Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 16, 2017


Dane Wigington

The 911 anniversary has again come and gone, this time with hardly a mention. Where are all the self-proclaimed patriots? Why have so few Americans never even questioned the blatantly false official narrative for 911? How many are having increasing respiratory issues? Difficult breathing is not just from the completely contaminated air column (much of it from the climate engineering fallout), but is also from the rapidly depleting atmospheric oxygen content. Headlines on accelerating wildlife population collapses continue to come, yet the “experts” seem to have no idea what is wrong in almost every case. How many official sources are simply being told to lie until the last possible moment in order to avoid panicking populations? Are the recently flooded regions in the US (and around the world) convenient opportunities for covert biowarfare to be carried out against unsuspecting populations? Populations that are not just expendable to the global power structure, but an increasing liability to those in power. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Survival on planet Earth is rapidly becoming more difficult and precarious for ever increasing percentages of global populations. Anyone anywhere who believes they are somehow immune to what is unfolding, is gravely mistaken. We have only one planet, we will sink or swim together. Why are we here? If not to carry out our individual part for the greater good, then why? It is not too late to make a difference for the better, it is not too late to alter the composition of the equation we collectively face, but we must make every day count. All of us are needed to help with the critical effort to sound the alarm, sharing credible data with others is the most effective way forward.

This week's outreach booth is at the Marin Center / Exhibit Hall, San Rafael, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



Upcoming scheduled interviews with Dane Wigington:

Live Truth Radio, Monday, 9/18/17, 4:15 pm to 5 pm, PDT

Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Monday, 9/18/17, 6 pm to 7 pm, PDT

Coast to Coast, Friday, 9/22/17, 10 pm to 12 am, PDT

136 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 16, 2017

  1. Rodney Hoff says:

    Thanks for all your work at exposing this suicide mission these top lot are committing us to.

     What I really do not understand though is how do they think this wont affect them either, this messing with Nature poisoning the soil the air the water, are they that stupid, do not they think their families wont suffer the same, or is it some madness of some ancient belief they are special and can live on  a dead planet all to themselves, It just seems so INHUMAN of them, and local councils WONT talk about it, Political Leaders refuse to reply to my emails, I get the same result when I bring up questions about ECLEI , UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030, I feel all these are part of the same mindset.

     It becomes very frustrating ,once you see these things that are being done and dressed up by inverted PR babble you cannot go back to being able to NOT see  and it sounds a warning of the next layer of lies to be launched on us, or to be able join the OH so obvious dots of our beautiful Planets destruction, and mainly it has its roots in uncaring greed for more money and power over others for these invisible few who can do this so blatantly and with out any resistance , these inhuman's have absolutely no heart or soul..If we don't stand up and say NO then we wont be here at all in the near future.

     And all this NASA 'trips to Mars' rubbish, If we cannot live on our planet with out killing it  why bother looking to go to other planets to kill them too? Are these people that mentally stifled to see whats glaring them in the face?

  2. orazio says:

    I'm not afraid to hear the truth
    I go ahead.
    force us all.

    • Leslie Lamb says:

      I live in Southeast Nebraska and I get angry everyday. I try to inform people but most people are really dummied down. 1/2 the people don't think our government would do that. Which floors me for the Government has been lying and commiting crimes against the American people my whole life and its so frustrating that they keep getting away with all these crimes against humanity.I have called & emailed our senator Ben Sasse. I never heard back from him…go figure. I'm an active 54 year old and have been having major respitory problems and my Mom… we thought we was gonna lose her this summer. And this has me so angry, my Mom is by best friend and this PISSES ME OFF!!! Please excuse my french. I wish I could afford to make at least 500 copies of Dane's 9-16-17 post because i would with the help of my son and nephew take them door to door.  I went to our town meeting 2 months ago to talk to the village about getting our water tested for barium, stantium, and aluminum oxide particulates cause that is the only way the guy from health and human services would be able to test for them things too. Well our mayor and board members tryed to reassure me our wells are 300 feet deep and theres no way these contaminents could affect it.  Of course I think thats a bunch of BULL they fed me. Please tell me what I can do to wake up our community and I will.  We need to get rid of all the criminals that make up the EPA, FDA, CIA, FBI, and the other 2,000 departments within our government that We The People have been funding to Commit all Their Crimes Against Humanity! I really am THANKFUL FOR DANE W. and all his colleages for committing yourselves to this cause.  Like you I also feel this is the most pressing problem we have right now that needs to be stopped before our planet is beyond the point of no return. MY SINCERE THANKS AND PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT TILL WE THE PEOPLE HAVE WON!  FOR IF WE DON'T WIN, THEN EVERYBODY LOSES. I don't understand how they all sleep at night!  

  3. Teri says:

    this is just one sample of how toxic waste is dumped on the public. so how many toxic chemicals or waste byproducts are dumped on our heads with the chemical soup dropping from airplanes. spreading toxins world wide. what a perfect way to dispose of toxic waste? dump it in our soil, air, and water.  mix it with oil and spray it on the roads. mix it with coal fly ash. spray it in the air by airplanes. mix it with chemicals and add it to water. with the lead and mercury in detroit. this isn't accidental. it is deliberate. the epa exists to cover up the crimes taking place. keep people passive while they are being poisoned. they are part of the crime. pretty sick world we live in. we are breathing poison, drinking it, eating it. and attempting to grow food in soil massively poisoned.

  4. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The plants and trees here in Florida, have had a large portion of their canopy's foliage (turn rusty brown) die and now drop off, since the passage of Hurricane Irma. The Hurricane passed 100 miles to the west of Jacksonville, Florida where I live, but somehow had this intense devastating effect on the foliage, as if there was some defoliant in the atmosphere that caused this! It looks like we are in the middle of the Winter Season (January) now. Florida Governor Rick Scott, to let everyone know on this website, was involved in the largest Medicaid & Medicare Fraudulent Sceme while he was the CEO of a Medical Company in 1995. The Governor plead the Fifth 75 times during his trial, now he is involved in a Pest Control Company that is spraying for Zika Mosquito control. The criminality goes on and on, this is his second term as Florida Governor, he needs to be kicked out.

  5. Philoveritas says:

    Hey Dane have you seen this paper about the 'green' production of copper nano-particles, and their associated toxicity levels to plants. see the link It really makes you wonder why they need to produce so much metal particulates and study their impact on health…

  6. orazio says:

    hello dane and everyone,
    I can not speak English, and translation with Google is not accurate.
    I hope you understand.
    here where I live, it's not like you.
    here the streets are small, everything is smaller.
    I'm printing your new high resolution poster.
    I put it on two land of my own property bordering as I told you through small roads.
    people quizzing with the machines sees them.
    poster I also put it on my car.
    then later I'll also do photo booklets.
    the two plastic posters are about two feet high with the high resolution photos you've just put on the website.
    I do what I can, even because I have been working for several years for various problems and health. I am now a little better.
    I want to make a conference at a macrobiotic association. I'm a writing person, I'm better off health since I eat macrobiotic.
    I need advice, tell me WHAT I can show your work on your studies and collected data and certain scintillation tests. No overwhelming overwhelming evidence. Amendments and statements by those who commit this crime. Movies and more.
    can I be helped by you and all of you?
    meanwhile I greet you and thank you.

    • Dennie says:

      @orazio:  THANK YOU for spreading the word!  Dane already has many tools available for us to do just that right on this website.  Looking around, I'd think you'll just a translation of the print-outs of the web pages here that document the atrocities, such as the "Documents" and "Patents" web pages that list the links to the documents clearly showing the trail of monstrous crimes. The titles are self-explanatory and people can start researching for themselves as little or as much as they wish.  

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Orazio.

      Try to share the link of the site ( ) with all the people you know. Give the link to the firefighters and to the police in your country ( send emails ). Try to learn more here in the site and prepare yourself to talk with persons who don't have a clue about what is happening. Tell them that the white lines in the sky are not connected with the burning of the fuel of the airplanes, and that these aerosols are toxic. Tell them that with the spraying the climate is being manipulated, and besides the lack of rain the dryness of the Forests ( of the Trees )  is also being caused by the aluminum which is a major component of the aerosols, tell also that these sprays are killing all the Bees.

      You have the videos that Dane have published here in the Geowatch site.

      Good Luck.


  7. Rachel Robson says:

    All, well Earthweek in Sunday SF newspaper actually said more than that and this is key I think: "Earth was bombarded by a stream of charged particles from the largest solar storm in 8 years.  The burst in the solar wind overwhelmed the planet's protective geomagnetic field and reached the ground at some high-latitude locations.  A solar flare erupted Sept. 6th and produced the storm two days later on earth.

    World of Plastics: Americans may be ingesting up to 660 particles of plastic each year in salt, seafood and other foods they eat.  Researchers from the State University of New York at Fredonia found that the sea salt used in menus around the world has joined other edibles now increasingly being contaminated with plastic pollution.  "Plastics are ubiquitous, in the air, water, the seafood we eat, the beer we drink, the salt we use," said lead researcher Sherri Mason.

    Monarch peril: "While declining monarch butterfly populations from Mexico to eastern Canada have received the most attention in recent years, Washington state scientists say western populations are at greater risk of extinction.  In the 1980s, 10 million monarchs spent the winter in coastal California.  Today, there are barely 300,000."  Cause, unknown!!! Of course!  When my daughter was a kid, south of here, we saw a huge boulder that was at least a foot deep in monarchs!  Lucky us, then, and never again….. 

    • helot says:

      RE: we saw a huge boulder that was at least a foot deep in monarchs!

      That’s absolutely, positivity, amazing! Did you photograph them?

      I think I’ve seen three, maybe five, monarchs all year long.

      Upon further reflection, I guess it’s pointless and vain to have asked, ‘Did you photograph them?’.

      Last year, I saw a ton of native tiny honey bees. This year, I don’t think I’ve seen a one.

      And, the flies, they’ve mostly all died. It’s not even Winter, yet.

      And… aside from venturing deep into the Mississippi River bank woods, I have yet to see a mosquito. Lots of gnats, tho, funny that. As the empire crumbles like a Godzilla thrashing about on its way down.

      Even I, having paid attention, find all this all Very hard to believe.

