran.  The squeezing of oil markets by the US and Saudis has been aimed at two countries.   The other country of note has the greatest reserve in this hemisphere, if not the planet, and that's the country of Venezuela, a county with the hutzpah to use its oil wealth for its people.   


    I have come to looking forward to your Saturday reports as one more news site I feel I can trust.   Another is Florida Maquis on Y'ube, where I keep abreast of news, especially pertaining to Venezuela.   With this openly Fascist new man in Brazil, look for the US, if not outrightly involved in an invasion, to be supplying both Brazil and Colombia to move on the Bolivarists and their popular leadership.   


    On another note, I long ago recognized the same engineering you see of winter cold east of the Rockies and the sationary blocking high off the West Coast, driving the jet stream far north.   World average maps show a second distinct area of climate engineering, and that is Iran.  Few other places on the globe are below the long term averages in temperature.  


    So, thank you again.   You'll be hearing more from me soon.





  12. Dave Me says:

    I found some interesting info that hopefully someone out there with a scientific or chemistry background can comment on. 

     On a tip, I did a little research into a company called Solvay. The company manufactures biopolymers ("organic" plastics) and biopolymer composite fibers. I immediately thought of Morgellons and the "spider-web" strands I've seen in chemtrail snow many times. Like SERCO you don't hear about them.

     Solvay S.A., the parent office, HQ in Brussels, Belgium, was founded in 1863 as Belgium Chemical Co. (per wiki). Owned by the family of the same surname, they also own the Mother of Darkness Castle (Chateau Des Amerois) in Bouillon, Belgium dating back at least 2 generations. Local legend has it this castle & family secretly host the world's most elite and have a very dark history connected to MK Ultra, big pharma, eugenics, child sacrifice, and supposedly were the driving force behind the 1992-1993 Abkhazia war in the old Soviet Union you likely never heard of. 

     This company is a global consortium with 3 US HQ offices in Alpharetta, GA, Princeton, NJ, and Houston, TX and several other facilities in CA, CT, MI, and MN to name a few. They are military contractors and work with General Dynamics-Raytheon. If you go to their website solvay dot com and click on locations, you'll see their US facilities listed. Notice all are located in border states except for one in AZ. Interesting how the locations of these facilities coincide with bad weather and/or disaster locations of late. Best I can decipher is they really became a global operator in the early '90s, around the same time chemtrails really started getting noticable,  

     Knowing a foreign owned operation with this type of history, interests, and clients physically exists in our country backed by untraceable money and supported by the US military should get your attention. Do you understand the threat of this being a covert operation? This chemtrail soup mix is being engineered and manufactured somewhere and somebody is operating processing plants, transportation, and aircraft for a fee. Follow the money. Possibly gov't. subsidies.         

     Business is good too. 4 months ago in July, they expanded their Greenville, TX facility and hired more employees for increased "resin" mixing capacity to meet the "growing needs of commercial and military aerospace composite customers". I wonder what the purpose is for the increased biopolymer resin mixing. The more I study this the more nefarious it appears.

     After Bill Clinton allowed the privatization of the public utility power companies in the mid '90s using the EPA, (around the same time heavy chemtrails appeared) service has suffered, and costs have gone up sharply. The Maine Public Utilities Commission here is the go-to council for rate approvals and utility billing/service complaints (white-wash division). I suspect members of the commission are likely share holders in the Central Maine Power/ Avangrid/ Iberdrola S.A. power-grab monopoly. Iberdrola S.A. controls most of the power companies on the entire east coast from ME to FL yet their parent HQ is in Bilbao, Spain. How does that happen? Politicians write legislation that allows conglomerates/corporations to operate on US soil while based on foreign soil and that allows for plausible deniability when skirting our laws. Oopsie, 10 years after the fact when the damage is done and the politician is long out of office.

     A conglomerate like Solvay S.A. and Iberdrola S.A. teamed together in this facet of asymetrical warfare is a scary thought.    

    • BaneB says:

      Dave Me:  The originating pushers for Globalism are the internationally owned corporations.  You have exampled two.  The list is virtually endless.  They own the planet.  They own the national governments including if not ESPECIALLY ours.  They are, many of them, the inventors and purveyors of all this massive invasive police state surveillance technology.  The matrix is not quite linked up and tied together as a global corporate dictatorship.  But the day is rapidly closing in on all peoples whereby we do as they say or one will cease to have a say.  One's 'social credit score' will determine one's fate.  Perhaps I am overreaching, as an aside my very first hint (some hindsight) of the subversion was when the US switched to metrics.  

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  No, "they," the global "leaders," who are leading us right over the cliff right now, really don't "own" the planet.  Not by a long shot.  That is in reality an illusion.  They own the power we have handed to them.  Or so they believe. That, too, is only an illusion.

  13. 5 Points says:

    Clear for 2 days. Steady rain for 5 days. It has been this way since August 2018. North East US. NY

    • NJ says:

      The clear days are not even 100% clear. They start off clear in the morning, but some time in the afternoon a batch of clouds roll in.

  14. Stuart says:

    Washington Post story on my Google feed today about "Enhanced Sunsets" past two days in DC area. Various meteorologists attributed the red and orange colors to smoke from CA wildfires.

    Smoke particles from CA visible in the air over DC?  Really?

    I have seen BRIGHT RED "Enhanced Sunsets" here in SoCal for many years now ( with no wildfire activity) and have reported here and elsewhere as being caused by aerosols of SRM origin.  The intensity of the red color is a function of AEROSOL SIZE and CONCENTRATION in the atmosphere.

    INCOMPETENT meteorologists once again.




    • Alan says:

      Not so coincidentally, strontium is used in pyrotechnics to create a bright red effect.  Last week in San Diego we had a blood red sunset.  The T.V. weather dolts described the sunset as “amazing” and “beautiful “.  In fact, it was scary as hell.  

    • Dennie says:

      Our lithium-laced skies are turning the planet red.  I remember hearing about the "night of the bleeding stars," an Apache prophecy described in Tom Brown's 1991 book, The Quest, about the impending massive environmental destruction that can end everything here:

      A number of people can predict the future. But few get the timing correct. Stalking Wolf, also called "Grandfather," was an Apache wise man and scout who grew up outside the influence of the white man.  His  many predictions not only came true in the MANNER he predicted, but also WHEN he predicted.

      Tom Brown learned extensively from Grandfather for 20 years, from their first  meeting when Tom was 7 years old. The following tells of Grandfather's predictions for the whole of mankind.

      The following is an excerpt from the book "The Quest" by Tom Brown Jnr., first published 1991.

      "The skin of the sky seemed to be torn open like a series of gaping wounds, and through these wounds seeped a liquid that seemed like the oozing of an infection, a great sea of floating garbage, oil, and dead fish. It was through one of these wounds that Grandfather saw the floating bodies of dolphins, accompanied by tremendous upheavals of the Earth and of violent storms. As he held fast to the trembling Earth his eyes fell from the sky, and all about him, all at once, was disaster. Piles of garbage reached to the skies, forests lay cut and dying, coastlines flooded, and storms grew more violent and thunderous. With each passing moment the Earth shook with greater intensity, threatening to tear apart and swallow Grandfather.

      Suddenly the Earth stopped shaking and the sky cleared. Out of the dusty air walked the warrior spirit, who stopped a short distance from Grandfather. As Grandfather looked into the face of the spirit he could see that there were great tears flowing from his eyes, and each tear fell to the Earth with a searing sound. The spirit looked at Grandfather for a long moment, then finally spoke, saying, "Holes in the sky." Grandfather thought for a moment, then, in a questioning, disbelieving manner, said, "Holes in the sky?" And the spirit answered, saying, "They will become the second sign of the destruction of man. The holes in the sky and all that you have seen could become man's reality. It is here, at the beginning of this second sign, that man can no longer heal the Earth with physical action. It is here that man must heed the warning and work harder to change the future at hand. But man must not only work physically, he must also work spiritually, through prayer, for only through prayer can man now hope to heal the Earth and himself."  There was a long pause as Grandfather thought about the impossibility of holes in the sky. Surely Grandfather knew that there could be a spiritual hole, but a hole that the societies of the Earth could notice would hardly seem likely. The spirit drew closer and spoke again, almost in a whisper. "These holes are a direct result of man's life, his travel, and of the sins of his grandfathers and grandmothers. These holes, the second sign, will mark the killing of his grandchildren and will become a legacy to man's life away from nature. It is the time of these holes that will mark a great transition in mankind's thinking. They will then be faced with a choice, a choice to continue following the path of destruction or a choice to move back to the philosophy of the Earth and a simpler existence. It is here that the decision must be made, or all will be lost." Without another word the spirit turned and walked back into the dust.

       It was at the end of the fourth day that the third Vision came to him. As he gazed out onto the landscape toward the setting sun, the sky suddenly turned back to a liquid and then turned blood red. As far as his eyes could see, the sky was solid red, with no variation in shadow, texture, or light. The whole of creation seemed to have grown still, as if awaiting some unseen command. Time, place, and destiny seemed to be in limbo, stilled by the bleeding sky. He gazed for a long time at the sky, in a state of awe and terror, for the red color of the sky was like nothing he had ever seen in any sunset or sunrise. The color was that of man, not of Nature, and it had a vile stench and texture. It seemed to burn the Earth wherever it touched. As sunset drifted to night, the stars shone bright red, the color never leaving the sky, and everywhere was heard the cries of fear and pain.  

