Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 30, 2019, #225


Dane Wigington

Weather patterns and behavior continue to drift further and further from historical norms. Scientists have just disclosed that highly toxic fog is impacting the California coast, what could be the cause? How many noticed something is not right with the skies or our weather? The US military has stated its desire and intent to “own the weather”, what are their objectives and agendas? Will never-ending political theater keep populations distracted from the rapidly darkening wider horizon until total collapse? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Though the holiday season can provide a very welcomed distraction from the immense challenges we face, it is still imperative for us to continue with our ongoing efforts to sound the alarm. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

This week's outreach booth is at the Monterey County Fairgrounds, Monterey, California. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire. billboard in Bruce, Michigan (11/16/19). Our most sincere gratitude to Tom Ciolli for all his ongoing efforts to sound the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue, and for making this billboard happen. To view our other billboards, see the attached link:

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39 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 30, 2019, #225

  1. Dennie says:

    Big Names joining in the fight against global overheating?:  Kinda hafta wonder what would happen if they all got links to this website in their inboxes….

  2. Montana NAR says:

    Can you please confirm if the descriptions below are nucleated snow? 

    Last week in western Montana, the temperature was 10 F and the snow was a very small flake. It snowed all day, and deposited about 4 inches. In the past, this snow would have been light as a feather and easily swept or shoveled off the walk. However, last week the snow stuck to my snow shovel and it was impossible to knock it off by merely banging the end on the ground. Even when pushing it off with my gloved hand, it was difficult to dislodge. 

    Also, in late March 2019, we got three feet of snow and I was on my little tractor for three days straight at 0 F pushing snow out of the way. When the temperature warmed, the snow seemed to "melt" very slowly. However, if a pile of snow was disturbed with a shovel, it then quickly disappeared.

    Neither instance was what I call "normal" snow from the past.  

  3. Stuart says:

    Atmospheric Rivers

    Another rainy week here in southern CA.  Winter still weeks away.  Record snowfall last week in local mtns. Many talking about Atmospheric Rivers (AR) delivering this kind of moisture, including today's LA Times.  They claim it has been going on/ off forever.  They're right.

    But things are different now.  I can clearly see increased aircraft spray ops as the "storms" approach the area.  The amount of precip is greater than normal.  The rain lingers for many days.  I can clearly see pink and red colors at sunrise/ sunset which indicate submicron AEROSOLS.  And the spray activity is still going on this AM as the storm moves eastward.

    Today's Atmospheric Rivers are enhanced (w/ Silver Iodide as per Paul V?) and modified far out over the Pacific and are carefully guided to intended targets ashore. 

  4. Dennie says:

    The rain storms hitting the Left Coast of the U.S. are so full of toxic crap I almost cannot cope.  This is Diabolical David (Keith)'s prescription for Global Overheating that he and his cronies will add "just a little more" of their toxic air crap to our formerly friendly skies, each year, until the ants on this planet can be convinced to stop gobbling all the petrochemical and other hydrocarbon green-house gas producing fuels and LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND, thus buying time enough to slow the machine, cooling the planet and saving the day (?!!). 

    Heading out to teach my students today I had to pull over, then get myself back home because I was experiencing severe dizziness, almost to the point of "the spins," nausea and balance problems.  I thought this could have been caused by some kind of exhaust leak with exhaust emissions somehow getting into the passenger compartment of my car and there was a weird smell to what came out of the heater, like a diesel fuel smell (?!!).  I managed to get home, got inside the house and felt better.  We've been getting hammered with ice nucleation crap that feels slimy or powdery on the tongue, dries out the mouth, makes eyes sting and itch, causes dry itchy coughing and NO ONE notices this–!!!  I did make it over to the studio later and what a trip it was– I was pretty much terrified for the whole 15 miles that I'd  have to pull over off a very fast moving freeway but fortunately those spins didn't occur and I got better.  I finally felt like actually eating around 4:00 p.m. today– UGH!!!  WHY CAN'T THEY JUST LEAVE US ALONE???