  8. helot says:

    One last bit: I’ve been reading some books about coconut oil. Amazing stuff, filled with magnesium and potassium. A Filipino here in the States was described, who lived to a ripe old age, covered his body daily with the stuff. I couldn’t help but wonder if it trapped some of the toxins, or nano-bot-whatever’s, from entering his body. Oils have that quality, even for stuff too small to see or filter. Idk. YMMV.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      helot, Hello and just to say that my daughter and I have been using coconut oil for years and we love the stuff.  My only concern is, as with so many things, fears of deforestation to grow them for mass consumption.  Try it on your hair too!  A little bit goes a long long way and it keeps well.  You can cook with it as well.  Very useful!

    • Dennie says:

      @ helot:  That is really great information about the coconut oil– I keep a jar in my refrig and I'm going to start using it the way that old guy did!  

      The minerals magnesium and potassium are what's being displaced by the aluminum and barium, respectively, found in the sprays:  Aluminum displaces magnesium, needed for smooth functioning muscles that don't cramp up as well as calming anxiety, and potassium is critical for proper electrical functioning of muscles, especially the heart– too little and your heart can't keep a proper beat; too much and your heart stops! 

      Here is a short list of delicious potassium-rich foods:

      Avocado; Banana; Beans (white, edamame and lentils); Beet greens; Dates; Fish; Oranges and orange juice; Potatoes; Spinach; Swiss chard (my favorite!); Tomato sauce (800 mg. per 8 oz. serving– eat your spaghetti, folks!); Yogurt; Winter squashes (acorn).  Also:  Cantaloupe; Dried Apricots; Papaya; Raisins

      Happy shopping and Bon Appetit!  

    • Ron Marr says:

      Thank you, Eva, for posting Dane on the Hagmann show. I don't know Hagmann, but a few times Dane was cut out while speaking. I really enjoyed the way Dane brought the subject back to geoengineering, when they wanted to speak about Kevin Shipp. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided while stopping geoengineering. Most understand the Nazis scientist were brought to the United States before the end of ww2(…) along with the bomb the U.S. used on Japan(…) with passports from the Vatican. The Nazis became NASA. Many Nazis entered the education and industries of North and South America.The Nazis sprayed Russian people, in the 30s, with toxins from small air craft. Nazi Germany had social security, welfare and health care. Hitler was a vegetarian. He didn't like to hunt or poachers. He built freeways to get about quicker and they had the national security act to protect them from being charged with murder, chaos, war and destruction. They brought it all to us gift wrapped in the global empire(…) Hitler's dream of power, control, money and depopulation. Brought to us by the same global bankers, industry and Vatican that paid for Hitler. Conscientious is our only salvation.

    • helot says:

      Dear Ron Marr, RE: ‘We cannot allow ourselves to be divided while stopping geoengineering.’

      You’re absolutely right! Divide and conquer is the M.O. of our overlords.

      While I disagree with you that Conscientious is our only salvation, I’ve been thinking about posting something about how the theme of, ‘the greater good’ MUST be replaced by something which focuses on individuals as paramount, especially the family unit. ‘the greater good’ has such a terrible history, one which can easily be co-opted by the other side. Perhaps you will pick up on this and I won’t have to type anything?

      I read a bit on LRC recently about the history of, ‘the greater good’ but I can’t find it again.

      Please, do me a favor, find it, write about it.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Dane, Great interview, Thank you for your Courage and determination. Incredible information was shared, this is a real public Service for Humanity. Thank you.

      One of the hosts, mentioned that an unbalance in Nature, even if it seems like a "good" thing, brings always a bad outcome. And the example was about the outburst in growth ( quick growth ) of the algae on the Oceans ( with the increasing of sunlight ) what lead to less nutritive algae, thus creating big problems to the Zooplankton populations. I can give a different example, when I was a kid I had Silk worms, and I made an experience; I've noticed that if the worms had plenty of food and didn't get a lot sunlight exposure, they would grow bigger than average. So, what I did? – I've tried to overfeed the worms with larger quantities of Mulberry leaves, much more than their necessities and I reduced the exposure to sunlight to a minimum, less than 2 minutes per each 24h ( normally these animals feed themselves frantically during the night ), and what happened? – that year I had enormous silk worms, beautiful and very, very big, which had an extremely fast growth. These worms gave origin to beautiful Butterflies, bigger and heavier than normal, the moths did not laid so many eggs as I was expecting ( And the eggs were laid sooner than usual ), and in the following season none of the eggs gave origin to new Silk worms. There wasn't any new worm coming out from these eggs.

      Many thanks also to the Hagmann Report Team, you two are true JOURNALISTS, a profession that is represented by a very rare group of Human beings, nowadays. The World has a debt of Gratitude to you, Gentlemen. Thank you.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Great post Ron Marr.

  9. SD says:

    Widespread spray activity over much of SoCalifornia two days ago (Sat). Tanker fleet working overtime.

    Then Sun/Mon nothing noted.  However, Engineered Cooldown scheduled for later this week. Low Pressure System which swept in from GOA now delivering rain to Utah and north to Montana.

    Compare USGS latest EQ map to NWS IR satellite image of areas in question – seismic activity correlates directly with rainfall from Salt Lake to Canada.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Thanks for that link Larry.  I have began reading The Third Way – The Nazi International, European Union, and Corporate Fascism by Joseph P. Farrell only two nights ago and what you offered to read is going to tie in very nicely.  

  10. Christina says:

    I don't know if anyone else have noticed the intensity of the suns rays.  It rained considerably July and August.  Engineered rain.  Now it is September and going into autumn (fall) the rays of the Sun are so sharp it hurts the back of my eyes.  It does not feel normal. This is just from going outside late afternoon not even midday.  I wonder if the spraying is because the ozone layer is damaged and these rays are breaking through the layer and causing unknown damage to humans animals and plants?  Maybe it is the rays that are causing damage also?

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘hurts the back of my eyes’

      Yes. Here, too.

      I’ve been reading some interesting stuff from Dr. Mercola about PH and the eyes, ‘How Body Voltage Dictates Health and Disease’. When I read it I thought of Susan Ferguson’s posts and how it all relates.

    • L. Rijklof says:

      Hello Christina and all other members! Well, alert from the Colombian Mountains ..region Medellin, Antioquia.. .

      "Verano" or summertime in the only two stations we have here, the other one being "invierno" (winter, or rainy season), that "verano" should have set in half June, and it did not. We are over half September now, and we still have angry thunderstorms and often devastating rains daily, with a shy bit of sun every now and then. Being a sun-gazer, I like to sit in the sun, at ten, when she comes peeping over the eastern mountains and trees, because of the dictum "serotonin in the morning, melatonin in the evening". My young dog will then accompany me. Well she, being naturally wiser than me, seeks the shade after a few minutes, sensitive creature as she is, and I follow suit, for as you stated, Christina, the sun, although so necessary, has rays unbearable now, and I prefer to follow the example my wise, 4 months old Canela sets me, and I do have to leave, to avoid sunburn –at almost 2000 m above sealevel–. Sun-Gazing is now only possible indirectly at, or after three, that is when and if she does not go hidden behind those horrible man-made cloud packs. Gazing directly in the west (as was possible only a few months ago), at the last hour, I can forget also, because of heavy clouding there, unknown of before.

      I am awaiting things to come. Death I fear not, and fear in general is not known by me. Amazed I am, yes, by these things that happen everywhere, and even more by the unseen majority with all that power of thought they carry with them .. but who prefer to keep quiet, for whatever reason. I follow Dane´s messages instead of watching CNN and other liars´ misleading communications. I do ring the bell, to those ears who want to listen; amazed again at how few they are. Try to approach those who prefer not to go on sleeping.. . And I try to do my part of the work, writing, alerting and in my petty way trying to avert what is to come .. reaching out even to fourth dimensional measures, albeit that this may sound as strange as the fact that the world proved NOT to be flat, during medieval times. Stay put! We have work to do, or at least we should d o   s o m e th i ng ..and not before it´s too late, ..IT IS ALREADY TOO LATE..

      But do not panic, this world will not disappear. "Our"(?) third blue ball in this solar system has a role to play, and a very important role it is ..planet Earth has a destiny far beyond the wishes of HAARP and far beyond the foolish thought-patterns of a certain boyish creature in N-Korea playing with his rockets, also beyond all those who are with these. Our planet is therefore watched over by forces stronger than any dark man-managed force at work now. This world will not perish! It will suffer yes, as -alas- it always has because of the less intelligent amongst us, but darkness has never-ever survived for long!

      I am not a zealot, dear friends, I am just a survivor, as we all should be, particularly in times like this. Here is one of the believers in the good and in the All Good (not churchly, but indeed faithful to that what we, by lack of a better word, call creation).

      What we were taught over 35 years ago is: DO NOT PANIC .. NOT EVER. And KEEP ON TALKING, teaching, preaching, opening eyes, convincing. For if you reach even just one or two in a thousand in your audience, you have done well. For those will be the ones who will go on sowing the message. And the remainder? -we were told- They´ll lag behind. It is a dreary reality, but that is what we deal with.

      Thank you Dane and those in and out of your circle, who do what they can. There is indeed a critical mass, and it has proven to work (just one of the many examples is WW II and the Candle Light Circles, when London was bombed by a certain A H, of the same caliber as the N-Korean youngster and the dark forces behind HAARP) .. Right after the Candle Light Circles had started  their brotherly work all over England, the VI and VII toys of mr. A H had a not a worth mentioning impact anymore, on the City and it its surroundings.  And we too, can work miracles, by just going on, against all odds.

      L. R., reflexology and mental therapist, retired teacher, author and tiny ecologist, and most of all freethinker.

    • helot says:

      Dear L. Rijklof,

      Man, what you wrote, is cool as all get-out.

      ‘Death I fear not, and fear in general is not known by me. Amazed I am, yes, by these things that happen everywhere, and even more by the unseen majority with all that power of thought they carry with them .. but who prefer to keep quiet, for whatever reason. I follow Dane´s messages instead of watching CNN and other liars´ misleading communications. I do ring the bell, to those ears who want to listen; amazed again at how few they are. Try to approach those who prefer not to go on sleeping.. . And I try to do my part of the work, writing, alerting and in my petty way trying to avert what is to come ..’

      You humble me, beyond all measure. Truly, you are a man.

  11. Brice says:

    Has anyone noticed the current barrage of hurricanes? Maria became a category 3 hurricane basically overnight and is expected to strengthen. Just before it hits Puerto Rico it will have sustained winds of 150mph and gusts of 180-190mph! This hurricane is currently impacting the same islands Irma did, and taking a very similar path. Current models have hurricane Maria staying off the coast of the U.S. but that is still a week in advance. None of us know what they want to do with hurricane Maria, just keep everyone who is in the path of this monster storm in mind.

