Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 18, 2017


Dane Wigington

Deception and devastation are the calling cards of the cabal that runs the world. While an unfortunately high percentage of global populations are still pretending that bigger picture events are not their concern, they will soon discover just how small the world really is. The November 18th installment of Global Alert News is below.

What can each and every one of us do to make a difference? How many are willing to actually try? If not now, then when? If we arm ourselves with credible and compelling data to pass on to others, and ask them to do the same, we could yet reach a critical mass of awareness in time to alter the outcome. Isn’t that our responsibility? We owe our lives to the children, to the web of life, make your voice heard.

This week's outreach booth is at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


196 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 18, 2017

  1. horsegirl says:

    Beware the blue skies.  We have them rather often.  See what we call the “daily dosers” planes which leave short-lasting trails.  We – very fit, accustomed to hard work – experience an elevated pulse rate after the slightest exertion outdoors under these “blue skies.”  No problem inside, but neither of us has ever had heart issues.  Hypothesis:  this is a super-fine nanoparticulate they now deploy with “daily dosers.”  It gums up the lungs in a way you almost can’t perceive, which cuts back oxygen intake and sets the heart to laboring harder.  My test is spraying the GSE/water mist into my mouth and inhaling, which causes the gunk to loosen up and expectorate.  When I do this routine, the heart settles down.  What is probably giving people heart attacks is actually a fine coating on the lungs.  This uniquely seems to be the case on days of alleged bright blue skies.  Those are the days my vision is worse.  Oddly I can see better on days they spray the mucous-colored filth.  Under “blue skies” you see horrific glare off everything.  I’ve noticed for a couple of years that I seem to develop a cough on the best-looking days.  We even have three of our oldest cats with chem-cough.  One is cured now after repeated use of GSE which I spray into their mouths (they get used to it and even welcome its relief).

  2. Big T says:

    Coal Ash

    Gotta get rid of that stuff

  3. Roy.P.C says:

    No one gets out here Alive. Destination is certain. The complex will make it a CERTAINTY

    That is for CERTAIN.

    READ this…. You are now breathing in this….

    Right from Dane's Archives.

    A bunch of stuff

    Just like the Ash

    Ash's to Ash's

    Dust to dust.

    NO ONE

    Gets out Alive.


  4. Blue Sue says:

    From the above article, I stumbled upon the amazing (and disturbing) photo-art of David Dees.  Check out his stuff :

  5. herb says:

    For all living in arizona, take a flashlight outside. The crap in the air is horrible the last two nights.

    • Dennie says:

      It's so bad here tonight in San Rafael, CA, the stuff is stinging my eyes and mouth.  It's burning my tongue.  It is beyond astounding to me that almost no one notices.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Herb, the "crap" is in the air everywhere, every night. Rain or shine.

      My mag light gets used every night 2 hours after sundown.

      Not exactly a happy ordeal, but it's reality, like it or not.

  6. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    We've had Manufactured Snow in Alberta since the 19th of September. It was called a "Winter Blizzard" & since then, Iv'e heard weather reporters state (and the public) that this is typical for Alberta. The wait five minutes & the weather will change!  As many of us here have heard reported or stated, in their Province, or State. That's Alberta for you!   And since then…A Winter Snow Storm or Blizzard, A Winter Fog, Winter Freezing Rain, that is Insanely Dangerous Crap.  Typical Winter temperatures for this time of year.  Weather warning after warning. Woke up to        -23C(-9.4F) on the 21st.  Then yesterday, areas of Alberta were as warm as +18C (64.4F)  Now they say, it''s a, Beautiful Autumn Day!!!  Or, It's Spring, Already!Funny how that works. Whatever suits their actions. Lots of Pretty Pink Lines in the Sky last night in the East, as the Sun sets in the West (?)   Which happens all the time. We had a rare three hours of clear sky(?) on the 20th & today again,   I wonder how many hours it will last ?  Not use to seeing even a patch of Blue, for days at a time. (I just looked to the South & the West & the entire area for miles around the Sun is a white haze ! )   There goes the Hope for a full five or six hours of Blue Sky .    We usually have the daily Black Clouds hovering over head, all day long. Splattered with Pink.  Or a grey or a white sky.  The Toxic "Images" in the Sky,  are  "Atrocious"!   To say the least.          Ignorance is not Innocence, but Sin!!!    – Robert Browning  –

  7. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Yes, we have a Government that owns the country, not a country that owns a sane and good government. Health & Pharmaceutical companies, do not tell us what's in the vaccines, like the SU students that were affected, then given a third dose. On the rear of Cigar Boxes, and rear of Cigarette packs, it reads Surgeons General Warning, smoking can be harmful to your health. The Government and the tobacco industries do not care about people's well being, they just want to make the revenue from sales, & the government collects the taxes on those sales, which saw a large tax increase in 2009.

    • MARTIN HOFMANN says:


  8. Joseph L says:

    Happy Holidays to everyone.  Dane are you able to address this.?

    A Former NASA Contract Engineer Warns Of Planetary Omnicide

    If we remain on the current course, anthropogenic activities (with climate engineering at the top of the list) may completely destroy the ozone layer within the next decade or less. Without the ozone layer, all terrestrial life on Earth (and most aquatic life) will perish.

       With all the stuff I personally know I do not think the planet has 100 years. Ten years or less is very urgent if that is all true.  I personally continue to hand out mostly Look Up flyer but I will be ordering from you soon the new glossy flyers. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joseph, in regard to your question of the overall horizon, if the human race remains on the current course, even the time horizon of a decade is (at this point) very optimistic. This conclusion is based on the current mathematical trajectories of many factors. This also must be kept in mind, the power structure is now more dangerous than ever and could overturn our current reality on any given day. The rapildy collapsing biosphere is forcing their hand, so to speak.

  9. All that black stuff being sprayed and no sun. makes me wonder why such deviant's do this. It's the Big Slaughter. Not kidding at all. Next will be the Ro-Bots and the Slaughter Bots. It is coming.

    It is already here. Man made weather designed to kill.

    It is just that.

    Enjoy while you can.

    Defense for you is against you.

    I can see it.

    • Justin Cowan says:

      I'm in Round Rock Texas. I've never seen any black spraying. It's all light colored.

      The last time they sprayed us was on the 19th and haven't sprayed since. I expect it to start back up next week…

  10. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Any who are concerned for their health should consider eliminating all sugar from your diet. Sugar is a poison that our body is needlessly fighting. Sugar is in everything! Read the labels. As time passes, you will become more alkaline, able to fight viruses & bacteria, etc. better nurture the immune system  — and maybe keep our memory, in spite of the metals.
    What The Industry Knew About Sugar's Health Effects, But Didn't Tell Us
    Initial results showed that a high-sugar diet increased the animals' triglyceride levels, a type of fat in the blood, through effects on the gut bacteria. In people, high triglycerides can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The study also found that animals fed sugar had higher levels of an enzyme associated with bladder cancer in their urine.
    The study was halted before it was completed. Glantz says the researcher asked for more time to continue the study, but the Sugar Research Foundation pulled the plug on the project.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      This includes alcohol, which turns into sugar in the body.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yup, Susan, Sugar IS poison and comes in many surprising forms, including fruits, some of or many of.  And some natural anti inflammatory things I love, like maple syrup, of course, but….And it is said that cancer thrives on sugar!  None the less, when a neighbor gave me some of her great homemade fudge, I ate it all!!  But normally, I use no sugars.  And, I do not drink alcohol.  At all.

    • Dennie says:

      Pedro supplied the link to the TED talk with Sophia Lunt about how cancer cells feed on sugar:  Well, it's just a wee, wee bit of teensy-weensy bit more complicated than that, folks, because we hear at 8:44: "…and remember, normal cells came from cancer cells, so some pathways are shared, and some pathways are different…" Meaning that you'll need to understand normal cell complicated metabolism, and cancer cell complicated metabolism (I will need to listen again to this because as quick as I can be, I'm feeling hot and tired today so I don't remember hearing that in the scientist's talk up to that point, she went through some really complicated metabolic twists and turns and it is v-e-r-y easy to get lost in her ten-minutes-long talk), then we hear at the end of the lecture that "Cancer cells have altered sugar metabolism and I want to starve cancer."  Hmmm… wondering just how Big Pharma's going to spin that one, and how we can expect to see the patients suffer from the future torture.  

      Today on Radio Lab from NPR ( I listen at KQED San Francisco, 88.5 fm, or; tune in at 2 p.m. or midnight PST to listen or there might be a show podcast on NPR) we can hear physicians interviewed on how they would like to die.  One was heard quoted saying that if he ever ends up "like that," to "kill me, please."

  11. Rachel Robson says:

    Dennie, Anyone in Bay Area,  WTF is in this spray today?!!   Or, yesterday for that matter!?  Yesterday, I was SO tired, so tired I literally could not wake up/stay up–all day long, night too though that got a bit better.  I felt so drugged.  I was looking forward to this day alone, so that like the old times for hard core traditionalists, Native wise, a national day of mourning.  Used to always spend this day praying, fasting, and doing something for this Earth.  Something extra.  I went to bed last night at a reasonable time, slept like a log until 6:30 AM which for me is about an hour or more later than my norm.  Started making coffee when I became aware of bright pink everywhere.  Looked out front window, facing west and Bay, and good God!  Holy gobs of pink.  Some in the east, but mega pink in the west.  My navy blue car looked lavender!!  It is parked in front of this house near drive which means it is Entirely blocked from the east, so that lavender literally reflected the intensely pink sky in the west and above.  I had to grab my camera.  Guess that's a useless thing as it is old school sort of as in Not a smart phone, and I have no control over developing which at times appears to be guesswork for whomever does it.  Still.  Had to.  And went out in robe and slippers not caring one wit and zero people around.  Took one of east, one of above, a couple of west, and one of lavender car.  I quickly became aware of the smell, which is what makes me think of you Dennie and your ability to know what is in this crap-which must have been over your place too by the looks of things.  I could not stand the smell and I don't know how to name it but to say acrid!  To the max.  I could not breathe it and scurried back into house, up my eleven stairs.  I can Still taste it!  Can't seem to wash it out of mouth.  I have a cold, runny nose, yet my still normal bloodhound of a nose was overcome by this chemical-ish smell I cannot name.  I swear I feel it on me too.  Oh ICK!!!  By now, all gone and so, glad I did it.  But for being in it and feeling, as well as seeing it come down to ground.  Bleck!  Yuck!  Lately, we are once again as per usual sprayed to the max.  That parfait effect I've mentioned before, but many more layers of it.  Just ugly and hideous.  And thick!  Tons and tons of crap.  So much.  Staggering.  A week ago I think it was, we had a couple of 'clear' sky days.  Shocking.  But, ever since, great gobs of stacked clouds in shades of colors and as thick as stiff whipped cream.  But the smell, the taste, that is new to me!  Do I go out again or what?  Even my caged at the moment hens commented!  Any guess, anyone? what the hell is in the brew today?  Thanksgiving no less.  I keep wanting to call them a name, can't think of one bad enough!  The usual name calling stuff just does not seem adequate!  Bleck!  Ick!  Still taste it!!!!!!!!  Not smelling it though.  But am inside.  Layers and layers of crap coming my way.  Disgusting!  Most disgusting yet!  And that is saying something! Name that poison!!!  Dennie? 

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Lithium: According to the MSDS for ESPI Metals, lithium sulfide may have a rotten egg odor, but lithium is used to form many different compounds, including lithium nitride, lithium chloride, lithium carbonate, lithium bromide and lithium hydroxide. Side effects: confusion, poor memory, lack of awareness.

      SF: If you can tolerate [good] salt, it helps to eliminate Lithium out of your body.

    • Dennie says:

      Dear Rachel:  As our friend we have not yet met, Marc, would say, "Holy Mother of God!!!!," and as we've seen horsegirl describe our once-friendly skies, as "sh!t-smeared" appearing– Yesssss, we have been getting blitzed to effin' HELL here in the Bay Area of late– I can taste the crap, it's finer than usual and has been since early this year.  The former NASA contract engineer confirmed my perception in the Ozone Layer Collapse episode, which was like a nightmare from beyond Hell– the Military-Industrial-Corporate Cabal has brought Hell to us so no need to be "sent" there by some absentee-landlord of a "god," you know, the one that superstitious White People have feared and groveled to– well, that one's an illegitimate god if you really start feeling into the b*ll-crap that's sprung up all around that guy… So, I'm out in the back yard cleaning up the fallen leaves from the persimmon tree and other late-fall chores, cooking my little turkey and ruby yams, and making a humble salad, and I can barely stand the thought of going out there because the air has a texture now… UGHHH!  It's often bad here even inside the house.  I'm still trying to find out the last places where the crap is still getting in, so I can move back here with relatively little fear about being able to sleep relatively peacefully under my own roof at night… there are times I cannot swallow because the Know-It-All "Scientist" Lords-and-Masters-of-The-Universe see fit to dump soooo much of this crap now, it dries you out so you feel like a paper bag.  "If some doesn't cool the planet, adding more and more will," goes their idiotic "logic." The stooopid fcucks.  We are not going to be able to get rid of "them" on our own.  We need decent mothers who don't let their kids get this far out of control.  And if we're somehow supposed to stop producing offspring, we need to see to it that these "brilliant minds" called the "scientists" are the first in line to be from adding their taint to the gene pool– yikes!!!!

    • horsegirl says:

      Rachel, hi,

      We too have been exceedingly tired as if drugged today.  Figure it's a Thanksgiving special.  Keep people dopey so this opportunity for conversation with groups is quelled by lethargy.  And I say this after having enjoyed a radical uptick in energy/mental clarity after beginning the borax protocol.  Yes they seem to be up to a holiday dope stunt.  Curious how many others felt disabled with torpor today.

    • Dale K says:

      Last week the weather forecasters predicted rain for much of this week, which never came to pass. I'm confident that they used their tools to destroy the storms before they hit the northern California coast. Because they've been laying down the chem-crap, I've tried to avoid being outside as much as possible. And, yes, I've been feeling unusually sleepy and sluggish.

    • Dennie says:

      Dale: Yes, we're sluggish because it's just so damned hard to stay asleep when we keep being awakened by thirst caused by the dry-out sprays.  The A$$holes-In-Charge are now responsible for stealing the very moisture out of our mouths!!!  I am certain they wanted to route the rain away from CA.  Makes me wanna find a general and an admiral and a few lt. colonels and wring their damnable necks while screaming "DOES YOUR MOTHER ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING, YOU GENOCIDAL MTOHERFCUKERS???"

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan and All.  Susan, I was on lithium for a short while way back when in a hospital after a brutal rape.  Apparently, they had no idea how to deal with rape trauma.  I did not care what they gave me.  It was odd, but then most medicines affect me oddly, so oddly that they did a whole big gene thing on me recently to try to figure out the why of it.  Lithium did not make me feel tired at all.  It kinda reminded me of LSD!!  I remember I could not toss a ball or something from one hand to the other.  Just odd.  They kept testing my blood to see if it became toxic, as in must quit.  It did.  This was not that.  Chloride, huh, smell was a bit like that.  Still can't identify it and did not go out again though I intended to.  I could feel the stuff too.  And, my tongue was numb until late evening.

      horsegirl, Gee, you are far from here yet you felt that profound fatigue too?  I mean I do have fatigue issues that go with my autoimmune stuff, which says a fatigue like no other.  Well, this is another!  Like walking through mud.