    • Robert says:

      I like to use a visual for doubters about engineered snow events. Take a handful of fake chemical snow, ball it up and then take a lighter to it. The ball will recede with no drips of water coming from it and  a black smudge print where the flame was. I recently did this for my niece and her husband after their two kids began eating chemical snow. Although they denie geoengineeringwatch is happening, they were really taken aback after seeing this, with my niece saying, "That's really weird." Hopefully they'll think better and stop them the next time we have a "beautiful" chemical cool down event. Thanks to all in this effort to stop the madness. 


    • Dennie says:

      MORE petrochemical misery:  Yes, there is increased production of CO emissions from gasoline-fueled engines when it's cold.  When engines are colder, fuel is not combusted completely, producing more CO.  I looked up CO poisoning symptoms and found I had every single symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning, and it is completely unpleasant.  Especially when compounded by having to breathe air that's powdery with nano-particulate metals and burning-hot "pop rocks" sensation caused by the ice nucleation chemicals– UGH!!!

    • Black Cat Italy says:

      To Dennie and All.  Yes, you have confirmed what is happening to us here in the valley in Italy.  My mouth is so dried out in the night my tongue is welded to the top of my mouth even though I am drinking a pint of water throughout the night. Some nights my lips and throat are dried out too.  My husband has been getting a burning pain in the oesophagus after being outside when the spray is drifting down from the coast.  However, I have just noticed something even more disturbing and I would like everyone out there to check this for themselves.  If I get up to go to the bathroom in the night, I have a metallic taste in the mouth and when I spat saliva it was blood! The second time on checking later it was rose coloured but then when I get up the saliva is clear and normal for the rest of the day! I had a look on the internet for this and there seems to be an epidemic of people coming in asking about this (especially in the US).  I wonder if with the drying out of the mucus membranes the atmosphere and spraying is causing bleeding in the mouth/throat?


  5. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Ecological effects of silver iodide and other weather modification agents: A review

    Article in Water Resources Research 6(1) · February 1970

    DOI: 10.1029/WR006i001p00088 


    "The silver ion is among the most toxic of heavy metal ions, particularly to microorganisms and to fish. The ease with which Ag forms insoluble compounds, however, reduces its importance as an environmental contaminant. Ag is not likely to concentrate to harmful levels through either terrestrial or aquatic food chains. There is some possibility that Ag from cloud seeding will retard growth of algae, fungi, bacteria, and fish in fresh water; additional laboratory investigations are needed. Inhibition of aquatic microorganisms would interfere with the cycle that returns essential nutrients to the water. Ag in air and water should be regularly monitored. Iodine in AgI poses no environmental danger. [???] Organic seeding agents currently being proposed are not likely to be toxic in either the short or the long run, but dispersal of proprietary organic compounds should be prohibited unless their composition is fully revealed."

    Complete text:

    So which way is it?  Is the silver ion the most toxic of heavy metal ions, or is it not?

    Does it "retard growth of algae, fungi, bacteria, and fish in fresh water" ?  Yes… >

    SILVER IODIDE – National Library of Medicine HSDB Database

     You need to be able to read all the way down to "Animal Toxicity Studies" and then on to cumulative environmental effects…

    All data related to silver iodide release has been intentionally weighted so that weather modification companies and mercenary agricultural conglomerates like Monsanto/Sigma can make themselves heroes by controlling precipitation – world-wide.

  6. Martin lewis says:

    Hi Dane,

    Keep up the good work.

    As you are probably aware we have Mr trump over in the UK the last few days, and guess what, no chemtrail spraying since Saturday.

    Now isn't that a coincidence.

    Best regards.



    • Tom Petrie says:

      Good point Martin!  We have the latest snow storm on the east coast–coincidentally on/after Thanksgiving and another super Typhoon in the Philippines (when a major environmental conference was to have taken place), and folks will think, "Just a coincidence."  That's what they want us to think!  Actually, they prefer we don't think at all.  Thankfully, folks out there, like you, are encouraging folks to KEEP THINKING! 