      Again the warrior spirit appeared to Grandfather, but this time as a voice from the sky. Like thunder, the voice shook the landscape, saying, "This, then, is the third sign, the night of the bleeding stars. It will become known throughout the world, for the sky in all lands will be red with the blood of the sky, day and night. It is then, with this sign of the third probable future, that there is no longer hope. Life on the Earth as man has lived it will come to an end, and there can be no turning back, physically or spiritually. It is then, if things are not changed during the second sign, that man will surely know the destruction of the Earth is at hand. It is then that the children of the Earth must run to the wild places and hide. For when the sky bleeds fire, there will be no safety in the world of man."  Grandfather sat in shocked horror as the voice continued. "From this time, when the stars bleed, to the fourth and final sign will be four seasons of peace. (That is, one year). It is in these four seasons that the children of the Earth must live deep in the wild places and find a new home, close to the Earth and the Creator. It is only the children of the Earth that will survive, and they must live the philosophy of the Earth, never returning to the thinking of man. And survival will not be enough, for the children of the Earth must also live close to the spirit. So tell them not to hesitate if and when this third sign becomes manifest in the stars, for there are but four seasons to escape." Grandfather said that the voice and red sky lingered for a week and then were gone as quickly as they were manifest.  

      Grandfather did not remember how many days he'd spent at the mouth of the cave, nor did it make a difference, for he had received the Vision he had come for. It was in his final night at the Eternal Cave that the fourth Vision came to Grandfather, this time carried by the voice of a young child. The child spoke, saying, "The fourth and final sign will appear through the next ten winters (that is, ten years) following the night that the stars will bleed.

      During this time the Earth will heal itself and man will die. For those ten years the children of the Earth must remain hidden in the wild places, make no permanent camps, and wander to avoid contact with the last remaining forces of man. They must remain hidden, like the ancient scouts and fight the urge to go back to the destruction of man. Curiosity could kill many."

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thank you for sharing this, Denny

    • Dennie says:

      On a side note, the toxic metals being used to spray our planet paint a very different picture when used in these types of aerial displays:  Strontium makes Valentine-card red, copper a violet blue, sodium a sun-shiny yellow, aluminum and magnesium a clear, crisp white, and my absolute favorite– barium nitrate– a toxic metal that landed me in the hospital a few years back, makes my all-time signature color, a happy spring-time new-leaf lime green… ironic, or what?

  15. Ron Marr says:

    How long will we celebrate phony Heroes and false Gods? My friends still call me, to make sure, I am still not participating…I am good, I say. Here's the way Frederick Douglass describes the holidays as a former slave, He said, "THE SLAVES CALLED THE HOLIDAYS GIVEN BY THE SLAVEHOLDERS, JUDA….IT SERVED THE PURPOSE OF KEEPING THE MINDS OF SLAVES OCCUPIED WITH PROSPECTIVE PLEASURE WITHIN THE LIMITS OF SLAVERY….TO ENSLAVE MEN SUCCESSFULLY AND SAFELY, IT IS NECESSARY TO HAVE THEIR MINDS OCCUPIED WITH THOUGHTS AND ASPIRATIONS…SHORT OF LIBERTY….We are what we THINK we are no matter who made us THINK it."

    I celebrate HAPPY HUMAN DAY!  Because it's spontaneous and 24/7/365, gifts are optional any time of the year. The people that invite me to Thanksgiving understand that I have celebrated many Happy Human Days with them and that they are not leaving anybody out.

    I felt the holiday buzz in the store, while seeking my prey in the food aisles…people were animated, buzzing around, happy, giving…because they're FREE! That's the real human being! We could be that way all year long…what short circuits our energy? Automatically… It's  lent out to a fake reality, stolen and absorbed into hypnosis of a consumer holiday and then cut off…so they can return to their labor….People walk around reciting the mantra…Happy Holidays…don't eat too much, ha ha ha…while their technology tells them, via, the media…it's time to be happy, gay…shop, shop ,shop and don't forget to be kind to one another…and the homeless wave their signs…as the big budget of an 18 year war…with the geoengineering of the planet and the slow methodical destruction of California, continue…unnoticed.  HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

  16. son of san quentin says:

    In connection with Dane's factual observation of toxic spraying above the man-made wildfire smoke, a possible further cocktail and emission of norovirus for good measure, health and safety. Refer to article.

    Great work, Dane, as the planet and its sheep are led to the slaughter. What the sheeple suffering from toxic shock syndrome fail to comprehend is that their false messiah and modern-day weather-controlling shaman, President Trump, must first reenact the apocalypse and make a couple of pit stops in hell along the way before arriving in the promised land. We are in the midst of anti-human psychologically insane, paranoid schizophrenic, narcissistic and psychotic criminal tricksters and wannabe shamans fraudulently posing as political leaders, protectors, providers and saviours of humanity. All ethical, moral and rational culture has been eradicated right before our spectating eyes in exchange for severe societal despair and depression. Very soon the food and water shortages, along with the toxic geoengineered air, will bring the crisis-ridden viewing and religious public to their starving, thirsty and suffocating knees.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      son of san quentin, Very well written, thank you. Interesting that the phrase, "pow!, right in the nose" comes to mind. Then in the same turn the notion comes that if we know the why's and wherefore's of what we are experiencing and is uncomfortable or life threatening, then we will think with a more clear, calm, rational and logical mind. Unlike the poor souls that have no clue what's coming their way.

      Good to read your words again. Glad you're still here.

  17. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Excerpted from page 21


    [74] And finally, an important consideration is the effects of geoengineering on health. The impacts are numerous, but of particular note is the toxicity of the aerosols once they have descended into the troposphere [Baan et al., 2006; Center for Disease Control, 1999].


    Moreover, the additional ultraviolet radiation that would reach the surface due to ozone loss would be detrimental to human health and large parts of the biosphere [Hutchinson et al., 1985; Madronich et al., 1998; Molina et al., 2000]


    NASA – A study of black carbon geoengineering completed in 2012.  No one will arrest the bastards or even file a complaint…

    • Dennie says:

      "Holes in the sky," a blackened sky, and a red sky… Here's what Tom Brown wrote about this as he observed and was taught by an Apache elder:

      Grandfather said that there was not future, only possible futures. The now was like the palm of a hand, with each finger being the possible future, and as always, one of the futures was always the most powerful, the way that the main course of events would surely take us. Thus his predictions were of the possible future, which meant that he always left a choice. He said, "If a man could make the right choices, then he could significantly alter the course of the possible future. No man, then, should feel insignificant, for it only takes one man to alter the consciousness of mankind through the spirit-that-moves-in-all-things. In essence, one thought influences another, then another, until the thought is made manifest throughout all of creation. It is the same thought, the same force, that causes an entire flock of birds to change course, as the flock then has one mind."

      Out of all the personal and major prophecies that Grandfather foretold, there are four that stand out above all the rest. It is these four that mark the destruction of man and life on Earth as we know it to exist now. Yet Grandfather said that we could still change things, even after the first two prophecies come true, but that there could be no turning back after the third. Now that we have gone well past the second prophecy of destruction, danger and destruction are very apparent, and our only recourse is to work harder to change what has possibly become the inevitable. The urgency that I feel, now more than ever, is a direct result of the second, impossible prophecy coming true. It is the reason that I teach, sometimes with a certain desperation, and constantly with the sense that we are quickly running out of time.  

      — Prologue to the telling of the prophecy of the Night of the Bleeding Stars, from The Quest by Tom Brown, 1991

    • Hello Dennie:  Interesting that you quote from "The Quest" by Tom Brown.  A friend of mine studied at the Trackers School a few years ago. (2001)  I read The Quest and a few other materials he brought back from his many travels out East.  The apocalyptic vision has become almost standard "vision quest" material from alleged elders". 

      I think humans need to seriously quit practicing negative magic, and think more rationally about how to change the present…

      “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know” 

      – Ani Pema Chödrön –

      – (1936 – xxxx) –

  18. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I have and have not met, yet,

    I'm sitting here reflecting on all the folks that contribute to this column. Gail from Yellow Head County Alberta spurred such a "sequence of thought". Gail is passionate about what we all are facing. Her commentary is brave and forthright. It's a quality I have come to trust and admire in an individual, two legged or four. ("I listen well"). Let me ask you ALL this, "where's marc?". Anyone besides me notice his abrupt silence? Anyone besides me miss his way of ranting and jerking at your seams in morality? Where's Rachel Robson? Maybe some of you remember Mario the radar watcher guy. So many have either moved on to what ever or they have come to consider their contributions have fallen on deaf ears(eyes) or they have simply become the victims of the toxic environment we all live in, from the sky or electronically. Myself, this is what "I am". I am only interested in what one can bring in regards to the "long haul". Some might call it consistency. I had "sled dogs" for 20 years. Running long distances with either a cart or sled was what I was all about. So were the dogs. And for you animal rights folks out there, you'd think that after running for 3 hours you could stop long enough for me to take a leak? Oh hell no!(lol) I had to tie off to a tree or sink my snow hook and stand on it every time. Ya might say I've run with the best. Back in the day, my dogs were well known and we didn't win any "race". Then came horses…. And my reality as I know it today… The softer you speak, the closer they listen. Two legged or four, matters not. "Parallels in nature". (Haven't written that in a while). Please if I may, point out one subtle statement that Dane made this week in the Global Alert News broadcast. "The Gem Faire awareness booth needs volunteers to tend the booth. "Hey!" Ya you down there in California land! It's time to step up 'and' speak up. How hard is it to smile, put a flyer in someones hand and move on? I'm still looking for that "multiple tender" photo of at a Gem Faire event. I first expected 10 and then 5. Some of you may remember those words. Geez, how hard is it in the land of millions to get a photo with "5" tenders at Gem Faire Geo Engineering awareness booth? Then again it is another question as to how hard is it to get those that do contribute and are a tender, to write in and share their feelings, experiences and perspectives? How in the world does one expect things to expand in the direction the planet needs things to go if we don't "contribute". Several times I've traveled 325 miles one way, to tend a Gem Faire awareness booth all 3 days, bell to bell. Please, make 'your' voice heard, it matters.