    On a side note hurricane Jose was supposed to just veer off into the ocean and disappear on all the models just one day ago. Now it is supposed to do another loopty-loop off the coast of Massachusetts and dive into Boston itself in the coming days. (that's what's called weaponized geoengineering) What a world…

    • Dennie says:

      My question re the barrage of hurricanes in the Gulf:  QUI BONO??  If we're saying that we have hurricane suppression patents, why aren't they working, or is the non-stop hurricane express somehow being done deliberately, or, here's the $64bn-dollar question:  Is the warming of the planet now of such magnitude, and the weather now so completely out-of-control that "they" cannot stop the hurricanes any more?  Dane, what say?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dennie, about your question, it is a mistake to assume that the weather makers are doing anything for the greater good. They serve only their own agendas. If they so chose, they could have kept the US major hurricane landfall drought going with the patented technologies you mentioned. In addition, the cyclones are inarguably being manipulated with RF / microwave transmissions (as previously posted data and animations prove).

    • Earth Angel says:

      The ability to print money out of thin air MUST be taken from the privately owned Federal Reserve company, posthaste! This is how these obscene amounts of money are able to find a way into secretive programs like climate engineering and so many other immoral, illegal schemes being perpetrated today. I'm sure I am preaching to the choir here at geowatch.

    • Bob in Connecticut says:

      Ok, that was a given. 

      Now tell me who is in charge of all the advertising and brainwashing by way of the wispy cloud formations and chemtrails in tv advertisements. When we know who is doing that, then you really will have the proof of the existence of the new world order. 

      And let me tell you,  WE WONT BE PART OF IT.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      So, yes to what I said below that can now be offed.  This, an extension of 8 years with two, two year options, extending beyond these prior 12 years of them!  12 years!!!!!!  One overly baked cake and burned.  Gee, since 2005!  That goose so cooked.  Hmmm, lack of oven must be on my mind.  As well as what all they cook up for us.

      Speaking of which, in yesterday's ghoulish goulash of skies there seemed to be real stuff bumping into not real, but inbetween there was, here and there, the most gorgeous blue sky I've not seen in so long that I had a huge flash back, having forgotten that incredible shade of perfect and healing blue which appeared in holes sort of, like portals to yesterdays.  

      And by the way, this extension granted to Raytheon, for 8 years, with two, two year options after that–what is That about?  Their best guess at game over? 

  12. Pedro says:

    Hello All.

    No, money is not natural. The trade of services and products is natural.

    Money is slavery. Money is a trust symbol that was created only with the purpose to control. If you have plenty of it, you are trading this fact of owning a lot of money, through the creation of a trust recognition inside society.. Money is the biggest illusion on the World, and maybe one of the few physical illusions we can find, but because of the trust creation and societal acceptance of that trust, money changes lives. You can be the better Human and/or a genius, without money no one would give you value. money is only paper, and in the wrong hands can be an instrument of evilness. Salt and Cattle have real value. The modern world is built over this illusion of the money. It's because of that the Biosphere is collapsing. The modern culture is the anti-culture. Now it's coming the technologic culture about every aspect of our lives, the technology of the everything, I guess this will be the anti-human culture.


    • MS P says:

      Well said Pedro.

      It's like comparing Currency to the Game of Monopoly. People only give the currency value. All just a paper trip. Either way.

      Now our society chooses to be CASH-less!

      Credit or Debit. Plastic. So the banks do not let you hold your own cash,in your hands.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello MS P.

      And the cartel of the banksters are preparing the end for the money. The introduction of the 'plastic card money' is not innocent. money in the right hands can be used for creating prosperity, but where are the right hands?, And now the criminals from the money cartel ( the great illusionists ), know very well that money is a knife with two blades, they know that they also can be victims of the financial storms which are their own creation. And they know that money can be used against them. So, the end for the money is being prepared, and the ultimate goal of using the micro-chip, not in a plastic card, but in our right hand is not a distant fiction movie, like it looks. People must awake.

      Other thing MS P; I know that you like birds a lot, and in my region the Swallows, have tried their annual migration between 2 to 3 weeks ago, I don't remember the exact days, but in the middle of the last week, the birds returned! Almost all colony.  In the last 3 or 4 days we are having a decrease in the temperatures, principally on the night period, and yesterday and today I've noticed that only a few Swallows are still remaining in this region, the rest seems to have tried to migrate again.

      I don't remember seeing something like this before, I guess that these wonderful Birds are having problems with the instability of the climate that's disturbing the normal patterns of migration. Or troubles finding food for keeping the migration to the Winter habitats.

      Thank you for the reply.

  13. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 183rd email titled 'Scientists and Quacksalvers"

    1. The average weekly loss of Arctic sea ice volume (JAXA/Wipneus) for last week, and calculated each day, indicated that there will not be a 'Blue Ocean Event' this year. 

    It appears that we have (again) dodged the bullet this year, however, whilst a "Blue Ocean Event" is a critical event, it is by no means the only decisive event.  Our collective demise could be from heat and methane releases around the world e.g. permafrost, leaking oil rigs and fracking wells, hot spots in the world's oceans, etc.

    The only reason the Arctic sea ice has not reach zero is because of the intensive toxic atmospheric spraying and other toxic geoengineering.

    The global aspect of this is euphemistically and glibly called "pollution" or "aircraft emissions" by most scientists and quacksalvers who know better.   Their use of these words is a half truth and they should call it by its true and scientific names, such as toxic Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, toxic Geoengineering, toxic Weather Manipulation, toxic Solar Radiation Management and so on.  

    2.  Cassandra, also known as Alexandra, was a daughter of King Priam and of Queen Hecuba of Troy in Greek mythology. In modern usage her name is employed as a rhetorical device to indicate someone whose accurate prophecies are not believed by those around them.

    and Hambone Littletail did a Cassandra video of 6 Sept 

    3Notes to Self (week 36 of 104).  68 to go – keep motivated, despite Cassandra, euphemisms, and glib scientists & quack salvers.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Andrew.

      I'm a big fan of your mails, and thank you for that.

      But in the video you've posted there's something very incorrect, the old folk that appears in the video talking, says that it's necessary to have forced sterilization for the People in the African Continent ( from where the Homo Sapiens come ), and he states that its population is heading to the 4 billion of People. That's also incorrect. 1st, it's profoundly IMMORAL and incorrect to evoke the necessity of forced sterilization for any of the Living creatures of the Earth, it doesn't matter if we're talking about sterilizing Dogs, Cats, Rats, or Human Persons. Those ideas of forced sterilization got us to where we are now, facing extinction. Do not forget that the MFs are big fans of the eugenics' pseudoscience. Of course People can't have anymore, 5 or 6 kids, like in the old days, that's not possible. But I can assure you that ( and everyone who understand Nature, knows that very well ), without the great global killing that's unfolding right now before our eyes  ( also known as geo F engineering ), and without the western way of living and its levels of consumption, and mostly without the criminal blockage made by the oil industry to all the new knowledge, which could give us a World conceived in a much more cleaner and safe way, making it possible to keep our modernity and giving us the opportunity to break the slavery chains that were built by the paradigm of the oil centered economy,  which connects directly with the business of the nuclear "science", of big pharma, and war, this Magical and incredibly Fertile World could give FOOD and SHELTER to 2 or 3 billions more.

      We must get rid of the oil gangsters and build everything again, but this time we must make it right. And I'm not talking about the "new" big fascist disorder.

      "Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent (the first being Asia). At about 30.3 million km2 (11.7 million square miles) including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of Earth's total surface area and 20.4% of its total land area.[2] With 1.2 billion[1] people as of 2016, it accounts for about 16% of the world's human population. The continent is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, both the Suez Canal and the Red Sea along the Sinai Peninsula to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The continent includes Madagascar and various archipelagos. It contains 54 fully recognised sovereign states (countries), nine territories and two de facto independent states with limited or no recognition.[3]"


      With the destruction these Fkrs are making to the Biosphere, because of the aerosols and the EM radiation, as you know ( all nuclear and chemical contamination also ), but mostly because of the metallic and chemical nano particles of the aerosols, these psychopaths are killing the base of the FOOD chain, total EXTINCTION is being accomplished. Very soon the World will not feed 1 billion, it's because of that the MFs want only 300 to 500 millions ( of clones, I doubt that 500 millions of persons are lucky to survive ).

      Every Creature of this Magical World have the RIGHT to procreate. The most astounding thing is that; if the "leaders" would have the time to talk to the persons, treating them as equals, everybody could understand that some limits for Maternity are eventually necessary. But the problem is NOT the numbers of the population, it is the way of living in first place.

      My regards.



    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Hi Pedro, many thanks.

      I also do not agree with everything Hambone says/does (nor for that matter do I agree with everything Dane says/does), but I do greatly appreciate and respect both their energy and commitment to waking people up to what is truly going on around them. This year, due to Dane, Hambone, many on this & other websites, ytubes and local radios,  there there has been a groundswell of informed people who are joining the fight and sounding the alarm. It is by working together that we will have a chance of success.

      On on.     

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Andrew, look at this curious facts;

      Inhabitants per square km in the US – 33.

      Inhabitants per square km in the African Continent – 40.

      And more or less 1/6 of all the African population are represented by the habitants of Nigeria.

      Inhabitants per square km in the African Continent without the area and population of Nigeria – 35.


    • Sean says:

      I would argue we're caught up in a no win situation with regards to the ice. On one hand I think it's required that we have a sudden an abrupt blue ocean event in order to shock people out of their comas of apathy. This frog in a pot of boiling water scenario we've currently got going is not going to do it. 

      At the same time that very event would almost surely mean an incredible acceleration of overall heating as the iceless waters of the north quickly warm under then summer sun. 

      I'm well aware of the methods they've been using to keep up the appearance of more ice than there is (Focusing on extent rather than volume, 15% ice with 85% water counts as extent) . As it stands though we're sitting about 7th lowest in that extent measure, vs other years that use that exact same measure. So I think it's at least comparing apples to apples when we talk of recent years metrics.

      So personally I'm completely baffled how they were actually able to even keep a slush pack up there despite Sea temp anomalies and a ridiculously low start in across the board in all metrics. I think most people looking at where we started back at the beginning of the melt season in April probably figured a blue ocean or near blue ocean event was almost inevitable.

