Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 13, 2018, #166


Dane Wigington

How much of what we believe is actually nothing more than societal programming from the constant parade of propaganda? How many crimes and injustices does society accept because of being trained to never question the “experts”? Belief systems will not alter reality or the immense challenges that are closing in from every direction. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Hurricane Michael is the latest manipulated hurricane to hit the US. Though much can be speculated on regarding the many agendas being carried out by the climate engineers, the fact that Hurricane Michael was steered is beyond debate. The less than one minute video below reveals Michael making landfall. The cyclone drifts in a direction in which the transmitters have been de-energized, and away from energized transmitters (easily visible on the video). The microwave transmissions have a repelling / dispersing effect on the low pressure circulation as it migrates through an ionized / seeded atmosphere (from climate engineering jet aircraft dispersions). This process is visible on the screen in the upper left of the video below which shows the path of Hurricane Florence. There is no longer any “natural” weather, none. All is tainted from the climate engineering / weather warfare insanity. 

How can we maintain any sense of solace in a world gone mad? An unyielding resolve to make a difference for the better is a leap in the right direction. Each of us, all of us, are needed to take a stand for the greater good. This is most easily done by accepting what actually is and not what we wish was so. Waking others in our individual circles is imperative, sharing credible data is key. We must all make the most of every day.


An important reminder of the upcoming climate engineering awareness event / forum in Northern California, October 20th, 2018, hope all who are able will attend. For more information click HERE:​

This event is FREE 

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering in Bydgoszcz, Poland (10/7/18). Maciej has also translated flyers into Polish and personally distributed them in his homeland of Poland.

On Friday, October 12th, flyers for the upcoming October 20th event were circulated throughout Northern California in 5 separate newspapers. A total of over 17,600 event flyers were distributed. Below is a flyer from a copy of The Record Searchlight, one of the 5 newspapers.

76 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 13, 2018, #166

  1. Alan says:

    Question for Colorado people.  Last night our San Diego  TV weather personality interspersed his warning to us about getting flu symptoms from the wind and how hot and dry it was going to be today with footage of skiers on a snow covered mountain, which he claimed was in Colorado.  He commented that the ski resorts there are all open now, three weeks early.  Is that true? 

    By the way, it was indeed hot and windy and  dry as a bone here in San Diego today.  But, the thing is – the strong dry hot wind was coming off of the ocean!   It’s definitely freaky time in SoCal.  But, then again, if roses are blooming in Alaska as I read here, then anything is possible in the world of pretend nature.  Our Spring flowers came up last week.  Exactly six months early.  That’s a complete flip flop of normality.  But, there’s a sale at Penny’s!  Wait.  Is Penny’s still around?

    • Jeanette Schuler says:

      Hi Alan, you can check yahoo weather and if you click on the location for your area it will go to a screen they give all kinds of readings including humidity. wind speed not sure if they give direction.

  2. Dennie says:

    Shawn James is a Canadian who wanted to see what it would be to live more simply with nature and off the land.  Here's a video of his latest fall adventure, a trek into the Canadian wilderness and northern Lake Superior:  I've been watching Shawn's videos for months now, especially when I want to relax and frankly, get a break from the battles we are being forced into fighting because that is the only thing "they" can do…. The videography by Shawn and his wife is really beautiful but I can't help but notice the "long cloud" chemical streaks and HAARP signatures in the skies above.  What is supposed to be pristine wilderness is always marred by these international ghouls who believe they are doing their level "best" to "heal" the planet, while poisoning it to death:  "We'll save the patient from disease when we finally kill him." 

    • Jeanette S says:

      I heartily agree, dennie, I call people/organizations on the carper when I see this, when it is supposed to be nature in intent and there's the idiot clouds. either do not include pictures of the sky or on a clear day or something. it is important because 20 yo's today do not know what natural skies look like. I have written sierra club when they would send a weekly "inspirational" photo on why we work so hard for the environment and there would be love-el-ly geoeng. clouds. yeah, thanks for UN depressing me. they also sent trashed beach photos too. Nature conservancy I have a bookmark of sw cedars with an upshot to "fishscale" clouds (methane fry). vfw sends calendars with sceneries and other groups, with fake mist fields, hey look isn't this a pretty purple when I use this blue filter? sunrays through geo eng skies. they get it too. I know I am making headway as a camera company sends me a newsletter and almost none of their pictures are like that and when they are they get "educated". It is up to us the elders to tell the kids what the skies once looked like. do not allow them to be bs'd. You see it…tell and defend…get on the horn with whomever is posting the eye/mind blasphemy.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, thank you for contributing this video. Sure is some nice video of Autumn in the north lands of the mid west. I saw way more than just the Geoengineering signatures in the sky in the video. "The trees", yes, they are beautiful, but they are not turning color "normally". Granted, the devastation we see in in more arid areas is more pronounced, the same thing is happening in once pristine "wilderness" if you look closely in this video you posted. I once lived in Duluth MN. I went to high school there in the mid 70's. I went on many canoe trips in the Superior national forest(which was the biggest of the original designated national forests). I've been up in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and have done my share of portaging gear and canoe. Point is, I remember vividly the colors of fall in that region. They were some of the best days of my life. I spent most of it outdoors. It breaks my heart to see even the most resilient of regions succumb to the effects of aerosols and weather manipulation.

      And in regards to living "off grid", (delete this part if it's not ok to publish). Shawn James has a good thing going "for him". He's making some good bank making like he's "so rugged". And that's Ok. He sure has a lot of new gear in all his camping videos. Doesn't new goods mean taxing the planet? The best folks I've ever spent time with "camping", "way out in the wilderness", had a lot of old gear. Some was handed down to them by their dads and grandads. Those were the guys you wanted to camp with. They had it down, they were more than comfortable in the "wilderness". They took good care of what have and has worked so well for so long. Most of "today's" camp gear can't hold a candle to how long it will last compared to gear that I and many others own that was handed down to us. Besides, modern gear has zero personality, "everybody's got one". Lastly folks, Shawn James has a cool looking cabin. But I would hate to heat it in the winter. "It is kind of magazine romantic though, ain't it". There's a reason old woodsman made sloped flat roofs, it keeps the heat down where it is intended to be. Need less wood. It matters.

      Dennie, thank for contributing some "decompression time". I enjoyed it.

  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Here is a perfect reminder that we must not give up our free speech, even as we must never employ violence.  It is our patriotic duty to never shut up, even as we are increasingly being shut down.