    • Bob says:

      Hello Simple Horseman

      I did make it for two days volunteering at the GW booth at the Gem Faire event in Portland Oregon this past weekend and was glad that I did. I found it cathartic talking with everyone, especially the younger crowd, they give me hope. I want to thank Kathy and Larry for their support and unwavering dedication to get the word out it was admirable to say the least. Thank you too "a simple horseman" you spur me on to do more, (pardon the pun). I was surprised to find that there aren't more people volunteering at these events.  Personally, I think people might be reluctant to participate in the conversation about geoengineering knowing that one doesn't know all the answers. I relied on what I know, kept it simple and looked everyone straight in the eyes. I wanted people to understand that this is real and beyond serious. I feel I made more of a difference getting the word out in  two days than I have in the six years since my "Awakening." To all, If you can do more, do it, time is of the essence. As to the people you asked about Mike,  maybe they've turned inward on a soul search, or just taking a break to clear their heads, who knows. I wish everyone  peace of mind and for those of us that do know we carry a heavy burden, it's not an easy undertaking. And thank you Dane, you have my sincere gratitude and respect,  



    • Dennie says:

      Yes, it really helps The Cause and those manning the GW booth at the Gem Faires, to have live humans with actual faces there to help explain what's going on.  Many people are in fact quite curious.  I was surprised to get visits from pilots who came up to the booths.  How any of them can just ignore the streaks or explain them away as "contrails," I do not know.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Bob, very good to read your contribution, thank you.

      If I may quote you, "I feel I made more of a difference getting the word out in two days than I have in the six years since my "Awakening." Welcome to the Gem Faire experience my friend. Feels good to get it out of your system, don't it? You went in there, saddled that horse and you rode it by golly!(grin). I've got a feeling that you and I will be in the first "5" tender photo taken a a Gem Faire awareness booth. Ha!, and those folks down there in California land thought 'they' were the trend setters. Yes, I know, "I'm poking the Bear". Guess I've been hanging out with Mustangs to long. (Which by the way ran Mr Bear through my fence line. He bent over 4 posts and yanked off wire 4 posts wide on his way out. 'Parallels in nature'). We don't have tomorrow if we don't stand up today and yesterday was a farce. Now or never, make 'your' voice heard. Make it contagious!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, you make a few seriously good points. Thank you for the days 'you' have been a tender of a Gem Faire booth. You folks would be surprised as to who I have had come walking out of the wood work. I speak with a gentleman that has personally witnessed the  loading of tanker aircraft with the aerosols. I've spoken with a gentleman that once worked for Boeing black opps. Much to his conflict of interest, he took a pay cut and transferred to commercial production. I'll never forget his opening statement when I met him, "I wonder how many people I've killed?" By far the best interview I've had in the 2 solid years I've been tending a booth and being available to converse with consistently. Get out there, find out who's looking to have a conversation with "you". And for what it's worth, when you tend a Gem Faire booth, please know, "YOU" are in the drivers seat. Stand tall as you can and make it your own. Stay away from distractions.

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Thank You Mike for your kind words.  I love your passion also.  I am very grateful for this site & I want so much for an awakening of Mankind around the World. If we can move people with our words & honesty of what we are seeing in our location & on our travels, maybe, just maybe, they will look at what we see & get as mad, passionate, engaged, wanting an end as much as I do, We Do. It's not just happening here, & maybe if they live 1000's of miles from Alberta or somewhere on the other side of the planet & see the same thing, they too will do something. Stand up & speak out also… Well, Miracles can Happen!   I can't control my sarcasm as much as I would like to when it comes to such an obvious act over our heads each day. When they look at the sky & see toxic poisons as we do, the chess game will change!  

      I too wondered where Rachel, Marc, & Mario were. I miss all of their comments.      I Hope they are all well, & know we think of them.       

    • marc says:

      Hello Horseman and all who visit here. Thank you for thinking of me with your kind words. I am still above ground. Maybe not for long. But I guess we could all say that at this point. I remain engaged in passing on information, online and to certain friends and acquaintances. I link this site on many of my online commentaries. 

        We are all human beings. We all have personal struggles, emotional, biological and spiritual. I am in the midst of all three. A roller-coaster ride on a daily basis. I would be lying if I said I'm not disillusioned, depressed to the point of despair. The forces of evil are so huge in this world I find myself unable, at times, to muster any motivation. And the willful ignorance of so many countless millions, fanned by the flames of media lies and disinformation, punches me hard in the gut every single day. I am appalled at all of this. Deeply, deeply appalled. 

        I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving day. I really do. I don't think we have many more remaining.

    • Dennie says:

      Happy Thanksgiving, "a" simple horseman," and all my friends I've yet to meet, as you say!  I'm thankful we're all here, we have one another.  Horseman, imagine if all those people you've met who've been insiders, if we all stood together and stood UP, even behind those whom we've elected who do know about the horrible programs, what good it could do…. I look out my window here in my office, the "brain" center on the west side of my house, from where I write all of my communications, and am thankful for everything I have.  A friend of mine from my real estate classes at the College of Marin texted to wish me a happy holiday.  I called to talk and found that she really wanted to talk about the ramifications of the nanoparticulate metal spraying and these fast moving fires…. but of course they are related, just as she'd begun to suspect… people ARE waking up!  If we can get the real estate industry to understand how these fires are getting started, what is causing the fast and hot fires and how it's affecting structures– their potential sales inventory– around the state, this thing could turn in the right direction…. Another place to sound the alarm!

      God bless,


    • Dennie says:

      After the initial shock of discovering what's going on, then the joy of finding a community of others who also know, that serves as both an outlet for learning/teaching and is also a mostly safe place to share ideas, perspectives and feelings as well as just plain vent, you start to feeling kinda like "What now?"  It's easy to feel overwhelmed, frightened, even terrified, and carry around  a lot of frustration because we can't get directly at the people who are the most responsible for what's happening to our atmosphere.  You vent and vent, then start to feel burned out and at a loss for what you can actually do to get things moving in the direction of getting the spraying stopped.  No matter the complaints of activists who do come to read here fairly regularly, then are harshly critical of me in private regarding my propensity for venting and the fat lot of good that actually does, as well as the rather petty bickering that occurs here often because of misunderstanding what someone's trying to say, as language can be awkward and not everyone's great at expressing themselves in writing, I do believe that expressing our feelings about what's happening to us all because of the spraying and the heating of the planet is a critical part of the process of healing.  Well, Gem Faires and booths at Farmers' markets and other event locations, posters, banners and car signs are great vehicles for taking action and The Cause is greatly aided by the addition of live, informed people available to help with questions or comments at the booths.  I've been rather pleasantly surprised at how patient I really can be with all kinds of questions and even the disbelievers or the ones who might try to argue that this spraying really isn't happening.  There haven't been too many of those, actually, and I always say "Please, don't take my word for it, you don't have to believe any of this– you're always completely free to do your own research."  I say it with a smile in a quiet, positive tone of voice.  That's about the worst thing that can happen.  Often they take a flyer and walk off looking thoughtful– poor souls, God help us!

      It is really hard to accept that this is happening and it's really scary to think that the heating is exponential and we will probably not be here in the next ten years…  I have a violin student who's here from Korea getting a Ph.D. in public health, with rather severe congestion and in tears during the Camp Fire and it's heavy smoke, .  She was wailing that she would not be able to have kids from the looks of the future.  I told her that the world most especially needs people who can look at the problems here squarely and not flinch, that they must pass along the information and stand up to our so-called leaders and keep letting them know that we do indeed know this is happening, we who are informed are growing in number, and we will stand behind those leaders who will stand up to the diabolical, narcissistic, unfeeling Banking-Corporate-Industrial-Military criminal cabal, and get this poisoning of our planet stopped.

      I'm sure that Marc's reading the commentary here.  PVH was on "mute" for a good long while though came back explaining he'd been too ill to write though reading commentary here all that time.  Horse Girl's another voice we haven't heard from.  Rachel lives in an old house in Berkeley and it sounds like it could be a little dicey living there since it doesn't sound like it's so well-maintained and she is plagued by ailments, and though we know she has a daughter, I'm not sure who would be looking in on/after her or how often.  

  19. Mud says:

    2 days of clear weather then 5 days of non stop rain. It has been this way like clockwork since August of this year. So bad that a light weight push mower cant make it across the yard. SOS Mayday !!

