Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 12, 2019, #218


Dane Wigington

Abrupt weather swings are becoming rapidly more extreme, many are now finally beginning to notice and ask questions. The “news” theater continues to eclipse much more critical breaking headlines, the latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Though the horizon continues to darken, now more than ever our collective efforts to sound the alarm matters. The sooner populations are awakened and mobilized to face what is unfolding, the more we may yet have to salvage of our planet's life support systems. The battle to turn the tide of insanity has been incredibly long and arduous,  but now more than ever we need to maintain our course. Share credible data from a credible source, make you voice heard.

Our thanks to Mike Torrence and Maciej Kocialkowski for their efforts to raise awareness at the Tonasket Farmers Market in Washington State (10/10/19).

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

54 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 12, 2019, #218

  1. Mike Robbins says:

    They tricked our parents into poisoning us from birth with vaccines, fluoride, GMOs then spray us with Chemtrails then when we need special ed and struggle to learn and get by they barely want to pay us for our Labour or instead pay us to not work but barely enough to squeeze by. Then we have children and fall for the same crap before realizing, We are not "Accidentally" this way. They don't want a nation of smart able bodied hard working well read independent men and women that have the wherewithal to stand up and defend themselves and actually rule this nation as "We the people" the way it was intended! Hell no. They made us this way on purpose. It's part of a plan and it's been going Pretty much the way they planned it but more have awoken then they'd hoped. Many more are still armed and refusing to give up their weapons since they've signed the Small Arms Treaty. We see them poisoning us and we realize what's going on. They are trying to shut down the internet keep us from learning and passing on what we've learned but I think it's too late. We are up to about 20% now that are awake and if Those will wake up just a few others each we will win! If not we won't. It is that simple.

  2. Sandy Patrus says:

    Dear Dane, I want to say how very, very sorry I am to hear about your dog…how very devastating that must have been for you and your family.  Years ago my parents lost their black lab to rat poison someone put out and their dog ate some, so I know what you must have been going through.

  3. girlforGod says:

    UV warning… a friend and I did a workout walk this morning in SoCal for a distance of three and a half miles. Spraying had been going on for two nights and a day prior to our walk. It had been extraordinary hot but this morning it was only 69 degrees. My suntan lotion usually prevents noticeable clothing lines. Not this time, my skin absorbed obvious color from today.  The sun's rays felt as though they were pelting me. Even more so than usual. Please be careful my awoke friends, I've already experienced skin cancer on my ear at the age of 56. Even if your skin is olive-toned like mine, you're not safe.

  4. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Dear Dane and your family,

    It has been so sad to hear how your dear dog suffered.  How bitterly tragic.  I am sorry for all of you.

    For me, it is always about the innocents, the children and the animals.  Neglect, abuse, torture and murder of domestic animals is escalating by alarming degrees, which to me is a response to the military violence and that more than 'trickles down'.  Feeding the starving bears and undoubtedly hungry wildlife means we have to reconsider everything previously promoted by earlier 'best practices.'  The truly ancient horseshoe crabs are an endearing feature of my childhood.  I sensed even then that they were ancient living fossils.  The youngest tiniest crabs are perfect miniatures of the adults.  Now they are being 'bled' to exploit their unusual blue blood.  It sounded like they take a third or half their blood volume at one time, certainly too much.

    Trying to research how long ago the methane emergency has been known, in terms of bubbling ocean methane pools expanding from 6 inches across to being miles across, it has been at least half a decade ago as Dane has indicated.    Obviously, this positive feedback is seriously warming the Arctic, while the general public is blaming CO2 entirely as they have been told.

    From 2013:

    Here was something from 2015 I missed entirely.  It asks if the purple color waves seen along the Oregon coast are evidence of a Canfield Ocean.


  5. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL… "Be careful what you wish for".

    My friends, I am 'very' careful about what I "wish for". It plays a huge part in the mind set it takes to maintain my very simple life. Can't go cluttering things up, it just wouldn't be right(grin). I'm sure many of you have longed for a meaningful conversation with someone that understands what geoengineering is and even more so know A LOT about it. As well as many other factors that influence our lives, "globally". Try 5 continuous days of such dialog. I'd like to write that I'm worn out after such an occurrence. Cuz I am(was). But, more than I am tired from taking a break from my very quiet life style, I find myself more empowered mentally, maybe even physically. The "long haul" depends on such strengths. I want to thank my old/new "friend that I have now met", Maciek Kocialkowski. I am honored to have shared time with him here at my little cabin on a mountain side. All the way from Florida to far north central Washington, ain't that something. I want to share something I thought to be totally awesome that Maciek did. He has Spanish flyers. He took it upon himself to make sure all of the Spanish speaking vendors at my market got a flyer and a warm smile. Those folks have been looking at my banners for 3 years now. I can only imagine the seeds that our Polish friend has planted along his Johnny Apple Seed journey across America. My new friend Maciek is not a huge power house, he will tell you that himself. My new friend is VERY consistent. That, in my book and many 4 legged creatures book, is a serious compliment. Love and strength to Maciek and ALL.