      And if the ice didn't melt out this year, it seems there is no guarantee this is going to happen next year or the year after either. So as this point I'm just confused, I'm not even sure what to tell people as I had certainly been of the mind that a blue ocean event or close to it was coming this year. Perhaps this cooling attempt in the arctic was hugely responsible for the west coasts forests incinerating this year. It's all very confusing, but the lack of full meltdown in the arctic is likely to keep people slumbering for a bit longer unfortunately.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Andrew, working together, Yes!

      Working with guys that support forced sterilization for others that live far away, NO.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Agreed Sean, the number of different coordinated agendas that are at play is mind boggling, and as with any military plan/strategy it is very adaptable, flexible and changeable – depending on public perception &  awareness and other natural & human reactions.  

      To create confusion and discredit people and organisations they will change, reduce or plan for a different date an "event" that has been leaked or become aware of by individuals or the public.

      The different factions of ISIS/Daesh/Al Nusra etc in Syria, have now realised that they would be far more affective as a unified and coordinated force, rather than the constant infighting for their own agendas. Those militants are currently coming together under a single command and controlled force of about 25,000 in Syria – not necessarily for mass attacks in force (850 were killed and 11 tanks & other weapons/hardware destroyed earlier this week) but for the controlled and classic guerrilla/special force tactics.

      The US is starting to lose control of UN and NATO (a good thing!) viz the Bolivian President's and other recent speeches at UN,  and Turkey buying the S-400 air defence system from Russia, etc,etc. But we can therefore expect an increase in false flags, lies and deception from the US as they try to maintain world domination.

      Hurricane Maria is currently scheduled not to hit US mainland, while they work through their plan/rehearsals for the climate refugees from Puerto Rico. The massive amount of smoke from wildfires in central South America is being drawn up towards Maria.

      Our ability to grow (healthy) crops will decrease over the next few years and we will all truly understand what it is like to be one of the 20+ million suffering from famine and food & drinkable water shortages in Africa and further east,…or one of the 41+ mil climate refugees in India/Asia. 

      I see Dane's News Alert ytube video above currently has apparently about 32,000 views – it will prob go up to the average of @ 40,000, but that is still not enough.

      We must unify and keep talking, writing, and providing links. 

  14. Earth Angel says:

    In the wake of hurricane Irma we sustained some damage mainly from wind. In a last gasp she hurled sustained heavy winds at us up here in north Georgia for about 12 hours, with at least one gust of 60-80 mph (I am guessing) that finally brought down a grouping of 3 large poplars (suffering from toxic spraying for years) totaling one car and damaging another, smashing 2 fences and a deck rail but fortunately leaving the house intact and all of us including the animals still ok. Prior to their coming down a friend who was staying with me said he saw the tops of the trees going around and around "like a helicopter" just prior to their coming down. Sounds suspiciously to me like some sort of haarp activity causing this, especially since we are so far inland here at the foothills of the Appalachian mtns. I have used the opportunity to inform 3 insurance agents/ or adjusters of the climate engineering tactics being used and all were receptive to either write down the website or take a color flyer if in person to view the damage. I told them if anyone should be alarmed and outraged about this criminal assault it should be the insurance agencies who end up paying out billions in claims that very likely should have never been. I pointed this out to one young lady over the phone and she said, "That's scary". I agreed. So hopefully some more folks will learn quickly and take some actions of their own to spread the word. On another good note I have been fostering 2 orphaned baby squirrels for almost 1 month and they are doing well. They are the cutest little stinkbombs! It makes me feel good to be helping some of God's little creatures. Every life is important.. especially these days.

  15. Juli says:

    Greetings to all…On the top of this page (right hand corner) there is a "DONATE" section..Mr Wigington and family are working 80hrs a week for this crucial cause…PLEASE,,,find it in your heart to not only raise awareness but also to help financially as nothing is a free ride…Thank You Dane…God Bless You and yours….Peace and Blessings XO

  16. Rachel Robson says:

    All: I just signed a petition for Credo Action from Josh about chlorpyrifos. If I've finally spelled it right and suddenly much comes back to me.  It is said to be in the same class as sarin nerve gas!!!!!!!!!!!  And this says I did not spell that right!  My brain!  My brain!  At least you all know what I mean.  And apparently all but for Scott Pruit know what evil this is!  Or?   

    • Dennie says:

      You spelled it right.  Chlorpyrifos works by blocking an enzyme that enables neurotransmission:  

      As usual, the EPA is waffling on this disgusting pesticide: 

      Here's a page full of links to environmental studies:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I finally looked it up and of course, Now it all comes back to me as well it should in that this stuff has been used in the US since 1950s-actually, extensively used, otherwise known as Dibrom.  NALED—an organophosphate insecticide.  Chemical name: dimelthyl 1,2-dibromo-2,2-dichlorethyl/phosphate  70% used in US for mosquito control, 30% for agriculture.  Considered highly toxic to bees and to lake trout. EPA says exposure via eating crops grown with are below level of concern.  Also used in veterinarian medicine to kill parasitic worms in dogs.  Used on cotton in California and Louisiana, alfalfa in Idaho and Oregon, and on grapes in California.  It breaks down into dichlorvos which inhibits nervous system.  This stuff is most dangerous if breathed and small droplets are 4 times as toxic.  It is a threat to aquatic life.  So, bottom line is that we all grew up with this.  Apparently ONE thing not owned by Monsanto.  AMVAC Chemical Corporation manufacturing this since 1998, I'm not sure who prior.  It is corrosive to the skin, and plants exposed show reduced photosynthesis and closing of stomata.  Must be-I'm guessing-tons of this blowing in the wind.  In waters.  Oh what a wicked web we weave in game-on production!

  17. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Very pressing topics again from Dane and his supports. I am  getting concerned on the lower O2 levels. How low before it's critical? The Napa grapes have their warning, heat, UV, ozone, soil damage, etc. The nations already hit are barely sustaining at all. Excellent query on the flooded sprayings -truly, WHAT else is in the mix , that are kept secret… Wish we could help YOU Dane far more than current. WE all need to shoulder and risk the frowns from the doubters. No time to have false friendships/ relations. Not easy, it's added grief-but we MUST get to it !  Truthers are  needed ! 24/7

  18. Ty Hawaii says:

    Irma was guided along the Cuban Coast for maximum destruction, then sent north to create enough damage to provide a building / construction stimulus to the state of Florida. A win win scenario for the people setting policy for these storm events.                                                    After 70 years and trillions invested in experimental work, the bio-atmospheric feedbacks are well enough understood  that the "Deep Elite" have a smooth running weather management (or warfare) machine working for them.                                                                                                                                               We're just serfs on the global information plantation; subject to 24/7  EMF mind control / surveillance.  As well as mass chemical spray pacification, or elimination by drone strike if too violent or absolutely uncooperative.

  19. Rachel Robson says:

    All, Everyone talks of the NY buildings that took hits in 9/11.  But what about the Pentagon?  Anyone else surprised that Now! after All this time they publish photos of it all of a sudden?  I am stunned.  We were told that there was nothing left of plane or people, not even debris.  Just skid marks.  Into the One side of Pentagon just very recently reinforced.  I always found that so suspicious, along with the rest.  Perhaps most suspicious, that plus not rallying any air defense.  These new photos seem to now have the 'right' things, like a tiny bit of the plane.  Not! there before!  Anyone else notice that?!

  20. Richard Lang says:

    Hello Dane,I have been watching the news on hurricane Jose, it seems like nobody knows what it's going to do and it is frightening to watch the news as it unfolds as I live on the East Coast in a flood prone area.

    Those that are weather manipulating have to pay, they must pay, for all the damage in the lives lost as a result of their actions.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I'd settle for them just stopping "Geo engineering". Lets see whats left of 'them' after Mother nature has a few good go-rounds of "cooling herself". Regardless of whether or not Geo engineering stops or not, we all are headed towards some very unimaginably hard times. We all should have got where we need to be years ago. The blaring red signals were there for all to see. I keep thinking about those Lemmings. When I was a kid I watched them in natures movies jumping off a cliff to their death, in numbers that were staggering to a young mind. Even at a young age, I pondered if all them Lemmings jumped off a cliff, how is that there are more to jump off a cliff several years later? (Random thoughts)….

  21. Sundai says:

    I thought it rather curious that MSMedia  is suggesting we only acknowledge 911 every 5-10, maybe 15yrs.because of the expense and time consumed, that was then this is now mentality. Population reduction has been on the agenda for many years, Increased pollution, adulterated foods life threatening medications, wars, disease,famines, financial stress,moral decay are all symptoms of that reduction and by design.  Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Just like destroying all remembrances (statues, written accts.) of the civil war era. That was part of of our past, good bad or indifferent, lessons learned and changes made are part of who we are today. The warmongers who are in power now can change the accounts but they they can't alter those actions, they happened. The direction now being taken is repeating the same old mistakes, just hiding the steps that led to them. The NEW police are a revival of the old MILITIA. What is now censored as Hate Speech is preventing any dissent. Lumping Hate and disagreement in the same class is silencing many moderate voices. Attempting to disarm the people using fear tactics, while heavily arming all the countries we INTEND to take over and occupy. WE train,arm,fund and protect the terrorists, fund and support mercenaries ie: Blackwater//// now Academie, all in the name of humanitarian intervention.  Sorry to get off track but there is a source behind  ALL this madness and too many people are still sleeping. I would strongly advise searching out WHO is controlling the show. This same group currently has 32 members in our House and Senate, members in the white house and the cabinet, wealthy and powerful  lobby groups, and includes control of the FBI and intelligence agencies.  They control the 7M's   Money, Markets, Media, Morals, Medicine, Magistrates, Military.  If you haven't guessed it yet, ……It is none other than the Professional Victims who scream ANTI SEMITISM when anyone dares to question their involvement, motives, status,……  or reign in their actions. The Revelation 2:9- 3:9 JEW Who is Not a Jew. The same circle of power that is stirring the pot in the Middle East, using the U.S, and coalition of  the Willingly Ignorant to create the Greater Israel…..FOR THEM. Don't believe it? Look up God's Promise of land to the  Ancient Israelites and (overlay) compare it to the countries we are and have been bombing the hell out of.         First and foremost One has to understand that the Israelis are NOT the Israelites,  NOT JEWS BY BLOOD, they only lay claim to the stolen birthright and have convinced the world they are God's Chosen People. The true Israeli homeland is Russia, Germany and the Ukraine.They are converted Jews, NOT DESCENDED from Shem, and have no legal or moral claim to the Palestinian owned land of Israel. Again, Sorry for the rant but everything that is has been before and WE  ARE JUST A DAMN SLOW STUDY


  22. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Dane, we'll have to do the Race without the "experts" of the pseudoscience. Their pockets are too loaded, with cowardice. They belong to the cult, they don't care.

