Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 4, 2017


Dane Wigington

While the power structure (and the puppet media sources they control) continue their endless parade of mass distraction theater, the weather makers are unleashing wave after wave of toxic chemically ice nucleated short term cool-downs. The same engineered cool-down processes are being carried out in the Southern Hemisphere. A breaking news report from Argentina stated that 5 feet of hail fell in a matter of minutes. Is there another nuclear disaster unfolding in Asia? The heavy metal contamination from climate engineering is now causing Alzheimer's symptoms in yet more species, dolphins are one. In regard to warming of our planet, new extensive reports make clear it is not as bad as the former worst case predictions from the climate science community, rather, it is exponentially worse. The November 4th installment of Global Alert News is below.

Do we stand down and allow the insanity to proliferate until nothing is left? No, we must stand up and face the storm head on, there is no other option. The power structure is not invincible, their web of control is unraveling by the day. We must all arm ourselves with credible data, and help with the critical effort to sound the alarm.

This week's outreach booth is at the Lane County Events Center, Eugene, Oregon, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



114 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 4, 2017

  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Weather Forecasters state, this Winter season, that a weak La Nina will affect this Winter season's temperatures and precipitation! This is the second year, that La Nina will influence weather patterns across the globe. In the report there is no mention of Climate Engineering, human influence or any other man made activities of course. The report only shows how Late Nina will affect each section of the United States.

  2. Erik says:

    Spraying right now over the inland empire here in socal. White trails to the north and to the south. Haven't seen this for weeks. Anyone that sees this right now please respond to my text. I want to know if you see the same trails here in socal.

  3. Linda Thacker says:

    Here is an article from 8 Nov 2017, titled "We can brighten clouds to reflect heat and reduce global warming.  But should we?"  Of course no comments are allowed, and it is full of lies.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Hey. Linda, I was just going to post this same news article!!

      Can you believe it!!?? Lies, lies, lies including changing the meaning for their acronyms….. I.e.: SRM, the article says it means "sunlight reflection methods" instead of the true meaning of " solar radiation management"! Lol…. They are so funny aren't they? Demented mf's!!!!!!!!!!! Really losing patients now with all this insanity. 

      The article goes as far to say there was testimony in the house of con's to allocate millions of dollars to this research…….because of course none of it is happening yet……( sarcasm)!

      And my favorite part of this bogus article was right in the beginning when it said: these technologies ( geoengineering atmospheric aerosol particulant spraying) could be used TO HELP PEOPLE ( ahhhhhhhhh!!!) SAVING LIVES ( by forcing lives to breath poisons???) and ECONOMIES!!

      All about the f' ing economy always! F them! So tired of the insulting bull shit thrown at us all day long every dam day for years now!!!!!

      This article is an example of a brain on heavy metal! How do ya talk logic and present credible facts on this subject matter to brains on aluminum? 

    • Dennie says:

      "Help people," translated: "Line the pockets of the wealthy."  

      "Saving economies," translated:  See translation of "Help people."

  4. herb says:

    Hello Dane, I stumbled across something that was odd to me. The temperature at 3000 feet was 20 degrees warmer than at ground level. I live in central arizona. Do you have any insight ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Yes, Herb, the cooler layer of air at ground level is the result of ongoing climate engineering operations. Chemical ice nucleation elements utilized in available atmospheric moisture produce a cool dense layer of air that settles to ground level. The scenario you describe is one that I try to point out often, this is a major objective of climate engineering.  An overall outline of chemical ice nucleation is attached. Though this process can produce various forms of frozen precipitation, it can also dry up much of the available atmospheric moisture and simply produce the cold dense layer or air you described. FYI

  5. SD says:

    Thanks Donna for your report on "sonic booms" from the San Diego area. I have experienced similar here in Orange County, though not sure of audible boom sound, but rather windows rattle and house structure moves.  And yes, I think the Weather Engineers are responsible. Did it rain in San Diego yesterday?

  6. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Here's some good video of the hail and rain the folks down in south america experienced. This video channel does weekly videos of extreme weather around the world.

    • Wanda Drewery says:

      Ty Horseman for the link you shared. I found it interesting and  saddening at the same time. My opinion is the PTB's way of getting people off their land and into resettlement camps. Just like the fires in Santa Rosa destroying entire neighborhoods, displacing so many families. just another plan for 'their' agenda.

  7. John Davis says:

    Hi Dane and all,

    Just wanted to give you an update on how the fight to reveal the truth is going in the UK. 

    I've printed some business cards you provided here (What are they spraying) at the moment i'm handing them out to people i know are curious to learn more, with a couple of others also when we've been chatting and it feels right. I'm printing off more and sending them to a friend in the north of the country, who is going to employ the same tactic. So hopefully the fire of curiosity is being lit, and then leading to realization of this truly terrible crime that's being inflicted on us all.

    Today after listening to the global news alert yesterday, i decided to take things up a level, and as Dane has shown us how, i contacted and encouraged everyone i know to contact a journalist who published an article in the Alaska Dispatch entitled 'the not-scary-explanation for the wild visible contrails' No way on earth could i not correct that!!! So a very polite email with the link to your article on Hybypass turbo engines and how contrails are impossible, and also added this for good measure 

    "Furthermore i do believe that once the public becomes fully aware of the full extent of the Geoengineering taking place all over the world. You and others that have helped facilitate this cover up, WILL be held legally and morally responsible in a court of law for this immense crime against humanity. You are a perpetrator of lies and are guilty of deliberating deceiving the general public in nothing less than Global Omnicide".

    You're showing us the way Dane to increase awareness, alert people, and confront the people spreading the lies and disinformation, and i hope make them feel scared, WE know THEY are lying….

    Funny how no matter what the blind say, when you present facts to them they say nothing, change the subject or make another attack, but any attacks are easily deflected with facts, and thanks to you Dane there's all the facts and information possibly needed. But hopefully it makes them think a little at least, and perhaps edge towards the realization of whats really going on in the world right now.

    Today has been a positive day here in the fight to reveal the truth, and my own intensity and endeavor towards that goal is growing stronger everyday

    Stay strong, peace and best wishes to all




  8. Guy Miller says:

    Headline yesterday from Vencore Weather: 'LATE WEEK ARCTIC BLAST MAY NOT BE THE LAST OF THE MONTH…”HIGH-LATITUDE BLOCKING” PATTERN LIKELY TO FORM BY THANKSGIVING DAY' .  Looks like they need to schedule some pretend winter weather for the holidays to keep the sheeple blinded to reality.

  9. Nina says:

    Strange extremes here in Portugal today. Early this morning the cold was so intense, I was aching allover. There was a strong chemical smell last night. Yet sitting in the sun at midday it feels like you are in a microwave, the harsh white light is unbearable. Nerve-ends all prickling and tingling. I cannot be outside for any length of time. Nature (and us) cant  survive much more of this.

  10. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This is an amazingly powerful global news alert.  Also chilling.  I'm heart broken over the demented dolphins and bees, and continue in mourning. 

    This criminal cabal cannot tell the truth about anything, not even North Korea.  You can trust Eva Bartlett's reporting.  She actually goes to places like Syria and North Korea, unlike our so-called journalists.  You might like to get a look at the place before it's turned into a 'charcoal briquette' . . . . . .once again.  I've also read that chemical and biological weapons are on the menu for North Korea, no surprise there.

  11. Dennie says:

    Here's some comforting "bed time" reading at the end of the day:

    "False Flags" Are So Common that U.S. Officials Commonly Discuss Them:

    Washington’s Blog asked high-level NSA official Bill Binney* if he had heard of the term “false flags” when he was with the NSA.

    Binney responded:

    Sure, they were under deception and manipulation programs.  I was not involved in doing them; but, I did have to figure out some that the other side was doing.  The other side called them “dezsinformatsiya” and Manipulatsiya.”

    The Brits have been doing this for several hundred years and are quite good at it.

    Washington’s Blog asked Philip Giraldi – a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer with the CIA – the same question with regards to his experience with the CIA.

    Giraldi responded:

    Yes, of course. We did false flags, and called them that, frequently in the operations directorate using false documentation to indicated that we were nationals of a country that was not the United States. Almost every CIA officer had false third country identification when operating overseas….

    We followed up by asking:

    Is it fair to say some of the false flags were for the purpose (i.e. premeditated) of blaming another country or group … not only just in case caught?

    Giraldi replied:

    Sometimes if it were a covert action attempting to do just that but more often just for cover reasons to make one appear to not be American…

    Robert David Steele – a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer – said:

    Most terrorists are false flag terrorists or are created by our own security services.


    In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI.

    Steele has repeatedly and publicly said (and also confirmed to Washington’s Blog) that he personally carried out a “false flag” attack while working as a U.S. intelligence officer.

    [source article:]

  12. Maria R says:

     Hello all from Dalton Ga,……..Today was a great day……ugly…..but great…….I  went to my grandsons school for a parent teacher conference and his teacher started talking about her son now having food allergies after getting a vaccine…….lol….this opened up the door for a most interesting conversation………so today I sent DVDs on Vaxxed,GMO's and Geoengineering

  13. Dennie says:

    Hi folks:

    I found this in my inbox today.  Yes, it's a fundraising effort (that you are NOT obligated to participate in, of course), but I think it makes a very interesting read:

    NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has made clear what we owe to Thomas Drake. “If there hadn’t been a Thomas Drake,” said Snowden, “there couldn’t have been an Edward Snowden.”