    (Safe journey home my friend)

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      'a' simple horseman, what a pleasure it is to be able to talk to someone who believes geoengineering is actually going on and can have a meaningful conversation with them.  I too was having that conversation with a friend of my daughter.  It felt good that someone did not think I was crazy.  It is also pretty amazing when someone can back you up when you are trying to explain to someone that knows nothing about what is going on in our skies.  This person walked into the room while I was having this conversation with an old friend and he over heard my conversation and said to my friend, "it is true what she is saying, not only do I believe the spraying is going on, but I know where the planes take off and land, I've seen them."  Then he had to leave right away and I never got to ask him where that place was where the planes take off and land.  His statement certainly did make it easier to convince my friend of the spraying.  

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Sandy, you can watch some of the F-35s take off from the airport in Burlington, VT.  They ironically call the pilots "Green Mountain Boys."

    • Maciek Kocialkowski says:

      Thanks, Mike.

      The joy and empowerment resulting from meeting you, is definitely mutual. The same goes to all other brave and awakened souls, I have met along this journey. I truly feel blessed to have a privilege to meet you all in such a short period of time.

      Currently, heading for Grand canyon, and then home to Florida.

      Again, my deepest gratitude to all in this unjust battle. I will resume with my regular awareness activities, immediately upon arrival at home. Also look up for an update as our new design billboard just went up about month ago. Since I was not at home, I could not have it done then.


  6. Paul Vonharnish says:

    The militarized petrodollar isn't about hubris or insanity, it's ultimately about planned starvation and planet wide extinction: >

    Pentagon Fuel Use, Climate Change, and the Costs of War

    Neta C. Crawford

    Boston University

    June 12, 2019

    In its quest for security, the United States spends more on the military than any other country in the world, certainly much more than the combined military spending of its major rivals, Russia and China. Authorized at over $700 billion in Fiscal Year 2019, and again over $700 billion requested for FY2020, the Department of Defense (DOD) budget comprises more than half of all federal discretionary spending each year. With an armed force of more than two million people, 11 nuclear aircraft carriers, and the most advanced military aircraft, the US is more than capable of projecting power anywhere in the globe, and with “Space Command,” into outer-space. Further, the US has been continuously at war since late 2001, with the US military and State Department currently engaged in more than 80 countries in counterterror operations.


    This paper specifically examines military fuel usage for the US post-9/11 wars and the impact of that fuel usage on greenhouse gases emissions. The best estimate of US military greenhouse gas emissions from 2001, when the wars began with the US invasion of

    Afghanistan, through 2017, is that the US military has emitted 1,212 million metric tons of greenhouse gases (measured in CO2equivalent, or CO2e). In 2017, for example, the Pentagon’s greenhouse gas emissions were greater than the greenhouse gas emissions of entire industrialized countries as Sweden or Denmark.


    Complete text:,%20Climate%20Change%20and%20the%20Costs%20of%20War%20Final.pdf


    Links to supportive documentation and source information are provided throughout the text.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for posting these absolutely SICKENING facts Paul. Of course we will never hear them from the lamestream make-believe journalists we now have working for the giant media moguls owned by the cabal. WE are the ones who must get this information to the masses in whatever ways we can. It is absolutely DISGUSTING what is being done under the excuse of 'national security'. KIlling the whole planet so that we can be secure.. what a sad sick joke.Military must be reigned in immediately. Hope our brothers and sisters empolyed there are waking up quick. Thank you Dane and all who have connections there for educating those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Heavy spraying operations in full swing over Savannah area of southeast coast and central Georgia on Wed. 10/16/19 thru Fri. 10/18/19 to manipulate tropical storm Nestor out of the gulf and up the SE Atlantic coast. We witnessed it all the way down and back during our quick vacation getaway from north central Ga. to there. Drove us home sooner than we planned 'cuz we took the motorcycle but we've had the ridiculously resilient high over the southeast the last couple of months so we need the rain badly! Glad to get some now. Fall color looks like crap in north Ga. AGAIN this season. Trees going from green leaves to yellow brown, hardly any pretty reds, oranges, or lovely yellow shades. Actually mostly everything a sickly shade of green still. Usually by this time it should be a fairyland of beautiful color all over the north Georgia/ Atlanta area. It always was when I was a kid. My neighbor commented his weeping cherry didn't know whether to bloom or shed leaves and sure enough it had both going on at once. We also still have honeysuckle blooming which would never be when I was a child 50 yrs. or so ago. Thanks Macijek for your great work across the usa, I'm glad you and Mike got to meet. I'd be honored to meet up with you both someday; Dane and so many of you other great folks who comment here too. Be blessed all!

