9/13/2014 – Geoengineering Watch Radio


Artificial snow now, heat next week. Disinformation news articles exposed. There is no more natural weather. “Ozone Recovery” articles designed to quell public concern. Media reporting temps lower than actual. Trolls impersonating Dane, Russ, and Max on Facebook. Mainstream media and Meteorologists lying about the spraying. Groves in California dead, being removed now.

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  1. Gregg says:

    Dane, as always THANK YOU for all your hard work on this problem and for setting the example on how to address these issues in the public eye and at hearings and such. Your credibility is bringing other great people on board in support of this fight. Much thanx again for the many tools you have given me to help out. Last week I spoke for hours to several people in the community here in south west washington and handed out more flyers and dvd’s. I have to say I share in your frustration sometimes in dealing with people on this subject.One person I spoke with definitely got the message and she works at a local nursery store where she has a chance to get this message out to more of the public, so I gave her several of your flyers and she said that she had heard about you so I hope this will connect more people on a grass root level here in my area. Last night I saw a meeting held in Mohave on youtube were a group was grilling their state rep. on the geoengineering issue and doing another great job trying to push this forward through the political system and or the courts. Many people that attended the meeting spoke about when they first moved to Arizona and how the skies were clear and blue and how that has all changed. Others said they had blood work done to see what was showing up in their bodies to find out they have high levels of many of the known metals used in the spraying that they see daily in southern Nevada,California and Arizona. Dane, Take care for now and may God Bless and watch over you.

  2. Håkan says:

    Thanks Dane, Russ and Greg, you guys are heroes.
    The genocide and the destruction of nature must be stopped.

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