    To find out why Ed Snowden said that — and to gain more understanding of how the “national security” state operates when truthtellers get in the way — please read this interview that the RootsAction Education Fund just did with Tom Drake.

    Q:  What was your background before you began working at the National Security Agency in 2001?

    “I was a contractor with the government, was a principal in a couple of boutique dot coms, did a lot of IT, management and software and systems engineering consulting with industry in the 1990s as the Internet economy and the digital age took off, had worked at Booz Allen & Hamilton, and also served in the Navy, CIA, and Air Force.”

    Q:  What were you hoping to accomplish when you got there?

    “I was brought into NSA as a senior executive under a special outside hiring program due to pressure from Congress and others that NSA needed to stir up the gene pool and take advantage of the skillsets and expertise of people who had not grown up inside NSA their entire career. The focus of my work at NSA was change leadership and management, communications and bringing the best of government and industry to bear at NSA. However, I went in eyes wide open, knowing that the odds of making any difference were slim.”

    Q:  How did the NSA evolve during your time with the agency?

    I would say NSA actually devolved. Under then Director Michael V. Hayden he had already thrown in his lot with the military-industrial-intelligence-contractor complex and was spending massive amounts of money to buy NSA’s solutions from large defense firms rather than make them with the best of American ingenuity and inventiveness in service to the common defense needs of the nation. In essence, NSA sold out national security to the highest bidder. 

    “In addition, NSA embarked on a super-secret mass domestic surveillance regime after 9/11 approved by the White House that was in violation of the Constitution and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).”

    Q:  What were some of the main problems that you saw emerge while you were an NSA executive?

    “I saw and observed many problems at NSA including gross mismanagement, coverup regarding the intelligence surrounding 9/11, financial impropriety, willful violations of the rights of people in secret on a mass scale and also the smothering of programs that were a threat to the big-ticket flywheel contractors and their profits as well as the careers of NSA senior managers.”

    Q:  What were the pressures to remain silent about wrongdoing at the NSA?

    The pressures to remain silent were enormous. Silence was viewed as institutional loyalty. I was even warned NOT to cooperate with official investigations into NSA conduct and coverup regarding its own actions in violation of the 4th Amendment, covering up its own role in the failure to provide for the common defense and keeping innocent people out of harm’s way on 9/11 and the massive multibillion-dollar programmatic fraud perpetrated under the cover and color of national security.”

    Q:  Would you describe what you went through as a crisis of conscience?

    “I was confronted by the specter that if I were to remain silent, I was complicit in the subversion of the Constitution by the NSA and abuse of its powers, its coverup of its own culpability in 9/11, and the massive multi-billion programmatic fraud and waste. I chose to exercise moral agency in the face of all this wrongdoing and became a whistleblower. I found myself staring into Pandora’s Box and the abyss was staring back at me. I chose to act and defend the 4th Amendment and the Constitution, the law and regulations and statutes against my own government. After blowing the whistle through many protected channels, I did choose to exercise my 1st Amendment rights and went to the press with unclassified information.”

    Q:  What was your departure from the NSA like?

    “My departure from NSA was quite abrupt. I was teaching at the National Defense University within their Industrial College of the Armed Forces as a visiting professor of behavioral science focused on strategic leadership, leadership ethics, information strategies and national security policies when I was unceremoniously raided by the FBI.”

    Q:  How would you sum up the experience of being threatened and then prosecuted by the Justice Department?

    “It was the worst period of my life across some five years facing the prospect of spending many decades in prison for simply calling out the government on its own violations of the Constitution and our rights, its blatant and willful wrongdoing and abject lack of accountability for numerous 9/11 intelligence failures. The government went after me with extreme prejudice involving malicious retaliation and did all they could to turn my truth telling into the acts of a traitor for speaking truth to and about power.

    Q:  What were the main reasons that the case against you collapsed in court?

    The government’s case ultimately collapsed under the weight of truth.They were unable to prevail in the courtroom and, on my terms 14 months after I was summarily indicted, they dropped all 10 felony counts against me (including five counts for allegedly violating the Espionage Act) in exchange for pleading out to a minor misdemeanor for exceeding the authorized use of a government computer. In addition, Jesselyn Radack (the Director of WHISPeR with ExposeFacts) was key in defending me in the court of public opinion, when I had no voice or advocacy for my whistleblowing against the government. She led the strategic campaign to educate the public regarding my own public interest disclosures as a whistleblower, and what was at stake in what became the signature Espionage Act case under the Obama Administration.”

    Q:  What do you want to do in the future as chair of the Whistleblowers Public Education Campaign?

    “My central focus is educating and reaching out to people on the real dangers facing democracy, the Constitutional Republic and the attacks on human rights and liberties around the world and the steps people can take to defend and shine light on those who would dare take our freedoms away from us in the name of national security, power and secrecy.”

    Q:  How does it help your efforts when people make a donation to the Campaign?

    “I was financially devastated from the government’s multi-year, multimillion-dollar criminal investigation of me (and others) and subsequent prosecution against me. I am still digging out from a mountain of debt, after coming very close to bankruptcy. I cannot help educate and inform people regarding the disturbing autocratic and authoritarian drift into dystopia without support and aid to continue shining the light on government misdeeds and dangers to democracy and our precious and inalienable rights across the U.S. and the world. Donations to the Whistleblowers Public Education Campaign also support key efforts to partner with others and provide the visibility and voice often drowned out by those defending and protecting abuses of power — of all kinds.”

    PS from the RootsAction Education Fund team:

    Persecution of Tom Drake left him deeply in financial debt. Ironically, we are in his debt — morally, politically and ethically. We owe him so much because he stood up for civil liberties and human decency.

    Let’s continue to help repay that debt to Tom Drake, who exposed extreme mass surveillance by the NSA.

    Living in what is supposed to be a democracy, we get vital information because of the courage of whistleblowers.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie, Wow, so very interesting yet leaving me with many questions about time frames and so much more.  Thank you!  I Will find out more!

  14. The Big Storm says:

    Something very big is brewing out there on the horizon. It can't get any more obvious, now can it. The next Big Event will happen very soon. Good luck to everyone. Hurricane's and fires already. The big flood is on it's way. It is so apparent.

  15. m b says:

    Hi Dear Everyone, 

    Such a vicious spraying in L.A. lately, to block rain. 

    I cry everyday, watching.

    Dear beloved planet, I'm so sorry♡♡♡

    Thankful for everyone's postings, I know I'm not alone.

  16. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Can anyone relate?, This last week, my region has gone from wonderful October fall weather, straight into December. Just like the previous two years, first came a wet snow and then temps dropped and it froze. "It created a layer of 'freeze' that will affect the spring snow melt". Water that should have gone into the ground will run into creeks, streams and rivers. I'm curious to know how much this factor will contribute to sea level rise. I've got 4 inches of snow out there that is completely engineered. I cringe every time I see the Mustangs take a slurp of it. My dog won't eat the snow. The first "snow" was about an inch thick. Very, very slippery. Now that it has snowed 4 more inches, traction on my 3/8th mile driveway is much better. The snow is so fluffy(dry), it's not worth plowing. Spring thaw this next spring will be a piece of cake, compared to years past. No rain this fall and then "they" sealed the soil with a layer of god knows what. The ground in years past has heaved substantially from the frost. Not this coming year though. There's no moisture in the soil to expand the mineral. That layer they laid out will contribute to spring flooding and dry wells.

    On a brighter note, Today I installed a fireplace wood stove insert for my neighbor from the farmers market. Mike owns and operates the tamale stand at the market. He does more revenue than anyone there. I admire how humble he is about it all. He has become my friend. We weren't to far apart at the barter faire either. Mike and his family have viewed all the videos I have given them. They ask really good questions as a result. Glad I have answers thanks to Dane and all of you here that contribute to higher learning.

    It's going to be an off the charts winter folks, be strong, stay well. Be prepared in all ways. Have a plan.

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Dennie says:

      "a simple horseman:  Weird gets weirder, everywhere you go.  I'm sure I saw frost on the neighbor's roof yesterday morning, November 5th, in San Rafael, CA. No doubt, this is ice nucleation.  "They" pulled that crap on us on nearly the same date in 2000 and I was wondering then why it was just so gawd-awful cold so early, not even Thanksgiving then.  

    • Dennie says:

      VERY chilly again here in the overnight hours.  People hardly notice.  Not one's raised the question.