    'You Want To Make America Great Again?  Start by Making America Free Again.' by John W. Whitehead, Oct. 18, 2018,

  4. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  They have been spraying the Olympic Peninsula WA State for days now. The Sun is still shining, but the "milky haze" is so intensely thick you can barely make out the Olympic Mountain range. The entire peninsula is engulfed in this 'white' milky haze pollution. Where would such pollution come from? Why does no one notice? The white nanoparticles of metal oxides are visible on the metallic shades that cover a few of my home windows. Even with three air purifiers, this white dust is everywhere, all over my house, in the air that I breathe … finding its way into my brain through the blood-brain barrier. These order-followers and their masters are monsters. Slow death. I thank God for Dane.

    • Dennie says:

      We're gettin' it down here in the S.F. Bay area, too, Susan.  Just disgusting dust that gets in everywhere you can't imagine, but this stuff is, strangely, nearly invisible.  People are coughing and choking.  They think they have "colds…"  

      I was happily staying in my big pine-paneled cathedral-ceilinged back room for an entire month after not being here during overnight hours for the past 8 years after getting chased out by the first giant "climate modification" (translated:  Weather warfare) attack in 2010. It was like heaven.  I thought maybe I was finally home again.  Then came that rain storm a few weeks back and a big downdraft, and you could feel the particulates raining down into the room.  I have new windows and doors though I don't think the doors fit as tightly as they should.  You need a custom-fit door installed by the highest quality professional installer that money can buy and it's $,$$$.00 to get this done.  I was so hoping I'd be able to stay in my home full-time after having been chased out the first time back in 2010.  Imagine– Eight years I did not stay in my house at night, then back here for a month, and now I can't be here again– yet.  The back room is in the lowest elevation of the house so I'm now of a mind that this crap just sinks and finds the lowest spot.  Will ask my contractor what adding a well-fitting door with sweep and weatherstripping back onto the old kitchen-to-outside door frame (going to the back addition to my house and that big room) would do to stop the crap from sinking into the back part of the house. Jeeezuz, I hope this will finally stop it.  Mostly I just hope the A$$holes doing this will finally STOP IT.  And LEAVE this planet and take their genes with them.  WE DO NOT NEED THESE KIND OF SO-CALLED "PEOPLE" ON THIS PLANET– THEY ARE KILLING EVERYTHING HERE AND THEY DON'T EVEN SEE THAT!!

    • Alan says:

      Our "weather personality" here in San Diego last night warned us that we might experience "flu-like symptoms" from the coming Santa Ana wind.  His reasoning was that the wind would kick up particulate matter and other things that will make us feel sick.  Another shining moment for Mississippi State University's "Broadcast Meteorology" department, which produces the seemingly endless stream of weather personalities who find their way onto television.  This MSU certificate holder is the same guy who said that the white-out conditions we experienced on July 6 last year were the result of left over smoke from fireworks displays.  Now, that's some high-order meteorologicity, isn't it?  


    • Dennie says:

      @Alan:  WOW!  Sot this means and is proof Positive that "they" do TOO KNOW that this crap makes people sick.  They're going to have nasal congestion and discharge, dry burning lungs, headache and a spikey fever.  That's what I'm experiencing.  These "flu-like" symptoms are all caused by whatever "THEY" THINK NEEDS APPLYING TO THE ATMOSPHERE IN ORDER TO COOL IT OFF.  Now, I'd add "SONSABITCHES," but I think REAL women (not Old Boys in skirts) can do much, much better if they'd only see fit to stop making babies for these so-called "men" and STEP UP TO THE RESPONSIBILITY OF LEADING THE WAY OUT OF THIS MESS.

      The Masculine that is left on this planet CANNOT lead the way here any longer while continuing to ignore, disparage, dismiss or damage the healthy Feminine that really can and is ready now (FINALLY– hey gals, what took you soooooo long??) to lead the way.  The model of what it means to be a "man" on this planet is twisted, melted and rotten beyond all recognition.

    • Jeanette S says:

      I have Plant air planters. which take out even nano-alum i am told. I like how the white dust when micro fried turns into little "pills" like when you wash polyester clothes a number of times. You know when they do it. I can hear it and then the week's dust is in love-el-ly little balls. that is nothing sometimes if you look at the dust closely it looks almost like a six sided barely there pattern like a box of tinker toys…all taken apart, then one where some pieces are still connected, you can see a pattern when you look through the colored sticks. these people are nuts.

  5. Bella_Fantasia says:

    May the Moon and Stars align for a perfect Event this coming weekend!  I'll be there in spirit.

    • BlueSue says:

      As will I.  So wish I could be there with you good people.  You all will be in my prayers. 

      Continuing abnormal warmth here in South Central Alaska.  This October has to be the warmest I can ever remember in the 48 years I've lived here. Still no frost and the flowers (geraniums, petunias, lobelia, and daisies)  in my window-boxes and barrels are all still in full beautiful blossom — absolutely a FIRST this late in the year!  Even my roses are still producing buds and blossoms.  Although temps in the mid 50s (F) are pleasant, knowing the reason for this balmy autumn takes most of the joy out of it.  Each night I can here the b-turds flying overhead around 3:30 in the morning and oftentimes within 30 minutes or so, it starts to "rain"! 

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The drug makers have decided they will quit trying to make medicines for Alzheimer's. They're gonna make the old people exercise to death, in order to 'clean up' their brains.  They're unsure about the amyloid plaque hypothesis, now finding these in young people.  (Several years ago I read that brains tested after death only found the plaques in half of demented patients.)  Probably drug makers can make better use of their time cooking up vaccines for pandemics to come, and just further promote brain disintegration as 'old age due to a crossword puzzle deficiency.' 

    They're moving on.

    Scientificamerican. com, Oct. 16, 2108, by Jonathan D. Grinstein 'How Exercise Might 'Clean' the Alzheimer's Brain'

    Did you hear the one about Bill Gates being worried?  Too many babies in Africa keeps him up at night.  It might help if he help promote and pay for clean water, better housing, education and nutrition, but what do I know?

    "My biggest fears for the world." "To put it bluntly, decades of progress in the fights against poverty and disease may be on the verge of stalling."  Ya think?

    Just google 'Bill Gates is Worried'

  7. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Many coming here have probably seen this introduction into Silver Iodide atmospheric release before. For new arrivals and those who are not familiar with Silver Iodide toxicity in the environment, here's the WAKE UP CALL. > 

    2017 ONEALEARTH Silver Iodide is toxic – YouTube

    Published February 12, 2017 

    You, and everything around you, are being intentionally poisoned until dead. Think in terms of criminal prosecution. Not "lawsuits"…

  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, good evening to you,

    Today I looked at the home page here just to reverify my reference to which video to watch first here. I refer folks to the "red framed video" to get started in learning about Geo engineering. As always, I scrolled down through the comment column and came across my words from a year and a half ago. So, listen, in the "animal world" consistency is everything. Being that I find "animals", in my case, namely horses to be the most honest and consistent creatures I have ever come across, I am glad to read what I had written and forgotten to still to be consistent with what I'm currently trying so very hard to get across on a personal plain. I remember well the folks mentioned in this write up. Please know that I only offer this to spur others to find there own way and their own courage to speak truth and live truth(s).

