Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 14, 2017


Dane Wigington

From record hurricanes to public massacres to unprecedented firestorms, each new catastrophe is providing cover for the power structure while they continue to prepare for collapse. Each new catastrophe helps to eclipse the former disasters from the public’s consciousness. More and more of the population is starting to suspect that there is more to the recent string of disasters than what they have been told by “official sources”. All around the world crisis is unfolding, and even now the vast majority of the US population is being willfully kept in the dark. The rumors of war are now echoing through the power structure controlled mainstream media, when will the links in the chain start to break? The latest edition of Global Alert News is below.

Can the insanity be exposed in time to alter our current course? So much depends on what we, the people, do or don’t do. Sharing credible and compelling information is critical. Populations must be awakened to all that is unfolding, that effort will require the assistance and commitment of each and every individual who has any regard for the future. It is our collective voices that can still make a difference.

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



203 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 14, 2017

  1. simone says:

    We are at war with brain-damaged "rulers" who play with Nature trying to "correct" its MIGHTY LAWS,   and they get punished for their super-stupidity.  Unfortunately, they pay dearly for those hellish games along with the rest of us,  and all life on Earth!!  Be  strong, awake and very active in catching, arresting and PUNISHING the monsters for the most colossal man-made terror on earth!!

  2. Mary Altmann says:

    Thank you Dane, valiant and steadfast are two great adjectives to describe you. Thank you for distributing the materials to the State Capitol. Thank you for sending me mine to distribute as well. Have you seen the movie "Geostorm"? I'm not, yet the trailer looks like full disclosure mode to me.

  3. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    In the first week of October 2017, 361 Record High LOW temperatures were set across the nation. This is a wake up alarm bell, that should be taken into consideration! The month of October here in Northeast Florida, has not been like a normal October, it has been more like late August to early September temperatures. The ratio from SAG/SRM that prevents incoming UV and Solar Radiation, compared to the ratio of Record High LOW temperatures is not proportional. Climate Engineering is only making the temperatures worse. Nighttime Radiational Cooling, that should occur naturally, is being manipulated and trapped by the artificial cloud layers.

  4. Robert Terrance Mullane says:

    Dear Dane, I think you should be commended for the valiant steadfast work you do, and all the personal sacrifices you must have made just getting to the place where we find ourselves, now. Thank you so much.

    The second reason I came here is to testify that today while on the freeway here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I witnessed many planes spraying our skies this afternoon. Though I've always believed in you, it was quite another thing to see this abomination happening in our literal backyard. All you've said in videos and in courts suddenly came to mean so much more to me and my friends. I wish you could send me some flyers of yours. I'd even pay the shipping cost. You are welcome to send me a message on my email address. Thank You Exceedingly!  

    Robert Terrance Mullane 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Robert, thank you for your support in the critical battle to expose and halt climate engineering, and for yoru willingness to help sound the alarm. has made our most updated and hardhitting informational materials available on the home page of our website. We are only trying to cover our approximate costs on these materials, our only goal is to get them into circulation as quickly as possible. Again, Robert, my most sincere thanks to you (and all other dedicated activists and individuals) for your help with waking the masses to the climate engineering assault.

  5. Irene Parousis says:

    I just had the most bewildering experiences.  After having a discussion about Geoengineering with, what I believed to be an open minded elderly woman, she suddenly became distraught and said she has heart problems and listening to me made her sick.  I was left speechless and guilty that I may have exacerbated her heart condition.  Soon after this I come across this quote, "Maybe the people that don't get it aren't supposed to."  Now I'm even more confused, is this a message from the Universe?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Irene, though I certainly hope the elderly womon is OK, I also hope you do not carry any burden from the simple conversation of truth you had with her. It is the general propensity of our species to avoid painful truths that has painted us into the dark corner that we now find ourselves in. You had no way of knowing that the elderly woman would react the way she did, you did nothing wrong in sharing an important and nessesary to know reality with her.  If we do not reach a critical mass of climate engineering awareness in the population, we have no chance. Sounding the alarm with credible data is the only way forward, lets all continue to make our voices heard. FYI

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Thank you, Dane, for putting it into perspective for me.

  6. Alan says:

    And yet, scientists are still baffled, perplexed, mystified and at a loss to explain the cause of a documentedn 82% decline in the insect population that occurred within a controlled environment, i.e., in a "protected" area.  Scientists, it's way past time for you to act as if you were interested in preserving life.

  7. Wes says:

    A simple horseman,

    Like Steve from Alaska I have been observing the particulates for over three years. I go out every morning and every night and look, and there they are, a snow storm of particulates.

    In trying to wake people up I always tell them about all the particulates in the air.

    The way I wake people up are with Dane's flyer, it's great for visuals. I tell them Dane's web site is full of well researched  information. I write on a little sticky note, stuck to Dane's flyer,  "Aerosol Crimes" and tell them to watch that documentary. 100% of the people who I have gotten to watch this documentary are so wigged out and believers they won't even make eye contact with me for a couple of weeks. And then I ask them if they have a good flashlight and tell them to go outside away from the light and point that beam up in the air. You can say all you want, they can read and get lots of information, and they still might not believe, but once they see the snow storm of particulates, there is no denying what you have told them. It's worked on more than one person. 

    My brother after years of trying to wake him up, finally saw them this last year and ended up apologized to me for not believing what I had been telling him. I bought a flashlight for my sister so she could see and try to wake her twenty something kids up, who laugh at her when she talks about these things.

    The whole worlds atmosphere is shrouded with these particulates. You can even see them while it's raining. I saw them on "Little Corn Island" in Nicaragua, fifty miles off shore in the Atlantic ocean after an hour downpour.

  8. Russ Redfern says:

    Thank you Dane, I love watching ugly Chemtrails it makes me feel proud of exposing them. I want to contact Alex Jones however I am not as important as you so I might not be of interest to him. I want to skype Alex and you in the future to talk about this issue, have a great day.

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    I don't think Claudia will mind me posting this video. Geesh, sometimes ya just gotta let it out. (Good job Claudia). Folks, this person has grit. Right down to where the rubber hits the road. Frankly, when I watched this video testimonial, I dang near cried myself, for what was being put straight up front, from the inner self.

    Claudia, love and strength to you my friend I haven't met yet.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You for posting clip from Claudia. We all need friends that care as much as she does. A shoulder to cry on!   Her Passion for Nature & Our Planet is Very Moving. We certainly need more like her to Stand Up & Speak Out!

  10. Blue Sue says:

    Good God, heaven help us!


    Freaking unbelievable! According to NBC's news report tonight Men are becoming increasing infected with oral HPV (more commonly afflicting women) and in addition to their preventative suggestions: limit sexual partners, avoid oral sex, stop smoking — get your female children vaccinated at age 11 not once but three times! and again at 14 up to age 21. If you're 29, too late! no need to vaccinate because you're too old.  This criminal misinformation makes me sick to my stomach! Last night while reading the posts here on this sight, I heard a jet fly right over my house.  Went straight outside to check for trails and sure enough, it was spraying directly above my house. When I went to bed, I heard 3 more planes fly low overhead knowing damn well they were dispersing their poison above me.  When I got up this morning at 5:30 the deck was white with a thin layer of tiny white beads of fake "snow".  The morning sky was clear blue (temp. 34F) and then throughout the day more spraying created the fake clouds reported to arrive by our local weather forecaster (temp now 44F). When I got home the fake snow was still on the deck and picnic table and had not melted (temp now 42). I scooped some of the chemically nucleated crap up into a plastic bag and plan to have it analyzed.  After work, I went to a tire shop to have the sensors adjusted on my car's tires and when thanking the fella who took care of me, I handed him a geoengineering flyer with his $5 tip as I pointed to the sprayed arc visible on the horizon.  I asked the young man if he was aware of what's happening in our skies, and just as I looked straight up two jets were laying thick parallel lines right over our heads.  He said yes he knew and he said he would share the news with others.   


  11. Mary Willits says:

    I live in the mountains at the top of the Feather River Canyon here in CA. Since the fires the skies have been under heavy assault.

    This is a tiny town and I am now concerned about the amount of deaths. Last week we had 8 people in the obits…dont know if there were more..not everyone makes the paper. But also, this week there were 7 deaths. Young and old alike. That is a hell of alot for our town. People were shocked about the amount of deaths last week..I would imagine they are in double shock about the amount this week.

    Im concerned and wonder if they are on directy assaulting human life now that they are being exposed through all the disasters. Any thoughts on that?

    • Dennie says:

      Mary, were these people who died primarily old and quite young?  Did they have underlying health issues that would be exacerbated by the spraying, like COPD, asthma, heart disease?  My guess is that the small towns in the mountains have more retired folks living in them right now than younger college-age people who would be away at school getting an education or out of school and looking for job opportunities.

    • Dale K says:

      If this report is true, it adds another disturbing aspect to the deadly fires in California.

      Illegal Alien from Mexico Who Started California Wildfires Previously Deported TWICE; County ignored FOUR OTHER Immigration Holds Before Fire
      Hal Turner Radio Show
      Oct 19, 2017

      U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tom Homan confirmed on Thursday that a man arrested in connection with setting a fire in Sonoma County Wine Country is an illegal alien from Mexico who has been twice returned to his “home country.”

      Homan also confirmed that ICE has issued detainer requests for Jesus Fabian Gonzalez five times now in the past year alone, including the one issued on October 16 in relation to his most recent arrest on suspicion of arson. All of the arrests were made “by Sonoma County on various felony and misdemeanor charges,” according to Homan.

      Sonoma County is considered a sanctuary jurisdiction and does not fully cooperate with federal immigration officials. That includes not honoring ICE detainer requests. “ICE was never notified of Mr. Gonzalez’ various releases,” Homan wrote in the statement regarding Gonzalez.

      There were several fires in the region, and it is not clear what role the fires Gonzales allegedly set played in the overall disaster. 

    • Dale K says:

      This was posted 3 days ago.

      Suspected arsonist arrested in Sonoma
      October 16, 2017

      A man suspected of arson was arrested at Maxwell Farms Regional Park in Sonoma on Sunday afternoon after he was seen leaving a creek bed where a fire was burning, authorities said.

      Three Sonoma County Probation officers patrolling the area because of ongoing fires in the region noticed Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, 29, walking out of the creek area and a plume of smoke behind him, Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Crum said.

  12. Black Cat Italy says:

    In Central Italy they have been ramping up the spraying all week. So many trails criss crossing the sky. Like they are playing noughts and crosses in the sky! We still try to get people to look up but they just shrug "che facciamo" (what can we do) and carry on as normal until the next weather whiplash.

    The temperatures have been hot for this time of year.  All this week it has been between 85- 88F at the front of the house and sun so strong it felt burning to any exposed skin.

    We have not had any rain for weeks and the vegetation is very dry and the vegetables and fruit have not been good this year. Tomato plants with shrivelled and burnt leaves with the fruit clinging to the vine. Inside the tomatoes have a diseased look about them with white or black patches inside.  They are spraying them with copper sulphate on a weekly basis which cannot be good for soil or us.

    Cucumbers are the worst we have known in 10 years, tasteless and not worth eating.  I still cannot find out what is GMO here but fear that many of the plants that they buy to plant are, especially the maize corn but no one knows or knows how to find out.  They don't  seem to care.  

    Our hearts go out to the people of California, Spain and Portugal (and no doubt others) who have been devastated by the wildfires.  Doesn't the Bible actually say that destruction this time will come from the skies as fire and not from water (when the Great Flood came)! 

    My heart is heavy with grief for all the animals too that have perished in these disasters around the world.  I think we are at The End of Days now. 

    I note that Hurricane Orphelia that hit the UK was also engineered – probably because they don't want Brexit to happen. I saw the foaming of the sea at Clevelly and remembered what Dane said last week about the surfactants from the geoengineering causing it – there must have been a hell of a lot of surfactant to cause so much foam!

    Scotland previously had also banned fracking and then suddenly after the hurricane hit a statement was issued that "Scotland was now rethinking it's ban on fracking". Coincidence or what?

    Everyone is afraid of what the power structure can do if people go against them.

    • Nina says:

      Black Cat, my heart is heavy too. The End of Days for sure. People think that somehow their silence will save them I suppose. How wrong they are.

    • Tom says:

      Ireland has for now banned Fracking, lets hope it stays that way, Cat.

  13. son of san quentin says:

    “To nuke or not to nuke?” That is the question of today. Poor little cave-dwelling Afghanistan is currently being prepped for thorough and extensive rape, plunder and pillage, courtesy of the federal reserve and its private shareholders. In return, the American worker, taxpayer and patriot receive a hit of primo smack, but if the crime-ridden streets scare you, your local dope dealing MD will be more than happy to oblige with a legal script for oxy. Business and free trade as usual in the land of the free and home of the brave.