  12. Blue Sue says:

    Dear Dane and dear friends on this site, 

    Tomorrow comes another day of Thanksgiving with all the usual traditions or trappings (whatever the case may be, especially for our consumer-culture driven by design to honor the unholy rites of Black Friday). Strange as it sounds, this site sustains my sanity, and like many of you, I come here often for a regular reality check that Dane faithfully and superbly provides in service to the greater good.  The sober truth of weekly reports can be so hard to hear, yet thank God you are bringing these awful truths to light Dane!  

    This evening I sat and counted my blessings (like I sometimes do) and contemplated the many things for which I am so grateful.  Please know how very grateful I am that this site exists and is making such a monumental impact to educate the public about geoengineering and myriad other critical environmental, social and political issues.  My heart is often so heavy with all that we face today.  But gratitude truly lightens the heart, and I will sleep easier tonight now I hope.  You may want to take a little time and do the same.  If you decide to share my musings, it will be the approximately 140th response to this Global News Alert.  Abundant blessings to you and your family Dane on this Thanksgiving day. 

    Some things that I am so grateful

    for having known in this life —

    pretty sound health and mostly good sense

    challenge and storms

    pearls of wisdom (found)

    peace of mind (at times)

    opportunities to grow and learn

    friendship, good neighbors, and kindhearted strangers

    warm hugs and gentle caresses

    someone to snuggle with (if only for a while)

    tender kisses; passionate kisses

    soothing words and a healing touch

    good teachers and books in abundance

    the comfort of a cozy fire

    silent starry nights

    Nature’s sacred geometry

    warm sunny days with clear blue skies

    the clean fresh smell after a righteous rain

    springtime’s budding green, and pink and yellow blossoms

    the soft caress of a warm evening breeze

    the feel of soft grass, cool earth, and powdery sand under my bare feet

    the scent of sweet clover, jasmine, rose

    the beautiful sight of horses running

    the stillness and beauty of pristine new fallen snow

    pure clean water — for drinking, for bathing and soaking in

    the countless joys of motherhood

    the unconditional love of parents

    the precious love of children

    the companionship of animals

    the exuberant gleeful greeting of a beloved dog

    the sound of a baby’s laughter

    the good medicine of humor

    beautiful voices, music and dance

    the blessing of forgiveness

    the blessing of grace

    patient people 

    smiling eyes

    morning birdsong

    wildflower meadows

    butterflies and dragonflies

    hummingbirds and chickadees

    tree-lined mountain trails

    the perfume of the pine forest

    clear woodland pools and sparkling streams

    splashing waves on rocky beaches

    sweet ripe fruit

    rainbows and moon glow

    Let me add how thankful I am to connect with the countless caring, thoughtful, intelligent, articulate and awake souls who post their truth and share valuable information here for our collective cause.  Much love to you all.

  13. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, Happy "T" day to you. I'd like to chime in here with Bella_Fantasia. I too quit the regular "tradition" and moved on to something greater. Though we do not forget the time for giving thanks, but we give thanks for things that are not "traditional". Please, allow me to give you a glimpse of my thanksgiving day to come. First, today my dear friend and customer went 40 miles to town to pick up needed items for winter and groceries for tomorrows fest. We're having chicken stew with lots of veggies and potatoes simmered on a wood stove, all day. This will be my friends first T-day away from a previous life. My friend now has moved from a motor home into the cabin that has been 3 years in the making and left the city roots to rot into the soil. This is the just reward for the efforts I have put forth. This T-day and several past I am able to give thanks for more than ever before. The day holds no gluttony in consumption for me anymore. I now give thanks for the opportunities I have been given to lay my heart out where I think it best presented. I just read here on someones comment about gratitude. My dear wonderful friends that actually read my simple words, I ask you this, "what comes before gratitude?"… I won't hold you in suspense, "Grace" is always first. How do ya think we got this far?(grin)….

    Love and strength to you ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Dennie says:

      Bless you, 'a' simple horseman… Oh, and horsegirl, and everyone else around here, too, and especially Dane and the Wigington family, and Steve with the Gemfaire and all else who contribute so mightily to this commentary and work so hard to make this movement MOVE!  And special thanks for our Native American friends, for it is they who truly know how to live on Earth, and I pray that they will very soon be The Ones whose knowledge and wisdom and courage will play a very predominant part in running this continent from now on ;-).

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie and ALL, Chicken stew was mighty tasty this late afternoon, yes sir. Nothing like natural herbs(sage and thyme) with two kinds of onions to bring out the flavor of other veggies. It was just what the doctor ordered for this worn out old warrior(yes, I know, not as old as some). My dear friend has given up the complicated life of the city and embraced the simplicity of what "can be" in an off grid environment. Life's pretty good out here folks, just sayin. We don't have a shower you can just jump into any time(we have to heat the water first). Things aren't fancy. Out here it is as simple as good timing. Efforts can be few if a sequence can be found, one that "fits". I guess what it really comes down to for me as I reflect on this day of "thanks giving", is that this last year has been off the charts for me. Literally. I have done things this last year I had never a mind to even think about in my years past. The kettle reached a boil and I took the lid off. I wrote a good friend of ours yesterday, that I have yet to have one "heckler" cross my path. I've crossed quite a few paths. Stopping Geo engineering is all that interests me. It's all I care to talk about. I am seriously not good with game over.

      Lastly, Dennie, bless you also, my friend I haven't met yet.

  14. Brice says:

    Look at this! This is what happens when you don't agree with the government/medical industries. For now people are just being fired, soon their will be full scale riots over mandatory vaccinations… R.I.P. Humanity

    • Dennie says:

      Brice:  I have private students who attend the public schools who have had to have flu shots.  This is enforced medication and we already said "NO" to that in this country many decades ago!!!  The mother of my two piano students who had shots recently reports large red raised welts and pain on the injection site for days afterwards.  I'd like to know exactly what goes into that sh!t.  Hell, we even get to see what goes into a bottle of goddamned soda pop before we drink it, now why the fcuk can we NOT see EXACTLY WHAT is in each and every dose of injectable crap going directly into our tissues–??? I am going to tell that to my stooopid, STOOOPID Em-Deity the next time I get harrassed about enforced vaccination.  A$$hole pharmaceutical salespeople just wanna make money offa us cash-cows with their damnable vaccine poisons.

  15. Alan says:



    Saturday at the local farmer’s market eight-pound sacks of Valencia oranges were selling for $13.  Last week they were $8.   We ended up buying some oranges at a different store, but their skins were all blotchy.   The Brussels sprouts’ diameters were somewhere between those of dimes and nickels.  The biggest Granny Smith apples were plum-size. 

    I looked out into my backyard toward the setting sun through the screen doors and saw scores of four-foot-long fibers stuck to the screens in parallel, curving strands.  It appears that they all wafted in at the same time from the same aerosol dump.  They have a metallic, multi-hued sheen to them when the light conditions are right.  To me, the spraying is horrible, but the fibers are just plain creepy. 

    The spraying was going on all last weekend but was ramped up to obscene proportions yesterday.  Jets everywhere spraying in every direction.  It was a complete white-out all day long.  It was so disgusting that I had to make a concerted effort not to look out a window.   I got so frustrated I stood out in front of CVS looking up at a massive spray dump going on, hoping that somebody would ask what I was looking at.  Eight people walked right by me without looking up or saying a word.

    As I write this at 3:00 PM, the reported temperature where we live is 98 degrees, an increase of 8 degrees since noon.  The forecasted high temperature had been 90 degrees.  The Thanksgiving forecasts have been erratic and are changing constantly.   The humidity level is currently about 11 percent.  Today, the white sun is so intense, one can’t be outside for more than a minute without feeling burned.  It is literally searing hot.  There was no spraying all day until just now.  Maybe they’re trying to cool us down. 

    I have noticed that the sparrows at our bird feeder every morning are becoming increasingly aggressive, indicating to me that they are having a really tough time.  

    Our rose bushes are showing new growth and some are in full bloom.  Usually at this time of year, they are all shedding leaves and getting ready to go dormant.   Our pomegranate tree’s leaves have not turned bright yellow as they have in years past.

    A couple of weeks ago about 50 eucalyptus trees were removed from the perimeter of the high school’s football field across the street.  About ¼ of them had simply fallen over.   The California Sycamores lining our main street never did recover and are also candidates for removal.  All the grass is dead.  In fact, the whole neighborhood looks dead. 

    The trees and plants in our yards have extremely lopsided growth patterns toward the southwest.  I know it’s normal for plants to have a growth bias toward the afternoon sun, but our plants and trees are so out of balance that it would be comical if it weren’t such an obvious indicator of the limited amount of sunlight that’s reaching them.   They look like they might if they were in the carnival’s house of mirrors.

    In short, it’s Thanksgiving in the Twilight Zone.  Rod Serling was trying to tell us, but they wouldn’t let him.  Stanley Kramer was trying to tell us too, but they wouldn’t let him, either. 

    I did read one piece of good news the other day.  Apparently, the Secretary of the Army is questioning the need for our troops to be stationed in so many countries.  I hope they let him say it again.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Alan, I cannot get past the 4 foot long fibers attached to your screen door!  Collect them somehow?  Stunning.

    • Alan says:


      Yesterday's temperatures virtually everywhere in San Diego County were 5 to 8 degrees warmer than the highest Nov. 22 temperatures ever recorded.   That's 167 years.    

    • Dennie says:

      It's been quite warmer than normal for November 22-23 in San Rafael, CA.  I have not had to have the heat on here and I was sweating like crazy this afternoon working out in the garden, even though the sky was completely overcast with streaks of ugly looking clouds that don't look quite real.  There is a chemical stink in the sky that I call the "humid" smell– it's a metallic smell that makes everything smell like it's raining, and tonight when I got home from a Thanksgiving dinner at a student's house, it just reeked out in my front yard.  The first time I smelled this smell I was so alarmed I called the police.  This was during the Great Blitz of May/June 2010, when our "friends" in the U.S. Navy decided to do weather experiments in the eastern Pacific– every day the sky looked different and smelled really weird, as they blasted away with their obnoxious chemical dumps; one afternoon I saw jets fly over not too high blasting crap out the back end, that later "rained" down on us– brown streaks in the sky, dropping shit.  Well you had better get inside when that happens because it'll be just two hours before you're breathing it.  Still don't know what the "humid" metallic crap is.  Russ Tanner is also really sensitive to this crap and can smell/taste/feel it, like me.  There's a page on his site devoted to chem trails, how they taste and smell. Well, my house had really taken a hit, I needed to replace those old 1948 windows and doors, so I got a big dose of this crap and it was making me feel weak, so I rode in an ambulance to the ER at Kaiser hospital in San Rafael, where the physician who later examined me let me just lie there.  When he talked to me finally, and I told him I had the feeling I'd been poisoned with something really toxic that got sprayed on us he said that I was "delusional along Axis 1."  Never mind it takes 8 hours of testing to really diagnose that (my neighbor is a psychologist).

  16. Big T says:

    I agree with that statement

    way too many people on this planet to be sustainable

    stop yr making babys

    no food no babys

    it does not matter because the complex will stop that

    no more babys

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      it a scientific fact that if you want to reduce population, you educate them better and the dilemma takes care of itself. But you must be careful there, you might loose control of them(grin)…..

      Oh how I long for life where I see folks walking down the lane observing and enjoying all that surrounds them. You can fill in the rest of that statement….

  17. Clever says:

    Titanium Dioxide

    If you are having symptoms' of coughing and spitting up looger's, then get some sinus and cold relief

    Contains Titanium Dioxide

    That will work for you

    So many commercials on the TV

    Laying out the progress it seems.

    Get your plot here.

    We have one here for you.

    Give them your money.

    All is good.

    The Death Card.

    Being played.

    Apparent as it is.

    Too many people on this once beautiful planet.

    Why are they spraying this?

    All the people that are having more and more children don't seem to get it at all.

    Sick Kids hospital.

    I guess.


    • Dennie says:

      Well, and it's not just all the extra mouths, it's that the ones who're here are also doing a mostly very very poor job of teaching their perpetual children what it means to LIVE, actually.  And that does not include using every last resource whenever you fcuking well please. It is amazing how much energy they feel entitled to use, how much crap gets tossed mindlessly into the landfill every day with nary a thought to reuse, repurpose or recycle, or even just don't use, and how much food waste there is.  I see this in my house with the newbie renters, until I started getting smart and declaring in my ads for renters that my house is an environmentally conscious place and you will have to get with the program if you aren't already on board with the concepts and putting them into practice– or don't come here.  

    • Pedro says:

      They think we are too many in the Planet since the 2nd wwar.

    • Andy Nonimus says:

      United Nations Agenda 21 (21st century) and follow up Agenda 2030 depopulation agenda spells it out.  Access and research both if still available online.   They are losing badly as the population gets woke but it's all over for us sure if we let 'em seize our firearms.  Never give 'em up.  Long live our U.S. Bill of Rights.    Molon Labe!

  18. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, New Mexico. Inundated with SAG/SRM, and business as usual for the lowlife scum pilots & people involved in Geoengineering our Climate-Weather. As we all know here that any clouds filled with moisture, rain or snow is decimated to nothing with such acts. The dogs continue going back to their vomit and selling out their souls destroying our Earth. They represent evil-Satan which should leave no doubt in our mind who they serve…As many state here many foreign countries are be destroyed as well. This is an all out attack on our Creator and His works, all included. His peace upon all here in this battle, the poor and oppressed elsewhere, those who put to much trust in government, unawares or just blinded with a no care attitude.

  19. Matt Sarlo says:

    Here in Loveland, Colorado the nighttime temperatures are almost as high as what the daytime average should be for this time of year. The birds are nearly gone compared to a few years ago and I never see foxes anymore. It is preplexing to me that people just do not care if they even notice. The human race is nothing more than a pestilence that has savaged a once beautiful planet. If only we were just taking our species to extinction it would be a good thing, but of course being the cancer we are it is bye bye world

  20. Anna says:

    Oh, ik heb gezien aërosolen regen de hele dag vandaag en de hele dag gisteren in Amsterdam. Ik heb momenteel een telefoontje van de lokale wetenschapper die terug kwam met de resultaten die ik afkomstig van een recente regen evenement en hij vond grote hoeveelheden aluminium en barium, klinkt als ik kudde dit ergens misschien is het omdat het overeenkomt met Climate engineering patenten? We hadden gezien raar weer met inbegrip van een gele lucht tijdens een verleden zeldzame orkaan die gemaakt plaats.

  21. Bella_Fantasia says:

    James Baldwin has always been prescient.  Chris Hedges reminds us. . . . . .

    The novelist and social critic James Baldwin wrote, "People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster."

    We have our work cut out for us, thank goodness.  Gratitude is the key.  My gratitude for everyone here and everyone else who helps us spread the message will be celebrated this holiday.  Celebrating the beauty of the Earth and Life On Earth motivates me.  I've left the traditional holiday way behind me.

  22. Nathan says:

    I wonder how this plays into geoengineering??

  23. david says:

    Those two chemicals being used in Oklahoma are the BT toxin, the same toxin that Mosnanto engineered into BT GMO corn that it produces to kill bugs by bursting their stomachs (which is why it shouldn't be eaten since it can have similar effects on individual cells in the gut)  and Titanium Dioxide that can actually cause brain damage if consumed as a food additive.  So not exactly harmless. 

