Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 3, 2015


How did the horizon grow so dark? How did "civilization" get so far off track? Many focus only on the global elite's insatiable quest for endless wealth, power, and control, but there is an underlying causal factor that has most directly allowed things to get this bad. Those who are "just doing their job" or "just following orders" are the basis on which a small number of the mentally deranged power brokers can wreak havoc around the globe. This paradigm has now gone on to the point that all life is in the balance. The global controllers are doing everything they can to hide countless unfolding cataclysms from a so far completely apathetic population. It is up to all of us to help expose reality while there is yet time to make a difference. What will you do to help with the effort to pull back the curtain in order to fully expose the crimes of the power structure? Get educated and get involved, time is not on our side.
Dane Wigington

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  1. scott says:

    When they (the insane elites) started spraying here in Wisconsin back in 2012 it all then started to spiral down hill. I have a place in the northwoods here and before the sprays came our forests here, were plush and beautiful. The fall colors in October were just wonderful and vibrant. But now my wife and I when we go up there, we both notice certain tree species, i.e.,(poplars, ash, cherry, some brush and ferns to name a few) being totally diseased. They,re foliage becomes spotted, turns brown or black and crisp then fall off. This is whats happening right now this October. We also noticed this year that our wild raspberry bushes were real early ripening in August than they would in late September and are also on the decline. Before the sprays, I could see pristine blue skies during the days and brilliant star lite nights up north. You wouldn't ever see or hear a high altitude jet in this area. Now you see them spreading they're deadly web across the skies on certain days and especially at night when I'm seating at our backyard campfires. I even now see and witness that when were suppose to have thunderstorms…[and we use to get some real big electrical cloud to ground ones back before the sprays]…are nothing but little sky flash with little thunder. Big deal, I only counted maybe two or three this year alone of little thunderstorms where we live in Wisconsin and that's nothing to compare with on what we use to experience back before the cem-sprays. These idiots are destroying our planet and should be hung for they're crimes on us, the animals and every living thing on earth, …Period!

  2. As an engineer (retired), one thing I have wondered about is the production of the microscopic (nano-sized) particles of the heavy metals used. I would have thought this was a very specialised operation (outside of my experience) especially as the quantity involved must be produced on an industrial scale. It makes me wonder where this is being manufactured, who is producing it and who is transporting it. Being such a covert operation, I suspect this will be difficult/impossible to find out. Shame, as it might then be possible to organise protests at this site(s) which would bring a lot of much needed publicity to this cause.

    As a member of Greenpeace, I am aware of the effectiveness of such things as witnessed by the recent abandonment of oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean by Royal Dutch Shell, almost certainly due in part of high-profile Greenpeace actions. They could have possibly been involved in this and I have already pressed one of their fund-raisers to highlight geoengineering more.

    I do like the idea of printed t-shirts as mentioned by Dennie (yellow, to go with my anti-fracking one) but you need an event to utilise them. Pie-in-the Sky I know but a nice thought.

    I managed to get a lengthy comment about the threat of geoengineering in national daily online newspaper this week resulting in just two sneering replies! I sometimes despair.

    • Martha says:

      Please don't despair over the ignorant, snarky replies of lost losers (or paid trolls).  I found your comments to be the sanest and most accurate of them all.  I could feel your conviction and power behind them.  I believe that the truth will seep into the minds of those that read them, at least eventually and I do hope sooner rather than later.  Truth has a way of hanging around even though it may not appear that way.  Lies tend to be short lived in the mind, which is why they're repeated so often.  Please keep voicing and writing the truth, it's powerful and vital.  Thank you for speaking out! 

  3. Brian Sidney says:

    Is it just me or is Dane starting to pack a big stick!? How did one man march so long against so much denial and resistance to get us, the geo-community, to this crossroad? Maybe the pilots and ground crews will look over the pipes and barrels and see their children looking back at them. Children who would like a future, thank you very much. Perhaps it is they who begin the great change.

  4. Marni says:

    Dane, this entire video sums up what is on my mind all the time. This is a perfect package for me to send out to my contacts. The combination of info you are presenting in this video….if this doesn't wake people up and snap them out off their slumber, I don't know what will.

