Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 31, 2015


Dane Wigington

The geoengineering atrocities are wreaking so much havoc around the globe that even the power structure owned and controlled media outlets are now unable to avoid the climate engineering discussion. The cover of the November 2015 issue of National Geographic is focused on the "proposal" of global geoengineering. This is the feature article within the issue. "Popular Mechanics" has also just addressed the geoengineering and its "potential" utilization for suppressing hurricanes. Historical records prove beyond doubt that climate engineering has been fully deployed on a substantial scale for over 65 years (hurricane suppression for over 53 years), so why do major publications continue to lie about this blatant reality? Because that is what they are paid to do. Once global populations fully grasp the gravity of the biosphere collapse that is rapidly unfolding around them (further exacerbated by geoengineering), our paradigm will overturn. The power structure is trying desperately to hide reality for as long as possible. Unfortunately, most environmental groups and organizations are major participants in geoengineering denial. I and several other activists just attended a global warming presentation with standing room only, we made sure that the geoengineering subject was not omitted from this event. The weekly news update below covers the issues just mentioned in addition to the latest aspects of our disintegrating planet and the power structure's ongoing attempts to hide reality until the last moments. 

Regarding the  October 28th Northern California college conference I attended on climate change, astoundingly, during the entire presentation of videos and speakers (which lasted nearly 2 hours), the subjects of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and solar radiation management were not even mentioned by the presenters, not once. In the Q and A session one audience member was allowed to mention the issue which seemed to cause great discomfort to the program presenters. In the final moments of the event I stood and announced a few key points like the recent gag orders placed on NWS and NOAA employees, massive congressional reports on geoengineering,  and the fact that geoengineering must be included in any legitimate discussion on climate change. I informed the audience that free informational DVDs and flyers would be available in the hallway outside the event (we were told we were not allowed to distribute within the auditorium). I was able to corner and converse with several of the event organizers  in the hallway as they left. I have known them for years although they have long since distanced themselves from me and the geoengineering issue. On this night, they were not able to omit the geoengineering reality, or, in the end, to hide it from their audience.


It is a profound paradox that many of the people who claim to care most about the environment are all too often the ones that are most unwilling to face the greatest environmental and human health threat of all, the global climate engineering assault.


My most sincere thanks to all the anti-geoengineering activists that attended this event including Lori Bridgeford and Daphne Free who are pictured below. I am very grateful for every activists help with attending this event and distributing materials. 


It will take all of us to change the course of certain demise that we are currently on, help us to sound the alarm.

83 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 31, 2015

  1. Jane says:

    You point up to the Sky and tell somebody what do you see. A lot of them just say:
    It all looks Normal to me. Why? Because it is Normal now. People are being conditioned to think it is Normal. 
    Just looking at TV commercials and Net Flix.
    That is all that is shown.
    Man made clouds and people are eating it right up because they are either to Lazy or way too Stupid to figure out what is going on over their heads.
    It is a real shame that people these days can't use their own common sense.
    It makes no Sense.
    It is all Utter Nonsense.
    It is the fine art of deception.

  2. Rick Foote says:

    When a crop duster sprays pesticides he is responsible for where his product falls. Why aren't the chem sprayers held to the same laws?  
    Who enforces laws on Ag spraying. It seems you can prove what is being sprayed and who is doing it. Why can't they be held negligent? 
    I know Ag sprayers have to have liability insurance the same as these commercial operators participating in these government contracts. Most large commercial aircraft are owned by large financial organizations banks, leasing companies, and they have to be insured.   
    Thanks for all your great work.

  3. Jane says:

    Very soon in the distant future it won't matter because a huge amount of people and any living thing will be so Fck'd Up because of the ongoing onslaught of Spraying and Devastation that is happening from this.

    Either you will have one or more of the for-mentioned illnesses here that you will be so sick that you can't even look after yourself.

    On the other hand if you are affected by one or more of the devastation that this creates you might perish from it, just like all the people that have faced such an ordeal. 

    Crappy Aluminum filled sky's on an ongoing basis.

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    I had the most wonderful experience of breaking through to someone!  This someone is a neighbor, one year younger than I, educated, and employed in his own company and sharp as a tack.  It was Halloween and we were frantically getting all ready even as a block party was happening for the kids.  The sky was blue, not a cloud to be seen and it was warm, as Dennie said.  I said, Hi B., what a clear sky we have today!  He said yes, no contrails to be seen.  I said, contrails?-there are no such things.  He asked what on earth I meant.  I explained about high bypass turbo fan engines, and for how long these 33?, 34? years now.  He found that interesting and asked more and I explained.  The whole rap.  He said, but then, what have I been seeing?  I shrugged and gestured with my hand, like, who knows?  He kept asking questions, how this, how that, how did I know.  I explained that it is easily Wikied.  But that I never take one source.  I explained a bit about my research process, saying who knew I'd be good at this?  Then I gave him the stats that go with and the contrast to real contrails-which he should remember.  He did.  I can't begin to express my joy and wonder at watching, actually seeing his brain open up, break down, then open.  Previously, I'd sent him those documents from '78.  He'd not read them.  So, I mentioned that.  Said we have some idea of what is being sprayed via testing water and snowpack and at least some seems to be coal fly ash.  That some things we can only speculate, but this contrail thing is a fact-fact that it is a lie. If you don't believe me, B., check it out!  That one thing, that one piece really opened his mind.  I quickly mentioned an overall of what geo-engineering is doing, and why we all want it stopped, and that this is all over the world.  (Just a broad brush stroke.)  He said, Hmm.  He should ask his brother who works in this area, but he is under orders not to speak. (!!)  But works near here, (I don't know in what capacity or exactly for whom), but, he implied it was somewhere a bit north and east of San Rafael.  Said, despite secrecy, he's gonna ask him anyway.  I was very relaxed and easy about this encounter and I think that helped.  He really got it about contrails.  He is smart.  He seemed stunned, and thinking, so I didn't hammer it home.  I did follow up with an email with a bit more background and various sites he could look at.  Including my prior email.  Mentioned I had a book he could read-he does read a lot.  Rosalie Bertell's Planet Earth, The Latest Weapon of War.  Published in 2000.  Said I have an extra copy I'd be happy to loan to him.  Mentioned her impeccable background.

