Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 29, 2016


Dane Wigington

Defections from the ranks of the power structure continue to build. A group of CDC (Center for Disease Control) whistleblowers is now putting pressure on CDC management to start telling the truth about the systemic corruption and public deception that this government organization represents. Yet more truth-tellers will likely come forward as the CDC ship goes down. A Harvard University publication states this about climate engineering: "it can help us combat the worst effects of climate change." How blatant can the betrayal from academia become? Massive geoengineering aerosol spraying operations around the globe continue decimate Eath's climate and life support systems. A former NASA engineer (now working with Geoengineering Watch) gives an extremely alarming report on our disintegrating ozone layer (primarily caused by climate engineering).  Madagascar is starving due to geoengineering induced record droughts. Rapidly rising sea levels are chewing away at Africa's coastlines. Sea ice at both poles is at record low levels, and US generals say they can win WWlll with Russia. Where does this road lead? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Credibility is absolutely essential in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering, as well as the fight for the greater good. We must all abandon preconceptions and ideology in exchange for verifiable front-line facts. Anything short of this is completely counterproductive to the causes we claim to be fighting for. We must all stand on a foundation of facts, and make our voices heard.

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  1. horsegirl says:

    Hey!  Finally!  A big thanks to Doug here for instructing me to change my browser.  The old one had a virus that constantly erased any comments I wrote.

    The thing most on my heart is our recent trip through Navajo country during a major festival which drew people from all over the reservation.  The people I spoke with about geoengineering regarded me as a thirsty man beholds water.  They knew good and well there was something terribly wrong with the skies.  These are natives,and from a tribe where an orderly extended family system still yields the most amazing, respectful, focused children we've ever met.  Core in their values is the land they occupy and its well-being. 

    To the Navajo – and I hope other native readers will tag them and make this go viral – we were disturbed to find all kinds of towers up on top of the Lukachukai mountains (one of the most gorgeous places on earth).  My eyesight is still healing but my husband's is excellent, and both of us experienced vision impairment because those towers (the ones that appear to bear artillery are GWEN towers, not cell phone) are manipulating your weather and messing with your vision.  At the huge fair, we did a casual survey indicating that about 80% of the tribe now wears glasses.  We want to let you know that geoengineering messes with vision!  Between the particulates and the waves emanating from towers, persons with normal vision will get the idea they need to see an optometrist.

    Another casual observation:  since watching a veritable genocide wreaked upon Mexico, we've gotten in the habit of noting birth trends.  We did not see ONE pregnant woman despite streets thronging with people from all over Navajo country.  We also did not see one newborn.  Maybe they stayed home, but in native societies childbirth has been sacred, something to take pride in, not hide.
    So glad to be back…

  2. Unprecedented Crisis, Collapse of the Clinton Apparatus? Hacker Whistleblowers, Trump, and the FBI Converge: It is far from over. Expect October Surprises, November Surprises, and the unprecedented. / Nov. 1, 2016 / Global Research
    Both FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch (right) are compromised individuals with deep ties to the Clintons.  … Serious internal pressure within the FBI itself caused Comey to do his job, or face a mutiny. Many FBI agents were furious about how Comey let Clinton off the hook the first time. Comey is now “covering his rear end”.  Clinton’s campaign is damaged, possibly beyond repair.  “Rats are jumping off the sinking ship”. The Democratic establishment may be forced to consider a backup plan to replace Clinton (with Tim Kaine) or cancel the election by some other means. … The first of a new kind of information war … The incendiary warfare for this election, and the control of the US government is all happening without the knowledge of the large segment of the ambivalent/ignorant population that relies exclusively on mainstream (Clinton-dominated) corporate media. The war for information is being fought entirely on the Web and, as exemplified by the Clinton scandals, the battle is over the contents of computer data. Corporate broadcast and print media has not covered much of the action at all. … this bubble is beginning to burst. Hillary is in so much trouble, that even the corporate media is starting to be forced to report. …

  3. Michel B says:

    Dane, Thanks for explaining how SRM destroys the ozone layer. I was going to ask when I thought of it, but the explanation that the layer of particulates prevents oxygen from getting up to the stratosphere where it is converted into ozone is very logical. When I first saw a schematic of the atmosphere showing the ozone layer within the stratosphere and the SRM in the upper part of the Troposphere below that, I wondered how the particulates affected the ozone so high above it.

    So, there we have it. SRM prevents ozone formation rather than directly affecting it. I wonder if they did Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (I'm not saying they should), would that also destroy/diminish the ozone layer. I imagine it still would. The delicate chemistry of our gaseous mantle is easily upset.

    Just the fact that they are spraying in the breathable air column shows that there are other agenda they are trying to fulfill ie weather modification, military and corporate strategy, etc.

  4. Free Energy Technologies says:

    I want to discuss about acceptance,How much and what are we willing and should accept and what should we deny or reject both are essential we can't just preach acceptance and demonize rejection we need a balance I am aware we are biblically speaking in what seems like if not what is the hour of darkness or deception if I am wrong you can let me know and we have so much to worry about and honestly I don't think we would save ourselves on this earth nor is it biblical to say things are going to better instead we are heading to the most greatest tribulation or (End Of Days).  If we draw a triangle with the bottom left corner labeled bad and the right corner good and the top corner diversity and what they all mean I you should see that diversity is not just diversity there is good diversity and there is bad diversity just like there is good dichotomy and there is bad dichotomy or at lead this hold true concerning diversity so when people preach acceptance of what is clearly an illness for example autism, ADHD,diabetes also known to be anti-cure and they do it in the name of diversity you have to wonder if there masking there pain by ignoring it and justifying it because it's easier to say there is no cure and to accept it than saying there is a cure and fighting to obtain it.

  5. Free Energy Technologies says:

    We live in the most "special" generation which means we have the most "special " or what it actually mean the most sick people with every passing day getting worse just about anything is on the rise whether Down Syndrome or autism or ADHD or asthma or cancer. We have so much disease now and autism is a multi-disease what I am trying to say is that autism is when you have multiple disorders instead of being diagnosed with all the disorders you have including unspecified instead you're given the autism diagnosis no wonder they can never find a single cure for autism its because autism is not a spectrum it's many disorders and illnesses so when one treatment in a study works to cure autism in some people put the same treatment doesn't work for others they start saying there is no cure and they mislead people.The Dichotomy behind autism is so insane they want to put things on a spectrum instead of breaking dissecting the spectrum down into smaller fragments that would eventually lead you to the root causes.

    • I agree with much of what you have said. I also understand that you are writing with great emotion and conviction, and often when doing so we translate our thoughts into a stream of consciousness form of writing.  However; may I make a suggestion?   I think you could better convey your message- it would be more easily understood- if you used punctuation. Writing is very difficult to follow when there are no commas or periods to separate one thought from another.   (Can't help the old English teacher in me from rearing its head every so often)  …..

  6. Laura says:

    Effective action is what?   What specifically can be done?  What will be effective/  Should we organize a demonstration somewhere?  A huge rally?  Any and all ideas are welcome.  Dane is doing a huge amount…I've written my elective officials..(ok..I admit not all) but the responses are uniformally totally composed of "This is not going on" at least so far.  Even people like Diane Feinstein which initially really disappointed me.  I tried Robert Redford…I'm discouraged about this route..maybe too easily.   I do tell people in my environment and have some success…but damn, it feels like it's time to do something more but exactly what that is eludes me.  Perhaps we can use each other to bounce ideas off each other until we can come up with a plan.  Do we have enough activists to have a national rally?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Laura, yes, the masses have so far remained unimaginably apathetic, but they will not have this option for long. There was never any easy way forward in this fight, but all the efforts to sow seeds of awareness are beginning to pay off as converging catastrophes are forcing people to wake up. We must all be as creative, ascertive, and objective as we can in regard to ongoing efforts to sound the alarm. Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward. Even our unfolding legal efforts (which I will give an update on in this weeks radio broadcast) are still focused primarily on radically expanding public awareness of the climate engineering insanity. FYI link attached, lets keep marching, the damn of silence and denial is breaking down thanks to all of our combined efforts. Never give up. FYI

    • Tom Liccione says:

      Dane, is right Laura, this is a huge battle. From official and semi-official comments, I gather that most of the scientific Academia and political powers support SRM. I wish I could remember the names of who said what, but here are some statements. "SRM is fast, cheap and imperfect" , "SRM must be kept up even thou the long term consequences for the planet are bad". One politician was bold enough to admit to my son "We have no choice….". A veteran, who had a metereology book on his lap, when I asked him if he was aware of what was going on in our skies, very somberly stated "Yes…this country is going to drag the whole world into the toilet". Regardless of how this battle ends, those who have been playing God should be exposed and brought to justice. I run into widespread apathy when it comes to SRM. I seem to have better luck with Autism. There is enough circumstantial evidence to put a moratorium on vaccinations. If that could halt the current skyrocketing trend of autism, it would definitely prove the link between vaccines and autism and I believe neurological and degenerative disorders, such as Lupus ans rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune disorders, would take a dip!