    Thank you.

    • Sharon says:

      They are spraying heavy in NW Arkansas today. The sky was clear blue but now full of stripes that are spreading out and blanketing the sky with white/gray haze. Sigh.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Late mid-afternoon yesterday in the S.F. Bay Area a cool wind came up, rather strong, out of the northwest, around 3:00 and blew fairly constantly until around 7 p.m.  Approaching sunset there was an odd-looking brownish-gray haze over the western Coast Range hills of Marin County, CA U.S.A., and I could see some nasty-looking shreds of lower, darker clouds that had a rain-bearing appearance, shooting up and down over the tops of the hills, like the crazy amusement-park ride for psychopaths that they are.  The clouds now look NOTHING like the ones that usually brought us rain here in California, before 1995 or so. 

      With all the odd weather around 5-6:00 p.m. it was also very cold, you could feel the ice nucleation crap "they" put in this– really, really weird, even by the As-Already-Weird, Business-As-Usual Manufactured Weather we've grown accustomed to seeing; one acquaintance described yesterday's weather here as "creepy," and I agreed.  Sometime overnight, it rained; the streets bore the signs of some puddling and small run-off, but in the face of the nasty Droughting Programs this is like spitting into the Mississippi and expecting to see it reverse flow.&nbsp.

  5. SD says:

    Another engineered rain/snow event heading for SoCal Sun night. Early October snow in the local mtns is historically a very RARE event, but this is the sixth or seventh CONSECUTIVE year with snow in early Oct.

    This type weather system is intended to suppress brush fire danger and does nothing to alleviate our drought. Both the Butte and Valley fires will be 100% contained by Wed.  SoCal temps will skyrocket back to 95F by next weekend.

    The Geoengineers generally operate on a 7 day SCHEDULE and control or modify every aspect of our local weather now.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      We noticed up here in Marin that "They" used to take Sunday off– not any more– "They" must be feeling really, reeeally DESPERATE about something.. even as we see The Writing on The Wall from folks like Stephen Hawking that if "mankind" wants to survive, they had better hop to and get the Hell off of Planet Earth within the next two hundred years.. and then, what– we'll have the planet to ourselves, at last, maybe??

      An article in the S.F. Chronicle from late this week, coulda been the Fri. edition, featured University of California, Berkeley (it's "Cal," guys– GO, BEARS!) department of geophysics talking about the last time there was a mass extinction event here on Planet Earth.  They reported that it was a confluence of large widespread volcanic activity and a very large meteor strike that splashed down into the Caribbean off of Yucatan, Mexico.  They said it not only wiped out the dinosaurs but about 75% of the animals and birds that were here at the time, but never fear, not to worry– everything came roaring back, "only" 500 thousand years later!!  What a "silver lining," huh? 

      The problem with "God" is that He has ZERO understanding of how WE are stuck having to experience linear time.

    • Marc says:

      Thanks for the link, Tim. However, in spite of a whole lot of relevant information in this very long (2 and 3/4 hrs) presentation, there WAS NOT ONE SINGLE REFERENCE TO THE MASSIVE GEOENGINEERING CAMPAIGNS ALREADY UNDERWAY AROUND THE GLOBE AND IN THE ARCTIC. That such an obvious and important factor was completely left out of the discussion smacks of design, and renders the whole discussion woefully incomplete, if not irrelevant. I confess, I don't get it. Either this "researcher" is willfully blind, an idiot, or has chosen to edit geoengineering out of the equation. She is following faithfully in the footsteps of several of her mentors, including Peter Wadhams, Guy McPherson and others. Here again, there is alot of good information for the average Joe on the street who is not up to speed on the gravity of our situation, but at the end of the day, to have consciously excluded any reference or discussion of geoengineering goes well beyond the "oops! I forgot!" factor. Reeks of design and agenda.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Hey Marc, don't be so harsh on Peter Wadhams. He has probably received multiple death threats and more than the one warning/attempt on his life.   I think he is quite brave to say as much as he does, and hope that he returns alive from his current trip to the Arctic.