      To The Sheeple, and Anyone Else Remotely Like Them, Even "Just A Little Bit:"

      Listen, people, getting ourselves out of the mess we created here on Earth is a matter of consciousness.  Meaning that as long as you choose not to pay attention, you get exactly what you asked for:  NO conscious awareness, NO CHANGE.  NO action, NO CHANGE, WHAT ELSE???  IT IS REALLY THAT SIMPLE, but ohhhh, so very HARD to get ANYONE to see this– 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, My house, my apt. in this house which is in front of one other apt. has had no heat since last spring and still.  I am freezing!  Literally. Yesterday my body temp was 96.0.  The lowest it has ever been.  And yes to nucleated.  Went from hot to so cold so fast.  Never used to be like this.  Everything in here feels like ice.  Must admit that today is a bit better, just a bit.  Like, I don't have gloves on now, but will later.  My eyes actually sting from the cold.  I have what is called a medical need for heat owing to my autoimmune diseases, one of which is Raynaud's, which prevents my body from warming back up again.  In theory, this could kill me.  But then, what will not?  A guy comes to figure out and hopefully fix the heat vent tomorrow.  I think a critter died in there.  I have reason to believe that and it's the best case scenario.  My landlord knows my condition, yet made me go through this.  It is warmer in the day, if outside and in the sun, step into shade, and cold again.  Yesterday had the most beautiful Huge white fluffy clouds like I've not seen in forever it seems and against a beautiful blue sky-if looking up high as lower down the blue watered down.  Still, it was different!  We did Halloween and it was quite chilly that night.  But, now, colder and said to be colder still to come.  AIEEE!  I want heat!!  Using stove burners/ghetto heat.  Oven has not worked since last Christmas, I miss my oven…sigh.  I keep sighing a lot.  Meanwhile waiting on skin doc to call me back regarding chemo goo I'm suppose to be using for cells gone wrong.  Read the destructions and there are a couple of things, warnings I need clarified.  In the 'do not use if' category.  Sigh.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Dear Rachel Robson,  I'd get this for you if I could because it seems to be amazing, not just for heat but to keep you cool in the summer.  This nucleated cold is bone penetrating.  We know it can be deadly.  It's bad when a person's body temperature falls too low, certainly really bad for you.  Maybe you can swing the payments?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      So Sorry, Rachel Robson, for the bad link.  On search for item V33591 Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool Bladeless Fan and Heater with jet focus.  (We could use one here for the summer.)

  17. Blue Sue says:

    As for the new terminology adjusted to fit our manufactured weather these days, this evening on NPR the radio newscaster said, "We can expect some patchy freezing FOG between 3 am and 9 am. "  Precisely coinciding with the all-night-long spraying over these parts.  At the time of this report (6pm) the temp was 42 F. (not at all normal for this time of year) with very windy conditions.  Although I don't care for the biting wind, at least it seems to blow away the toxic "FOG" we are dosed with lately here in Alaska (south central).  Breathing is a dangerous activity anymore. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Blue Sue, hello!  First I ever heard of patchy freezing FOG!!!!  I almost want to see it.  What the heck does that look like?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Rachel, ice fog is a real and natural phenomenon, but what we had recently didn't seem nice.  Here's the natural thing both foggy and the next day with the trees iced over.  Oh, and a sweet Arctic Fox just for fun : )

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bella, with the climate engineering operations having been deployed over 70 years ago, it is difficult for us to determine (with any degree of certainty) which types of anomolous weather conditions are completely “natural”, and which would rarely if ever occur without climate engineering operations. Just something to consider, FYI example llink attached

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, Dane.  Thank you for your reply.  Of course you are right. Please excuse me.  I'm just observing from my vantage point of 35 years in Alaska.  We didn't know what was happening over the poles for most of that time, but the overhead jets we could see began sometime between June, 2006 and January, 2009, while we lived outside in Peru.  OMG, the horrible changes were so devastatingly apparent when we returned to Alaska!  Still, we cannot even know the effects from the atmospheric nuclear tests.  (Sister Bertell has written about the year the caribou didn't return, due to nuclear tests.) Usually the Native people know what's not normal, and the devastating changes have been more recent, according to them.

      Your decency and fortitude become you, Dane.  You inspire 🙂

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Its a team effort, Bella, all of us working together that can yet make a difference. Yes, as you stated, there has indeed been a very large ramp up of the climate engineering assault since the turn of the century.

  18. Susan Ferguson says:

    Antarctica / Nov.5, 2017

  19. beatriz says:

    hello everybody. the link below is fresh on yahoo news, about the "possible use of geoengineering" for combating global warming, of course, after it has been studied thoroughly. according to the article it seems the issue is going to be debated in congress starting Nov.8. time to call our legislators. if you want to add your comments:

    • beatriz says:

      correction to the above: the hearing about Geoengineering and specifically to look upon research on Solar Radiation Management at the US House's Subcommittees on Environment and Energy. will take place on Nov 8. the author of the article is Janosz Pasztor executive director of the Carnegie Climate GE Governance Initiative.

      such candor on his part…….

    • Dennie says:

      Ah, so "They" are "warming us up" for the kind of future They believe we should have, "for our own good," undoubtedly (… well, the shareholders, too, but we won't mention that, for now at least).  So here's what I just fired off to my elected representative in Congress:

      Rep. Huffman: We read on Yahoo News, the "mouthpiece" of The Powers That Never Should Have Been, that you in Congress are debating the use of geoengineering (already ongoing– HAS BEEN FOR A LONG TIME NOW!). There are already spraying programs going on with NO coordination, NO oversight, and NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION, yet we get to hear that you guys, The "Deciders," are now going to debate what should be UNDEBATEABLE!: Here is Dr. David Keith proposing the insane notion that we somehow need to be sprayed with two megatons of submicron metallic sprays every year. Here he is telling us all about it: Dr. Keith is on the faculty at Harvard University and the University of Calgary. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. The metals are acidifying the water and the soil already. GET UP TO SPEED, visit, and STOP THE SPRAYING, NOW! 

    • beatriz says:

      Thanks Dennie. your posting to your rep is great. just sent message to the Committee.

  20. SD says:

    Watched Nova TV on PBS last night.  Yet another science story about atmospheric aerosols from volcanoes causing climate disruption. This one from 1257 AD. Volcanic explosion in Indonesia linked to extreme cold and famine in England.

    Researchers examine ice cores from Greenland. Sulfuric Acid aerosols from volcanoes show very clear peaks on Mass Spec eqpt.

    Of course we have to wonder just what effects SRM by Weather Engineers has on our CURRENT weather situation (droughts, famine, fires and floods)

  21. Sean says:

    Hey Dane, 

    I'm not sure if you've tried this platform as a way of spreading the message yet, but if you not I would highly advise you start posting your videos and information here

    From what I can tell, it seems to be  an almost, if not entirely uncensored social media platform that seems to be gaining a really strong foothold. Much is being posted there that would likely have been buried on one of the main social media platforms like facebook or youtube.

    There are a few areas on the site you could post under and I think the message would be very well received. You could try posting under the conspiracy tag, although I understand the need to avoid using that word with regards to geoengineering. There is also another tag that can be used called "truth" that may serve the purpose better.

    In any case, I know you're very busy but please take the time to have a look at that site and consider posting your material there as again I think you may be dealing with a very receptive and very large audience who for the most part may not have yet heard of the geoengineering issue.

    Keep up the good work, we may just win yet afterall.

  22. Joseph L says:

    I hope people r not burning out -everyone is needed to get on the playing fields and hand out credible info against Climate Engineering. I wonder how many people take the info that is given to them read it and go back to sleep ?. I am venting here because  I hope all the true activists that give a damn  work is not  a total waste of time. I must admit myself it can get quite lonely out there.  It would b nice if some of these so called Environmental groups would just come on board and tell the truth. They all have gag orders you tell me.   Is the planet more important or is their 501(c)(3) tax- exempt status.?

           Just venting — getting sh— off of my chest.

    On  another note

    Helen Caldicott on Our Denial of the Threat of Nuclear Armageddon


    . As Thomas Jefferson said so long ago, "An informed democracy will behave in a responsible fashion." Of the 16,400 nuclear bombs in the world, Russia and the US own 94 percent — only they can destroy most life on Earth, so in reality, these two nations are today's real terrorists.

  23. Natcho says:

    Death Camp


    fema camp

  24. TucsonRon says:

    Some observations from the Sonoran Desert in the vicinity of Tucson, Arizona:  In mid-August, our normally abundant monsoon rainstorms abrubtly stopped.  Up to that point our rain had been above average, although the forecasts for the annual rainy season that were broadcast in June were incorrect.  One of the local news stations stated their best guess was "lower than average rain during July and August, with a surge expected in September".  There is no way to predict what the monsoon is going to do without specific reference to sea surface temperature effects, i.e., El Nino/La Nina conditions.  The "meteorologist" made no such references.  It did seem to me that he was reading from a script, doing as instructed.  Well… the rains stopped, just as the desert around here was thriving from the moisture in a way none of us have ever seen.  Then it stopped.  That was mid-August, and it has not rained since with the single exception of a short shower last week that definately was NOT a part of any larger system, just a small anomaly that hadn't been forecast until it was nearly upon us.  Now, as to what is happening to the envirionment:  the creosote plants are dying.  Their normal response to drought conditions is for some of their leaves, not all, to turn yellow and drop.  The remaining leaves go from a bright and shiny green to a dull yellowish green.  Instead, most of the creosote leaves are turning brown, look burnt, are brittle to the touch.  We have never seen this behavior of these plants.  In addition, the mesquite trees are suffering, and the ones that never require watering this time of year are in dire need.  The ones we can reach with the hose get a drink.  The rest are on their own, and are dropping leaves, looking almost skeletal.  The cholla cacti are parched, limbs drooping severely and we've actually seen branches fall off while we were observing them.  Prickly pear cacti normally look full this time of year instead look like dried up paper, pale, withered.  Branches on the ironwoods are dying, leaves a light brown, totally dried out, although for the most part the rest of the trees are still hanging in there.  We've notices a destinct lack of insects which used to swarm around our exterior lights when they were on.  Now, nothing.  Few songbirds, and the quail, doves, thrashers and woodpeckers all seem desperately dependent on our handouts.  We've had a remarkable increase in rodent burrows in the area, like nothing we've ever seen, like something is telling them to make more tunnels and bolt holes.  The chem trails (the term we're not supposed to use anymore) are still abundant.  Here I was thinking… maybe they'd go away.  They did for a few weeks after Trump took office, then they were back with a vengeance turning the sky a powdery washed-out glaring white.  The clouds are normally strange now, odd geometric ripples and angles, and what used to be normal looking clouds are increasingly rare, so rare that we make note that they look normal when they do.  The sun has been blazing hot when we're in it.  I remember as a kid trying to warm up in the sun on a cool morning by turning by back to it.  Now, even on what begins as a cool November morning, the sun feels blazing hot.  We can feel it searing our exposed skin.  The feeling of direct sunlight never used to be like that.  People in the cities might not be close enough to nature to make any notice of the natural world going awry, but we live in the desert and we sure see it happening here on so many levels.  To me… this climate collapse is the real enemy.  Not North Korea, ANTIFA, white supremacists, anarchists, fascists, feminists, misogynists.  We're being conditioned to hate each other and stare down into our phones, while our world literally burns around us because of a common enemy and our own selfish attitudes, neither of which we are taking the trouble to recognize.  While taking individual action against an enemy of seemingly limitless power might be viewed as suicidal… so would it would be suicidal for us to continue business as usual and take no other kind of action at all to preserve ourselves.