    And now extremely mineral rich North Korea faces the threat of nuclear cleansing prior to invasion and the commencement of vicious and brutal mining and extraction operations to further the toxic fallout and human degradation. The real tragedy is that when the hell bomb dedicated to the people of North Korea has served its demonic purpose, and the spear has been shaken, with Zeus thrusting his weaponized thunderbolt, or hurricane for that matter, what do the demons and chosen ones have in store for the rest of us – maybe a little more cancer, autism, Alzheimer's and infertility to celebrate the victory?


    • Dennie says:

      … like somehow "they" are immune to their own poisons???  Seriously.  Whatever "they" are dishing, "they" also have to take, whether we think so or not.

  14. Andy says:

    More chaos from storm Ophelia >>>

    Deadly jellyfish >>>

    … and add to that, horrific fires in Spain and Portugal >>>

    Europe doesn't escape the twisted machinations of the insane out of control PTB.

  15. Donna-AZ says:

    Randy-AZ, I don't know of any groups here. I'm going it alone, with a 3 people a day goal, and I will tell you, one trip to any store is all it takes. I would be willing to hand out flyers if it's not to far from Sun City, as my car is old with lots of miles.


  16. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Each night I go outside with my mag light and hold it above my head and observe what is being illuminated. Folks, the visible matter is increasingly more noticeable. I don't kow if anyone else does this regularly. But if you do, I'd like to read your observations. And for anyone that does not do this, start taking your own easy and free observations. Then report back to us in droves. You won't like what you see, but you will start to understand the differences in density after about a month of observations. Some evening observations are so thick with particles it makes ya want to stop breathing. Watch the planes by day and observe what they leave behind by night. Pretty easy. Pretty simple.

    • Jintampa says:

      I have had some respiratory infections this year and just got over a two week ordeal. Lungs ache off and on. Any way to detox our lungs does anyone know?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      I started doing this about three years ago. I must admit that it became somewhat addicting for me. I was doing it every night for about three months before I kicked the habit. It got so bad sometimes that I would find my self holding my breath while watching it fall through the beam of my tach light. I used to tell people to try doing this, but I haven't for some time now. To be honest I don't do it anymore because it kinda freaks me out and gets me a little wound up. I suggest that anyone who has never done this before to try it for a few nights. I garuntee you will find yourself holding your breath inadvertantly. I just found this video that was made in 2008 in Germany. I saw it this thick once here in Alaska. That was the last time I did it. Scary S#it Man !!!

      Keep up the great work Mike and Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Well Mike, You made me do it! After writing my last comment I went outside with my flashlight. It's gonna be hard to fall asleep tonight. It looks like a snowstorm from a clear star filled sky. Thanks for the reminder my friend I haven't met yet.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      'a' simple horseman, I too, do this every night or early morning (thank you Susan Ferguson) to see how thick the metals are. I use a little $10 dollar LED flashlight. I also have a camera with night vision and the particles light up and it looks like it's snowing while 80 degrees out. After seeing this we bought 4 HEPA air purifiers for the house. I know they can't filter the nano-particles, but they can get the bigger chunks that are lighting up. 

    • Gottago says:

      Yup been doing it for three years this stuff raining down 24 7, go get yourself a LED Stanley Flashlight at Harbour Freight pretty scary stuff to thing we are inhaling this flith each and every day forever.

    • Ed Bee says:

      Coincidentally, today, after a couple days of relatively light spraying, about an hour before sunset a number of planes started laying down parallel and crisscrossing lines like crazy. An unbelievable amount of coverage was done in a short time, more than I can remember ever witnessing here in southern Wisconsin. It was almost like watching a Fourth of July fireworks show except horrifying. Now dark, I took my Maglight outside and illuminated a "snowstorm" of flakes in the air. My lips and tongue have felt a bit numb, and I have a metallic taste in my mouth. I always think it can't get any worse and then it does.

    • Maria Soto says:

      Hello ‘a’ simple horseman, you are absolutely correct every time I go outside at night I can see that there are particulates in the air and I can smell them regularly every day and especially night. SRM and chemtrail sprays all day today in Willits and I could smell the Chemtrail spraying during the fires, I guess the spraying chemicals have a synergistic reaction causing severe allergy symptoms. I have never in all the fires had to have a face mask like I did this time as they sprayed so much today and during the fires possibly to make them burn hotter. Firefighters are saviors I love them they kept the fires from spreading rapidly even though Chemtrails caused a wind pattern to form that kept fanning the fires, we know they have the technology to do this and why would they not use it, it is absurd to have such a notion.

    • ecoD says:

      right on 'a simple horseman'!

      I first noticed this a couple years ago when my schedule left few daytime hours for walking my dog…i was stunned the first time I wore one of my camping headlamps here in the Puget Sound region after dark.  I assumed that if it wasn't raining the atmosphere right in front of my face would be clear.  instead it was SATURATED with tiny flakes of something that was suspended and floating in the air.  i was so unnerved by this I went home and asked my (adult) daughter to come outside and tell me if she could see it.  we were  both amazed.  during the day you can see what's happening above, but it's after dark that you can clearly percieve how intense and close-in this particulate assault really is.  I concur with you that we should share our findings about this…and since them, I am (sadly) much more careful about taking midnight hikes–so that I can preserve my strength for the work required to defeat these psychopaths and bring them to justice. 

    • simone says:


      WE HAVE COLOSSAL LAYERS OF DEADLY PLUMAGES  IN OUR SKY IN LAS VEGAS TODAY. I have never seen anything like this before.

      The braindamaged monster-pilots should be very ill by now…. so are we. 

      Please do not forget to take lots vitamin C and D3, drink  and bathe in only purified water, keep super-air purifying devices  in your house on!!


    • Thomas says:

      Jintampa, consider  organic silica and/or iodine.  Both will detox aluminium and they have other health benefits.

    • Joseph L says:

      Wow  – I am going to try that.   Where I am there is a  street light .  I guess it has to be dark after a heavy day of aerosol spraying,.  I am on the east coast and today was a relatively clear day but a few aerosol dispersions.   I am going to try this after a heavy day of airplane  poison.

    • Dennie says:

      @ simone:  It's much more likely that the spray jets are UNMANNED, UNPILOTED DRONE AIRCRAFT.  Think about it.

      People, why the HELL would you hire armies of pilots to do this crappy work when 1.) You have to pay them salary, pension and benefits, 2.) You have to pay insurance, health and otherwise, and 3.) PEOPLE TALK– NOW PLEASE TELL ME WHY WOULD YOU HIRE HUMANS TO PILOT PLANES TO DO THIS SPRAYING WHEN YOU CAN USE DRONES?  WE KNOW WE HAVE REMOTE FLIGHT CAPABILITY AND HAVE HAD IT SINCE THE 1970s.  Please connect these dots!!

      Re: The medicinal value of massive doses of vitamin C:  Many people cannot tolerate taking the kind of massive doses of vitamin C that Linus Pauling said was so miraculous for various health ailments.  His research was later debunked and it is a known FACT that too much vitamin C causes kidney problems and damage.  Many cannot take large overdoses because it causes very loose bowels– this isn't good for your health either.  

  17. Colleen Cran says:

    Crazy wind weather system moved through B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Washington state today. Some winds in Alberta were as high as an F1 tornado. I have never seen an "outbreak"  of wildfires before here in Alberta. Scary situation for many.   \

    • Dale K says:

      Japan (particularly the Tokyo region) looks like it could be blasted by Typhoon Lan by the end of this weekend or early next week. This weather system seemed to develop out of nowhere.

      Oct. 16, 2017 – NASA Finds Newly Formed Tropical Storm Lan Over Open Waters

      NASA Finds Tropical Storm Lan Strengthening. Infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed that Tropical Storm Lan was getting stronger as it moved through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.
      Oct 17, 2017

  18. joe Strauss says:

    Hello Dennie (Oct 15 comment)…Rachel Robson(Oct 16)


    Thanks for more info on The North Calif Wild fires.  Yes, the

    reference from a Firefighter of(Gatlinburg, Tenn)

    Fire Nov. 28, 2016 gave me the connection with :


    The Geo-enginnering  of Extreme Winds at time of Hurricane,

    Cyclones, Forest fires, (  Geo-engineering,at begin time

    can create extreme winds, as stated  by Dane W…


    I observed over San Francisco, Ca Monday 10/16, many

    geo- engineered   lines with the rare for me scene  'X'

    PATTERN…These I know are used by military satellites for

    co-ordinates of spray patterns.

    Again going to report on Gatlinburg, Tenn Wild Fires Nov. 2016

    Jim Renfro, Air quality Specialist report said, Nov. 27,2016

    wind speed was 87 MPH, Sun.


    Not a natural wind pattern from the 25-35- MPH start of fires.

    Going to 87 MPH is not a natural pattern. Very extreme…Yes.

    And the power lines are knocked down and sparks fly….

    I say power lines created the sparks in North Calif Fires.

    As said the good Indian observer on his land.

                     Joe S

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Joe, and every time I say that, can't help but think of Jimi Hendrix, but seriously, the tribal dude, which my daughter says must be Pomo, referred to wind sheer.  Trying to remember, but wind sheer is specifically different, unusual.  I remember way back when wind sheer was being studied as applies to airplanes, a recent-then-crash, no good explanation until they hit on wind sheer which began to change a certain line of thinking with regard to planes taking off and landing.  Had to be more than 20 years ago I think.  It was interesting.  The description by that Indian said poles sheered off!  Not just broken.  More than one, a number in a row I think he said-what he saw in front of him.  Wind sheer is very specific.  Not only strength of wind, but angle of and movement of and speed.  Physics.  Can be incredibly damaging, very dangerous.  I'm gonna guess that heat itself can create this, as in a big fire, maybe.  But this was what began the fire by Clear Lake, so…..The news guy by Napa early on, tried to get all to pay attention to the wind which he said was coming from a different direction than weather people said, that it came all of a sudden and was spinning around, offering himself for proof as he could barely stand and his coat was lifting and trying to circle him nearly knocking him down.  Seemed as if such winds just came out of nowhere. I was suspicious but not certain geoengineering Caused the fires-NO doubt, zero, that nano-aluminum fueled it so hot, but I don't want to just automatically blame every single event of all sorts on geoengineering just because.  I feel that could be damaging to the cause and to deniers paying attention, hopefully open to learning.  But, it does begin to seem  germane.  The most important reason I can think of is punishment for Gov. Brown signing the disclose act.  As in 'clean money'.  The other reason which just floats to top of my mind is how very population dense that entire area is now when once bucolic.  And now some areas of which are very upscale and costly, tooth by jowl with meth heads and poverty.  Culture clash.  To some large degree various hurricanes have done something sorta similar.  Largely destroying the impoverished.  As in Puerto Rico, which is one embarrassing F-up for this administration and blatantly so.  Even if a good history lesson in how this country uses and abuses people of color.

    • Dennie says:

      It's actually not certain that we had hurricane force winds as we'd heard from PG&E regarding wind speeds the night the fires got their start but they were certainly fast– fast enough to create the massive firestorms we've seen here in Northern California.  And we had and continue to have plenty of metal particulates dumped on top of us here, even as the fires raged and continue to rage away– Military dumbshits, don't those idiots KNOW what is in that crap their order followers are charged to dump on us all and that it is an incendiary?  

      You can see the crap hanging in the air during the day, a ubiquitous white haze, highly visible nearly every single day since 2010.  At night it looks like a low mist in the headlights of the cars.  Mixed with the toxic ashes of burnt Sonoma county we're breathing a most "unholy stew" right now.  They dumped soooo much of the crap on us Friday going into Saturday last week and again so much of the irritating metal shards again today that nearly everyone is having some kind of breathing issues.  I hear coughing, sneezing and wheezing.  I can barely breathe today, I have loads of irritation from the smoke I was exposed to last Thursday and Friday and waaay stoopid people keep asking me if I have a "cold…" I just smile meekly as say "yes," like some kind of brainless talking "Coincidence Theorist" Barbie.  If those military f**kers keep this up to the level we're seeing today, if this is now "the new normal" of spraying the metal crap on us, the likelihood that I will die from some kind of opportunistic respiratory infection is looking greater than ever. "If some spraying doesn't fix the warming problem, then just doing more will," so goes the train of twisted thinking, derailing us ALL.  

  19. Kazadum says:

    A good sign if one can talk of good signs in these days. The viral videos and comments about all these events is truly an inspiration. People are getting it. Millions upon million, they are waking up, in such numbers as to easily override the paid shills of the governments around the world. So many are seeing the truth, that these fires are intentional and they were caused by geoengineering.

  20. Joseph L says:

    Dane I heard you this morning on my local radio station– In other News. I hope that alot of people heard that  broadcast. You did a great job w all your talking points on Geoengineering, Climate engineering etc.

