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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 2, 2017


Dane Wigington

The great unraveling is picking up momentum by the day. While Americans are reeling from the manipulated Hurricane Harvey cataclysm, Hurricane Irma approaches. Will Irma be utilized by the weather makers to inflict yet more decimation to US populations? While all of mainstream media focuses on the flooding, the Western US is incinerating. The flooding or frying scenario is playing out all over the globe, but, again, corporate media is not covering what is unfolding. How many heard anything about the South Asia flooding that has already killed 1200? While the majority of the masses are still distracted by the constantly orchestrated political theater, our planet is imploding. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

What can each and every one of us do to make a difference? How many are willing to actually try? If not now, then when? If we arm ourselves with credible and compelling data to pass on to others, and ask them to do the same, we could yet reach a critical mass of awareness in time to alter the outcome. Isn’t that our responsibility? We owe our lives to the children, to the web of life, make your voice heard.

This week's GeoengineeringWatch.org outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A geoengineeringwatch.org booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


90 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 2, 2017

  1. Sandie Sparrow says:

    Thank you for being the Lighthouse of truth on what is going on.  I had absolutely no idea until the winter of 2014 when I noticed an extremely odd pattern:   every single Monday morning as I started a 2 hour commute (northern Ontario), the day started out with a gorgeous deep blue sky but got quickly criss-crossed over by white trails – that just stayed there and got wider and wider until by supper time the sky was blotted out – and for the rest of the week it continued to be covered in white haze to some degree.  I guess the pilots took Sundays off 2014 winter because it was always clear on Monday mornings. That winter I also noticed "needle snow" – no longer the gorgeous intricate patterns of natural snowflakes.  Yesterday I was reading posts in "Quora" and a man from China had posted photos of the skies there to show that they did see blue sky in China sometimes..  and lo and behold…  I couldn't believe it.  The trails were there too.  I had heard they couldn't spray over China but I guess that must have changed.   More digging… found the "Thrive" movie, then "The Cosmic False Flag"  by Dr. Steven Greer (the 3 hour and 7 minute version that the trolls haven't mutilated).  Boy talk about being at the turning point of human history!  The position that I want to share is this:  our immediate circumstances are fraught with great peril for everything and everybody… but what we do today can help to mitigate some of the damage and get more of us through to the other side… because there will be the other side :  a "peaceful civilization, technology such as free energy and antigravity will have solved the pollution problem, complete economic and social justice, poverty ended, sustainable Level 1 Civilization."  The Baha'is also talk about this kind of future. This vision will help to sustain our spirits as we throw in our lot to save the planet and ourselves.  Thank God for those of you who are awake and active!  Love to everyone. 

    • KC says:

      I live in Ione, Oregon (rural small town in wheat farming country). I see the crisscross ### patterns of spraying in the skies over my town frequently. At first I just thought  more commercial jets were flying over so I began to pay more attention. Now when I see them I realize they are not normal because they don't dissipate… they slowly spread and leave a haze in the sky all day long. The amount of contrails is overwhelming and not normal for the rural area that I live in. I goggled cloud seeding and evetually found your site. Hmmm this is weird. I had no idea.

  2. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    We live on a Finite planet, but somehow humans think there are unlimited supplies of Natural Resources available. Their mindset is only about Money & Power all the time, that has to change immediately.

  3. Uncomfortably Numb says:

     Here in taos the jets keep on spraying, the microwaves keep on blasting, and now we are choking on smoke from the west coast fires. Are we numb enough yet?

    Best Wishes,

    Mr Numb

  4. Mark says:

    Dane, these high pressure systems that have been dominating the weather in the west for a long time now.  We in the west have had this heat dome over us acting like a lid on a pressure cooker for months now.   These systems just sit and spin and don't move for months on end and of course the jet stream is steered around the high pressure which ruins our normal weather patterns and creates oppressive heat, stagnant air and wildfires among many other problems.  Dane, on your next radio program and one the website, could you inform the public on how these high pressure systems are being kept in place and fueled?  I think these high pressure systems are the reason our weather has been so horrible.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mark, in regard to the engineered heat dome of high pressure being held over the US west, you are correct. I have covered this many times, and will again. Check the attached link as an example, FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineered-western-us-meltdown-to-cool-the-rest-of-the-country-again/

  5. Benjie Mann says:

    Hi Tom Keith!

    I just showed a smart young lady Dane's website, how hurricane Harvey was manipulated, and showed her how great Dane's website is. She agreed was very happy for the info, and thanked me warmly.

    Here in Miami Irma, a category five hurricane is approaching the Florida Keys it's a great time to show people how hurricane Harvey was controlled.

    There is no time to waste on closed minded persons Their teacher can be the melt down .

    It's very enjoyable to approach receptive open minded persons. They will devour Dane's website, pass on the info, and give you positive energy! 

    Sunday I chatted up a young German couple on their way back from the beach, as they were sun burned. I started with UV A,B,C, then NASA retirees. They were very receptive and interested. On the bus they received a slip of paper with Dane's website address, but they were sharp and most likely remembered the address anyway.

    If you select your students, you will really move forward, and enjoy yourself.

    If you keep your teaching fun It's great for everyone. Teaching dull students will waste your energy, so you can't afford to. Best to have fun now!  Benjie Mann.

    Best of luck!!!


  6. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    As usual, they kept us socked in our entire Labor Day long weekend. This morning we woke up to a Thick fog that enveloped everything & 4C (39.2F)  (Just before everyone goes Home)  Once that lifted, we saw some very rare Blue Sky & Sunshine. Then by 10AM the Jets started flying, Then in tandem. Dirty Dogs. Full fledged trails. I think at this point with in your face spraying over a fairly clear sky, Says F You!   Once again the blue belly jets were out. ,  As if we can't see the trail spewing behind them. And then Huge X's & V's & I don't think they are sending us a Kiss or the Peace sign! Not a weekend in years of watching have I seen without these trails & especially the long weekends. They would'nt want a Family to enjoy a weekend of outdoor activities, Or a Family Reunion without  them.  They want us indoors. Blue Sky & Sunshine lifts Spirits & they would'nt want that!   I Wonder how many Cars,Trucks & RV's traveling Home for hundreds of Miles or Kilometers, even noticed a one? As it is said; The Eyes are useless when the Mind is Blind!  But You Can't Help your Family that way, Can you?       It is Hard to Free Fools from the Chains they Revere.          – Vo Haire –

  7. TreePower says:

    Unfortunately, the majority of people remain loyal to some kind of tribal belief system, thus rendering themselves blind to what is really going on. There's no mystery there. What is truly mysterious are the people who see beyond belief.



