Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 28, 2015


Planet Earth is under siege from countless factors. Unimaginable and irreparable damage has been done, there is no going back in any time frame that matters. We are now in a battle to preserve what is left of our planet's life support systems. The greatest single leap we can make in the right direction is to expose and halt climate engineering. The natural resources that industrialized/militarized society has relied on to sustain itself are waning at blinding speed. Rapidly escalating global conflict is directly connected to the increasing scarcity. Global economic, environmental, and societal collapse is already unfolding. No matter how ominous the horizon has become, the vast majority of the population are so far still bent on remaining in denial. All will be forced to face the truth soon, there is no place to hide from what is unfolding. 
Dane Wigington

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  1. ABC says:

    How Crazy..

    AMAZES's me. 

    Pretty Much way ,

    A lot of Greediness out there.

    U'r gonna die.

    but you are still greedy.


  2. Jane says:

    Cheapy Cheap. Buy a Geieger Counter on EBay! When you see Fog.
    Check out the reading's.
    These criminals are trying to Break You
    Check it out!!!!

  3. The current state of the world is still not real to most. I work with people still discussing cars, jewelry and homes.  The people have no regard to others needs and discount any support. Dane your work is so important doing my best to present this to everyone. I hope all is well and may the LORD keep you safe. Thank You
    Raymond Pharaoh

  4. Jo says:

    Thank you so much Dane for doing what your doing.  We need to stop this madness! 

  5. Linda says:

    So glad to read about all the prayers…I too have been praying daily… "Lord, may your power and glory overcome the geoengineering that is killing our planet.  May our prayers and love for our one-of-a-kind water planet bring a cessation of the evil chemtrails and toxins and bring a new blossoming for Mother Earth and her waters.  May your power and glory help spread the awareness to each mind, Lord. May all the angels help in the healing, as we strive to do all we can to awaken those asleep and unknowing ones."  Whenever I repeat the first sentence, I do feel something powerful being activated…almost tangible.  We must never give up.  God bless all life forms on our beleaguered Mother Earth. 

  6. Maria says:

    God ALLOWS these scum of the earth to play around with our weather. They think they are invincible, but when GOD finally has had enough, HE will take control. The so called "elite" will be sorry they were ever born when God gets through with them. They have poisoned our people, our food, our land, our oceans, our sky. The marine life is all being destroyed. Fukashima radiation has poisoned all of the waters. Even the Great White Shark, which has not been known to ever get cancer, has been affected. Fukashima was NOT an accident, as we all know that HAARP can cause any kind of weather problem 'THEY' want. Polar bears are losing their fur, the first sign of radiation poisoning, seals are bags of bones and going extinct. The salmon spawn was WAY BELOW what its normal range has been. A lot of fish HAVE CANCEROUS TUMORS. The worst part is the sheeple who do not even WANT TO KNOW what is going on!  They are too busy watching reality shows. We have been lied to about our history since BEFORE WWI.

  7. Roger Gibbons says:

    For all those who are wondering who the elite are …..its easy its the ones who control the three city States ……one is the city of london …you need money to run and own all …next you need a religious leader the state of the vatican …..richer then any state in the world ….and the third is DC washington it is a seperate state within the United states …thats your police department for the world.   And theirs more ….

  8. Alan says:

    For about ten years, I've been exclusively a Facebook "voyeur".  I don't contribute.  I just check in occasionally and watch my "friends" promote their political agendas, their pets, their families' personal accomplishments, their vacations, their causes, everything about "them".  Which is, after all, what Facebook is all about.  I get it, and I don't have a problem with it.  But now I feel like I have to contribute.  So, in keeping with the Facebook principle I've established for myself, I've decided to periodically change my Facebook personal photo.  From now on, my photo will be of the sky as I see it from my house.  I'm not going to change it every day, but only on days when the view is particularly compelling.  Today, for example, the sky in northern San Diego County is nearly whited out as the spray planes criss-cross the sky.  I changed my photo.  I see my strategy as a non-threatening way of raising awareness.  If only my "friends" would get it.     

  9. Teri says:

    the weather makers have decreed that the north will be warm this winter and the south will freeze
    anyone who doesn't believe that the weather is being manipulated and geoengineering is in fact taking place is insane. deliberately blind or both. snow at 50 degree's ? the north stays warm with the south freezing? the exact opposite of what should be normal. but then very few alive today have ever seen normal. this manipulation has been going on since the 40's. long before i was born. i can honestly say i have never seen a ''normal'' weather pattern. since it has been altered by the military and scientists who think they have the right to play GOD.
     this won't end until people stand up and end it. it won't be ended by begging and pleading with those who are doing it to stop doing. it won't end until there is nothing left alive to kill. 

  10. American Military declaration of war against humanity and the world:

  11. The interview with Craig B. Hulet  I posted here earlier recommended a video by Barrie Trower on microwave and electromagnetic wave technology.  
    Microwave and electromagnetic wave technology has the capability of exterminating entire sections of humanity. Hulet said that the Navy wants to deploy the largest emitter facility 2000 feet from an elementary school on the Olympic Peninsula WA.  This technology is killing birds and the honeybees – lowering male fertility. No wonder the forest around my yard is silent! This technology is already affecting us. Hulet recommends the website to learn about active denial technology, which doesn’t kill but causes great pain & suffering. The video link below is a conversation with Barrie Trower. This information is so dark, so evil that I frankly don’t recommend it for everyone. Certainly it would make you throw your brain-tumor-causing cell phone away and never let your children get near one. There are plenty of more totally insane gruesome effects & uses. No wonder our soldiers and the police are so messed up! Not for the faint of heart.

    This powerful video explains the truth regarding Microwave weaponry and other exotic weapons (psychotronic, electromagnetic, Radio Frequency, HAARP, GWEN towers, ELF waves) used by The UNITED STATES & other Nations worldwide, leaving NO DOUBT to all that is being used against unknowing people everywhere. If EVER you sought 1 video that tells it like it really is – THIS IS IT! It ALSO explains WHY the Police State mentality seemingl Worldwide. (TESTRA).
    Dr Barrie Trower in a sit down interview tells all to ICAACT. Today many are guilty of the same type sinister crimes many Scientists were hanged for after World War II's Nuremberg trials.

    • David says:

      Susan, I watched the video! The U.S. needs Treaties like the Nuremberg Treaty. What or Who gives government's, the right to experiment with the earth, people, plants, animals and the food we eat, without our consent first. I also see Microwave Tower's going up, which other people say, the tower's are just cellphone towers. I was also told by a former coworker, that NASA has a human brain/mind control plan/project called the Blue Beam Project. It definitely looks like all the pieces to the insanity puzzle, are rapidly falling into place in the U.S. and around the entire globe. How much more Evil can they be.

