Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 26, 2015


Normalcy bias still prevails in many populations around the globe that have so far been somewhat sheltered from the unraveling reality that others are already mired in. This is especially true in America, where the masses have been very effectively trained to reject and ignore anyone that dares disturb their denial with uncomfortable news or information. An unfortunately high percentage of Americans have been asleep for far too long. The power structure controlled media is pumping out meaningless distractions and drama at a furious pace in order to distract the population and deflect attention from other converging catastrophes. From the rapidly unraveling geoengineered climate to the triple reactor meltdown nuclear volcano of Fukushima, the sand in the hourglass is running out. Who is really in charge of the agencies that are tasked with informing and alerting the public? The rapidly increasing radioactive fallout from Fukushima is a case in point. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) appears to control the World Health Organization (WHO). Is it any wonder almost no one has any idea how catastrophic the Japanese nuclear meltdown is?
Dane Wigington

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  1. al jaklic says:

    and catch the weather spin on this i plow snow on the hwy 12 hour shifts all winter i see this stuff first hand the past few days we had a significant snow fall like 20 to 70 cm overnight for 3 days the whole region of southwestern ontario canada was adversely affected  with blizzard conditions and minus 20c today its 5 degrees c so thats weird enough but the snow during this storm was like walking on soap could only imagine what the analysis of it would reveal

  2. al jaklic says:

     was geo engineering used to divert hurricanes from coming ashore for years and washing in  massive amounts of super toxic oil from the blow out in the gulf ?an amazing interview with matt simmons a now deceased oil executive investor that describes the real situation during the B.P oil spill disaster and the massive lake of super toxic crude that was under the 400 to 500 ft depth in the gulf from the actual blow out location he drowned in his pool apparently from a heart attack 6 weeks after this interview

  3. al jaklic says: tell  me this is normal??weve had crazy amounts of snow this week like 8 to 10 inchs daily minus 33 celsius overnight  here in ontario canada

  4. al jaklic says:

    check this one out weather and pollen  apparently killed 8 people and sent over 1900 to hospital within hours of a thunderstorm in melbourne austrailia in 2016


  5. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Hello from the future: I had to come back to this page, as September 26, 2015 turned out to be a VERY bad day for me personally. Seems my Uniform Commercial Code postings and Constitutional comments via geoengineering watch pages, made some corporate/government agencies a bit tense… No one likes their underwear in a bundle, eh? 

    Perhaps this excellent presentation by Jerry Day is germane to what has become of American freedom and personal property rights since 1913. Enjoy! >

    Jerry Day – Government Will Not Save You From Corporations – YouTube 

    Published on Jul 3, 2013

  6. Jerry says:

    It is easy to see that not too many are paying very close attention. This is so real it reminds me of a Horror Story!
    A vast majority think that it is very normal that we have real bad weather. They also do not take into consideration that they are constantly being manipulated by the Media all the time. That is disheartening to see this.
    I have been watching events unfold that should not be happening constantly. That is because the events that are Staged and becoming a constant daily occurrence always come from the MSM. People are being trained not to think for themselves. TV is the most vulnerable weapon in the art of deception.
    Too bad that the incoming information is on the most part False.
    I find it very difficult to comprehend the amount of Real Dummies out there. It is a real sad situation today. The drought in California, the fires, and the weather that is being initiated through the Chemtrail Program. 
    It seems that no matter what, things are on a downhill slide and Aversion is only a Mindset.
    A very slippery slope that will eventually demolish all in its path.

  7. Jane says:

    I remember back in Desert Storm. Oh I was one of the D. F.'s that cheered them on. That was before I figured out what was really going on. How sad how the Media and the government work together in bamboozling everyone to think this is a real good thing that is happening here. Well everyone has been DUPE'D big time. The USA super power has fooled everyone. The Big Super Power now is turning against their own Citizen's. Keep going to war and find out what that is really doing for your country and yourself. You not only are Duped by your Now Obama, you are being poisoned slowly by your own military and Government. Eh!

    How do you like that?
    Not so good Eh!
    Super Duper Power just turned on you.
    Like them Apples?
    If you do then are you ready to DIE for your country?
    If you say yes, then they have a specially ordered Box for you.
    It is called a New World Order FEMA Box for you all.
    Just waiting for the right time for you to try the size.
    It is coming soon. You just don't know when.
    Keep being the Super Power and fight for your country.
    Get Sucked in.

