Geoengineering Watch Legal Team Moves Forward With Washington D.C. Public Relations Firm


Dane Wigington

Global climate engineering/solar radiation management programs continue to wreak havoc on planet Earth and the entire web of life in spite of the "official denial" of these ongoing programs. Numerous historical documents including extensive US Senate disclosures and presidential reports prove that worldwide weather modification (geoengineering/weather warfare) has been going on at a significant scale since the late 1940's. The list of known climate engineering patents is yet more confirmation of the atrocities being carried out in our skies. In an apparent effort to silence any potential disclosure on the completely illegal climate manipulation, a federal "gag order" has recently been placed on all National Weather Service and all NOAA employees. Over the last six months the tireless effort to organize solid legal action for the purpose of exposing and halting global geoengineering programs has progressed behind the scenes. Many dedicated attorneys and environmental experts have donated their time and energies to this all important effort. The current legal team includes 8 attorneys from the US, 3 attorneys from Canada. After countless conference calls, emails, and other extensive evidence and information organizing efforts, the team is moving solidly forward in preparation for legal action as we enter 2016.


With every passing day Earth's climate system continues to disintegrate. Though there are countless anthropogenic sources of damage to the biosphere and the climate system, the covert climate engineering programs must be placed at the top of the overall list. A rapidly increasing diversity of experts continue to testify about the threat posed by geoengineering programs.  The initial funding to get the public relations wheels turning has come from "Stop Geoengineering MN, a registered non-profit organization that is a core part of the legal team. The team's current target goal for legal filing is mid  year, 2016 (The Canadian attorneys may file sooner in Canada). Though the attorneys on the Geoengineering Watch legal team are personally committed  to stop geoengineering, and are working at their own expense as consistently as they can for the sake of the greater good, some of the legal professionals are needed to focus full time on this critical battle. If this effort is to continue, financial support for the legal team and the public relations efforts will be critical. This call for support is for the "Stop Geoengineering Legal Defense Fund" alone. Contributions can be made directly into the non-profit fund. All donations are 100% tax deductible and 100% of all donations go directly and exclusively to the legal effort. Contributions to the non-profit "Stop Geoengineering Legal Defense Fund" can be made HERE.


Skies around the world are consistenlty sprayed with light reflecting toxic heavy metal aerosols as part of the ongoing solar radiation management programs

Earth and the entire web of life are at a crossroad. Of the all the ongoing forms of decimation to the planet, global climate engineering programs are mathematically the most destructive of all anthropogenic activities to the biosphere overall. No matter how dark the horizon is, if the covert and illegal geoengineering insanity can be fully exposed before those behind the programs are prepared for this to happen, we may yet have a chance to stop geoengineering. The credible legal filing alone will bring the desperately needed public awareness to this issue. Even if the legal action is eventually shut down (because of the potential "national security" defense being utilized by "official agencies"), that would still be an admission of the geoengineering reality. A critical mass of public awareness will still have been reached. Exposing and halting global climate engineering is essential if we are to salvage what is yet left of Earth's life support systems. If populations around the world fully understood what geoengineering/weather warfare programs have done to the biosphere as a whole, and to their own health, (without their knowledge or consent), a shock wave would travel around the globe. It would be nothing less than a paradigm shift.  Anyone with insider information on covert climate engineering programs, that is willing to share this information for the greater good, can speak confidentially to an attorney from the team. Such a connection can be initiated by sending a message HERE. If we do not all come together in this effort now, then when? Time is not on our side. The Geoengineering Watch Legal Team effort is not affiliated with or connected to any other group, organization, or website, with the exceptions of "Stop Geoengineering MN.

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141 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Legal Team Moves Forward With Washington D.C. Public Relations Firm

  1. Renee says:

    Most of this is from 2016, has there been a lawsuit filed?

  2. Danika Leese says:

    A lot of thanks for your whole work on this web site. Betty loves going through research and it’s easy to understand why. A lot of people notice all regarding the dynamic manner you produce insightful information through this website and as well as invigorate response from people on the matter and our daughter has always been discovering a great deal. Take advantage of the rest of the year. Your carrying out a tremendous job.

  3. Philip McKenney says:

    Has anyone contacted Judicial Watch about these subjects?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Phillip, yes, our attorneys have contacted Judicial Watch, they do not have the courage to face the climate engineering issue.

    • Cassandra says:

      It's good to know Judicial Watch does not have the courage to confront this issue. I will immediately withdraw my support and let them know the reason why.

  4. steve lenny says:

    Chemtrails or climate engineering  makes healthy people sick and sick people sicker. Time to start the prosecution of all involved in the climate enginering scam and the cover up. i say jailed, prosecuted then punished and stripped of all assets then they can ride the lighting!

    • Clare says:

      What the hell is wrong with humanity? This is on the same level as Hitler! I hope everyone involved will pay…but unfortunately we will probably be long gone from the toxins emitted and ingested into our bodies.Disgusting human race.


    "Why aren't civilians taught to abuse the legal system as well as the corporations do?"


    – Paul Vonharnish –

  6. JR says:

    Hello and wishing you all a Healthy and Prosperous New Year from Southwest, New Mexico. In days past we had rain and snow here, something good for a change. With the new year in it didn't take these lowlifes long to get back into swing with SAG/SRM spraying. The last 2 days over El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico the sprayings are powdered white in day, and blackish when not much light. They are covering the sun as it rises. They spray going out of their way in odd angles doing evil. It feels colder as they experiment on us. An another note I'm starting to hear the humming again in home, HAARP??? I pray over each and every concerned person here for your health and that of our kids. We can't forget Earth of course. Good Day…..

  7. Windship Boyd says:

    Dane – I know that this is not a political forum, but don't you think that if we can get Bernie into office we will have some chance of having a political party that doesn't deny our claims and will fight with us against the major corporations and military that doing this to us ( and themselves) ?   I know he's up against a big machine and that the media are totally ignoring him, (and that's a good sign, for it shows that he's a menace). I  feel that we have to act individually, in the courts ( THANK YOU for that initiative) and politically. I feel Bernie the only candidate who has not been 'bought' or who isn't crazy and will help us to advance on these issues.  We need all the help we can get !!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello WIndship, though I believe Sanders is most ratioinal of the choices available, history has shown clearly it makes no differene who holds the pupet office of the presidency. The real power is behind the curtain and if anyone attempts to challenge that power they find our very quickly who is really in control. Kennedy is a case in point.

  8. Nicole says:

    Bobby Kennedy is part of the legal team now suing the CA Gas company responsible for the ongoing methane disaster effecting those in the Porter Ranch and surrounding LA areas. He said something profound in the town meeting at 1 hour 6 minutes into this Kennedy said, “Virtually every injection well in this state is being operated illegally and in cahoots with the government officials that are supposed to be regulating the gas industry. The principal agency, Division of Oil and Gas, has what we call “Captive Agency” phenomena, they have been captured by the agency that they are supposed to regulate, so the Division of Oil and Gas is thought to be protecting the public but in reality they are a sock puppet for the oil and gas industry”. It took two months of chemicals blowing directly into the faces of the residents of Porter Ranch for a group of responsible individuals to care enough about their own health to take action. In the link above at the town hall meeting the Gov. of CA was missing. Brown was stated by several of the speakers to have not given them one statement on where he stands in terms of taking action on the methane disaster. And Congressman Knight was also not present.  It has been stated in the media that these so called leaders of CA are known to be in the back pocket of the Gas and Oil Industry.

    What Kennedy says is more profound than people know, because this relates to the ongoing chemical omnicide of geoengineering, where regulators such as the EPA are not just influenced but literally controlled by military contractors and chemical companies like Monsanto. Legal cases are one of the few options left when the whole barrel of apples has gone rotten, but even there at the top, judicial cowardice is stands against those who are fighting so hard for justice. Yet we fight on, because not to would make us the same as the monsters we are holding responsible.