  8. Tom Keith says:

    From my view, at this hour, we have to awaken the "walking dead", dragging them, kicking and screaming, to put on the magic glasses, if you will, to force them to wake up. It's a challenge,  but like Dane says, why are we here ?


    • Fred says:

       And I've been hearing from Mr. Wigington and many others about the coming collapse of our O-Zone and of our biosphere  all within about eight years… If this is true which I have come to a place in my mind what I believe it may very well may be… I think it's time to move beyond websites and radio shows  and independent filmmakers and handing out pamph and court cases against the government… I hear a lot of people talking the talk but I think it's now it's time to walk the walk

    • Dennie says:

      Anything we do feels like "too little, too late," but like a drowning person I keep struggling for what little air I can find to breathe just one more breath.  The kids I taught today told me that it was so hot in their classroom last Friday that there were kids who could not breathe.  Why didn't the school cancel classes?  The bank teller I worked with today at Redwood Credit Union wondered aloud why the summers are sooooo hot and the winters so cold.  I said out loud, "Global warming, and chemical ice nucleation technology is now doing the cool-downs.  The global heating is from methane release precipitated by a warming atmosphere caused by green house gases from burning fossil fuels for over the past 100 years, and the geoengineering sprays known as chem trails are trapping the gases in."  She asked for more info.  I told her to come to the gem faire in a week and a half and wrote down "geoegineeringwatch.org" on her notepad.

  9. Lori says:

    Dane Wigington – It's funny you mentioned academia, "Knowing it all." My son is exactly like that. He told me he is happy to pay the IRS taxes because, "It helps the country." He also told me he is ok with the police entering his home without a warrant because, "He has nothing to hide." He will not listen to me. He has an answer for everything. I know better to talk to him about this subject because he would tell me it's a conspiracy theory. You know people today use the phrase conspiracy theory in the wrong definition. A conspiracy means more than one person committed and act. But people today use it to mean some outlandish made up idea by someone who is a nut. But yeah my son will never believe anything about the truth of how the money system actually works and people in government committing nefarious acts. He doesn't believe the media is controlled. Like you said if it's staring them in their face they won't believe and that describes my son. Things are affecting him now with all the taxes he pays but he thinks federal income tax is a good thing. I don't know if he will ever learn. He'll be 30 in January and he still thinks he knows it all. He is an analyst at a college. Probably not the best environment to work in if he's ever going to change his thinking. Dane, thank-you for putting this information out there but sometimes I wonder if people like you that are trying to get the truth out are only preaching to the choir? I wonder how many people start watching your videos and think it is all just a bunch of hogwash. It's a shame too. It's a shame how easily people will believe the lies on TV news but won't accept the truth. I know a 71 year old woman that says I am spreading propaganda instead of wanting to learn the truth. This country (If you want to call it a country) is so evil it's pathetic. The powers that be are so deceitful which in my opinion is satanic. If you believe the bible it was satan that deceived Eve. Take care Dane. Keep up the great work!

  10. Benjie Mann says:

    Hi everyone! Thank you very much!

    The postings this week are very true, sincere, and polite. Clean language is more powerful, and enjoyable.

    Some posters are experiencing despair. We can do our own mind control / self hypnosis, to enter a clear powerful state.

    The power structure has been terrified of the masses throughout history.

    If you fall asleep watching CNN and the like, you will be hypnotized and mind controlled.

    No need to give to the greedy.

    Please remember to enjoy yourself or you may weaken.

    The movie "Dr Strange Love or how to love the bomb" is great mind control and entertainment.

    After watching it you won't be afraid of nuclear war.

    This movie may relieve some of the stress the posters here have.

    If anyone would like to fund a full time activist please let me know.

    It's all very intense, take care. Benjie.

    • Dennie says:


      @ Benjie:  Edward Teller was known as the "father" of the atomic bomb.  Here's what he said about having used it on LIVE HUMANS in Japan:  

      Edward Teller was among the scientists who gathered to see the world's first atomic test explosion. They watched as a huge cloud rose from the New Mexico desert on July sixteenth, ninety forty-five.  By that time, the war in Europe was over. The Germans had never come close to creating an atomic bomb. But the war with Japan continued.  In an effort to end the war, United States planes dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August sixth.  Japan surrendered within days to end World War Two.

      After the war, Edward Teller taught at the University of Chicago in Illinois.  Many scientists who helped develop the atomic bomb returned to civilian jobs.  Some had problems with moral issues.

      Years later, Teller wondered if the United States could have shown Japanese leaders the power of the atom without destroying the two cities.  Teller said he regretted that he and other scientists did not seek to demonstrate American power in some other way to influence Japan to end the war.  Teller said: "If we could have ended the war by showing the power of science without killing a single person, all of us would be happier, more reasonable and much more safe."

      But HE COULDN'T STOP–oh no.  When Russia tested it's first atomic bomb in 1949, Teller told President Hoover that "we" needed a HYDROGEN BOMB— !!!:

      In nineteen forty-nine, the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb.  Suddenly, the United States faced its own threat of nuclear attack.  Edward Teller believed the country needed a hydrogen bomb for defense.  President Harry Truman agreed. Teller returned to Los Alamos and worked to develop the hydrogen bomb.  Scientists tested the bomb in the Pacific Ocean in nineteen fifty-two.

      As the United States and the Soviet Union built more nuclear bombs, Edward Teller called for a second national nuclear weapons laboratory.  The Lawrence Livermore Laboratory opened near San Francisco, California in nineteen fifty-two. Teller worked as an advisor there.  He served as director from nineteen fifty-eight to nineteen sixty.  Then he became a professor at the University of California at Berkeley.  In the nineteen sixties, opponents of the Vietnam War criticized Teller for his work in developing nuclear weapons.

      Edward Teller spent the rest of his life on matters of war and peace.  He believed that the security of the United States depended on strong national defense.  In nineteen eighty, Teller said he believed nuclear war with the Soviet Union was possible.  He said: " I cannot just go back to physics because I believe that to prevent another war happens to be … more important."

      Even THAT didn't stop the ever-diabolical, morally challenged Tribal personality who'd sprung forth from God's "chosen."  He went on to advise President Ronald Ray-Gun (Reagan) that we needed a "Star Wars" shield to protect against incoming bombs, and — voila– space weaponry and geoengineering was born!

      [source:] http://www.manythings.org/voa/people/Edward_Teller.html

    • Dennie says:

      Dr. Strangelove is actually brilliant commentary on the complete insanity of nuclear warfare, and itis NOT "mind control–"  Because I see the need now to spell it out to the stoopid (on purpose?) here you go:  MIND CONTROL is what you get when you actually believe the nuclear-military propaganda that nuclear war is somehow going to be survivable and therefore okay to commit on planet Earth– now, tell us, are YOU immune to ionizing radiation, hmmm–??? Why don't you take a trip to Japan and go to the exclusion zone at Fukushima-Dai'ichi, grab some coffee and hang out at the reactors for an hour or two, then see what happens with regard to your HEALTH.  And then report back to us about what happens to you next…..  :-).  