  20. Tyson Bryan says:

    Thank you for beginning to answer the question I've asked for years:- who sets policy for the weather modification program?  Is there a planetary weather directorate (?), with a settled program of action ?   I would say there must be such a directorate, operating as a very private elite society.  This elite group of men, who set weather & climate policy do in fact 'control the world' as Lyndon Johnson suggested in the 1962 speech you play to begin your broadcast.                                        You tell us in so many words, who you think these guys are. Could they possibly be the same men who run our central bank and issue our currency ?                                                                                     We are all subscribers to this bank and its U$D credit scheme. We are all political subjects (better yet, dependent chattel) of this bank. The US military and everyone I know, including myself, gets paid in the credit issue of this bank.                                                                                               I may have a Swiss bank account denominated in gold, but at the actual point of transactive exchange, the deal is generally always done in U$D. The banks grip is very hard to escape.                                     If you're looking for someone more connected to core policy decisions, you might try Stan Fischer.  Dr. Fischer recently officially retired as Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve.  Dr. Fischer carries dual citizenship, as you might expect. How easily accessible he is, is hard to say.           Even where time is short, humor works to gain peoples attention.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Trump Quietly Orders Elimination of Assange
    the Duran, 18 November, 2018

    On June 28th, the Washington Examiner headlined “Pence pressed Ecuadorian president on country’s protection of Julian Assange” and reported that “Vice President Mike Pence discussed the asylum status of Julian Assange during a meeting with Ecuador’s leader on Thursday, following pressure from Senate Democrats who have voiced concerns over the country’s protection of the WikiLeaks founder.” Pence had been given this assignment by U.S. President Donald Trump. The following day, the Examiner bannered “Mike Pence raises Julian Assange case with Ecuadorean president, White House confirms” and reported that the White House had told the newspaper, “They agreed to remain in close coordination on potential next steps going forward.”
    On November 3rd (which, of course, preceded the disclosures on November 15th), Julian Assange’s mother, Christine Ann Hawkins, described in detail what has happened to her son since the time of Pence’s meeting with Ecuador’s President. She said:

    “He is, right now, alone, sick, in pain, silenced in solitary confinement, cut off from all contact, and being tortured in the heart of London. … He has been detained nearly eight years, without trial, without charge. For the past six years, the UK Government has refused his requests to exit for basic health needs, … [even for] vitamin D. … As a result, his health has seriously deteriorated. … A slow and cruel assassination is taking place before our very eyes. … They will stop at nothing. … When U.S. Vice President Mike Pence recently visited Ecuador, a deal was done to hand Julian over to the U.S. He said that because the political cost of expelling Julian from the Embassy was too high, the plan was to break him down mentally…   to such a point that he will break and be forced to leave. … The extradition warrant is held in secret, four prosecutors but no defense, and no judge, … without a prima-facie case. [Under the U.S. system, the result nonetheless can be] indefinite detention without trial. Julian could be held in Guantanamo Bay and tortured, sentenced to 45 years in a maximum security prison, or face the death penalty,” for “espionage,” in such secret proceedings.

    Her phrase, “because the political cost of expelling Julian from the Embassy was too high” refers to the worry that this new President of Ecuador has, of his cooperating with the U.S. regime’s demands and thereby basically ceding sovereignty to those foreigners (the rulers of the U.S.), regarding the Ecuadorian citizen, Assange.

    … Basically, Trump has arranged for Assange to be eliminated either by illness that’s imposed by his Ecuadorean agent, or else by Assange’s own suicide resulting from that “torture,” or else by America’s own criminal-justice system. If this elimination happens inside the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, then that would be optimal for America’s President and Congress; but, if it instead happens on U.S. soil, then that would be optimal for Ecuador’s President. Apparently, America’s President thinks that his subjects, the American people, will become sufficiently hostile toward Assange so that even if Assange disappears or is executed inside the United States, this President will be able to retain his supporters. Trump, of course, needs his supporters, but this is a gamble that he has now clearly taken. This much is clear, even though the rest of the secret agreement that was reached between Pence and Ecuador’s President is not.
    …In any event, the destruction of Assange has clearly been arranged for, at the highest levels of the U.S. Government, just as the destruction of Jamal Khashoggi was by Saudi Arabia’s Government; and, just like in Khashoggi’s case, the nation’s ruler controls the prosecutors and can therefore do whatever he chooses to do that the rest of the nation’s aristocracy consider to be acceptable.
    The assault against truth isn’t only against Assange, but it is instead also closing down many of the best, most courageous, independent news sites, such as washingtonsblog. However, in Assange’s case, the penalty for having a firm commitment to truth has been especially excruciating and will almost certainly end in his premature death. This is simply the reality. Because of the system under which we live, a 100% commitment to truth is now a clear pathway to oblivion.  Assange is experiencing this reality to the fullest. That’s what’s happening here.

    • Dennie says:

      Wow.  Like the Leonard Cohen song says, that's what always happens to the good guys and the whistle-blowers.  This news should be trumpeted from the rooftops.

  22. Tamara says:

    Watch Trump speaking in Butte County, when they ask him about climate change he stated, "we're gonna have a fine climate". The trails are getting thicker here in NorCal. Many of my friends in Mendocino and Humbolt counties noted that they increased dramatically right before the fire. 

    • Dee says:

      Yes extremely increased just prior with big X's. I took pictures then immediate drop in temp 30-40° with smoke. Air traffic fallout lines could be seen over the smoke all the while air support for fire was grounded

  23. Nick says:

    Nick here from mid Michigan.  Ive been on this site a couple times per week for years. Back in 2005 I first learned about Haarp and aerosol spraying. Back then it was something we truly hoped was just conspiracy. I was only 16 back then. I may be to young to have witnessed the good ole days but i certainly remember more frequent blue skys normal snow and shoot maybe even a general feeling of being healthy.

    Here in Michigan we are getting the exact opposite of California. Last few weeks have been nothing but rain, cold and fake snow. Lots of fake snow at 36F-38F Its incredible people don't notice these things. The snow flakes arent flakes at all but more like little tiny ice dots with none of the beauty that I once saw. Snow melting while more is falling?! I hate it! Nothing but grey skies during the day yet perfectly clear at night however I have witnessed them spraying by night on more than one occasion. I tell as many people as I can but even the ones who already know dont want to talk about it or accept it. My wife and I have been "Sick" with similar respiratory issues for far to long now and these latest forms of fake snow sent her to the ER yesterday. Of course antibiotics were prescribed..

    Thinking back to when I was a child playing at my grandparents house I would see hundreds of birds and a handfull of chipmunks and squirrels. Just last week I saw maybe 10 birds and none of the latter.

    Dane, say we do wake everyone. At this late stage could it even be stopped? If we do wouldnt global temps cause ocean temps to reach methane release territory?

    I'll do my best to keep informing people of the poisons being sprayed. Deep down at this point I feel I am meerly informing people of their upcoming doom rather than an option for continued life. My wife wants one more child however I just cant imagine bringing another life into this world.

    I wish the best for all and am praying for everyone in California. From a fellow "uneducated" deplorable lol Funny how the uneducated or is it un-indoctrinated seem to be the ones with their eyes open. FYI my day job is emissions testing, some of which gets submitted to the EPA. Glad to finally introduce myself since I've been reading everyones comments for years.

    • Mary says:

      Hi Nick, I'm in Los Angeles. Appreciate so much your caring about wildfires here, & letting me know about your "fake snow", I didn't know before. Just like you, doing my best to spread the word. Thank you for posting, it means a great deal to me out here in Calif. And as always, thank you Mr. Wigington!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Nick, welcome my young friend. Thank you for sharing. It is good to know you are out there standing with us ALL. It matters.

      I'm curious as to what your analyzing equipment says is the atmospheric oxygen content in you region? Back in 1993 when I ran emissions test equipment for heating stoves, my equipment read 21%. Four years later when I left R&D engineering, the read out was 20.9%.

    • Dennie says:

      Even if everyone were to wake up right now, would they be pounding on the steps of Congress and the legislature in their state capitals?  Would they be jamming the phones and the inboxes of their elected representation?  Democracy is a participatory process.  Don't participate, and someone else votes against the candidate who could make a difference, especially now with so many Democratic women running for office that there is now an organization called  And would all of the awake be able to stop the warming process just by knowing what's going on?  Hardly. It will take getting off the hydrocarbons as well as stopping the spraying, restarting the normal hydrological cycle, then planting trees, lots of them…. and teaching our kids that they cannot treat the planet like it's their personal servant and just keep taking stuff out of the ground and not have to pay a price….

      It appears that a lot of those birds have come down to San Rafael.  I've been seeing flocks in my front yard.  Robins, bush tits, everything, you name it.  It's getting to be winter so I am seeing the wintering birds, but I have to wonder how many are fleeing the fires, maybe.

  24. Paul Vonharnish says:

    To understand the character of our fake "governments", it's imperative to understand the underbelly of the social facade. It'll be too late for discussion when there's no left food on the grocers shelves…

  25. Cracker Double Barrel says:

    When the very last slave has died the masters will have what they always wanted. The Earth to themselves however by that time they will be suffering from their own demise. An unsustainable planet. Sometimes a psychopath is so sick they can not see the damage they are creating for themselves and sometimes they can and just don’t care. This is your government and you are an enemy combatant. Clear for 2 days and then rain for 4 or 5 days consecutively like clockwork for the last 3 months here in NY. It is one big waste pit of mud water mold and mildew and sometimes you can smell that chem stink others mention on this board.

