8/2/2014 – Geoengineering Watch Radio


Did Putin really shoot down flight 17? Israel killing innocent civilians. Climate engineering must stop. Trails changing from long-persistent to short-non-persistent everywhere. Dark ice. Obama detaining those with respiratory illness. Governments removing undesirables from society.

3 Responses to 8/2/2014 – Geoengineering Watch Radio

  1. Deborah Janigian says:

    I would like to buy a "Stop Geoengineering" t-shirt to spread awareness. Do you sell them to help support your efforts? I'd rather buy it from you than from Etsy….


    Deborah Janigian

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Deborah, thank you for standing with us in this battle, and for your inquiry about shirts for the cause. We are very close to making our new “Stop Climate Engineering” shirts available (on target front and back images). Keep an eye on our website, our shirts, bumper stickers, and business sized scannable cards, should all be available in a week or two.

  2. Albertro Gonzalez says:

    my name is alberto gonzalez,i live in Whittier California. Most people that i ask in Whittier don’t have a clue of what’s going on with Geoengineering.

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