      Have a nice day!

  11. Dennie says:

    Out in California we've had Hell on Earth the past four days or so– temps into the hundreds and hundred-teens.  The sky's been a sickening stagnant white-gray-brown, there's been nearly no air movement the whole time-very unnatural.  This afternoon I could feel it was just a tad cooler, not quite as burning hot, and then it truly started cooling around sunset/dusk.  Around midnight a strong wind came up and with it, much cooler air.  But the damage that's been done– the plants are shriveling and withering, there is a lot of leaf drop (plants' self defense in heat) and browning of needles on conifers.  My big yellow-leafed cedar is probably going to lose it's life in the next two years.  If the assholes who are responsible for this omnicide give us another heat wave like the one that just bubbled over California, it'll be sooner.  

    Now, I want to OUT Every Last ONE of these weather-changing motherfcukers and make a public spectacle of them.  Giving them the same treatment that the guilty got at the Nuremberg trials would be waaaay too good for these heartless, soul-less, brainless pieces of crap hiding out in the military.  I would be MOST happy to see THEIR demises coming well before that of the next tree here on Earth.

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    I want to share an email I sent to a friend I "have met". This person has been run through the ringer by family. Like many of us here, family thinks they are off their rocker. Anger has set in and has had trouble seeing their way through to a more peaceful and productive mind set. Maybe this contribution will also help someone here that reads this column.

    My gracious, that was quite the email you "took the time to write". Thank you for trusting me enough to share. Welcome to step one in finding peace in this upside down world we live in. Step two is adopting the ability to "let go". That's a tough one, especially in the feminine sense. We are all connected yet we are all individuals. We can not "tell" someone to believe what ever we offer. They must be given the chance to accept or reject what we believe to be true. In turn we must give ourselves the chance to accept their choice. I can only imagine that this is how God feels.

    Let me tell you some things that I have gone through in these last 7 years of my awakening. Both of my kids(32 and 29 yrs old) think I am nuts. They don't want me around their kids and never call me or write to me. My parents wrote me off even before I became aware of the corruption in this world(I missed to many funerals). (I do not like funerals). I have only a hand full of friends and do not have but one close friend. I have never had a fake book account. I saw the dangers in it from the git go. Three and a half years ago I lost a lease on an old dairy farm where I had a very established horse boarding and horse/people teaching business. I don't train anything. Kind of goes with the teach a man to fish theory. The boarded horses ran loose in a herd 24/7. They were so happy. The folks that own the dairy farm would not open their eyes and thought I was nuts. Hence, I was severely assaulted by the man(very big man) and in 12 days I dissolved 4 years of hard work. That's how I ended up here full time at my Cabin. I've paid my dues in this battle. It would have been easy to become bitter and reject the realities that surround us. Instead, I chose to strengthen my character, learn as much as I can and teach those that will listen to truth. Hope that helps.

    Love to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • dear amazing horseman – wow what u gave to those four legged beauties – My two sons, 40 and 44 yrs old think i'm nuts – they don't allow me to be w/ my grandchildren at all for fear of what i might talk to them about – years ago when my grandsons were small and i was visiting, i saw the toothpaste that they were using – some Walt-disney brand/crap for kids w/ Fluoride and coloring in the ingred. I spoke to my son telling him about Fluoride as chemical by-product and poison – his reply? "mom, our government wouldn't allow that" after many years i just gave up – I don't have many close friends – and pretty much stay out of the masses running wild on the roads and stuck to their phones – i live w/ a few like minded on 103 acres our sanctuary – if i venture out i can't wait to get back home, not only that, I feel drained when i'm "out there" – Ah the chem-trails – a year ago my adopted grandson went to his first little-league game in the town near-by – it was a challenge for me to be in that arena w/ what today appears so obvious, is the people sleep walking daily doing what they've been programmed to do. I went to support him – i sat in the bleachers and at one point got the erie feeling to look up. above the play ground and above three to four hundred families, grandparents, babies, parents, children the whole community were 5 planes criss-crossing the skies leaving the telltale signs – i looked around me, not one other person was looking up – it almost seem to me that the destroyers had known how many families would be there that day – and took to the skies to sock it to us. that week my  other grandson came down w/ some strange cough, i followed him and the other two grandchildren as well -every time it seemed to get better, it came back round – i felt this was from those chem-trails and at that time the Queen herself was suffering from some "unknown virus and severe cough" well it was the Chem-trail Cough -as we have come to call it. I do have a radio talk show where I can rant as much as i want and bring out all that is truth of what the evil is that is assaulting the mother earth, all of nature and all humanity.- yes I call it evil, the something that is bent on destroying this sacred and most extraordinary gift given to humanity because i believe that those who are doing this? have sold their souls to the devil they are soul-less. I pray every day and more than once a day for healing and harmony to overtake those who are lost who are owned by this evil – that they are touched by something so powerful; the light the truth the awakening of their hearts and minds and spirits – only this i feel will affect those who are lost and doing the dirty deeds of evil. to me? it is a battle of the dark and light, a spiritual battle – I am so grateful every day for a life of 75 years where i have received and experienced such beauty and miraculous sun sets, sun rises and the abundance of butterflies and bees, clear blue skies and so on – if I choose to think about what will be left, or what will remain for my grandchildren? i fall into despair and i can not afford to do that. Maybe i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one – and i continue to hold my dream and vision and my inner-knowing trust and faith in the power of prayer and creator Great Spirit's love for this creation – meanwhile it give me hope to know i am not alone –     

    • rio says:

      Regardless of what a person believes–it is a shame that you can not have a relationship with your family because you believe what you do.

      I wish you peace. To me there is peace in seeking the truth. No matter how hard it is to take.


  13. Uncomfortably Numb says:

    Ever since they invented those airplanes, they've been dropping something or another on us.

    Best Wishes,

    Mr. Numb

  14. Nydiia says:

    Great contribution Dane! 

    Where can I research if hurricane Lidia in Cabo was manipulated trought geo-engenieering? It hit Baja in Mexico. Arrived as a tropical storm nd became a very slow hurricane. I think this was a historical record of mud in the area. Thank you. 