    • BaneB says:

      Cracker Double Barrel:  Enemy combatants?  The latest war-for-profit center is the urban landscape.  A war on civilians living in cities.  Plans are already drawn up.  The "smart city" technology allows for pin point accuracy.  The high tech psychopaths are giddy with anticipation.  

  26. Dave Me says:

     My deepest sympathy to those, and loved ones of those, injured or perished in the Ca. fires. I've followed Mr. Wigington's efforts for several years and must speak out to anyone with the sense to listen. Those of us awake see the results of the criminally insane placed in positions of power and responsibility. Knowledge & education are vital but only part of the solution. 

     "How does this all keep happening?", is a question I hear too often. If you voted in any elections you basically asked for it by consent. You truly have no idea the caliber of criminal mindset you're dealing with. Voting for preselected political candidates that you really know nothing about and giving them powers to decide who lives or dies is a REALLY bad idea. 

     A better question is "How do we stop it?" IMO, if you want the swamp drained, let all current sitting politicians' terms expire and DO NOT fall for the same dog & pony media show election you just fell for (again) and the bogus vote fraud TV drama unfolding you're likely falling for now (again). It's all fraud. If you, the voter, don't have COMPLETE control of your vote (which you do not) then you're basically defrauding yourself every time you cast that vote. DO NOT seat replacement politicians until you've thoroughly vetted them (how you do so should be up to you) and avoid any candidate educated in an ivy league college as these institutions manufacture subversion and treason by design. Replacement candidates MUST be solely of YOUR choice and not those offered by a foreign enemy, i.e., Rothschild. Have a clear agenda of things you expect to be accomplished with deadlines as you would any employee (never forget they work for YOU). If they don't do the job they were hired to do, fire them after a given amount of days/weeks/months instead of dragging out their incompetence (at your expense) for years. If the position is vacant for a while, so what??  Better to have a vacant position than have a sitting subversive undermining constituents. This will effectively sabotage the globalists' synchronized 2/4 year puppet placement/replacement schedule.

     An educated populace requires little governing. Political parties and bi-partisanship should be abolished as these serve only to divide and conquer using disinformation, rhetoric, and propaganda (think WWE wrestling). There's also manufactured confusion built into every election. Not only is there the he said/she said drama about voting rules in every election but no 2 states in this nation have the same voting laws/rules. That's no mistake.

     After 8 years of BHO, voters were starting to wake up and realize the charade so Mr. Popularity, DJT, was offered to them as choice "A" and HRC was offered as choice "B". Other fringe candidates never really matter and in the end voters always "select" "A" or "B", so we're told. What we're never told is there is always choice "C", as in no vote for any of the above but that choice contradicts the spin doctors' patriotic-religion propaganda broadcast so it subliminally doesn't exist. Elections have been occurring since the late 1700s and have brought us to this point. Not exactly progress folks. Look around. The US has been waging war for over 200 years on citizens of every continent including its own. Just because you don't see bombs falling from the skies doesn't mean you're not being attacked. This asymmetrical warfare has been ongoing a long time and WWII wasn't Allies vs Axis as the History [Propaganda] Channel would have you believe. It was and still is globalists against the people and WWII never officially ended.

     Money is another facet in this war. The US dollar fiat currency has had OUR labor/sweat and OUR natural resources supporting its value since July, 1971 courtesy of the Nixon puppet. I highly suspect Watergate and Nixon's impeachment were bi-partisan concocted media schemes to divert Americans' attention from the fact that the money they worked for just lost 50%-75% of its purchasing power with the stroke of a pen by the crook they voted for to replace the previous crook they voted for. Can you see the pattern here?

      Globalists control you with money by what they can make you think its worth at any time. It's literally a majic trick. You believe money has value because that's all you've ever been taught. Money has no value unless you labor to support that value or blindly believe it to be worth something. YOUR time and quality of life is being exchanged for worthless fiat money while YOUR natural resources are being stolen from you (thanks to politicians) and sold back to you using that same money. Make no mistake, the trade war between China and your US gov't. is being waged by both on YOU in the form of higher prices on Chinese junk made with natural resources you once owned. Deprogramming from the money=value belief will take time but once complete you've removed 2 powerful tools used by globalists to oppress you; brainwashing and money. And don't think for a second cryptos are safe. More lies & majic tricks using AI that can financially destroy you. Capitalism has become Fascism thanks to politicians. I say eliminate money and watch crime drop drastically. No lobbyists undermining you via bribing politicians, no corporate shareholders stealing value from everything you purchase using "Free Trade" (skirting US law), and no psychopaths profiting from the  suffering of others. It can be done folks if you want it that way. If you still think you want to keep using money, you'd better make GD sure you're in control of it's value ay all times instead of the international Mafia.

     I'm outraged at what's happening. I live in Maine and the SOBs chemtrail right over my head in a east-west direction almost daily. The aircraft appear to originate from Bangor or possibly Canada. They fly right overhead and flightradar24 does not show them at all. Possibly drones. Attacks such as those in Ca. could easily happen anywhere and for now, instead of fires, we're getting insane snow storms, unseasonably cold weather, and manufactured high winds that knocked out power 3 weekends in a row starting nearly at the exact same time each Saturday morning to be conveniently restored just in time before returning to work the following Monday. I'm not buying coincidence. 

     The criminals responsible for this havoc certainly didn't get their hands dirty by doing it themselves. They needed YOUR consent (votes) and cooperation to do it and they got both by offering you money and lies. Chemtrail aircraft/drone pilots/ramp service agents/mechanics, chemical manufacturing plant employees/transports, NOAA/NASA, NWS/AMS, Military, Police, and ALL forms of media take notice; You're being paid to conduct warfare on the populace worldwide no matter where you reside and you can continue to be parts of the problem or smarten up and be part of the solution. If you think you're safe from retribution because "it's your job" or you signed a non-disclosure agreement and chose to say nothing you'd better think again. If I can identify anyone as being any part of this attack on America, I will expose you at the very least. See your mission through and you'll get what you have coming in the end. Slavery never ended and us old slaves (natural born or legal US 'citizens') are becoming too aware and too expensive to control and are quickly being replaced with new slaves (illegal immigrants) that are ignorant to the hidden truth of this plantation and will receive "free education" from Israeli-written text books. The US southern border wall was never meant to keep anyone out.

    • Gary Cristani says:

      Dont look at me, I never voted for the first time since 1978 just for this reason.

    • Steven says:

      They all lie. Until we get more drastic things will stay the same.Elected officials are not in charge. I don't vote since getting morgellons. I'm proud of it too.

  27. Kathy says:

    To all those dealing with the horror in CA, please know our hearts and prayers are with you and that many are working the front lines to expose climate engineering number one causal factor to CA/world fire"s".

    BOB from PORTLAND…THANK-YOU so very,very much for 2 full days of help. You were so on point and had a awesome way with gaining conversation time to awaken people! Simple to the point and engaging with those who who ready. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and to get to know you! 

    Portland numbers for the first 2 days of putting material into hands was over 1,240 people. Not sure what number can be added for the 3rd day. "Live" people make all the difference in the world. I will let Bob tell you how he was surprised at what its like talking with people at GF. There was a Regional Irish dance competition next room over and a good number of people from there trickled over read the posters and most took material but ALL dancers and parents had no choice but to "see" signs. We had to put flyers/pamphlets on the outside of the entrance. One young boy who came was very intrigued with what he read as his dad is a pilot who has been telling him what the planes are leaving are just contrails. I could see the light came on when he read info and listened to us. I gave him a Hacking the Planet DvD and pamphlet and said, you are a smart young man, take this and watch with your dad. He ran back to the regional dance room. Another man stopped by from the regionals who was a current Airforce pilot, said he was very intrigued with the material he read. took info. Came twice to read.

    Thank-you to those who drove miles again to get some material and make connection.

    For the past 3 weekends of Gem Faires in Oregon/Wa…STEVE'S booth he so graciously reserves for the cause has reached out to approx. 1500-2K each weekend. Throw in those who read and walk on or did not take a bag only material. 10 GF all in CA upcoming check out the schedule Would love to see and hear from others attending the booth. More than ever reception in CA should be ripe.Thank you for the support and encouragement in this comment column.

    • Sezer Behlul says:

      Kathy and Larry, you guys are incredible. Thank you for all you do for the whole.

    • Tom Keith says:

      Keep it up Kathy and Larry! Ive got your back here in the midwest,  although I wish I could be on the front line.  You have other Jedi cheering for you. (Sezer, Lori, Horseman and others come to mind). Truth always prevails in the end.

      Peace out 


  28. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet. What a broadcast, eh? For some reason I have woken up just before 6AM PST and been able to listen the Global Alert News live on air. Hell of a way to start your day. Especially during the first cup of coffee, geesh(grin). Please know, I do 'not' own any kind of alarm clock devise. (I still show up a half hour late, just like when I used a clock to dictate my day). I've since listened twice more to this weeks broadcast. I'll probably listen again some time later this week. (I like to get my shit straight). Dane, you offered up quite a bit this week, thank you.

    Kathy and Larry, I am soooo proud for you my friends. It stands me up knowing you both are out there doing what needs to be done. To my Australian friends, "those posters are awesome, very good job". I've seen them before on youtube. And on that note, I'd like to share a video that some of you have seen already. It arrived in my email box yesterday. I'd sure like to 'up' the viewer count on this video. When I look at the "wild life(and their habitat)" depicted in this video, I think, how can anyone in their right mind let those creatures become extinct and let their habitat disappear? The tangible realities depicted are quite heart wrenching. Thank you Sezer Behlul, for your time, effort and conviction in this fight we all face. Hope you don't mind.