  21. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, could you please offer your opinion/elaborate on the multitude of comments/posts/videos that are circulating (in a viral fashion, which I find suspect in itself) saying 'directed energy weapons' are the cause of the recent California fires? We know geoengineering and it's downstream effects are contributing and causal, but I am not seeing any rational logic in the other and feel it hurts our credibility. Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Cori, in regard to your question on the California fires and the “directed energy weapons” claims, there is an extensive new section that has just been added to the attached link which directly addresses your question. FYI

    • Dale K says:

      Bear Fire just the latest to scar the Santa Cruz Mountains
      A look at some of the worst fires to scorch Silicon Valley’s bushy hillsides
      Patrick May | Mercury News 
      Oct 17, 2017

      As residents flee the Bear Fire near Boulder Creek this morning, firefighters are hoping the 200-acre blaze does not grow to anywhere near the size and scope of past fires that have left destruction and blackened the brush-crammed hillsides hovering high above Silicon Valley.

    • Dennie says:

      Thank goodness Dane's debunked all the latest internet myths about the causes of the Northern CA fires, added to the Geoengineering is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes post.  There are altogether too many hysterical Hollywood-style Apocalypse Moive theories floating around out there coming straight out of science fiction "Terminator" style movies about directed energy weapons and bombs used to start the fires.  

  22. Alan says:

    ABC News just reported that toxicology tests revealed abnormally high levels of carcinogens affecting people living near the recent Aliso Canyon natural gas leak.  Furthermore, statistically significant levels of lithium were found in over 100 patients.  The source of the lithium was traced to the local water supply.  I know lithium has been mentioned from time to time here as an element of the aerosol spray.  The Southern California Gas Company responded that their studies indicate that these people couldn't possibly be sick. 

    For what it's worth, today in northern San Diego County the sky is particularly disgusting; a hazy, streaky, wispy, milky, filmy horror show.  The air smells metallic and it's hard to breathe.  Don't even want to consider going outside.  Humidity levels are approaching single digits (in spite of lots of moisture moving in off of the Pacific as shown on satellite imagery – by the way, doesn't it take at least 60% humidity for a contrail to form?), and 95+ degree temperatures.  Compared to what a lot of other people are experiencing in other parts of the world, though, this is a cakewalk.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by the unnatural and catastrophic "fire and rain" events in California's Wine Country, Portugal and Ireland (and many other places I'm sure that we're not being told about).

    Five whales were stranded on a Kauai beach today.  The Navy says they didn't do it.  Maybe not, but we need to at least consider the possibility that the Navy spokesperson might have worked for the Southern California Gas Company at one time…. 


    • Jamie says:

      Hey Alan, I'm here in North County too watching them streak our skies with that toxic crap too! Keep sharing credible info and hopefully we can help to wake people up! 

  23. Nelson Martins says:

     Hello All, Portugal finally gets some much needed rain. I guess this recent moisture band was too wet for their Aerosol Dispersal activities to keep "afloat" as it passes by. Cause they were up there this afternoon. I saw them through the cracks in between the rain clouds this afternoon. God(Nature) won the battle against these Evil Monsters today and helped to extinguish the "hellish" fires we have endured for the past 5 days. 37 confirmed dead, 70+ injured, 15 critical, 1 still missing and thousands of hectares of forest land burned to ashes. Homes, towns, businesses, destroyed. These Evil-Doers must be brought to Justice for these avoidable tragedies(crimes). This is Murder . Totally Inhumane.

    Thank You Dane, for all your hard work and devotion into bringing these murderous atrocities to an end.

  24. Kazadum says:

    I think I understand what they did, they went light on the geo engineering for decades because they didnt have the casus belli, they had a small cadre which they could use in order to destroy the ozone layer, necessarily small because of what they were doing. "The ozone hole of the 80's was the first sign of their progress" They lied about its recovery and continued until the entire ozone was threatened. This gave them the casus belli to tell the military people and other people involved, to get cooperation from all other governments. "you will all bake in X rays if we dont do this" is a very powerful motivator. I think that is the chain of what happened, this what gets the military and others involved, this is what they tell themselves because its a partial truth.

  25. Louise Neufeld says:

    I live just south of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our skies are again a filthy hazy mess, spray lines everywhere which results in constant winds and unseasonably high temps. It also results in my heart beating erratically and in having trouble breathing. We've not had a full day of no spray for a year. We are treated to socked in grey skies for days or unusual lightening storms. Or a "beautiful" bright pink 360 *sunrise or sunset.   We may not see them but we can hear the planes overhead. Our license plates once read Sunny Manitoba when we were known for our sunny, prairie blue skies. Standing in a sheltered spot I can feel the incredible heat of the sun. At the same time the geoengineered wind is freezing, abnormally so causing an instant "freezie" head and burning nostrils. This chemical nucleated cold causes wild fluctuations within  our daily temps. 

    Our national and local news (CBC) have been working hard to prepare us for the possibility and necessity of geoengineering to mitigate global warming and change.  Our ignorant and dangerous scientists like David Suzuki and David Keith deny that weather modification have been our reality, as though we are idiots and can't see the daily assault. This comes along with the MSM's strong advice to make sure to get your assorted vaccines since it's going to be a bad flu year. In Manitoba, last year only 20% received the flu vaccine and rest assured they are working on the remainder!

    Interesting that the term fake news, initially used against MSM has now been calculatingly adopted by them. The same is true with geoengineering. It's now being touted by MSM as the answer to slow down global warming, even though they claim the risks are unknown!

    It is incredibly painful and taxing attempting to convince people one by one. Especially when they make you feel like a candidate for a tin foil hat. I've given up on most of my friends and family. I'm incredibly grateful to you Dane. Your persistence and hard work is admirable. Thank you!  And thank you to the contributors of the comment section.  You are my rock and comfort when I feel down and frustrated. We are enlightened! When there are none so blind as those who will not see…move on!

  26. BC says:

    Have been watching the pacific jet stream recently and it's natural tendency to drift further south toward California but it is not to be. Using their massive haarp facility in Alaska they continue to break the very moisture laden flow and steer it north into no man's land in Canada and Alaska and so continue the dry conditions of the southern US coastal states. The huge low pressure system they created 24 hours ago off the Aleutien islands divulges their obvious intent to do just that.

    The New world Order is NOW fully in charge. Completely! National democratic nations/governments have (past tense) been fully infiltrated and subjugated to the global elite and they are now completely in control. Orwell's 1984 is here now! Outside of the odd (they say) rogue state (Russia/N Korea) democracy is dead. Their main goal is to now through Geoengineering to bring the people of the nations to their collective knees to come begging for the One World Government that has already fully taken over. Are they not doing the same thing with Geoengineering as we speak? They are saying "We need Geoengineering to to fix the extremities of climate change," that 'we know' Geoengineering has created. Thus we have what Dane calls weather warfare. Yes it's intentional, completely intentional. All geo-political news is now a side show kept up to pacify the sheeple that their voted for government is  composed of a good and evil factions and that if we get the good guys in then we can solve these problems. Every political leader in the first world is now a dictator. They are as definitely appointed as your local Sunday school teacher. Every national and geo-national event I believe is completely rational and able to be understood in the context of who this power structure is, where their central headquarters are located, their goals and ambitions and objectives. These individuals collectively are the epitome of evil and will stop at nothing to achieve these objectives. For 200 years this ancient global organization has sought to overthrow America from the inside out. Their millions of zealous converts have infiltrated every level of government, and institutions and now set the agenda for all education (even as they have their own tax payer supported schools and universities) and entertainment, military, law enforcement and the like. Through their vast wealth they own or control all global corporations such as big Ag, food, hospitals and big pharma you name it. They are fascist by nature and so through global trade pacts  have drafted global trade laws that benefit their companies and force all other competitors out of business. They pose as nationalists and other races (think jews) in order to accuse and cast blame and so hide themselves and their insidious crimes against humanity. Their consummate plan is to crash the US economy and hence the world economy through unsustainable debt and spending by their zealots in power and then offer themselves as the answer to the worlds chaos. Geoengineering is not various governments attacking this problem individually (but in a somehow joint effort) but one global power over riding and using all government infrastructure apart from individual government sovereignty to create the purposed political environment in order to bring about their objectives.


    • Paul says:

      BC, that was an awesome post and it sure tugs on the heartstrings to read it -why?    Because I believe you are spot on with your analysis and if that is the case, then we are in deep, deep trouble with very dark days ahead. Frightening!

    • Kazadum says:

      If they were completely in control Dane would not be speaking

    • Nelson Martins says:

      Wow. I could not have said it better. Well done, BC.

    • Randy-AZ says:

      BC, Well Written its our time to hit the streets real hard and provide documented info to all that will stop to listen. Great Post BC

    • JF says:

      Been pretty clear here in SoCal, until this past weekend. The chemtrails are back again.

    • Dennie says:

      Look, people, The System has within it the seeds of destruction, because the financial system it is based on an INFINITE ECONOMIC GROWTH PARADIGM.  The only thing that keeps growing forever is cancer.  IT CAN'T HELP BUT SELF-DESTRUCT.   No one needs to calculate how to blow up the economy because left to itself, that's exactly what an infinite economic growth system does.  THINK ABOUT IT.  And no one's come up with a stable-state economic system yet, even though that's what we need here, because it doesn't make money for anyone.

      NOBODY is begging for a One World Order, everyone to a person I talk to hates this system, even the people I know who voted for Trump.  NO ONE likes what's going on but I wish they'd be a whole lot more curious about the implosion of the environment– they won't "get" that either, until all is gone, I'm afraid.  

      So, what's going to happen?  The larger economic system will fail, because it has to.  Local economies will spring up, because they should and they must.  Many are already doing so, just look at the Farmers' Markets.  Big Agra will fail because it can't support itself, based on it's size and it's reliance on poisons.  Small, local agriculture and horticulture/gardening will survive, along with pockets of humans who do know how to live in harmony with the rhythms of Earth and one another, through cooperation.  NOT conflict.  And that's the Main Question– what do WE do about the OUT OF CONTROL Military–?   THEY NEED TO GO, or we otherwise need to  get rid of them.  They are too dangerous to be allowed to stay here.

  27. Patrick says:

    Thanks for those very kind words, thoughts and prayers Nelson M and be assured we appreciate them very much.

    We are  thinking of you  all in Portugal now and similarly, our prayers go out to you all having to endure such affliction.  Keep safe brother!

  28. Patrick says:

    Ireland  now the latest country being brought to it's knees by 'Hurricane Ophelia!'

     We are just beginning to gather ourselves here from the once in a lifetime (anything but natural) 100% completely engineered weather warfare unleashed upon us.  Fallen trees, flying rooftops, 80mph winds, power supplies have filed, torrential rain, lockdown in practically all of the country and now deaths as a result.  I have been tracking this hurricane for over three weeks now and watched it being steered and fed through massive EMF and aerosol spraying in the Atlantic and if this wasn't bad enough, I heard at least six tanker jets over head this morning spewing even more aerosols to pump the system up exponentially.  On top of that, our three NEXRAD stations over Ireland are on overdrive today to fuel the hurricane up for maximum  destruction.

     This is the epitome of EVIL and what evil people are willing to do upon other human beings! God help us all.

    • Dennie says:

      We had plenty o' folks observing tanker jets sprayin' away, up above the  flames and massive amount of smoke from the Northern California Wine Country fires, and "they're" at it again, yet today.  If some spraying doesn't "fix" the global warming problem, more will, so goes the so-called "thinking."  In reality, I believe that the spraying is almost fully about weather WARFARE and has NOTHING to do with stopping the heating on this planet.  And no matter what anyone wants to say about who's doing what and why, "THEY" CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, because of the laws of physics here.  Blanketing this planet with toxic metal sprays IS TRAPPING THE HEAT IN, not cooling things off.  Anyone with half a brain and an A.S. degree from a 2-year college can see that ;-).

    • Nelson Martins says:

      I here you brother, from Ireland. And the weather"messengers" were telling us 5 days  before Hurricane Ophelia was East of the Azores, that it would do a direct hit onto Ireland. Totally scripted Hurricane by the mass media.  We here in Portugal could have used some of that rain. Chemically-induced or not, we here need rain. Lots of it. God Bless all of you in Ireland. I will pray for everyone's safety.

    • Stuart McDermott says:

      And I thought my days of being a soldier were over…….It's not looking that way is it.? It looks like we are all at war with our governments.!