  7. JR says:

    Hello from the Southwestern New Mexico, USA area. I took a trip to the Pecos, Texas area where a whole bunch of fracking has been going on now for at least a few years. Well Lord and behold along with this kind of drilling SAG/SRM SAI was very active above us. This city is east of me off Interstate 20 with a distance of approximately 250 miles. These lowlife spraying and the ones who give the orders to spray have no shame, there is no order as we would think or believe in order. We have no government leaders for the most part one could say, no one cares in these political offices, no accountability. God help us and our children, the whole world is at stake as Dane says and we know it. It's too bad so many people are blinded to the fact and so gullible to all the lies spewed from media, our government, military, and all the rest of them that look like them.

  8. Sezer Behlul says:

    We are experiencing very obvious engineered cooldowns in South Eastern Australia. Just as we enter summer, how convenient.

    • Pauline says:

      I live in Warragul, approx 100km east of Melbourne. I know this only too well. I must admit that I would rather be here than up north with the bush fires. 

      People complain about how much rain and wind we are receiving.  It is thought to be a big joke when I suggest we need to put a big stick in their fan. Does the naval base up at Exmouth have anything to do with ionisphere heaters? 

  9. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Commending the  Geo-e activists billboard in Michigan by Tom Ciolli (these are spendy ).Also concerns for Julian A , as ailing and who knows what suffering he endures for exposing crimes of the Empire.What a dark message to any who can come forward on the deep corruption. Tables turn & find Truthers get torment. If this episode is anyones first listen, this must be quite an overload, yet it all connects .The Tucker Carlson clip helpful (as far as he could go) as some of us stopped TV and focus on alt news. Thanks Dane for the UNENDING work on another future trailer on The Dimming. RE the self serving history of  elite masters of Israel (illegal & corruption) listen to the SHOCKING 1.5 hr audio interview  on stunning revelations on Zion ways Search net for The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976 audio. Hidden tyranny  and Rosenthal was murdered 30 days after per his  divulging much on the plans to takeover media, money, etc. to have one world Zion rule.Last 30 min quite intense info. if not familiar with such Luciferin focus. Capable of much harm to acquire and take. Any questiong  is called antisemitic, by design  per Rosenthal. Explains  many troubling world affairs in my op. Will do whatever it takes to acquire resources of all kinds.


  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I have and have not met, yet. First off, Dane, I am amazed how you put it out there week after week, year after year. Please if I may quote you from your reply to Jonathan O'Quinn, "Forward into the storm, lets press on in this all important battle, no matter what comes". I respect your replying. Folks, Jonathan does pose a very important query in his contribution . "A list" of folks to write "en-mass". Dane doesn't have the time in his day as he wrote. Can't blame him. It's up to someone else to compose such lists and put them on a platform that can be accessed via "a link". No disrespect my friend, at all. I know you fight well in this battle. But there's a line where we need to step in and step up. No saying, "someone should". Folks, Look yourself in the mirror and call yourself "someone". If you don't giggle at yourself you are not being or trying to be sincere and honest enough, just sayin(grin).

    Speaking of sincere, "Idaho Annie", dear god, I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you took with your contribution on last weeks GAN. (If you folks haven't read it, go find it). I think I read your contribution 3 or 4 times before I passed on to other thoughts. I've since reflected on your words. I've always tried to maintain the "human factor", the real and rational in this equation we are witnessing with our own 5 senses. I stick my neck out pretty far for what I stand for and believe to be true. Thank you for the confirmation that I am 'not' alone with the acute feelings of our mother dwindling away. We both live "outside of the box". I wish we all could, but that's a whole different mathematical equation. Let's hope there's enough left for what's left. "Lets press on no matter what"……

    • IdahoAnnie says:

      Howdy 'A Simple Horseman', a friend who I've yet to meet. (Maybe someday our paths will cross.) Thank you for your kind words. You're such a GENTLEMAN!!  After re-reading my post, I cringed a bit when I found a misused word, (in good conscientious, should have been in good conscience) I try to edit and re-edit before hitting the POST COMMENT button.  My sincere apology. 

      This platform of communication keeps us all close, even when we are miles apart.  I am grateful to Dane for providing a place WE can all peacefully share thoughts, ideas and research. And even an occasional chuckle. Peace and love to ALL!