    • Thinking about Barry Trower’s scary video, it became clear to me that the elite and their minions are MUTANTS! People who are constantly being bombarded by these pernicious EMRs no longer think as ‘normal’ human beings because their brains are not functioning in the same way as the rest of us. The brain of anyone who is surrounded by microwaves, RF, etc. in ‘control’ rooms, military, IT, financial, or whatever environment bombards them 24/7 is not going to function the same way the brain that is in harmony with the planet & Nature. Imagine living in one of those ‘smart’ houses where you are submerged in an ocean of WiFi high-tech remote control of pretty much everything, from lighting and heating to the security gate, baby monitors, CCTV cameras and audiovisual equipment.
      Contemplating the destructive effects from EMR on our brain reminded me of the book ‘The Shallows, What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains’ by Nicholas Carr: “The Net’s cacophony of stimuli short circuits both conscious and unconscious thought, preventing our mind from thinking deeply or creatively. …Heavy use has neurological consequences. …as the time we spend hopping across links, crowds out the time we devote to quiet reflection and contemplation, the [brain] circuits that support those old intellectual functions and pursuits weaken and begin to break apart. The brain recycles the disused neurons and synapses…”
      One wonders how this kind of entrainment by the machine will damage our capacity for any deep thinking. This ‘redirection of our mental resources’ and ‘making judgements that are imperceptible to us’ as Nicholas Carr says, have been shown to ‘impede comprehension and retention’. Carr quotes the German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, who back in the 1950s said: "…the looming tide of [the] technological could so captivate, bewitch, dazzle and beguile man that calculative [quantitative] thinking may someday come to be accepted and practiced as the only way of thinking." The frenzy of quantity over quality, jumping from one focus to the next, using only a small part of the brain may destroy our capacity for quiet contemplation and meditation. The state of a calm and attentive mind cultivated in silence is not only the source of all genuine creativity and innovation. Are these new masters of the universe, who we are in fact allowing to transform the very way our brains operate — are they true masters of their own consciousness or are they mutants?

    • penny says:

      Susan, your reflections on the demise of deep thinking reminded me: somewhere I read about research proving that shallow 'sound-bite' thinking actually does bypass the moral decision-making parts of the nervous system.  Not only are people less creative and contemplative, they are artificially entrained psychopaths, utterly lacking access to their innate ethical sense.  Here is one link, though just showing correlation, not causality.

      I can't find the one I want.  Everyone, however, should read Jerry Mander's "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television" — old, but more relevant than ever nowadays!

  12. Nnikki says:

    Dane, I'm so glad that you are getting 3 bands involved in the fight. Music is such a fantastic tool in spreading the word. For example, in 2008 a very popular rock band called 30 Second To Mars, went to Greenland to film a video for their song A Beautiful Lie, for their album of the same name. They did this in a low-impact manner, along with local guides, in order to protect the environment. They were so affected by the stories told to them by the local people of their struggles with the disintegration of their environment, that they lodged a campaign to enlighten the public to the reality of global warming. Apparently, this had a substantial effect on their fans at the time. However, it's not clear if they have continued this message as of now.It's an example of what can be done & hopefully your bands will be successful & remain dedicated. For anyone who would like to watch the video(I don't know how to post links as I'm rather computer illiterate), go to utube & enter A Beautiful Lie 30 Seconds To Mars official video. It's awesomely beautiful & also rather ironically & appropriately titled for our current place in time. Take care Dane & all.

  13. TNGEOWATCh says:

    Finally got to listen to the radio show this afternoon.

    I have had the hardest time the past week to get anyone to take this topic seriously.  Spoke to numerous people and family.  It is as if we are literally so numb to reality that no one wants to take Climate engineering seriously.

    Like the line out of the Matrix.  Ignorance is BLISS!

    We've had now 6 straight days with 20-25 degree abnormal high low temperatures throughout the greater Tennessee area.  As Dane noted in this article a direct sign of Methane. 

    Also, Winter storms I though required winter precipitation? The winter weather the past few days has been more of a rain maker to my general reading of the weather webpages? 

    Upper 30's and rain in Kansas City today.  Thursday rain at the Green Bay game on Thanksgiving Day.  Has anyone looked at the radar and surface maps for the weather going on right now.  No front's just a blob of rain coming from the south and pushing over most of the north American eastern continent area.  Covering us up but keeping us wrapped in a blanket keeping it from getting to hot or too cold.  Heavily aerosolized!

    Dane! Praying for you and your safety!  God bless you!

  14. Shep 12 says:

    Georgia Guidestones – maintain population @ 1/2 billion

    Bush buys 98,000 acre ranch in N Paraguay (escape plan)

    I'm still a little puzzled how the elite can escape radioactive fallout.  Could you stock ten years worth of air, food and water … at minimum?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The Elite won't survive their mass destruction of our planet– they'll just be the last ones to go. lists things like GDP, military budget and holdings as well as total population and projected population.  Compare the 2014 total U.S. population with their projections for 2025:  What's going to happen to 254 million people in the next ten years??

      The military KNOWS of the impending environmental collapse, even as THEY are The Ones who've contributed the most to our planet's demise; this is why the U.S. military has been saying that "climate change" is The Number One threat to national security. 

  15. Tragically, sadly Alex Jones sounds more – dare I say – reasonable with every passing day. The last 20 years I spent reading the ancient Sanskrit texts and teaching myself Sanskrit. The well known sacred text, the Bhagavad Gita is a dialogue that takes place in the middle of a battlefield in the moments just before a World War of ancient times. I have not ignored the world, like some who seek to contemplate God. But Alex Jones was not on my daily rounds either. Still today he appears horribly on target, making sense of the demonic chaos we find ourselves irrevocably sinking into. God Bless us All – and our beloved planet, our only Home in the vastness of space.

    We are hurtling towards the precipice of full scale war
    Alex Jones | – November 28, 2015
    Due to the frightening developments of the last few days Alex sounds his third Emergency Alert as the world marches dangerously close to the eruption of WWIII. From the elite scrambling away to armored redoubts, to the sabre rattling of Ergodan the unhinged Turkish P.M. we are hurtling towards the precipice of full scale war. [vid]

    • David says:

      Does everyone remember the Passenger Jetliner Boeing 777, Malaysian Flight MH17 enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 17, 2014, that was shot down in Eastern Ukraine. There were a total of 298 people onboard, 283 passengers 15 crew members. Six of those passengers were lead HIV/Aids research scientists, could there be a connection here, that the powers to be, do not a want cure for HIV/Aids. Has anyone seen the State Farm Insurance Catastrophic Weather Disaster Commercial, on The Weather Channel. First the Scheduled Planned GeoEngineered Weather Whiplash is manufactured, then the Catastrophic Insurance Adjusters come, to evaluate the weather disasters. I wonder what State Farm is paying TWC, for the advertising. As explained on one of the Flyers on this website, who benefits from this Criminal Climate/Weather Warefare and who suffers. See the connection here! NASA 2016 Budget Propsal of $500 million Keeps Agency on Path to Mars by 2030, for Mars Exploration Program. NASA should be more concerned about the damage done to planet Earth and use that money for a plan to heal and hault and further irreparable damage to the biosphere and web of life on Earth. Maybe this is a clue, a new planet, because Earth is beyond being healed.