    Thank you for your Courage.

  23. Ronald Doucet says:

    Glad to find you people. Thank you. For over 15 years I live in Central America. Chemtrails almost every day now. 2016 broke 2 records Costa Rica never a hurricane, and on the 24 of November, a hurricane that late in the season. Hurricane Otto. Weather records go back 174 years. The trees are dying, along with insects and birds. I watch the jets flying overhead only leaving the trails where they want to. A beginning and an end. Then goodbye blue sky. Just to let you know it's  here also. 

    Thank you again 

  24. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Thank you to so many (Helot, Stephen, Susan etc etc) for the dire and amazing news and ideas….things are really ramping up.  Guess we must believe in last-minute miracles.  Please don't forget to send daily love to our Earth, the trees, the little creatures …I do think it really helps, esp when we feel most helpless.

    Honoring the beauty in Dane and all of you…Namaste

  25. Irene Parousis says:

    "you sound angry", if I had a penny for all the times people have said this to me, and these are people who get angry about stupid, petty issues and then have the gull to judge me.  Off course they're not angry, they don't realize they have been affected yet and by the time they do it may be too late! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Irene, May I suggest a thought experiment?  Think back to when you were a kid.  Remember times your mother or father or teachers got mad at you, how did that make you feel?  You may have done what told in anger, but did you believe it just?  Or did you comply because you had to, not that you thought it right?  I think it is a bit like that.  People today are like children for all practicable purposes.

  26. EcoD says:

    Cloud cover very low here in the Puget Sound region today. About 30 minutes ago a surveillance plane (black triangle) buzzed our community here in the puget sound (we're roughly west of south Whidbey where the Naval Air Station is located…it was barely above the treeline and the sound was ear splitting–my animals were terrified and at one point I thought it was an incoming missile.  Been here 20+ years and this is a first. (thought there has been lots of early morning (1-4 am) military flight activity for months now). Ten minutes later four EA18 growlers flying in pairs went past, heading toward the coast–not as low but equally ear splitting.  Anyone seeing/hearing them out near Port Townsend or the Olympics?   Is this part of their war games in our national forests? Or is something else going on?  BTW, if you're not aware that the BRICS have formed a coalition to take down the petrodollar, you might want to factor that into your understanding of the geoengineers intentions behind Hurricanes Harvey and Irma…as Dane so often notes, the motives are complex and multi-factoral.   We must remain aware in order to bolster our resolve to resist, and to adequately prepare ourselves for a massive escalation in the effort to exterminate all who dare TO resist.  Keep the faith, y'all.  We fight not only for ourselves, but for the voiceless creatures of the more than human world, who cannot defend themselves against this evil onslaught.


    • Maclovio Magaña says:

      Hello Dane, I have recently been looking up in the sky and I see all the chemtrail spraying blows in from offshore, I live in North Bay and sky is always so very hazy like silvery metallic like. Thank you for the hard work you’re doing it is much appreciated.

      ——- Sincerely Maclovio

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Hello EcoD – I live on the Olympic Peninsula. On several occasions I have heard what sounded like a monstrous huge plane (different from the Growlers) going over my house. This one moves very slow and is amazingly 'star-wars' in its ponderous vibrational sound. I have never been able to see it. The Growlers go over my house maybe 4 or 5 times a day. So that is as usual and the noise doesn't bother me, except that I know they are equipped with those "PODS" that are essentially baby HAARP transmitters that are zapping me, the pilots, and everyone else here with lethal radiation. There is a rumor that the submarines have been moving out headed for North Korea, but no verification. Here is a description of a Programmable Preemptive Pod: AN/ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System (TJS)
      The AN/ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System was the first fully integrated computer controlled support jamming system. The ALQ-99 was originally flown on EA-6B aircraft, which are expected to be fully retired in 2019, and is transitioning to the EA-18G, an electronic attack variant of the Navy’s F/A-18 fighter jet. EA-6B and EA-18Gs can be based on aircraft carriers or in expeditionary squadrons that are deployed to land-based locations as needed. The ALQ-99/EA-6B combination was originally developed for use in major combat operations … According to DOD officials, when Operation Iraqi Freedom began, EA-6Bs were used in irregular warfare environments along with another aircraft, the EC-130H Compass Call, because they provided needed jamming capabilities and there were no other airborne electronic attack assets available for this role. These and other demands have strained DOD’s airborne electronic attack capacity and increased the stress on systems, such as the ALQ-99. The AN/ALQ-99 intercepts and automatically processes radar signals and power manages the system's transmitters to effectively jam large numbers of diverse radar threats with very high effective radiated power (ERP). Since the deployment in the early 1970's aboard US Marine Corps and US Navy carrier-based EA-6B Prowler aircraft, the system has undergone multiple upgrades. The EA-6B/ALQ-99 combination has become an indispensable fleet asset, fully integrated into all air wing combat missions.

    • Dennie says:

      Sorry, but you know, whenever I hear the term "Growlers" in reference to the air craft, I can't help but hear the sound of a briskly flushing w.c…

  27. Lawrence Beck says:

    Dane, Thank you for mentioning the Naled that is being sprayed, allegedly for mosquito control in Texas and Florida following the flooding.  Here's a link that further explains the toxicity of Naled:   

    This is incredibly toxic poison!  So if hurricanes and flooding doesn't reduce the population… the Naled will.


    • Joseph L says:

      Naled's Toxicity Not Confined to Mosquitoes

      While the Pentagon has framed its efforts to "assist" as seeking to eliminate a potential human health risk, the particular chemical it is using to control insect populations is likely to do more harm than good. According to the Air Force, the mosquito control protocol involves spraying the "Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved and regulated material, Naled," which the Air Force insists will not be used in amounts large enough to "cause any concern for human health."

      However, the insecticide Naled, manufactured and sold by a strategic partner of Monsanto, is currently banned in the European Union due to the "unacceptable risk" it presents to human health.

      Naled is a known neurotoxin in animals and humans, as it inhibits acetylcholinesterase—an enzyme essential to nerve function and communication—and has even been known to have caused paralysis. Mounting scientific evidence, including a recent Harvard study, has also pointed to Naled's responsibility for the mass die-off of North American bees. Just one day of Naled spraying in South Carolina killed more than 2.5 million bees last year.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Joseph!  I KNEW Monsanto was in there somewhere!  Cripes!  Imagine spending your whole life designing shit that kills or grossly maims.  Then imagine doing that since 1920.  "What does your Daddy/Mommy do for work?"  They KILL.  Who does this?!!  Who thinks like this?!!  What do they say to their children?!!  How the hell do they sleep?!!  No doubt, with the help of drugs.

  28. Jeanette S says:

    In the gemstone fair pic, what is the man looking at the placquard with the different color squares?

  29. Rachel Robson says:

    Gee Dane, this was chilling!  Must say, myself, I cannot tolerate being angry .  So very many reasons to be, and all my life, but I just can't do anger and for myself, do not find it helpful.  Apparently, I can't even handle stress and I have many stresses in my life and always.  I got tied into knots over 5G towers.  Now, I find myself trying not to even give it a think, as just thinking about it is so painful, as well as knowing how little can be done to stop this lemmings marching off a cliff bit.  I just keep trying.  Learning and trying.  Winter is coming and fast.  I have no heat, yet have a medical need for heat.  No oven since last Christmas.  Car window fell out the other day and the ignition is iffy!  There is no room for anger in my life, just effort.  70 years of effort to survive.  

    Today in my email feed was the Navy!  Public notice that we have until October 3? or 6? to comment on their proposed extension of war games in North West and ocean too.  I thought I'd blow a gasket, but tried to channel that into my comment they allow, yet no matter how hard I tried, the thing would not allow me to comment!  I must have spent nearly an hour on this.  Comment space would show up, but would not allow!?!  I loathe them.  Somehow, gotta find a way, not that it will help.  Never has before with them.  Head's up to Susan F. and all!  They would prefer a comment backed up with info.

    Friday night on Chris Hayes' show on MSNBC, near the end, an interview with someone he has apparently known for a long time, referencing prior discussions: Ta-Nehisi Coates, of whom I know nothing, a 'black' man who is a writer-wrote a book called: Between the World and Me, and just recently: We Were 8 Years in Power.  Basically they were discussing 'race' issues but at a certain point Mr. Coates said that takes a back seat now to climate.  Hit the desk saying Now! Now!  At  the end Chris said, wondered, how 'race' issues will be viewed 100 years from now.  Mr. Coates just looked at him as if stunned.  Chris asked what?  Coates remarked 100 years? and started to say we won't be here, but only got half way through that remark, stopping himself, Chris looking genuinely confused, Coates clearly aware the world soon to end.  Guess he realized or was tipped off to shut up and did.  It just hung there in the air as show ended.  It forever amazes me how many people, seemingly all, think there really is a future!  I suspect this is rather universally unthinkable-the world ending….cannot process.  Maybe there is an upside to that, as if all believed that, ordinary law would break down as all hell would break loose?  Or, would all help each other as in Harvey?  Maybe short term…

    Read a bunch of stats about life expectancy which is stunning-in a good way, sort of.  Global life expectancy is 75.3 years for women, 69.3 for men.  Japan has the highest at 83.9 with both sexes combined.  Japan!  A US man if 65 now, can expect to live another 18 years.  Women, another 20.  Poor diet is associated with one in five of all deaths.  Heart disease # one killer.  In 2016, 128.8 million babies born, 54.7 million people died-world wide.

    I viewed the white giraffe and her white calf in Kenya.  Both beautiful and creepy.  Could not help but wonder if that a climate created condition.  Ghostly.  And a tiger in Java showed up–this kind thought gone for 40 years now.  Must have been really hungry to show himself.

    And stats for our wildlife here in California.  It is a good year for ducks. The 5th best year in 60.  For the Bay here and ocean, there's been a fish count.  4,160 salmon this year compared to 1,383 last year.  Striped bass 2,172 this year, to 973 last.  Halibut 1,642 to 335.  Why? How? Cooled waters?  And I saw a pic of a rare long-tailed weasel !  I didn't even know this adorable little thing existed, few do, but this one is showing himself to the public which normally does not happen.  Must be hungry, like the tiger. 