  15. marc says:

    Another exceptional broadcast. Even so, it is always sobering and saddening to hear Dane give us a review of the "state of the world". I was particularly saddened to hear Dane's lament about how he almost cannot bear to go out to into the forest anymore because of the decimation and the evidence everywhere to be seen of the dying. To hear Dane say this kind of thing lends a poignancy to where we're at, because if I know anything at all, I know that Dane loves this living world more than can even be described in words. We all now share in the heartbreak that goes along with a clear recognition that our planet is actually dying, may even be on it's deathbed. That there remain hundreds of millions of people who don't (or won't) see this truth is nothing short of incredible.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  Same here, too.  I do not go back into the forests where I once maintained non-intrusive hiking trails.  It's sad.  I do not want to see the desecration wrought by the psychopaths.  One need only cast an eye over to yon ridge to understand the seriousness of our environmental meltdown.  As the horseman says, he has spent years planting trees and tending to them to restore the land only to see the futility of all that work, and from my perspective destroyed by the Pentagon, NASA, NOAA, university participants, and the Raytheons of this world.

    • Rhonda says:

      Well said Marc. All of us who simply love nature in it's true and God given form, are devastated. Now, I find myself withdrawing from being outside in the midst of creation. Completely life altering.


    • Dennie says:

      I used to do long walks on the trails in the hills around San Pedro Mountain and China Camp, and the hills around Fairfax and Mt. Tamalpais.  Can't stand seeing so much death in the hills. This latest assault on us here in the West has been truly stunning– 4 days of HELL on Earth, temps +100 and pushing into the hundred-and-teens, and yet IDIOT UMHERUKUNS are calling it "warm," — HA!– when it was 118 F. in Boulder Creek on Friday!!!!  "…Warm…"  Say whaaaat?  WWT???  These brainless, lazy pieces of crap are just parroting what the f*cking TALKING HEADS on their sacred Idiot Boxes blaring away in every Idiot's house say on the goddamnable weather "reports," our "scheduled weather," from RAY-THEE-ON, the "god" of weather.  I'd like to round up every last one of these A$$holes and give them a one-way guided tour of Mars, courtesy of Sir Richard Branson and maybe Bill Gates, another alien who should be shown the door to another reality, god knows we don't need him here any more. 

  16. Frank says:

    I think the answer to the biggest question, why would they attack themselves, as with this hurricane Harvey, may be that they are such control freaks that they feel compelled to control the destruction phase of this whole thing instead of admitting defeat and leaving us alone.

    Many years ago geoengineering started as a mitigating force to help us continue until a better alternative surfaced. It never did. Now they are so ashamed of the horrible mess we are in that they would rather do away with all of us than to face us and talk about alternatives. At least we know they have the human capacity for wanting to hide their mistakes.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Frank, in regard to the true core motives behind the ongoing climate engineering insanity, though I wish that available data indicated that there was some benevolance behind these programs, that is not the case. Geoengineering is weather and biological warfare, it is ultimately about power and control. Even the attempt to mask the damage already done to the climate system (while inflicting even more damage at the same time) still boils down to power and control motives. An attempt to keep “buisness as usual” for the power structure (and the military industrial complex) until the last possible moment.

    • Dennie says:

      I just hafta ask, WHOSE last possible moment?  Ours, or THEIRS???

    • rio says:

      If you think logically about the who, what, how, why–none of this makes sense. I stopped thinking logically & ask myself now, "what are they up to"?  I think about the articles I've read about warfare studies. Do I then wonder how will the war machine evolve in this fast changing new era of technology? How many ways can they manipulate things. Could there be actual tests (of course at the cost of human life) will the wars of the future be fought through control of the weather. There are articles online that talk about actual weather manipulations done in the past to give the war machine advantage over their war pig opponents. Will the wars of the future be fought with hurling a catastophe @ the region you want to take down?

  17. Black Cat Italy says:

    Here after the August holidays the planes are back spraying. We had our first shower of rain for about three months but not enough to do any good. The drying high winds followed it but at least we have some respite today down to 70F for the first time since first week of May!

    On the vaccination issue: Italy and France are fast tracking mandatory vaccination for children and heavy fines being imposed on parents that refuse. In Italy at one point the fine was 7500 euros. How many parents can stand against that when they may have more than one child starting school? Millions of Italians have been demonstrating since June but the legislators voted to pass the law that mandates multiple doses of ten vaccines for pre-schoolers to teenagers.  Italy has one of the largest pharmaceutical sectors in the world and you see it every day in pushing pharmaceuticals on TV etc. Antibiotics are given out like candy and alternative therapies are very thin on the ground here. Greenmedinfo covers the article in full by Robert F. Kennedy Junior.

    For anyone concerned about vaccines they should get the book by Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits PhD.  Judy Mikovits was incarcerated unlawfully to stop her revealing her work on human retroviruses in vaccines (XMRV retrovirus). The book is called "Plague" One Scientist's Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism and Other Diseases".  It shows the corruption and intimidation involved.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Thank you for your post, the Fckrs are pushing the depopulation agenda very fast.

      they will FALL.

    • Lori says:

      Hi Black Cat!

      It's not just Italy that pushes drugs. It's in the US also. I don't watch TV anymore but when I go to my neighbor's house she has the TV on and commercial after commercial it's nothing but pushing drugs. They have a pill for everything. But if you listen to the side effects I would rather have the problem than take those pills they are pushing. Those pills can kill you. If they don't kill you they can cause the very same thing you're taking the pill for. It's all about greed. That's all it is. And as far as the vaccination subject I don't know if you can in Italy but in the US you can homeschool your children. Yeah they have so many vaccines they are pushing today. It's sick!

  18. helot says:

    The Aerosol Armada returned to Eastern Iowa today in full force with many horizon to horizon lines across the sky.

    It’s been a bit abnormally cool during their absence, today it’s supposed to get into the upper 80’s. I imagine there’s a correlation there.

  19. horsegirl says:

    Excellent presentation, Dane. Heartbreaking.  We live in the country – deep in solitude bordering forest service land – and this morning is silent.  No birds.  No insects.  God bless you for keeping a candle burning for them.

    Another thing you always highlight is how war was made on Iraq and Iran precisely to protect the dollar's status as international reserve currency.  Consider some quotes from this link:  https://www.thenewamerican.com/economy/economics/item/21271-texas-launches-gold-backed-bank-challenging-federal-reserve

    Among other immediate effects, the law creating the first state-level gold-backed bank in the nation, House Bill 483, will involve repatriating about $1 billion of Texas gold from New York. Conflicting news reports and official statements say the state’s precious metals stockpile is being held either by HSBC in New York, or by the powerful New York Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned outfit cloaked in secrecy with immense power over the U.S. economy. First, though, officials will need to select a home for the Texas depository.   

    Texas' new banking system will allow depositors to sidestep the Federal Reserve System in entirity.

    Which leaves us with the question:  if they'd wage war on Iran and Iraq to safeguard primacy of their lawless financial system, how much more so would they strike out at one of the US' own states for subverting their power? 