    • EyepilotX!!! says:

      Thank you! I live in a city (Chicago) and see the exact same thing with clouds… I feel that searing heat of sunlight. I am so sad about what is happening to nature, the desert…I constantly take pictures of these crazy geoEngineeered clouds. NO-ONE seems to care!

  25. Donna says:

    In suburb of San Diego CA and have a feeling we are set for a huge earthquake any day.  Hope I am wrong.  Keep hearing sonic booms, with house rattling.  Local news (haha) can't find sources to explain them, after so many people called stations. Just another one minutes ago as I finished listening to rebroadcast of this weeks show.  No telling what they have planned for this part of the country, but I have a hunch it won't be pretty.

  26. Joseph L says:

    Here is  a comment about GMO food and


    The advent of GMOs drastically altered our food system in several respects, and not a single change has been beneficial. Today, factory farms have become one of the largest sources of toxic pollution that destroys soil, water and air quality, and threatens human health in more ways than one. Nutritional quality of food has declined while contamination with toxic chemicals and drug-resistant pathogens has increased.

    It is well known that there is a revolving door between government agencies and biotech companies such as Monsanto. Consider the hypocrisy of the FDA. On paper, the U.S. may have the strictest food safety laws in the world governing new food additives, but this agency has repeatedly allowed GMOs and their accompanying pesticides such as Roundup to evade these laws.

    In fact, the only legal basis for allowing GE foods to be marketed in the U.S. is the FDA’s claim that these foods are inherently safe, a claim which is patently ridiculous. Documents released as a result of a lawsuit against the FDA reveal that the agency's own scientists warned their superiors about the detrimental risks of GE foods. But their warnings fell on deaf ears.

    What does Bill Gates, Monsanto, S510, Xe, BP oil spill, Geoengineering      and vaccines have in common?

    Great 6 minute video. Take notes etc


    GReat work you do  Dane.

    • penny waters says:

      the unaware masses in britain do not know that most of the cattle feed in this country comes from america, where i believe it doesn't have to be marked as gm – although in europe it is meant to be – tis soya fed to the cattle here and is mostly gm, although not marked as such – will people listen – no of course not!!

      corruption and ignorance are rife in the modern world where nothing can be pinned down, everything is on the move and most people are so trusting of organisations that they appear to be sheeplike!!! – led to slaughter without any idea – unlike real sheep and cattle who are not seen as having feelings

      in britain it was against the law to cut an animals throat and leave it to bleed to death

      now our abattoirs are mostly in the hands of a 'religious' group who have to have their meat from cattle that have bled to death

      religion is opium for the masses

      culture and religion comes from a human group from a particular environment and particular history

      tis not race but culture that causes tension between people  – a difference in manners  and behaviour- doesn't say in the koran (told to me by a man who could read the koran in the original) that women should be covered up but that men and women should be modest in their attire!!

      most people don't know that they have a culture, even less that the skies are full of filth, sprayed by mad people who think that they can tinker with nature with no backlash

      and organisations like monsanta are so inextricably entwined with the petrochemical companies that you couldn't get a fag paper between the two

      why have governments become concerned just with trade and not with the people of their country

      surely that's why they were elected – to look after the people – when did it become so mad??

      i didn't want clinton to win your election – you peoples across the water – but my god what in heavens name is trump – he appears to be just another in a long line of insincere people in charge – but like a boy that has never really grown into a man

      feel quite nuts today

      hasn't helped by the garden that surrounds me and keeps me sane – all the small birds that live here with me – we have been invaded by a sparrow hawk – picks off birds and sits up in a tree – in full sight – and pulls out the feathers and throws them around whilst it rips and chomps on a song bird

      know we all need to eat but does it have to do it in plain sight and me and the other birds

      being alive is a crule existence

    • Kazadum says:

      Penny, read the Talmud and get back to me. They have a word for us…its called goyim, it means cattle.

  27. Marta says:

    Hi Dane

    Listening to your broadcast today I just realized that of all the people I know, whose writing I read, of all the resources I consult etc, you and you alone are the one true environmentalist. I have a masters in biology and my whole life has been dedicated to working to save the animals and the earth and shift human consciousness to wake people up to what is happening. What I have found is that most of the people who call themselves environmentalists have their head in the sand, as you so aptly delineate. It is incredible to me how honest and well informed you are: each and every word out of your mouth is truth. You asked me once to do a post for you about why there is so much denial. I am still trying to figure that out and maybe that is why I didnt do the post. In the end I am leaning toward this:  climate engineering is so complicated and technical that most people just glaze over even if they have the information  spoon fed to them. And there is the denial too and absolutely the undamental fear that there is nothing we can do. So that is not a good reason not to try right? I keep sharing and talking and doing the best I can to get people to wake up and take action. Dane thank you for being the incredibly selfless, intelligent and dedicated environmentalist you are.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thank you for not giving up, Marta. My deepest gratitude to you and every other activist / individual that has chosen to remain at the front line of the battle, regardless of the resistance they have endured from others around them. Geoengineering, unlike any other issue, cannot be indefinitely put “in the rear view mirror” by those who wish to remain in denial. The seeds of awareness we are sowing will be forced to sprout soon enough due to unfolding scenarios on the wider horizon. Face to the wind, let us all keep marching forward in this most critical fight for the greater good.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Marta, I so agree with you — Dane is the ONE true environmentalist today (at least the one who is actively working to speak and spread the truth).  Your question as to why denial is so intense and pervasive today, I believe the answer is: this denial is programmed into our society by design, and on so many insidious levels, using so many thoroughly penetrating societal constructs and machinations that it has become almost unavoidable escape.  Truly the dark forces behind the scene, manipulated (mind-controlled) by the grand orchestrator, the anti-Christ of our times (Ahriman) — a major spiritual power of immensely negative intention toward the evolution of mankind in freedom on earth, are wreaking havoc upon the world.  Like Dane has indicated so often, there are countless culpable players: Big Pharma/big medicine, Big Business, the Military Industrial complex, Big Agriculture, NASA, the United Nations, Wall Street, politicians of all political stripes, the Media, Academia, governmental agencies, even the Church, all with puppets who participate in the evil the agenda of destruction.  Denial is so pervasive due to the total infiltration on every level of society for exactly this very goal.  The devil is a master of deceit.  The GRAND LIAR who works ceaselessly to destroy human freedom, life, love, and light.  This battle being waged now on earth is a spiritual battle that will require our spiritual capacities to be fully awakened, elevated, and employed to the fullest extent if we are to win over darkness and the destruction of our beloved earth.  May the light of Christ surround us all. 

    • Dennie says:

      The sheer volume and scope of the various spraying programs is so pervasive, established and overwhelming that people are just bowled over, ennervated by the tidal wave after tidal wave of factual information regarding the diabolical programs.  Their imaginations fail them when pondering the magnitude and breadth of 

      People here often write that The Problem is a spiritual one at core.  We must each of us be most careful to examine our unexamined assumptions regarding the actual nature of reality.  The "dual nature of God" ("Good" vs. "Evil") assumption is tearing everything apart, alienating people who, as one person put it, need to come together to solve problems.  We have a continuum of good and a continuum of evil.  Fixing the problems on Earth is exactly like cleaning a very, very messy and dirty house.  Just start in the corner you find yourself in.  Start where you are.  Keep your nose to the grindstone.  "Chop wood, carry water."  And teach your children that this is exactly what they must learn to do, following your example.  :-).

    • Dale K says:

      Covering their tracks? 

      Friday Launch to Send Weather Satellite Rocketing Off from Vandenberg Air Force Base
      1:47 a.m. blastoff set for Joint Polar Satellite System spacecraft carrying new generation of weather forecasting technology
      By Janene Scully, Noozhawk North County Editor
      Nov 5, 2017

      With an eye to improving weather forecasts, the first of a new generation of polar-orbiting weather satellites will ride to space aboard a Delta II rocket to be launched early Friday from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

      The 12-story-tall booster built by United Launch Alliance is poised for blast off at 1:47 a.m. from Space Launch Complex-2.

      The launch of the $1.6 billion mission marks the debut for the nation’s newest weather satellite series to gather data while crossing over the equator 14 times a day.