  24. Nina says:

    Awoke to filthy grey skies this morning and long toxic trails being sprayed, (Portugal). Think they are trying to divert our rain again. Will be suprised if we get more than a few drops. Who-ever is doing this to us is no longer Human.

  25. Frances says:

    Sun Halo 21st Nov. over northern Darling Downs, Qld.,  Not sure if connected with the geoengineering activity since 9th Nov.

  26. Eva Coover says:

    Re:  E.P.I.C. Magazine article – Thank you, everyone, for the very kind words.  Let's hope this article reaches many and they in turn are compelled to awaken many, many others.

    W.C. – Thanks for sharing link to RFK Jr's World Mercury Project.  A recent and very powerful video presentation on vaccine safety by Del Bigtree (one of the Vaxxed producers) should not be misssed:


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Eva, I am so very impressed by what you accomplished!  And I can well imagine how never wracking the effort must have felt.  But you pulled it off so well!  By the way, RFK Jr. has been on the mercury issue of vaccines for a VERY long time.  However, he seems to focus only on that and says all of his children are fully vaccinated….?  Or did.  I've not checked in at his site in a few years.  He's got some very interesting case studies.

    • Joseph L says:

      Knocking on Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy – Directed by Gary Null -FULL MOVIE


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Joseph L, I share your alarm regarding the "nuclear" contamination that is breaching what once was thought to be adequate barriers. To fathom the insanity of even moving forward with such technology without having an adequate means of disposal of byproduct, a highly long lasting and toxic one at that. All this is mind numbing if concentrated on. It is what it is. My own mother rallied in 1972 in down town Portland OR in protest of nuclear power. Frankly, it is a "cause" I wish she had not let go of and one that I wish would have been instilled in me sooner. It is here that I refer to being a good teacher. My folks were all about the power structure. It divides us to this day.

      Worst case scenario: All hell breaks loose and all life is slowly incinerated. Gonna be all kinds folks lining up at the pearly gates. I wonder which ones will get in? Me?, I don't care which ones. I'd rather stay out here fighting the good fight for the greater good. "My battle doesn't start after it's to late".

      Joseph, you are not alone my friend.

  27. Cori Gunnells says:

    Interview Dane Wigington of GeoengineeringWatch(dot)org and Steve Quayle on Hagmann & Hagmann – November 20, 2017 (first 2 hours). Straight concise truth about where we are at in terms of climate implosion – full agreement, at the rate things are going, we have less than 10 years, perhaps 7 or less… and it won't be business-as-usual until the drop-off end. Systems are crashing now (and have been). This is well worth your time. ~ Cori


    • Rosalie says:

      Thanks for sharing, Cori.  This was an excellent program.  I listened to the whole thing.  Dane really shined in his expertise of geoengineering.  So great that more exposure like this is happening.

  28. Eva Coover says:

    While exhibiting my Climate Engineering Awareness booth at WholeExpo in Durango, Colorado, this past September, the publishers of E.P.I.C. Magazine requested that I write an article for the Nov/Dec 2017 edition.  In addition to a website presence, this conscious living magazine circulates up to 8,000 magazines to over 200 locations in the Four Corners area on a bimonthly basis.  Although writing has never been my forte, and the mere thought of doing it almost caused me to break out in hives, I was determined to not miss out on an opportunity to reach more people and sound the alarm.

    Apparently the article is well received.  One of the publishers called me this evening to let me know this article has generated more feedback and responses than any other article they have ever published!  They have received emails and phone calls of praise and appreciation for featuring this dire topic.

    This article would not have been possible without the valuable data and information Dane has consistently provided us.  Thank you, Dane.  And, the publishers of E.P.I.C. Magazine deserve much appreciation as they had the foresight to recognize the importance of awakening their readership.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Congratulations Eva!!!  Well Done.   : )

    • barbzi says:

      ……And Mother Earth THANKS you Eva, with tears of Joy and Thanks Giving from the bottom of her Heart.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Fantastic News Eva Coover. I am So Very Proud Of You!!!  Great Job. You found your Courage & came out of it with a Huge Accomplishment, to Yourself, & this Great Cause. E.P.I.C. Magazine should be commended by all. And hearing how well it was received…   Well,  That's the "Best News" of all. Bravo Eva! 

    • W.C. says:

      Eva, while people such as Dane (and it looks like folks like you as well) are working tirelessly in the good fight to bring geoengineering info to the public at large, people such as RFK Jr. appear to also be working tirelessly to bring the current  state of vaccine induced illness and death to the larger public as well.

      I know Dane well understands the dismal prognosis on human health that the current vaccine programs now create, for he has had alot of info published on this site. I just want to add this link so that others here who are not aware of JFK and Co's efforts at The Mercury Project can link up and maybe sign up for his newsletter and maybe carry it onward to others. (a really good but long article too) God Bless!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Eva, I am sooo proud of you. Sure feels good to hit one out of the park, eh? I've written you before, but I will write it again,Good Job!!

      Folks, I have a copy of the EPIC magazine sitting on my table here at the cabin. Eva's article covers two whole pages, pages 4 and 5. It's the first article in the issue. Eva was restricted to 1250 words or less. I truly admire how much info Eva was able to compact into such a confining space. I also admire her fortitude when faced with personal reservations of being able to accomplish such a huge task.

    • Joseph L says:

      Wow great article. It was written very well and covered I think all the talking points

    • Dog says:

      Congratulations, Eva! This is very well written, concise and full of useful information. I'm surprised that you say that writing is not your forte (or that you don't write more often!).

      In this context, I think this is a good space to post some email responses that I have received from one of the witnesses who testified at the November 8th, 2017, hearing of the US House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, when I emailed him afterwards and asked him to explain their assertions that geoengineering programs are potential (i.e., not currently deployed) methods of mitigating climate change.

      Here are some of the responses I received (bold texts are mine, to add emphases):

      There is zero association between stuff ( writes and what people like I do research on.  So you can fantasize however much you want that contrails are something more than ice clouds, I don’t really care, but it would only take you about 10 seconds of research to realize that the stuff that people like me work on has nothing whatsoever to do with that.  The stuff I do research on has ZERO patents, and ZERO existing programs, and has nothing to do with any existing aircraft.  If you could be bothered to know anything about what I do, you could learn that.

      …What I can easily say with 100% confidence is that there is not now, never has been, any program to deliberately put large quantities of aerosols into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight and cool the Earth.  That’s what the word “geoengineering” refers to in the testimony, in academia, and basically outside of what used to be called “chemtrails”. 

      …Contrails are an unrelated subject.  Every atmospheric scientist on the planet sees no mystery whatsoever to them.  They’ve been around as long as airplanes fly high enough to create them (plenty of photographic evidence for that), the increase is related to the increase in air traffic, the conditions under which they form is reasonably well understood.  Grid patterns are a result of flight patterns, particularly over cities (airplanes actually don’t fly point to point, they fly past way-points, so if you live somewhere near a big airport, you might see both north-south and east-west air traffic going overhead – hence the grid).  Intermittency is because the atmosphere isn’t homogenous (ultimately same reason that clouds aren’t just a uniform smear throughout the entire sky). Personally, I don’t notice any difference in the sky (and I’m an aerospace engineer, so I’ve been looking at the sky any time there’s an airplane since the early 1980s), and I don’t think photographs suggest there’s anything different either, beyond increased air travel.  There’s lots of webpages devoted to debunking the chemtrails idea, and explaining what the various nozzles and things are.  But granted, it isn’t really my field.  (And one thing that is almost entertainingly false is his statement about high bypass ratio engines not producing contrails; putting that sort of stuff on a website doesn’t engender confidence in any of it since it quite clearly demonstrates that he doesn’t know how contrails form.) 


      Our dialogue was cordial, and I'd certainly like to take the word of the research scientist, but, in any case, a statement such as, "Personally, I don’t notice any difference in the sky (and I’m an aerospace engineer, so I’ve been looking at the sky any time there’s an airplane since the early 1980s), and I don’t think photographs suggest there’s anything different either, beyond increased air travel." is beyond ludicrous. We all know that.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Eva, thank you for writing and posting the link to this excellent article.  You expressed all the salient points beautifully! I will share it widely.  God bless. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      My comment contributed to EPIC magazine. (I noticed there were only 4 comments. I recognized two of the names(grin), good job my friends I haven't met yet. So I added one more and hope others here will add one also).

      EPIC magazine, thank you for having the integrity to print such an important issue that is at the very forefront of all of our daily lives, whether we know it or not. “We all breath”.
      To ALL, I have been following these crimes above our head and been aware of it and researching it for over 7 years now. In all my research I have found to be the most reliable and verifiable source of information on the planet. (And no one asked me to write that). I strongly recommend you get on the website and start your own research. Look up!, learn and don’t look back. Your life will never be the same ever again. Join us in this battle to stop Geo engineering. Your planet will not survive without your participation(true).
      Eva Coover, you are a gifted person to pack such a huge amount of info into a small space. I hope your contribution will inspire many to look further into what they would see if they looked up and observed their skies regularly. War is over, “if you want it”. The war against ‘you’ ‘is’ happening. Don’t believe me? I challenge you to look up and learn about what you are witnessing. Don’t let someone else tell what you are seeing.

      Love and strength to ALL,

      ‘a’ simple horseman


    • Rosalie says:

      Keep on writing, Eva.  Excellent article.

  29. Rachel Robson says:

    Oh Sweet!  24 year old Greenpeace dude came to door to thank me for all I do, which is not money.  We got to talking.  He's a father of a 4 year old.  Bright guy, and nice, and open.  Had heard of chemtrails.  Started schooling him.  Very receptive.  We ended up talking quite awhile and he left with info and he relates to it, knew something was up, gonna check into all I sent him off with!  Wow..  That makes a change!  Yay!  At my door yet!  

  30. PO'd in Western North Carolina says:

    Hello Dane, and your faithful following, 

    I'm a recent discoverer of your site and have become a weekly faithful.  While I look forward to your weekly radio broadcast for your informative 'trail of tears', it is with a sense of dread….

    An update from WNC:  We had the 'freeze' front come through over the weekend, after experiencing the 'fry' of warmer than usual temps here in the mountains of WNC this Autumn.  The 'front' dropped temperatures to what is, finally, an Autumn norm (although we still have trees with leaves (dead, dying leaves, but leaves nonetheless – passed an apple orchard yesterday and all of the trees still had leaves on them – dead/dying, but still on the branches).  Yesterday, the entire day was free of SRM trails – the sky was as clear as it gets these days, a deep Robin's egg blue (or Microsoft background blue for the computer geeks)…. Today, the spraying began – I saw it at 9:00 a.m. when I went to my office.  At noon, I observed 30 planes in about the same number of minutes, on average, all with SRM trails.  Initially, they were all short trails, disappearing after a few thousand (I'm assuming) feet.  It got quiet between 12:30ish – 1:30ish (guess the pilots were taking their lunch break), and began again in full force around 1:30.  As I watched the sky at 12:30, the sky to the North was initially clear and deep blue – yet, as the minutes ticked by and the planes disbursed their crud, I observed the silvery white haze begin to generate, first on the mountain horizon to the Southeast, then it crept slowly Northwesterly.  The trails are now fully residual, lasting in the sky, and spreading the vile silver veil all across the air. 

    I've been talking to my other half and my son, telling them about what I hear on your site, the headlines that I look up while I listen, and reading them excerpts and articles I've printed from your site, as well as other links.  While they, at this point, goodheartedly rib me about my new, main topic of conversation, they are beginning to see the 'coincidences', if you will…..  One of the best occurrences was that, a week or two back, our son actually saw a SRM trail 'break' – the plane was generating a 'trail' and, all of a sudden, the trail stopped for a sizeable distance before recommencing.   For him, that was the 'evidence' that really opened the door to possibilities outside of 'condensation trails'.  

    So much of what you say is being experienced/observed here – perhaps not the extent of the West Coast, but as sure as I type this, I will expect to see full cloud cover here in the mountains within the next 2 days – it's been like clockwork since I've been listening to you and putting pieces together….

    For years, I've been saying that the world as we knew it exists no longer.  The world of our youth is lost, not to return (at least in my lifetime).  That's not to say that there are no good X Generationers or Millenials – we have been blessed to have been able to raise a well grounded, faith-based, moral young man who now has started a family of his own, and we know several handfuls of young adults who do not fall into the norms of today – but it is a more challenging world for them than I would have ever imagined, nor wished with any part of my mind or soul ….

    No, I think that the truth that I realize now is that, in reality, the world that we THOUGHT existed never really did….  

    And, on that dismal note, could I ask a favor please?  Could you direct me to the article(s) on your site that help explain why the SRM trails are sometimes short and disappear, and at other times stay fully intact and spread exponentially?   I'm trying to relay the factual, scientific data when I talk to others and need to be able to more easily respond to this ….

    I greatly admire your dedication and tenacity and look forward to your weekly headline 'Easter eggs' so that I can try to more fully understand the direness of our collective circumstances.

    Kindest regards,
    Pissed off in North Carolina

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello PO’d, thank you for joining us in this all important battle. The attached link should help in answering your questions regarding aerosol dispersions:

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      PO'd, As Tears swell up in my eyes from the letter you wrote. How very moving & articulate you wrote what it's like to find out about the "Real World" & the Future for our Son's & Daughters. I use to Dream about having Grand Children, someday.   Now, I Fear it!      As you said; The Direness of our collective circumstances. This alone, prevents the joy of thought I once had for such normal feelings from a Mother to  her Children. No longer will we know, "Normal".  It sounds like you have an opened minded family. They took the time to look at the Sky & See for themselves. So much time has been wasted by those that do not take the time to at least look up. We just may be "Telling the Truth"!

    • PO'd in Western North Carolina says:

      Hi Gail – your kind words are appreciated and I feel your 'pain'…. Our first grandchild turns 7 months old today and, while I had generic concerns about the world in which he will grow up, those concerns have now mushroomed into an all out sense of impotency, anger, and frustration….. the more I read, the more aware I become …..  I do tread lightly with our son as, although he is a deep thinker and open minded, being a parent for the first time is a joy beyond all joys, and that's an experience not to be overshadowed by an alarmist or defeatist outlook; however, together, we will strive to try and give Elijah all that is possible…..

      I'm, by nature, not an 'activist', but being a Scorpio, I am a dog with a bone.  So, I'll be continuing to talk to those who will listen, and work on those who will not – I've 'shared' several articles on my FB page and will continue to use that forum to put info out there to my small group of 'friends'….  

      Best to you all!

    • PO'd in Western North Carolina says:

      Oh, and did I mention, it was cloudy for the majority of the day here in WNC – like I said, clockwork…..