     People are running out of water as for so very long they've been tapping under ground reservoirs.  And corporations buying them up.  Water wars.  Obviously, this situation will get worse.  Much worse. I drink one heck of a lot of water and always have.  Can't imagine having none.

    A scrub jay showed up in my bird bath.  The hummingbirds are in my face again, and I saw two mating in air-magical.  But last night as the sun was setting the sky so full of whatever that the very orange clouds near sun so thick and intense I found myself actually looking at the sun as it did not hurt-then thought oh no!  Acrylic lenses!  And purple spots for an hour.  The rest of the sky was packed with a repeated kind of 'clouds' so very obviously fake and so huge and everywhere–each with a trail like a tail at the bottom becoming a very white big puff higher up that spread upward and flared every which way like airy fringe.  Seemingly hundreds of these.  But too many to count!  I've seen a few of these before, but not a whole sky full.  Surely that got some attention?  Probably not….But Dane, seems you really are making progress!! Yay!! The best news of all!

    • Dennie says:

      @Rachel Robson:  We should all find that e-mail about commenting on the U.S. Navy's extension of their war games in the Pacific N.W. and pass it on to our elected representation in the Senate.  They need to know that WE know about this and they're not going to get away with it.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh Dennie, They WILL get away with this.  They ALWAYS get their way!

      Today I find adelphi.  And The Center For Climate and Security.  Exploring the security risks of climate change.  This is the military and boy do they have a lot of info under that.  A running commentary.  Oddly or not, of course presenting themselves in a beneficial way, striving to keep world order under the ravages of climate change/global warming.  Of course they take no responsibility for this.  They are only here to help!

  30. Paul Faso says:

    China has just signaled to the world their commitment  to remove the internal combustion engine from the energy equation as more and more evidence of pollution cannot be denied. China will join many other nations now moving in this inevitable direction. The U.S. has just rejected Rand Paul's bill in the Senate to discontinue the endless wars for material empire concealed by the ongoing, alleged "War on Terror'' since the false flag crimes of 9/11.

    China is about to give the imbeciles running the Federal Reserve Bank and the Congress, a stern lesson in finance as well in physics by demonstrating Newton's 3 Law against the reckless U.S. petro/dollar "action" with an "equal and opposite action" by China. Not only will China break the back of the insolvent U.S. empire, but will introduce the real energy technology revolution President Trump promised in his Inaugural Address, and promptly trashed when he left the podium.


    • Dennie says:

      This is not really any Big News, since Toyota Motor Corporation announced back in 2014 or so that they would be producing virtually no internal combustion engines by 2050.  

  31. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I just watched your interview on Alex Jones. He is such a Rude guy. The constant interuptions while you are answering questions. Looking at the page when stating your name. Like he needed to remind himself.  His Trump fetish. Blaming the ramp up of these programs on the military men he trusts to do the Right Thing! Because they Love America So Much. Does anyone research facts about this new pres? But, it was having Prof. Willie Soon on after you, that made me most angry. I think he was sticking it to you. A Christian, My Ass! You can say you're a Christian a Million times a day. But, it doesn't make it so!

    • Dennie says:

      I couldn't understand basically much more than a few words that Will He Soon (shut up) was saying.  Honestly.  And I have great ears, too.

  32. Christian Chavez says:

    Very impressed with your website and content, this is my first time visiting this site. I found it yesterday as I was looking at videos about global warming and pollution I found this video in the suggestions that YouTube gives you to watch after the video you have previously watched is over.

    Thank You Dane I really liked your show 100% agreed to all the truth you have said.

  33. Jeffrey Fish says:

    We are awake. We are also the the very small minority. I'm sorry, but at this point there is no way to stop the inevitable. I know this is a very negative view but from what I am seeing in the plant kingdom alone,(I've been in arboricultural sciences since 1978), it's pretty obvious that only an intelligence far superior to ours, could mitigate what has been done.   

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Jeffrey, I agree.  Wish I did not.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, AND we must all of us be the hands of that higher intelligence, if only we would listen.  When we recite the Prayers of the People each Sunday at St. Paul's we also pray for our leaders that they will make the right choices.  We pray to become good stewards of God's Creation.  Wish more would grow some real legs and walk their talk all the way around.  One of our parishioners has decided to make sure that we have a smaller foot print with regard to the landfill.  Too much compostible and recyclable stuff was going out in the general garbage each Sunday, so now we've got someone who's making deidcated bins for each type of product, whether that be paper, plastic, glass or compostible left-over food.   Wish I could find a way to have a meet-up after coffee hour each week and discuss what's contributing to global warming, including a conversation about the spraying and just what it's doing to the ozone.  We need another geoengineering documentary showing how the spraying affects the ozone layer and what that means to us all on Earth.  

  34. helot says:

    One final suggestion for an idea to spread information, if you’re feeling really creative, do this online somehow, even if it’s just a bit piece, I wish I could:

    ‘“variety shows” used to be so much of a Thing that I am stunned there is no niche cable network devoted to them today.’

  35. Christine says:

    The molecular basis of all insecticides points to one single issue, the fact, that humans, insects, plants are all eukaryots. The overall molecular identity of human and fly acetylcholinesterase is ~50%. The overall 3D structure of the active center of that target protein of many insecticides, is ~100% identical in fish, rat, frog or fly, and 100% identical with the one of humans! That means, the entire environment around the inhibitor (chorpyrifos or NALED)  is identical among all the species within eukaryotic kingdom. That fact is used in drug design where similarity of just ~50% is enough to consider drug  a 'target'. Thus the same chlopyrifos will bind and permanently inhibit the neurotransmission in a very similar way not only in insects, but also in birds, flies, and us, humans…The only difference is the amount, depending on a total weight of the 'target'.

  36. penny waters says:

    dear dane

    saw some pretty strange rain drops on my windscreen t'other day.

    when the drops hit the screen they all became perfectly round drops of water, sat on the glass, even traveling along at about 40mph – no movement – like they were stuck on.

    like they'd been drawn on.

    made me think about how human attempts at replicating nature is so simplistic – without the fractal energy and understanding that nature is.

    totally bizarre

    what we are facing is hard for me to cope with


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Penny, I have noticed this too.  And with particulate matter, which at times seems drawn to metal or glass and sticks on as you say.  I suspect whatever is in nucleated stuff.

  37. Christine says:

    Is there anyone measuring the amount of light over night hours? Maybe we (the jobless, the left) should start doing own science, while the 'official gagged scientists' continue pretending doing their jobs, while really keeping sticking to their salaries…..

  38. Julie says:

    The smoke here in the Willamette Valley has been ongoing all summer long, but today was the worst.  The NW is burning up. 

    Dane is to be commended for his work, and his extreme sacrifice for trying to bring the truth out into the light. 

    I live on forested property, and my own trees are dying.  The fir trees are dying at an alarming rate.  The maple trees, for quite a few years now, turn crispy brown on the tops where they are most exposed.  I noticed that the maple trees on the way to the coast were doing the same thing many years ago, and the explanation from the Forest Service was it was due to drought.  BS!  There was no drought at that time.  But there sure was spraying!

    We are helpless guinea pigs — unless we wake up and begin to scream. 

    The earth cycles and changes, yes.  But this is something entirely different.  We now have 'man' playing god.

    • Dear Julie, this breaks my heart.  I was born in the Northwest, now live on the central coast of Calif..  I have memories of the NW as Heavenly,  as a sanctuary to move to, away from pollution and desert conditions.  I started noticing chem trails in year 2000 in Ca.  Their geo-engineering intervention in normal weather patterns has to be brought to public attention.  I pray the truth is revealed soon. Please pray with me.  -Katharine Travers.  

  39. Christine says:

    There are submilimeter, micrometer gelly like, transparent drops everywhere, covering everything. They seem to reflect light perfectly well. That became obvious to me after watching the car windows on entirely 'dry' day, after being cleaned very well, but exposed to sprayings. The area I saw it personally covers Sacrameto-Bay Area… Increasing eyes issues might be the intermediate problem facing us here..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Christine, I've been mentioning this oddity for a couple of years now.  I see it here all the time and your description is perfect!  I could not describe it that well.  It keeps stunning me and it varies a bit.  Like, if some rain, these little glowing orbs of drops on plants can be clear and shiny, or golden!  Like jewels they look in the night.  Glad to hear someone else mention them!  They don't seem to fall off plants or dry.   Just bounce and glow!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Christine, I must add that one day I watched with kitchen window open, very tiny stuff coming in and straight to my oven door which is large and white.  These tiny things not only stuck and stayed stuck, but were quite colorful.  Seemed the oddest thing and does not happen all the time.

  40. helot says:

    Several brainstormed ideas on how to reach people after the farmers market has ended:

    At my farmers market they had a raffle for a Jeep they had on display. There were always people looking at it and milling about. Maybe get some kind of vehicle, tool, or equipment covered or painted with and offer it in another venue as a raffle to benefit a good cause of some type. I wonder if a person could do that on Craigslist or Facebook without being taken to jail? Or, just simply offer it For Sale or, trade?

    When I was in grade-school in the 80’s, I remember old men standing outside the school after the day had ended, they gave out tiny Bibles as the students streamed out the doors. I wonder if putting packets into tiny Bibles and doing the same would work. Prolly end up in jail?

    Maybe create a Go-Fund-Me page to fund paying 18yr old seniors to distribute info packets in high schools or in colleges to their peers? Maybe create and fund a club on a college campus, call it, The Order of Not-Ignorants? Prolly end up in jail?

    Maybe put an ad on Craigslist or Facebook offering a prize to whomever comes up with the best way to spread the message? Prolly won’t end up in jail right away.

    Maybe buy, or make, a blimp and flash a message above your city like MetLife did over my city awhile back? Prolly end up in jail?

    Maybe create a Facebook page with basic geoengineering info on it, offer a prize for whomever generates the most ‘Likes’ in a certain amount of time. Prolly illegal and end up in jail?

    Maybe sponsor a bowling team or a little league team by the name, Geoengineering Gutterballs or Geoengineering Tigers? Prolly won’t end up in jail, but might not be well liked?