      The satellite, a collaborative effort between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA, was built by Ball Aerospace of Boulder, Colo.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Marta, Sorry I didn't get to read what you might have written about why so many are in denial. Something tells me that when you actually write that short composition, you will have taken a huge step away from academia and an even bigger step towards truth.

      Your heart will thank you, many fold……

    • Joseph L says:

      So much denial in every  part of life from the moment we are all born. It is nice when the truth gets out .   Thank you Blue Sky — I am taking what you wrote below.

      Like Dane has indicated so often, there are countless culpable players: Big Pharma/big medicine, Big Business, the Military Industrial complex, Big Agriculture, NASA, the United Nations, Wall Street, politicians of all political stripes, the Media, Academia, governmental agencies, even the Church, all with puppets who participate in the evil the agenda of destruction.  Denial is so pervasive due to the total infiltration on every level of society for exactly this very goal. 

    • Joseph L says:

      Thank you Blue SUE

  28. Dennie says:

    "Credibility is so very critical in the fight for the greater good. Logic, reason, and due diligence investigation must be a part of the equation, or hard earned credibility is completely sacrificed. The truth is more than alarming enough, we must make every effort to stand on solid and factual ground. Credibility is extremely difficult to earn, and so very easy to lose."  — Dane Wigington

    Here's a little something I noticed about credibility, logic, reason and due diligence re the Tubbs and other northern CA fires:  

    an interview with a retired fire fighter who lives in Lake County: He was interviewed by someone, we know not whom, who asks some pretty leading questions about directed energy weapons and fires that move faster and burn hotter than anything he's seen in his past years fighting fires (gee, I wonder why…?).  I listened to the interview, and here's what I got out of it:

    I'm absolutely NOT surprised that the decorated fire captain (as if that factoid makes all of his information somehow more credible– reeeally??) and the interviewer says NOT ONE WORD about the ongoing geoengineering sprays that contain aluminum.  Normal fires are "about 1100 degrees."  We learn that plastics release a lot more heat when they burn.  Now, what happens when you get sprayed with aluminum everywhere, repeatedly, on a near-daily basis, for years? The interview turns towards directed energy weapons.  We hear that the only "blue lights" the retired fire fighter actually saw were photos of blue beams of light taken by phone cams and posted on the internet, and he says this at 12:57, that he did not see any of these himself.  I saw the videos but without an expert in photography who could examine these videos, we can't really say how the flashes of blue light appear in them– just guessing but couldn't these possibly be light beams from helicopters or other aircraft flying over the fires?  If they're supposed to vaporize or incinerate everything they touch, why didn't anything happen when one of them is caught flashing to the ground?  

    The retired fire fighter mentions aluminum burning through engine blocks and seems to understand how hot that gets but he apparently doesn't at all "get it" that the crap that we're being sprayed with contains aluminum– how come NOT?   PLEASE CONNECT THE DOTS, PEOPLE!!!!  Have we not heard by now about thermite?  It contains aluminum, an incendiary that causes everything it touches to burn at extremely high temps.  We have contractors who went on record during one of the segments on KQED's Forum reporting that porcelain and concrete WILL crack and break apart when exposed to such heat.  The incendiary nature of alumina oxide makes the fires move faster as well.  There is nothing "magic" or "supernatural" about that, just ordinary laws of physics. 

    We hear the opinions of just two other fire fighters regarding the nature of the fires and their speculative cause as related by the interviewed former firefighter, who says he's never seen anything like these fires– OF COURSE NOT, because we are now being BLASTED with alumina oxide and fires are now NOTHING like they were, IN ANYONE'S LONG EXPERIENCE fighting fires– duh!  But never mind, people are going to see only what they WANT to see– never what actually IS, even if it hits them right in the face, so if anyone really wants to believe that a fleet of aliens flew over the area and set all of those fires with laser beams, then of course they did–!!!!

    As for the stories behind the money-and-power players in the area, they are always the same, in every city and every country around the world.  The circles they operate in just get bigger, the bigger the players themselves get.

    I was informed by the party who forwarded the above link to the videotaped interview with the retired Lake County, CA fire fighter that both the interviewer and the interviewee know about the sprays and, I'm guessing, also, what's in them, and what that can do– not a word of acknowledgement by either interviewer or interviewee regarding the incendiary nature of aluminum and the known fact that it's being sprayed everywhere– Now, shouldn't this disturb you?  Because I find that the omission of these facts from this piece of "journalism" looking to discover why these fires are so fast, hot and destructive, meaning no mention of the absolutely known facts that we are being blasted with incendiary material on a daily basis, is tantamount to lying, and putting this on the internet, serving it up as "fact" based on the "decorated" status of the interviewee, when it's really nothing more than wild speculation as to what could possibly cause these fires to burn so very hot and so very fast (blue space laser beams) is irresponsible, to say the least, and constitutes de facto (if not actual) disinformation at worst.  

    People who post here and other places frequently wonder at the evil on this planet, and how it has come to "rule" us.  Hitler said that the bigger the lie you tell, the more likely that people will believe it.  I have come to believe that getting sucked into hysterical, base-less speculation with no actual facts, when in fact we DO know what causes these fires to burn hotter and move faster, is definitely a part of what is fueling the evil, so LISTEN FOR ACTUAL FACTS:  Get out a piece of paper, listen very closely to hear what facts are being offered to back up a premise and then list them when you're surfing the net looking at hysterical, far-out, wild "space alien" explanations for things that have REAL causes.  And DO NOT PARTICIPATE in theories that mostly get you to think, and talk, about "Satanic," "Luciferian," and other supernatural "horrors" as The Cause of Evil, when in fact the worst horrors causing our problems are senseless, greedy or frightened people doing the bidding of the MIC on faculties at universities around the world, or at home, playing games and "participating" in the evil, fueling it by not acknowledging it or speaking out against it, or by just not doing anything that helps anyone or any cause, at all.  

    Evil is getting helped along the way by allowing one's self to become unbalanced by hysterical theories when we actually know the answers to what's causing the new phenomena in fire behavior.  And the real worst effect of "directed energy" weaponry is the fact that falling for the deep-cover propaganda that DE is somehow The Real Cause of the fires is actually just directing YOUR energy away from looking at the facts that toxic geoengineering sprays are mainly responsible for the fires' "new" never-before-seen behavior.  And why you'd want to say anything otherwise is really a subject for the analyst's couch.

    • Joseph L says:

      Good post Dennie, well worth the read

    • Pedro says:

      Everything is connected, this is a web of evilness;

      climate F engineering ( the destruction of the Atmosphere ).  the toxic spraying and the stealing of our Rain,

      climate warfare.

      vaxxines ( the abuse of Children at 1st day, abuse which last until adulthood ).. and the rest of the abuses which are conducted by big pharma.

      transgenic "food".

      electromagnetic warfare.

      fluoridation of Water.

      "accidents" in nuclear centrals.

      HAARPOON tsunamis.

      HAARPOON earthquakes.

      the destruction of the Biosphere.

      pedophilia, satanism and the disappearing of Children.

      This web of evilness that was bring to us by the masonic mafia has created this phenomenon of the social satanism. This is the end of the rabbit hole.

      We need Justice FAST.


    • Johanna Ryffel says:

      Excellent posting : Thank you Dennie ~

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, Good commentary you offer there. I always appreciate what you have to contribute. You make a good point that often gets over looked, "the years of accumulative layers of flammable particulates we have been showered with". Our trees are the tell tale sign of our times.

      I say let the Geo engineering stop and let the monstrous storms begin. Let the planet, our Mother Earth, do her thing!! I'd take rain and a cooling planet any day.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Without forgetting,

      the business of the agrochemicals, and the business of the fertilizers ( which creates the fluoride compounds, together with some other industries, like; the steel, nuclear and aluminum industries ).

      Of course – the oil business ( the chicken of the golden eggs, of the system ) and the entire petrochemical industry that is also connected to almost everything else.

      the eternal war against fake enemies that creates eternal business to the world banksters ( the masonic mafia ).

      -> The foundation philosophy of the neoliberalism is evilness at its extreme; evil and eugenic finance, with suits and ties.



    • penny waters says:

      trying to work out who is to blame for anything is like hanging on the tail of an animal that is running at high speed

      i honestly think that we are all to blame as a species because 'we' are so successful in producing more humans and living in environments that are extreme

      and maybe that is how it is supposed to be 

      who said we are meant to last for ever?

      when i do go out i find humans so lacking in awareness of actually being alive and what that means – i despair 

      so i come back home where i can read geoengineering .watch and read other people's sense of frustration

      where will it all end?

  29. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    So the Poor Dolphins are taking another Hit?  Such Beautiful Creatures. I had the Privilege to swim with them once. It was my Mom's Dream, I will never forget the look of Joy on Her face, while she Hugged, A Dolphin.  From the Wee Bees, to the Great Whales. Nothing escapes the poisoning of Aluminum.  I read years ago that Alzhiemers was up by 260% Is the increase now by 300% ?  How can it not be. We know how fast the Autism rate has increased.  Time, is Not on Our side.   Thank You Dane for yet another, information packed, Global Alert News.

  30. Benjamin says:

    Always excellent information. The latest new I have recieved from a DR friend. who does body testing. He reported to me he is finding the fine particulate of aluminum  mixing in the bodies of people with glyphosphate. The new compound that has been created lodges in the breast tissue of both men and women. Apparently he is finding both components everywhere. His comment was that apparently glyphosphate and the aluminum particulates are now in everything. No where to go.