  6. Lookedup says:

    Thank you Dane for fighting for us.  My husband and I are ready to fight, too.  People seem to have blinders on them.  We have talked to many and they think we are crazy conspiracy theorists.  We are not going to give up.

  7. Jeff says:

    Another refreshing connection of some big dots.Thank you Dane for bringing this topic out.

    I have been following "The Great Work",a group of videos put out by another brave man named Mark Passio. I think any one on this comment post would find his work interesting. Mark has a number of youtubes,the one directly connected to this topic,of order followers,is "Mark Passio's message to the police and military". I hope you find time to check it out.

    Thanks again Dane for your courage,and determination.

  8. Denyse Hurley says:

    The new Tesla X SUV has a biohazard switch.  Why would new cars be coming out with the means to keep the occupants save from the outside air??

    "  With the car's massive air filter, Musk said that the Tesla X has a "Bioweapon Defense Mode" that will protect you against different bacteria, gases, and possible apocalyptic scenarios"

    Doesn't that tell us something???  

    • Kara says:


    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Welll, it says that at least SOME of the Powers That Shouldn't Be ARE in The Know about what's REALLY going on, or at least what other of those "powers" have been planning, actually.  And while he's at it, why doesn't Mr. Musk also include in the list of noxious agents to be hyper-HEPA'd outta the new gazillion-dollar Tesla all the various nano-particulate metals, dangerous fungi, bacteria, blood cells, radionuclides, nanocrap like Morgellons fibers, and ice-nucleation chemicals, like we're being treated to in the Bay Area today?  That'd be just as helpful, since we all of us have to deal with that crap 24/7/365 and apparently, "forever," as Guy McPherson put it.

      Very very warm here yesterday, today was much cooler on awakening.  Late in the afternoon a wind blew in and it was cold.  We in the symphony were freezing onstage for the big Beatles tribute group concert around the Marin County Civic Center Lagoon– no one could have imagined the weather turning so cold so quickly as it did today.  Still, thousands came out, a great audience, all bundled in jackets, cozy hats, wraps and throws, and blankets.  Of course, people still want to have a good time.  When we got to accompanying the Fab Four on "Imagine," all I could think was what if every one of those people got informed about the reality of geoengineering?

  9. Ray says:

    Hello Dane – and world,

    Thank you for addressing the lies.  I knew of Pat Tillman, and immediately recognized he had uncovered 'the dope deal' in the middle east – we had a similar problem in Viet Nam, black C130 aircraft full of illegal drugs to help support our CIA overseas, but these missions were always classified "Top Secret" – and almost impossible to prove who was responsible, is it any coincidence that Bush senior was CIA director at the time?

    With our military enlisted, our oath stated we would obey the orders from the Commander in Chief, and our superiors, all according to the UCMJ, the only exception was that we did not have to obey an unlawful order – but we were young, 18 years old, and did not have the legal resources available to determine exactly what was a legal order – with no recourse we obeyed, and hoped we could live with that decision.  I, myself spent 3 days in the brigg on bread and water for refusing to obey what I thought was a 'crazy' order – the Captain of the ship, Captain J.J. Flynn told me at Captains Mast that if the Viet Nam "Police Action" was a "War" that I could have been shot.  How do you find an attorney on board ship, on the high seas – before someone pulls the trigger?  You can't.  If you don't blindly obey – you die.

    Funny part was, before leaving the Navy, Captain Flynn was leaving the ship, off to the Pentagon to become Admiral, and he told me that he respected me for standing my ground, and that I should seriously consider the Warrant Officer program.  Two faced, rotten, no good, son-of-a-bitch.  I vowed never to work for the federal govt in any capacity – ever.  But our stories were overshadowed by the news media, and how we were all baby killers – those of us that had touched the 'tip of the iceberg' never had an opportunity to share our stories.  If you mentioned military service while applying for a job – you were guaranteed no job.