      The winds here in the south west of England were bad enough, I can only hope you all make a swift recovery from the storm and can get back out there as soon as possible and wake people up.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Patrick, Hello, and mega condolences.  I'm afraid the phrase once in a lifetime is losing its meaning.  So sorry for this shock to your country.  Some 'weather' people say that with a warming world goes wind.  I'd like to hear what Dane would say about that.  But you watched it come and how it came.  Are there others in Ireland who are hip to geoengineering? I so hope you are not the only one.  It is as if you knew someone was going to be murdered but nothing you could do.  Then saw the murderer coming, and still nothing could be done.  Then saw the murder done and who done it, but again, all for naught.  It is a helpless feeling.  A lonesome feeling.  It needs company and answering.  The one good thing we've seen in all the destruction is the kindness of friends and strangers helping one another.  That, they cannot take from us!  That, and our right to speak out against what we know is happening!  Thanks to this site, we know much and so are empowered.   Good luck to all of you in Ireland.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rachel, though there should be more convection and thus more overall wind on a warming world, the constant atmospheric aerosol blanket due to the constant geoengineering jet aircraft spraying has completely altered the equation. We now have a condition termed as “global stilling”. Though extreme winds of course still blow, and in many cases are manipulated, the term “global stilling” applies to an overall planetary scenario. FYI

    • Frank says:

      I was watching videos of other climate experts. I heard a valuable concept we might all gain from. If the poles are not cold, we lose the gradient in temperature between the hot equator and the cold poles, and we then lose atmospheric wind and oceanic currents and we then turn the oceans into a dead, acidic, stagnant ponds (as Dane has called Canfield oceans). I thought the simple concept that losing the extremes in temperature stops the stirring of earth and so the conditions for life was a valuable concept for us all.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Here in my "country" ( region of the EU – "united" states of Europe ), in Iberian Peninsula, the situation is tragic; In this Summer, more than 350.000 hectares were burned ( millions of Trees were destroyed ), more than 100 Persons have died, more than 400 injured because of the fires, hundreds of houses were destroyed and many farm Animals and Wild Animals have perished with the flames also.

      Thousands have lost their working posts as a consequence of the destruction of many industries by the fires.

      And after months of incredible high temperatures and very dry "weather", today and after many hours of the aerosol spraying made by the planes ( since yesterday in the afternoon ), now we have rain.

      Today, I've been outside all afternoon and it was possible to see that a shift in the materials which are sprayed in the air happened, the aerosols that were sprayed today weren't the usual aerosols that were sprayed during all Summer, the ones with more granular and dirty appearance. The ones which have a terrible desiccant effect on the environment. A shift in the materials happened and the aerosols that have a smoother and dense appearance were used in very big quantities, It was only necessary to wait between 3  to 4 hours to witness a drastic change in the day; after dozens of lines have been left in the sky by the planes, a massive cloud formation were built staying very compact in short time, temperatures went down 15ºC or more, and after months of very high temperatures and very dry weather, and after the terrible day we had in Sunday, now we have rain and much lower temperatures.. Not big rain, but some rain ( the rain started to fall after the planes started with the spraying over the compact clouds ). The level of psychopathy of these MFs is hard to comprehend.

      ABOUT THE FIRES; People must understand that we are having cyclones of fire ( as the witnesses are talking ) because the air is saturated with metallic and chemical nano particles which are FLAMMABLE. And People must also understand that we have wind in some specific circumstances because the air column saturated with metallic particles responds very well to the electromagnetic signal which is emitted by the transmitters which are everywhere in these days ( the electromagnetic towers). So, the wind travels fast, if someone want, only in the regions which are on fire, near (5 or 6 km away), the wind is almost zero. And these winds come blowing charged with flammable particles through very dry vegetation which absorbed, during months and years ( and is coated with ) nano particles of aluminum which are desiccant for the plants and FLAMMABLE. Worst scenario only with bombs of napalm or with atomic weapons. It's because of this People are caught by surprise. A healthy Forest don't burn very fast even in months of dryness. But nothing is normal now, we have to deal with the fuel that is in the air and inside the plants and which is also the main reason for the sickness of the Forests.

      It's because of this we' are having "eruptive" fires ( like our disgraceful politicians are saying ) and cyclones of fire as the People are witnessing.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dane, Thank you for answering my question.  I suspected the answer you gave but was not sure, especially given all OUR winds here for the past few years, which seem unusual indeed.  And I love wind, but!

      @Frank, Thank you for a very good answer!  This really helped place all things wind for me.  It has become a confusion.

  29. Donna-AZ says:

    Dane, thank you for the information on how the aerosols affect the convection process of the cyclones.

    Heavy spraying over Arizona today. I called Luke Air Base just to see what they would say. The person I talked to, had no clue about the aerosol spraying. Was he incredibly ignorant, or LYYYYYING? He suggested I call 911 and file a complaint with the police. I said, "the police are supposed to protect our airspace now?" "I thought that was your job."

    Some of the sprayers today:

    Delta Airlines, flight DL9979 Atlanta to San Bernardino @ 40,000 feet.

    United Airlines, flight UA253 Houston to Honolulu @33,975 feet. This one flew right over my house after I called Luke, turning the spray on and off several times, and with far more trails than what could have come out of 2 engines, had to be nozzles on the wings for that wide spray. 

    Southwest Airlines, flight WN663 Dallas to LA @ 38,000 feet. They SWA, just announced they would be flying to Hawaii. Just what we need, more sprayers over the ocean.

    Cathay Pacific Cargo, CX2097 Guadalajara to Anchorage @ 40,000 feet. That big bird was really spraying.

    Aeromexico, flight AM484 Mexico City to Las Vegas @ 38,000 feet, was right on the heels of the Cathay Pacific Cargo plane heading north.

    Delta, flight DL1659 Orlando to LA @40,000 feet.

    I saw the small amount of moisture coming off the pacific this morning, what took place today, was 'way' over-kill. And now it is hot and BRIGHT as hell, because of it.

    • Jintampa says:

      Hi Donna, how are you able to get the flight info, my house seems to be a critical cross/juncture for their flights but most of them are very high altitude?

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Jintampa, I track the planes mostly to the south along Interstate 10. They only leave a trail when there is moisture to sponge up, or they are cooling us down, very easy to see "in the desert". I take a picture, then look on live radar to confirm. On, you can click on a plane to get info., speed, altitude, type of plane, etc.

    • Randy-AZ says:

      I agree Donna they have ramped up the AZ spraying over the past week. I too have noticed the on and off spraying happening a lot more often. Is there a group of AZ folks that want to Rally this Friday outside 1 of the theaters showing geostorm! I have a large batch of 2 sided color flyers to pass out to all that went to watch the movie. You in? 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Donna-AZ, Wow, I'm impressed!  And glad you answered jintampa's question.  That is quite a list for one day!  Not to mention great follow through!  Thank you!

    • PC says:

      I've been tracking the chemtrails in AZ for years. I continue to try and enlighten the population to the Geoengineering spraying. I wish people would get their faces out of their cell phones and look up at the sky! Peace to all and follow Jesus Christ because we are living in The Fourth Seal. 

    • Jintampa says:

      Thanks for the info Donna-AZ.

  30. Joanne says:

    Dane, I listen to your podcast every week and I'm wondering why you say "our" government when you talk about those criminals. I never say "my" government because there is nothing of mine in it, except the pain I feel in my whole being. I say: The government. Them. 

    We are being poisoned in Nova Scotia. The trees are dying and I feel so sick when I have to leave the house on rainy days. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      In this site we can see clearly ( at least in my "country" ) that there are much more antennas in the terrain than the equipments that are registered as equipments which provide the signal for the companies.

  31. MW says:

    Sorry to say not all is well in Idaho!!! The southwestern region has become a continuous spaying event!!! Many here were counting on Trump to get a handle on destruction of our lives!!! Spay Spray Spay !!!! Hey can't avoid breathing!!! How about the newborn grandchildren we all  have them including Mr President ????!!

  32. C.J. says:

    This is all about lowering the populace, getting more money for energy and taking more tax dollars from each and everyone of us.

    When the devastation hits an area…..

    Cops are busy trying to settle the crazy's down.

    Ambulance's are running rampant.

    Hospital's are jammed.

    Lawyer's are loving the people that are splitting up and all the money from all the spin off.

    Doctor's are busy raking in the dough from sickened people.

    Then you have your politicians that make all this go around by passing bills that encourage all of this.

    It makes the world go round and round.

    The people that are behind this live behind the curtain.

    They are cowards and only interested in one thing and that is.

    How much money are we going to make on this hit.

    We all are being hit.

    Big Time.

    Then I talked to a cashier and mentioned the Fire's.She said it must be from people throwing cigarette butt's out and they start the fires,

    Fcking Stupid people. Can't think for themselve's. No Clue's. Just ignorant as Fck.

    • Kazadum says:

      That is why this is happening. Maybe it is nature's way, to use evil as a cleansing fire, IDK

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Not sure who to assign originality to, as below is not mine. In a sense, it could be called an "Ode to America, A Living Nightmare"

      "The shrill of the American dream turned into an American scream tore into my soul with a deafening roar as I lay wondering how a people striving to live the best of life would willingly kill in order to live.
      It was only when I realized that whenever the system of values are faked does any nightmare make sense."


    • Kazadum says:

      Melody, thats Hollywood's version of America, the America I grew up with and loved is a beautiful and wholesome. There are 2 Americas, one was founded by hard fighting hard working and loving people the other was created by Talmudic Hollywood Zionist in mockery. The nightmare is not the dream.

  33. Nelson Martins says:


    Hello All, that know the Truth.

    Could these tragedies happening these year, in California and Portugal, have anything to do with their recent economic improvements? Here in Portugal, our Socialist Government has been improving the economy, bit by bit. Ending the financial dealings with "Troika", IMF. Could this be another reason, if not the only reason why we have had an unprecedented Geoengineering Assault in our skies this year, not to mention the worst drought in many decades? The economic impact of this year's weather assault is in no doubt, in the billions. We are a small country(State of a corrupt Union called Europe) 10.5 million people. This is going to be a terrible blow to the "Positive" economic agenda our elected Socialist Government has been executing. California's economy was on the "up and up" as well, I think. I guess the victims, humans and nature, of the effects of Geoengineering are just, like your American Generals(F@#&ing Animals) like to call it,….Collateral Damage. Worldwide Economic Warfare. And the weapon of choice…………GEOENGINEERING!!!!

  34. SD says:

    Would those in charge of Weather Engineering ops stoop so low as to Brainwash the masses with subliminal messages?  Yeah, they would.

    I continue to see what appear to me as very quick images of Geoengineered skies in background on digital over the air TV inserted into vintage movies. Don't want to mention network names – yet.

    Some TV imagery not so subtle, yet very misleading.  CBS report this AM on NASA work on supersonic aircraft with little or no Sonic Booms.  They showed stock footage of Yeager's old Bell X1 with a huge "vapor trail" over Edwards AFB.  Of course, that aircraft had a ROCKET engine – which DO MAKE vapor trails!

    Other footage showed jets making ARTIFICIAL trails for visual enhancement for ground based observers – like the airshows!

    SRM fake clouds dispersed in sky over SoCal this AM.  Easily determined to be artificial due to morphology, bright white color. Imagine you're under a glass table, looking up, someone throws talcum powder on table top. Temps in inland valleys here forecast over 100F today!


  35. Roberto says:

    It seems, as far as I can see, that California and Portugal are been managed by geoengineers by the same pattern.

    I don't know if in the southern hemisphere is happening the same, in Australia, for instance.

    Does anyone have information about it?

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, this exact analogy of the Wine Country fires to the devastating fires in Portugal and Spain was made this morning, October 16, on KQED fm's Forum program in the 9:00 hour.  Log onto and you can listen to the program again tonight at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, or archived on podcast after 11:00 p.m. tonight, when you can listen any time.  Quite obviously, the underlying denominator is the incendiary nanoparticulate aluminum being sprayed all over this planet, our only home, 24/7/365.  You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure this simply sleuthing exercise out.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE– sheesh.

    • carrie from aus says:

      To answer your question Roberto, their is massive amounts of geo-engineering on going in Australia and the oceans surrounding Australia. Their are around 150 radar sites across the country, many upgraded to doppler. There is an American base at Exmouth Western Australia that has H.A.A.R.P, I think it is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Much of the IAR appears to be generated from that base. Dampier and Port Headland, Western Australia are very active daily with pulses & massive radar beams shooting in all directions. I deduct they manipulate the jet stream, which roughly cuts across the middle of Australia. Manipulation from Adelaide Sellicks, South Australia and Tullamarine in Victoria appear to direct the jet stream where "they" want it. I doubt any weather here is natural. On the East Coast of Australia, Northern NSW and Southern QLD very dry, drought inland, record temps over September. West of Brisbane hit 38 deg C (102 Deg F), that was the 1st month of spring. Now 3 weeks later we are having manipulated (but much needed) rain. Local flooding with hugh dumps of rain in some areas, up to 300mm. On the East Coast Grafton, Brisbane Marburg &  Gympie all have pulses and radar bursts to manipulate the weather. Townsville Army base has had plasma bursts. No nothing amiss with the radar folks, just birds & bats!  Much Geo-Engineered skies almost daily.