  31. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 190th email titled 'The Magic of Number Manipulation'.

    1.  Arctic sea ice volume on 8th Oct was 5th lowest @ 5,558 km3. On 1st Nov it was at record low for the time of year lowest @ 6,472 km3. On  3rd Nov it magically jumped to 4th lowest @ 7,950. The magic happened on 2nd Nov when volume grew by an astounding 1,360 km3 – despite there being no anomalous freezing in the Arctic, temperatures were little different than on the 1st and 3rd Nov when volume grew by 54 km3 and 118 km3 respectively. Oh the magic of number manipulation aka creative accounting, and massive toxic endothermic atmospheric spray programmes.

    'Slow to melt' ice crystals in our garden are again @ 6C lower than surrounding ground and general air temperature. 

    The Arctic heat anomaly is predicted to continue with a vengence next week, particularly in the Bering Strait/ Chukchi Sea area, and covering nearly the whole area by 9/10 Nov.

    2. In a recent meeting with President Putin, Ayatollah Khamenei said "we can nullify US sanctions using methods such as eliminating the dollar". China also wishes to dump the dollar.

    How do you think the US will respond – probably in a similar way they did to Iraq, Libya and other countries.

    The media distraction sex scandals continue to escalate in US and UK – what are they distracting us from…climate collapse, mass migrations/immigration/refugee crisis and unrest, toxic geoengineering, impending war or 'civilisation' collapse? 

    Another comprehensive Global News Alert. I urge you to put 55 mins aside and listen to it: 

    3. Notes to Self (week 43 of 104). Eventually they will run out of spray ingredients, planes, drones or people who are prepared to do/say anything for a pay cheque, and then the "over stretched elastic band will snap".  It is going to get very ugly.


    • Dennie says:

      after which time, maybe, just maybe, it will stop.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Andrew, we can only hope that rubber band will snap.  The Air Force is calling 1000 to 1500 retired pilots back to work. . . . . .

      Really don't like the sound of the Arctic Heat anomaly, but love your observation of the 'magic numbers' with the Arctic Ice Volume.  We can only guess whether there is any real ice at all! 

  32. Jamie says:

    No more azure blue skies in California, once every few days you will see a whitish blue sky for a short time in the morning if your lucky as the planes work hard to criss cross the sky. We spend our days living under a light grey with a white wash sky. Day in and day out. How can Californians accept this? I spent a week on the road going crosscountry to see my sister who is dying. All the states in the southern USA are covered in a white filthy sky. I am a photographer and there are no inspiring vistas. If you see one in a recent picture the photographer is using  multi filters. My eyes are sad and sore because of the constant glare of the dirty  gross sky. I saw dead trees and foilage everywhere on my trip. I guarantee If we dont stop this madness, there will be no food growing and we will die of starvation. Even those hoarding food will die when they run out as food will not grow without sun and non aluminum soil.  Death awaits everyone from this catastrophe. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Azure Blue.   A Color I long to see again.   You have described, The Daily Look of Alberta, Jamie. The Trees too look as you described.  It Dazzles the Mind The Ignorance of Mankind.!  I drove 3600 Km's & never saw the Sun Once!  Yet alone a patch of Blue Sky.  Our time is Short!

  33. barbzi says:

    Buckminster Fuller created the “Knowledge Doubling Curve"
    1900   Knowledge doubling every century
    1945   Knowledge doubling every 25 years
    1982   Knowledge doubling every 12-13 months
    2020   Knowledge doubling every 11-12 hours… (per IBM)


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Barbzi.

      2030 –  medieval dark age again, for the improbable survivors of the "after the 2nd eruption of Toba". This time, the "eruption" of the super high tech of everything that is evil. 

  34. Hawkeye says:

    Another great broadcast Dane! When you mentioned how likely it is that the government is performing "tests" on us as well as and included in all else going on, I thought of a documentary film I had seen. "De-classified:Human experimentation", The History Channel Undercover.

    "From the end of WW2 through the Cold War the U.S. government performed military experiments on hundreds of thousands of unwitting Americans across the country. For 3 decades an untold number of civilians and military personnel became human guinea pigs."

    As part of their infamous Manhattan project, scientists injected plutonium into patients who were going in for treatments of their diseases in a hospital in NY, and instead of or in addition to the regular regimines they were injected with plutonium and not told. 

    U.S military personnel were involved (used) in the governments testing of hydrogen and atom bombs in the Nevada desert from 1951 – 1963, and elementary school children in Minnesota unknowingly participated in secret tests ( being sprayed from planes) in the early 1950',s. 

    The rhetoric told to military men then, to get them to expose themselves willingly to the deadly radiation emitted by detonation of the hydrogen/ atom bomb was very similar to the rhetoric told today about the no worries effects of the ongoing climate geoengineering atmospheric spraying. 

    So yes…….DUH! Why would there be any denial that our gov could be, is, at it again!!?? These are recorded facts of history. Credible data/information source. 


    • penny waters says:

      how similar is that to the people up north (uk) who had an asbestos factory in their town where the kids when they left school would kick balls of asbestos in the streets – all in the name of experimentation and trade and control

      us poor cannon fodder!!!!

  35. Anna says:

    Another excellent broadcast, Dane! You are a remarkable leader, helping all of us to be more aware of this diabolical weapon of mass destruction being unleashed upon our planet, us, and all other life forms.

    I can't help but think: where is the 1% going to live, if earth become uninhabitable? Do they already have secret living spaces on Mars? Or underground chambers in Antarctica? Just where do they believe they are going to hide out, and "wait" for the earth to "heal", while the rest of us 7-8 billion die off? Who will then be there "slaves" to carry out their trash, or cook their meals, or continue fooling with their pathological lies? Unless they have private flying discs that can escape the destruction they have caused on our planet, they will be subject to the same agonizing death the rest of us must endure because of their lust for money, their predatory, vulture capitalism, their never-ending, racist wars to pillage, plunder, and destroy other cultures, and their insatiable need for world dominance. 

    It is obvious that these thieving, looting "entitled" one precentors have had their weather modification plans already decided upon: when and where to unleash it (such as Puerto Rico), and how long (the demise) will take before they have reached their goal (of mass depopulation). The introduction of GMO foods and poisonous, mandatory vaccinations, have not taken enough of us out fast enough! Hence,the Big Plan to destroy our vital sunshine (& our life dependent need on Vit D and UV rays), our water sources, and of course, our life-sustaining need for clean air. 

    We all need to support Dane & help him, and ourselves, in spreading the truth about geoengineering. He needs our presence and support since he gives so much of himself and energy, to educating us. I feel time is getting short for all of us! My husband and I currently shocked about our 1/1/2-2 feet of heavy snow that has fallen in NW Montana over the last three days, with more to come. The day before this freak weather with heavy, gray, oppressive skies, there were blue sunny skies that became crisscrossed with wide, aluminum spraying. We knew the weather was set to change, but we didn't know how drastically. Very scary stuff. We should all be wide awake and tirelessly speaking out about it, as Dane is.         

    • penny waters says:

      do you really believe that people who run human society have any real clue about what they are doing

      methinks you give them much too much credibility

    • BenBarzman says:

      Yeah, they are not like the rest of humanity, they arn't human the way we are human. Its not even worth trying to figure out why they do the evil things they do (they wouldn't bother to think like you)…they're just evil.

  36. ed says:

    Thank you Dane for the work you are doing to Expose the World Wide Genocide being done by the Chem Trails.

    • Dan says:


      At the risk of being rude, I only want to help Dane get a very important point across to anyone who is having trouble breaking a bad habit that even I used to be guilty of.

      In every broadcast Dane does, he explains how important it is for all of us to use scientific terms such as Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management etc. if we are to be taken seriously. Anyone who continues to use the term"Chem Trails" will never be considered anything more than a "Conspiracy Theorist" and those theorists  will be of no help to the cause.

      Glad to have you onboard here just the same.

      Peace, Dan

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Ed. We don't use the C Word. Worldwide Genocide being done by the Weather Modification Programs.

  37. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    yes Penny Waters, you make perfect sense, and we mourn our Beloved Planet Earth…..You expressed so eloquently…."just the endless gloom of white out – the filth of the military industrialised petrochemical capitalist greed that has swallowed the delicacy of nature"

    Have heard 2 very good talks lately from people who are certain we are on edge of big turning point….to overturn the corporate empire and take back our lives and planet… can pray, envision, hope, awaken even more, and stand strong

    Blessings to you dear Penny…Please make some poetry honoring our beautiful nature.  I will do so too, and play my Balinese xylophone to soothe the trees and plants

  38. Barb E says:

    Last week I commented on how we made it through that "nor'easter" they sent up the NE coast.  That was home in NH.  Our summer camp in ME however did not fair as well.  We're here now because we've had no power here for 6 days, probably 2 more days to go. The trees up here are so dead, they pushed up that storm with 70-75 mph winds and you know what happened to those trees. They are laying on homes, cars, roads, power lines. Monday 10/30 after the storm Maine had 400,000 people without power. Power poles literally fell over!! Never have I heard of that, but we saw it with our own eyes driving up here. We had to come, a neighbor told us our automatic generator had gone out. Luckily it only needed oil and fired back up. We had just filled the freezer with 1/2 pig & 1/4 beef our meat for the next year. TG we didn't lose it. If we weren't alerted we would have. So many here don't have generators and have lost so much. Dane is right on when he says the storms and whiplash will only get worse. I expect any day to wake up to sea level rise with water seeping into the living room here. We truly are living in times that are insane and it gets worse every single day!!  We point to the sky and we talk about the lines – nobody pays attention. They think this "storm" was normal. NOT!!! People are truly suffering from fires, floods, storms, power outages and they STILL don't even think about it.  When the shit hits the fan they won't think about it then either…they'll just wonder why that 5-G tower just fried their freaking little brains.