  8. Jane says:

    Oh look how pretty those Nice Pink Sunsets are. Everyone grabs their lawn chairs and works their way down to the waterfront where they can get a Bird's Eye view. They all talk about how such and such person is ill or how their son or daughter are doing in sports. They talk about a whole lot of Mundane Sht, but they never talk about how come there are all those blackish blue and pinkish clouds looming above. That is because they are either one of 3 things.

    #1. Ignorant to the Fact what Is Going On.

    #2. Lazy, because they don't investigate this.

    #3. Just plain Dumb to the Fact that they are being Sprayed.

    Oh yes you could add a lot more reasons to the list, and most will still run to the waterfront and think it is Normal and talk their Mundane Sht. 

    Meanwhile being Poisoned from above.

  9. ConnectDots says:

    Regarding the Energy News article "Mutations Found in Sealife Along the US West Coast," I searched the website for the article and could not locate it.  Please provide a link.

  10. paulette sfetku says:

    hi dane,

    am listening to you on  right now.

    did i hear you say that the fukushima disaster was engineered by the same people who are doing chemtrails?

    i think fukushima was deliberate.  

    but, why?  who survives?  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paulette, about Fukushima, I said available data points to a connection. I do not believe the power structure intended the Fukushima disaster, but when you wreak havoc on the planet, things happen. Japan was starting to increase ties with its regional partners just prior to the quake, the US could not allow that. Very convieniently, the Japanese quake occured. If you understand what the ionosphere heaters can do when their signal is bounced off of the atmosphere back into strata, then the attached link from MIT has great meaning.

  11. pierre says:

    there might be a link between Fukushima and geoengineering.
    fukushima was not an accident. it was same as 911, done by same mob.
    show me the 100X kobe quake damage apart from artificial tsunami (see and fukushima for tsunami research 70 years ago). "catastrophic damage to 1000km" is what a 9.1 should have done. there wasn't any such.

  12. Caryn says:

     I was in New Mexico last week on vacation.  Saw crisscross thick chemtrail lines in the sky while I was driving to Bandalier National Monument on the park shuttle.  It was very hazy and I felt something was terribly wrong.  It was strange being in a bus of tourists looking at this.  It was like a scene from a horror show.  They were all acting like everything was normal – laughing and commenting on the beautiful scenery, while I was sickened.

    I asked the park ranger what they were spraying in the skies.  He said that no one is allowed to spray over the park – that there was an air force base nearby and that these were condensation trails.  All I could think was condensation trail that are miles long, don't dissipate, and turn into clouds…  These people are clueless.

    I saw additional spraying near Santa Fe on other days.

    • Julian says:

      Sadly and truly, the masses don't really care about the "lines in the sky."  As we know the concern and belief system is being pushed, taught and led to believe that main stream media is telling the truth.  

  13. Prayer Warrior says:

    I AM Praying and believing in a HIGHER POWER a WISDOM that governs ALL. I AM believing that we were created by God for such a time as this!! To stand together in such a time as this!! May WE, ALL, hold this planet and people in much LOVE and LIGHT. May WE, ALL, focus on VICTORY: a healed PLANET and healed PEOPLE!! WE MUST KNOW, WE WILL prevail. May WE, ALL, believe WE can make a difference; TRUTH and LOVE will prevail. 

    • David says:

      I have read two Important Books, both written by Elizabeth Kolbert, that I feel everyone should read. 1. THE SIXTH EXTINCTION "An Unnatural History"     2. FIELD NOTES FROM A CATASTROPHE "Man, Nature and Climate Change"  both of these books explain the Anthropogenic Era in Life's time line. The die off of living plant, animal and insect species. The melting Permafrost, in the Arctic and Antarctic and the copious amounts of Methane being released, into the atmosphere, due to this process. Dane has covered all of this, in his videos, text and Weekly Global Alert News Radio Broadcasts. These two books prove it, spot on.