  36. Nelson Martins says:

     These Unnatural "Wildfires" on both west coasts' of U.S.A. and Europe, are planned "chaos" . Now, one can see msm,  pushing(selling) the "Possibility", the "idea", of using Geoengineering as a way to combat "Climate change". The very same "Climate change" that Geonegineering has been causing for the past 30 years.  It is like using gasoline to start a fire, and then selling gasoline, saying that it will put out the fire. Absolutely ridiculous, and criminal. People die because of these Geoengineering programs. Anyone that is part of these programs, is a murderer, a criminal.

    • Nelson Martins says:

      Dane, I apologize for the recent spurt of comments from me. I am just so F#@&ing frustrated and angry at these criminal activities being taken in our skies. Here in Portugal, everything is not the way it was over 30 years ago, as i remember it. Everything living is in the process of a slow and painful death due to the Geoengineering assault here since the mid-1990's. What is even more sad, is that the Millennial generation has know F@#&ing clue what I am talking about. They weren't around when everything was better, natural, more alive. They have never seen a yellow sun, or a clean blue sky. We have a whole generation of humans, with "plausible deniability" shoved into their contaminated brains. Very tough "nuts" to crack. They are very tough to convince of the Reality and Evil, that is Geoengineering. Thank you again for all your hard work. God Bless you and your Family.

    • Dennie says:

      Though we certainly do have cases of "fire bugs" involved in these huge fires, no, the fires do not so much need actual PLANNED chaos, but rather much of this is that they are UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, or UNPLANNED CHAOS, caused by the worldwide spraying of nano-particulate incendiary aluminum. 

      Everyone needs to move through their FEAR and TERROR of what's happening and their fear of the "people" who are "in control" (BUT IN REALITY THEY ARE TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL– JUST TAKE ANOTHER GOOOOD LOOK!!!!), then stop the shilly-shallying New World Order two-step of looking at what is, then wasting time looking at the people causing it on "alternative news" websites and their affiliations with "dark" institutions/organizations, then using their time echoing internet bullshit (even if it's true) about the Bohemian Grove, secret Satanic societies, etc.  WHY DO I SAY THIS?  BECAUSE CHOOSING TO SPEND A LOT OF YOUR TIME THIS WAY JUST KEEPS YOU FROM TAKING ACTION– BETTER to spend your precious (I assume) time making phone calls and writing letters to your elected representatives (YES IT STILL DOES GOOD, FOR GOD'S SAKE, IT CAN'T HURT, JUST DO IT), starting a Meetup group for climate "change" action, and otherwise doing something productive, actually, instead of cowering in fear and whimpering about the "mean, mean terrible, horrible no-good Lucifer-worshiping Satanists of Skull and Bones," etc.  Mike Ruppert would have called all of those kinds of distractions thusly:  "Noise, noise."  

      COME ON, KIDS, let's decide to GET OVER that bullshit slow-you-down programming foisted on you (in reality you choose to read it, then believe every last thing you read without looking at a Larger Agenda) by a bunch of TROLLS and GET ON WITH DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.  Such as, SOMEONE needs to make a video that includes the video footage of David Keith saying that it would be really cheap to retrofit jets with tanks and spray 2 megatons of aluminum all over the planet, include the information about the test results of aluminum being found in the water, in the soil, etc., and connect the dots to the fact that we have more wildfires that are moving faster and are more devastating as a result of the aluminum.  That question IS being asked by main stream media.  Such a short video should be produced by someone, maybe here even.  Dane, can you make a short one, 10 minutes, about this, so we can send it around?  It would be very powerfully persuasive, I believe, coming at a time like this, after such a disaster as this.  We could reach more people this way.  Maybe more are finally ready to know the truth after finally feeling this type and this amount of pain.

      People choose to torture themselves by NOT looking at the facts, connecting the dots, or taking any REAL responsibility.  We need look no further than in the mirror to see the source of so much of our own suffering.

  37. Nelson Martins says:

    Death toll in Portugal went from 4 to 31 confirm deaths overnight. Whole towns destroyed. A 5 minute Geoengineered showered just rolled by. Total destruction in central and north Portugal.


    • Marie says:

      Yes, Nelson, i remember the sun being yellow when i was a ten yr old child in 1958 and again when i was 20 in 1968. The sun is now white and i first noticed it more than ten yrs ago – more like 15. The young ones do not know or remember. When the baby boomers are gone no one will know how things really were. And a lot of babyboomers are dying in their mid 60's or younger even. Most are not reaching the age of 80/90 that their parents reached. And the younger ones now i doubt they will reach 50/60. and the babies that are born? How old will they reach? Dane says ten yrs left. The way things are going i believe it. The trails must be stopped!

  38. Norma Wunder says:

    Hi Dane, I am Norma from Durban, South Africa. On Tuesday 10th Oct we had a mini tornado, extremely frightening very high winds, and pouring rain. I am 73 and never heard of  TORNADO here.  Google the event, it was terrifying and killed 16 people.  The same thing happened in Johannesburg a few days earlier.  Such terrible devastation and many many homeless people now. We never get this weather in Oct, it was also freezing cold which was very odd.  We are going into summer now.  Dane, last night 15th, I heard odd booming sound and went outside to listen.  It was not anything natural like thunder etc.  It repeated and repeated the exaxt same booming.  Couldn't figure it out.  The penny has only just dropped now – HAARP?   If this is what to come, I am terrified.  Thanks Dane for enlightening us, I feel so sorry for the people whose health is affected by this bloody awful thing.  Love your letter, always.

  39. Jeanette S says:

    I wanted to let you all know that last Sunday, there were extremely high winds during the wee hours of the night. No wind on Sunday during the day, none on Monday but when I came out of the house my patio umbrella was toppled and a piece of loose fence was over and row cover sheeting was gone. there were leaves and debris everywhere. This was the night the fires started and in San Leandro below Oakland.


    • Dennie says:

      There was high wind in Marin County late Sunday night last week.  We'd heard in the weather reports that this was coming.  The winds, however, were not as high as had been reported.  Hurricane strength winds have to be blowing steadily for an hour with wind speeds of 75 mph.  I read that winds on Atlas Peak were 32 mph., still plenty fast enough to whip up a good fire.  Arcing wires were reported in the areas of the fires, as well as exploding transformers.  PG&E will be questioned.  All e-mail and other correspondence must remain unaltered and will be viewed by the California PUC.  There are questions about the status and safety of the lines in the area.  As with the major gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno back in 2010, unfortunately, it's looking like infrastructure failures are the major cause of these fires taking off all at once.

  40. SilentSister says:

    A simple Horseman—-

    when are you in Pullayup next!? I'm about an hour a way. Would love to come down . Thanks. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Hey "sis"(smile), I'll be at the Gem Faire booth at the Puyallup fair grounds Nov 10-12. So will Kathy and Larry. That is what I know so far. As per usual, I'll be the one that looks like a fish out of water. A ring of honesty around my hat, can't miss it.

      "See" you there my friend I haven't met "yet".

    • SilentSister says:

      Thank you ! It's on my calendar! 🙂

    • Blue Sue says:

      CBS, wow!  No doubt it means that climate interventions will be even more seriously ramped up.  I pray the masses quickly get the picture and take collective action to stop and correct this crime against all life.

    • Dennie says:

      The preponderance of the commentary on this CBC article has not been complimentary and in fact has exposed geoengineering, that it's here, it's been going on for some time and in fact is already causing many of the problems mentioned in the article.  Here's my contribution to comments:

      The fine particles that the author says are just "ideas" are in fact reality, have been for quite some time, and they are landing in your lungs because they're already being sprayed on you and you ARE breathing them. And they'll also reflect the heat BACK to Earth, unless the Good Doctor has some way of ensuring that these nanoparticulate aluminum particles stay "shiny side up– " hahaha!!! They're just reflecting heat BACK to Earth and sitting like a blanket over our planet, not allowing the heat to go back into the atmosphere and out to space. Don't believe me? Check out the more rapidly increasing night time temperatures, which are rising much faster than the daytime temps. P.S.: Does everyone here know that Dr. Keith, who claims to be a "back country skier" with a love for nature, intends to retrofit jet aircraft with tanks and spray this planet, our only home, with 2 megatons of nanoparticulate aluminum annually? Does everyone understand that aluminum is a neurotoxin? Does everyone understand that it causes Alzheimer's disease? Does everyone know that Dr. Keith owns a company that sprays this garbage in the air? Did anyone ask YOUR permission to do that? Did anyone ask you permission to open-air test 2000+ nuclear "devices?"

  41. rambler says:  Some interesting vintage footage about the vaccine issue .

  42. Joseph L says:

    How the Pentagon Paid for NFL Displays of Patriotism

    That changed in 2009, as the Department of Defense poured millions of dollars into the NFL in exchange for displays of patriotism during games. “Until 2009, no NFL player stood for the national anthem because players actually stayed in the locker room as the anthem played,” ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith explained in 2016. “The players were moved to the field during the national anthem because it was seen as a marketing strategy to make the athletes look more patriotic. The United States Department of Defense paid the National Football League $5.4 million between 2011 and 2014, and the National Guard $6.7 million between 2013 and 2015 to stage onfield patriotic ceremonies as part of military-recruitment budget line items.”

    • Dennie says:

      Not surprising, wonder if "Mister Oh-Bomb-a" knew about that change?  Actually, this sounds like it should have been something the Bush N.A.Z.I. crime cabal would have done.  Football the way we play it here is essentially warfare anyhow, it's always "my side against your side," and has always been totally sickening to me.  Even sports are militarized, because of the kind of "thinking" that goes on in the minds of the twisted Yang idiots that invent them.  Everything's a war to these people.  Can't have a winner without a loser, either.  Like only ONE THING can ever be right.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joseph L, well, That explains why Trump wants to get his money's worth out of it, I guess.  I did find that this changed in 2009 but not this explanation.  When I was young, teens, my father's company bought the KC Chiefs–seriously, still with this abuse of Natives?! grrr-and we had box seats making me one popular girl.  I do not remember the anthem then.  Did not know this you mention and it makes no sense to me.  But for the monies invested BY THE MILITARY!!!!?  I mean why IS this our anthem anyway?  It was an old war, but a war we won, well not we as my family is Native, but the US.  I've never stood for that or the pledge of allegiance.  But it so begs the question as to why?  Why stand and honor a war tune for a football game?  Myself, I hate football and always have.  Too, too violent.  But, it is not a war people are honoring here but a game.  Not long after Trump got Kaepernick fired, he remarked on wanting the head protections rolled back!  Jeez!  It really is Christians and lions all over again.  And even I remember when the players used to come charging out of those locker rooms.  Had forgotten until this from you and given my general lack of interest except I Am interested in Black Lives Matter because they DO.  These players did not sign up for war!  This anthem makes no sense and I for one don't like it and can something not be done about That!?  Anything but a salute to war!  Then again, can't use America the Beautiful, because it no longer is… what to do, what to do.  Gee.  Football as recruitment for military.  Sick.  And futile I'm guessing!  Seriously, NFL wise, this is small money.  Ridiculous!

  43. Tom Keith says:

    So what does it take to educate the masses? Do we have to do what "Roddie-Roddie  Piper does in "They Live" ? Do we have to beat up people, in order to "wake them up" ? I'm afraid so, judging from my experiences.I hand people flyers, and i'm very discrepant in who I give them to, because I don't want to waste Danes and  my money,but  their eyes are closed.(or my judgment is weak) 

    Nevertheless, I will continue on, because I know, however bleak, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Much Love


    • Joanne says:

      "Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel
      Was just a freight train coming your way."  Metallica

  44. Joe Strauss says:

    I refer to Dennie's comment Oct 14: Santa Rosa area fires.

    A fire personnel stated in LA Times coverage of California

    wild fires are very similar to the start of Gatinburg, Tenn

    Forest wild fire Nov. 28, 2016..


    Winds of 80 MPH recorded then power lines went down.


    The Fires in North Bay cities, Sonoma, Napa,others

    had a PGE statement,  75 MPH,occurred, Sunday,

    time of wild fires started.

    It sure does say the winds were Geo-engineered to

    create the fire.  