    Get Out There And Look'em In The Eye!!  Not much time left….

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was farmers market #6, 16 more to go. Folks, let me tell ya, when marc writes about "climate grief"(I hope I got that term right marc) he's right. I suffer from it severely. The emotional swings do take their toll. And then days like today happen… Right off the bat at the opening of market, An old local gentleman(I guess to be 85 to 90) came by our booth. He pointed to the banners and said "I'm glad you know about those chemtrails". I about fell over. He did not even look like one that would be hip to what is happening above our heads. He has friends that are aware and that is how he came to be aware of what he now knows to be "aerosol spraying" dispersed by tanker aircraft. You will "never" hear the horseman use the term chemtrails, Ever! I only use it as I did here. I told this gentleman that he made my day. We spoke for about 15 minutes. One can gather a huge multitude of feelings and discoveries in that time. I sent him on his way with a video and he promised to come back and see me next week. It did me a world of good bringing him insight that he is not alone and there are folks like me that are making our voice heard. When one does not feel alone anymore, the smile that follows is priceless.

    My next visitor that stopped by is an electrical engineer back in north Dakota for the big power company in that region. He looked at the banners for a bit and then walked up and asked "I'm an engineer and I want to know what you call "geo" engineering". The tone was a bit coarse. My reply was, "engineer of what!?", with the same coarseness. He then gave his credentials and stated that so often he comes across folks that claim to be engineering something that actually aren't. I put a flyer in his hands and explained what he was looking at. Classic here, he stated that those are just contrails. Oh boy, talk about opening the door. I explained a bit about the high bypass jet engines and then explained what is actually being dispersed from those tankers and the size of the particulates making them bio available. The more I threw facts out the more I could see light bulbs turning on. Throwing numbers at engineers is a way to get through to them.

    A young lady stopped by to get 'another' flyer from me. Her young child had torn up the flyer I handed her during the parade 2 weeks ago.

    A young couple came by to get a flyer. They are "kind of" in the know of those trails in the sky, but here, they sought answers. The young gal is from here and the young man is from the Ukraine. They mentioned they wanted to share the flyer with their friends. I sent them away with 10 flyers. I'm sure I will talk with them again.

    I hand out videos like a library book. They have my name and phone number written on them with a sharpie. Today I had two videos returned. Both folks that brought them back were very grateful for the information and we had good discussions.

    My friends I haven't met yet, YOU can do this too!! I truly hope many of  you are already concocting your own strategy for engaging the public. And lastly, it was forecast today that it would rain sideways in town. Well, turns out it was only diagonal(grin). I invite folks to step under our booth and then I have them captive for a little while…..

  9. lorenzo says:

    My girl friend is a world traveler, and I always ask her to let me know if you see SRM spraying. Well, I got an email from her, she is in Bolivia. Her group was driving thru a very remote desert.  They saw considerable aerosol spraying.  Is their any place on the planet that hasn't been sprayed?

  10. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I was standing in a parking lot this morning taking radiation measurements from a local cell tower that "occasionally" peaks well over the FCC maximum. Like most of the time. A guy came up and asked me when the sky would be falling. (Jerk) So I suggested March 20th, 2019. He didn't laugh… Maybe I channeled his birthdate…

    China to make it rain over area 3 times the size of Spain — RT Business News

    "Since 2013 China has been creating 55 billion tons of artificial rain a year. The country is now embarking on its biggest rainmaking project ever.

    In terms of the plan, announced this month, Chinese authorities intend to force rainfall and snow over 1.6 million sq km (620,000 sq miles), an area roughly three times the size of Spain.

    According to media reports, the government will use new military weather-altering technology developed by the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The country plans to build tens of thousands of combustion chambers on Tibetan mountainsides. The chambers will burn a solid fuel, which will result in a spray of silver iodide billowing towards the sky." [End quote]

    Let's report them to the United Nations. (Insert diabolical laugh.)

  11. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, good evening to you,

    Hmph, Monday night and the population is growing around here. I watch the Barter Faire across the valley from me grow in population. My friends, please know that I so wanted to be in Redding this coming Saturday. I have no doubt that I would have 'given' countless hugs to friends that I had now met. Not to be… It'd be nice to have all that reverence, but my conscience tells me to be elsewhere. Like in the middle of 7 or more thousand people, "off leash"(grin). With that, I have a humble request for you ALL. If you are at the event this coming Saturday, and you read these words, you just march your happy little self up to Dane and give him a hug he won't forget. Put 'your' energy into the offering. There are those that still see beyond the confines of fake book and the like. Our time is now. Sounds kind of corny doesn't it. Still though, the next few years we have left will matter more than any before in the history of this planet/home we all live "together?" on. "Collective". Couple that word with anything you want and you can't lose. "What if the collective thought for itself instead of being lead by the nose?"  "It could happen". It takes work though. Lots of work. And to end on a comical note here, "work" is the other "4 letter word" that ends in "k"….. Pick one!  Right?!

    • Dennie says:

      Thanks for your update.  We will be passing out fliers at the Bioneers Conference this weekend at the Marin Center in San Rafael, CA.

  12. John says:

    Thanks, Dane, for all you continue to do not just regarding geoengineering, but also for always covering the headlines that pertain to the holistic​ vantage point of everything that ties into the bigger picture.  Your work is greatly appreciated.

    Just saw a video with the head FEMA administrator (Brock) basically scolding the people for not having the level of preparedness that he feels the victims of this hurricane season.  There's only so much one can do to be prepared for when it comes to situations like Hurricane Michael that was anything but natural.  He's either completely in the dark about ionospheric heating within the geoengineering umbrella, or knows about it and has very good method acting skills.  I mean there's diplomacy, and then there's just plain blatant lies.  Look at the patents page FEMA, . . . It's for all to read!

  13. Kevin Nolan says:

    The Greatest Threat On Earth

    Every single day, they spray, the chemicals, above our heads,
    The depopulation agenda, they want 90% of us dead.
    People coughing, people sick, respiratory infections,
    Everyone thinks it is normal, the flu season, the bullshit vaccine directions.

    The bees, the birds, the trees, the soil,
    The people, the air, everything is going to spoil.
    The weather, the skies, the clouds, the destruction,
    Our lives, our future, our children, who gives these instructions?

    The elites, the higher ups, the people who think they own this world,
    They are greedy and insane, they praise the devil and let the chemicals rain.
    We need to wake up, research, look into the sky,
    stop being distracted from their distractions before we fucking die.

    They manipulate, they lie, their news, all bullshit,
    They own all the stations and you will never learn shit.
    Research on your own, do not believe the mainstream, 
    They spend billions of your taxes on lies and deceptions.