    I just Had to mention this.  We all know what it is like.  I sent those docs to another neighbor who claims he read them, saying he found nothing odd nor suspicious in there at all!!!!!!!!  I mean, what do you say back to that?!!!!  By contrast to the usual and unusual know it all idiots, this jet exchange was thrilling!  Just had to share!  I always thought that one would be a slam dunk!  It was!  For once!

  5. David Almanza says:

    I have always held the power of Nature as most Sacred and the fragility of it`s balance so delicate yet so strong it has withstood the vain stupidity of a thousand nuclear detonations. The Love Earth Mother and Father Spirit still show is the true Love of a protective parent for it`s children. This shows the sad fact that humans are the only living beings that continue to try to live outside the absolute self-healing Laws of the Universe. We must do  the right thing !

    • David says:

      Dane great Weekly Global Alert News. I am glad to hear about the article in the National Geographic on GeoEngineering. Did anyone see or hear about this: Rare Arabian Sea Tropical Cyclone Chapala, heads toward Yemen and Oman. This is one of only 2 Tropical Cyclones, to ever hit the Peninsula, since 1979 when record keeping began over there. Sustained winds are 130-135 mph (category 3 to 4), Chapala is expected to dish out 8 years worth of rainfall, in only 2 days. Socotra Island, home to over 700 plant species, one of them being the rare Dragon's Blood Tree, the island is going to be pounded harshly. Once again, just like Category 5 Hurricane Patricia, that struck Mexico last week, GeoEngineering has produced another act of Weather Warefare on a country!

  6. Wayne says:

    Wow…. the first “weekend” in months where the sky is relatively clear, in fact, I’ve not seen a jet all weekend. It’s amazing when they’re flying it’s one after another, I point this out to my neighbors and they shrug, people are simply not paying attention.

    • JF says:

      Here in Southern California, they had been spraying a lot last week. Then it got warmer and had some Santa Ana winds last two days, Guess what, no spraying last two days.
      I wonder if they stop spraying under certain conditions. They are forecasting rain here tomorrow. We'll see if they start up again.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      We got the same treatment in the SF. Bay Area yesterday.  Clear and cool in the morning, then H-O-T by noon time.. on Halloween..??  It must've been close to 90 here yesterday, then a cool wind came up late in the afternoon and around nightfall– loads of low fog-looking clouds came rolling over the western hills, then when I went outside about 30 minutes ago it was trying to rain.  These people doing this to our atmosphere are total and complete IDIOTS.  And the people who think what they're doing is a good idea are even worse.  I'm calling it "complementary psychoses."

    • Elena says:

      Yeah, beautiful day here in the OC, blue skies, normal looking clouds, no spraying whatsoever, a little rain last night too. It really was a relief to forget for a while, you know? Way to go, Dane and crew for the college thing, just saw it. I wonder if they had the 28th planned as some sort of climate conference day for colleges, they had their event here too on that day. They are complete idiots for what they are doing, there is nothing that can compare to real weather!, or relatively real weather, since there is no such thing as natural weather anymore. There is so much awareness here, about 50 percent of the time I go to wake somebody up I find out they already know! the rest of the time they are happy to learn about it, or rather, interested. I awoke my entire USPS store the other day, and I keep running into people who either are or were activists, like the one who was burned out and taking a break, she said there are actually support groups for those that know. Maybe I'll visit one when I am less busy.  

  7. Michelle shipka says:

    Thank you Dane. Humanity owes you everything. I'm waking up people everyday but I wish I could do more. 

  8. Bonnie Morgan says:

    Could this article have anything to do with Rupert Murdoch's influence since he has vested interests in Natl geographic channel like 67%worth. That they are writing about this so they can bring it into the open and make it legal to posion our world ? .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bonnie, I believe available data indecates the power structure will continue to try and hide the climate engineering insanity, but many cracks are developing in the dam that they can no longer plug.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Like the staging of false-flag gun violence events in schools, movie theaters and even attempted hospital shootings (I'm guessing that "They" all agreed it's just not a good idea to turn their psychopathic MK-Ultra mind-programmed-perpetrator shooters on the hospitals, in case any of "them" find themselves caught in the crossfire and actually need serious help), in order to get you to think that taking guns away from us is GOOD, even as THEY are the ones that turn them on us, I think that the Wild Card of coming out with a formal out-of-the-closet announcement about the spray programs might be played by the Powers That Shouldn't Be, one of two ways:
      1. They will continue denying it's going on, never mind all the evidence, or
      2. They will say, "Oh, why, YES, of COURSE– we need to spray you 24/7/365 and NEVER STOP, it's good for the planet, don't you know that??

  9. earthspirit says:

    so glad i found the flaming arrow package ( ) !

    now i know what i will be doing the next couple days, weeks, months…

    find a form of activism that suits you and throw yourself into it!

  10. Dane, It's difficult to express how very much we appreciate your efforts to get the attention of the supposed better educated members of our failing society. At MRG, our seventeen year effort in a clearly related field of study, for me, has ended in frustration and the inability to find joy in much of anything.that matters. The degree of ignorance and the "parking meter level of intelligence" displayed by our leaders is astounding. In California, the early on Shasta County Board of Supervisors, the Butte County Department of Air Quality in Chico and in Arizona the Pima County Departments of Air Quality come to mind. The abuse we have experienced has been unbelievable and yet it continues.