  11. Joseph says:

    Sea Urchin Population Explodes Off CA Coast, Decimating Kelp Forests and Hurting Fisheries

     October 24, 2019,

    Tens of millions of voracious purple sea urchins that have already chomped their way through towering underwater kelp forests in California are spreading north to Oregon, sending the delicate marine ecosystem off the shore into such disarray that other critical species are starving to death.

    A recent count found 350 million purple sea urchins on one Oregon reef alone — more than a 10,000% increase since 2014. And in Northern California, 90% of the giant bull kelp forests have been devoured by the urchins, perhaps never to return.

    Vast “urchin barrens” — stretches of denuded seafloor dotted with nothing but hundreds of the spiny orbs — have spread to coastal Oregon, where kelp forests were once so thick it was impossible to navigate some areas by boat.


  12. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Nuclear-capable air-launched ballistic missile tested over the Barents Sea
    Dec.1, 2019
    The [Russian] Kinzhal missile was launched from a MiG-31K taking off from Olenegorsk airbase on the Kola Peninsula.      

    … Unlike cruise missiles launched from an aircraft, the Kinzhal goes ballistic. Like other ballistic missiles launched from silos or submarines, going ballistic via space means hypersonic speed. … Deployed at aircraft taking off from the Kola Peninsula, the Kinzhal gives Russia a deterrence measure against any NATO surface warships in the bastion area. … At a speed of Mach 10 within seconds after launch from an airborne MiG-31, the response time in case of conflict is highly limited for Russia’s Nordic neighbours.
    The US based Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance said the missile’s performances allows it to overcome “any known United States air or missile defense systems.”

    The missile changes the military power-balance in the north due to its range, speed and ability to overcome any known missile defence systems.
    Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (NATO name SA-N-9 Gauntlet) is one of the six new strategic nuclear weapons presented by Vladimir Putin in his presidential address to the Federal Assembly on March 1, 2018.
    Now, the missile is tested and like several of the other new strategic weapons under development by Russia, the test took place in the northwestern part of the country.
    “The test took place in mid-November. The missile was launched at a ground target located at the Pemboy training ground from a MiG-31K carrier plane, taking off from Olenegorsk airfield,” a military source said to news agency TASS.
    Olenegorsk air base is an hour drive south of Murmansk, while the Pemboy range is about 60 kilometres from Vorkuta, just west of the Ural mountains in the Komi Republic. The missile was likely launched while the aircraft was over the Barents Sea.
    In principle, the Kinzhal missile is an air-carried version of the Iskander land-based short-range ballistic missile. That said, placing such missile on an aircraft gives it a more dangerous strategic position.
    First, the missile could be launched from unpredictable locations because an aircraft moves much faster than a land-based vehicle. Secondly, an aircraft adds extra range before the missile itself is launched.
    Unlike cruise missiles launched from an aircraft, the Kinzhal goes ballistic. Like other ballistic missiles launched from silos or submarines, going ballistic via space means hypersonic speed.

    … Deployed at aircraft taking off from the Kola Peninsula, the Kinzhal gives Russia a deterrence measure against any NATO surface warships in the bastion area.

    • Dennie says:

      GREAT good news!  Let's give the military mthrfckrs MORE fire power– after all, you can NEVER have ENOUGH!!!  Then they can all NUKE one another (and everything else that's in "their" way) to death, kill the planet and then get in ANOTHER GIGANTIC COSMIC fight beyond death over whom gets to declare themselves The UNDISPUTED WINNERS!!! (AND WHAT, EXACTLY, WILL THEY HAVE WON?  A DEAD PLANET THAT WILL NO LONGER SUPPORT ANY KIND OF LIFE, EVEN THEIRS… but no never-mind, "they" can't see beyond the tip of their intercontinental bullshit missiles.  And WHO CARES, ANYHOW?

  13. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    Thank you Dane. Can you please provide a list of the most important organizations to contact with professionally written letters credible data?

    I have been working on making contact with radio stations, news stations, meteorologists, and politicians. Apparently all to no avail at this point.

    I wonder what Avenues can be explored to increase International awareness. For example, can you or geoengineering printed materials be polish in other languages for the benefit of those who have contacts with others in foreign countries? That may be a tall order.