    • Randy says:


      I hate to ask you as you do way way more than most. Dane your our leader, and I believe most all of us are ready to unit in a public location.

      When and Where can we rally in 1 meeting place. It's time to unit!! Let's make our National  Peaceful Rally large enough to draw attention, so that the media cannot ignore. There has to be enough of us now spreading the word. But the fact based info we spread in most cases gets ignored by those we try to awake.  I will fly/drive where ever to a meeting place, and we need the masses that follow you to agree to do the same. Laura is Right, we need to draw attention to the truth in a large National Rally of the masses that agree with your facts and want to expose the lies. We owe that to our kids and grandkids!!   People lets start the exposure movement now!!! Dane has done his part it's our turn. Is there Anyone leaving in Phx that wants to Rally?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Randy, thank you for your support in this battle. Truly, I am only trying to do my part, as you are. About your question, yes, such a gathering needs to occur, and the logical time and place is when we have a court date for our very soon to come legal filing. Stand by for a coming update. In the meantime, we must all keep sounding the alarm.

  7. JR says:

    November 1st 2016 in Southwest, New Mexico with rain clouds above only to be decimated by 2 legged pigs with SAG/SRM, aka Chemtrails. It's pretty obvious for people in know how, but the other people just don't, or refuse to open eyes. The different colors like reddish, pink, green colors with mushy like clouds as Cool Whip left out of fridge remain up there. Way to much deceit with a big slap in face, how long before people wake up to all the corruption and the like??? Way to much pride in this country, I also am American and born here with deep family roots as well. Who would have thought, huh…

  8. stephan says:

    I wonder what ingredients are in the sky above this insanity in North Dakota

    • BaneB says:

      This a is the first time I have sensed Infowars is a fraud. It's not a site on my "must visit" list.  But I listened until these bearded passé posers made the comment that the Native American cause there is merely a smokescreen for the greater environmental movement. My take is this is a ploy to divide.  And smear.  And to denegrate the land/property rights, and sovereignty treaties of the Native American effort to keep out these polluting corporations.  The issue of their drinking water not being put at risk….who can't relate to that given how contaminating is the fracking industry and oil producers, not to mention lead poisoning in Flint, et al.  Dennis quoted Michael Rupert to paraphrase that the best propaganda is 98% truth and 2% purposeful misdirection.  That is how I see Infowars.

  9. Dave says:

    Hello all, this has probably been mentioned before but if not, couldn't,    in order to prove the srm/sag programs have been ongoing and the soils everywhere are saturated with the materials from the spraying, that the deniers could, at their own choosing get a sample and have it sent into an agreed upon lab and have the results be the difinitive proof as to whether these programs have and are being deployed? Enough of the deceit and lies. To Dane, and all truth love tellers, prayers and blessings.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, yes, your are correct that soils are being saturated with the toxic climate engineering fallout. This being said, unless the historical soils baseline tests are available, current soils testing cannot be considered conclusive. Precipitation samples should be the foundation of any testing regime unless historical soils baseline test data is available.

  10. Lori Bee says:

    What's all this talk (again) about the Maunder Minimum ?

  11. Ty says:


    I may be grossly overestimating your influence here, but is there someway you and your legal team can try to contact ELON MUSK about this? You know how concerned he is about climate change. With all of the solar-panel based technology he is unveiling recently, he should know (or be made aware) that geo engineering is going to undermine his massive projects by blotting out the sun! Maybe he doesn't realize because he's in sunny California… But if the US truly values profit over human lives, he should be able to use his influence to argue the case that the geo engineering project is sabotaging his company's profits! We need some big names backing us up! Please, let us know if there is anyway you can get in touch with him and show him what is happening.


    Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ty, Mr. Musk has been sent extensive data from us, unfortunately, no reply. Individuals with his stature are not allowed to speak publically on an issue of this gravity, they know how long their leash is.

  12. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Most people who are in denial regarding Geoengineering, need to realize that both the North & South Poles, are being affected the most severely by Climate Engineering! The Arctic & Antarctic are the most sensitive to this ongoing assault, just investigate and look at the data, as seen in this post's video's! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, yes, climate engineering is having a very negative overall impact to the poles (in addition to the rest of the world). This being said, it is imperative to remember and consider all the other forms of anthropogenic damage to the atmosphere and the climate system. The atmosophere does not know the difference between a particle from a coal fired power plant, or one sprayed from a climate engineering jet. The human race have been unimaginably horrible stewards of the planet. We have cut down our forests, poisoned our oceans, and paved the planet, this does not come without horrific impacts. On top if it all, there is the climate engineering insanity.

  13. Wayne Koppa says:

    Anti matter Bomb – National Geographic Channel

    How insane does video look to you "Blowing up the planet isn't possible…yet".  It is completely insane to a sane person.

  14. Dennie says:

    MORE whistleblower stuff, this time about our friends, The Bobsy Twins (Bayer-Monsanto) and their favorite product, glyphosate, and how their buddies at WHO have helped them out via their own lack of Integrity, Diligence and Ethics, in Research and Medicine:

  15. sea says:

    "Geoengineering is a Trillion Dollar Industry…." guess you and I are picking up the tab (haha of course we are the tax payers).As President Clinton states in this Youtube video…"Americans were kept in the dark…."

    • LS says:

      Caltrans official was interviewed today saying Donner Summit got 11 inches of "snow" and 6 inches of that fell in one hour yesterday afternoon. Insanity. We have the sky terrorists trying to dry up the storm while the DRI has their cloud seeders cranked up and spewing. The taste of metals is really bad. Everyone is reeling and can't remember two things.  Revolution has to happen.

    • W.C. says:

      In an article from The Daily Bell quoting the tabloid trash (gatekeeper) U.K. Gaurdian:

      "Take the 'chemtrail' conspiracy theory:the idea that the white trails left behind in the sky by aeorplanes are sinister chemicals dispensed to sterilize or control voters".

       REALLY!!! Wow, these poor shmucks just can't help themselves and thank God people are turning them off and tuning them out. Straw man much???LOL. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the toxic elements said to be raining down on us from geoengineering ARE possibly contributing to making people too unhealthily toxic to reproduce isn't that really a dishonest framing of the issue?

      It appears one of the primary agendas as we all know is climate and weather modification as clearly stated by numerous patents, white papers, geoengineers themselves, the military, etc. etc. WHY can't these rags be just a LITTLE honest and lay out the arguement CLEARLY. I'm surprised they didn't try to tie in bigfoot, Elvis sightings, and Martians into the article. And of course they have to use the outdated word 'chemtrails' and ,natrurally….wait for it….  "CONSPIRACY THEORY"

       How exactly is it a 'conspiracy theory' to simply believe the science as explained by geoengineers and scientists all over is simply being caried out without the consent of the public? Would this really be the first time historically, the public wasn't told honestly about tests or military operations conducted without their consent??? File 13 for the Globalist Guardian!

    • W.C. says:

      Correction: Above was a Bloomberg article quote,(In the Daily Bell) quoting Globalist Cass (let's try and make Truth finding, ie  so called conspiracy theory illegal ) Sunstein.