    We are all intelligent, smart enough to see,
    But we have been brainwashed for so long it is sometimes hard to see.
    But we need to come together and stop this all at once,
    If we choose ignorance, if we turn ours heads, it will be too late, most living things will be dead.

    Spirulina, Chlorella and Bentonite clay,
    Clean filtered water, exercise, will keep the diseases at bay.
    If the chemicals they spray, pool in your body, 
    They win, you die, your life, they think we are nobodies.

    Aluminum is the main ingredient, research all the diseases that this heavy metal causes,
    We drink, we breath, we eat it everyday.
    If you truly knew this was happening, look at your family, yourself, would you consent to their evil ways?

    Thanks Dane for all your hard work. Im doing my best to wake people myself here in Canada, Newfoundland. They spray us constantly. 

    • Danny Mandryk says:

      Thank you Kevin for sharing this excellent poem that conveys my feelings (and I’m sure many others), of the insane, deliberate poisoning of our once thriving planet. I remember back in January when the good people of Newfoundland had to deal with ice jams on the rivers that flooded whole communities only to have everything refreeze and cause so much destruction. I was met with so much ignorance and denial when pointing out how utterly unnatural it was for this to happen at the height of winter. Like you and so many others here I will keep doing my best to make others aware of the dire consequences of the insane geoengineering operations happening in our skies. Love, strength and perseverance to you and all of us in this battle for the survival of the planet. 

  14. Gary Cristani says:

    You can tell the Earth is heating up because when you turn on the cold tap water on the faucet, initially its cold when you tap into the water under the house.and as you receive the water in the lines under the ground the water is warmer.

  15. Jeff Z says:

    I've lived in Connecticut for 53 years.  Aside from the politicians destroying what once was an economic jewel in the US, now the climate no longer resembles it's old self.  It's mid-October.  We should be in the midst of vibrant fall foliage!  No longer!  Now, 99% of the trees are still green. I allow 1% for the sick trees which always turn early.

    4 of the last 5 years the leaves didn't turn color so much as just turning a moldy yellowish-brown and just falling to the ground.  The climate engineers have stolen one of the few joys left here.

    And the part that really gets me is that hardly anyone notices!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jeff, in regard to the leaf drop, you are correct, nothing natural about it. See the attached short video for much more on the subject. FYI

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Jeff Z, thank you for your observations in your region. Here in north central Washington, there's Autumn colors all right, but the leaves are all crispy. What should be golden is brown. The apple orchards are freaking out and the corporations are laying off labor due to 35% reduction in "crop yield". An observation of my own here, always I have watched the fall color of trees be uniform top to bottom. Not so anymore. What the hell are they putting in our rain? What's it doing to "us"? Look at what it's doing to our trees!

    • rk says:

      Yes Jeff, same here in NYC. A very few leaves are dropping, but no change in color. The artificial chemical cooling is so obvious as is the spraying and microwaving of the skies and air poisoning. And yes, most people refuse to notice. They'd rather keep listening to the band playing on. I do inform some people when possible, but most want to turn away. There are a few that do want to know and wake up and I refer them to this website. One was a man sitting next to me on the subway and he told me he felt like he was on drugs and wondered why. He was very interested in coming to the site.  Don't have a color printer so can't print out Dane's flyers, but really appreciate their availability for those who can, and all of the effort Dane and others are putting in educate, inform and disclose.

  16. BC says:

    I see two farmer friends 100 miles apart are reporting that a way to large percentage of their cows aren't cycling (going into heat) on a regular basis. The Nazis gave Barium to the women in concentration camps to stop them from doing the same thing. Could this be why there is a complete collapse of the wildlife populations? Barium poisoning is something I suffer with on an on going basis since I had my first attack of it two years ago in the winter.

  17. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, A few brief words from your broadcast caught me just the same as they do when you read or listen to such words. Myself, personally, I hate it when someone tells me, "you should", "you need to", "why don't you?". The first thought to cross my mind when I cross these type of individuals that all bare the same traits, "wtf are 'you' doing?!" "Have you walked a mile in 'my' shoes 'and' can you even keep up with my pace?" Tell ya what folks, I'd rather enhance Dane's efforts than try to keep up with his pace, just sayin… May the one that has put more miles down in creating awareness be the one to say anything. The rest of us need to step up our game. Does that seem harsh? Maybe so, but I tell what will be more harsh, "game over". Dane you can't say that enough. It hits exactly where it needs to hit in the mind of anyone that has enough brain cells to rub together and wake up to reality and come on board with us.

    • Dennie says:

      @ 'a' simple horseman:  Many of us are already working overtime trying to hold down work, students, performances and jobs, and cope with the crap being sprayed on us.  I can't breathe tonight and I hope I'll be able to sleep in my own house.  Stopping the spraying means I'd be able to sleep peacefully again.

    • jeanette S says:

      Horseman, I find it is not us…but the people who have absolutely no intention of helping-they want you to do it or somebody that just started and realizes how much work it is then says to you well what are you doing? not realizing you have been at this for 20 years or so. then it is people who want to help or barely not over the edge of not helping and want to know how much is involved or gauge their contribution or effort will be a good measure.

  18. Shaun Patrick Trussell says:

    Please keep me posted !

  19. lorenzo says:

    Recent article appeared from the Associated Press out of Los Angeles

    "Jewelry with the toxic metal Cadmium is showing up on the shelves of some national retailers including Ross, Nordstrom Rack, and Papaya.  Analysis done for the nonprofit Center for Environmental  Health revealed some jewelry sold with women's dresses and shirts was nearly pure Cadmium, which can cause cancer and reproductive harm after prolonged exposure"

         That's great!  We have to protect our poor mega corporations from litigation from consumers. But as much as protecting billions of people being poisoned around the planet, from Cadmium and other toxic metals being dispersed by SRM everyday.  Lotsaluck Suckers!

  20. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I've been singing this one for almost 40 years. The older I got the more it sunk in to my existence.

    Welcome to the grand illusion. Come on in and see whats happening. Pay the price, get your tickets for the show.

    The stage is set, the band starts playing. Suddenly your heart is pounding. Wishing secretly you were a star.

    But don't be fooled by the radio. The tv or the magazines They show you photographs of how your life should be. But they're just someone else's fantasy.

    So if you think your life is complete confusion. Because you never win the game. Just remember that its a grand illusion. And deep inside were all the same. Were all the same…

    So if you think your life is complete confusion. Because your neighbors got it made. Just remember that its a grand illusion. And deep inside were all the same. Were all the same…

    America spells competition, join us in our blind ambition. Get yourself a brand new motor car. Someday soon well stop to ponder, what on earth this spell were under. We made the grade and still we wonder who the hell we are….  All rights go to Styx.