    • Kelly M says:

      I was in NJ when Sandy hit land and was 10 miles from the center. When this recent storm came through CT it felt exactly the same. A power company lineman working on our area outage said the same thing. Over the past month I noticed bizarre “cloud” formations – weird corkscrews and some perfect square cubes low in the sky over Fishers Island Sound. I see more and more spraying and more anomalies in local weather and agriculture performance that seems clearly related. 

    • Johanna Ryffel says:

      Dear Barb E, I live in southern Quebec near the Vermont Border . a friend called me in the evening of the 29. Oct.  that a big storm was coming up our way : there was very little on the Weather Network ! ~  at 11pm huge gusts of wind started ~ by 2.30 am [ 30. Oct ] the house shook with the force of the wind ~ lightening every where [ I live in a rural area .Heavy rains ! I thought this is a Hurricane ~ then trees started crushing down . By 4 am 2 trees fell on the Power line to the house . then darkness ~ wind increased , house shook , clear starry sky towards the east ~ in 52 years I have never seen such a clear sky with such high winds . at the crack of dawn my two giant Red Pine trees uprooted and fell away from the house , crushing a huge Apple tree and a blue Spruce  : by the Grace of God my little Home was  spared ~ ! the phone [ Landline still worked ] . my 94 year old friend and neighbor was ok [ just the siding of her house partially ripped off. and trees across the path to her Cows .such devastation none of us has ever experienced ! Later we found out that over 400 hundred thousand people are without power in many parts of Quebec . None of this was announced as a major storm ! A friend clocked the Wind Velocity at 123 km / hour at the edge of the village ! Some people only got the power back yesterday [ 6 days later ] . A dire warning indeed ! The day before this all started was heavy spraying happening …none for two days and now it started again . ~ I have Gratitude that our homes have been spared [ and no Life,s lost around here ]. the huge  loss of Trees is heartbreaking ~ PS. the " Lightening " was caused by hundreds of trees falling on power lines ! We are indeed getting more and more warnings ~ still people do not want to know ~ I feel so unbearably sad ,seeing daily more destruction to our Earthly Home and all LIFE ~! PS all my Life I have worked to protect the Earth and all Creatures ~ . now I am a Senior with serious Health challenges ~ [ Lyme ] . Praying for strength to carry on ~ 

    • penny waters says:

       dear joanna ryffel

      so sad to hear of your troubles – being an ol' tart meself – i know the feeling of frailty – when young not so perturbed – but now – what will happen next???

      keep safe – i shall be thinking of you

      much love

  39. Susan Ferguson says:

    Tillerson and Mattis Justifying Endless Wars of Aggression
    By Stephen Lendman / November 01, 2017 "Information Clearing House" — In Monday testimony before Senate Foreign Relations Committee members, they urged congressional authorization for unlimited war making anywhere worldwide – a shocking indictment of a rogue state threatening humanity’s survival, risking eventual catastrophic nuclear war.  …
    Tillerson: the Trump administration “should not be time constrained” and “must not be geographically restricted.”  Any congressional limitations on warmaking “embolden(s) our enemies” – invented ones because real ones don’t exist ….  
    … unchallenged US global dominance. It’s the end goal Washington seeks, no matter the human toll or threat to humanity’s survival. Despite credible information easily accessed online from reliable sources, the vast majority of Americans are ignorant and/or dismissive about what’s going on – unaware of the grave danger posed by Washington’s permanent war agenda. If not curbed, the chickens will surely come home to roost, perhaps when one or more US cities are immolated by thermonuclear detonations – when it’s too late to matter.

  40. Susan Ferguson says:

    Collapse at North Korea test site triggers fears in China / Korea Herald / Asia News Network / Nov. 02, 2017
    Fresh alarm is being raised over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, after a report that at least 200 people died in an accident at the country’s nuclear test site.  Japan’s Asahi TV on Tuesday reported that at least 200 people died and 100 were trapped when a tunnel collapsed at the Punggye-ri test site. The collapse happened days after North Korea conducted its sixth and largest underground nuclear test in September, provoking fears that the Punggye-ri site may be falling apart.   On Monday, Korea Meteorological Administration chief Nam Jae-cheol said that another detonation could possibly prompt a “collapse of the test site” and spill radioactive materials into the atmosphere near China’s border. Concerned about nuclear waste contamination, Chinese scientists reportedly warned Pyongyang to relocate the test site, as Mantapsan mountain, about 80 kilometers from the North Korea-China border, was at risk of collapse, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post said.
    North Korea’s latest nuclear test on September 3, which is also believed to be its strongest yet, may have dealt a heavy blow to its topography. The South Korean Meteorological Administration said the test caused an artificial magnitude 5.7 earthquake, while the US Geological Survey and Chinese government measured it at 6.3.Smaller tremors followed, which many saw as aftershocks of the detonation. But a US think tank said that “for the time being,” Pyongyang has no plans to abandon the Punggye-ri test site. Although substantial damage to the tunnels is suspected, similar nuclear tests conducted at the US Nevada Test Site and former Soviet nuclear test sites did not lead to site abandonment, according to analysis from 38 North of the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.   …the NK country’s welfare system has collapsed, and that “millions of civil servants, army officers and security forces are dependent on bribes and state assets’ embezzlement for their survival.”

    • Dennie says:

      Shit happens and yet we still have stooopid, stooopid people who believe "we" can get away with having nuclear whatever on Earth.  It never fails to astound me how they just believe any f*cking thing the MIC Echo Machine publishes in Scientific American or puts out for public consumption on Faux and other unnatural News.  I always ask them, "Where ya gonna put all that nuclear waste, that stays radioactive for HOW long–???"  They mostly pretend that they didn't hear the question.  A$$holes.

  41. Cheryl says:

    Yes, heartfelt gratitude to Dane – and thanks to Ashleigh for expressing it so clearly.  Am also, taking whatever opportunity presents itself during each day to expand people's awareness, especially about this pressing crisis.

  42. penny waters says:

    we have no rain here in essex – sometimes wet in the morning but no real rain – no days of drizzle – or sudden downpours that made a person laugh in the summer with the steaming environment when one danced in the rain

    no more – just the endless gloom of white out – the filth of the military industrialised petrochemical capitalist greed that has swallowed the delicacy of nature 

    the difference – of a plant choosing to grow in its own place – not planted by humans 

    or a cardigan – knitted by a mum to keep her child warm

    or a piece of a tree – coppiced by a man for his family to keep them warm and to put warm food in bellies

    we seem to bear no relation to the earth anymore – have we outlived our ability to live within the nature of our existence

    does that make sense to anyone

    thank you all, you individuals going out there to take on the organisations that are complicit in the lies that cover up the geoengineering destruction of our environment

    • Rachel Robson says:

      penny waters! wow, perfectly said: "..have we outlived our ability to live within the nature of our existence?" What a profound question!  The answer that wants to escape my mouth is: "why, yes, it would seem so."  Maybe it would help you to know where I'm literally coming from in this regard, which is Berkeley, CA as in Bay Area, as in FB and Uber, and Apple and oh so much more, UC Berkeley, Lawrence Lab, Livermore, Stanford, Tesla, on and on and on.  Talk of AI all the time, as in robots replacing us and how to prepare oneself, and what employment can be had!  Yikes. Not a movie, but reality knocking on the door!

    • penny waters says:

      wow rachel 

      you live in amongst the mad people who play with toys and who think that they are important

      i live near chelmsford – about 30 miles from london – it has recently become a 'city' – cos it has a cathedral!!! – and the cathedral is on the top of the website of the green party in chelmsford

      what a bunch of numpties – green people – stupid – bandwagon people

      bit like these so-called 'feminists' i keep hearing about

      bit like germain greer who was always trotted out as a feminist – just another damn academic with no actual links with the groups of women who would sit for night after night, talking about our experience of being female

      my reality, as a card carrying member of the womens movement, was that i wanted to know what women are for, apart from being a wife and mother – which is always in relation to others

      these damn women with their slinky gowns and their sexuality on show – understand yourself before you start having a go at men!!!!!

      religion, if studied, is not about dogma – which is what most religions turn into – ritual and dogma!!!

      religion is about self and is gnostic – know thyself!!

      much love to all the gnostics who are the mainstay of this website


    • Blue Sue says:

      Penny Waters, Rachel, you both add so much light and wisdom here with your poetic way of speaking truth.  Love reading your posts, and just wish that your insight, goodness and compassion could be more infectious than the plague of disinterest, distraction, avarice, and idiocy so evident everywhere today.  

  43. Nancy Dethmers says:

    Thanks for your radio broadcast Dane.

    I needed to hear that phrase “Never give up” at the end. I ride around with 3 large and one small anti Geoengineering signs on my van. I am supplied with your informative booklets and I rarely even get a question about the signs. I have learned you can’t force people to wake up so I wait for an opening comment about the weather and tell them there is nothing natural about it… would you like some information to read? Please pass it on.