    • Dennie says:

      Toxic rain continues to fall in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, causing the air to have a texture of raspy powdery metal, and a metallic taste.  It's beyond sad when our much-needed seasonal Treat has been turned into a "scientifically" controlled Trick. 

  16. Wayne Koppa says:

    infowars has a good video on killer vaccines.

    "Mystery of Paralyzed and Dying Children Discovered"

    He is dead wrong on Geoengineering.  

    • Dennie says:

      I found this link here to Trace Amounts, a movie exposing the CDC cooked data autism rate numbers cover-up and the toxicity of Thimerosal from someone who wrote in the commentary on the last newsletter.  NO money from Stratfor was used to make this film exposing toxic vaccines.

    • Dennie says:

      We hear in the movie Trace Amounts that for every 1000 pounds of mercury going into the atmosphere from the combustion of coal, there is a 61% increase in the rate of autism.  At 1:15 we hear that "a 2008 study concluded that something in the rain is playing a strong role in the autism rates."

  17. JR says:

    Sunday 10-30-16 in Southwest, New Mexico and due West to North over Las Cruces being hammered with SAG/SRM. Lucifer and his followers are on the Loose no doubt. Lord be with you….

    • JR says:

      Monday 10-31-16 follow up and the kill machines are up there again destroying what rain clouds coming in from West. North to South & East to West SAG/SRM. I was watching dvd "After The Spill" again as a refreshing of mind on how the politics worked in Louisiana from Deep Horizon blowup of rig. There are over 50,000 claims to date I believe unpaid with all the blah, blah BS. People lost their livelihoods, everything, & still battling BP. All the oil went to bottom with Corexit. The good old law of this country sucks buttermilk through a straw dragging their feet and turning a blind eye as usual to put it as politely as I can. My heart goes out to them and their families. We and our families are in another battle as well, where are our leaders? My calls to Wash. D.C. pretty well much falls on deaf ears, and blinded eyes as well, near 13 years! What Democracy and Freedom are we trying to spread into other countries, sure! Ancient Babylon ring a bell? Read the Harbinger. Man, the humming in house is sure being ramped up, can't hardly do anything without the stupid humming being more intense, these Bastards are sick, all involved. Mario hit the nail on the head with the Fourth Reich statement.

  18. Mark Bottorff says:

    Not pertaining to the current discussion, but Venezuela has been mentioned in the past.  As soon as Venezuela repatriated their gold, Obama declared them to be an “unusual and extraordinary threat” U.S. President Barack Obama renewed his executive order declaring Venezuela an “unusual and extraordinary threat”  Really?  The Venezuelans are coming?  In the 70's "The Russians are coming" became to be perceived as a hilarious joke.  Now people actually believe it, courtesy MSM and their cohorts.

    Subsequent to being declared an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to the United States, Venezuela was pounced on with all of the West's powerful weapons including, but not limited to, sanctions, currency manipulation, embargo and – nota bene – DROUGHT.  But of course it is merely a coincidence that every other  “unusual and extraordinary threat” has been force fed the same medicine. 

  19. Robert West says:

    I just read an interesting article in "Humans Are Free" that shows a map depicting  the highest disease outbreaks in the most vaccinated countries. And bar graphs compare fully vaccinated population to no vaccinations. Fully vaccinated populace have twice as many disease incidences as non vaccinated. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) produced the map and graphs. PBS ran the story but did not produce the CFR map. This information is informative and it should be passed on to others.

  20. Michel B says:

    It is a great pity about Ed Griffin. I follow his site and I adhere to many of his ideas. Ed displays a great ability to comprehend and analyse situations and notions across many disciplines. His concern about many issues is genuine and his insight displays a wisdom that shows careful consideration.

    The fact that he has taken this stance puzzles me. When I first realised that he supports the idea of global warming as a myth, I wondered as to his tact. At first I thought it was perhaps a strategy to counter the supposed necessity of weather modification ie if in fact there was no global warming, then we could really be skeptical as to why they are spraying us. But this is a very round-about way of tackling things.

    Or perhaps he really believes there is no global warming? He sees dangers in official declarations of emergencies, as governments can and do take advantage of such times to erode civil rights and install tyrannical government.

    We here on this site and everyone elsewhere has to sort out the issues for themselves based on reliable data. If we took out deliberate weather modification from the equation, then we are left with all the rest of mankind's activities that contribute to a greenhouse effect. How much would this be? The releasing of all carbon and its subsequent feedback loops are what we should assess. The SRM projects have a cross over with all the rest of Man's carbon releases: SRM uses plenty of carbon and contributes to warming in many other ways as well.

    Straight away we can see the SRM projects are not trying to stop the problem. So far they are just stopping the rain around much of the world. GISS maps show an increasingly warming earth and many other types of tests are showing that SRM is a disaster in innumerable ways.

    About Ed, I can say that he must have been making an impact with his efforts of highlighting political problems because it is obvious 'they' have got to him, probably by threat of some kind or coercion. He once recognised SRM. How has he managed to unrecognise it?

  21. SF: It may be that real real psy-op behind the crass disgusting filth and trashy vulgar insanity of Clinton & Trump is to destroy any hope, any feeling of confidence, any pride remaining in the American people in our now vanished, once beloved country and government. The stinking empire appears to be obscenely corrupt and degenerate beyond our wildest nightmare.
    The Director of the FBI Reopens the Hillary Case
    Paul Craig Roberts / Oct. 29, 2016
    Word has reached me from Washington that the FBI has reopened the Hillary case of her violation of US National Security protocols, not because of the content of the new email releases, but because voter support for Trump seems to be overwhelming, while Hillary has canceled appearances due to inability to muster a crowd. The popular vote leaves the FBI far out on the limb for its corrupt clearance of Hillary. The agency now has to redeem itself. I myself do not know what precisely to think. …The problem for the FBI, which once was a trusted American institution, but no longer is, is that there is no longer any doubt that Donald Trump will win the popular vote for president of the United States.  His appearances are so heavily attended that thousands are turned away by local fire/occupancy regulations.  In contrast, Hillary has curtailed her appearances, because she doesn’t draw more than 30 or 40 people. Americans are sick to death of the corrupt Clintons and the corrupt American media.  The Clintons are so completely bought-and-paid-for by the Oligarchy … Nevertheless, I don’t underestimate the power of the Oligarchy.  As Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury I experienced the Oligarchy’s power.  If I had not been backed by the President of the United States, I would have been destroyed. Indeed, the Oligarchy is still trying to destroy me. … In Amerika, dissidents are exterminated.  … Why do not the total dumbshits in Washington hear when the President of Russia says that “Russia can no longer tolerate the state of affairs that Washington has created in the world.” The unjustified arrogance of Washington, a washed up Third World State, is likely to destroy life on earth. No greater danger to life exists than Washington.


  22. Mario says:

    Like I said . . . GROUPS of whistle blowers stand a better chance of being heard, and I think it is harder for the government to go after a whole group of people than it is for them to intimidate a lone whistleblower.  Time to pull back the curtain and deal with unpleasant fact that we have become the Fourth Reich.    

  23. Bluv says:

    Hello Dane

    As always, thank you for your steadfast dedication to bring awareness to the masses to stop the assault we witness daily. I don't know how you are able to take on such a monumental task on a daily basis but I truly appreciate your fortitude and unwavering courage. I know your plate is full but a thought crossed my mind that I would like to share with you. As we witness what is happening at the Dakota pipeline protest, wouldn't it be beneficial to join forces with their movement as we are striving for the same thing. Peace to all.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bluv, yes, the Dakota pipline protest is an extremely important issue that I had intended to address in this weeks show, but simply ran short of time. On that note, unfortunately, INFOWARS is also on the wrong side of the Dakota pipeline issue (in addition to the planetary warming/climate engineering issue). The attacked video below (from INFOWARS) makes it crystal clear that they are firmly on the side of big oil (and thus the geoengineer as well). This video revealing, damning, and very important to view (INFOWARS sides with BIG OIL, and against the courageous protesters). FYI

  24. paul fowler says:

    If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take , their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny .

    Thomas Jefferson .

    This quote preceded Gary Nulls “Exposing the FDA ; War on Health ” , which I just watched on YouTube for free .