    I feel that those of us who are driven to spread awareness about this issue are driven by empathy and love for all living things. Those who do not see the point in doing this perhaps lack those qualities.

    Thank you for your hard work and unfailing dedication on this project. 

    Jonathan O'Quinn

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jonathan, thank you for all your work toward sounding the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue. In regard to your question, yes, on ongoing and expanding list of appropriate agencies, organizations, and individuals that need to be contacted, is important for us to supply to dedicated activists. I can use all the help I can get with such a task. I am already working as many hours in this fight as the time in a day allows, I can only hope that others will step forward to assist with the important effort you made mention of. Forward into the storm, lets press on in this all important battle, no matter what comes.

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Hey Jonathan,

      Kudos to you, for your willingness to sound the alarm. I am the guy, who does translations into Polish for This is the mistake, people often make. It is not the website's job to conduct these translations, that is up to dedicated readers who happened to be of any particular nationality. Once they create materials in the form of electronic files in foreign languages, then these materials are available for everybody to use on the website, if that makes sense. People often think, it is the other way around.

      If it comes to organizations, that could be contacted, I really cannot think of any that could not. All environmental groups, governmental agencies tasked with protection of environment, news stations, meteorologists, journalists, elected officials, again the list is endless. These can be easily sourced locally.

      Here is a short video, I recorded on these two subjects last year in Poland, while conducting street awareness. This can provide a little visualisation and clarity, what easily and very inexpensively can be done.

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Please send me a list of agencies, organizations and individuals to contact.

      Although I don't post here often, I continue to raise awareness every chance I get. I talked to someone in a Nebraska call center who had a limited awareness about climate engineering that told me they're "expecting" a long hard winter. I told him that wasn't a "prediction" but scheduled by the climate engineers who provide the climate modeling for the National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Connecting those couple of dots thoroughly impressed and amazed him and he thanked me profusely for that perspective and promised to visit  

      The "STOP TOXIC CLIMATE ENGINEERING" banner deployed on my front porch is holding its own against the climate engineers' wind machine. The toxic chemical ice nucleated engineered cool down hangs bright white in the air in Northwest Ohio, obliterating the sun and stars from view,  while the horizon to horizon nano-particulate trails appear less often, accompanied by rising temperatures and preceding weather systems. It rains often, sometimes so fine its barely visible and other times in a deluge or for days at a time. It "snowed" a couple inches in early October at nearly 38°F which lingered anomalously for days despite warmer temperatures, and seemed to evaporate more than melt.

      When giving someone a flyer or a booklet I ask them to do their own research like I did eight years ago, and decide what's the right thing to do; speak up, help raise awareness and do their part, or pretend its not happening like our government and remain silent. Thank you to all my fellow weather warriors out there for doing your part in exposing the climate engineering insanity.

  14. CHICKENHEAD says:

    A very strange system over the Great Lakes right now.  It is literally a donut slowly rotating in a counter-clockwise manner.  If you watch the radar maps you can see the occasional spikes coming from the heaters going from Toronto to Ottawa to Quebec, following the St. Laurence.  And another corona near Winnipeg.   Why are they spinning this system in a very noticable gyre?

  15. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Hello fellow travelers,

    The extreme weather calamities, with multiple advisories, staged across the country to ruin holiday travel (at least) by the planet hackers were just too too much.  I'm left feeling inarticulate and soggy for the time being. Anchorage has had torrential tropical rains with gale force winds, some wanna-be snow that turns to slush and puddles, even as nearby Girdwood, at the ski area 39 miles SE, had snowfall over the holiday.  There was hardly a temperature at or below freezing in southcentral Alaska.

    Please allow me to copy my recent comment in support of the bravest Indigenous environmentalists in contrast to the deep roots of treachery involved with the New Green Deal and Extinction Rebellion, and what that means when it comes to choosing a correct path forward.

    The Article, which I recommend, is "My Friend Was Murdered Trying to Save the Amazon"

    * * *

    From my comment:

    "Rarely do we encounter such a brilliant and honestly grounded person with such charisma and bravery on the world stage. The sad news of his murder comes too soon. Kwhau, also known as Paulo Paulino, is among his people serving as Guardians of the Amazon to protect their land and protect the uncontacted Awa people nearby from the rapacious, relentless loggers who would destroy their whole livelihood.