  9. Marc says:

     The threats to health, well being and safety are on a rapid upward climb. Natalia Shakhova, noted Russian scientist and investigator of the situation in the Laptev sea (east Siberian shelf) has roughly estimated the amount of methane stored within the sea bed as well as permafrost regions to be on the order of 1500-2000 gigatons. Put in perspective, the estimated methane content of our atmosphere currently is around 3 gigatons. Holy Mother of God. And we know that the methane feedback loop has been tripped and outgassing is relentlessly increasing. And this is why, along with Fukushima, that the COP21 summit is/was an exercise in futility and absurdity. The heads of state present at this summit appear to be complete buffoons. Basically a gigantic party for the powerful. While these folks were wining and dining themselves in Paris, at least three, maybe four, nuclear reactors are in meltdown in Fukushima and the situation is not only out of control, it will remain out of control for eternity it would appear. Even if these reactors could magically be brought under control, the radiation that has dispersed itself across our world will be our undoing sooner or later. Add to this the certainty that a methane "burst" on the order of tens of gigatons will occur at any time, and we have an end-game scenario that I promise will wipe the smiles off the faces of those heads of state who attended COP21. And if all of that were not enough dark doom to deal with, the cold, calculating, heartless monsters who sustain and maintain the geoengineering machine are hard at work poisoning the world "for our own good" ??? The disconnect here is so profound it "stops my mind from wandering" (thank you Beatles). My mind always reaches a point where it cannot fold itself around the magnitude of the ineptitude and insanity and absence of wisdom at the core of this planet-destroying, life-mangling agenda. We who come to this site are at the forefront of a wave of realization that unless something changes on a scale {orders of magnitude} beyond anything presently happening, it WILL be game-over for most of life on Earth. Which is why the smiles and handshakes in Paris are the cruelest of spectacles we were forced to endure. Wrapped inside diplomatic decorum and political posturing, the COP21 frat-party resulted in nothing whatsoever in terms of mandates commensurate with the gravity of our global situation. I don't get it. And yet I do. The machinery of Cabal and Military and Finance and Government is so intricate and vast, to expect some kind of COORDINATION among these sectors to address global warming is perhaps laughably naive. Cut carbon emissions?? Gee, I have an idea: let's cut carbon emissions by phasing in a brand new automobile engine technology that's based on free energy, starting NOW. How about free energy power units for home use? Get us all off the grid of destruction. But concurrently let's send an additional 2000 jets into the air to geoengineer the holy motherf**king shit out of the whole world morn, noon, and night, 24/7/365. That's just a carbon footprint we'll have to live with to get our job done. Really? And you know, I'm not worried about Fukushima. The Japanese people are smart and industrious and they'll figure it out eventually and bring it all under control. They might have to abandon their island in the process, but that's just the cost of doing business.

      In fact, our whole predicament might be summed up in those very words: the cost of doing business.


    • Marc says:

      49 degrees F, right now, in St. Louis, Mo. and it's snowing big, fat, wet flakes. 49 F ??? The big babies are obviously at it again. Weather Channel app says it's 34 degrees. 34 degrees, my ass!!! My thermometer has always been fairly accurate, though it's no "scientific grade" instrument. This discrepancy is a "snowjob" we've all become familiar with by now. They really do think they can literally dupe the public into a complete reinvention of reality, and unfortunately,they have been remarkably successful, given the permeation throughout society of distraction, stupidity, false flags, false EVERYTHING. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Marc you have such a marvelous way with words! I couldn't help snickering at the sarcasm, even though what we face is so severe. We all need a little comic relief in these times. Thank you for summing up our situation as only you can do.

    • Larry says:

      Holy crap Marc you pretty much described exactly what we are up against. The wall is thick and tall but with the legal help there may still be  hope.. I agree that cowardly judges at the top may still sweep it under the table but still what other choice is there ? Prominent high profile figures such as movie actors speaking Out against geoengineering could possibly get the media to report, but where are they? Unless the news grows some balls and does a alarming investigative TV report on the legal battle and the truth of what is happening right over our heads then its hopeless!!! The general public is totally clueless to anything that they is not in the daily news and as you well know that most friends and family will not listen or believe in anything that is not mainstream news. So we must figure out a way to get mainstream coverage or its FUCKIN' OVER !!!

  10. Gman says:

    Looks like things are heating up! Sorry, bad pun… Dane so glad to see this happening! Finally!

  11. L says:

    I heard from a friend living in the states that NASA are saying on their television channel that since the earth tilted in 2011 (as it apparently does every 14,000 years according to them to keep it spinning correctly??), the polar shifts in longitude and latitude are creating changes in weather patterns because some areas of the poles are now warmer, since the relationship to the sun has altered. According to NASA, we are to expect another degree shift clockwise before the earth settles down. (Is this another way of covering up the heavier geoengineering practices?). They are also attributing China's emission levels and their geoengineering as some of the issue, but not as much as the tilt change, all of which are apparently being studied from the International Space Station.

    I personally do not buy into NASA's propaganda here regarding China and I know this “blame game” was mentioned here anyway. I also know this person is seeking evidence to ignore the geoengineering issue as it is such a difficult pill to swallow for them.

    So I wondered, does anybody know if there is any truth in this story about polar tilt change and these stated effects? If so, is there any real scientific data about it and any effects on the weather- particularly compared with the devastating effect of geoengineering? This would be useful to know and I think, helpful to the cause.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “L”, you are correct to be highly skeptical of NASA’s smoke and mirrors narrative. We must apply the Occam’s razor approach to this question.

      Global climate engineerig is the elephant in the room.

    • penny says:

      Not sure where the 14,000 figure comes from, but Earth's axis has always had a tilt to it.  The degree of tilt doesn't change suddenly, but rather continuously, like a gyroscope.  Maybe your friend was confused on that point, but obviously the television program grossly misrepresented the situation.

  12. Nnikki says:

    Hi Dane. Very glad to make a donation. I don't mean to add to your enormous workload by asking this, but any chance of an organized peaceful rally/protest at the Capitol in Sacramento? If the same amount of people showed up as did in the Redding event (hopefully even more), the MSM just may not be able to avoid it. If everyone brought their own signs, flyers, dvds, etc., this would help to keep costs down. It would be great too if this could be more than a one day event, as the longer it is the more attention it would attract. Thankyou for your relentless devotion to this world. Stay well and safe. N.

  13. pharmer says:

    All these toxic sources of energy I've been exposed to all my life, and now I learn that the same process which makes compost in my yard can heat my home?  WHY are we destroying our planet with toxic forms of energy when we don't even need to be using it??  Because the international bankers want us to be their slaves and have us entranced in their MATRIX of deceit???   (I'm building one of these!)

  14. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Here is a link to a story from our local paper on the Common Murre die off happening here in Alaska, very disturbing.

    • Marc says:

      These Murres are among the canaries in the coal mine, so to speak. The links in the chain of life are breaking everywhere we turn. My heart is already so full of sadness for the dying of innocent and magnificent creatures large and small, it has become difficult to assimilate any more of the anguish and the pain caused by these revelations. If there is such a thing as God, I pray that {he/she/it} gets off it's ass and gives us a hand over here. We need it now more than ever.

  15. Deborah O'Grady says:

    Even 38Degrees are in on the cover up and refuse to discuss Climate engineering I have been donating to them for years! and signing every "trick" petition thinking it was for OUR benefit when in reality they work AGAINST us FOR the politicians. They will not answer me, how stupid do I feel now, Also Avaaz Greenpeace ect all of which are supposed to help US the people and benefit this beautiful planet of ours but instead have a political agenda to destroy us and our home I have just been attacked/mobbed by shills for daring to say GW is a lie on 38Degrees fb page, I find that A LOT in fact apart from this site, there isn't many you can speak the truth without being attacked, or called mentally insane like I have just been or recently where I was told to "when doing myself in, do the job properly" because I couldn't cope with the onslaught of abuse I was getting , I WILL continue to speak the truth and I ALWAYS jump in to defend others when being attacked by shills, but somehow I am always speaking the truth alone. I appreciate Dane saying that he appreciates what we do, that makes it worthwhile, but I cant help feeling I am completely on my own with this, if anyone wants to link up with me on fb and give me some moral support, I will be grateful!I cannot wait for this Legal team to get started and maybe soon we will have our blue sky back.


  16. Sortinghat says:

    If you want to really see nasty chem trail activity go to Chico Cali on Googles map street view mode and look at random downtown road pictures and pan to the sky.
    Talk about Yuck!