    • Kathy says:

      Sezer…we are delighted to pass on your hard hitting videos. I know the time and work that goes into these. Thank-you. Excellent work for the cause, keep em coming. You are the awareness leader in Australia!

      A must watch…

    • Sezer Behlul says:

      Hello Simple Horseman, forgive me I don't know your name. It gives me great cheer to know there are people like yourself planting seeds as I am, as we are. Sticking out my neck for the greater good? It has to be done, despite what ever consequences come with it. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Sezer, My name is Mike Torrence. I can be found at the Tonasket farmers market every weekend it is open. Or possibly in the "cc's" in the emails we each get.

    • BlueSue says:

      Thank you "a" simple Horseman for sharing this touching video. The stunningly beautiful scenic imagery and nature's grandeur were food for my soul.  We cannot let these marvelous treasures disappear!  Wonderful opening and ending quotes:

      "If love and care do not manifest into practicality, harmonious contentment will not prevail." 

      "Nourish the mind, nurture the soul, without deviating from truth in spite of all."

       I hope you are keeping well my friend.  Know you are appreciated. 

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Dane at his usual excellent best!  Do listen to this recent interview radio show with Dane from Richard C. Hoagland.  Dane is unrelenting, polite and respectful, never at a loss for answers, and factual. Dane’s integrity, unfailing energy, and adamantine will are always amazing. Thank you!

    2018/11/17 – Dane Wigington – Is “Someone” Engineering a Slow-Motion Planetary Apocalypse?

  30. Captn.Jack says:

    Now 5g is now arriving from over seas to add to our problems.

  31. Linda Lee says:

    Yes, agreeing with Patrick…news said 2 days ago that worst air quality in world was in Redding & Sacramento areas (and that includes India and Indonesia & other such areas). I pray nonstop for the people & creatures in California.  It truly is horrendous weather warfare against the population of US, and adding the Noro Virus to shelters (which I also heard about) is attacking citizens who have already lost everything…no greater cruelty.  What kind of monsters are we dealing with?  Like Patrick, I also felt lucky to have a simple abode to live in near La Jolla, and yet when I sat on outdoor deck area with a coffee, I was overcome by what was in the sky…the clouds were already very strange, with stretched out dark smokey gray shapes, then white & lighter gray-brown odd patterns.  As I watched, huge chemtrails were being sprayed from one end of the sky to the other in long ominous lines.  Even the few birds sitting on the wires (normally so still) seemed uncomfortable and kept flying back and forth from trees to wire.  A tiny hummingbird kept flitting from wire to trees and back again.  How can such a tiny active creature stay alive in the momentous attacks that pollute all air quality everywhere?  Today the sky and air seem more normal, but I know there is everywhere an ominous feeling of what may yet come.  We must call on every bit of positive, forward-looking energy & strength to survive this onslaught.  May the golden healing Christ Light be with us all.


  32. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Fantastic group of quotes Dane in this broadcast. Very appropriate & necessary.  Twain had a bit more gray matter I think then most around today. He observed reality & spoke it. I bet you he was also slandered when speaking such observations as you are for speaking the Truth.      Or anyone else for that matter that does today.     How can any sane person not look at those photo's that were being shown during this, or any  broadcast & not be greatly disturbed. They are Appalling & Disturbing to look at.  Mostly because they are so clearly manufactured & yet so clearly ignored or this would have ended decades ago!   What else in the sky could be the cause if it isn't the jets?  What else is up there? Birds? 2+2=4 That will never change whether they want it to or not with their Orwellian brain washing.  Clouds do not look like grids or death everyday, Damn it!       

    Thank You for mentioning Robert F. Kennedy's Jr.'s recent accomplishment.  For those that are un-aware, he is a part of ~ Injecting Aluminum & The Mercury Project. Please look into his information on Vaccine Dangers.  How shameful is the members of the NVICA .  Thirty years?  They truly are Criminals.

    Engineered cool downs. Yes indeed.  We woke up to -22 C (-7.6F) yesterday after snowing for two days,  then allowing the sky to clear in the PM the temperatures will surely drop, & they did , we dropped from averaging -2 (28.4F) each morning to -22. Today we awoke to +3 C (37.4F) A canopy still & Raining! What will that do to the road conditions?  This is a huge difference, to say the least. Do I believe they are nucleating substances via jet aircraft to cool us down? Damn straight!    Alberta IS a cool down zone. Period!!!   Weather Whiplash.   Not good for any life form.  They've accomplished 1- 400 of reduction? I don't think it's working!   Yet the fact is "404" months of above global temperatures. My oh my, what fools we are.

    8 Million in Yemen Starving ! That number has sure been climbing. How can this not be front page on every news source? This is shameful at every level. Thank You for your continued reports on such matters & connections to the sources & the link to these SRM programs. They Deserve World Awareness. This along with the lies about Iran, (Iran is sure pissing them off) these so called news sources are greatly lacking in moral fiber & forgoing acting on the words written in the Constitution of America as JFK spoke of & the need for,  Freedom of the Press.   Freedom of Speech.      Freedoms?                 Get out of here!           Does anyone remember the movie: All the Presidents Men?   I really thought these men (Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein) The Washington Post , were great for disclosing Watergate. I really believed that reporters were there acting on the public's behalf. Out there exposing dirty deeds around the world by governments.  Also public abuses of all types of acts & actions hidden from us.  Was I wrong, or what.  I now have pity for them, disdain for their involvement in hiding facts & truth, & now I doubt them. I don't trust them or their motives.   

    Thank you 30 year veteran of the fire department.  What an inconsiderate ass trump is.   California is burning to the ground & you want to stop aide & lying about the cause?  Soulless!     Very much looking forward to your report on Co-Extinction Dane. This I have seen coming, & have been worried about  for a long while.   How can it not happen?   It's inevitable. 

    Darth Chaney?    Swamp Monsters?     Love your vocabulary Dane. Thanks for the chuckle.  

  33. Ron Marr says:

    "Hologram of the 'American Dream'…" Great work, Dane!  Thank you.

  34. Ron Marr says:

    From an article by, Janet Phelan.

    After 9/11. Embedded in the USA Patriot Act was Section 817, the expansion of the Biological Weapons Statute, which gave the US government immunity from violating it's own biological weapons laws.

    Trump signed into law, H. R. 3359, the Cybersecurity and In frastructure Security Agency Act of 2017, (CISA).

    The CISA legislation, by removing any right to private action, further circles the wagons around 'Critical Infrastructure' and cements the United State's ability to covertly deploy through water, which is defined as 'Critical Infrastructure', any biological or chemical agent and claim not only immunity but also deny any legal right to protest this through the legal system. Given the covert nature of this delivery system, it is to be expected that the United States would claim that the resultant mass deaths to be attributable to a naturally occurring pandemic.


  35. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Great location Kathy & Larry Burns at tha Gem Faire in Portland Oregon. They set you up to get them as they were coming in the door.  So Proud of you both. 

    The photo's from the Activist's in Australia must of made you well up with Pride Dane. Great work Activist's involved. Were they being glued on? There sure is a lot of them, in many locations. That must of taken some time.  Good on you all.  Couldn't help by Smile, looking at them. Thank You.

    You are reaching the World Dane. Activists in Poland, Italy, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Mexico, Canada, the USA ….   It's happening, the World is waking up to the Truth of Weather Modification, Manipulation programs around the World that affect us all.  We cannot escape the wrath. So collectively we need to react, & end them. Period!


  36. Bigbucky says:

       The governor of cal. Stated if people want to live in forested areas they better build underground shelters. 

    Climate fires are going to get worse every year! He says! Prepare. 

    Seems he knows where it's heading. 

    On a good note cal might get some rain soon, but watch the mud slides. 


  37. Frank says:

    And when the rain comes in the next couple months, probably a very heavy rain, NOBODY will figure out how improbable, how unlikely, how DELIBERATE that will be. The national newscasters will give us that blank stare at the end of a two-minute jumble of clips of burned-out lots and suburban streets flowing down hills – and then an antacid ad will snap us out of it!

  38. Dennie says:

    Air quality's about 4 times worse here in Northern CA than in Beijing… it certainly appears that "Someone" wants to kill California, the fifth largest economy in the world…. smoke is horrendous, and mixed heavily with ice-nucleation chemicals, it burns and you can't stay outside sans mask for more than 20 minutes or so.  We were supposed to get relief from this about yesterday, then have been informed by the Weather Gods that the smoke will continue into the early part of next week, at which time we're "supposed" to receive some rain… like, yeah… sure……… We're woefully behind on the seasonal rains and I think The Plan is to massively drought the Western United States, yet again…..

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Dennie, Our prayers are with you all in California and out west. Terrible the fires and drought you are suffering. I think the latest report from our weather parrots is that we are now over 14 inches above normal for the state of Georgia for 2018. If only we could deliver some of it to you folks so desperately in need of it out west. I hope those responsible for burning California to the ground will themselves be thrown into a pit of fire for eternity for their crimes against Nature and our Creator. Even that seems not enough punishment for those so despicably low. Praying for an end to this miserable insanity soon. Thank you Dane and everyone for all efforts to bring a halt to it asap!