    "Never conflicted by propaganda nor unscrupulous political narratives nor conflicts of interest, Paulino's devotion to the cause of protecting their lush bio-diverse land and fighting to his death is crystal clear. How few of us would have clarity, integrity and morality like that? With a warrior's role of protector, we must remember how Indigenous people have the best expertise in land use and its preservation, even as they have contributed nothing whatsoever to the human caused destruction and exploitation of the capitalistic ground-up world. While my support for preserving wild places and habitat for species conservation and Indigenous control of their lands and cultures is something I care deeply about, I am no where near being in league with Paulo and the Guardians. The tiny emotional connection that resonated with me was a Guardian's description of seeing the tree logs as so many corpses lined up by the side of the road. That is exactly what I saw in pictures of Alberta's Tar Sands destruction. Tree Corpses.

    "These Indigenous Guardians are among the most sincere and passionate environmentalists on the Planet. They do more to help the rest of us than they will ever know. We need to learn from them and support them and join them. Few environmental NGO's tell the whole truth (denying deadly overt geoengineering, for example) and most have conflicts of interest. Generally, they profit by some measure, such as selling eco-tours. Survival International seems to be the exception, supporting Indigenous people, their lands and their cultures for their own intrinsic value. (Survival has exposed WWF hypocrisy of 'conserving' habitat by actually locking out the Indigenous people who lived on that land.)

    "The answers we seek in a ravaged world are already known to the Indigenous people. Those answers are not found in the 'New Green Deal' nor do they come from the leadership of Extinction Rebellion, who seek to retool and 'rebrand' capitalism with new technologies and business-as-usual resource exploitation, under the guise of 'sustainability' a la Agenda 2030.

    "Sarah Shenker has my sincere condolences over the murder of her remarkable friend, Paulo Paulino. The sadness and loss genuinely resonate hundreds of thousands of miles away."

    "Extinction Rebellion", "Green New Deal" and the "Rebranding of Global Capitalism." by Julian Rose, Sept. 20, 2019,

  16. Dennie says:

    "The New World Order will be brutal, but short."  — Michael C. Ruppert

  17. Lawrence Goodwin says:


    As always, I thank you profusely for churning out these weekly reports and providing ready access to such vital information. Visits to this Web site are like breathing pure and fresh mountain air! 

    I write as another crazy snow storm approaches us here in upstate New York (we had two unusually cold, early ones in November). It's estimated to arrive today (Sunday, 12/1) around lunch time.   

    Heavy aerial spraying has been visible during the daytime for days. It's very distressing that no one (at least in this area) seems to notice. 

    What puzzles me most is how these storms, all year, get spun around like inland hurricanes. Many ground-based operations would be needed  to create that weather phenomenon consistently on such a mass scale.

    Who calls the shots on manipulating storms? Which military bases are most directly involved? How could our government possibly afford to fund these constant geoengineering operations? Do you really think people in charge approve of endangering all life on the ground like that? 

    Those are questions people keep asking me, in total denial and disbelief that troves of documents prove it's all true. They rudely dismiss me as the crazy one, as the painfully obvious aerosol operations continue in our skies before and after every "severe" storm. Ugh!      

  18. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Here is another exemplary video of blatant aerosol operations in our skies. It is less severe than the one I posted last week, but that is the whole point of it.

    I did these videos partially as a response to numerous inquiries from the public I face every week, and during my trip across the country, about alleged decrease in spraying operations, or current administration's take over of them, phasing them out, etc. 

    None of these claims or hopeful speculations are rooted in any data based reality. Just because we have less horizon to horizon plastered skies at some locations, in exchange for the skies like those shown in this video for example, should not and must not put us at ease and pacify us to any degree. 

    I also wanted to thank Beatriz for his informative response to my comment last week. 

  19. Elizabeth Andrade says:

    Shared.   Thank you.

  20. dominic says:

    Dane,  I think an interview with Bendell would be very interesting.