  25. Marc says:

    After listening to this edition of Global Alert News, I feel just like what the firefighters in stairwell B of the north tower (on 9/11) must've felt as the tower disintegrated into dust above them, sure that any second they would be history. It has really come to that for many of us. This current radio show feels like a shark-nado swirling around me, so packed is it with grim news from so many fronts. Everyday I ask myself "How…..much….. longer…… can this go on?" And what's with the all the spraying going on all over the goddamn world? This, THIS!!! is supposed to represent "geoengineering as a proposal, or in it's developmental stages?" What the fuck will geoengineering look like in our skies if and when they openly announce that wide-scale geoengineering IS BEING DEPLOYED IMMEDIATELY TO SAVE US FROM RUNAWAY WARMING??? A thousand jets spraying payloads every day is not enough? We need to appropriate funds for another 100,000 jets spraying 24/7/365 to SAVE THE EARTH AND ALL OF HUMANITY??? 

      We are floundering and thrashing about like drunken sailors who cannot swim in the middle of an endless ocean of complete bullshit. We are all going to visit Davy Jones' locker real soon. And for those ignoramuses who think they have it all figured out to their smug satisfaction, as Dane says, "Wait and see".

  26. Ron Marr says:

    It has been reported a long time ago that Alex Jones has his corporate sponsors. Just like Amy Goodman, they can say what they wants about whatever, but it is obvious they cannot talk about Geo-engineering. One of the biggest distracters of truth and information is Howard Stern; he has high ratings on the radio and many fans that enjoy his perverted, nasty interpretation of human behavior. Today we must again be indigenous like the Indians and others fighting the corporations for our water in North Dakota. Stop identifying ourselves through politics, status, education, race, gender, country and come together as humans with a purpose to save our planet and her resources, like us. Great news from the CDC whistle blowers. Keep up the great work, Dane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, in fact, INFOWARS and Alex Jones have addressed the climate engineering issue a number of times, but there is much more to the story. Please refer to the comment I made to Emily.

  27. kathleen says:

    Finally some uplifting info: thank you SPIDER! May your web cover us far and wide and smother the vermin!

    Can't have good news without some misleading stuff: Harvard's statement that "geoengineering…is not a permanent solution" is misleading. It most definitely IS permanent if the problem is "How do we destroy all life on Earth?" Otherwise, FAIL.

    And, of course, we need our dose of 100% B.S., this time from Ed Griffin: wind causes tic-tac-toe patterns in the sky? You've had your head up your backside too long, Ed. HAARP might be able to do something like that, but not wind. Dude, get a grip.

    Dane, would you (or perhaps someone reading this) consider making a list of all the movies you've ever recommended? Some people I know can barely tolerate an email from me longer than one short sentence, but will gladly sit and watch anything "movie-like". 

    Thanks again for your tireless efforts to inform us and encourage us to research on our own. 

    P.S. Sending well wishes to our friends in Italy who are experiencing horrific earthquakes.

    • Dennie says:

      @kathleen:  Yes, we see a truly heroic S.P.I.D.E.R. Man emerging, one we can be truly proud of.  Instead of high tech gadgets, this SPIDER MAN's weapon is THE TRUTH, and the Truth WILL set us free!!!  It will be a new dawn when ALL people everywhere are trained to live lives of Integrity, Diligence and Ethics, in every other field, not only in scientific Research.  I wish there was a T-shirt with the S.P.I.D.E.R. acronym, with each word fully printed on the back of the shirt, to let the world know I support integrity and ethics in Scientific Research– this could be a real movement!!!

      G. Edward Griffin seems to be a character out of some old movie, wandering across the Hollywood back lots from one movie set to another, suddenly appearing where he thinks he's supposed to appear but in reality he's just not quite in the right place.  I think he's kind of laughable in an embarrassing kind of way, like a sequestered, doddering relative, a crazy old uncle who wanders out of his confines, shuffling disheveled into the elegant catered party downstairs, where the guests, and the conversation, is cultured, erudite and elevated, then proceeds to wreak havoc with his perpetual state of psychosis, spouting nonsense, or worse– just too weird. 

      I'm not sure what kinds of movies for which kind of audience you had in mind, whether that would be for yourself or other people who won't listen to you talk but would watch a movie.  We have Vaxxed, there's Silent Epidemic by Gary Null and Trace Amounts (about an adult who got really sick after receiving a tetanus vaccine in his 20s and the research it inspired him to do on thimerosal): 

      There is a website devoted to documentaries that carried films like Inside Job, the story of the mortgage lending debacle that triggered global economic meltdown in 2008, and what kinds of policies promulgated by which people, at the time and before, that contributed to the global economic collapse.  We have Aaron Russo's film titled "America: Freedom to Fascism (and, again, G. Edward Griffin, of The Creature from Jekyl Island, appears in this film too):  Though we see the truth of the erosion of our freedom over the years, it's really kind of dated because we see that Perennial Pariah of Prognostication, Sen. Ron Paul, declaiming definitively that we will all be chipped and fingerprinted, with checkpoints manned by police everywhere by 2008– W-e-e-e-l-l-l, it ain't quite happenin' that way– as of yet, at least… 

      Catherine Austin Fitts' website,, has a report section that includes Jay Dyer on Unpacking What Movies Tell Us About Mind Control:  They've covered other topics, such as what Hollywood wants us to know about the secret space program, in the past.  Hope this helps.

    • kathleen says:

      Thanks, Dennie. Lots of good info your post, as always. In terms of "movies," I was thinking along the lines of What in the World Are They Spraying and other anti-geoengineering ones. I've seen the ones you mentioned (and passed them along), but I mostly concentrate on food and health related topics (easier to digest, so to speak), rather than the science and total doom ;/ Hence my lack of knowledge on this.

      My point, however, was to get a list of ALL movies that might relate to this topic, even tangentially. To that end, I guess I can suggest anything from Dr. Michael Greger (nutritionfacts DOT org) as he is calling out physicians (and their prescriptions) as being a clear killer. Similarly, I can suggest vids from Growing Your Greens (John Kohler) who advocates a plant-based diet AND growing your own food.

      Thank goodness I love to learn, and that's a reason I soak up what Dane et al exposes me to on this site. 

      Be well, Dennie, and every dear one of you who frequents this site and shares knowledge. You are beacons of light in these dark times.

  28. I have lived in London, UK for over 40 years and 9 miles from Heathrow airport for the past 20 years. Never before have I seen skies like this year. I have taken numerous videos and photographs of the intense spraying. I wrote a freedom of Information request to our Transport Department who actually referred me to film of 1940's bomber contrails and never before seen flight paths and unrecorded flights being due to an aircraft transponder being switched off! Any airplane picked up by radar with it's transponder turned off, that does not respond to radio calls is intercepted by the RAF but notin these circumstances.  Of course, their explanation is unbelievable! 

    • Julie Phelps says:

      I'm ex RAF now living in Canada and like your observations I know the difference between Chem Trails and con trails. England is not too bad. You should see it here in Canada it is daily, huge spraying. I have even see jet black chem trails which scared me as they descended to about lamp post height and lingered like thick black smog. I now have the best furnace filters which are supposed to filter even smog.This is because black chem trails are obviously some sort of experiment, on top of all the toxins already being sprayed daily. I no long can enjoy my walks in nature as I see the skies full of chem trails. So it is increasingly difficult to unwind and relax. I feel more for the animals, trees and plants than I do for human even myself because they are being hit by our own mess. 

  29. Troy S. Geoengineering 101 says:

    Here is a short and clear video about geoengineering that might help those who deny what is going on in our skies. Share this with friends and family who may be in denial. Hopefully this will help open their minds and understand what Dane and others have been preaching.

  30. BaneB says:


  31. CrestRyder says:

    War And Evolution — An Overview:

    As we look back on the history of mankind, it is easy for us to imagine the components of our evolution each having its own “first” event. We assume, for example, that among homo sapiens there was a “first” of the homo sapiens to exist. There must have been a first Cro-Magnon, a first Neanderthal. Among social components we can assume there must have been a first government, a first wedding, a first religion. And there must have been a first war. Somehow the incomprehensible obscenity of killing, not just the person who disagreed with you, but his family, relatives, government, countrymen and all who shared his point of view or even lived in his vicinity entered the mind of someone.