    • Katherine Gale says:

      Hi David. I read Kolbert’s sixth extinction book and have been watching lectures on previous mini extinction events that are visible in seabed and lakebed core samples. I’ve been following the glacier retreats, the acidification of the ocean, the forestry service data that proves forest composition is changing and migrating North. Something was missing from the puzzle which turned out to be GeoEngineering. Certainly our government has been very well aware that the situation is dire. I believe the weather modification programs are in play to mask the conditions on the ground. And yes this is making a bad situation worse (toxic spraying accelerating die off of plants and animals and disrupting ocean and air currents). If they were to stop geoengineering we might see a 2C increase in a matter of weeks but more natural moisture (wetter weather) which would give plants and animals a chance to survive. If they were to stop the masses would be forced to wake up because there would be no hiding the truth. We could expect mass migratiin, disruption of supplies and distribution. I have asked people if they have heard of a Blue Ocean Event. They always say no. Dane talks about people being forced to wake up but I am not so sure about this. The state of denial is hard to fathom. Many are completely unaware and don’t even accept climate change is real, despie the fact that what we are experiencing now is abrupt climate change. Yes it may already be too late as Methane hydrates are being released. If the “solutions” are found to be failing (and lets face it they are) will the military resort to using the Nuclear option to create a nuclear winter in the Arctic? Having viewed a PDF that runs this scenario it seems to be on the table of consideration. Most of the Northern hemisphere would not support life as the ozone would be destroyed but there would be limited radiation (using bunker busters to project large amounts of soil/debris into the jet stream). This would knock out about 90% plus of the population a stated goal of Agenda 21. I do find it interesting that the US government has been moving strategic facilities into the Southern Hemisphere. NSA in New Zealand, NASA expanded in Austrailia etc. If you were a scientist who believed it was game over for the entire planet, would you push for the Nuclear winter option? I have also read that a 2C world pushes us into a 3C world (more methane releases as ocean temps rise) and a 3C world pushes us into a 4C world and so on and so forth all the way up to 6C by the end of the century. I think it was an Exxon document that was leaked a few months ago that revealed their scientists were projecting a 4C world by 2050. Game over for most life on the planet.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Katherine, as the current paradigm collapses, and it already is, there will be no room for denial. This is the forced wake up that I have spoken about. We are already 2c to 3c above baseline (which is not being reported), on the current course our time horizon is short (far shorter than 2050). As total societal collapse unfolds, and waking up is no longer an option, there will be a window of oportunity for a the total directional change that is required.

  14. Charles Fisch says:

    Dr Hansen has such an important message. As he pointed out, the energy imbalance equates to 4 atom bombs per second. And more CO2 is on the way! We will likely keep dumping CO2 into the atmosphere until Nature stops us from doing so. What will be the tool that nature uses ? Punishing severe weather from the excess energy in the global weather systems? Hugh release of methane will be dumped into the atmosphere ? Large sea level rise and resultant refugees ? Extreme drought leading to violent confrontations to fight over available water ? Aerosol spraying into the atmosphere to try and cool the earth down by reflecting sun rays back into space, leading to complications from the materials used in these aerosols ?And it is amazing that the temperature rise by the end of this century, be it 2 or 4 or 6 deg C. But it will still be rising very quickly! What is the eventual steady state temperature that we are heading towards ? So even if humankind survives 2040, will we survive 2060 ? If we survive 2060 will be survive 2080 ? That's only 65 years from now, so my grandchildren will grow to be into their 60s, yet what about their grandchildren ?God help us all!

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  15. Earth Angel says:

    I am shaken to the core by the facts and the evidence presented here. So disturbing, so many things. The images of sea creatures washing up on beaches bleeding, starved and deformed haunt me in the most painful way. The carnage these innocent animals now suffer who never had a voice or choice in any of this cuts through me like a knife. I don't see how we can ever come out of this, though I know we must do all we can every day with every breath we have left. God help us all.

  16. kathleen says:

    You have an uncanny ability to focus, Dane, and we are eternally grateful for your untiring endeavors on behalf of all living beings.

    Surely I'm preachin' to this highly intelligent choir here, but, given the poisons we are subjected to at every turn, it's imperative we eat a rainbow of mineral-rich, seasonal foods (preferably organic when possible, better yet, home-grown and drink pure water. We must keep our wits about us as we fight to remedy this atrocity being perpetrated on us, and we need to make sure our brains are fully functioning and our bodies are well-nourished.

    To that end, may I suggest the humble sprout. They are easy to grow even if one is on the road with a backpack. Seeds are lightweight, highly nutritious when sprouted, and, if you settle down, can be planted for further bounty for you or other creatures. And should you hate broccoli, you haven't tried broc sprouts, which taste NOTHING like full grown broc. Weird and fun. A site I trust re health info I encourage you to explore is which is a wealth of (mostly) free knowledge that can help you mitigate, prevent, or even reverse diseases caused by eating poisoned foods (sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, or worse, grown with them in their very being, aka GMO "foods"), drinking poisoned water (laden with fluoride and every bigPharma drug anyone in your water district has ingested and peed out), and breathing poisoned air (filled with any number of poisons, like aluminum, barium, and strontium).