    Maybe print up some t-shirts with on them in large letters, front and back, find one of those numerous guys standing at Interstate off-ramps holding ‘need money’ signs and give them the shirt and twenty bucks or so and tell them to put it on and tell them if you see them wearing it next time you’ll give them ten bucks? You prolly won’t end up in jail. Maybe.
    Or, print up some business sized cards with, ‘Please Visit’ on one side, and ‘Thank You’, on the other and tell him/her to give them to those who give.
    That way, it’s not charity, and, being useful: is happiness.

    Maybe print up some business sized cards like above, staple them to some money and put them into any Tip Jar you’re so inclined to patron. You prolly won’t end up in jail.

    Maybe start-up a free ride service to take vets to the VA hospital, on their way in, hand them a packet and ask them to distribute it inside. You prolly won’t end up in jail or be driven out of business, right away.

    Maybe visit All your local church services: at the end of it all, when they pass around the plate, put some money stapled to a geoengineering packet into it and say nothing more. You prolly won’t end up in jail.

    Those are prolly all bad ideas, however; maybe they’ll spark a good one?

    Whatever you do, imho, DO NOT go into your local public bar and try to inform your friends there, you’ll likely get kicked out, beat up, end up in jail, or all of the above.

    Good Luck, and may The Force be with you.

    P.S. Susan Ferguson,
    I created a website in the 90’s offering an alternative to suicide. It got so many hits I was locked out of it… for months, then I gave up. One of my greatest regrets was not developing that further.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Helot, This may be the best post I have ever read here. I have tried several of your ideas and I haven't ended up in jail yet. One day I called a couple dozen EPA employees (Agents, Scientists, investigators) and confronted ALL of them on the Geoengineering issue. I was pretty stern with some of them.

      The next day I got a phone call from a Dept. of Homeland Security agent. We talked for over an hour. In the end he said he wanted me to apologize. I asked him what he would do if I didn't. He said he would arrest me, so I said "I'm sorry" he said "Thank you" and we never spoke again.  

      I am in this fight until my last breath, without fear, trepidation, timidity or anonymity.

      Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • Frank says:

      great ideas!!! keep it up!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Steven!  Whoa!  Not every day one gets a call from Homeland Security! Much less demanding you say sorry.  Better than jail, but whoa!  Jeez!  What the heck did you two talk about for an hour?  Did you explain geoengineering to that person or what?  Person must have been interested to keep up conversation?  Or?

    • Julie says:

      Thank you for sharing your ideas. I've been so frustrated when the subject of weather comes up & I try to educate people into looking in to the facts for themselves  . They look at me as if Im crazy.. 

    • Pedro says:

      Mr Steven Chamberlain, you are an Example!

    • helot says:

      Dear Steven Chamberlain,

      Thanks. Your comment was uplifting, to say the least.

      RE: ‘without fear, trepidation, timidity or anonymity’.

      You are Very brave. You remind me of Robert Conrad’s character in the 70′ TV movie/series ‘Centennial’. I only wish I had half the moxie you, Dane, Susan and the many others here have.

    • helot says:

      Thanks, to you also, Julie.

      Ya, when I speak the truth, ‘They look at me as if Im crazy..’.

      Speaking truth, to, ‘The People’, is the most difficult thing, and, the most powerful.

      Robert Conrad’s character [a real person, I think, his name was Pasquanel] he would come before his enemies and say, ‘ I come to you unafraid’.

  41. Dennie says:

    I get particulary frustrated with all the mellow little idiots who get bent out of "mellow" and object or somehow seem surprised that anyone would possibly feel ANGRY about what's been and continues to be done to Earth.  SHEEEEESH!!!!– Are their heads up their asses, or whaaat? They are soooooo disgustingly accusatory:  "You sound ANGRY…!!!"  B-I-G surprise!!

    • penny waters says:

      dear dennie

      wonder if you'd include me in that assessment.

      i became angry at junior school (under 11) at the unfairness of humans and how they/we treat others.

      how long can one be angry? it just makes me ill and tired.

      at 68yrs i do not have much energy left to get angry – doesn't mean i don't care or don't feel deep distress at what it is to be a human and to be conscious!!



  42. Andy says:

    The 9/11 anniversary came and went. As usual I voiced my opinions on several forums. On two of them I was directed to the laughable 2005 Popular Mechanics so-called "debunking" article, and when I queried the veracity of the alleged science contained therein I was summarily banned from those forums. One of them was so good as to explain my dismissal, and I quote – "fear-porn mongering on this subject is not tolerated on this site. Here we adhere to the truth and do not countenance absurd theories which demean the integrity of the great American people". To be honest I was quite shocked as I had not in any way (as far as I am aware) in any way "demeaned" anyone, I was merely questioning why the opinions of the 2300+ professionals of Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth were so easily dismissed purely because one (1) magazine article (and the book it pertained to) had a differing opinion. As long as such countering of genuine enquiry is so prevalent it is much harder to break through the fixed mindset of many people, and is considerably disheartening in the process. The exact same blind adherence to questionable or even outright fabricated "science" is manifest in the geoengineering arena. This *ostrich syndrome* is perplexing, annoying, draining and disheartening, but it will not stop me from speaking my mind. It cannot. It must not. Thank you Dane et al here at geoengineeringwarch, you help keep me sane in an insane landscape.

    • helot says:

      So very well said, Dennie and Andy.

      I’ve never seen Soylent Green, but have read numerous references to it. I imagine it’s similar to Clockwork Orange, and an insufferable film, which I can’t shake, how similar it is to our current world: Idiocracy.

      And, Christine’s comment about, ‘There are submilimeter, micrometer gelly like, transparent drops everywhere, covering everything’ … it all makes me remember the jokers who didn’t want to pay attention in the sciences classes I took. Not that the University science degree graduates that I know are any better.

      ‘gelly like, transparent drops everywhere’ – I keep thinking about the dried out splashes on my windshield every morning. Same stuff, I suspect.

    • helot says:

      After I hit the ‘Send Button’, I thought: I hope I didn’t phrase my comment wrong about Christine’s comment. Pardon me, I’m tired as all-get-out.

      What I meant was, I could just imagine the jokesters [Idiocracy] in my old science classes reacting to her observations and dismissing them out of hand without any proof or substance… hopefully, you know what I mean. I.e. condemnation, without examination.

    • Michael says:

      Popular Mechanics has always been a disinformation outlet for whatever Illuminati agenda that is currently being promoted. Also beware of the Amazing Randi on the "Skeptics" site. (You know, he will try to explain how jet fuel melts steel.)

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Andy, Always question authority!  That is a sign of a healthy mind.

    • Kevin Love says:

      Andy and others,

      watch the YouTube documentary titled " best documentary ever on 9/11 " by the higher truth channel and watch "3D analysis of 2016 update

  43. Jintampa says:

    Makes me sad to see the decline of earth and her inhabitants, evil has no boundaries.



  44. Richard Bernier says:

    It looks like we are getting closer to the reality depicted in the movie Soylent Green with the exception that this movie looks more and more like a documentary than ever before. Sad reality that we must work together to change while there is still some time and hope left.

  45. renate says:


    Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques


    In July 1972 the U.S. Government renounced the use of climate modification techniques for hostile purposes, even if their development were proved to be feasible in the future." ….says this from BUREAU OF INTERNATIONAL SECURITY AND NONPROLIFERATION

    Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977

    Entered into force October 5, 1978


    (Promises are made to be broken)

  46. dannyv_1707 says:

    Thank you Dane for your hard work, it is much appreciated.

  47. Susan Ferguson says:

    "…roughly 20 veterans a day nationwide commit suicide."

    VA's suicide prevention hotline expanding to third site
    By: Leo Shane III / THE NAVY TIMES
    WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs officials will open a third call center for the Veterans Crisis Line in Kansas in coming weeks, a move that’s expected to add about 100 new personnel to the emergency response service. The new office will be located in Topeka on the campus of VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System. More than 500 staffers currently operate the around-the-clock hotline out of locations in New York and Georgia. … Since its launch in 2007, VA officials said the crisis line has fielded more than 3 million calls and provided emergency intervention for unstable individuals more than 84,000 times. It has also interacted with nearly 440,000 more individuals through chat and text services. … its operations have also come under criticism in recent years for failing to keep up with demands. … The Senate’s plan for fiscal 2018 VA funding includes a $10 million boost for crisis line operations. VA statistics show roughly 20 veterans a day nationwide commit suicide. Of those, only six are active users of VA services.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I have been disturbed by this news for years. Thank You  for reminding others of it Susan. Very Sad News Indeed!

    • OhZone says:

      Are they committing suicide or are they being suicided?

    • Edward Palys says:

      OhZone, good question. I wonder if any investigations were done on those suicides, like how were the self-inflicted suicides done? Wonder if many were bullet holes to the back of their heads, like all those suicides listed in the Clinton victim files.

  48. Stephen says:

    Headlines in Chronological order:



    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Stephen.

      'Mystery of the oxygen sink'

      O2 depletion by the chemical way through aerosol spraying? Directly or indirectly? Or both?

      geoengineering and the killing of Plankton in the Oceans..

      geoengineering and the killing of billions of Trees worldwide.

      the MFs have to be STOPPED!

      STOP Climate engineering.


      Thank you for your post!



    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Fantastic Stephen! Thank You.

  49. Cesar Damian says:

    Really enjoyed this show. I came across this website as I dragged your image of the Jet Spraying into a google search engine and I was shocked at all the lies about it just spraying water vapor


    Thank you Dane For Exposing NOAA and the government programs and climate engineering.

  50. Donna-AZ says:

    Just in on Zerohedge: A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp, has emerged from the wolves den to expose the deep state and the shadow government which he calls two entirely separate entities.

  51. Dennie says:

    The pictures of the defiled skies in this week's Global Alert News are some of the most shocking I've ever seen, and I'm not so easily shocked any longer!

    It is totally amazing that Uhmerukunz have zero idea that, like the North Koreans, and everyone everywhere else, for that matter, they, too, are being given the "mushroom treatment," i.e., kept in the dark and fed pure bullshit.

    The Tillman Files is vailable at the archived website. I found the domain name has recently been purchased and renamed, so everything that was on is still there!  Here is the link to the entire 7-chapter story by Stan Goff:  If you scroll to the top of the page you'll find stories under a heading titled "September 11th and the New World We Live In."  Great reading, for those who truly wish to understand What Happened.    