  31. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Here is evidence that the Vatican, the Pope, and CA governor Jerry Brown have taken a keen interest in population reduction, aka genocide. He is recommending ‘brainwashing’ us — as if we arn’t already being saturated with propaganda and out right lies.
    At Vatican conference, California governor says ‘brainwashing’ needed on climate change / Nov.15, 2017
    The climate event was hosted November 2-4 by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and featured a collection of proponents of various troubling ideologies, such as one world government, population control, and abortion. The Vatican, in particular the PAS, has convened conferences on the contested concept of man-made climate change in recent years. That has led to concern over the Vatican teaming with the left on prudential matters and also its collaboration with climate activists who frequently view humans as an obstacle to climate protection and thus support population control and abortion.
    Brown told the Vatican gathering that the path to change should include mass mobilization of the religious and theological sphere but also the prophetic sphere.  “The power here is prophecy,” he said. “The power here is faith, and that’s what this organization is supposed to be about. So let’s be about it and combine with the technical and the scientific and the political.”  Society can’t just rely on science and technology to combat climate change, Brown said in his talk, and must begin to accept the need for more transformational approaches — thus his stating that brainwashing was needed to advance action on climate change.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Speaker tells Vatican conference: Reducing population is best solution to climate ‘crisis’ / Nov.16, 2017
      VATICAN, November 16, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — One of the main concerns about the Vatican’s frequent conferences on climate change in recent years has been that many of the invited speakers favor population control as a means to protecting the planet. This became patently clear at a Pontifical Academy of Sciences seminar last week when a key speaker [from Taiwan] said “it’s a little ambitious” to think we can cut the population in half by 2050, but it is “smarter” to cull the number of people first, thereby making the move to renewable energy easier. … Bishop Sorondo had said in his question that he thought renewable energy came first in Lee’s hierarchy of solutions, but in his answer Lee said halving the population by 2050 would be his priority as it would significantly reduce consumption. “Then we [can] talk about renewable energy,” he said, which can be “easily” achieved.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      These reports are disturbing Susan. How can the Public buy into this Evil presence that is called, the pope. Then this old fart from Taiwan, wanting to Cull 50% of the population by 2050. Yes, he got to live a full life. But he thinks we, or our children, or future generations,  do not have a right to that privilage! This is the kind of thinking that we are up against. This is Evil personified. And those Jets spraying Toxic Ingredients on us all daily are sure helping these Fools to accomplish, just that.   Once again to those out ther that would like to know the Facts about the popes. A Lamp in the Dark, by Christian Pinto, will give you some insight. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh for Pete's sake!  Of course there are too many people.  Even I wish there were fewer!  I know so many with 7 children or more!  Most are Catholic.  If they want less, then what's up with offing, trying to off birth control and abortions?  Like, we need! unwanted babies?!!  Imagine the population by 2050!!  At this rate anyway.  Population IS an issue, and there are ways to address that!  I don't get how transformational translates to brainwashing!  I'd have thought transforming to sustainable everything instead and yes to freaking brainwashing that one in!  If indeed they are culling the population, it is not fast enough!  There will be NO 2050.  So, this is all bull.

  32. SD says:

    Another very colorful sunrise at 6:15 AM here in southern CA.  Meteorologists and others generally claim these colors caused by "water droplets" or "ice crystals"?  Complete nonsense.

    1} Red or pink colors are caused by AEROSOLS in the atmosphere which scatter the longer wavelength red colors. These aerosol particles are MUCH SMALLER than ice or water particles.

    2} These colorful sunrises and sunsets have only been observed since the widespread Solar Radiation Management spray activity started here in 2006.

    3) Pink colors this AM, not on the horizon, but DIRECTLY OVERHEAD tell me the particles are EXTREMELY small and widespread.

    4) Aircraft involved in SRM spray program often leave "trails" at dawn/dusk which are PINK and are therefore aerosols, NOT CONDENSATION or "water droplets"

  33. Dennie says:

    Here's a copy of the letter I just fired off to my Representative in Congress, who is working to preserve some wild lands and waterways right now in Northern California:

    Dear Rep. Huffman:

    Recently I learned of a letter written by the West Coast Alliance to the "Growler Pilots" on Whidby Island in WA state who thought it would be "cute" to write their toxic chemical graffiti in the form of a huge "middle finger," so to speak, in the sky appearing over the island. Here is a sample of what is in the letter:

    "You have, however, taken chest-thumping to, shall we say, a new low. When everyone has finally stopped laughing and backslapping and saying whoa, dude, awesome, would you please take a quiet moment to reflect on the symbolism of what has been done? The exquisite timing of this stunt makes a number of messages as clear and vulgar as the d*ck in the sky: 1. That boys will be boys, now and forevermore, amen. 2. That all of your neighbors who’ve objected to your intrusions into once-quiet lives in these once-quiet regions can just s**k on it. 3. That our tax dollars are yours for the wasting; 4. That starving or eliminating domestic programs and laying a real hurtin’ on people who don’t deserve it, in order for you to gas up your planes and go play is our loss and your gain; 5. That women should look up and always remember who’s on top. Also, even the sky is having a #MeToo moment. 6. That each $68 million dollar fighter jet your neighbors see flying overhead is under the command of a guy who wants everyone to know there’s a reason the controls that affect all of our lives are in a place called the cockpit. Yes, we know, this is not the first time it’s happened, so you can’t even claim originality…: [source article:]

    I would like to see MILITARY DOMINATION OF OUR PLANET, our only home, COME TO AN END.  We are just down the coast from this "Disneyland" for military contractors and IT'S NOT OKAY for these juvenile delinquents to continue polluting the waters and kill millions of sea creatures just to continue making money for the shareholders of the companies that produce the weapons of mass destruction for their personal gain.

    YES, PRESERVE NATURE, and work to STOP ANY AND ALL entities that are so arrogant as to think THEY have a "right" to continue their hating warring ways on a planet that can no longer support their plundering, pillaging polluting and all their other extreme domination games. 

  34. Joseph L says:

    Massive Pipeline Leak Shows Why Nebraska Should Reject Keystone XL


    The leak, the largest spill to date in South Dakota, comes just days before Nebraska regulators decide on whether its controversial sister project—the Keystone XL (KXL) Pipeline—will go forward.

    As the KXL's proposed route crosses the Ogallala Aquifer, a major underground deposit of fresh water, a spill could threaten waterways and drinking water sources.


    • Dale K says:

      Nebraska regulators approve Keystone XL pipeline
      RT | Nov 20, 2017

      Nebraska regulators approved the Keystone XL pipeline route through the state, despite a oil leak last week that dumped 210,000 gallons of oil on arable farmland in South Dakota. With three votes in favor and two against, the Nebraska Public Service Commission (NPSC) approved the pipeline route on Monday. 

    • Joseph L says:

      Nebraska approves contentious Keystone XL pipeline

      The Nebraska Public Service Commission approved construction on an alternative route for the Keystone XL pipeline on Monday morning local time. 

      Three commissioners voted in favour of the "mainline alternative route", and two voted against it.

      Proposed by Canada-based energy giant TransCanada Corp, the nearly 1,900km pipeline could carry up to 830,000 barrels of oil each day from the Alberta tar sands to a terminal in Steele City, Nebraska

          However, Nebraska landowners and environmental and indigenous activists have raised serious concerns about the project.

      They say the risk of an oil spill is too great and would threaten local water supplies.

             "It's definitely a risk," said Art Tanderup, a farmer and landowner in Neligh, Nebraska, whose land is along the proposed Keystone XL route.

      Tanderup told Al Jazeera an oil spill would threaten the Ogallala aquifer, a vast underground water source that spans over 362,000sq km in the Great Plains region.

      The aquifer feeds agriculture and other water needs in more than half a dozen US states, including Nebraska.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Aww, well, Yes Nebraska approved it, But! that re-route would be expensive and the whole effort is getting expensive and there are no, it is said, ships lined up wanting oil!  Get this! Costa Rica just went 300 days off solar and hydro and Nothing else!  100% green!  It Can be done and the lack of buyers for oil says something.  So, it is said the whole thing will be scrapped, pipeline wise.  Too expensive, too unneeded.

      About the Ogallala aquifer, it is close to being tapped out.  It has been being used extensively.  We can't keep doing this.  Near the end of '94 my daughter and I went back to Kansas,As we flew, I kept asking what the hell were all the big polka dots?!!  It drove me nuts.  Then found out about those LONG 'armed' waterers, automated, evidently watering the fields, but huge these were and for a very very long distance.  Worse, in the main, watering GMO crops!  No one in this country seems to understand that things are not infinite.  We can and seem to be trying to empty that aquifer!  This 'clever' method of watering is too clever by half!

  35. Bette Thatcher says:

    Dane, I want to volunteer at the booth here in Sacramento at the Scottish Rite Messonic Center next time the Gem Show is here.  I was disappointed that no one was there when I picked up the vidoe and materials.  Also, I have done a lot of research on vaccines in college and I considered the topic as my pet peeve!  I am totally against poisoning all people, including animals.  The first book I read on them was called, "The Poison Needle" and I still have it.  I will take it with me.


    • Dennie says:

      Betty:  You can just show up and man the booth.  People really do respond better when they see someone there.  

  36. 'a' simple horseman says:

    A somewhat brief personal take on the Navy jets drawing a big dick in the sky. My neighbors down the road were in Okanogan when those "boys" were drawing in the sky. I asked them, "what do you suppose those boys were trying to say?" The reply was, unanimously, "what a dick". After great effort to clear the room of hoohaha. I said, "no, it was telling you, "you're f__cked". You should have seen the immediate change in all of their faces. All of them that were laughing were ones that refused to watch the videos(plural, more than one) that I had "lent to them". Funny how they weren't laughing when faced with another perspective of what they "saw": above their heads that day.

    I can't stress it enough, Be consistent, be kind, be a good teacher, be a good listener(very important if you want to 'get through'), back yourself up with credible data and stick to it, do not crumble when faced with belligerency. "Do lots of your own 'credible' research". Mostly though, "look'em in the eye, be real, be available". We are all one. War is over, "if you want it".

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      And lastly, at least I've taught a few of my hickerbilly friends to "look up". (My son used to call me a hickerbilly. So I use that term fairly), (grin). For them, the rest will will come with time and patience… and being a good friend. Lord grant there be enough time for that, just say'in…….

      Soon I will write again of what it costs to be in this fight. Long story short, surviving versus extinction is always at the forefront of my mind. "How do 'we' make it happen?". You must ask yourself this.

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained… Fact of Nature……..

    • DawnSki says:

      CNN and the ongoing BS our Navy admits publically

      Integrity to call their toxic spray program condensation trails…maybe the pilots wanted to send a message to their commanding officer 

  37. Justin Cowan says:

    I'm in Round Rock Texas which is around Austin.

    All day yesterday, 11/18/2017, the sky were clear and blue. It was nice. Today however, they came back out spraying for a better part of the day. 

    It was very strange this time. Multiple times from multiple planes, they turned on and off the spraying in places that didn't really make any sense to block the sun out. It's almost as if their equipment was malfunctioning. 

    There was one part of the sky that was covered in trails. I went back inside my apartment and then came back out about 20 minutes later and at that same spot everything was clear, blue sky again. They weren't blown to a different part of the sky, they were just gone.

    There were some places where they did a full trail and whole trail and then segments of the trails just disappeared while others remained.

    Any one else notice this erratic behavior and any other inconsistency?

    • BenBarzman says:

      Yeah, ive noticed this too. Ive seen trails that dissipate quickly, and trails that linger all day, don't know why, probably different stuff in them. My guess is that they are spraying ahead of an area they want to effect? Or its still right above you even if you cant see it. Some kind of "strategy".

      Or they are trying to make the trails look more like natural clouds, less  obvious, lol, once you notice the "chemtrails/chem-clouds" in comparisons to real cloud formations, you don't ever forget, who are they trying to fool?

    • Black Cat Italy says:

      Yes, Justin, we have noticed here in Italy today, three different grey unmarked planes all different. One crossed spraying the usual straight spray, another crossed over the house with a billowing cotton-wool type plume of spray and another at the same time with no trail at all.  What are they doing I wonder?  The other day I saw one turn on and turn off the tanks three times in the sky but no one notices this.

      Today, we saw a fox just wandering down the main road in broad daylight without fear as if disorientated. My husband stopped the car and tried to shoo it off the road into the countryside but it had no fear and would not go.  I hope it did not get run over but it was likely.  There is bizarre behaviour with some wildlife now and even more bizarre behaviour from humans who can't connect the dots!.  

                "Whatever happens to the beast, also happens to the man.  All             things are connected" 

                   (from Chief Seattle, Suwamish tribe).


    • Nina says:

      Here over the west coast Portugal there is massive spraying but always the short trails that quickly dissipate. They are not trying to block the sun here as the sky is still blue. They are using the wind to take their poisons elsewhere. The sun still feels unbearably hot. We have had really cold nights but I am sure they are using the ice-nucleating chemicals sometimes. The cold seems to penetrate your bones at times.

    • Art Radtke says:

      I'm a transplant from Western Wisconsin ( Eau Claire ) to the New Orleans, LA area.  The area of the country is different but the skies are the same–milky white and hazy.  But for about 2 weeks the skies were clearer than I've seen them since I moved here in late August.  Then on Sunday the 19th the ENTIRE sky was loaded with criss-cross patterns of geoengineering.  I mean there was such an enormous amount going on I just had to tell people in the Walmart parking lot in Gretna, LA what was going on. Most people didn't have a clue but most listened and were enlightened to what I was saying. I used credible information I've copied off of Danes site. I have also used his informational fliers and put them on cars wind shields. If I hand out 10-30 a day and 1-2  people come on board then it's worth every penny I spend to get the word out. Dane you are doing a excellent job with all you do. I believe you are a true American hero. Any chance you might run for Senator or any elected office? You would be a welcome relief to the clowns running the show in every state now! Keep up the fight my friend!  

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Nina.

      Those aerosols are the aerosols they use especially as a desiccant agent, with the high pressure zone created, the aerosols when start to disperse act like a lens magnifying the heat, sucking the humidity from everywhere. In my region here in Southern Europe, today ( and yesterday in the end of the day ) we have had a massive tropospheric spraying with that kind of aerosols ( it was the first days of tropospheric spraying in these last weeks ) and despite of that the heat was intense. I confirm what you're saying in 100%. We are heading to December and the plants in the garden are getting burned with the UV rays!, what you're saying about the ice nucleation chemicals, I did notice today very well, from the 18.30h to 19.30h or a bit more, the difference in temperatures was really drastic. It was as you are saying, it was possible to feel the cold penetrating into the bones, even with two layers of clothes and jacket.. ( 100% artificial ). The "guys" of the weather forecasting are giving for tomorrow possibility of rain, lets see if we'll have a temporary break from the criminal high pressure zone manufactured by the damn antennas and a few days of normality, the Trees are needing that.

    • Larry says:

      Im in San Dimas , So. Cal. And we are having a mostly clear sky today with scattered whisky fake chem clouds over the past weekend. I'm curious if anybody has see the big X Chemtrail ? We had one over the San Gabriel mountains above Glendora Saturday. We get them fairly often in various parts of the sky and I read somewhere that it's either the pilots or the lunatics in the air base towers just expressing their superiority over the dumbed down population. The giant X means fuck us all and that they are in charge and are able and allowed by law to spray us any time they want. When the want to cull the pobulation they simply spray a hot batch of whatever virus or worse they are instructed to to do.  This leads me back to something  I posted here A few years agoago and that is PUBLIC LAW 105-85. I urge all of you to look it up and prepare to get very mad. Basically the bastards that are heading the insane aerosol SRM operations colluded with the military to slip this law into the massive 1997 military funding package presented to the Senate for approval. The dumbasses approved the request and labeled it Public Law 105-85. It states in the first paragraph that it is against the law to spray anything on the public without them knowing what it is an FOR what purpose and then in the next paragraph it states the exception is that it will be allowed for agriculture , medical, pandemics ,national security and really for anything they choose and for any reason. So until this law is abolished we can expect this to go on until the entire planet and all its species are destroyed. Read it and weep!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Said and done.