    You are a hero Dane, I hope you never let up!

  11. Ray says:

    Great work as always Dane!

    Yes, it is a miracle that life exists here on planet Earth – so many factors are critical in the balance of maintaining life – but mankind, or should I say, 'Humankind' does not fully understand why, or how it works.

    Like everything else, man has to Blow-it-Up, before figuring out how it works.  Belive it or not, this is common practice in the science community, to destructively 'test' an article to find out what it is made of. Then, the scientists will inject elements to this destructive process to find out how to manipulate that process.  Look at the Haydron Collider.  Look at spectrometer elemental analysis – it's all destructive testing.

    Like the Atomic Bomb tests on Johnson Island, where I have particular knowledge of the instruments used for radiation analysis – the lab I worked at performed the calibration on these instruments – GEOENGINEERING IS WORSE!!  There is no real oversight on the myriad programs in place – and denial from our government is proof of this.

    I heard you mention the Hydrologic Cycle awhile back Dane, and here is what NOAA says:

    As you can see from reading this, that there are many areas where GEOENGINEERING can take place wihin this cycle – it doesn't always have to be in our atmosphere, though is is the most obvious (if you can get people to look up!), it can take place at any point within the Hydrologic Cycle to have a NON-RECOVERABLE effect.  It is much like the living species that no longer exist – you will not resurrect the dead.

    The Government documents you found are really quit scarey – a real Halloween – the Principles were more worried about the Legal ramifications than the overall detrimental effect of Weather Modification – and the United States was the first to say they would NEVER use Weather Modification as a weapon against other countries!

    Bold Lies

    The really sad part about all this, is that we still don't fully understand the Hydrologic Cycle – and that's a SHAME, because much of it has already been destroyed and gone forever.

    I continue to study, and share about Geoengineering – thanks to you Dane.  Who would have ever thought you would be the Tip-Of-The-Spear?

    A very Sharp Spear, and getting Sharper.


  12. kirk Mannor says:

    I will continue to stress put all who had a hand in this in prison, they know what there doing , and I can see them spraying almost ervery day.

  13. Melody Meachum says:

    Thank you Dane and all other activists for your relentless pursuit to halt this.

    Just how much life has to be abused, mangled, destroyed before it all comes crashing down and recourse no longer an option? A paycheck and recognition…won't mean a thing in light of abject misery and suffering that will come about. And those that were part of the "protection" will have no special protections themselves in the end!

    Sure wish a white hat within the weather mod or meteorology industry would leak explicit copies of scheduled weekly weather ORDERS!


    • bb says:

      On the $ with everything you said. No one
      has even mentioned the weekly radiation
      levels we have all been exposed to. The
      scientist's name is . Please
      check out her website. Between geo engineering
      and radiation ( not including food, water, &
      product contamination) it is all too sorrowful!
      I wish Dane Divine protection. Love to Dane&all who
      visit his site daily.  

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, we certainly could use a whole group of White Hats right now.  Let's all visualize this happening.

  14. ive been trying to tell people about this for 10 years im so frustrated when i look at the skies i get sick.i just keep thinking about what the MOST HIGH GOD says in the WORD " for those who have destroyed the earth i have prepared a special place ".

  15. lee berry says:

    Hi Dane , in the uk now we get adds to explain the unstoppable rise of cancers and not just the rise the speed that this man made weapon of death is killing,now people are diagnose and are passing in weeks rather than years and because they will not tell the truth about Geoengineering and the adverse affects these Nano particular have on all life ,they chose to blame food ,the thing is Dane we have been eating these foods all our life's and yet the media continue to follow Orders ,mabey they think because they get paid to lie that some how they are protected  and safe ,to any one who reads this please please please it's time to stop this and we need the people that know to come into public protection by just being human and joining this fight for life,there will be no hiding when the powers run to there bunkers and you all will be left with the people who you have deceived for a worthless pay check and the people who will want revenge and with the powers that be nice and cosey in there protected lairs ,the people will take there anger out on all   you sorry deluded pawns .the only way to stol this is if we all get on this and do our upmost to awaken the massies ,we are moving fast as more and more wake up .rember it's now not the issue of if they are ,it stopping it before there's nothing left to save,✌️

  16. Susan says:

    Can anyone please explain to me how so many people on this planet are not seeing the unnatural chaos in the skies??????? 

    • penny says:

      They think the world is supposed to look this way, if they even notice it.  They have seen too many sci-fi films.  Most are obsessed with a 2×2 screen 99% of their waking moments, though; they haven't a clue what the sky looks like.

      That sounds completely snarky, but seriously, I think this is the biggest problem: that people are so disconnected, not just from nature but from reality itself, that they have no way of discriminating synthetic skies from natural.  And for people under 20, this is normal, as is the extended summer.  Unless they can remember having heard birds when they were kids, what yardstick can we use to alert them?  City kids are never going to know what they missed.  My heart goes out to them.

    • joe says:

      I read that if they stopped geo engineering now we would all fry!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, there is more to the equation, please examine the attached link to better answer your question.

    • kirk Mannor says:

      People are lead to false information sites , and told that these are only condensation trails, and too lazy to do more research on the subject.

  17. bija says:

    "Increasingly, we are a people estranged from critical thinking, divorced from logic, alienated from even objective truth."
    – Leonard Pitts Jr., Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist
    Seems our scientists are leading the trend!!