  16. free the others says:

    it was very heartwarming to hear that musicians are joining in on this fight. i am a guitar player and a person that truly believes that we are killing ourselves by the day with this illusion that is so disgustingly bought into. i have basically lost the support of all family and friends because i believe in what is going on. if there is anything i can do, literally anything, HIT ME UP! I am fully willing to give myself to this cause of awakening. i am fully willing to give my energy to raising awareness of the truthful nature of the world.
    "free the others"

  17. horsegirl says:

    Dane, yesterday we could not hear your podcast at the location where we went for internet.  We are now listening and so far no interruptions.  So much for no censorship in the land of the "free."

    We live in an area of somewhat frequent HAARP activity. Sometimes in the dead still air of the desert we literally can "hear" an electrical hum.  The herringbone patterns are in the gasses above (I won't call them clouds).  On the way into Bisbee, Arizona, we pass a GWEN tower not listed on the common map of such towers available on the internet.  While approaching it, we frequently experience a mild sort of double vision.  no kidding.  "Cockeyed" my husband calls it (his vision normally is perfect, acute, even amazing).  Immediately after passing the GWEN tower we feel a spike in the temperature and our vision stabilizes.  

    While we are informed that all the climate engineering is high above beyond our reach, some powerful tools of this insanity are on ground level.  Just saying.

  18. Audrey says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who thinks these "environmental" organizations are there to help anyone.  They are controlled by the very people we are fighting.  The World Wildlife Fund , for example, was started by Prince Philip, the one who wants to be reincarnated as a virus to kill us all.  They use those organizations to grab up all the land.  Lots of valuable resources on that land. 

    And why are these people such psychos?  They're all inbred, and not just the British royals everyone likes to make fun of.  ALL the people at the top.  I've read that at least 33 US presidents have been genetically related.  I'm inclined to believe that.  If you think voting has any effect at all on that mess, you're mistaken. 

    These people own EVERYTHING.  It's very depressing.  Look up the Virginia Corporation, it's British.  See who REALLY owns this country.

    • Audrey says:

      I also wanted to respond to someone who talked about us being bought and sold by these people.  Yup, we are.  Our birth certificates are bought, sold, and traded on the bond market.  They're gambling on your projected productivity over your lifetime.  Cheers!

    • Wake Up World! says:

      Thanks for bringing up a great point Audrey. Start this at 12 minutes:
      They are brainwashed into believing that the UN is here to save the world and all they have to do is go along with the program of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and its tentacles of green busywork. The talk today is loaded with "We, the collective" and "change-agent". They have been given their assignments, so they are distracted with the real problems we face. They have been absorbed as glitter-faced banner carrying UN Borg. They have no idea what they are involved in and couldn't tell you who the council of foreign relations is if you paid them. They are children who now belong to them, a plan that was in the works for decades.

    • beretta says:

      Audrey , I read something recently about that being the case of all 13 colony states. Also when the US declared bankruptcy in 1933 in international court it made the US into a corporation that in turn changed US citizens into US employees/property of the US corporation, which gave the bankers even more control than they received in 1913 when the federal reserve got their claws in Woodrow Wilson and doomed this country with a fiat currency built on debt ,( just look on a dollar bill, bank of  federal reserve. ) Per the constitution only congress can coin money. The federal reserve is not federal, its a banking system owned and operated by bankers.   I have not done enough research on this but I bet Susan Ferguson  who I think highly of due to her knowledge on things like this can fill in the blanks. So if anyone knows more on this please let me know if im wrong on any of this.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      No, they just think they "own" everything. In reality, everything on this planet is on loan from God Him/Herself and we just get to borrow it while we're here during our lifetimes.  Everything that wants to say anything else is BULLSHIT. 

      What needs to happen, I say, is that we need to bring back the essence, if not the outright FORM of indigenous peoples, their presence, sensibilities and practices regarding the sacredness of the Earth.  Nothing like de-industrialization to shake up Whitey.  Now while I play Bach, if collapse means I have to live in a corner of a broom closet when TSHTF, I guess I will.  Our plight is now no different from those of the indigenous peoples as they faced genocide. 

  19. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 88th email to my contact list, titled "GAS GAS GAS".
    1.  In the British Army we were taught to shout "Gas Gas Gas" before putting on our gas masks when we thought we were under gas attack.  It is a way of warning others and expelling some inhaled gas before breathing (hopefully) clean air and helping others.
    2.  The featureless, amorphous skies we regularly see are a result of toxic atmospheric spraying.  Some days we a have a selection of rather undefined cloud types that should not appear in the same sky/atmosphere at the same time – these are also a result of toxic atmospheric spraying.  On other days we see grey/brown clouds alongside bright white clouds (and many colours in between) – also a result of toxic atmospheric spraying.
    All of these sprayed cloud types create a very effective smoke screen and slow kill gas attack.
    Due to our blasé attitude to what is going on in the skies above us, we are now within years of planetary omnicide and extinction, with very little chance of averting it.
    3.  As with many journeys, most people treat their life journey as a required necessity to reach their destination (death), whereas what we do with our lives is far more important.  We should all be like children and ask "Why?" to everything, only then may we achieve our life's purpose.
    There is a great statement at the start of the film The Equilizer: "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you realise why". 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      In the American public school system the children were taught to "duck and cover" in the event of a nuclear bomb strike.  How would you know that was what was hitting you?  Why, the BRILLIANT WHITE LIGHT, like "god," that you'd see, of course.  Huh.  Like ducking and covering is going to save our sorry little powerless *sses in the event of a nuclear bomb strike.

  20. Dennie Mehocich says:

    There we go again, blaming It All (everything BAD) on the Russians– Does anyone know that they sent us five of their warships to San Francisco harbor in 1862, in case of a hot war with the Confederated U.S. on the west coast, in defense of the Union? And that Russian intel was instrumental in helping win many battles for the Union back where the hot war was going on in places like Indiana, etc.? Check out what Webster Tarpley has to say about our long relationship with Russia and how it "went sour…" KNOW your history, because if you don't know where you've been you will know even less about where you're going.

    BTW:  You'll have to tell everyone, how does anyone prepare for an EMP attack– would that be the same as when I was a little kid back in the 60s and we all were told to duck and cover in the event of a nuclear bomb attack (you know, that blinding flash of white light, out of the blue, kinda like all the descriptions of "god" we've read about…), like that's really going to save us?

  21. Linda says:

    LOVED IT!!!!!