      In the dawn of Wednesday (22) and through all morning, incredible quantities of the aerosols ( the ones which look softer and dense in appearance ) were released into the air ( here in my region of the Iberian Peninsula ), and a very thick layer of clouds was created as a consequence of the aerosols dispersal. Not only a shift on the materials which were sprayed into the air ( from 21 to 22, Wednesday ) occurred but also the high pressure zone created by the HAARP technology antennas was removed ( during yesterday's morning – who is the guy that turn on and off the button?, I want to know who.. ), finally giving to us the low pressure humid atmosphere normal and very characteristic for this time of the year. The result is the rain which started to fall during the night and through all morning until now ( 11.50 am ). The fckers are having a good mood and have given us rain for this very dry region! Let's see for how many days. The weather forecast read the script well.

      It's important to notice that with the increase of the Atmospheric humidity levels, it was much easier to breath during the night and to get a more profound sleep.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Just gotta add that foxes get rabies, but also they carry, are part of the loop of carriers of ascarias diseases.  That loop contains raccoons, squirrels, and rats.  Which disease occurs in nature to some extent, but especially dense if critters are near humans, both as shelter and for food stuffs, be it garbage or plants, any refuse will do.  It is carried in their poop and is a worm that once ingested/inhaled travels through body for about two weeks then finds a spot to live, encysts and stays that way.  It is the leading cause of blindness in California boys.  Theory being that boys get dirtier.  Which is Not to say that This was this foxes' problem.  Just that too few people know or care about this very real issue.  The worm has a tendency to go for brain, eyes, and lungs.  I learned more than I ever wanted to know after coons lived for 6 freaking years above my head in bedroom-attic above.  Even heard one give birth, and photographed the babies-only way I could get Anyone!!! to believe me!!!!!  Landlord shined it on until new tenant complained.  Never take out a coon latrine-they have dedicated latrines, without a mask on!  Because the dust of it carries the basically invisible ascarias debris, easily inhaled.  Wear a mask!  Beware a sick critter.  One coon went batshit crazy. 

  38. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, You mentioned in this broadcast again about your help to veterans, specifically Viet Nam vets, and I think it is also important to note that Viet Nam vets were by and large, drafted!  You'd said that most did not know what they were getting into.  All I knew did know and did not want to go!  Had to be drug there kicking and screaming and in the case of one man I loved so much who was then so young, his effort Not to go made the army make him a medic, which in his case meant putting limbs and body parts into body bags.  He came back a changed man, who shook all the time, still him, still capable of being fun, but he became an alcoholic.  He was 2 years older than I am and I did all I could.  I had maps of Viet Nam all over my walls in my room, with pins in them to note where he was when.  I sent him tapes we made of music he'd like, and talk of local news among friends, and with friends saying hello and whatever they wanted to say on tape.  He sent me tapes in which I could hear the action for myself.  He wrote letters, many, and often commented on waste, wasted foods!  Ships at dock full of oranges and things that would not keep, rotting.  I never found out the why of that.  I quit one particular university I was attending right before the end of that semester with great grades.  They called me in for a chat to say they could not afford to lose a person of my caliber.  I then made a point about their support of that war, and their treatment of women on campus.  It was at the end of '67.  It took this to get their attention.  I did take my 'caliber' and left.    But of course I have no idea what affect it may or may not have had.  Just that I Had to do it. They did listen, and were respectful.  Our military is different now. I recently watched on TV, that thing some people dread, that I feel I learn from as I control the TV, it does not control me, I recently watched an old, grumpy looking high ranking general saying who knows a gold star family?  No one!  Very few anyway, he said.  Made me think.  Then he said that our military now is 1% of the population, which seems a lot to me, not to him, and I began to worry about a draft.  Then he said that in the main they are all lifers.  If their time ends, they re-up.  I have known some of those.  Essentially, they act like mercenaries.  And it is a dark, crooked world they inhabit.  These days it would be hard to respect a vet.  Most of those worthy of respect have been killed, by their own. I seriously doubt any of these will see the light and quit because of what we know and what they know.  They live in a completely different world of evil.

    As I've said, I do watch Fareed Zakaria.  But that does not mean I believe what he says.  He interviews many peoples and to my utter horror, today was David Kieth!!!  And so yet again, I am screaming at the TV!  So pissed.  That recent science blog I fell into called CNN communist something I can't remember and by and large I dislike them and associate them with the military thanks to DR. Sister Rosalie Bertell. Herr Kieth has grown a beard which helps him pass for human, until he opens his mouth.  And sure enough he pulled the Mt. Pinatubo canard about how when that blew it placed sulfur whatever way up in the stratosphere–he spoke to all as if all were children complete with a simpleton's diagram of a plane flying past a line that marked the strato-sphere.  Said how it made the world cooler for a year, and then, again as if speaking to kindergarteners, he said that the new idea is that they can place these aerosols up there now!  Fareed acted like an amazed fan boy!  I had to walk away, cussing up a storm.  I may never be able to watch his show again. My take away is that they are gonna do drama something, saying they are doing this for first time.  He said things could go wrong.  Bada bing!  I'll bet they make a show of it, then say "we did the best we could folks", finding this cover for the damage they've done all my lifetime as I close in on 71. But then it occurred to me, just look at what all you've laid down already and for so very many years!  So many and many know, both in government, as many of us have sent them so much, and in newspapers such as your local one and oh so many others, and, I thought of all the people we've told- be it friends or doctors or other professionals or congress peoples, neighbors, others–all of whom will say "Wait a minute!  I've heard this before!  I've even heard the exact same terms.  How could this be new?"  They will wonder.  Then, they WILL know.  Heck, just announcing it on Fareed's show will clue a lot of people in, a particular few I know as well!  They will say but, this is what Rachel's been talking about for years and years.  This was in the stuff she gave to me.  It will Not be news.  Then maybe they will read the stuff or ask for more!  Regardless, if this were not happening, if it was a top secret thing that they are only trying at the last possible minute, then how the heck did come into being oh so long ago?  People will finally begin to put the pieces together and regret they did not do it sooner!  Justice Will be served, and done unto them I so hope!

    Again in trying to inform my oh so intelligent, oh so educated, privileged friends and neighbors-and hey 'horseman', not all of us can walk or even stand up for long!, which I mention as I cannot do so much as I once could–they hesitate even more than before thanks to the fake news thing.  Their precious reputations.  In trying to explain one aspect, heck, just turbo fan engines, I can see eyes glass over.  I've come to the conclusion that especially highly educated people are STUPID.  Not all of course.  But I think all this takes a real intelligence that is more than book learning although there is that.  A flexible mind, an open mind, Willing, wanting to learn, able to think and research and observant!  I think all of us are more special than we know, and especially Dane, but Dane you do get much adulation, I get rejection. But, #Still She Persists!


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Rachel, If I lived close enough to you I would pick you up and give you a ride to the Gem Faire just so you could have a crack at speaking with hundreds of people each day. I'd bring along one of those old fashioned directors chairs so you could sit up high enough to look folks straight in the eye when you hand out info and speak to them. Who says you don't get any adulation, I absolutely adore you and we haven't even met! Darn right you still persist, I wouldn't expect anything less coming from you.

      How's the heating issue coming along? I'll send you an electric space heater if you can use one.

  39. Harold Reeves says:

    Why are they doing this.

    putting poison into the air


    • Dennie says:

      1. Because they had parents who NEVER MADE THEM DO CHORES OR CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES, NOT EVEN ONCE, "They" were continually told how very "special" they are, and so now "They" feel entitled to make messes that cannot be cleaned up (refer to "Chernobyl," "Bikini Atoll," and "Fukushima.")

      2. Because the two sides of their brains DO NOT TALK TO EACH OTHER "They" are soooooo convinced the right side is worthless 

      3. Because "They" CAN and DO get by with it (refer to #1 above…)

      4. Because it makes money for their Big Corporate Money-Gods

      5. Because "They" DON'T FEEL ANYTHING,  therefore THEY. JUST.  DO.  NOT CARE!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Harold, what Dennie says, but also, one hand does not know what the other is doing.  And that is by design.  Also, there is more than one agenda, and I do Not mean agenda 21 or some such.  Way back when, an agricultural agenda/water and snow pack too, and still now with independent companies, legal state by state.  For one.  For two, experiments with the wonders of nukes, consequences, questions seeking answers; space races.  For three, the navy said themselves that the aluminum was to facilitate radar communications for submarines and beyond.  Four, sick greed and experimenting on live people to compile both money and statistics that they rationalize will be helpful.  Five, just because they can, and boys will be boys and love them their toys.  Six, some scientists are truly interested yet separated from other work.  Synergy compounds all in this multidimensional F-up of all time as apparently, they finally broke the world playing around and now do not know what to do!  Other than try to save their own asses as all devolves.

      How the hell do they sleep?!  Face themselves or family?!! 

    • BenBarzman says:

      Yeah im sorrey Harold to tell ya, but i agree with Dennie, these
      "people" are not  people like us. They are different and bad, i dont try to get in their heads to understand them, they will never try to understand us, there will never be common ground between such different kinds of people. There are not many bad people like them, but unfortunately they are running this world.

    • Dennie says:

      6. We are trained not to notice our surroundings, trained out of looking up and are often ridiculed, therefore afraid of commenting on the mess once we do, and

      7. Lastly, THE Most Important Reason, that I failed to state:

      "They" get by with it BECAUSE WE SIT BACK and SAY NOTHING!


    • Hawkeye says:

      Here is my take on it Harold.

      Why do they put poison chems in food products? Why do they put poison chems in medicine treatments and vaccines? 

      Why do they use poison chems in response to clean up of environmental disasters ( corexit in the Gulf to sink oil spill 2010)? Why do they spray poison chems on crops grown for people and livestock to eat?

      Why do they use nuclear chems for energy and war purposes?

      Why why why? Good question but my point is they use poison chems to do everything so why not spray the atmosphere with them too as a remedy to combat a heating planet caused by poison chems! Lol…see what I mean? 

      My answer to you is, Godless beings develop extremely inflated ego's – aka – arrogance. They believe only in themselves as if man created all life on earth and or earth itself. They think they know how this whole planetary system works and  natural anything is only a chemical equation to them. 

      Due to that ego theory they got power and lots of fiat cash. A better idea or way to live would remove their first place stance, because they are the poison makers, corporation monopolies. Get it better yet? 

      Couple all that with hundreds of years of being in control in this manner which gave birth to their thinking that they were above all else and everyone else so they decided they could not mix breeding with common folks and for at least one generation or 100/200 years ago they inbred and wha la! Brain damaged babies, birth defects, mental disorders came to be their family tree history. This is a fact, do the research. 

      The question is now how do we remove only a few hundred demented beings from the drivers seat of the world? We are billions, they are hundreds. WTF? 

      Listen it can be done and quite easily in fact. Defund them!!!!! Stop buying their products!!!! Done. They go away or they change their ways. 

      Sacrifice or be killed. Its that easy and yet that sad that most cannot comply to sacrifice for the greater good. Very very sad indeed.

      Vacations, toys, multiple homes, blah blah blah. All worldly possessions not necessities. Support the organic farmers trying to compete to give us good food. Boycott the pyscho's dammit and do it now. We are f'd otherwise. No revolution or gun is needed. Fight fire with fire, money!!!!!!! Don't give it to them. THEY are most companies out there. THEY are most financial institutions. tHEY are most local and federal voted in policy makers. Stop giving them your money and moral support. 

      Doesn't get any easier then cut off the money and yet people don't do it????!!!!!

      I am one person, not enough. Please join in and hurry!!!!! Cut them off!!!!!!


    • Hawkeye says:

      My question in conclusion to my responce and your question is simply……….


      You will be asked this very question on judgment day. What will you say?


    • Dennie says:

      @ Hawkeye:  I wouldn't give these moneyed people so much credit.  They just don't think and they have a kind of lack of consciousness of anything other than the kind of power that their money affords.  They are able to get the stooopid masses to go along with them and their lack of thinking as well as feeling because somehow the money satisfies every last need of the low-consciousness people.

    • horsegirl says:

      Great question.  Fantastic responses.  Does anyone else find they have a sudden anger issue on days when the poison is so pervasive one's mouth becomes dry as a paper bag?  To wit, writing hate mail to our oppressors?  I'll abbreviate the comment I earlier crafted – a long screed of contempt towards those our grade school indoctrination taught us to venerate (except kids like me who wanted to be a horse) – the administrative class.  The social (pseudo) science overburden of society:  doctors, nurses, pilots, astronauts, policemen, scientists, military bigwigs and let me not forget the clergy.  This is a traitor class for the most part.  Either by cowardice, indifference, or hellbent corruption on a volitional scale.  There are exceptions – Drs Wakefield, Tenpenny, and Kevin Shipp come to mind.  But generally labor/farmers/craftsmen were put down.  We were to join the (pseudo) academic world and "make something of ourselves."  They have stuck their greedy knife of self-exaltation through the back of all life on earth.  I agree with Ben, that there's no use getting into these fiends' heads.  I do suspect their hedonistic "one life to live" view excuses them from culpability in their own sight.  Never thought I'd turn out to be the kind who hoped some people gnashed their teeth eternally in hell for the pain, but now i've beheld those vile, godless selfish sows' asses. 

    • Dennie says:

      I wrote a long missive to Dr. Death, er, DAVID Keith, including all the links to the patents and other proof he's on video record asking for.  Never heard a peep, not a one.  Can't believe this arrogant mtoherfcuker actually calls himself a "back country skier."  With the kind of warming his toxic spray-in-the-sky atmospheric fantasy-fix bullcrap's created, there soon won't be any snow other than the unmeltable chem-snow so many here report having experienced already.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Harold, I agree with you.  But have a slightly different take which is along the lines of #Me Too!  As in Mother nature.  Too many men think they can best or disrespect any female.  Reminds me of the AFC, which so many Want to call Obamacare and so many take that name so literally that they voted against it, then, shocked, to find out that is what has been helping them.  Dems are idiots to keep Obama's name on it.  Clueless, and it does have some faults but if undone would off me!  Sooo….but it is like what is in a name–sometimes everything!  So of course men did not want to leave Mother nature alone!  Had! to rape her again and again just so sure they could do better.  No respect at all, none.  For Mother Earth, so in steps Father sun!  Pissed off too!  Which is why I hate the term Climate Change.  Would prefer to call it global warming.  Climate Change sound too too much like 'the change of life'-which it is but…as if a take on menopause, hot flashes, sweats, mood swings, etc.  Pisses me off.  Words matter!  Shapes thoughts!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dang!  I keep misspelling things!  I meant to say the ACA!!!  Work brain work!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Harold, Hawkeye is correct in his answer to you: 
      "… natural anything is only a chemical equation to them. Due to that ego theory they got power and lots of fiat cash. A better idea or way to live would remove their first place stance, because they are the poison makers, corporation monopolies. 

      The question is now how do we remove only a few hundred demented beings from the drivers seat of the world? We are billions, they are hundreds. WTF? "

      "Listen it can be done and quite easily in fact. Defund them!!!!! Stop buying their products!!!! "

      "Sacrifice or be killed. Its that easy and yet that sad that most cannot comply to sacrifice for the greater good."