  18. Ron says:

    Hi Dane:  I've been following your work quite closely since I first heard about you a few years ago.  I am a business owner (financial services profession) in El Dorado Hills, CA.  As a 4th generation Californian, words cannot adequately express the pain I feel as I've witnessed our skies transforming into something that looks another planet!!! I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for all your hard work and dedication in exposing this horrific assault on humanity.  I've been trying to wake up my friends and family about geoengineering for several years.  Thankfully some have responded, although most choose to keep their head in the sand.  A few have chosen to distance themselves from me and my wife and ridicule me.  I don't care what they say, I feel sorry for them as they will all have to come face-to-face with the truth eventually.  I keep printed copies of your flyers with me in my car and briefcase and hand them out to anyone who is open to learning about this issue.  The flyers are a valuable tool, and I hope others are making use of them.  I pray that God will bless you and your family as you continue to sacrifice so much.   Thank you,  Ron.

  19. Mario says:

    MOBILIZATION. The information is there.  The science is there.  Read the comment thread and it is obvious that the passion is there.  What is missing is the MOBILIZATION. 'Occupy' failed because of a lack of a central message.  The END CLIMATE ENGINEERING issue does not lack a central message nor does it lack the data to back it up.  This is the central issue of our lives – period.  Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, Wiccan . . . it makes no difference — this affects us all as HUMANS. What is the one thread that ties all religions together? . . . living a life of purpose for the greater good of your fellow human.

    Much like the civil rights movement, this must be a grass roots movement, but with a central message (from the pulpit to the pew as MLK would say).  We have a chance to MOBILIZE.  It will require self sacrifice.  Anything less is wasted time na lip service.  Time is not on our side.  I am open for suggestions.  MeetUp dot Com?, local education chapters in every major city?, enlisting science educators at all levels?, marches?, demonstrations?, documentation?  Boycotting the local media, especially the "Raytheon weather peddlers"? I am in Sacramento and my thought is to organize a voice based on the central message of "Climate Engineering is destroying our Earth and must STOP" — and inject that message into the upcoming Sacramento Mayoral race.  I know we have some friends in Redding and Shasta that might make trip down to organize at some events.  Just some thoughts and ideas.  I am giving serious consideration to forming a MeetUp group whose goal is to educate and spread the central message, armed with a clear understanding of the science, a coherent strategy, and materials to distribute / market our message to the public.  Comment threads will only get us so far.  Dane is providing the information and the example of living a life of service for others.  It is time we start to sacrifice our time for our fellow human.  It is time to circle the wagons and get to work.

    • penny says:

      I agree 100% !  I hope you follow through with the MeetUp group, and if I were in CA I would definitely join in.  Have you considered joining the mayoral race as a candidate, or finding someone else to do so?  Because I could help you with some of the logistics of that, having run for office once myself.  It would be a way to force the media to cover you, although you can bet they will make it as unflattering as possible.  However, if you include "clean up government" as part of the platform, you will get support.

    • Ali says:

      I completely agree. I am in the Sacramento area as well. And it absolutely sickens me to the core of my being how deep the denial runs in people. My family and the majority of my friends think I need psychiatric help for believing in chemtrails etc. I have become a total outcast for trying to spread the truth. But oh well…this is the sacrifice I have accepted to help the cause to stop the lies and insanity or die trying.   Peace

  20. Greg Price says:

    I recall  a few months ago Odumma mentioned something about controlling the temperature of the climate. That was just a foreshadowing of what is happening now just as you had mentioned Dane.


    And what a surprise! Popular Science (fiction) sending another propaganda peace out just like when they lied about the 911 Towers collapsing to backup the BS information from NIST's bogus fairy tales in the 911 report.

  21. Dane,
    I watched your most excellent Sept.17th presentation tonight.
    You have truly brilliantly connected the dots. There are so many parts and layers to this web of evil, because it involves every level of life on the planet – and perhaps our planetary history as well. However the overview of GeoEngineering places what might normally be considered as abhorrent possibilities in the realm of fact. I have been searching for answers for around 30 years now – beginning with Eustace Mullens in the late 1980s. In the ancient Sanskrit text the Mahabharata is a description of strangely colored clouds of various shapes that cause cyclical planetary destruction.

    Yet with all my efforts, all the books I read, I kept trying to find a reasonable explanation, some perspective that would make these elite control-freaks more human. But tonight watching your presentation, I came to realize that frail hope as my self-deception. I just couldn’t grasp how profoundly evil these people are, how willing they are to sacrifice thousands of lives and even the health of the entire planet. Why should this come as a surprise when throughout history ambitious men with inflated egos and limited imagination have seen humans as cannon-fodder and slaves.

    If some live through this – and it won’t be me – maybe the human race has a chance to redeem itself. I remember many years ago hearing a visionary prediction from one whose name I cannot place now. But the essence was that there would be a ghastly devastating Armageddon world war. In the middle of the endless battle would occur an event so extraordinary, so soul shattering that it would overwhelm the fighting. The armies would drop their arms in shock and disbelief and go home. Let us hope there is a home to return to. Perhaps some planets do fail.

    Thank you for shining the light on these dark truths. We remain in hope.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      It is going to take a whole lot of people growing up very quickly overnight to become real adults, then roll up their sleeves and start to do the very hard work of healing this mess.  Starting with themselves, by ending their own denials and healing their own belief systems, first.  Beware "Hopaine.."

  22. G.Karl Marcus says:

    Fukushima, Passamari, Spring

    Bow-legged two-legged, leaning on his hoe
    peers for garlic,  late,  beneath the plum.
    Shirt cuffs splay like stalling wings in wind.
    He veers a stretch of sky between limbs
    and bed, tallying spears as if a golden
    gauging hares.  Planes his friends insist
    don't spray poison for many good reasons
    and returning geese persist against
    the pelt of fronts.  A neighbor's tom
    deserves his adulation.  Clouds decay
    to cumulus and haze when no fields burn.
    A fat mouse dies without a kick in yellow grass.
    Orach cotyledons pool in paths like blood.