  17. horsegirl says:

    “We've begun to realize the real lies.”
    Hubby is so quotable.  As we venture into the real history through the dedicated work of people like Dane, Dr. James Tracy, James Perloff and David McGowan, RIP (Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon about how spooks totally conceived and orchestrated the hippie movement).  How what we thought was history has been a labyrinth of false flag fiction called "unconventional warfare" (UC) by even the Army websites.  People imagine the "unconventional" is about weapons, but instead it means proxy war, and if you look at Army websites they state plainly that some 90% of all war is UC.  How all we thought was real like the JFK incident
    In such a climate of deception the geoscatology has reached current proportions.  There is much mention of making a hall of shame for actors at the top echelons.  Good and let's go.  Yet people need to realize that power held by TPTB – the pederasts that be – is deeply rooted in pederasty and torture-based mind control during early childhood.  They are all like wolves thirsty for blood in their zeal for pederasty at the top.  That is how the elite raise children.  No kidding.  MK Ultra and related black operations are thought to be some dark, obscure mess, a sidelined and irrelevant stench issuing from the bowels of deep dark state affairs.  Unrelated to most of modern life.  That is incorrect.  This is forefront.  The very technique of control of top mass media puppets, for instance.  It is the verve and backbone of corrupt power.  All the pederasty of the pulpit, the educators, the medical system et al is related.  They nod to one another in secret, know one another and share their filthy zeal.  It is the very fabric uniting the society of liars and deceivers allied with the former Nazi movement which now animates civic life in this country and all venues of power. Who are the consumers of child porn?  No mere disaffiliated random consortium of lowlifes.  Look instead to clergy,, medical system, psychiatry, optometrists, dentists, educators, police and so on.  Every town has them.  Pederasty is the root structure of this filthy system of governance.  And no one ever gets to the uppermost echelons of power unless they are subjected to MK Ultra/Project Monarch style sexual and other torture and pederasty from an early age.   How zombies are made. It is how they maintain control of one another.  Compromise and coercion.  Why Skull and Bones takes compromising photos of every member.  They are pederasts begetting ever more pederasty in a byzantine loop of sick sex.  This is not some sideline but the core of it all.  "Mother of harlots and abominations of the earth."
    I have been praying to understand the role of forgiveness in this hideous lifemare (thanks, Bija).  And I have seen a vast network of compromise, a perpetuated mass rape of children in particular.  This is the root problem and it has to be eliminated.  Anyone not controlled by TPTB – the pederasts that be – will be sidelined or eliminated.  This is very device by which the evil one gets control over them.  A self-perpetuating network of deceit and compromise.  Surely at work too in the deception of the geoscatologists.  They too will surely have been raped, catalogued by TPTB and fully deranged at a tender age.  It is how they control their own.  Make sure their money and filthy secrets stay strictly in the family.

  18. Barb D says:

    Happy to donate $20.  I know it's small – wish it could be more.  

    Dane, you are another unsung hero.  Along with Dana Durnford, who has documented the devastation along the coast of British Columbia, Canada from Fukushima radiation.  Your efforts are appreciated more than you could know.  Many thanks. 

  19. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Thank You, and THANK YOU, DANE! Yes, I know we are 'teamwork', but there must be a Leader. You have put more time and money into this effort to stop Geoengineering, probably than most other people. I will be making a contribution. Also, PRESS ON! Praying for you and all involved! Sharing this with Russ Tanner's page. He is also involved with Global Skywatch. BLESSINGS!  Sincerely, We can not quit! PRESS ONWARD! .

  20. Abby says:

    I also have just donated $20 towards your cause, it is the least that I can do considering that without a way to stop this program the other nonprofit groups won't be able to save a danged thing on this planet.  Good luck Dane and the great legal team, it is something that we can do instead of just sitting waiting for the end.  Thank you for giving us a sliver of hope that something will change for the better with our environment, for this is no way to live!  

  21. Michel B says:

    If they are not stopped by legal, social or other means outside of their own current volition, I wonder when they do plan to stop. They must know that they cannot do this too much longer given that it is only a very short term fix, or not even that.

    Given the feedback loops and the fact that CO2 and Methane contributions to the atmosphere are not decreasing and thus they are just trying to 'tie down the lid on the pressure cooker', I just wonder how they think this game is worth it?

    Yep, they are fooling most of everyone, yep, they are turning huge profits still ("grinding the environment into cash"), yep, an immense sense of power and entitlement is being appeased and, yep, the incumbency of the New World Order is at hand.

    They must be betting on some of us surviving so that they can still have some slaves.

    ps I found the movie 'Interstellar' to be a forecast of life on this world. Not the stupid time travel other dimension stuff, but the corn fields burning, the children too unintelligent to do anything other than grow corn, even the mutterings of retrospective dismay: "6 billion people…", meaning they have perished. A really really bad movie, deliberately forecasting doom and wiring it into the viewers' consciousness without them knowing what they are 'learning'.

    • Right on Michel B. It's all been a program, right from the start of the first radio broadcast "programs" done by RCA and other interests…

    • penny says:

      Hi Paul, and welcome back!  I've been wanting to thank you for some time now, for a link you gave to Barbara Ehrenreich's book.  I had already read it, in fact, and think it's excellent.  I absolutely agree with her that there is nothing healthy or sane about the tyranny of imposed (fake) happiness.  Just as there is nothing healthy or sane about imposed fearfulness or despair (as the MSM would have us bow down to).  I suspect that you didn't read a certain article through to the end?  If you did, then it certainly needs to be rewritten!

  22. stephan says:

    -9 Degrees Celsius in Winniprg Canada with FREEZING DRIZZLE !!!!. Will donate what I can – My sincere gratitude to Dane, Geowatch, the legal team, and what I now consider my true friends, I'd love to meet you all. Namaste.

  23. jon says:

    Please remember that the power structure, led and controlled by the Central Bankers, thrives on THREATS, the bigger the threat, the more control they can take over our Freedom.

    Now its the time to fight them, and fight them HARD, and it all starts with destroying the SCAM arrangement that they have because THEY CREATE THE MONEY, and it all then gets paid back to them with interest, and this is where they get the money to cause all the CHAOS in the world in order to keep people distracted from this scam, and to protect it and lock it down.

    If you don’t STOP governments from borrowing the MONEY THE CENTRAL BANKERS CREATE, the Central Bankers will ALWAYS have ALL the power, and WILL continue to Geo-Engineer.

    • Dennie says:

      Here's an action you can take now to help unplug the banks.  Move your money into smaller local banks or credit unions.  That WILL help to decentralize the money system.  The more people pull out of B of A, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc., the less those institutions have by which to screw with the weather, and us.

    • Emma says:

      Donated $50, wish I could donate more. This needs to stop!

  24. Marilyn Avila says:

    This is the time for all of us to dig deep into our pockets and donate as much as possible to support this legal team.   Thank you Dane for getting this done.   Your are truly a light in the darkness.   

  25. Michael Arden Yows. says:

    …Meanwhile….what has brought us to this point…

    • Wake Up World! says:

      State of emergency in CA declared over the methane leak, Bobby Kennedy reports:

      So NOW people are opening their eyes over there in LA, because THEY TOO have nose bleeds and are puking and their fish are dying in their fish bowls. This is TOXIC GAS AMERICA and GEOENGINEERING is TOXIC GAS and every last one of us are breathing it daily. WAKE. UP. When you sit on your ass and do nothing to stand against this madness you have no room to complain when you get sick.


  26. Looking up in NJ! says:

    Dane, what's the chance billionaires are using geoengineering to manipulate weather conditions to protect their "interests."  I only ask because we live, not far away from a massive fulfillment center, owned by a billionaire, and the weather has been bizarre for the past two years.  We barely had any rain in Central NJ this summer.  The water table was so low, everyone's sump pumps stopped working.  Now, every time winter precipitation is forecast for our area, the temperature rises exponentially.  For example, this week, we've had our first week of real winter temps in Central NJ.  This winter has been incredibly warm so far, but based on the weekend forecast in our area, temperatures are scheduled to go from the mid 30s on Wednesday to 61 degrees on Sunday.  Whenever precipitation is forecast, the temperature screams higher.

    Since geoengineering is basically unregulated, what's to stop billionaires with business interests from manipulating weather to keep their interests running smoothly?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Looking Up”, though there will always be disaster capitalists in such an equation, the stakes are much much higher than this. We are likely already in a runaway greenhouse scenario on our planet, global geoengineering has contributed to the triggering of this scenario. In the desperate effort to hide reality from the population for as long as possible, the ongoing geoengineering is continueing to fuel the overall fire. The geoengineers can create short term toxic cool-downs in exchange for an even worse warming in the long run.

    • Kedzi says:

      I hear you, but in Arizona while you have warmer weather, we've had colder than normal..we always switch..I am from NJ, and it's usually opposite.  However, I totally believe that it's possible what you are observing.  My own father decades ago, as a pilot was experimenting with Seeding Clouds.  Barbaric compared to today's methods, but still the origins.  Heck the Hopi Indians dance for weather changes!  

    • kenny says:

      Hi looking up, I live in southeast NJ, about a mile and 1/2 from Barnegat Bay.  My observation is, whenever they know that the temperatures are going to bounce back up, they "predict" rain as a cover up for heavily goengineered cloud coverage.  If they "predict" rain, than everyone thinks it is justifiable that we have "overcast" skies.  We may get some precip, but it is not real rain.  If you look closer, these fragments of rain particles float and dance about in the air.  Yesterday at 5 AM I looked out side and it was mostly clear as I could see the moon and numerous stars.  By dawn, around 6:30AM, the skies where already heavily chemtrailed.  By 7:30 AM a large dark mass approached from the west, covering the skies from horizon to horizon.  Stuck my head outside and felt the temps droppiing, we were being ice nucleated, the air felt like that when it snows.  The mass started to drift off to the east and sit just along the where the sun would have risen.  At 8AM looked outside, and saw frost on the rooftops and my outside decking, that had not been there previously.  Really, frost during the daytime, that just shows how brazen these psycho's are.  You won't see any sliver of blue sky until they move the jetstream for our "polar vortex" next week.