    Maybe a way to create some morphic resonance.   this might not be popular, but there are people that believe that the Titanic is already going down, and they're working with how to manage that internally, emotionally, and practically, this isn't Kansas anymore.


    Any dialogue of this type of useful for everyone.  not popular, but useful.  I have never met anyone that disagrees with what you're saying, we've been saying the same things for 30 years now.

     My very first foray into this was about 30 years ago, and we saw that the tides were coming up higher.  so we asked a bunch of old timers along the shorre what they thought, and they said "yep, you kids are right, the tides are coming up more, and it never used to come up past the big rock, and now it underwater some of the time".  And we're guys that work on the waterfront every day.  So, we got the official version of events from Dalhousie, Woods Hole and Scripps, that there is no such thing as sea level rise, it's good to have the government in place to tell you what's not going on.  And they said, no, this isn't happening.  no no no, not possible, we are experts, you guys are fishermen, dumb stupid fishermen that don't no nothin



    Houston…..we have a problem….that's the first stage, which deep adaptation is working with, you have to admit and accept that there is a problem, just like the stages of grief.   As long as there is outright denial and distraction, then that ostrich can keep its head in the sand. 

    It's the same as most other problems, people have an amazing ability to deny, denial is a river in Egypt.  They have an amazing ability to maintain normalcy bias, "oh, no , the government would never do that". and that's their normalcy, and they will even argue with you to maintain their very important opinions, none of them based on facts.


    So this is a steep learning curve for some, to admit that their own government is involved, to admit that their banker is trying to rip them off, to admit that their doctor is lying, that these academics are farcical, to admit that everything they believe is a Big Lie, that turns their very important world upside down.  easier is to watch a sports event.

    it's an unusual time where you find allies in unexpected places.   at the same time,  the actions of the other inmates become more clear, by their actions they shall become known     .

    So, any dialogue that creates thought and discussion is helpful, that's my view, even if unpopular.  It doesn't matter if its popular, it matters if its' real.  It's about honesty.  In contrast, you have the official narratives, which don't stand up to logic or deductive reasoning, they are lies.  There are many allies among the lower civilian working classes, the only problem is the upper government class which is exempt from all laws.  Even Richard Branson is part of the lowly civilian working class.    You have to understand how it works before you can disrupt the paradigm.  LOL


  21. MEETOO says:

    Those of the "promised land" control America……"Once we squeeze all we can out of the U.S., it can dry up and blow away" – Benjamin Netanyahu 2002


    • Dennie says:

      "…AND, pray tell, Mr. Nuttin-Yahoo, where the HELL will you and your little yarmulka-wearing termites migrate to next, along with all the other invasive parasitic insects, after you gobble up the goodies America has generously shown you, hmm????

  22. M Leybra says:

    Who has the 'power' to stop this 'plan' by the 1%, of a universal cashless society which is already in the works & will take little more than a decade of the up & coming generation to fully accept, because you cant miss what you've never known..

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The So-Called War on Terror Has Killed Over 801,000 People and Cost $6.4 Trillion: New Analysis
    "The numbers continue to accelerate, not only because many wars continue to be waged, but also because wars don't end when soldiers come home."
    … Human Cost of Post-9/11 Wars report (pdf) tallies "direct deaths" in major war zones, grouping people by civilians; humanitarian and NGO workers; journalists and media workers; U.S. military members, Department of Defense civilians, and contractors; and members of national military and police forces as well as other allied troops and opposition fighters.
    The report sorts direct deaths by six categories: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria/ISIS, Yemen, and "Other." The civilian death toll across all regions is up to 335,745—or nearly 42% of the total figure. Notably, the report "does not include indirect deaths, namely those caused by loss of access to food, water, and/or infrastructure, war-related disease, etc."

    Indirect deaths "are generally estimated to be four times higher," Costs of War board member and American University professor David Vine wrote in an op-ed for The Hill Wednesday. "This means that total deaths during the post-2001 U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Yemen is likely to reach 3.1 million or more—around 200 times the number of U.S. dead."