    Early spinach vernal under hog fence hoops
    and plastic from the dump needs safe water
    from the county's deepest well.  Still, rain
    threatens,  at a hundred counts per minute,
    not him so much but kids who play next door.
    When did the world's backup generators seize?
    The missing witness, shoeless on the tape,
    muttering, stumbled- on by mistake
    in a landfill heap.  And this newest war,
    when were there debates?  He leans on stone
    to sort intrusive roots from wanted stock.
    One wind whips the town's flags all directions.

    Doves weight air a gray he shoulders
    like a bar.   Admitting defeat so late and far
    from sanctuary waves, snow geese argue
    security measures all the way to straw.  Truth
    is north and hurts worse faced head on.
    Land a million peasants hoed subsides
    while dying aspens turn a silver he can't save
    and nations crash in gardens like the sea.
    Aerosol merges white in ionized sky
    when sun unwinds in tongues that peel his ears.
    Teetering worlds lose bearings like bickering geese.
    He takes the bitch whose eyes yearn for a walk.
    She shows him when you turn you're halfway home.

    -Rockpicker, March, 2011

  23. Today in my yoga class the teacher made a snide remark about the starving children charity they support. She said with a giggle "they'll probably still be starving" these yoga new age communities are drugged with this enlightenment BS. It's really scary. These people are so zombified. I asked her if I could put up a flyer by the schedule so people can learn about geoengineering and explained that this is the root cause of the starvation in these countries. They wouldn't let me put it up nail they asked a manager. Thats corporations for you, they control eveything. People are just so out of touch with the suffering in this world, it makes me so frustrated. Well I wrote to headquarters and I'll see if they are willing to help spread the word. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Corporate-controlled YOGA?  That's really crazy.  Why not find an independent yoga instructor?  There are plenty of these in California.  Independent studios probably have bulletin boards where you can post flyers.

  24. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    Dane, I've stopped listening to the mainstream media, just like you said, "halloween costume", that's more important than striving to live! I want to see some real clouds!

  25. david K says:

    Dane, so glad we could get you on KVMR the other day.Fantastic

  26. Marc says:

    I've been surfing websites and you tube today on climate/weather related topics. Can someone please explain to me how in hell you can be a climate scientist for decades and yet appear to have never actually discovered active geoengineering going on all over the planet? Or have these guys known it all along but were under the same or similar "gag order" that the NWS and NOAA are now under? How else are we to explain the near complete blackout of any inclusion of data revealing that geoengineering is underway? Did the CIA and the NSA and the FBI or whomever, "get" to all these guys and warn them off? Really? Did these thugs actually go around to University research departments and covertly meet with the heads of weather and climate research and hand out warnings? Again, how the hell are we STILL being bamboozled by the fiction that geoengineering is only at proposal or developmental stage? And Dane's review of the Popular Mechanics article reveals just more and more of the same bullcrap. I mean, WTF!!??? Are the Pop Mechanics and NatGeo articles just another method by which the Cabal of patriarchal dickheads are choosing to legitimize their murderous agenda in the eyes of a slobbering public? Leak out tiny bits and pieces of their agenda through select media channels and monitor what happens? The whole thing is absolutely repulsive. Driving around today I noted that the skies here in St. Louis were just plain weird. Strange repeating patterns of blobby/puffy cloud structures and other weird cloud banks and disorganized smears and shapes that made no natural sense whatsoever, all together occupying the canopy from horizon to horizon. A complete bullshit sky imparting a melancholy hue to everything.

    Surely we have ALL asked ourselves, why the f**k don't these apes come clean and sit down with the American people and discuss what the hell they're trying to accomplish up there, for Chrissakes? Why? Why has this not been done? Are they such wimp-asses that they fear the potential backlash of public outrage? And so by going ahead and geoengineering the shit out of all of us for decades in "secret" somehow lets them off the hook and relieves them of the frightening responsibility of facing the public (and the world) squarely in the face and telling us just exactly what the f**k they are doing this for? This has GOT TO STOP!!! I mean to tell you, this rape of Mother has got to stop NOW!!! I feel like I'm on a seesaw, with one seat the seat of rage and the other, the seat of resignation. Every new day I'm never quite sure which seat I'm gonna climb on. Even in the course of one single day, I'll change seats several times, such is the way the magnitude of this thing plays with your mind. If I was 30 years younger, I'd be kicking serious ass but as it is, I do what I can to spread awareness. But I pick and choose who I talk to because intuition tells me who the smart-asses are, and who may be receptive. If I was a stronger personality type I'd have no problem facing some of the smug know-it-alls out there, and maybe even some of those prone to anger. But again, I do what I can. I think it's also probably the kind of thing that, like Dane admits, you never wanted to have to sign on for, but realized that once you know what the f**k these guys are doing up in those jets, you cannot in good conscience just sit in the dugout the whole goddamn game. 

    Meanwhile, Fuku radiation and methane and heavy-metal nanoparticulates are circling the northern hemisphere and slowly but surely sickening and/or killing us and everything and everyone we ever loved in this world. It makes me so sad, I can barely stand the feeling of my own heart breaking that it has turned out this way for all of us.

    • katie says:

      Wow! well said

    • Laura says:

      Marc…I can SO relate to wrote above.   There's an aspect to all of this that's simply heartbreaking, a somewhat useless emotion at a time when all energy needs to be available to effectively fight this.  The other useless emotion is anger./rage…an equally valid but useless emotion.   Both, for me, are extremely time/energy consuming….depressing.  Our numbers are increasing, and I have a sneaking suspicion that there is good reason to house some real optimism.