  7. Faith says:

    I am SO sorry about your beloved dog!!! I know the government has long had a program of poisioning predators that ranchers complain about…but why do they want to kill squirrels?

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Not just to kill squirrels, Faith, but kill wildlife indiscriminately, the government has reauthorized the use cyanide bombs.  They kill the in the cruelest manner and leave the land poisoned.  They can kill a child.  The excuse given is to support farmers and ranchers, but really, what's the threat?  All of it makes me sick to death.

  8. Stuart says:


    Researchers at Florida State U released a study which linked large hurricanes and cyclones to seafloor quakes.  They believe Very Low Frequency pressure waves trigger the seismicity.  But we know that heating of the ionosphere (microwave heaters) also generates VLF radio waves which impact the earth. Further evidence of meteorological/ seismic connectivity.

    Southern CA temps spiked early Wed, reaching 90F by 1100 AM.  Resumption of heavy SRM spray ops, mixed with incoming clouds from Pacific resulted in complete cloud cover late PM.

  9. Dennie says:

    A caller heard on KQED fm's Forum program this morning commented that we've had the first African American President in the White House, and now we have the first mentally ill President in the White House 😉

  10. Barb E says:

    Here we go again, just like last year except they're starting earlier. We're sitting here in New Hampshire waiting for a new Nor'Easter to hit us again but this one they're calling a Bombogenisis.  Yep that infamous word to call two storms colliding over us that drop the barometric pressure by 24 milibars very quickly. Funny if you watch their hour by hour depiction the rain is coming from the south but the winds are coming from the east off the coast.  Seems to me those winds would push the storm away from us, not drag it in. The cell towers will be in high mode the next couple days that's for sure. Ugh.

  11. Pauline says:

    'Thunder Snow' predicted for Mt Hotham Australia today. Haven't heard that term before.  FFS, what next?

    As Victoria is the most southern part of mainland Australia, these cold snaps are not surprising, Keeping the  Antarctic cool. I cannot believe how many people have no idea what is going on above their heads

  12. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    2,667 radioactive bags from Fukushima nuke…  | Taiwan News

    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As Typhoon Hagibis hammered Japan on Saturday (Oct. 12), thousands of bags containing radioactive waste have reportedly been carried into a local Fukushima stream by floodwaters, potentially having a devastating environmental impact.
    According to Asahi Shimbun, a temporary storage facility containing some 2,667 bags stuffed with radioactive contaminants from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was unexpectedly inundated by floodwaters brought by Typhoon Hagibis. Torrential rain flooded the storage facility and released the bags into a stream 100 meters away.
    Officials from Tamara City in Fukushima Prefecture said that each bag is approximately one cubic meter in size. Authorities were only able to recover six of the bags by 9 p.m. on Oct. 12, and it is uncertain how many remain on the loose while the possible environmental impact is being assessed.

  13. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Thanks Dane for the flu shot data updates, as I used the stats given on DEATHS from flu shots on a radio call-in, (read off the Top 10  toxic adjuvants ;  and then I went solo  at a drive thru flu shot clinic here in Redding . (other shots also made avail.  Free to Medical and Medicare, as way to  get as many poked. Big fear tactics used. Two men from their tent walked to my car to investigate what I was doing/ saying. One remained for 20 min. to debate me, he failed with his archaic mantras of protection, saving lives, no symptoms of great concern, etc. I was embarrassed for him. Pathetic . Clueless "official". It was never a push for pregnant and babies, so  now , 6 MONTH  and older can get jabbed.  Imagine the schedule already plus annual flu shots ! This generation is being  gravely impaired. We all must keep challenging the criminals and order followers  at CDC and Public Health . They do not want to know, or do know and act the part to keep their gov. J O B. Every week you have useful data to extend along. Agree with other comment -drop the summer Olympics in JAPAN ! Who is this desperate for a medal or product endorsement when risking healthy body? Who will  even attend?  Maybe force the locals?  maybe there is a  deep & silent plan to just mess it  all up?  "Bad weather "  tactics.  Let's keep monitoring situation.

  14. Daniel Jon Pier says:

    A few thoughts on staying healthy as possible with all the toxicities we're dealing with.

    Obviously, a whole foods, organic, mostly plant based diet is the foundation to getting in healthy nutrients and keeping down toxic load.

    Absorbers/Adsorbers like bentonite clay + activated charcoal w/a bulking fiber supplement will go a long way towards making sure your gut is pushing along anything your body detoxes. Psyllium Husk powder is a great fiber addition to your diet. The clay and charcoal help to suck up some of the toxic fallout from the air we breathe.