    Is this what Harvey was about?  Punishing/threatening Texas?


    • BaneB says:

      horsegirl:  Great question.  I read somewhere that Harvey means strong one, and other similar definitions.  One might suppose the "strong one" would seek to do in one that threatens their power.  I watched a time lapse video of Harvey as an embryonic tropical cell located way down in Central America.  The moderator circled it and followed the northerly progression from there across that region, across Yucatan Peninsula and into the Gulf.  The storm certainly looked like it was on a mission.  Whose next?  Irma is on her way.  Would they dare to hit Texas again?  They might and say it's just a coincidence.  Or give poor Haiti another wallop for the Clintons.  I speculate but nothing should be put past the psychopaths who seek to change time and season for their warfare purposes to punish any upstarts.

    • Dennie says:

      Ha hah– "Coincidence theorists!"  Harvey, in one incarnation, is a 6'3" tall rabbit, an imaginary friend whom nearly no one but the main character in the play by the same title can actually see.  

    • Lori says:


      Yeah I wasn't aware of that about Texas. I wouldn't put it past them to engineer Harvey for something like this. After all, it's all about money. 

    • Kirk says:

      Nice reply and very astute !


    • Blue Sue says:

      Harvey: "one who is ready for battle; a strong man." (Source: my 34-year-old daughter's book of 1001 Best Baby Names.

      Bane, horsegirl, perhaps you are right in your musing over the precise intent behind the naming of this Texas-bound storm?

  20. Pete says:

    Hi to all of you awakened souls. What would we do without Dane, keep it coming, truth after truth is what this asleep world needs. That hurricane video helped – boggles the mind what 'they' can do.

    I watched a 9/11 reminder video today. How any one in their right mind can believe the official story!!! What happened that day was probably the final nail in the coffin to complete destruction and the ultimate proof of what 'they' are capable of and how easily people are fooled. I remember that day well, was at work in UK, we watched it unfold on TV in complete disbelief. I was the only one who said, there is more to this than what we're being told and wouldn't put it passed the government to do such a thing.That was long before i really knew anything about this corrupt world. Yet everyone else was like, no don't be stupid, it's terrorists… But I never doubted my gut feeling. Then there was 7/7 in London 2005 and all the countless events since and on-going.

    Exposing Geo Engineering truly is where the fight really begins to end this insanity, to try to fix this mess and change direction.

    We are up against an avalanche of conditioning and ignorance. I had a bad time of it a couple of weeks ago and become very disheartened with people but this week I have renewed fuel for the fight. I barley sleep any more, constantly thinking what can I do better and it is my duty as a living being.

    I have a question if someone could answer, this week in UK I have seen some long lasting trails but have been confused to see many planes with a trail coming out that does not remain and stays with the plane, maybe about 2 to 3 lengths of the plane. Can anyone explain this to me, I don't believe that is a real contrail considering the altitude and conditions so what is it. Is it some type of top up operation and development on how they do things! Definitely seems to get more hazy in that area of sky when it's past through. I need to be able to debate this with the deniers without speculating.Any evidence someone can direct me to would be appreciated.

    • horsegirl says:

      Pete, we've meant to say our bit about this for ages, and look forward to any replies you get with science on it.  We've been calling the short, quick traill-making planes the "daily dosers."  In 2014 we had occasion to traverse the US three times back and forth on a north/south axis by vehicle.  It was quite a vast synopsis of the diversity of spray regimens.  The drive took us more or less along the continental divide through the choicest parts of the Rocky Mountains.  Almost without exception in the more affluent areas we would not see the grandstand showpiece long-lasting trails of ignominy.  Rather we only saw the "daily dosers" and usually in evening time when people would have been commuting from work to home.  Our hypothesis is that these are reserved for areas where more potentially influential (i.e. wealthy) public sectors reside.  Unlike the other trails, it's easy to miss the daily dosers or reationalize them.  In general they seem to want to avoid controversy where the wealthy congregate.  Thanks in advance for any further clarification on this topic.

  21. Andy says:

    EPA called the health risks "minimal". Yeah right, and their word can be trusted, right…? >>>  http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/nation-world/ct-texas-chemical-plant

    • Charlene Robertson says:

      Thats a dead link Andy. 

    • GretchenThomas says:

      The EPA is one of those "watchdog" agencies that has been corrupted and infiltrated by the industries it supposedly regulates. Unelected "officials," these political appointees are awarded key positions by cronyism, not qualifications, and pretend they have the right to decide how much chemical and toxin exposure and environmental damage we should endure. There are no safe levels of exposure to toxins, that's industry propaganda bamboozlement. They put a skull and crossbones on a label, and then expect us to believe its somehow safe? It's preposterous! The EPA is the poster child for criminal lies of omission and following immoral orders to hide the truth.

    • Lori says:


      Even if the effects are minimal there shouldn't be any. And what does minimal mean?

  22. Dana says:

    I've tried contacting my state and local representatives with some information and included links to Geoengineeringwatch.org site. I showed the Rhode Island Act to stop Geoengineering and pressed that we start similar legislation in Missouri. I'm sharing your news links on FB and texts to family and friends. Sometimes it's crickets…but I'm not giving up sounding the alarm whenever I can. I'm about to go door to door with flyers in my neighborhood.

    "Come together to stop the military industrial complex and the secret society hellbent on destroying the planet." God bless, Dane. I pray for your safety…and I pledge to continue the fight. 

  23. Kathy says:

    Another great awareness day! Making EVERY day count.

    First I followed up with the Coffee shop owners I planted seeds of awareness with them a couple times before. Today I brought the owner the stack of requested materials she needed. She sat and read the pamphlet and was wanting extra for passing them on as well.

    BUMPER sticker at it again!  We went to make a couple more stops and my husband chose a unusual spot to accommodate both stores. After getting what we needed we loaded items in. I noticed a curious lady looking at the car, she approached and said to me while pointing to the stickers " your are against this right?"  I was kinda surprised by her asking…but I kindly said yes of course. She was in utter shock and said, are you kidding me, you know about chemtrails ( I immediately told her the chem vs.Geo terminology importance),  she bursted saying do you know how crazy my family thinks I am and she welled up in tears. She was beside herself to meet not just me but a husband with me who completely adheres to all that this poor women was fighting for and seeing with her own eyes for years. She could hardly talk and talk fast enough as thoughts of deniers from professionals to family flooded her mind.  She could not believe I handed her pamphlets and flyers and met us all in a flash of 1 minute…we stood as she thanked us in utter disbelief that all this relief she suddenly felt that hit so unexpectantly tonight  in a Trader Joe parking lot…ALL her " crazy conspiracy belief" told by her family/friends/Nd' etc was confirmed by random strangers and that she now had "ammo"  of facts and proof of this sickening truth. Then this….she says and Vaccinations, my daughter oh my gosh she vaccinates, its poison and…. I said here, let me grab a dvd, I handed her "silent epidemic( thank-you Lori) and wrote down VAXXED for her.