    Namaste, dear friends. Together, we shall prevail, thanks to Dane's intrepid efforts. We MUST prevail, or at least make every effort to help expose the lies we've been taught from day one, or else…

    You are our shining light, Dane, and we, in turn, send you every protective vibe in the universe, ad infinitum foreverandeveramen.

    • Deb says:

      I feel that we need to protect ourselves, I have 2 suggestions to combat the toxins introduced to our environment Chaga, an immune boosting super food and bentonite clay which absorbs radiation and other toxins. Both of these are worth doing a little research on. They have made an immense impact on my health and that of my family and friends. 

  17. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thanks for the refreshingly honest report.  It's simultaneously sad and disgusting that the MSM, entertainment industry, governments at all levels, education institutions, religious organizations, athletics, and pretty much everything else have become corrupt and controlled by money.  The employment manager at a company I once worked at explained to me that she had to resign from her position in the government of a very small rural town in the northeast due to the massive corruption — payoffs/bribes by cable TV providers, as an example.  Seeing how bad it was in that small town, she didn't even want to imagine what it was like in DC.

    I've seen the same cover-up behavior you describe in the more than three decades I've worked in the high-tech industry.  I've been in company meetings in which the condition of the company was described as better than ever, only to be followed several weeks later by a massive layoff and subsequent closing of the company.  I've been told — after the fact — about Marketing twisting information obtained from Engineering to lie to customers.  It seems to be present no matter where one goes.

    With regard to the nuclear issues, we're extremely vulnerable to any problems in the power grid, particularly due to EMP — whether from a deliberate attack or massive solar CME.  I know from work experience how easy it is to damage semiconductors with electrical overstress (EOS), especially with the very small geometries used nowadays that cannot withstand much voltage.  People are beginning to include "EMP hardening" into designs, but its effectiveness is highly questionable and most designs do not include it.  If the grid goes down, even in a localized area, we would likely have Fukushima multiplied by a large number due to loss of cooling.

    Your reports are excellent and professional.  Thanks for tying so many things like 9/11 together with your geoengineering watch work.  There are so many things today that don't add up.  There's something wrong with the official Sandy Hook story as well — don't know exactly what yet, but there's something there that just isn't right.  I've watched the FOIA hearings requested by Wolfgang Halbig, and just watching the officials on the hot seat turning bright red and asking their attorney about most questions raises a huge red flag.  He even has the CT Governor denying something he said on an internationally broadcast speech.  I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone.

    All the best, and be well.


  18. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, Thank you so much for addressing the nuclear issue which was and always has been my main focus until this geo-tinkering crap.  Thank you for the info on Chernobyl and the comparison with Japan.  We, the USA, started this idiocy and then kept doing it as if for fun!  It is my opinion that mathematically speaking, this is the biggest issue ever.  Not that geo-tinkering isn't or doesn't threaten setting all this off like popcorn, but so few understand that we have all grown up with this stuff everywhere.  It lasts nearly forever.  It must never be underestimated and we-the world over-must stop all plants, all nuclear plants now while we can before things get worse, which they will!  How can it not?  In fact, playing with nukes led straight to geo-tinkering.  It is one thing to imagine healing the world, our Earth from geo-tinkering, but there is no way we know of to heal the damage from nuclear everything.  If our soldiers think we are asking too much of them to re-think what they are doing, hey guys! take a look at how your government did not protect you time and again, from nuclear exposure, rather using you for test subjects!  Plenty of info on that, historical.

    By the way Dane, I hear that the sarcophacous around Chernobyl is beginning to falter.  True or not?

  19. Wolkenwolf says:

    Your inspiration is contagious, Dane. Your words are right on the mark. I can speak only from experience. I can only write plainly for iam not educated. I did not except the system of education growing up in California. You, Dane, may not print this. You may think it a distraction from your message. It is not. War has been declared on mankind. This has been accomplished by creating an all fake society so that we humans wouldn't recognize the dangers that surround us. Everything is backwards for a reason. Doctors destroy health, education destroys knowledge, lawyers destroy justice and religion destroys faith. We are distracted from faith in mankind and the knowledge that we are infinite wisdom and all possibility. If we humans come together to understand this we can then understand our enemy. Only our consciousness can save us. Every human I speak with ask how this destruction and lack of concern for human life can take place so blatantly. We must awaken to the fact the our world leaders are guided not in the interest of the living but of the Archons. Their actions cannot stand against conscious human beings. The human spirit is the most powerful force on earth. What if we have, and we do, a billion Dane Wigingtons?