    Well, who knew? It might work. It had never been tried. Maybe this would be an evolutionary breakthrough. Maybe all disagreement could be dispensed with permanently simply by dispensing with the person who disagreed with you. And as we imagine how the first war must have been, we think of the effects and results, the carnage and grief that we know all war always brings. After it was over, and those who conceived the idea of the first war surveyed the field of battle, they evaluated its efficacy. What had been the issue of disagreement? Land ownership? Geographic boundaries? System of government? Form of religion? Whatever the issue was, the cost was infinite. There was no system of checks and balances that could be applied. The grief of the wives wailing over the bodies of their dead husbands; the mothers whose tears fell on the crushed and mangled forms of their dead sons; the rivers of blood that flowed from all the loved ones who lay dead and maimed had no measurable counterpart. No concept, no ideal, no goal, no materiality was worth life itself. With life everything was possible. Without life nothing was possible.

    War, they concluded, must be forever banished from the planet. Never again could it be considered as a solution for any kind of disagreement. It had been tested, and it didn’t work. Surely if they could look down the corridors of time their gaze would be met with a planet founded on peace with systems in place designed to resolve conflict in an intelligent and sympathetic manner at all levels.

    As all generations have and will, we stand on the threshold of time. How do we answer to our ancestors, our descendants? In the face of threat, is war the best we have to offer history? After all these hundreds of thousands of years have we come no further than simple retaliation, violence, and vengeance as the testimony to our progress? Have we come not one step further than the barbarians who first tried war?

    At some point in the evolution of our planet war must become obsolete. Of this there can be no doubt. There is no place in an intelligent universe for a planet that cannot solve its problems peaceably. And mankind is hardwired for peace. When any of us think of an advanced planet or culture, we unfailingly envision it as peaceful. Surely any evolved civilization will, by definition, have solved the "problem of war." Therefore, by definition, we have no place in evolution until we have put war behind us. We are the moral equivalent of primates.

    Nor can we tell ourselves we kill for our children, for our country. What is our legacy if we pass on to them that which has been gained by slaughter? We cannot claim for ourselves the virtues of calm thinking, intelligence, sympathy and understanding if we do not bring them to bear in the face of threat. Of what value are they if they surface only under favorable conditions? Nor may we hide behind blaming our opponent. If we offer peace only to the peaceful, there is no substance to our position. We are blown by the whims of others, at their mercy with no position of our own. How may we teach peace if we are not able to demonstrate it? And we have in hand right now all the evidence we need to see that if we make a gift to our descendants that which we have gained by slaughter, they will feel only shame. How do we ourselves feel about the American Indians our ancestors killed while taking their country from them? How do we feel about the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? And though we may feel contempt toward Hitler himself, no American citizen feels any pride in the innocent German lives that were taken by the U.S. in World War Two. War is always a desecration and a blight on our planet, as well as a source of shame to those who inherit whatever is gained by it.

    Let us bring a smile to the faces of our ancestors; let us set an example for our children; let us set the course of history for our descendants; let us actively participate in evolution.

    Let us not enter into war ever again.

    *Derek Crawford*

  32. Yamakawa says:

    Considering HAARP-ing, the analogy is somewhat similar in creating ripples in the stream of water-fluid. 

    1 Continuously beat the same area, where in a still pond, the ripple propagates circular. But if there is a flow, the ripple enlarges in a fan shape. The fan shape propagation analogy is, in a streaming river, there is a pole standing in the middle of the flow. The pole does not move, but the constant stream flow creates the fan shape. I assume this is the situation seen in Guandalupe Island ripples.

    EOSDIS 2016 Oct 14-16
    EOSDIS 2016 Oct 2
    EOSDIS 2015 Oct 09 sea color change: water stream?
    Kármán vortex streetármán_vortex_street

    2 Swiping, flashing the large region. If the “indirect proof” below is somewhat really implying, then, the HAARP flash can have target distance from the polar region up to the equator and beyond.

    short range: targeted to North of Hawaii islands, swipe starts at 2016-10-26 18:00.
    east pacific
    global alternate

    mid range: probable emission from sea mobile site, 2016-10-18 01:00
    east pacific
    global alternate

    long range: 

    global alternate
    2016-09-30 01:00
    2015-08-05 02:00


    • Yamakawa says:

      What the heck is plasma? The medium of HAARP-ing ripples

      In the conventional sciences, the plasma state is the 4th fundamental state of matter. Solid-Liquid-Gas-Plasma. First three states, Solid-Liquid-Gas, the molecules are not ionized, the negative charged electrons are bound to their positive charged nuclei.

      So, roughly speaking, to create ripples to Liquid, and/or Gas state of matter, you have to beat them with kinetic energies. Beat the water with a stick. Beat the air with the speaker cone vibrating hitting the air atoms: sound waves.

      In the plasma state, the molecules are split into electromagnetically charged particles, electrons and nuclei. Then the particles are charged pieces, so it could be influenced by  electromagnetic force.  Then, you could beat the electrons and the nuclei by electromagnetic energies. The HAARP beating, the HAARP ripples.

    • Yamakawa says:

      So, what the heck, kinetic energy vs electromagnetic energy?

      Well, in giving kinetic beats, you have to be close contact with the target. Even sound waves, are kinetic beats delivering the energies, like lined billiard balls delivering the beats in consecutive order. You have to carry and deliver those bombs and missiles to the target, a very tedious labor, right? And sound waves dissipates in short distances.

      In electromagnetic beats, the beat travels near the speed of light, wherever electromagnetic conductive medium is prepared. Very fast? But preparing the appropriate medium was tedious. Primitive conductive mediums were electric wire like copper wires, and optical fibers. 

      What about radio, microwaves, X-rays and stuff? Well, the conventional theories say the electromagnetic forces can propagate in vacuum, so it implies that they can go through any medium. Implies that the ease of propagation differs with the kind of medium. We see light waves and wifi-waves propagating, but those had limited capabilities. 

      Now, we have chemtrail wirings that could wire “focused” electric lines above the sky. It is analogous to the concept of wiring the semiconductor devices. Conventional semiconductor technologies are aimed at Solid state of matter, but chemtrail technologies are aimed at Plasma state of matter. That is why it is difficult to grasp, because the chemtrail technologies are focused mainly beyond Solid, Liquid and Gas state. 

      The atmosphere is like semiconductors, electric resistant, but not completely insulator, as natural lightenings occur at times. The atmosphere is “doped” by little amounts of chemtrail aerosols, compared to the vastness of the atmosphere regions.

      edited by analogy: Their conducting properties may be altered in useful ways by the deliberate, controlled introduction of impurities ("doping") into the structure, which lowers its resistance but also permits the creation of semiconductor junctions between differently-doped regions of the extrinsic atmosphere.

    • Yamakawa — Thank you! Good informative comments!   :o)

    • BaneB says:

      Tanaka was:  Great posts.  I have no mind for science of the sort you describe.  But, I get the analogies.  And believe me when I say the description of ripples in a moving stream that fans out is precisely what occurs over my region of Northern California.  The direction of flow is north to south, fan shaped cloud weirdness.

    • Sharon M says:

      I just want to say after waatching the documentary movie "After The Flood", directed by DiCapro and provided by NATIONAL GEORGRAPHIC, is very a important work. View and share, I'm not certain how long it will be available. Itr is  Currently playing on youtube  I would paste the link here but I can't locate the Command button. 


  33. David Smith says:

    South Florida has been under heavy attack with heavy spraying in an attempt to cool the air. They could only get the temperature down below 79 degrees. Winter in Florida is a couple hour front with clear cool skies, the wind starts in the south and rotates clock wise then come in from the North the Northeast. The weather channel mentioned the cold front was coming from the east. Never in 58 years has the cold front come from the east. The sky is gry with no visible shapes only a gray haze this is not natural.