      Joe S

    • Dennie says:

      Joe Strauss:  The winds were high here last Sunday night but were not actually "hurricane-force," as PG&E said, which would have meant 75 mph. winds sustained for at least one hour.  I read that winds on Atlas Peak were measured at 32 mph., still plenty fast enough to cause a rapidly moving wildfire, on top of all the aluminum sprayed everywhere all over everything– what ARE these IDIOTS-in-the-skies thinking??  There are questions about the status of the infrastructure, specifically the safety of the electrical lines in the area and this will be investigated by the California Public Utilities Commission.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joe, Hi, and it was not on Sunday, was it?  The worst day for pollution from it here in Berkeley was last Friday.  In anycase, I heard early on in the beginning of 60 mph which is bad enough, and whipping around.  Then yesterday I read that a Native from a tribe up by Clear Lake where there was also fire-I mean hard to find a place where there is not-but this guy said big winds sheered off utility poles dropping wires and transformers to ground and then fire.  To me also, as I've lived here so long, the sheer number of people tooth by jowl was shocking to me.

      Yesterday our air was better.  Winds shifted and now worse, not as bad as last Friday but bad.  Eyes, mine, swollen, red from the irritation, and throat burns, nose is raw.  Some people are worse and on inhalers! 

  45. lorenzo says:

    Dane's recent article on the primary geoengineering material supplier, Michael Silver, of American Elements, has been involved in talks with Pres.Trump.  Trump is looking for a good excuse to prolong America's longest war in Afghanistan. Its mineral wealth is reason enough. American Elements is focusing on using rear-earth minerals in high tech devices. Other  companies like DynCorp Int., a controversial human rights violator, could provide security for the mines in the Taliban controlled regions. Another notorious figure, Erik Prince of Blackwater  security firm is also involved in talks with Trump. This year thru Sept.30, in Afghanistan, their has been an increase of 43% [2,640] in civilian casualties from the air   The increases in civilian casualties under Trump, are way ahead of the damages inflicted by Pres.Obama



  46. Jeff says:

    Great posts by all, and thanks Dane for all you are doing to shine the light on this horrible horrible destruction that is being done to us and our planet on a constant basis.  I do what I can to spread the word in spite of all the deniers, programmed sheep, and zombies that sit back & think everything is fantastic in the world today.  I am really having a problem personally with suicidal thoughts because of this ongoing assult – I feel helpless, hopeless, and extremely beat down about it & dont honestly know how much longer I can take the mental torture of watching our once beautiful blie skies here in Washington state (and.all arpumd.the world) CONSTANTLY sprayed white, with pink & blue "clouds" floating at various levels in the skies here (many "clouds" low enough that one could.nearly hit them with a slingshot) – it reminds me of the chinese water torture methods I had heard about as a child as with the constant drips driving those subject to them slowly insane, this is the effect the constant spraying has on me… I will however continue to leave flyers on community bulletin boards, talk to people about it, and attempt ro remain hopeful, however, personally my hope is fading that these madmen will ever stop this until all life on this planet is dead.  Sorry for the "downer" post, but I had to vent.

    Keep up the great work Dane, you are appreciated, and its been great seeing you on Greg hunters channel, as well as infowars, I hope to see you there again, it seems that the best way to get the word out is to be on multiple platforms & be seen by those who are unaware. 

    I continue to direct as many people as possible to myself, hope it is helping.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      So many share your justifiable angst, Jeff, you are not alone. There is great solace in refusing to yield to the insanity, ever. This resolve is the why, the purpose, the meaning. The journey is the destination, and the destination the journey, we must remember this, always. Finally, this also must be constantly kept in mind, this battle is not over. Those whom we must expose and bring to justice are not gods, they are demented and psychotic cowards, the most fearful of all. Jeff, every single person whom you help to awaken, matters, in ways that we perhaps cannot yet fully comprehend. Face to the storm, never surrender.

  47. Watcher says:

    Yesterday while stopping to grab a coffee on my way to hike with my family I was waited on by a young man who was wearing a US Marines hat and t shirt. He appeared to be too young to have already served so I asked him "who do you know that's in the Marines"? He replied "me starting in June, but I'm nervous a hell". So I said "are you sure that you want to do that"? He replied "Yes. My friends are Marines and they've told me about it". To which I replied "while I respect your motives do you realize that our military is being used as a mercenary force by the power structure? You want to fight for freedom and democracy, which I support, however the real terrorists are not in the middle East they're in D.C. You guys really need to be invading that area not the middle east".

    He listened to what I had to say and posed no rebuttal or rejection.  He was very polite, alert and I could tell a decent person. He wasnt a know it all filled with preconceived notions or biases. He is truly someone that wants to help. Someone we need on OUR side.

    I thanked him for the coffee and went to my car where I grab a flyer.

    I went back inside and waited for him to come to the counter. I handed him the flyer and said "you seem genuine. You seem like you truly want to help. You could be my son. Since you will be putting your life on the line I just wanted you to know that our government is conducting undisclosed, illegal weather modification programs which are destroying our planet and our military is helping to carry them out. He replied almost instantly "I don't doubt it for a minute".

    I was quite surprised by his response. I thanked him for his time and told him since he was going to be giving his life for his country, he might want to know some of the things he would be signing on for.

    I know that he will look at what I gave him as he was already starting to read it as I walked away. I hope and pray that he sees this post and shares what he has learned with others. 

    He is definitely someone we want on OUR side.

  48. Andy says:

    The first of the predicted "record breaking storm season" events heads our way to the UK >>>

    25°C in October (I remember -10 in past years) is not unheard of, but coupled with current events worldwide I don't believe this is *natural* weather. Then comes Ophelia, first of many predicted storms to batter the UK in coming months. Is it a coincidence that this storm arrives EXACTLY 30 years after the Great Storm of 1987…? I don't think so…

    • Andy says:

      PS 16th October – earlier today I went shopping. As I left the store I became aware of many people stopped in the street, staring upwards. A most bizarre and portentous sight: a blood-red sun, high in the sky which was covered with a dirty yellow/whitish haze. Apparently this was due to desert dust blown up from Africa by the approaching storm Ophelia. This is not unheard of, I remember similar happening in the 70's, but in light of all the unnatural *weather* of recent times I found this phenomenon to be most grim and foreboding. After perhaps 25-30 minutes the whole sky had cleared of this strange "cloud" and the day progressed as it had previous. Most strange.

  49. Nelson Martins says:

    Dane, This is getting ridiculous over here in Portugal. The "Evil" has created a zone of High Pressure over Portugal. The past days we have had temps in the 30-35c range. Last night the temp dropped down to a hot 27c, not the usual 15c like the days before. Today morning fires broke out in the north along the border of Spain's Galicia province. High winds from the south are intensifying these "out of control" fires. People evacuated, homes destroyed. Obvious "Heating " of the atmosphere to effectively steer Hurricane Ophelia away from Portugal,  towards Ireland and the UK. Satellite images show exactly that. This is going to be the hottest and driest year on record for Portugal, without a doubt in my mind. I live here, I see it happening every day. There are large reservoirs of water at only 10% capacity, all others around 20-30% capacity. Not good at all, as a wise man would say. Weather"Messengers" here on the national news networks are telling us, rain on the way for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I don't believe for one bit. Past 2 days wind direction went from Northwest winds to Southeast winds, like we have today. Strong gusts and a steady wind from the southeast helping to steer the Hurricane Ophelia away from the Portuguese coast. This "Shit"  definitely has to stop. Keep up the great work, Dane.

    • Nelson Martins says:

      Update, Another large "out of control" fire is raging in central Portugal. Can be seen on satellite images. seems to show more accurate "real" images of what is happening here.

    • Nelson Martins says:

      It is 7:30pm now, here in Portugal. 88 Active wildfires in all territories, mostly North. 60 km wind gusts, with 30c temps still. Rain band of Hurricane Ophelia was decimated by Geoengineering activities here of the coast. Not a drop has fallen. Command of Firefighters has stated, this is the worst day of wildfires this year, so far. We are at Red Alert pertaining to severe drought and possibilities of more ignitions. I am 30 mins north of Lisbon, and the air is cover in wildfire smoke. you can smell and taste the ash in the air. Scratchy dry throat. It is going to be a rough night here in Portugal.

    • Nelson Martins says:

      It is now 1:30 am Monday morning here in Portugal. There are now 124 Active wildfires, 4 confirmed casualties from the fires. Temps are holding between 25 and 30c with high winds 30% humidity. Hurricane Ophelia has passed us by and left us no rain. Not a drop. Towns evacuated, homes and businesses destroyed. over 6000 Firefighters combating wildfires throughout all of Portugal. Portugal Is On Fire!!! Again! Geoengineering effects at their worst, not that any of it is good. This is what happens when, The People, let a bunch of corrupt, capitalist psychopaths run a country with the power to destroy the world. Letting them play God is going to get all of us killed. Everyone needs to rise up against this corrupt b.s. western democratic, new world order Crap, soon. Before this world turns uninhabitable. God Bless All affected by the Geoengineered wildfires of Portugal, Spain, and California these past days. 

    • Nina says:

      Nelson, I agree with you 100%! I live in the south and the winds here have been terrifying! Thankfully no fires here so far but I feel so sickened by this EVIL! It is an attack on us all. I have been aware of this for 6 years now and the assault just keeps getting worse. When will people wakeup?!!

    • Rob Marchino says:

      I just found out there is a nexrad site in the AZORE ISLANDS. I found it on their website. What the heck is our nexrad site doing there? This has to do with the radar system that pushes the water vapor around wherever they want it to go. This is also why the water recedes out of bays ….


  50. Johanna Ryffel says:

    Dear Dane , I feel immense GRATITUDE and LOVE for you ~ ! Be SAVE and PROTECTED , Love and Prayers , always ~ Johanna 

  51. Kathy says:

    For all of us awake…The mental freedom to live was abducted long ago all to be replaced by a mental/physical CHOICE to fight and survive or succumb and die. Death is a given either way but which road we choose will determine our character and outcome. A lesson from above clearly given to us by this couple determined to do what it takes to go above and beyond temporary unavoidable evil with great strength to win. The only thing they cant steel is our heart/will/determination. We yet have freedom left to choose which side will you be on.

    Heartbreaking but lesson to us all what really matters…thanks Lori

    They survived six hours in a pool as a wildfire burned their neighborhood to the ground

  52. Rodster says:

    Dane, back in the 80’s and 90’s we were told that the Ozone layer was being destroyed by consumer aerosol spray cans and automobile refrigerants. Were TPTB just using this to coverup to what Geoengineering was doing to the Ozone layer?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Rodster, the short answer to your question is yes. Geoengineering is the primary causal factor in regard to the ozone layer damage.

  53. youss says:

    As the weather in Germany is manipulated 24/7 with ongoing SRM Posoning, major Mass Propaganda Media is picking up on brainwashing the sheeple for their prepared spin of it.

    This week alone several Tv Channels like RTL,ARD and 'newsmagazins' like Der Spiegel had some pseudo scientific programming all talking about 'the possibility' of geoengineering and how scientists are not shure if they should IN THE FUTURE experiment with it.

    Either 'the powers that shouldn't be' feel the need to start acting on the growing awareness of the sheeple regarding geoengineering or it's just part of the NWO's 'climate protocol'/ Agenda21/ 30 process  (which i think is more the case).

    Small sidenote, after having traveled to the Seychelles for the forth time I have to report that even on this tiny little paradise islands they started spraying. People told me that for the last 3 years weather started to get strange……..and as i know the US military 'leased' some of their islands not long ago……

    Thanks dane for your hard work and all the others here for at least not sleeping…


  54. Roberto says:

    Hello Dane,

    I write you from Spain.

    What do you think about hurricane Ophelia? It seems quite weird that a hurricane will pass towards Ireland. Could it be artificially managed?

    Thank you.

  55. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Am feeling the powerless part of witnessing such suffering by weather monsters.  I cannot take the pain off or away from those in constant front lines in the challenge to awaken enough.  And, what a impact Dane's wife and children  endure every day and night. A father's time is precious, and Capitol trip makes for a remarkable journey.  Would bet most took the materials offered , and said little ? Or was there anyone actually "open"?  A conversation or just blown off ?  Either way, nothing close to fair for  Wigington's  with bombardment of  intense headlines to navigate. Getting irritated with so many I know with time, unemployed , retired – and NOTHING comes to me as to what they DO.  At this point a click or two on FB means less, as it is very censored. Vids dropped & yanked  all the time.   So , for those given another day; an elder  couple from Santa Rosa survived in a pool for 6 hrs when home in flames-her cell phone melted. Descriptive  survival story here.  Two of our activists pals also involved and say to have enough gas to get away, if routes get altered.


  56. Andrew from scotland says:

    Apologies if multiple postings – having problems. Will post paras 2 and 3 later if not showing

  57. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 187th email, titled 'One Lustrum Left?'

    1. The average weekly loss of Arctic sea ice volume (JAXA/Wipneus) for last week, and calculated each day, indicated that there might not be a 'Blue Ocean Event' this year.  

    On 13th Oct: Arctic sea ice volume was 5,633 km3; we have been above 6,000 km3 six times since 8 Aug; the last four lowest readings show an increasing volume trend; Torstein Viddal's Arctic sea ice annual average volume (recalculated each day) was 12,597 km3 – record low, and his annual average extent (recalculated each day) was 9,825,665 km2 – also record low.  