    • Audrey says:

      In answer to your question, there's nothing to stop them.  There are many companies advertising out there that they can change the weather for you if you pay them enough.  Rain on your wedding day?  Not if you pay us $10,000!  I've read that Paul McCartney makes sure that it doesn't rain on his concerts.  It's happening on a smaller scale everywhere, not just the big bad.

  27. Ken B says:

    Its going to take money to make this work, I just donated $100 USD. I believe its literally "now or never" on this issue. Good luck with the battle!

    • Dawnski says:

      Amen Ken! I would rather "tithe" to this globally important cause than to any of the corrupt 501.c.3 false profiteers disguised as a life fellowshipping Sunday morning  house of the Lord. I believe more should get on board and do the same. Prayerfully hoping. Acts 1:14 xo

    • Dawnski says:

      Furthermore (my previous post shows as pending on my cell phone but not on this laptop)…..

      The Foolish to Shame the Wise
      26For consider your calling, brethren, that there were not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble; 27but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong,28and the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen, the things that are not, so that He may nullify the things that are,…

      Tonight I met with a women's ministry leader with whom I had shared this website recently which I explained is my global Ezekiel 3 ministry and calling. When I asked her if she had looked at the website she said she had not. She was driving from Arkansas to NC when I had sent it. I seriously doubt that she did not look at the link. 

      Mainly because after a long 3 month wait, after she had told my son and I that a mechanic was "overhauling" the engine in the car that said church was blessing us with, an '01 Honda Accord that I was led to anoint as my new Acts 1:14 Honda Accord, to be used to further this ministry and calling, the car overheated in 25 days and is now inoperable. 

      Who knowingly donates a car to a single mother and son, knowing it has a leaking head gasket that is going to blow (which it did)? The church in our community that had the audacity to post on facebook my photo in the drivers seat and an accompanying post about how their motto is to start local and go global. How the car was just donated a few weeks ago (actually 3 months) and was repaired (not true) for a family in the community in need. ….I made them take that down. Why so many LIES? That's sinful. . . 

      These church leaders who now know my calling is to help sound the alarm about my global calling as a watch woman for the Lord are accountable to Him not only for serving me a lemon but also for invalidating my calling. It's not about the car. It's about the ministry the car was getting used for and will be used for with or without them getting it right. 

      I laughed when I got behind the wheel after 3 long months of "it's at the mechanics" and the check engine light was on. Snap went the camera and that photo went up on social media. I laughed when the car failed it's inspection 3 hours later. I laughed when the men in leadership never called me back to give me a mechanic referral. And I laughed 25 days later when the car finally blew a gasket and overheated. . . .it was inevitable!

      But it is no laughing matter when you share your ministry and calling with a church leader who then claims that they don't even open up the link. I know you did and I hope you are reading this tonight and I hope you know that God will make lemonade out of the lemon you "gifted" to me and He will use it to further His kingdom here locally and globally as I do what few are willing to do and SOUND THE ALARM. 

      And if you don't want to do the right thing and fix what you knew was broken all along, I am sure my squeaky wheel will get greased by someone in this community who does care about orphans and widows in distress and does something about it rather than try to take them for a foolish weakling.

      Duly Noted. For my Master of All things Mechanical . . Thank you Jesus!

    • Our fiat money won't be worth much soon anyway. As the market collapses, so goes the banking system. Plus if they succeed in poisoning us, making us useless weak & sick, what good is money to us anyway? With the biosphere collapsing, we are back to barter for essentials just to survive. Practically speaking… game over. Forced retirement. Dane's legal action is our last hope. Seriously!

  28. Jonathan Letourneau says:

    Starts 2016 on a lighter positive note, at least for my mental health which has declined these past months due to a non-stop fight with my website and all about geoengineering. I invested mostly all my time in this fight. One thing I read in this article that is hypocritical is Greenpeace doing something about it. PFF, when I sent letters and emails and documentation taken and annotated from this website, they denied it (Greenpeace Canada)! So to think Greenpeace is in for the fight, I think they are debunking agents staying close to us to report activities taken by activists worldwide. Anyways, thanks to all involved in the legal actions. By the way, I'm really not fortunate money wise but, I made a very small donation on the link above of 20$ CDN. It's all I can give for now. Thanks and keep fighting! To end it, Dane, you are my hero!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, thank you for your support, but know this, I hold you (and every other activist that is truly engaged in this epic battle), in the same regard. I am grateful beyond words to every single individual that is making their voice heard at this most critcial hour. It is all of us working together that can yet make a difference.

    • Christine Zipps says:

      Jonathan – I thought the same thing when I saw Greenpeace listed among the PR firms clients – they, along with others like Audubon have proven they don't have our best interests in mind  — I would even question American Lung Association for they are a large corporation.  Defenders of Wildlife I do know to be decent, passing along I think 99% of every dollar in donations to helping wildlife…  —    Dane – thank you for sharing about your legal efforts – I support them 100% along with passing along the word to try to raise more for this important cause – thank you for all you are and do for us! 

    • Kim says:

      Jonathan, I feel for you on the sanity end. Here in GA I feel like I'm in the movie "Groundhog's Day." It's the same over and over and over. Blue sky for one day, then the spraying starts up, then the silvery gray comes, then the "rain." If we could get a class action based on anxiety given, seasonal affective disorder etc. that might be the way to go. I also think this is an extreme violation of civil rights and property rights but I'm sure you have all tried to hit this thing from every angle already. I feel like a loony toon and pretty soon my friends and family will have me in a padded cell I'm sure of it.

  29. Kathleen Roberts says:

     "Atta boys" and encouragement are important in these efforts, but what is really needed is monetary support. Everyone who is concerned about geoengineering should donate something. Even $5 goes a long way in making this lawsuit a reality. There is a link in the article for you to donate.

  30. Lorraine Blenderman Kubiak says:

    Forward we go! We can and will stop the spraying! Together we WILL take the insane posse out of the drivers seat! 

    We the people are the strongest force on the planet! We do not consent to being used for experimental purposes. 

    Excellent work Team! 

    Dane, I can't say enough to express my gratitude to you for your extreme ongoing years of devotion for the better of mankind & our survival.


  31. Sortinghat says:

    If we don't do something about polluting ourselves to death our world will continue to warm and it's only because of the economic depression we re in that we haven't tipped off the scale since there is now no industry.

    I guess thats part of the wonderful gift free will. We have a right to slowly kill ourselves. 

    Do you think with Harrp we will become like Mars with the atmosphere ripped then sucked right out allowing solar winds to fully bombard us?

    Aliens will fly  by and see the remains of earth and it's gilded cage all in pieces and wonder what happened?..

    • Wake Up World! says:

      Everyone seems to be forgetting that there are over 400 nuclear power plants around the globe and if we fail to keep them stable this planet will make mercury look like the north pole. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “wake up world”, your point is valid, I have previously addressed it in the attached link.

  32. The BIG SHORT: Starring: Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Hamish Linklater, John Magaro, Melissa Leo, Rafe Spall, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell  / Summary: When four outsiders saw what the big banks, media and government refused to, the global collapse of the economy, they had an idea: The Big Short. Their bold investment leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything. [Paramount Pictures]. Thanks TABU! HW doing something useful. Watch the preview video here:

  33. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 95th email to my contact list, titled 'Legal Action Being Taken'.

    1.  On Jan 2nd 2016, methane was recorded at 2745ppb, with the whole earth averaging 1815ppb (at @ 5,000ft altitude).

    750ppb was the methane level for thousands of years.  Anything above 1250ppb destabilises the climate.

    2.  On Jan 5th 2016, most of the northern hemisphere had CO2 levels over 410ppm.

    350ppm is the energy balance for C02. Anything over 350ppm destabilises the climate. 

    3.  On Jan 4th 2016, the Arctic sea ice extent was at 11.232 million sq km, the lowest ever recorded for the time of year and 1.183 million sq km below the 1979 – 2008 average. 

    The UK is 243,610 sq km.  The USA is 9.857 million sq km, about half the size of the Arctic.  The Arctic covers about 6% of the earth's surface.

    4.  Over the last six months, legal action to expose and halt global geoengineering programs (primarily atmospheric spraying) has progressed.

    The current legal team includes 8 attorneys from the US and 3 from Canada, and intends to start legal action this year.

    With every passing day Earth's climate system continues to disintegrate. There are many anthropogenic sources of damage to the biosphere, however the covert climate engineering programs must be placed at the top of the list.