    My oh my how life changed when I broke the spell and looked out at the world with all seeing eyes……

    • Star Messenger says:

      I think what you are trying to say is this:  "So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking; racing around to come up behind you again. 
      The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older, 
      Shorter of breath and one day closer to death. "

      Credits: Pink Floyd; Song, "Time"; Album, "Dark Side Of The Moon".

      P. S. So, you THINK you "broke the spell".  No, you didn't.  The "spell" was broken (partially) for you. 

      Then you "looked out at the world with all-seeing eyes".  Hint: We haven't been given that privilege of possessing "all-seeing eyes".  If we were ever given that privilege while still living in this dimension, our brains would "short-circuit", "fry" us, and leave us to sit in a corner and drool for the rest of our lives.   

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Star Messenger, dear friend I haven't met, yet. I pose to you this, "how many actually stand still, perfectly still, and watch the illusion flow by?" I'd speculate, "not many". Even here in this column. I point that out not being a fault. ("What have you changed in 'your' life to bring down our 'net' carbon footprint AND debt owed?"). Thank you for politely pointing out why my brain has been "short circuiting"(grin). So far in my life I have come to learn the existential factors of communicating with and existing with, human, canine, bovine and equine. In order and the latter being the most honest or loyal to the good of the many. I may not have "all seeing eyes", but I do see things from many perspectives. I enjoy the dialog and communication with the "parallels of nature". They are very harsh yet they are very true and real. Mother nature "only deals in reality". No matter what mankind throws at her. Never will I sit in a corner and quiver or drool as you say. Oh no, I will ride the new realms I discover just as i have always done. The lightest leaf will make it through the most torrent of rapids in the river.

    • Gary Cristani says:

      My favorite Styx song.1977 grand illusion album

  21. Sandy Patrus says:

    Great report Dane.  On the subject of vaccinations almost 18 years ago my son and his now ex wife read several books on whether or not to vaccinate and decided not to vaccinate their daughter.  For the most part, doctors don't even vaccinate their own children yet have no problem vaccinating yours.  What ever happened to the Hipporatic Oath of cause no harm doctors take…has that gone out the window?  Then there was my daughter's friend who was a pharmaceutical rep and in all consciousness could not work for an unethical industry and quit her well paying job.  Money has become the main factor in the medical industry today and our lives and the lives of our children are sacrificed for their gain.  Fortunately, there are still some ethical doctors out there but hard to come by in these days.

    • penny waters says:

      dear sandy patrus

      don't think it is just money

      throughout history some people have to cling to a mantra

      nowadays it is the 'science mantra'

      when i worked in an organic farm shop i talked to a young man who said – i don't agree with you because i am a scientist

      therein lies the mantra

      the problem with science is that today it is about measurement – not observation

      to measure something scientifically, boundaries have to be drawn to measure in between

      but everything is connected so placing boundaries is short term 

      long term is space and time

      'scientists'  are like young people – you have to live a while before you see trends – trends are not about measurement

      the payment for wisdom is age

      aaah the good old sayings

      much love


  22. I like many of the CounterPunch essays, but like most "alternative press" commentary, the authors continue with reactionary treatise's that are off the mark, and only further distract the reader from dire political issues at hand.  Here's an example of commentary that is truly idiotic and journalistically incompetent: >

    "If you listen across the centuries, you can almost hear the holy U.S. Founders laughing. [Really???] “Those who own the country,” the leading Constitution framer John Jay once said, “ought to govern it.” As the celebrated U.S. historian Richard Hofstader noted in his classic 1948 text, < [Note the date of the comment] The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It: “In [the U.S. Founders’] minds, liberty was linked not to democracy but to property.” Democracy was a dangerous concept to them, [This is an Opinion. Not an actuality] conferring “unchecked rule by the masses,” which was “sure to bring arbitrary redistribution of property, destroying the very essence of liberty.” Protection of “property” (meaning the people who owned large amounts of it) [more Bullshit] was “the main object of government” for all but one of the U.S. Constitution’s framers (James Wilson), as constitutional historian Jennifer Nedelsky has noted. The non-affluent, non-propertied and slightly propertied popular majority was for the framers what Nedelsky calls “a problem to be contained.” [End quote]                                    

    The above comments represent uneducated hyperbole by persons who have an "inaccurate" understanding of what transpired in the 13 years following the Declaration of Independence, and pretty much have no clue as to what's happened since the Organic Act of 1871.  The Constitution was not completed until 1789.  WHY not?

    There was nothing sinister about the intent of the true "founding fathers" of America, who intended to create a Confederate State.  The reasons the Confederacy of the United States failed, were that any notion of a functional revolution had failed.  It was American civilians who fobbed the ball by insisting on continuing trade with former European banking and trade associations.

    The (civilians) also allowed the British and French to continue their constant meddling with pledged agreements between indigenous peoples and local civilian interests.  When localized land agreements failed (due to outside influences) American colonists found themselves under attack by Native tribes who had no way of knowing which white man had been lying.  The land pledges and agreements went away, and so did American sovereignty based on property OWNERSHIP.  The "revolution" failed because American citizens failed to get a divorce from European property management via usury finance.  The above authors are uneducated slobs at best.

    It isn't the founding fathers nor the American Constitution that failed.  It is the sheer stupidity of the American public at large, which has neglected the original objectives of our Nation, and now delivered the world into the very hands that the early founders had warned them against.  God Bless Numerica.  Land of idiot journalists, incompetent morons, and trainable mercenary bastards.

    For Popular Sovereignty, Beyond Absurdity

    • Dennie says:

      When you really think about it, the concept of "owning" land is absurd.  The rebuttal to that would be try the opposite, but it really isn't, because the White Man way of thinking about land "ownership" is pretty much the same way they think about everything, including women (and Nature, which is also femine):  Objects to be conquered, subdued and controlled.  A$$holes.  

      HEY GUYS:  YOU try to make a creation without any trace of anything remotely "feminine" in it.  No flowers, no fruit, no animals, no fish, no kids.  Good luck with your death wish!

    • Jeanette S says:

      Paul, I accept no responsibility for what the top 1% slime have done. NONE. we hired consultants fda, usda, etc. to do the safety work. they renighed on their end. that does not make me stupid or responsible for them; it makes me honorable though unlike them. dennie you are absolutely right about the feminity. thank you for stating that, the world would be empty with no beauty, it can't all be done one way seems to be another trait.