    I want to fly my flag today Dane, but I can't.  I want this country to be what our founding fathers wanted – but it isn't.  I am so ashamed to what this country has become.  Shame on all those money mongers.  Money and power is only an illusion given to us by the great deceiver – both are meaningless when there is no food, and no one left to order about.

    I pray the veil of deception is lifted from us all – and it is – for each and every person you share with about GeoEngineering is another step to the Truth.  May we all be there when it happens – in harmony – not hatred.

    From a very dry Central California – be well Dane, and continue to persevere.

  10. Nicole says:

    Arctic Group begging for geoengineering:
    They want to spray spray spray, migrate the rest of it, UN authorized and supervised. It's all right there in the open, you'd have to blind in the brain and not just the eyes not to get it by now.
    How do we change the minds of those clinging to this insanity?

  11. Terri says:

    what is the only country in the world to actually use a nuclear bomb on civilians? Answer? The United States.  What is the only country to be involved in 208 of 238 conflicts since world war II .  answer? America. 

    How many people have died? 8 million. how many more will die before people learn to stay STOP! enough!! no more! 

    The American government is blood thirsty. Its citizens bang the drum for more war and sacrifice their children to any and every conflict a total stranger tells them to. Politicians are strangers. I would bet there isn't 1 in 100 people that have actually even met a politician that rules your life. what does a person know about them? nothing? how is it that people will send their sons and daughters off to die in foreign wars for the profit of someone else based on the opinion of someone they have never seen or met? how is it that people can be brainwashed to murder for profit? 

    an unwillingness to see things for what they are instead of what they want them to be. The true threat the to the world are those willing to murder for hire and those who are eager to send them to do so. The United States is responsible for the murder of millions. how does this make them ''exceptional''? exceptional in the brainwashing perhaps or perhaps exceptional in the amount of blood they bathe in.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Beautifully stated Terri. No wonder other nations have come to view America as the Great Satan. We have been hijacked by evil forces and foreign interests. How are the American people and the people of the world going to rectify this situation? We must not fall prey to the globalist lunacy that is being unleashed upon all nations. I pray for a peaceful solution to this crisis- for the benefit of every living thing.

    • Terri, as to sons and daughters being sent to kill and be killed by strangers: they call it patriotism, which is another word for nationalism. Emma Goldman “Conceit, arrogance and egotism are the essentials of patriotism” …Albert Einstein “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”…George Orwell “Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self-deception.”

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      There is but ONE THING that neither the troika or the Communists, or the Globalists, so much as gave lip service to, and that is this:  Geography trumps all.  And people will protect the resources that they are sitting upon.

  12. Andrew from scotland says:

    Just sent out this addendum to my Noctilucent Cloud email

    Dr Malcolm Light has pointed out that TODAY, 3rd Oct 2015, is the mean transition time from a naturally varying global weather system to one entirely controlled by the massive (hockey stick) build up of methane in the atmosphere…based on the Goddard Institute of Space Study data.  

  13. Wolkenwolf says:

    This all reminds me when as a child watching the movie called 'The Time Machine'. The time machine takes the man into the future where he finds people very mellow and docile. All books have been destroyed and the few that remain turn to dust when touched. The people, however, were happy and none rebellious and when the whistle blew at meal time they marched obediently into the cave to be eaten. The man(Let say, OH….Dane Wigington) tries in desperation to awaken the people as they march toward the cave. Other movies I found interesting was 'Network' and 'Rosemary's Baby' both very revealing.

    I was reading yesterday that there have been 296 or so (look under 'Mass Shootings in 2015)mass shooting across America. From January 1 until yesterday in Oregon. Most shooters are unknown, but they must reveal a few shooters for the main stream media to instill fear of guns. They want your guns. As history tells us, people are easier to kill and enslave unarmed. The police alone have murdered over 800 Americans across our country so far this year as well. We must not continue to be docile. People must have self-respect for their freedom to be respected.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Freedom comes from overcoming the vibration of FEAR, owning a gun feeds the energy of FEAR and perpetuates that karma.  Can guns save us from all the toxins in our atmosphere?