  22. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …..That Rocks……

  23. Hi Beverly – Thank you! An EMP attack coming Jan. 2015. Interesting. I took notes today on an interview that Craig B. Hulet did in Dec. 2014 regarding the electromagnetic warfare here in the Olympic Peninsula WA. I had concluded from what Hulet said that our military is indeed expecting an EMP attack and have technology ready. Excerpts from Craig B. Hulet:
    * Electromagnetic Warfare on the Olympic Peninsula – The Navy & Forest Service were combining and not telling the public – will be covering the entire Olympic Peninsula – set up an electro magnetic training range using the Growler jets – they pick up an electromagnetic beam and destroy – no one has tested – this is not radar from WWII – even though the Navy wanted to portray it as radar – plenty of evidence from Europe showing these EMRs are dangerous to health – Colonel Joe Dupont called the emitter “FIRE” which in Army language means weapons, like bullets. – disrupting a signal is the lowest level of the technology capacity – The towers have the ability to do unbelievable damage to human beings – No military persons are involved in moving around the mobile emitters – The drivers come from private security contractors – ie. unaccountable civilian contractors – Hulet made himself apply for the job and found the supplier – the company BAE owned by Brit & USA  @0:22:40
    Not just happening in WA, they are actually doing this in 17 states all up & down the borders, the east coast, west coast, and the southern coast, and every military base (names) – and they are enlarging and expanding this area of electromagnetic emissions and weapons systems training – just from one was of the contractors BAE – thus this is a nation-wide technology – China & Russia have these emitters – These systems can be turned around and used in any capacity they wish as a weapon system, crowd control, use of microwave technology for crowd dispersal – deployed in Iraq, but withdrawn because it killed people – It was microwave burning frying people to death – Not big, can be put on the back of a pick-up truck, like a camper, about 14 feet high – These electromagnetic weapons are “considered’ non-lethal. – This is not radar – it’s a weapon system …FIRE. – It can fry the water under your skin until you are screaming in pain. – They had to be withdrawn in Iraq & Afghanistan because they were killing people – Military Field Manuals describe that they can make people behave differently. – Change your thinking, confusion, short term memory loss, feel ill all the time. – Disrupt your life, change & alter your behaviors to what the military desires in the Field Manuals. This technology is completely out of control, DARPA out of control.
    full interview here:

    • Earth Angel says:

      How absolutely HORRIBLE! Thank you for this report Susan. People need to know the danger we are all in because of these out of control maniacs in the military industrial machine. God knows I hope Tesla is turning in his grave over this gross misuse of the technologies he immersed himself in. They say he meant his studies for good- but this world would be far better off without them in my opinion. Technologies such as are being used do not belong on this earth. God gave us everything we needed to survive and live happily without this insanity. I remember the Unibomber,Ted Kaczinski(sp?), when I was a kid. They tried to make him out to be such a bad guy then- but I now believe  he may have been trying to warn us about all this crap! I seem to remember he escaped from the MK ultra program(or something like that) and that his message had to do with warning society about technology use. They threw him in jail somewhere and he hasn't been heard of since. Does anyone else remember about this? Can anyone clarify some facts about his case?

    • Jenny says:

      Earth Angel, I just remember that he sent bombs in the mail to some people—don't know who—and his brother somehow had a feeling it was him, and reported him to law enforcement, and apparently he was right. Also, he'd written some kind of anti-technology manifesto.  He lived in a shack in the middle of nowhere, as I recall.  But I'm sure you can lok up more about his case online.

      I did not read his manifesto so I don't know about his ideas, but the fact that he was sending bombs to people kind of outweighed that for everyone.  There's certainly no excuse for that.

    • orange says:

      About the Unabomber, how would you know if he really did send bombs, or if he was just a patsy?  How often does the government tell us the truth about ANYTHING?  His manifesto is fascinating and very prescient, I personally wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to discredit him.  But that's JMO. 

  24. Ken Voss says:

    Dane, you briefly mentioned what happened to Easter Island, and I thought you, and everybody, might appreciate this excellent essay by Chris Hedges in which he also compares the destruction of Easter Island to what we are doing to the planet today.

  25. Tamara says:

    Paris Climate talks are closed due to the recent Paris shootings. How convenient. Another false flag to keep the people scared and naive. 21 years of these talks and only a few significant countries have moved toward renewables and CO2 diminishment. It's blatant that (they) don't want it to happen.

    While Geoengineering runs rampant all over the planet and no one to stop or monitor what the powers that be are doing.

    Spending the holiday with family and seeing all those little precious kids that most of us have in our lives. So bright and happy. Balls of energy laughing and playing around me and all I can think is that they have no future. 

    When I am by myself I cry.

    I know it's real and I feel helpless to stop it. But I won't give up. Thanks to all of you and Dane that help me remember that I am not crazy and that I am not alone.

    Paris anyone?

    • Nicole says:

      We share your pain Tamara. Every day.

    • Marie says:

      Tamara, I cry almost everyday myself. It helps to relieve some of the pressure that I feel and it helps me. We must NOT GIVE UP. Everyday more and more people are waking up. I'm not waiting around any longer. I am putting together a plan to table information on one of our downtown sidewalks. I live in a small town and I'm sure some will disapprove but I cannot live with myself if I don't try. Don't give up, keep the faith. Good will prevail!

    • David S. says:

      Tamara,    You are not crazy and you are definitely not alone. As a father, grandfather, and great grandfather, I do a lot or crying for the kids myself. Hang in there.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      False Flag Bullsh*tters– like, they really believe no one's noticed their pattern of "terrorist" attacks– sooooo completely obvious by now, these inbred, keep-it-all-in-the-family psychopathic monsters are about as subtle as a freight train.  Well, WE know who the REAL terrorists are. 

  26. Joan McCarthy says:

    Dear Dane, thank God for you!! I am so devastaded that so many people are not awake to the total annialation of our planet!  My grown intelligent children think I am cry. I send them evidence all the time and they won't even read it anymore! My thanksgiving was horrible,! We argued about this all day,! Are people being drugge and just a few of us immune to it?  There is no explanation!  I take pictures every day now of chemtrails over Salt Lake City! White sky is normal now. My sinuses are very bad. News is pathetic!  If anyone needs more proof just google " birds dying" " fish dying" seals dying" whales dying" trees dying!!! Look it up on google and you will be so shocked and you will wonder why thi into being reported by news,, we are being manipulated completely! Bankers elite are running the show,  evil everywhere!!!  My heart is completely broken, I cry everyday, I am so ashamed of this country and the sickos running it!  This beautiful precious planet that God has given us is being murdered. I love the people who are praying. I think this is our only hope now, maybe God will intervene. 

  27. Dennie Mehocich says:

    "Ashes, ashes, All fall DOWN!!"  That's where The System's headed.

    The more you've bought into it the more you have to lose, the more you're likely to be in denial about It All.  Right now, people should be making local connections, supporting local economies, making friends, building networks.  Now is not the time to burn bridges, unless it's the ones tied to the Corporate-Banking-Military-Industrial Cabal.  I can't help but think of a surfing analogy– catch a wave when you can and ride it as long as possible, whatever that means to you.