    Fermented fruits/veggies that you make yourself and eat on a daily basis are vital to continually replenish your beaten down gut biome and to keep it as healthy as possible… and to keep your brain as healthy as possible. 

    Teas w/juniper berry, parsley, cilantro, etc are helpful at keeping the kidneys and urinary tract detoxing harmful toxins. 

    It is an incredibly toxic world, but a few basic things can keep your head above water and headed in the right direction. 

  15. Mary Nix Hollowell says:

    We appreciate those tending booths! – glad to see Maciej (all the way from FL) meet up with Mike T in WA

  16. Mary Hollowell says:

    We addressed climate engineering during church, yesterday. Thanks to Atlanta pastor Jessica Patchett.

  17. Sandy Patrus says:

    I think all the aluminum raining down on us daily is starting to have a negative effect on me.  I am being very forgetful these days, and it is actually dangerous.  Tonight I filled a casserole with water and turned on the burner to lossen the burnt on stuff in the dish.  I was just going to bring it to a boil and then shut it off.  I.put the glass lid on the dish and walked out of the room.  I think because I wanted to get off my feet I went into the bedroom and laid down forgetting I left the burner on.  I fell asleep, as did my husband in the next room watching TV, and all the water boiled away.  The casserole was burning and no one smelled it except my dog who woke up my husband and when he smelled it immediately ran into the kitchen to shut it off.  I think he was more concerned than angry with my forgetfulness.  This isn't the first time this has happened.  If not for my dog waking him up our house could have burned down!  I had the bedroom door shut and didn't smell anything.  My husband has allergies and can't smell a thing right now.  We had to open the windows even though it is so cold out to get that burnt smell out of the house.  It was so bad you could no breath.  We have had freezing temperatures the last couple of nights.  I really am concerned about my mental health to the point where I am going to have to double check every thing I do.  My doctor has been changing my blood pressure medicine the last two months because my BP was not coming down enough on my old medicine.  The side effects are rediculous…one worse than the other, so then he changes it again.  I am afraid to mention this incident to him because it will mean more doctors and more prescription drugs. I am not going to be a guinea pig any longer.  There are natural things out there to lower your blood pressure and. I am going to try them.  How can you not have high blood pressure when you are angry all of the time!  I have been eating nothing after dinner every night for over a month now and have not lost any weight.  I think the medicine is designed to keep the weight on you therefore keeping your blood pressure up.  If you can get the weight off your BP comes down.  It is a no win situation.  My husband seems more concerned with the fact that our doctor won't want to treat us anymore if I tell him I am done with meds, than with what all these meds are doing to my body.  OMG…we must not rock the boat!  That is what is wrong with.this country, everyone is afraid to speak up for fear of the consequences!

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Hello Sandy Patrus – I too have experienced a burned pot and lapses of memory. I am soon going to be 74 and watched both my mother (92) and sister (88) sink into serious dementia. Very scary and heart breaking. I am using Planetary Herbal Cilantro Heavy Metal Detox and I think it helps. Also make sure the water you are drinking is pure, perhaps distilled. I fight battles with my nose every day! Colloidal silver works best for me, however I still require endless kleenex tissues.

      A friend of mine has been using this product for high blood pressure and it works for him: humann NEO40 – Nitric Oxide Formula.  Many of the prescription drugs for high blood pressure have been withdrawn for unacceptable side effects.

      They are attacking our immune system using every aspect of our lives, air, food, water, medicine, etc.  Wishing you clear thoughts and good health.  – Susan

    • 70's girl says:

      Thank you for sharing that Sandy.  Clearly you not a coward to speak out.  There are colliding forces at war.  We are in the crossfire.  There is GOD and there is man being payed-off to try and play God.  "Man-made EMF waves are being manufactured that interfere with the electromagnetic systems within our bodies", (especially to the frontal lobe cortex of our brains).  I have felt it too, but we will overcome because there are brave honorable men and women such as yourself who will help us to overcome by exposing these threats. See a good Naturopath.  There are conventional Doctors who have turned their backs on (what I conclude as) 'designer' pharmaceuticals, designed for monetary profit in order to fulfill a (sic) backwards objective.  These Doctors more often sustain huge cuts in salary as they become Practitioners of Naturopathic Medicine.  They are our among our greatest war heroes, see if you can find one.  Steer clear of deceptive influences such as lying medias and their subliminal persuasions.  Trust and believe in the goodness of your self and our Almighty so that we may one day sustain victory in this horrific battle.