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Well written Wolkenwolf.  Also, a good use of the word Archon/monarch..

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Wolkenwolf wrote:
      "Doctors destroy health, education destroys knowledge, lawyers destroy justice and religion destroys faith."

      I couldn't agree more with this statement.  I'd just add one more thing pertaining to the complete depravity produced by the entertainment industry.  As a part-time musician, I can't believe what passes for popular "music" today.  Michael Savage's "sewer pipe" metaphor is quite accurate.
      I'm thankful for the education I got only slightly before the education system began its descent into the tank.  Sad to say, we're living in an upside-down world.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      Dane's inspiration is contagious, and so is yours, what we must remember is: WE are very powerful beings, thoughts become things, choose and focus on VICTORY! Praying for all…

  20. nathan says:

    So is this pretty much the "pacific die off" like in the bible? And hundreds of thousands of animals dieing off of our coast, and not a peap about the ocean since the starfish started falling apart? Maybe to act like they gave some coverage so maybe some people will look at wats happening and go dam should I do something about this? Heck no I'll be right back on this beach tommorow eating this tasty cake!

  21. Mike looking up says:

    KEEP FIGHTING never give in

  22. penny says:

    I no longer tear up when hearing Kennedy's speech about honesty and openness, but every one of Dane's lectures has made me weep – both at the tragedies he so poignantly exposes, and at the eloquent plea for people to wake up. 

    Informing and motivating the masses.  Yours is truly a life well-lived, Mr. Wigington.

    By the way, for those who get an "unreadable CAPTCHA Code" message, don't waste time rewriting your post.  If you just go back to the page you were on and enter the code (a new one) again it almost always works.

  23. 1776again says:

    If you have not seen this, please check it out. This  is planned mass murder of  the entire planet's occupants, animal and sea creatures, all flora and fauna  !

  24. KeB says:

    I am ashamed to admit I worked in a lab in 2002 at the University of Cincinnati on a project, funded by HAARP, to produce pulse detonation engine technology.  High altitude flying planes, I never questioned the purpose.  I'm am now wondering wtf! I wish I had known more then! This technology is definitely real, funded by our own government( thanks for the checks) and operated by our own military.  I pray we can all be saved, this ongoing assault drives me crazy.  Especially when I see a perfectly uncloudy day streaked with death trails by 8:30am. Doing all I can!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow, KeB,  I want to know more.  And hey, you didn't know what you were doing and you are speaking out now.  "Pulse detonation engine technology".  Are you guessing this is the spraying, what part of, or is it even worse, as in setting off bombs or nukes?  I'm guessing you were working in just one area and maybe didn't even know what where?  Or?

  25. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Another Big Problem that got pointed out in a video I saw on YouTube:  If the radionuclides hop onto dust particles, as in geoengineering particulates, it's just that much easier to inhale them…

  26. Superbly presented Dane. I believe it's nearly impossible for non-science trained individuals to scale the magnitudes of damage which human activities have wrought. It is simply not part of their reality set.
    Nuclear experimentation amounts to tinkering with coordinate systems within an infinite range of potential realities. It is a form of sentient dementia. A sensory dislocation from functional reality… The following resembles rational convergence with an undesirable potential: >
    What's More Dangerous Than Fukushima?
    Published on Feb 10, 2015
    From Chernobyl to Three Mile Island to Fukushima, we've seen time and time again the dangers that nuclear power presents. So, if a plant has already had a near disaster, why would anyone want to build ANOTHER nuclear reactor at that same plant? Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear discusses.

  27. wayne sellar says:

    Again great Job Dane, the insanity continues here in Southern California spraying non-stop ,I feel like running away, itchy throat, ringing ears, digestive issues, teary eyes, The horizon is pink, peach, orange each evening as the sun sets. I contact Representative Paul Cook, no reply, the city council nor the local paper, no coverage, I feel like a ghost. Each day I try to enlighten others to get involved and fight a fight we need to win.

    Dane, when you’re ready, I’m ready, sign me up for the March to Washington.