    Up to 10th Oct, annual average volume has been more than 1,000 km³ lower than the previous record low for 80 consecutive days.

    Next week, the Arctic Ocean air temp at 2 m is averaging @ -5ºC. Hardly cold for much sea ice formation on salt water with wind & wave action and ice melt from warm water below. 

    The thing about these anti clockwise rotating low pressure/hurricane systems that come from the US and park themselves over Iceland, is that they force cold air out of the Arctic down the east coast of Greenland. Ophelia looks to be bringing warm stormy southerlies to the UK early next week. Another low system then parks itself just south of Iceland, bringing cold air south down the west coast of Greenland and warmer air north over central Greenland.  A massive high pressure area/dome covering the North Atlantic for most of next week, and plenty of dramatic wind shear lines to be seen daily on

    'Storms of My Grandchildren' to be sooner than expected.

    On 8th Oct, global methane readings officially peaked at 2811 ppb. Most of the high methane readings are above land areas. Things will change dramatically and quickly in the northern hemisphere if we get mega methane burps from the Arctic/Siberian shallows – and that does not require the sea ice to disappear first.

    Joe Neubarth writes: 'Please, freezing weather come quickly in the Arctic. We need something to cool the water up there in the eastern siberian shallows.'  He still thinks Trump et al's plan is for a nuclear or volcanic winter.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      3Notes to Self (week 40 of 104). Most people choose to ignore the current toxic geoengineering assault because they want proof /verifiable evidence (despite what they see all around them). To have that, it has to have already happened, in which case it is too late to stop it and the geoengineeers have moved on to their next toxic spray ingredient and agenda. 

      A common way to hide the geoengineering is to not allow or produce analysis down to the small particle sizes that are being sprayed, or test for the metal/chemical ingredients used; if the labs refuse to test for it, it is very difficult for us find and verify.  

      I tend to agree with Guy McPherson's suggestion (assuming we remain on our current course) that for climate related "events", we are now living on a month by month basis – possibly years. But lustrums?…Fuhgettaboutit!  Whenever you read an article that states/suggests that climate chaos will be deadly and undeniable by 2100, think 2021. 

  58. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    "The Ponderosa Report". Folks, I sure hope some of you will understand how hard it is to write these words. 17 plus years ago I lost a career with a corporation I truly believed in. I received a handsome severns package and I bought this place I live on now. 4 generations of Ponderosa just wanting to grow. My closest neighbor is a half mile away. We all live off grid. It used to be heavens abundance, to me. I've been very sensitive to this stand of trees. Some of them even have a name. Little ones, medium ones, big ones and the grandest of them all, Grandfather tree. I used to get an energy charge every time I would touch one. Not so much any more. The Ponderosa are dying a slow and painful death. I see them every day as I pass through my region. They're all crying out in the desperation of suffocation. And I can't help them…. Or can I? Each and every week I am at the market, I think of my trees and search for those that can feel and see what I do. The trees are my ocean. I live with millions of them. I see what they are telling us. I hear their call. Bottom line here is, the decline I've witnessed over just the last 4 years adds up to no more Pondersa in 4 more years. And that's on a linear scale. Dane gave me a great idea in this weeks broadcast. "Protesting in front of what ever you see fit to protest in front of"(my own take on his statements) to help stop this madness happening above our heads each and every day. There's a busy Ranger Station in town and I've been wondering what I'm gonna do when the farmers market ends. I've made it my goal for those forest service folks to be sick and tired of me by the next fire season. The forest service raised me. I got to watch a forester go from marking trees for sale to sitting at the regional foresters desk, twice over. I'll never have any part of it. The horseman doesn't sell out like some I have observed. I am very afraid that it won't be until the "law of the jungle" rears it's ugly head that people will finally start to wake up. I fear for them that have put off the inevitable. Lastly here, many of you folks take solace thinking that the good lord will destroy those that destroy the earth. The statement is true. It's figuring out who's destroying the earth that matters. When the facts are faced, it is you and I that are destroying the earth. We didn't ask the right questions and we didn't stand for what we knew was the right thing to do. How many of you are completely debt free? Raise your hands! Very well then, you might survive… Maybe…. Please remember the Ponderosa….

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Dennie says:

      There will be even more who have nothing, not even debt, who will not survive.  What's coming our way now, there IS NO WAY anyone could possibly prepare for massive high UV and other radiation, massive droughting, devastating fires and flooding, massive famine and thirst.  Unless you have the resources to build your own underground shelter, stock it and keep being able to replenish the stock, I don't see how anyone can say with certainty there is  much of anything you could do to survive this.  How is getting out of debt going to stop the UV radiation, the droughting and the flooding?  How is getting out of debt going to STOP the Monster Military Madmen?  HOW???  Even if you have plenty of money, it will not buy you out of the kind of destruction we are witnessing occurring right now.  It will not buy clean air, water, soil and SOULS.  It will NOT build BETTER humans that CARE.  We have problems here that are NOT fixable by money, either by surplus or by lack.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      I'm debt free and I plan on being the last man standing!

      With you always, in spirit and consciousness, my friend I haven't met yet.

      Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, maybe debt wasn't the best example to throw out there, but, here's my take on it. Debt equals slavery. We live in a debt based economy. Get rid of the base income(interest) of the banks and they will crumble. Get rid of fractional reserve banking. Banks crumble and then the military and then the corporate monsters and so on. Clean air, water, soil and souls should never be something that has a price tag. They are all 'priceless'. I believe that living debt free 'will' create "better humans that care". They just might be the ones that get us out of this fix we're in and forge a new way in the world we are facing in the near future. One where money is well placed and things are not driven by abundance or scarcity. Thank you for your reply, Dennie

    • Dennie says:

      Oh, that's that old Libertarian thingy about not owing anyone for anything at any time, ever.  So if that's the case, we should all be performing our work for free, housing should be at no cost, food, clothing, transportation, medical care, education and every last thing should be FREE, as in NO cost, and NO pay to all the people performing the actual work.  And somehow it'll all just magically… work out, never mind bullies who abuse that system and the slavery it invites.  Nice try.  But please notice that we are NOT living in a tribal neolithic environment.  Most of the world is not living in a cave.  You can choose to do that but my work depends on people paying me for music lessons.  Barter?  How do I barter for gasoline to run my car, or solar panels to light my house/charge my future car?  INSURANCE in case my house gets in the path of a runaway fire…. Get it now?  

      MOST OF US LIVE IN A COMPLEX SOCIETY.  Oh, yes, you can still choose to live in a cave.  I'm not foisting that choice on you.  As a Classical musician, that is not my choice.  I depend on money where I live to do what I do.  It's HOW you use it that makes a difference.  Yes, of course, do NOT live beyond your means–who's saying that here?  Things are just a wee, teensy eensy bit more… well, how should I put this… let's see… COMPLEX than you're putting out here.  And NO, I have ZERO intentions of living in a teepee.  I am HORRIBLY AFFECTED by the shit being sprayed on us.  For God's sake.  Jeeeze.  UGH.

    • Kazadum says:

      I have a beloved blue spruce and ponderosa on property, Freke and Gere, they are starting to flash out. They were healthy for 20 years then poof over this summer they started to die. It is a cause of great sadness because my property was largely untouched by this madness for a long time but now alas I see it is here. The foreboding in my heart is at maximum. When the forests are dead their will be no game.

    • Kazadum says:

      You are right about the banks, it is the talmudic babylonian key to all the evil we see today.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Kazadum, it is good to have a reply from someone that sees beyond the politics. Thank you kindly. Believe it or not, horse manure helps our conifer trees. Sadly, I have witnessed the flash out of many(not native) spruce trees in my region. The same holds true with the Ponderosa, which is native. If available, proper watering seems to help some. I've also seen where trees that get watered  from above do even better. I guess a good shower is invigorating for anything. If only we could trust the water, right?…..

  59. Epsilon says:

    The Laptev Sea is very shallow as far as oceans go. The average depth is only 50m, the length of an olympic swimming pool. The methane trapped in sea bottom sediments can travel to the surface easily and into the atmosphere. The amount there is huge at 10,000 giga tons as mentioned. The sedimentary layer is very large, averaging many kilometers deep, In context, existing atmospheric methane today is only 5 giga tons. the potential release is 2,000 times existing global volumes. How is it possible to survive future temperature increases from methane when the planet is very much a greenhouse already.

  60. Joseph L says:

    Great show that you do every week connecting alot of dots.

    Cost of National Security

    Try using Cost of National Security with our Trade-Offs tool


    Scientists Surveyed Unanimously Refuse To Deny Climate Engineering Reality

    Dear Expert/Scientist,

    The subject of climate engineering has become a frontline conversation in countless circles of academia and with governments around the globe. You may be aware of the rapidly building controversy over climate engineering/geoengineering and whether or not these programs have already been deployed.

    The Legal Alliance To Stop Geoengineering (LASG) is conducting a survey in an attempt to bring clarification to this controversial issue. With this objective in mind, we would be grateful if you could give a simple yes or no answer to the following question:

    Can you confirm for us that geoengineering programs HAVE NOT yet been deployed by the United States government? Such programs would include (but not be limited to) solar radiation management (SRM), stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG), cloud albedo enhancement (CAE), or stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI).




    • Joseph L says:

      So, the final summary is this, 100% of scientists/experts surveyed REFUSED to deny the climate engineering reality on the record. How much longer can the climate engineering atrocities be hidden from the public in plain sight? When will the so called "scientists and experts" show the courage to tell the truth to the population they claim to represent?

  61. john michael vanOs says:

    GREAT GOOD Work Dane Thank YOU no fear LOVE Always John

    Do Not Give Up. 

  62. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I Know, You did not ask for this "Job", Dane.  But I can't imagine anyone at this late hour that could fill the role as well as you have this past decade & more. Thank You for the Maturity, Moral Fibre, & Strength You show each day while working to Wake Up the Masses.     Another Powerful Global Alert News.                 Everything "Secret" degenerates even the "Administration of Justice"; NOTHING is "Safe", that does not show how it can bare "Discussion & Publicity"!

  63. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It really seems like not many really want to know about any deep truth, sorry to say.  We've been force fed propaganda all our lives, and it overwhelms the majority I think.  It's still my contention they should want to know, but who am I?  My positions have made me an outlier for my whole life.  At least, people could alter their priorities and treat each other much better in the short time we have left, if they knew even a fraction of what Dane has presented in this hour broadcast.  Just learning about and accepting the treachery of the government/ military complex can take decades to understand, unless the lessons are learned as a young person, as I was fortunate to learn the full true history of Vietnam by an especially dedicated, exceptional teacher in 1967. 

    John Kerry had been an outspoken, admirable Winter Soldier, but either Skull and Bones got to him or he has a body double today.

    As a student of Anthropology let me say that complex civilization of the last 5,000 years is not the way humans have always existed.  It took millions of years of cooperation to evolve into so-called modern humans. Many of us think we know what civilization means, but it is misunderstood.  Complex civilization brought us elites and social stratification and inequities that are often beyond our ability to change, unfortunately.  Power and control reign and the rest follow.  This is not inherently the human condition, but is our dilemma today more than ever.  People need to reaffirm the social bonds that caused us to evolve and work and live for the greater good.  Greed is perverse and anti-social.  A culture is meant to be designed, invented if you will, by the group to provide the greatest benefits for the SURVIVAL of a society and for every individual in the society.  Humans are NOT naturally pre-disposed to make war, even as there always have been skirmishes, raids and squabbles.  We have had a Culture of Death delivered top down from the elites for our consumption, and it is killing us and now killing everything else. The ability to cooperate and thrive is, unlike so many things attributed to genetics, actually in our DNA.  We don't really need to dig too deep to find it.  It is the Creative force that exists as Love.  We need to be open to it, reclaim it and employ it.  There is nothing else we can draw on.  Force, power and control are in the realm of the twisted and perverse elites and their spineless minions that would destroy the Earth.

    My heart is breaking over for the penguins with only two chicks.  There is that actual ache in my chest over this.  Imagine the collective grief of the parents.  They have been heroic parents in the past, with amazing strategies to protect their chicks and thrive in some incomparably harsh environments.  It's hard to carry on in the face of this grief so magnified and mirrored in so many tragedies.  We must continue, it seems to me, to honor all the death of innocents, the creatures, oceans and trees.  The penguins will not be giving up.  They will die trying to live, but they will not be killing each other.

    • Ron Marr says:

      Bella_Fantasia, Thank you…very heathy comment…as I see it….Yeah, Kerry was taken very young in, 'Skull and Bones". Then… They said…Go be a soldier!…we will make you an outspoken hero in Viet Nam…That!… will fool them!…but… We are consciousness. We see them with out our eyes. Their masquerade party is getting very tired and together we form the human spirit..the most powerful force on earth.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Bella_Fantasia, Many thanks for your writing. We share many parallels in thought, I can tell. I always enjoy a contribution that gets me to thinking.