  23. terry reps says:

    The Trump " Theatre of the Absurd "  of the current Administration with the  " Kavanaugh Circus "….followed by the  "Turkey’s release of the Pastor "…with the Secretary of State  now proclaiming that the "Entire Middle East". should be like Israel { with it's wonderful treatment of the Palistinians and complicity in bombing Syria ,  { just like the uninvited Trump military forces}. has all of us distracted to the point where most of us are completely unaware of the Scheisse Chemicals raining down on our heads from the clearly visible and obvious activities in the skies.  Like a Magic show in Vegas ; we are distracted from seeing the obvious.  Try to get the word out about this fakery which will be the death of us.  Help by distributing Dane's materials or by doing something in a monetary way.  Things will be getting worse.  It is obvious to me that as the " Circus " acts get more frequent……the problems will get worse.

    • Dennie says:

      More like "As the problems get worse, the Circus Acts get more frequent."  I think we've been seeing that for quite a while now, actually.

  24. Dave says:

    So I was wondering of there were Hurricane Derivatives so I looked it up.  As is turns out these instruments first started trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2007.  In addition to using these contracts as a hedge for the insurance industry, I'm sure there are many happy speculators reaping huge rewards on these disasters as well.  Its always about money in the end and someone is getting rich on these bets.

  25. Roberto says:

    Good morning from Spain.

    Ex hurricane Leslie has recently hit the Iberian Peninsula, entering from Portugal:

    Another weather oddity.

  26. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 239th email, titled 'WMDs/Climate Genocide/Geoengineering Omnicide'.

    1. On 10th Oct, Arctic sea ice extent refreeze had increased to 6% from its summer minimum (it was 3% on 2nd Oct;  on 10th Oct 2017, the lowest extent year ever, it was 12%). 

    On 11th Oct, Arctic sea ice volume refreeze had come 1% of the way since summer minimum (it was 1% on 3 Oct). On 11th Oct 2017, the lowest volume year ever, it was at 7%.  

    This helps confirm that any thin surface extent refreeze has been offset by melt from below of the existing thicker sea ice. 

    They will probably soon either; further increase the grid square cell size, or further decrease the % sea ice cover  requirements for sea ice extent, which will make it an even more inaccurate and useless method of measurement.

    The heat continues in the Arctic next week at a plus 4C to 5C anomaly. 

    2. The US is undertaking serious, long-term preparations to restructure the American economy to fight a major war with a “peer” adversary. 

    The 146-page document just released by the Pentagon, titled “Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States” makes it clear that Washington is preparing not just for isolated regional clashes, but rather for a massive long-term war effort under conditions of potential national autarchy. This war will be either against Russia/China, or against its own US population (when it wakes up).

    3. Notes to Self (week 92 of 104). There is no doubt that climate genocide is coming, but the deadly covert geoengineering is worse, causing global omnicide.  From the Wiktionary omnicide description: '…Most commonly it refers to human extinction through nuclear warfare, but it can also refer to such extinction through other means such as global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe'They should add 'covert geoengineering' as one of their 'such as', since it is a global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe, and a Weapon of Mass Destruction. 


  27. Joseph L says:

    Very well put together show connecting many dots that you do every week.

    Deadly Deception, Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines, a film by Gary Null

  28. Virginia says:

    Dane, just listened to your weekly newscast – really excellent and honest reporting of what the actual situation is for all of us on this Earth . It is a battle of reality versus denial by those too afraid to accept the truth and the inevitability of finally meeting up with our being so complacent during the last 70 years.  The future really is now.  You stated it very clearly and honestly and for our benefit.  What we do with the facts you presented will be up to each of us.  From where I stand we must do what we can to salvage a modicum of a previous way of life – and be prepared to meet and defend any possible challenges or threats, from whatever source or however delivered.  Not easy, but vitally important. You gave us much to think about.  We all have work to do.

    Thank you, Dane.



  29. Dennie (first comment on the page) has the right idea. Maybe you'll have better luck than me… I've tried contacting some of the big hitters in the "alternative" press, and they're cowering just like everyone else in the media. Most do not return emails nor answer inquiries. Perhaps the "experts" are lacking for entertainment, so send them this: >

    – The Police – Every Breath You Take – 1983 A&M Records

    The lyrics are pretty damn ironic…

  30. Donna Gardner says:

    i try to share as much of this as i can, but facebook, keep's shutting me down, i talk about it, but as soon as i tell anyone i found it on youtube, they shut down on me. they don't believe anything coming off youtube is real. or true. so i'm having a hard time getting anyone to listen to me.


    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, well, soon they won't be able to keep hiding it and I think we're already there.  Here's what IPCC is saying about it:; Of course they're not ready to talk about the elephant in the room but the fact that our friend in print media up in Redding is actually saying that geoengineering is real but it's not chemically harmful is half a start towards reality, although he apparently hasn't seen my 1.) test results for serum barium from June 2010; or 2.) my EKG test results (barium poisoning causes cardiac arrhythmia, for which I was actually not treated by the indoctrinated eedjots daring to call themselves health care "professionals," at Kaiser in San Rafael, CA– just left in a hospital bed overnight and monitored– NO potassium, NO potassium check, and NO magnesium– stooopid sh!ts–!!!!!!) and 3.) the Talking Head doesn't know that my physician admitted that we are in fact being sprayed with something because, wellllllll, you can see them doing it…. Duh…. Howd'ya like them apples, now?

  31. Dave says:

    I'm wondering if the recent hurricanes are also meant to affect the results of the upcoming elections.  Im guessing most of the people hit in these areas will be too busy to putting their lives back together to even care about voting.  Could this be part of the agenda?  It is after all very close to election time. 

    • Earth Angel says:


      Hi Dave, I received an e-mailed video yesterday which suggested exactly what you said. Michael may just have been our 'October Surprise'. The zionist crime syndicate is desperate to get/keep their goon politicians in power any way they can. It certainly could be part of the agenda as well as the other benefits of destruction that they use and profit from so well.

  32. Dr. Robert Terrance Mullane says:

    Hello Dane! I thought of you, my friend, when I read the recent U.N. report on climate genocide. Yes, that's the actual topic they chose. Finally, they are making rational statements in terms of warning and foresight! I know you can find it easily, as I did, by pure luck, it appears. Then again, the puppeteers running online public media know what I want, so they probably threw me that bone. It happens every day.  Keep on keepin' on, at any rate. You're not alone.


  33. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Peak Carbon Emissions By 2020, or Else!

    Robert Hunziker says world greenhouse gas emissions must peak by 2020, or it's lights out!

    Erm… Co2 ???  Is that like a new rock band?


    We need to lighten up. > It's interesting to consider the costs of managing the time and labor costs involved in managing all these financial distributions so you can estimate the costs of managing the total labor rates as related to airline ticket management… You have to read that a few times to get the humor…

    I didn't notice any reference to man hours that could have been better utilized in processes like decontaminating aluminized soil, or repairing heart valves due to valve injury from barium exposure, perhaps replacing 500 Billion burned and dying trees, or replanting continents filled with failed crops and starving people … Add in the cumulative costs of a dead planet, and it would seem that ticket costs for flying United are a pretty good deal… Please watch the "hole" thing. It's truly amazing.