    I heard on NPR very early this morning the "Star Date" segment from the McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas in Austin, TX.  The topic was Venus, and how it had possibly been a very habitable planet for about 2 billion years, until the sun got hotter…. like here now…. the term used to describe it's 800+ degree Fahrenheit, mostly CO2 atmosphere that is 100 times the pressure on planet Earth was "runaway greenhouse effect" warming due to the CO2… like here…. There appears to be much disinformation about runaway greenhouse warming on the internet when you search the term.

    'They' are literally running out of places to destroy…"  Yes, like termites in a house, cockroaches in a kitchen, ants at a picnic and carnivores with a carcass– soon it will all be GONE.

  52. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Wow Dane. You are now in great Demand. Thank You for posting your upcoming interviews. You deserve nothing less than Top Billing. And on the Top Rated Shows. The World deserves to know & Hear the Facts. I am Glad these Hosts are doing the Right thing, by having you on.  I Pray they will have you on often, until it is exposed Worldwide.    

  53. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I am so thrilled to see over 28 Million have researched this site. Yeah!   Another Fact Packed Global Alert News Dane. It's hard to sit still to listen. I usually pace the floor during your weekly radio broadcast. Always gives me incentive to do more each week. Thank You! How they have treated Africa is beyond Shameful. The People of Africa, Their Unique, Great Animals, Birds, etc.& their Land & Water sources. A Shame Indeed!    The Fish & Seafood sections are shrinking in our stores & the prices have sky rocketed. Just look at the fish they have for sale & see how pale the fish looks. Void of Health & Nutrients looks this way. Like a Pale Childs face.    Such lifelessness in so many beings. Great & small. I wish the World understood how Important Trees are. So many here report on the Poor shape of Trees they've witnessed, in their own backyards or on their travels. The Importance of Seasons to them. They need to go through cycles & Geo Engineering is wreaking havoc on them. Not to mention the Nutrient & Water up take to them hindered by the Aerosol fallout from these programs that are also promoting Forest Fires Worldwide. And to read so many reports here on the scorched Trees or Trees with fugal issue's. There use to be a Balance that kept all of these issue's in check. The Balance of Life, in all of Life, is being Messed Up Man!   Still in the Summer season, I know nearing the end. But there is a Season between Summer & Winter. It's called Autumn & It is an Important Season for all that grow foods & crops & the Health of Trees & Us. How can't the Farmers & Ranchers be Livid about these spray programs??? I have written a couple of hundred of them here. Spring = Plant   Summer=Grow  Autumn=Gather or Reap Winter=Rest  " A Cycle"!.   Montana with a Winter weather condition on it's way?   Are you kidding me?   Dairy Queen had a radio commercial asking us to come in for their Autumn dessert. This was 3 weeks ago!  Programming? A little Orwellian with a dash of Buzzaro World?  Are they trying to eliminate Autumn?   I asked last year, Where is Autumn!        Our leaves , were turning yellow on the 17th of Aug.  And now 10- 20 % have no leaves at all, & many are at 50% leaves left. Where others are still green.  We had frost here today. For the second time. The Bird baths are frozen! Green Houses at 8C(46.4F) & 12C(53.6F).   Insanity! Jasper Alberta on Sept. 5th was -1C in the AM. & jumping up to the high 20'sC(70"sF)     On the 11th it was in the 30'sC(86F+) accross the Province  Almost 40C(104F) on Aug.30th And now the whole Province was at a high of 10C & 11C the past few days. And the Grey skies are called smokey or hazy! Smoke does not have 3 layers to it. I am not surprised by your report on Canada's Wildlife decrease. It is obvious to me. It rips me to pieces watching it. Birds, Bats & Insects a rare sight, Not to mention Animals. The Lakes look like Crap with half of the surface covered in some kind of low light condition, regardless if they are in full Sun exposure. They ofcourse need more than just a couple of hours of Sunlight a month!!! On the 14th of Sept. The Entire Province was reported to be covered in Fog!   Wake Up Alberta!  The Cat Tails or Bull Rushes have grown new tops on brown stocks.   The stocks never even turned green this year on the ones I witnessed.  Oh My.  What will it take?     The duty of a true Patriot is to Protect his Country from it's government!    Get Up. Stand Up!  

  54. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: This link is also from my friend (above) who travels to India…"Interesting that the above is also happening in China."
    10 Facts About China’s Pollution Problem That Will Make Your Skin Crawl
    2. Air-borne toxins kill an alarming number of people. … In China, pollution kills more than 1.5 million people a year — or about 4,400 people every day.  During the 9/11 terrorist attacks nearly 3,000 people lost their lives. If you can imagine something of that magnitude happening on a daily basis, you’ll have some kind of reference point to what kind of impact this is having. The pollution in China can easily be considered a dire public health crisis, and it’s only going to get worse from here.
    5. Over half of China’s groundwater has been deemed unsafe. In addition to the complicated air pollution problem, there is a huge amount of pollution getting into China’s water supply — not just in rivers, ponds, and lakes but in the underground water as well. Chinese government officials recently monitored the ground water at thousands of sites across the country; finding nearly 60% of the samples to be “relatively polluted” or “highly polluted”.  This is from a relatively short period of industrialization. It’s fair to assume that if the current trajectory continues for any considerable length of time, there won’t be any clean water left at all. While harmful to fishermen and the human population in general, I can’t help but think about all the wildlife that are being forced to pay the ultimate price for something they had no part in.
    7. Air-borne particle pollution is giving rise to unique health complications.  Foreigners that relocate to China have a particularly hard time adjusting to the poor air quality there. They frequently experience headaches, throat irritation, and a bothersome cough; this phenomenon has unofficially been dubbed “Beijing cough”. Soon enough, we may not even need to visit China ourselves to be affected by their poor air quality.

  55. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: This is a report from a dear ,trusted and respected friend who for many years travels to India, as he says “regularly”:
    India (and China) are both interesting situations.  For the past 5 years I have been traveling regularly to India. Spending time in both big cities (New Delhi, Cochin, etc.,) and also small cities like Jammu, Srinagar, and some very small towns of Kerala.  As documented, there has been an exponential jump in respiratory conditions in all of the major cities.  What hasn't been documented, is that the same is true of many of the smaller cities and towns which are relatively unpolluted.
    I feel the above report from 2015 is alarming for two reasons: 1) There is definitely a rise in the visible pollution in major cites, which the press easily attributes to the increase in factories and motor vehicles, etc., BUT, more alarming is: 2) this reported increase has afforded the Chemtrail engineers a perfect screen in which they can 'up the mix', and produce a more 'lethal cocktail', without any obvious consequence.
    Just a thought, but is it coincidence that these two rising economies pose the greatest threat to the Global Economic Stronghold presently held by the West? Yes, they are definitely spraying heavily in India. New Delhi is high on the list of polluted cities, but now even the 'so called healthy' are coming down with the unexplained chronic cough.  I have recently returned after a month (August) of Ayurvedic detox treatment in Kerala. They were spraying over Kochi (Cochin) every night, and less intensely over the small town were were staying (about an hour to the north).
    The general population is totally unaware of Geoengineering…!
    I have no doubt that, even though they have condoned 'it', the Indian Government is not aware of any of the negative consequences of the Global Geoengineering program. The heavens are presently open (that's another subject), but least to say, the rest of this month will see more major events worldwide, i.e., both Natural and Man Made. Florida is no doubt a sign of things to come! I am presently … in Los Angeles…they spray LA almost every evening, not to mention the high volume of commercial aircraft landing at LAX (just 15 minutes away). God knows what is next, but I think it's time to brace ones self for the next month or so.

    • Dennie says:

      There is NO WHERE on Earth anyone can go and be "detoxed" from the shit raining down on us from the spraying programs 24/7/364; from Fukushima, Chernobyl, and +2000 open air nuclear bomb tests, not to mention places like Hanford, Diablo Canyon, Three Mile Island, Indian Head, etc.

    • Maclovio Magaña says:

      Hello Dennie, there’s spraying like sh*t, I have recently asked my self when they will pay for all they have done to humanity…hopefully it is not never.

  56. William says:

    Trump administration working toward renewed drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    Interestingly, this was found in the "Politics" section.  Dane, I am certain you will discuss this on your latest edition of Global Alert News.  'They' are literally running out of places to destroy…

  57. Peggy Lang says:

    I do not need to be  * first in line to meet who ever  they are waiting for, neither do I kiss the ass of a devil….my question is:  where are they intending to Spend the  money that they have denied our lives  with  and using to kill us with – our planet and all living things ?… I appreciate the input from you and Man is NOT the superior  animal!  Some in your field , maybe, perhaps …  however,  money is not Natural… thank you <3  

    • helot says:

      Dear Peggy Lang, Of course money is natural. Gold, silver, salt, and cattle have all been used as money. The fiat Dollars of today are not money, perhaps that is what you meant?

      Imho, another type of money, is Love. I’m guilty of not producing and giving out enough Love. Multiply that times a billion people and I suppose that’s why the world is the way it is.

    • Maclovio Magaña says:

      Hello Peggy Laneg, Are government spends the most money in the military industrial complex not only that but it also owns the global reserve currency. Hope I answered well as I only been awake for the past several months cheers.

    • L says:

      Totally agree Penny: money is completely unnatural, a human invention. Of course as populations advanced from simply hunting and gathering all day, then organisational systems of exchange had to be developed if society was to function in an orderly way and this was in the forms of barter and suchlike and eventually money. Now in what is a a degenerate Age when the ignoble parasites reign, it has become a system of slavery. But what is absolutely unfathomably appalling in my mind is how the very foundation of life upon whom we depend (our mother earth), is being made to suffer at the hands of a human invention (money), which could so easily be changed. As a kid I never understood this mentality and I still don't. Of course, I can clearly understand the why of this horrific mess that is happening thanks to Dane and years of personal research. But nevertheless, omnicide at the hands of an artificial system is simply criminality of the first order deserving of first order brutal justice.

    • helot says:

      Dear L, I’m trying to picture this, ‘the hands of a human invention (money)’ what do these hands look like?

      ‘The point is that money arises naturally in society, as a way of aiding in voluntary economic transactions.’ – Peter Schiff.

      Please consider reading this bit, perhaps you’ll re-evaluate your stance:

    • L says:

      Sorry helot, my stance hasn't changed one jot. The very fact that it is, as you quoted from Peter Schiff "a way of aiding in voluntary economic transactions" contains the understanding that it is not essential to life as nature is and therefore, Nature should come first and the system preferentially sacrificed out of necessity for survival. No ecosystem, no life, period. 

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