    • SilentSister says:

      I just want to come hold your hand, and stand together. I'm an outlier too. You described my feelings and thoughts perfectly. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Bella.

      Yes, civilization is not this that we have.

      About the penguins, you're talking about a colony of Emperor Penguins with only two chicks, in Antarctica?, the penguins are from which species?

    • jac says:

      fyi friend: the Guardian is crap.

    • Dennie says:

      AND that does NOT mean that every article The Guardian runs is somehow therefore "crap."  FYI:  Alex Jones is a KNOWN disinformation specialist, but every one he interviews on his program is not "crap."  Jones was a hijacker of the 9/11 Truth Movement from the original founders and wound up with a huge audience because he had a lot of help from the Shadow Government getting that audience.  You can be putting out 98 per cent ice cream and all it takes is 2 per cent bull shit to earn your badge as a disinformation specialist.

  64. ken says:

    what of all the displaced people ..where are they ….has anyone inquired ..

    • Dennie says:

      The people displaced by the fires in Northern CA are living in evacuation shelters located in places like the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Marin Center Exhibition Hall, high school gyms, church campuses and private housing.  Names of people missing are posted by local law enforcement.

    • Dennie says:

      My aunt in Bessemer, PA, thinks it's San Francisco that's on fire.  How do people get the information so wrong?  They hear snippets of news reports, probably mentioning that the fires are burning near San Francisco, then suddenly we have it that San Francisco's on fire… hmmm…  How does this happen?  What do people actually hear?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ken, Some of 'those' people are here on my street, taken in by close friends or family.  All look stunned, of course.

  65. Gwyn says:

    It's happening more and more in Texas and it is lower in our skies.  Still people want to deny it.  The chemical smell is sickening.

  66. linda donahue says:

    We have had MASSIVE Trails on, and around Oct. 9th.  Harsh winds at night.  Even though we had rains during the summer here that were quite nice and rare, it has never been drier than right now.  It just doesn't make rational sense.  The grass has always been green over the septic tank!  Even with rains this summer, all the grass seems powdery and dead.  The massive trails ended, at least visually.  But what I would like to know is the cause …. the proven independent source of every fire that started in Cali.  I heard 300 people missing?  Massive chemtrails leads to  mass murder.  The reason I ask is because we've had several suspicious fires purposely started up here on the ridge.  One, not too far from my home.  I want to know how each fire began, in Cali. AND verified… because I do not trust any one official, or any one badge.

    • virginia says:

      Linda, it would be helpful if you would provide us with your general location.  Thank you.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      linda donahue, Hello.  I'm in Berkeley and a local news guy lives very close to where all burned, his place almost did.  From very early on, him there, saying he'd heard that power lines came down sparking the fires.  And early on in that inferno he said the wind was unbelievable.  Almost like a little tornado, whipping around and changing directions quickly spreading it. 60 mph.  Seemingly, just in one place, where it started.  

    • Maria Soto says:

      linda donahue, Thank you for your post, you pretty much stole my thunder.

  67. Maria R says:

    I heard on SRN news that a California judge has ordered AT&T and Verizon  not to destroy or do away with any of there burned cell towers they want to see if there is a connection between them and those fires

    • CHRSITINE says:


      mentions frequency ranges 300MHz-300GHz,,

      Currently I see EVERYWHERE clustering extremely tiny very shiny particles=> only metals can glitter like that..

    • Dennie says:

      We learned there was arcing and there are serious safety questions about the status of the electrical wires in the area, but wow, that could actually be really big!  WHAT IF THE NEW 5G system that's being rolled out has something to do with this?  Overamping somehow causing overheating?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Maria R, Thank you for this.  I'd not heard anything about it nor have I been able to find if SB 639 went through, when last I checked it had not, but also I've heard from some here of them going up further south.  Can barely wait to see if what you said is true or how true.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      PG&E getting some blame also, stock price taking another hit today.

  68. Anon says:

    If people are not suspicious yet with all this black filth that is over their heads in the sky and all the fires and hurricanes that are going on, well they are either stupid, ignorant or gullible what the Main Stream Media is showing them. They are not mentioning about the Fema Barge's on MSM.

    Nor will they.

    Because they are going to execute these people that board these vessels.

    And then you will get people that say no to this….. All fabrication….

    Most of the mass are already Dead….

    Dead brains.


    • simone says:


      It is great to have Dane Wigington around to teach and inspire,  he is a great leader and far ahead of all the rest of so called "leaders" who are in charge,  but cannot comprehend a thing about what is going on.

    • Maria Soto says:

      I hate the geoengineers so much they make me just want to turn off the lights and go to sleep, I cannot handle so much crap sometimes I just can’t. I recently went to my friends house to go watch a movie because this whole thing unfolding on the news is just too depressing and I can’t handle it sometimes. I am a very true believer of Chemtrails and geoengineering patents, I don’t deny this is going on it is just that I get so frustrated sometimes that I have to just divert attention away from this issue or I would literally start going crazy and I don’t want to go crazy so I just unplug my computer and turn off my phone and TV and just take a break sometimes for as long as a few weeks just to refresh my mind from all the stress of life especially the geoengineering issue.

  69. Ron Paul says:

    Thanks for the great work you are doing. We are having more and more Canadians opening up to what is exactly happening.

    Be assured the masses are awakening and action will follow up.  

    • Marie says:

      Maria, i guess the only thing that helps me is to try and find a solution to the heavy metal spraying….like a good filters in the house, wearing a N95 mask outside in the yard, and trying magnets or a Magnetic Pulser on my body to try to eliminate the nano in my body, and then to do a heavy metal cleansing like making a cup of Celantro chicken/beef broth with mushrooms and a good pinch of frozen chopped up cilantro, and then when outside for a long time to come in and shower off the particulates on the skin, or to use a hot wash cloth if shower/bath not possible. I need to do all these things to help my mind. I need to be active. I need to find SOME kind of "remedy" even if i can't get rid of ALL the nano particulates, at least get rid of a lot of them. Burying my head i would get more depressed. I am so angry that they are destroying our planet. I have pine trees here totally dead. Four of mine and i see three more at my neighbors house. I do take breaks tho…watching a sci fi movie….and then i realize that i am LIVING in a sci fi movie too!! Take a breather, pass out info, do something active to try to keep healthy. Maybe we can hang on for ten yrs. at least and maybe longer. I know one thing…if the power grid ever goes down and i mean all over, but mainly the U.S. …well, without power grid they can't do Squat! No more fuel for the planes, no more technology. Think about that. Maybe that is our only hope. Maybe N.Korea will do us a favor with EMP!

  70. Ronald Martens says:

    I have seen images in Santa Rosa.  Aerial photos of houses burnt to a cinder. Images of cars burnt and tyres completely gone.

    The areas where houses completely gone begs questioning on what really occurred. I


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Ronald Martens, There are many in Fort Mac Alberta that have photo's after the raging fires there, that show the same. Nothing left! Like it had been nuked! Usually there is something left to salvage!  Where is it? Great Observation.

    • Dennie says:

      What really happened in Santa Rosa:  THERE WERE NO BOMBS.  THIS WAS A VERY HOT FAST MOVING FIRE that got started after high winds, arcing power lines and exploding transformers.  The great heat was caused by the aluminum we're being sprayed with here 24/7/365 and the speed was aided by the geoengineered high winds and tinder-dry vegetation caused by the droughting effects of the geoengineered "ridiculously resistant ridge" of high pressure being kept up by the geoengineering spraying programs off the eastern Pacific.  I know because I live here.

    • CHRSITINE says:

      repeating myself with a good resource on nanomaterials:

      HOW NANO particles ignite?? There are MAny resources on this issue, for example:
      and the most important section in it, quote:
      "For instance, nanosized aluminum has been found to ignite at a rather low ignition temperature of approximately 900 K, which is below aluminum's melting point, as a result of the oxidation of the aluminum. By comparing the ignition of thermites prepared with nano- and micrometer-sized particles, researchers found that micron powder ignited at 610°C, while the nanopowders already ignited at 100°C. "
      Any connection to the super fast spreading 'wild' fires???

      While observing the shiny particles outside, I was stunned by the fact, that they can cover entirely one part of the same wood surface and leave the other half of it free..???

    • david says:

      all the houses gone because all were wood framed and not made of block or brick or some walls would hve been left standing.  Everything is built to just throw it up, sell it, and make money as fast as possible.  nothing built ot last anymore. 

    • Dennie says:


    • Dennie says:

      We don't generally build using blocks or bricks in California because we have earthquakes here.  When the ground shakes those bricks come down.  Yes, wood burns and San Francisco certainly burned in the quake and fires of '06, but most buildings here are made of wood.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      All, Dennie is right.  What gets me is that I used to live up outside of Willits a long, long time ago, more than 4 decades.  What blew my mind was how very dense the housing is/was now.  Maybe 15-20 years ago, going up higher than that to visit a friend with my daughter, I was stunned by all the people, all the houses of all sorts and how very dense and ugly.  Made me feel sick.  All that I remember nearly unrecognizable.  Wow, must have been 22 years ago? Gee, but time flies and people multiply.

    • Pedro says:


      Very important information.

      Thank you!!


  71. marta says:

    thank you Dane for your excellent work and never ending dedication. i do see cracks happening and people asking questions. this is a good thing.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Sat thru Hurricane Nate last week in Florida.Reporters standing in supposed bad areas,had trouble locating high winds even with radar? Came back to Ohio,two days this week high winds and trees falling.Lack of trees turning colors is strange and this year the trees really appear to be dying.Long story short,manipulated weather cannot be predicted and trees in the north are falling everywhere.My condolences to the latest  version in Ohio of falling trees without warning.Chemtrails,frequencies,and hot air for this time of year is killing all the trees and fueling the Western wildfires.Sad for all of us.

  72. Steve says:

    The Sonoma County Events & Fairgrounds has just notified Gem Faire that the Gem Faire has been ****CANCELLED**** the coming next weekend, October 20, 21 & 22, 2017 because of the devasting situation still unfolding in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa area currently.

    Gem Faire will be returning to Sonoma Country Event Center/Fairgrounds on January 05, 06, & 07, 2018, as scheduled at this time.

    Our heartfelt prayers & deepest concern goes out to each person who is experiencing this tragedy in the Napa/Sonoma County's.

    • marc says:

      Very interesting.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Steve, I'm truly sorry about the event cancellation. In all regards. You're welcome to bring that van of yours up here next weekend and help me freeze my ass off tending the GW booth over at the Barter Faire. Now that would be interesting, marc. Almost 10,000 people and I go it alone. I've faced worse odds(grin) and prevailed….

      Steve, See you in Puyallup my friend I have met.

    • Dennie says:

      No, not really. The SONOMA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS are currently being used to HOUSE THE DISPLACED RESIDENTS, people who were evacuated because they've either lost their homes or are literally in the line of the fires.  EVERYTHING IS NOT A CONSPIRACY.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie,  Thank you for saying this!  Guess it needed saying!  And was on my mind too.  

      Last Friday I had to go to an appointment and was so stunned by how bad the air was!  I didn't even want to breathe!  So brown, so dense, such a burning sensation, hot coal feeling in throat and a couple of days of errie light, as if a partial eclipse or some such.  By Sunday it was much better.  I do believe that the aluminum played a part in how hot these fires were.  California is forever burning in the 'summer'.  It was shocking how very incinerated some places were.  Yet some nearby trees made it?  So the thing was, is, all that burned in the air–just horrible!  So, plastics and fuels and resins and God knows what all.  Now the shock begins to fade as so many struggle to figure out what next.  I will not shut up though about the aluminum.

      Yesterday, Sunday, looked almost normal.  The air better and some blue in the sky as I got my paper.  Then, noticed a big fat trail, cutting over the Bay, as if rising from the Bay near SF, at an angle pointed towards you.  Huge one.  And a hot day.  When the sun rose it was pink in the west and I thought: back to normal….for some, no more normal.

    • Dennie says:

      Why wouldn't aluminum play a part in the faster-moving hotter-than-Hell fires we're seeing now?  It's beyond amazing to me that people here are STILL questioning the facts that 1.) ALUMINUM IS BEING USED TO SPRAY US; 2.) IT IS AN INCENDIARY MATERIAL and 3.) IT HAS BEEN FOUND IN DRINKING WATER TESTING since the 1980s. And you can SEE the correlation between the hotter, faster fires beginning around the years since the spraying was ramped up.  We've already seen aluminum found in regular drinking water testing and now, "they" refuse to test for this toxic metal any longer, so I've heard.  

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