    I am just encouraging everyone to be totally prepared. YES the masses are sleeping at the wheel but there are still so many ready and ripe and eager to know they are not crazy. Some simply know something isnt right( coffee shop owners) but dont know where to turn or are still too busy trying to make it and so choosing to stay asleep.

    I think everyone should have a sticker on their car…had I not, how much longer until this lady would have the the facts she needed in her hands and the dire relief she was desperately searching for!

    As for me…this is a 2 fold mission field.

    • Bluv says:

      I was having a delivery made to my house the other day here in Portland, Or. when I heard one of the delivery men mention to his co-worker about the ever expanding trail of poison unfolding above us. I raised my voice and said, "You know what's going on with that, do you?" the conversation was fast and furious from that point on. It's always a cause for celebration to meet another person that knows what most don't or won't acknowledge. Made my day. Great work Dane, I'm with you all the way.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Heartwarming story Kathy.  Thanks for sharing it.

    • Dennie says:

      Some of my neighbors from the Rafael Meadows tract will be coming over to the Gem Faire in the Exhibition Hall at the Marin Center in two weeks.  Very exciting that they are getting hip to the elephant in the room and are coming out to learn more and pick up materials.

    • Lori says:


      Beautiful story! Thank-you for sharing!

  24. Brian Hudson says:

    Dane, What is the reason that the geoengineers are targeting the American mainland.  Is there a financial benefit?  It doesn't really seem logical.  Why haven't the American people woken up to what is happening.  It's so obvious, and yet it just keeps going on and on. I know how hard you are working to get the message out, and yet there is no groundswell of protest nation wide.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Brian, in regard to your questions, the attached link will shed some light. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/engineered-climate-cataclysm-hurricane-harvey/

  25. Watcher says:

    As a resident of western Sonoma county CA, heading to the coast to play in the ocean always guarantees at least a 20 degree drop in temperature.

    Due to the incredibly intense high pressure ridge that has been installed over the eastern pacific I saw something today which defies the laws of nature and physics as I understand it. As we approached the coast the temperature started rising. It was 10 degrees warmer near the ocean than in western Sonoma Co. 

    What's it gonna take for people to wake up? The brown smoky haze over Sonoma county is NOT smoke unless the ocean itself is on fire. 

    The haze started clearing this evening to the west revealing dingy blue skies. As it did the temperature started dropping. This brown aerosol haze is what they used to create this high pressure ridge and unbearable heat. If one put on polarized sunglasses and looked at the aerosol bank one would see the rainbow colors it contained which are the chemical signature of whatever they used in that particular mix.

    Additionally, all fires are to the north, south or east of us. The air here basically moves from west to east off of the pacific. That makes it impossible for those fires to fill our area with smoke. 

    Question everything and keep your eyes to the sky. It's a bell whether for all we face.

  26. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Time is running out fast for life itself and any chance of surviving the extremes that are being unleashed globally. I think George Carlin was right when he stated that mother earth will get tired of us humans and shrug her shoulder and that will be the end of "us". I love this planet and its life giving abundance more than my own self. I wonder how many sheeple even think such a thought. Lets see, what is it that Steve Chamberlain always writes, "without timidity, I will fight until my last breath". Sorry Steve if I didn't get that right. And Dane thank you for being the one to install that thought into so many minds.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      "I am in this fight until my last breath, without fear, trepidation, timidity or anonymity."   I recently added anonymity after "Blue Sue" a friend I have meet, stepped up and became "Sue Albina."  She is a true hero in this fight and I know that she will Never, Ever, Give Up!

      Remember that I am with you in spirit and consciousness every Thursday at your farmers market. You are a hero, Mike Torrence.

  27. MichelleT says:

    Thank you for your work. I live on Florida's Space Coast and see trails in our sky nearly every day. Too many people are asleep, looking at their phones and not at the sky. Hoping Irma stays away, but I will be checking your site for updates.

    PS-Regarding Hawking: He states on his site, "A cursor automatically scans across this keyboard by row or by column. I can select a character by moving my cheek to stop the cursor. My cheek movement is detected by an infrared switch that is mounted on my spectacles. This switch is my only interface with the computer."

  28. Ian Mitchell says:

    I'm trying to get some of our farming advocate's to look at Geo engineering by talking to them and filling out priorities they need to look at, as most of them are just fixated on Sustainability and not what is causing  the problems' we face.The Government is using the sustainability as a distraction knowing full well what the climate engineer's are doing,playing havoc with earth's life support system.All you can do is try and hope people start to connect the dot's . 

  29. Ashleigh says:

    Thank you Dane my husband, my 4 year old son and I love you like family. You shine in this dark world. We look forward to listening to you every week. Thank you again Dane you truly are a beautiful being. 

  30. Dog says:

    I hate, and have waited, to post this, but now Here Goes:
    David Bowie
    Five Years

    • Frank says:

      Yes, this is the clearest artistic creation that describes our situation, except that we probably don't have five years – David Bowie was connected to something very deep.

      When you see the news people (and the weather people) crying on camera you know it's over.

  31. Kit says:

    I just read Operation Paperclip by Annie Jacobsen. Makes me wonder how much of this SRM/geoengineering and now 5G stuff isn't born of this (OP) program.
    I guess the 'untermenschen' (us!) will continually be subject to death by crazy people who think they have the right to murder us off.

    • horsegirl says:

      Take a look at Bushnell General Military Hospital 1942-47 at Brigham, UT (which later became the Intermountain Indian School).  During WWII Nazi POW doctors treated and experimented on US GIs.  My late father (40 years my senior) was hospitalized there during WWII.  His Army retirement papers were signed by a German neuropsychiatrist.  The Cartel held hands under the table with the German leadership throughout WWII.  Totally in bed together from the getgo.  They were absorbing key Nazi personnel into US society long before the war was officially over.  And thanks very much for reading up on the subject and making your comment.

  32. erik III says:

    Thanks Dane,
    I'd say the biggest problem we all have collectively is misinformation, not limited to climate and global issues.  In fact, most people are so scared to death of even reading an email , they have to look the person up on facebook first.  or do a background check, which is why I never used social media in my life, because it contributes to even more misinformation.
    Now, everyone has to start to realize that we're all in this together.  And the efforts to polarize, separate, isolate, alienate, to create difficulty where there is none, that's certain interests at work. 
    I am astonished at some of the negative commentary I've seen, if people feel so strongly about issues they could start their own sites.  I agree nobody has stepped forward to debate you with any facts.    So I especially enjoyed this last broadcast, very timely.   I'm trying to say, it doesn't matter if everyone agrees on every slightest detail, this is an overwhelming situation where everyone sooner or later will have to get on board.  Like it or not, and as soon as they get away from their fake internet information matrix, infested with fake information, everyone will be better off.  So maybe that Carrington event would be a positive thing, in terms of people finally learning how to communicate and work together again.  Cheers

    • marc says:

      With 5G on the immediate horizon, all the latest scuttlebutt about us having 5-8 years left might prove to be generous. Close to game over….