    • Larwence says:

      I agree with that 100%. We need a million man march on Washington. I also think a lot about Fukushima. There is nothing that we can do to stop it but hardly anyone even knows about it and what it is doing to our planet. I recently heard a YouTube news cast that reported leaks and an explosion at the nuclear waste dump in Carlsbad New Mexico that was not reported on by any MSM. That seems to me to be kind of important.

      Keep up the fight! I am. Thanks Dane!

  28. Catherine says:

    Try to remember to take iodine drops every day to mitigate the effects of radiation. Nascent iodine is the best, and I give it religiously every day to my little dogs as well.

    • pumpkinseed says:

      Will cats be harmed from the Nascent iodine? My 19 year old cat is fragile, to say the least. So not sure if it would be safe.

    • Deb says:

      You may want to check out bentonite for the cat (all my animals have a bit in their water daily), sick animals in the wild seek it out, birds in Peru eat toxic berries then bentonite, without it they would die. It absorbs radiation and other toxins. I also give them a bit of Chaga tea which is an excellent immune booster with many other benefits. 

  29. kathleen says:

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive." – Sir Walter Scott

    To The Guardian and its clinically insane puppet masters: You are hereby on notice for aiding and abetting in the poisoning of Earth's atmosphere, soil and water, and all plants and animals living here. You WILL be held accountable. This is not a threat, but a promise.

    Keep up the brave fight exposing the lies, Dane. Looking forward to hearing you on on Wednesday, 9/30/15.

  30. marta says:

    I know so many people whom i consider to be intelligent wo accuse me and anyone who talks about geoengineering of being idiotic. Yet i have a masters in biology and have been studying the lab reports and viewing the video evidence and studying the sky for myself. there is nothing idiotic about the claim of geoengineering. But there is some serious brainwashing going on. These erstwhile intelligent people are terrified of being labeled tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. That is probaly one of their greatest fears. And it keeps them from seeing the truth.


    • David says:

      ……….to me "conspiracy theorist" is a term of endearment. I am convinced that the average person doesn't possess the intellect to understand what their overlords are doing. to them. Even if it is happening right in front of their faces.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marta, Too true!  This is what I run into all the time.  People seem terrified of this label.  More terrified of that than reality!  Drives me nuts.  Dr. Herndon's paper proving coal fly ash is solid.  But, people chide him for being a science outcast.  As he says, that frees him to tell it like it is.  No wonder then, that India's Academy of Science hired Him to figure out where their incredibly high amounts of aluminum in the Ganges Alluvial Plain below the Himalayas is coming from.  Who else could they hire who would tell the truth?  When science is owned, it is tethered.

  31. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    What started my research and ended with this as the answer, I was researching why there was a long drought in Ca. I am a person who does not believe everything I hear. After months of dealing with this topic, come up with Geoengineering. I knew from years ago, that the clouds where not the same. So when chemtrails came to my attention, I started looking to see if I could find any. And there they where, to my dismay. That's when I knew, with Danes speeches that this was definitely going on. I just want to see a thunderhead in the sky, as I've taken many weather pics. 
    Why can't residents of Ca see what's going on? I've already heard some have sold and moved. They spray every day in Ky, but looks like Ca is getting bombarded. 

  32. Hello, Pentagon & CIA.  This sounds suspiciously like a Dane remix.  Don't touch a hair on his head!

  33. Mark says:

    no one knows because of massive mind control.  
    Silent Sound Spread Spectrum  or Squad   a non lethal weapon of war used right here in the USA to stop your thinking. 
    TV, radio, White noise systems and shopping mall music.  Turn off your TVs and radios.  Ever wonder why the national news agitates you so much?  There are patents for the technology  from the '70's

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Haha!  People here are so very dumbed down they already cannot think before anything like the technology described above is used on them. 

      "The American people don't read," said Allen Dulles, former director of CIA.  He may as well have added that they don't think either, actually. 

  34. Stuart says:

    Dane, you spoke of a U.S. military ship off shore of Fukushima. My cousin was on that ship. They supposedly, according to my aunt, were anchored 3 miles from shore. They later learned the nuclear radiation was in the water 10 miles out. All crew members showered, drank coffee, etc. She's pretty sure all were exposed to contaminated water and air for many days.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Stuart- there is a lawsuit currently in progress(or at least there was a year or two ago, haven't heard the status lately) on behalf of these service people who were exposed to the horribly high radiation levels. Many are already experiencing cancer, reproductive problems and other health issues. You cannot tell me the higher eschelons of the Navy did not know or suspect that there would be massive amounts of radiation pouring from explosions of that magnitude and a tsunami washing over it all. If they DIDN'T suspect it- then they were horribly incompetent and derelect in their duty to analyze and properly react and protect our soldiers on such a mission. Either way- it's PATHETIC for this to have happened but hey, what else is new in the treatment of service members of the military?