    Even if the legal action is shut down by the  US government because of "national security" issues, that would still be an admission of the geoengineering reality.  Hopefully a critical mass of public awareness will also have been reached. 

    If populations around the world understood what geoengineering/weather warfare programs have done to the biosphere, and to their own health, (without their knowledge or consent), a shock wave would travel around the globe. 

    Earth and the entire web of life are at a crossroad, global climate engineering programs are mathematically the most destructive of all anthropogenic activities to the biosphere overall

    If we do not all come together in this effort now, then when? Time is not on our side.

  34. SD says:

    Many weeks ago Dane warned everyone about a pending economic slowdown.  The Baltic Dry Index was indicating historic lows.  Well, bad news from China has triggered a big sell off in both Chinese and U.S. stocks.

    A prIme goal of the Geoengineers is to DECEIVE INVESTORS. If everything about the climate "looks normal" we'll continue with business as usual.

    Likewise, I think the Fed Reserve is trying to DECEIVE INVESTORS with the recent raise in interest rates.

    Recession in 2016 anyone?

  35. Sortinghat says:

    I hope some group deploys a massive EMP attack as that would shut all this crap down and blow the shit back their way.
    Sure a massive diee off would happen but maybe it's for the better and the meek and humble can regain control over the unworthy?

    • BaneB says:

      A EMP pulse IS this nations Achilles heel.  Our vaunted technology would be fried.  "Babylon" would indeed sit in silence and darkness.  And this nation would be utterly defenseless.  Our national problems are because corrupt men of corrupt institutions believed they could be god.  They give no respect to a higher power.  Yet, and yes yes fortunately, these self-exalted meddlers in the forces that set the stars into place, cannot create from scratch a single living cell. What they excel in is creating abstraction and artificiality, and seek a silicon mimic of intelligence as a means to full spectrum dominance.  This of course heralds not freeing man from himself, but total enslavement for all.

    • EMP Myths & Facts / by Jerry Emanuelson, B.S.E.E. / Futurescience, LLC / This is a page about common EMP myths. I will begin by copying the Appendix on EMP Myths that was included in a report for Oak Ridge National Laboratories by Metatech.
      Note: HEMP is an acronym for high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse.  Appendix From Oak Ridge National Laboratories/Metatech EMP Report:
      Much of the literature on HEMP is either classified or not easily accessible.  Probably because of this, some of what is openly available tends to vary in accuracy — some, especially from the Internet, has major inaccuracies.  Some discussions of EMP have the right words and concepts, but do not quite have them put together right, or have inaccurate interpretations.  Here we will discuss some common misunderstandings. [excerpts]:
      Myth:   EMP is a new kind of weapon.
      Fact:   EMP is seen as a secondary effect of all types of nuclear weapons, and was a problem in the very first nuclear weapons test in July, 1945.
      Myth:  Solar storms only affect the side of the Earth that is facing the sun at the time that the storm arrives.
      Fact:  Solar storms, especially the most severe solar storms, tend to disturb the entire magnetic field of the Earth. 
      Fact:  When EMP (or lightning) hits the ground, the currents tend to spread out horizontally.  These ground currents can do great damage, especially to underground cables of all kinds.  Metal conduits are of little help, and may actually make the situation worse by providing a path for underground currents which can, in turn, induce large voltage spikes on the underground lines inside of the conduits.
      Myth:   A gamma-ray burst from outer space would cause an electromagnetic pulse over an entire hemisphere of the Earth that was facing the gamma-ray burst.
      Fact:   This actually could be true, but only over an extremely narrow range of circumstances. Full article:

    • Dennie says:

      I'd like to see some kind of solar activity selectively take out the satellite communications of all the Black Ops programs– wouldn't THAT be poetic justice?

    • Bane B and others on this EMP thread:
      Mankind's technology is a frail child, spinning in the darkness of eternity… Never doubt the God called Chaos…


    • Nicole says:

      So glad to see Redding CA in this fight Kathlene! We have family members in the Chico area that are just U.S.E.L.E.S.S. 

  37. Marc says:

     Standing ovation for the LEGAL TEAM!! In a world where hope itself has almost gone extinct, this stupendous news is uplifting, indeed. It's gonna get interesting.

    • Marc says:

      Footnote: Given the unstoppable reach of the NSA, CIA, etc. to conduct surveillance, I pray for the safety of the Legal Team in this penultimate effort to expose and halt climate engineering. Because of the paranoid (and possibly justified from their perspective) designation by our phony government of "climate change" as the primary threat to so-called "national security", might the efforts of the Legal Team be construed as a direct assault upon the government's ability to maintain "national security"? I could easily see these psychos going in that direction, and it appears that Dane and the Team have anticipated it. With this in mind we cannot be under any delusions of grandeur here about the impact this legal filing will have in the long run. But, as Dane indicates, the press resulting from the suit will, in and of itself, contribute greatly to public awakening. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

    • David Northeast Florida says:

      To Thomas Bruce Michigan and anyone else interested: I made a Response to Health Magazine Covers Climate Engineering, my Response is about half way down the page under David Northeast Florida says January 5, 2016 at 4:23pm. It is about my E-mails with attached photo's and GeoEngineering/HAARP, that I sent to a Contract DOD Weather Observer/Forecaster at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida Meteorological and Oceanographic Command.


    • Nicole says:

      Marc regarding what you said on surveillance, if they really have that much time on their hands perhaps they could use some of it making a huge monument and writing the names of every environmental hero this planet has – it should take them about a half an hour and we know Dane's name goes first. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nicole, if a monument ever exists it should carry the names of yourself along with each and every individual/activist that is giving their all to this critical challenge. We all march together as brothers and sisters in the battle for the greater good. We stand as one.

  38. For the sake of clarity, and because I myself did not correctly understand, what the military means when they use the term “full spectrum dominance” is dominance within the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum realm.  Because the nature of warfare has changed and is still rapidly changing, the electromagnetic spectrum realm has become the fifth realm of warfare, the others being ground, sea, air, and space. The use and control of the electromagnetic spectrum are now fundamental to warfare, including intercept, jamming, emitter location, message security, and transmission – and “not likely to ever go away.”  The electromagnetic environment is now considered as a distinct battlespace. This information comes from a new 2015 book said to be using “only open-source information” and therefore the contents are not classified: EW 104: EW Against a New Generation of Threats, by David L. Adamy; Artech House, Boston, London. Personally I am simply endeavoring to understand why the US Navy thinks it’s OK to turn the pristine Olympic Peninsula into an electromagnetic warfare training zone. My field is Sanskrit metaphysics, not war – except the war in the Sanskrit epic the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita!

    • BaneB says:

      Why would the skull and bones clubbers want to take that which is full of life and absolutely beautiful and seek to destroy her?  Simple:  that is their mandate.  The purpose of all militaries is to destroy and kill.  Their electromagnet warfare, et al, is destroying millions of sea creatures.  Their own documents admit this.  But dear old Congress approved this insanity.  Three:  Full Spectrum Dominance, Total Information Awareness, Mastering the Human Domain….what does this tell us?   it says we, all of us, have been captured by psychopaths in high places of authority.  What do they want?  Absolute CONTROL.  My person view is they are almost there.

    • Dawnski says:

      I stand in agreement with that statement Susan. What I recently discovered while researching local Bee Keeping School for my son's senior project and our concerns as a family, is that here in NC during the weekend of February 27-29, the NC Beekeeping Association's Spring Conference is being held in New Bern. 

      Simultaneously, a few miles down the road, the Eastern Carolina Aviation Heritage Foundation Gala: Electronic Warfare – Cherry Point's Role In National Defense  Black Tie Ball is being held on Friday Night.

      "Hear from Marines of the 2d Marine Aircraft Wing and members of our eastern NC community, those who span the history of electronic warfare…a history inextricably linked with our region and to MCAS Cherry Point. Once again, Major General Thomas A. Braaten, USMC (Ret) will be our Master of Ceremonies. Join us for an educational and entertaining evening of comradery, food, and fun. Individual tickets are available for $55 or 2/$100." 

      What an Oxymorn. They copy God's design for drones and kill off the bee's with their electronic warfare. And yet, without the bee's we are all dead in the water. 

      I hope to stage a peaceful protest while in town for the Bee Conference. . . a bee in the bonnet of the Black Tie Ball. Hopeful for an entire colony will come out and join us! How's that for a senior project! 

  39. Wayne says:

    Very odd weather situation here in the high desert California, yesterday the steady rain started in the afternoon, about 630 PM it ceased completely and the wind started, today was  a carbon of yesterday….odd.

  40. david K says:

    Fantastic  Dane way to go.I cant stress enough that people read Anna von Reitz, disclosure 101.her 279 trillion lawsuit against this illegal corporate for profit government is a major  shift.All these people will eventually end up in prison. as I pass out flyers and talk to people, many have had it.supprisingly people of all ages are waking up.