  33. Irish12 says:

    Dear Dane,

    Excellent presentation, yet again!!!  

    In regard to your aptly termed "congregations", people have been trained from childhood to be part of the herd in regard to "following the leader"; and, in these cases, "the experts", as presented, and certified as such, by the media (owned and controlled by the small, corrupt, core of networked people).  Thus, still, the most important people to awaken really are the so-called "experts" – who have been educated (and work) in very narrow compartments of knowledge but whom like to think of themselves as leaders and/or successful in this world.  These "ivory tower" types (of people) can be reached with your material – especially if they are forced to become aware of their own, and their own children's, vulnerability to the current dire situation in our world – atmosphere, foods, water, etc.

    Don't give up – not that I think that you ever would or could… :-)

    Your life, and all of our lives, have value – and you have made yours, and that of your family and friends, altogether (who assist you and accept your work and research), have meaning beyond the shadows on the cave wall (of Plato) that most people only see as reality…

    With continued admiration and appreciation,

    Kate Kelly


    • Donna-AZ says:

      Thank you Kate, I like what you wrote about "the experts". I wonder what Marcia McNutt is doing with her "new found information?" Is she going to help rescue the planet, or is she fluffing her pillows in her back yard bunker? Tic Tic Tic.

  34. Jeanette S says:

    Yes Jefe, the air is always brown. Off over the bay area from a distance you can see the brown haze. What I am speaking of is this last week or two. the white milk in the air…I view a white windmill against green trees ; I look at this every day for the last 20 years. I am telling you, you could see the white haze from not even, 700 feet away. When I get on the freeway from Oakland going south there is a mountain in Fremont at the end of Mowry…YOU COULD NOT SEE IT ON THURSDAY, maybe at the old Levitz furniture in SLeandro, could you begin to make it out the top edge of the mountain. They slime are doing us in dearie with the white and brown haze.

  35. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, thanks and gee, you don't go out on your land anymore?  I don't do much of what I did, but that is due to my lack of health and strength.  And, I will admit to not enjoying, knowing what is in the air.  Your area was once so very heavily logged.  I even had friends move up to Redding in order to be a logger.  In 1969 I visited Pacific Lumber Company up near there and holy cows, the vast, vast, vast in an under-statement amount of wood stacked so high one easily got lost.  I remember Redding being 112 F.  In 1972, hitch hiking, it was 112 F in Sacramento.  In '73, the first week in May on that 7,000 acre paradise of sorts far outside Willits, it was 105 and I was pregnant and complained So much that my Lakota man built a great arbor in two shakes, calling it a squaw cooler!  It helped.  And so I live in cool Berkeley but no more as it is so hot.  I mean I used to be able to deal with heat.  This heat, and all of a sudden too after yet another cool, too cool summer, is shockingly hot, unbearable.  Until 3 AM this morning it was over 100 in my house.  The barometer by my door, the temp right now is 97.

    Yesterday, the city came out, actually starting the day before a bit, but yesterday like six guys who did some work slowly, joking around, most of the time talking about their vacations and joking–really like a bunch of, dare I say it, girls?!!  Lots of parking places blocked off, who knows why.  I complain all the time about the street tree and its evil ways, and dang, the thing is healthy!  Many are not, but this is.  Killing the redwood.  Snaking its roots all over my yard and gardens, tripping me all the time, rubbing against the redwood whose branches then drop, as street tree is a sweet gum, a liquid amber and thus one of the heaviest hardwoods around at 35 pounds per foot.  I've seen their dropped branches crush cars.  And, of course they are water hogs.  Planted, some say, so that those from back east can see some Fall color.  Uh huh.  This time it had raised the sidewalk at an angle and up past 8 inches.  So yesterday the guys hacked out the cement.  Thought they'd not come back until Tuesday but no, early this morning and just a couple of them.  I had on a nightgown I almost never wear as it is perfect for hot weather which we've just not had.  Threw on a light fancy robe I never wear, and went out to find out what all they were doing and if the water line is where I need to dig up the stump and roots of a tree that died of root crown gall. As you may know, that is like the plague in plant world.  One guy had been here yesterday and saw my daughter and asked if she was Native American and me too.  So I said yes, and her tribe, mine unknown, adopted out of Oklahoma–back when there first was an oil boom there. He recently had his DNA done, 37% Native American, and handsome too.  The cement guy was an older 'black' dude and we all talked and all got along so well.  Finale freakingly dawned on me to give them flyers!  I'd asked if they knew about geoengineering.  Nope.  So I said sky crap.  Nope. Heck, if I'd said chemtrails they'd probably have said yes.  But I did not.  One chimed up about 9/11 and there went a half hour of talk about that, all hip, aware, and about our military.  They were grateful for the flyers!  Wow.  That just never happens to me.  So, insight!  I've been targeting the wrong people!  Academics or wannabes shun this.  But hey, tons of building and work dudes around and they are outside every day.  Bingo!  Now, I have a plan!  That only took half of forever!

    I am cheered to find all the new people on this site.  Gee, even the computer is hot. I'm thinking of all the people in other counties and here dealing with much higher heat and wondering how they survive.  Here we do have some bugs.  Many different kinds of bees.  A variety of butterflies.  A few moths, spiders, especially spider mites and their massive but tiny webbing.  Just a few birds.  Many crows.  The squirrels look skinny and few.  What I call 4x4s are back after years!  These are huge yellow-ish spiders like a square that build huge webs like tennis rackets.  I mean if you run into one, it will bounce you back.  If you screw with them by playing with a web, they spin in circles.  But are not aggressive.  I take a played out lily of the nile and wrap their webs like cotton candy because obviously, they are after big game, like bees and butterflies.  We do have California ants.  For awhile we had aphids.  On the whole way fewer, but more than in some years past now.  'They' say it will be cool again soon.  Hope I can make it to then!  Not at all sure!  Thank you yet again for your selfless efforts on behalf of Earth!  And, for flyers, and people pleased to receive some!  And for your family's efforts and sacrifice of you and your time that would have been lavished on them.  I and we are grateful.   