  14. carol freiberg says:

    Geoengineering is about genocide. Yes, is can control the jet stream and manipulate weather but the constant bombardment of toxic substances eventually makes people very sick. The toxic haze here in rural Idaho is obvious. Not sure why more people don't notice. As long as we allow psychopaths  to control our destiny we will only get more of the same. Insanity.

  15. Thank you for all you do Dane. This week whilst on holiday in Southport, UK, I had to spend an hour with my brother's 21 year old grandson so took him into the local library to show him your website on the public P.C's. Also another close to my heart, Vactruth,com.

    This was after I had earlier pointed out the tell-tale, ever-expanding, criss-crossing trails across the sky and resulting silver-white haze over an otherwise clear blue sky. He said they just did not look right and I explained what was going on. Your images showed the same effect.

    Surprisingly, he took quite an interest and was alarmed to see the hard facts shown there about what is sprayed and the health/environmental effects is has. Having been an online `political activist' for many years, I will not use FB as I firmly believe it is used (possibly created) by the NSA/GCHQ eavesdroppers to track all we say and do, along with all we communicate with, to build up dossiers on `troublemakers'. Btw, I am also very anti- Fracking, attending  protests/rallies and am wearing my yellow `Frack Free Lancashire' tee shirt right now complete with it's Red Rose emblem, as our government is hell-bent on doing it here despite a council NO vote.

    However, I was pleased to learn he would spread the news around his contacts and told him – If people like you and I don't inform others, this disastrous activity will just continue to it's natural end. 

    Regretfully, not using FB does limit my ability to spread the news as I would like to. I admit to being reluctant to `burdon' my few friends and family on there, already having a reputation as a Doomer/Gloomer. People do not welcome bad news and I am sure others feel this way. I therefore feel guilty right now and will have to reconsider things given the gravity of the situation. Best wishes.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I met a high school friend whom I haven't seen for ten years for dinner recently.  She was brought up very devoutly Roman Catholic, went R.O.T.C. right after attending an exclusive private Catholic all-girls high school in Marin County, CA, went career U.S. Army, met her husband in reserve training, had (only) two kids and then they got nice steady "gub'mint" jobs after retiring from military service.  She is soooo "good," she never ever questioned anyone in any position of "authority" her entire life– whatever the Higher Ups say, YOU DO!!  No matter the new generation of WMDs her Lords and Masters have come up with, "WE go to mass EVERY Sunday!"  The definition of "cognitive dissonance" (or did you notice, I want to say).  The very definition of Mind-controlled Slave.

      You can't even think about having a real conversation with someone like this, who tries to ask you what you've "been up to," couldn't possibly begin to understand and doesn't wanna really know anyway, has NO idea what the military does in reality and tells you that she doesn't know what to do with all the free time now that they're retired– seriously– I just let her talk and mostly went "um-hmmm" for two hours, between having to look at bunches of pictures of the three little grandsons and hearing about the various European cruises she was trying to decide to go on.  Well, it must be GREAT living your life on SOMA, huh– how 'bout them apples??

      I'm seriously thinking of making up a few anti-geoengineering T-shirt prototypes.  I haven't seen anything like this on anyone here in northern CA, U.S.A., but judging from all the people I've met recently who know about it, I think it's the right time to come out with this now and it would be great to get this going.

    • BaneB says:

      I hold my head high as a cynic!  How can a thinking person not be given the state of affairs. One can be cynical, not depressed, and mix in a bit of humor too.  Seeing the human condition for what it is given all the obvious threats to life on our good earth is to say one is concerned and desires to push on the rudder of a ship we know is going to hit the proverbial iceberg.  The vast majority of people don't want to deal with the threats to their way of life.  They become depressed.  They prefer a repressed defeatist mindset that can only be cured by continuing to party in the face of our looming global catastrophe.  Good for you for standing tall in the winds of change that will sweep the current disorder into the dustbin of history.

  16. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 75th email to my contact list titled 'Noctilucent Clouds"

    1.  Here is NASA's take on Noctilucent clouds.  It is not so much what she says ("..long distance teleconnections in the atmosphere") that is worrying, it is what she implies or doesn't say….think Projects Lucy and Alamo.