  28. Marc says:

    Was at my sister's house last night. I had picked up my daughter (fresh home from college) on my way over there. We all had take-out in the back TV room together while the movie "Avatar" played on the flatscreen. Boy, Howdy!!! Does it get any more American? Anyway, finally my sister, whom I hadn't seen in months, asked me what I'd been up to and if I was still hanging out on all the time. I said well, sure, some of the time but hello? I do other stuff, too. Then my beautiful 14 (and a half, she insists on making sure you understand the "half" part) year old niece who was sprawled on the couch piped in and said "What's geoengineering?" And suddenly, my emotions caught even ME off guard. I could not speak for at least ten full seconds because my heart was exploding in grief as I gazed at her and at my own beautiful daughter (of 19 yrs.) both indescribably innocent and unaware of the unspeakable acts of evil infecting their every breath and every hope. Finally I was able to say, "Well… has to do with weather modification". That's actually all I said. I could say no more than that 'cause I was still kind of broken up. But suddenly my niece blurted out, "You mean, like, chemtrails?" I said "How on earth do you know about that?" So……..of course……………… ends up going back to the Kylie Jenner tweet about "chemtrails" etc. etc. which occurred late last May. Is it just me, or does anyone out there find this interesting on some cosmic level? 

       But wait, there's more!!! Then my niece asked me why they would be spraying the sky all the time, and of course, Uncle Marc lost it again, only this time I literally could not speak. There's just something about this whole ugly geoengineering game that when it comes to children, I am so consumed with a mixture of rage, hopelessness and grief that it is unbearable. Unbearable!!! That there exist forces (humans?) in this world whose heartlessness knows no boundaries, and who appear happily willing and able to spray extreme deadly toxic aerosols over their own children, friends, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and everything beautiful thing that lives. I just can't stand that this nightmare is happening. A real, live, waking nightmare. All born from out the magnificent scientific mind of MAN, in a passionate Last Tango with the not-so-magnificent Human Impulse to lie, deceive,  war, rape, bomb, spray, infect, exploit, enslave, humiliate, and/or otherwise conquer one another. 

       Was out on a long walk on Thanksgiving day and passed by a large green field in a park wherein a group of dads and their young sons had just finished a game of touch football. They were all on the sidelines gulping from their water bottles and energy drinks, and generally having a great time. Only thing is……..right up above them, from horizon to horizon, hung white lines, white, aerosolized, weaponized lines. Lines of disgrace.

    • Great heartfelt post, Marc! Thank you.

    • DL says:

      Marc, I feel you too. I believe that the forces of the Universe are soon to step in and help us in our 11th hour. Which is very soon. As what affects our planet also affects the Multiverse. We will see very soon.

    • Michel B says:

      Marc, as always your posts are a great catharsis for me. I don't have children, but I worry about all the children who are inevitably caught in the cross fire of these power plays.

      Yes, this heartlessness from those behind all the machinations (and some in front) is the difficult issue to get our heads around. The whole miracle and wonderment at life must be lost on them. They are suffering the inability to feel a great many things. Surely their struggles towards power is the narrowest paradigm and ultimate parochialism that one could imagine.

      Most of us here are somewhat aware of the rarity of Life in the Universe ('Universe' means 'One Song'). That the walking, talking hunks of meat-and-bone called Men think that there is something to claim and hold onto in this world is one of the great vanities and the psychopathic mind is automatically seduced by this. They are truly limited in their outlooks.

    • Marc says:

      Michel B, when you say "the whole miracle and wonderment at life must be lost on them", it rings so true. The preciousness of life and our ecosystems and the sublime ancient balance present therein seems to be nothing more than another commodity to be exploited or perhaps just an obstacle on their way to some psychopathic goal. As DL said here in reply to me, I, too, feel a vague sense of possible "divine" (?) intervention from the multiverse or from some embodied consciousness that sees the crimes being perpetrated here. Though many of my posts incline toward the dark effects of this agenda, believe it or not I actually retain my own internal sense of hope. Without it I would I would be completely useless. 

      The BRICS alignment only relatively recently formed reveals a most profound change in the landscape of human affairs. Rest assured, there ARE forces hard at work trying to wrest away from the prevailing CABAL their relentless grip on the throat of this world. The almighty dollar is suddenly not so almighty anymore and this is only the beginning of the real backlash against these assholes. Can it really be that the CABAL is not so monolithic as we have all been lead to believe? Their intimidation and sheer power is a huge part of the reason so many other countries appear to have signed on so willingly to the geoengineering idea. Yes, some are blameworthy in their own right, but the vast military at the behest of the CABAL is most fearsome, indeed. If any of us have any hope at all for some profound positive change, it may already be too late. But that shouldn't keep us from experiencing our sense of hope as another God-given means of influencing changes on the quantum level.

  29. Cheddar says:

    So exicited to hear you have musicians on board. They will be able to plant the seeds as they travel. Who are they?
    I keep feeling like we are missing some THING, some WAY to hit the masses. Look at all the stupid videos that go viral.Must be a way, a figure to help our voices be heard. How many of us AWAKE folks do you suppose there are now? Why aren't we a collective mass at this point?  Together we must have power by now….how do we all talk amongst ourselves and bounce ideas around? This reply area is a good start but there must be a more fluid arena for our conversation…
    For instance,  I will get your email updates, read/listen to them, then reply. But I find it difficult to maneuver much further.
    On another mentioned post…we definitely need a LOGO to exhibit…on our vehicles, our bodies, etc. I am sure all your followers are more than willing to ADVERTISE in some way daily that we aren't doing right now. We need a COLLECTIVE, COHESSIVE plan….
    Remember those STUPID "piss on" window stickers? And all the little FAMILY stickers we see in everyone's car windows? Those of us who are AWAKE Need a collective, universal anti geo symbol or logo.
    It would be in my window in 2.seconds!  We could hand  THOSE out with likely more interest/sales than a flyer?
    Cannot praise you enough Dane. Such a thankless position, but those who HEAR you are at your beckon call.
    Any more meetings planned? 
    Looking forward to your direction (of us) ….
    Darlene aka Cheddar in Paradise

  30. That big high pressure off California creating a polar vortex when election day comes nearly all of the united States will be having a freeze down wake up weather warfare awareness 

  31. Hi Dane. You mentioned a canadian law suit. Could you tell me who’s doing that? I live in BC and have taken pictures of our skies, maybe it could be helpful.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Renate, I am not quite yet at liberty to disclose details, but I should be able to soon in regard to the Canadian action. The effort in Canada is a bit ahead of the US effort as there are many more hurdles to jump through in the US.

  32. Michel B says:

    Institutional problems will not be fixed by the current status quo institutions, whether they be political, scientific, religious, economic, etc. Because they are, willingly or unwittingly, entrenched in the current paradigms.

    From where will the solution come, if at all? It has to come from the public raising its own consciousness and looking outside the boundaries of all preconceived notions, that is, outside of corporate and institutional perspectives.