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Rising seas threaten early end for sinking village in Philippines | The Wider Image | Reuters
    … Sitio Pariahan, a coastal village in the Philippines that was once an island, and is now without land. Sitio Pariahan, about 17 km (10.5 miles) north of Manila, is sinking about 4 cm (1.5 inches) every year, owing largely to land subsidence from the population's overuse of groundwater, according to experts.
    Now rising sea levels caused by global warming could soon make this village unliveable, a problem faced by other countries in Asia, where the poorest communities are worst hit.
    … a climate change expert, has studied Sitio Pariahan closely and said some delta areas north of Manila were changing rapidly because land was subsiding and water levels rising at the same time.
    "What is being projected 50 years from now or 100 years from now for many parts of the globe is actually happening right now at even faster rates," he said.


    • bernfern says:

      Horrible to know that even more coastal islands were once villages and that fleeing and migrating to safety is discouraged.

  25. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Rush To A Cashless Society Only Serves Globalist Interests
    Brandon Smith / Nov. 29, 2019
     … The alliance between governments and corporate monopolies (what Mussolini called national socialism or fascism) makes free markets utterly impossible.
     What we have today is an amalgamation of socialist economic interference and corporatocracy. Our system is highly restrictive and micro-managed for everyone except the money elites, who do not have to follow the same rules the rest of us do.

    … The US dollar is itself just another tool of the banking cabal, and tools sometimes lose their usefulness over time. While it could be said that for the past several decades the dollar as the world reserve currency was the core of globalist influence, this is about to change and we can see the signs today. The rush towards a cashless society in the past few years is startling and unfortunately too many liberty activists have been suckered into thinking that it's is a good thing.
    … warned of the deep involvement of international banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in the progress of blockchain infrastructure and more specifically Goldman Sachs and the IMF's love affair with digital monetary systems. Goldman Sachs even referred to the blockchain as “the new technology of trust…”
    Clearly, the banking elites are not worried about this technology. In fact, they have been investing in it heavily. But why?  I have long held that current popular cryptocurrencies are nothing more than a beta test for a global digital currency system controlled by the elites.
    … Over the course of a decade, the masses have been acclimated to the idea of a digital currency system. They are now being acclimated to the idea that physical currencies should be done away with and replaced with the “more efficient” blockchain tech – Death to the dollar, death to the Fed and death to the globalists say activists as they cheer for the new digital landscape! But this is not what is really happening. The death of the dollar and physical cash is only the primer for a new and even more invasive world order.

    … multiple central banks are pursuing a cashless system and digital currencies of their own. China has announced a national digital currency system will be realized in the next 18 months. The Swiss central bank is exploring digital currency options, and Russia is considering launching a cryptocurrency as well.
    The rhetoric coming from the mainstream media and the banking establishment is that physical methods of payment will soon disappear. This is being called the “democratization of money”, and the “multipolar world order”; I'm sorry to say that it's the exact opposite.
    The claim is that the end of cash and specifically the end of the dollar will result in more choice in the monetary world. But the end of physical cash is actually a removal of choice and the result is MORE centralization. The banking elites are so excited about the digital currency model because it removes all privacy from trade. As I have outlined in past articles, cryptocurrency and blockchain tech have no anonymity whatsoever despite claims originally circulated by proponents and cypto-activists. It is also clear that central banks intend to introduce their own highly managed currencies and most other coins will be buried in the process.
    The multipolar and multilateral world order memes are also a fraud. China, Russia, Europe and other nations are demanding an alternative to the dollar, but if that alternative ends up being a digitized version of the SDR basket under the IMF's control as these countries have suggested, then this means total global centralization, NOT decentralization.
    Real decentralization would mean the removal of bureaucratic oversight and micromanagement. It would mean that physical currencies backed by gold and silver could be offered as an alternative option, not just cryptocurrencies or fiat backed by nothing. After all, gold and silver have far more individual investors worldwide than cryptocurrencies do. How about some real competition instead of price suppression of metals by the likes of JP Morgan?
    It would mean localized currencies and payment systems backed by hard commodities, not one worldwide currency and payment system backed by nothing. It would mean nations breaking from dependence not just on the dollar, but also breaking from globalist institutions like the IMF, BIS and World Bank. The globalists are attempting to sell us on slavery by packaging it as “free markets”.

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