      Hawkeye has nailed a big part of the answer.  "a" Simple Horseman walks this talk and if only more of us would…

    • Blue Sue says:

      @horsegirl and other kindred spirits here: "Does anyone else find they have a sudden anger issue on days when the poison is so pervasive one's mouth becomes dry as a paper bag?" YES! Absolutely! It's noticeable in my quick irritation with little things that normally wouldn't get to me. Do you suppose this symptomatic of an ingredient in the aerosols or just a need to meditate more often? 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hawkeye, you are right of course.  Few would do what I did back when which was that I made sure my on the books work did not add up enough to have me pay the taxes that funded war.  Course, that bites a bit now, but I'm good with that.  Thing is, what you said is easier said than done and just us people not funding them is a fraction of their funding.  Which in large part comes from corporations.  So, like Barbara Lee in Congress and the AUMF-I may have those letters in the wrong order, basically the Authorized Use of Military Funding that went through immediately after 9/11 giving the military a blank check.  Worse, they don't even have to disclose it or balance it or account for it.  Insane.  And every single year since, Barbara has tried to undo it with no support.  This year however many did support her in this effort in the Senate.  For the first time, some real chance that soon this may happen.  But not right now.  My God but Congress is slow.  The entropy of politics.  And the incredible persistence of Barbara Lee! Year after year after year.

  40. B.N. says:

    Can anyone figure out what all this black stuff above us is? Never ever any sun. Just a bunch of black clouds. When there is sun, and that black like clouds come over, it gets super cold.
    All I can see all around, are people coughing or sick.
    Am I the only one that recognize's this or am I just paranoid?
    I looked into the Borax thing. Is that safe to take?
    I need some answers.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Coal fly ash is some of the black you see.  God knows what else it could be. 

      Do your research thoroughly on the Borax before ingesting any and be sure you want to try it.  I am using it (just started recently) with no ill affects and am expecting to soon see positive changes to my health as have been described by so many others who have implemented this as part of their wellness routine.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      I'm trying the borax in a little orange juice or water. I've taken it 3 days now and I think it is helping. Aching joints not as painful as have been in recent past and no ill results that I can identify so far. They've been spraying the crap out of our skies lately over north Ga. Had one hell of a headbanger from it a couple of days ago but feel pretty good today despite the hellish canopy of sprayed cloud cover. I guess its to keep the weather cool. The weather man on Fox 5 out of Atlanta came up with a new one I've never heard to describe the ice nucleation process we've had in place the past few days ushering in the brief cool/ cold we've had here. He called it 'overspilling'!  He used this term to describe "the layer of warm air flowing over the cool shallow layer of air at the bottom"… now where have we all heard this description before?!!  These guys HAVE to know this is not natural. The next several days are predicted to warm up to the 60's for highs. There has to be a special place for those who can lie to the public like this. Shame!.. Honestly, I don't know how they can go home to their families and children.

    • Frances says:

      If you look up the article The Borax Conspiracy by Walter Last, you will understand more about the safety of borax.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Earth Angel:  As Dane's said, the weather actors/talking heads are just making it up as they go.

  41. Hawkeye says:

    Due to spotting so many posted links about new enews for Fukushima is why I write my post here…….

    Note: the first use of nuclear weapons was in August 1945, 70 years ago. / the first use of climate engineering was 70 years ago. Both activities are the use of nuclear chems on the planet and all life forms. 

    " Fukushima is a crisis without end. I can't see it ever being remedied. There have been three meltdowns, which has never occurred in the history of the nuclear age. They don't know where those radioactive cores are, each weighing 100 tons. They may have melted their way into the Earth, or may be on the floor of the containment vessel with cracks and holes. The buildings 1, 2, & 3, where the meltdowns occurred, are so radioactive no humans can go in there. They send robots in there and they get fried……….." 

    " Now that the reactors are all cracked and broken there is water pouring out from the mountains behind the plant, 1000 tons a day, and flooding around the reactor cores becoming extremely radioactive. The Japanese are pumping up 400 tons of that water a day and putting it in make shift tanks that are covered up with plastic parts and duct tape, some were just made to last 5 years. They've got over 1000 tanks – huge like three story buildings, they build two tanks a week, they are running out of storage space, and still 400 tons of radioactive water is pouring in to the pacific ocean every day as it has been since the accident began – DAILY.

    If there is an earthquake 7 mag or higher, quite likely those tanks are going to collapse and that tank tainted water is going in to the pacific too. There is no way to stop that water from pouring out of the mountains. Some engineers have thought of ways to build a wall around it to divert the clean water before it touches the cores, but no evidence if that happening in reality because Tokyo power is operating on a shoestring, their losing money, their shareholders are panicking, and they are using homeless people off the streets of Tokyo to do their operating work.

    And so, then there is building #4. Building 4 is very very buckled and fragile. On the top of building 4 is the cooling pool, with hundreds of tons of very very radioactive fuel rods, and so if an earthquake of 7 or higher hits down will come the cooling pool and the water will leak out. The rods will catch fire and ten times more cesium then was released in Chernobyl will be released in to the atmosphere or the equivalent of 14000 Hiroshima bombs. Nuclear engineers say that would be the end of Japan. 

    The radiation will go around the globe, not in the southern hemisphere because the two don't mix at the equator, but you will get it in the northern hemisphere. All countries in the northern hemisphere will incur huge amounts of all kinds of cancers. …….." 

    "Now there is another problem. Because of the risk of quakes they've put a big crane outside #4 and its been reinforced to prevent it from toppling, and they are going to try to remove the coils with the crane in bundles of 70 . Each coil rod is so radioactive if you stand next to it you will get a lethal dose of radiation and be dead in a few weeks.  The rods are twelve feet long and half an inch thick. So in bundles of 70 they can lift them up with a hook on the crane and pull them out. Trouble is the racks in which the rods are stored in have become cracked and broke from the original quake. So as you pull them out they could crack open and out would come huge amounts of radioactive gases. Krypton, xenon, Argonne, radioactive iodine, etc. That would cause the whole facility to be evacuated and suggested that Tokyo too be evacuated but how do you evacuate 35 million people in an instant? So, no plan to do it. Disaster.

    The other thing that could happen is apparently there is no boron left on the plates covering the rods to stop the outflow of neutrons, they have been cooling them with saltwater because they boiled at one point, so the real problem is if two bundles touch each other you are going to get a fission reaction – kaboom- and it would spread to the whole pool, I don't know, nuclear engineers I spoke to don't kniw except that then you would gave a real disaster on your hands! AND, this is all being done virtually by hand, no computer accuracy room to spare. This whole process is said to take 14 months to compkete and people are really really worried!" ………

    " America used 360 tons of radioactive bombs in Falusha Iraq where they absolutely deluged the place with radioactive uranium 238. Also used in Basra etc. The particles are less then 5 microns." ( sound familiar folks? ) "very carcinogenic" are the exact words. ……..

    " So this has contaminated all life for the rest of time due to the shelf life being billions of years, which means anomalies, birth defects, cancers etc., will be occurring for the rest of time. Its already too late." 

    In Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia we used these weapons as well and we are selling them all around the world! 

    So, we have got to get this info out to the American public along with all the info on the real time geoengineering climate control project because these are THE two worst case scenario events that could happen in our life time and literally end all life on Earth and including Earth. People get the nuclear thing. Geoengineering patents also have nuclear ingredients and are blatantly released in to the skies every day and for years. Try this incorporation of info, maybe it will help our cause. 

    Not so sure what we are saving to salvage…..but hey, can't do nothing can we?!

    ** this info is from the documentary film, The world Awaits, a film by Don't Haderlein. Speakers: Noam Chomsky, Helen Caldicott, David Krieger.

    Helen wrote a medical article all about this plus lots more describing the human effects of nuclear weapons blast exposure that this poses and she sent it to the NY Times to publish. Point being, you dont need an H Bomb worry alone because any nuclear energy plant has the capability of becoming an H Bomb simply by accident, so the nuclear threat is much more then just military weapons it is in all nuclear energy – " peaceful purpises" – operations and so in every dam backyard on the planet. The Times wrote her back saying they were unable to publish her article! She says the Pentagon has a very tight wrap on this nuclear truth from reaching the public .

    God Bless



    • virginia says:

      Hawkeye:  Incredibly informative submission and thank you for taking time to enlighten us further on Fukushima disaster.  It is hard to digest the dangers you put forth, and I had to read it twice to fully realize that, for the most part, our planet is truly on a path to destruction from the many fronts placed upon it.  The general population has no concept about the ongoing life-threatening dangers of Fukushima, thinking that it's all over and taken care of.  Alas, to their peril.  Seems hopeless and world governments know this and do nothing about it.  So, we all wait…..for what, I wonder.  Thank you, your efforts very much appreciated.

      Hope and peace.

    • Dennie says:

      What do nuclear bombs and the spraying of toxic metal and other nano-crap in the sky we have come to know as "geoengineering" have in common? 

      One person:  Edward Teller.  

      The SAME GUY who was so very helpful in inventing the unimaginably powerful and totally devastating weapons of mass destruction that we had NO problem dropping on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the one who came up with the brilliant idea of spraying the crap out of the planet using jets to coat the skies in some mad attempt to stop the damage he and his ilk created, heating it up with the +2000 open-air blast "tests" of their blessed, holy nuclear bombs.  NOT surprising that the military mtoherfcukers now wanna test their latest shit on (you guessed it) the Indians– military juvenile delinquent @$$holes ain't gonna change– NOTHING can possibly hurt THEM!!!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Dr. Edward Teller = Dr. Strangelove

      "Living Underground"

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Get this!  I watched an interview with him long ago in which he was being asked how he could do the things he does, does he not realize he could blow up the whole Planet?  His answer: "God blows up universes every day."

      Such hubris!  Astounding!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Hawkeye, I agree — the crux of your message is undoubtedly the #1 environmental crisis we face, with geoengineering quickly on its tail and exacerbating the lethality.  I recently experienced the painful viewing of the video Knocking on Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy, which glaringly spotlights all  all you have shared. We here all know that our present danger is so DIRE, so DEEP it's mind-boggling, but we can't let it paralyze our response. Always enjoy reading your posts Hawkeye.

  42. horsegirl says:

    Nucleation  nightmare some twenty miles due north of Albuquerque.  Friday's sky looked like a soiled handkerchief, capricious winds from everywhere but mostly north.  Warm enough to turn off the heater that night, there were bursts of something like wind at intervals all night.  But it sounded more like explosions.  Gnawed at our sleep.  In the wee hours I started to cough up whatever was in the air.  Spewing lungers, hacking, covering my face with the pillow to not awaken my husband until he too began to cough.  We had been doing well for a week.  Had followed BC's protocol with Borax to spectacular effect.  Had felt our brains clear.  More energy.  That morning found us cranky.  Something volcanic went on in my lungs all day, eventually defeated with GSE but not before ruining the day.  The next night it got down to what felt like the twenties or less.  Searing pain wracked my bones despite all the aspirin.  Utterly frigid morning.  Friday night had been the precursor to what Dane mentions about snow in northern New Mexico.  The nucleated cold invaded us as if there were no walls.  This morning the sky is hideous.  "What the $%& happened to the FAA" one wonders as trails/planes weave all over each other to thatch a satanic sky.  Quite appropriate to the day's unwelcome news:  just found out Sam Shepard died of Lou Gehrig's disease.  Went from an independent wanderer to a wheelchair-bound invalid who could not wipe his own behind in one year.  Is this what they have in mind for us all?  This hideous sky?  Hubby – an 11 bravo on the front lines of Tet in early 68 – keeps saying Viet Nam was nothing compared to this war.  At least then he could somewhat defend himself. 

  43. Blue Sue says:

    Rivaling geoengineering in its lethal application would surely be

    Medical Destruction: It's Not Just Opioids (article by Jon Rappaport)

    "If you consciously set out to bring a nation to its knees, to kill it, to disable it, to make it unable to function at any reasonable level, you would be hard pressed to find a more effective long-term method than exposing the population to the US/European medical-drug cartel." 


  44. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 192nd email, titled 'Fegelein Fegelein Fegelein'

    1. Arctic sea ice volume continues it's wobbly increase – on 18th Nov was 5th lowest @ 9,961 km3. 

    The Chuchki Sea/East Siberian Sea heat anomaly persists and on 25th Nov the North Pole is expected to be @ -5º with heat spreading up from the Hudson Bay area (unfortunately this is still cold enough for intensive toxic geoengineered ice production by chemical and biological atmospheric spraying).

    2. There are so many (supposed) changes of allegiances, such as Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Germany, etc, etc, that it is difficult to keep up.  Why the current increase in sniper teams in Ukraine – the despicable neo nazi Azov Bn is growing rapidly with @ 2,500 mercenaries, and breaks the 'ceasefire' multiple times each day.

    Chris Eldridge's detailed Aug 2012 prepping info:  

    Depending on how 'The Event' unfolds, many will probably bug-in until forced to bug-out. Prepping is mostly about being aware and resilient to everything that happens around us and should be part of our daily routine rather than something separate from it.

    Even so, I wonder if – after 'The Event', they will hunt down the excess survivors with drones. 

    3. Notes to Self (week 45 of 104)  France ran out of money on 7 Nov, Poland will be out of cash next week – followed by Italy which will be officially skint on 26 Nov and UK on 7 Dec.  Not sure if this is earlier than usual, but I know what my wife would say if I ran out of money just before christmas!

    "…and now for something completely different": Hitler tries to ask Trump a question  (There are plenty of other hilarious Hitler Parodies)


  45. Kathy says:

    FINAL update from the Gem Faire PORTLAND, OREGON frontline battle. First a huge thank-you to Steve for such  a professional, totally stocked booth for us to volunteer at. These supplies are expensive! and we get them at the lowest cost possible but endless supplies provided. Again walk in, start talking and hand out.

    What can I say…it feels awesome to do something about it on a GRANDER scale. Steve provides that in several states. Portland was our second weekend in a row because it wasnt that far really, considering this… We reached probably a few hundred this weekend when said and done. 2 weekends of putting crucial information into hundreds of peoples hands…how is that not worth it? Once you do it and people thank you because they have been told they are crazy as all of us have….it puts gas into your tank to keep going!


    HIGHLIGHT ( there are many-but this topped it) DANE you own this one. A guy approx 27yrs.old bee lined to the booth and abruptly said "I work on planes, I deal with ALL the parts of the planes, I am also an engineer…I can tell you there is no such thing as this conspiracy , they are contrails!" I looked at him in the eyes and said " Sir, the high bypass turbofan jet engine is NOT capable of putting out condensation, period. Take this pamphlet ( I placed right into his hand) go read it and come back and see me." If I could have taken a snap shot of his face, it was priceless..probably no one in his mind would have even been able to correctly state the name of aircraft engines let alone firmly tell him he's wrong. He said in a shock manner " Okay" and like a deer in the headlights he walked away reading the pamphlet. No I did not see him again. Mission accomplished. Made my day as I also watched others look away.


    Another highlight-again so many I will be brief. A young couple has been watching the sky, they came to Gem faire and while walking in saw "x's" in the sky and was over joyed to see the booth handing out info.

    Another…A SECOND security guy ( may have been a police officer) had gone passed the booth a few times. I had to get him…so shortly before we left, he was nearly passed by when I said politely and a big smile " Sir, I think you need some free information- he said really?" What is it..went from there. I said we respect you guys and need you on board. Heres a few extra items because I know after you read this you will want to share with others. He smiled and was very grateful.