    • penny waters says:

      dear sandy

      sounds difficult situation with loved ones – try discussion with doctor

      i undertook a herbal medicine degree here in uk and have been studying the potential for wild food and medicine in humans.

      you have hawthorn species in your country. hawthorn is used by humans all around the world for the heart – tis said to bring blood pressure down if too high, and bp up if too low.

      tell doctor there is a cockrane collaboration meta- analysis of benefits of hawthorn in 2008 with revue in 2010 concluded …..hawthorn preparations hold significant potential ….useful remedy in treatment of cardiovascular disease – in wikipedia – he can get the cockrane review easy

      it is used for removing cholesterol from the blood, and helps with peripheral circulation – amongst other things!

      for chronic situation herbal remedies should be taken for at least 3 months – better still – put them into your diet!!! make your own – make it in your kitchen – eat fresh, cook, juice, preserve, etc – heal thyself

      get a blood pressure machine and as bp changes reduce your intake of medicine along with – agreement with the doctor – and he should be happy if you are going to take control of your health – one healthier patient not to worry about

      i have been eating the 'weeds' out of my garden trying to understand that concept that food and medicine have the same origin – from the plants and animals around us – before there were shops!! – from hunter gatherer fisher times – like tribal peoples everywhere – having a routine movement in the countryside per year that followed the food supply

      find your local tribe – if one still exists – learn from them if they will share

      read the books of james duke – lots on american tribal use of plants

      read the 'journal of ethnobotany, ethnobiology' on the internet

      get peter holmes book on 'the energetics of western herbs' volume 1 & 2. 

      and a 'modern herbal' by mrs grieve – 1930's book by middle class woman – lost of extra info like garden care – when to pick etc

      do it yourself – we all did it!! – get a good identification plant book, read anthropology and ethnobotany any where and everywhere you can

      get to know the plants around you, watch them, see how they grow and give, and i always thank them – if i remember!

      and get some hawthorn down 'yer gullet' – hawthorn also lowers the tone of the autonomic nervous – parasympathetic and sympathetic!!

      and stinging nettles clean the blood and improve tone of kidneys – eat them when they are in young growth – yellowish leaves – don't eat when leaves darkening and becoming pointy – going towards flowering – don't eat! – harm kidneys

      tis not easy but interesting when eating from the world given to me outside my back door.

      eat protein between 7 & 9 in morning and don't eat after 6 at night cos stomach has to be empty by 8 to be able to repair – go to bed when it gets dark!

      if you are old like me – you don't need the bulk of protein and fats and carbs but you do need the vitamins and minerals – can get them in wild food in more abundance i would think, cos of the freshness of picking and eating

      eat the plants around you – they will guide you to the environment outside – plants give so much – can hardly explain

      go at the doctor slowly – they're taught to give you tablets and to be responsible for you so… talk him round – like your husband – teach them as well as yourself how to look after yourself

      we live in a very isolated world, this human world that's been invented by us – crazy, crazy place my friend

      leaving things on the stove – hmm went through a patch of that some years ago when trying to help mum – sounds like you are exhausted!

      if we lived in family groups those things wouldn't have happened cos we'd be all kith and kin and looked after each others backs

      i watch a programme over here called american pickers and i see how it is along the 'back roads of america' and i see many older people living just together – 'im n 'er – just them

      like over here – no family structure – industrialised people – all separate

      so be kind to yourself my friend – old age is a joy i find, but also frustrating as hell

      find interest in making yourself healthy mate and if you need to contact me direct with more info – although think i've given you enough to chew on for a while – am sure dane would pass you on 

      much love to you and all sensitives

    • rose ann Balaun says:

      I have had this forgetfulness or mind somewhere else too the last few days… just silly things.. start to put the lid on a jar and I'll get the lid I know goes on a different pan or jar… forgetting names of people or words… usually not like that..have to search..putting something down like my keys while leaving the house and be somewhere not as reasonable or something I don't remember..The clouds were showing a lot of pink/red last week ..this week they're clear.. Red might be lithium at sunset and dawn the magenta was diffused extremely  to the zenith..unusual…Don't know might be readin cat will be very close and with me then go off stay away for hours…..not eating half the time… could be eating mice… outside..he's neutered.  seems so few insects……  I'm sorry but the animals I do see, seem jaded…

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Thank you everyone for your feedback…all of you had good advice and I will take it to heart.  Sandy

    • John says:

      are you sure it is the aluminu or could it be the constant bombardment of ADS radiation on your house causing it among other ailments that are suddenly befalling you.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Sandy Petrus:  High BP is a real problem for too many right now who formerly had no problem with it and everyone's mystified.  My understanding is that barium creates high BP but I could be wrong. I'd say that the aluminum displacing magnesium is a real culprit as you need the magnesium to allow the muscles in the blood vessels to relax.  So stock up on magnesium-rich foods (there are lists all over the internet for sources of foods high in magnesium).  I'm not so young but I just started taking two Standard Process formulas called Beta Food and Cyruta.  Beta food consists mainly of beet root, beet leaves and juice, and is a liver decongestant according to the manufacturer.  It aids in fat and protein metabolism.  You take 3 of these 2 x a day, along with their other formula, Cyruta, mainly of buckwheat and oat flour.  Buckwheat helps oxygenate the blood, helps reduce blood sugar (and aid in weight loss) and reduces blood pressure because it's high in magnesium:  You can look for a loca health care professional on the Standard Process website from which to buy (I get mine through a local acupuncturist) or, if you want you can buy directly for yourself at Amazon: 

      Beta food:;

      Cyruta Plus:  Standard Process is the oldest U.S. vitamin company.  They also grow their own organic ingredients in the U.S. 