    But how does the public wake up? – From those within it who are awake and spreading the word to others. The CFR have overtaken every power centre in the West and beyond and they have achieved this through 'Rhodesian (as in Cecil Rhodes) Gradualism'. Bit by bit they work, tirelessly, endlessly, with very definite goals and definite pathways forged towards those goals. They have a very clear vision and are not willing to let anything get in the way of those achievements.

    Like it or not, we have to be equal to that in our efforts to restore, save and protect all the good that is possible in this world. The achievement of what I am proposing will mean a complete transformation of this Humanity's world. I am staggered by the glimpse I am giving myself of 'What Could Be' and I know it is an amalgam of ideals bouncing around in my head, but such visions are where we start.

  33. beretta says:

    The example of easter island that Dane gave is spot on (do some research on easter island and you will know what he means). Consume until you cant consume anymore. As for ww3 (I think has already started) he is right there too, it depends on who is pulling whos strings. No president or prime minister of any country runs the country, only the banking cabal runs the countries. As for the political side of this, they are 2 sides of the same coin, as long as they get their paychecks they’re happy, they will do nothing, don’t bother writing them talk to people that matter, people you be able to get to understand. Ive gave up on my family and friends, they just wont listen or dont want to accept whats happening. All I can do now is try to reach co workers (just started a new job) and go from there.

    • Malinda says:

      Please be careful at your new job.  I tried to reach coworkers only to be marginalized.  My boss called me in and told me not to talk about geoengineering.  My colleagues think I'm a bit crazy.  Good luck!  Now I just leave flyers on cars in parking lots.

  34. stephan says:

     Thank you Dane – Hello all – Dane mentioned meeting some musicians in San Francisco and sharing information with them – this made me think of one of my all time favorite musicians – I live in Winnipeg Canada and this musician actually grew up here – many years ago he bought a ranch in northern California – he recently turned 70 years of age but is still going strong – his many award winning albums have included songs of freedom,anti-war and the environment – he has been awarded the "Order of Canada". This musical icon has to be aware of the tortured skies above him – His name is Neil Young – It just goes to show what someone like him could do – he doesn't need the money anymore – I guess he doesn't want to tarnish his good name – Maybe Chuck Norris could pay him a visit and tell him to grow a pair – As the chorus in one of his songs goes "Leaves us Helpless Helpless Helpless Helpless".

    • Marc says:

      Amen Stephan, I have considered Neil Young an enlightened being ever since I started singing and playing his songs on my guitar when I was 20 years old back in 1973. Yes, it would be mind blowing if someone of his stature, just one, would come forward to publicly denounce this treacherous assault.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Last I heard Neil Young was living in rural La Honda, a coastal redwoods hamlet near the San Mateo County, CA coast. 

    • bija says:

      Neil Young is still going strong and fighting against tyranny and injustice. He released The Monsanto Years this year, along with a mini documentary about the evil M! 

    • San miquel co., co says:

      Neil only cares about touring around in his Hummer and hanging with his girlfriend Daryll Hannah.  You really think he's going to take a real stand?  Come to Telluride when he's here and ask him….he doesn't care. . .

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      These Sixties guys are all getting into their very gray years now but maybe they've still got some fight left in them.  We'll just have to wait and see what they do.  Personally, I think we need to aim in the direction of the younger musicians but with the fragmentation of the music recording industry, though we have a lot more artists we also have fewer "superstars," who could act as spokespersons on issues.

  35. Roger Gibbons says:

    Again today Nov 28th heavy, heavy spraying in the greater Toronto Area.
    It’s non stop now every day jets just can't spray out the toxic mix fast enough.
    Is there anyone out there know where I can get a mini bill board for the back of my van …
    We need to self advertise the spraying going on day and night ….I want to put a pic of the ast bill board of the jet spraying with the words stop spraying on it.
    If anyone knows how to get that pic let me know……I will drive to work, around town, out shopping with a mini bill board attached to back of the van.
    We have start to push back NOW to save what’s left.

    • Marc says:

      Roger, check out the 8th (scroll down) featured report in the right hand column here. Re: geoengineering activist….etc. There's a link near the end of the auto graphics shop in Florida who made his rear window anti-geoengineering screen. They are currently making one for me right now. I think they're called IgniteGraphixx or close to that. Good Luck.

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Thanks Marc I will check it out …..can’t wait to put it on the rear of my van.

  36. Mike looking up says:

    Dane, very heartfelt hour. I left a message on Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog Thanksgiving and mentioned I'm thankful for his broadcast and guests including yourself, for here we get the truth. I went on to mention we had the WORST spray day by far, here in Metro-Detroit. He replied back, and get this. Mike, the same here in North Carolina very bad with criss cross patterns all day and night. I first seen you on his channel your very first time 5 or 6 months ago, and also your repeat apperance about a month ago. As you mentioned about knowing sooner, I wish I had been looking up years ago. Imagine my shock as it wasn't until your apperance on USA watchdog this had been going on for so many years. I'm not so into myself, MSM, or the day to day grind I don't seek out information of truth. However, not till 6 months ago did I realize because you, this was happening. Just to end on, for the last 5 months after I spent at least 30 hours of study on Geoengineering I haven't stopped spreading the word and posting all you do on my facebook page, that reaches a few. Finally I always leave your site information when I'm on other sites of truth and there are some good people out there trying to wake people up. Be safe and thank you so much, you’re a difference maker.

    • John Worthington says:

      Hi Mike – I follow Greg Hunter also. I live just north of Metro Detroit and we have been getting hammered lately. Most all of the chemtrails have been east to west and west to east. I take hundreds of pictures with a 60X zoom lens camera and I noticed that more commercial planes are spraying chemtrails along with the usual government tankers.

  37. a simple horseman says:

    Dane, Thank you for another edition of your weekly radio show. I pass it on to several that I know and at every chance, your website. My comment today revolves around losing friends in trying to get the word out. I notice that others remark about it in the comment columns here. To that I hope everyone takes a look at of what they thought a friend was in the first place. I toed the line down some tough roads in my time, those that were were left standing with me were and are the best of friends in many ways. I stand tall in my convictions. You'd live a long time trying to find me a hypocrite. This week you mentioned the house of cards that is about to crash down and that money is not true wealth. I fear many of our lost friends would never understand what that statement really means. We will all find out who our friends are when the times get tough, and they will, just as you say. A final thought on friends, I've made new ones spreading the word and helping folks look up when I pass them in public(I live in a small town, people here still say hello to one another). I make sure I speak well and am never shaming or pressuring, simply just pointing out what's happening in "our" skies. Some here are starting to connect the dots, though not very fast. At least they have something different to talk about when around me in town or friends houses.

    Thank you for your energy and leadership,

    a simple horseman

  38. Pat says:

    Having been one of those people who looked up and said "..there seem to be lot of contrails today", and even took a photo to use in a painting, I woke up  years ago, and have been noticing the increase in the frequency and density each day.  The days of hanging sheets out to dry in the "fresh " air are long gone.   

    I have done a lot of research and thankfully discovered this site where I can share some things I have learned.