    Anyway I need these weekly programs to renew my will to get out there again and try to wake others up

    Thanks, Nancy

  44. upset arborist says:

    I just drove 40 miles to the gem faire in Eugene Or. to get the flyer,booklet,and C D.Did not care about the gem faire.I got free passes from the local Eugene Weekly a local free paper. The booth was up front perfect .There was lots of people interested picking up flyers and booklets.I couldn't find  any C D's. Nobody at the booth.So I ask the person at the ticket booth was I to late for a CD.She said I think there are CD's.She had to radio someone to go to the Geo Engineering booth to get me a CD.Great! What upsets Me is Dane has a great presentation playing at the booth its not just my chainsaw hearing ears. You could barely hear the presentation. Then a guy showed up seemed put out that he had to give me a CD.But he did .If there were people at the booth. Maybe they could of offered people CD's too.IM PISSED ABOUT PEOPLE SPRAYING ME! If there were at the booth and friendly.there was a lot of people wanting information.The CD's are important part of showing others what is going on.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, upset arborist, thank you for making the drive to pick up the GeoengineeringWatch informational materials, so sorry that you encountered a few challenges at the booth. Unfortunately there are so few of us trying to carry the fight forward, and there is much resistance to our efforts. In regard to the low volume on the presentation that is playing at the booth, the owners of the event facility (not GEM FAIRE) won’t let the volume be put any higher, exposing climate engineering is not a priority for them. About the lack of manpower at the booth, there is simply no one else to help us with our efforts and there are not enough of us to cover all the bases. The GEM FAIRE staff has given so much of their efforts to this cause, they are doing all they possibly can. They are working a great deal of extra time (on top of their already huge work load) in order to keep the booth going. On so many fronts in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, we desperately need “activists” to be much more active. This battle cannot be faught by only a few on behalf of the many, all are needed to help. Again, thank you for coming to the event, for getting the materials, and for helping us to sound the alarm.

    • Steve says:

      Hello Upset Arborist, I fully understand and empathize your concern, we go out of our way as you noticed/stated to make an excellent presentation at each Gem Faire, giving GeoEngineeringWatch, best booth locations. Next time you are in the Eugene area, would be so grateful for your help in attending/manning the booth to help in distributing materials to all who are interested.  am sure it would be a learning experience for you as it has been for me personally.  Please accept my apologies for not being in attendance, or one of the other Staff members.  Not making an excuse, but we are pulled in so many directions during an event, that goes on behind the scenes most attendees are not aware of.  Dane has our personal contact information to pass along to you if you would like to help out in the Portland GeoEngineeringWatch outreach booth in 2 weeks.  We can accommodate you  with a complimentary Staff parking pass for the Oregon Convention Center.  Thank you again for visiting the Outreach Booth, your comments are well taken to heart.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Steve, on behalf of, I wish to express our deepest gratitude to you and the entire GEM FAIRE team for your tireless efforts to help sound the alarm on the most critical issue of global climate engineering. You and your group have relentlessly risen above and beyond the call of duty. In spite of all your other duties and responsibilities related to the very complex organizing of the the GEM FAIRE events, you have somehow managed to always include the very professionally assembled informational booth. Steve, you and your group have been the strongest and most productive of allies in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering, thank you more than I can say. My deepest gratitude also to the concerned and commited activists who take the time and effort to show up GEM FAIRE events in order to get the informational materials they need to effectively raise awareness on the critical climate engineering issue. This battle is a team effort, all of us are needed.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      upset arborist, I'm curious, if you're so upset about what is being sprayed on us, "why didn't you stay fill fill a need at the booth in Eugene?" You missed a great opportunity if you ask me(which you didn't).

      Frankly, I am surprised that the Gem Faire booth is not tended each by folks that contribute in this comment column. I know that there are many of us that live "close" to each Gem Faire event. Next week, I am traveling 300 miles to Puyallup WA to tend the Gem Faire booth. The only thing that will stop me is if there is a snow storm on Snoqualamie Pass in the Cascade Mtns.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      upset arborist, Please forgive my "typo". I find the more I sit here and actually think about what I want to convey, the more likely it is my eyes gloss over infractions in communication. Geesh, "is it just cuz I'm getting old"?

      Steve, "see" you next weekend. I have much I want to share with you. Warriors Kathy and Larry, see you there too. "And anyone else that is closer than I am". It's time to show up folks. Puyallup is somewhat "central" in Washington. What would the Gem Faire booth look like with 10 people standing behind it? "I'd like to know". Oh, and if it's not to much trouble, the Gem Faire is a "3" day event.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, we can just show up and man the booths.  I felt like it made me a better person, less anxious and "snappy," more like I was actually doing something to help.  So many of us read so much on the subject that we can often answer questions off the top of our heads.  I felt it to be a very good experience.

  45. Ashleigh says:

    Dane you keep me going. And I love you as much as I love my son. I do my best with trying to help others wake up to what's unfolding, a lot of the time people just don't care, they are too stuck in their phones. I love this quote "this is the age of information when everyone chooses to remain ignorant" especially people my age I'm 25 and nobody that I know has even heard of geoengineering and when I do what I can to wake them it is mostly ignored. My husband and I do what we can to wake others and we won't stop! Dane you really do keep me going, you are the most beautiful being and it's an honor to listen to you, I look forward to it every week.  We love you Dane I keep you in my thoughts always. 

  46. Blue Sue says:

    Thank you Dane. I checked out that news flash you shared here — Holy shit! Like you said, shockingly, Argentina (Cordoba and Santa Fe provinces) was the latest site of weather warfare.   Almost 5 feet of tennis ball-sized hail pummeled that area transforming roads into thick rivers of dirty ice binding up stranded vehicles.  One video I saw (Victor Andres Gomez: Granizada en Formosa) caught this chaos on camera and it shows three parallel on-off dispersions against a filthy grey sky .  Tornadoes were also spawned in Cordoba province.  Damn scary!  I suspect that Argentina being targeted relates to their politics/debt situation. May heaven help our brothers and sisters in the south — and us all!  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Blue Sue, I was blown by 5' of hail, but Tennis Ball Sized?!!!!!!!! This so has to be circulated everywhere-what denier could deny?  I do not recall Any historical, Biblical or otherwise reference to such an event, does anyone?  Sure, the massive ice balls on Lake Michigan shoulda wakened the dead, but one could rationalize it somehow, like, what is in the water?  Who knows?  Isn't the navy in Lake Michigan?  Whatever!  But This fell from the sky!!!!!  Should headline everything everywhere! 

    • Andy Nonimus says:

      The massive hailstorm hit in the middle of the afternoon (Oct 8) while citizens were voting for the provincial governor in whatever province the city of  Corrientes, Argentina is located.  Sounds like the same type, although smaller, of weather manipulation as with "Superstorm" Sandy in the U.S. Nov 2012 election..

    • Blue Sue says:

      Rachel, not all of the hail was that large (the size of tennis balls) and along with smaller hail, rain fell.  I hope you got to see some of the videos available via Google search. Absolutely incredible scenes of the hail swamped vehicles!   My sympathy to you living so close to the creators of AI and all things techno-toxic.  The reach of such insidious evil extends even to these remote and rural spaces in Alaska where I live.  The blight of ugly cell-towers are everywhere.  One day last week, I was picking up a package at a local post office (after a very long wait, I finally reached the service counter) and when I turned around EVERY SINGLE PERSON that was standing in line behind me was looking at their smart phone — twelve adults and every single one in the exact same head-down position — totally surreal to me ( of course, I am 61 and still have a "dumb-phone" ).  Rachel, it truly is frightening isn't it?


    • Dennie says:

      Ya know, the whole crazy system has a huuuuge Achille's Heel, right?  Should we get a certain kind of "space weather," i.e., solar flares, it really could knock out some of the infernal orbiting technology that is probably enabling at least some of the weather-making machinery.  What happens should a solar flare take out the 5G network? Isn't that what "They" are truly afraid of–?? The whole system is soooo reliant on this kind of communication, what happens when it fails?  Unfortunately, it would also be bad news for the nuclear plants, as well… better, why don't we hear about "White Hat" hackers who could help?

  47. Jack says:

    Thank you Dane for your continuous fight for the greater good. I sincerely appreciate all the time you put into bringing all of us up to date on the worlds catastrophes.  I know it's not good news but I'm one that needs to know. I'm a fighter and I do the best I can to spread the word. With your new booklet I find it easier to present what is happening to our precious Planet. I was in Las Vegas last week and the site is all cleaned up, with the exception of the memorials. And not one casino employee would speak about it, one did tell me they are told not to discuss it. Just like 9-11 it should of been secured with a full investigation instead of all the evidence hauled away. Well take care and I look forward to next week. Best regards, Jack

  48. Christine says:

    While flying to Europe for the first time again in 5 years, I did notice a temperature increase of ~3 deg at the heights of ~11500-12000m.. The 'normal clouds' at around 8000m are below the sprayings at ~11000-10000m. So the  goal seems to be to saturate 'all' the water left in air, with the metals+other unknown substances, which btw. one can see right now almost everywhere.. The shiny tiny particles seem to cluster preferentially on certain surfaces (less on wood for example), like plastik or smooth painted surfaces and  even more so around wi-fi filled out area's.. That's all what I noticed recently.. MIcrowaving of the water (which includes our bodies) seems to grow exponentially, everywhere.


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