  34. ron hall says:

    Here is the correct web site which lists 101 sites which support CLIMATE CHANGE, yet make no mention of CLIMATE ENGINEERING!  Thereby, ironically putting more people asleep regarding the total truth which Dane insists upon.

  35. ron hall says:

    The following list of 101 "science" based internet sites which are committed very strongly to CLIMATE CHANGE AS REALITY ironically make our situation even more difficult.  Why? Because they consider dozens of reasons why GLOBAL WARMING exists and make NO MENTION of the glaring, gigantic, multi-layered phenomenon of CLIMATE ENGINEERING AND WEATHER MANIPULATION. The mind reels at such non-information! Cover-up? Avoidance? Willful ignorance?  WTF is going on here? Please take a glance at these sites.  Even the criminal, neo-liberal World Bank(which places underdeveloped countries deeper in debt) has a site on CLIMATE CHANGE!!

    • Richard Bertrand says:

      Controlled opposition. Knowingly or not, they do exactly what you describe, mislead peoples efforts to help(with misinformation). Distract, deflect, disguise, destroy.

  36. We Risk Being Collateral Damage In The Neocon Lust For War
    Chris Martenson / October 28, 2016
    … In the military industrial complex, there's a vast host of self-interested parties who feast on war and whose paychecks and future prospects depend heavily on it. There even are a few demented souls in the halls of power who believe in war as the best way to project one’s influence. Stew them together and you have a pretty good handle on what DC is all about these days. … I think something deeper and more sinister has been set in motion.  … I talk with a lot of people in the military who are sick and tired of America's endless wars and their endless rotations with no end in sight and no clear mission.  Nobody can articulate what the US is doing in Afghanistan any more (and noting the enormous increase in heroin production is considered impolite). … Getting into a shooting war with Russia would be a terrible idea. Insane really.  Not least of which is because, even if things don’t go nuclear (which they very well could given where we are in the shredding of the past narratives), then the US will discover that projecting its power all over the world is a heck of a lot harder when your navy is being sunk by the latest next-generation anti-ship missile technology.  Trust me, the petrodollar will get a lot weaker in a skinny minute as soon as American military power is revealed as stoppable.  I have a lot of faith in the training and equipment of the US military. But I also have faith in the power of a swarm of anti-ship hypersonic missiles to do a lot of damage. … Right now, my beliefs are loudly telling me that the risk of a serious conflict with Russia breaking out are no longer dismissable.

  37. gene maynard says:

    Dane, as you know there are multiple tens of thousands in America who do not believe anything is wrong. Many of these people respond to sites like info wars because for instance; they want to see clinton get hers so to speak…they want to see Alex Jones strip down to his underwear, which he did not too many months ago [no kidding] We are talking  a large number of people who do not believe, and have stated they do not believe you. I tried responding once but all you get is name calling. The bottom line is advertisers love crowds; money talks. To answer your question why this guy is given a voice, as with everything follow the money. That's how I see it. Those who wish to be well informed will be…those who don't will not be.Keep at it!

    • Emily says:

      Alex Jones has spoken many times of climate engineering and so called chem trails.  Most of his listeners are totally awake to what is going on

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Emily, yes, Infowars has addressed the climate engineering issue. Unfortunately, generally using the very counterproductive “chemtrails” term which leads people straight to google searches that show only “conspiracy theory and hoax” disinformtion on the subject (utilizing the science terms is essential in this battle). Again, the issue with INFOWARS (and and other sources putting out the same narrative) is this, they are completely undermining the overall fight against climate engineering by dogmatically ranting the outrageously false narrative of “global cooling” or “global warming is a hoax”. This totally false narrative completely discredits the independent/alternative news community and ensures that no bridges will be built with the circles of academia and the climate science community (whom we desperately need to join us in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering). Now INFOWARS (and Ed Griffin) are putting on multi day events to push their “global warming is a hoax” mantra.  By adamantly holding to such a ridiculously false conclusion and position the independent/alternative news community is totally discredited as already stated. In addition, many in the activist community (who don’t actually investigate the facts for themselves) become confused and divided. None of this is helpful to the most critical cause of exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity. So in the end, we must ask ourselves this, why are sources like INFOWARS, Ed Griffin, and others, peddling the exact narrative that big oil and the geoengineers would want them to push? Acknowleding the unfolding planetary meltdown is not about Al Gore the criminal, or carbon credit shams. It is about reality, credibility, and succesfully exposing and halting the climate engineering/weather warfare assault. FYI

  38. Dennie says:

    Jaime:  Is that the same Gem Faires we've been seeing at the Marin Center in the Exhibition Hall at the county fair grounds?  Gotta be.  You've got 2/3 of the attendees who'd never heard of geoengineering– what was the reception like once they were informed? 

    This is really good news to read that more are turning whistleblower on the CDC.  Too many of our institutions that should be protecting us and informing us with the unadulterated truth are now just there to make money, all our institutions taken over by a fanatical, out-of-control militarized element.

    • Dennie says:

      CDC SPIDER:  "Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research" whistleblowers' letter, link here:

      Couldn't have picked a more descriptive name.  Glad to see this happening, I'm finally going to sleep a little better tonight.  The way medicine has been practiced in this country the last forty years, it's missing something at best and is cold, heartless and even criminal at worst.

  39. Raymond Gilmour says:

    We live in Australia NSW…East Coast.. very heavy spraying again. After a short break…Too many sprays to count. If only people would look up !     Do you think if Trump gets in this may stop…and will he listen to the people on this assault of mankind…We need help…

  40. Edward Palys says:

    Everything in this world is going upside down. If geoengineering was only THE problem humanity is facing, we could beat these guys before they beat us. Just look at the shame of the election. The whole government has been exposed totally that it's working against Americans and what can people do? When you have unconditional proof that the election is RIGGED and the president denies it, who's going to take him to task? It's the same with geoengineering. The proof is staring the world in its eyes, yet it is denied by government authorities. The evil in this world is much bigger than only weather control. 

  41. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Wow, Alex has now taken it up a notch. I know that you have been on his show before Dane. He seemed so upset at all the facts you mentioned on the show. Then he had that so called Lord on and one of the first weather men talking about how the planet was cooling, not warming! I was so disturbed that I wrote Alex questioning him having both these people on and not once bringing up the Geo engineering he clearly knows about after just having you on before them. I was very perplexed and disappointed in him. I've also noticed that he interupts Steve Quayle when he starts mentioning Weather Warfare now. How can he turn like that? I've appreciated his passion and energy, but he is way off on this. So sad to loose such a powerful voice that as you said to Wayne we need. Coming together. As I said to Alex, if this is causing Warming or what  these men are claiming, cooling. It is a Fact we are being sprayed like Lab Rats. Lets come together on revealing the SRM Programs and when they are Stopped then we will see who's right on the warming or the cooling. But when he talks about the weather without broaching the topic, well, he's not on Our side, is he? I have no time for anything he says now. Bad taste in my mouth, besides the Aluminum!!!           Shame on you Alex Jones    

  42. Christine says:

    What is increasingly worriessome are the HAARP-ing of the chemtrailed' clouds into patterns, that can extend literally along the entire horizon. While 'keeping' general 'cloud' flow in one direction very small clouds, the tinniest ones, can literally within seconds require a ripple form (standing waves) turning into parallel grid with any relative direction to the ground wind direction. It also seems to me, that the sprayed chemicals are becoming increasingly capable of water bonding, while turning a single 'contrail' into increasingly wider streaks following any of the HAARP stearing capabilities… All that is extremely bad, in my opinion. The knowledge of the elite, the military, which is THE MOST RESEARCH FUNDED organization on this planet, is just SCARY.

  43. JR says:

    Hello to my true fellow patriots on this site. It is Sat. 10-29-16 from Southwest, New Mexico at 7:30 p.m. Sad to say but again some rain clouds building in West only to be sprayed from the planes coming in from West. If any planes flying from East to West they had to spray over clouds headed Westward, out of sight. Not that the punks care if seen or not. The farmers in area up and down Mesilla Valley into Lower Valley Texas side are pumping ground water like mad. There is no more water flowing in Rio Grande as it was cutoff at Elephant Butte Dam 70 miles North of us. They were rationed anyhow. This has been happening now for some years. The sick bastards doing this evil have obliterated the air we all breath here on this Earth. One day I'm sure as it is written these punks will pay in Hell in fire and brimstone, ha. They can laugh now but one day will be in their own inferno for all the havoc they have done on God's Creation. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF SICKOS selling their Soul to Satan……God's Speed!!!