    Another … a sweet mom who was a vendor came out with her  2 yr old as they have been running the booth and I offered her info for which she was so thankful and needed Silent epidemic for friends. So many aware of vaccine dangers, awesome.

    Another  wonderful women whose husband was a Veteran said to many know something isnt right but we dont know where to find the info, thanked us for having this booth and said they quit going to church because pastors are not preaching the gospel anymore( apathy in ALL levels and Organizations) and we exchanged info as I understood her and she was thrilled to get Silent Epidemic and on and on…she shook my hand and said THIS BOOTH WAS MEANT TO BE. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

    These are just a few! of the enormous and grateful responses we had. It is so crucial to get this information out there and so rewarding and a great 2 fold mission field because they all think they are crazy and using the word "chemtrail" is leading them to disinformation sites further fueling their frustrations and lack of understanding.

    Steve…thank-you isnt enough for all you did in making it easy for Larry and I and Becca to come out. My only regret is I wish I could follow you to all your faires but I promise you, you are stuck with us here in Washington when you come back and I KNOW Simple horseman says ditto on that.

    God Bless you for such a big heart, I pray for your safety and commend you for great staff, support and most of all making your support of Geoengineering awareness the best and most noticed booth at GEM FAIRE. It was an honor to say the least.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dane, Steve, Kathy, Mike, et al., thank you — a million thank yous. Loved hearing your little snippets of success in your educational outreach. God bless you all!

  46. Joseph L says:

    November 16, 2017

    Nukes in Space — in Time of Trump

    by Karl Grossman

    And the Trump administration is gearing for greater U.S. military activities in space—with a strong likelihood of, anew, a drive to weaponize space. As Washington-based Roll Call has reported: “Under Trump, GOP to Give Space Weapons Close Look.”  Its article said “Trump’s thinking on missile defense and military space programs have gotten next to no attention, as compared to the president-elect’s other defense proposals….But experts expect such programs to account for a significant share of what is likely to be a defense budget boost, potentially amounting to $500 billion or more in the coming decade.”

    “The weapons industry views space as a market as well,” says Gagnon.  He speaks of the proposal that’s been before Congress to create a “U.S. Space Force” as a separate military branch and described it as “driven by the aerospace industry’s huge appetite for endless war—and space offers bountiful opportunities.”

    “Over the years we’ve heard the aerospace industry saying that ‘Star Wars’ would be ‘the largest industrial project in the history of our planet.’ And how would they pay for such an expensive endeavor?” he asks. He speaks of reports about aerosopace lobbyists in Washington seeking “the defunding of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and what is left of the welfare program in order to transfer those funds into creating pyramids to the heavens. The weapons industry are the new pharaohs and we, the taxpayers, are to be their slaves.”



    • Joseph L says:

      April 27, 2017

      The Crash of Cassini and the Nuclearization of Space

      by Karl Grossman

      Despite protests around the world, the Cassini space probe—containing more deadly plutonium than had ever been used on a space device—was launched 20 years ago. And this past weekend—on Earth Day—the probe and its plutonium were sent crashing into Saturn.

      So NASA had Cassini come hurtling back at Earth at 42,300 miles per hour and skim over the Earth’s atmosphere at 727 miles high. If there were a rocket misfire or miscalculation and the probe made what NASA in its “Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Cassini Mission” called an “inadvertent reentry,” it could have fallen into Earth’s atmosphere, disintegrating, and releasing plutonium. Then, said NASA in its statement, “Approximately 7 to 8 billion world population at a time … could receive 99 percent or more of the radiation exposure.”


      I personally remember this in 1997 and  protested it in front of the U.N.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.
      Great posts here in the 18 th November Page.

      Dane, Great speech, thank you for the motivation. I have the word you were not finding, the word is; satanism. When a twisted psycho without a soul kills an Elephant for pleasure, the act is a satanic act. Some old Tribes from the African Continent ( which are losing very quickly their culture ) say that the Elephant is like the Earth.They say that the Elephant is the only creature, the only living symbol which can represent the Earth.

      In my opinion, Elephants are much over the humanity level, staying behind only in the issue of ego and obviously in the capacity of ingenuity. In that, we are the best ultra freaks of Nature. They have the biggest brains and hearts of the terrestrial ecosystems, the most recent and advanced anatomic segment of All the Life on Earth ( from the evolutionary point of view – the Elephant trunk ) and the life periods and longevity are surprisingly similar with the life of humans.They are also Magnificent as you said in the audio.
      230 years ago, they were 35 millions on the World ( Africa, India, and Southeast Asia ). 30 million in the sub Saharan Continent.
      But the masonic plan is extinction.

      About the "flying dicks", I need to make this question to the "engineers" that defend the rhetoric that explains that the aerosol white lines in the skies are "condensation trails"; . 
      Hey Fkrs, how it's possible to create condensation trails in the medium and high troposphere where we are having POSITIVE temperatures, or temperatures which are 15 or 20ºC above normal, near the positive values?, and the same in a low stratosphere where temperatures are abnormally high, in hot Latitudes and in the middle of Summer ( with 42ºC, and more ) or with temperatures of Spring and Autumn passing the 30ºC ( 40ºC in the Spring ), in days with almost zero of Atmospheric humidity, without forgetting the "Winters" with temperatures of 10 to 15ºC above the values which we should be having?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Pedro, I agree with you.  But I can't help but think that the baby Donalds when 'hunting' big, slow moving animals are thinking: Daddy: Blam!  Daddy: Blam!  Seems obvious and they need a shrink as all his kids, almost, seem as if in a cult.

      Good point also to bring up again the temperature factor with contrails!  How the heck can they deny that one?!!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Rachel.

      They do not need a shrink, they need a Father.

      And we need to kill this phenomenon of the social satanism, created by neoliberalism ( by the masonic MFs ).

  47. Van Nadler says:

    The spraying over Southern California has been horrific every morning and through the night. As dawn approaches,remnants of the nights spraying can be seen everywhere in our skies in all directions..Then, as if it weren't bad enough- the spraying continues into early morning and throughout the day.Take yesterday for example, a Saturday weekend day- when more folks might be looking at the skies .. there was gratefully no spraying.. a rare beautiful sky reflecting a deep blue! Then, around noon, it began copious spraying at a very high altitude.. crisscrossing and saturating our skies with part of their stated goal of dumping 20,000,000, tons of Aluminum annually! Pure insanity!!Support Dane and the heroic efforts he has been resuscitating our global conditions cardiac arrest with!! We can and will turn the tide- as critical mass accumulates to stop the spraying. Meanwhile, its advised to not swim in the oceans or large bodies of incredibly toxic waters! If all the fish are dying in their ocean homes.. can it be safe for humans to snorkel, surf or swim in this mess too???

  48. Pete says:

    Who speaks for Earth?

    A question asked by Carl Sagan in 1980

    Dane, your reply to Joe was good to read, it reminds us that in the face of such overwhelming odds in a battle that can seem insurmountable to achieve, that there is still hope. As Carl Sagan said back then, "A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed. We are one planet."

    If we were forced to explain our stewardship, just imagine how ridiculous we would look! Is it possible that other life out there, is watching and waiting for us to change this horrific direction and untie as one!. Maybe they would then help us, who know's! But right now I believe we would be the laughing stock of the universe, maybe with a very small chance of survival – and that chance is because of all of you great people and many great people past and present who will not and cannot accept the world as it is.

    I've been told by some this week there's no point getting stressed about it and there's nothing anyone can do, stop talking about it etc. I lose hope but carry on and then regain my drive, when I do speak to some who are open to know more or sometimes to my amazement and utter relief there are one or two that are also aware, that helps to keep me going.

    In my world, word is spreading, it is happening, way too slow for my liking so I do get lost and up against such a barrage of ridicule and ignorance is never easy to deal with. I'm having to keep pushing others who do accept the truth that they must also do more. At least I am gaining more people I know that I can have a sane conversation with – there is hope. I hate the fact though that's it all coming from me and others are yet to fully see the importance as I do. I constantly beat myself up that I've not done enough or missed an opportunity to talk about it to someone new.

    Someone also said to me this week, why do you care?

    I replied, It is my duty as a citizen of the planet, as it should be your duty to learn and know the truth and spread the word.

    When I stop to think for a while I believe those in denial and all those who put us down with those tiresome beliefs and arguments, that they wouldn't do this, etc etc, that somewhere in their sub-conscious mind they know the truth and if and when that shock wave comes, it won't take much for the world to unite – watch out tyrants! 

    It's all our responsibility to speak for the earth –  we must never, ever stop trying.

    • tom liccione says:

      You're right, Pete…you quoted from one of my favorite books, Cosmos, chapter XIII…it seems that Carl Sagan feared that humankind would self destruct thru a nuclear holocaust. But geoengineering is doing the same thing.His fears apply equally to what's happening today. "The organisms killed might,for all we know, be at base of a vast ecological pyramid at the top of which totter we" Almost prophetic! Another brilliant quote from Cosmos is this: "What a marvelous cooperative arrangement–plants and animals each inhaling the others exhalations, a kind of planet wide mutual mouth to stomata resuscitation…" Unfortunately, since the advent of the Industrial revolution, nature has little use for our exhalations. By this I mean the exhaust of our power plants, cars and factories!

    • Dennie says:

      We've had a lot of really great men (and women too, but who's saying their names?) who've tried to warn that we are on a collision course with the total annihilation of all of life on Earth.  Here are just a few:  Henry David Thoreau, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Pete, "Who speaks for Earth?"  To those Dennie has provided, may I add: Goethe, Rachel Carson (Silent Spring) and Dr. Ruth Drown (pioneer in bioenergetic healing).  

  49. Tonino says:

    Bonjour. de la France
    Je ne sais pas si les commentaires en Francais sont autorisés sur ce site.
    Simplement pour vous signifier mon soutien pour tout ce que vous faite Dane.
    Je pense que vous aux USA avez une liberté de penser et une concience sur ces sujets bien plus grande que chez nous en Europe .
    Bon courage.

    Hello. from France
    I do not know if the comments in French are allowed on this site.
    Simply to show you my support for everything you do Dane.
    I think that you in the USA have a freedom of thought and a conscience on these subjects much bigger than at home in Europe.
    Good luck.

    • Joanne says:

      « Sire, si l’on voit où les bonnes têtes ont mené la France, il ne serait pas inutile d’essayer les mauvaises. »
      Honoré-Gabriel Mirabeau (1749-1791)

    • Dennie says:

      @ Tonino:  Bienvenue, from Dennie in California!  Thank you for your post.  I especially enjoy reading your commentary in French and the translation helps me to learn more.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      C'est tres bon Tonino, et bon accueil sur ce site!  A bientot!

  50. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Announcement for Sunday- Help welcome :

    PORTLAND OREGON GEM FAIRE frontline battle update :

    Weekend #2 Larry, myself and my daughter (Becca joined for a few hours) was another great success. Steady flow of people. Although the booth location is not as ideal as last week we have a booth well done again AND a table at the entrance with posters/flyers for which I nabbed people as well as I saw some walk by without looking so I manned the table so they could not slip by.

    One gentleman that stopped by the booth today approx 80 yrs old was in Hiroshima and flew planes through hurricanes. He said you can do anything with weather. Wow..I work with many elderly involved in operations but none have made a bold statement as that. Another was an engineer who sees whats going on but needed credible data. I am blown away at how many are receptive to GEO/ anti-vaccines issues. A janitor for the Oregon convention center came by 5 times to ask questions. So many so grateful. A lot of correcting on the term "chemtrail" Heard it said alot that they see the word on Facebook..who owns FB? Makes sense to use a term that leads to disinformation doesnt it? So we helped them understand the scientific term Geoengineering/ dispersion trails.


    Portland support where are you? I cannot overstate how much this is needed and how people are starving for this info. We could use some man hours in the booth. Its so worth it. We drove only 2 1/2 hours unlike Simple Horseman last week who drove 8 plus hours. We missed you down here!

    Until tomorrow…


    • Roshe says:

      Many Gardeners, Growers in the UK, noticed for the first time EVER, many plants were unable to Bloom this Year. Insufficient Sun. NO FLOWER=NO SEED=FAMINE.

    • Joseph L says:

      People who live in the  area of Gem Faire need to help out .  Everyone is waiting for someone else to move the ball forward.  Get off the computer and stop being an armchair  computer quarterback.   If I personally lived in that region I would definitely help out.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Good job my friends I have met! I miss being there with you on the front lines. It is a strange feeling sitting here in my 3 big windows looking out at microwave, plasma cloud skies knowing that you are down there fighting the good fight. I'd like to add that one does not need to be well verse in the aspects and facts of geoengineering to tend an awareness booth. The only requirement is to be able to look people in the eye and hand out information, pretty simple.

      Something I have 'not' read in quite sometime: "I will fight this battle to my last breath". I have not forgotten those important words. I want to breath as long as the creator will allow. If I have to fight to do that, so be it. "Face to the wind".

      "Woulda, coulda, shoulda don't add up to one 'did'.

  51. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    How can these pilots, that are involved in these spray programs, be considered, anything less then a Traitor to the Country they are from? They've earned this title for thier action's against the Public & the Planet, as a  Whole. Their participation is the key. No matter if they are flying the craft, or controlling it. (Drone)  If they stood together & said:;  WE WILL NO LONGER PARTICIPATE IN THESE PROGRAMS!!!   This would "End", Overnight.  Sadly, this would have been Helpful, Seventy years ago. How many Pilots see the fruits of their labors? How many grasp the Fact, Our Planet & All Life is Dying, due to their actions? How many of their Parents have died with, or are Sick with Alzhiemers? How many of their Children have Respitory issue's or a form of Rickets?    How many See the results on the Ground, once they land their Crafts.   Seven Million in Yeman on the brink of Starvation? In short order, that could Explode to a Hundred Million, Worldwide, or more.  We are on the Brink!   A Biosphere Implosion would certainly do the trick.  Ask the Starving People or the Starving Fish, Animals & Birds, Or Dying Trees & Fauna,  if everything is A Okay!     The Air is too clean for Children?  How about those Children that live next to the Methane leaking plants, areas?  Maybe that's the right level.       I Loved your final words Dane.  Stand with Us, & We Will cause a Shock Wave around the World!    I Believe,  I Believe!       You will never do anything in this World without Courage.     It is the Greatest Quality of the Mind, Next to Honor.                 —   James Allen    —     

    • Roshe says:

      We cannot recover from the Damage Done. Too Late.

    • David says:


      My understanding is commercial airline pilots do not know they are spraying and most of the military jets do not have pilots and are on auto-pilot controlled from the ground via satellites, etc.

      Dave West

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, David, yes, some military jets could be auto-piloted,  though we have no way of knowing for certain. In regard to commercial pilots, I would add this clarification, though available data indicates they are not directly involved, those that are even slightly awake know their aircraft are being utilized in the ongoing aerosol operations.

    • seasideroses says:

      I read a while back a story where one of the chemtrails pilots finally faced his conscience and quit flying the planes, and was interviewed by someone, admitting to the public what he was doing, etc.; however, one big incentive for the pilots is how much money they make doing this…..

    • BenBarzman says:

      Another anecdotal story, I have heard that the military pilots are indoctrinated with propaganda films and such about how the spraying programs are going to save the earth, bla bla bla, and what they are doing is a benevolent thing, "but keep it a secret!".