    • Gina says:

      Your description of the skies is perfect. And your despair reminds me of my own. But I'm afraid if people aren't already in their senses enough to even consider the unnatural chaos in the skies, why the hell should we expect them to ever feel outrage? I'm shocked daily at what people don't care about. 

    • Marc says:

      Hello Laura, I understand where you're coming from as regards your comment about the "uselessness" of heartbreak and anger as emotions. However, I think I speak for many in this fight when I say that one cannot fully comprehend what these monsters are doing to us and our beloved planet and NOT feel the full range of emotion. To feel such emotions distinguishes us from the heartless thugs and bankers behind all this mayhem. And strong emotion can help motivate us in the right direction.


    • Tom Liccione says:

      there is a thorough presentation by a NASA JPL engineer that seems to hint that something changed for the worse and a new path was taken. The most relevant part is at about minute 38 thru 57. Here's an excerpt by that scientist. "Geoengineering is risky, problematic and (rightly or wrongly) increasingly likely to be tried in some form at some point by someone". There is a quick mention…"We've already starting to see the field experiments". And later…"Informed by research that is governed, transparent, and interdisciplinary, open to public scrutiny, this can't be done behind the curtain. Has to include social scientists, the economists and the public".
      this is the link for the full lecture:

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Marc:  The people you're railing against, the David Keiths of Creation, are the Great Cosmic Lost Causes.  Many completely lack any kind of receptive centers by which to "get" any of our messages across to them, or they have receptive centers that are damaged beyond repair, hence they can't feel anything.  It's like trying to scream at a stone and throw it so it lands really hard to get it to cry and bleed, like we do, when treated violently and is seriously hit– not gonna happen.  Many actually have a death wish and/or are composed mainly of  essence that is nothing but denial.  Our best bet is to look within deeply, feel deeply into ourselves and end our OWN denials first, then look to see whether we're getting an outward reflection that is more aligned with our own inner changes going in the direction of healing and life.  Yes, you WILL feel rage and terror, with grief in the middle all along the way.

  27. #4 says:

    You are A Saint

  28. Paul says:

    I sent more than a dozen photos to our Governor (Maine) of massive chemtrails over my area on October 4th. He directed the DEP Commissioner to look into it. The Commissioner contacted the FAA to inquire about any high altitude spraying. Of course, they denied it and I received an explanation that it was vapor trails. I directed them to your website and videos.. no response. Where do we turn our Governors to? I still believe I can get through to him. What can they do to help?
    Thanks and God Bless,

    • Earth Angel says:

      I personally handed a package of photos of damage to my property from a 'fly over' dump in May 2012, Dane's color flyer and some other printed material about climate engineering as well as the DVD's 'What and Why in the World Are They Spraying?' to both Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia and my rep. in the House in DC, Doug Collins over a year and a half ago with absolutely NO response whatsoever from either- not even a canned pitch letter from an aide. These politicians are WORTHLESS as we all know. I'm not sure how to reach them but perhaps there might be one or two with a conscience Paul. Good Luck!

  29. J Rizk says:

    A woman I was talking to today said she'd just come from the documentary "This Changes Everything". We talked for a while about climate change and I asked her if she knew anything about geoengineering. She knew the lies so I told her about geoengineeringwatch and said she should take a look. People ARE waking up to the fact that this planet isn't right and I'm finding more and more they're open to the fact that they've been lied to for a long time. Everyday it seems easier to bring up geoengineering and I often don't get the blank stares I used to. I saw the National Geographic garbage and another magazine Popular Science has a whole issue devoted to debunking myths one of which is "chemtrails". Of course they say they're just contrails while spewing all the "science" we're supposed to believe.

    • Trudy B1929 says:

      This writer was 'clueless' from the start….what "scientific concensus"  was he quoting anyway?

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Interesting that with regard to the intensive atmospheric spraying we all see every day, Prof. Tim Lenton from University of Exeter says: "I’m certainly not preferring carrying on with our current uncontrolled experiment" and then later says "But I think we can perhaps all agree that certainly none of us want to continue the current uncontrolled experiment."
      There you have it….it is an "UNCONTROLLED EXPERIMENT"

    • Marc says:

      Hi Julane. Why in the world this computer geek chose to write this article is more than a little suspicious. His long list of credentials aren't worth a bowl of Snickers. But his history and ties to Defense related work (Commitee on Armed Services, etc.) suggest a possible agenda, especially when the latter third of his article is examined. And YET AGAIN, we find another essay from someone who should know better, that reviews geoengineering in terms only of it's being a "proposal" or in "developmental" stage. I don't buy it.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      There's a commentary area on this guy's article.  I say we all FLOOD it with comments reflecting our knowledge AND our feelings about this INSANITY and be sure to ask WHO is benefiting financially from these MAD SCIENCE schemes??


  30. Jactn says:

    Cyclone about to hit Arabian Peninsula. 
    I'm digging into the history of this. It's very rare. 

  31. Beverly says:

    2 days ago our skys were covered with a grey cloud cover. You could see and hear the jets criss crossing back and forth. Not a patch of blue sky could be seen. Then , in the middle of the night a horrific wind blew like crazy. In the morning, only a few clouds were left. Today, the sky is blue and clear with lot's of sun. Not a jet trail anywhere. I'm so grateful. I hope it lasts. I'm in Parker, AZ and the tip of So Calif. in Big River.

  32. william says:


    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      So true, William..I have contacted CNN, Nat. Geo., major Canadian news outlets, press etc and was ignored …think Justin Trudeau is next. ref: new Canadian P.M. to be sworn in on Nov. 4. Dane, is it not the responsibility of citizens from ALL countries to speak up?