  36. Danka says:

    Dear Dane,
    After I retired in 2009 I moved from Toronto to the country side. I started beekeeping, gardening or just doing nothing, looking at the forest, sky, nature in general, admiring everything. And then, one day, looking at the sky I saw something unfamiliar. I wanted to know what those persistent, white trails in the sky were. It was a long journey for me since then, I moved to Quebec, small community. I started beekeeping again, year after year I was loosing the colonies. I don't see many pollinators in the area, hardly any insects, all I  see at the beginning of September are dying trees. I admire what you are doing. I educated myself, thanks to you, about geoengineering, but I don't know how to pass the massage. Can you help me?

    • Ronald Martens says:

      Great comment Danka. It is your personal experiences or what you observe that form a data base of information and evidence of the decline  of insect life or dying trees.

      I walked through a nature strip which I had earlier seen workers spraying glyphosate along the pathways. About three weeks later I walked through  there to make an inspection and observation. One of the signs stated stay amongst  the pathways as diaback  spreads through bushland  by shoes. I'm not sore about this. What about wildlife surely humans have been walking in bushland for thousands of years with no real negative impact. Are these authorites misrepresenting the real cause of diseased plants. What about the spraying of glyphosate, this has far more

      detrimental effects on plant life and promoting disease amongst plants.

      Another issue, how do insects cope with cell phone tower frequencies.

      Mosquitos how much we may dislike them, they play are very important role in the foodchain for spiders, frogs plants.


  37. Joseph L says:

    WOW- Great show– I hope millions of people listen to this show and start sharing it w lots of people. I hope Gary has you on his show soon. I like what you said- get off the bench and get on the playing field and help us to move the ball forward with credible info on geoengineering and share it with as many people as possible.

  38. jefe says:

    I live near Oakland CA, the air isn't just 'milky', it is BROWN, visibility maybe four miles, if that.  Temps are over 100F on my porch.

    I see, we are contributing to hurrican relief, whether we like it or not, at the GAS PUMPS!  

    I tell people that every new President gets 'tested' by the shadow secret government within his first year in office… could be a war, or a disaster, or both.

  39. Chris says:

    Seems like you need to name this "geo-manipulation" 

    not engineering

  40. erik III says:

    I work in northern Canada, and 20 years ago, an insect nightmare.  You wouldn't dare take off your gloves for a few minutes, gum boots full of black flies at the end of day, you want to talk about bugs?  Now, starting a few years ago, we're not seeing all of those mosquito larvae anymore.  And, on June 24, that's right, in the middle of a bog near the NWT, I stood and took off my shirt!  that's right.  no wind, June 24, and that's not normal.  So, no problems here, , nothing unusual. 

    Now, in the north, I'd say it's 8 degrees warmer (C), already.  They have no idea in those east coast US cities, deep muskeg places are dry, and you can walk over them.  This isn't a "little anomaly",  8  C, that's quite a bit…again, nothing to see here, better prevent those Canadian scientists from saying anything.
    And we're just guys that work outside, but can tell you what the weather was like in 1965. 75. , and you know, it's become warmer. 

    And yes, those climate talks are a fraud, obviously, otherwise they wouldn't have them.  It wouldn't matter if they did agree on something. 

  41. Susan Ferguson says:

    JUNE 6, 2017 / MySanAntonio
    GALVESTON – Contractors dismantling the nuclear barge Sturgis in Galveston  have removed 98 percent of the radioactive material and transported it safely to a disposal site  in West Texas, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Tuesday. Workers for Malin International Ship Repair and Drydock were successful in removing most of the radioactive material before the onset of the 2017 hurricane season, which began June 1, said Brenda Barber, project manager for the Corps of Engineers Baltimore District. Fear of radioactive contamination roused opposition in Galveston to having its harbor chosen for the decommissioning of the Sturgis. The city council initially threatened a lawsuit, but backed down on the advice of counsel and environmental experts. Work on dismantling the Sturgis began in 2015 and is in its final stages. Barber said the largest radioactive parts, including the reactor pressure vessel, were removed over the last six weeks. About 850,000 pounds of radioactive waste was transported without incident by rail to a Waste Control Specialists disposal site in Andrews County, about 25 miles north of Midland, Barber said.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      WIKI: Waste Control Specialists, LLC (WCS) is a treatment, storage, & disposal company dealing in radioactive, hazardous, and mixed wastes. Developed and controlled by Texas billionaire investor Harold Simmons until his death at the end of 2013, the company was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1989 as a landfill operator, and awarded a unique license for disposal of low level radioactive waste in 2009. Its main operations are in remote West Texas. WCS is one of five subsidiaries of the holding company Valhi, Inc., with corporate offices in Dallas. Valhi, Inc. is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker VHI.

      APRIL 19, 2017
      A proposal to bring the nation’s spent nuclear fuel to West Texas appears to be on the ropes.
      Waste Control Specialists, which currently stores low-level radioactive waste in Andrews County, has asked the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to temporarily suspend a review of its application to store tens of thousands of metric tons of spent nuclear fuel currently scattered at reactor sites throughout the country. The Dallas-based company pitched the massive expansion as a solution to a problem that has bedeviled policymakers for decades. The reason for the requested freeze? The company, which runs the state’s only radioactive waste dump, is bleeding cash and is struggling to find the estimated $7.5 million needed to continue the licensing process. Waste Control Specialists “is faced with a magnitude of financial burdens that currently make pursuit of licensing unsupportable,” Rod Baltzer, the company’s president and CEO…

  42. Susan Ferguson says:

    Northern California & fire smoke on Sept.1, 2017 / Screenshot NASA Worldview:


  43. Jeanne says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! for your heartfelt work that is finally getting out to people! You are a beautiful soul working for the light and for our beautiful mother earth! I commend you for assisting humanity in Waking Up!

  44. Jeanette S says:

    Also the pots and spaces inbetween dry incredibly.

  45. Jeanette S says:

    Here in Oakland CA we have had 97-101 degree days. The air is milky the last couple of days. Nobody asks questions. Though the air is extremely dry.

    • Dennie says:

      It's 1:30 p.m., Saturday 9/2 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade here in San Rafael, California.  I have just gone out to water the more tender plants, the pineapple sage in pots and the hydrangeas.  People are all out flying down the freeways on their way to weekend "fun," in heat that exactly feels like opening the door on a hot oven, no difference.  It's so hot that it burns the inside of your nose.  I feel exactly like I'm being cooked alive, roasted to death, along with everything else on the planet.  I will need to water once again when the sun goes down.  




      "NO MORE WEATHER WARFARE!!!"  and 



    • BaneB says:

      Jeanette:  some relief coming.  Temps start dropping next Tuesday, so the weather schedulers inform us.

  46. matochantewanji says:

    Great job don't stop, there are others like me doing what we can to help

  47. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I've read it!

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