    Also see  (and follow the links!)

    Again, please study this chart

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      I meant to include that for NASA's video to show a picture of cows when her dulcet voice talks about massive methane release is absolutely absurd.  Subliminal spin or what…

  17. russ elder says:

    Dane——–following orders didnt work in the Nuremberg Trials may we live to see it in "our" own country.You keep me going buddy. Cant thank you enough.

  18. Dennie Mehocich says: was the creation of one of four original 9/11 Truth movement founders, the late Michael C. Ruppert, former L.A.P.D. detective and whistleblower.  Here is a link to the Tillman Files, written by Stan Goff, Military/Veterans Affairs Editor, from the archived blog:

  19. Lady Professor says:

    Dane – thank you for all you do.  Even the academic community is hard-pressed not to support you but there's always the career path that 'must' be protected.  But those of us know, know.

    As an reference to geo-engineering, I thought you may wish to view this video as in the inside job that was 9/11, a spoof of the Bee Gees singing 'Stayin' Alive'.  Very relevant as to what geo-engineering is today.  Keep up the good work.  You are doing your part to save mankind.

  20. Michel B says:

    Where I live, 80% of our state is in the worst drought ever. One farmer is committing suicide each week. The food bowl of this country is being devastated. It is the driest continent on earth after Antarctica, but our normal weather and climate systems are very skewed in very recent years. Geoengineering is very obvious once you learn to recognize it, which means you can actually first admit it with your own conscience.

    Most of the population is concentrated in the capital city and the surrounds in the south east corner of the state and the rest of the state is very large. But when it rains, it now only rains in this small south east corner. It rains over the major dams which supply the now privatized water supply to the majority of the state's population.

    The drought is barely mentioned in the mass media. When it is, it shows 'battlers' and some charity runs to send money to farmers so they can feed their families. No mention or insights on how this drought is so pervasive and long lasting and out of the normal.

    The tops of trees are are in a bad way, the sun feels extremely hot and storms are seldom and severe. They also appear to be killed off very quickly when they occur. I can recognize the HAARP signature in the look of the clouds and I can tell the difference between Geoengineering clouds and normal 'puffy' clouds. Though, the normal puffy type are always fraying away on their edges which is a sign of the dessicating effects of the aerosols in the atmosphere. Most people have forgotten what normal puffy clouds should really look like.

    Back in the 70s and 80s, it was normal to get those big ol' thunderhead storms roll in every afternoon at 3pm or so in summer and just boom and crackle lightning and pour out wonderful drenching rains. No more. When storms appear, they are ferocious looking, short lived, severe, associated with extraordinary amounts of lightning and fizzle out very quickly. Often they hardly drop any rain a few sort of big sparse drops, or result in a very heavy downpour in a small area. Though, the other capital city south of mine receives very flooding rains and very severe storms.

    Though, I do keep meeting people who are aware of what is going on. More and more there will be an accelerating building of awareness. At the moment it is worth the while of TPTB to silence those that speak out as most of the population is buried in the lie. But once the lie is out in the open it will be interesting to see what they do. Obama wants more gun restriction. It is easy to see why. When the population grows uneasy over dwindling resources, it will be armed and pose a threat to official forces. It has nothing to do with stopping mass shootings. They are just a red herring in the gun control debate. 

  21. dea says:

    I played as a child at Santa Susanna and chatsworth parks in 1959– grew up in the valley.  worked at Fairchild and lived next to Rockwell in Canoga park……    They wanted to build homes next to that site….I heard it was 14 rods….they wanted to cool them with sulfur instead of water Scary!!!! After the three Mile island syndrome Ucla Students found papers from one of the engineer who became a professor there and still people don't know. My family never understood why I moved here to Placerville, I'm glad they didn't spray here today…the storks have been migrating hundred's of them they are headed for Lodi I think. Thank you. Stay well

    • Nigel says:

      I have a good friend who lives in Placerville. She's awake, but not actively involved .  I think she feel alone in it there. I was flattered the other day when someone called me an activisit! 