    Why Flying is So Expensive – YouTube > Published on May 10, 2016

  34. Dennie says:

    Here's what I found in my inbox this morning:

    Another deadly, climate change-fueled hurricane struck the Gulf Coast of the U.S. just this week. On Monday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report outlining catastrophic scenarios that could unfold if we don’t change course away from fossil fuels. This week has made it more obvious than ever: We need to move away from ALL fossil fuels immediately – and that includes fossil gas.

    Meanwhile, the G20, a key international grouping of the world’s biggest economies, is heading toward their annual meeting next month. We’ve learned that they plan to affirm the role of natural gas – which we call “fossil gas,” since it’s a dirty fossil fuel – as a key “bridge fuel” to the future.

    Our partners at Oil Change International produced a new video detailing exactly why the myth that gas is a “bridge fuel” is a deadly and dangerous fabrication that must be busted. Watch the new video from Oil Change International and tell the G20’s leaders to stop pushing the lie that fossil gas is a “bridge fuel” of any kind:

    This is madness. But the G20 meeting’s outcomes are still in draft form, and we’ve still got a chance to change them. Click here to tell the G20’s leaders to stop promoting the dangerous lie that dirty fossil gas has any role as a climate solution.

    We know the Trump Administration is one of the key governments pushing hard for dirty gas to be touted as an important part of the energy mix for decades to come. But we’ve also teamed up to defeat the U.S. position before – earlier this year at a G20 meeting, other countries banded together to isolate the U.S. and its climate denial.

    With your help, we can do it again. Watch the video, and demand that G20 leaders stop the madness and stop spreading the myth of dirty gas as a “bridge fuel” to a safe climate future.

    Let’s change history, 

    Collin Rees
    Climate Action / Oil Change USA 


    Deadly Hurricane Michael devastates Florida Panhandle before moving inland,” CNN, 10-11-18

    IPCC climate change report calls for urgent action to phase out fossil fuels,” The Guardian, 10-08-18

    A Greener Future Starts With Natural Gas, World Energy Chiefs Say,” Bloomberg, 06-15-18

    Coal, Paris deal isolates U.S. from other G20 nations at energy meeting,” Reuters, 06-15-18


    What's missing is the fact that these storms are being steered, and the reality of geoengineering is, as we here do know, NOT helping.

    Yes, we need to stop the green house gas emissions.  But to do that we have to either get rid of or change the "military."  It should not be used like a strong arm guy to shake down countries for their resources just so they can exist.  At the end of the day, that is their so-called "end-game."  And change the way we get from place to place, for good.  NO petroleum, NO jets.  Sounds good to me.

  35. Angelhair says:

    I think the best, smartest, most capable people are confronted with the greatest challenges. I want to hear some innovative strategies for raising awareness? I give out/mail the flyers, tell everyone I know, post them on public boards, email academia and journalists, comment on blogs… I need to do more…want to hold the big sign up with the gas mask like I think Tom Keith? is doing? Great idea. What else?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Angelhair, thank you for your willingness to help us sound the alarm. About reaising awareness, two example links from the home page of are attached, FYI

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Angelhair, We are all different and live in different situations geographically, socially and economically. I think if you ask yourself the questions you have posed here, you'll come up with just the right thing to do that fits your own capacities of raising awareness. Think for yourself and do what 'you' think is morally the right thing to do. And keep close tabs on this comment column, always.

      By the way, I'll take your first sentence as a compliment, thank you.

    • jeanette s says:

      Put the info at your stores free magazine bin or laundromat bulletin board with web address slips across the bottom of a flyer-this way you can see what kind of attention it is getting. put a flyer on your dash board where people walk by your car or on the side window along a sidewalk. act like you forgot and left your flyer on a table at a cafe or at wf and sit by the door napkin holder at dinnertime looking at the flyer and our pretty new line shaped "clouds". and last but not least putting a banner up at busy intersections or parking your vehicle and putting the banner on your car. old vehicle it may mark your paint.

  36. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: In wartime, dissent quickly becomes treason.

    Pentagon Report Points To US Preparations For Total War
    By Andre Damon
    October 11, 2018 "Information Clearing House" –  Over the past two weeks, with next to no media coverage, the United States has moved substantially closer toward open military confrontation with both Russia and China, the second- and third-ranked nuclear powers in the world.  On October 3, the United States threatened, for the first time since the Cold War, to directly attack the Russian homeland. UN Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison accused the country of violating the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty by developing a nuclear cruise missile and said that Washington was preparing to “take out” the weapon with a US strike.
    This statement came just three days after a Chinese warship set a collision course with a US destroyer carrying out a so-called “freedom of navigation” operation in the South China Sea, forcing the American ship to maneuver to avoid a collision and the potentially deadliest military clash in the Pacific in decades.
    Behind such hair-raising incidents, the United States is undertaking serious, long-term preparations to restructure the American economy to fight a major war with a “peer” adversary, entailing radical changes to American economic, social and political life.
    This is the essential content of a 146-page document released by the Pentagon last Friday, titled “Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States.” It makes it clear that Washington is preparing not just for isolated regional clashes, but rather for a massive, long-term war effort against Russia and China under conditions of potential national autarchy.
    The document made clear that a major restructuring of the American economy will be necessary to reach the United States military’s stated goal of being prepared to “fight tonight” against a “peer adversary.” The United States must “retool” for “great-power competition,” the document declared.
    “America’s manufacturing and defense industrial base,” observes the report, creates the “platform and systems” upon which “our Warfighter depends.” This complex encompasses not just the government, but the private sector, as well as “R&D organizations” and “academic institutions.” In other words, the entire economy and society.
    It warns that “The erosion of American manufacturing over the last two decades… threatens to undermine the ability of U.S. manufacturers to meet national security requirements. Today, we rely on single domestic sources for some products and foreign supply chains for others, and we face the possibility of not being able to produce specialized components for the military at home.”
    … A leading element of this equation is the American corporate technology sector, which has scrambled for fat Pentagon contracts to develop the latest generation of weapons systems. In exchange for these payouts, and aggressive protection from their international rivals, they have worked closely to implement what one leaked internal Google document called a “shift towards censorship” in cooperation with the demands of the US military and intelligence agencies.
    The logic of this growing fusion between the repressive apparatus of the state and increasingly powerful monopolies is the necessary correlation between “total war” and a “totalitarian” society, in which key constitutional provisions are rendered effectively meaningless.
    The central target of such measures will be the forcible suppression of the class struggle in the name of promoting “national security.” The escalation of global US militarism has coincided with a major upsurge in the class struggle, including the rejection of a concessions contract by workers at UPS, the logistics giant whose powerful workforce is capable of crippling not just America’s industrial base, but substantial sections of the wartime economy.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  Russia has stated it will not allow another war to be fought on Russian soil.  The Russian People suffered horribly during WW2 with tens of millions of the citizenry killed by weapons of war, and starvation.  When they hear threats from NATO (Israel) and the U.S. (Israel) to preemptively attack the Russian homeland, this creates major alarm bells, of course.  Russia could preemptively attack the U.S.mainland and utterly burn our nation to the ground.  It could occur.  So many base their foundation- reality on "logic," to say this could not happen because of the downside to the rest of the planet. But, when has "logic" prevailed with nations and warfare?  It's always been a kind of madness bordering on suicidal.  The more I hear and read about national "security" the more insecure I feel.  A  obvious collapsing U.S. empire is slowly emerging as very desperate to maintain her hedgemony at ANY cost, including pushing the Bear into an untenable situation.  And as your article below demonstrates, our very nervous allies are uncoupling because Washington seems to be going insane with corruption, militarism and chaos.  