  44. Ben Elterman says:

    I think the Dr. Mercola interview was a very significant event. Dane did an incredible job sharing pertinent information, every word was important so I posted the long version on my fb page, it definitely got some attention.

    It was apparent that Mercola is able to see what is going on with the geoengineering issue and it should get the attention of a lot of his viewers.

    Congratulations to Dane and his team for keeping the momentum and being so focused!

  45. Ben Elterman says:

    Obama has implied that it would be ridiculous to think that there is some kind of election fraud going on, so I put together a video that shows verifiable evidence of four instances of election fraud involving Bush, Obama, and Hillary.

    Also put together a video that shows inside information everyone should know about the Clinton family, their hidden history and how they really operate.


    – The Clinton "86 Plan"

    – The "High Noon" message from Larry Nicholes

    – How to make sure your vote is cast correctly


    • Joseph L. says:

      Dane  another great  show—wow eye opener  40 years we have lost 60% of wildlife while (human) populations have more than doubled.

      The system has been corrupt for a long time — before all of us were even born–.. Elites run the world and the owners of the world get together to decide how things will go.   War is  big business a sick business at that but some industries make lots of money from it.

      Here is a great link about how our govt. works and were all the money goes.

  46. Steve says:

    Thank you so much, Jamie for you kind words.  It is each of us working together to bring this information to many people, who like you said above, "never even heard of geo engineering [aka chemtrails], is my honor ot have had you in the booth last weekend, and hopefully you will be able to be present at many future events, as well. Thank you for you hard work, all of us in the battle appreciate your efforts.

  47. Roger G says:

    Everyone needs to email Infowars and send them the facts on climate engineering.

    They call themselves an independent News organization so let's give them independent facts of the geoenginerring programs that are destroying this Earth.

  48. Ken B says:

    A recent rain left a real blue sky with white puffy clouds for a brief time this morning here in central coast CA. At one point mid-morning I could easily count 100+ spray trails. This afternoon we have total while out with continued spraying going on above. How an intelligent person doesn't see what's happening is beyond me. We are being exterminated JUST LIKE BUGS. IT’S PAST TIME TO DO SOMETHING!!!

  49. Phil Caprino says:

    I agree we will need to do more than just end geoengineering to reclaim our ecosystem. But we must keep up our side together on this so we can end this evil program. But there is a third way we can all get together. We need to force disclosure by the federal government of the secret space programs and those hidden technologies they have to run them. We know they already have antigravity and O point. We have no need to burn fossil fuels. They are forcing us on that. We can have free energy today. The whole planet. Nobody but maybe the elites who want the planet to themselves and get rid of us would argue that is not a good idea. Let us focus our energy their, Full disclosure an end to Climate engineering

  50. Our Landfill Economy / charles hugh smith / Oct. 26,
    This "maximizing growth and profits is the highest good" mode of production is insane. Correspondent Bart D. (Australia) captured the entire global economy in three words: The Landfill Economy. Stuff is manufactured, energy is consumed shipping it somewhere, consumers buy it and shortly thereafter it ends up as garbage in the landfill. This is of course the definition of "economic growth": waste, inefficiency, environmental destruction–none of these matter. Only two things matter: maximize "growth" by any means necessary, and maximize profits by any means necessary. The Landfill Economy now encompasses the entire planet. The swirling gyre of plastic trash the size of Texas between Hawaii and California: it's just one modest example of the planetary trash dump that "growth" and profit generate as byproducts/blowback. The planet's oceans are one giant trash dump.  Everything from plastic water bottles to abandoned fishing nets to radiation to containers that fell off ships is floating around even the most distant corners of the seas. Seabirds nesting in remote islands die of starvation as their guts fill with plastic bits of "permanent growth." Globalization has turned the planet's land masses and rivers into trash dumps.

    • Rodster says:

      Good article from CHS. Yes the ocean's have been a trash dump for decades. I remember growing up in NYC back in the early 70's and even back then NYC would take it's trash and dump it offshore. And they would also dump other's trash and dump it in the Atlantic ocean. So this is been something that's been going on for 40-50 years maybe longer.

      When the authorities thought they had found the wreckage from the missing Malaysian Airliner floating off the coast of Australia, it turns out it too was garbage.

      But this is the kind of eCONomy that the likes of Rush Limbaugh brags about. He defines it as CONservatism, that is as long as businesses are doing okay and people are consuming, then NO worries because we can't destroy our planet, only God can.

    • M. Smith says:

      Regarding the comment made about Rush Limbaugh, I have my own observation about that. If you look at the bigger picture, Rush would be the least of your worries on the issues of over consumption, waste and pollution.  Just as Climate Engineering is the biggest contributor to Global Warming, the biggest contributing factor to over consumption, waste and pollution is International Bankers who "print money out of thin air". If money printing was halted and governments refused to go into massive debt, people would not be able to consume at such an excessive and destructive fashion. Yes there are a multitude of factors, but the money printing and money creation make up the biggest contribution to general populace over consuming, wasting and polluting. Shut off these 2 things as well as debt-based economy and the fictional life of over consumption comes to an end. Period. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      M. Smith you are so right but I fear even if all of the factors you speak of were stopped tomorrow there is so much damage already 'baked in' it seems we are all doomed anyway. Still, as Dane often says, halting geoengineering (and the other factors) would be a giant leap in the right direction and we don't know what forces of good may be able to help us- so its worth doing what's right- regardless of the outcome. As Dane has also said, "Doing the right thing is indeed our only solace" as we face problems of such magnitude. Right he is!.. So onward we fight against all odds.

  51. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 136th email to my contact list, titled '2024 / The Plot Thickens':

    1.  Converging information indicates that 'E Year' will be 2024.  

    'E Year' being the year of mass die offs and extinctions of most life forms on earth. Of course, much grief will be experienced before then, and nuclear war or massive methane releases could make it happen a whole lot quicker.

    Like Kirk Norring on Climate Alert, I am continually surprised when I analyse the data, that I can calmly make these conclusions and write my weekly emails to you.

    You do not have to believe me, please do your own research, calculations and extrapolations.  Some examples of the information indicating the above can be found here: 

    The Arctic heat wave worsens next week, with huge areas (3 – 5 times size of UK) of 20ºC anomalies.

    Imagine that heat over Scotland – we would currently be basking in temperatures of @ 32ºC…then imagine what next summer would be like.  That heat will reach Scotland in the next few years.

    I accept that much can happen in the next 8 years, but greed, wilful disinformation and the disastrous covert geoengineering (specifically the atmospheric spraying by aircraft) has caused us to miss too many opportunities that may have helped.  

    We are now in terminal free fall and no amount of arm flapping will avert disaster.

    2.  The plot thickens…Turkey (a NATO member) has agreed to share military intelligence in the region with Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran.  

    However, Syria is saying that once they have secured the advantage over terrorist militants in the Aleppo area, they will divert spare troops to take back areas of Syria currently under Turkey's control.  What will US/NATO do if a serious firefight erupts between Syria and Turkey on Syrian soil – unless Russia can arrange a deal that encourages Turkey to voluntarily withdraw their troops.

    As Russia destroys ISIL (et al) weapons in Syria, so US/NATO airdrops resupplies.  Similar airdrops happening in Iraq.   

    3. "How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty?  It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise we all remain too frightened"  Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Hafiz (1320 – 1389).

    "God has no religion"  Mahatma Ghandi.

    "More than ever, the world needs optimism, hope and unity"  Anon.

    • virginia says:

      What a magnificent quote from Mahatma Ghandi: "God has no religion."

      That is one that I have never heard of, so thank you for giving it to us on this forum.  Makes one really think.