    • Black Cat Italy says:

      Do you have a Smart meter on your house? They can react with the heart causing arrythmia and also cause blood pressure to go up (among other detrimental health effects). See http://www.takebackyourpower for the full investigations. Don't sleep on a wall next to a Smart meter and try to get the utility company to remove it and replace it with an old analogue meter.

      Dane: So sorry to hear about your dog. I hope this poisoning wasn't a deliberate act.  I have used Nux Vom homeopathic remedy when my cat had taken in something poisonous. It might be worth talking to an experienced homeopath about this helping with this 1080 (I know you said there was no antidote but maybe homeopathy could work when other orthodox things fail).     

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Back Cat Italy, thank you for your condolences on our treasured lost doberman, “Chloe”. Her symptoms before death indecate the poison she was exposed to may have been “bromethalin”. A horrible toxin with no antidote (now sold in stores all over the world)

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    “It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” – Samuel Adams.


  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Please, I urge you to watch this interview with Edward Snowden. When we are drowning in insanity, stupidity and confusion, listening to Snowden is like a healing cleansing rain of pure intelligence and truth. Snowden is obviously a man of depth and great intelligence. His understanding of where we have found ourselves in this era of mass surveillance is clarifying, amazing and refreshing. Truth rings in his speech, his logic, and the undeniable brilliance of his mind. No wonder the agencies are terrified of him. He makes common sense out of the nonsense they labor to perpetuate. Snowden lifts up the curtain on the evil that threatens life on Earth.
    Over 2 million views since Sept. 17, 2019.

    Excerpts paraphrased by me:

    SNOWDEN:  We have no restrictions on the data collected by big companies … all these records belong to us, the people — not to the companies that are collecting them.  @49:00  Mass surveillance is not about public safety, it is not about terrorism — it is about POWER, economic espionage, it is about diplomatic manipulation, and it is about social influence.  It is about understanding the actions of everyone in the world, no matter who they are, no matter how innocent their life.
    Our founding fathers would be shocked at what they would see today. They understood that an overly efficient government becomes very dangerous.  The government should be afraid of the people — people should not be afraid of the government.
    The founding father were all considered to be traitors — by the British! The signing & writing of the Declaration of Independence was an outrageous act of treason, but it was also right.  What is legal is not always the same as what is moral. Look at the facts. Today you know that the US government broke the law in this country and around the world. Would you rather not know?

    • Earth Angel says:

      A very enlightening interview. Snowden an articulate & intelligent man. Another great find VSF! Thank you for posting it.

  20. Lonnie says:

    I was very concerned yesterday when I didn't get a notice about your broadcast. I believe the power was turned off in your area and I was fearful for you and your family. I was also unable to access your site. It just kept buffering. Also could get to you through safari online. Very odd and frustrating. I am relieved you are ok. 
    iam sorry to hear about your dog. We have gone pesticide free here in Malibu but individuals are still using it. What's left of our wildlife are still in danger  
    thank you for including the mention of 5G in your broadcast. I am fighting that as well as the fluoride in the water, endless wars and a myriad of other issues. We are being overwhelmed with negativity. 
    of course geoengineering is a primary push for me. I recently wrote directly to Gavin Newsom about this issue but never for a response. i am not a young person and i never in my wildest dreams thought I would see what is currently happening in this world. 
    I am so grateful to you for what you do and I always state and list your site whenever I post anything. 
    as I look across the canyon to the burnt out houses from the Woolsey Fire I think about how this all came about. These people should be tried for crimes against humanity. 
    I'll keep working and advocating until my dying day to try to change the course we are currently on. I only hope we can make a difference soon. I have written to every candidate I care about who is running for office to please address this concern and others. They ask for my input but never do anything. Am I surprised? No. 
    blessings to you and yours. 

  21. Betty Jean Hill says:

    Hello Dane, We, the masses would be in a very darker place without you. I thank you for what you and others are doing. I am trying to wake people up around me, but sometimes it gets so frustrating, but like you said , plant a seed and move on.So sorry about you love one, pet Doberman. It's frightening to see what is happening to the human race, tragic about the seniors and flu shots.