    • Dennie says:

      The World has been attempting quietly to de-dollarize since at least 2008.  Saddam Hussein wanted to do that.  Muammar Gaddafi wanted to do that.  Look what happened to them.  We heard much of the rest of the world wants to do that, including Japan, China and more, from Al Martin, former U.S.N. intel officer.  We heard it from Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute.  I'm sure Michel Chossudovsky ran stories on that.  We heard it from multiple sources including mainstream newsmedia, and nutty as he can be, we heard it from Benjamin Fulford.  Like women in the #MeToo movement, the rest of the world is sick and tired of being bullied or at least being expected to kowtow to the white militaristic "rulers" of Planet Earth– UGH!!!!

  37. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The World Is Quietly Decoupling From The U.S.
    Blind faith in the U.S. dollar is perhaps one of the most crippling disabilities economists have in gauging our economic future. Historically speaking, fiat currencies are animals with very short lives, and world reserve currencies are even more prone to an early death. But, for some reason, the notion that the dollar is vulnerable at all to the same fate is deemed ridiculous by the mainstream.
    This delusion has also recently bled into parts of the alternative economic movement, with some analysts hoping that the Trump Administration will somehow reverse several decades of central bank sabotage in only four to eight years. However, this thinking requires a person to completely ignore the prevailing trend.
    Years before there was ever an inkling of a trade war, multiple nations were establishing bilateral agreements that would cut the dollar as the primary exchange mechanism.  China has been a leader in this effort, despite it being one of the largest buyers of U.S. Treasury debt and dollar reserves since the 2008 crash. In the past few years, these bilateral deals have been growing in scope, starting small and then expanding into massive agreements on raw commodities. China and Russia are a perfect example of the de-dollarization trend, with the two nations forming a trade alliance on natural gas as far back as 2014. That agreement, which is expected to start boosting imports to China this year, removes the need for dollars as a reserve mechanism for international purchases.
    Russia and parts of Europe, including Germany, are also growing closer in terms of trade ties. With Germany and Russia entering into the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline deal despite condemnations from the Trump Administration, we can see a clear progression of nations moving away from the U.S. and the dollar, and into a “basket of currencies”.

  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Los Angeles is suffering from a typhus outbreak at 'epidemic levels’

    A typhus outbreak in Los Angeles has reached “epidemic levels” — and some experts are blaming the shocking scourge on the city’s ever-expanding homeless population.  Twenty cases of the rare, flea-borne infectious disease– associated with poor sanitary conditions and overcrowding– have been recorded in Pasadena alone over the past two months, according to the Los Angeles County Health Department. Long Beach has seen 12 cases so far this year, double the normal number. And there have been nine other cases in the rest of the county, NBC News reported.
    Nationwide, there are only about 200 cases of the disease in an average year, according to the CDC.  Typhus can cause high fever, headaches, chills, body aches, rashes, stomach aches, and in rare cases, meningitis and death. Humans get stricken when fleas– themselves infected by certain strains of bacteria — bite them or defecate on exposed skin. There is no vaccine.
    Officials are investigating the cause of the outbreak.  But some experts wonder if it’s the city’s mushrooming homeless population — the number of people living on the streets and in shelters has surged 75 percent to about 55,000 in the last six years — that’s to blame.

    • Virginia says:

      Hello, Susan,

      Three excellent posts and all are scary.  To the first, I would say that the film "On the Beach" or the novel by Shute would fairly describe the outcome of a USA/Israeli instigated global war. (and get ready for the draft to be re-enacted, incidentally).

      The typhus epidemic in L.A.,  accute flaccid myelitis (polio-like disease)suddenly striking so many children nationwide; the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida to 'combat' the Zika virus (and where did that come from?): why does the odious odor of Bill Gates hover like a pall over the global epidemics now being seen? Or am I merely overly-suspicious.

      Thanks, Susan. 

    • Dennie says:

      More on typhus, also carried and transmitted by body lice:  
      There's been a rash of bacterial infections in my North Bay (San Francisco) area and I'm one of the victims via gardening "war wounds."  A neighbor who does work for me said he cannot work for a while because he has a foot infection that started small and quickly got worse, for which he was given an injection of first-order antibiotic.  As for me, I'm curing the cellulitis that developed on five of my fingers using baiyao powder mixed with a few drops of full-strength tea tree oil, then applied as a paste to the affected area and covered with a flexible fabric bandage, after soaking in warm salt water for 20-30 minutes twice a day.  Pain in the @ss, but it didn't go to sepsis and I'm getting well without antibiotics and most fortunately it does not affect my ability to perform my work.  I consider myself lucky.  It could be so much worse…. off to practice now….

  39. Dennie says:

    Here it is, folks, the website to Eglin Air Force Base, the source of the weather manipulation transmissions that are doing so much harm:  So, have at it, everyone– LET'S ALLLL GIVE 'EM HELL!!!!!!  Let's OVERLOAD their inboxes with a shout out to the stooopid order followers: "WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!!!!

    Here's what I just sent to the Eglin Public Affairs desk  

    We are following your weather manipulations and want you to know that there are tens of millions of us in this country alone who can see the microwave transmission "fingerprints" ordering the kiddies in the control rooms to manipulate our weather and use it to whatever advantage your higher-ups in the Corporate-Banking-Military Industrial complex tell you to do.  



    • Virginia says:

      Dennie:  Good work, my friend  Thank you.  I'm going to send off a sweet little note to them – nothing hateful or they won't even bother to read it.  I'll have to sleep on it tonight and come up with something.

      . Right now, I'm trying to ingest all the facts that Dane presented in his weekly newscast.  Just listened to it and it was, frankly, upsetting.  The part where all wildlife would be gone within 8 years was not easily received by yours truly…..what a damn mess we are in

      Thanks, Dennie.. 

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