    • Kyle J Hill says:

      In the 1960s California ALONE was the worlds 2nd largest economy. It was the place to go and to be.  Now it's down the crapper.  Trump is just one of them. Meet the new boss! Same as the old boss!

    • Dennie says:

      Well, California was producing oil in the 60s, down around Bakersfield, Santa Barbara and such.  I think they're trying to squeeze the last drops and there was talk of fracking here but people screamed.  Food grows year round here so there's always been the exporting of food crops such as eggs, nuts, fruit and produce, and now, wine.. and cheese.  I think we all know where that's going to go once it keeps getting hotter and hotter.  But the Chevron refinery's still here.  Produces gasoline for six western states.  So now the Powers-That-Shouldn't-Be decide they can abscond with our water vapor from the entire west coast of North America and dump it all over the eastern U.S. so everything will appear "normal."  Hah!

  39. Frank says:

    Just like we blame academia and the media for a deliberate decades-long cover-up, and an apathetic public for ignoring the spraying overhead, I don't think we should stop there. Years ago I found out what the spraying meant, how aluminum was the second most explosive metal dust, and what that would mean to wildfires.

    I'm tired of trying to scream in people's faces something that they should be looking for themselves. If wildfires are getting more vicious, that is a time for EVERYBODY WHO FIGHTS FIRES to look around and figure out what's new and different, what's being SPRAYED on them every day. I found it and my skin does not depend on it. Everybody in the fire fighting world has a brain and a laptop – and they still don't know what's going on. What I'm saying is that I am sick of everybody not being able to figure this out on their own. I am tired of feeling bad because people are so very, very stupid.

    • john potter says:

      Wow, You are 100% right on. People are out of it. The statement that they are stupid says it all. I try on a daily basis to tell people and they look at me like i have 4 heads…Its so sad we live with so many stupid people. I dont see a large awakening..ever. thanks for your post.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Frank, I am sick of it as well.  So tired of people who won't do their own research but deny this is going on or can't see with their own eyes that none of these fires are normal.

    • Kyle J Hill says:

      If I could afford it I'd renounce my citizenship and give the USA the middle finger and go live in Northern Italy.  

    • Thomas Petrie says:

      Frank, I agree with you 100 percent!  I speak with people most days about GeoEngineering and am aghast at HOW LITTLE people want to learn about anything that might cause them to…use a few extra brain cells!  I'm just so grateful for HP's "unlimited ink" programs which allow me to print up endless quantities of educational materials. In addition, I have reams of paper (because my late brother was a printer) so am not running out of that either.  It makes no difference.  Even with passing out literature, I feel,you must have an organization like Dane's or those with Gem Faire (with weekly tables, posters, banners, flyers, booklets, etc.) to make a difference.   So that's what I'm doing when I open my office shortly…t-shirts, buttons, banners, books, stick on 16 x 24 labels for cars (like the anti-vaccine one from Vaccine Liberation Army I had on my car for a long time), videos from and elsewhere, aluminum detox programs and much more.  Once I get the funding, it'll happen!   Along the way, someone needs to write a children's book on this topic, "The myth of those new cloud types," or something like that.  (I'm even biking across America next year to Redding and Paradise, CA IF I can get even one media outlet to cover my trip.  I once planned a 400 mile run to Washington, D.C. to protest the continued cover-up of vaccine dangers, ( the C.D.C.),and not one media outlet would cover my run; I canceled it.  Anyway, if you have any ideas on how we can work together to spread the word (other than what Dane is doing), let me know.  I'm way on the East coast and very few folks care about this issue.   Can't wait to get my store stocked with materials!   By the way, I wrote a lengthy letter to Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom regarding the terrible "forest fires" in CA AND the role that GeoEng. plays in dramatically worsening these.  Cc was sent to Gov. J. Brown.  Cover story in yesterday's paper was how these fires—at least according to Pres. D. Trump were due to "Forest Mismanagement."  W.T.Heck?   

    • Frank says:

      Thanks, all. I just say what I feel. You do know how hard it is to answer when people say, "well, if all that was real, don't you think we'd hear more about it? It can't be true." They are like little children who cannot think from a higher angle. They can't picture the system of order followers that Dane talks about. Hey, it happened before. Big time. It was called Nazi Germany. I even know guy who died recently – back when he was in school he told a joke about Hitler. He got to sit out the war – in a jail. The new Nazis have learned that you don't even have to jail the dissidents – cause nobody will listen anyway. It is sickening. And the sad thing is that if a couple celebrities suddenly woke up and found their courage, everybody would perk up immediately – no wonder so many think the celebs are the devil's puppets.


    My prayers for everyone touched by this horror. I can only list some of the thoughts that come to mind here;  Crime, Murder, Holocaust, Insanity, Dysfunctional Society, Evil Psychopaths.  Denial.   Culpability?  Retribution?   Compensation?


    My prayers for everyone touched by this horror. I can only list some of the thoughts that come to mind here;  Crime, Murder, Holocaust, Insanity, Dysfunctional Society, Evil Psychopaths.  Denial.   Culpability?  Retribution?   Compensation?


  42. CIA – Weather Control – Feasibility Studies and Monetary Considerations – November 22, 1960

    • Earth Angel says:

      More proof positive this is happening right now for those who have been willfully blind to the climate catastrophe right in front of them. Thank you for finding and posting this, P.V. ..Your research work is brilliant in many areas of study and we are all the better for it.

    • Dennie says:

      HOLY CRAP~!!!! This little "sanitized" copy of the C.I.A. criminal cabal spells out the weather modification crimes in quite detail. It names names:  Dr. Thomas P. Malone, The Travellers Insurance Company, Gen. Charles P. Cabell, Luiz DeFlorez, research chair. 

      This gun is more than just smoking, it's an actual confession!!!!  And I would immediately send it to anyone who wants to argue that this is not happening.  Would like to see it be part of the package of stuff at every Gem Faire so people can read the confession.  If this doesn't stop people in their tracks I don't know what would.  I think it should be added to the Documents page here on this website. 

  43. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you, Dane. This is excellent, informative. As time passes I am forced to understand and accept that the American Empire has indeed become a vast 'criminal enterprise' – where small minded parasites, those of lesser intelligence and imagination have learned to extort wealth, to punish goodness and abuse common sense truth using the judicial system that was meant to protect ordinary people. Now only the arrogant greedy elite and the diabolical banksters are served by the empire. They and their minions continue to feed on those who remain unaware, oblivious to the endless crimes committed by our own government. The judicial system, the out-of-control healthcare bureaucracy/big pharma, and political office are all corrupt means that exist to confiscate and extort wealth from the taxpayer and the vulnerable. This can only get worse.


    The making of an opioid epidemic
    UK Guardian
    … then Ballantyne began to see signs in her patients that experience wasn’t matching theory. Doctors were told they could repeatedly ratchet up the dosage of narcotics and switch to a new and powerful drug, OxyContin, without endangering the patient, because the pain, in effect, canceled out the risk of addiction. To her dismay, Ballantyne saw that many of her patients were not better off when taking the drugs and were showing signs of dependence.
    Among those patients on high doses over months and years, Ballantyne heard from one after another that the more drugs they took, the worse their pain became. But if they tried to stop or cut back on the pills, their pain also worsened.  They were trapped.
    “You had never seen people in such agony as these people on high doses of opiates,” she told me. “And we thought it’s not just because of the underlying pain; it’s to do with the medication.”
    As Ballantyne listened to relatives of her patients talk about how much the drugs had changed their loved ones, her misgivings grew. Husbands spoke of wives as if a part of them were lost. Mothers complained that children had become sullen and distant, their judgment gone, their personality warped, their character altered. None of this should have been happening.

  44. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: In the 2001 Springer textbook, “Ecosystems, Evolution, and Ultraviolet Radiation” evidence from considerable research done primarily in the late 1990s confirms the dangers of UVR on DNA in all plant life, phytoplankton, etc., and us. Also from the text, I have understood that the Arctic Ocean was previously “a nearly closed water mass characterized by limited water exchange with the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.”  Thus the recent invasion of “warm salty water from the Atlantic” that is invading the Arctic Ocean is unprecedented, with unimaginable consequences.

    Saturday, 17 November 2018
    Conditions in the Arctic – Warm salty water from the Atlantic is invading the Arctic Ocean / Sam Carana
    Warm salty water from the Atlantic Ocean is increasingly invading the Arctic Ocean.
    The danger is that a strong influx of salty warm water into the Arctic Ocean could trigger destabilization of hydrates in sediments, resulting in massive eruptions of methane from the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean, as described in earlier posts …
    This methane could cause temperatures to suddenly rise strongly at the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, speeding up decline of sea ice and permafrost, and further deforming the jet stream.
    This could trigger even more extreme weather events, in particular storms, flooding, heatwaves and fires, across the Northern Hemisphere that could devastate crops, take down power grids and threaten meltdowns of nuclear power plants.

  45. Jeanette S says:

    the last australian photo looks like it is in an airport…maybe we should try that. it would get to the you know who's.

    • Sezer Behlul says:

      Hello Jaenette, the last photo was one of the major entries to the City of Melbourne. There are allocations on the pylons for posters and a high volume of traffic. 

  46. Patrick SF says:

    I forgot to mention now finally Rain will come to wash over burn areas to cause mudslides and chase out the poor peoples residing in tents with temps in 30’s at night in NorCal. Multiple assaults. Norovirus in the Chico Yuba City shelters. Air quality 370 hazardous in Yuba City. Possible second CAMP FIRE🔥 ignition site being investigated. Headaches, stinging eyes, it’s horrendous. Prayers to all people.. 