  33. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, morning on 1 November: Sky completely whited out. An almost completely homogenous, featureless sky with the air very still. The heat gets through from the sun, a strong radiant heat but the air feels cool. A strong paradox.

    I get laughed at by some at work. Though other colleagues do know about what is happening, I seem to be the only one who wants to openly discuss it. I suppose when ordinary discussion is impossible due to the Look Down Syndrome, how can one get traction on this vital issue?

    That is the down side. The upside is I meet, quite randomly, those who do know and our experiences are the same in our discussions. The other upside is that I make the subject known to many who knew nothing of it previously. How they receive it is up to them, but now they have been introduced to it.

    In parallel to Dane's reading of the distractive news headlines, the Courier Mail is proving to be the most puerile, shallow, unimportant, distractive trash tabloid rubbish you could hope to read. Here in Australia where football is worshipped, the news corps fill the minds of everyone with it ad nauseum. Whole front pages of weekend editions – football. One day I saw TWENTY pages in the sports section just on football and just TWO pages on World News! How obvious does it have to get?

    This is not catering to a demographic. This is distracting and misinforming as large a demographic as possible. The circus will continue to ramp up the stupidity and hopefully that will be its undoing. It is now becoming too obvious for its own continuance.

    • Paul says:

      Michel, Your intentions ARE GREAT, AND THOUGH MANY CHOOSE TO BE UNspoken or DISinterested, BKZ it’s MUCH easier to follow the masses, like a democracy. Unfortunately, there really isNT much of a democracy WHEN THE WORLDS INHABITANTS ALL START DYING FROM CANCERS, AND THE INITIAL PARKINSONS DISEASE, ALZHEIMERS, LOU GHERIGS DISEASE, AUTISM, AND REALLY ANY NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE FROM WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEMS. I quite obviously am speaking to you Michel, and additionally to whomever gives a flip about their own future lineage, even if they don’t care about their own lives. The least they could do is GROW A PAIR AND SPEAK OUT FOR THEIR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. SILENCE ON THIS MATTER AMONG MANY OTHER MATTERS, IS THE KILLER. NO COMPROMISE AND NO TO aquiesence. Good Luck AND GOD BLESS

  34. Nancy Voska says:

    Dane how can we ever thank you enough for all you do in this horrendous situation we are 'all in due to Geoengineering of the weather?! You are one fantastic and amazing person to come forward with all you have learned and spoke on this sad but true subject. I have tried to tell my family and friends and most don't want to know so some have stopped talking to me. I feel bad but on the other hand they will wake up one day and sorry enough looks to be soon rather than later. I don't know where they got their rose colored glasses but there are times I admit I would like to put them on! Ha!…

    • Viv says:

      Dane, thank you so much for your courage in continuing to enlighten the people. I, like Nancy, have tried many times to talk to people–just to get them to look up, or to look at the trees that are dying everywhere. NO ONE will even look! NO ONE will listen. They are so much in denial that I have to wonder if they are even human anymore. They act like zombies: Not an original thought or curiosity among them, except for some of the younger people, who are almost too young to understand because they don't remember how it used to be. I'm 60, and when I was young, a flower garden had lots of bees and butterflies. THAT was normal. A clear blue sky was Normal. If someone in the media can convince people it's cool to be Conscious, THEN maybe the Earth will have a chance.

  35. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    Jeffrey Wigand blew the whistle on the tobacco companies back in the '90s regarding how they engineered cigarettes to produce more nicotine and thereby become more addictive.  When the tobacco company CEOs were called to testify before Congress regarding whether or not nicotine was addictive, all seven of them parroted the same line, "I believe nicotine is not addictive."  I remember watching this on TV in utter amazement.
    I see the same thing happening here with the geoengineering denial.  How can people flagrantly lie like this?  How do they live with themselves?

    • Paul says:

      Les Paul Custom, thru smooth talk and flattery they DECEIVE THE MINDS OF NAIVE PEOPLE. I am glad to see your recognition of WHAT’S UP, AND AT THE SAME TIME YOU’RE LIKE ME FINDING IT REALLY DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND their frame of mind to carry out BS day to day, both vocally denying and omitting thru the prostitute media. Perhaps when they and or their little ones or their parents with compromised weakened immune systems start falling over like flies, maybe they will give a damn then. There is an old saying, SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA, BUT YA KNOW, THEN IT’S TOO LATE. PAY NOW OR PAY LATER. IF YOU PAY NOW IT’S ONLY a name calling party against YOU. IF YOU PAY LATER, IT’S WATCHING YOUR LOVED ONES DIE IN YOUR ARMS. IT really doesNT make a whole lotta of sense to be concerned about what one says or thinks about you, when they are more concerned about what others will think about them. REALITY IS THIS TOO, does the one that is concerned about what others will think about them when you are trying to alert what others won’t care about YOUR LOVED ONES, AND do they pay for YOUR FOOD ON THE TABLE, AND will they be there to console you WHEN YOUR LOVED ONES PASS. OH I AM QUITE SURE that there will be those that will give you a pat on the back, and say sorry to hear about your loved one, MAYBE that is. GOD FORBID Should that time come about, MY CONDOLENCES TO YOU AND ALL THAT ARE TRYING TO GET THE TRUTH OUT. FOR IT IS BETTER TO suffer FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, THAN to SUFFER FOR what is WRONG. TAKE CARE AND BE OF COURAGE

  36. Holly says:

    Thanks so much Dane!!!!!!

  37. kathleen says:

    You are a brave, wise, and kind soul to continue to inform, Dane. No thanks could possibly be enough.