  35. Michel B says:

    The authorities will lie to their back teeth absolutely about everything. They are now and the lies will only grow more and more grotesque and become more and more obvious. This will only lead to what the authorities do not want: an increasingly awake general population.

    Of course, a big part of the journey to an awakened population is going to be the dealing with catastrophes. It will take collapses in many fields for people to face reality. There are those like us contributing here who are well woken, but most will keep their heads in the sand until the hands of disaster pulls them out into the light by their feet.

    It is quite possible that the Wake Up we hope for will not happen. By the time people know something is very wrong, it might be too late. Most people will still be only reactive to immediate problems and issues and will never understand the full ramifications of what history has delivered to their doorsteps.

    That is a dismal outlook, but it is still 100% worthwhile waking up as many people as possible. Each woken person will be a beacon of effectiveness. The fight is against the well achieved placation of the population that has been deliberately installed over decades now. As long as people have food, shelter and entertainment they can be placated into ignorance about nearly everything that is going on in the world.

  36. Annie says:

    Wow! I cannot thank you enough for your tireless effort and dedication to bringing the truth to light and investigating and reporting the REAL news and events going on around the globe. You are a true leader and a role model. I look forward to these updates every week!

  37. carol freiberg says:

    Normal background radioactivity is between 5-20 CPM(counts per minute). Billings Montana readings are over 2000 CPM and other places in the U.S. are all 1000's of %'s higher than the normal. Not a peep from the MSM. These facts are purposefully left out of the "news" and we are to believe that the distractions are more important. Until people wake up and realize where we are headed we have no hope of saving this planet. Again, I want to thank all the good folks who are involved in the efforts to spread the truth especially people like Mr. Wigington. 

    • Michael Rogers says:

      Stewart: Ships have fresh water tanks and they distil the ocean water to fill them, I'd guess that they didn't use any ocean water while there because everyone including the captain would be using the same water!

    • Michael Rogers says:

      I'm on the west central coast of Calif and my uncalibrated Geiger counter is reading 4R/Hr  How does that line up with yours?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I have a Geiger counter.  Background counts here in the S.F. Bay Area read anywhere between 19 and 50 cpm since Fuk-u-shima, mostly more like in the mid-20s-40s now.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      1R = 10 mSv, approx.
      An exposure of 5R (~5 Sv) in five hours is usually lethal to humans.
      1000 R = lethal in 2.5 hrs.
      2000 R = lethal in 1.2 hrs.
      4000 R = lethal in 30 minutes
      5000 R = lethal in 15 minutes or less
      Many men who worked to clean up the Chernobyl reactor were exposed to 10,000 R, which is lethal in around 5 to 7.5 minutes.  Here's what an engineer had to say about it, from the National Geographic documentary on Chernobyl:
      Lev Bocharev was the engineer responsible for designing a sarcophagus that would cover the whole blown up reactor, fuel rods and radioactive debris. How do you build a structure where humans can only work for a few seconds to a few minutes at a time?
      Pieces of highly radioactive graphite and fuel rods on the roof of reactor #3 brought the work to a halt. Some of these pieces measured 500 to 1000 Roentgens.
      "One piece gives off enough radiation to kill a man in an hour." They tried robots, but they were fried and killed by the radiation. Radiation doses of 12,000 Rentgen per hour resulted in workers only being allowed to work on the roof for 45 seconds at a time. These men were called bio robots. Some of these men went up on the roof five times, and a total of 3,500 men were used to clean off the roof.
      "Your eyes hurt and there was a metal taste in your mouth. You could not close your hands and your fingers hurt. Once you felt that, you knew you had gotten more than your dose. The film used to take pictures has streaks on it, caused by the huge amounts of deadly radiation.
      When we came off the roof, it felt like our blood had been sucked by radioactive vampires. We were drained. We could not move. Some people would have nose bleeds. Those people were sent to the hospital, and if someone collapsed, they were sent home. Our health is shot and we have lost everything."
      source article:

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