  47. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 244th email, titled 'Quirky Graphs'.

    1. NOAA is again deleting the high methane readings at Barrow, Alaska. There were huge methane releases last week.

    Greenland is scheduled to have three heat waves next week, each with +20C anomalies – some areas reaching well above 0C. It is anomalous that these heat waves are only over mainland Greenland. 

    Alaska, Yukon and Northern Territories will also have their own heat wave.

    In the old days, a full power HAARP high pressure system had a diameter of about 500 miles at ground level.

    2. Last Friday, The General Assembly of the United Nations voted overwhelmingly in favour of recognising the Golan Heights region as Syrian territory. Only Israel and USA voted against.

    On 16 Nov, Californian Congressman Eric Salwell tweeted the following to Joe Biggs during an exchange over the proposed outlawing of semi automatic assault weapons and the potential for it to cause civil unrest: "It would be a short war, my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they're legit….". Maybe Salwell wants to give the weapons to the 'moderate rebels' in Idlib, Syria, who have just unified under a single command with Al Nusra terrorists. Or maybe he wants to make it easier to control the US population – without having to nuke them.

    Salwell obviously has no problem with the current intensive spraying of the Californian population with known toxic geoengineering ingredients.

    The BREXIT farce/distraction continues. The vote has been taken and we should just PUFO – it wouldn't be any worse than the current situation.

    3. Notes to Self (week 97 of 104). Quirky graphs:

    a. Draw a linear trend line on a graph showing the Doomsday Clock countdown since 1990 (years on horizontal line, minutes on vertical line), and it gives doomsday in 2021.

    b. In 1944, 29 deer were released on a island with ample food sources. Over the next 20 years their numbers grew exponentially to 6,000, at which time they had a catastrophic decline (over about 18 months) to just 46. 

    This graph is remarkably similar to a graph showing human population growth over the last 2,000 years, implying that we have an impending extinction event to look forward to – and the deer just had food shortages to cope with. 

    It is realistically possible that next year we could reach 5C of global heating above the 1750 baseline. Over the next 4 years this scenario would cause a snowball effect from global food shortages…to global starvation…to mass migrations (already happening in many parts of the world)…to civil unrest and rioting…to the collapse of western 'civilisation'…to ionizing radiation from unmanned nuclear facilities…to probably a deliberate volcanic/nuclear winter to kill off the rest of the "untermensch" and "useless eaters", and those who have built their bunkers in the wrong place i.e they will be under 100+ft of snow. 

    Let's hope Extinction Rebellion grows to be a true force for good.

    • jeanette S says:

      swalwell is no friend to anyone I do not think. He is on the homeland "security" committee or was when I used to care. I called his office on this geoengineering all you get is "Huh"…"what" or at least you used to. I voted against him. the first townhall of his dashing in his new suit hands in pockets, didn't ask us what we wanted but told us how it is going to be…this is your first clue. He ousted a really good congressman that would at least act like he cared about his constituents. His family is all in the sheriffs dept. He was a district attorney in dublin, ca before congressman. If you ask me, he was paramount in getting in all the fake tree towers, I am assuming 5g if we are lucky. there are about five in the vacinity of ashland avenue in san Leandro/san Lorenzo. this is the poor peoples neighborhood. new ones at least three if not four are since his becoming congressman. One is at the high school, one is at a new county medical center, one at the natl guard center and others. ashland reach youth center is there and a middle school at one end of ashland and the high school at the other which is san Lorenzo. we get to be the fried and the poster children for our wonderous forked tongue sell out congressman. One of the sociopathic in my opinion. One item of his was how swell he thought it was to wave in immigrants including the illegals, the next sentence was how to expect only 80% of the social security we earned. (why because we will be paying for that?) a real sleaze bag. you can tell he is sociopathic just by looking at him, not of us, we the real people. his stiffed constituent, the real american. 

    • NS says:

      Creepy, yes, Swalwell reminds me personally of John McCain. Just scary vibes….

    • Dennie says:

      @jeanette S:  Sorry but I really can't tell from your diatribe what all is the dirt on Swalwell (yes, that is the correct spelling of his name). A look-up pulled up this Newsweek article re Swalwell and his proposal to confiscate all the guns from Americans, then his threat to literally use the nuclear "option" in case they don't:  From the looks of it, he's a very young full-of-testosterone-fueled blusterer while he, as a holder of public office and public trust, should be a lot more careful what he says while entrusted with the well-being of his constituents.  Instead, being the winner of an election has only gone to his head and turned him into more of a narcissist than he likely already was to begin with.  Unfortunately he thinks he's going to run for president in 2020:

      Maybe there's a local publication such as the East Bay Express or The Monthly that goes more into this ?  Many in "power" are pulling crap, but many others are trying to pull us out of that crap, such as a new organization called  Like it or not, throwing the baby out with the bathwater never saved the baby.  

    • Dennie says:

      At least McCain voted against getting rid of the Affordable Care Act.  Swalwell wants to nuke the American people.  Well, there are certainly the gun totin', n****r-hatin' types out there who'd make good targets for this kind of operation.  A war on the Uhmur'kins.

    • Jeanette S says:

      @dennie I am not sure what you are calling diatribe. all is fact and then some. I did spell the congressman's name correctly, thank you. Maybe you should reread it including the original post. He will only become president if the vote is just in alameda county. Only the sheriff's dept. votes him in. He thinks biotech is just swell. He did say he thinks it should be labled but if the trolls sink prop 37, he can say anything he wants. all of the twenty somethings, all his staff, squealed with delight when he mentioned biotech; guess what he hired. You think the opposing view sent to his office will get anywhere? we must examine all aspects of things, even the seemingly small things. they give clues and they add up. Neglecting this fact is why we are where we are at today. and obviously the world needs to know about the congressman. thx

  48. Patrick SF says:

    The worst air quality in the World right now here in California. I'm sick and having a difficult time breathing even with three homemade HEPA Box filters going non stop, I know they don't filter out the nano geo engineering particulates.  With that said I feel lucky to have a home and to be able to shelter many people from Paradise have lost everything and are living in tents outdoors at the Chico Walmart parking lot. Where is FEMA to shelter people indoors!? Now I just heard the local shelters got hit with the Noro Virus! It's cruel and intentional..

    • Jeanette S says:

      Hi sweetie, that is right these fools are spraying us over the smoke. I am in Oakland, sl, and I got up weds. and looked at the orange sun to see how bad the smoke was…across the bottom right was a white slash…nothing but sociopathic imbeciles. If you up the moisture in your home, I have two plant air planters that they say do take na particles but that is if your plants are growing properly in them other than that hopefully the air is mixing with water and getting neutralized. I also have an evap cooler running. If they do not make the nano al. not absorbable by the human body hopefully it makes it heavier to fall as dust on tables that we can easily clean up. If I were those folks in the tents…that was really nice of walmart I would like to add, I would get some plastic sheeting and maybe not exactly airtight but close and hang wet wash or rags to migtitgate any aluminum spray and many other contaminants, I am hoping and if not anything else will keep the passages moisturized to assist the body in fighting off anything folks may be inundated by. green tea has anti oxidents, cilantro-metal detoxifier, they say charcoal tabs-check it out, pectin pulls metals too, comes from little green apples, try granny smiths, cranberries with seeds, detox teas, organic veggies, wash face and hands frequently, maybe googles or wrap around sunglasses to keep stuff out of eyes and moisturized. good luck all, we are fighting for you all, all of ca and the country and the world as this is on their food supply too.

    • Kimberley says:

      @Patrick SF, I'm in Northern CA and have been asking the SAME question for days regarding these poor souls in Paradise and Chico – "where are the FEMA shelters/trailers??" And…"where are the multiple mobile medical units vs. just a handful to help these very sick folks??" I've long known that the majority of our tax dollars end up disappearing down a bottomless black hole of the military-industrial complex and covert war-profiting black ops, but the state of CA MUST have emergency mobile shelters, medical units, military supplies, and/or funds that they can use for this purpose, right??!

      I'm calling on Governor Brown and Governor-elect Newsom and leaders from both public and private organizations, to put money where our mouth is, and stabilize these desperate people to help them heal, recover, grieve, and build their lives back up. Please.

    • Jeanette S says:

      I guess the eyes are watching…I tried to refresh several times…I did not want to reply to Patrick, just in general. thank you by the way…:) 

      dane, why do you suppose the timber industry is not bouncing around on their heads over these fires? they always seem to get right of ways to the public lands despite the environmentalists protests…so where are they on these fires?  It seems like not a peep.

  49. Craig says:

    The article's opening sentence " The true character of governments is becoming ever more visible as the walls begin to crumble on all sides." reminded me of a couple of quotes about capitalist government

    “Governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.” James Connolly

    “Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests, and to balance and check the other. They ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.” James Madison

    • Ken says:

      Spraying Aluminum particles on California Sierras' red (iron oxide) dust covered trees in summer?  What burns hot enough to melt and burn through steel (and probably makes hotter forest fires). Thank you for your detailed knowledge of global science and systems engineering, Geoengineers! Have you ever fought a class action lawsuit.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Ken, filing a suit with substance is much more difficult than most realize. This being said, we are doing our best to compile more data with FOIA requests from NOAA. We are truly doing our best, count on that.

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