  22. I like all the comments I am reading here and wanted to say that I have been having some luck meeting others through this comment blog on Danes informative articles. I have been working on the idea of networking through email and social media. If we can work together this movement will grow very strong. Even in the midst of mass extinction I believe it is important to work on healing our relationship with nature and the environment. This is also a spiritual battle. Thanks Dane for providing this space and staying the course. End Geoengineering!

  23. Nigel says:

    Thank you Dane for your unwavering attitude toward this all important issue. I have a decent size FB following and have been posting article, links to this site, and sky pictures I take from my patio. I'm getting feedback, and it's usually someone who gets the courage to respond with something they have found. Most people have a herd mentality and look for someone else to take the lead. My daughter told me about chemtrails over 15 years ago and I thought she was crazy! .. now I'm sending her stuff! I came around about 10 years ago, but there was very little to find online. I love the Billboards, and wish we could do more of them. Perhaps a "Blimp"? everyone looks up at those, and they have electronic moving signs.. Probably costs a lot, but we could impact millions in one day, and have the website url scroll across to show the resource. 

  24. The cabal is powerless without human consent. Public silence is implied consent, which means doing nothing to stop crime empowers more of the same. This is so, because freewill choice is 'Power' to which the one and only Power which gives us breath awareness, and freewill, and creates worlds, stars, galaxies, and universes, responds in kind.

    There are no authority figures without our consent. Please contemplate deeply, and share the fact that every election vote is 'consent' that empowers illusory authority figures [separation consciousness] and extreme assault on life. All lives are on the line here and time is short!

    Never in history has a tract of humans 'pulled together'. Let's change this. Withdrawing consent by no longer voting in elections empowers people of good conscience to change the course of history, rather than continue to allow extreme assault on us and natural systems all life depends for survival.

    Is it wiser and safer to withdraw consent to extreme assault on life now by not voting, or face the formidable task of trying to undo what we unsuspectingly ‘consented to’, after the cell gate is closed and locked?

    • Tom Liccione says:

      Yor comments, Doreen, bring to mind a quote by P.J. O'Rourke:

      "One of the annoying things about believing in Free Will and individual responsibility is the difficulty of finding somebody to blame your problems on. And when you do find somebody, it's remarkable how often his picture turns up on your driver's license"

    • Joan says:

      Unfortunately, in the U.S. with manipulated electronic voting machines accounting for at least 90% of results, elections are rigged. 

  25. Rob The Scot says:

    We require an earth army for saving the planet against the corrupt elites around the world  who's only interest is in wealth  and themselves 

    • Terri says:

      no more Armies period. enough is enough. no more killers for hire. once one is created it is never disbanded. individuals who are capable of thinking for themselves would be preferred. people who know how and are willing to say NO. willing to believe their own eyes and senses instead of abdicating all thought and belief to another.  may we live to see that day.

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

      the Bankers' goal is to exterminate most of us and control the world!!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Terri, I think that by “earth army” Rob The Scot was NOT meaning a military force, but rather “a cohesive group of people world-wide with effective leadership, command, control and communications, that has the aim of  stopping atmospheric spraying, avert extinction and save the planet”. Or something like that!

  26. Colton says:

    Dane, again, I can't thank-you enough for your campaign against the atrocities being committed against this planet on a daily basis.
    Even though it may not seem so apparent, people are waking up at an ever-increasing rate. I like when you show graphs and hard-data on the steady increase of temperatures around the globe. I always show the diagrams to friends whenever I get a chance. I also liked when you showed us live footage of climate engineering in action, when you went into the forest and showed the plants were dying and how the leaves were sprouting in February even though they weren't supposed to come out until spring time. It's hard, hard evidence that I find is hard to reject or debunk. If you maybe did more of those and released more graphs and images it would help people understand the situation a lot easier. I watch and listen to all your videos, but for those who have a short attention span it may be easier to just show them an image or a video of the effects it's having on the trees. All things aside, keep doing what you're doing. We need more people like you to sound the alarm and wake up more people to the reality that our days on this planet are numbered if we don't act soon.
    with much respect, Colton.

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