    • ANNA VON REITZ:  The criminality of the “US Congress” and the “Presidents” acting since 1933 is jawdroppingly shocking. Their abuse of the trust of the American people is even worse. They have portrayed this circumstance as a political choice instead of an institutionalized fraud scheme, and they have “presumed” that we all went along with it and agreed to it without complaint. Thus, they have been merrily and secretively having us declared “civilly dead” as American State Citizens the day we are born, and entering a false registration claiming that we are “US Citizens” instead. We are told, when we wake up enough to ask, that we are free to choose our political status. Full open letter to all federal agents, including the FBI and US Marshals to arrest Congress, the President and the Secretary of the Treasury.

  41. James Graf says:

    They spray us constantly along the front range of Colorado, sucking the moisture off the mountains to flood TX and the East.  We will have cold, snow and winter here in Colorado Springs starting tomorrow because they were mixing their chemicals today and they're still spraying now at 7 PM.  Nebraska was in an ice fog all day sucking moisture up from the ground and farm ponds need a good "Polar Vortex" this week to keep us distracted.  Shameful what the Cabal does but My God is more Powerful and Humanity will win!

  42. Concerned Citizen says:

    11 year federal lawsuit –AMA vs Chiropractors  – The lawsuit idea is great, but given the history on Federal lawsuits, the U.S. Judge Finds Medical Group Conspired Against Chiropractors filed in 1976 and ruled upon in 1987 – 11 year trail – between 2  licensed, well-funded groups , we will be dead soon.

    I pray we can prevail…

  43. MS says:

    What would be really nice is to see this issue become a topic of conversation during the presidential race.  But then again, our political system is a joke.  A really sick joke.  I would love to see some of these candidates get confronted with this issue.  They wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.  What about the Pope? . . . he seems interested in climate change.  Put his ass in front of the media with some good science and see what he and all those earth loving Catholics who showed up to his papal parade have to say.  Or perhaps start with some folks who just lost everything in the latest round of biblical flooding in the mid-west.  Maybe some fire and drought victims in California . . .

  44. Very Concerned says:

    Dane…In this world, the Greed and Crazies may think they have control but when they have the gift's of this world ruined there will be none of GOD'S gift to mankind left for anyone…it will then be too late for all…this undue…unnecessary poisoning must be STOPPED!!!!!!! We here in Wisconsin share the website with all that we meet in our day…It's just too bad that our government leaders….If they can even be called leaders are so FOOLISH…or…GREEDY that they can not even respect the place they were allowed to live upon….Stupid Greed….for that all mankind is to suffer and lose out on life….whatever needs to be done….the FOOLS behind this KILLING of MANKIND…..MUST…MUST…. be exposed and held accountable….. Fill a pool of chemicals large enough to immerse the group that is accountable for this spraying and send then all into the pool for a long swim….The country is worried about gun control….murders….what about the daily spraying that is Killing People as well as the planet and all that is in it….today…there was 7 that is (seven ) planes in the sky leaving trails…very heavy…trails…that I saw…what about the spraying that goes on at night that we don't see…Dane…Dear Dane….don't stop till these Spraying fools and their games are halted…we are doing all we can daily…to help make aware to the public what is happening…when the day comes that we leave this world…the maker will know who the world's caretakers are….deep respect to you for all you do….our Governor Scott Walker is no representative of the real Wisconsin Residents….Big Thank You Dear Dane….Love ya Man    

    • Marc says:

      Very concerned: you said: The country is worried about gun control and murders…what about the daily spraying that is killing people as well as the planet and all that is in it…. INDEED!!! The public's attention is constantly being grabbed by a ceaseless river of media bullcrap sensationalizing "mass murders" (false flags), police brutality, gun control issues and the like. All the stuff that makes headlines, while meanwhile the guttersnipes are poisoning the whole world with tank-fulls of highly lethal alchemical concoctions cooked up by a secret army of mad scientists whose accomplishments qualify them as complicit in these crimes against humanity. This……………..must……………..STOP!!!

  45. Byron says:

    Thank you, Dane, for your upright work exposing these goons for what they are – it saddens me (us) that more people don't take this more seriously for they are too lazy to just check out the patents for weather modifications(s) – I guess many think the world is too big and there's no way man can do what they're doing, they are truly foolish – yes, they are ostriches! 

  46. Billy Joe Arnold says:

    Bravo Dane Wigington! Y(our) goal is being realized. What an incredible effort you have made exposing the decimation of climate change and awakening  people to the exploits of government weather manipulation.

    you are making geo engineering a front line issue of the day where it belongs. Thank you

  47. Martha says:

    This is great news!  Huge ongoing gratitude to Dane, the legal team and everyone who's supporting this vital mission in every viable way.

    When I presented my paper on geoengineering in the environmental writing class I took fall semester it was very well received.  I think one key, which would apply to sharing this information in casual conversation as well, is to acknowledge that people who don't know about it are simply uninformed and not necessarily stupid.  I know it's frustrating and aggravating trying to share with those who don't want to know or hear. When that happens just move on. There will be those who want to know.

      I received absolutely no ridicule regarding  my informative, detailed paper. I was surprised that nobody, including the professor (a brilliant and wonderful guy) who's well versed on environmental issues had never heard about it. I have realized that it's not their fault.  

    Many people are used to getting their "news" and generally all information from mainstream media sources. They don't know they're not getting the truth. They don't know they're believing lies.  Many are extremely busy and in survival mode working long hours just to be able to shelter and feed themselves and their families. They don't have time to research. They may not have the energy to do much more than work all day or night for the basics, then collapse in front of the tv to relax (and be further programmed). Due to the bombardment of various mind control technologies they might not even notice strangeness in the sky.  Strange weather is brushed off  by the tv weatherman or "weatherbabe."  They're too exhausted to even begin to question much of anything.  It's by design.

    When pondering why I've been aware and concerned about this for over 17 years and other intelligent people seem clueless,  I realized that I've had time to sky watch, I've had time to listen to late night talk shows where this and other topics that aren't in mainstream "news" are presented. I've had time to research and dig and question and send letters and be stonewalled by government "authorities." I've had time to think. Not everyone has the time or knows about it. Some can't because they're too busy trying to survive. I had  time largely due to a serious, long-term illness (that's thankfully now resolved).  I now claim my awareness and ability to discern truth as a blessing from it. Perhaps I've also gleaned a necessary empathy and compassion for the plight of others that may blind  them to what to us is "in our face" and blatantly obvious.  

    I'm heartened and encouraged by this announcement and hope that those who've reached a state of despair are also. Let's give ourselves much deserved credit for our concern, awareness and diligent efforts to help end this tyranny so that the earth and life have a chance to survive and thrive – again.

    I appreciate your efforts.Thank you all. 

    • Marc says:

      Beautifully written, Martha. Thank you so much.

    • Carrie says:

      Thank you for your heartfelt post Martha! 

    • carol freiberg says:

      Thanks Martha, and so glad to hear of your recovery from illness. You are right, everything else going on in this crazy world is just a distraction to keep us uninformed, divided, afraid of the boogie man and never focus on the real problems of this world. Good people are waking up and spreading the truth finally. Thanks for all of your efforts and be assured your work is making a difference.

    • Sortinghat says:

      Same here.  I wonder if these 'illnesses' could be God sent to wake us up harshly?  As in a this is your last chance to not be burned to hell kind of way?

    • BaneB says:

      I am very moved by your post, and your generosity therein.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Martha, I am so grateful for what you've said here.  I too have illnesses which afford me the time to do research for this.  Of course, I could choose to do other things, things I do need to do, or thought I did until this took first place.  I quite agree that it is not helpful to call or view others as stupid, or even in denial, because so many people I know are really good people, but working all the time, grieving for dead children, or helping parents with cancer, rushing through their lives because they have to and it is small wonder if they plop in front of a TV or read a book for relaxation.  I can't fault them for that, nor for not noticing what we do, not doing the work, given their circumstance.  They are in fact exhausted.  I have had many opportunities to view my illnesses as my greatest teachers.  One thing they've taught me is to be gentle with myself.  And so I am gentle with others too.  This alone has gained me respect and in return I show respect; that does get me a foot in the door with geoengineering.  Some seeds I plant in this effort are tiny, others huge.  I cannot rage no matter how outrageous geo-tinkering is.  My body can't handle it nor my mind.  Some say the way I impress them about this is by never giving it up.  And by being cheerful and upbeat despite my circumstances, and these circumstances.  It does help not to alienate people!  And given this fantastic legal presence Dane has worked so hard for, when many begin to look up this site, I hope they are not put off about having been called asleep!, unaware, stupid, blind, idiots, etc.  Even if a few are all that.