      I wonder what the great Mahatma would say to those who are now spraying us and all creatures on earth with deadly toxins that will, if not stopped, be the ultimate disaster we face (other than Hillary's nuclear plans)?  If only the general population would awaken – but having tried so many, many times to educate those who are brain dead, I find it a daunting task.  However, we must never give up. We must hang in there together; keep 'our voices heard'' and be optimistic – for everything changes – We will win.  Peace.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks, Virginia,

      Another relevant quote regarding God/religion/mysticism:  "There are many paths up a mountain, but only one mountain top"

  52. Wayne Koppa says:

    I agree, infowars is absolutely wrong on GeoEngineering.  Far more devastating than believed.  It would be interesting to see what the planet would look like if 70+ years of GeoEngineering planetary destruction could be undone.

    • Dennie says:

      "The best disinformation is ninety-eight percent truth, two percent bullshit."  — Michael C. Ruppert

      Ruppert was never a "fan" of the Judas goat hijacker of the 9-11 Truth Movement a.k.a. Alex Jones, and spoke very clearly to inform of the outright untruths and fabrications Jones would put in his hysterical diatribes.  It's also pretty well understood that Jones' InfoWars shares the exact same mission statement as the Israeli-owned Intel outfit, Stratfor, also based in Austin, TX, and launched the same year as Jones.  Read this before "They" take it down:

    • Wayne Koppa says:

      In defense of Alex Jones, he is trying to awaken a zombie American population.  Your esoteric but truthful reports would result in blank stares in many Americans.  War / fraud / corruption / lies / etc that Alex Jones pushes is something everyone should understand since we are all victims of it everyday among so many other things.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, about INFOWARS and Alex Jones, as I stated in my news program, though I do acknowledge and appreciate his front-line reporting on specific issues that is accurate, his position on the state of the climate (on which all of our lives depend) could not be more wrong. I have sent a great deal of front line data to the INFOWARS group, none of which they have apparently examined. The climate implosion (and the part climate engineering is contributing to it) is not about opinion, it is about completely undeniable front line facts. INFOWARS is undermining the fight to expose and halt climate engineering (due to their unimaginably incorrect narratives and stance on the state of the climate), this is not OK. The future of our planet and all life is at stake. There is no valid excuse for an “independent” news source being so far off base on such a critical subject. The “environmental” organizations and communities deserve every bit as much criticism as they too are in criminal denial of reality. But in their case, it is the climate engineering issue itself that they are unwilling to face. There is more than enough denial to go around, on all sides of the fence. If this denial persists, bridges will not built, the “tribes” will not unite, and the battle will be lost.

    • virginia says:

      A question for Dane…(in reply to his comments re Alex Jones):  Is there anything that we who comment  here can do in a concerted effort to appeal to Jones to, at least, examine the data on Geoengineering?  Is it possible to create a petition that we can all sign?  It seems that there should be something we could do to get to this guy.  Thank you for your efforts.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, about your question, yes, emailing the INFOWARS group to ask them why and how they are so incredibly off base on the state of the climate is worth trying (though as I stated, they have so far been unmovable on their radically false position). They are not the only large “independent” news site that is parroting the desired narrative of the climate engineers. There is the “What Really Happened” site (which, again, also covers many issues accurately, but is unimaginably off base in regard to the state of the climate (and in total denial of climate engineering). Ed Griffin’s site, etc. All such “independent” news sites that claim the planet is “cooling” and that “global warming is a hoax” are completely discrediting the independent news community and thus harming the effort of exposing and halting climate engineering. The planet is in a state of total meltdown and climate engineering is helping to fuel the fire. That is a very simple and factual conclusion to comprehend. Why are some “independent” news sources behaving like they are lobbyists for big oil and the geoengineers? There is no way to know, but such behavior and such narratives are extremely harmful to the anti-geoengineering effort. I have attached the link for the public response I had to post in response to some of the disinformation put out by Mr. Griffin in the past. Griffin is the organizer of the coming “global warming is a hoax” disinformation event to take place in AZ this December. Keep this in mind when examining the post I have linked below, every year since this post was done has been yet a new record warm year (2016 will beat the record again). A final point, the “environmental” groups are harming the effort to expose climate engineering (the most dire environmental cataclysm of all) every bit as much with their criminal denial of the climate engineering issue. FYI

    • paul fowler says:

            According to Alex Jones his father had worked with the CIA . You know how the old saying goes " the nut doesn't fall far from the tree" .

    • TNgeoWatch says:

      I just watched Danes Infowars interview. It looks like Alex acknowledges the government as a major issue





    • virginia says:

      Dennie: Thanks for the link to stratfor and Jones connection.  I had read some time before, but in light of the comments, it was a helpful refresher.

      I think the key to determining Jones' role on the internet is to carefully look for all the topics that he does not cover, or even mention. And to whose benefit?  Foreign situations now occurring in Middle Eastern countries and our participating role would be a starter.For all it's worth, I think he has a huge question mark after his name.

      Good link, Dennie and thanks much for it.

    • Andrew Hess says:

      How many interviews has Dane had with Alex?  I believe only one.  Now, how and why wouldn't Infowars invite Dane back onto the show, especially considering Alex's admission during the interview that the geoengineering programs were worthy of much concern?  The answer is he's clearly maintaining a limited hangout narrative.  By doing this, he's creating a dichotomous discourse for his audience which squarely limits the climate discussion to right vs. left terms.  The result effectively makes the notion of climate engineering impossible to think about because the whole argument has been framed differently.  And yes, his interruptions of people like Quayle when weather warfare is mentioned are blatant.  If jones is interrupting, he doesn't want the message broadcasted.  

      It's unfortunate, this situation.  Here we have a major alternative media outlet that is clearly beholden to some agenda, just like the mainstream media.  Wolf in sheep's clothing.  

      P.s. Jones's mispronunciation of Dane's name as Dave during the interview was no accident.  That was clearly a slight designed to bolster Jones's position that he isn't terribly informed about the issue.  Hogwash.  Who's Dave wigington?  What is climate engineering?  Seems like a serious situation here, we better do something.  Last time "Dave" is on the show.  Infowars is a serious letdown, and not only on this issue. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dennie.

      Excellent Work.

    • Dennie says:

      @virginia:  Jones is a KNOWN disinformation agent– NO question about it.  "98 per cent truth; 2 per cent bull." 

      In other words, if I'm right 98 per cent of the time and everyone knows that, then you'll probably believe me when I tell you the wrong stuff, whether on purpose or not, the rest of the time.  Think about it.  That's how this works.

    • penny says:

      Jones works against informing people on several levels.  For one, by sowing cognitive dissonance.  He will go on a rant about how 'they' are trying to divide and conquer… then post rants by himself and others (PJWatson is especially happy to participate) about blacks, women, immigrants, atheists, etcetera – all with the obvious intent to divide and conquer.  Obviously, his agenda is destructive.

      He also uses not-so-subtle (puerile, really) but effective means of diminishing the impact of speakers' comments – and this was painfully obvious in the interview with Dane, where he almost never got his name right, and oftentimes seemed to be letting his attention wander, as if there were sooo many more important things to think about.  I thought that interview was more a disservice to humanity than otherwise.

      Another famous tactic: the hystrionic rant.  Those who can bear to listen to his fulminations are likely to find them cathartic, and to go no further than that.  Those who might otherwise have agreed with him but find him repugnant, may change their opinion based on their gut reaction to him.

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Take just a nibble of InfoWars' fare, and you'll quite likely find something tasty.  Swallow it whole, you'll be nauseated.

  53. Eva says:

    Thank you for another informative update.  I just read the following on World Net Daily today:

    Feds Plan To Force Vaccinations

    • renate says:

      From Mission BC canada.

      You can bet every vaccine for any virus is all man-made. Every disease/virus has a patent, just like the Zika virus. Question you have to ask, who’s making all the money, is the government paying big pharma from our taxes for our own demise … 


  54. Trevor says:

    The book/movie The Giver if watched with an opened mind should wake someone quick. Climate control is mentioned and used in the story. Still sounding the alarm here. hope everyone is doing the same .  god speed

  55. Seeing Clearly says:

    There's a headline that says global warming will suffocate us.

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