    First, in order to protect ourselves and our families by taking measures to mitigate the damage to our bodies, I strongly recommend irrigating the nasal passage with saline solution, tipping the head to allow the solution to flush the sinuses, then flushing out the nose into a tissue.  Do this several times until you feel clear.  I do this first thing in the morning and before going to bed.  Gargling (ugly word) with hydrogen peroxide will keep the bad bacteria from multiplying in your throat, avoiding the need for anti-histamines and decongestants.  

    Some of the most intelligent,  environmentally aware people I know are still unable to grasp the obvious.  I am not giving up.

  39. horsegirl says:

    Dane continues asserting that all this spraying is not for benevolent reasons with which I concur.  As we live in a periodic HAARP wind alleyway, it has been our observation that a malevolent use of solar power is at work. Winds from everywhere tear at our very souls all day long.  They start up right after dawn then cease after sunset.  This happens so consistently during HAARP events that we conclude the cover (which doesn't happen all the time here outside Bisbee, Arizona) is activated ;by solar power to push air masses northwards.

    If all the spraying were for true geoengineering needs to protect the planet – not for some evil wreaked upon humanity – wouldn't the spray cover be as uniform as possible planetwide?  While their evil indeed manifests everywhere with weather warfare, the most overcast regions seem to be in the northern hemisphere in general and over US cities and densely populated regions in particular.

    Perhaps the fiends have some scientific doctrine proferring a methane extinction event to be wreaked upon most of humanity, believing they have means to resolve it afterwards while meanwhile hunkering down below ground.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Horsegirl, though urban areas are often heavily sprayed, there are multiple aspects to consider on this point. One primary factor for the climate engineers is to mask the true degree of warming that has already occurred (while making it the warming even worse overall at the same time). Most of the temperature record keeping is done from Urban zones. By shading the urban areas, the daytime high readings can be temporarily reduced which skews the data on the actual climate reality. This is not to discount the probability of other agendas going on at the same time in regard to the spraying. A final factor to remember and consider, some of the heaviest and most consistent spraying of all goes on over the poles where there is virtually no human habitation. It is important to remember there are many layers to this insanity, none are benevolent (we agree on this fact).

  40. Jared says:

    Yes, indeed what a break neck pace the geo engineering programs are taking. It’s almost everyday that they blanket spray at least here in Mendocino county, no wonder we never get any rain. It's hard to get most people to look up and see what's happening but we all just have to keep trying to wake up the masses, so we can expose the truth. I'm very thankful to have a great place to direct people to educate themselves about this terrible crime on the environment. Thanks for all you've done Dane, you're critical to this fight we all have to fight and win.

  41. Ray says:

    Ray's headline:
    Say your prayers – for those of you that believe, for those of you that don't, well, sorry about that, because this WILL happen unless we manage to stop Global Geoengineering.
    This is a pretty bleak picture coming from me – I am a very optomistic and positive thinking person – but like Dane is saying, not much sand left in the hour-glass.
    Too much "Hard Hitting" information? Too much, too fast – that you can't keep up?  Yep, that's just how the monsters want it – you won't know what hit you – UNTIL IT IS ALL OVER.  The monsters want total confusion – and total control of our media and politicians – but wait, let's think about this – I'm still here, I'm aware; what would happen if we overloaded the system – if we had 100, or a 1,000 whistleblowers come out at once – with direct access to the media – would the masses respond in the correct manner (acknowlegement of the truth), or would they say it's just another scare tactic to raise taxes?
    I don't know.  I want to think the best about people in general, but the apathy that exists today – again, like Dane said: they are too wrapped up in their iPhone – ok, how about sending a message to all iPhones – WAKE UP – FIND IMMEDIATE SHELTER – YOUR PLANET IS BEING DESTROYED NOW.
    They would think it is a prank, and continue with their texting or game.
    The evidence that Geoengineering is destroying our home, our life, and the future lives of our children is incontrovertible.  I know this, it is one of the few things that I do know.
    My daughter is attending Texas A&M, 2 years left for her PHD in Theoretical Mathematics – and a skeptic about Geoengineering.  I try not to show an emotional response when she tries to rationalize the information I send her – but she is also part of that generation that says "oh, they couldn't possibly be doing that, they are good scientists trying to help planet Earth" – this is academia, and what the students are taught and years of brainwashing.
    My daughter has yet to understand the total EVIL behind this Geoengineering – but I keep planting seeds, and watering.  But as much as I would like those seeds to grow, I can't make that happen.  I do show the geoengineered chemical trails to my co-workers – and then ask them to find a cloud in the sky that is a REAL CLOUD.  They might point at something and say – how about that one?  I then point out the striations and twists in the 'cloud' and just say "keep looking".
    The Farm Bill that passed has a statement exonerating Monsanto from EVER being prosecuted by or from, the United States, in any way shape or form.  That bill was passed.  I wrote all my congressmen urging them to veto the bill.  No difference.  The TPP bill the same way.
    Lemmings, that's what they remind me of – off the cliffs and into the sea.
    I'm not a lemming, awareness may come slowly for those in denial that our Federal government is so corrupt – but it is happening, and Geoengineering is at the top of the list.

    Keep up the Good Fight – All of Us

    Thanks Dane, for you tireless work!!

    • Wake Up World! says:

      Evil is right Ray, and everyone needs to realize this has all been in the works for a very very long time. Take a stroll in Washington DC and tell me what symbols you see there. Look at the dollar bill in your wallet. Here's a must-watcher:

    • Mike looking up says:

      Thank you Ray

    • Mike looking up says:

      Ray, even here I wonder how many took the time and read your post? I wonder. Thank you again and good luck with your daughter.

    • James says:

      Ray ,
      I am having the same problems with my 31 year old Son and his Wife .
      They are both infected with the poison Bio Weapon  and  refuse to take any steps to try and chelate  the  pathogens we are  finding in all life forms on mother earth .   Clifford Carnicom speaks of the cross domain infection we are all faced  with .  Our  Cow's  risk  life and limb with every bite of Fresh grass  they consume . Then Our  Cow's  make the mistake of breathing and the double infection starts. What's even worse , you ask ?  When  our poor,  now infected  Cow's , go to the feed lots to be consumed by Humans . Upon Death of  Cow;s the pathogen we have all been exposed to does not die on a dead corpse.
      The USDA  inspectors come along and certify the Beef Good to eat .
      The poor Beef inspectors have no idea the Pathogen is
      '' CLOAKED "  from Human sight  .
      And  so this keeps the whole infection  alive to infect any new HOST the pathogen comes in contact with.
      Are we  all Doomed you ask ?  
      No  , 
      if we  fight like never before ,,,,,  we will win this war .
      Never give up .