      Martha, I am so glad to hear that your illness is resolved and you are well! And I am also glad for this gentle, comprehensive view you've gained, and shared.  Welcome wisdom.

    • Dan says:

      You are absolutely right Martha about people being misinformed and not necessarily stupid. The other day I asked my coworkers if they knew three buildings fell on 9/11 and not one of them did. Well one did some research on his own and was shocked to learn the truth and now he is very concerned about the geo-engineering and wanted to learn more so I sent him to this sight. Lets never give up

  48. Thomas Bruce Michigan says:

    Today the sky from Detroit  40 miles north to my homestead in rural Bruce Michigan was completely covered with aerosol and from horizon to horizon beyond that. It is truly disheartening how much toxic material is being deployed into our atmosphere day after day after day. There is not one day that goes by that I do not see traces off on the white horizon or an all out assault as was the case today. I have been studying and observing this for 3 years and I am still in disbelief over how they can get away with this completely illegal and immoral activity. Both my senators in MI will not respond to my emails, registered letters or phone calls.  The Secretary of Defense ignored my registered certified letter. I did however receive a letter from the Air Force Chief of Staff’s office at the Pentagon flat out denying taking any part in climate engineering. This is laughable as their office published the reports that describe exactly what is happening in our atmosphere and for what reasons.  I have been waiting for this legal action for a long time and will be making my contribution to this effort. I cannot think of a better place to make a contribution for the greater good then right here right now.  Dane I have a question regarding Basic Lab in Redding CA; I understand that ownership changed hands recently. Are they still a reliable source for water testing? The most recent 3 samples for precipitation seemed less concentrated that the previous 5 samples for Aluminum, Strontium and Barium.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Thomas, though the ownership of Basic Lab has changed, they are likely as good a bet as any other lab. Just don’t mention why you are performing the precipitation test. All lab results are becoming more and more suspect. Most labs have recently raised their “minimum detection levels” by astronomical amounts, this is another method of hiding the contamination. 

    • Mike looking up says:

      Thomas, I'm also from the Detroit area and yesterday noticed the aircraft overhead from early am to late pm.  I always post on my FB page of the jets spraying the sky. At 5:00 pm a friend sent a pic from S.C.S this thing was about 500 ft overhead that showed the spray not spread out but still together in form. I've seen this before on Youtube but this was in area. The BLOB was together still formed, like in a early stage from aircraft seen as (soap on a rope). Scary to say the least. Here outside Detroit I've noted only 2 days of sunlight for over a months time. Yesterday, when started a clear morning, but not so much as the day went on. I would like to share pics and or ideas, if your willing. Please, contact me if you wish, I'm trying many things to wake people up. Thank you.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dane, can you suggest what to say to a lab?  And what to say to a doc about testing?  I asked to be tested for heavy metals at my clinic and to my surprise, they said no problem.  But they did not look for the things I'd hoped.  How to word it? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, tell the physician which metals you want to test for, don’t leave it up to them. Just state that you have reason to believe you have been exposed to these metals.

    • soothsayer7 says:

      Regarding getting lab testing for heavy metals, I asked my neurologist at the UW Medical Center for a heavy metal test because my still undiagnosed health problems reflect many symptoms of toxic heavy metal poisoning.  First, he ordered a urine sample for testing, which to my surprise didn't include aluminum, barium, or any of the heavy metals we are being exposed to by geoengineering. So I pressed for an actual aluminum test. My doctor finally conceded, but the blood draw for the test was somehow "accidentally lost", so there were no results forthcoming.  I doggedly continued to press my doctor to repeat the test for aluminum. After another blood draw the sample was once again sent to the Mayo Clinic for testing.  After a total of 5 months of waiting for an answer, the results of the third attempt came back, indicating a rating of "1" on a scale of 1 – 6 for "acceptable" levels of aluminum. I was shocked to see that there are any "acceptable" levels of aluminum whatsoever!  And I have serious doubts that the test results were true and accurate.  The Mayo Clinic isn't beyond the reach of corruption by the PTB.  If I could afford it, I would pay to have another lab test conducted at a different facility to confirm the Mayo test results, but that is far beyond my meager means. BTW, my neurologist told me that all blood tests for aluminum are sent exclusively to the Mayo Clinic to be conducted. It seems to me that the system has been purposely corrupted to hide the fact that our population has been heavily exposed to and contaminated by geoengineering's heavy metal toxic soup. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “soothsayer7”, without proper pre-test chelation, the blood metals tests are invalid. The metals are generally lodged in the system and will not show up in the testing without the chelation protocal.

  49. Ron lech says:

    And now the war begins Fully Engaged against lucifer and his minions time now to bend the knees in pray for spiritual and moral courage for those lawyers and others in this battle also for Dane for Gods grace to perservere and keep leading with extreme prejudice against the enemy which is like Goliath and Dane as David yelling saying look up look up 

  50. marj darling says:

    Dane, Good luck with the legal team!

  51. virginia says:

    How to keep one's sanity?  We have Fukushima radiation at extremely high levels throughout our nation and continent  and beyond (refer to Veterans Today/BobNichols/Your radiation count this week) .  We have the death of the Pacific Ocean and all that entails. There is the horrific gas leak in L.A. spewing forth 62 million cubic feet of God knows what into the atmosphere each day. We have the impending catastrophe in St. Louis landfill-radiation sites.  Then we have Bill Gates and Co. (GMO, Pharma) with their depopulation agenda going full blast.  We have an administration dissolving the Constitution and a slate of presidential candidates who shouldn't even be running for kindergarten class monitors.

    Knowing how important the cessation of geo-engineering is and acknowledging the important work done by people like Dane, I still am overwhelmed by the whole kit and caboodle and ponder on which of the above is the most important to tackle.  Anyone care to give me some advice?


    • Carrie says:

      Hello Virginia,

      You may find comfort on Therapist, Author, Carolyn Baker's FB page, as well as her website, Speaking Truth to Power.  She also hosts a wonderful radio show, The Lifeboat Hour. So much more! Check her out. That's where I go for comfort. Also meeting with a woman who does Sound Healing to balance the Chakra Energy System, due to the overwhelming stress (from trying to process all this) accumulating in my/our bodies.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Virginia,  I hear you.  So many problems, such a rabbit hole!  Do you have neighbors?  The block I live on, through some hard work and good deeds has become tight.  When the future gets even worse, and it is bound to, having immediate community support will be helpful.  As will being at least somewhat prepared.  Bit by bit invest in some survival things like ways to filter water.  Food.  Necessities.  Get to know your neighbors and their needs, not only your own.  Figure out a personal game plan.  And plan to help others too.  For a start.  After all, there is so much we cannot do.  Or, undo.

      Myself, I have discovered that social progressive sites are amazingly effective at gaining some change for the better.  If inclined, give that a try.  And, if possible, get to know others in other parts of the world, in part to gain a different perspective on our country, and for an insight into theirs.  On one such site, focusing on India, there was a brilliant invention for purifying water.  Just one example.

  52. Kathleen Wilson says:

    Dane, I’d like to give you my thanks too!! It has seemed so hopeless watching this devastation all around us and as much as I’ve tried, can’t get people to give a damn. So congratulations to you for moving this forward.

    I have a question to another poster, Susan Ferguson, where else can one go to get away from these chemtrails? I understand this is global. Or, maybe it isn’t quite as intense as it is here in the states.

    Thanks Again!!!

  53. Thomas Ciolloi says:

    Today the sky from Detroit  40 miles north to my homestead in rural Bruce Michigan was completely covered with aerosol and from horizon to horizon beyond that. It is truly disheartening how much toxic material is being deployed into our atmosphere day after day after day. There is not one day that goes by that I do not see traces off on the horizon or  an all out assault as was the case today. I have been studying and observing this for 3 years and I am still in disbelief over how they can get away with this completely illegal and immoral activity. Both my Senators in MI will not respond to my email, registered letters or phone calls. They are aware of this and do not want to deal with it. The Secretary of Defense ignored my registered certified letter. I did however receive a letter from the Air Force Chief of Staff’s office flat out denying taking any part in the climate engineering insanity. This is laughable as they are the ones who published the reports that describe exactly what is happening in our atmosphere.  I have been waiting for this legal action for a long time and will be making my contribution to this effort. I cannot think of a better place to make a contribution for the greater good then right here right now. I want to be front and center and do what I can when the curtain is pulled back  exposing these cowards for who they are. Dane it is unbelievable how you continue to keep faith year after year. I salute you and look forward to your updates. Thank you so much. Kind regards , Tom.

  54. Howard Taylor says:

    Thanks love you all.

  55. Roger Gibbons says:

    Hello all …….I just finished sending this article to my mailing list …..Dane show I send this to my Government email,s too?