  22. Stuart says:

    Tokyo Earthquake Weather

    M5.3 quake reported near Tokyo yesterday just before eye of historic typhoon came ashore same area.  Tornadoes and HEAVY rain.

    Quake epicenter was deeper than others recently associated with heavy rain events.  Still, might have been 21st century "Doolittle Raid"?

    Southern CA fires and high winds subsided.  No overt spraying activity this area for many days.  But colorful sunrise/ sunsets indicate atmosphere still saturated w/ aersols of SRM program.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Speaking of..Earthquakes and Typhoons continuing to hit Japan? Seems fishy to me what with the 2020 Summer Olympics scheduled to be held there. What can they be thinking?! In my opinion they should cancel the Olympics there; how can it be anything but a radioactive mess everywhere in that region, what with Fukushima boiling over for the last 8 yrs. and no end in sight?! (see Arnie and Maggie Gunderson's site for up to date information on all things nuclear. Arnie a former nuclear engineer turned whistleblower after realizing the dangers. 40 yrs. experience- very good man; knowledgeable, credible. Has worked with the Japanese people helping with the crisis, been over there 4 times or so taking readings on radiation around the area, interviews, documenting, etc.) I gave the USET a heads up to do their research carefully before sending our good riders and horses into possible harms way what with one cannot see, taste, or smell toxic doses of radiation. I do not know in what region the horse trials are to be held but IMHO it would not be worth subjecting our fine riders and horses (or any athlete or spectator) to radiation which could later cause cancers, heart & thyroid disease, whatever other nasties radiation poisoning causes. The torch is supposed to go right through the Fukushima prefecture and also the baseball and soccer matches to be held there. (Gunderson has a report on this people should read before making a decision to travel there) I do not think I would chance it myself. Everyone should research this carefully- contestants and spectators alike. What's a gold or silver medal worth if one sacrifices years of your life and health?.. Just sayin'.. Heads up everybody, not just the horse people. All lives matter.

  23. Maria R says:

    "Good morning all " Is how every weather person around NW Ga start's out saying before they launch into what the weather is gonna be for today or for the week…….BUT…… They don't want to tell us about "climate engineering" trust me I have e-mailed all of them, all of them firmly denied it's  existence………I get so tired of the pink sunrise's and sunset's….Constant Rainless clouds…..And Nobody notice's anything but there phone's……..What the crap!!!……..You can try to talk to people about climate engineering and thy look at you like a calf looking at a new  gate………Blank……..Clueless……Dumbfounded…..All they have to say is  "I will be So So So glad when fall gets here its to Hot!! " So my response now is " Think this is hot wait till next year!!

    • RandylJ says:

      Hi Maria R. and All ~ Dane’s excellent weekly alert broadcasts certainly revive my own consciousness as I too feel the chemicals continue to cause more ‘brain fog’, here in the central North Carolina Piedmont. So many people can’t wait to get their ‘Flu, Pneumonia, and Fall Allergy Shots’ that half haven’t a ‘brain’ now to ‘connect any dots’, much less those involving Climate Engineering.  Large drops of chemical rain over the engineered weekend cool-down with fluctuating temperatures from chilly mornings with smoke from campfires to summer-like afternoons. Everyone will be unprepared when the overnight engineered winter temperatures are created here – probably in time to create a ‘festive’ holiday feeling for the East around Christmas and then more severe for 2020 if one ‘reads’ the ‘scheduled weather. No one seems to care or bother anymore. 

  24. Paul Vonharnish says:

    More agricultural insanity from persons who believe dumping poison on farmlands isn't the same as poisoning the land…

    Excerpted from: Bees face yet another lethal threat in dicamba, a drift-prone pesticide | Reveal

    Nine years ago, agricultural ecologist David Mortensen had told EPA officials that allowing dicamba use on genetically modified crops would pose serious risks to wild plants and the pollinators they sustain. In 2011, the EPA’s own scientists cited Mortensen’s work to conclude that increased use of dicamba could affect pollinators.

    But the agency registered dicamba in 2016 despite the warnings, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and the Food & Environment Reporting Network reported in November. Last fall, the agency extended approval through 2020.

    EPA officials declined to comment, citing the government shutdown.

    Are humans so intellectually bankrupt they need “administrative” help?  Biologically hazardous products should be banned from manufacture, period.  It’s not that complicated…

    Complete text:

  25. Bonnie Crawford says:

    No, "technology is not going to save us!" What a terrible thing that the cruel psychopaths in power are using it to destroy the world and everything in it. It's horrific that man ever figured out technology, because instead of using what we could for the greater good only, it is being used mindlessly for destruction. What mean, ignorant fools to weaponize it. There is no restraint or thoughtfulness at all anymore. I'm at a loss for words.