    I wanted to comment on Hurricane Patricia and the crazyassed weather commentators who railed re how unprecedented it was, yet it just "went away." Now that the weather channels are owned by the geoengineering war machines, and "forecasters" are not allowed to tell the truth, is there any online weather source we can trust?

    • J Rizk says:

      I agree. Hurricane Patricia was the most powerful hurricane this planet has ever seen and yet it got about 2 minutes of air time and poof gone!!! No reports from Mexico like all is just fine down there…..really?

  38. MacGeo says:

    I would like to bring to your attention that Al Jazeera is reporting an impending and intensifying cat-4 'Cyclone Chapala' that is brewing in the Arabian Sea now and headed straight for Yemen. It should make landfall on Monday November 2nd. Waves are at 10 metres high and it's expected to dump more than a year's worth of rainfall. It has been stated that this would be "an unusual event for this war-torn area".

    The 'unprecedented' part is what got my attention! Is anyone watching this one?

  39. Andrew from scotland says:

    10 billion tons of Sulphates/nano particulates atmospherically sprayed per year…..Oh great, basically every person on earth has to breath in and eat @ 1 ton per year.  

    OK, other animals will also breath it in, and much will fall onto the ground, but we are top of the food chain.  

    • Paul says:

      Andrew, didn’t you know that’s part of our new recommended daily allowance. It’s all about breathing in metal and that way we’re a more conductive being for a bigger collective having chelation treatments and just wasted time sitting in the doctors offices, to be the next guinea pigs for big pharma. I’m sure they’ve got a drug to save us all once the misery index HITS 1000%. EH WTF, BREATH IN PUKE OUT. I HEAR YA MAN, I DO HEAR YA. NO, AS IT’S PUT, WHEN ONE REALLY HEARS ONE, THEY ACTUALLY FEEL YA. THEREFORE I FEEL YA. TAKE CARE SCOTTY

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Paul, one of the many car stickers on my van says:

      "ARE YOU GETTING YOUR 5 A DAY?  Aluminium, Barium, Strontium, Sulphur, Nanotechnology"

  40. Debra says:

    Bloomberg Business had an article about the weather modification a few days ago. Posted it on Twitter to my many thousands of sky watch participants. Saw other articles in other major media too, so who knows…just maybe….

  41. Al C says:

    Are we Atlantis playing itself out all over again?

    Again, thanks Dane and fellow antigeoengineer activists who care enough to keep moving forward at exposing with no fear.

  42. Mike looking up says:

    I so agree Dane, I feel for your emotions and your well being. It's so sad I can't get through to my little population in my area, as many just don't care about anything except their Big Mac.

  43. Theresa House says:

    Dear Dane,

    I do care very deeply about this subject. I think you and the other scientists and activist are very brave, but I know you are doing what is right. How can we be silent? I just can't because this is NO WAY to live and turn a blind eye. I am truly, truly grateful that you are out there fighting a good fight among the criminal scientific giants. I read in the good book, in Sirach, "My eyes are 10,000 times greater than the sun."  Have confidence in your efforts to expose the truth and fix the damage done to the earth from these people playing God. I want to see that sun and detest the grey haze, with a waxpaper sunset.

    I am not a scientist, but am VERY upset about what "They" are doing in my own town and places I travel. I was in Sacramento, Redding, Portland, Missoula this October and the sky was filled with the weather engineering pollution. 

    You are right that they are now going full boar! I have seen the storms with the quarter sized hail caused by the crap sprayed from the jets! But, this last August in Missoula, MT I witnessed a storm created by what I suspect was sprayed before, during and after a horrific weapon grade storm. It was a marvelous sunny, blue sky day and as I bought a cup of 2:30pm coffee I happened to notice 4 jets patch quilting the sky, like it was a "mission." By 5-6pm it grew ominus, grey, and a tumultuous wind came over the whole Missoula valley. I observed the planes STILL spraying at 5:30pm through the sunny cracks in the clouds. They were spraying the cracks themselves, with a goal to close them. I was on I-90 going somewhere and in the valley below saw the wind actually whip dust alongviolently. When I got home I had a glass patio table with clised umbrella smashed and it was low to the ground and surrounded closely by trees! I am not on a hill. Long story short…our town had 50+yr trees ripped out like broccoli. If I guessed maybe 100 whole trees. 1 park parking lot was used for people to bring their fallen trees and branches to be mulched and hauled away for free. I would estimate a pile was about 30'X150'' solid debris. It did boost the tree trimmer business, but that was like a brutal beating and the abuser is getting off unnoticed. The perfect crime. The shocking thing was at midnight I went outside to get something out of the car and there was not a cloud in the sky. 

    They spray Missoula, Montana day and night, about 364 days a year. Even Christmas morning. The people of the Big Sky Country want our sky back.

    Thank you for your hard efforts.

    Theresa H.

  44. Mike looking up says:

    I so agree Dane, I feel for your emotions and your well being. It's so sad I can't get through to the population, as many just don't care except for their Big Mac.

  45. The madness never ends. China has plans to build 7 new nuclear reactors a year for the next five years. They hope to have 400 burning by 2050.

  46. Bob says:

    I have a question about hurricane suppression.  I thought hurricanes were one of Earth's way to "blow off steam" so to speak, to release energy, a necessary, organic phenomenon, that to the Earth, is actually a necessary thing.  Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so.  Is it possible that all this hurricane suppression is contributing to heat buildup on the planet?  Would it be a good thing for the Earth as a whole, if we suppressed all hurricanes?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, you are exactly correct, the planet is trying to release heat energy from the oceans, trying to respond to the damage already done. In the Atlantic basin and the Gulf of Mexico, cyclones are being actively suppressed, this is extremely harmful to the planets life support systems overall. 

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