  42. keith crawford says:

    I have been following this information on this site for at least  three years.  I mention  this and point out  actual spraying going on  my own brother who lives in California, will not look at the  facts. I asked him if he has heard&nbsp about your site. asked  him to look it up before blowing it off. I quoted all the patents that have existed for decades. We really don’t speak, we exchanged  a few emails. After this conversation I heard nothing from him for 6 months or longer. I live in central america I first thought I don’t think it’s happening here, but quickly saw the truth. Some days it’s much more obvious  but you can easily see it almost any time. I point it out at times to the locals here but  without much response.  thank you Dane with my deep felt respect, Keith

    • Mike looking up says:

      Keith, I'm getting some to look and understand in some degree, none however are doing what most here are doing. Thank you

  43. Jeff Walker (Ottawa ex-Brentwood Bay) says:

    Hi Dane, thanks for your post.

    As you know corruption starts at the top, and this is a large part of the problem at hand; so bear with me here, as this has some relevance.

    As an example, "Canada" is legitimate only by virtue of "Queen" Victoria having given royal ascent to the creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867. The four provinces were parts of current Ontario, parts of current Quebec, Nova Scotio, and New Brunswick.

    In 1869, she ceded the throne to her only legitimate born son… Marcos Manoel, by virtue of her hidden marriage to Blind Prince George of Cumberland (then second in line to the throne). He went on to become George V King of Hanover(Hannover). She herself was the illegitimate daughter of a Rothschild, she found this out, so she married George. She was legitimate only by virtue of being Queen Consort to George V. She became Victoria Regina Empress of India in 1869 when she stepped down to let Marcos Monoel become King John II .

    Anyways, back to Canada… any territories added after 1869 are illegitimate, as she couldn't give royal ascent to any of these, as she was no longer "Queen" Victoria. Any laws or statutes after 1869 in the Dominion of Canada are also null and void.

    The reason I am mentioning this, is that people of the UK and her Commonwealth need to know this info, so we can stop our countries from these programs, as they are obviously void, and unlawful.

    Here's a link to tons more info:

  44. DAVID DARBY says:

    Thanks for speaking my mind of the last years in your discussion Ive listened to, today. Your post and thoughts parallel my own and experiences with people over the decades. It was you and your data and website which allowed me to realized the truth and have it come to a head and how deadly bad it really is back in March  2015. Its pretty simple, the way I see it, if they are spending so much time and energy to perform the geoengineering and to be doing it for so long its obvious its pretty dire situation and there is plenty of evidence if one simply looks that its been going on for decades. Anyhow thanks for being the voice of many of us who now have confirmation and now know we are not the insane. It’s the outside world is operating insanely. PEACE!

  45. trudyb1929 says:

    Dear GOD, Lord of our Universe , I send this message, word for word, as a prayer for Your assistance and guidance in containing the evil     presented;  wherever it  arises and is used to destroy the Earth and environs, the Glory of Your  perfect and beautiful  gift to the human races.

    • AllSystemsGo says:

      thanks trudy. I pray also that as these evils increase all whom are hurt by them and witnessing now will come to know the one who is pure and true. Had we all tried to follow his example we would not be amidst the death throws of our beautiful planet. 

    • Missy says:

      Thank you Trudyb1929; Praying, I found, is not only comforting but also helps us use our mental energy in creating something beautiful especially when many are praying along with us. Don't let the devil get us down!

    • Mike looking up says:

      TrudyB, I pray the same. However, look at Hosea 4:3  This is why your land is not producing It is filled with sadness and all things are becoming sick and dying.  Even the animals, birds and fish have begun to dissapear.

    • David S. says:

      To Trudy and the others who responded to her prayer. The Bible says where two or three gather together in his name he will be there. Looks like some are gathering to which I say, Amen.
      I know that not all will agree with prayer, but to those that do, again, I say Amen. I believe it has already gotten so bad that without divine intervention all will be lost. How sad it has truly gotten to be.
      Also, whether you believe in a higher power or not, all of us here are of the same mind about this global mess. Keep trying to wake others up.

  46. Nick Tarasiuk says:

    Thank You for everything you do to save the Planet!  It's really difficult to get people to listen, even to the point of losing old friends.  Very sad!

    • Wake Up World! says:

      They don't want their picture perfect superficial world shattered. The more they are in denial, the more they cling to their possessions. We may have thought that our loved ones would want us to tell them if they were in real danger, but the truth as we can clearly observe now, is that they really do not want to know.

      So the point in these cases is not to worry about whether they stay in denial, but to ensure that at least you gave them the information. They can't erase that out of their thick heads, no matter how they try.

  47. MD Hatfield says:

    I couldn't agree more .They are out of control I have document this for just 4 years now just north of Nashville and it is terrible .See my videos on utube at mdprovideo .

  48. Pam says:

    Hello –
    I'm in the Boise area of Idaho – a bordering city is Meridian; which has been deemed by Wall Street as the NUMBER ONE city in the US.
    The politico ego's are through the roof and the state is a heartbeat away from the corrupt governor from embracing Sharia Law, only for the sake of federal money and because they think its 'cool'.
    Geo-engineered skies here are beyond insane. If I could sky-walk with ease, I could step from one toxic trail to another.
    May as well mention the damned GWEN towers – one cannot swing a dead cat without hitting one.
    With much appreciation of what you all do.

  49. rick says:

    why has no one mentioned any of this in the presidential debates 

    • Cheryl says:

      Great question! Even Rand Paul has sent out form letters stating the EPA says they are contrails and pose no risk…….blah, blah, blah. Since it is such an obvious issue, they all have agreed to secrecy. Why? Because the 'little people' will panic if they know what's really happening.  They may even slow down the shopping!  Also, there has to be lots of money being made off so much spraying.

    • The presidential debates are mere dog-and-pony show distractions intended to keep us from the truth that geoengineering is destroying the biosphere. America is now ruled by a corporatist regime that buys, controls, and manipulates all politicians, our armed forces and the financial system. This corporatist regime is fed up with freedom loving Americans, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. They intend to do away with all nation states and use so-called ‘trade agreements’ to protect themselves from lawsuits and their investors, so they can continue to abuse and confiscate natural resources around the planet. The demonic financial wizardry of algorithms fast-trading has destroyed the middle class. The globalist corporate regime agenda is also in control of America’s foreign policy, which does not serve the American public. We do not benefit from the so-called American empire. Foreign policy represents a corporate entity that doesn’t want state sovereignty in their way any longer! Our military is being used by the corporations as corporate mercenaries for their self-serving greed to destroy, and along with Goldman Sachs, confiscate resources around the planet. This makes the world hate us Americans for misdeeds and atrocities we are not even aware of. These psychopathic 1% monsters – who have extensive undergrounds to hide in – are pushing the world towards WWIII. If they are willing to poison us with aluminum, barium, etc. in chemtrails, they are certainly happy to use their new electromagnetic radiation weapons on their own innocent & clueless populations.

    • Wake Up World! says:

      It doesn't matter what they do or do not mention in the circus debates. None of them, not a one, has ever made a damn bit of difference in this equation, or ever will. Those at the controls of this poison trump them.

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