  26. gwen says:

    Dear Dane

    I sure don't know what it will take to wake people up! i have sent flyers out and dvd's, but they think i am crazy! which is okay, maybe one day they will wake up. there is just too much false information out there to fill their brains with, and don't really dig for the truth.

    I got a email from  congressman Fred Keller, 12th district in PA. He wanted to know thoughts on impeachment. I did not answer the question. instead I sent this back: I care not what they decide to do, it is a circus to say the least, and quite frankly, just tired of it all.

    Our congressmen and senators should be working on more important issues. Instead it is fighting between the R and D's, with no end in sight.

    Your number one issue should be about geoengineering our planet. Yes i have heard it is to cool the planet, which is bogus, especially with all the chemicals they spray. you will have to search deep for the truth, and you might be called a few names.

    Your #2 issue should be about bringing our military  people home. We have nothing but endless wars in other countries. We are killing innocent people and for what?? How many countries have we gone into and destroyed their infrastructure and their way of life because someone said they had weapons of mass destruction, only to  find out years later it was a lie.

    The two issues i have stated above are the most important ones at hand. there are other issues too, but i feel these are the most important ones. it is your choice to follow up with these issues. JUST DO THE RIGHT THING.

    we will see if i get a response from this or not.

    I am not a very good writer or speaker for that fact, but i did the best i could.


    • virginia says:

      Gwen:  You are a good writer, do not denigrate yourself.  Anyone who can write from the heart, as you do, and get his main points across in a simple and honest way can be called a good and effective writer.  You apparently feel very strongly about the serious issues facing us and your efforts are needed – and appreciated.  Thank you and continue your good work.  Godspeed.

  27. Mike UK says:

    Dane, sincere thanks as always for your latest update – your tireless work for the greater good is appreciated by us all.

    I’m so sorry to hear about the poisoning of your dog – that must have been awful to witness. It kind of symbolizes what’s happening around the globe…

    The environmental pressure group you mention in your report, currently campaigning around the world, is of course Extinction Rebellion. I’ve never heard them speak about geoengineering so I’ve sent them the link to your latest report.

    Also, below is the link to the News Week report you mentioned.

    The other link will be of interest to all, I think.

  28. Dane mentions this BBC article: >

    Almost 400 all-time high temperatures were set in the northern hemisphere over the summer, according to an analysis of temperature records.

    The records were broken in 29 countries for the period from 1 May to 30 August this year.

    A third of the all-time high temperatures were in Germany, followed by France and the Netherlands.

    The analysis was carried out by the California-based climate institute Berkeley Earth.

    Over the summer, there were 1,200 instances of places in the northern hemisphere being the hottest they'd ever been in a given month.

    Notice the evasion of the actual headline topic as the article progresses. >

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for sharing this article meetoo. The information is overwhelming in the articles posted by Roberts. I just don't see our way out of any of this, but we must try and do what we can. Dane, thank you for being a guiding light always in courage and morality. I try everywhere I can in hardware and feed/ farm stores to raise awareness in boycotting the horrible Bromethelin poison products. I'm not sure the people who work there and sell the stuff know how viciously cruel and dangerous these poisons are. I totally agree with you. It is insanity to even produce something like this. I think such products should be banned completely by the EPA and corporations heavily fined or (better yet) shut down who produce them. If we had a government or EPA that that really 'gave a damn' about it this would be the case. Such a sad time to be living on this planet.

  29. francis reps says:

    The malfeasance of our so called ;  "Elected Officials" is  Mind Boggling.    Not a peep from our Duly Elected POTUS. about  Geo Engineering activities  which are clearly evident  to  even "moderately intelligent" people .   Not  even a tiny a peep  from our POTUS. and  the "so called" Governor of California  " Gavin Newsom "  about out the undeniably Criminal  acts by Government Authorities { Both State and Federal } in shutting  down the Power Grid  on  a whim.   Prudent management of  a Power Grid would entail ; Systematic  and  Brief interruptions in Power as  the Grid  was being inspected for Hazards.  To Shut down the Electricity to a couple  of  million People in one specific  geographic area for days on  end speaks to a  " Hidden Agenda " with  dire consequences.   While Trump's  Sophomoric Theatrics may endear him to the less  keen of mind …..Our Nation ; { particularly the Victims of the absolutely  unnecessary Electric Grid Shutdown }  is  going   Third World .   It is difficult  for many Americans to have faith in a Commander in Chief who worked so hard ;  so many times in the past   to avoid  serving his Nation in the  Military as a young man.   "Tacky"  is one way to put it.  "Disgusting"  is more appropriate in the eyes of  Veterans.    Help Dane get his message out by donating a bit to this important cause.  

    • Blake says:

      Help me remember what Obama, Bush's, Clinton, Regan, Carter, and other prior presidents did what to stop Geo Engineering activities. 

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