  52. Dennie says:

    We're getting the same treatment overhead as the kids who're getting all the mandatory vaccinations– if some doesn't work, more will?  But of course!!!

  53. Jeanette S says:

    Here's something for you beautiful people that work so hard for this cause. This was just too beautiful not to share: (a song "Ordinary Miracle" and three minute video of all the beautiful life here on Earth). Link:  "…things work out after all"…"We are the ones we have been waiting for".  🙂

    • Blue Sue says:

      Thank you Jeanette. I watched three times — such a beautiful reminder of what we stand to loose if we can't put a quick end to the geoengineered assault on nature and all her precious treasures.

    • Blue Sue says:

      another gift for the eyes and ears, "What a Wonderful World" :

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Thank you Ladies for your special thoughts. Dang it, ya made tears well up in my eyes as I watched video of natures beauty and the creatures that once flourished within it. So strong, so fragile.

      We are all one. Love and strength to ALL……

    • Dennie says:

      Blue Sue:  I often hear that song running through my head whenever I see a sight I love.  Have to appreciate what we have while we have it.

  54. Susan Ferguson says:

    A response to the NAVY from the brave locals in WA State: Navy to Neighbors: “You’re F**ked.” /Posted on by West Coast Action Alliance / A Navy plane drew this picture in the sky over Okanogan County on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017.
    November 17, 2017~ Dear Whidbey Island Navy Growler Pilots,
    Yesterday, one of your aircrews went to a lot of trouble to skywrite a giant erect phallus over one of the local areas in which you train and make a lot of noise. Your neighbors who endure this noise have always known that subtlety is not the Navy’s strong suit, what with all the decibels, bombs, irradiation, state park and beach combat training and general whooping it up for war that it has imposed on us. You have, however, taken chest-thumping to, shall we say, a new low. When everyone has finally stopped laughing and backslapping and saying whoa, dude, awesome, would you please take a quiet moment to reflect on the symbolism of what has been done? The exquisite timing of this stunt makes a number of messages as clear and vulgar as the dick in the sky:
        1.    That boys will be boys, now and forevermore, amen.
        2.    That all of your neighbors who’ve objected to your intrusions into once-quiet lives in these once-quiet regions can just s**k on it.
        3.    That our tax dollars are yours for the wasting;
        4.    That starving or eliminating domestic programs and laying a real hurtin’ on people who don’t deserve it, in order for you to gas up your planes and go play is our loss and your gain;
        5.    That women should look up and always remember who’s on top. Also, even the sky is having a #MeToo moment.
        6.    That each $68 million dollar fighter jet your neighbors see flying overhead is under the command of a guy who wants everyone to know there’s a reason the controls that affect all of our lives are in a place called the cockpit.
    Yes, we know, this is not the first time it’s happened, so you can’t even claim originality. An Air Force retiree recalls a dick in the sky at Lackland AFB a number of years ago; the base commander put the pilot on disciplinary leave. We are led to believe that the Navy takes this incident seriously, because it says it will exercise “zero tolerance” and “hold the aircrew accountable.” Since holding naval personnel accountable for previous bad behavior that the community has called out has not happened in a long time around here, we have no idea what that means: a lecture? a slap on the wrist? a memo to the personnel file? a wink and a nod? next time, draw a vagina?
    This writer does not normally resort to colorful language, and you will notice that these posts are also never signed, because threats in the past due to speaking out (which the Navy has never addressed) have deemed it wiser to not reveal our names.
    So, dear Whidbey Island Navy Growler pilots, please know this: we realize not all of you are like the dickheads who pulled this stunt, but we bet a lot of you are laughing about it anyway. If you pass this off as harmless, you will be complicit and reinforcing the six messages above. And you’ll be confirming another one: that the Navy holds its neighbors in contempt, because, as retired naval officer and former Island County Commissioner Mac McDowell, who speaks up for the Navy locally, said in a radio interview and call-in show,* “…the citizens of the area are collateral damage in the war on terror.”
    It may as well have been a middle finger, but the dick was probably easier to draw. But it’s always good to know where we stand, which will eventually be as constituents on the throats of the people who control the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process. We don’t expect results any time soon, because you are too busy converting Whidbey Island into one giant polluted mega-base and this region into a giant defense contractor Disneyland, but as you’ve shown to people in other regions of the world who’ve endured your arrogance, your neighbors will not forget, and we will prevail. Should you decide to become better neighbors, most of us would support you. Sincerely,
    Your Neighbors in Okanagon, the San Juans, Whidbey Island, and the Olympic Peninsula

    • Richard Roberts says:

      You said it all!! Thank you! Now people need to listen!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Good post Susan, and the link you shared leads to another good article (further down on the page) on "How to Gaslight" — worth the read to understand the term and this pernicious process.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Thank you to the west coast action alliance dot org for drafting this letter to the navy. I am no good at drafting letters such as this, but I am good at manning a booth. It's just a small example of how it will take us all in this battle to stop geo engineering.

      Mike Torrence, Okanogan County WA

    • seasideroses says:

      I interpret the message as a warning to the public that things are being put into place, with which the military is involved, that are meant to decimate the public or whatever the elites, globalists, satanists, etc have planned. And it may be that he was in effect saying that it's finished and in place and we are now doomed, in effect

    • virginia says:

      I'm going to play devil's advocate here and suggest, contrary to all of the opinions posted under this thread, that, perhaps, just perhaps, the Navy personnel who thought of this stunt was indeed trying to tell us something…that we are all being fu****** by our government (whoever that is) and to wake up.  What better way to attract such a wide audience than to use our sky as an instrument to achieve such a message.

    • Dog says:

      I wonder how much money this particular sick joke costed US….

      Not only should the pilots be court martialed; the commander of the base should be relieved of command, and the entire operation of the base re-evaluated. If this is "Homeland Security", I'd say we're all in a lot of Trouble.

    • Dennie says:

      Seriously, how do we get a copy of this letter to people who can make a REAL difference, EXPEL the teenagers who filthy the sky with their toxic graffit and get that fucking base CLOSED once and for ALL–???

    • BenBarzman says:

      I think its a good thing they drew a d!ck in the sky, it is making my jobs of informing people about the spraying programs much more noticeable, this is not just normal condensation, or flight paths. People say "yeah well whatever they drew a d!ck", but then i say "how did the pilot get his contrails to turn on and off with precision to draw anything, and then fly away with no contrails", cuz he was turning his sprayers on and off, duh!

      Has anybody seen that old you tube many years back, where a pilot was sky writing "LAST CHANCE". I think some of the pilots know whats up, and whether it be a d!ck or whatever, it is all still something people are going to notice, a warning.

  55. Jeanette S says:

    It is the nature of the sociopathic beast to seek power and money. In the definition thereof it is said that …they will resort to sexual perversion and drug abuse as a means to this end. If they would do this to themselves what would they do to us or in regard to us? I think the answer is right over our heads.

  56. Jeanette S says:

    I wanted to let everyone know that I am notorius for using my poor little vehicle as one of those news posts in Europe, the round cylinders on street corners. I put all this info on  my dashboard and sometimes on the windows toward the side walk. Half is the poor bees and the other is the geoengineering flyers. I put a emerald green bumpersticker with white letters in Gothic that reads "Nature Bats Last" and it is the honest to God's truth. This vehicle is new so I do not put anything in the wipers but I would put one of those notices with website addresses or hashtag if you use them so that people could tear one off to read further. At the corner, where people cross to the hotdog stand in front of a Starbucks or popular restaurant, at your grocery store or when you shop at other stores. When I had my old vehicle, I was into a cause and I strategically put my car on the street on a busy thoroughfare where people on the freeway, BART, and planes coming in to the airport could see it and put a banner on the streetside of my vehicle and tied it down. I saw people taking pictures of it and tour buses that went by…CA in action. I would also spend lunchtimes in my protest regalia and bonnet and hand out flyers.

  57. Blue Sue says:

    Thank you Dane for your painful but critical highlighting of the terribly dire and Orwellian headlines for this week.  It truly does seem that only the criminally insane are calling all the shots.  America's shamefully corrupt leadership is  actively defiling the planet, poisoning humanity and derailing positive wholesome interrelationships among peoples with the wicked intention to depress or steal our natural life affirming power.  We must stand strong and never give up in our efforts to expose and undo these destructive sinister forces running wild in today's world.

  58. Joe ceonnia says:

    Dane, everything you say in these articles are true, but the power structures just don't give a damn, they have the power and we have the words and nothing has changed

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joe, yes, at face value much seems the same, but there is in fact a rapidly growing undercurrent of awareness and awakening. A number of former high ranking military officials are already privately communicating with Some former state and federal scientists also. If we can reach a critical mass of awareness in time,  we can yet alter the equation. Under the best case scenario, we will still face unimaginable challenges on many fronts, but we would at least still be in the fight. So much depends on what we collectively do, or don’t do. Each and every one of us needs to become effective and efficient at sharing credible data. Each and every one of us needs to make our voice heard.

    • DawnSki says:

      Vigilance…I happened upon a discounted bottle of Vigilance wine for my Thanksgiving dinner. Reading up on this winery and it's golf medal label I learned about the sheep herding sustainable farm just down the road from my hero. Dane, I will toast my day of THANKSGIVING entirely to you for your year round VIGILANCE just as the loan sheep dog protecting the herd from harm as they graze and toll the land hoping to produce fruit for our labor as we collaboratively seek to sound the alarm. One day of the year that I will not be mournful of the harm to planet earth. Cheers t you brother. I can't wait to pop the cork and Praise the Lord for all you do and mean to our family. Love to you & your beautiful family.

  59. GEM FAIRE says:

    Gem Faire gives our sincere thanks to Larry & Kathy for driving all the way down from the Pugent Sound area to represent the the outreach booth for GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG this weekend in Portland, Oregon.  Last weekend in Puyallup, Washington, we had the "Simple Horsman" in attendance along with Larry & Kathy.

    Our sincere question, to each of you reading this website for don't more of you attend and work the outreach booth we present to thousands of attendees to each Gem Faire each week? Gem Faire gives each of you a good vehicle to distribute booklets, flyers, etc each week, but most of you just sit on your computer, rather than becoming active in being a person to give credible advice along with free materials to each interested person passing by the GeoEngineeringWatch Outreach Booth.

    Please become like Simple Horseman, Kathy and Larry, give your time and effort to distribute these materials, Gem Faire gives you the booth, free, DVD's free, flyers, free, GeoEngineeringWatch, booklets, free, all we ask, is leave your computer screen, come to the Outreach Booth each week, to help, get this information into everyone's hands that pass by the booth.

    Gem Faire thanks each of you that have been in attendance to give and distribute factual credible information each week, Dane needs your help, as well as our entire Planet, the time is now, why aren't you here?

    It takes all of us working together.

    Thank you, Simple Horseman, Larry, Kathy, our Santa Rosa crew, Costa Mesa crew, Dane, et al, appreicates each and every one of you for your help, more than you'll ever realize.

    Can we depend on you? Next week? 

    Be true to your cause, you have an excellent vehicle here to distribute credible information, take advantage of it, now, this weekend, or next, or the next, whichever venue is close to to, Simple Horseman drives 700 miles R/T, Larry & Kathy 350 miles R/T, why not YOU?

    Don't make an excuse, there is none

    • Blue Sue says:

      Is there any chance that Gem Faire could come north to Anchorage, Alaska? If so, you can count on my presence to help man the booth.  I will be visiting family in California for a few weeks at Christmastime, and so I looked at your Gem Faire schedule to see if I might be able to help out at a location close to LA or San Diego .  Sadly Santa Rosa is too far.  Many times,  I have wished I lived in Oregon.  Alaska is so far from everything. I would love to help more. 

    • Jeanette S says:

      I would love to, in the bay area anyway. I see you are going to be at the Alameda County Fairgrounds soon. I would be happy to attend. Now I do not know much and will not speak so much because Dane likes it just so and it is very technical, but I do not call them "chemtrails" and understand the reasoning for it and I think I can cover the basics. Having a partner would be great. I would also like to gather people to put together a group or join a group. I find it appalling that the East Bay does not have an anti-geoengineering group. I was a rock collector, jewelry maker and would absolutely love to attend the Gem Faire. Thank you for the invitation and stating the truth.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "What?", you mean to say I could have stayed home and watched TV? Oh, wait, I don't have a TV.

      Very well put my friend I have met. It had to be written. Get off the bench folks. Get in the fight. Make your voice heard in this critical battle while there's something left of our planet/home to salvage. Sharing things on fake book is not being part of this battle and serves little purpose. "Face to face". That's where the rubber hits the road. Stop waiting for someone else to step up. I promise you that by the end of the day tending the GW booth at gem faire, your voice will be all wore out from talking to so many folks that want to learn more.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      If Gem Faire came to Alaska I would drop everything for the chance to work the GeoWatch booth. Blue Sue (a friend I have met) and Myself are in for sure. We may even be able to get Bella Fantasia there also. Gem Faire, please consider a trip to Alaska. Thank you for all that  you do and Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      I would jump at the chance to work these booths if they were near me. In former years work I regularly worked convention booths in the beauty industry and LOVED it. I wish I could come, meet, and volunteer with you wonderful folks at the GEM FAIRE gatherings. I know how fun and exciting they can be. I live across the country and cannot travel so far… I wish I were closer.   ; )

    • EndtheFed says:

      Gem Faire,

      Thanks for everything you do in helping to expose geoengineering.  I was able to make it to Costa Mesa in October and get some free materials.  If you all come to California again, have Dane contact me and I will surely be there.  

      While I share your sentiments, for every person who needs a fire lit under them to spur them into action, there is another who simply cannot do so due to circumstances beyond their control.  Our failing health and economic conditions have disabled many in one way or another.  I know because I myself would be doing even more if it were possible.

      Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to watching re-runs of "Two and a Half Men".  /sarc

  60. Susan Ferguson says:

    Congress Has Paid Out $15 Million from ‘Sexual Harassment Slush Fund’ to ‘Quiet’ Victims! November 16, 2017 Tea Party Conservative US News
    “Congress is spending YOUR money to cover up sexual harassment. …… pulling back the curtain, sexual harassment inside the halls of Congress and how you’re paying for the secret settlements. Sexual misconduct scandals have engulfed Hollywood, media, and now politics with the Roy Moore revelations. But did you know that you’ve been funding payoffs for congressional harassment claims for decades.  According to the Congressional Office of Compliance, between 1997 and 2014, hundreds of women have been paid $15.2 million in total in awards and settlements for Capitol Hill workplace violations. The House Administration Committee held a hearing on the matter yesterday.
    … They are trying to make sure that they lived under several other laws and they also wanted to create something to deal with sexual harassment. But in doing this, they have instituted a culture of corruption and they have created much more intimidation for people who want to step forward. … This is the Office of Compliance, the steps a woman has to go through to file a complaint. First the victims have 180 days to complain, that’s not bad. You should get a little bit more if you are traumatized. Victims who want to continue must start 30 days of mediation. So, they force you into mediation, then finally, the Office of Compliance Administration does a hearing, or you can file a federal lawsuit and it’s all confidential. The problem, of course, is pushing women into mediation. It seems to be geared toward stopping the claim. If I look at this as a former attorney, this is kind of pushing — you don’t really want to file this. THIS is ALL about POWER!!!! … people in positions of power, who usually have some problem within themselves.

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