    Reason am asking is because it seems to be our ace in the hole.
    Report from Southern Ontario today is jet spraying all day and the sky is completely whiten out …I mean its whiten right out from horizon to horizon ……no blue or sun …just illuminated bright light.
    I know this sounds like a broken record but it’s happening and people don't seem to care …….
    Well I do and am sending pic's to government departments and to local Government people.
    Over the holidays I spent time in florida ….the sky's in St petes were being sprayed to a whiten sky in less then 4 hours.
    I sent a email to the local radio station and said am sitting on my condo deck watching these jets spraying and turning the sky's white. I said that a bunch of Canadians told me they are spraying the sky with toxic metals like alunimum Oxide to reflex the sun light to keep the earth cooler. Then I said why dose it take someone from another country to inform me of such a crime, why are we always last to know.
    Well it’s been three weeks since I sent that and never received an answer.
    What a cover up happening in the US and here in Canada, we Canadians are always saying to people around the world that this is the Great White North …..I wont be saying that any more because its true its White with toxic chemical spraying.
    Used to be very proud to say the Great White North.
    So sad

    Keep up all the good work everyone.
    And cheer for the new team ….go guys go.

  56. L says:

    Brilliant news Dane and the very best of luck to all involved. Hail to honour, truth and victory!

  57. Todd says:

    With all the fear about climate change/ global warming, does anyone consider a connection to the aerosol spraying?  I'm sure that is their excuse when trying to alleviate any concerns of the public, (which of course is never done on main stream media).  Does that make those behind the media giants complicit in this cover up?  Even with Common Core indoctrinating our children, 1+1 still equals 2.  So when this does come into the light on TV, you can bet 'they' will claim that the spraying is to 'cure' global warming.  Don't count on them telling us the composition of the aerosols, but we already know what's in them.  BTW?  Has anyone considered why they are killing all life on Earth?  That is the $100,000 question!  Is it possible that psychopaths seem to be running the world?  Welcome to the Twilight Zone.  The solution in sight is clear, and it's efforts such as this site and many others sharing the knowledge of this insidious agenda, that will finally wake up humanity!  I know it's not too late, and we will stop this crime against humanity and all life.  Keep fighting the good fight Dane.  We love you and are with you all the way!

    Peace, love, and knowledge,

    Todd, the ezwriter.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Todd, I'm seeing the idea moving towards military more so than SRM. Tesla, Hughes and then Eastland and HAARP technoligies. Though, I do go back to David Keith and Ken Caldeira for many more ideas. It never stops as when one chapter closes another opens. This thing is a Monster getting bigger and more dangerous by the day.

  58. Sean S says:

    I knew that this was coming and I am so happy that it's "official".

    Dane I have a question for you. How could they shut this pending lawsuit down even if they deem it an issue of "national security"? By that I mean we have certain inalienable rights granted by not only our constitution but also our creator.

    How could this not get the "due process" it deserves?

    Am I missing something?



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, to clarify, the governmente could shut down the legal action because it is a national security issue to them, not “even if” it is a national security issue. If they don’t want to address the issue, and claim they don’t have to because it is a matter of “natioinal security”, they can shut down the process. But if that happens, it is still a glaring red flag to prove the climate engineering reality.

  59. Wyatt Berry says:


    Keep the ball rolling

  60. Sue says:

    This is well worth watching/listening to.. as for me, it gave me hope that people are standing up in the UK also.  I will be hitting the 'here' button for donating to the legal defense fund.  Thank you Dane for the update, and continued glimmers of hope.  Perhaps the gentlemen in the attached link would be able to assist with UK attorneys if appropriate.

    • David Northeast Florida says:

      I will be at the monthy Jacksonville, FL. Art Walk passing out Flyers tonight, as well informing people to watch Chasing Ice by James Balog! The Poles are the most noticeable area on the planet to show the proof of evidence, of what is unfolding and what the resulting consequences are and how GeoEngineering is making a dire situation even worse!

  61. Dear Dane: Best of luck with litigation. The team may wish to consider using the domestic violence clause in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution as an additional basis for legal relief. Prof. Clarence Ferguson, writing in the Rutgers Law Review, Spring 1959, said that, in his opinion, the matter is justiciable. His article is "The Inherent Justiciability of the Constitutional Guarantee Against Domestic Violence."  For an analysis of how geoengineering can properly be deemed environmental domestic violence under that civil emergency provision, see  

  62. horsegirl says:

    Well, let's see if this one disappers…

    This morning by chance thumbing through the Cochise Country, AZ phone book (home of Ft Huachuca, number one torture training center for US and a huge military milieu) one of the eight contractors listed in the 2013 phone book is Isis.  When I googled them, they turn out to have a quarter of a trillion $ 2016 budget.  Could it be?

  63. Thank you, Dane. So good to read this!  We are all very grateful to you for your tenacious persistence to walk the line of truth – and your real-world intelligence to pursue this necessary legal action. Know that you, and these attorneys & environmental experts who have donated their time and energies to this all important effort, are the hope of our planet and remain in our prayers. Your adamantine will is an inspiration to us all.

  64. Kathleen Roberts says:

    YES!!! My donation is on the way.

  65. horsegirl says:

    Fantastic to hear this report.  Our hearty thanks to you always, Dane, for your dedication.

    Now that the cranberry juice and baking soda are kicking in, I'm sleeping well enough to produce clear thought.  And I ask, what about this Google nonsense of "blanketing" the country with WIFI (  Does that not include blanketing us with conductive nanoparticulates along which said WIFI will travel? Here outside of Douglas, AZ, on allegedly sunny days we have horrifying moments like the sunrise of 1/2/16 when there were TWO suns rising.  A full-sized doppelganger came up on the US side of the genuine sun here on the US/Mexico border.  I got a video and am going to post it once I figure out how to get a Youtube account.  The doppelganger hung there in the "blue" sky for nearly an hour while Douglas and the entire periphery were blanketed – there's that word – with what appeared to be a fine mist of whitish microfilaments that left us coughing all day.  And stupified us.  It really was terrifying, considering what airborn materials would generate a sundog of that strength with zero inclement weather or overcast.  It made visibility weird all day and also made us damned stupid.  Ears ringing, coughing up lungers.  Which brings me to a question about it all, as we still think of fleeing the US in favor of anywhere else:  are there not two distinct aspects to spraying campaigns?  One treating of climate issues, the other being anti-personnel weapons as the Army would say it? 

    Just a question from "Two Suns, Arizona.

    • Drew says:

      Do your very best not to breathe those materials in!

      More info on what those may be:


    • horsegirl — I’m beginning to investigate ‘scalar interferometers’ which Tom Bearden has done most of the research in. It appears that the massive use of radio & microwave tower emitters is military. Of course, we can’t know what developments have taken place in recent years. Probably the mechanics have been reduced in size, made portable like the microwave towers here on the Olympic Peninsula they can disguise as camping vehicles. And most likely they are running on chips and algos that make them vulnerable to a new kind of attack – attack from within.
      Here’s an old Bearden page:  "…a huge Tesla scalar interferometer with four modes of operation. One continuous mode is the Tesla shield, which places a thin, impenetrable hemispherical shell of energy over a large defended area. The 3-dimensional shell is created by interfering two Fourier-expansion, 3-dimensional scalar hemispherical patterns in space so they pair-couple into a dome-like shell of intense, ordinary electromagnetic energy. The air molecules and atoms in the shell are totally ionized and thus highly excited, giving off intense, glowing light. Anything physical which hits the shell receives an enormous discharge of electrical energy and is instantly vaporized … If several of these hemispherical shells are concentrically stacked, even the gamma radiation and EMP from a high altitude nuclear explosion above the stack cannot penetrate all the shells due to repetitive absorption and re-radiation, and scattering in the layered plasmas. In the continuous shield mode, the Tesla interferometer is fed by a bank of Moray free energy generators, so that enormous energy is available in the shield."

    • Rachel Robson says:

      And there you are and better!  Good!  But two suns?  And so I learn what a sun dog is?  How possible?

  66. Cori Gunnells says:

    This is a major advancement and I hope everyone will get behind it, support it, donate funds to it, and share the information widely. I realize great effort, many hours, and the dedication of many has brought this action to this point. My deepest gratitude. 

  67. TNGEOWATCH says:

    An add this to the urgency in the Arctic.
    Spread the word.  Get people to ask questions.  Make people think.

  68. Patrik G says:

    Way to go Dane and co! You are an absolute inspiration keep up the good fight! We the people are blessed to have such vigilant people such as yourself

  69. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Not a minute to late either!
    Running out of time fast.  Methane is now being release in California the equivalent of 7 Million cars a Day. 
    Keep Spreading the word!

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